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lacallemojada · a month ago
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I wanted everything to never end. Can we start again and leave a light on?
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more of these bc fuck u. also i think klavier is actually german.
id under cut
a collection of images, screenshots of popular tumblr posts with images of ace attorney characters overlayed to suggest it’s the characters who made the posts
in the first image, ema skye is saying “you people can’t be crying about blonde blue eyed men” with a low-opacity image of klavier gavin suggesting that she’s talking about him as he is blonde and blue-eyed. trucy wright replies with “naruto means everything to us” to which ema responds “ok sorry carry on”
in the second image, klavier, clearly in distress says “oh gods my boyfriend isn't home and I forget the english word for this thing and it's bAD he usually helps but i CANT”. athena replies “I WILL ASSIST?”. klavier says “you know that little sea bug with the stupid hands and it hasa home but it changes homes sometimes because it gets too big for it?? what is it???” athena suggests “Hermit crab??” and klavier triumphantly exclaims “THAT'S THE BITCH” in bold and italics
in the third image, it reads “someone: oh god. how are you coping with that. me: i’m not. i’m not coping.” with a distraught picture of klavier
in the fourth image, klavier says “die girlies reading this” with an emoji of a blushing face surrounded by love hearts. he replies to himself “oh my god I meant in a german accent I did not mean to wish death upon girlies”. franziska von karma replies “The girlies reading this post” with a picture of a skeleton exploding
in the fifth image, godot posts a picture of a coffee machine fastened to the dashboard of a car. the caption is “Hertella Auto Kaffeemachine. This Dash-Mounted Coffee Maker Is Likely the Rarest Volkswagen Accessory.” franziska replies “Getting into a KarAkciddent and splashing 3 cups of FükkenScälden all over myself”
in the sixth image, maya fey says “if she's your girl why is she infiltrating area 51 with me”. kay faraday responds “Because our relationship is good like that. Because l love her, but don't need to be by her side every minute. Because she's a healthy, well rounded, person with her own separate interests, that I fully support but don't need to take part in.” to which maya says “thanks for respecting women bro”
in the seventh image, klavier gavin says “vagueposting about people but in approval”. he replies to himself with “some of yall are so0o big brained and articulate and always correct and sexy. not saying who tho”. a picture of a blushing apollo justice indicates that klavier is talking about him.
in the eighth image, ema posts a picture of a white robotic lobster, captioned simply “robot lobster”. a confused trucy asks “why” and pearl fey responds “robster”
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didn't plan on doing a set today but i saw the first post and it spoke to me and after that i needed to commit so here we are
[ID: A series of digital drawings of Ace Attorney characters, juxtaposed with Tumblr and Twitter text posts.
1: Larry Butz is on the phone, saying, "Come get your boy, he just said "flabbergasted" in front of the hoes." Miles Edgeworth is giving him an unimpressed look.
2: Edgeworth rolls his eyes and looks away from a confused Dick Gumshoe, saying, "My bad for assuming everyone has critical thinking skills, by the way."
3: Edgeworth folds his arms, blushing a little as he says, "So what if I'm in love with you. Mind your damn business." Phoenix Wright, red-faced, gives him a bewildered look.
4: Maya Fey turns to a ghostly Mia Fey, saying, ""I could fix him"? Good for you. I'm gonna join him in his insanity." A speech bubble next to Maya pictures her and Phoenix together. Mia looks worried.
5: Maya whacks Phoenix on the head with a broom, crying, "I cast concussion!" [beats you over the head with my staff]
6: Phoenix is staring down at a magazine cover depicting Sister Iris and Sister Bikini, thinking, "Not to be vague, but not again, please."
7: Mia, being channeled by Pearl Fey, pats a sweating Phoenix on the back, saying, "God gives his silliest battles to his funniest clowns." Phoenix has lent Mia his blazer to cover herself up.
8: Dahlia Hawthorne, being channeled by Maya, hunches over in a panic, saying, "No, don't banish me from this realm, I'm just a cute silly girl!"
9: Maya has a smug smile on her face as she says, "I don't have baggage, I come with lore." Depicted behind her is the scene of Mia's death, the photograph of Misty Fey from the DL-6 incident, and Morgan Fey looming over Pearl.
10: Franziska von Karma has a weary smile on her face, sweating and clutching her arms, as she says, "Turns out that my "I refuse to learn a new skill unless I'm immediately good at it" tactic is sabotaging my entire life."
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idk how you feel about this but could you write one where joe gets in a physical fight with someone over y/n? i think angry/protective joe is hot yk lol
Fight - J.K
i hope this was okay! have a good day love <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
outfit ^
you were on a night out with Joe, Natalia, Charlie, Maya, Dacre, Joseph and Grace. you had all finished filming season 4 of Stranger Things and you were all at a night club. you weren't really a 'party' girl but you liked to go out once in a while and because you were with your friends, it made you feel at ease. you guys were walking into the club when paparazzi were screaming all of your names, taking photos of you guys as you entered the club. you were next to Grace who had grabbed your hand out of nervousness, you squeezed her hand back and walked to the bar.
you all ordered your drinks, walked and sat in a booth and started chatting to each other, you loved that you had made new friends through work, you'd never enjoyed a job more and getting to know everyone made you happy. the night continued with you speaking to the cast but you decided that it would be best if you all went to the dance floor. you danced with Grace and Maya and suddenly felt someone push themselves up against you. you froze and turned around, seeing it was a person you had never met before.
he smiled at you and grabbed your hand, pulling you to the bar. "uhh i'm sorry do i know you?" you said once you got to the bar. "no, but my names Tom" he said, kissing your cheek. this guy was weird. "oh well it's nice to meet you" you said, trying to get away from him. "no please, i didn't mean to be weird i just want to get to know you" he said, stopping you from walking away. Joe was watching you from the booth he was still sat in, ignoring whatever Joseph was talking about. his face angered when he saw you getting pulled back by the unknown boy.
"Joe? are you even listening?" Joseph said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "oh yeah sorry, i'm just trying to make sure y/n is okay" he said, turning back to face Joseph. they carried on with their conversation, Joe still turning his head to you every few minutes. you finally got away from Tom, who was just talking about the most random things about himself. you walked over to the table and stood there for a while , hoping Tom wouldn't come back over. "could i sit between you two?" you said, looking a Joseph and Joe. Joe got out the booth, allowing you to get in. you felt safer with them two and you were happy you weren't on the end of the seat.
you listened to their conversation, only speaking up when they asked you a question. the night was ending, you were tired and wanted to go home. you all started to leave and you guys walked outside, thankful that the paparazzi weren't all up in your face. "hey!" you heard. the group were quite a bit ahead of you but Joe was lingering behind a bit. you stopped and turned around, seeing Tom following after you. "Tom? why are you following me?" you said, leaving the group to walk up to him. "i want your number, please give it to me" he said, pleading eyes. you shook your head and sighed. "Tom, i've just met you and you don't even know my name" you said, turning to walk away. "no, please, i want to get to know you" he begged, grabbing your hand harshly. "excuse me, don't grab me like that" you said, pulling your hand away.
everyone else kept on walking, not realising what was happening but Joe stopped, watching the altercation. the paparazzi were on the other side of the road, taking sneaky photos of the interaction. Joe walked as fast as he could up to you. Tom was still grabbing your hand. "Tom, you're hurting me, get off" you said as he tried to pull you away from where you were standing. "yo man, you need to back off" you heard Joe say, you sighed in relief and pulled your wrist to your chest when Tom let go. it had a bright red mark around it and it was already starting to bruise. "who are you?" Tom said, taking a step back from you. "it doesn't matter, you shouldn't be grabbing her like that" Joe said, putting a hand on your shoulder.
"you okay?" he whispered to you, you nodded your head and he turned back to Tom. "why are you grabbing her like that?" he said, you'd never seen Joe this angry. his eyes filled with rage and he looked fuming. "i didn't grab her like anything mate, you don't even know the story" Tom said, smirking at Joe. "her wrist is bright red so you've obviously grabbed her hard" Joe said, looking at Tom. "nah mate, i hardly touched her, now if you don't mind, i'll get back to my conversation" Tom said, grabbing your hand again, this time he pulled you harder and you stumbled over your feet as he pulled you. "ow Tom stop it" you shouted at him.
Joe grabbed your hands and pulled you away from Tom. "she doesn't want to go with you" Joe said, getting in between you and Tom. "why don't you just back off mate" Tom said shoving Joe. "don't shove me man" Joe said, shoving him back. "guys come on now, don't fight" you said, putting a hand on Joe's shoulder, you moved out of the way when Tom shoved Joe again. the whole situation escalated fast. next thing you knew there were punches being thrown. "stop oh god" you didn't know what to do. you'd never seen a physical fight let alone the fight being over you. you saw Tom on the floor with a bloody nose. Joe got up and put a hand on your shoulder, making sure you were okay.
"Joe, i'm fine, are you okay?" you said, putting a hand on his face. he only had a grazed lip. he nodded his head and put an hand out for you to take. you put your hand in his and you walked back to your apartment. you looked to the other pavement and saw the paparazzi going crazy. "they got all of that on video" you said to him as you walked round the corner. "i don't care" he said. the rest of the walk home was silent, you didn't mind it really. you were shocked that Joe had fought a guy over you. you hadn't told anyone but you had the biggest crush on Joe. he was kind, caring and he just had a punch up with a random boy to save you. you were grateful for him.
you arrived at your apartment and got into the lift. you put a hand on his cheek and inspected the the cut on his lip. it was bleeding a little. "i'll clean that when we get inside" you whispered to him. "it's fine, don't worry about it" he said, putting a hand on your cheek. you got out the lift and walked into your apartment, you pulled Joe into the bathroom and he sat on the counter. you got the first aid kit and put it on Joe's lap. you put some water on a cloth and dabbed the cut. he winced in pain. "i'm sorry" you said, putting the cloth down and getting the antiseptic cream. "you didn't have to do that for me Joe" you said, going back to the fight he'd just had. "i did. it was happening to you. you look beautiful by the way" he said, putting a hand on your cheek. Joe loved you. you blushed brightly. "i love you y/n and i'd never let anything like that happen to you again" he said, looking into your eyes. you smiled to him and kissed his lips. he pulled away after a few minutes and winced at the cut on his lip. "i'm sorry" you said, the brightest smile on your face. you knew that this would progress into something beautiful.
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plxviofiles · 6 months ago
pizza and deep conversations
Tumblr media
☝️ originally posted by marvellegends
#kate bishop x fem!reader, soft angst, fluff !!
WARNINGS: one slightly suggestive joke 🙏
→ it’s hard to be angry at kate bishop, even when she wakes you up at 2 am in the morning for pizza after an exhausting Christmas day.
A/N: @neozworld I KNOW I KNOW you gave me a fluff prompt and this was supposed to be fully fluff but I included soft angst as well 😭 I know you’re not a marvel fan, but ty for listening my rants on natasha and kate and ty for this wonderful idea <3 ily.
A/N 2: idk if this is counted as a christmas fic? but I hope you enjoy reading <3 this is truly my favorite prompt. also hawkeye episode 3 !??! maya is so cool and <clintkate's dynamic3
! word count: 1.1K
Tumblr media
“Babe. Babe. Babe. Babe.”
Look, there’s a whole lot of reasons why you were ignoring your girlfriend.
1. You were tired. So tired.
2. Why were you tired? Kate kept you up all night. And no, not for what you might think, but for watching chick flicks because Kate insisted that Christmas Eve was the best time to watch them.
3. You spent the whole Christmas day celebrating with the Avengers. With the idiocy of the boys (and by the boys you mean Tony, Thor, Sam, and Bucky), and with the combined teasing of Yelena, Natasha, Wanda, and occasionally even Kate, you felt like smashing your head into a wall.
4. It was 2 am.
“No,” you mumble in your sleep, pushing Kate’s face away with your hand. Kate huffs and swats your arm away, then starts to shake it over and over, “y/n! Wake up!”
It was times like this that your girlfriend reminded you of Clint’s kids. She always had energy and you were the opposite usually.
“Katie, I���m exhausted,” you manage to say, trying weakly to pull your arm away, “Please.”
“But I’m hungry,” she pouts, but to no avail, your eyes still closed, “You know what I need?”
You decide to give her the benefit of a doubt, silently praying that all she wants is crackers and tea (since you had that in the kitchen), but when you open one eye and meet her mischievous grin, you groan on impulse.
“Babe, I’m not getting up at 2 am to get you pizza,” you grunt with annoyance.
“Do you love me?” she asks you seriously, and you whine loudly, “Katie, please, just because I’m too tired to get you pizza doesn’t mean I don’t love you!”
“But you’re already awake,” she pleads continually, taking a pillow and swatting you with it, “Pleaseeeee!”
“ALRIGHT. ALRIGHT,” you shout tiredly, sitting up on the bed, “IM UP.”
“YES,” Kate pumps her fist in victory and you rub your sleepy eyes to meet the archer’s hypnotic blue ones. She blinks like she knows how much irritation is building up. You see that she’s already dressed and ready.
“How long have you been awake?” you question her, suddenly awake, and concern evident, “You need proper sleep, Katie.”
She threads her hand through her long black hair, sighing audibly and not looking directly at you, “I didn’t sleep.”
“Restless?” you whisper knowingly, intertwining your hand with hers and you realise for the thousandth time that it fits perfectly.
“All the time,” she whispers back, squeezing your hand in search of comfort.
You stay silent and kiss her knuckles, slowly and purposefully. Kate’s breath hitches in her throat.
“It’s hard being a hero,” you tell her, still holding her hand, “Whatever your hands do or are going to do, I love them.”
Kate tears up after a few seconds of resistance, and you instinctively wrap your arms around her.
After a few minutes of heavy breathing and loving rubs on her back, you detach yourself and wipe the tears under her eyes, eliciting a weak smile. Then, you pull a jacket on, throwing her your favorite sweater of yours, which she also loved to wear.
“Let’s go.”
Tumblr media
The car ride was slow, peaceful, and quiet. Except for a few speeding cars, it wasn’t that lively given the time. Kate plays music on the radio.
You hum to the music, and the sound lulls Kate to a content state, the melodies of her favorite music and your voice filling her heart with warmth.
“Katie,” you whisper, grabbing her attention, and she turns to you upon hearing the nickname that only you and Clint get to call her.
Your hand finds its way to hers like it always does.
“You’re my hero, you know that right?” you say both teasingly and with seriousness, and Kate’s heart constricts.
“And you are mine,” she whispers into the dead of night, but you hear her, even when no one else does.
You wind down the windows and blast the music louder, and Kate finds enough in herself to laugh. Laughing was so much easier when she was with you.
You sang the song off key on purpose and Kate joins in, the same contagious smile taking place. You look over and smile, she was a better sight than the full moon.
“I love when you smile, it makes me feel like everything is going to be okay,” you tell her immediately.
Kate feels heat rush to her neck. You always gave compliments the moment you thought of them.
“How can you say something like that,” she stutters characteristically, trying to cover her face with her other hand.
“You always try to cover your blush when you’re alone with me!” you whine, disappointed, “I want to see the massive effect I have on you.”
“The effect I have on you is more obvious,” she tries to counter, smirking.
“Mhm, yeah keep telling yourself that.”
Tumblr media
"I can't believe you almost started a war because there was no cola left," Kate chides you with a grin that represented her unbelief at her girlfriend's attitude. In her arms were a few pizzas (maybe one or two for Lucky).
"How is 'it's christmas and that's why we ran out' a good excuse?!" you complain grumpily.
"You're like the grinch you know, with your grumpiness and with the green sweater you're wearing right now-"
"Stop!" you start giggling, all the while still keeping your eyes on the road, "Don't antagonize me!"
"Right, right," you can practically hear the smirk on her face, "I'm sorry for saying you're the human embodiment of the grinch."
"I'm starting to regret bringing you out," you mumble quietly.
"Hey, I heard that!"
You roll your eyes and pretend you didn't hear her, tapping your fingers on the steering wheel.
Comfortable silence fills the car again. It started raining a bit ago, the raindrops staining the windows and the noise of it relaxing you.
"What Clint said during our meal today," Kate side eyes you, "The thing he said about-"
"About being a hero and about the risks of being one?" you finish for her, "And how you'll lose some things or people forever?"
"I know I sounded nonchalant but," she chuckles with little humor, "Yeah. It's scary isn't it?"
"You're not going to lose me you know. Not now. Not ever."
You want her to understand.
Kate struggles to answer, trying to find the right words.
"You're the last thing I'd want to lose," she fidgets with your sweater, "It was hard enough to win you over."
You laugh breathily but Kate's face still seems unsure.
"I mean what I said as much as Clint did," you reply firmly, "You're the last thing I'd want to lose too, you know."
Kate exhales slowly, and she smiles warmly at you.
"What would I do without you?"
"You'll never find out," you whisper, and the traffic light turned red, allowing you to grin at her.
And with the slight hint of snow on her hair, the redness of her cheeks due to the cold, the content shadow of a smile on her face, and her hand on your thigh, you pray that you'll never find out either.
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valokki · 4 months ago
(some of my) Favourite Drarry Podfics
Tumblr media
Ever since I found fanfiction, I’ve been a huuuge sucker for podfics. I’m listening to stories all the time when I can’t actually read them; when I’m doing groceries, sitting on a bus, knitting, doing house chores, taking a walk... They always brighten my day and make boring duties feel so much easier, sometimes I even find myself waiting for being able to do the dishes, haha. I’m also always in awe of how talented the podficcers are and how they manage to make the stories alive in a completely new way with their presence.  
So, if you like podfics, I hope you find something to listen to from this list. Many of these podficcers have also recorded many more great podfics than I’ve mentioned on this list!
A Dark Place in Time || written by cutecoati, read by raitala || 55 min
What on earth was her son thinking, falling for Harry Potter of all people, Narcissa wonders. But after the death of her husband, she finds him useful in many, and sometimes surprising, regards.
A Fruit Tree in Winter || written by Bryoneybrynn, read by takola || 3 h 18 min
After failing in his task of killing Dumbledore, life doesn’t go as Draco expected. Sometimes just surviving takes everything you’ve got. And sometimes healing is something you can’t do alone. Story goes AU/AR from the end of Half-Blood Prince.
All Life is Yours to Miss || written by Saras_Girl, read by originally reads || 11 h 20 min
Professor Malfoy's world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
An Owl Named Romeo || written by Rickey, read by fire_juggler || 3 h 16 min
Draco breeds owls, Harry's an Auror, and an owl named Romeo is going to bring them together.
Away Childish Things || written by lettered, read by RattleandHum || 14 h 15 min
Harry gets de-aged. Malfoy has to help him.
Beards, Booty Shorts, and Binaries || written by aibidil, read by RattleandHum || 47 min
Harry was hoping for a quiet day at the office, but Hermione and Draco are waging a war on discrimination with beards and skirts.
Because Potter Is Allergic to Poppies || written by Lomonaaeren, read by sisi_rambles || 4 h 11 min
Auror Harry Potter is in hospital being treated for a curse when someone tries to kill him. Obviously it is up to bored, trapped Apprentice Healer Draco, who was only admitted to the Healer Program in the first place to do the menial work, to find out who did it. Because then they will promote him. No, it’s for no other reason, thanks.
Catfished || written by Saras_Girl, read by Rindle || 3 h 26 min
Draco is in deep water, Harry can see straight through him, and that's not even the full scale of the problem.
Checkmating || written by mahaliem, read by sisi_rambles || 1 h
In hopes of convincing Voldemort supporters to change sides, Ron decides that he and Harry should pair off with Slytherins.
Coffee || written by Writcraft, read by fire_juggler || 43 min
Sometimes it’s just a story about two wizards and a muggle coffee shop.
Come For Me || written by frayach, read by Queenie_Mab || 3 h 3 min
After Draco is paralyzed in an accident, he and Harry discover a new way to make love.
Dad Says|| written & read by GallaPlacidia || 3 h 54 min
Eleven-year-old Scorpius starts writing to Harry. Harry starts to fall in love with Draco through his portrayal in his son's letters.
Featuring an extremely remorseful Draco living with muggles and working at a second-hand book shop, an isolated Harry, and a Scorpius who's dreading going to Hogwarts because he knows he'll be bullied there.
Draco Malfoy, It's Your Lucky Day || written by Faith Wood, read by sisi_rambles || 3 h 51 min
Even though he's unarmed, injured, lost in the Forbidden Forest, and facing a possible murder charge, Draco Malfoy gets lucky.
Drop Dead Gorgeous || written by Maya, read by heatherifics || 12 h 55 min
In which Harry finds out he is a veela.
Here’s the Pencil, Make It Work || written by ignatiustrout, read by teas_me  || 5 h 21 min
Harry thinks, "Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?" is a much simpler question than, "Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don't, what will you do?"
Hermione Granger's Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run || written by waspabi, read by Lazulus || 9 h 26 min
'You're a wizard, Harry' is easier to hear from a half-giant when you're eleven, rather than from some kids on a tube platform when you're seventeen and late for work.
House Proud || written by astolat, read by Lazulus || 2 h 4 min
His house liked Draco Malfoy more than him.
If the Fates Allow || written by Saras_Girl, read by lastontheboat || 8 h 10 min
What's that crackling in the walls? Harry has no clue at all. He'll eat some cake and drink some wine Because he is completely FINE.
--A story about life's disregard for our plans.
[2017 advent story]
Keep Holding On || written by gnarf, read by Thunder_of_Dragons || 3 h 35 min
After the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry and Draco both fall into their own battles with their mental states. Draco is sent to Azkaban, and Harry turns to drinking, hoping to forget.
Months later, Harry visits St Mungo’s new ward on the request of a friend, only to find Draco in a deep vegetative state.
Not willing to give him up, Harry stays by his side, while simultaneously dealing with the Ministry's newest grand idea to make everything worse.
Making new allies, and losing old ones along the way, will hopefully be worth it in the end.
Kiss the Joy (Until the Sun Rise) || written by ICMezzo, read by CurseBound || 3 h 43 min
The Room of Requirement was severely damaged in the war, but not so much that it could not provide for one lost student and another young hero—especially when they needed each other most of all.
Let's Pretend the War is Over || written by pir8fancier, read by raitala || 48 min
The war is over and Draco is alone, fighting demons of a different nature. This is obviously an AU by now. Written after "The Half-Blood Prince" came out.
Like Diamonds We Are Cut With Our Own Dust || written & read by raitala ||   1 h 9 min
Draco has borne the mark of the Dark Lord for over ten years. It is familiar to him, but he pays the price for it every day, and Harry has noticed.
Modern Love || written by tackytiger, read by lastontheboat || 5 h 30 min
Harry Potter, of all people, knows that life isn’t always fair. And no one gets to be happy all of the time. But surely there’s something more—something better—than a rubbish Ministry job, and a lonely old house, and that feeling that everyone out there is doing a better job of living than Harry is.
And it really doesn’t seem fair that Draco Malfoy is back in Harry’s life, all of a sudden, and even though he’s wandless, and living with Muggles, and making his mother cry with his lifestyle choices, he’s happy. So what's he doing right, that Harry isn’t?
Because things don’t really change, do they? And if Harry can’t be happy, he’ll settle for a good night’s sleep, some posh antiques, and the opportunity to find out what Malfoy has been up to for all these years.
And that’s what starts it all.
No Shadow Taller Than Our Souls || written by khasael, read by seeking_semperfiona || 3 h 59 min
Auror Potter and Unspeakable Malfoy team up to investigate a series of missing persons, and it soon becomes apparent that Dementors are involved. Despite their initial misgivings, Harry and Draco find that they need each other's help, in more ways than one.
On One's Knees || written by pir8fancier, read by raitala || 3 h 6 min
The war is over and to the victors go the spoils
Warning: Bitter-sweet ending
Open for Repairs || written by FeelsforBreakfast, read by RattleandHum || 1 h  1 min
After the war, Draco works at a tv repair shop and Harry breaks things.
Feat. sad boys in jumpers and more ABBA than is probably necessary.
Pieces of You || written by Janieohio, read by PhenomenalAsterisk || 1 h 22 min
Harry and Draco have moved in together, but Harry is hiding the truth of his childhood from Draco. Draco struggles to understand until a phone call from Harry's estranged cousin changes everything.
Reparations + Foundations || written by Saras_Girl, read by 6shotamericano || 9 h 51 min + 27 h 20 min
Reparations: Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places. 
Foundations: When one door closes, another one opens – with a bit of a push. Life, love and complications.
Running on Air || written by eleventy7, read by Tha_rin || 7 h 49 min
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.
Scaredy Cat || written & read by GallaPlacidia || 3 h 23 min
Draco is cursed and starts uncontrollably turning into a kitten whenever he's stressed. There is, of course, only one logical solution: he must move in with Harry until they figure out how to break the curse.
Secrets || written by Vorabiza, read by Opalsong || 44 h 23 min
Beginning with Draco's unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry's summer becomes filled with activity and many secrets. He generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side.
Storm in a Teacup || written by Faith Wood, read by sisi_rambles || 51 min
For reasons he'd rather not think about, Draco is obsessed with Potter's hair. This cannot end well.
The Boy Who Only Lived Twice || written by lettered, read by TheOneCalledEli || 5 h 52 min
Harry Potter is an Unspeakable. Draco Malfoy is the wizard who shagged him. Adventure! Intrigue! Secret identities, celebrities, spies! It's all right here, folks.
The Bucket List || written & read by GallaPlacidia || 2 h 40 min
Draco will die in six months if he can't get Harry Potter to fall in love with him. Since that's not going to happen, he might as well spend his last days working through his Bucket List. Tap-dancing lessons? Rock climbing? Poetry-writing? Threesomes? Cocaine? Getting to know his adorable cousin, Teddy Lupin? Draco will try them all!
Feat. Cheerily pessimistic Draco, devoted bitch queen Pansy Parkinson, and a Harry who can't help but notice that something seems DIFFERENT about Draco, these days.
The Four Doors || written by fluxweed, read by lastontheboat || 4 h 55 min
It’s been four months since Harry lost his memory. Four months of dead ends and no answers. With time running out until his memories are gone for good, Harry agrees to a course of Legilimency therapy with a renowned specialist: Mind Healer Draco Malfoy.
Then Comes a Mist and a Weeping Rain || written by Faith Wood, read by seeking_semperfiona || 2 h 10 min
It always rains for Draco Malfoy. Metaphorically. And literally. Ever since he had accidentally Conjured a cloud. A cloud that's ever so cross.
The Next Twenty-Four Hours || written by Saras_Girl, read by JocundaSykes || 18 min
In twenty-four hours, the Ministry will take your life. Until then, I’m all yours.
The Price We Pay for Wings || written by frayach, read by raitala || 1 h 21 min
So the struck eagle, stretch’d upon the plain, No more through rolling clouds to soar again, View’d his own feather on the fatal dart, And wing’d the shaft that quiver’d in his heart.
~ Lord Byron
The Purpose of Rubber Ducks || written by renrenren3, read by teas_me || 1 h 44 min
Harry likes his job in the Office for the Regulamentation and Control of Interweb Publications well enough, but Malfoy's being a git and making trouble as usual. Luckily Harry can go home and chat with his new friend, the anonymous comedy blogger who's so popular with wizards and Muggles alike... Features Muggles, inter-office memos, house-elves, rubber ducks, 4am chats, and porn. Because that's what the internet is for.
The World Thy Gaol || written by November Snowflake, read by sisi_rambles || 1 h 55 min
When Draco finds himself a pariah in Wizarding society after the war, he comes up with a whole new way to show his face in public. But he never expected Harry bloody Potter to want in on the plan.
Turn || written by Saras_Girl, read by Queenie_Mab || ~ 36 h 40 min
One good turn always deserves another. Apparently.
What We Pretend We Can't See || written gyzym, read by FayJay || 12 h 49 min
Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.
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blissfulbqrnes · 8 months ago
—babies on tour
Tumblr media
summary; Harry, YN, Maya, and Asher’s break day morning
warnings; fluff, breast feeding, mentions of pregnancy, swear words, harry and you being a domestic milf and dilf, children being children, teasing, harry being harry, pet-names
word count; idk i forgot to put it into word counter<<3
note; same universe as another one-shot of mine but the styles family has welcomed baby maya to the world <<3! you do not have to read sunshine to understand this but you can if you’d like! surprise! i didnt proofread😈
“G’morning, pretty” Harry smiles, tracing baby Maya’s smooth cheek. She had a toothless grin on her chunky face, giggling at her father’s crazy facial expressions.
Before tour started Asher requested his own bed because he’s “three now and doesn’t need to sleep with his mumma and daddy anymore,” in his own words.
But now, he’s curled up against YN his brown curls tickling her collarbone, she tried her best to smooth them down some but just like his father’s his hair has a mind of it’s own.
It’s quiet mornings like these that make Harry reminisce. Back to 2013 when he was touring with the band and it was just him and YN sharing the beds in their hotels or their bunks on the tour buses. Looking back on that and where he is today is mind boggling.
He’s laying in bed with the woman of he always planned on marrying, a new beautiful baby girl who is the spitting image of her mum, and a handsome well mannered boy who looks just like him. A grammy, a few Brits, and the most amazing fans and group of friends he could ever ask for.
He wouldn’t trade this life or the people in it for the world.
Whining, Maya began to kick her feet, “mm-mm none o’ tha’, petal. Are y’hungry” his voice still riddled with sleep, making his accent much more prominent as he scooped her up, keeping her small body pressed against his tattooed chest.
Harry nudged YN’s shoulder gently, careful not to disturb his sleeping son. His wife murmured something incoherent, which Harry thought sounded like a sleepy ‘what’
“The bub’s whinin’, think she’s hungry” Harry whispered, pressing a kiss to the crown of his daughter’s head. YN nodded turning on her side, facing Harry holding her arms out for the baby.
Tugging the strap of her tank top off, and guiding Maya, YN had this sleepy, indestructible grin on her face, all in fondness of her little family. All sharing one queen sized hotel room bed.
Her eyes drifted from her mini-me to Asher who’s curly hair that now curled just under his ears, a little patch of fresh drool on his cheek, which she wiped off with her pink polished finger that Harry insisted that him, YN, and Asher all matched. Maya’s still a bit young for nail polish but once the doctor approves it she’ll be matching as well
Asher loved it. Painting his nails all sorts of colors, all the cool, designer outfits (he has very expensive taste for being freshly three, special thank you to Harry for that), and after seeing pictures of his daddy on a red carpet in 2014 he decided on growing out his gorgeous hair just like his father.
Harry slid out from under the covers, slowly heading towards the small kitchen. Mid-stretch he grunted, and rolled his shoulders, “Wha’s wrong?” YN snapped her attention in the direction of her lover, The expression on his face read pain, but she had no clue what for.
“m’back hurts like a bitch” He whispered the swear making her laugh and shake her head, “bu’ i wan’ tea” He whined stomping his feet with a pout resembling Asher when he didn’t get his way, as they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
YN tutted shaking her head some more, “I’ll make you some, jus’ sit and lemme finish feedin’ the baby” She patted the spot where he sat before, keeping a close hold on her suckling baby girl so she wouldn’t slide out of her arms.
Harry sighed and trudged back to the bed obediently, waiting patiently for Maya to finish her meal, “H, can you wake up Ash? If he sleeps any longer he’s gonna be an absolute nightmare on the tour bus tonight.”
He flopped down across her legs, pulling at his son’s feet trying to wane him as gently as possible. “Wake up, mate. We gotta go.” He spoke, voice soft as to not disturb Maya as she began to doze off again.
His little head shot up, “Did I scare ya?” Harry questioned attempting to hold back a loud laugh. Ashton nodded with his face back against YN’s fluffy pillow.
He looked around letting his eyes adjust to the light that was peeking through the curtains that led to the balcony. “How’d you sleep, my love?” She mumbled, petting his hair.
In the amount of time it took Asher to get up and out of the bed, Maya had finished eating and fallen back into sleep, letting out small puffs of air from her slightly opened mouth. YN laid her down onto her back, carefully placing her pink blanket across her legs and stomach.
“‘Kay,” She breathed out, fixed her shorts that start ted to ride up and began speaking again, “Are we still meeting Mitch, Sarah, and Jeff for breakfast?” Harry shrugged silently, typing quickly a reply to Mitch’s pictures from last night.
The kettle they hotel had graciously given them was similar to the one they had back home, so YN knew exactly how to work it. “Sugar?” She asked, staring at her working hands with a smirk.
“Darlin’ we’ve together since year nine. Y’know how I like m’tea” Harry reminded her nonchalantly. While he waited for his wife to finish making his tea, he answered a few messages from Jeff and the rest of his team’s group chat.
“Do y’wanna order room service instead? Just so we don’t have to get these two out the door so early.” He nodded in the direction of his sleeping daughter and his son who had somehow figured out the remote and had started talking about “Paw Patrol” playing on the television.
YN nodded pouring his tea into one of the paper cups that came with coffee grounds and stuff. “I’m fine with whatever. M’friend, Cassie told me about how good this hotels waffles were” Harry listened intently to his wife’s story about how her friend’s family had stayed at the same place a few months back.
Cold hands pushed under her shirt, making her shiver, “I thought your back was bothering you?” YN asked, leaning into Harry’s embrace. “I lied, I jus’ like it when you make m’tea, it tastes much better” Harry smiled kissing at the skin on her neck.
She scoffed dropping her head back onto his shoulder, “Y’could’ve just said that, I would have made it for you either way.” Unexpectedly Harry bit down playfully on your cheek, emitting a shocked gasp from you.
“The hells wrong with you?!” She whined wiping away his spit, “Y’such a drama queen, darlin’. I’ve bitten you harder in other places without any complaints” He pinched her bum cheek.
“Stop bein’ cheeky your children are right there!” He sighed, letting out an airy laugh. Here he goes again, this was every morning with him, he’s such a pain.
“Our kids, baby.” He corrected, “And I’ll stop bein’ cheeky, when y’shorts aren’t as cheeky,” he had the most cunning smile on his face, clearly impressed with his comeback.
“Good God”
“Nope, no God. Jus’ me!”
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lesly-oh · 5 months ago
Lesly you’ve ruined me. I spent today thinking about the freckles on Maya and DJ’s faces and how they kinda mirror each other. FRECKLES. Of all things… I’m so deep in this campaign, I love it
Tbh tho, I'm also obsessed about how their moles complement each other... so you're not alone on that brainrot !!!
Also you can have this lil sketch I did a while back <3
Tumblr media
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rustytricycle · 29 days ago
Guns, Lies & Fairy Tales IV
Tumblr media
Relationship: Lloyd Hansen x Reader x Nick Fowler; Ari Levinson x Reader
Summary: Your world is ripped apart when a stranger with a vendetta finds you and your children.
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Words: 3k
Series Warnings: Non-con, dub-con, kidnapping, Stockholm Syndrome, physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, isolation, violence, torture, murder, smut, allusion to forced pregnancy, and other warnings to be added.
This is a DARK fic and you are responsible for your own media consumption.
“Ari…” You purred seductively into his ear as you reached around him to slide your hand down his boxers and gently stroke his morning wood.
You felt cock twitch in your hand and he reached around to squeeze your ass. You bit your lip as you felt your aching need grow. Ari hummed as you nipped at his earlobe.
He turned over and grabbed your face. Your lips crashed into each other hungrily as you straddled him.
Ari laid in his bed as he reached down into sweatpants to touch himself. The memory of your love making aroused him and knowing that you were just down the hall tortured him.
You grabbed his hard cock and lined it up with your slit. You slid down his girthy length slowly and moaned as the stretch filled you. Ari let out a shuddering breath as he grabbed onto your hips.
He stroked himself slowly as he remembered the way your skin felt against his touch. He groaned as he fantasized about your tight heat wet heat fitting around him as if you had been made for him.
You rocked your hips slowly at first with your hands placed on his chest. Your fingers slid through his chest hair as you started to move faster. You mewled as he massaged your inner walls. He bucked his hips underneath you as he gazed up at you ravenously.
“That’s it. sweetheart.” He panted as he worked his cock, “Cum for me, baby.”
Your ass jiggled and your tits bounced as you chased your high on top of him. You felt the coil within you tighten and your legs trembled around his hips.
“Ari! Ari!” You chanted his name in wanton moans as the coil snapped and you threw your head back in ecstasy.
“Look so fucking beautiful when you cum, Y/N.” He groaned as he tightened his grip around himself. He was almost there and felt his cock twitch against his palm.
Ari flipped you over onto your back and plowed into you to chase his release. He wrapped one of your legs around his hip while he slid his fingers into your coils with the other hand.
The bed rattled beneath you and he leaned down to plant a passionate kiss that left you more breathless than you already were. His rhythm became sloppy as he spilled into you with a moan.
“I love you so much.” He murmured into your ear before kissing the side of your neck.
Ari panted in his bed and looked down at the sticky mess that was all over his hand and stomach. He reached over to the nightstand for a tissue and gave himself a quick clean up before getting up to shower.
When he was done he stopped and looked at himself in the mirror after brushing his teeth. He took a deep breath and chanted to himself reassuringly.
“You can do this, Ari. You can handle this. You can do this, Ari. You can handle this.”
“WOWWW!!!” Nikki exclaimed as she ogled at the large toy shop in the giant department store Ari had brought you to.
She’d never been to a store in her life, let alone one filled with toys. Her toys just magically appeared when Nick and Lloyd had bought them for her. She could barely contain her excitement as she darted off.
“Nikki! Don’t go too far!” You called after her, nervous about being in public like this. Your heart pounded and your palms sweat against the handle of the stroller. Your husbands told you environments like this were too dangerous for you to be in. Even with the security team you felt anxious and exposed.
“Don’t worry, ma’am.” One of the agents assured you, “I’ll have eyes on her the whole time.”
You cautiously pushed Maya and LJ’s stroller through the store, trying to keep from being overwhelmed by the experience. Maya squealed to be let down so she could look at the toys up close and Ari agreed to hold her hand as she toddled around.
“Are you okay?” He asked you as Maya was gawking at the large selection of stuffed animals, “I know this must be a lot for you right now.”
“I’m okay,” You lied, “and the kids are happy here. They’re having a good time. They deserve it after the past few days.”
“Ari, this one!” Maya pulled at his pant leg to get his attention as she held up a stuffed dinosaur, “Mommy, look!”
“Oh wow, Bug.” He cooed as he bent down to her eye level, “This the one you want?”
Bug. Only you and your husbands called her that. Not even the nanny. Ari’s level of familiarity with her made you uncomfortable. He wasn’t one of her fathers and he never would be. She was young and you worried this would confuse her.
Nick and especially Lloyd would be furious if they knew. You were being an awful wife and you needed to put a stop to this. You couldn’t betray your husbands.
“Yes! Dinosaur!” She giggled in the background as your thoughts became focused on the Exit sign nearby.
Maybe you could make it. If you could somehow distract Ari and the security team. Grab the children and run. You could be back with husbands and your children would have their fathers again.
“My son likes this one.” A gruff voice suddenly interrupted your thoughts of escape.
You turned to see one of the burly male agents, Agent Garcia, holding up what looked like a hand knit stuffed raccoon wearing a sweater. He shook it and LJ giggled at the rattling sound. He reached out for it and flailed it around excitedly once his chubby little fingers got ahold of it.
“And now he’s got his slobber all over it.” You shook your head as LJ put one of the stuffed ears in his mouth and chewed.
“My son Mica used to do that when he was teething. I don’t think we brought any stuff for that actually.” He realized, “I’ll have someone pick up some of those plastic ice rings for the little guy.”
“I would appreciate that.” You thanked him, “I should go find Nikki.” You told him as you started pushing the stroller down one of the aisles looking for her.
You weren’t going to be able to sneak out of the store. Maybe next time when Ari took you and the children out you could.
You stopped when you came across a box in the section for older kids. It was a Light Brite, something you only vaguely remembered, but you were drawn to it. You stared at it for a while before what seemed like a memory flashed into your mind…
You sat in a makeshift tent in your room to block out the sun. The colorful lights of the toy shined against your face and you plugged them in to make a happy face out of the blue plastic dots.
You could hear soulful music coming from downstairs and the smells of your mother’s cooking wafted into your room.
“Y/N! Y/N!” You heard a woman’s warm voice call to you, “It’s time for dinner.”
You huffed and closed the Light Brite then climbed out of your tent. You walked across the sage green room and opened the door…
“Hey,” A soft voice said as you continued to stare at the box, “Find something you like?”
You felt something. Maybe sadness or longing, but also confusion as you looked at the box. There was also a bit of happiness and familiarity too.
“I think I’ll get his. If that’s okay.” You asked Ari as you held out the box to pass it to him.
He smiled at you and put it back on the shelf, “I already have one back at the house.”
Ari pulled down the ladder to the attic. A cloud of dust barrelled out and you both coughed and swatted at it.
“Sorry.” He apologized with a sneeze before making his way up the ladder.
You heard rustling before he called to you, “It’s not heavy.” He said as he passed you a medium sized box.
Ari came back down the ladder and tucked it away before he turned his attention to the box. He opened it up and fished around before pulling out the Light Brite with a soft smile.
“Your parents said it was your favorite.” He told you as you examined it.
It was covered in stickers. Mostly an odd mix of Strawberry Shortcake and Ninja Turtles. You knelt down and briefly peeked at the rest of the box’s contents.
“I can watch the kids while you look through it.” He offered as he picked the box up for you, “Here, let me put this in the master bedroom for you first.”
He shut the door to give you privacy and you hesitantly began to look through the box. You were curious but also afraid of what you’d find.
You had a good life with your family. Yes, Lloyd could be harsh sometimes, but it was only when you were being a bad wife. But this box…what if it contained things that would destroy your family. Did you even really want to know?
Your hands trembled as you looked through the contents. There was a photo of you and your parents on green construction paper. It was surrounded by glitter and stick-on shiny stars. “My Family” was written above it messily in crayon. It reminded you of the ones Nikki had made for you.
You set aside the photo and pulled out a small folder. Inside were your picture day photos from elementary school.
You were shocked to see how much Maya looked like you when you were younger. Although, she was the only one your husbands couldn’t tell whose child she was. You recognized the big mischievous grin in each photo. Nikki had the exact same smile, down to the naughty glint in her eye.
Tears started to sting your eyes the more you looked through the box. You knew in your heart this was all real, but you couldn’t remember most of it. Part of you refused to even try to remember it.
You reached into the box to pull out the last item. It was a brown teddy bear missing an eye. It looked so similar to the one you’d bought for Nikki before she was born.
You remembered putting the nursery together and how excited both of your husbands were. While Lloyd was strict and paranoid about you somehow harming the child’s health during your pregnancies, Nick was tender and soothing…
You sat in the nursing chair and huffed as you looked at the paint swatches. You couldn’t choose what shade of green you wanted. When you found out you were having a girl, Nick wanted a princess room with all the frills. Lloyd however said he would have a girly-girl over his dead body. He had his legacy to think about. Luckily for him, you were adamant against Nick’s idea and Lloyd was relieved that he had ‘won out.’
Your feet ached and you rubbed your swollen belly as Nick came in holding yet another set of large bags filled with the toys. The room was filled with them, but you appreciated how involved he was preparing for the baby compared to Lloyd.
“How’s my beautiful princess doing?” He rasped as he grabbed your face gently to pull you into a soft kiss, “Hm?” He asked as pulled away.
“Just tired and frustrated,” You admitted with a huff, “I can’t figure out what color I want and the baby is only a few weeks away.”
“Here let me see.” He said as he gently took the swatches from your hand.
He leaned over and looked through them briefly before settling on the sage.
“That one.” He instructed confidently.
“Really?” You looked at him skeptically, “It’s a little too dark, no?”
“I don’t think so, Princess.” He told you as he looked at it again, “Besides, it’s the same color as your room at your parents, house.”
You furrowed your brow in confusion and you notice Nick suddenly smirked.
“My childhood bedroom?” You asked quizzically as you looked up at him.
“Oh, yeah,” He cocked his head to the side, “I know you don’t remember, but it was this color. I think it will be nice for you and the kids to have the same one.”
“But-but I don’t remember that, Nick.” You mutter quietly.
“Aw, baby,” He responded with slight condescension, “You don’t need to remember that. Do you remember what Lloyd and I said?”
“Mhmm” You nodded your head obediently, “Only our family matters. Nothing else. Nothing before.”
“Exactly!” Nick grinned and booped you on the nose.
You smiled bashfully as you looked down at your belly. Your family was the most important thing. You being pregnant made your husbands to happy. Nick gently tilted your chin up to face him.
“You’re perfect, you know that?” He gazed at you adoringly, “You’re my perfect girl.”
He grabbed your face and pulled you in for a soft, yet passionate kiss. You pulled away breathless and saw his puffy pink lips and his bright blue eyes were now dark with lust.
“You’re so beautiful like this.” He rasped as his hands started to roam your body, “Stand up, Princess.”
He helped you to your feet and then quickly grabbed your face to kiss you again, before backing you against a window. His kiss was ravenous, teeth gnashed against teeth as he thrust his fingers into your hair. He ripped your button down dress open before cupping your breasts.
He licked his lips as he squeezed your soft flesh and you whimpered as he undid your bra. You were aching, needing Nick to fill you. Your hormones made you constantly horny.
Nick groaned when he slipped his finger down your panties to find your cunt already weeping. He pulled them out to look at the sticky web on his fingers before putting them in his mouth to savor the taste.
Nick quickly turned you around so that your hands were planted on the window pane and you looked out into the front courtyard. You looked down and saw Lloyd stepping out of his car.
“Well, would you look at that?” Nick whispered into your ear. As you heard rustling behind you and the sound of Nick undoing his belt.
Lloyd looked up and smirked before yelling something at his men. They quickly scurried off and Lloyd leaned against the car, staring at you.
Nick grabbed you from behind with one hand on your mound, playing with your clit, and another toying with one of your nipples. He hummed as he rubbed his hard length against your ass.
“Let’s give old Lloyd a show.”
You mewled and pushed your ass back against him. He chuckled and whacked your cheeks with his hard cock before lining up with your slit and slowly pushing past your folds.
You gasped and closed your eyes as he started to move slowly. Slow, deep, gentle strokes massaged your inner walls as he continued to circle your bundle with his finger. You keened from his touch and scratched the glass as your pleasure grew.
“Faster, Nick, faster!” You begged him as he felt yourself getting close.
“Alright, baby, I’ll give you faster.” He growled as he snapped his hips into you quickly.
Lloyd was still leering at the two of you. He was biting his lip and you knew he’d come find you once Nick was done.
Your legs shook as you felt the pleasure bloom from your core throughout your body. Your breath hitched and you moaned wantonly as your orgasm hit you. Your pussy clenched around him tightly and he shuddered as he groaned while painting your walls with hot cum.
You felt his hot breath against the back of your neck and soft kisses on your shoulders.
“I love you so much, Y/N.” He panted against your skin, “You know that, right?”
You put one of your hands over his and squeezed it, “Of course I know that, sweetheart. I love you too.”
“I don’t think you realize how much, baby.” He rasped, “I’d go insane if anything happened to you and our kid. I would kill to keep you by my side.”
Your body shook as you wept, your tears dripping onto the contents of the box. You pulled your knees into your chest and sobbed loudly.
“Only our family matters. Nothing else. Nothing before.”
There was something before. You had a family, parents, a childhood. Maybe that was real, but there was a reason Nick and Lloyd let you forget. Maybe something was wrong with Ari. Maybe that’s why they kept you away from him for all these years.
“I’d go insane if anything happened to you and our kid.”
Nick and Lloyd can’t be bad men, could they? Your tender moments with them were real. You remembered those. You remembered the times that Nick held you in his arms and told you that he loved you. How good he and Lloyd were with the children. The way your heart swelled when Lloyd praised you when you were good.
If you could just talk to them. Maybe just ask them what this all meant. They were the only ones you truly trusted to help you make sense of it all.
Chapter 5
Taglist: @eralen, @rededfoxy, @thanatosfic, @rebekahdawkins, @daniphantom1​ @lostyx​ buckysteveloki-me @devin04 @alexakeyloveloki @littleone2223
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caribbean-ace · 3 days ago
Rating Maya x Carina kisses vol. 2:
1. 361827/10. Top Carina supremacy, one of my favorite kisses, they were one kiss away of having sex standing up. Top!Carina and Horny!Maya is a combination that never fails. Bonus: Maya Bishop where did you put that hand😏
Tumblr media
2. 20/10. Adorable gf’s. Love how Maya is just fixed on Carina’s lips. I don’t blame her because same Maya, same. Cuteness all around with them.
Tumblr media
3. 171916481/10. Soon to be wives being adorable. They can’t stop touching each other and they are just so cute it hurts. Followed by a steamy session before marriage. Andy is still traumatized. Hands being pretty low, i see you Maya Bishop
Tumblr media
4. 18/10. Gotta love a soft Carina caring about Maya being a lil insecure bean. Girlfriends supremacy. An added bonus is Carina’s hand holding Maya’s face, romantic and perfect just like them.
Tumblr media
And that’s it for now! Thanks to the gif creators🤍 i’ll be back soon rating more kisses
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romeoandjulietyouwish · 13 days ago
For the hurt/comfort firsts list, I’d love dealer’s choice of either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 for Cerrit and his family reuniting. They’re still very much on the mind for me rn 😭💕
first hug
Wrayne tries to keep the kids away from the windows, as much as they want to watch for their dad, she doesn't want them to see the horrors happening outside of the house. The windows remain firmly shuttered throughout the day, only to be opened at night when the children are sleeping.
She walks to the windows and peers out at the sky, sometimes it's red, sometimes nothing but black, but all she cares about is watching the sky for a familiar figure flying towards her.
Days pass, then weeks pass. But her hope doesn't waver. Cerrit has never broken a promise to her, he's not going to start now.
"Mom?" Maya asks softly one night when Kir is fast asleep, curled in one of Cerrit's jackets. "Dad's not coming back, is he?"
Wrayne turns to her and gently takes her face in her hands, "We can't think like that, Maya. We need to have faith." She smooths her feathers down, smiling a little as Maya leans into her hands. "You know your dad, he'll do everything in his power and then some to get back to us."
Maya says nothing as she tucks her herself into her mother's arms, ducking her head into her feathers like she hasn't since she was a child. Wrayne holds her daughter as tight as she can. "I'm scared," Maya admits softly against her mother's neck.
"I know, so am I. But we're safe here, your father made sure of that."
Maya pulls back with teary eyes, "He's never broken a promise before."
"I haven't broken this one either."
Both women whip around to see Cerrit Agrupnin standing in the open doorway. His feathers are ragged, his posture more slouched than they've ever see, and he's covered in blood and ash. But he's alive and that's all that matters.
With a gasp, Maya sprints towards him, throwing herself into his arms as she sobs. Wrayne watches Cerrit wince, but he doesn't let go of his daughter, he holds her tighter, wrapping his wings around the two of them.
"I thought you were dead," Maya says tearfully.
"I'm alright," Cerrit tells her gently. He pulls back, looking at her with exhaustion but relief. "Is Kir asleep?" Maya nods. "Go wake him up for me," Cerrit tells her, running a hand over her feathers.
Maya nods, quickly hurrying off as Cerrit looks to his wife. They just look at each other for a moment, then Wrayne runs to him, one hand on the back of his head as she pulls him into a hug, this time wrapping her wings around him gently. He sags against her, the exhaustion seeping into his bones.
"Are you all okay?" He asks softly.
Wrayne nods, "Thanks to you." As she adjusts her grip on him, she feels something hot and wet, blood. "I have a healer's kit in the bathroom, let me-"
As she tries to pull away, Cerrit stops, yanking her even closer. Instinctively, she pressed her wings tighter to him. "Don't leave me," Cerrit asks softly. "Just let me hold you."
"Alright," Wrayne agrees, though she's technically the one holding him. He lays his head back on her shoulder and in the privacy and security of her wings, she feels a hot tear slip onto her shoulder.
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heartbreakgrill · 23 days ago
deal-breaker; joseph quinn, prologue.
description: penelope has never jumped hoops to make herself happy. she became an actress to satisfy her mom, and now lives life through a nervous-ridden bubble. what she gets, falls into her lap, good or, often, bad. and, then, the stranger things cast decides to throw her into the water with a bet that will change the course of a very normal summer.
a/n: AHHHH! i hope i finish this because i love this first part. enjoy <3
https://heartbreakgrill.tumblr.com/post/687914935264624640/deal-breaker-joseph-quinn-part-1-no-pining part 1
Tumblr media
“Good morning, everyone! It’s so good to see your smiling faces.”
A round of applause exploded from the entire cast and crew, cheeks creased with grins wider than ever, hands full of hot coffee and tea, donuts littering the crowd. I was one of the ones with both- a donut and a coffee- a ‘light’ morning breakfast stolen from craft services moments ago.
Matt Duffer continued his opening speech, “I know that we are all feeling nervous about being together again, probably excited, and I know today may not be perfect. It’s okay! Please know you will mess up lines, you will fall into laughing fits-“
“Pip!” Gaten, a few people away from me, coughed into his elbow, looking around in mock surprise as everyone burst out laughing.
I feigned shock, brows raised and hand to my chest, hurt. “Rude.”
Nat, standing beside me, bumped my shoulder with a giggle.
Ross picked up Matt’s speech, “Yeah, Pip, feel free to giggle. We know you will. Anyways, take it easy, guys. We have time, we have money- thanks to your guys’ hard work and dedication. This is a stress and COVID free environment. Anyways, we’re going to be starting first with Pip, Joe, Joe 2.0, Nat, and Maya in the Byer’s house- Upside Down. Lunch will break shortly after that’s wrapped up, and we’ll end with the other’s in the Wheeler’s real world house. Other’s have costume fittings, makeup, rehearsal, etc. Thank you for being here! Good luck!”
Nat and I moved through the crowd coming at us. The crew stepped out of the wave, getting to work on their specifics. We ran into Joe halfway to the set ahead of us, and he tossed his arm around my shoulder. “Oh, Pip. I have a feeling this is going to be a toughie.”
“Don’t even start, Joseph. I dont even laugh that much. Other people do something stupid or start giggling and then that gets me going,” I defended myself, taking the last bite of donut from my hands as we approached the camera threshold.
“That is so not true,” Nat spoke from his other side. “You giggle at everything.”
I scoffed, “That is not true! It’s your guys’ fault!”
“Alright, let’s make a deal here,” Maya approached from the wings, smirk on her face and hands on her hips. “Each time you laugh, you will owe each of us a favor.”
I rolled my eyes, shrugging out of Joe’s hold. “Not happening!”
Joe 2.0, or Joey, as he liked to be called, joined our group. “What’s happening?”
I had only met him once, at a table read, and still didn’t know much about him. I was embarsssed because I had fangirled to him about Game of Thrones and he seemed pretty annoyed by it. I had told him how I thought his character was small, yet super important, and that I thought he looked quite cute. I rambled so much about that very last part until my cheeks were bright red and he was quiet as ever.
I thought I had scared him away with my attraction, and now, i was avoiding him. Today, I couldn’t. Especially not when he looked so damn hot in his stupid wig and jean jacket, and my eyes kept trailing over to him, standing there, looking uninterested in me or anything I could ever say.
“Nothing,” I shrugged away. I took a few sips of my coffee.
Maya interjected, “Yeah-uh! If you think you’re so right about how much you laugh, let’s put a bet on it!”
Nat poked me, pleading, “Cmon!” over and over. Joe gave me that knowing smirk, which made him look attractive and annoying. Maya squinted her eyes at me. And Joey nodded along, “This sounds fun.”
I gave in, knowing I would be teased the rest of the summer if I actually said no, “Fine! But I’m changing the rules. If I laugh and it’s not because one of one of you- if it’s because I started it- I will do one thing. One thing that you all have to decide upon.���
Nat, Joe, and Maya looked at each other. Joey still looked confused, glancing around the group. His eyes lingered on me for a second, some emotion rounded out his pupils which I couldn’t read. Probably annoyance. He looked away fleetingly. Yeah, definitely annoyance. God, he couldn’t even stand to hear me talk. Had I really been that bad?
“Hm,” Maya thought. “Deal.”
She stuck out her hand, shaking my own. I did the same with Joe and Nat. I looked at Joey, “Are you on their side?”
Joey shrugged, “I don’t know if I wanna be on anyones side. Might just wanna mind my business.”
“That might be best, newbie,” Nat chuckled lightly.
“Alright, everyone-“ One of the Duffers called out, shifting our focus.
“Good luck,” Joey patted my shoulder as he walked past and I swear the skin in my shoulder where he touched seared through to the bone.
Maybe I read too much into things…
As always, I was right. Sort of. There were 8 total laugh’s that caused one of the Duffers to call cut. One, when Joe slipped on one of the vines on the ground. A few times when Nat and I kept bumping into each other- that took up like 3. Maya kept messing up a word or two. Joey’s hair got caught on the wall in Nancy’s bedroom. At one point Joe laughed at Maya’s one-liner. And, finally, I- yes, I- Penelope Margaret Black, laughed for no damn reason. To my own accord. My own fault.
And, immediately, Maya shot up, jumping with excitement and a wide grin on her face. Joe and Nat joined her, dancing and yelling, “You lost! Loser! You lost the bet!”
Joe got in my face, an L shaped by his fingers on his forehead, “Pippa is a loser, Pippa is a loser!” he sung.
Joey got a kick out of it, laughing at the moment. Hard. I watched him for a moment, wide smile and wrinkles in his cheeks. He looked really pretty. Then he pointed at me, “Loser!”
I know he was joking, but me, reading too much into it, thought he might be serious. The Duffer’s called cut, ending the laughter, and told us to break for lunch. I felt defeated, of course, and a little embarrassed.
Joe slung his arm over my waist, again, “You owe us!”
Nat petted my hair, teasingly, “And you have no idea what it is!”
Maya snickered, “Oh, the joy of bullying!”
I crossed my arms, rolled my eyes, “Bitches.”
We all veered off in separate directions to get changed for lunch. “We’ll bring the good news with us in ten!”
I headed towards my trailer. Someone’s shoes scuffled behind me and I turned my head, still walking forward. “Oh, hi,” I blushed.
Joey shot his brows up in a greeting, “Hi. I’m not following you, my trailers beside yours.”
I oh’ed. He was quick to reject the idea that he would want to hold a conversation. “Yeah, sorry.”
“See ya,” he whisked past me and bounced up the steps to his trailer.
I stepped inside my own, heart beating fervently. Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be still, my stupid heart.
He did not want anything to do with me, yet I felt this insane amount of attraction to him after todays events. God, help me.
I brushed hair out of my sweaty face, trying to calm my heart rate as I hung up my costume. I changed into bike shorts, a long t-shirt, and my slippers. I carefully moved my hair around, careful not to ruin it or my makeup. We were probably going to fix some scenes after lunch, and had to be there to watch them film the kid’s scenes. So we had to stay in our wigs and makeup. But, our costumes were not allowed to be eaten in- no matter what.
I grabbed my phone off of the counter where I’d left it this morning and my and water bottle off of the chair. I raced out of the door, heart rate still high. What in the world were they going to make me do?
I would soon find out, as Joe, Nat, and Maya were all sitting at a table, awaiting me. The kids were at the one next to it. I grabbed a plate of food and sat next to Maya, across from Nat and Joe. “So?”
“So, what?” Nat giggled into her hand, munching a chip.
“Sooo, what are you going to make me do?”
Most likely something embarrassing.
“Oh, you know…” Joe trailed off, eating the anticipation up like he was starving.
Maya snorted, “Cmon guys! Just tell her already. I wanna see her reaction.”
“Okay, okay!” Joe raised his hands up, brushed them off on his joggers. “Who wants to tell her?”
Nat’s hand shot up in the air, “Me! Me!”
“Go ahead,” Maya said.
“Okay, yay!“ Nat moved forward in her seat, tapped her fingers together like a villain. “You have to do this yourself. It cannot be initiated by him. You, Pip. You’re so talented and amazing and beautiful, but you’re always so scared. So nervous. You need to take the world in your hands and choose who you are. Make a decision for yourself. Take what you want. You have to kiss Joey.”
My face flushed deep, deep red. I tried to stutter out a response, but a plate set down on the table beside me, and a voice broke through my own. “So, have you guys decided what you’re making her do?”
Oh, my God.
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fict1onallyobsessed · 6 months ago
Hello! If you're accepting requests could you write some fluff to Maya x Reader, any of these days if you've got the time? I'm sending 3 prompts, you pick your fav. Thanks! Happy holidays! Here they go: 1- "I'm not silly, you are" 2 - "If you're gonna fight, fight hard!" 3 - "si, si, tequila"
You're Silly
Maya Lopez x Reader
Summary - You wake up without your Girlfriend in bed
Prompt - "I'm not silly, you are."
A/N - Happy Holidays! I'm so in love with Maya ong
Not my GIF!!
Tumblr media
The coldness you felt when you placed your arm onto the other side of the bed in hopes of finding your girlfriends warmth made your eyes open in confusion. You laid there for a moment, trying to train your eyes to the light seeping into your window before you got up, quickly putting on Maya's oversized shirt that had been discarded the day before.
Your shorts provided close to no protecting against the morning air, goosebumps already making their way down your back. When you left the bedroom, you looked towards the living room, but the absence in Maya's presence made you instantly head for the kitchen. Her apartment was small, so there was limited placed she could possibly be at.
When you entered, the smell of toast filled your senses, and you finally saw the one person you wished to see. You walked closer to her, her back facing you, and you placed your arms around her waist, chin on her shoulder.
She tensed up before noticing it was you, then immediately relaxing in your embrace. You kissed her shoulder through her hoodie before kissing the side of her neck, smiling to yourself when you felt her shiver.
*Did I wake you?* She signed, looking over her shoulder slightly to catch a glimpse of your smile. You shook your head on her shoulder, quickly reaching out to grab the toast on the plate in front of her and biting into it. Toast in hand, you let go of her waist and boosted yourself onto the counter, directly next to her.
There was a goofy smile on her lips as she watched you get comfy on the marble counters, in nothing but a pair of shorts and her shirt. Her shirt. She loved you in her clothes, it just gave her reassurance that you were hers, and there was nothing anyone could do to take the one thing she loved in this lifetime away from her.
She walked the two steps towards you so she stood between your legs, reaching out to take the toast away from you before she bit into it with a smile on her lips.
You just adored her. Despite her very secret and dangerous job and her tough exterior to her colleagues, she was the softest person on earth. Especially to you.
She's the kind of person who loves to sleep in and cuddle after along day, or she'd love to shower you with love by taking you places and buying you gifts. She's the kind of person that would give up her sleep for you just to talk, and you loved every single thing about her dearly.
*You're so pretty.* You signed at her as you admired her smile, watching as the blush creeped onto her cheeks. You laughed when she shook her head, looking away momentarily to avoid your gaze.
*You're silly.*
You laughed again, reaching out to cup her face in your palm before you leaned forwards to connect your lips in a small kiss. You pulled away right after only for her to place her hand on the side of your neck to bring you closer once more. You smiled into the kiss, her doing exactly the same, but eventually you both had to pull away for air.
*I'm not silly, you are.*
You heard her giggle before she placed her hands on your thighs, licking her bottom lip as she looked into yours eyes.
"I love you." She mouthed, making you smile even wider than you already were.
"I love you too."
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𝐍𝐎 𝐓𝐈𝐌𝐄 𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 — thomas bordeleau ( chapter three )
summary: In the spawn of 3 weeks both Thomas and Juliette grow close to each other, when Thomas invites Juliette on another adventure. She didn’t think it would lead to him opening up and revealing the root to all his problems, its also the end of Juliettes confusion.
warning: mention of death . not proof read.
authors note: i took a little break but i’m back<3 kinda short tbh but the next chapters are going to be longer 😭😭
sex, love and hockey masterlist.
Tumblr media
BOTH THOMAS AND JULIETTE became close the next month. Thomas eventually accepted her offer of helping him and instead of the scowl around his face was now replaced by a small smile and his face clearly looked more healthier.
And she did help him get his image back. He even spend the day with the fan and he actually had a good time. Thomas also did other activities that weren’t just for the public eye but were also fun.
But she also helped him in his mental health. Instead of going to the bar to drink his toxic thoughts away , he would ring her. And she would listen actually.
Thomas would always feel this excitement in his stomach when she answered or when he heard her voice. He had never felt that before her.
He was cut off by his day dreaming by the speak of the devil. There she stood, with her knee high black heels and black short skirt. She was wearing one of his shirts she borrowed that she liked.
She came so he could take her to the place he had been avoiding since he was 16.
“You coming?” she questioned a small smile on her face. Thomas couldn’t help but one to come on his face too. He nodded, ready to let his walls fall down and welcome Julie with opened arms.
Julie was confused when Thomas pulled up in a cemetery.
She heard Thomas sigh before going out of the car and went to open her door. She quietly thanked him. And went to follow him.
When he stopped midway, she turned towards him. As he stood over a grave and his eyes became glossy. Her mouth went dry as she went to him.
Maya Noelle Banks - a sister, a daughter , a friend and a mother .
May 1st 2002- July 2nd 2018
It was clear that the name made Thomas vulnerable. They remained silent for another 10 minutes, silently staring at the grave. Julie was close to questioning him but stopped when Thomas moved to the grave next to Mayas.
Lana Reign Banks- Bordeleau - a daughter.
July 2nd 2018
This was Thomas’ dead baby. She gasped. Her eyes became glossy. She turned towards Thomas, her arm wrapped with his. She couldn’t imagine how he felt, he turned towards her, his head went to her neck as she wrapped her arms around him.
She held him as he sobbed, she whispered sweet nothings in his ear. Comforting him. But she didn’t question him, it wasn’t the time.
When he finally calmed down. He turned towards the graves again. And he smiled at both, it seemed like he got closure. He knew the girl next to him was confused.
“I was 16 , Maya was my best friend. We had hooked up with her wanting her first time to be with me, and she ended up being pregnant. We were going to the appointment to see if we were having a girl or a boy. A drunk driver hit us. She died and so did our babygirl” He whispered. Juliette gasped, her own eyes filling with tears. He turned towards her, putting his hands around her cheeks and wiping the now tears that were spilling.
“Don’t cry” he frowned towards her. She swallowed. “This is not about me Thomas. I’m so sorry you had to go through that”
“The worst part was when I had to go through it alone, I felt ashamed that I managed to get out of the car but couldn’t find a way for her to get out too” he said. Her heart clenched, it was slowly breaking for him. This explained everything.
She wanted to scream at him and tell him he was enough, that it wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t get her out of the car. But she couldn’t even say anything, so she held him. They were both sobbing now.
“I’m glad you told me this T, maybe no one was there for you then but now i’m here and you should know that it’s really hard to get rid of me”
“I haven’t had a burger in so long” Thomas moaned. His mouth full with a McDonald burger.
What do you do after opening up to your new therapist about your dead girlfriend and unborn daughter? You take her to McDonalds.
“You sure do look like it” Julie laughed. Right now Thomas looked like a cave man, with the way he was eating it she was sure one wasn’t enough.
“Well I’m hungry and It’s my cheat day” He examined dramatically. She laughed at his face, his nose was covered in ketchup. It looked like he had gotten to a fight.
She picked up the napkin, “Here Let me” She muttered. Thomas came close to her and she gently cleaned his nose.
“Thanks” He said. She nodded. Tension becoming thick.
“So tell me about your family” She changed the subject. He put down his burger and went to drink his coca cola.
“Well Sebastian and Chantal are my parents, i had the best childhood. Learned hockey from pops, he and gramps also played so i guess it’s in the family. So naturally there’s always pressure from the media but it never got to me knowing that both dad and grandpa are proud of me. There’s not much to tell except that everyones great” He said. Juliette nodded, she already knew this information and there was always a question if he had pressure from his father figure, seemed like she was wrong. “What about you?” He questioned.
Her eyebrows rose. She didn’t know her biological family. So she spoke about her family that she found through the years. “Well there’s Adrianna, she used to have her apartment near the orphanage and whenever we had free time I would always play with her, she was also the one who helped me get in my two feet after i turned 18. And then theres Emilia, she’s my knight in shining armor, she also helped me by getting me a job that helped pay for an apartment and food, she’s my roomate. And then theres Audrey, she’s our little sister, we’re kinda really overprotective of her since she’s too scared to speak up to people who step on her but she also helped me when she would sneak around in the orphanage when i needed things. The girls are my family, maybe not blood related but i always know they’re a phone call away” She said, now out of breath. Thomas smiled, she spoke about them with excitement and passion. She had a glint in her eye.
“They seem great” He said. She smiled nodding her had while biting her fries. “They are”
While they got back to talking, a new waiter came by. He smiled at her and it was clear it was a flirt smile, at least to Thomas. The only reason he knew this because he would use the smile many time. “Can i have your number?” The waiter—Jack— his name was, questioned. Juliette smile but before she could speak, Thomas voice cut her off.
“I’m Actually her boyfriend and I would appreciate you don’t flirt with my girlfriend so openly in front of me, and she doesn’t even like mustard so you already sucked at being slick by coming here with that offer.” Thomas said, his jaw was ticking. The waiter awkwardly put the check down , taking the mustard packet with him. Juliette stared at Thomas wide eyed.
“Okay What the fuck was that?”
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Keep On Loving You-Part4*
Pairing: Ari Levinson x Plus Size Reader
Summary: Life after the events of the RSDR…
Note: OOOF THE GIF🥵 this man makes me want to act up so bad 😍😍😍 It’s been a hot second since I wrote part 3 for this so hopefully this was worth the wait!
Also wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Warnings🛑: smut(heavy breeding kink, oral(fem and male receiving), unprotected anal sex, rimming, lots of butt stuff😵‍💫, dom/sub aspects, beard kink🤪, unprotected vaginal sex, squirting, overstim), marriage, mentions of pregnancy, reverse proposal(bc fuck society)
Part 3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Months flew by, Ari and I couldn’t be happier. Sarah wasn’t too happy about her ex-husband having someone new in his life(or his bed), especially considering it was someone she’d been so jealous of in the past. Maya seemed to take a liking to me which I was so grateful for, she was happy to see her daddy smile again…
“Miss y/n, will you come play with my dolls?” she’d asked timidly.
Ari had her for the weekend and wanted his two favorite girls to spend more time together, and how could I say no to two cute faces?
“Of course sweet girl, I would love to play.” I giggled, kissing her forehead as I followed her to her room.
Ari couldn’t keep himself from watching us, I could feel his stare on us as. I looked over my shoulder, catching him red handed. I winked at him, laughing more as he not so subtly squeezed his manhood.
“Will you stay for dinner y/n?” the little girl asked, a gleam of hope in her beautiful eyes.
“If daddy is ok with it I will absolutely stay.” I smiled, glancing back over at my man.
“Daddy is definitely ok with having both his girls at dinner.” Ari replied, Maya cheering as she leaped into my arms.
I giggled as I held her, giving her cheek a quick kiss before we went back to playing.
Tumblr media
Ari and I laid in bed that night, snuggled up after a very long and loving session of him laying his claim to me. Our naked bodies were pressed together, lips sensually feeling the other's skin.
“What if we had a baby?” he asked, making me freeze up.
“Ari-” I started, distracted as his lips began traveling down my neck.
“You’re so fuckin’ sweet to my baby, now I need one from you.” he hummed lovingly.
“I-I don’t think I’d be a good mom.” I muttered, squirming as his big hands kneaded my breasts.
“Imagine these being all full with milk to feed our baby, and me.” he smirked, tweaking a nipple gently.
“Ari,” I moaned, already picturing him holding a little bundle.
“You, my love, will be a fantastic mother. Maya adores you, and you love kids.” he pointed out, his other hand sliding down my stomach.
“I do,” I gasped, arching into him as his lips replaced his fingers on my nipple.
“Mmmm, so what do you say honey?” he asked, rubbing the lower area where a baby would sit in my belly.
“One condition,” I bit my lip mischievously.
“You’re up to something my naughty girl.” he chuckled, kissing up the valley of my breasts until he got to my lips.
“I want a ring, and your last name.” It was now my turn to smirk.
“You proposing?” he grinned as I ran my fingers through his long locks.
“I am, and you better say yes.” I said as I nipped at his luscious bottom lip.
“How could I not say yes to my girl, the love of my life hmm?” he murmured as he kissed me fiercely.
I whined against his lips as he pulled away, chasing after his lips.
“I love you,” he whispered, my heart felt like it would burst.
“I love you Ari, so much.” I whispered back against his lips, smiling as I kissed him.
Tumblr media
We went to the courthouse the next day, signing all the paperwork for me to become Mrs.Levinson, and then we were officially wed. I knew if my mother were here, she’d be raging for us not having a formal wedding. Ari and I never did things the normal way though, even the first time we dated we’d never done things the usual way.
It was something I loved dearly about us, something I’d missed those years of us being apart. People who love each other, always find a way back. I knew Ari and I would cross paths again all those years ago, even if I’d been so stubborn to admit it. I’d never stopped loving him, and now, now I was tied to him forever.
“So, what shall we do now Mrs.Levinson?” Ari asked me as we got in his car.
“I say, we go home and you put a baby in me.” I grinned, giggling when Ari slammed on the gas.
Once we were back to our now shared apartment, we only just made it through the door before Ari spun me around, and pinned me against the door. His nose buried itself in my neck, inhaling my scent deeply as his hands felt down my body.
“My pretty little wife, can’t wait to see you all full and round with our baby.” he murmured, yanking my dress up so he could rip my panties to shreds.
“Yeah daddy?” I smirked, his growl made me shiver with pleasure.
“Fuck baby, I haven’t even done anything and you’re pussy is soaked.” he hummed as he slid his deft fingers through my folds.
“Mmmm ‘cause I get so wet just thinking about you my love.” I moaned softly, the tips of his fingers slowly circling my clit.
“Yeah?” he teased, chuckling darkly as I swiveled my hips down on his hand.
“Please Ari, more.” I whined, which earned me a hard smack to my ass.
“Patience momma, gotta get you all warmed up for me.” he spoke against my neck.
“Daddy, don’t wanna wait.” I huffed, eager to feel his huge cock split me open.
Ari hummed deep in his chest, his warmth leaving my back as he turned my body to face him. I gasped as he lifted me in the air, parking my legs over his shoulders. I couldn’t contain the scream of his name as he shoved his face in my wet center, going at it like a man starved. My toes curled hard, my hands fisting his long hair as I twitched in his hold.
His biceps bulged as he held me, squeezing my ass hard purposefully so he could see his marks. There was no possible escape as I became overwhelmed, my orgasm approaching head on.
“Baby-” I panted, my eyes snapping closed.
“It’s alright honey, let me have it.” he assured me as he suckled my clit in his mouth.
I cried out as my orgasm hit, my body convulsing against the wall. Ari held me tight, shaking his head so he could get deeper in my pussy. Stars appeared in my vision, my toes still tingling, but Ari made no moves to stop.
“So tasty,” he murmured, licking a long stripe up.
“Sensitive baby,” I sobbed, trying to push his soaked beard away.
“I could eat you all day Mrs.Levinson,” Ari smirked, sliding me down so my legs were wrapped around his waist.
“Maybe one day.” I giggled, unable to resist kissing his pretty lips.
Ari sat on the couch with me straddling his lap, pulling my dress over my head so I was fully exposed to him. I quickly pulled his shirt off, feeling down his chest. His defined muscles jumped under my touch, my fingers fumbled with his pants before I stood to get them off.
I had a sudden urge, pushing Ari back on the couch so he was on his back. He gave me a curious glance, but it soon turned hard as I sat between his legs. I took his cock in my mouth, getting it nice and wet as I suckled on the head. Ari let out a pretty broken moan, unable to take his eyes off me. My fingers trailed lower to his pretty hole, Ari jumped at the sudden intrusion.
“Baby, careful.” he growled, but I only smirked as I left his cock and kissed my way down to his perfect ass.
I couldn’t resist burying my face into him, slurping and nipping at his hole that clenched at my tongue. I moaned against him when he stuttered my name in pleasure, my free hand reached around to stroke him in time with my tongue twirling.
“Oh god honey, just like that.” he panted, falling back into the couch.
I couldn’t resist taking a long lick from his hole to the top of his cock, getting a good look of how fucked out my husband looked. His chest heaved, cheeks were flushed, and his long hair was plastered to his forehead from sweating. I grinned as I went back down, finishing what I started. Ari didn’t last that much longer, I even got a finger inside him once he’d completely relaxed. It joined along my tongue while I continued to pump his cock with my other hand.
“Fuck-fuck ‘m gonna cum baby.” he heaved out, shouting as his cum spurted out all over his abs and my hand.
I licked him clean along with my hand, triumphantly smiling at him. His legs were still shaking when he pulled me down to him, smashing his lips to mine in a very nasty, tongue filled kiss.
“You got my ass, now I’ll have yours.” he smirked, standing from the couch with me in his arms.
He threw me on our bed, crawling between my legs like a lion catching its prey. God this man was so fucking hot, my man, my husband. Suddenly I was on my stomach, Ari slapping each asscheek before putting me on my knees. I heard faint rustling and the sound of a bottle opening before I felt an odd substance at my ass.
“Just some lube baby, relax for me.” Ari soothed as he felt me tense.
He smeared the liquid around, kissing my spine gently. I felt myself calming when he entered a finger, gently moving and twisting it about. When I was ready, he added another. It burned at first, but I could slowly feel the pleasure in my belly. I moaned his name when his free hand stimulated my clit, making it even easier for him to stretch me out.
“Think you’re ready for me my love?” he asked, nipping at my asscheeks.
“Yes honey, please.” I whined, gasping when he pulled his fingers out.
Ari lubed his cock up before lining his cock up to my ass, gently pushing it in. My mouth fell open in a silent scream, my entire body began shaking. I’d never thought I could feel such intense pleasure, amplified by Ari’s manipulation to my clit.
“Fuck-sh-shit baby-baby need you t’ relax for me, squeezin’ me so hard gonna cum.” Ari gasped, his free hand trailed from my shoulder down my spine in a gentle brush.
“Can’t-oh fuck-feels too good honey.” I whimpered, gripping the sheets for dear life.
I audibly gasped when Ari was pushed to the hilt, he was panting above me as we both tried to calm ourselves. I cried out when he started moving, speeding his long fingers up on my clit.
“Such a good wife for me, letting me take your pretty ass while I play with your clit.” Ari grinned wickedly, his free hand slapping my asscheek for emphasis.
“Gonna pump both your holes with my cum, fill you with babies.” he grunted, slamming into me faster.
“I want it so bad baby, please!” I whined, throwing my head back as he hit a spot inside of me that sent pleasure spikes through me.
Ari smirked as he watched my ass take his cock while my pussy drenched my thighs and the sheets below, sneaking his other hand down and sticking three fingers in me. I screamed his name, my orgasm waving unexpectedly as I squirted all over the bed and him. My body spasmed violently, tears flew down my cheeks.
“Good girl, you’re ok baby.” Ari soothed, grunting as I clenched hard around him.
“Cum in my ass Ari.” I sobbed, pushing as best I could back against him.
Ari growled as he pounded his hips faster, not long before he released. It was an odd feeling of his cum being there instead of my pussy, but nonetheless I still loved it because I loved him. I collapsed on the bed, Ari following me as he gently fell beside me.
Slowly, he removed himself to not hurt me, laying a kiss to my right asscheek. I giggled at the cute gesture, humming in content when he kissed my lips. He got a sudden twinkle in his eye, he was up to something.
“Lift your leg around my waist baby.” he smirked, my bottom lip coming between my teeth as I did so.
Ari moved closer, his cock already hard again slapped against my thigh. My eyes fluttered when he slowly inserted his cock in my drenched core, my nails digging into his shoulder as he cursed loudly. I rolled my hips into him, mewling when I felt him nudge my gspot.
“Oh-fuck I-I feel you so deep.” I panted, sifting my fingers through his long locks.
Ari hummed and kept a steady pace, leaving hot kisses down my neck while his hands fondled my breasts. I couldn’t help the loud moan that escaped when his tongue flicked at my hardened nipples, holding his head there and my belly began to flutter.
“Gonna give you a baby, make your belly so round and your tits full of milk.” Ari growled, rutting into me even faster.
“Oh please, please honey.” I whined, bucking my hips against his.
“Cum baby, cum on your husband’s cock.” he smiled maliciously, reaching a thumb down rubbing my clit hard.
“Fuck!” I squealed, shuddering in his arms as I came again.
Ari bit my shoulder, my pussy milked his cock as he came inside of me. We rode out each other’s highs, I had to push Ari’s hand away from my clit as I quickly became sensitive after the hours of our love making.
Tumblr media
I stared at the two lines on the four tests I’d taken, my eyes shining with tears of joy. I giggled to myself, holding a hand over my mouth as the tears fell.
“Babe? You alright?” Ari asked from behind the closed door.
“Yes! Come in, please.” I sniffled, grinning when Ari’s face came into view after entering our bathroom.
“So?” he asked, and I pulled him to the tests.
He stared in awe, his own smile stretching his full lips. This was the best moment in my life aside from being with Ari again, and becoming Mrs.Levinson. This was the happiest I’d been in the years I spent away from him, but it was worth every struggle to get to this very moment. Ari took me in his arms, kissing my lips hard and hot. I moaned softly, caressing his beard I loved.
Now, we began building our family.
Tumblr media
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ricciardonorrisleclercgasly · 6 months ago
Here goes nothing || Lando Norris
Part 3
Tumblr media
 Part 1   Part 2
Not my gif Requested?: No Pairing: Lando Norris x Reader Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of Sex. 
Part 4 will be up 11/12/21 at 5pm. Comment if you wanting tagging to remind you :).
After an exciting first date with Lando people start to suspect he is seeing someone. You woke up in a daze, arms  wrapped around your waist, your eyes adjusted to your surroundings, you were still in Lando's bedroom. You glanced up at the clock, 8:30, "shit, I'm going to be late for work!" You sprung out of bed waking Lando up in the process. "Y/N it's fine" he mumbled rubbing his eyes, "I'll drive you to work" "No! That can't happen. 3 days into my new job and I've already slept with a driver?! I can't be THAT girl" you panicked trying to find your clothes, "Plus I cannot show up to work in this" holding up your tiny dress from the night before. "Fine if you don't want to be THAT  girl, I'll take you home first" Lando said with a frown, tossing some sweatpants and a LN-4 t-shirt at you. "I don't see what the big deal is, I'm going in now anyway" "Can you imagine the things people will say? I'm sure you have girls in here all the time, I don't need everyone at work knowing I’m just another one"
"Oh" Lando sighed, "I see what this is to you now. Come on lets go I'll take you home and you should still make it in time" sadness engulfing his speech. He could barely look at you, upset by the idea that you saw this as a one night stand, nothing more. You looked up at him, sadness in his eyes, "Well what was this to you?" You asked softly, sweeping the hair off his face. "I at least thought you'd give me a chance for a second date.. maybe” he said avoiding eye contact with you. Never in your life did you imagine that Lando Norris would want to go on a single date with you, never mind multiple. You tilted his chin towards you and kissed a gentle kiss on his lips. "Okay, deal" you smiled into his lips, seeing a spark ignite in his eyes, "but I do need to go home for some trainers first" "Okay deal and I promise the next date will be just the two of us"
--------------------------------------------- You ran in through your front door, grabbing your trainers, ID badge and makeup bag. "Woah where have you been?" You heard Maya's groggy voice as she peered out her bedroom. "Erm... Lando's house, I've got to go I'm going to be late for work but I promise I'll tell you everything when I get home"  you smiled flying back out the door, leaving Maya with her mouth wide open. You slipped on your trainers and started to quickly do your makeup in Lando's mirror. "Now that is some talent" he giggled, glancing up at you attempting to do your eyeliner in a moving vehicle. Lando pulled into the carpark at 8:58 am. You threw your makeup in his glove box and dashed out the car. "Y/N!" Lando called after you. You looked back to see him holding your ID badge out the car window, you went to grab it when Lando pulled you in giving you a quick peck and a smile,  you couldn't help but smile back. You ran inside, scanning your badge just in time. "Ah Y/N, I was waiting for you" Jim called from the reception desk. He walked over, handing you a cup of coffee. "And Lando.." he said, hearing a beep of an ID badge scanning in behind you. "By the beam on Lando's face and choice of your oversized sweatpants, I trust you both had a good night." You blushed, taking a sip of coffee trying to conceal your embarrassment. "Is it that obvious?" Lando laughed, throwing his head back. "Hmm yes... that and the love bites down your neck Lando" Jim laughed, rolling his eyes, "but I'm sure you can cover them. Right Y/N?" "Yes of course. Sorry" you mumbled. "Good. You caused them, you fix them" he laughed. "Come on we have a lot of work to do. Daniel is already waiting for us." He led you down the hall. Lando snaked his arm around you, walking into the studio. "About time!" Daniel laughed as the three of you entered the room. He stopped and looked you up and down, hair in a messy bun from the night before, Lando's number 4 t-shirt, his sweatpants rolled at the waist to stop them falling down and Lando arm wrapped around you. "Well played Norris" he said shaking his head with a grin. "Well played." ---------------- Later on that day, when Lando had dropped you off at home, you and Maya sat around with a pizza and drinks. "Right, Tell. Me. Everything!" She giggled. "Well it started off as not really a date, more of a group work thing, until Daniel started flirting and Lando got kind of jealous-" "Ohmygod! Daniel Ricciardo was flirting with you?!" "Not the point. And then Lando invited me back to his for drinks.. and well I don't kiss and tell" "Oh.My.God! Did you sleep with him?!" Maya exclaimed, making your cheeks flush red, "that's a yes then!" "And he wants to take me on a second date, just the two of us this time" The two of you chatted late into the evening until you both decided it was time to sleep. You grabbed your phone a quick check of Twitter before bed never hurt anyone. Floods of tweets filled the timeline: 'Lando has a hickey!' 'Lando said he was single, I think someone might be lying' 'Who is she Lando?!' Followed by screenshot after screenshot from a twitch stream Lando had done tonight. You screen grabbed the tweets and texted them straight to Lando. 'I may have forgot they were there.' he explained. 'That's going to be quite the clean up tomorrow..' 'Don't worry about it we can fix it, goodnight Y/N' 'Goodnight Lando'
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isimpoveryou · 9 months ago
𝐎𝐩𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐚 𝐃𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐚 𝐇𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐝
tom holland x reader x oc!daughter
face claim: maude apatow
Ophelia Diana Holland: maya basol
requested: hi! i was wondering if you could write a dad!tom holland social media au and could the faceclaim be maude apatow? btw i love your writing <3
warning: english is my second language
tw: -
tomholland2013 ✔︎
Tumblr media
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tomholland2013 the two cutest holland
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tomfan180 yea yea tom holland is cute BUT OPHELIA THO-
zendaya 100% agree
yourinstagram agree
lifeisaloha i had to like this pict only because theres ophelia
tomholland2013 i had to sadly agree with this
tomfan190 this is the cutest thing i have ever seen
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yourinstagram red lip classic thing that you like
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y/nfan289 MILF
tomfan12 mommy? sorry
yourinstagram we need the taylors version!!! 😭
tomholland2013 we are going to be late love xx
yourinstagram comingggg
zendaya ✔︎
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zendaya when moms and dads out you go to your cool aunt
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zendayafan290 BRB THIS IS SO CUTE
tomfan191 AUNT Z
yourinstagram i miss her 😔
zendaya its been 5 mins-
tomholland2013 @zendaya atleast your not in the car
yourinstagram @zendaya @tomholland2013 🖕
alexademie excuse you im the favorite
sydney_sweeney HELL NO!! phelia's favorite is me
zendaya fan Behavior
barbieferreira @alexademie @sydney_sweeney @zendaya keep dreaming
yourinstagram ✔︎
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourintsagram what the kids now days said "photo dump :)"
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beneathashadytree · 25 days ago
Hi Maya!
I have loved your writing for such a long time now but I’ve never actually sent in a request !
my request is for a risotto nero x reader drabble from jjba where risotto and the reader get into a heated argument (I imagine it would be over something in their relationship, and it’s just blown way out of proportion) and the reader walking out, only to come back a few days later and find that the rest of la squadra has been killed (in the events of vento aureo). so the reader would be a part of la squadra as well, and i imagine them being risotto’s like, right hand man/woman. the theme would essentially just be angst. I hope this makes sense ! thank you so much for taking the time to read my request. <3
Tumblr media
Warnings : mildly graphic descriptions of blood and mild gore, death, some religious depictions, this is not proof-read, reader is gender-neutral!
Genre : angst
Word count : 0.6K words
Additional notes : Thank you so much for your sweet words and for requesting! I love it when requests are variable and have characters I’ve never written for before. It gives me a new challenge! I don’t think I’ve ever written pure angst before, so I hope you like this 💗
Requests : Are open! Check the rules over here.
Want to support me financially? Here’s my CashApp!
Tumblr media
Cruelty could tear them apart far worse than Risotto ever physically could to an enemy using his stand, and cruelty had dug its nails into their flesh over and over again. His words were sharper than a glinting dagger carving into their skin, and they ripped apart their insides every time he spoke.
They couldn’t even remember what the fight had originally been about. For all they knew, it could’ve been nothing at all, and yet it could’ve been everything. The vague memory that lingered in their brain was of it slowly escalating into a screaming match; a competition to see whose pride would win.
They’d demanded more of his time, he’d snapped at them to stop bitching. They’d yelled at him to unlodge the stick up his ass, he’d slammed his fist down on the table in a fit of fury. Their indignation and self-preservation drove them to slam the door shut behind them as they left him behind, swearing up and down that they’d rather see him dead than come crawling back to him.
It was well within the range of being counted as treason. No right-hand would abandon their post, and especially not at the cusp of a grand discovery that could change their fates. But they’d had enough—enough of having to set their life on the line in the name of love every single day, only to have it tossed back in their face. No; it was best to leave Risotto behind, and erase all traces of him from their heart and soul.
La Squadra could tear itself apart from within for all they cared. They had no more energy to expend, and no more toeing the line with death before it finally caught up to them. It was, after all, all a matter of time before they came back to snuff their life out the moment they caught wind of their crime of abandonment. No one dares to leave the mafia and live to tell the tale—and they’d morbidly made peace with that. Death was inevitable.
And inevitable it was, they thought, stomach churning as bile crept up their throat, watching the way his mangled body sprawled on their doorstep; the same threshold they’d been thinking of crossing to hopefully make amends.
With trembling fingers and shuddering breaths, they took a fearful step back, vision hazy at the sight of him, limp and drenched in his own blood that stained the marble underneath him with the color they knew would never properly wash away and would seep through the cracks. Stumbling over their own feet, it felt like they were taking repeated punches to their gut, and the tears swimming in their eyes were near impossible to blink away when it felt like their heart was being ripped to shreds.
Hell had been brought to their front doorstep, and the devil had brought him back to taunt them; to mock them with Risotto’s blank unmoving eyes, his bluing skin, and his hair mottled in crimson. The devil laughed in their face, as despair clutched at them and they cried out in agony. Truly a tragedy to be admired—the way their hand clawed at their chest, as though begging the scene in front of them to be nothing more than a figment of their worst nightmare.
But no—as it often was, reality was far crueler than it often passed itself as. It was crueler than a lover’s biting words; crueler than their neglect. And it would force them to trudge forward, bearing the weight of their regrets and sins, until they pulled the very essence of them under to join him in hell, where their cursed souls would remain forever entwined.
Tumblr media
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the-regressor · 9 months ago
i was wondering how do you color your models and make light shine on them without it messing up? like in a scene. i know nothing about models but my friend took classes on how to models and she says that they taught her to avoid making triangles like you do on models me not understanding anything about modeling goes: if you dont make the triangles it doesnt look low poly how i enjoy she says there is actually a way to make them low poly without triangles, just asking a question love ur work
Hello and sorry for the delay, but I did read this as was podering the best way to word it:
how do you color your models and make light shine on them without it messing up?
Lighting on a model depends entirely on the render/lighting setup that is used to display the model. I can't give a definite answer without know what program or software is being used.
An example:
Tumblr media
Sometimes, I use no lighting at all, to where its only the texture color showing, other times I use default settings, or a single light. The results would/could vary in different 3D environments and software depending how the lighting rendering is set up.
avoid making triangles
This question again: game engines revolve around triangles; weather or not you model with, or deliberately make triangles, a game engine does not care, as long as the model deforms and animates correctly. But to a game engine: one quad (4 sided face) is just 2 triangles.
Tumblr media
Now, the cavate is this: its not always safe practice to model with triangles during the creation process. Triangles are 3 sided faces: many 3d creation software programs and tools work best with quads (4 sided faces). The contemporary creation process for 3d models can involve importing and exporting between many different sculpting software and engines; some do not function properly with triangles, some do not work at all, some bug out or crash, but they ALL work seamlessly with quads.
That's it.
Triangles themselves are nothing wrong or bad to exist in-game, but they can cause major headaches in the creation process. So to avoid that, professors often tell students to stick with quads, and I agree. I often keep with quads til I can't, to get the shapes I want that might require triangles.
I've been modeling for 13 years; I've learned and developed good (and bad) habits: I know my preferred software (Maya, Unreal, Unity, Mudbox) well enough to know what I should, or shouldn't do, to avoid such headaches. I've learned what works with triangles, and even software I don't routinely use, I'd make effort to not have triangles to avoid any compatibility issues.
Thanks for asking! -Mark
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iamthemain-character · 6 months ago
Hi it's me again AND OH MY GOSH U WRITE FOR KAZI I AM SO HAPPY. Anyways if it's no trouble can u pls do a Kazi x reader (who's with Clint and Kate) with like a flirty enemies troupe? It's set in a fight scene and like the reader has similar capabilities as Ty Lee from ATLA. Anyways when they fight theyre soooo flirty with each other. Im so sorry if this is out of character for Kazi and/or if it doesn't match a scene from the show, Disney+ is unfortunately not available in my country so i only rely on tumblr for info 😭. Anyways, HAVE A GREAT DAY THANKS AGAIN.
okay so i usually go in order with requests, but i expedited this one cause I AM IN LOVE WITH KAZI and i wanted to write this asap! i am so sorry that you cannot watch, but i promise you that you’re getting him right from what you see on tumblr! anywho, i hope you enjoy :D
You’re Making Me Blush
kazi kazimierczak x reader
gender neutral pronouns
TW: basic fighting violence
requested by @squishyhooman (thank you again for requesting <3)
marvel masterlist
Tumblr media
So the plan didn’t go quite as it should have; to be fair, how was you and Kate supposed to know that the glass wasn’t quite so strong? When both of you came crashing down through the ceiling, Clint Barton had looked ready to kill you, but it seemed like the tracksuit gang was going to do that already.
As all three sat on old, rusty, mechanic ponies, you desperately tried to find a way to entertain yourself and/or escape. As you looked around, however, something caught your eye; up on the second level, there was a man sitting, watching the three of you. He looked much younger than the rest of the guys there, and he wore a brown coat over his red tracksuit. His gaze traveled and met yours, but neither of you looked away. For a few moments, you remained with your eyes locked on each other.
Until he blinked. Stifling a laugh, you smiled and looked away as he ducked his head. When you looked back, the handsome stranger was looking at you again, so naturally you winked at him. He seemed unsure of how to take it, his mouth opening in surprise slightly before he closed it, got up, and walked away.
Talking with the higher up woman also didn’t go to plan; though it was surprising to you that not only was the strange man who accompanied her hot, she herself was gorgeous. But you remained professional, keeping track of the conversation as it slowly deteriorated.
You were ready when Clint made his great escape; unlike Kate, you were well trained in how to get out of captivity and secretly you had worked the duck tape off. As the rest of gang ran after Clint, you took on the handsome stranger that was left behind.
He whipped out his gun, but you kicked it out of your hand. Now that you were free, you realized his skills were not on par with his own, so you decided to have a little fun while Kate figured out how to escape.
“Aw, and here I was thinking we had something special.”
The man lunged for you and grabbed you by the shoulder, but you quickly twisted his arm around, forcing him to spin away from you and release his grip. He struggled against your hold, but you quickly ducked down and whispered in his ear.
“You’re adorable you know, playing hard to get.”
The man managed to slip out and got up onto his feet again, warily looking at you. “Well you seem to be quick to catch me.” He threw back with a hint of a smile.
You caught his fist as it came towards you, pulling it down and giving him a light kiss on the knuckles. “Well handsome, maybe you should ask me to dinner, hmm?”
His other hand swung around, but you managed to duck; the man did, however, grab onto your leg, making you fall. You grabbed onto his shoulders, pulling him down with you. You both collided into each other, landing on the ground with an “oomph”. The man’s eyes flickered over your face, his slight smile reappearing.
“I’ll pick you up at 6 then.”
You didn’t have time to respond, Clint crashing out of the upstairs office with Maya close behind. An arrow shot by the former finally freed Kate, causing you and the man to get up and rush off. Just as you reached Kate, you looked back as the man went towards his boss. He did pause for one moment, throwing a glance back at you. He smiled, winked, then turned around to join the fray.
You and Kate rushed off to go help Clint, but your heart felt warm and fuzzy. Falling for the enemy was never a good idea, but maybe in another lifetime you two were meant to be.
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