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#that i’m unstable and also that i have great taste
kkusuka · 7 months ago
who i would willingly housewife for!
every feminist cell in my body would disperse for each of these men, no questions asked!
cw: some misogyny, slight master/slave and pet play, being a stupid housewife
Tumblr media
kita shinsuke
shin is a simple man! all he wants is a sweet wife who loves him and whom he loves. you have no need to work, he’s happily making enough money to support you. you can spend all day doing those hobbies that he loves to hear you talk about during dinner. of course he loves the little garden you’ve grown on the patio and the home decorations you’ve made while he was gone.
but he loves seeing you waiting on your knees as he walks through the door much, much more. or the pretty tears in your lashes as you fuck yourself stupid on his cock. you know as well as he, only good wives get their cunts stuffed and filled. and he’s so so happy to bend you over the table and reward you for being a cute little wife.
he just can’t wait to see you all round and pregnant with his babies, teats leaking milk, proof that you’re all his. <3
ushijima wakatoshi
you won’t be working if you wanted to. you are his wife, there is no need for you to be wasting energy on something so useless. plus with his schedule, if you worked you would never see him. that is not acceptable, he needs to see you. he doesn’t know what he’d do if you weren’t there for him to hug when he gets home, or when he wants you to shower with you before he has to leave. jobs get in the way of that.
you won’t even have time for a job; he plans on getting you pregnant as soon as possible. and if it all goes right he’ll keep you pregnant as much as he can, one after the other. he can’t help it, you look so perfect and round with child. your pretty little curves that he can see at any time he wants. you’re there all for him, his pretty breeding wife<3
sakusa kiyoomi
he loves his stupid housewife, you just can’t do anything without him can you? he’s mean, but it’s just too funny to ask you questions that he knows you have no clue to what the answer is. seeing you try to think so hard with that stupid brain of yours, no thoughts except for your husband.
well actually you do think, just with your cunt instead of your brain. that’s why he takes suck good care of his unstable wife, coming home to bend you over the ironing board, fucking your milking pussy. he knows you’re worth more than your cunt, but dinner just doesn’t taste so good if you’re not warming his cock as he eats. and how is he supposed to do well at practice knowing he didn’t breed your cunt before he left?
kiyoomi loves his stupid little wife, and he loves her leaking pussy. he just doesn’t know what he’d do without them<3
aran ojiro
oh man, he really just wants your schedule open at all times. he needs you to come to every game, with the exception of sickness, having you cheer for him is all he needs. well he also needs your cooking and how you ramble on and on about that show you love. plus on his days off when he can wake up to you in his arms and you can just lay around all day like lovers.
of course he isn’t going to lie, having his teammates see what he has will never stop making him happy. seeing you in those pretty sundresses at summer barbecues(he also found out that bokuto loves pregnant women when you came to a pool party with him while 7 month pregnant) it’s such a power stop for him, he just has to go home and stuff your cunt over and over until you can’t think of anything but his cock breeding you.
you got him wrapped around your finger and you barely know it, to busy bouncing on him fifteen minutes before he has to leave for a game<3
tsukishima kei
i’m talking fire and brimstone, old testament, bible relationship. i just know he believes that a woman should be a good wife, and like the good female i am, i will be a great wife for him. he’ll want dinner on the table when he gets home and he’ll want everything to be clean all the time.
he expects you to be a top tier wife, as in, his personal cum dumpster that he’ll use as he pleases. good little wives suck their husbands off when they want to relax, without leaking all over their panties like a whore.
just a little secret for you, he loves his whore-ish wife who’s pussy sucks him up so well after a long day of work, keeping his cock warm until he’s ready for bed like the good cum-dump he married<3
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bratz-kitten · 8 months ago
questions i have for the signs
libra suns – do you learn a lot from observing other people’s behaviours? because libras do so well in group settings, and they value their emotional intelligence and ability for being likeable a lot. once, a libra sun man came up to me and just told me that he learned a lot of his behaviours from observing others and that’s how he learned better coping mechanisms/better ways of expressing himself and his emotions. at first, i found that absolutely preposterous because as someone who’s always focused so much on my own individuality and authenticity, the thought of taking aspects from other people just repulsed me, but the more i think about it, the more it makes sense – after all, there’s so much to learn from others and since observational skills are so important, why not use them to better ourselves?
also, to my libra suns once again – how the hell have you managed to build a reputation for being stable and peaceful? i swear every libra i’ve ever met was absolutely unstable – the type to throw their phones on the wall during arguments, to randomly go up to me and start psychoanalysing me, to immediately go confrontational mode no matter if they were in the middle of class, simply because they couldn’t leave shit unresolved. i’ve noticed your tendency for playing devil’s advocate in every situation in the name of “fairness” has you being VERY confrontational. it’s kinda refreshing not gonna lie.
now, ladies.. have we noticed how misogynistic cancer sun men can be or am i losing my mind? i swear to god i’ve never met ONE in my life who didn’t have extremely sexist opinions. even the ones who seem like great people and who get along with everybody – they still think that girls who sleep around casually have no self-respect and that sex workers are disgusting. also, hating on girls for doing the buss it challenge and for posting pictures where they’re showing skin and feeling themselves? saying they’re sluts? as if they’re not the same men who click on those videos? not only the misogynist part, but also extreme anger issues that come out at the most unexpected times. i believe it’s their traditionalist views and their hatred for their own femininity that has them projecting their insecurities onto other women. either way, cancer men terrify me. perhaps it’s that my father’s a cancer and he’s the blueprint of all terrible men in my life, or perhaps cancer men really are batshit crazy. either way, please change my mind lol there are probably some good ones out there but my experience has me believing otherwise
pisces mars – (18+) do you get pleasure from simply pleasuring your partner? i do this and i feel like it’s to a point where it’s toxic, every time i’m the one receiving i’ll be thinking about how i could be using this time to pleasure them instead, even if it feels really good. i don’t know what it is but the act of knowing i’m making someone feel good feels 1000 times better than everything else, it feels my soul and i think it’s a pisces mars thing. it’s crazy because it’s only in sexual matters, in day-to-day basis i’m very assertive but in bed i’m extremely submissive and just want to fulfil all of my partner’s needs. do you also have very intricate sexual fantasies that you’re constantly thinking about? also, are you masoquistic? i’ve seen other pisces mars talking about this, about how they get off on pain a lot and it makes me feel less alone. it might also relate to lilith in the 12th house because it indicates mixing pain with pleasure + escapism through fantasies + some very extreme fetishes like r*pe-play. let’s start this discussion lol
leo placements – how does it feel like being the baddest bitches alive? serious answers only. also stop making me fall in love with you it’s annoying
capricorn/scorpio suns, do you gravitate a lot towards one another? im a capricorn and i attract a lot of scorpio placements, and scorpios are the people who bring me the most intense personal transformations. it’s also definitely because i have scorpio in the 8th, but either way, i feel like these two signs attract each other like crazy because they’re the darkest signs. scorpio simbolizes death while capricorn simbolizes the devil, they’re both so difficult, complex and drawn to dark topics that i feel like it’s a match made in heaven – or hell. i’ve also observed that the most powerful power-couples in media are always relationships between capricorns and scorpios, too.
moon in the 10th house natives – do people baby you a lot? i feel like i’ll just be walking down the streets and my friends will be screaming at me to be careful like i’m a 5 year old, or offering to do things for me, or feeling an inherent need to supervise me as if i’ll get in deep shit if i’m left alone for more than 5 minutes LOL but i do think it’s something about this placement. moon in the 10th indicates being very emotional and getting easily overwhelmed, also a lot of charisma and being very sensitive when it comes to personal relationships. also the way we radiate authority makes others unconsciously be more obedient towards our needs, and we have a very strong need to protect others and create a family within our friend groups, which might be creating these dynamics.
leo suns/moons/risings – do you feel like having a low self-esteem quite literally contributes to the deterioration of your physical health? i think there’s such a stark difference between when you’re feeling insecure and in an unhealthy relationship vs when you leave the toxicity behind and work on your self-confidence, there’s an immediate glow up, like you’re literally glowing and it shows.
gemini suns – why do so many people hate you? even people who know nothing about astrology will say they hate geminis. genuine question because geminis are one of my favorite signs. i think it’s something about the way you easily adapt to other people’s personalities and mirror their energy, so you’ve built this reputation for being two-faced when you’re literally just.. socially intelligent.
air moons – how tf can you turn your emotions off? what do you mean using logic instead of feelings i will literally unalive myself
capricorn moons – how does it feel like having healthy coping mechanisms? oh wait, it’s not like you’d know LMFAOOOO
scorpio mars – are you as sexual as people portray you to be or do you feel a bit weird about the way people talk about you? because people always talk about scorpio mars as this sex machines, but like.. scorpio’s a water sign. very sensitive. i’ve noticed you guys literally avoid having sex with people because it’s like giving them a part of your soul, and you know you’ll get extremely attached to them afterwards. is sex a casual thing for you or can you only feel satisfied when there’s an emotional connection established? this goes for all water sign mars by the way.
scorpio risings – do you only listen to music that you feel has a deep meaning? my brother is a scorpio rising and he prides himself a lot on his music taste and how deep the music he listens to is. and as an aries rising im just like.. sir i listen to doja cat because hearing her sing about sex and fat tiddies makes me happy
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spideymarvelws · 9 months ago
Pillow Fort
Fratboy!Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
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A/n : Got this idea from when i made a pillow fort in my room cause i was feeling lonely :’) Also this isnt really a part two to behind doors, just a branched off oneshot from further down in there relationship
Summary : Peter is tired from a rough night of patrolling and comes home to you sleeping in your very own pillow fort
Warnings : SMUT! (oral [fem rec], dirty talk, sub/dom dynamics) some nice floofy floof
Word Count : 3.7k
Peter had never felt so drained after patrol. 
Maybe it was because he stayed up all night studying for a Physics quiz or that classes throughout the day seemed to drag on because you weren’t there to entertain him with your silly pick up lines you came up with on the go. After his last class ended, he didn’t want to go out as spider-man. All he wanted was to swing by your apartment and cuddle for the rest of the day, but when he heard about a new gang terrorising the city on Mr. Delmer’s radio, he knew he had a responsibility to stop them. 
One gang and a drunk driver later, he found himself landing in front of your window, knocking lightly on the glass. After a few seconds of not getting a response, he assumed you were already asleep. Carefully, he slid open the window, stepping inside your bedroom. He locked the window before taking off his suit with a heavy sigh, leaving him in his boxers, ready to slide into bed with you.
However, as he sat on your bed and his eyes adjusted to the darkness and he noticed that it was stripped bare of any blankets or pillows. He stood straight up, looking around your room until his eyes fell on a deformed structure hidden in the corner.
It was a pillow fort. 
It was flimsy, a significant dip in the roof (he could only imagine how much it annoyed you throughout the process of making it) but it kept hold. The wooden chairs on either side were the only support for the fort, heavy books keeping the sheets secure. It was rickety, but a fort nonetheless.
Peter let out a small sigh, a soft smile forming on his lips as he walked up to the structure, trying to find the entrance in the mountain of blankets. Getting on his knees, he crawled through, his hands and legs ending up on either side of your sleeping form.
“Baby?” He whispered, placing his hand on your cheek, “Sweetheart? Love? Babygirl?” He littered your face with kisses, slowly waking you up.
You let out a loud groan, stretching your arms out and almost knocking the flimsy blanket ceiling. Peter raised himself slightly, trying his best to give you enough room to stretch in the small space
“Shit,” you mumbled, making Peter chucked at your sleepy state, “Oh... Hey Petey,”
“Hey, Y/n/n,” Peter mumbled back, letting out a breathy laugh, “Missed you,”
You raised your hand to push the loose curls falling down in front of his face behind his ear, giggling at the fact that it felt right back in his eye. He blew the strand with his mouth, his nose crunching up cutely when it went right back to tickling the side of his face.
“I need to cut it soon,” he said, lowering himself into your body, his head buried in the middle of your chest like a puzzle piece fitting perfectly in place.
“I strongly disagree,” your said, almost offended at his words as your passed your fingers through his soft, pillowy hair, “Cut it and I’m asking Tony for his blasters,”
“Are you sure he’s going to let you borrow it after last time,” Peter looked up at you, his left cheek squished against your shirt, his lips slightly parted.
“Who says I haven’t been practicing?” You smiled, scratching his scalp, enjoying the feeling of his body melting into yours.
“Oh really?” He mumbled, “I’m going to have to see those skills sometime babe,”
“I don’t know Peter...” you dragged, biting your lip and tugged on his hair gently, “I don’t want to steal your thunder,”
“That confident huh?”
“That I could beat you in a fight, one hundred percent,”
Peter shook his head, “I’m sure you can,”
You gasped at his sarcastic tone, “You have no faith in me!” 
“I never said that,” he pinched your side, raising back on his arms to hover over you.
You pouted angrily, crossing your arms over your chest, “It was implied,”
“Oh was it now?”
“Yes, yes it was,”
Peter rolled his eyes playfully.
“Maybe I just don’t want you to get hurt,”
“Then I’d tell you to go fuck yourself. I’m incapable of getting hurt and I don’t need your protection,” you replied smugly, sticking your tongue out.
“Is that so?”
You hummed in confirmation.
“Okay then,” he grinned, trailing the pads of his fingers up the side of your waist, “Protect yourself from this then!”
His hands pulled the bottom of your shirt up, revealing your stomach. Without hesitation he attacked the soft skin, wiggling his fingers in the places he knew would make you scream. 
“For fucks sake Peter!” your hand shot up to his chest, trying to push him away as the giggles took over your body, your chest bubbling with joy while your breath escaped your lungs.
“Stop! Peter! Oh. My. God. Stop!” you laughed, fists pounding at his hard chest. 
“Then tell me, you wont get those blasters Y/n!” he said, a sinister smirk on his face, “I’m not letting you go until you tell me!”
“I-” you heaved, “Peter! I-” you giggled, “Holu fuck!” god damn did your chest begin to hurt, “Okay! Okay! I won’t get them! Now stop!”
His hands suddenly left your body as he leaned back on his calves to admire the mess he made of you. Your chest raised up and down with desperate breaths to calm your rapid beating heat, your face blown out and your eyes closed in a silent thank you. You sighed, letting your stiff limbs fall back into the cushioning with a thud, relaxing fully. 
It reminded him of a very different scenario other than the aftermath of an innocent tickle fight.
“You know I was having a great time before you showed up,” you murmured after a while.
“I find that hard to believe,”
“Oh really?”
“Yes really, I’m amazing!”
“You’re a monster.”
“Your monster though,”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever makes you sleep at night,” you paused, opening one eye to look up at him, “You’re still not cutting your hair though,”
“You’re still on this!”
“It was the point of this whole conversation! Of course I’m still on this-”
“Oh, that's it.”
With your one eye still closed, you let out a surprised hum, circling your arms around Peter’s neck, as his lips met onto yours. You sighed into the kiss, his body relaxing into yours while his hands trailed the side of your body once more, lifting your left thigh against his waist. The kiss became hungrier, soon both your tongues became entangled with each other. You didn’t bother to fight for dominance, knowing Peter already took that role when his hand rested on your ass, squeezing tightly at the skin.
“I hate you,” he mumbled, pulling back and pressing his forehead on yours.
“Sure seems like it Petey,” you whispered, voice low and sultry.
With a low growl, he smashed his lips back on yours, forcing his tongue into your mouth. God you loved getting him riled up, as much as you loved your shy, little nerd, the other side of him you saw in bed turned you on more than you could think of as you slipped into sub space.
But you didn't want to do it in something as unstable as a pillow fort.
“God, I’ve missed this,” he whispered into your mouth, moving to your jaw and down your throat.
“Peter,” You groaned, pushing on his shoulders lightly, “Not here, baby.”
Sucking on your collar bone, Peter mumbled, “Why not?”
“I don’t- fuck,” you gasped as Peter pulled up your shirt and latched his lips onto your nipple, massaging the other with his hand, “I don’t think fucking in an unstable pillow fort is going to be really advisable,”
“Don’t knock it till you try it right?” He snickered, moving his lips to the other nipple.
“Were going to knock the fucking thing down,” you grunted, bitting down on your finger while the other grabbed the sheets underneath you.
“Well it’s either here or your bare mattress,” he whispered, raising his head back up near yours, tugging at the bottom of your shirt and pulling it over your head, leaving you in just your panties, “You decide.”
“You ride a tough bargain Peter,” you whispered back, biting your lip at the darkness in his eyes.
He continued down your body, his voice deep with lust, “You know me princess,” he placed a kiss on your stomach, moving down your hips before reaching the side of your thighs, taking them in his hands, “I like when you beg,”
You groaned at his words, throwing your head back as his lips hovered over your clothed core for a split second. But he avoided contact at all costs, focusing on biting and sucking on your thigh, moving between the left and right and getting closer to the place you wanted him the most.
“Peter,” you whined, running your hand through his hair, tugging at his locks once again.
“I thought you heard me earlier princess,” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling your heat closer to his face, “I want you to beg,”
You groaned, not wanting to give in. But the light kisses to your clit and his hands moving up and down your thighs, you didn’t know how long you could resist before you broke.
“Come on pretty girl,” he bit the inside of your thigh, sucking the skin to form a bruise, “Beg for it, beg for what you want so badly,”
You tucked your head into your shoulder, “Touch me peter,” you mumbled, yelping when he slapped your thigh.
“Louder pretty girl,”
“Oh god, touch me Peter! Touch my pussy, please,” you said audibly, your hands shooting to his hair, desperate for something to hold onto.
Without any further discussion, Peter teared off your underwear and buried his face between your thighs, lapping at the juices that started to escape your lips minutes before and continued flowing onto his tongue. If there was something he loved more than life itself, it was your taste. Nothing could match up to the sweet nectar that your body gave him. He loved giving you pleasure that nobody else could. He glanced up at you, head thrown back, thighs closing in around his face as your hands pushed him deeper into your core.
If there was a heaven, this is what he imagined it would be.
He shook his head, flicking his tongue deeper inside of you before moving up to suck your on your clit gently. One of his arms stayed securely on your waist, keeping you down so you didn’t destroy the structure around you while the other moved closer to your heat. He tested the waters by gliding his warm finger tip over your cunt and slipping it in, paying attention to your body’s reactions, jerking and tensing under him.
“More,” you whimpered, “More, please Peter,”
“What was that baby? Did my needy girl want more than what I’m giving her?” his laugh sent vibrations up your torso, “What did I say?”
“To- to beg,”
“So what are you going to do?”
“Peter, Peter please give me more, I want it faster, harder, anything! Just please!” you cried, jerking your hips off the ground but his strength held you down.
“Good girl,” he smirked, adding another finger while quickening his pace. His mouth stayed working around your sensitive bud, brushing his tongue along it like he was painting a precious artwork. 
His fingers however were ferocious, pumping in and out of you at an inhuman rate. Your juices began to soak the sheets beneath you, hips grinding back down like the desperate whore you were, pulling his digits deeper inside you.
“Peter, I’m- i’m gonna cum,” your legs began to shake, your voice rising higher and higher while you orgasm approached, “Please Peter! Can I cum? Can I cum?” 
“Go on baby, cum for me, cum in my mouth, cum all over my fingers,” his fingers moved impossibly faster, plunging in and out of your pussy, “Fall apart for me princess.”
You screamed when your high hit, your back arching out of his control. He slowed his movements, sailing you through it, prolonging it for as long as possible. When your body slumped back on the floor, he trailed his lips back up your stomach, staining your skin with your cum. He pushed his lips on yours, moaning as you devoured his mouth, drinking up every last drop.
“Fuck,” he groaned, “You ready for more princess?”
All you could muster was a nod, playing it off as exhaustion from your recent high. Even after a years of dating, you were still as closed off and shy from when he met you in bed, holding back your precious voice from him. He tried his best to keep you talking, to tell you that screaming like a banshee was all he ever wanted. But every time you came back from your euphoric state, you were always self conscious of doing something wrong or saying something out of line.
He was determined to make that your biggest confidence using the little things he picked up along the way.
“Come one princess,” he muttered groggily, moving to your neck and kissing your pulse point, nibbling and sucking on the skin, “I’m not going to do anything if you don’t speak up,”
You looked up at him with doe eyes, a completely different person from the one that was bickering with him earlier. One that was willing to do anything and everything he wanted. But he wanted tonight to be about you, he wanted to do what you wanted, to pleasure and worship you the way you deserve.
It was your pillow fort he was about to fuck you in after all.
“I- uh, you could do what you were… you know, going to do?”
“And what was that sweetheart?” 
Heat rose to your face, you hid your head in your shoulder in an attempt to avoid saying such vulgar words. Peter only squinted his eyes, the gears in his head turning as he thought of something to get you to speak up.
“Alright then,” he smirked, “Have it your way.”
You watched with curious eyes while he slipped out of boxers, taking his hard cock in his hand and guiding it to your puffy hole. He slowly unsheathed himself inside you, resisting the urge to pull back out and slam right back into you. You were always so tight around him, and your uncontrollable clenching just destroyed him even more. 
In one swift motion, he turned the both of you over, careful to keep his chest pressed against yours so you didn’t raise up and mess up the fort.
“There we go,” he sighed, letting you settle comfortably in the new position with your hands pressed against his shoulder and legs on either side of his waist, keeping his cock buried deep inside of you.
“Peter I-”
“Ah, ah, ah, my turn to speak now princess,” he cut you off, squeezing your hips when you moved around a bit too much for his liking, “Now, we’re going to work on our communication skills okay? Meaning, everything you’re feeling as I fuck you, I want you to tell me. And by everything, I mean every detail princess,” he lowered his voice, “I want to know how my cock feels inside of you, what goes through your mind while you fuck yourself sensless,” He rutted his hips up, smiling when you fell further against his chest, whimpering into his neck.
“I. Want. To. Hear. Every. Word,” he punctuated each word with the thrust of his hips, “Or else this ends, you got that princess,?”
You instinctively nodded but quickly caught yourself, “Yes Peter,”
“That’s my good little princess,” he took your cheek into his palm, bringing your head and to press his forehead against his, “Ready?”
“Yes Petey,” you nodded, letting out a shaky moan when he started bouncing you up and down his length, meeting you halfway.
“Go on princess,”
“It- it feels good,” you stuttered, closing your eyes to focus on the pleasure and not Peter’s lustful eyes staring back at you, “You’re… you’re really big Peter. Stretching… me out… so, so good,”
“Good girl,” he groaned, quickening his pace with every word, “Keep going.”
“I… I-” you slumped fully against his chest, “I can’t, all i feel is you Petey. I- I can’t think, all I… I could only feel-”
“Then tell me what you feel Y/n, tell me everything.”
“Amazing… so- so full and deep.” your fingers digged into his skin, “Could you go faster? Please Peter, I- I need more,”
“Anything for you princess,” he mumbled, planting his feet on the floor and ramming into you at the same pace he did with his fingers.
“Ah fuck!” you tightened your arms around his neck, “Peter! Oh god Peter! I- I-”
“Are you close princess? Gonna cum on my cock?”
You nodded into his neck, all you could manage was a whimper, “Yes… can- can i?”
“Go ahead princess, cum on my cock… you deserve it,”
You bit down on the skin of his neck, trying to keep your head from throwing itself back. Peter stilled his hips, filling you up with his seed while keeping you close, sighing as shot up into you. You sunk into his body, your breath hot against his skin while you regained your energy, snuggling closer for comfort.
In the silence that followed, Peter couldn't help but chuckle.
“Round two then?”
“Soo,” Peter whispered softly, crawling back into the sheets and lying besides you, “Why the pillow fort,”
You cuddled closer to his bare chest, letting out a soft breath once your cheek made contact with the warm skin. No matter how cold the air around him got, you could always count on your boyfriend to be your own personal heater.
“Was feelin’ lonely,” you mumbled, letting out a big yawn, “And I got bored,”
Peter chuckled, running his hand down your bare back sending shivers up your spine, “It’s nice, comfortable,”
“Yeah, I did a pretty good job didn’t I?” You smiled, curling your legs around his, “Took me three tries to get it right,”
“Three tries?”
“Well my college dorm doesn't really have much stuff to work with now does it,” you looked up at him with hooded eyes, blinking slowly while jabbing your finger into his left peck drowsily, “Would’ve been easier if my boyfriend came earlier though,”
“I thought you liked that I lasted long-”
“You know that’s not what I mean.”
“That’s not what you said a few minutes ago,” He laughed when you smacked his chest, placing a sweet peck to your forehead as an apology, “And I’m sorry for being late, got caught up with some bad guys and well… you know the drill,”
“Yeah, I know, I know,” You hid your face in his neck, snuggling in closer to his body, “Shouldn’t you be back at the house by now?”
He sighed. Harry had asked him to help out with cleaning up the house for your hopeful arrival in the next couple of days. Him and the rest of the boys planned out the week already, and today’s plan was to fix up the place and set new rules that kept it that way. But seeing you lying besides him, glowing like an angel by his side... words couldn't describe the emotions he felt in that moment. All he knew was that he couldn't wait, he felt like he waited long enough.
That this could be the perfect, special moment he hoped for.
“They could survive without me for one night,” His hand tightened around you, “I- uh, actually came here to ask you about something until we got... well, distracted,” he laughed lightly. 
You hummed, acknowledging his statement and urging him to continue.
“I was wondering if you would want to move in with me?”
“Wait, wait, wait,” you sat up on your elbow to look at him directly, “You’re saying you want me to- you want us to live together? With everyone?”
You felt Peter clam up under your palm, biting his lip as he avoided your gaze, “I mean, you’ve already met everyone and they all love you, probably way more than me. And I can’t you know, guarantee your safety here not to mention i have to disable all the cameras around the block if i want to swing into your window and, and-” he took a deep breath, taking your face in his hands, “That and I really love you, and I would love to take this step with you, only if you want to,”
You immediately engulfed up into a tight hug, awkwardly fitting yourself in his hold but you could hardly care about your uncomfortable position.
“Of course I would move in with you peter,” you smiled, pulling back to look at him, “Honestly, I’m growing tired of this small place anyways,”
“Good, that’s good,” he bit his lip, trying to suppress the urge to screech at the top of his lungs at the thought of your ever saying yes, “We- we’d sort all of this out in the morning,”
“Of course, of course,” you nudged your nose against his, “In the morning,”
Before he could lean in to kiss you, he heard something fall on the floor with a thud and without warning the sheets above you fell, slapping the both of you in the face.
“Maybe chairs with wheels wasn't the best choice for this,” you giggled, pushing up the sheets from your head.
“You think?” Peter joked along with you, helping to get rid of fabric blocking your eyesight.
He witnessed the blanket being pulled off of you, relieving your glowing skin and bright smile staring back at him. He knew he was taking the right step with you, he knew that you were the one for him because with a simple look or touch you made him a complete mess. He was wrapped around your finger just as much as you were around his.
And he couldn't be happier.
“To the bed?” he whispered.
“To the bed.” you responded, finally locking your lips on his, sealing in your love in the now fallen pillow fort.
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yandere-mha · 11 months ago
Can you please do a scenario where dabi finds out is S/O is pregnant? It could be angst or fluff or just both i dont really mind (also have a nice day or night 😌)
Good day or night to you too, beautiful <3 
so I’d love to do a scenario for this request, but I felt that, for my personal interpretation of Dabi, his thoughts on pregnancy needed to be established in head canons first because he’s a very complex man. If you read this, like my thoughts on this, and want to request a scenario pertaining to anything to do with Dabi and a pregnant S/O, I would be overjoyed to do that. I love pregnancy stories because I’m soft and babies are cute. 
Yandere Dabi with a pregnant s/o:
Dabi is all over the place when it comes to this.
When he was a little kid, I HC him as being a really hopeless romantic who would always talk about how he’d want ten babies at least!!! All of them boys!!
Then he grew older and his dreams turned to ash in a blazing fire. Before he met you, he despised children. They’re too loud and they’re annoying as all hell. The thought of even wanting kids would be a laughable concept to him.
His mission took precedence over everything. Nothing else mattered. He didn’t even imagine that he would be living for as long as he did, much less finding someone who could stand him enough to start a family. He didn’t give enough of a shit to take care of himself, much less a baby.
To be completely transparent with you, if he wasn’t so emotionally unstable and dependent on you, he’d probably want the mom to “get rid of it”.
He’d say that he’d never bring another miserable life to this pile of compost we call Earth, but this really subconsciously comes from the fear that he would fuck his hypothetical kid up just like his dad did to him. He knows that he could never be a good father. Besides, should failed experiments with a self destructive quirk who shouldn’t have even be born in the first place be spreading his genes around? He hates himself so why would he want to make more of him?
HOWEVER: He does a complete 180 when he has you in his clutches. Not only would he be making more of himself, he’d be making more of you too.
Not only that, but with the help of your love and affection he comes to realize that what he wants is the unconditional love that he never received as a child. He already had a taste of that with you and he needs more. 
Now, with the influence of the LoV growing, he starts to get a bit of a god complex. He’s the only one who can change the world for the better and sees this society for what it really is. Suddenly, the thought of making more of him seems like a great idea. It will mark the beginning of a brighter future and ensure the downfall of the heroes for generations to come! This epiphany will start the objective of him actively trying to get you pregnant. And try he shall because we all know that when he wants something, he stops at nothing to get it. Just thinking about it makes him all giddy. He feels just like a kid again! ...😬
Even before you’re pregnant he’ll always have to have a hand on your belly. He likes to imagine that it’s big and round with “his beautiful creation” and he’ll tell you so... repeatedly.
When you confirm to him that his efforts have succeeded, his eyes go glassy as if in some euphoric trance. If he could blush he would.
After a few good moments of this, you feel the need to say something to him to break him from his spell. He blinks a few times but doesn’t react to what you say much other than slowly getting down on his knees to hook his stitched fingers into the small of your back and roughly pressing his face into your stomach. You feel him start moving his lips as if he were speaking. He’s quiet and muffled by his lips on your skin, but you can faintly hear the word “savior”.
He normally won’t initiate cuddling with you but tonight he is gently holding on to your midsection as if it were glass that may break. 
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mypoisonedvine · a year ago
Training Session | Bucky Barnes x reader (fluff!)
summary: you’ve had a horrifically terrible day and you’ve still got a lot of it left, including a training session with Bucky that you’re not sure you’ll be able to get through 
word count: just under 1.5k
warnings: some swearing, and slightly awkward flirting, and uncomfortable emotions.  it’s all fluff!
Tumblr media
Everybody has bad days, but you were pretty sure you were having one of the worst days anyone has ever had, ever.
Okay, maybe not that bad but still, pretty awful.  Honestly, you were just trying not to think about it because you didn't have time to get emotional about it.  
"Fuck," you grumbled to yourself as you looked at your smart watch and realize you had to head straight to training.  You'd forgotten and now you were this close to just skipping— but Bucky was a good trainer and he didn't deserve that, plus he'd probably lecture you tomorrow about accountability and shit and that sounded awful.
Taking a rushed moment to change out of your coffee-drenched clothes (I told you it was a really bad day!), you slipped on a sports bra and shorts.  Normally you'd add a tank top too but you were already late and Bucky liked to keep it ridiculously hot in the training room because he had this crazy idea that it was good to sweat.  That reminded you to grab your water bottle; you needed to hydrate like crazy to tolerate the temperature in there.
"You're three minutes late," Bucky tutted disapprovingly as you stormed into the gym.  When you ignored him, he laughed a little.  "Somebody's grumpy today."
"Don't push it, Barnes," you hissed.  "I'm not in the mood to be fucked with."
"Hey, don't take it out on me— take it out on these," he suggested as he brandished the kick pads he was wearing on his hands.  
"I plan to."
Bucky put on some music (your playlist, because you didn't trust his taste) while you stretched and warmed up a bit.  You were still fuming as you wrapped your hands but you were trying to calm yourself down, afraid that you'd snap at your trainer when he hadn't done anything wrong.
With a stabilizing breath and a twist of your neck until it cracked, you started to throw light punches at Bucky's padded targets.  
"Come on, put some oomph into it," he challenged, and you sighed but began hitting harder.  And harder.  And harder.
His eyes got a little wide as he watched you go, each punch more brutal than the last until you could hear a clanging sound as the back of the pad slammed into his metal hand.  The problem with channeling your rage into your fists was that it didn't stay just there; your eyes started to well up as the catharsis filled you with overwhelming emotions.
You hated that you cried when you were angry or frustrated.  That hatred, of course, was very angering, meaning that it just made it harder not to cry.  You tried to hide your tears but a sniffle caught his attention as he looked away from your hands and up to your face.
"Hey, are you—?"
"Shut up," you whimpered, your voice giving you away.  One last punch, weaker than the last, took the last of your energy with it and you began to sob, lifting your arms to cover your face.
The feeling of Bucky wrapping his arms around you made you tense up a little, because it was unexpected, but then you melted into his embrace as you buried your face in his chest.  You didn't want him to see you like this, but that wasn't something you could avoid anymore as he held you too tight to run away.
You were afraid he'd ask you what was going on and then you'd be forced to try to explain, but he stayed silent, stroking your hair and seeming not to mind that you were soaking his tank and probably getting mascara and snot on it, too.  The steady, slow pace of his breath helped calm you down a little bit, and when you turned your head to the side, you could even hear his heartbeat.  That comforted you most.  Finally giving in to the hug properly, you slipped your arms around his torso and clutched at his back, holding him even tighter.  
"Can you take a deep breath with me?" he asked softly.  You nodded against his chest, and breathed with him as it filled with a rush of air, paused, and released slowly.  "Again," he instructed; the same thing he said to you in training, but it sounded so completely different this time.
"Thank you," you whispered shakily, "I'm sorry."
"Neither of those are necessary," he chuckled lightly.  "Are you okay?"
"I will be," you decided, pulling back from the hug and noticing the way he held you a little tighter before he let you go.
"If you wanna talk about it, I'm always here, but I get that that can just make it worse sometimes," he explained.  "And, I get why you probably wouldn't come to me about it."
"Why wouldn't I?"
"I dunno," he admitted as he scratched the back of his neck, "we're not really that close and you have a lot of friends who are probably better at this than I am.  Plus, you know, I'm all moody and stuff."
You laughed.  "You are?"
"I mean, I don't think so, but people are always saying that."
You hadn't realized he knew people said that about him, or that he thought it was inaccurate.  Suddenly, you appreciated how lonely that would be.
"I don't think you're moody.  I think you're really sweet," you smiled, "and very intimidating."
"I guess that's fair," he relented with a shrug.  
"But I know you're really just a softie," you smirked, poking him in the chest.  
It almost looked like he was blushing as he looked away from you.  "If you say so."
You wiped your tears away and rubbed your nose a little, feeling mostly back to your old self even if your eyes still had that weird 'just cried' feeling.
"Can we finish up the training now?" you requested, clearing your throat and almost sounding normal again.
"Yeah, yeah, sure— if you're up for it."
"I am.  Crying actually helped a lot."
"Yeah, it can have that effect," he nodded.  He sounded like he was speaking from experience, but it was hard to imagine him crying.  It was also heartbreaking to imagine, but mainly just hard.
He decided to have you do some cardio instead, which was a nice change of pace before some grappling with him.  Wrestling with Bucky was, of course, laughably one-sided, but he went easy on you and you did feel like you were improving.  The energy was different, though, and you hoped he didn't think less of you for being so unstable today.  
"Good job," he praised you with a high five.  "You're getting stronger, you know, and your stamina must have doubled since you were first recruited."
"Thanks," you mumbled sheepishly, not sure if he was just flattering you or something.  "You're a great trainer.  And a good friend."
"Oh, uh, well, I try," he stammered.
"So, listen," you began as nerves made your hands shake a little, "I need a shower, obviously, but after that I was thinking about watching trashy TV and making cookies or something… and if you wanted to join, you have a standing invite."
He seemed taken aback, but interested.  "Who else is invited?"
You felt your face get a little warmer— and not just from working out— as you contemplated the answer to that.  "Oh, um, nobody… it's normally an alone sort of ritual but, I don't know, I guess I like the idea of getting to know you better outside of you kicking my ass in the gym."
Bucky nodded, crossing his arms.  “Yeah, I like that idea, too.”
You weren’t sure if it was a date or not, but you hoped it was.  He showed up with a few beers and wearing that damn red Henley like he knew it would drive you crazy.  He was hesitant to watch reality shows at first, but soon he was even more into it than you were.  Best of all, he did that thing where he started to very slowly slip his arm around you on the couch, like he thought you wouldn’t notice; like he thought you would scare off and run away if he moved too quickly.  Instead, you slid down and nestled yourself under his arm, resting your head on his shoulder.
Everyone has bad days, but occasionally, your luck can turn around and you might just find a diamond in the rough.
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panicinart · 8 months ago
🔞 Nsfw alphabet 🔞
☎️ OG Billy Lenz ☎️
It's time for some Chaotic Rat Gremlin
Also side note I'm at the moment reader the novel and ngl I changed a few things since it didn't fit his character very well. I'm not that far with it but I hope I did a good job with interpreting his character :)
A = Aftercare (what are they like after sex?)
☎️You know that feeling were you're really tired but got some extra suppressed energy, so you just kinda stand there in hell? That's him.
☎️Billy doesn't know if he should run around naked and do his usual rat gremlin stuff or fall asleep so hard like someone drugged him with something.
☎️Either way it's going to be a ride, because you're gonna need to catch a naked rat man running around before the sorority sisters come, or your whole bed is drenched in drool.
B = Body part (how is their body build? any favorite body part of them and their partner?)
☎️A fucking twunk, he probably was more of a twink before he met you because bitch only got small amounts of food and not that many opportunitys to build up muscles.
☎️Billy has a bit of a biceps, back muscle, and leg muscle but that's really it. He also doesn't have a lot of hair mostly a bit on his chest, crotch area and a small hair trail that bairly connects those points. If he goes all out he is also able to grow a bit arm and leg hair.
☎️Honestly I feel like this gremlin is proud of the little chest hair he has, so he really likes that area. He sometimes squeezes his man milkers and you cannot change my mind on that.
☎️Billy LOVES his s/o's thighs and chest! Big, small, doesn't matter their great (especially the thighs, their a gate way to something great).
☎️With the chest it is more of a thing that he thinks is funny, his grabby hands sometimes poke, squeeze and lightly slap them.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum)
☎️Doesn't produce a lot of cum, but it is STICKY. The cum is very white, and kinda like chewing gum. It comes in spurts and god help him this man can shoot a load meters away, he shoot his load more then he can count into his eye, and also yours.
☎️He also produces A LOT of precum
☎️It doesn't have a lot of taste, maeby a bit on the sour / bitter side???
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, do they have a dirty secret?)
☎️Billy has some kinks (???) that aren't really good for him, for example he would beg to be humiliated but after the act he will be a sobbing mess, be angry or thinks all the things his partner told him are true. Basically self destructive tendencies that he let's out with sex in an unhealthy way.
E = Experience (do they know what they're doing?)
☎️Surprisingly he kinda knows what he does, were did he got that info?? Who knows, Billy certainly can't remember, (probably watched some people geting it on or stole a porn magazine).
F = Favorite position (which position(s) do the like the most?)
☎️All positions are great positions as one confused and wise attic gremlin sayd.
☎️But in all honesty it depends on his mood so here are his top 5 in no particular order:
Stick figure
G = Goofy (are they more serious or do the like to clown around?)
☎️This man has a hard time staying serious, there are rare moments were he stays focused while being on the mission to go to pound town. Most of the time you hear him giggle, snorting and sometimes saying random one liners that he pulls out of his ass that don't make sense to you, but he still laughs like he heard the funniest shit in the world.
H = Hair (any hair down there? How do they groom it?)
☎️The hair is quite thin and a bit curly, it's a good amount of hair but not a forest, because Billy doesn't take care of it the hair it is all over the place and can look a bit overwhelming.
☎️Billy doesn't really groom it and since it's the 70s, he also doesn't shave it
I = Intimacy (how are they during sex in a romantic aspect?)
☎️He is generally not the romantic type so don't hope for rose pedals and lit candles.
☎️When he is in a more lucid state he will give your face small and sweet kisses while he giggles happily with a manic undertone.
J = Jack off / Jill off (how do they masturbate and how often?)
☎️Before he met you? Probably almost daily. The pumps are fast and eager without a rythm and really messy.
K = Kink (any kinks?)
☎️There is almost nothing he wouldn't try at least once, Billy is an adventurous and curious guy, so I keep it down to a hand full.
☎️Dirty talk, it's either messy game with words that he repeats like a broken record or really fucking good, not in a poetic way but the filth that comes from his mouth is GOOD. But he often does it when he is more unstable, be a bit more careful around him especially if the words become messier and messier.
☎️Breeding, not in a way of wanting children, god no don't let this man near kids, he is scared of them and they are scared of him, but more in a way of wanting to see you stuffed with his cum. He may not produce a lot but he got the Stamina for that, the only question that lays in the room is, if you can keep up with him.
☎️ We all know that he is really into voyeurism, it doesn't even need to be sexual he just likes watching you. If you give him a small show he will vibrated with anticipation and pounce on you immediately.
☎️Phone sex, do I need to say anything more?? It's thrilling for him and sometimes it gets paired up with a bit of roleplay (unintentionally most of the time) , the whole act is also a great way to tease him. Just don't do it too much, he can take a bit but it's a fine line of a horny Billy and an angry Billy.
☎️There is still so much more but god dammit I will be here forever.
Edging, overstimulation, Pegging, Thigh jobs, geting his hair pulled, praise and many more!
L = Location (were do they like to have sex?)
☎️The thought of fucking you everywhere is really alluring but he mostly does it in the bed and attic. He doesn't want to risk getting caught and honestly the thought alone that people could be near gives him anxiety.
M = Motivation (what turns them on/gets them going?)
☎️Everything, you could just walk around and he could pop a boner. The guy is just really unpredictable and his moods can swing erratically which influences his horniness a lot.
☎️But if we assume he is in a more stable mindset where is squirrel brain isn't high on sugar here are a few things that always work;
Soft and sensual touches on arms and thighs
Teasing/slight tickling with fingers on the back of his neck to the end of his spine
Showing a bit more skin the usually and having direct eye contact that lingers a bit longer then the norm
Any close contact to his crotch area, the man will jump on you like a dog
N= No (what's a turn off/they don't want to do?)
☎️Getting too violent, it's more of a safety thing for your own health. He can quickly slip in a dangerous mindset, ESPECIALLY at the beginning of the relationship and I doubt you like to be the moaner's next murderer victim.
☎️Billy can't stand brats in bed it irritates him, or just any kind of attitude.
☎️He also doesn't like it if his s/o dirty talks back, when he does it it often doesn't register in his mind, so if his lovely partner does it, it kind of disgust and displeases him greatly.
O = Oral (do they like to give or receive? How is their skill? How do they react during receiving?)
☎️He LOVES to give oral, Billy could die between your legs and honestly, that's the way he wants to go. He also wouldn't say no to a blowjob and would get ecstatic with the offer (if he didn't ask demanded first).
☎️But sadly Billy isn't that skillful, he makes a lot of sloppy noises and purposely makes a mess, spit, your juices and possibly his cum will be splattered across your whole crotch area and thighs.
☎️He does well alright tho, it isn't anything special but the way he has his grabby boney fingers grab at your body restlessly and his tongue tasting every corner makes it up for any lack of knowledge he has. His tounge is also really long.
☎️You think he stays still when you go down on him?? Oooooh no, god you might have to tie his hands up. They would grab anything they can get, cushion, objects your hair ect, and the guy will pull and squeeze it like his live depends on it.
☎️He also will buck his hips into you and straight up face fucks you, ya need a lot of strength in your arms and hands if you want Billy to stay still. Also the noise he makes? For some it can be really hot but for other a huge turn of, he chokes on his own spit and the moans can sound really animalistic and loud. Either gag him or let everyone know you get hot and heavy with him. That is if anyone is in the house.
P = Pace (how is their thrusting? Hard, fast, deep ect)
☎️He goes FAST, like a bunny in heat, so you better be prepared to have some bruising from his violent thrusting.
☎️The thrust are also relatively hard but 0 rythm.
☎️ His dick also sometimes just slips out, it happened a few times that he also completely missed the targed and rams his dick full speed to your ass (and continues like a champ).
☎️And if your afab he probably "accidentally" buries his junk in the wrong whole.
Q = Quickie (do they like Quickies, if yes how often?)
☎️Yes god he loves them, he often uses them to get rid of extra energy or pent up emotions and there is A LOT , (just be a bit careful with the emotions, maeby talk it out (if you manage to have a reasonable conversation with this rat of a man) what he feels and why he wants to do it, safe words is also a good idea).
R = Risk (any risk their willing to do?)
☎️Fucking you in a room while the sorority sisters are right next to it, he would be so drowned in the bliss that he forgetshis anxiety, but if you are able to comfort him afterwards do it. He often slips into a bad and sometimesaggressivemanic state untreated. (Again,it's a mess if you don't want to get caught, gag the man).
S = Stamina (how long can they go? How long do they last?)
☎️Bitch can go all night, no joke he recovers fast and his hunger for you has no end. He may take small breaks in between the rough fucking, but I'm gonna tell ya his grip on you is like steel he won't let go of you.
T = Toys (any toys they like? If yes, what toys do they like on themselves and on their partner?)
☎️He think's their funny and definitely will mess around with them. Use as many as your kinky heart desires he will follow lead.
☎️On him? Great he waits eagerly on the bed almost jumping from the spot because he is so excited. He loves vibrators and nipple clamps, but collars are good too!
☎️On you? Lord have mercy on your poor soul because you didn't know what's coming for you. Honey you got a big storm coming. But please teach him how to use them and what feels good and what not or else he will stab your insides with a dildo.
U = Unfair (are they a tease? How do they react if teased?)
☎️Billy goes always straight to the point, but sometimes he teases which often happens without his intentions.
☎️The whole thing gets even worse when he goes down on you. This man has bairly any cohesive thoughts what makes you think that he can concentrate for a solid minute. While he is doing it his mind is already somewhere else, which makes him stop for a few seconds or slow down, or not giving the right spots the attention they need. So your agonizingly lay between the almost orgasmic feeling and under stimulation.
V = Volume (how loud are they? What sounds do they make?)
☎️Not necessarily LOUD but people will know what's going on (if you go down on him it's a whole other thing).
☎️The noises he normally makes is strangled / chocked up moans, groaning, giggling or straight up laughing and some mumbling that you for the most part don't fully hear.
W = Wild card (random nsfw headcanon(s))
☎️Billy has a thing for submissive and innocent people, it is more fun to see them react to his vulgar and partly extreme behavior. The way the Yelp when he gives them a rough handling or spurts out the most filthiest thing makes his blood boil. It just something of corrupting someone innocent, sweet and well mannered to something that can only be described as a human mess is making him more feral then he already is. Bonus points if they are covered in his cum and drool.
☎️If somehow you both manage to a a healthy relationship this man will go down your pants faster then the speed of light. And Billy gets quite upset if you say no to him.
☎️Likes to suprise his s/o with him wanking it in front of you in the worst time you can imagine. Ho? Your bringing in the groceries and are in a hurry because the ice cream will melt? Suprises Billy blocks the doorway and rubs his dick violently while having direct eye contact. If you manage to walk past him he will follow you around trying to put your hands on his dick, or even try's to get a blowjob out of you. If not well then his hand and your thighs or ass will do the job too!
☎️Loves to bite and suck on your neck it's also something that gets him going like nothing else, nobody know why but it does.
X = X-ray (what's going on under those clothes?)
☎️Not exactly fat, but he got something packing, around 6.5 inches in length and 5.3 inches in girth. The man is cut and got some thin veins here and there.
Y = Yearning (how high is their libido?)
☎️High, just say your into the mood from another room while having a mouth full of stuff and the man will go crashing down the attic before you finish your sentence even tho it was bairly understandable on what you sayd.
Z = Zzz (how quickly do they fall asleep?)
☎️It's always different one time he is knockout in a few seconds the other night he was awake for another 4 hours, it just depends on how much gymnastics you both needed to make and how bad his manic episode is.
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dialovers-translations · 8 months ago
Diabolik Lovers DARK FATE ー Sakamaki Prologue
Tumblr media
ー The scene starts in the classroom
Yui: ...I’m going home by car today.
Female student C: I see. Well, we might be getting some bad weather, so that is probably a wise choice.
Yui: Eh? Really?
Female student C: Yeah. They said so on the weather forecast. I’ll be heading home then. Bye bye!
Yui: See you tomorrow! Bye bye!
ー The scene shifts to the outside of Ryoutei Academy
Yui: ( Speaking of which, Ayato-kun didn’t attend classes today. )
( We both went to school together, so I wonder if he was skipping class somewhere? )
( He should know he’ll be in big trouble if Reiji-san finds out though... )
Driver: ーー My apologies for the wait.
Yui: Thank you very much.
ー She gets inside the car
Yui: I’m the first one here. That’s neーー
Ayato: Yo, Chichinashi!
Yui: Ayato-kun! I haven’t seen you around all day, where have you been?
Ayato: Aah? That’s none of your business, is it?
Yui: That’s true but...
Laito: ーー If you’re curious about Ayato-kun’s whereabouts, I spotted him over at the infirmary...Sleeping soundly with a cute expression on his face. Nfu~
Ayato: Wha...!? Cute!? Stop spoutin’ disgustin’ crap!
Laito: Eeh~? I’m complimenting you, so you should just honestly thank me.
Yui: And where did you hang out instead of attending class, Laito-kun?
Laito: Bitch-chan, you want to know my secrets? If you insist, I suppose I could tell you...
Every・single・one, okay~? (1)
Yui: No, I’ll pass.
Laito: Geez! I wish you wouldn’t turn down my offer so quickly?
Kanato: What made you think she would be curious about your secrets? I wouldn’t want to hear about those even if I was forced to.
Yui: Kanato-kun!
Laito: Kanato-kun, how cruel! You don’t have to be so mean, do you?
Kanato: Being forced to listen to something you don’t want to hear is pure torture after all...
That being said, Laito. The space next to her. That’s my seat so could you make some room?
You move away a little further too, Ayato.
Ayato: In your dreams! (2) The seat next to Chichinashi is obviously mine!
Kanato: Haah?
Shuu: ...Noisy as always. I could hear you guys’ voices all the way from outside the car...
Yui: Shuu-san...!
Laito: Oh geez~ You’re acting as if you’re the only outsider.
Shuu: I’m not picky about which seat I take after all.
I understand why you’d want to sit close to her, but making too much of a fuss proves that you’re all still kids.
Ayato: Aah!? Who are ya callin’ a kid!?
Reiji: ...Good grief. You lot are at it again?
Laito: Nfu~ Nice observation, Reiji. I can’t believe you’d guess we’re quarreling.
Reiji: This happens every day after all. How ridiculous. Do you not think it is about time you fight over a different topic for once?
Furthermore...Shuu. Could you not hog the seats all for yourself? You are in the way.
Shuu: There’s plenty to pick from right? Just take one of the other ones.
Reiji: If I sit on the opposite side, I will have no choice but to pain my eyes with the sight of you, no? Come on, make way.
Shuu: Haah, annoying...
Reiji: I am not being ‘annoying’. As the first heir to this family...
Subaru: Can’t you guys pipe the fuck down?...Geez...
Yui: Welcome back, Subaru-kun.
Subaru: Y-Yeah...
Oi, you shitheads. Move out of the way. I’m sittin’ next to her.
Kanato: Hah? You want to sit next to her as well?
Subaru: I never...! It’s not like I want to sit next to her...
I just like the way that seat feels.
Laito: Nfu~ Dare I say that’s a rather cringy excuse? Kukuku~
Subaru: Aah!?
Yui: ( Somehow seeing the guys are still the same as always makes me feel relieved. )
ー The car starts driving
Yui: ( Quite a lot has happened since I came to this house, but I’ve sort of gotten used to it over time... )
( I might just be imagining things, but I feel like the guys have become a lot kinder compared to when I first met them as well. )
( I guess feelings really do change... )
Reiji: ーー Speaking of which, did you all hear?
Ayato: What?
Reiji: Apparently there will be two transfer students coming from the campus in Great Britain.
Yui: Yes, now that you mention it, our teacher said something about that.
Subaru: Props to those guys for goin’ through the extra trouble.
Laito: Do you know something about them?
Reiji: No, not really.
Laito: Then why would you bring that up?
Reiji: It’s simple idle talk. The silence was getting on my nerves.
Yui: ...!
Kanato: That was the thunder.
Ayato: It started pourin’ as well. What a dragー
Yui: ...The sky is pitch black as well...
Shuu: I mean, it’s night-time after all, so obviously it’d be? What are you saying?
Yui: That’s true but the moon was out earlier so...
Ah, speaking of which, the lunar eclipse will be happening soon, right?
Subaru: The eclipse?
Yui: Yeah.
Reiji: Exactly. I actually wanted to give you all a warning regarding said topic.
Laito: Eh~? What is it~?
Reiji: As you should be well aware, we are not unaffected by the lunar eclipse.
Yui: Eh? Is that so?
Reiji: Well, I doubt there will be any large changes.
We might say or do some things which are out of the ordinary...As well as grow somewhat unstable.
Yui: I see...
Ayato: Oh? Are you worried, Chichinashi?
Yui: Just a little.
Shuu: ーー During last time’s lunar eclipse, the Old Man was so fussy about it, I thought I was gonna go crazy.
Laito: ...Ahー ...I just remembered. We were still living in the Demon World back then, weren’t we?
Kanato: The night is much longer over there, so it was the worst...
Ayato: I remembered. He locked us up inside the castle, didn’t he?
I wonder why that old fart was so wary of it?
Kanato: I picked up some things about that. Apparently...There is a possibility some evildoers could come and attack us...
Yui: Evildoers...?
Ayato: Yeah! You know! He means the bad guys!
Laito: Do you want us to applaud you for that answer? (3)
Reiji: Either way, please be even more cautious than usual, understood? 
Unlike the one in the Demon World, the eclipse will be over in just a few hours this time. I am sure you can at least endure it for that long?
Yui: ( Out of the ordinary...Will everything be okay? I’ve gotten a little worried. )
Laito: Nfufu...
Subaru: The fuck you chucklin’ for, Laito...? It gives me the creeps.
Laito: I figured out what’s on Bitch-chan’s mind~
Yui: Eh...?
Laito: You were wondering just now...What exactly he meant with ‘saying or doing things out of the ordinary’, no?
Yui: ...!
Laito: I figured it out by looking at your expression. You really are such a lewd girl~
Yui: Wha...!? Why does it translate to that!?
Laito: You want to experiment, don’t you? Doing all sorts of things...While we’re being toyed around with by the moon...~
I mean, it would be different from usual, right? I totally relate to you wanting to switch things up every once in a while, nfu~ 
Reiji: ...Laito. I think you’ve said enough. You are corrupting my ears.
Yui: ( The lunar eclipse, huh...? I hope it passes without anything happening. )
ー The scene shifts to the living room
Yui: It’s this late already...? I suppose I should hit the hay soon.
Reiji: Oh dear? Going to bed already?
Yui: Yes. It is starting to become a little light outside as well.
Reiji: How about a cup of tea before bed? I got my hands on this new brand of herbal tea.
I would not mind treating you to some?
Yui: Ah, I’ll gladly have some!
Reiji: Very well. Then please wait a few.
ー Reiji walks away as Ayato enters the living room
Ayato: Oh, who do we have here! Not goin’ to bed yet?
Yui: Reiji-san offered me some tea, so I’ll get some rest after I’ve finished my drink.
Ayato: Che...What’s so good ‘bout that crap which tastes of grass?
Yui: Grass...? No way, it’s delicious. 
Ayato: That’s what it tastes like to me. I’m a carnivore (4) rather than a herbivore after all! ...This stuff’s more my ‘cup of tea’. 
ー Ayato moves closer and pins her down
Yui: W-Wait, Ayato-kun! What are you...!? 
Ayato: Lemme suck you. I’m thirsty for blood right now...
*Rustle rustle*
Yui: ( ...At this rate, he’ll take my blood...! )
R-Right! Ayato-kun, did you know?
Ayato: Aah!? 
Yui: ーー S-Speaking of carnivores, I heard this rumor about a wolf being spotted in the city...
Ayato: A wolf!?
Yui: Y-Yeah. Apparently tons of people witnessed it, so the rumors are spreading like wildfire...
Ayato: Che. What bullshit are you spoutin’? You actually believe there was a wolf!?
Yui: But you know, at school...I alsoーー
Laito: Spotted~ (5)
Yui: L-Laito-kun!
Ayato: ...Laito, don’t get in my way.
Laito: Oh no no. If you want to suck Bitch-chan’s blood, you have to get my permission first.
Ayato: Why do I have to get your permission for everythin’, huh!?
Laito: Ehー? Why, you ask? Well...
Yui: Kyah!?
Laito: Because Bitch-chan belongs to me~ Right?
Say, Bitch-chan? Wasn’t this ‘wolf’ you saw wearing a hat?
Yui: Eh!? 
Laito: The Big Bad Wolf wearing a hat always has his vision locked on the cute Little Red Riding Hood, you know~?
Ayato: Keh. ‘Big Bad Wolf’, my ass! Anyway, Chichinashi. Did you seriously see a wolf?
Yui: Y-Yeah...Probably...
Laito: When? Where?
Yui: After classes today. On the rooftop at school...
Ayato: Aah? The rooftop? Hah, ridiculous. I bet you just mistook some shadow for a wolf.
Laito: Besides, that’s exactly where I was after classes today.
Reiji: ーー Why were you there after school?
Laito: ...! R-Reiji. Didn’t see you there.
Reiji: Yes. I sure am. Is that a problem for you?
Laito: Not really~?
Reiji: Good grief. With you guys, I never know what to expect the second I take my eyes off you.
You’re either trying to suck her blood, or skipping class...
Ayato: ...! H-How do you know I tried to bite her just now!? You weren’t around earlier, were you!?
Reiji: ーー It became clear as day to me the second I saw her disheveled clothes.
Yui: Eh...! Ah...
*Rustle rustle*
Reiji: You lot truly are beyond hopeless.
ーー Here you go, Yui. I’ve prepared your tea.
Yui: T-Thank you very much!
Reiji: ...Well then, regarding what you said just now...
Yui: Eh?
Reiji: Could you fill me in on the details?
Yui: You mean about the wolf?
Laito: It was just Bitch-chan’s eyes playing tricks on her, no?
Isn’t it like those people who say they can ‘sense’ ghosts after they’ve been told a place is haunted? 
Reiji: I am talking to her.
Yui: U-Uhm...
ー Yui tells him the full story
Reiji: I see.
Yui: However, I’m pretty sure I just saw a wild dog or something along those lines...
Subaru: ...What would a wild dog be doin’ up on the roof? That was a wolf.
Yui: Subaru-kun...?
Subaru: You probably don’t know, but in the Demon World, there are other demonic species who can alter their appearance into those of a snake, eagle or wolf.
We’re livin’ here too, so it wouldn’t be that far-fetched for some wolf to show up.
Yui: T-Then, a resident of the Demon World has changed into a wolf and come to this city?
Subaru: Guess so? There aren’t any wild wolves livin’ ‘round these parts, right?
Reiji: I considered that possibility for a second too, however...
Ayato: What?
Reiji: The Wolf clan living in the Demon World is extremely territorial. Well, the same could be said about the snakes too...
I simply cannot fathom they would come to the human world.
Laito: Ahー ...Now that you mention it, they really are.
I went through hell and back once after messing around with a girl on Wolf territory...
Subaru: ...Then how do you explain the wolf wanderin’ ‘round this city!?
Yui: S-Subaru-kun, calm down.
Reiji: Exactly. Do you really need to lose your temper over everything?
Ayato: Can’t we look at it this way? It’s probably not that concerned ‘bout us.
Vampires aren’t territorial after all.
Reiji: That might be the case for us, but I doubt the same can be said about them.
It is part of their natural instinct after all...
Laito: Nfu~ Then, basically you want to say that the wolf which has been sighted in the city is just a regular one?
Reiji: Or rather, there is one other possibility I can think of.
Yui: Another possibility...?
Reiji: In the Demon World, one more species going by the name of the ‘First Bloods’ exists.
They are said to be the ancestors of every species living in the Demon World.
Ayato: The fuck? That’s a first to me. Besides, I’ve never run into one of those over at the Demon World either.
Reiji: Of course not. They suffered defeat in a war against our Father and Demon Lord Burai, before being banished to a castle.
They are forbidden from leaving.
Laito: Then wouldn’t it be impossible for them to show up here in the first place?
Reiji: You are indeed right. But well, they possess the abilities of the wolf, eagle, snake and bat all at once. 
Therefore, it would be possible for them to transform into wolves as well. I simply wanted to bring it up as one possible explanation.
Subaru: Well, I don’t give a damn. Whether it’s a Wolf or a First Blood.
If they get in the way, I’m gonna crush them!
Reiji: Well, a wolf is hardly a threat to us, but I suppose it would be dangerous for a human such as yourself.
Please be careful, okay? If things take a turn for the worse, do avoid being eaten. Understood?
Yui: Y-Yes...
( Seems like there’s still many things about the Demon World I don’t know. )
( Also the rumored wolf in town...I wonder if he actually exists? Then what I saw might just be... )
( ...I don’t really know yet, but I should definitely be careful for now. )
ー The scene shifts to the classroom
Yui: ( Today’s first period is English, huh...? I should take out my textbook and notes...My homework sheet isーー )
Homeroom teacher: Oiー. Everyone, sit down. I’m going to introduce the new transfer student.
He won’t be transferring into this classroom, but I’ll at least let him introduce himself.
Shin: ...I’m Tsukinami Shin. Nice to meet y’all.
Ayato: ...That guy...
Yui: ( Ayato-kun...? )
Homeroom teacher: He only recently returned to the country after living in Great Britain, so he’ll be taking class in a special classroom for quite some time.
That being said, you’re all students of the same academy, so treat him well, okay?
Homeroom teacher: Ahー Also...If possible, I’d like for someone to show him around the campus.
Shin: Sensei, may I?
Homeroom teacher: Yes, what is it?
Shin: I would like to ask the young lady over there to give me a tour of the school.
Yui: Eh? M-Me?
Shin: Exactly. Can I count on you?
Yui: ...I don’t mind but...
Shin: We’ll see each other during the break then?
ー He leaves the classroom
Yui: ( ...Why me? )
ー The scene shifts to the hallway at school
Ayato: Oi, Chichinashi.
Yui: Ayato-kun? And Kanato-kun as well? ...What’s wrong?
Kanato: No, I simply had...somewhat of a weird hunch...
Yui: A weird hunch...?
( Could they be talking about Shin-kun? )
Ayato: You’re gonna show that dude ‘round the place now?
Yui: Yeah, that’s the plan.
Kanato: Do you truly believe you have the right to decide that?
Yui: ( I-I should have figured they’d be upset about that. )
B-But he asked me out of the blue...and the teacher also told us to be nice to him...
Ayato: ...I know that, but still.
Listen up. Be careful of that dude. ...I can’t really put it into words, but he’s givin’ me bad vibes.
Yui: Eh?
Kanato: ...I shall warn you as well. Although I believe it would be best for me to tag along.
For some reason, I feel like I want to keep my distance from him...
Yui: You too, Kanato-kun...?
( I wonder why the two of them are so wary? )
Ayato: Well, we’re ‘round as long as you stay on campus, so it should be fine.
Don’t let your guard down, ‘kay? Understood?
Yui: Y-Yeah.
Kanato: Ah...He has arrived. Well then...
ー Ayato and Kanato leave
Yui: ( ...I wonder what he meant with ‘bad vibes’? )
Shin: Hey, thanks for earlier.
Yui: Yeah. Well then, let me show you around right away...
Shin: I don’t need to see the campus. Instead, why don’t we drop by the rooftop?
Yui: Eh? The roof...? I don’t mind but...Why...?
Shin: ...I figured you might want to witness the lunar eclipse.
Yui: Aah, now that you mention it...
Shin: Also, the inside of this school really reeks (6) for some reason...
Yui: Eh?
Shin: Nothing. Let’s hurry up and go.
Yui: Yeah...
ー The two of them walk away
Shuu: ...
ー The scene shifts to the rooftop
Shin: Aah, the eclipse has begun.
Yui: You’re right...!
( The moon’s colored a bright crimson...slowly becoming chipped, amazing! )
Shin: Is this your first time witnessing one?
Yui: Yeah. It’s a first for me...How beautiful, don’t you think?
Shin: Beautiful, huh?
ー Somebody walks up to them
???: ...Shin.
Shin: Hey, Nii-san.
Yui: Eh?
Shin: Let me introduce him. This is my Nii-san, his name’s...
Carla: I’m Tsukinami Carla.
Yui: N-Nice to meet you...! My name’s Komori Yui.
( I see. Now that you mention it, when the teacher said two transfer students...He must have been talking about Shin-kun and his older brother. )
Carla: ...
Yui: ( ...That being said, he is somewhat of an intimidating individual... )
Shin: Neither of us are used to living here, so we’ll be counting on your help, okay?
Yui: Yeah...If you’re fine with me...
Carla: Shin.
Shin: Yes, Nii-san?
Carla: Take a look.
Shin: Eh?
Yui: ...Ah...!
Shuu: ...
Yui: Shuu-san?
What’s the matter? Are you perhaps here to watch the Lunar Eclipse as we...
Shuu: Haah? Does it look like that to you?
Yui: ...Right.
ー Shuu walks up to Yui
Shuu: ーー Let’s go.
Yui: Eh? M-Me?
Shuu: Yeah. Hurry up.
Yui: B-But...
Carla: I don’t mind. Go if you must.
Shin: Nii-san, are you sure?
Carla: Yes.
Yui: T-Then...See you later. Please tell me if you need anything. Now if you’d excuse me.
ー Yui leaves with Shuu
Shin: Nii-san, do you think we’ll be able to use her?
Carla: No chance.
Shin: Eh? For real? Geez. I was kind to her for nothing then...
If she won’t be of any use to us, why don’t we take her down alongside this school which stinks of Vampires...
Burning everything to the ground...Kukuku. What do you say?
Carla: While it would be impossible in her current state, if we cleanse her, she might just...
Shin: Cleansing, huh? What a drag. For one, I doubt I’ll be able to stand the stench of those Vampires.
But, if we have no other choice, guess it can’t be helped.
Carla: Get everything in order by the end of tonight. Understood?
Shin: Roger. Well, I could probably win against those Vampires while they’re weakened by the lunar eclipse using just one arm.
Carla: Do not let down your guard. That man from just now...He seemed to have caught on somewhat.
Shin: I know.
ー The scene shifts to the hallway
Yui: Wait, Shuu-san!
Shuu: ...Did those guys from earlier tell you anything?
Yui: Eh? No...nothing...
Shuu: I see.
Yui: ...What’s gotten into all of you? I feel as if you’ve been very wary of those two this whole time...
Shuu: You saw it too, right? The lunar eclipse has started.
Because of that, our intuition is off compared to usual. Reiji mentioned it yesterday as well, remember?
We may act or say things out of ordinary...And at the same time, our five senses don’t quite work as well.
Yui: ( Right...That’s why everyone is even more on guard than usual. )
I understand. I’ll be careful.
( I wonder if everything will be okay...While they’re under the eclipse’s effects? )
ー The scene shifts to inside the limousine
Yui: ( Phew, I’m glad the day passed without anything happening in the end. )
ー Ayato boards the vehicle
Ayato: Hm? It’s just you today?
Yui: Yup. Where’s everyone else?
Ayato: How should I know? Since they’re not here, I guess they’re not going home by car today?
Yui: ...
Ayato: What are you making that face for?
Yui: No. I’m just a little worried, considering the lunar eclipse has begun as well.
Ayato: Keh. I’m the only one you should be concerned about.
Driver: ーー May I start the vehicle?
Ayato: I don’t mind.
ー The car starts driving
Yui: Will everything be okay...?
Ayato: Are you that worried? You piss me off. You’re just a Chichinashi too!
Yui: I mean, you were all acting kind of off today as well...
Ayato: Che. They’re no kids, I’m sure it’ll be fiーー
ー The car suddenly comes to a halt
Yui: Kyaaah...!!
Ayato: Woah...!?
Driver: A-Ayato-sama...!!
Ayato: ...The fuck was that...!?
Driver: W...Wolves are...!!
Ayato: Aah!?
Yui: ...!
Ayato: Oi, Chichinashi...! Move closer!
Yui: Ayato-kun, what on earth is...?
Ayato: I don’t know...
Either way, don’t leave my side...!!
Yui: Y-Yeah...
Yui: ...!
Ayato: Rest assured...Chichinashi, you belong to me. No way in hell I’m handin’ you over to some wolf!
Yui: Ayato-kun...!!
ー One of the wolves breaks through the window
Ayato: Che!!
ー Ayato is attacked by the wolf while protecting Yui
Yui: Ayato-kun!!!!
Ayato: Fuck...That hurt! The fuck’s your problem!!? 
ー The wolf continues its assault
Ayato: Guh...Chichinashi, don’t you dare move from underneath me...!!
Yui: B-But...!
Ayato: Shut up...Guah...!!
Ayato: ...Guh...Uu...!!
Yui: ( Oh no, at this rate, Ayato-kun will...!! )
???: Tsk...Where did you all come from...!? Fuck off...!
ー Subaru enters the car
Subaru: What are you doin’!?
ー The wolf backs off
Yui: ...Subaru-kun...!
Subaru: Che...Things are this bad even tho Ayato was ‘round? ...Take that!!
Ayato: Che...
Yui: Ayato-kun...! Things will be okay now...! Hang in there!
Subaru: Oi. Which one of you bastards is next, huh!!?
Subaru: ...!? Makin’ a run for it...!? Wait...!!
Yui: Subaru-kun...! Wait! Please...Don’t go...!!
Subaru: Che...Fuck...
Yui: Ayato-kun is...!
Ayato: Ugh...
Subaru: He’s out cold...Did he protect you?
Yui: Yeah...!
Subaru: Che...He’s got bite wounds all over...Fuck...They were Wolves from the Demon World after all.
Oi, you. Lend me a hand for a sec. Support this shoulder...
Yui: Okay...!
Subaru: There we go. I’ll handle the rest. Let’s go. We gotta head back home asap.
Yui: ...Is Ayato-kun okay?
Subaru: Dunno. I’m not a doctor. We gotta show him to Reiji first.
ーー Oi, driver! Che...Our Familiar was beaten as well...
Yui: What are we gonna do?
Subaru: I called over my Familiar for now. We can leave things be here. Let’s go!
Yui: Okay...!
( Why were we suddenly attacked...? )
( Also, those Wolves from earlier...Where did they...? )
Tumblr media
Yui: Ayato-kun, stay strong...!
Reiji: ...His wounds are rather severe. We will have to make a visit to the Demon World to receive help from a clinic.
Kanato: Is it that bad?
Reiji: If he had been a human, this number of wounds would have resulted in an instant death. 
Yui: ...!
Laito: Ayato-kun tried to play the hero all by himself...
Reiji: We were fortunate Subaru rushed to the scene at once, if he had been even a second delayed...
His throat might have been ripped up to shreds.
Subaru: ...The fuck did those wolves want...? Is the Wolf clan trying to declare war on us!?
Shuu: ...How did you feel about the situation? You’re the only one who actually went head to head with them.
Subaru: I don’t know...I just felt like they were kinda different from the Wolves I would often spot ‘round in the Demon World...
Reiji: If I recall correctly, our Father and the King of the Wolf clan have always been been on good terms.
I find it hard to believe that they - who are so loyal to their own leader - would come and assault us.
Subaru: Then what are they!?
Shuu: First Bloods...
Laito: ...Aren’t those guys locked up in a castle at the Demon World?
Shuu: They should be. However, there’s a possibility they have managed to find an opening to leave the castle.
Reiji: Either way, let us return to the Demon World at once, Shuu.
Shuu: Yeah. Let’s go back. We need to report this to the Old Man too.
Laito: Good grief. We have to return to the Demon World during the eclipse again, huh...?
Kanato: ...We have no other choice...
Yui: Uhm, I...
Shuu: You will stay behind here.
Yui: Eh!? But...
Shuu: The Wolves attacked Ayato. Which means you aren’t their target.
Reiji: That sounds like a good idea. Furthermore, the eclipse is ongoing over at the Demon World as well.
We do not know what may happen. You are a human as well.
Yui: ( Good point...If a human such as myself goes to the Demon World, I’ll only end up slowing them down. )
( I’m worried about Ayato-kun and the others but... )
You’ll be able to come back once the lunar eclipse has ended here, right?
Laito: I’d love to, but I’m not sure?
Reiji: Depending on the wolves’ identity, we might have to end up staying at the Demon World for a while.
Yui: But, there’s an eclipse going on over at the Demon World as well, right? Isn’t it dangerous since you don’t know what may happen...?
Subaru: That’s true but the castle’s bein’ protected by our shitty father’s magic, so don’t worry.
Yui: ...
Subaru: Oh come on, don’t look so anxious. I’m hesitant to leave you all by yourself as well...
Shuu: Haah...It’s a pain but we have no other choice. Oi, let’s get going guys.
ー They start walking away
Shuu: I’m leaving the house in your care.
Yui: Yes...
Laito: It saddens me to have to leave your side...But we can’t leave Ayato-kun like this either.
Kanato: I’ll let you have my pudding, so please wait here like you’ve been told to, okay?
Reiji: Well then...Subaru, please carry Ayato.
Subaru: Haah!? Me again!? Don’t be shittin’ me!!
Yui: ( You guys... )
( Please don’t let anything happen... )
Yui: Haah...
( Everyone left for the Demon World so I’m all by myself...Somehow the manor feels even more spacious than usual... )
Yui: ...!!
( I’m a little lonely. Actually, now that I think of it, since I’m alone here now... )
( I could just run away, right? It’s not like anyone’s keeping an eye on me... )
( But...It’s not like I have anywhere to go still...Besides, is there still even a point in running still...? )
I wonder since when I’ve gotten this used to my life here...? 
( At first, I was so terribly scared. It still hurts to have my blood sucked even now...But. )
( Through getting to know everyone, it’s only still a little but...I... )
Yui: !!!
( Oh no, the wolves again...? They didn’t target me last time though... )
( Don’t tell me, they think everyone’s still here...? )
ー The scene shifts to the underground waterway
Yui: Haah...haah...!
( In this case, I should try going to the Demon World, even if I end up being a burden. )
( Who knows what will happen to me if I remain here... )
( I’m sure...He will for sure save me... )
Tumblr media
[ Choose Shuu ] [ Choose Reiji ] [ Choose Ayato ]
[ Choose Kanato ] [ Choose Laito ] [ Choose Subaru ]
Translation notes
(1) He literally just says ‘my secrets’ and pauses between each syllable of secret (ひ・め・ご・と). However, in English ‘se・crets’ doesn’t have the same effect since it’s only 2 syllables, so I changed it a little. He already mentions ‘secret’ in the previous sentence, so it doesn’t change much about the meaning of this interaction.
(2) やーなこった or ‘yaanakotta’ is a very childish and playful way to say ‘no’ or ‘don’t want to’ in Japanese. 
(3) Literally Laito asks if that is the answer they get after he puts on airs while proudly proclaiming his words. Laito often makes these low key sarcastic or snarky comments at Ayato, so I wanted the English translation to have that same feel to it. 
(4) The term 肉食 or ‘nikushoku’ may mean ‘carnivore’, in recent youth culture, it is also used as a synonym for man or woman who are very assertive when it comes to relationship and sex. Meanwhile 草食 or ‘soushoku’ is used for the exact opposite, referring to those who are hesitant to interact with the opposite sex. I don’t know if Rejet intended for it to have this hidden meaning, but I found it an interesting theory nevertheless!
(5) When Laito says ‘見ちゃった’ or ‘micchatta’ here, it can be taken two ways. Either he refers to him walking in on Ayato trying to suck Bitch-chan’s blood, or he actually finished Yui’s sentence, referring that she saw a wolf at school. 
(6) While におう or ‘niou’ could mean ‘to smell’ in general, when it is written as 臭う, it refers to a bad smell. 
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TW(Panic attacks and mental illness issues)
I’m Purely sharing what my life is right now…My mental illness just rotates. I’ll work and fix something going on in my head only for another illness to manifest. It’s just never ending. Last time was bpd episodes and now it’s panic attacks from the moment I wake up (because it literally wakes me up), to the second I go to bed. Not to mention how hard it is for me to go out in public now. It’s getting out of control but I’m not fucking letting this win. Im just so exhausted at having to deal with this everyday, I’m losing so much weight because my metabolism shoots up when panicking and also the smells and tastes of food are triggers now so I get panic attacks just trying to nourish my poor body. Even strong smells will trigger me and I have no idea why. Im a prisoner to my own head right now and am desperately looking for something to cling on just so the endless falling can stop. And then my brain tells me killing myself is probably the best solution because being dead means you can’t feel it lol. Sorry for the morbid post it’s literally what my life looks like right now. So I would appreciate if people were kind to me about this :( or even had any advice because that would be great! And this selfie is a great representation of what I feel like when unstable lol
Tumblr media
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fanfic-scribbles · 11 months ago
Captain America/ Avengers Fic Masterlist
Tumblr media
I have sorted this masterlist by main character/reader pairings, with a section at the very bottom for stories that do not involve a reader insert. Any series/one shot sections are further segmented by character(s), and stories under “Poly/Other” will have the pairings noted in with the rest of the story info. Everything is alphabetical, except for series which are listed chronologically. A slash [/] means romance while an ampersand [&] means friendship. I used a cut so hopefully it doesn’t overwhelm anybody’s dash if it shows in the tags.
I write mostly reader inserts and primarily have a lot of Steve and Bucky (sometimes just one or the other and sometimes poly), a couple stories for Sam, Natasha, and then a handful of Stucky and multi-ships that don’t involve a reader at all. There’s a lot of fluff, some angst and heavy topics, but everything with a happy/hopeful ending. For visitors I hope that helps you determine whether or not to take a peek, and for people who have been here before I hope the banners/new alphabetization help you navigate better. Click the cut to see more, and please enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes/Reader
On the Run [Complete] “On the Run [Masterlist]” – Adventure; Romance – James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes/Reader – Female Reader
Summary: Your life is fairly normal, up until Captain America shows up on your doorstep asking for help for something nobody should know about. Some things you do know are:
1) James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes is an asshole, 2) This is all his fault, and 3) You’re going to punch him in the face.
If you survive.
“Decorative” – Romance; Christmas fic – Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 1466
Summary: Bucky has a confession to make, and a deadline with which to do it. He gets beaten to the punch, but he’s not upset about it.
“Life of the Party” – Romance; Soulmate fic – Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 1510
Summary: Hiding from the latest threat to New York isn’t exactly how you wanted to meet your soulmate, but it will be a funny story to tell later. Much later.
“Smile” –  Romance – Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 3344
Summary: Bucky gives you some reasons to smile.
“Ways To Say You Care” – Romance; Fluff – Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 3106
Summary: Bucky’s been out of the dating game for a while, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his eye on someone. Courting someone is a bit different these days, but people still like ‘secret admirers’ right? He hopes you do.
Tumblr media
Sam Wilson/Reader
“Evaluation” – Romance – [established] Sam Wilson/Reader – Words: 7053
Summary: Dating Sam Wilson is amazing. But one fact remains: if you wannabe his lover, you gotta get with his friends. His friends being a resurrected national icon, a formerly brainwashed super soldier, and a bombshell master spy. This’ll be…easy.
And if it isn’t, you hope they make it quick.
“O Night” – Romance; Christmas fic – Sam Wilson/Reader – Words: 2121
Summary: Facing your loved ones when you’re having a hard time can be hard to deal with, even for someone as strong as Sam Wilson. One Christmas Eve, he takes comfort with you while he builds his strength.
“Trade Up” – Romance; Soulmate fic – Sam Wilson/Reader – Words: 1667
Summary: You always thought meeting your soulmate would be a humdrum affair, but he does what he does best and saves you.
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers/Reader [or] Steve Rogers & Reader
Full Course [Ongoing]
1. Lunch Buddy [Complete]
“Lunch Buddy [Masterlist]” – Friendship [/Eventual Romance] – Steve Rogers & Reader [leading to Steve Rogers/Reader] – Female Reader
Summary: Steve Rogers makes a friend. A prickly, generally people-averse friend, but they’ll both take what they can get.
2. Dinner Date [Ongoing]
“Dinner Date [Masterlist]” – Romance – Steve Rogers/Reader – Female Reader
Summary: Steve Rogers has a girlfriend– a prickly, generally asocial girlfriend, but they make it work. They have more in common than some people might think.
2b. Digestifs [Ongoing]
“Digestifs” – Romance – Steve Rogers/Reader – Female Reader
Summary: Steve Rogers and his girlfriend may not always know what they're doing, but they're willing to work it out. Together.
It's just more fun that way.
(Aka: where I'm going to put all the explicit scenes for my story "Dinner Date", hence why Tumblr only has excerpts. Sorry!)
Chapter One Excerpt: First Taste
Chapter Two Excerpt: M’Sir
“Dark Nights” – Romance – Steve Rogers/Reader – Words: 1314
Summary: Sharing someone’s company doesn’t mean the same thing at all times. You learn to compromise in the face of a pandemic, and look forward.
“Down, Down, Down” – Friendship; Angst; Hope – Steve Rogers & Reader – Words: 2759
Summary: On a rough night, you meet a man named Steve Rogers who just wants to help, maybe as much for himself as for you. But certain things can’t always be helped. And sometimes that’s okay.
“Dragon Princess” – Romance; Fluff – Steve Rogers/Reader – Female/Wheelchair-using Reader – Words: 2903
Summary: You don’t let anybody in easily. Steve doesn’t mind a challenge. Hopefully he also doesn’t mind getting his armor singed in the process.
“Gifts” – Romance – [established] Steve Rogers/Reader – Christmas Fic; Fluff – Words: 977
Summary: You and Steve have had a couple of Christmases together that were both ‘first’ in their own right. Now that it’s your third one, you expect a routine to form. Steve has a way of upending your expectations.
“Hand In Hand” – Romance; Fluff – [established] Steve Rogers/Reader – Words: 1719
Summary: You find that Steve has a habit of holding your hand at every opportunity. Naturally, you can’t help but try to see how far he’ll go to keep that habit.
“Hot Cold” – Friendship – Steve Rogers & Reader – Words: 566
Summary: You try to get away. Steve provides a surprising –but necessary– buffer against the cold. 
“Inebriated” – Romance – Steve Rogers/Reader – Words: 1148
Summary: Steve helps your drunk ass home, because he’s a gentleman and you’re a dope. It’s a match made in heaven. No– really.
“More Than the Sum of Our Parts” – Romance; Fluff – Steve Rogers/Reader – Female/Overweight Reader – Words: 1969
Summary: You trust Steve with your life, but not your body. Maybe it’s time for that to change.
“Safe As Houses” – Romance; Fluff – Steve Rogers/Reader – Words: 4640
Summary: You provide a safe haven for Steve when he needs it most– in more than one way.
“Small Steps” – Romance; Rescue – [established] Steve Rogers/Reader – Words: 7567
Summary: Everything is going great– you’re doing all right in life and your boyfriend, one Steve Rogers, is always a bright and shining light regardless. However on one otherwise wonderful date Steve starts acting squirrely, then disappears on you for a week. It’s worrisome but nothing you haven’t handled before.
Except then you get to find out firsthand just how unstable the Tesseract can be when a supposedly long-dead enemy of Steve’s walks into your life in a most unwelcome way. Apparently growing as a couple means you inherit some of Steve’s shitty luck.
Oh joy.
“Stockings” – Romance; Christmas Fic; Fluff – [established] Steve Rogers/Reader – Words: 587
Summary: Steve has been away for a while, and you need attention. Spoiler: you know how to get it.
“What Makes You” – Romance – Steve Rogers/Reader – Words: 508
Summary: Generally, you know what you’re getting when you’re alone with Steve. This time, he moves the goalpost.
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Reader [or] Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes & Reader
Building Bridges, Trying Not To Drown [Complete]
[** Trigger warnings at the top of each part. Please be mindful and take care of yourself **] 1. “Building Bridges, Trying Not To Drown: Foundation” – Friendship – Steve Rogers & Reader – Angst; Hope – Words: 5465
Summary: Two sad people, trying their best in different ways.
2. “Building Bridges, Trying Not To Drown: Frame” – Friendship – Steve Rogers & Reader; Bucky Barnes & Reader; minor Steve/Bucky – Angst; Hope – Words: 6231
Summary: Learning how to ask for help is hard. For everyone involved.
Marry Me [in progress]
1. "Marry Me” – Romance; Rescue – Steve Rogers/Reader; Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes; Bucky Barnes & Reader; eventual Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Reader – Female Reader – Words: 5766
Summary: You love your fiancé, but you don’t necessarily love the danger that follows him. Well…one part of it is all right, you suppose. One person specifically.
“Barking Up The Right Tree” – Romance; Soulmate Fic; Fluff – Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 1224
Summary: You can meet your soulmates in a variety of ways. Apparently, your dog is instrumental to this one.
“Broken Pieces” – Romance – Bucky Barnes/Reader to Bucky Barnes/Reader/Steve Rogers – Words: 10,603
Summary: Being broken once doesn’t mean you stay broken forever. Sometimes you just need to find another way to fix yourself.
“By the Light of Day” – Romance – Steve/Bucky/Reader – Fluff; Emotional Hurt/Comfort – Female-pronoun-ed Reader – Words: 1882
Summary: Bucky has a nightmare. You and Steve reassure him that you’re always here for him, and he won’t lose either of you.
“Convalescence” – Romance; Fluff – [established] Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 985
Summary: You’re sick. Steve and Bucky make for two very different types of caretakers.
“Crash Pad” –  Romance; Fluff – established past Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes leading into Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 7801
Summary: You’re just minding your own business when the Winter Soldier crashes into your life. Literally.
“Fir” – Romance; Fluff; Christmas – [established] Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Reader – Words: 1983
Summary: A trip to a tree lot results in a much bigger relationship milestone. Also, Bucky and Steve are idiots. It works out pretty well for everyone involved.
“Good Samaritan” – Friendship; Fluff – Bucky/Steve & Reader – Words: 4233
Summary: While in line one day at your favorite coffee shop, you notice the guy in front of you looks a little down, so you (anonymously) buy him a little treat. Who knew it would annoy him so much? …And who knew you would find that so amusing?
“Gremlins” – Romance; Fluff – [established] Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Reader – Words: 2291
Summary: Bucky’s shirts keep going missing. It isn’t a problem, per se. It’s just annoying.
“Heroic Gestures” – Romance; Rescue; Hurt/Comfort – [established] Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 2259
Summary: Bucky saves you, you save Bucky. In different ways, but still– it’s all in a day’s work for a couple of heroes.
“Icy Imitation” – Romance; Fluff – [established] Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 876
Summary: You, Bucky, and Steve have a snow day.
“Let’s Be Alone Together” – Romance – Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 9940
Summary: You get two new neighbors and the three of you become something more.
“Monster in the Bed” – Romance; Fluff – [established] Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 1299
Summary: What do you do when you have a creature in your bed that just won’t get out? You’re asking for a friend.
“One More” – Romance – Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 8877
Summary: Steve and Bucky have been happily together for a very long time. However they both have been pining after you practically since they met you…and have yet to make a move. It’s getting frustrating. So they decide– why not make a little bet, just between them, to kick their asses in gear? All either one has to do is be the first to tell you just what you mean to both of them. They’ve fought a war; they stare down evil on a regular basis and run into danger as members of the Avengers. A tiny bit of rejection? Hardly a contest. This should be easy. Should be. Should.
Spoiler: it isn’t.
“The Pumpkin King” – Romance – [established] Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 1639
Summary: Bucky takes offense to how you carve a pumpkin. Steve is mostly just happy to sit back and be the peanut gallery.
“Push” – Romance – Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 1961
Summary: Having a crush on Steve and Bucky seemed fine when it was one or the other. Having a serious crush on both of them seemed like an insurmountable problem. However they are two of the most stubborn men in history, and you just need a good push in the right direction.
“Riding A Heat Wave” – Romance; Fluff – [established] Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 1422
Summary: It’s too hot. Bucky and Steve try to…help? Yes, that’s what they call it. “Helping.” You’re not convinced, but you’re willing to let them try.
Tumblr media
Misc Poly Romances & Other Characters/Reader
Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanov/Reader
“Put A Ring On It” – Romance – [established] Natasha Romanov/Bucky Barnes/Reader – Words: 797
Summary: You find out the hard way that, even while wearing bells, two master assassins are too much for you.
Natasha Romanov/Reader
“Sweet As” – Romance; Christmas fic – Natasha Romanov/Reader – Female Reader – Words: 2218
Summary: Natasha didn’t know she would like soft things but SHIELD surprises her in a number of ways– this time, with you.
Tumblr media
Non Reader-Inserts
“Model Behavior” – Romance; Fluff – Cap!Steve Rogers/modern!Bucky Barnes [aka Shrunkyclunks] – Words: 3662
Summary: Steve collides with the most attractive man he’s ever seen, but loses him just as fast. Steve thinks he’ll never see him again but, luckily, the other man makes a living by his good looks.
“Princess America” – Romance; Fluff – Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes – Words: 698
Summary: Steve doesn’t embarrass easily. Also, he would never dare act below his station when Princess Hannah has been so gracious to invite him to a ‘Princess-Only Tea Party.’ [1/5 for the 2018 Happy Steve Bingo; “Caught In A Tea Party Wearing A Tiara”]
“Try, Try Again” – Romance; Fluff – Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes – Words: 2907
Summary: Steve tried to move on in the new age, but nothing felt quite right. Luckily, a little piece of home came back to him. [2/5 for the 2018 Happy Steve Bingo; “First Kiss”]
“Deciduous” – Romance; Fluff – Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanoff/Sharon Carter – Words: 888
Summary: Steve Rogers is well-versed in coming back. Thankfully, he’s not the only one, and they won’t let him forget it. [3/5 for the 2018 Happy Steve Bingo; “Deciduous/Falling Leaves”]
“Keeping with the Times” – [Mostly] Friendship; Humor – very brief Steve/Bucky mention – Words: 400
Summary: Tony tries to relate to Steve with his past, but Steve has had a lot more time to catch up than Stark realizes. [4/5 for the 2018 Happy Steve Bingo; “Old-Fashioned Lingo”]
“(Surprise) Hugs” – Romance – Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson/Natasha Romanoff/James “Bucky” Barnes – Words: 1383
Summary: Steve doesn’t know why all of his partners are suddenly hugging him at random intervals, but he’s certainly not going to complain about it. [5/5 for the 2018 Happy Steve Bingo; for the free space I picked “Hugs”]
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sexually-violet · 7 months ago
I answer @ditzylildyke ‘s :
50 Actually Interesting NSFW questions! 💞
(because none of y’all asked but I wanna answer these so deal with it 😤)
All credits go to OP, I just really liked these and wanted to answer them without waiting to be asked 🤧
Don’t reblog if you’re cishet or republican lmao ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1. If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would your sex toy collection look like?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just to give you an idea ;)
2. If your body was indestructible, what things would you do?
I desperately want a group of wlw to violently gangbang me 🥵 use me however, position me to your liking, and stuff my pretty holes with anything and everything until I’m passed out because I can’t take it anymore 🥺💗
3. What kinks do you like in theory, but not in practice?
Ddlg and slave/master type kinks. Like in theory I LOVE the idea of a pretty wlw owning me, but for it to go beyond just that instance in the bedroom sounds irritating to me 😭 I’m just deeply independent and hate being told what to do, and I’m also mentally unstable so I genuinely can’t see myself dedicating myself to someone like that 24/7 😔 you guys keep doing you though <3
4. What’s your favorite physical sensation?
Soft subtle touches that are barely there, especially around the neck area or down my arms/thighs 🥵🥺💘
5. Have you ever gotten off to a TV show or movie?
Not really, I don’t really watch any shows that turn me on
6. What kinks do you wish you liked more?
Slavery & Ddlg, it looks so hot in practice but I’ve honestly tried to like it but it’s so TIRING AND ANNOYING UGHHHH I hate that I don’t enjoy it sorry y’all 😭😭😭
7. Do you like candles or incense during sex? If so, what scents?
I love the idea of it, it sounds so romantic and gorgeous 🥺💘 I’m a sucker for classic smells like vanilla, rose, and other cliche fragrances
8. What would be the gender-makeup of your dream threesome?
Idc what gender identity they have tbh but I personally would only feel comfortable with people who have female presenting parts because that’s my preference and I don’t personally get off to other parts in my own sexual pleasure 😌 that said all gender identities are valid regardless of how they present or what body parts they have or don’t, I love you all and keep being awesome 💗
9. Would you want a FWB? Why or why not?
GOD YES 😩🤧 I want a fwb so bad but I haven’t been able to get one where I’m at and I suck at texting so online ones don’t go great 😔🥲
10. Do you enjoy taking/sending nudes?
Taking? Hell yeah 😌💅🏼 Sending? Ehh...
11. Would you have sex with a drag queen?
Hell yeah
12. Would you be a stripper and/or visit a strip club?
In theory I’d love to be a stripper, however the idea of having cishet men perceive me and receive joy from it ? 🤢🤮🤮 it’s different online because I just block the creepy ones, but irl I think not 😷 I’d love to visit a lesbian strip club if that’s a thing though 😌💅🏼
13. If other people weren’t an issue, what public place would you want to fuck?
My top places that come to mind are in a school/work setting where you just fuck me over a desk while I try to pay attention and not cum as you pound me 🥴 but also on like public transport and having to deal with it as you fondle me??? 🥵🥵🥵 sounds like heaven
14. What would you change about your sex life?
Well I want one for starters,, SKKDFKKDLSLS—
15. How fast do you cum? What’s your record?
I’ve never cum 😔 I usually just edge myself because when I get close I get loud and I currently still (unfortunately) live with my family that’s religious & old fashioned so they can’t have any clue what I get up to in my room 🥲😅 also I don’t own any toys because of this situation so the best I’ve got are my fingers and a hairbrush 🥴
16. Would you ever go to a Kink convention?
I’d go but Lowkey I think I’d be a little intimidated 💀💀💀
17. Do you consider yourself part of the BDSM community?
I deeply admire the bdsm community but I don’t think I’d consider myself apart of it? I’m hella kinky but what y’all get up to in there doesn’t compare to what messed up things I think of LMAO 😭😭😭
18. What’s your safeword? Have you ever used it?
Don’t have one & have never had to use one
19. Whats your favorite type of porn? (Gifs, videos, audios, animated, erotica, etc)
A little bit of everything, namely videos, gifs, and erotica 😌💅🏼💓
20. If you could have sex on any drug with no repercussions, what would it be?
This is probably my most fucked up kink but I wanna get high beyond all reason until I’m only vaguely conscious, but unable to fight or do anything for myself and then let my partner do whatever they want to me 😋💓 I’d have them record it too so I can watch myself fully aware of everything that next day ☺️💘
21. Would you fuck any of your exes?
22. Favorite after-sex food?
Don’t have one, didn’t realize this was a thing 😂
23. What’s your favorite room in the house to fuck?
The idea of getting fucked on a kitchen counter? Elite 🤤
24. What was your first kink?
R*pe kinks because before I realized I was a lesbian I didn’t think I’d ever enjoy sex with a man unless I was in pain to kinda ignore the sensation? But also specifically women who r*ped other women because I WISHED I could have sex with girls, I just didn’t know I could so I’d watch those videos where lesbian “seduce” straight girls and think I wouldn’t mind if that happened & that I could explain it off as against my will even though I secretly really enjoyed it (thank god I realized lol also sorry for the semi-tragic backstory there)
25. Do you like being scratched/scratching your partner?
I have long nails for a reason yk? 😈
26. How much pain do you like during sex?
I think on a scale of 1-10 I’d cap my pain tolerance at a 7, maybe an 8 on a really good day 😂
27. How long can you keep a sexting convo going?
If I could find someone decent to sext with I’d do it as often as I text my best friend 🥴 but people hella suck at sexting so I actually hate it 😤😭😭 either they wanna skip straight to sending nudes & put bare minimum (if that) effort into the actual conversation, or they literally never responded/only care about making themselves feel good and then fuck off once they’re done 🙄 y’all don’t deserve the privilege to sext me
28. What’s your favorite sex story to tell?
I’m a big old virgin 🤪 sorry 😭
29. On a scale of 1-10, how kinky would you say you are and why?
Definitely a 10, I get turned on easy and am always dtf 🤤💘 the second I move out this house and get to be my true kinky self, it’s over for you bitches 🤪🥴💓
30. Have you ever cried during and/or after sex?
31. Do you like to dress slutty in public?
It’s not my style 🤷🏻‍♀️ I actually dress completely different irl than you’d expect me to based on my tumblr lol
32. What’s your favorite thing to do to someone else?
Teasing 🥴💓 subtle teasing where you can’t tell if I’m just being nice or there’s something more. A little touch here, brush against you there, and it goes on and on until I’ve driven you so far up the wall you’re one smile away from snapping and railing me into next week 🤪
33. Are you into temp play, and if so, do you prefer cold or hot? (ice or candle wax, etc?)
I like the idea of temp play with ice but I think I’d be too nervous to use candle wax 😅😭
34. What would you consider taboo? And what would you say is your most taboo kink?
I still have a bit of a r*pe kink but only directed at other wlw, also important message :
I’m taking the word taboo as “messed up but still legal” because anybody who ACTUALLY gets off to r*pe, p*dophilia, inc*st, or basically any situation where one or more parties cannot consent is disgusting and you deserve the death penalty 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s one thing to have a kink & do roleplay or something with A FELLOW CONSENTING ADULT, it’s entirely a different thing to do anything with someone who legally or physically cannot and does not consent to you.
35. What’s the highest age you would sleep with?
Someone please find me a hot milf in my area 🥵🤤💓 (probably up to someone in their 40-50’s)
36. Do you like cucking? In either position?
Absolutely I do ☺️💓
37. Could you get off on your own porn/nudes?
I think I’m hot but I don’t think I can jack off to my own nudes lmao
38. Do you have any unpopular opinions about sex or kink?
Y’all need to learn the difference between a kink you can Roleplay or do with a consenting adult and what’s straight up disgusting and not only illegal, but also immoral. Also just because someone is into super vanilla sex doesn’t make them “boring” or a “prude,” and you’re no better just because you’re into some fucked up shit. People have preferences and as long as you’re not hurting anyone or breaking any laws, mind your damn business and let people enjoy what they like.
39. What’s your daily orgasm record?
Never have orgasmed but I have gone days where I’m just constantly horny and edging myself 🤤💗
40. Can you have sex when you’re sick?
Nope. Sorry I get cranky and sleepy, please do not touch me when I’m sick or I will cough on you.
41. What’s your least favorite thing about sex?
The ✨ vulnerability ✨ . Do I want you to rearrange my guts and fuck me until I pass out? Yupp. Do I want you to perceive me or any of my insecurities in any way, shape, or form? Absolutely not.
42. Do your friends know about your kinks/sex life?
43. In your opinion, what kinks are overhyped?
Slave/ddlg/dom-sub relations that go beyond the bedroom and/or home life. I think maybe I personally don’t understand the appeal, but I feel like it just sounds like a chore or hassle to have to live like that all day? Idk, it’s super popular but I don’t really get it (no hate to y’all ofc, it’s nothing against you it’s just my personal taste!!!)
44. In your opinion, what sex toys are overhyped?
Slskdjdksks maybe I’m just a coward but things like nipple weights or clamps, idk they look painful but not in a sexy way to me 😭
45. What would your dream porn/erotica consist of?
Lesbian orgy where they have me as the entertainment and use me however they want all night, passing me around to do whatever they want just for their pleasure 🤤
46. What is your favorite way to tease and/or be teased?
I can’t think of one off the bat? Sorry
47. Bra or no bra?
Bras are evil unless they’re cute and being used for pictures or sex only 😤
48. Do you like being naked during sex? What about causally?
I feel like the idea of being still dressed or half dressed during sex sounds like 1000000x more sexy to me than being naked and idk why 🥵 like damn okay, you wanted me so bad you didn’t even wait for me to take off my panties? Go off 😩😩😩 but also sleeping naked/in just panties and nothing else is awesome and I stand by that
49. What is your favorite thing to hear during sex?
I have both a praise and degradation kink so throw in a nice mix of both and I will absolutely come undone 🥴🥵
50. Answer any number that you want to!
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inseongsfoxybae · 8 months ago
For your special 100 followers event, I have just the one request. Because I just think it's already one of my best ideas ever and you are gonna make it soo much more than perfect.
So my request is with Zuho. I am mixing up the genres.
The numbers are 9, 24 and 29. Take your sweet time with it 😊
Love you loads 💕💝❣🤎💞❤🧡🖤🤍❣💖💟💝💛💙💘💕💚❤💖💟💝💟💕💜💞🤍🖤❤💞🤎💙🧡🖤💚💝❣💟💟💝❤🧡💞❣🤎💟💕💙💞💞🧡💞💙💕💝💘💙💚💛🖤💚💕❤💞💗💗💙💙🖤💜❤💚💕💘💝❤🤍💜🤍💟🧡💙🧡💞
❣ anon
Would you marry me?
Pairing: Boyfriend Zuho + Female reader; established relationship
Genre: Flull smut
Warnings: Oral (female receiving), unprotected sex (reader’s on birth control)
Words: +1,1k
Author’s message: Hey, baby! First of all, thank you so much for your support and for this sweet request. I really loved to write this and I hope you like it! Foxy kisses 😘
P.S: As english is not my mother language, it may contain misspelled. Also, sorry for any other mistakes :)
Synopsis: After months away on tour, Juho is finally back to you and promises to be with you forever.
9. Propose + 24. Romantic sex + 29. I missed you sex
Tumblr media
After four months of world tour, Juho is finally at home again. As soon as he enters your shared apartment, he can't help having his arms around you and his lips all over your body. 
Juho slowly leads both of you to your bedroom, leaving behind a trail of your clothes and underwear. His mouth attacks you hungrily but tenderly, pouring all of his love for you through his kisses. 
Now, you're lying in bed, completely naked, him hovering above your small figure as his body slightly presses your own deeper into the mattress. 
His digits are all over you, reminiscing your warm skin he misses too much. Juho deeply inhales your soft flesh, allowing himself to feel intoxicated by your sweet scent. His hot tongue travels to your neck and collarbones, kissing, licking, sucking all the sensitive spots there. 
Your hands run through his bare back, feeling the muscles tensing at the smallest touches of your fingers. Your parted lips breath heavily, moaning his name softly, letting him know how bad you have missed him and these intimate moments of yours. Your eyes closed, allowing yourself to feel every sensation of Juho onto you. 
You instinctively open your legs wide, cradling his searing body closer to yours, feeling his hard dick pressed against your dripping pussy. You gasp at the small friction and Juho gets the signal to go down on you, slowly making his way lower along your breasts and stomach, hands following on your sides, until his mouth covers your throbbing sex. 
A loud moan spontaneously leaves your throat, fingers gripping desperately the sheets under you. Juho sets a slow pace, tongue giving attention to your sensitive nub and to your desperate crevices, thrusting the deepest it can into you. 
His hands grab your hips to still them as his mouth makes magic on you, sending heated waves through your whole body, making you see stars behind your shut eyelids. When he realizes your moans get louder and your breath fails, he stops his motions and kneels between your legs. 
You whimper at the lack of stimulation and open your eyes, meeting his loving gaze towards you, lips and nose glistening with your juices. You glare down to look at his aching hard dick and your hands reach for his to pull him into you. Juho kisses you, deeply and passionately, and you can taste yourself into his mouth, growing wetter and wetter as his hot member presses itself against your slit. You buck your hips up to get any type of friction and Juho gladly grants it to you aligning his tip with your entrance and sliding in, your legs instinctively wrapping around his waist. 
He slowly bottoms out, giving you time to adjust to his big length into you. Both of you moan at the great feeling of being connected after so long, and Juho kisses you once more, grateful to be in your arms again. 
"I missed you so much", he whispers against your lips. 
"I miss you too. I missed all of this", you smile into the kiss he's giving you, his hips slowly rolling against yours. 
Juho's not going hard tonight, taking his sweet time to make love to you after months missing your skin onto his. His thrusts are soft but deep and his lips can't be disattached from yours as he calmly kisses you, swallowing your small moans. Your fingers take turns rubbing his back and running through his soft hair, eliciting tender hums from him. 
He moves so easily into you, stretches you so right, makes you feel so good. Gosh, you never want to miss him! The same works for him: he loves the way you feel around him, adores when your tiny body is under him, taking him so well and making him the happiest man in the world. Juho is sure you're the one for him, the woman he would do everything for. 
Both of your moans and heavy breaths now fill the whole room as Juho picks a faster pace, but still collected and loving. He watches your shut eyes and parted lips under him, feeling proud of being the only one allowed to make you feel this good. 
You can't help clenching around his cock as your orgasm approaches, tightening your grip on his shoulders. 
"Bae, I'm close", you breathe through moans, eyes rolling to the back of your head. 
"Me too", he groans, overwhelmed by your tightness around him, hips moving a little faster and harder now. 
"I'm coming", you suddenly moan loudly, grabbing a good portion of his hair, back arching when the knot on your stomach breaks and washes over you, screaming his name in pleasure. 
Juho rides out your high, releasing right after you with a low "fuck, Y/N" moan, his powerful hot cum painting your walls white.  
Both of your bodies shaking with post orgasm tension, unstable breaths reaching your ears, eyes still closed due to overwhelming pleasure. You feel Juho's lips pressing soft pecks on your forehead and cheeks, murmuring sweet nothings as you barely can think properly. 
"I love you so much, Y/N", he whispers against your skin, resting his head on your neck, his arms tightly hugging you. 
"I love you more, Ju", you weakly reply, reaching for his cheek to caress it. 
Juho kisses your neck and moves his head to face you, a hand pushing away some strands of your damp hair before planting a firm kiss on the sweaty space between your eyebrows. 
"I never want to lose you, my love", he says looking right into your eyes. "I want to share my life with you forever, sleep and wake up beside you everyday, have children and get old with you". 
"I want all of this too", you softly whisper, trying to hold back the tears forming in your eyes. "I want you forever, baby". 
You both smile, tears slowly running down your faces as you share a passionate kiss.  
"Would you marry me?", Juho suddenly asks when you break the kiss. 
"Ju, I think you need a ring to ask this", you laugh, playfully pushing his shoulder. 
"I know and I have it. It's on my backpack, but I don't want to let go of you to take it now", he chuckles, but you can hear the truth in his words. 
"Are you serious?", you ask with teary eyes again.
"I am. Would you marry me?", Juho assures you, a small smile creeping on his lips as he watches you nodding before him. 
"Yes!", you exclaim and pull him into a tight embrace.
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popculturebuffet · 8 months ago
Archer Review: Lo Scandalo “RIP Jessica Walter”
Tumblr media
                                   In Fondest Memory of Jessica Walter                                                                                      1941- 2021
Last week dealt the voice acting and regular acting worlds one hell of a blow as it lost a true legend. In a week already filled with the tragic deaths of George Seagal and Beverley Cleary, the world lost one Jessica Walter. Walter was an incomparable talent, having comedic timing second to none, a sharp tounge and a genunine drive. I first met her when watching Arrested Development in her career definting role, decades into said career no less, as Lucille Bluth. She’d also have other standout roles, the one that comes to mind most is Meteora Butterfly in Star Vs the Forces of Evil, where she got to show off her emotional range and geniunely tore the damn house down. 
But even with such a good performance there, to me her best and thus the one i’ve chose to go with is Mallory Archer, a role she played for 11 seasons (technically 8 but Mallory’s Dreamworld counterparts feel similar enough to count them) spinning into the unflappable, burbon soaked, acid tounge queen bitch we all know and love and also hate but can’t stop watching or quoting her anyway. She crafted to her perfect foil to John H Benjaman’s equally drunk, equal assholish swaggering Sterling and the two traded barbs like no one else. 
Picking an episode, even with having not watched 2 of the Coma seasons in full nor the latest, was not too hard: One episode stuck out both as a great mallory centric one and one of the series best and while I hadn’t watched archer in some time, this episode easily reminded me just how frigging good the series and Walter were on rewatch. So join me under the cut as I take a look at one of Archer’s, Mallory and Jessica’s finest hours and honor someone I had the highest respect for. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And Mallory has a bit of a problem she needs help with... she has a bullet riddled corpse in her apartment. Which normally isn’t a huge biggie given you know their spies, and this isn’t even the first time in-show she’s had one, and her reaction to her son being manchrian canditated to trying to kill her was to shoot him. But as Archer and Lana fine this is a russian nesting doll of “what exactly the fuck”, as said corpse is tied to a chair, in a gimp suit, and as Archer finds despite Mallory’s best effort, and delivers the news in the way only John H Benjamin could deliver, there’s something in his ass specifically a rather massive dildo. Oh and as for why Mallory didn’t just call the cops, dress up the corpse and claim self defense like Sterling wisely suggests? He’s the prime minsiter of italy. I’ve honestly heard worst versions of the Aristocrats. 
And part of what set Archer apart from most other Adult Animated shows at the time.. is what it does with this setup. Most other adult shows would’ve just had the fact a man died with a dildo up his ass in a gimp suit as the joke. That’s it. That’s not funny on it’s own. No what makes the dildo gag funny is John H Benjamin’s delivery as he finds it and Sterling and Mallory’s exchange over it afterwords. 
Archer: Mother! What is in this man's ass?!Malory (rather nonchalant): Oh please, don't act like you've never seen a "marital aid" before. Archer: Not in a dead prime minister's ass! Malory: And you don't have to keep repeating it! We've established where it is!
Archer may ocasionally indulge in an insane situation like this, but when it does.. it roots it in character. The situation on it’s own is kinda funny.. but it’s Sterling’s weird and thoroughly Sterling Archer reactions to the situation, and Mallory and Lana’s unique indigance at his shenanigans, that make this Comedy Gold. Sterling being afraid he’ll never be able to have sex again without thinking of this, or have spaghetti and meatballs.. only to realize he’s now hungry “Maybe not for spaghetti and meatballs but not NOT for spaghetti and meatballs”, leading to a runner for the whole episode of Sterling cooking spaghetti, is just the special kind of touch that made the show a classic and has allowed it to thrive through 11 seasons, two cast members passing before Jessica, three coma seasons with diffrent versions of the main cast, and the animation landscape vastly changing. At a time when most adult shows would’ve stopped at a dildo in the ass, Archer had it lead to Spagehtti. 
We also get this classic Line as Lana tries to piece together what happened. 
Lana: Especially given the circumstances leading up to his death, which were... Archer: Dildo-y. Lana: Unseemly. Archer: Eh. Potato, po-dildo
Mallory claims it was a break in, some masked thugs shot the man to death, and three bullets in the wall and one in Mallory SEEM to be proof.. at least enough for Sterling. Lana isn’t convinced.. but they’ve been roped into this already, to her annoyance, so they have to figure out an exit strategy. Lana and Sterling have the same thought (If Lana minus hip waders, it’s a whole thing): Simply use a van to sneak him out and roll him up into a rug. But they can’t use the service entrance due to the fact Mallory’s super’s door is always open and unsuprisingly given who we’re dealing with, he hates her for a rather racist incident I don’t get into but as usual for Mallory is crosses the line twice in it’s purest form.
So Archer calls for backup with the one person he knows can do the job well: Krieger. Kreiger.. is a faviorite of mine, ever since his first major moment in the series way back in season 1. 
Tumblr media
Like EVERYONE in the main cast, Lucky Yates is a goddamn treasure, and took FAR too long to be added to main cast. He manages to make Kreiger CLEARLY getting off on this hilarious, somethign that’s hard to pull off but he makes it seem effortless. Krieger being someone whose response to being called a serial killer was to empahsise that “I’m not a ... SERIAL.. killer”,  is a whiz at chunking up a dead guy for disposal. Even more so what at first seems like a normal Krieger thing, calling the rest of the cast over to their understandable horror, ends up actually being a brilliant part of his strategy: with 7 people to leave the apartment, they can take the parts and drop them off seperatly, making it impossible to identify. He also wants to arrange them in a smiley face because he’s entirely fucked up but points for effort. We also get a wonderful callback to the dildo as Krieger wants to keep it and Archer and Lana repeadtly and rightfully tell everyone they don’t wanna know. 
Archer’s spaghetti runner also ends up paying off as a cop comes, and we get probably the funniest scene of  a VERY funny episode: To cover the gang puts on various outfits from Mallory’s closet, with Lana of course ending up in the most demeaning role of maid because her coworkers are pricks and ARcher is, whlie nto as bad as his mom, still kinda racist. They throw a fancy dinner party complete with accents includong whatever the hell Cheryl’s doing, Judy Greer is also a treasure, and it’s just in general a delight. The detective finds nothing, in part because Krieger somehow hides the corpse (It’s better you don’t know).
But while this episode was already REALLY fucking good.. what asecneds it to godlike status and what got me to cover it for Jessica... is the ending. As Lana and Archer bicker, Lana rightfully lightly slapped archer a bunch for his bullshit while she was in disguise earlier, Lana, who naturally never belivied Mallory and had no reason to, finally pieces it together for an incredulous archer. A Walther of the model mallory had has 9 bullets (something Lana knows because Walthers are her weapon of choice). 5 were in The Prime Minsiter, 3 in the wall.. and one in Mallory’s arm. She set the entire thing up even CALLING Sterling (Who naturally was putting flour all over Woodhouse.. god I miss Woodhouse. ) right before shooting the asshole. 
Turns out the guy had ordered a massacre of protesters years earlier,  including one of Archer’s possible dads, so the affair was simply a way to get close to him to kill him.. eventually. Mallory admits she let it go on because.. it was fun and she wasn’t on a time table, and once the guy got too kinky for her tastes, finished him off. And Sterling makes it clear that she KNEW exactly how this would play out, down to calling the police officer who showed up herself. This is the kind of gambit they talk about in Batman College. From the second Bellsconi came over, Mallory had EVERYTHING planned out: she knew how EVERYONE would react, which given the group wer’e dealing with and how unstable they are is a tall order.. she even predicted Sterling making a meal he’d later use as cover, without making it FOR that purpose, simply because she knows her son THAT well. This is Mallory at her best and most badass: She out manuvered two trained spies, her best agents, without hardly lifting a finger or even having to put on the most convincing performance. And Walter’s deliveries during all of this are great, showing a diffrent side of herself when she prepares to murder the shit out of bellsconi, yet you couldn’t tell if she was lying or not the whole damn episode. I picked this one.. because it shows Walter and her character off at their best and even Sterling, while not wanting the full details is horrified but clearly impressed. It’s a damn good ending to a damn fine episode.
Final thoughts: As I said, it’s a damn fine episode, even better than I remebered. The setup is grossout but well done grossout, the jokes as it is for archer at it’s best come in fast and utterly hilarious, and everyone especially Walter and Yates bring thier a-game. If your missing Jessica as I did, throw this one on. It’s REALLY that good and my review was almost entirley praise instead of jokes for a reason.. well two reasons, it’s both just relaly good and I really can’t top the series own delivery. Point is I need to rewatch archer and you need to rewatch or watch this episode asap.
If you liked this review, you can comission more archer reivews via my ask box or dms at 5 bucks an episode if ther’es an episode you’d like to see me cover, you can join my patreon at, and you can simply like and follow. Until the next rainbow ... rest in peace Jessica. You certainly earned it. 
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robininthelabyrinth · a year ago
I love your story with LW and JC raising LS! Do you plan on writing more?
Delight in Misery (ao3) - part 1, part 2
“So, I have a problem,” Jiang Cheng said, bursting into the room.
Sometimes Lan Wangji wondered if Jiang Cheng had ever heard of any other way to enter a room. Through the window, perhaps, since clearly walking wasn’t seen as a valid alternative.
“Just one?” he asked, not looking up from where he was repositioning A-Yuan’s hand on the guqin.
“No, I – hey!”
A-Yuan giggled, and that made Jin Ling, currently nestled in blankets next to the guqin, giggle as well, and predictably, Jiang Cheng forgot all else in front of such adorableness, immediately crouching down to make faces at Jin Ling.
“Your problem?” Lan Wangji prompted after a few moments.
“Ah..? Oh! Yes. Remember how I got into a fight with – what’s his name, that idiot?”
Lan Wangji pointedly remained silent. Jiang Cheng got into any number of fights, given his temper, and those were only the ones he told Lan Wangji about – and he wasn’t always reliable on that score, either.
The doctor that came to visit every week was not given to gossip, as Jiang Cheng had promised, but his assistant who waited outside the door, never entering, sometimes said things.
Disturbing things, sometimes.
Lan Wangji had not yet found a way to ask Jiang Cheng if he really did capture and torture demonic cultivators to death – mostly because he didn’t know what he’d do if the answer was ‘yes’.
He knew Jiang Cheng believed that Wei Wuxian had been corrupted by demonic cultivation into something unrecognizable, that he believed it was his own fault for not having stopped him sooner, that he thought it was his responsibility to stop demonic cultivators before other innocent people suffered the way he had because of Wei Wuxian; he knew that Jiang Cheng both longed and feared any success in finding Wei Wuxian’s spirit, wanting desperately to have any hint of him again and yet terrified by the possibility that it had been Wei Wuxian, in the end, that had destroyed him utterly. There were many flaws in his thinking, but without that defense mechanism, Jiang Cheng’s psyche would collapse.
When Jiang Cheng was a little steadier, he’d bring it up, Lan Wangji promised himself. When things were a little calmer. 
“Right, right, I fight with too many to count,” Jiang Cheng said, grimacing. The expression made Jin Ling giggle again, as if it had been made to amuse him, and that lifted Jiang Cheng’s mood a little. “The one who called me a filthy cutsleeve that shouldn’t be allowed around children.”
Lan Wangji remembered. Even if Jiang Cheng hadn’t told him, A-Yuan would have: he’d been full of excitement at how Jiang Cheng had foregone even whipping the man with Zidian and just punched him full in the face with a fist full of purple sparks. And then there’d been some kicking, according to A-Yuan, and a great deal of shouting about how people who abused children were people who abused children and that being a monster had nothing at all to do with anyone’s preferences in bed.
That poor man – he might have escaped with fewer broken bones if his timing hadn’t been so bad. That confrontation had taken place just after Lan Wangji had finally confessed aloud that his feelings about Wei Wuxian were, in fact, of a romantic nature. Amusingly enough, Jiang Cheng had not guessed it – he’d spluttered and waved his hands and said really?! at least six times – which in retrospect was in line with his general level of obliviousness. After he’d finally realized Lan Wangji was serious, though, he’d responded well enough: he hadn’t said a word about cutsleeves or anything like that, not a single word. Instead, he’d immediately leapt into criticizing Lan Wangji’s poor taste in men, claiming that actually living with Wei Wuxian would have driven him mad within weeks.
He hadn’t said that Lan Wangji could do better, though. They both knew that that was impossible.
“I remember.”
“Well, all sorts of rumors got started after that – no, don’t look at me like that, I told you that I don’t care one way or another! I don’t even want a wife right now; could I even handle having a wife the way I am now, more nightmares than sleep and no ability to control my temper?”
Lan Wangji shrugged and continued to strum the guqin in a repetitive motion, demonstrating to A-Yuan. Jiang Cheng would remember to get to the point eventually.
“Anyway. Rumors. People have started – asking.”
Lan Wangji’s hands paused. “You’ve been propositioned?”
“No! Well, I mean, yes, but dealing with propositions from men is the same as from women; you just glare until they go away –”
Sometimes Lan Wangji felt certain that Jiang Cheng would never find a wife.
After all, one would have to put up with him long enough to find the tolerable parts buried deep (deep) under all the prickliness and bad temper, and that was a task fit only for the inhumanly patient.
“– and anyway, no, I meant…someone asked me for help.”
Lan Wangji finally turned his head to look at him. “Help?”
Jiang Cheng sat down next to him. “Jin Guangshan’s bastard, the new one – Mo Xuanyu. He came to me during one of the conferences recently. He’s…he’s not fit for Lanling.”
Lan Wangji frowned.
“He’s getting bullied at Koi Tower, and pretty badly, too,” Jiang Cheng said. “He gave me some examples. Nothing truly intolerable in isolation, but when you put it all together…He’s very weak. Sensitive.”
“And he approached you?”
“I know,” Jiang Cheng said, long-suffering. “What’s the point of being infamously bad-tempered if people still approach you to ask for things…? He said that he trusts me because he thinks I’m, you know, like him.”
“A cutsleeve?”
“Exactly. It’s not looked on favorably in Lanling, to say the least.” He sighed. “Sometimes I wish we were all like Qinghe. I’m pretty sure if Nie Huaisang announced that he was marrying a sentient rosebush, Chifeng-zun’s primary concern would be how good its saber skills were.”
Lan Wangji felt a similar pang. His own sect elders, at Gusu, were not especially favorable to the idea either – Lan Xichen had long ago warned him that he would need to keep his inclinations to himself and that, if he ever found a partner, it would be best if the two of them could maintain low profile, pretending as much as possible to be merely brothers or close friends.
He’d thought that had all sounded quite reasonable, right up until he met Wei Wuxian, and little by little the idea of denying the way he felt had become utterly repulsive to him.
“Anyway, I feel like I should do something? But I can’t interfere with anything in Lanling, you know that.”
Lan Wangji knew. Matters between the Jiang sect and the Jin sect remained highly precarious. Jiang Cheng’s agreement not to marry or have children had maintained the alliance between them, but there was always the looming pressure that they could one day revoke the agreement and reclaim Jin Ling – perhaps even going so far as to bar them from seeing him again.
It was one of Jiang Cheng’s many nightmares.
“I can’t not do something,” Jiang Cheng was saying, waving his hands, and that was sign enough that whatever Mo Xuanyu had told him had made an impact. Normally if something touched on Jiang Cheng’s bottom line – Lanling and its threats – he stopped thinking about it immediately. “If this isn’t stopped, it’ll only get worse and worse, and the kid’s unstable as it is…I wouldn’t be surprised if he killed himself. Maybe not immediately, maybe not for years and years, but – one day.”
The Lan sect prioritized the preservation of human life over all else.
Lan Wangji considered his options.
“But then we get back to the fact that it’s Lanling. It’d be one thing if he were a nobody, but he’s Jin Guangshan’s son – I probably wouldn’t even be able to get near him, usually –”
“Brother could.”
Jiang Cheng twisted to look at him. “What?”
“Brother could,” Lan Wangji said. “He is sworn brothers with Lianfeng-zun; he has an entry token into Lanling and is familiar with much of Koi Tower.”
Jiang Cheng blinked. “And this helps me…how? I don’t think even Zewu-jun, however kind, would make trouble over a second-hand story that’s not even objectively that bad.”
“He would believe me.”
Jiang Cheng went quiet for a moment, and there was nothing but the innocent plinking of A-Yuan’s fingers on the guqin.
“This had better not be one of your attempts at self-sacrifice,” he finally said. “I don’t want you to feel like you have to – especially for Mo Xuanyu, of all people, you don’t even know him – ”
“I am ready,” Lan Wangji said, and Jiang Cheng looked abruptly stricken. Lan Wangji didn’t understand why until he saw the way Jiang Cheng’s eyes flickered towards A-Yuan, then away, and then back again – as if he were simultaneously trying to memorize his features and also distance himself. “To speak with him only. I will not return to the Cloud Recesses at this time.”
Jiang Cheng gave a guilty start. “Really? You know you don’t have to –”
“I have decided,” Lan Wangji said simply.
Jiang Cheng rubbed his nose. “Well, good,” he said, not looking at Lan Wangji. “It’s better for A-Yuan to get a good grounding in the basics in one place before you move him around. You can always reconsider later, when he’s older.”
Lan Wangji hummed in agreement and looked back down at the guqin. “You may choose how to tell him.”
“Wait, what? Me?” Jiang Cheng asked, looking appropriately horrified by the idea. “Are you crazy? You remember that I have only the most passing familiarity with tact, right?”
“It will probably be better that way,” Lan Wangji said, and even mostly believed it. A letter would be too impersonal, a passed-along message almost certain to get garbled – he had never been eloquent in his terseness.
Jiang Cheng, however tactless, would at least be able to offer some context.
Besides, Jiang Cheng’s inevitable rant about the Lan sect’s mistreatment of Lan Wangji would likely take up several minutes, giving Lan Xichen time to recover from the shock and for his mixed emotions to settle into joy at finding Lan Wangji again. He had made his brother suffer, he knew, and he would have to explain himself and account for that – but enough time had passed, time spent here in the room where his beloved had lived, where they might have lived together if the world had been different, that Lan Wangji felt that he could do it without fear.
He was fairly sure Lan Xichen would respect his request not to share his location with the rest of the sect, and accept his refusal to return – and if he didn’t, well, possession was nine-tenths of the law. It would be very difficult for them to force him to return through anything other than emotional pressure.
A-Yuan broke a string and yelped, making Jin Ling start fussing, and Jiang Cheng immediately panicked, all other thoughts forgotten, and even as he unfolded himself to go over and make peace, Lan Wangji thought to himself that there was enough here to make resisting that pressure worthwhile.
Besides – if it came right down to it, Lan Wangji suspected he would look quite well in purple.
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ur-jinji · a year ago
hi! can i request prompt #14) A sweet reunion kiss for zuko? like its post-war and the reader visits the fire nation to visit zuko🥺 ty!
a/n: god my first ever request & it’s the cutest thing i’ve ever read,,,i’ll do my best lmao. also i get all my inspos for titles from music i like :)
Tumblr media
wish you were here
zuko x reader
The sky was a brilliant cerulean with large white blotches of clouds. You looked up to admire it, squinting your eyes. You had been traveling for days on a great ship, but to your relief, you had gotten off not long ago. You didn’t have anymore patience for the people who were aboard. But the journey was over. You had arrived at your destination, the Fire Nation Capital.
The thought of being there scared the hell out of you. Things were fine now, but you were traumatized from the war and what the Fire Nation had done to you, your friends, and the entire world. You used to completely despise the Fire Nation, but you had had a change of heart after meeting a certain angsty prince. Well you guess meeting didn’t do you over, because when you initially met, he had been actively trying to hunt down you and your friends. He also had a horrible ponytail when you first met, and you got lucky enough to pull the hell out of it when he was attacking you. The ponytail didn’t last forever, and neither did his desire to hunt down your friends, specifically the Avatar. He joined your group with better hair, but more importantly a better attitude and goal. You had been cautious and weary of his presence at first, and he knew it and took no time to try to warm up to you. A new, strange chemistry and relationship blossomed, and you and him became pretty much inseparable up until the final agnai kai against said prince and his sister, the mentally unstable princess. Shortly after the war came to an end, you returned to your home and left the Fire Nation and the angsty, newly titled Fire Lord Zuko behind. That had been a year ago. It was a long year. You had found yourself missing him more and more everyday.
You and Zuko wrote letters back and forth very frequently. In the most recent letter he had written to you, he said that he wished you were there with him. Reading that made tears stream down your face. You knew you had to see him. Your heart ached for him, and you wondered if his did too. That was the moment you decided you needed to see him.
You made your way through the Fire Nation Capital and eventually found yourself at the Royal Palace. You hadn’t been there since Zuko’s coronation. You felt a little nervous, wondering if he would still feel the same way once his golden eyes laid upon you after a year of being apart. You strolled through the palace, and ended up in the Gardens. It was as beautifully breath taking as you remembered. That was where you saw him. His back faced you, his head down looking into the waters. A mother turtle duck glided across the pond, her babies following behind. He appeared to be observing them closely. You took a deep breath.
“Zuko?” You spoke, your voice shaking slightly.
The Fire Lord’s head whipped around, his eyes landing on you. They widened, looking like he had seen a ghost. You took note of how much his hair had grown since you last saw him.
“Y/N?” Zuko said, almost asking like it was too good to be true.
Tears formed in your eyes and your heart began to tug, wanting to be closer to him. Zuko practically leapt from the edge of the pond to you. His eyes appeared just as watery as your own. He engulfed you into a tight hug that screamed he never wanted to let you go. You wrapped your arms around his neck, his head falling into the side of yours. You felt tears touch the skin, and you could feel him inhale your smell. Zuko suddenly pulled his head up and he gazed longingly at you. He searched your eyes, seemingly trying to see if you were really there.
“I-I can’t believe you’re here,” He whispered joyfully.
“I’m here, Zuko,” You whispered back, smiling at him through your tears.
Zuko abruptly leaned in, his lips landing on yours. Your eyes slid shut and you kissed him back urgently like it would be the last. It was a long, slow, and sweet kiss. It lingered for a few more moments before you pulled away unhurriedly.
“I had no clue you were coming,” Zuko said as he pulled you into another hug, his head landing back into your neck.
“I had to see you,” You replied. “I missed you too much.”
“I missed you more,” He said softly, and meaning it.
“That’s impossible,” You told him, breathing out a laugh.
“I’ve wanted nothing more than for you to be here with me. I feared we’d never see each other again,” Zuko responded, sounding rather sad.
“It’s been a very busy year for you and I. But I couldn’t go another day without you. I had to see you, Zuko,” You said, your voice just above a whisper.
“I love you with my entire heart, Y/N. Please don’t ever leave me again. I can’t take being away from you anymore. Please stay with me,” He begged you.
“Do you mean that?” You questioned.
“Of course.”
“I love you too, Zuko. I love you with every ounce of my body. I’d love to stay,” You uttered. You couldn’t imagine leaving him again for another long period of time. You just couldn’t. More tears stung your eyes.
“Then it’s settled,” He whispered happily, smiling brightly.
Zuko’s eyes fluttered shut as he leaned forward for another kiss, which you gladly accepted. His lips were warm and tasted of sweet candy. You could feel them smile against yours.
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knifeewifee · a year ago
Into the Dark Tamaki x Fem! Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: WOW this took fucking FOREVER, But I’m super proud of it! I didn’t proof read the last bit cause I’m LAZY but I hope yall like it!
This is in a  Apocalypse AU. There are no Quirks in this AU. Female Reader
TW: NSFW, Gore, Death, Violence, Some Blood, SelfHarm ish, Kinda Angsty
Tag list: @strawbirb​ @heroheads​ @caprisun-calories​ @hummusatune​ @honeytama​ @we-mentally-unstable​ @redflannel​ @engel-hageshii
Check out the others here!:
Word Count: 4.3 k ish
The irony of the situation was not lost on you. It has been over a year since the mysterious disease that spread worldwide had first come around. There was no real name for this infection other than calling those who were infected ‘Vampires’ or ‘The Dead Ones’. There’s only one real way of being infected and that's to have one of the infected’s blood mix with your own in some way or another. They always show the same feature. Sharp teeth and claws, inhuman speed, strength and the most dangerous of them all, a never ending hunger for human blood. So strong that the ‘vampires’ become bloodthirsty and violent monsters who are more than willing to tear into the throats or limbs of their loved ones to quench an almost never ending need for the crimson liquid. Once infected there was no way of turning back. Mostly because you were, in fact dead as a doornail. You can’t reverse death.
When the disease first came around the only option was to kill them. Despite their strength and speed it wasn’t so hard. They were weak to the sun and always burned in a horrific way into ash. The smell of burning flesh was so strong around that time. Another way to kill them was to take off their heads. Which wasn’t as easy. They could heal their bodies quickly and if you miss it almost guaranteed your death by the monster.
Once they were changed they were no longer the one you loved or knew. Most aren’t even sure if they remember who they were before they were changed. They attack with no remorse. So they ended the same way.
   Which is why you find your situation so.. Disheartening. You sat on the wooden crate staring at the dark haired man in front of you. Tamaki Amajiki was someone who you didn’t know well before this whole event happened. His anxiety was an ever flooding emotion that got in his way of making friends. He sat next to you in your animal science class and his shyness always made it difficult to start a conversation with the man. Despite this your heart would always flutter at the sound of his soft voice whenever he did speak. When he did speak his passion was conveyed in a way like no other. You could see it in his dark colored eyes. The sparkle in them when he talked about how he wanted to become a vet to help animals in need.
His kindness didn’t stop at animals though, he was also incredibly kind to people as well. More than willing to help others in need. Which is how you both ended up in this situation. Tamaki was chained to the brick wall. The gray metal shined dimly in the little candle light there was. You watched him softly as small whines of pain left his lips. You hated to see him this way.
   While out gathering supplies you were attacked and Tamaki protected you. Unfortunately he was badly injured from it. You don’t know how but at some point the vampire must have bled onto Tamaki, because now he’s on the floor in front of you as one of the infected. You know that you’re supposed to get rid of them. To stop the spread of this, but over the year you have spent together you had fallen deeply in love with the timid dark haired man. You couldn’t bring yourself to hurt him. So instead you chained him up in the basement of a cabin that the two of you had found way out into the forest in the mountains away from the dangerous cities.
This was a stupid thing to do, this could get you killed but the fear of death didn’t scare you. Tamaki would never hurt you. He is far too kind and caring to do that. Not on purpose anyways.
When you first met him one year ago he was timid but had a kind heart that you found to be his best trait. Over the time that you had spent with him you learned more things about him. You learned he looked up to his best friend Mirio. You learned how hard Tamaki worked. You could see the passion in his eyes, you knew no matter how much anxiety he had that Tamaki would do his best no matter what.
You thought that he’d become a great vet. That was before everything went to hell. When this mysterious disease first appeared it spread fast and took down large cities, Like Tokyo, New York and Shanghai in only a matter of days. Law enforcement and medical workers were affected first since they came to the aid of those injured and infected. Without reinforcements and medical care many people died or were unprotected. The ‘vampires; were mindless and violent. No one was sure if they could even talk or communicate in any other way other than ungodly screaming. Like the hunger they suffered was so painful they could feel it in their very souls.. If they had one anymore that is. They attack any and all without prejudice. Blood covered the streets and the inside of homes. It was clear to most that leaving the city was the best option. If only it had been that easy.
You did what most people did and packed up your car to leave. You didn’t pack much, some clothes, pictures, food and water. You knew this would last a long time and packing light was your best option. It hurt to leave some of your things, to leave precious memories behind, but at this moment, survival was what was important. You didn’t have any family or much friends for that matter. Not anymore. All of the streets leading out of the city were packed with cars as far as you could see. It seems you weren’t the only one with common sense. After an hour night fell over the streets like a suffocating blanket, you felt uneasy. Nothing was moving.. Why weren’t the cars moving?
That's when you heard it. Screaming, it wasn’t just from one person. It was from many. Young and old, men and women. All their screams echoed down the packed streets. You panicked and slid into your back seat grabbing canned food, water, a shirt and pants into a backpack and slung it over your shoulder, there was no way in hell you were gonna sit here like a pig to the slaughter. You exited your car with a machete in hand and weaved and dodged around cars keeping low. How could you have been so stupid? You put yourself in a bad position. Surrounded by people in a place you couldn’t move, you needed to get out of here.
You didn’t want to die. Not yet, you wanted to do so much.  You wanted to be so much. Though those plans are ruined now that you look back. You were disoriented by a scream. This scream wasn’t far away. In fact this scream was right behind you. You turned and saw it standing over the body of a young woman. You could hear her downing in her own blood as that thing tore into her throat with a god awful sound that you could never describe in a way that would truly express how horrid it was. No amount of horror movies could prepare you for a sound like that. One that made your stomach turn and your heart break. The glass of her car window laid on the ground, her hands gripping at it, like she was trying to look for some sort of weapon to protect herself. You could see the desperate fight in her eyes. One of someone, who wasn’t ready to die yet. Soon her body went limp. Her blood colored the street and her car like paint.
You slid behind a car and covered your mouth. You wanted to sob, scream or try to help her but you knew there was no helping her, she was gone. You steadied your breathing and looked around. Was that the only vampire here right now? Was there still hope of getting the fuck out of this situation? You couldn’t keep yourself still, you wanted to run. You wanted to get out of there. You didn’t want to be like her. Suddenly you felt something on your neck, something that both terrified you and sent your heart into despair. The smell of copper heavy on its rotting breath. You turned your head to see it staring at you with sharp golden eyes that practically glowed in the darkness that surrounds you.
It was mere inches from you, and yet your body wouldn’t move. Fear etched its way into your bones and muscles stiling you like a statue. Your eyes moved down to its fangs. It’s mouth twisted into some sort of sick grin as its clawed and disfigured hand reached out towards you. That's when the situation hit you. You need to fucking MOVE.  NOW. It was like the cement in your bones disappeared as you bolted from your hiding place. You had never moved so fast in your life your legs and lungs burned as raced around cars and people.
Just as you thought you had gotten away you feel a sharp pain in your side and your legs turn to jelly under you. Your face hits the rough asphalt hard, bits of rock digging into your hands, knees and cheek. The matchette you once held thrown out of reach. You let out a whimper of pain. Not from the fall but the burning hot pain in your side. Like someone pushed hot steel through your skin. The taste of copper filled your mouth. A string of curses leaves your lips as you desperately try to crawl away. This wasn’t how you were going to die. Not by one of those things. You were NOT going to be an unsatisfying meal to one of those vampires.
You felt something grab your leg with sharp dagger like nails digging into your ankle. You kick at it with your other leg screaming as you desperately try to fight. ‘Is this karma?’ You thought. ‘ Am I being punished for standing by while others died in front of me?’ A sob wrecked through your body as you turned clawing at the ground trying to reach for your only weapon.
“L-LEAVE HER ALONE!” the familiar erupted through the night. It felt like everything was in slow motion as you turned to see the face of the timid man who used to sit next to you in your class and the now headless vampire who had your life in it’s hands.
Before you could even react to what had just happened you were wrapped into Tamaki’s arms and lifted up. Tamaki didn’t say a word. In fact he didn't even really look at you as he ran through the cars and into the grass that separated the road and the thick forest that leads to the mountains. His breathing was uneven and panicked as he bolted past the tree line and into the dark forest.
That was how the two of you ended up together in such a fucked up situation. The two of you wandered through the forest for days until the two of you found an abandoned cabin at the base of the mountains, the thickest part of what seemed like a never ending woodland. Your wounds weren’t too bad and with the little medical knowledge Tamaki had from class he was able to patch you up. As the weeks went by the two of you became closer.  
The more you were with him the more you fell in love with him, and he also fell for you just as hard. On cold nights you’d sleep close to him with his arms wrapped around you. At the time. The small things you two did together made it seem like the world hasn’t fallen apart. Like Everything was okay.
But now. Your world was falling apart all over again. The one person you had, the last person you had in the fucked up world was now one of the vampires. The pain of this realization twisted in your chest. Being stabbed again would hurt less than to watch your love cry out and whimper on the floor, begging for something to eat. But you knew it wasn't food he wanted. Unfortunately the blood of animals didn’t work. Instead it only made him sick and hurt him more. You want to stop his pain. You want to ease his hunger. There was only one way to do that.
You pulled out a pocket knife from your jacket pocket. You pulled off your jacket and tossed it on the cold cement floor. Tamaki looked up at you from the floor, his reddened eyes scanning your form. “W- … What are you doing?” His vision is blurred from pain filled tears but he could clearly see the gleam of the pocket in the dim candle light. He knew exactly what you were going to do. He didn’t want that. Tamaki shifted from his laid down position and tried to move towards you. “S-Stop don’t do that!” The chains pull tightly, stopping him from moving closer.
“Tamaki.. You’re in so much pain. I just want to help you.” You look at him softly as you open the pocket knife and put the blade to your wrist. “I can give you some of my blood. Animal blood is only hurting you more, it makes you sick!”
Tamaki pulls at the metal confindments roughly. The thought of you hurting yourself for him made his chest burn in despair. This was his fault. He got infected and now you’re suffering for his mistakes. “I’m infected. I’m already sick. Don’t … Don’t hurt yourself for me, bunny” He looks at you with sadden eyes as he watches you intently. It made him feel sick that part of him wanted it, that he could smell your scent no matter how far away you were. A sickly sweet smell of burning sugar or incense. One that he craves to always have near him. It only made him hunger for your blood more. To be buried in your scent and devour you whole.
His heart sank as he saw beads of crimson blood slide down your perfect skin. You slowly make your way towards Tamaki with your arm outstretched. “Tamaki Please.” the crack in your voice spoke volumes about how you felt. This is your fault. You wanted to help him, he was in pain because you lost focus, because you didn’t check your surroundings. You had your head in the clouds and forgot what kind of world you live in now.
“Just drink it, Tama.”  Tamaki looked away from you and moved back. “N-no. I can’t. I don't want this..” He swiftly turns away and leans his head on the wall behind him. He wraps his arms around himself like if he didn’t he’d fall apart right there. You wrap your arms around him and lean your head against his back. You felt his body tense under your arms. At this point it didn’t matter to you that he may be dangerous. This is Tamaki. A man you loved more than anything, whose kindness knew no boundaries.  Nothing would change that, here he is, in an unbearable kind of pain you’d never understand. A never ending hunger you'll never feel, but he still refuses. He’s different. He isn’t like anyone else. He may be a ‘vampire’ now but he’s still the gentle man, with the same soft eyes and caring hands.
“I’m sorry, Tama. This is all my fault. You’re like this because of me.. I just wanted to help you.”  Tamaki starts to shake a small groan escaping his lips. “I-I .. You need to move away from me...”
“No.” You rub your face into his shoulder, trying to fight off the tears. “I’m not going anywher-”  your words are cut short by a sudden and swift movement from Tamaki pushing you into the freezing brick wall. You never saw Tamaki as being particularly big. He always slouched into himself making him seem much smaller than what he really was. But in this moment he loomed over you, his dark eyes almost shining red in the soft yellow light. You’d be lying if a small bit of fear didn’t grip you in its paralyzing claws.
Tamaki grabbed your hand, the blood from the cut you made earlier smeared across your arm and hand. His thumb moved carefully over the red and raised skin. He never breaks his gaze from your arm as he brings it closer to his trembling lips.  Tamaki didn’t want this. He needed this. Overwhelming guilt flooded him as his pale lips pressed against the fresh cut. He couldn’t hold back any longer, the smell of copper and your overstimulating scent made his head spin.  
You bring your other arm up and run your fingers gently through his indigo locks. Your face twists slightly with pain as Tamaki’s tongue runs across your self made injury. The crimson honey sliding along this tongue and down throat. It was almost intoxicating, it was addicting. He wanted more. The normally reserved man pressed into you his grip on your arm tightens as he locks his lips around the source of his pleasure. He slides his knee in between your legs, a soft groan radiating from deep in this throat.
“Tama-.. ki?” A heat rushes to your cheeks as soon as you see the look in his eyes. Not the same look he used to have. He has a much darker expression now as his lips release from your wrist and he pressed his forehead to yours. The smell of the rouge liquid heavy on his breath as he leans in closer to your lips. His hands move down to your hips and pulled you flush against his growing bludge. You gasp slightly as his lips lock with yours in a needy and sloppy kiss.
Tamaki bites your bottom lip asking for entrance that you gladly gave him. He slid his tongue into your mouth and the taste of your own blood filled your mouth. There were so many things running through your head at the moment. Should you even be doing this? Was this okay?
You grab onto Tamaki’s shirt to tug him closer to you. The heat of the kiss was leaving you breathless, your mind was reeling from lack of air and the pang of need that radiated from in between your legs. You’ve never done something like this with Tamaki. You’ve never really kissed him before, because he’s always become far too nervous and would hide away. Now here he is taking your breath away in a way you never thought he could. Or would do.
The way Tamaki’s scorching hot tongue explored your mouth made your heart feel like it was going to explode. You wanted to melt into his arms and stay like this for ever. But the moment was cut short when Tamaki pulled away heavily panting, a string of saliva connecting your lips. You almost forgot you hadn’t been breathing, “Tama..”
“I want more..”  His lips brush across your neck making your heart leap into your throat. A small whine forms at the back of his throat as he nips gently at your neck. His hands slip under your shirt as he kisses and sucks on your neck leaving small hickies as he works his way to your collarbone.
“I… I want more of you”  Tamaki lets out a shaky breath as his fingers make their way to your unprotected plush breasts. You let out a sigh as he pulls your shirt over your head and tosses it to the floor. The cold air of the stale room brushed over your now exposed skin. His sharp eyes trace over every line and curse of your body committing it to memory. A red blush dusted across his face and to his pointed ears as he looks up towards your equally flustered expression.
He looks back towards your breasts cupping one into his hand and taking your sensitive bud into his searing mouth. His sharp fangs drags gently over your skin as he sucks and licks your nipple. His fingertips run gently over your sides causing you to moan his name softly. The sound of your voice only makes his erection that much more unbearable for him. He bites down softly and a small sharp pain fills your breast. The metallic taste of blood ran over his tongue once more as he runs it across the newly made mark. A twinge of guilt setting in this stomach at the small whimper that radiates from your throat. He pulls away slightly, only to have your fingers run through his long soft locks.
“Tamaki.. Do whatever you want with me, I’m yours..”  You lean down and place a gentle kiss on his lips, that quickly turns heated once again as his worry and guilt dissipates and is replaced with lust. His hand slides over your bare soft stomach towards the hem of your pants. He quickly unbuttons them and slides his fingers into your panties brushing his fingers against your silky wet folds.
A shiver runs up your spin as you feel Tamaki’s warm breath against your throat. “You're so wet and warm..” his words dance across your skin as he nips at your pulse point gently. A low grow reverberates from his chest as he slowly rubs circles with his calloused finger over your engorged clit. Your delicate hands quickly cling on to Tamaki’s shirt. A needy moan fills the room. You hips moved on their own begging for more stimulation against his hand. You almost felt embarrassed grinding against his finger like a bitch in heat, but you’ve wanted this for so long. You want Tamaki. You didn’t care about anything else at this moment.
“You’re so pretty like this.. You’re so beautiful. “ Tamaki begins to rub against your greedy clit faster. “Cum for me, bunny. Please” His lips latch into your collarbone kissing and suck eagerly leaving his mark. Your cries of pleasure become stuck in your throat and all you can let out are choked out whines and praise as the coil in your stomach begins to tighten rapidly. You pussy empty pussy clenching around nothing. You wanted him so badly. The feeling of euphoria washes over your quacking body as your orgasm washes over you. You bury your face into Tamaki unable to hold yourself up anymore as his fingers continue their assault against your now overstimulated clit.
“Tamaki, Please. I want you so bad.” With your words Tamaki helped you pull off your remaining clothes. He unbuckles his pants and pulls his cock out. It was much thicker than you thought it would be. A small bit of panic runs through you as you begin to wonder if that would fit in you. You push the thoughts to the side as you run your fingers over his hot shaft. He pushes you back into the wall pulling you around his hips, his hands cup around your ass holding you up. The cold metal of his chains press into your skin causing a chill to run through your body. You wrap your arms around his neck looking for any kind of support. The feeling of his precum covered tip running over your entrance set your body on fire.
His names fell from your lips to implore him to take you. To finally make you, his. His sensitive tip presses into your cut without much resistance, inch by inch his member stretches your wall. His fingers dig into the flesh of your ass as he bottoms out inside you. A loud moan rips through his throat as the taut ring of your entrance squeezes around him.
Before you could become used to the size of him inside you his hips began to move. Your legs wrap securely around his lower back as you cry his name with each needy thrust. His thrusts are irregular and fast slamming into you without thought. His lips find yours in a passionate and burning kiss. His moans fill your mouth as his hips snap into yours. The feeling of his cock rubbing against your tight walls made your head spin. You hadn’t noticed the look in his eyes as he kissed your jaw and down towards your throat once again.
A scorching pain fills your body as Tamaki’s fangs skin into the soft skin of your neck. A small string of sorrys leaves him as he laps up the small river of crimson honey. He sucks your blood desperately as his pace picks up and becomes much harder. The pain in your neck and pussy sends you over the edge again as your body is once again hit with another orgasm. Your nails dig into Tamaki’s shoulder as you press your head into the stone wall.
The head of his cock kisses the entrance of your cervix and his sloppy movements become slower. You could feel his cock twitch inside you. A loud groan radiates from the back of his throat as his cock spits ropes of cum into your pussy, filling you up. A hiss of release bruisers across your neck as he kisses the bite mark on your neck in apology.
“I’m sorry… Did I-I hurt you?” he slowly lets you down as his knees finally buckle underneath him. He wraps his sinewy arms around your waist and lays his head in your shoulder. Taking in your sweet scent. You shake your head and run your hands down his back.
“No.. You didn’t” The two of you stay like that on the floor for a while. You didn’t mind this.. You didn’t mind that he was no longer human. If this was the life you were meant to have them so be it. You’ll gladly go into the dark with him. Tamaki is different from the rest. You love him and he loves you.
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amysteriousmessenger · 10 months ago
I love reading your headcanons so much!!!
May I request: rfa with an mc who likes musicals?
anon, if you like any gothic musicals please look into Elisabeth Das Musical! It’s so good, genuinely on the same level as phantom of the opera <3 I’m also throwing V and Saeran in here for my own enjoyment because he dressed as The Phantom for Halloween~ I hope you enjoy!!
Yoosung Kim with an MC who loves musicals Headcanons
Yoosung hadn’t really taken any interest in musicals before meeting you, aside from vaguely knowing what Zen’s job is like and how much he has to work out. He always takes the opportunity to avoid doing his class work, however, so would be more than willing to watch a couple of them with you! 
He ends up enjoying upbeat musicals and is particularly fond of Hairspray and Hamilton! Yoosung absolutely has a new appreciation for Zen’s work and is so happy to have something else that he can share with you. 
He’s just a student, so he can’t afford extravagant gifts like tickets but he’ll try to get you merch items for your birthday or anniversary such as little posters and badges.
If you’re ever having a bad day, Yoosung will make an extra effort to put on one of your favourite musicals and cook an Omurice with extra love for you. He’ll get under the blanket and cuddle you to make you feel better. 
Zen/Hyun Ryu with an MC who loves musicals Headcanons 
My god, you’re his dream. He won’t have to worry about you thinking his career choice is unstable or pointless because you get it, you understand the appeal and love for musical theatre and the power it can have as an art form.
He’ll make sure you get the best tickets to his performance, and backstage passes to meet any of his co-stars if you’re a fan of their previous works. He doesn’t mind introducing you to them, as long as he’s still your favourite performer afterwards.
You get first dibs when the merch stall opens, and he’ll even try his best to get you any crew-only merch such as T-shirts or hoodies.
Your Friday nights together are spent on the sofa, watching various musicals and discussing them with Zen and how good he would be in the lead role. As well as singing along. There is a lot of singing involved. They aren’t always musicals that he’s been in because he likes to look around and enjoy different shows, but you can guarantee you will be watching a lot of his own DVDs.
He’ll ask you to help him with his lines, which is something you’d both enjoy, and you’re caught frequently duetting various songs with him. He gets really into it, sweeping you off your feet and into a dip. 
He gets extra soft when he hears you singing one of the love songs he’s performed in the shower and will do something embarrassing like singing the other half of the duet with you through the bathroom door.
Jaehee Kang with an MC who loves musicals Headcanons
Like Zen, Jaehee truly thinks she hit the Jackpot with you. She’s so happy to have a partner equally excited over musical theatre as it’s her main interest and form of escapism. 
The majority of your time spend unwinding together would be with one of Zen’s musicals on the TV. Jaehee is also interested in musicals from other countries, because then the both of you can talk about how well Zen would perform as certain characters, or how great his voice would sound singing a particular song. 
The absolute intensity when it comes to Ticket drops cannot be overstated, you’re both sitting there with a laptop and phone each- ready for the counter to drop and you’re each logging in. Jaehee’s more experienced so she goes for the seats you Want and you go for the seats you’ll settle for assuming that Jaehee didn’t get the priority ones in time. 
There aren’t dramatic duets or anything like that because Jaehee isn’t a loud person, but she enjoys quietly singing to herself and having you come up behind her, holding her waist and singing with her.
Jumin Han with an MC who loves musicals Headcanons
Jumin has never really seen the appeal of musical theatre, and any interested that he had in it was entirely dowsed by his annoyance for Zen. He prefers more ‘refined’ forms of live performance so it would take a few attempts before he’s willing to watch a DVD with you. 
He doesn’t mind it as much as he initially thought, but he’s not a fan of the more bawdy shows. He prefers melancholic stories with ballads such as Les Misérables. He’s much more interested in you enjoying yourself and him getting to enjoy your company and seeing you happy.
He’d gift you Priority VIP package seating with a Meet and Greet whenever there was a new show touring that you wanted to see: much to Zen’s annoyance that Jumin can just buy anything he wants with money, and then Jumin reminding him that Zen wouldn’t have a job if people didn’t pay to watch actors perform.
He’s a little bit jealous that you have something you can talk to Zen about more than him, so he definitely tries to apply himself more to the shows you’re the most interested in so he can talk to you about it and not feel upstaged.
Bonus: he was initially intrigued about CATS the musical because he thought maybe it would be actual cats, and then was promptly horrified by what he saw.
Saeyoung Choi with an MC who loves musicals Headcanons 
Little known fact but Seven does actually enjoy musicals. He doesn’t really have a lot of time to watch things like that, but when you want him to spend time with you and pick one he does he’ll always put a stupid one on. His favourite? Shrek the musical.
He definitely prefers the comedic shows, but if you want to watch something sad then he’s fine with watching that to since he’ll be glancing at you for the most part anyway. He likes watching you enjoy the things you’re passionate about.
Besides, if he can sense a sad part coming up or notices that your lip has started to tremble, he’ll do a big, dramatic but supposedly nonchalant yawn and wrap his arm around your shoulders.
This man absolutely belts out all the songs that he likes, and will also frequently pull you in to duet with him, whether you’re busy or not. he’s also someone that definitely sings to himself in the shower, but has no shame about it, so will just sing Candy Store from Heathers at the top of his lungs. 
[GOOD ENDING] Saeran Choi with an MC who loves musicals Headcanons 
Saeran had never seen a musical before, the closest thing he’s seen are holiday choirs at the cathedral, but he’s very looking forward to experiencing something new and getting to share in one of your precious hobbies. 
You decide to watch Phantom of the Opera together, since it was one of your favourites and a very popular one, so something good to start with. It was also very visually pretty to look at, so you thought Saeran would enjoy it. Which he does! So far, his favourite songs are ‘Think of Me’ and ‘Music of the Night’.
He tells you with a smile that Ray is enjoying himself, even if he is crying for The Phantom. Saeran eyes also water slightly towards the end of the Final Lair scene, so you cuddle a bit closer to him.
Saeran really starts enjoying musicals, and you catch him humming a few songs to various ones he likes whilst he’s cooking or tending to the garden.
He’s not really a fan of big Broadway ones, much preferring ones with softer music that are less in-your-face. He wouldn’t mind going to see a musical in person in the future, if there are any you particularly want to watch or if Zen wants people to come to see his performance. 
Jihyun Kim/V with an MC who loves musicals Headcanons
V has a lot of connections in the Art world, and people who feel indebted to him, so he would be able to get you early access to tickets as a gift. He’s so happy that you’re sharing another piece of yourself with him, so he will treat it with upmost respect.
He enjoys musicals, but like Jumin, he doesn’t particularly care for bawdy or overly dramatic ones. He is, however, fond of the ones that Zen’s in from when he used to watch them with Rika. So whilst he’s tentative to watch them again, he wants to replace the negative connotations with ones made entirely of you. 
He prefers older shows, since the more modern Broadway and West End ones are a little too much for his taste, but he’ll watch any that you want him to. He appreciates the artistry behind every performance and he feels as though he understands Zen a little bit better again, and he’s thankful for it.
If he hasn’t opted for his eye surgery, he’d prefer a seat close enough that he can still more or less make out what is happening on stage but V can enjoy the music and the atmosphere regardless.
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James Potter blurb #1
The party started off relatively calm and normal. Sirius had found a girl to ‘talk with’ and disappeared into a dark corner. Remus had a drink in hand and was watching over Peter as he drank and attempted to dance along with the music. And you were watching James as he laughed with the rest of the Quidditch team.
What wasn’t normal was the fact that Lily Evans was also watching James from across the room. Neither was the gross feeling in your chest as you glanced between her and your best friend. Sure, it was common for girls to be watching James. I mean how could they not when he looked like…. Well, when he looked like him. It had never bothered you before. But it had also not been Lily freaking Evans doing the staring before.
You sighed and turned back to the drink table behind you. Maybe another drink would suppress these terrible feelings. Not really caring what was in it, you grabbed a red cup and downed the contents in one gulp. It burned like hell and tasted horrid and you were ready to throw it all up right then and there. It also made your head spin like crazy and suddenly everything seemed bright and swirly, making you forget what had made your heart sink in your chest. Whatever it was, you wanted more.
Soon one drink turned into two, two into three, and then everything was spinning and you were giggling at every word spoken around you. James noticed this from his spot with his friends and he was growing increasingly worried. Just as he was about to get up and stop you from climbing onto one of the tables, a certain redhead pushed her way in front of him.
“H-hi Lily.”
“James,” she smiled up at him.
“How… How are you?”
“Im wonderful, it really is a great party isn’t it?”
“Yeah yeah,” he nodded not missing the way she placed her hand on his arm. He also didn’t miss the way you had jumped onto the table to start messily dancing. Looking back down at Lily, James muttered a quick ‘excuse me’ before pushing his way towards you.
The music was very loud and the table under you felt extremely unstable, but that didn’t really matter in your drunken state. You just kept swaying and swaying until you felt someone’s arms wrap around your waist and tug you down from your makeshift stage. You were about to start yelling at your ‘attacker’ when you saw a familiar set of green eyes staring down at you. “What do you think you’re doing little missy,” James smiled down at you.
“I was dancing Jamesie, did ya like it?”
“Mhm I did, but I think it’s time to get you to bed.”
“Nooooooo im having fun,” you whined.
“Sorry love, but you’ll thank me later,” he said, already tugging you up the stairs towards your dorm.
You stumbled along after him, humming the song from downstairs under your breath. You didn’t even notice you were in your dorm until James was gently pushing you onto your bed and helping you out of your shoes. Looking down, you noticed how handsome he looked tonight. Sure, his hair was a mess and his glasses we crooked like always. But his eyes were bright with excitement and his shirt was slightly undone and god you just really wanted to kiss him. Like really really wanted to kiss him. You wondered if his lips were soft. They were probably really soft. And maybe you would run your fingers through his hair and…
James finished tugging off your shoes and looked up at you. And then you snapped. Grabbing his loose tie you pulled him forward and messily smashes your lips onto his. It was quick and only lasted a few seconds but it was enough for you. You pulled away and flopped back, passing out immediately. James knelt at the side of your bed for a good 2 minutes before he brought his hand up to his lips with a small laugh.
That would be a hell of a story for tomorrow morning.
Hey! This was my first time writing in a while so it may not be the best. But if you liked, please send in a request! I have a list of fandoms on my page but I'm really into the Marauder right now. Have a wonderful day!
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agentsoftie · a year ago
“I Love You” ( S.R )
summary: you get kidnapped and tortured but luckily the team find you fast enough. you act like everything’s fine but spencer doesn’t believe it so he takes care of you. when he does this you both share some things
a/n: the title is like a quote from everyone and everything that has said it! yes, i did just think of that. also the first part of this might be triggering so, trigger warning! oh and thanks @thestrawberrygirl for helping me with the end!!
warnings: trigger warning: blood, cuts, mention of death : angst : fluffy end though because i like to make y/n’s life always have a fairytale ending
pairing: spencer reid x reader
tagging: @criminalmindsmoodrn, @marshmallowtraver, and @ghostly-angelic
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Tumblr media
It’s been 21 hours. 21 hours since you got captured. Or at least that’s what the clock said. All you remember before blacking out was going out in the field. Everyone was split into pairs but you were the only one alone. You remember going out into a pitch-black alleyway. I guess that’s what you expect from going into one at night as a woman right.
You looked down to find cuts and blood all over you. You could still feel the pain but at this point, you had given up on any promise of your team finding you again. You just accepted your faith and tried not to entertain the guy that was holding you captive. You couldn’t get up because your ribs we’re broken, or at least that would explain the tremendous amounts of pain you felt when you tried to get up the first couple of times. You could feel that there was blood on your face, but what was the point of cleaning up. No one was gonna see you alive, except him.
“CLAUDE IRAY!!” You hear someone yell. You’re pretty sure it was Derek but at this point, this could all be a hallucination.
“Yes?” You hear him say smugly. You couldn’t tell where he was, but he was somewhere.
“You’re under arrest for the murder of 5 women, now where is Y/N Y/L/N!!” Derek said while cuffing him. Claude just remained silent.
“Y/N!! Y/N!!” You hear Spencer yell.
“In here!” You say after mustering up the energy to speak.
“Oh my god!” He says as he sees you. You couldn’t really see him. All you saw was his messy fluffy hair. You love that hair. He runs over to you and puts your head on his lap. He finds your pulse which is barely still there. He grabs your hand as you start to close your eyes. “Stay with me, come on you can do that. Just keep your eyes open for me. Come on,”
You didn’t quite finish hearing what he said because it was too late. Your eyes were closed, and you were fine with it. You had known something like this would possibly happen when you signed up for the academy so there was no arguing. The best you could do was try not to get blood on his shirt, which you miserably failed at.
“Y/N? Y/N come on. Y/N please,” All you felt was a tear on your face before blacking out.
“Reid, it’s been 3 days, you need to go home and get some sleep.” You faintly hear someone say.
“Hotch, no. I can’t leave her. She needs someone.”
“She has someone. Garcia, JJ, and Blake are outside right now and Morgan and Rossi are on their way here. But the difference is that they actually got sleep last night, and you should too. In your own bed, at home.”
“But sir,” Before he could say anything you moved your hand in a visible way and opened your eyes only to close them because of the blinding lights that were shining down. They both turned to look at you and just stared.
“Well hello to the both of you too,” You mummer while trying to sit up a little. “I uh, where am I?”
“Um, the hospital,” Spencer says.
“Oh, okay. Chill,” You say while your eyes still process all the light. 3 women entered the room, they were pretty blurry so you could barely tell who they were. “Oh my god, baby are you okay?” You see the one on the right say.
“Yeah, or think at least.”
One of them came quickly to your side and hed your hand, that was Blake. “Don’t you ever do anything like that again. You had us all worried sick,”
“Okay mom,” You say jokingly, but everyone else doesn’t seem to find it funny.
“We’re serious hun. We were all terrified of what could have happened to you.” Now that was JJ. She just had her ‘disappointed for no reason but seriously worried’ mom voice going on.
“Oh, you’re awake, finally,” Rossi says while he walks through the door with Derek following him. Derek didn’t say anything, he just came next to you and patted your shoulders with the ‘I’m glad you’re okay kid’ look.
“Yes yes I am awake and well, or at least I think. What ever happened to me? And what happened to him?” You say now fully awake.
“You were unconscious and unstable. Luckily Reid found you in time, or else you probably wouldn’t be here right now. And as for Iray, he’s in jail for now, but you will need to testify.” Hotch says in his normal stern voice. It was like nothing changed, but you and everyone else knew that they had a big time.
“So how damaged am I?” You say just as the doctor walks in.
“I can help you with that. I’m Dr.Stevens and its nice to see that you’re up. You have a mild concussion, a few broken ribs, and some physical therapy.” She says while checking your BP. “How long will I be here?” You ask wanting to get out of this shit hole. “Um, about 3 or 4 days. Although when you do get home you’re gonna want to have someone there, so do you have anyone that could help?
Before you could say anything Spencer answered. “She’s staying with me.” You didn’t want to argue with him because you didn’t have any relatives that could take care of you, and you felt safe in his company. Plus, he looked like he hadn’t gotten any sleep and you did not want to mess with ‘no sleep Spencer’ it was like a death sentence.
“Okay, great!” Is all she said before walking out.
“Spencer are you sure about this?” You ask while you get changed.
“Yes, Y/N. I am sure. Now come on, hurry up.”
“So, you’re just gonna drop me off at my place right,” You ask when opening the curtain.
“No. You are gonna stay with me, at my place.”
“No ‘buts’ come on, you need someone.”
“I know I know I just don’t want to be a burden.”
“Well, if it makes you feel any better, you’re not. Now come one, let’s get checked out.”
The car ride home was silent, but it was a comforting silence. A silence you needed after the disaster of a week you had. Spencer’s apartment was about half an hour away from the hospital, but yours was only 20 so you were confused as of stopping. “Wait, if I’m staying at your place then don’t I need clothes?”
“Yeah, Blake went and got some?”
“She has my key? Huh?”
“Yeah, you gave it to her the other day. You probably don’t remember though.” He says while laughing very lightly. There was the Spencer you knew. The Spencer you love. The Spencer you would do anything for. But, you couldn’t have him. Maeve was the only one he had ever loved and knowing him, he’s probably still grieving.
“Okay, here we are,” He says while pulling up to a semi-empty parking lot. He got out first, but being the kind gentleman he is he helped you out. Luckily you didn’t have any bags or luggage to carry with you so it wasn’t that hard to get to his place but you were still sore as hell so the ride up the elevator was a little painful. Spencer had noticed and asked if you were okay, but all you said was everything’s fine, and that he shouldn’t worry. He knew better though so the minute you walked in the apartment he went in the kitchen.
“Spencer, what are you doing?” You say sitting down.
“Here, drink this. I used to make this for my mom whenever she got a headache.” He says handing you a drink.
“But I don’t have a headache,”
“Just drink it, trust me.” So you did exactly what he said and drank it. You couldn’t tell if it was tea or coffee. It had a peppermint taste and smell though so you were very confused and he noticed. “Its uh, peppermint tea. Does it taste good?” You simply responded with a nod. “Well, um we should probably go to sleep now,” He says while looking outside.
“I can just sleep here on the couch or something, it’s no big deal,” You say halfway finished with the tea.
“I can’t just let you sleep on the couch. what if you get hurt?”
“And how would that happen?”
“I don’t know but what if? Come on how about you sleep in my bed and I’ll sleep here. On the couch,”
“Spencer, I can’t just take your own bed from you in your own house. That’s just plain rude.”
“Fine then sleep with me. Oh, wait, I didn’t mean that,” He says fumbling over his words. You loved it when he did this, it gave him a more human side. “I mean, you and I can sleep in the same bed. It’s a win-win for both of us. You know, like I will sleep in my own bed like you want, and you’ll be safe like I want.” You never noticed how much he talks with his hands when he gets nervous, it’s cute.
“Okay, fine. Just know that i'm fine though.”
“Stop!! Please!! I didn't do anything! Please, I promise I wont say anything!!” You yell in the middle of the night or whatever. You didn't know, it was a dream. But it felt so real. It was like he was there and it was happening all over again. “Please just let me go!” You yell again. You couldn't help it.
“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N wake up!” Spencer yells as he moves your arm.
You open your eyes and immediately jump up. “Spencer, I uh, I'm, I’m fine.” You say still trying to regain all your air. You weren't fine and he knew it. I mean, how do explain that without saying the truth? Do you say you had a dream about Hotch giving you more paperwork? No, he would never believe that. What about you getting your haircut involuntarily? That could possibly work.
“Y/N, you're not fine,” He says in a very scratch deep voice. He had just woken up and you could tell.
“Yes I am, now go back to-” You were cut off by a very new version of Spencer. A version you had never seen before. You weren’t scared in a sense just worried. He wasn’t playing around and definity was not going to go to sleep until you admit everything.
“Y/N come on. Just tell me everything. Was that about, you know,” he says in a more softer comforting tone this time.
“Just call him by his name. Claude Iray. And yeah, it was. Now can we just go back to sleep, my back is killing me.”
“Come here,” he said before pulling you close to his chest. It was comfortable and actually really soothing. “Talk, tell me everything.”
“I can't. I can’t cause’ if I do then it's like living it all over again and I just, I just can't!”
“What were you thinking about?” He asks as if nothing just happened.
“In those 21 hours.”
“The team, my friends, you. I was thinking about all the things that I didn't get to say. The things that I needed to say.”
“Like what?”
“Well, um,” you pulled away from his chest, not sure if what you were gonna say next would be the best option in the world. “I was thinking of how I didnt get to say “I love you” to you. And I totally get it if you know you don't feel the same way. It makes total sense and stuff, and if this is uncomfortable and stuff I can go to Alex’s. She is kinda like my mom so it would make sense if she took care of me. Oh god now I'm rambling.”
He looked at you for a second as if he was unsure with what you just said. But then he grabbed you and put his lips on yours. It took you a minute to process everything that was happening, but the minute you did you kissed back. He pulled you in closer the minute you did. Sadly though you both needed to break apart because of loss of air.
“I love you too,”
“Love is a great beautifier”
— louisa may alcott
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spockandawe · 12 months ago
I’m not a... huge fan of the pov character being like ‘i’m not gay, tho! i’m not!’ even though I do think it gets resolved in a fairly timely way. And it fits with Shen Qingqiu’s oblivious personality, haha. But in this case, how do I put this. It played not-great with the book’s pacing (uneven, but I don’t really mind) and a central conceit that I like a lot, which is that our main character spends quite some time convinced that his love interest wants him dead.
I don’t necessarily need the book to linger, directly over relationship development for me to be into it, and I absolutely LOVE a dynamic where one person is like ‘hah, you want me dead’ and has to realize they have things very backwards. But in this case, by the time Shen Qingqiu is coming around to ‘oh, you don’t want me dead!’ he slides right into the ‘but i’m straight!’ side track, and by the time he becomes willing to consider that maybe he’s less straight than previously assumed, we’re practically at the fuck or die climax of the novel.
Which isn’t terrible, I honestly adore this relationship. And I do think that binghe’s breakdown over seeing that he fucked shen qingqiu hits much harder if he still feels 100% insecure that his shizun wants him around, period. But I do sometimes wish that we’d gotten a little more opportunity for them to be... platonically-close-with-background-slow-mo-queer-awakening, if you know what I mean.
Oh lord, it’s hard to know what to say here, because the accurate response is Everything. Let’s see. Well, to start with, I adore the emotional high of reading a relationship that starts on such unstable footing (maigu ridge) and works itself out in the end (that marriage extra tho). Reading about Binghe being so unhappy and lonely and insecure and then being loved will never stop doing it for me.
Usually, a teacher/student dynamic would be not my favorite, but something about the shizunfucker genre clicks well with me for some reason. Especially for a student like Luo Binghe, where we’re told about how much he suffered as a child, and how alone he was, and all the ways that original flavor Shen Qingqiu mistreated him, because then, it opens the door to such an intense adoration of a teacher that treats him well and takes care of him. I haven’t read a shixiong/shidi book that plays with quite same themes, but I don’t think it would hit me in quite the same way (yuwu goes there a little, but even though the ship is great, it's not THIS kind of adoration). There’s something about ships with this sort of intense codependence that really work for me, and this book absolutely nails that.
But also, the power dynamics in here are FASCINATING to me. Erha is the main point of shizunfucker comparison that I have, which really is too small of a sample size to judge from. But I don’t think I’d like either of these as much if the teacher was also the driving force behind the relationship. I don’t just mean that in a top/bottom way, but more pursuer vs pursuee. And to go with that, I do also like how hard Binghe has to pursue to get anywhere with Shen Qingqiu. I like... suffering XD As long as it ends happily. And this book really delivers. Tgcf is romantic and all, but I can’t personally conceptualize eight hundred years. I have trouble visualizing 13/16 years. But three years, then five years? I can picture that, and it hurts. The dream flashback where Binghe is telling Shen Qingqiu that he can’t go on....... that hit me right in the stomach.
Also too, not canon-based, because even if it’s a standard genre feature, I don’t have much patience for strict gong/shou roles, but... For a character as needy as Binghe, this is a situation where I absolutely have no trouble setting aside what the book says and substituting a different reality. And I do love me a pair of switches. And I also love me a boy who is very enthusiastic about sex, and very, very bad at it, which is canon, which delights me. The neediness in this relationship, and binghe’s CLEAR room for growth make me much more interested in exploring a post-canon relationship than I tend to be for the other relationships (caveat: i am still prodding at new depths of hua cheng’s issues, and am much more interested than i used to be, but binghe still fascinates me more)
And this may sound weird, but..... I love me a manipulative, needy love interest. It’s real easy for it to play badly, and it’s real easy for it to leave a bad taste in my mouth, but bingqiu works really well for me. It adds tasty tension before the relationship is established, and once the relationship is established and Shen Qingqiu is well aware that Binghe will cry at the drop of a hat, I still love love love to see him folding like a damp paper towel anyways. It’s a flaw, but it’s a flaw that adds depth and flavor to their relationship that I really, really adore.
Okay, I’m losing coherence here. But I just have to copy one excerpt, I just. I love them so, so much.
Shen Qingqiu said, “The way you called ‘shishu’ was too insincere. From now on, don’t call him that.”
Resentfully, Luo Binghe said, “When he calls me a little brute or a thankless wretch, he’s sincere enough.”
Shen Qingqiu couldn’t resist laughing at that. His folding fan was sitting beside the couch, and he picked it up to give Luo Binghe a few taps on the head. “Was he wrong? You dare lay your wolf claws on this teacher’s body? If you’re not a little brute, then what are you?”
The words came too smoothly, and he himself hadn’t realized that this was pushing the bounds of propriety. The tail end of his words lifted the corner of his mouth, in a way that was frivolous yet heavy, a bit coquettish, and extremely undignified.
Luo Binghe looked down at him from above. Watching Shen Qingqiu beneath him, he felt some sort of fire beginning to burn wildly in his heart and stomach. He subconsciously moved to place a leg between Shen Qingqiu’s knees, but suddenly afraid he’d be kicked off the bamboo couch, he quickly dropped his head down to let Shen Qingqiu swat him with his fan to his heart’s content. “Even if I am a little brute, then I’m only Shizun’s little brute. Other people can’t call me that.”
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miscellaneous-bnha · a year ago
Naga Aizawa AU
As requested by 🍄 anon.
Unfortunately, this is not a part of the Untitled AU (I’m sticking to calling it that even though I named it), but I’m really glad that I had a chance to write about Naga Aizawa anyway. 🍄 anon is my savior.
- Aizawa as a Naga in general would be interesting.
- I can def see him sleeping all curled up in sun spots through the day, only really moving when he wants to.
- But then he becomes much more active at night, on the prowl for prey and potential threats to his territory.
- Unusual seeing how cold it can get at night, but effective for him seeing as he blended quite well into the dark with his midnight tail and markings.
- Regardless, as far as he’s concerned, nobody really has the guts to challenge him at this point.
- At least, that was until he met you.
- The scared little mouse that had lost their way into his territory.
- You had heard rumors of half snake people living in these parts, and you really weren’t trying to stray away from the path
- But it was like something in the forest itself was calling out to you.
- According to local legend, the voice of the forest would lead you to your soulmate so long as they were in the forest at the same time as you
- But as you were trembling under the gaze of the Naga before you, the legends felt like cruel, whispery lies to give you false hope
- Now was hardly the time to worry about that, however, considering he looked quite upset to have been interrupted.
- Before you could scramble back to your feet, he was upon you, coiled around you without actually touching you, making you feel trapped and small.
- “Hmmm....” the baritone of his voice sent a chill through you, half with fear and half with mild arousal. You cursed your ape brain silently, squeezing your body tighter.
- “What is a little mouse like you...” he finally touches you, tipping your head to look up at him with a finger under your chin, “.. doing so far away from the path. Hmm?”
- Your lips only tremble as you try to speak, but he presses a finger to your lips to keep you from attempting to speak anyway.
- “No matter... you’re quite lost now aren’t you?” you can only nod, refusing to tear your eyes away.
- You already know that you would never be able to react in time, but your instincts still tell you to keep your eyes locked on him.
- “I figured as much. Unfortunately for you—“ he points up to the darkening sky, “— the sun is going down, and you wouldn’t make it back to town at this rate even if you tried.”
- You swallowed hard, knowing he was right. Maybe the universe really is playing a cruel joke on you.
- He chuckles, running his hand through your hair and ruffling it.
- “Relax, you’re gonna be okay. Human isn’t my first, second, or third choice in food. I’ll bring you to my den to stay the night and lead you back to the trail tomorrow.”
- You squint hard, nose scrunching with doubt.
- “No need for such a sour face, little mouse. If I wanted to hurt you, I would have done it by now.” He winks, “Besides, people get lost all the time; the people of town already know who I am by this point.”
- You furrow your brows, but you suppose he was right. If he really did want to cause harm, you wouldn’t be here pondering the legitimacy of his words. It also made sense about how the village seemed to know of supernatural creatures such as Nagas in extreme detail.
- You figured that— worst case scenario— you were dead either way, and your best bet would be to go with the Naga for now.
- He watches you climb to your feet, shuffling a bit. “... That would be really great, thank you.”
- He smirks and blows a slight laugh out through his nose, unraveling his tail as he moves to lead the way. “Th’ name’s Shouta Aizawa, and who might you be?”
- You wake up the following morning to the sound of crashing thunder and heavy rain pouring outside his den.
- You rub your eyes blearily, bits and pieces of the night before slowly coming back to you.
- You remember following Aizawa to his den, keeping good on his promise not to eat you as you slept.
- The conversation as he led you through the darkening woods was really quite insightful; what kind of (snake?)person he is, what he does in the area. The kinds of goods he trades with the village nearby.
- You were shocked to learn that the forest doesn’t only serve as home for Nagas, but harpies, sirens, and elemental spirits too. “And those are just a few of the people I know.”
- Though he pretended to be annoyed with talking about his blond haired harpy and the pale-blue haired water spirit friends, the shine in his eye gave him away; he definitely cares a whole lot more than his demeanor suggests.
- It was endearing.
-But that was then and this is now, and “the now” meant you would be stuck in Aizawa’s den for a lot longer than originally intended.
- “It’s no problem,” he’d said once he caught sight of your worried face, “we have more than enough supplies to last us a good long while. Comfortably, if I might add.”
- At that point, you were worried less about supplies and more about the fact that you didn’t want to intrude. “If only I hadn’t wandered off the path...”
- “Hey now, no need to start thinking like that now. You never meant to get lost, and this sudden downpour certainly isn’t your fault—“ the glare he suddenly shot outside made you curious, “— so don't worry about it, yeah?”
- Except, by the fourth week of non-stop rain, it was safe to say you were concerned.
- Sure, it did lighten up to a measly drizzle here and there, but the muddy ground was too unstable to try and traverse without risk. The chances of causing a landslide was too great.
- So it was with a guilty— mostly because of your silent cheers with each rainy day you woke up to— heart you shared yet another cup of tea, lounging back within Aizawa’s coils.
- The two of you had grown particularly close in your time staying here. Though you were originally concerned about the state of your clothing, it turned out that Aizawa had quite the collection in case of situations like these
- So alas, the two of you spent the day chatting away as usual.
- He has been in the middle of telling a particularly interesting story when you suddenly found yourself zoning out at the slight stubble on his sharp jawline
- You supposed it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, seeing the ‘nature’ of his species, but you were surprised to see someone so inactive also be so amazingly fit at the same time.
- You don’t know when he had stopped talking, or when the two of you had started falling into each other’s gaze
- But you definitely felt the moment when your lips pressed against his. Starting as shy little pecks until he started to press deeper, coils shifting as he brought you closer to him
- Hands setting your drinks aside, you wrap your arms around his neck as he traps you between a comfortable crook in his tail and his body, his hands resting on your hips
- Your head starts to grow clouded the longer you kiss him, a slight tang similar to citrus but as sweet as candy hits your tongue and suddenly he’s pulling back
- His eyes are blown wide, but you can see the struggle on his features as he catches his breath
- “Shit..” he presses his face into your neck, “I shouldn’t have lost control like that... are you alright?”
- You’re confused by his statement. Surely, he was asking if you were okay with him kissing you, but somehow you knew that wasn’t really what he was asking
- Your thoughts start to wander a little as you start to feel a low burn settle deep in your belly, and you’re almost amused by the idea that Nagas do— in fact— have aphrodisiac properties in their venom
- You can almost tell the exact moment when your eyes become completely glossed over, wet with desire and clouded with need.
- “Fuck... I’m sorry. I should have been more aware. I’ll get some water to help flush out my venom-“ he pauses when he notices the unhappy furrow in your brow.
- “Do... do you not like me like that?” You blurt out before you can stop to think about it.
- he hesitates and you close your eyes, disappointment charging through you, but suddenly they’re open again when he coils around you tighter, chest crushing against your own as he presses his face into the side of your head
- “Of course I do... but I didn’t want it to go this way. I shouldn’t have stayed so close while in my rut like this.”
- “Your rut?”
- he nods solemnly, sighing as he runs a hand through his hair
- “It started some time about a week ago... when I first realized that I’m attracted to you... emotionally and physically.” He presses his nose to your temple and inhales deeply “But I’ve been tryna keep quiet about it... wanted to give you the choice to go if y’wanted.”
- You can hear his words start to slur together. “Y’can stay if y’want... but if y’don’t go now, I won’t be lettin’ ya go. At least not without me.”
- You’re already nodding before you can even think about it.
- “Of course I want to stay... if you’ll have me.”
- There’s a deep rumble reminiscent of a growl in his chest
- “Of course I’ll have you. There’s no one else I’d rather have, little one.”
- You felt a strong shudder run down the length of your spine, but you weren’t given much time to dwell on it before his lips were devouring yours once more, the tangy sweet taste of his venom coming back tenfold.
- The haze of arousal consuming you, however, would have been just as powerful without it.
- The passage of time became non-existent the further you fell into his heat, the more you felt your body give in until you could barely bring yourself to do anything but lay back in his coils
- You felt like you were floating in his arms, giving yourself away completely to his wants and whims, the sultry sound of his voice carrying you through the haze.
- A part of you felt like you should have been more embarrassed; it’s only been about a month since you’ve met this man in a forest you’ve never been to before on an island you don’t even live on, but the thought floated away before you could get a grasp on it.
- “What’s wrong, little mouse?” His nose was buried in your hair, chest puffing with every deep breath he took.
- You shake your head sluggishly, body growing ever warmer as you attempt to pull the baggy sweater off your body. His calloused but gentle hands brushing your middle as he helps you pull it up and off
- The anticipation of what would be coming buzzed under your skin like electricity, but your inability to move very much hindered your movements to try and get him to move faster.
- Sensing your impatience, he merely chuckled before pressing yet another heavy kiss to your lips, the taste of the aphrodisiac thick on his tongue, filling your senses once again.
- You felt your eyes drift shut, your head tipping back as you let out a deep, satisfied sigh, wet lips pressing against the side of your throat, his stubble scraping against you gently. You could barely process the feeling of his teeth grazing against your shoulder before a finger slowly pushed into your hole, curling into that perfect little spot that had stars flashing behind your eyelids.
- The noises you were making sounded muffled to your own ears, heaving breaths silenced by the sound of his low hums and wet lips sucking at your skin. Low words of praise left his lips in abundance, as if keeping them in would be like trying to stop a flood with a lone pebble
- You felt yourself drifting along with the pleasure again, arms stretching above your head as he slowly added two more fingers, mouth pressed close to your ear as he murmured all the things he wanted to do.
- “Gonna fill you up… ruin you completely for any other person.”
- “Gonna make you so full and heavy.”
- “Gotta stretch this tight little hole open... don’t wanna hurt you with my cocks.”
- Your eyes cracked open at the sound of that. Cocks? As in more than one?
- You unconsciously tense at that, causing him to pull his fingers from you as he used both hands to stroke your sides, hushing you softly.
- “s’okay baby… m’not gonna hurt ya. Promise.” He grabs one of your hands, pressing kisses to your fingers before pressing it to his chest, encouraging you to slide it down at your own pace until you reach the spot where his human torso meets his snake half.
- You will yourself to bring your eyes to look down to where he guides your hand, your breath catching when you see two painfully hard cocks, both flushed so pink it could almost be red. The heads of both flaring a bit before tapering into a rounded point, the slit at the top of both weeping with precum with every throb.
- You feel your stomach flip with excitement and nerves all the same as he wraps your hand around the lower one, fingers barely touching. You can feel his eyes watching your expression as you slowly process what it is you’re seeing, the arousal pooling heavier into your stomach as you moan softly in anticipation.
- You feel his lips press to your cheek, more whispered promises of being gentle reaching your ears as his hand goes back to work, stretching you dutifully as you sink further into him.
- You don’t know how long he had kept at it, occasionally stopping the motion of his hand to let a thick rope of spit and venom drip down to your hole, but you squirm and whine when he withdraws again. Before you can open your mouth to complain, you feel both heads press against you, and you don’t have much time to even unconsciously clench before he’s slowly pushing in with a loud groan.
- You’re disappointed that you’re missing the way his jaw probably dropped open from the tight, hot pressure of your entrance squeezing around him as he slowly spears you open, but you can’t help the way your head tips back and your eyes clench tightly.
- He braces his arms on his tail next to head as he bottoms out, growling deep in his chest as he grinds deep, bringing his face down to yours as he captures your lips in yet another deep kiss. He grinds his hips slowly, breathing heavily through his nose when he suddenly grabs your hips, groaning loudly when you feel something heavy spread you before it suddenly felt like it dropped into your lower belly.
- He pulled away with sharp hiss, a soft “fuck” leaving his lips before you felt the sensation again, only the stretch was bigger this time. You feel yourself shudder and moan as you realize he was pushing his eggs into you, your face growing hot. His forehead pressed against yours as he struggled to keep his hips from moving, cut off gasps leaving him with every egg until he had no more left to give.
- “Twenty, huh…? Shit, you look so pretty all swollen like this…” you feel his hands caressing your belly now, his hips rocking gently. You work the energy to wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him back down as his pace grows a little more rough, hips snapping into yours with a loud clap as he uses his hands to move your hips.
- You lose focus on his words the longer he fucks into your pliant body, growling and moaning low once he starts to get closer and closer to his own orgasm. With a loud cry, you pull his hips into yours with your legs just as your orgasm rips through you, sending him over the edge. Hot, thick spurts of his fertile spunk fills you as he pins your hips to his, eyes rolled back as he growls and grunts and hisses, a powerful shiver running through him as you both slowly come down from your highs.
- Between the sedative properties of his venom and the exhaustion from having your body filled so well, you barely register the feeling of a cool cloth running over your body as you drift into sleep.
- “yeah,” you grin lazily “I’m definitely not going anywhere.”
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