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Yep- I’d say I have a unique life..

I’m ‘Canadian’ because I’ve been here for a loooong time, but my heart is with my heritage

Y yo soy un tìco - I traveled to my home pais twice once in 'o6 and once in either 2011 or 2012 ….I think it was after the Olympics

I also have mixed Euskadi/Peruvian roots and I was adopted into an international family with Cambodian, Icelandic and Japanese peeps

Hope that kinda says enough

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HEY you better share that shit with me like RIGHT NOW (I dont read a lot of fanfics but some things ya just gotta read) Please I would love to read it if you’d let me ❤

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lemme get that good stand fuckery, but its s/o's stand going to "visit" Fugo when shes asleep in the other room. How would he react?

Maybe it’s payback for his stands visit, or maybe it’s unconscious manifestation of a wet dream, but no matter what the reason, your stand made its way to his bed not long after Purple Haze leaves your room.

Fugo wakes up to a light touch on his skin, a shiver running through his body as he realizes his covers are missing. snapping back to reality, he has mere seconds to realize what’s going on before your stand is lowering itself on his cock.
It must have been working him up while he slept, which would explain his odd dreams, and had no problem coaxing him to full hardness.

Now, as it rolls its hips on his, Fugo does nothing to fight it, gasping eagerly and bucking up into the sensation, eventually however, while Pannacotta is perfectly fine with your stand taking the lead, a subconscious part of him is impatient.

Haze manifests, grasping your stand firmly from behind, moving them faster on his users dick, lifting and dropping excitedly. Your stand doesn’t seem to mind, leaning back on Haze for support as they allowed themselves to be manhandled by the overly enthusiastic stand.

This is too much for Fugo, and his strained voice cracks softly to keep from a yell, watching his stand pulls yours off just in time to watch himself cum all over himself and the sheets. Great, how the hell is he gonna sleep in this mess?

The two figures at the foot of the bed don’t seem to care much however, as Purple Haze begins to poke and prod at your stand, huffing excitedly as they guide his hands further.

“Really?” Fugo croaks, “You just got finished with their user less than an hour ago.”

Haze doesn’t even acknowledge him, but your stand tosses over a wink.

He really needed to talk to you soon, this was going to be the death of him.

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hI was tagged by @laufire :-D

Copy/paste and bold your fic preferences because why not, gotta choose one (near impossible, but go with your first gut instinct), and tag someone because, again, why not.

slow burn or love at first sight 

fake dating or secret dating (secret dating … could be fun but the tends to be more needless drama, i’ve seen on tv  - i haven’t read any - than angsty trope hilars) 

enemies to lovers or best friends to lovers (though i do like enemies to reluctant allies to FRIENDS to lovers)

oh no there’s only one bed or long-distance with correspondence (i mean the minor angst is fun. BUT THE CUDDLING! the cuddling. the facing each other, unable to sleep and just. /deep breath, fist clench  

hurt/comfort or amnesia (oh. okay. this is hard. but i like h/c especially when it’s the character who doesn’t usually get comfort in fandom/the show who gets it or the character who struggles being vulnerable giving the comfort)

fantasy au or modern au (I’ll never get the point of modern AUs, tbh. Though the SamBucky fandom does have some good no powers aus)

mutual pining or domestic bliss (listen. I LOVE soft marrieds. i LOVE marrieds who are friends and just joking and still bad ass and still deeply in love. mutual pining is good shit. but how about mutually in a supportive and communicative dynamic??)

smut or fluff (por que no los dos. sorry, i’ve been spoiled by good fluffy smut)

canon compliant (missing scenes) or fix-it fic (eehhh, it honestly depends.)

alternate universe or future fic (I’m really picky with AU settings, but even pickier with future fics)

one-shot or multi-chapter (long one-shots. i mean i say that now but then i get to the fic and i’m like WHERE IS THE NEXT CHAPTER.) 

kid fic or roadtrip fic 

reincarnation or character death (/softly sobbing. “What I feel for you—it beats words. It beats worlds. I promise.” )

arranged marriage or accidental marriage (iiiiiiiiii. dooooon’t knoooow. for this one. i think i like both about the same.)

high school romance or middle aged romance

time travel or isolated together (both are actually really good. i lean toward the first. i mean isolated together through time~~) 

neighbours or roommates

sci-fi au or magic au

bodyswap or genderbend (genderbend make me feel a bit … these days. but i wouldn’t eschew a really well done one. but BODYSWAPS. i’ve learned are ship gateways. especially for ot3s)

angst or crack (either.)

apocalyptic or mundane

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         Having muses rehash experiences they’ve had from their point of view and not exposition is such underrated good content and we need more of it. Gimmie that good good conversation between muses about critical events in their lives and how they can either under or over sell moments, or what details they might leave out. Give me those bonding and sharing talks between muses that might not always be accurate or could be more emotional than they thought. 

That’s that good stuff. 

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