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Dine with a vampire a summary:

Local boy confess to crush and said crush is abusive piece of shit

Vampire sees local boy literal kills abusive ex for him and now local boy is finally happy

Went from iPhone 4 to iPhone 12 deluxe 

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EMH’s Jeff Koval is good and fine I guess.

He looks HOT in later videos I gotta admit, although he didn’t really wow me or make any lasting impression. That might just be because I was too busy making heart eyes at Habit though.

But Jeff the Killer is who i’m talking about. There’s just something about angsty bitch bois who are bad with their emotions being soft(er) with their significant other that just-

*clenches fists*

Fills my heart with all the feels.

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Me before Coronavirus: Man I’m NEVER gonna date, I don’t need anyone! I’m gonna focus on me and my education!

Me now that I’m quarentining and can’t date: Is it… worth it? To get a dating app? Just to, talk to people? Why am I not dating someone? I wish I was dating someone.

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Fuck! And y’all wonder why i’m feral! This is the stuff I grew up on. Unf

On a hot summer night
Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?

Will he offer me his mouth?


Will he offer me his teeth?


Will he offer me his jaws?


Will he offer me his hunger?


And will he starve without me?


And does he love me?


On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?


Bet you to say that to all the boys.

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