#that absolutely anything is possible!!!
xumoonhao · 2 months ago
actually you know what life is indescribably beautiful and we will all one day experience he happiness we so rightfully deserve and we will get to live the life we always had in mind for ourselves!!!
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mossy-aro · a month ago
kinda frustrating how so much aspec content (esp stuff published in like mainstream outlets) is literally just made for allos. like it’s always some article that’s just going over aspec 101 terminology and explaining various concepts and words aimed at a clearly allo audience.
i’m not saying those aren’t important because part of the issue aspecs face is how invisibilised we are and yes! it’s super important to raise awareness and let people know we exist! but it’s also kind of frustrating how it feels like 99% of not only our time but also all wider coverage about us is spent explaining our identities and giving ted talks to allos instead of like . discussing aspec issues and identity with any sort of depth or nuance.
Angela Chen (who wrote a book on asexuality) talked about thinking about aro/ace-ness not just as an identity but also a viewpoint or a ‘lens’ to examine issues through which i thought was interesting! like how does aro/ace identity intersect with our ideas of feminism, or of race? how does aromanticism inform our critique of the nuclear family and the institution of marriage?? how does asexuality play into our view of sexual politics? how does lovelessness deconstruct our ideas of ‘humanity’? there is so much to get into and so much ground that has never been covered but we are stuck!! on giving definitions!!
idk i don’t really have a solution here! because i know that on the one hand we need these kinds of articles that give streams of ‘aspec 101’ definitions because any visibility helps, but also i am so tired of having to dumb everything down instead of having actual discussions about aspec identities and what they can tell us. like hopefully we’ll get to a point eventually where we don’t have to do this but i’m still just. kinda tired :/
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jicklet · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm sorry, don't go. You're a brain scientist, can you tell me why I did that in there?
I mostly do clinical research in neuroscience, I don't really specialize in temper tantrums.
The Good Place (3.03): The Snowplow
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anghraine · a month ago
I was writing a much longer post about this, but more concisely, I had a kind of horrifying idea:
Tolkien ultimately attributes the specialness of the House of the Stewards, especially Denethor and Faramir in LOTR, to their indirect descent from Elendil. The founder of their house, Húrin of Emyn Arnen, was a cousin of King Minardil on the Anárioni side, but had no claim himself (most likely the descent was through a woman). So if the weird shit we see with Denethor and Faramir is ultimately coming from Elendil, then it’s possible that Faramir’s frequent dreadful dream-visions of the Akallabêth are not specific to him, but (like the RL dream that inspired them) inherited. Specifically, inherited from Elendil.
Basically, it’s not certain, but possible, that Elendil was so incredibly scarred by the Akallabêth that non-royal descendants thousands of years later are still haunted by the horror of that moment.
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mummer · 2 months ago
thinking about. after sally beats that guy to death and shes like I did this. and barry’s like, You didnt do this i did this. I did this. say it, say You did this. but shes still like I did this, I did this. and theyre both right. feeling sick that this is literally the first time barry is actually truthful to her, ever, the first time he’s holding himself accountable for the violence of his presence in her life. the first time. he DID do this. he wants to take all the blame from her, the agency from her. but the contrast is stunning because for sally that truth isnt her last resort, it’s the very first thing she says, she doesnt dodge the blame or lie like barry has done for YEARS, she DID do this, she has to own that, when he never could. honestly, sally feels much worse than she SHOULD about killing a guy in self defense who was only there because of barry’s malignance. like how was any of that her fault. she was being fucking choked on the ground and was going to die otherwise. but no! she refuses! no more lying to herself, no more rewriting her own story, no more!!!!! i did this!!!!!!
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starbuck · 3 months ago
The state of Ed and Izzy’s relationship is so depressing because Izzy is so used to being passively treated like shit (Ed expecting him to manage all the boring or difficult tasks he doesn’t feel like doing without a single ounce of gratitude) and so sick of it, that he sees being actively treated like shit (Ed force-feeding him his own toe) as not only acceptable but wildly preferable because at least it’s, for the first time in years probably, acknowledgement.
I mean, think about it, in the first conversation we see them have, Ed is facing away from Izzy the entire time. Doesn’t even look at him once. So Izzy’s at the point where ANY attention Ed pays him, however violent, feels like positive attention by default. I don’t think he’d even know how to process being treated with actual respect or compassion anymore.
#our flag means death#ofmd#because - again - Izzy knowingly brings the toe thing upon himself#i mean obviously he couldn’t know precisely what Ed would do to him but he absolutely knew what he was doing when he threatened him#because inciting Ed into violence against him is the only way Izzy can get his attention and get through to him#which is a terrible thing to say but - as things stand right now - it’s true#the first time we see Ed truly listen to Izzy is when his hand is around Izzy’s throat#they are so beyond the point of just having a normal human conversation#because Ed says ‘you know we share our feelings on this ship’ but that’s bullshit#Izzy has tried to explain his feelings and concerns to Ed and been ignored or dismissed every single time#it’s a pretty widely-held opinion that Izzy WANTS Ed to be violent towards him - but i don’t think that’s true#i don’t think that’s the attention Izzy *wants* from Ed at all (if his getting distracted by Ed’s lips in the midst of threatening him is#any indication)#but he’s resigned himself to violent attention being the only attention he’s going to get#and the only way he can get Ed to listen to him and (from his perspective) stop behaving self-destructively#he doesn’t believe he deserves better or that anything better is even possible#as long as it keeps them alive and as long as Ed needs him it’s FINE#but it ISN’T fine and they can’t keep going on like this#the situation as it stands right now is untenable… something has to give
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enden-k · 3 months ago
im glad i still had a realm where i gave zhongli and childe a room for themselves ages ago, so i could still catch their lines in the new event akjcbk
Tumblr media
i let him taste test seafood and he didnt approve much
Tumblr media
but bamboo shoot soup/meat dishes make the dragon praise u huh
meanwhile this absolute sweetheart when i gave him seafood/bamboo shoot soup--
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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forevercloudnine · 22 days ago
re: the joker post you reblogged, I always wondered personally if people's unwillingness to forgive him compared to other rogues is cuz he reminds people of their abusers (with his relationship with harley) I tend to find fandom is often less forgiving of behaviour that hits closer to home when compared to potentially worse but more abstract stuff. Like a character who hits their wife will get more hate than one who blows up a planet, bc the latter feels more fictional? Just my theory though
(The Joker post in question)
Tumblr media
I think you're definitely right about that. Plenty of people hate Joker specifically because of Harley Quinn (or, predating Harley's conception as a character, because of his mutilation of Barbara Gordon in The Killing Joke-- which, though not considered sexual assault by the author Alan Moore, was definitely sexualized in the art by Brian Bolland). And honestly, given the way he's written as an exaggerated parody of an abusive misogynistic boyfriend in Harley's various solo series, it's completely understandable for anyone who reads those comics to want to never see him ever again, because his appearances are not fun to read!
But I think it's also true that people who are mainly fans of other male villains use him to make their own faves look better in comparison. Though it is funny to constantly see posts in character tags that are like "[insert supervillain here] hates Joker and could totally beat him up," because invariably the supervillain has a) been depicted as friendly with Joker in canon, and b) HAVE fought Joker but lost embarrassingly.
#joker#harley quinn#panel is from 'prelude to the wedding: harley quinn vs. joker'#which is just the premier example of how joker is portrayed by harley writers#because in canon an HOUR after he has this convo with harley. he goes and has the church fight with bruce and selina#and the difference in characterization between these two appearances is absolutely staggering#he is genuinely unrecognizable as the same character#anyway there is definitely something to be said about how btas has permanently added 'abusive boyfriend' to joker's character#and that batman media has sooooooo much trouble with figuring out how much that has to factor into any given portrayal#i think the most transparent struggle with that is on The Harley Quinn Show#where joker goes from being an abusive misogynistic creep to Harley's Funny Ex in-between seasons#to the point that he hooks up with some civilian nurse with two young children and it's treated sweet and romantic#instead of like. incredibly worrying. because he's a noted abuser with a terrible track record around women#but he's switched from being the antagonist of harley's Feminist Character Arc to a comedic side character so whatever it's fine now#so many male writers get to write harley quinn content and i feel like they almost never understand anything about domestic abuse#so they just write the most exaggerated parody of it possible and then have harley hit him with a hammer#and then feel like they've made her a strong female character#which like. i guess makes sense as an evolution for a female character who was originally written as side joke eye candy#NOT that i don't enjoy a lot of the stories paul dini has written about her#but like. there's a lot of contextual baggage in her character from day one
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sketchingtons · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s the way I know my mermay art would have been taken over by timber if the first installment of their story had been released in May instead of June Akshsj
Dedicating these especially to @cv-angels for introducing the concept of a Timber mer au to me and changing my life 🧜‍♀️ (the little snippets she wrote here live in my brain rent free!!)
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nextstopparis · 4 months ago
i actually think gwaine knew abt merlins magic bc after the dark tower episode i think merlin used his magic to make cheese that tasted of apple pie and gave it to gwaine
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binsuns · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
happy birthday my dearest love! @seo-changbinnies 🥰❤️
#no i know you said a hug was enough and i pinky promised but !!! i couldnt NOT do anything#im sorry its not much i had to improvise a bit with how i was going to make something <//3#i hope you like it nonetheless!!!#also i was going to make everything yellow but somehow i ended up here????#HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#i hope you have the absolute best day ever and maybe even more importantly the most wonderful year ahead of you#i hope this new year will be kind to you and bring you lots of joy happiness love good memories and new experiences#may your wildest dreams come true#i hope you can spend your birthday happily and surrounded by people who love you as much as you deserve (which is the most possible amount)#thank you for always making me smile#i wanted to add these tags in a full set but i guess that will have to wait but they made me smile so much#you are so bright and wonderful and sooooo lovely#truly the biggest heart i have ever had the honour of meeting <33333333#thank you so much for being my buddy !!! im having the absolute best time being yours <33333333#and i will make you something bigger once im able !!#love you the most !!!!!! <333333333333333#and i decided to use my own timezone since your bday will be longer that way hehe <3#love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333#and i've learned this from you but i wanted to say it back to you : soy muy afortunado de tenerte como mi amigo#( i hope i wrote it correctly!!)#hi marie!#buddy.fav#changbin#stray kids#my edits#marie day <3
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waystar-roycos · a year ago
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mokutone · 6 months ago
Unpopular opinion :) about naruto in general or just yamato whatever you want
hmmm thank you for the question....i guess here's one: in "modern"/non ninja AUs, I think Yamato should still be a fairly odd guy who is not really fully socialized to the intricacies of daily life.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ough. edit update 2: tumblr deleted my first update acknowledging that it fucked up my post. dont know why this keeps happening. but it does. anyway
the thing is that around 2020 i started getting into naruto and while trying to avoid certain spoilers i decided to read some non ninja au fics, just because theyre fun and creative and i like seeing how people translate canon material into au material, and i was like. suuuuper blindsided by how often yamato was portrayed (even in some yamato centric fics) as like. the everyman.
and to be fair!! i can definitely understand how they came to this conclusion, because Yamato DOES have a little bit of a manzai routine with naruto, where naruto is the boke and yamato is the tsukkomi! yamato loves to play the straight man!
but the straight man isn't quite the everyman, there's some nuance in there. the "everyman" is somebody who is meant to be "relatable to anyone," typically their experiences in life have been """average""" in such a way that, when exposed to bizarre circumstances, they will react with an entertaining or empathy-drawing abundance of surprise and often distress.
i feel like a lot of yamato's backstory, specifically being a test tube baby created by konoha's favorite evil mad scientist and then raised and trained by a man known for having children fight to the death in an effort to remove them of their feelings, and then spending the next 10 years of his life exclusively working relatively anonymously in Konoha's black ops, however, kinda disqualifies Yamato from being an everyman? I feel like that's a pretty ah. unique. experience of life. even speaking simply in the terms of batshit ninja origin stories from naruto!
like sure! in an au, you could remove any trace of that from his character. but you could also, in an au, say that Kakashi just got that scar in a shaving accident when he was 22. i don't know why you'd say that, but like, you could if you thought that losing his eye and all that obito shit didn't matter to his character much. i mean...the world is an oyster.
the straight man in a comedic bit DOES often serve the purpose of the "voice of reason" but, unlike the everyman...there's no prescribed backstory! it's just a comedic role. The only expectation is that they generally maintain composure in the face of Antics, and that they try to correct or give deadpan commentary to the funnyman.
this is part of why i am constantly making jokes about Yamato Deliberately practicing being "normal," honestly. i think it would be a very funny and a really funny crossroads of some of his character traits if...instead of being the straight man by virtue of never having encountered any strangeness in his life, yamato (who we know to be somebody who values preparedness immensely) just...studied for it. is there anything more hilarious than the idea of somebody who studied being normal with the goal of being able to pass as Just Some Average Joe.
Imagine say, a Yamato who was brought up by danzō in some kind of homeschooler's hell blood sports situation, who is now an adult and finds doing his taxes and going grocery shopping and all sorts of very normal and unfun tasks genuinely kind of exciting because of how rewarding he finds it to practice these Normal Skills he has put an insane amount of effort into teaching himself. I find this idea to be just. utterly enrapturing. but that's a very extreme example of the dichotomy.
anyway. in fics which aren't about that kind of thing, it can be a narrow line to tread, and really all it comes down to is just. putting thought into giving yamato a backstory which draws at least somewhat on a few of his canon backstory details and characterizing his actions with his own logic (which one must then put effort into building), rather than a kind of default "common-sense" logic.
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itwoodbeprefect · 6 months ago
i think it’s extremely important for anyone to be able to delete something they made off the internet if they don’t want it public anymore for any reason whatsoever, but i also think there is a lot of value in keeping your old fic or art up for all to see and for yourself to think about once in a while, cringe at a little maybe, and then just leave it there, as a gentle homage to who you once were and a record of the work you did to get to the things you’re making now
#don't mind me i'm just. having feelings about the fic people write when they're just starting out#i see people delete their old work sometimes just because it's old and not up to their current standards anymore#and i get it and i respect it but it also makes me sad#there's somebody out there who liked that but more importantly you liked it once upon a time!#that you don't anymore is not a sign it was bad in the first place it's a sign you've grown#like. is it possible it was never very good? yes absolutely. but do we need to scrub everything that isn't our best work from our pasts?#is only the Very Best Thing worth preserving? doesn't a date stamp by itself imply that it's old work? that you'll only have gotten better?#i'm not even talking Problematic content here. i see why you might decide to take something down if you've realized it's offensive#but oh. oh i love seeing stuff that's clearly Old Work from someone who's really good at what they do now. it's such a boost#like look!! they had to learn too!! this is where they came from and this is where they are now!! isn't that just extremely cool#and god especially on an internet that's increasingly obsessed with image and identity and where content can get lost so quickly#that kind of history. that kind of vulnerability and just the willingness to still let people enjoy things you might not anymore? i love it#my most kudod fic on ao3 is one of the first things i ever posted there which was one of the first things i ever wrote in english#it's a hp fic and it still gets kudos almost daily (ensuring it will stay my most kudod work in perpetuity) and it will haunt me forever#is it anything like my current work? can i look at it without cringing a little? no and no. will i ever take it down? probably not#anyway shout out to sixteen year old me for writing something that's still around in 2022. i'm from the future i'm shaking your hand#you're doing great kid. keep going and you might one day write a million tags on a tumblr post about it#*
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ibrokeeverything · 3 months ago
Okay, so I've made two posts after episodes aired expressing concern for the next episode. I need to stop doing that! Moon knight is continually blowing me away and immediately proving my fears to be unfounded. I have a hard time trusting the show because it's marvel (and I have very mixed, a little negative leaning, feelings on marvel) but this show seems to be the exception. Each episode is just so good and I can't wait to see how it wraps up!
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bumblingbabooshka · 2 months ago
Tuvok 1000% thought Harry was gonna come out to him in that episode where Harry literally said “I-I’m in love...and I don’t want to be.” Tuvok’s like oh my god it’s happening? “And who is the object of your affections?” 
You know he was shocked when he said “Her name’s-” HER??? Harry HER?? And then the double whammy of it being literally a fictional girl. Harry. Hatsune Miku isn’t real. Ensign Harry Kim Please-
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vargaslovinghours · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s not manslaughter if it’s premeditated, that’s just murder
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