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in-due-time2020 · 6 months ago
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Rarely do you find someone willing to go that extra mile
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abluescarfonwaston · 8 months ago
Between Ema "I refuse to follow lab safety" Skye and Kay 'I'll lick it to see if it's bone' Faraday Edgeworth is on a first name basis with all of the ER staff. A fact that he hates.
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heartagasm · 2 years ago
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for um... chronological science.....
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textsfromthelookout · 5 months ago
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woozi · 7 months ago
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happy birthday, @soonhoonsol! ♡
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miggiisdumb · 3 months ago
I could take all 11, maybe you can't but I'm built different 😌
I saw a hentai ad for an orgy idk that had a girl using her bent joints and toes/feet as places to fuck
So like knees, elbows, armpits, feet, 3 holes and two hands is like I can't do basic maths help 13 different places to put a dick
Good for you I cannot stand the idea of dick anywhere else that isn’t my face or puss. The thought of it alone makes me violent as hell
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vynnyal · 5 months ago
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Art dump #2
#Jk it's story time again#And I'll remember to tag things this time lmaoo#To continue:#So at this point I was getting nervous and kinda softly mentioned that I probably couldn't afford this (on behalf of my DAD)#But he was silent. We went up to the absurdity of a front desk and he was like. OK $100. But I like you so $80. Come back Saturday.#Oh!!! Ok? Thank you!!! I guess?#Come Saturday we rushed over there after some errands took longer than we thought they would and the shop was closed#Dude was there tho so I peeked in and he was all 'come in come in!!'#Oh ok that's strange#And he pulled out the jacket and excitedly explained that he'd TAKEN THE SLEEVES OFF AND RESIZED THEM#On a LEATHER JACKET#Do you have any idea how hard that is and how much skill you need to pull it off??#And ofc the finished product was gorgeous#And while we were looking it over he explained how he decided to go the extra mile to 'challenge himself'???? For no extra charge??#So I'm over here dumbfounded and complimenting his craftsmanship profusely because that the least I could do#But while I was debating if $3 was enough to be a tip or so small it'd be an insult#HE handed ME $10 as a DISCOUNT#IT WAS $70#HOLY SHIT#At that point my brain is fried like wtf do I do when the shop owner literally hands you cash#But he seems pleased but it all (lol) and we leave#So anyways. If you're in the Houston area go to D's Alterations and appreciate this small nonverbal foreign man for all that he deserves#Oh and one last thing: my dog is finally getting his eye surgery!!! In one week!!!#All in all it was a really strenuous and expensive experience#but I'm genuinely glad I went thru with it because it was a rlly good learning experience on how to handle a major expense in the future#Because to get his cataract removed it was estimated $4000 for both eyes but only $2000 for one. Hah#The anesthesia was the kicker not the surgery itself. I believe the main event really is $3000~#But the prep bumped it up to approx $5500~#... I ran out of tags again. OK that's a story for another time ig LMAO. My life has been eventful as of late. Anyways. Have a lovely day!!#The artistiest tag
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foulserpent · 8 months ago
kind of want to hear abt how u prep for camping now
i might unintentionally come off as more hardcore than i am, ive only really started camping again in the past 2 years lol BUT
a big thing is my little brother was in boy scouts/eagle scouts/whatever, and my parents both used to be into backpacking, and none of them do much of that anymore so they let me borrow their stuff. which is fortunate bc i couldnt afford to buy that myself rn.
but yea i borrow a 1 person tent, a little inflatable pillow, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, mini camp stove, a small set of cookware, and a Large backpacking pack.. etc. get a few gallons of water, pack some food (and usually get other food along the way at gas stations). and i have my own fishing materials, portable charging brick, etc.. also important stuff like bug spray, lighters, first aid, extra clothes, trash bags, etc. also some seasoning for if i catch any fish or find edible greens to cook (which ofc i know in advance whats safe to eat)
depending on how im feeling, some trips i park at trailheads and just sleep in the car (much easier, not technically camping lol) and some i plan ahead to disperse camp, (which is where you just find a place in the woods and pitch a tent). which involves looking at maps in advance to make sure im in national forest grounds and wont get arrested sleeping on someones 'property'
since i like to do it alone, i also keep a couple people posted on my general whereabouts for safety reasons and check in periodically. i print out maps and etc. i dont do anything mega-hardcore but theres always a chance of injury or other setbacks that can cause a lot of problems if youre alone, so its especially good to have this info and to have someone who knows where you are. i also have a machete with me, since its sometimes intimidating to be completely alone in the woods at night, but its more for peace of mind than anything else since the actual risk of any person or wild animal bothering you is super low.
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given-takenmp3 · 3 months ago
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yes that does make sense
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flecks-of-stardust · 22 days ago
would it be more or less of a gutwrench for nosk to have the appearance of a different vessel as opposed to the one you are
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slavicafire · 7 months ago
be honest. if I gave you my pamiętnik to leave a note in it, would you do it
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skywalkity · 3 months ago
not me reading tbobf episode 5 transcript for meta accuracy and getting hit out of the left field by the symbolism of how Armourer sends Din Djarin on a rabbit hunt to redefine his history like
"one may only be redeemed in the living waters beneath the mines of mandalore" she tells him, when Din asks about the way "to atone for breaking The Creed". There's so much going on here. She tells hims to look to history while simultaneously reminding him that "these waters are living", they flow and grow and transform and are adaptable and recieving like all living things are. She also reminds him where he can find the waters: beneath centuries of knowledge, hard earned resourses and hard earned reason, beneath the work and the physical act of what it means to be a mandalorian. Din mentions that "the mines are destroyed", and they are, for him mainly. On an individual level Din has failed to follow through with the established physicality of what being a mandalorian is about, he has broken the paradigm of a ritual that enforced mandalorian values. On a collective scale, there are barely any people and things left to define mandalorian values and what they might look like when implemented in behavior anyway.
Basically, this is the moment Din Djarin tells the armourer that he has no preceded guidance to build upon a future for himself and the ones he loves. Armourer tells him that beyond acts and armour there are ideas, and ideas are living, breathing beings, untamed and true: he can take them and build what he will with them and no matter what it looks like, it will be as right and true.
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abluescarfonwaston · 7 months ago
Franziska didn’t really get to do Halloween before Miles came to the house, both because she was little and it wasn’t a priority. (Also they’re german so it’s not really a thing for them. VK wouldn’t have celebrated it even when he was in country.) But he asks what she wants to dress up as and her eyes get all big when he explains the holiday and now Miles is taking her out.
She is dressed up like Papa. He couldn’t come so the effect is greatly diminished but she still loudly proclaims that she’s the Best prosecutor when people ask. Puffs out her little chest like ‘guess!’ After a few houses of ???? that’s what she thinks prosecutors dress like? Miles just takes to saying she’s dressed up like her Father. That gets a great deal more cooing.
Miles isn’t dressed up but people keep thinking he is. They get a fair amount of candy before Franziska starts shivering because its COLD. But she wants to keep going!!! More candy Miles!!!! He says Missile is getting cold and they have to turn around, but they’ll hit the houses that look good.
They pour out their bags like Larry, Phoenix and him did last year so they can swap for the stuff they like best. Franziska is four and never had access to this much candy before. She immediately starts stuffing her chubby little baby face with it. He has to slow her down because if she gets sick there is No way they get to do this again.
She spends a Great deal of time every year thinking of matching costumes for them to wear. Miles Objects but is frequently subjected to them anyway. He takes her every year until she’s 9 and declares that she’s too old for trick or treating because she’s an Adult.
He stares at the carefully crafted matching costumes peeking out from where they were stuffed under her bed. Sighs and shakes his head. “I already signed us up for the trick or treating on campus Franziska. It would be unprofessional to back out now.” Which is enough to get her out one last time.
He watches her carefully meter out her candy because she can Only eat x amount in y time so she must carefully ration it out like an Adult especially since she isn’t going anymore- because Again. She is an adult. He sits across from her and lets her ‘trade’ her worst candy neither of them will eat for the best ones at unfair prices and wishes he could tell her you’re not an adult. And you shouldn’t have to pretend to be one. But he knows that’d just make her angry so he just quietly lets her take all the best candy and laments not getting to go again.
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nachtinrom · 17 days ago
I can only be close with people whose only plan in the week aside from work is to go the grocery or corner store
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 11 months ago
Roxy: if i had a lame ass boyfriend i would hype him up so much i would make him wait outside so i could go in first n be like get ready here comes the most specialist boy ever n if u don't cheer n clap for him ill blow this whole mf building up
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terfteenthdoctor · 3 months ago
personal stupidest pet peeve is when the gendies they/themify doctor who, I roll my eyes so fucking hard is2g. like, weaklings, my detested, you called him he for 50 years, you can call her she for however long Whittaker is on screen
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kchive · a year ago
the fact that teh’s mum knew and wholly accepted oh-aew as her son’s partner and even gave him a gift + even a lil voice message .. am broken because teh fully wept in his brother’s arm just being scared of the truth and thinking about his mum’s acceptance all the time :( Pls this
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gingerpolyglot · a year ago
So a lot of people are (rightfully, imo) pissed about how Bobby handled the aftermath of 4x13 and I've seen (and made) comparisons to the lawsuit and Buck Begins, talking about Bobby over or under correcting his behavior, but thinking about all these episodes together what stands out to me the most is that we never see Bobby actually talk to Buck about those decisions.
For me at least that was what really led to the lawsuit - not that Bobby didn't think that Buck was ready to come back, but that he made that assessment without talking to him, behind his back, and then lied about it (whether or not he was right is irrelevant).
In Buck Begins, everyone can clearly see Buck is struggling but it's Chim and Eddie who are talking to him about it and getting a sense of where his head is, not Bobby.
Bobby is smart enough to know watching your best friend get shot would be traumatic without any other complicating factors. With the context of Buck's reaction to the well? It's a no-brainer that he's going to be struggling. But we don't see Bobby reach out. The person Buck talks to about his reaction is Carla (and then Eddie), not anyone from the 118.
Basically what I'm saying is I'm starting to notice a pattern of Bobby making decisions about Buck without talking to him about any of it, praising or scolding Buck depending on the outcome, and continuing to treat Buck as a reckless wildcard who never thinks before he acts as opposed to someone who takes calculated risks but is responding to inconsistent expectations.
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bisexyliquidsnake · 29 days ago
I want Superstar barbie really bad but it's so annoying how no repro comes with her cute little star shaped stand
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sanstropfremir · 5 months ago
So, naturally, someone has to ask you about onlyoneof's comeback. The whole thing has me incredibly confused. Firstly 8 songs were teased but only 4 released? Is this album actually supposed to be a prerelease? And then conceptually....the teasers weren't very coherent and the mv and song are just so strangly detached from each other? To be fair libido was also detached but the mv was coherent with itself while the skinz mv feels like it didn't have a core direction. The tech opening was great but then the pov section hit and just....idk the whole thing lost its plot. I will say the what I've seen of the choreo fits the song well, I just don't get how something that was openly a libido sequel felt so off when the material was right there.
I loved the outfits for the first stage, junji's jacket was fantastic. Someone said they were serving second gen and while I don't think they went that far I do love the copious and copiously cheap leather. I'm certain they'll release another guilty pleasure version that's just the choreo and I really wanna see the whole dance.
I love the three bsides we got I'm just so beyond confused on how they straight up dropped only half of the tracklist. That and the MV being super cheap genuinely made me wonder if the full comeback hasn't actually happened yet but there's just no news of anything like that so...??????
I actually do like skinz in the same way I liked libido- neither song appealed to me at ALL at first but infinite's the chaser made me make a two listen rule because I also somehow hated that song on first listen. On second listen...the 10 seconds of opening with the guitar that fades into the instrumental is SICK. I wish the guitar was more present in the song other than little pop ups here and there. It's def a weird song and the weakest of the 4 we got but also feels very derived from libido and sage. I think it could've been a great noise music song and I can hear what they were trying to do with it I just can't figure out if it's too empty or too crowded.
What are your thoughts?
oh this is so long! thank you!!
yea the whole comeback has been a bit scattered but honestly i think it's probably a money thing more than anything else. we know they are actually capable of doing full scale concepts since all their previous cbs have been more typical; i suspect they really took a hit domestically with libido and the fact that they doubled down instead of switching concepts to something that was less socially 'risque'. it's obviously a gamble they were willing to make in order to be their weird little indie boy selves and i applaud them for it. they've clearly got enough support to keep the lights on and if that lets them keep making music than i'll take some sacrifices.
as far as the mv goes, i don't actually mind it? well, i do mind it, but let me explain. i hate watching it because pov type stuff skeeves me the fuck out, but i also think they did that on purpose. the fact that they likely had a much smaller budget this time around means that they had to do some very creative problem solving to get a cohesive mv, and this is a perfect example of limitations breeding creativity. i think they're playing at something really interesting by reaching into the space of the whole voyeuristc fan experience and superimposing it with a 'storyline'/such obvious inter-group connections. although libido was decidedly western tinted, it still fell within the production standards of what we expect from a kpop mv. despite there being a rise in 'authentic' content from idols, there's usually a very clear distinction between 'performance' work and 'extra content', of which we see a visual distinction that usually comes down to things like rehearsal/casual clothes, tech quality, filming locations, etc. so even though the skinz mv ticks all the boxes of being easy-to-film cheap casual content, i don't actually think it is. there's a couple of really good vfx shots, there's two different aspect ratios, a lot of the shots are very purposefully framed, and the pov aspect, obviously. the fact that they all get into a company car but there's not a manager driving, and there's no accidental shots of staff at all, which all tell me this was a storyboarded and intentional mv. because of the high standard of production, a kpop mv presents an idol as a 'character' in a sense; they aren't wearing clothing they would usually wearing, they're in an artificial setting, and they aren't really 'acting' like themselves either. they're dressing up for work, yanno? customer service face etc. so by purposefully breaking the clearest visual boundary between 'work' and 'casual', skinz is directly questioning those boundaries. where exactly is the line between what's 'performance' and what isn't? how much do we see as fans and who are we to tell if what we're seeing is 'real' or not? it's a really interesting mv concept. not entirely sure it was totally successful, but it got there for me.
it is annoying that they only dropped half the tracklist and it is 100% my villain origin story but addy (@hoforwonho) told me that re-bido was a cd exclusive, which makes me think that the rest of them are as well. and i don't blame them for trying to drum up money any way they can. i'm just glad gaslighting was in the tracks they dropped for streaming because it was the one i was most excited about from the previews and it fucks supremely. ultimate bliss is also really good but gaslighing is my fave by far.
in terms of the actual title track itself, i LOVE the guitar and i think the instrumental has good bones but i don't like the vocal line (not the people, the actual melody+lyrics+arrangement) at all. i think where you're getting the too empty/too crowded from is that the vocals are doing a LOT and the instrumental is kinda bare under the guitar riff, but they're not working together at all. it bothers me less in the studio recording but the chaos is really obvious in the performances. i think i can see where they wanted it to go but it didn't make it all the way there for me, even if i can understand why it was meant to be offputting.
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