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#that hurted
daydreamerfox24 · 9 hours ago
" You're lying again. It's like i dont really know you " OW OW
Tumblr media
" So i made a desicion." Nooooooo
Tumblr media
" Im joining the bard coven. " please dont say that
Tumblr media
" No no no i hate this part" Owwwww
Tumblr media
" I think we should see other people " " Im sorry Eda, its over " RAINE WHY
Tumblr media
Im not strong enough im not strong enough-
" Are you Okay ? Is this the curse? "
Tumblr media
" Just tell them, let them help! " " haha its fine, everythings normal! You can leave now "
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
" I cant do this anymore "
Tumblr media
" Stop pushing them away! "
Tumblr media
She just couldnt ask for help. Maybe she thought she'd hurt them too . What! Noo im not having a mental break 'cause of this. Haha EVERYTHİNG'S FINE!!
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perfectfeelings · 20 hours ago
I feel like I'm waiting for something that isn't going to happen.
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write-it-motherfuckers · 15 hours ago
Person A: “My own family aren't coming to my wedding. My mother, my sisters, they're not...”
Person A lets out a little sob, their hand over their mouth.
Person A: “I'm alone.”
Person B: “You have us. That's a promise.”
Person A looks up, a little surprised.
Person B: “As someone who is adopted, I can tell you this; DNA doesn't make you family, love does, and we all love you. You're not alone.”
Person A flings their arms around Person B, sobbing into their shoulder.
Person A: “Thank you.”
Submitted Anonymously 
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whumpster-dumpster · 16 hours ago
What’s your favorite whump scenario??
It's hard to choose just one! But I'm always a sucker for a bedridden, semi-delirious and/or unconscious whumpee with a high fever and a worried caretaker who refuses to leave them, even if it means sacrificing their own sleep or food or whatnot ❤️ Bonus points for petting their hair or patting their face and neck with a cool compress! Bonus bonus points for falling asleep at their bedside! Basically the classic self indulgent fever scenario.
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heilos · 18 hours ago
¡Buenas tardes! ¿Cómo estás? Todavía estoy aprendiendo nuevas palabras en español. ¡Que tengas un buen día! :) Decided to pick up my Duolingo lessons again since I only know some greeting phrases and short sentences I use at my work place. Sorry if I get some things wrong typing words out, i’m at the beginning stages of learning again and just doing practice right now. 
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yanderemommabean · 22 hours ago
I see a lot of people talk about yandere royals but what about yandere maids/butlers?
I like the idea!
Your servant is taking their role to extreme degrees, obsessed with serving you and keeping you looking like the royal you are. They love to cook for you, clean for you, service your every need, and make you feel lavish and spoiled.
They would kill for you if asked, no hesitation. You're their master, anything you ask of them is done to perfection. Nothing is too good for their master, and no one will live if they show any disrespect.
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reidslibrarybook · 12 hours ago
Here We Go Again
Tumblr media
Couple - Spencer x fem!reader
Warnings - mild language, allusions to s3x
Summary - Spencer and the team vacation to the Greek island of Skopelos where the iconic movie of Mamma Mia! was filmed. Spencer tried to hide his feelings of loneliness from everyone and takes refuge in Emily’s understanding of his situation. After reuniting with someone from his past who he regrets leaving, Spencer is filled with hope for a future with love and happiness.
Category - Kinda angsty, hurt/comfort, fluffy/extremely cheesy ending
Word Count - 3.3k
A/N - I was rewatching both of the Mamma Mia! movies and the idea for this oneshot kinda just popped into my brain. Enjoy my trashy writing! :)
Sweat dripped down Spencer’s forehead as he rocked back and forth in the back of the obscenely large golf cart. At some point, everyone agreed to take a two-week team vacation every year. This year, the team chose to take a trip in the middle of July, much to Spencer’s chagrin— he hated the heat. He’d much rather rent a cabin with everyone in the winter, snuggling up with the BAU kids while watching Christmas movies and drinking hot cocoa. Spencer loved Halloween, but Christmas was a nostalgic time that brought about feelings of glee.
When Penelope pulled up the results of the poll the team took to decide where they would go, Spencer really hoped it would be a location with mild weather. Instead, the majority voted to vacation to the Greek island of Skopelos with sweltering 100-degree weather.
So, here he was, absolutely drenched in his perspiration as two golf carts drove side-by-side to one of Rossi’s many properties in Greece. Since Rossi had a place to stay on the island, everyone decided to take one room, and share it with their family if they brought one.
Once they reached the extensive estate, everyone lugged their bags into the air-conditioned home. Spencer’s bags seemed to be the heaviest since he brought an overwhelming amount of books. He planned to stay inside the residence at a tolerable temperature unless Derek somehow manages to convince him otherwise— which he always does.
Three days into the trip and Spencer was absolutely miserable. Everyone had brought some type of companion with them, and if they hadn’t, they found one. JJ was accompanied by Will and her children, Derek brought Savannah, Hotch and Rossi spent time with Jack, Emily hung out with a beautiful Greek woman she met at dinner last night, and Penelope was enchanted by an exceedingly handsome man named Luke who worked for the FBI as well, in the Fugitive Task Force.
The only person who was left alone was… Spencer.
While everyone found joy in the company of another, he hid away in his room reading the copious books he brought. He didn’t want to go out and witness his friends’ happiness, as bad as it sounds, he didn’t want to be reminded of his terminal loneliness.
Around 8:00 at night, he heard a knock on his door while he was attempting to read at a moderate pace, so as not to read all his books before their trip ended. He begrudgingly leaped off his bed and stepped towards the door.
“Kid, we’re going to a bar.”
Spencer shifted uncomfortably, trying to figure out what Derek was asking him, “Oh ok, do you want me to watch the kids?”
“No, Savannah volunteered to stay back while the rest of us go out.”
“Alright, have fun,” Spencer blurted as he tried to shut the door before Derek could say what he was really interrupting Spencer for.
Derek managed to slide his foot between the door and the frame, “Nope, you’re coming with us. You’ve been stuck in your room for the past 4 days. You’re supposed to be enjoying the trip, kid.”
Spencer rolled his eyes and walked away from the door and towards his bed, “How can I, it’s honestly pitiful how lonely I am. I hate going out because I’m surrounded by so much PDA, it’s like everyone is unintentionally rubbing it in my face.”
“Reid, you’re only lonely because you’re not trying.”
“Not everyone is like you, Derek. I don’t have your charisma or charms or… fuck, I don’t know. People don’t throw themselves at my feet as they do for you.”
“That’s not true. Listen, just come with us. You may or may not find someone, but just know you’re never lonely. You have all of us, we’re always here whenever you need us to be,” Derek comforted as he gave Spencer a light pat. “Now get ready, we’re leaving in 30,” and with that, Derek clicked the door shut.
Spencer went to sort out something to wear that would cover him enough to protect him from the onslaught of germs but still allow him to be cool enough to function. He left his room and went down to the foyer with five minutes to spare.
“Yay, Spencer’s here!” Penelope squealed as she clung to Luke’s arm.
Emily pulled her hair back into a loose bun and headed towards the door, “Alright, now that everyone’s here, let’s get going.”
Everyone took a short 5 minute walk to the bar across the street. As they all walked into the bar, Spencer was immediately hit with the intense smell of sweat and alcohol mixed together in an unpleasant scent. Derek saved a booth near the dance floor and everyone piled in with shots in their hand.
“Oh my god, I love the vibe of this place. Very Mamma Mia!” Penelope shouted across the table.
“Actually, this island is where the majority of the movie and its sequel were shot, the rest was filmed in Croatia. Also, the broadway production that the movies were based on wasn’t actually the first to utilize the popularized ABBA songs. The French TV special, Abbacadabra, sprinkled many of their songs throughout the run time.” Spencer rambled as he looked towards one of the posters.
“That’s cool,” Penelope said politely. He could tell no one was really interested in his facts so he stayed quiet. Eventually, everyone except Spencer and Emily made their way to the dance floor, fueled by the raging alcohol in their systems.
“So, talk to me. What’s wrong with you?” Emily voiced with a rather somber look on her face.
“What makes you think that there’s something wrong with me.”
“You’ve barely spoken to anyone and you seem sad. It doesn’t take a profiler to notice your shift in behavior. If you really didn’t want to come, you didn’t have to. We all just wanted to spend time together away from all the dead bodies.” Emily comforted.
“It’s not the heat, I- I’m just kind of frustrated.”
“I don’t know, just seeing everyone so happy with another person is making me question my future. Am I ever going to be happy with someone else like JJ is with Will? Will I ever get to love someone?”
“Spencer, of course you will, but you won’t if you don’t try.” Emily sipped her beer and looked towards a smiling JJ being twirled by Will.
Spencer sighed, “Where’s that girl you were with yesterday?”
“She was just a fling, it wouldn’t have worked out in the long run.”
“Are you going to say that for everyone who’s not JJ?”
Emily looked back to Spencer with her eyes widened.
“Is it that obvious?”
“To everyone but her.”
“I love her so much, Spencer. I’m supposed to be happy for her, she’s my best friend. But how can I when she’s with someone who’s not me?”
“Can I be honest with you? I don’t think JJ is going to leave Will anytime soon, especially not when there are two kids between them. I’ve seen you pine over her for years, Emily, and I hate that you can’t be with the one you love. There’s nothing you can do that wouldn’t ruin your friendship with her, maybe it’s time for you to move on.” Emily agreed with a nod and gulped the rest of her beer.
“You’ve felt love before right? With Maeve?”
“I have, but not with Maeve. After she died, I thought about my feelings for her a lot and I think it was a case of transference. I did love someone a long time ago. We were young and I wasn’t sure if she loved me back. I was too much of a coward to do anything about it. I’ll never forget her,” he smiled as he reminisced.
“Then you know how I feel about JJ. I know I’ll never have her and that I have to move on, but some part of me will always love her even if she doesn’t feel the same. I wish I could do something about it, but I’d rather have her in my life as just a friend than not have her at all.”
And as Emily gulped the last of her liquor, she went back to the bar for another.
A half hour later, everyone trickled back to the booth, they sat down in need of some refreshments. They were all conversing lazily as they tried to recover before they inevitably all went back to the dance floor, minus a sad Spencer and Emily. Spencer was loosely listening to Penelope talking when he sees someone familiar.
Someone he hadn’t seen his days at CalTech. It was you.
Spencer jumps up from his seat and yells in your direction, “PEACH, PEACH!”
You turn around and your eyes widen as you realize who it was, “DOC!”
Spencer hastily makes his way out of the booth, stepping on someone’s toes, as you both rush towards one another.
The two of you jumped into each other’s arms as you both took comfort in each other’s embrace. It had been so long, too long since you’ve last seen each other.
“I- I can’t believe it’s you.”
“How long has it been, Doc? 10 years?”
“Yea, just about.”
“Hey, Pretty Boy is with a pretty girl!” shouted Derek in his inebriated stupor.
You and Spencer shared a gleeful glance as he led you back to the booth that harbored Spencer’s peers.
“Guys, this is Y/N Y/L/N. We knew each other years ago when she was in high school and I was still at CalTech.”
“It’s really nice to meet everyone.”
Emily leaned towards you with an amused grin on her face, “So, ‘peach’?”
“Yeah, Spence and I used to play a crap ton of Mario Kart and I always chose Peach as my character in the game. I also kicked his ass every time.” you chuckled.
“Yeah right.”
As the night went on, Y/N got to know the rest of the team. Spencer’s frown was replaced with a grin so wide that he could barely see. Emily was happy that her best friend who she thought of as her little brother finally had the chance to love.
“Alright, well we should get to the bar to get more drinks then get our asses back on the dance floor,” Emily grinned as she pulled everyone out to give the two some privacy.
Then she whispered into Spencer’s ears with a knowing look and patted his shoulder, “Don’t be a coward, shoot your shot.”
Spencer looked towards her with a thankful smile as she looked over to Y/N in an oddly familiar way, like they knew each other. He brushed it off as she guided the drunken mass to the bar, probably giving them water in hopes of sobering them up enough for them to walk home later.
“So, Doc, how have you been. It’s been a while since you left California for the FBI.”
Spencer smiled, “I’ve been good, I love my job, it’s incredibly fulfilling and I love the work we do. Where are you now… what do you do?”
“I’m a lawyer, I mean you could probably just assume that because you knew I was aiming for a degree in poli sci,” you blushed at your rather adorable rambling. “I live in Boston now, you know I’ve always loved the cold.”
Spencer chuckled, “Yet you’re here in Greece… during arguably the hottest time of the year.”
“I forgot how much of a smart ass you are.”
“And I forgot how slow you are sometimes.”
You and Spencer both laughed loudly as you teased each other relentlessly as you did years ago. Some things just… never change.
“Hey, let’s get out of here. I remember seeing this awesome place near the beach with a great view and cooling breeze. I think we both need that after being stuck in a bar for the past,” you look down at your watch that’s practically sliding off because of your sweat, “2 hours.”
“Yea, let’s go.” Spencer practically dragged you out of the booth, thankful that you suggested leaving the germ-infested bar. As the two of you made your way out through the crowd, Emily got a glimpse of Spencer’s gleaming smile and grinned at the thought of Spencer being happy.
You led Spencer through the streets of the island, walking in the middle of the very cramped road. The two of you broke the silence with your cackling as Spencer chased you relentlessly. It brought a warm feeling that spread throughout your chest, knowing that you may have a chance at love again with the man you were so hopelessly head-over-heels for before.
The two of you eventually made it to the little gazebo you were referencing. Spencer was glad to be away from the drunken hoard of people, it wasn’t boding well for his social anxiety and germaphobia. He would much rather be with you in a secluded space as you both tried to revive the love that you shared.
Spencer wanted to make the most out of the time he had with you so he asked, “How long are you here for?”
“Another week, you?”
“A week and 3 days, roughly.”
“Well, we better be spending the rest of the week together because we probably won’t be able to hang out after our vacations are over.”
“Why not?”
“Because-” you sighed as you looked away from him and down at your hands, “because we live in different places.”
“I don’t see why we can’t call or text each other?”
“But, you hate technology.”
“If it means I get to talk to my favorite person in the whole world, I could put aside my vexation with technology.”
“But, we’re both incredibly busy, and what if our schedules keep us from communicating. You travel to different states on a regular basis, that means we’ll be in different time zones most of the time and-”
He cut you off by putting his hand on yours. A raised eyebrow and slightly pursed lip graced his sculpted face illuminated by the moonlight, “What’s going on? Do you not want to keep in touch?”
You stood up and paced in front of him, signs of agitation written all over your body and face, “No, it’s not that. I just… I don’t know. I’m afraid, I think.”
“Of what? Me?”
“No, no. God no. I’m afraid of you leaving again, of us growing apart. I came here thinking that I’d be able to enjoy a couple of days with you and be satisfied, but I’ve only spent a few hours with you and I already know that’s not enough. There are too many things that could keep us apart. It… hurts too much to not have you be mine.”
Spencer stood up and took your hands in his, pulling you close to him, “Of course I’m yours.”
“Not in that way, not in a platonic way. I’ve always loved you, Spencer. I want you to be mine.”
He looked away from you as his hands slowly slipped from yours, “Oh.”
Your eyes pricked with tears as you took his rejection to heart. You pulled your hands out of his in fear, his dismissal filled you as you tried to process what he meant by ‘oh’. Spencer caught on quickly that you thought he was declining your confession.
“Peach,” he walked towards you slowly as he used his finger to lift your chin up, his thumb rubbed your cheeks that were damp with tears, “I’ve loved you too, since the very beginning. 10 minutes before I saw you in the bar, I was just thinking about how much of a wimp I was when we were together. But I promise you,” he kissed your tears away between each word, “I am yours.”
You looked up at him with hopeful eyes, “Really?”
“Yes, really.”
“So, you’ll love me no matter what?”
“Yes, Peach.”
“Good!” you smiled as you tackled Spencer into the rushing blue water that reflected the full moon. You could feel him trying to squirm out of your grasp and back to the land.
“Y/N! Do you know how many marine microbial organisms like bacteria are in the water? They are exceedingly small and one million of them can live in one piece of seaweed. ONE! Imagine how many of them are lodged in our hair right now?!”
“Oh come on, Spencer. Let go, swim with me,” you said as you released his waist and paddled further out into the sea— cooled by the crystal clear water. Spencer sighed relentlessly and swam out towards you.
The two of you held each other as the moon and the twinkling stars shone from above, it was heavenly… it was paradise. After an hour in the water, Spencer decided that he would take you back to your hotel room to pick up your belongings— you’d be staying in his room for the rest of the week.
Spencer opened the door for you as he found the whole team waiting for him.
“Did you two go skinny dipping?” Derek shouted, obviously surprised that Spencer would ever do something as risqué as that.
“No, we did not, but Y/N is staying in my room while she’s here. Is that alright with you Rossi?”
The old man smirked, “Of course, just be considerate and try not to make too much noise.”
Laughter erupted amongst the team, you and Spencer were red as cherry tomatoes. Spencer hastily ushered you upstairs in order to avoid any more obscene jokes. He made space for your things in his room, enjoying your close proximity.
The week flew by like a breeze. The two of you made your relationship official and continued to enjoy the island together. You both explored the many amenities the villa had to offer and relished the local cuisine. You even got Spencer to go wakeboarding, it took a lot of convincing but there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for you. He opted to leave at the same time you were, seeing no point in spending another week in Greece without you.
At the end of the week, you and Spencer said your goodbyes as you made your way to the airport. You and Spencer settled into your seats, pulling out a book from his mini backpack.
Spencer looked over to you, nudging your shoulder lightly, “So, how do you and Emily know each other?”
You looked at him with surprise written all over your face, “How did you know?”
“Peach, I read behavior and body language for a living. I’d be a pretty bad profiler if I didn’t know.”
“Don’t be mad,” you sighed, “Emily and Penelope actually looked into your files and found out that we had a history together, so they tracked me down and told me that you and the team would be in Greece for the next two weeks. I would’ve stayed longer but I have a hearing the next week.”
“So, our miraculous reunion was all set up?”
“Yeah, it’s kind of ironic too.”
“How so?”
“I mean, this is the island where Mamma Mia! was filmed and one of your close friends calls someone from your past in hopes of making you a little less lonely. Em isn’t walking down the aisle or anything but it’s a pretty good story.”
“Yes, it is. I guess you could say ‘here we go again’.”
You and Spencer laughed at his extremely cheesy play on words. Admiration filled your eyes, as you looked forward to your adventures with him down the road. It was everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Your future was sitting right beside you and you knew that he would never leave because he was yours.
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