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#that man's so fucking STUNNING I don't even have words anymore!!!!
kiridarling · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[a/n: is this a week late? yes. happy belated-valentine's day angels <3]
—ᴛʜɪs ɪs ᴀɴ 𝟷𝟾+ ʙʟᴏɢ. ᴍɪɴᴏʀs ᴅɴɪ
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢 𝐁𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐠𝐨𝐮; 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐇𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐥
→ Definitely went to work that day
→ Not a huge romantic but wake up to find a hot breakfast with a note left on the counter.
Happy Valentines Day, dumbass. Love you.
— k.b
→ When he returns from work, Katsuki buys you roses and shoves them into your chest with an eye roll. You thank him and he responds with a grunt before insisting you put on something nice because he’s taking you out on a dinner date whether you like it or not.
→ Katsuki takes you to the fanciest restaurant—so fancy you feel a little bad that he has to pay, even despite his Pro Hero status. But you’re his, and spoiling you might as well be his love language.
→ Halfway through dinner, Katsuki starts getting a little frisky. Sliding the rough leather of his oxfords up the inside of your thigh, winking and biting his lip. You tell him to stop but you only half-mean it, and the knowing grin on his face lets you know he knows.
"Careful, baby. You don't want the waitress to know how much of a dirty slut you are, do you?”
→ He’s condescending as fuck but you’re totally here for it, and the second he pays for the meal you two are speeding down the highway to a love hotel (per Katsuki’s plan, apparently). You barely make it to the bedroom before you’re all over each other, and if it weren’t for that family of four in the elevator, you definitely wouldn’t have.
→ He tells you to get on the bed and strip, and who are you to deny him of such a luxury? He pulls a plastic black bag out of a different bag—it’s clearly full. With what, you may ask?
→ Sex toys!
→ Katsuki’s endgame is simple—make you cum until you can’t anymore. Not that he’s told you explicitly, but he’s got a Hitachi pressed to your sex and two fingers slamming into you just the way you like it. With your wrists comfortably tied above your head, it doesn’t take him long to bring you to your climax, cheeks burning and thighs shaking.
→ Peering at you under the sweaty mess of ash-blond hair, the fire in Katsuki's eyes only adds fuel to the burning of your gut as the vibrator continues whirr. The realization settles in with a shiver. Oh. Oh fuck, he's not stopping.
→ So, you cum again. And again, and again, and by the time you’re on the fifth it gets a bit hard to feel your toes and you’re so sensitive your thighs burn. All you want is his cock, but for some reason, it’s fucking impossible for him to give it to you.
→ Upon voicing your concerns, Katsuki’s devilish smile only grows wider.
“You want this cock that bad, slut? Yeah? Fine then, fuckin’ choke on it.”
→ It’s basically cannon that one of Katsuki’s favorite things to do is watch you struggle to take all of him, but in this position, all you can do is lay back with bound hands as he fucks your face. It’s sloppy and your eyes and throat burn, but it's totally worth it to hear Katsuki fall apart in your mouth.
“S-So good—fuck—such a good whore, taking all of me, aren’t you?”
→ Katsuki pulls out before he cums in your throat in favor of flipping your limp body into downward dog and stuffing you full of cock in one swift move, the bastard.
→ Katsuki’s never been one to take things slow in bed—to him, it’s all hard and fast and now. You’re scrambling for purchase in the sheets as he pounds into that sweet spot he knows you love, and you feel your fully spent sex twitching back to life anyway. Fuck, fuck. Are you going to cum again?
→ Katsuki seems to catch onto this as well, sweaty chest dropping against your back and the cool of his dog tag tickling your neck as his hand rubs between your legs, muttering dirty nothings in your ear.
“You gonna cum for me, baby? Yeah? Gonna make a fuckin’ mess all over yourself like the slut you are? Fuckin’ do it. Fuckin—fuck—”
→ You two cum at the same time, toes curling and ribcage shuddering, and then—
→ Darkness.
→ You wake up in a few hours, properly clean in fresh sheets. Turns out baby boy fucked you so hard you passed out, but it's okay because he’s found reruns of your favorite show on and is fully prepared with water and snacks.
→ (And he’ll never tell you, but he fully panicked and called Eijirou. Obviously, he knew you were alive, but…what if you passed out because of a problem? A concussion? Internal bleeding, maybe?)
→ (Eijirou ensures him that though this should NOT happen every time, it can happen from exhaustion. To say Katsuki relaxes after that is an understatement.)
(Stay safe angels <3)
And speaking of Eijirou...
Tumblr media
𝐄𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐫𝐨𝐮 𝐊𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚; 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐋𝐚𝐤𝐞
→ Definitely did not go to work that day.
→ Today, Eijirou plans to treat you like the princess you are. Cooks you breakfast in bed (after almost burning down the kitchen trying to make bacon but shhh we don’t talk about that) books you a full day spa and has Mina take you shopping for a new outfit for your "fancy date" that night.
→ The location? A surprise.
→ It’s dark by the time you and Mina pull up, but the moment you hop out the car she speeds away. Um. She could’ve at least said bye.
→ Looks like Eijirou brought you to a lake. You wonder who helped him bundle the fairy lights in the trees and set up the picnic because knowing your man and his coordination, it would’ve taken a forever for him to set this up.
→ But all those thoughts shatter the second you see that he’s on his knees, clutching a velvet box with a gorgeous diamond ring sat in the center. Not too flashy, but not too dull.
→ Eijirou swallows then blinks, the only sign that he’s the least bit nervous for this.
“See…I swear I had planned something to say, but you look…holy shit, um—stunning, you look stunning.”
→ His compliment goes over your head though. Of course it does, he’s holding an engagement ring. He chuckles, averting his eyes to the ground.
“Listen, um, you can say no...B-But uh, I love you a lot—obviously—and I’ve been thinking about this a lot, kind of, because you’re like…the love of my life, ya know? I mean, I know everyone says that and everything but like, I really mean it? But if I’m going too fast o-or you just don’t wanna get married or something, I totally get it because obviously this is outta the blue and everything b-but um…yeah.”
→ You let him stutter through the whole thing because, well. It’s cute.
→ ...And then you tackle Eijirou to the ground with renewed passion and slam your lips onto his. His “babe! The ring!” is muffled but you snort anyway, blindly groping for it through the grass. The moment you find it, you shove it into his palm and stick your hand in his face, and with a (very sexy) chuckle, the redhead slides it onto your ring finger.
“I’ll take that as a yes then?”
→ No shit, Sherlock.
→ Either way, the picnic in the dark is abandoned in favor of yanking Eijirou's pants off and giving him the best head of his life. Because goddammit, you love this man so much and he needs to feel it.
→ Afterward, he insists on returning the favor. A wild Gentle Dom Kiri appears and as he eats you out, he mutters a deadly combination of the sweetest and dirtiest things you’ve ever heard.
“Fuck, you feel so good. So tight and wet. And it’s all for me, isn’t it, baby?"
“You’re gonna cum, angel? Do it. Cum all over Daddy’s face.”
→ Once you semi-recover from your orgasm, he flips you on your hands and knees and slowly pushes inside of you (though not without putting on a condom because safety first, angels). You tell him to speed up, but he denies your request. This time around, Eijirou's going to take the time to love you.
→ As he slowly fucks you under the stars, he dips his chin into your neck as his bigger hands encompass your own. As he starts to play with the ring on your finger, you watch something wet hit the picnic blanket, followed by a sniffle.
“Gosh, fuck—I love you so much. A-And I’m really happy you said yes. I…”
→ You cum first and Eijirou isn’t far behind, shuddering against your spine. Your fiancé unceremoniously rolls onto the picnic blanket next to you, his temple kissing the crest of your skull as the two of you use the comfortable silence to cool down, half-naked under the milky way.
→ In your comfortable silence, you lift your left hand to the stars, fingers splayed to reveal the twinkling diamond solidifying the bond between the two of you. Eijirou hums, hooking his chin on your shoulder.
"Pretty, isn't it?"
Tumblr media
𝐃𝐞𝐧𝐤𝐢 𝐊𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢; 𝐒𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐥𝐞𝐬 𝐀𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐃𝐚𝐲
→ Both of you are painfully single and most importantly, strangers. Strangers who think alike and had the glorious forethought to drown your sorrows at a nightclub with a lot of alcohol.
→ Denki, as he does, accidentally knocks over his liquor-filled cup, completely drenching your bottoms. He apologizes and insists on helping you clean up though getting awfully close to your crotch, but both of you are too tipsy to notice.
→ After the liquor spill, you swap embarrassing love stories and lament over the “hardships of being single.” (Denki’s words.)
→ A few hours pass. You’re tired and ready to go home and Denki requests to walk you home to make sure you get back safely. Not that you live far, maybe ten minutes, but by the time you reach your door, you feel like you've known the electric blond your whole life. After saying goodbye and almost closing the door, Denki blurts out a half-drunken confession...or something like that:
“I—uh, y-you are—uhm, no…this is—“
→ You give him a look, a half-smile at best, and it seems to churn the gears in his brain again.
“This was uhm, really fun and uh, I think you’re really cool.”
→ So naturally, when you invite him inside, he squeals.
→ After a few more drinks and a few more spillages (Denki’s never been a deft drunk), you two finally get over your inner thoughts and start kissing on the couch. It’s hot and messy, and the alcohol in your veins makes it oh, so hot.
→ Denki doesn’t expect you to offer head but when you do he nearly cries, scrambling to pull his pants off while you make space for yourself between his thighs.  Due to the fact that there’s alcohol pumping in Denki’s veins and he hasn't been touched by someone else in at least a year, he’s extra-sensitive. And vocal. 
"F-Fuck gorgeous, you're so good at this...o-oh shit, do that again—yeah, yeah just like that."
→ His hips quiver, and he bucks into your mouth on accident. It earns him a glare and a light slap on the thigh, and you make a mental note to unpack the broken moan that interrupts his apology later. 
→ It doesn't take Denki a long time to cum—five minutes max. He plans to give you a warning but his orgasm runs up on the electric blond so quickly he doesn't even get a warning. When Denki orgasms in your mouth with a choked moan, it's only natural that you pull away in alarm, ribbons of semi-translucent cum flying just about everywhere.
→ To say you're pissed is an understatement (because your poor, poor carpet), but Denki feels terrible and is already reaching for the roll of paper towels you left on the coffee table from your cleaning spree this morning, apologies flying out of his mouth like an auctioneer.
→ Obviously, he's going to make it up to you. Not only for making an absolute mess in your living room (seriously, Denki doesn't know if he's ever come that much in his life) but for the bomb head, and he wants to make you feel just as good as you made him feel.
→ Both of you stumble to your room, the mood miraculously rekindled, and you're not sure what to make of Denki's desperation as he claws at your bottoms, pupils blown to the size of dinner plates. And though it's cheesy, you can't help but shiver when he finally gets eyes on your sex, wetting his bottom lip and the grip around your thigh tightening as he catcalls the apex between your thighs before diving in.
"Hello pretty~"
→ Like any pervert with a vivid imagination, Denki's got a mental warehouse of sex tips and tricks and burns to watch you squirm from his touch. He wants you red-faced and breathless and isn’t shy about it, actively paying attention to your reactions when he curls his fingers or uses his tongue just right.
"Oh, you taste so good sweet thing. So pretty and wet...did I do all this, gorgeous?”
→ Also, electro-stimulation? Yes please.
→ Denki's tentative about it at first because he’s not sure how you’ll react, but once you give him that pretty little moan you've been holding back all evening, you two are going nowhere but hell.
→ His dick hurts from being hard for so long and the second you cum, he’s practically begging to fuck you.
“Please? Please gorgeous? Shit, you felt so good in my mouth I just wanna—I need to—please?”
→ Like you needed any convincing in the first place.
→ You ride him per his request—and will definitely make you repeat things back to him, just because he likes how embarrassed and blushy you get. If you refuse? He’ll be an absolute tease about it. (But only for a bit, because we all know his patience isn’t that great.)
"Yeah? You like this cock? Tell me. Tell me how good my cock makes you feel, gorgeous."
→ There's no way Denki lasts very long (again)—definitely with you in his lap. When he cums, it’s cute and breathless, and his nose scrunches into his eyes. But if he came twice, you should too right?
→ The next morning, Denki's gone. But in his place, there’s a note with his number and an explanation:
had to go to work! lol i have the fattest hangover kill me now ty. either way, you should text me. i wasn't kidding when i said i thought you were cool lol.
— kaminari
Tumblr media
[a/n: gah XD my brain melted from writing that um-
also don’t worry about the family of four at the love hotel...they to stay there due to an :) see you soon, angels <3]
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the-cult-of-russo · 5 months ago
Midnight Confessions
Pairing: Billy Russo x Reader 
Tumblr media
Request : hi! can i request a billy russo x reader with #4 from the love confession list and #2 from the smutty one liners list? thank you!!
#4: "This is just too much, I can't act like this anymore, like I don't love you!"
#2: "Don't act innocent when we both know where your mouth was two minutes ago."
Warnings: cursing, lil bit of angst, Billy trying to express some feelings, some fluff and a heaping of smut. Enjoy! (Under 18s please avert your eyes and pass on by) 
You sat hugging your knees on the sofa as you contemplated if you made a mistake or not. You knew Billy would just turn up since you were ignoring his calls but you really didn't want to do this over the phone. You didn't want to do it at all. 
You and Billy had been seeing each other for just over a year. And by seeing other it was more just fucking but you went and got feelings like an idiot. Because Billy fucking Russo didn't do feelings and you weren't about the unrequited love, so you knew you'd need to stop. He'd called earlier asking if he could come over and you didn't think you'd ever heard him that stunned before. You'd never turned him down. Feeling panicked and not wanting to deal with the situation, you avoided it like a coward because it was much easier than dealing with it. Billy had sent you multiple texts and calls, all of which you ignored. 
Billy didn't like being ignored and maybe you were a masochist and wanted him to come here so you could embarrass yourself in front of him by telling him how you felt. Ignoring his calls was like ringing a bell to invite him over to question you. 
It was almost midnight when the door knocked and your stomach tightened painfully. You knew it was him and you weren't surprised. You were, however, dreading it. With a heaving sigh, and another impatient knock from the man, you got up and opened the door. 
His dark eyes scanned your body as if he was assessing for anything wrong that was the cause of the rejection. You felt a little self conscious given the fact you were wearing some pyjama shorts and one of his t-shirts that was big on you. 
"Can I come in?" He asked pointedly after finding no injuries on you. Even though it was a question, his tone basically told you he was coming in either way. So you moved out of the way and into the kitchen area, leaning against the counter and wrapping your arms around yourself. Billy shut the door behind him, moving to the kitchen but keeping a little distance as he watched you carefully. His gaze always had a way of looking right through you and you shivered involuntarily. 
"So… wanna tell me what's goin' on?" He asked with a quirked brow. He was dressed down today in a dark grey sweater, jeans and his boots. His hands were in his pockets but the casual act was at odds with how rigid he was standing, head slightly tilted as he glared at you. Now or never.
"I don't think we should see each other anymore," you muttered quietly. His jaw clenched, his shoulder rolling a little.
"Do I get to know why?" He bit out. 
You glanced at your hands that were now in front of you and picked at your nails.
"It's just not working out," you shrugged. You were hanging on by a thread, trying to be nonchalant about it but inside it was killing you. Billy's mirthless chuckle had your eyes going back to him.
"That's it? That's all I get?" He asked, mouth downturned and his eyes burning.
"What do you want me to say, Billy? It's not working, it's over," you said firmly. Honestly you just needed him to leave so you could curl up in a sad ball and cry a little. 
He bit his lip, another unamused laugh escaping him as he shook his head.
"So...So, that's just it? You're just… kickin' me to the curb and I don't even get a good reason? You're just done with me?" He asked angrily, pointing at his chest. Your heart ached a little knowing what was going through his head and knowing about his past that he'd shared with you, it hurt.
"I'm not abandoning you, Billy," you said softly. 
"Really? 'Cause that's exactly what it sounds like. All this time together and what? Now you're done?!" He asked, his voice raising as he went on. You didn't expect him to react this strongly about it. 
"I can't… I can't do this anymore, Billy! It was supposed to be just sex but… this is just too much, I can't act like this anymore, like I don't love you!" There it was, out in the open. 
Billy looked like he'd been struck. His eyes wide, mouth slightly parted. The man who always had a retort ready was rendered speechless and it would have been funny if not for the circumstances. Something snapped in him then as he took a step towards you, face like thunder.
"No! You don't get to… you can't just say that shit to me and get me to leave!" He jabbed a finger in your direction then and you looked at him with wide eyes. 
"I didn't mean for it to happen. I know it was supposed to be casual but it happened. I fell for you and I can't change it. But I can't continue on like this when I- '' your rambling was cut off when he surged forward, gripping your jaw in his hand as he kissed you hard. 
It was all tongues and teeth and for a moment you indulged in it, he'd short circuited your brain. But then you snapped out of it and pushed him away. He looked wild eyed as he looked down at you. 
"I can't do this, Billy. Please just go," you murmured, voice wavering. 
"No," he said firmly. He stepped away and paced a little, running a hand through his hair before he turned back to face you. 
"Did you know… about a month after we started this thing, I stopped seein' other people?" he uttered, eyes gazing at you imploringly. That was news to you and you furrowed your brow as you soaked it in.
"No," you murmured. He took a shaky breath, hands rubbing either side of his beard and he looked like it was struggling to find the words he was looking for. 
"This is… this is hard for me, okay? I don't… do this. I don't do feelings. But you… I get excited to see you, and not just the sex. I look forward to takin' you to dinner and… and watchin' movies with you or just foolin' around on the sofa. I sit there… I sit there at work thinkin' about you. When I'm around you… you make everythin' different. Better. And I don't know… I don't know what love is, I never felt it before. But I'm pretty sure that I love you," his rambled confession was punctuated with his arms wildly gesturing and you stood blinking at him in shock. You really hadn't expected any of that. 
"Really?" You asked hesitantly. As if he'd start laughing and tell you it was a joke. He stepped to you, his hands cupping your cheeks and you stared into his expressive eyes as he nodded.
"I don't know how to do this shit. I don't know how to… be a boyfriend. But I want to try… with you. I don't want anyone else," he murmured. The emotion in his obsidian eyes floored you and he rested his forehead on yours.
"Will you let me? Let me try?" He asked softly. He sounded so unsure of himself. A far cry from the over confident man you knew him to be. 
You nodded and he leaned in, kissing you deeply. Not quite the ferocious kiss from earlier but slow and deep, taking his time. You yelped when he hoisted you up, your legs around him and his hands holding you up.
"Tell me again," he murmured against your lips. It took you a second to figure out what he meant. 
"I love you," you replied softly. He kissed you again and you could feel him smile into the kiss. 
"I love you too," he whispered, nipping your lower lip and sending a jolt through your body. 
You hadn't even realised he'd been walking but suddenly you were deposited on the bed, bouncing on it a little. His large hands slid up your hips and waist, dragging your shirt with it and you leaned up so he could remove it fully. It was discarded carelessly across the room. He made quick work of your bra next which joined the shirt and he smirked down at you as he hooked his fingers into the hem of the pyjama shorts and panties, pulling them down at the same time and tossing them over his shoulder. 
He gave your hip a cheeky nip before standing up and you couldn't take your eyes off him as he removed his sweater. Your eyes taking in every inch of skin you could see. You had no idea how it was possible for a human to be this attractive. You'd mused a long time ago that Billy wasn't really human, but a god that had come down from wherever he'd been hiding. Before long his jeans, boxers and boots were off and he hovered over you. You felt his hot skin against yours and it was soothing as much as it set you on fire. He kissed you until you couldn't breathe before kissing down your jaw to your neck  
He left open mouthed kisses and bites down your neck before kissing his way to your breasts. You moaned softly when he grabbed one, swirling his tongue around your nipple before sucking on it. Your back arched, eyes closed as you enjoyed the attention he was giving you. Billy was always an attentive lover. He paid the other breast the same attention before kissing his way further south.
You squirmed a little when he kissed your stomach, being a little ticklish there and he knew it. He chuckled, hands pinning you in place and you endured the sensation as he got lower. He settled between your legs, hooking his arms around your thighs and effectively locking you in place. He was being a tease, watching you as he kissed your thigh at a painfully slow pace but you refused to beg. 
When he finally made contact with your clit, the moan of desperation was almost embarrassing but he groaned against you, letting you know he liked it. He started lapping at you and you gasped, one hand fisting his hair and the other the sheet. He was an expert with his tongue and he had you on the brink in no time. Every time you moaned or gasped he responded in kind with a groan of satisfaction himself. You were putty in his hands as you squirmed at his touch and he held you in place as he went at you like a man starved. 
The moment he started sucking on your clit, you moaned loudly, back arching right up as you squirmed against his face. Your release washed over you like a wave of bliss and you were basically riding his face until it was over. You didn't realise how hard you'd fisted his hair but it was all over the place now. 
You lay there panting, calming down from your high as he chuckled, licking his lips as he moved back on top of you. You could feel his raging hard on against you and you stretched a little, arching up at him. 
"You're so fuckin' beautiful, you know that?" He asked against your lips before kissing you breathless again. 
Your hand was in his hair again as you arched up at him and you both moaned in relief as he pushed inside of you. He filled you up in the best way. He gripped your thigh, hitching your leg over his hip as he started to plow into you. You fit together like puzzle pieces and you rolled your hips up to him, making him groan against your lips. The hand that didn't have your thigh in a death grip was on your jaw as he kissed you like a starved man between his groans. You loved his noises and how he didn't try to hide it. You loved hearing how good you made him feel. 
He picked up his pace and each thrust forced the air out of your lungs in desperate moans. You felt the pleasure ramping up, your entire body feeling like it was on the edge of exploding. He angled his hips differently and you cried out, tugging his hair and making a noise akin to a growl leave his lips. Your second release hit you hard and you gasped, body tensing as you clamped down around him. He let out a sinful moan as his thrusts got erratic and then he groaned, stilling inside of you.
You were both panting messes as he lay his head in the crook of your neck. Your fingers toyed with his hair as you lay there blissful. You felt like you were in heaven and you were sure you'd be glowing after that. He placed a tender kiss on your neck before moving to your lips, kissing you slowly. He'd always taken the time to lavish you with attention when you were together but it felt different this time. There was a shift in your relationship with him now the feelings were out in the open.
"I don't know how I got so lucky. You're an angel," he murmured with a soft smile, rubbing his nose against yours. He was in a post coital bliss that had him relaxed and calm. You loved that side to him.
"Don't act innocent when we both know where your mouth was two minutes ago," you teased, kissing him sweetly. He chuckled into the kiss before pulling out of you and laying on his back. 
He held his arm open and you rolled over and snuggled up, nestled against his side with your head on his chest. One of his hands toyed with your hair as the other stroked your arm delicately.
"I love you," he said softly. You tilted your head towards him and smiled, his own sleepy smile on his face. You really never thought you'd hear those words out of his mouth.
"I love you too," you smiled. He kissed your forehead and you both relaxed, letting sleep take you under.
You really hadn't expected things to go the way they did but you couldn't complain. This was a new chapter for you both and you couldn't help but wonder just what was in store for you in a relationship with Billy Russo.
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attentionplease · 4 months ago
May the smut be with you - 21.05
This one killed me while writing... because I hate writing Daryl like this... but see yourself #TeamRedneck
Find the whole May smut list HERE
Tumblr media
21.05 - TWD - Daryl Dixon - I’d rather die
(hate/angry sex, mention of child abuse)
Tumblr media
gif from here @itsmymeaningoflife ( can someone explain why it isnt possible to find the gifs on tumblr, and you have to link them back to the tumblr blog... this is so stupid...)
You've known from the first time you met the Dixons that he can't stand you. You can feel every reproachful look that hits you on the back of your neck, every annoyed sigh when you're around him hits you hard. Because you can't remember doing anything to him. You've always been nice, always friendly, and when most people start ranting, you stay calm.
And then the way he talks to you, when he does, hits you so hard, which makes you try to be even nicer to him. Because you have no idea why he's so pissed off at you.
Everyone else, strangely enough, doesn't have a problem with you, at least they don't treat you like shit like Daryl does most of the time. You can't explain where that comes from, and increasingly try to show him that you're not the person he thinks you seem to be.
So you talk to him less because you don't want to annoy him too much, or you help him clean his bows of the blood and dirt without being asked. You share your food with him, offered to help him strip the animals. But he always sends you away, scolds you or just ignores you. None of your efforts help, he never changes his behavior.
You are aware that he is a hot-tempered, angry man by nature. But even his brother manages to talk to you normally, at least sometimes and if you ignore the sexual innuendos.
And so it is again at this moment. You asked him if you should help him prepare the traps, and after he didn't respond, you cautiously ask a second time, whereupon he just looks at you out of the corner of his eye and mumbles something incomprehensible. You watch him with a frown, knowing that he could use a helping hand now that his brother is in town with the others. But he reacts as if you weren't even there, trying on his own to work all the traps at once.
When he eventually gets up, cursing, and you see the pure contempt in his gaze as he blindly reaches for his crossbow, you wonder again what you did to him.
"Just leave me alone, stupid bitch..." he curses at you, and then as he walks past you, bumping into you on purpose so that you stumble to the side, you have enough. You endure a lot, and are also ready to ignore and accept some things. But at some point even you are fed up, and so you follow him as he goes back into the forest, with only a part of the traps. However, this isn't so easy, as he sets a pace for what would be a marathon for other people.
"Hey, Dixon! Hold on!" you call after him, but again, and as you expected, he doesn't even look back at you, but runs deeper and deeper into the forest.
But you don't give up. He should at least tell you what his fucking problem with you is, so you know why he treats you like that.
"God damn it! What the fuck is your problem with me?" you yell at him, cursing more with each step.
"Now fucking stop right now, you stubborn asshole !" Out of desperation you throw a small pebble at him, whereupon he immediately stops and stands still. However, he doesn't turn around to face you, yet you can tell by the movement of his shoulders that his breathing is frantic. You slowly walk closer to him, even though fear suddenly seizes you. Because how stupid can you be to follow a man who treats you like shit, who calls you names, and who you don't know if he wouldn't hurt you too. But your damn urge to please people forces you to do so. Because you can't stand it, because it drives you crazy that he hates you like hell, apparently for no reason.
"What' s wrong with ya ? I'm telling ya , ta leave. I'll get out of yer way, and ya still follow me. I swear at ya , and yet ya want ta help me. How am I supposed to make ya understand that ya suck?" he hisses in a low voice, without turning around. It would probably be better if you just went back, and accepted the fact that this person hates you, for no reason. Just because you exist.
But you won't do that. Because you've spent so many years learning that even you are worthy of being treated with respect, that there's no reason to hate you for being there. Which he increasingly breaks down with every day that he does exactly that.
"Fuck you Daryl! You know what? You're not gonna make me doubt myself, no one's ever gonna make it again! You got a problem with me? Then it's YOUR fucking problem and you need to deal with it. But don't try to show me that I'm the problem here, you cocky motherfucker!" you yell at him as your anger, and emotions are coming back thanks to your memories. Which HE has brought out again. Just by him treating you like a piece of shit for no reason, like so many people did before in your life. Again and again you remind yourself that you are not the problem. That you are worthy of people giving you a chance, just like you do.
But with every moment that he tries to ignore you again, and then turns to you with that despising look in his eyes, that faith shatters again and you feel transported back to your childhood.
You don't notice the tears welling up in your eyes, because all you feel is the pain. The pain that you thought you had defeated. The pain that brings helplessness, which then comes rushing hand in hand with self-hate.
For a long moment he stands in front of you, panting, staring at you in a way that sends a shiver down your spine. Then, as he shakes his head, and steps so close to you that you can feel his breath on your face, all you want to do is run. But your body struggles, like the rabbit facing the snake.
"Whatcha want from me, huh? Do ya want to be my best friend? Do ya want me to read ya bedtime stories or what? Because ya spoiled little bitch are used to it and need it ?! That everyone loves ya and thinks yer so awesome and now ya can't deal with the fact that Mommy and Daddy and yer rich friends are dead, and no one is butterin' ya up anymore? And now ya think I should do this, but forget it.... I know such two-faced people like ya well enough, ya made fun of me and my brother long enough. And now that everythin' is destroyed, you have no one left, all of a sudden ya want to deal with people like us. Ya know what? Fuck you and yer spoiled litle ass!..." he yells at you, and with every word you wince and freeze more in your position in front of him. With widened eyes you stare at him and as a tear runs down your cheek he snorts shaking his head.
"Oh c'mon ? Ya ain't start crying now, little miss trust fund? Maybe ya better go back to camp and cry to someone else..." he teases, thankfully not bumping into you this time as he walks past you. Continuing to stare in front of you, you don't turn around to face him.
"Little Miss Trust Fund?... Is that what you really think of me?... Then you're more stupid than I thought you were.... you know, you're not the first person to hate me for no reason. I'm already used to it from my family and I've learned to deal with it.... But now at least I know why you hate me.... you too think you're better than me.... " you laugh and wipe the tears from your face.
"Fucking redneck..." you whisper and decide to walk back, ignoring the fact that Daryl has stopped in his track and is staring at you, stunned. It's only when you feel his hand on your forearm, pulling you back, that you look at him again.
Only this time, you're the one filled with rage and hatred. He has brought up so much with all that he has done to you over the past few days which should be forgotten and you can't bear it.
"Let me go, Dixon. Don't worry I will NEVER have another word with you in this life after this. I won't help you anymore, by God, I won't even look at you. Not that you'll be bothered by me. Me, the one who just wanted to be nice and is so spoiled..." you spit at him and only really get going when his look shows something like remorse. You know how things are, it's only when you snap and people realize how much they've hurt you that they regret it, but don't realize what they've actually done....
"I'm so spoiled, can you image, that my fucking mother decided to leave me. She left saying she never liked me, that she never wanted me. I was six years old damn it! And my dad didn't give a shit about me. When he drank, he yelled at me and kicked me out of the house over and over again, telling me how useless I was, how much I disappointed him and that I was a waste of his oh-so-precious life time. But what am I telling? You know better, I'm spoiled, I probably just misinterpreted my parents' love.... And I swear to you, if you don't let go of me immediatly, I'm going to hurt you!" you scream in tears at him, surprised at how good it feels to just let it all out.
"Hey...wait... I'm sorry... I didn't know... I thought..." he stammers, and doesn't let go of your arm though, avoiding your gaze as if you were Medusa herself.
"Oh yeah, you're sorry. You know what? Stick that up your ass! I've had enough of you.... If I'm lucky, maybe you won't come back from your next hunt and you won't have to tell me what a great life I've had" kind of you have to admit to yourself that your last words weren't very nice.
Frowning, you watch as he glances at your face again and again, as if by accident. He's thinking about whatever, but you don't care, because he's still holding your damn arm.
"Dixon! Let go of my arm, now!" you hiss at him, trying to break free of his grip. You don't feel like standing here until he realizes that the things he just threw at you really hurt you.
"Listen to me... I'm ..." He can't finish his apologetic words as your lips cut off any more of his words. It's not your way, but it has the effect you want. Because he' s so surprised and caught off guard that his grip loosens, allowing you to squirm out of his hand.
"Save the further words.... "you hiss into his lips, but somehow you also feel sorry for him.
"Fuck me, you really don't get it, do you?..." you whisper into his lips as you fix his gaze, because in this position he can't avoid you. Your gazes seem to hold each other captive, because actually, after he let go of you, you wanted to turn around and go back to the camp. But something stops you from doing so. Your gaze is restless, and your breath still panting.
But when he closes the gap between the two of you and you can suddenly feel his lips on yours, you feel like freaking out. Even as a wave of heat is just spreading through your body, and your hands automatically move to his chest so you can feel his racing pulse under your palm. Now, as his hands settle on your hips and pull you closer, you wince for a moment.
When he finally allows you to breathe again, you are speechless at first, caught off guard and unable to believe what just happened.
Carefully you push him away with your hands, but not really in a convincing way, even if you really want to, because you are still mad at him. All this time he has always pushed you away from him, avoided you as if you were the devil himself. And now he comes up with something like this.
"I'm leaving now. Goodbye" you mumble and want to turn around, when you realize that his hands are still on your hips and he makes no effort to change anything.
"Dixon, stop that... this isn't funny... you've made it clear that you hate me.... So don't try now..." you mutter, your last words sinking into his lips in surprise. This time you do react, pushing him away from you by his broad shoulders.
"What are you doing? You fucking idiot!" you hiss at him, and cry out in shock as he pulls you to him again so that you can feel his hip bones in your skin.
"Ya know what? Just shut the fuck up. YOU were the one who kissed me first. Yer really a stupid bitch..." he yells at you, to which you slap his shoulder, panting, and stare at him outraged.
"YOU didn't let go of me! What was I supposed to do? Kick you in the balls? Would you have preferred that?" you spit at him, seeing something sparkling in his eyes that makes you uneasy in a pleasant way. That in turn makes you doubt your sanity in the same moment.
"Oh kiss my ass...somebody help me understand you..." you grumble, and your hands move to his, trying to get them off of you. But the moment your palm meets his, his fingers dig into your flesh that you hiss up.
"I said I am sorry! And I mean it, for fuck's sake!" he says under his breath, so low that it sounds like a threat, into your lips, but you just shake your head, laughing.
"And I said fuck you!" you declare in a despising tone, and a smile creeps onto your face as he grunts annoyed.
"Oh you... fucking bastard..." you mutter into his lips as they slam down on yours again. Only this time, instead of pushing him away from you, you grab the collar of his shirt to pull him close to you. You have no idea what you're doing, why you're doing it, but it feels too good to just ignore.
It doesn't take long before his hands slowly slide under your shirt, exploring the skin up to your breasts as his tongue makes its way down your neck. As a moan escapes you that makes even yourself realize you're about to lose your mind, you get pissed again. But instead of stopping him, you grip his head tightly, digging your nails into his scalp gasping.
It's so good, and yet so wrong.
"Shit, Dixon...if this is a scam of yours...if you're trying to mess with me.... I'll kill and now..." you gasp, whimpering into his collar as his hand is on your core and begins to massage you through your pants. It's ironic, because you were actually wishing death on him a few minutes ago, and now he's making sure your panties become one big pool of your wetness.
As he starts to push you back, your feet obey, following each of his steps backwards. Hissing you curse as your back rams against the trunk of a tree painfully, and you're sure you're about to leave a scratch or two on his neck.
You can't believe you're allowing him to unzip your pants, and shudder as the cool forest air hits your heated folds.
"What the hell are we doing here?" you whimper, leaning tight against his shoulder as his fingers then rest trembling at your entrance. Daryl stops moving for a moment, then shrugs and picks up right where he left off.
" wet yer already..." he curses as he pushes his fingers full length inside you, already making your walls tremble. With his other hand he grabs your head, pushing your face to his so that his trembling lips meet yours again and again. But when he suddenly pulls his fingers out of you, you curse in anger, suspecting that he's really only messing with you.
"You son of a bitch! I knew it! Hey, wait... what...what are you doing...." you shriek startled as he grabs your waist tightly and flips you over in one swing.
"Shut the fuck up...dammit..." he whispers, and your nails are now desperately clawing into the bark in front of you as he pushes into you in one fell swoop and starts thrusting right into you at full speed, barely giving you a chance to adjust. You have to cope with the fact that you already feel the first pre-shocks of your orgasm and your legs begin to tremble as he clutches hard to your ass that there will be marks. Cursing, you close your eyes, dropping your head to your chest, because this intensity is too much for you to handle.
"Oh....shit.... I... I think I....oh my god..." you cry out as his hands move from your ass to your waist, and he pushes harder into you, straight onto the fast track. As you cling shivering to the tree trunk in front of you, you hear Daryl's moans behind you, and as he slows but hardens in his thrusts, you start to feel his hot cum coating your walls.
"Now can ya stop bein' so fucking pissed and accept my apology?" he gasps, leaning his sweaty forehead on your back as his grip loosens and he begins to draw gentle circles over your skin.
"Only on one condition..." you gasp, carefully leaning your forehead against the tree trunk as his cock softens and slowly starts to slip out of you. Still, though, he doesn't change his position, but tries to push himself closer to you to prevent just that.
"This isn't a one-night thing.... I'm not a one and done girl...ok?... and you're never going to treat me like such a dick again..." you explain in a hoarse voice, and you can feel his chuckle all the way to your muscles, causing your anger to flare right back up.
"That were two things... but ok... I think I can handle it..." he explains laughing, and after one last gentle kiss on your shoulder, he finally rises from you.
Surprised, you freeze in your movement as he first pulls up your pants before straightening himself, and gently pulling you up.
Maybe he's not as much of an asshole as he always seems to be after all.
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lovingyouangel · 4 months ago
"you're so pretty"
Tumblr media
Summary: blind y/n sees for the first time.
Word count: 3.8k
Trigger warning: mention of surgery.
. •. . ° •. ✧ . ✦ •. ✧
"quit the leg bouncing, would you? It's getting irritating" Gemma's voice pulled Harry out of the deep thoughts that were running through his mind. He sighed and quickly mumbled an apology before getting back to staring down at the harsh white flooring of the hospital.
Harry was scared and nervous, to say the least. His best friend since childhood and the person he loved the most was stuck in surgery for god knows how long, how was he supposed to stay calm and collected? Things could go wrong! He didn't want to put his precious lovie in more pain than she was already suffering from.
Y/n had a very rare condition called Macular oedema which is the swelling of the macula - the area of the retina responsible for central vision - caused by build-up fluid in the eyes, which meant that y/n was blind since birth. The doctors always told her parents that surgery wouldn't benefit her in any way, shape or form and that she would stay blind no matter what. But despite how negative they've always been, y/n never lost hope, she knew that one day she will be able to see the world and find out if it was as beautiful as Harry described it, but nothing kept her strong more than thought of being able to see him. She heard from multiple people how stunning he was and although she believed deep down in her heart that he is the most beautiful human that ever graced this planet, she still wanted to see him with her own eyes.
Harry took that as motivation to work hard and find her better doctors to take care of her and hopefully shed a little bit of light in her world and tell her that there is a way to give her the sight she always wanted, and he did just that. It might have taken him years but he finally found her an amazing doctor in Florida who told them that there actually was a treatment "I honestly don't understand why the doctors you went to have hidden this from you, it's not like it's the biggest secret. Excuse my language but they're a bunch of assholes for doing this" he had explained with frustration.
Since money was not a problem, all that was needed to do was a few scans and check-up visits to prepare for surgery day.
Y/n was very excited to the point Harry had to give her a full mug of warm tea to get her to sleep the night before. He was happy that she wasn't scared and he wished he would feel the same. Although the doctor told him numerous times that the surgery wasn't that hard and it would be done in four-five hours max, he still had his doubts. All he wanted was y/n to be able to finally see the world, he didn't want to ruin her life more if the surgery ended up not doing anything.
Harry was trying his best to stay positive, but he couldn't. He promised her so many things, and if this wouldn't work out, he won't be able to make them true and she will be left devastated and angry, and if he knew his y/n well, she would blame it all on herself.
He didn't have much more time to worry, though, because the door opened and the doctor appeared taking off one side of his surgical mask. Harry and her parents (who obviously came) were quick to stand up and run towards him, asking him if things were okay.
"Everything went great!"
Harry sighed in relief. Thank God, his lovie was okay.
"We were able to get rid of all that unneeded fluid in her eyes and we even found some in her ears which we also took care of so now her hearing will be much clearer, and for her eyes, we need to keep a bandage over them for a couple of days until they are healed completely and then we can take them off and I'm certain she will be able to see, she might need glasses for her to have a 20/20 vision but that's not something to worry about" the doctor explained to them with a smile on his face. Harry visibly relaxed. She was okay, the surgery worked, y/n will finally be able to see.
They thanked the doctor after he told them they can visit her in a few minutes before going on his way. And when it was finally time to see her, she looked as happy as they last saw her. She was tired from anaesthesia but she was still her energetic self everyone knew her to be. Harry took that as a good sign.
The days of recovery went by quickly, almost too quickly, and in no time they were back at the doctor's office to finally take off the bandages that were covering y/n's eyes so she could be able to see.
"I'm gonna keep my eyes close until you remove it all so I can see with both of them," she told the doctor who chuckled and told her that it was a great idea.
The removal of the bandages was a bit painful but it wasn't something she couldn't handle, plus the doctor was so gentle with her she barely felt his touch, it was like they were being removed by themselves.
Y/n didn't get nervous until that moment, the moment she needed to open her eyes to see the world for the first time in her life. But she didn't want to see just anything, she wanted to see something that means a lot to her, someone who means a lot to her.
"Um, Harry? Can you please stand in front of me? I want you to be the first thing I see"
His heart nearly jumped out when he heard her say that, and with shaking legs he placed himself in her line of vision, waiting anxiously for her to open her eyes.
It took her a while to adjust to the light, but once everything cleared out, she was finally able to see.
She was quiet for a few seconds, just staring at Harry's face who was trying his best to not burst and cry like a toddler in front of everyone. Finally, she spoke up.
"You're so pretty"
That was all it took to break him. Tears fell from his eyes and y/n was quick to cup his cheeks and wipe them away. Her own eyes were dancing from spot to spot on his face, trying to memorize every inch of it. *God, she was truly missing out before.
"Don't cry, Harry. It's okay, I'm okay, I can finally see you"
"I'm just so happy," he told her through a sob "I didn't think it would work out but it did. You can see me! This the best day of my life"
She giggled and wiped away her own tears. She couldn't look away from him. She may have never seen people before, but she knew for a fact that he was the most beautiful man ever. His eyes, his nose, his lips, everything about him was… perfect!
But she had to look away and greet her parents, Gemma and the doctor, and then she was captivated by everything else, the sky, the trees, the sun, everything!
Of course, things were a little bit blurry still, so the doctor gave her a test so she could get glasses which she was very excited about as she liked the ones he was wearing a lot and thought they made him look cute.
On their way to their rented home, Gemma sat next to y/n and answered all of her questions whenever she saw something she didn't know. She was amazed by everything and Harry found it the most adorable thing in the world. He wanted to talk to her but unfortunately, he was on driving duty and couldn't get too distracted.
Once they got to the house though, he was able to steal her away with the excuse of giving her a house tour, but in reality all he wanted was to have some alone time with her.
"How does it feel to be able to see?" He asked her as they sat in the backyard, hands tightly clasped together.
"Oh, it's incredible Harry! I can't believe it" she sighed and looked at his face. She couldn't believe he was real. How can someone be so beautiful? She could look at him for days and wouldn't get bored.
"And you're very beautiful, Harry" she whispered leaning closer to him "I can't take my eyes off of you."
"now you can understand how I feel every time I'm with you"
Y/n blushed. She always had feelings for Harry, and she knew he felt the same way towards her too, in fact, they've discussed this before, but at the time y/n was not ready for a relationship and she didn't want to drag him into her chaotic life despite him already being a big part of it. But now... now she has her sight, she can take care of herself, she doesn't have to rely on anyone anymore, which means she can have the love life she always dreamed of.
She didn't know how it happened but she found herself leaning towards Harry and pressing her lips to his. He was quick to kiss back - fortunately - his unoccupied arm slowly wrapped around her and pulled her closer to him. Fucking finally! He had been waiting for this moment since he confessed his feelings to her a while back, and now he can have her, she was his.
He didn't want to overwhelm her, after all this was her first ever kiss, so he gently pulled away and smiled at her, his nose bumping against hers in a sweet Eskimo kiss.
"Oh wow," Harry chuckled and kissed her forehead. Y/n's eyes kept locked with his. So far, his eyes were the most beautiful colour she had seen and she couldn't stop looking at them, and don't get her started on his lips, they felt so good against hers, so soft and gentle she wanted to keep kissing them forever.
"Will you kiss me more? I like it"
How could he say no to her when she looked so precious? She looked like an angel, the most beautiful angel and Harry was so in love with her. When he leaned down to kiss her this time, he didn't hold back, in fact, he just pulled her to sit on his lap and held her head with one hand so he could have more control. The butterflies in his stomach intensified to the point he felt like he was about to pass out. God damn, who would've thought she'd have this effect on him just by a kiss?
They spent the next hour in the backyard, kissing and talking about everything. Harry showed her pictures of their childhood on his phone, telling her the story behind each one. Y/n told him about all their shared memories from her perspective which he enjoyed a lot. It was fascinating to hear her side of the story, if he was honest, because despite sharing those memories, her experience was way different than his because she relied on her other senses so she told him about all the smells and sounds associated with certain memories that he didn't even care to pay attention to at the time.
"Do you want to go watch the sunset?" Harry asked her after a moment of silence they spent cuddling. Y/n was quick to agree as long as he promised her to tell her all the colours they would see, which he of course did.
They walked out barefoot towards the beach right in front of their temporary home. Y/n looked around with observing eyes trying to take in her surroundings as much as possible, she wanted to know about everything she was missing but Harry told her that she had to take it slow,
"You've got years and years coming and you will be able to see everything you want, lovie. Don't want you to get overwhelmed and maybe pass out or something"
He sat down on the sand first before he pulled her between his legs and wrapped his arms around her. After a few minutes, the sky started to change its colours from light blue to orange and pink and purple. Y/n instantly fell in love with it. She was able to recognise some colours from the way people described them to her when she was blind, and Harry praised her every time she got them right which gave her a little tingling feeling in her tummy and heart, especially when she looked at him and saw the big smile on his face, he was proud of her.
"I think the sunset is the second most beautiful thing I've ever seen so far" she whispered after the vibrant colours started to fade and dark blue was replacing them.
"And what's the first thing?" He asked, looking at her face. Y/n turned to look at him, her eyes moving from his lips to his nose and finally settling on his own bright eyes.
Harry's heart felt like it was about to explode from holding so much love for her. A slight red tint covered his cheeks, thankfully it was a bit too dark for her to notice. Hearing that from her had to be the best compliment he ever received. She didn't even care if there were people much better looking than him, she still chose him as the most beautiful creature she ever saw.
"And you wanna know why?" He nodded rapidly.
"Because of what's in here" she put her delicate hand right on top of his beating heart "that's what made me fall in love with you all those years ago, and seeing you today proved to me that you *are the most perfect person I've ever met. I don't know what I would do without you, you were my eyes when I was blind, and now you have my whole heart, you always did but- I was never brave enough to tell you until today"
Now, Harry was never one to cry over someone telling him about their feelings towards him because many people did in the past, including y/n, but the first time she did it was when they were 19 and he was in the middle of tour, she called him when it was very late in the middle of the night for her and told him that she had a crush on him and that if she wasn't missing him she would've never confessed, but nothing came out of that because they both weren't ready, now however, they could do it, they could be together, and the mere thought of them holding hands, kissing in the early mornings, saying those three little words to each other and meaning them made tears come out of Harry's eyes for the second time that day.
He kissed her with so much love and passion it made them fall over. Giggles fell out of y/n's lips as she felt the sand under her head while he tried kissing her, but when she wouldn't kiss back he just settled with planting pecks all over her face making her giggle even more.
"I can't believe I can finally have you" he sniffed and helped her back up before sitting her on his lap "you're mine!! You're fucking mine!"
That night was definitely the best sleep he had in awhile.
. •. . ° •. ✧ . ✦ •. ✧
Y/n thought life couldn't get any better until she put on her glasses. She could see the smallest little things like how Harry has a cute beauty mark by his lips, or how his eyes change colour depending on his mood and the lighting around them, or how she looks way better than the first time she saw herself in the mirror.
Over the years and before she got her surgery, y/n always relied on others to tell her how things look like, and when she asks about herself, they always said good things, especially Harry (thus why she developed feelings for him), and with her not knowing what "beauty standards" actually looked like, she thought she was pretty good looking, and when she looked at herself with him by her side pointing out all the things he loves about her, she felt even more confident about herself. She wasn't what people considered perfect and she wasn't going to be the next top model, but she was what she thought was perfect and that's all that mattered to her.
That was why she made Harry do a photoshoot of her with her glasses on. She was proud of them and she actually thought they made her extra cute and complimented her quite well! The frame was thin and black with small cat ears that she was obsessed with and on top of that she could turn them into sunglasses with the magnetic lenses that came with them!
(visual of the glasses)
Tumblr media
Y/n was enjoying life to the fullest. She was finally able to see, she still had Harry who was teaching how to write and read and all the things she couldn't learn because of her previous disability. She was happy! All the things she ever wanted were finally becoming true and the simple thought of that brought tears to her eyes. She was very lucky.
"Alright, love. That's enough for now. Let's go home"
It was later in the evening and Harry was starting to get tired, and he could tell y/n was too because her shoulders dropped and she kept yawning every few minutes.
Thankfully, she didn't try to talk him into staying a little while longer at the beach they were at and let him take her hand in his so they could walk towards his car.
Their relationship had escalated into something more. They shared the bed now (since they already shared a house, opting for the one in Harry's bedroom instead of hers because she enjoyed it more, they kissed a lot as it became y/n's favourite pastime, they went on many dates, they basically did everything any couple did.
Except... They weren't officially a couple.
They never talked about where they stand when it came to their relationship. Were they dating? Or were they still friends but did things normal friends wouldn't do?
It was eating y/n alive. She wanted to be with Harry. She wanted to call him her boyfriend. She enjoyed when he would call her his, don't get her wrong, but she wanted…more. She wanted an official label. She wanted what she couldn't have in the past.
So after preparing herself mentally for a few minutes, she took a deep breath and turned towards Harry, who was holding her right hand tightly in his.
"Harry, what- what are we exactly ?"
"Well, last time I checked, lovie, we are humans, but I do have doubts that you're actually an angel in disguise" he answered her without looking away from the road in front of him, a small - almost unnoticeable - playful smile on his lips.
Y/n blushed a bit and looked down. He was good with compliments and knew exactly what to say to get her all shy and squirmy with butterflies in her tummy.
"No, I meant- like, are we dating ?"
Finally, he looked over at her with a look on her face like she had three heads. She bit her lips nervously, scared of what he would say. She didn't want him to reject her, she loved him a lot and the last few weeks she spent with him were the best of her entire life. God knows where she would be without him and his help and support.
"Did the kisses and constant 'I love you's didn't give that away?" He was the one asking the questions this time, eyes turning away from her so he could focus on driving.
"I just thought since we never put a label on our relationship..."
Harry sighed and stopped at a red light before turning his full attention to y/n. He could tell she was nervous and he didn't like that at all, he wanted her to feel free and comfortable around him.
"I'm so sorry, pet. I thought my actions reflected how I feel about you, but I should've thought better about this since it's your very first relationship, and hopefully your last because I really love you and I want to spend forever with you"
Y/n smiled sweetly at him. She also wanted that, that was why she asked to begin with.
"And I don't care about labels as long as I get to be with you and kiss you whenever I want, but if you want us to be boyfriend and girlfriend then we can do that. I'd do anything to make my baby happy" and with a kiss on top of her hand, he started driving again.
Y/n was feeling much better now that he confirmed they were in fact together and that he was her boyfriend and she was his girlfriend. She could now sleep peacefully without having to overthink her life decisions.
"So I get to call you my boyfriend now?"
Harry chuckled while shaking his head. She was the most adorable little thing he had ever seen and he couldn't believe she was his girlfriend. He dreamt about this day for years. Yes, he did have many partners over those years, but none of them made him feel like y/n did. He tried to forget about his feelings towards her so he could find love in someone else but his heart always ached for his pretty best friend. Even the people he was dating noticed that, some of them were okay with it and told him to go after her and ask her out, others were so mad and said some hurtful things about her that he decided they were enough reasons to end the relationship with them. He was y/n's carer and had been since they were teenagers, if they couldn't accept her as the biggest part of Harry's life, he simply couldn't be with them. But he didn't have to worry about that anymore, because at this point, life couldn't get any better. Y/n was healthy and he was helping her learn how to do things in her day to day life now that she was able to see, and the cherry on top of it all was they were together and he didn't need to hold himself back from showering her with love and affection like he always wanted.
"Yes, my love. You get to call me your boyfriend, and one day, you'll get to call me your husband, and I have a feeling that day will come sooner than we know"
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alixdelcourt · 4 months ago
Hiii!!! Can I requests for dabi, shiggy, tama, shoto and gang orca (if u do for him ofc if u don't then it okay 🥰) with fem s/o who is like wearing showing/sexy clothes?? It show her cleavage etc etc.
Ft. Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, Tamaki Amajiki and Shoto Todoroki x female reader (I don’t write for Gang Orca)
Genre : NSFW mainly and some smutty lines
WC and warnings : 1.7 k / Smut, violence, possessiveness and insecurity (for Tamaki)
Note : I wrote some contexts for each of the characters, and I made the reader wears suggestive sexy outfits for some good reasons each time. I hope that it’s okay for you, @dragonwolfs, and please enjoy :)
Tumblr media
Tomura Shigaraki
Even if you’re a villain like him, Shigaraki considers you as his sweet princess. You can be a mad psychopath, he just can’t see the evil in you. Not that you are, a mad psychopath, but you’re a little bit annoyed by his charming and nice compliments.
Would definitely call sweet nicknames for you in front of every one, like “princess” or “sweetie”. Which embarrasses you in front of the other villains. You’re not a “cutie pie” ! You’re a badass assassin and you’ll prove it !
You decided to make your stunning impression in a really important meeting for the league to prove your point to everybody there. You even asked Toga to help you out with your make-up !
Shigaraki would be heading the meeting, and everyone could hear him choke a bit on his word when you entered the room, superbly late, and took a chair in front of him.
He somehow resumed what he was saying and during the whole assembly, you felt his intense stare and greedy eyes on you.
Which was understandable. For him to realize that you aren’t a piece of cake, you decided to abandon your kind of simple clothing style and to go for a more… spicy one.
Which boiled down to a studded leather bra, a tiny blue colored denim short, and your legs wrapped in fishnets tights. With a chocker and high heels, and the bold eyeliner Toga chose for you, it had the desired effect. You were threatening, ominous and sexy as well.
Shigaraki speeds up his speaking pace to end up this useless meeting. Nearly kicks everyone out to have you for his own.
“My baby dove dressed up like a dangerous crow… I kinda like it. You’re such a bad girl, aren’t you ?”
You smiled : this is what you wanted to hear. He takes you on his lap, and you tried to kiss him.
You gasped when he grabs you by your hair and holds you back from him. You unlocked hard dom Shigaraki. He manhandles you before getting you down on your knees for him.
“ Now you have to take your responsibility for making me hard during work. You gotta fix this for me, sweetie”
Before filling your mouth with his entire hard length, making you choke on it. And better not complain, there’s no way he would make it easy for you.
“Want to be bad ? Let me tell you what I do to showy brats like you : I wreck them.”
Tumblr media
We all know that this guy is the meanest person ever. There’s no way for him being cute or soft. Never. Ever.
Better not mess with him, or you’re going to regret it. In a bad way. Playing with fire is no good game, but you can’t help it.
You two are stubborn and prideful people, with strong nature hard to live with. He’s meaner when mad, and you’re revengeful.
You had a fierce argument with Dabi, and you wanted to piss him of. So bad. Hit him where it hurts, like he does for you.
You started ignoring him when he talks to you, clinging to Shigaraki and giving the blue haired man all your attention. Cheering for him when they play video games, asking him what he would like you to cook for him for dinner, offering to massage his shoulders when he chills on the couch.
All this under your proper boyfriend’s furious stare. You know that he can’t stand this bratty behavior of yours.
But you took it way too far when you showed up an evening in the shared living area of the villain headquarter, just coming out from the shower, in a special outfit.
A white not correctly buttoned shirt that belongs to Shigaraki, which you picked in the laundry. And your naked body underneath it. Your OBVIOUS naked body.
Your soaked wet hair dripping on the white fabric made it translucent, revealing intimate details of your body, revealing all the hickeys and bruises that you were marked with. Your legs barely covered by the wide shirt, and your curves well framed in the piece of clothing.
They were simultaneous reactions to your attitude : Dabi growled, Shigaraki whistled at you, Toga chuckled in a “dear, we’re getting in trouble” way, and Blackmist got out of the room, nervous.
Ignoring everyone, you slumped on the couch, crossed legs with your head resting on them. You smell at the fabric, smiling, and Dabi went feral.
Before you could understand what happened, you were bent over on the couch’s arm, head pinned against the cushions, and your ass up, stick to Dabi’s crotch. He harshly slaps your ass cheeks, and you stiffened a bit. Maybe you pushed him too far. You’re about to suffer, and to be disciplined for your attitude.
“Seeking for attention, you wh*re ? Well done, you found some. Sluts like you get what they deserve. And you deserve to be humiliated for that bitchy cocky behavior of yours !”
Ends up fucking you there in front of everyone. And if you let a single moan slip out of your filthy mouth, he’ll gonna punish the hell out of you, because you’re not supposed to enjoy it.
Tumblr media
Tamaki Amajiki
When you came up to your boyfriend Tamaki with your brilliant idea, he immediately knew that it was going to end wrong someway.
Since you two didn’t get out and have fun for a while, you decided to try clubbing on Saturday’s night. You were both out of hero duty, and wanted to enjoy some random people fun.
You somehow managed to convince Tamaki to go out with you, but he couldn’t help being apprehensive and anxious about this.
And when you got out of the bathroom, finally ready to go, he was totally worried about how would the evening end up well. He sincerely complimented you, and you adorably blushed.
If you had asked him then, he would have told you that you were looking way too pretty for your own safety. But he didn’t say anything. He assumed that you did it on purpose, that you did want people to look at you, to watch you, to desire you like he was. Maybe he wasn’t enough for you anymore… After all, you’re dating him, but pretty and friendly as you are, you could find way better than your introverted current boyfriend…
And, without surprise, you had a great success with men. Naturally, dressed up like that, it was obvious that you would drive any sane man crazy. Tamaki had to endure their nasty glances and lewd gazes on you, while he was drinking at the bar and you were dancing on the floor.
You were a sinful call, waving with on tune like this. This skirt was framing you too well, highlighting your nice curves, and this cute white lacy top makes everyone wonder what was hiding beneath the fabric. And, cherry on the cake, those thigh high boots you were dancing on, lengthening your legs and eye-catching on your sexy thighs.
Lost in his anxious thoughts, Tamaki didn’t notice that you were trying to tease him. You dressed up like this for him to drool looking at you, to undress you with his needy stare, to be hard and horny for you. What a fail… All he could think about, is that you were maybe trying to replace him. You can tell, because you know him like the back of your hand.
“Tamaki, honey… I want you. I want you to rip my clothes off and to make me yours”
This single sentence whispered in his sensitive ear instantly swept away all his insecurities. You immediately left the party and headed home. And at the very moment you arrived home, you couldn't hold back any longer and didn’t even make it to your bedroom.
You kept your boots on while riding Tamaki’s hard twitching c*ck, both of you desperately starving each other’s touch, love, affection and lust.
“Tell… Tell me I am yours, bu-bunny… Please ! I need you to… f*ck… say it for me”
And once the sweet words slipped out of your lovely moaning mouth, Tamaki filled you well with all his hot liquid love and desire.
And the night just started for both of you. He’ll be still eating you out like a starved man at dawn.
Tumblr media
Shoto Todoroki
Adult Shoto has a huge daddy kink. Like a real one. So he’ll definitely spoils you in every single way you can think of.
He really likes the way his lovely doll is always well-dressed, well behaved, looking all cute and pretty. And all for him. Don’t ever think about sharing this with anyone else.
Well, you’re not his property, of course, you’re his loving wife. And since your husband’s a famous pro-hero, you’re known by the media and sometimes some pictures of you and Shouto are taken by some creepy paparazzi.
And he absolutely loves the fact that on every single picture, no matter what, you’re always good looking and more radiant than a shinning star. It makes him desire you so badly. He is totally in love with his adorable wife.
And, as a pro-hero’s wife, sometimes you have to accompany him to ceremonies or whatever professional receptions. It’s always a pleasure for you to cheer for your husband and to congratulate him for winning an award. Enjoying the night, and afterwards you two intimately celebrate once you come back home.
With a dreamy smile, you’re getting ready for a hero gala your husband was invited to. You dress up, do your make-up and choose out your jewelry. Looking a last time at your vanity mirror, you finally come out the bathroom.
To a furious husband of yours. Frowned eyebrows, pursed lips with a stern expression on his handsome face.
“Go change yourself. Immediately”.
“Why should I change ?”
“Just go ahead and change yourself”
“But why ? We’re nearly late… We need to hurry or we’re gonna be late”
“There’s no way of you getting out like that. So, please baby, change”
“… You don’t like it ? … But you’re the one who offered me this dress… I thought you’d like it”
“And that’s the point, baby. You’re looking too good wrapped in this dress. There’s no way I am bringing you there like this for Deku and Dynamight’s pleasure”.
Shouto grabs your hips and pulls you to his sweet embrace. Kisses your neck and inhale your perfume.
“Please, don’t wear that. Only I get to see you like that…”
And who are you for denying your husband’s pleasure ?
Finally, you two never reached this stupid ceremony.
Here ! I hope you all enjoy this piece of work. Let me know if you want anything else, and I will be delighted to read your comments and opinions about this. If you want a part two, I will be happy to oblige :)
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orionsangel86 · 10 months ago
As a fan and a shipper, this is it, Saz. Misha is done with the show, Cas is dead, Dean won't probably mention anything about this and he is canonically straight at this point. Please don't get your hopes up.
You know... Untill last night I was actually more inclined towards your thinking. I’m happy to admit it. the negativity got me down. Misha’s various comments over the past year got me down. 2020 as a year, GOT ME DOWN.
I struggled with this over and over again for a long time. I was convinced that Cas was dying, and whilst I knew he would be back in 20, I was terrified that it would be some bit part right at the very end which had little relevance and that any happy ending for Dean and Cas was hopeless.
However there was always one little glimmer of hope in my poor bruised heart, and that hope was Destiel itself, because I always figured that if they actually went there with Destiel, then there was absolutely no way that they could end the season badly. Like, NO WAY.
But even after all these years of being a positive meta writer, and writing essay after essay on the validity of the Destiel interpretation of the text and believing with every cell in my body that Destiel was a real and true love story... I was still terrified. I was terrified that it wouldn’t happen, because there were plenty of reasons why it wouldn’t happen. Reasons I have been over several times before.
And yet I could never ignore my own eyes, my own logical observations and my understanding of story narrative and storytelling tropes, of production set up, of art departments and direction, cinematography and music, and everything that makes up a TV show. EVERYTHING ALWAYS POINTED TO DESTIEL.
So even though I was terrified, I still had faith in Destiel. Right up until the end. I had faith in Destiel and it was the only thing still giving me hope in a happy ending, because the way my logical brain works, I figured if they gave us canon Destiel, then a happy ending was very much on the cards. Even if Cas died after confessing, the very nature of storytelling would mean that it wouldn’t end that way, that Cas would have to come back, and that Dean and Cas would get the happy ever after they so desperately deserve.
When I went to bed last night, I was overcome with a sense of awe and fear. That the next morning I would wake up and I would know. I would know if I was right all this time, if over 6 years of obsession, passion, and dedication towards this love story was all worth it, or if we were destined for doom. Some of my friends tried to reassure me that even if it didn’t happen in this episode, it could still happen in the finale, but I’ll be honest, at that point I was adamant it was this episode, or not at all. I was TERRIFIED.
the thought occurred to me right before I closed my eyes to go to sleep, knowing the episode had already started in the states: “If it happens Sarah, then the ending will be happy. Cas will live.”
When I first saw the news this morning (I had asked my US friend Jen to send me a green and a blue heart in a text if Destiel happened so I would be prepared. No green and blue heart text would mean a social media blackout for me for another few weeks) my heart jumped into my throat. It happened. It’s canon.
Throughout the day today my emotions have been all over the place. From utter elation through to confusion and anger at some reactions, but also apprehension, because there are still so many people so negative and so certain that this was it for Cas.
But I realise now, that I do have far more hope that I thought I had, that those flutterings in my soul that awoke when I saw those wonderful green and blue heart emojis first thing this morning have now blossomed into butterflies of absolute joy. It wasn’t the scene from the actual episode that did this either, nope. It was Misha.
I thought I was so mad at him. Constantly going on about Cas’s death, and how sacrifice was the way he wanted to go out. I realised something as I scrolled through his likes on Twitter. It was all a fucking act.
Misha Collins. Troll extraordinaire. He well and truly pulled the wool over our eyes. He played up the doom and gloom to cover for the true surprise. The true secret ending that no one was allowed to even hint at. I completely and utterly fell for it, as did most die hard Cas fans. That utter bastard. :P
Nonny, please read my next words very carefully again and again if you have to, because I really hope that they sink in.
Misha is a good person. So is Bobo Berens. The two of them have been on Twitter liking Destiel tweets and effectively confirming it is canon - not that Cas is in love with Dean, no, that Destiel is canon. The difference, is that Destiel is requited love.
If it had ended in 15x18, if Cas’s confession, which left Dean stunned and unable to reciprocate, was truly the end, do you honestly think the gay man and the actor whose fanbase is massively LQBTQ, would allow one of the most beloved characters of all time, to FINALLY come out of the closet, confess his love, and then subsequently die and spend ETERNITY in SuperHell?!?
The fact that they were SO HAPPY WITH THEMSELVES. Because lets be honest here, Misha wouldn’t be liking all our dumb Destiel shitposting tweets if he didn’t know for sure that that happy feeling was gonna stick. Neither would Bobo.
This is just the start of the epic Destiel endgame. Castiel has said his part, now it’s Dean’s turn. I should have listened to my brain all this time. There is no way this ends badly. It just can’t. I refuse to believe it anymore. I’m finally stepping out of the dark and into the rainbow.
@tinkdw you were right all along.
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nekomasmeow · 4 months ago
Yooooo can you do more of the hq boys as vampires bc that was good 😂😳 preferably Oikawa, the twins, and whoever else you want 🤌
A/N: Did I make this shit dark out of NOWHERE? yes, yes I did. Whoops 😅
Warnings: Forced biting, blood, death, captivity, dangerous possessiveness, little to no humanity, implied smut, unprotective sex (wear protection babies), breeding? Maybe, eh slightly, VOYEURISM, slight non-con? Kinda, not sure how you would mark that one, Stalking, unknown mutual masterbastion, abusive relationship, stockholm syndrome, DO NOT ROMANTIZE THIS!!! THIS IS NOT HEALTHY AND THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION
Tumblr media
Very very cold person to anyone other than you
Honestly it worried how detached he was from society
his only connection to what was going on was you and that was it
to say he wasn't moving most days was an understatement
he never moved
of course this bothered Iwaizumi who was his right hand man and was in charge of leading the clan when he was gone
you knew what oikawa was and it didn't bother you until he started popping up all of a sudden out side
especially when you went out for drinks with your friends or colleagues from work
Oikawa didn't like the thought of another man, fuck not even another human being near you
the smell of them repulsed him to the point he's wanted to rip to shreds for the smell they left on you
Oikawa wanted to rip the scent off you in anyway possible and he did
with biting you all over or cumming in you so deep he would smell him on you for a good while
you knew he wasn't stable enough for you to be around so you decided to distance yourself from him
one night you decided to go on a date and of course you weren't going to see him again but you decided to sleep with your date
the sex was okay you just needed and itch scratched and he did that, just not well
you were completely unaware that Oikawa was in your closet and had watched everything
fangs bared and nails dug into his skin as two small pools of blood drippled on either side of him
you and the man had fallen asleep when oikawa walked over and stood over the both of you
Oikawa moved and pulls the blanket off you slowly and snarls lowly
He takes his two middle fingers and licks them, making sure they're wet
"Time to wake up." He snarls and slams his fingers into your pussy
the movement has you gasp and wake instantly, but still in the fog of sleep you thought it was your date wanting a round two
"Micha, stop not now." You mumble but can't help but grind against the two fingers
"I'm not Micha." The voice snarls and hearing the voice you feel ice water wash over your body
turning your head slowly you see Oikawa with his fingers pumping out of you
"Fucking bitch, I should kill you, this pussy is MINE AND YOU FUCK ANOTHER MAN!" He roars
the commotion wakes up Micha who turns but doesn't even get a scream out before oikawa rips his throat out with his bare hands
"NO!" you scream but he moves faster pinning you onto the floor as blood pools around both of you
Micha's face frozen in stunned horror as his soulless eyes bore into yours
going to fight you see that you cant move as Oikawa is ontop of you one hand holding your arms above your hand
his other hand between your legs
"Stop! oikawa, please stop!" You scream twisting and withering as his fingers pull out the cum left in you from the other man
"You're mine, do you understand that? Do you have any idea how bad I wanted to rip the both of you to shreds as i wanted you both fuck like dogs!" He spats
Eyes grow wide as you stare at the vampire burning with rage
"Please, don't." You whisper as his fingers still but then curve upward nailing your g-spot
not being able to help it you moan which has him smirk as he keeps hitting that spot
"Don't ever think you're going to see the sun again, because you won't never, again." He whispers before shoving his fangs into your neck
the once soft bite he would give you was now burning and felt like your body was being shredded
the last thing you remember was the tightness between your legs and Micha's cold eyes staring at you before darkness swamped you
Tumblr media
Used to sleep around a fuck ton until you came along
He was awestruck by you to the point it became unhealthy
Kita was wary of letting Atsumu get close to you, the human
But, atsumu refused to listen and kept sneaking out at night to stalk you
you of course had no idea you were being watched by this creature
Atsumu was used to fucking a girl every night but he wouldn't touch anyone now
it worried the others who would openly fuck and feed from girls but Atsumu wouldn't even look at them anymore
he was slowly popping up in places where you would see him but then would be gone before words were spoken
you had arrived home one night and felt like someone was in your house but you couldn't find anyone
Atsumu had watched and waited as you did your nightly routine but almost died when he saw what you were about to do
you had pulled out a dildo, and heard you call it a rabbit
Atsumu couldn't help himself but pull out his own cock as he watched you wither and moan on the bed
His hand moved on its own as he bite his own hand to stop the deep throaty moans that he made as he watched you move faster
"Oh...oh fuck!" You moaned as your body rocked against the toy as you fucked yourself faster on it riding out your orgasm
Atsumu fucks up into his hand as he cums into a pair of panties he held and tried to control his deep breaths
you cleaned up and soon fell asleep as Atsumu crawled out from his spot softly
he moved to your side and stared down at you and moves smelling you still between your legs
"I need a taste." He whispers fangs popping out as he yanked the covers off your body
he pulled your legs apart and moved and groans seeing you were still wet and hand nothin else on
knowing this wasn't right he didn't care he lost all control as he dived in
you whine arching in your sleep against this warm, wet, thing you felt between your legs
the dream started to feel real when you felt two large hands cup your tits and start to twist and pull having you wake
"Oh, god." you whine arching up and wanting to grind down onto whatever was making you feel this way
"Atsumu, not god, but Atsumu." A voice replies which has your body run hot
"Atsumu." You mewl grinding harder making whatever it was move faster and harder
"right there, fuck right there." You cry still sensitive from earlier
the tightness then the slight shake of your hips had you know you had just orgasmed
something pulls out of you and you turn through your hazy sleep eyes you see blonde hair and a man staring at you
"Next time, I'll fuck you with my cock, my little siren." he whispered and disappeared
Waking the next morning you blinked in confusion as you try to recall your dream, but only thing you can remember was the mind blowing orgasm you had in your sleep
"oh well." you whisper
Tumblr media
"Osamu.....I need to go out or people will get worried." You say h
he played this soft good boy mask so damn well you were shocked to walk into your apartment to see blood everywhere
rounding the corner you see Osamu in only dress slacks and blood all over him
4 or 5 bodies lay at his feet as he takes deep breathes and stops seeing you and chuckles
but stops seeing you take a step back and tilts his head slowly
"I wouldn't run, my little doll, you're mine now and if you run I'll kill you." He says moving his steps leaving prints in blood
"Osamu." You whisper shaking in fear wanting to run but you knew he would catch you before you could even take a step
"yes?" He asks like a switch flipping and you see the face of the Osamu you know...or knew
"'t kill me." You choke out backing up slowly as he stepped forward
He scans your face and then smiles softly with a childlike giggle coming from his mouth
"I won't." He says and moves kissing you deeply the blood on his lips in mouth mixing with yours
it made you sick to your stomach as you wanted to pull away and vomit but didn't
You lived in fear everyday after that making sure not to raise his anger
but as time continued you noticed you had barely left the house and decided to go out for the day
"Where are you going?" He asked slamming the door hard a sick crack forming on the door frame
"I wanted to go out." You whisper turning to look at him
his eyes were dark orbs that you felt pierce your soul and you felt sick again
"Nope, you're staying here." he says and back hugs you burying his head into your neck
"Osamu.....I need to go out or people will get worried." You say shrinking away
" I not good enough?" he asks pain and sadness covering his face
"NO! YOU'RE EVERYTHING!" You yell hugging him tightly
he smiles but hides it behind your head
"Good, please don't leave me." he whispers his grip on you tightening
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jellybeannnn · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Loki x fem! reader
Summary: Loki disappears for six years leaving Y/N in a tough relationship.
Warnings: abuse, swearing, self consciousness. Please let me know anything I may have missed!
"Steve!" You waved over to your favorite old co-worker. He lended you broad smile and looked to the man who stood to your right before pulling you in for a hug.
"Y/N, long time no see. How have you been." He raised his brows and focused back on your guest.
"I've been great, this is my fiancé Damon, Damon this is Steve Rodgers." Steve held out his hand and Damon simply stared at it.
"I know who he is, there are people waiting for us, we haven't have all day, I'd appreciate if you'd skip the niceties with every person we come across." You huffed in annoyance and rolled your neck.
"I don't mean to take long, I just miss my friends. I'm sorry Steve, I have to go it was nice seeing you. Tell the rest of the team I said hi."
Damon turned and strutted toward the door leaving you trying to catch up with him.
"Y/N wait, stay here with us, I'll take you home if that's the problem."
"He's going to be really upset if he has tp wait for me Steve I have to go, I'll come visit."
You turned and took hurried steps toward the exit, you didn't even notice the slender Norse God standing right in front of you.
"Loki?" He gave you a smile that made your heart drop into your feet.
"You look stunning, I was hoping I'd be able to talk to you tonight, if you'd have me of course. I need to explain myself, for all this time. I would never intentionally put you thought such hurt." He took your hand into his own and pulled it to his lips and stopped and the large diamond that sat on your ring finger.
"I have to go Loki, he's waiting on me." While your heart was thumping a million miles a second, the last thing you had to spare was a second. Your eyes darted across the room making sure he had not come back up looking for you.
"Why are you afraid?" Loki's eyes were curious, he though he scared you. "I would never hurt you, I am not upset if you moved on, you had to live I understand that. You needn't be afraid of me."
"It's not you, I have to go we can talk later, I promise."
Loki held his and up and you almost felt yourself flinch, he summoned a yellow rose.
"Remember we were friends before lovers, although we're not anymore our friendship still stands. I can feel your emotions little witch, what is it?" You shivered at he mention of your magic, it left you the same time he did.
"Walk me down?" A part of you hoped that Loki would somehow figure it out, somehow hear the prayers you've sent to him. Save you from the beating you could surly get when you got to the car.
"I've missed you pet. You prayed to me every night for the past three years. I've been gone six."
"You hear me?"
"Every night, every time." His voice was bitter and dripping with such malice you haven't heard before.
"I was held hostage all this time, I would never ignore you. I won't allow anyone to hurt you either, not when I am capable of stopping it. I wanted you to tell me, now that I'm here. But, you were about to get in the car with that swine. Do you actually think I wouldn't be able to take on a measly midgardian?" He was shaking his head but walking with as much haste as he was spewing out his words. "Come pet, let us get this over with."
"Y/N it's about time, what the fuck took you so long. When I leave you leave. You're fucking stupid if you think I'm letting you come back here. Why the hell are you standing woman, you'll regret playing these games when we get home."
You stood there like a deer in headlights, waiting for his rant to end, you twisted or feet shyly knowing that Loki was only just behind the wall and was probably fuming.
"We can just leave Damon, I didn't mean to take so long, I just miss my friends."
"The hell you are." Loki emerged behind you. "How exactly will she be in regret when she returns home?"
"Y/N, get your ass in this car now."
Loki looked to you with questioning eyes. You nodded your head and walked to the car.
"You touch her and I'll kill you myself."
"Bye, Lo."
"Goodnight, pet."
Loki sent a sinister smile to Damon whilst, waving his hadn't opening the car door for you.
"Remember what I said, one finger on her will cost you your life, I'm not like them, I'm not an Avenger. There will be no pleasantries." Damon rolled his eyes and pulled the car out of the lot.
The ride was quiet, the loud roar of the fast sports car he loved so much.
"Did you call yourself telling on me? Do you know who I am? What I can do? I have enough money to knock your little friends off and don't forget that." He reached over and dug his fingers into the braids that cascaded down your back and yanked them.
"You said you wouldn't again. You told me you'd stop. You said you loved me . What happened?" You pushed his hand away making the car swerve.
"You dumb bitch, you're going to kill the both of us."
"I believe you are the dumb bitch, I told you what would happen. She hasn't been in your car 15 minutes. I do a lot of things but never take my words lightly." Loki spoke calmly from the backseat. You hadn't noticed any green smoke and indication of him at all, where had he been all this time.
"I think you're tired enough don't you pet? Let's get you in bed." Loki summoned his staff and sent you home. Not to your home, but to the place you and Loki shared all that time ago.
"I'm sorry it took me so long. He talked a lot. More than usual. Come let me draw you a bath and massage your scalp in sure it's tender."
"Thank you, Lo." You hadn't turned to look at him, just looking at the place around you. It looked as if you hadn't left at all, all your things there. Things you packed, things you've lost, still there as if nothing had changed.
"No thanks are in order, he was hurting you. I wouldn't allow it to go on any longer. Let me pamper and heal you."
You followed Loki into the bathroom, and watched as the drew the water. He always seemed to just know how hot was perfect.
"Let me get you out of those. I thought you hated orange, It makes you gag." You chuckled at his words he was making something you said a while back with shopping with him.
"It does Damon picked it. See." You make gagging noises imitating what you did so long ago.
"Ah, there my sweet girl I was afraid he'd taken her away from me."
"Never." Loki pulled the dress over your head and was unsnapping your bra. "This is bringing back memories huh." You raised your eyebrows suggestively at him.
"Now, that's not what we are doing now pet, but I would say the memories were quite fond." His hand lingered at your hip squeezing gently.
"I've gained weight." Loki rolled his eyes.
"Is that so?"
"I know you see it."
"We're not going here. You know that I don't care. You like food and you've been in a stressful situation. I love you that's it." his voice was never unsteady, but it didn't sound quite like him."
"They don't hurt as bad as they look." He scooped you up and walked over to the tub setting you in.
"You're not a damn punching bag, you shouldn't have any. Your skin is soft, you are soft. That brute is an imbecile."
"But, you fixed it." Loki looked at you seriously and you could tell he was running something over in his head. Why didn't you ask Rodgers for help? Tony? Thor? I couldn't help you but I could hear you. Why would you deserve such treatment. Did I do that to you? I was hell bent on revenge did I not notice how you feel about yourself."
You chewed on your lips, closing your eyes thinking carefully on what to say or to say anything at all.
"I'm weak."
"You are not, you remind me a lot my my mother. Too much of my mother actually. How could everyone not appreciate you for the beauty you are?"
"I let him beat and berate me because I felt I deserved it." Loki took the soft sponge and coated your back in warm water. He pressed his lips together and allowed you to carry on. "His hands were just doing what my mind started. Some days I truly felt like I deserved what I got. God had taken you; a man who loved me unconditionally and given me him. He was sweet at first, held the door, appreciated ,e for who I was but then, he got comfortable. Some days I thought he'd kill me but I still wanted to hear from you. It's pathetic, a dumb girl, lost and seeking guidance from someone not of her world.
"Must you constantly berate yourself? How about you were heartbroken because you thought your boyfriend abandoned you, you weren't in a good state after that. You found a new man, he said he loved you, what matters is that you believed he loved you and then he hurt you with it. Then, you found confiding in someone who had unknowingly began the hurt. The pain I endured there was nothing compared to what I felt hearing you speak to me. I don't want to ever hear you call yourself weak again."
"Where were you all this time Lo?"
"Hell." Your eyes widened at his words, He didn't explain and you didn't expect him to. He would tell you in time. Where ever he was it wasn't somewhere he chose to be.
"Did Thor find you? He said he would, I begged for his help, your fathers help, but he didn't listen. I'm sorry."
"Don't apologize to me, you have nothing to do with that world or those people. You have me now just as you had me then, nothing will keep me from you forever. Remember that."
"You're not upset with me for not waiting?" Loki rolled his eyes, and gave you a short smile.
"I think I would have been more upset if you had. I've been gone a long time, you are mortal I want you to live your life fully."
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sirenascales · 5 months ago
-> double black [part five] 18+
Tumblr media
-> Chuuya x 1stPOV!F!Reader x Dazai
-> Who knew getting fired from work could lead to this?
-> Content: SMUT, slight angst, violence, murder, swearing
The killer is revealed! What surprises are in store? [Chuuya x 1stPOV!F!Reader x Dazai]
2,420 words
warning: mentions of domestic violence and rape, violence and straight up murder
note: here we go... this is the second to last chapter :) hope you all enjoy reading! no smut again lol
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Final || masterlist
Tumblr media
"This place... is creepy as hell," I mumbled under my breath, glancing curiously over at Dazai as we climbed out of the car and started walking towards the large abandoned factory. "Are you sure this is where Ranpo told us to go?"
"Yep~ He's usually never wrong, so there must be something here we can find~" Dazai sang, nonchalantly walking inside the factory. I sighed deeply and quickly followed him, shivering at the creepy aura it gave off.
"Ugh, does somebody really hide out here? It's giving me the creeps," I whined, hugging myself and rubbing my hands up and down my arms.
"What if there are ghosts here?" Dazai wondered and I shuddered deeply, fear striking my heart at the mere thought.
"Don't say that!"
"Will you two shut up?" A third voice spoke up and my eyes widened in surprise.
"Chuuya? What are you doing here? And... who's that?"
In the middle of the factory, Chuuya stood before a man tied up to a single chair, a linen bag over his head. Chuuya had a deep frown on his face, obviously extremely irritated with something.
"Wh-who is that?! Please, help me!" The man begged, howling in pain when Chuuya kicked him in the stomach.
"Shut the hell up!"
"Is that the one?" Dazai asked and Chuuya nodded. I looked at them in confusion.
"The one... what?"
"This," Chuuya started. "Is the one that's been stealing from the Port Mafia for well over a year. Along with that bastard Taichi."
My jaw fell open in shock, not expecting that at all. "Wh-what do you mean stealing?"
"Exactly what it sounds like. Taichi was in charge of moving product and bringing back the cash from the Northern area of the city. He's been getting his hands in the product, selling them little by little on the side to line his pockets." Chuuya seemed to grow angrier and angrier by the second as he explained. "We've been investigating that thief for three months and we finally pieced it together. Thanks to you." Chuuya's angry gaze is now on me and I feel my heart drop to the ground.
"What do you mean? Me?" I stuttered, looking over to the man as he began to struggle in his chair. He rocked from side to side, pleading loudly for his life.
"Please, let me go!"
There was a large bang! followed by a scream as Chuuya swiftly brought out a handgun, shooting the man right in the head. I was the one who screamed.
"I hate disloyalty," Chuuya spat, his voice cold. His equally icy glare narrowed on Dazai, who didn't even react to the man being killed, unlike myself. My now shaking hands were clamped over my mouth, in shock by what I've just witnessed.
"So tell me," Chuuya began, now turning to face me. "How is it that you knew that Taichi was meeting a drug dealer... the dead man at your feet specifically?" He didn't even give me a chance to answer before he continued. "How did you know that? Were you there?"
I rapidly shook my head, heart thudding in my chest. "No!" I exclaimed, taking a step back.
"Really? Taichi was killed in the South. That wasn't his area, and he wasn't even assigned to move the product. Hasn't been for months since the investigation started." Chuuya's voice was even, and it sent shivers down my spine. I took another step back. "Well? Explain yourself."
I gulped, absolute fear coursing through my body. I could feel the sweat slide down my temple and. "W-well, I overheard him talking about what he does for you. So! I just assumed..."
Chuuya scoffed, laughing dryly. "Plausible, yes." He dug into his coat's inner pocket and I gasped sharply when he held up my knife. I was stunned, thinking I had lost it, but Chuuya had it all along. Suddenly, that day I went to visit him in his office ran through my head, and I realized that was when I last saw my knife. Fuck.
I felt a sense of dread wash over me.
"I know you take excellent care of this knife, clean it regularly. Except for the blood in the hilt."
"And the bloody clothes I found under the sink in your bathroom," Dazai finally spoke up and I gasped sharply. "You probably should have thrown those clothes away before you had me sleep over. You know I like to snoop," He continued on as I clenched my shaking fists. Dazai circled around so he and Chuuya now stood before me, tall and intimidating. "You're the killer, aren't you? Actually, you don't have to answer that. We already know that you are."
I didn't say anything, my lips pulled in a thin line as I stared at the ground. I started to breathe a bit heavily, heart pounding and my blood boiling with the anger and rage I tried to keep at bay from the moments I wake up in the morning to the time I go to sleep at night.
"Well?" Chuuya yelled, growling. "Aren't you gonna say anything?! You killed him!"
I lifted my head up, and the two men looked genuinely surprised at the look in my face, eyes dark and narrow and full of anger. I was seething, but I couldn't help the sick, twisted smile that grew on my face. "And what if I did?" I asked, tilting my head to the side. "Hell hath no fury, right?"
Suddenly, there was an almost inhuman shriek as a figure jumped out from behind the men, knife brandished and slicing right at Dazai. Dazai luckily dodged it, the figure landing on its feet before standing tall. Dazai and Chuuya are both shocked, as they now stared at the perfect clone of myself. The clone didn't give Dazai any time to process, running towards him again and slicing almost wildly with the knife in hand.
"My, what a turn of events!" Dazai exclaimed a bit excitedly, taking in my clone's features. She looked exactly like me, except she looked more wild, her face contorted into one full of rage, anger and anguish with a seemingly endless stream of tears pouring down her face. Her movements were erratic, cries leaving her mouth as she lunged for the attack.
Meanwhile, I had engaged in a fight with Chuuya, but even I could immediately tell just how outmatched I was and that I had no hopes of beating him. Still, I threw a punch at him, able to get him right in his cheek, but he quickly retaliated with a harsh kick to my side. I cried out in pain, clutching my side.
"Are you crazy," Chuuya hissed. "Ability user or not, I'm one of the best martial artists in the Port Mafia! You're not beating me!" He dodged yet another of my punches, jumping back before he kicked me again right on my torso. I grunted in pain, falling on one knee.
"I'm afraid I don't like you," Dazai told my clone as he ducked down to dodge a wild swing. He quickly shot up, successfully headbutting the clone. She cried out in pain, covering her face with her hands as she fell back, Dazai reaching out to grab one of her wrists. As soon as he did so, she disappeared, his ability coming into effect. He let out a tired whew! dusting his hands off before turning to the fight between Chuuya and I.
Even if Chuuya did outmatch me, I tried to keep fighting him, until he suddenly grabbed me and threw me hard on the ground. I gasped, the wind knocked out of me. "Fuck!" I cursed, struggling to breathe as I tried to stand up. I am forced right back on my knees, a hand pressing on my neck. My anger disappeared, and by then, I knew that it was Dazai.
Now that all my anger, and fury was gone, all I had left was the immeasurable despair that settled in my chest, tears now freely sliding down my cheeks. I couldn't stop my sobbing, feeling the two men's wide eyes on me.
"He was beating her!" I cried out, just desperate for them to hear me out before they passed their judgements on me. "Taichi... was beating Keiko and... I never knew! She's been my best friend ever since I moved here and I never had a clue! Not one! Until that day she called me.. when I was at your place," I glanced at Dazai, lip quivering as I struggled to continue. "I went home and when she came over... I knew something was wrong I... then she took off her clothes and there wasn't an inch of her skin below her neck that wasn't covered in bruises I-" 
I choked up, covering my face as I started to sob uncontrollably, the pain of once seeing my friend who was so full of life, looking like a scared, beaten animal as she stood before me. As I cried, Dazai and Chuuya looked at each other, just stunned beyond words.
"I knew..." I spoke up after a moment. "That one of these days, he would actually kill her. That's why she was so afraid to leave him. He was already beating her, and raping her, what would stop him from killing her if she defied him?! Huh?!" Even with Dazai still holding onto the back of my neck, I started to grow angry. "So, I killed him. I killed him before he could have a chance to kill her!" I then stared at Chuuya in his blue eyes. "And I'll do it again."
Tumblr media
"After Taichi dropped Keiko off at my apartment, I snuck out through the emergency stairwell and back exit to follow him. The building is old, so I knew there were no cameras."
I carefully kept the hood of my hoodie over my head as I followed Taichi from a distance, a determined look on my face, one that said that I will not stop.
I soon followed him into the alleyway, where I hid behind a dumpster and watched him do his drug deal. He was grinning and laughing, acting smug and it was honestly fucking disgusting.
"I waited until he was completely alone before confronting him. He didn't expect to see me at all."
"What the hell are you doing here?" Taichi demanded, glaring at me. He wasn't that nice, friendly guy he played himself to be anymore.  "What the fuck are you doing in Port Mafia business?"
"I honestly don't give a fuck about the Port Mafia. I do give a fuck about Keiko, and you're going to stay the fuck away from her."
He just stared at me, before he threw his head back and laughed loudly. "Okay... okay, stupid bitch. That was kind of funny. Just go back home before--"
"And before he could finish his sentence, my clone stabbed him right in his back."
I watched Taichi fall to the ground, my clone falling on top of him, shrieking as she stabbed him over and over again in a rage filled flurry. There was blood everywhere, some even spraying on my clothes as I watched.
Then, I stepped closer, pulling out my knife and landing one more final blow right in his chest, killing him.
"And he was as good as dead."
"... was Keiko in on this?"
Keiko opened the door to my apartment, letting me rush inside before closing and locking the door. She turned to look at me, eyes wide as she took in the blood on my clothes.
"Did... did you..." she stuttered softly, and I nodded.
"He's dead."
Keiko burst into tears.
"You know the answer to that already."
Tumblr media
I was sitting on the ground now, head hung low as I stared at my hands. "I killed someone," I said softly, eyes burning with tears as I clenched my fists. "But when it comes to the people I love... I will do it again. So," I turned to Dazai. "Turn me into the police." I then turned to Chuuya. "Or just shoot me in the fucking head. I'm not strong enough against either of you... I just ask that you keep Keiko out of this. She has suffered far too much already."
I kept my head down, Chuuya and Dazai standing above me. Chuuya had a displeased look on his face, though Dazai's expression looked a bit forlorn.
"You'd do anything to protect your friends," Dazai stated and I looked up at him, looking broken, and small. Dazai gritted his teeth, frowning deeply.
"This is so fucked up," Chuuya grumbled, his mind moving at a mile a second as he rubbed his temples. Taichi was as good as dead anyways, seeing as him stealing from the Port Mafia was punishable by death. So what the hell is he supposed to do now? Chuuya growled in frustration.
"Did you guys..." I started, voice small as a thought plagued my mind. "...know all along...?" I bit my lip, keeping my gaze on the floor. "And when we-"
"It's not what you think," Dazai spoke up, knowing exactly what I was thinking. "You were just sloppy. But I don't blame you for panicking, bella."
"I knew as soon as you brought up the drug deal," Chuuya spoke up and I scoffed, laughing at my own stupidity. "I just wanted to fuck you 'cause of that dress."
Dazai snorted while I couldn't help the short laugh that escaped my mouth despite the situation. I shook my head, sighing deeply. I just decided to accept their answer, as this wasn't the right time to dwell upon my insecurities. I glanced over to the dead body of Taichi's accomplice, thinking he was probably going to die by the Port Mafia's hand anyway.
Dazai followed my gaze, tilting his head a bit as he tapped his chin. "There is no DNA evidence," Dazai recalled and Chuuya narrowed his eyes at him.
"Yeah, so?" he replied, stuffing his hands in his pocket.
"So," Dazai started, glancing over at me still on the ground. "There is no proof of her involvement. Man, just what will I tell the Boss now?!" Dazai threw his hands up dramatically, Chuuya's eye twitching in annoyance.
Still, the Executive kept his mouth shut, taking in the meaning of Dazai's words. Then, he looked over at me, blue eyes staring me down before his lips twitched upwards a bit.
"Oh yeah... I won the race."
Tumblr media
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yyosemite · 5 months ago
''Not Everything Happen As Planned'' Part 3 - Tommy Shelby x Reader
Tumblr media
Part 2 Part 4
Summary: continuation of YN's encounter with Thomas, a little bit of angst, and a very smitten Thomas.
Author's Note: English isn't my first language, and I hope Thomas are not out of his character.
No warning
Word Count: 1308
‘’Are you surprised to see me, sweetheart?’’
After he told you that, you almost came to the conclusion that you really wanted to hit him and curse him, with the hormones of pregnancy giving an extra intensity to what you felt, you almost attended to your senses. But you couldn’t lose your job, right now that you have managed to find somewhere that would accept you and even more with this pregnancy, you couldn’t let yourself be carried away by emotions, after all no one would hire a pregnant woman who punches her clients. Releasing a deep breath, you forced a smile and said:
"How can I help you, sir?"
He didn't answer you looking busy searching for something in his suit pocket. You felt your impatience take over your head again, when he finally found what he was looking for, he looked you in the eye as he passed the cigarette over his lips before lighting it. He must have noticed your discontent from the way he had an expression that seemed to scoff at the situation:
"Do you treat all your customers like that, or just those you've already fucked, Ms. (Y/L/N)?" You were stunned by the question.
"Only with those who take my time" You said, but deep down you wanted to say 'Only with those who get me pregnant, and fuck with all my life planning, asshole'
"I don't want to take your time," he said.
“Then I will repeat it again, how can I help you, sir?’’ You said in a stern tone.
Before he even had a chance to answer you, Susie, appeared from the room in which she was sewing a dress, when she realized who the customer was, she tensed at the same moment.
You didn't understand why your co-worker was so scared by his presence, she shivered while talking to him and also shivered while taking one of the orders in which there was a handmade suit with one of the most expensive fabrics in the store, and delivered it to him.
He didn't have to pay for the clothes, and before he left the store he winked at you, you were incredulous. But your biggest concern now was Susie. You found her sitting on a chair, she seemed to be distressed by what happened. You approached it carefully for fear of scaring her.
"Susie? Are you okay?" You said while stroking her back to relieve some of the tension she was feeling.
"I'm fine, it’s just because he never came here before," she said in a shaky voice. "He always asked his little brother to fetch the suits, I didn't understand why he wanted to fetch this time." She continued.
You didn’t understand why she said that, you haven’t lived in Birmingham for a long time, you’ve heard about the violence of the place, even your parents didn’t like the idea of you living here because of the news, and now your concern about who’s your child’s father started tormenting you, you were really fucked up, and you wanted to wake up from this nightmare that your life was preaching to you, a joke in bad taste, but unfortunately what you were now doomed to live.
You checked to see if Susie was okay, before heading home.
Tumblr media
“God, are you okay? It looks like you saw a ghost, ” Said Natasha.
"Believe me, it would be a lot easier if it was a ghost" You said almost crying.
"Girl, what happened?" She said, finding your behavior strange.
"I saw him, Nat. The baby's father, he went to the store today" If you weren't crying before, now you're sure you are.
“My God, (Y/N). Did you tell him? ” She said waiting for your answer.
"No, I couldn't do it, I was shocked by him showing up and then ... and then Susie was so scared by his presence, that I-I didn't feel like I could say anything like that to him." Nat looked at you as if a light had come on for her, as if she had connected the dots.
"Only someone in this city can have left Susie like this." You looked at her, and then she continued, "Don't tell me his name was Shelby." You felt your body tingle.
“I looked at the order she took, on the label it said Thomas ... Shelby’’ Nat got up from the chair that she was sitting in an almost crude gesture.
“Fuck, really? Him? ” You were now desperate with her reaction, she was the second person who seemed to be uncomfortable with the mention of him.
"Nat, who is he?" You felt like you were going to hear something you didn't want.
"The guy is the leader of a gang, The Peaky Blinders, from what I hear they are extremely dangerous, and the things they do are not pleasant."
"I never tried to know much more about them, the residents always say that just stay in yours, that nothing happens to you, and that is what I have done in the last few years living here" She explained.
"But I just didn't stay at mine, Nat, I had sex with him, and now I'm pregnant." You didn't know if you were willing to listen to the rest, the stress wasn't good for the baby, and let's face it, the stress you've been through so far was more than enough to worry you.
"We are going to think about something, now come here to rest" said Natasha.
She gave you some chamomile tea which helped, along with tiredness, you get a full night's sleep.
Tumblr media
Today was the day to do the basic shopping, so you took the shopping basket and were choosing some apples to buy, your doctor said that fruits were great allies during pregnancy.
You were in your serenity, focused on the apples, until someone said behind you:
“You look adorable today” You knew whose voice it was, so in a clumsy move you dropped some apples on the floor.
"Are you stalking me?" Only after you said it, did you realize what you did, two days ago you discovered that he was a gangster, and now you openly said that he was chasing you, you were crazy.
"What if I am?" He said playfully.
"I ask you to stop" You said while picking up the apples from the floor. When you got up, you took your basket and went in the opposite direction from where he was.
"What do you think about going with me to Garrison friday night" You looked at him.
"I think it would be a bad idea" You said, but soon realizing that he didn't ask you if you wanted to go, he said as if he had been bossing you around or as if he knew you were going to accept it, so you furrowed your eyebrows.
He seemed to enjoy your confusion, and once again you found yourself impatient with that man.
"If you go I promise not to follow you anymore" He said as if he were making a deal.
You don't know how to explain why these new sensations started to touch you, but the fact of your pregnancy made you feel things that you shouldn't or things that you couldn't feel.
You didn't felt afraid of him, or that danger that he emanated to other people, he had a stoic and robust expression, but you liked so much the night you spent with him in the garrison, you for a moment felt that you belonged to him, that you were safe with him, and you couldn't always blame him for what happened, now you saw your baby as a gift and no longer as something that was not planned that would delay you from your goals.
So before you know it, you said:
"I’ll go".
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georgesbee · 8 months ago
Daddy’s little girl // G.W
Paring: George.Weasley x (Y/N) reader
Warning: slapping+spanking, unprotected sex, +18, oral(on him), fingering, facefucking, dirty talk, chocking, lovemarks❗️
Tags: @georgeweasleyx @georgeweasleysgirl @vogueweasley @slytherweasley @fredweasleygeorgeweasley @weasleysgfxx @weasleysbees @slytherinnpride @baddies @smuttyassholes @georgeweasleysgirl @a-pervy-nerd @a-slut-4-patrick-hockstetter @patrick-in-the-junkyard @patrickhockstetterimagines
Tumblr media
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
bored you sat on a chair in the bar the waiter came to you "hello, this is your drink" you were confuiez "but I didn't ordered anything" it was definitely a mix-up. "No madam, this young gentleman here 'he pointed to a red-haired man who was sitting a few meters fulfills on a couch with other drunk men's ' ordert me to give you this drink and paid me for it" now you were even more confused why should someone do that . "Thank you " you smiled at him,
the waiter walked away and you gave a look where the man was sitting.He was dressed in black, a tatto on his neck, red hair, he was well built, his shoulders were broad and she had to admit he looked attractive. The man saw that she was looking and got up with a grin and went up to her. when he got up she could really see how very tall he is.
He sat down next to you and spread his legs. He called the waiter "a beer, please". He looked at you and smirked. "Hello pretty thing, what's your name?" You looked at him and then back at your hands That were holding your drink. "My name is Y / N," you said.
"Nice name, my name is George did you ever drinked alcohol," he pointed to her drink. possibly it wasn't a mix-up after all "Yes ... thanks for the drink." You didn't look him in the eyes“ His perfume came back well with every breath.
His hair was messy and there was a tattoo of a dead head on his neck. And tattoos on his hands "How old are you?" "Twenty-four" "good, I'm twenty-six“. "Have you ever drove a motorcycle?" "No, I was always scared of it," you looked at him briefly and quickly brought your gaze back to your hands. he began to smile.
"I can drive you and show that you don't have to be afraid of it," your head said no, but you are attracted to him. When you didn't answer and looked into his face for a short moment you say that he had a serious face and his smile had faded, when you looked at him you were a little scared, so you said "yes, why not", he started smiling again. He took your hand and went outside with you. When he took you to his motorcycle, he gave you a helmet and drove you around.
you were able to beat yourself into the face, that you were driving around with someone who was a stranger who might even be dangerous but actually you wanted to leave and you didn't know why. You felt that something wet fell on your nose when you saw that it started to rain and then it started to rain harder. George was going somewhere you had no idea about. When you were in front of a house, you asked him: “Where are we, I want to go home, can you please park me there?” “We are in my house, it is raining heavily and I cannot drive now. I'm sorry, I don't say no to some company. “He's taking you to his house.
"wait I'll show you the living room" he took you to the living room "sit down, I'll be right here wait" you have sat down on the black leather couch.
The living room was small but not too small. On the table there were many beer bottles and bags from food and even more alcohol. But you had to admit it smelled very pleasantly of men's perfume. he came back with clothes in his hand. "Put it on here I think it takes a while until the rain stops, so long you stay here" he only wore pijama pants but no t-shitt or undershirt. you could see his muscles, how well built he was and he wore a gold chain.
he put the clothes on the table and first put the beer bottles away "sorry about this unearthly thing, I didn't expect a visit, especially not such a beautiful girl like you" his eyes slid from the bottom up onto your body. You thought it was strange to be with someone stranger you quickly took off your clothes "I want you to go ider turn around when I change" he put his hands up and said "it's okay" he turned around.
when you had the clothes you saw a large white t-shirt and very short pants from him. you put it on. "can I watch now?" "yes i'm done" he turned around and saw you in his clothes "suits you better than me" a little giggle combed out of you "thank you" he sat on the couch and turned on the TV with the spring conditioner.
You looked at his upper body the whole time, when he said "I hope it's not bad that I sleep without a t-shirt" your eyes quickly wandered up to him "no it’s okay" "I had never seen you in this bar from where are you coming?" I live bland near the bar but has never been there except today "" How come you come in today? "" I wanted to try something new, but it was boring I was alone until a young man served me a drink". You were getting red you didn't know why but he made you so shy. he started to grin" I'm glad I did that 'he started to whisper' you are beautiful“ without noticing it or before you knew what was going to happen you were already lying under him and he was on top of you and kissed you and slowly rubbed himself against you. Then it started that you knew you had fallen in love with him so quickly and so badly. You wanted him so badly, but you tried to hold your girde back to feel him. each time he touched it, it felt like he had power over you and there was nothing you could do about it. From his looks, you knew he was a bad guy / boy, but you loved it.
You smiled when your head burying into the crook of his neck as he started to kiss your neck and sucking on it A little and as his hands slipped up under your shirt to trace delicately up your spine. It was an action that drove you absolutely crazy for him, and you involuntarily breathed out a quiet moan, it was small and soft, but it was a sound that would rattle through his head for the rest of his day, like a perfect melody. His lips pressed to your forehead, a smirk hanging off of his lips. His hand found its way to your thigh, a firm grip pulled it up so that it was hooked over his hip, allowing him to press himself into you.
The way you were already a babbling mess, as he was grinding his hips into yours, or because you knew he was a bad guy and that turned you on and now from the way his fingers were toying with your nipples, he didn't care that your hair was a mess, that you had chosen comfort for sleep in his big but short pants and one of his old big t-shirts or that you weren't fully put together. But he was whipped for you, he genuinely thought you looked absolutely stunning in every moment.
His hand left your breast to hook his finger into your underwear and push them to the side, allowing him to find your clit gently tracing circles before dipping his pointer and middle fingers into your dripping cunt. The way he was fingering you was slow and antagonising, begging to find the spot that you loved the most, he groaned at how wet you already were, his deep, low voice booming around your chest, "That's my good little girl, already so wet for me, daddy’s little girl ready for cock?"
You nodded eagerly “yes,daddy..“ ,whining at the loss of contact as he took his fingers from you to pull his hard and waiting cock from his boxers, he teased your entrance only for a moment before he pushed as much of his thick length as you could take, he was already moaning and growling, sensitive morning wood feeling amazing inside of your tight pussy. His hand once again gripped your thigh, only to pull it higher up so that he could be deeper inside of you before his hand moved to cup your ass.
He was rocking his hips into you in a slow, passionate but needy fuck, your lips catching each others in longing kisses and foreheads pressed together as you looked deeply into each others eyes. Your hand found his hair, tangling your fingers into his soft locks and tugging as he repeatedly hit the spot you needed him to. Your head rolled back, he took the opportunity to press kisses down your jugular, feeling the hum of your moans against his lips. "Georgie, mm gonna- fuck, baby please."
He growled lightly as he picked up his pace only a little, he was close too. You were tightening around him as you chased your release, only bringing him closer too. "That's my girl, so good for me, You gonna be a good princess and cum with me, yeah?"
You nodded “goodd-Yeah...“ as he was now gripping your hips, pulling them to meet his thrusts, as he fucked an orgasm out of you, leaving your legs shaking slightly, he caught your lips in a passionate kiss, both of you moaning into each other's mouths as you came. His his lips left yours. His hand reached up to smooth down your hair, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Be mine...“
“I want to be my girl“ “you know you want it too“ “I will buy anything for you just be daddy‘s little girl ok?“
You know it was strange because you just know this man 2 hours now but you falled so deep into him and so bad and you couldn’t do anything about it so a fast “yes..i want to be yours daddy“ fell from your lips and you couldn’t take it back or wanted to take it back anymore.
A big smirk started to form on his lips.George loved how the word ‘daddy‘ fell from your lips.
He leaned down to her and kissed her lips „let‘s go to bed“ he picked her up bridle style and went to his bedroom. Y/N started to giggle...
————and that’s when they began to date————
It‘s been about that they... the both of them started to date, they were together and Y/N lived in George’s house.They are always together but often at nights Y/N is waiting alone at home in the Living room and waits till George comes home.She is scared to be alone at his house at nights because of the gun shoots she is hearing all night from other.
George don’t tells anything about what he is doing but he said to you that he is in a gang and his boss gives him missions to do that’s it. But sometimes he comes with gifts back home for you because he hopes you don’t ask what happend. He often buys something with gold or diamonds or silver. He would buy her anything she wants just to never leave him.
George wants that Y/N waits at home because he would get jealous if he finds out when she is around boys. She needs permission when she wants to go somewhere or even when she wants to see her family she needs permission.
When George comes home and tell her he had a mission form his boss she would never ever ask him some questions about that or say he would lie with that. She is scared of him that he would do something. he is much stronger than her. She Respekts him and never tell he is lying. He would do something. But she Would never leave him Because she loves him and because she is scared he would do something to her.
I——————it was a night like all nights——————|
You were sitting in the living room and watching TV and waiting till George comes home. Y/N had a feeling that George is doing something bad and she was scared that something would happen to him.
She went to the bedroom and put on her nightgown under that a black short Pijama and black Pijama top.
She went back to the living room and heard that the door opend she Heard- George’s voice
“ princess,..I’m home“ “hey babe I’m here in the Living room“
George went up to her set on the couch and put his head in his hand. Y/N saw he was stressed and wanted to make him happy,she hated his boss.
"take off your jacket" he took off his leather jacket and gave it to her "do you want something to eat sweetheart I've made food for you" "yes please i starve, but i would like to eat in the living room" "but of course i will get it wait"
She went into the kitchen and got it and put the food on a tray and walked over to him. He already had his feet on the table and his arms spread out and he leaned on the couch and watched TV. You put the food on your thighs and feed him which you always did.
"could you please bring me a beer honey" "yes, I'll be right there" you got his beer. "thank you, i didn't deserve you" he kissed you on the lips
You knew that you did a lot for him, but it didn't matter, you loved him so much that you were formally blind to love. you wanted to give him everything he wants no matter what
But at that moment she just had to ask "honey it's very late you know and-" "oh yes that's right where you say It I have something for you baby" he just ran off and got wavon in his jacket pocket. a box of a blue one. "I'm sorry, I forgot I bought it for you, we'll take it"
you took the chain you asked yourself if he noticed that you wanted to ask him something. you took the box and opened it.
"oh my gods .... Georgeiee" you were overwhelmed and speechless, a diamond chain that sparkled "it is wonderful, you are the best, it was definitely expensive"
"yes it was expensive but that doesn't matter and the price doesn't matter, the main thing is that you are happy, my little beautiful princess"
"could you put it on me please darling" he took the side of the chain and came closer to you and clipped the chain with his fingers and whispered in her ear "now you resemble a true princess my gold piece"
you were red for flattery and very happy to have him "thank you very much, george, i will do everything to make you happy" "you are the only thing that makes me happy" he sat down on the couch.
because you had a lot of what you wanted to ask him and hoped that he wouldn't wprend "you dear I'm sorry but I wanted to ask because you came so late where were you so long?" "we had that before, you don't know anymore?" his voice deepened and his gaze did not move away from the television.
"I know you said you would get tasks from your boss and you have to do them, but what is this task that you had to do today" "Y / N ... it's not your business what it is, it doesn't matter I am here now" " why is it not my business are you hiding something from me ". " i am not hiding anything from you but i can't tell "
his voice got deeper and darker and you became quieter with fear. But you didn't stop "why not" "because you would worry unnecessarily, and because it is none of your business, I don't want to guess you into the issues of the gang" this time he had his hand fisted and you could already see the veins and he looked at you in the face.
"You're lying to me"
"lie? show me some respect and watch what you say"
he was now red in his face and you could see that he was angry but that didn't stop you "who is she?" "who is who?"
"the bitch. you are fucking wit-" clatch he gave you a whistle with his strong flat hand. your cheek was red and prickled and burned.he had enough.
because your head was tilted to the right from the blow, he lifted your chin with his hand with force, so that you looked deeply into your eyes.
then you realized it was a big mistake and you were afraid of what he was going to do next.
He went down to your neck with his strong hand. When he saw you were scared, he started to grin like a devil.
"you think you can do the instructions here ... huh?
you looked at him with fear in your eyes.
"answer" he said through his deep and dark voice and clenched teeth.
"n-no-noo .."
"and why are you trying to do it"
your eyes started to water
" i..i'm s-soo.. sor-ry, babe"
"You acted like a whore and got naughty and called me a liar"
"When I say it is none of your business because I want to protect you from the gang, don't you contradict, understand?"
his grip on your neck became stronger and your eyes widened even more, you could hardly breath.
"yyes george"
"yye-s daddy"
He started to stroke your hair gently and made a strand of hair behind your ear and bent his head down to you and smelled your hair, which smelled so good like flowers
"bad girls get what they deserve Y / N, especially because you were soo a bad girl, you need to get punished for that and it is not a good one"
he let go of your neck. and you take a deep breath of this redemption, but still were scard what he could do next.
you were shocked when he suddenly carried you up like bride style and brought you towards the bedroom.
he threw you on the bed and still had that dangerous smile on his face.
He came up to you and lay down on you and began to distribute rough kisses on your neck. meanwhile his hands moved from your hips to your behind and began to massage it. As you felt how hard he squeezed your bum a slight "mm" came from your lips that you couldn't control. He started to keep grinning as he started sucking from kissing and continuing to squeeze your bum with his hand. Your hair ran into his hair and played with it.
George peeled his lips from yours and said
"You said I sleep with a bitch when I'm gone. Here’s an info, you're the only bitch I sleep with."
He started sucking on your neck again and you could feel his breath on the back of your neck. Your hands played in his hair.
he took off your nightgown.
He started kissing your lips. The kiss grew stronger and more dominant. You pulled his hair. He put his hands under your top and pulled it off you, just like your pants at the last second.
With every kiss you wanted him even more. before that he had beaten and strangled you and called you a whore. but you just couldn't resist him with his strong arms and muscles. with his deep, sexy voice, with his rings on his fingers, where you feel the coldness of the metal every time he touches you, or his chain that always dangles in your face when he fucks her, every time.
She just can't control herself, he is your determiner and guardian, and she is too much in love with him ,already obseesed.
he started kissing you roughly and then leaving some hickies behind. When he was pissed off, he had a tendency to tag you. In the meantime, you took off his t-shirt that got tight against his arms because of his muscles. when he had to briefly stop the kiss, he took off his t-shirt over his head. you looked at his bare chest, when he saw how you looked at his muscles he began to smile and then he brushed your hand over his chest and kissed you roughly again.
“So good for me aren’t you?” 
“Yeah Daddy. Just wanna make you happy. Let you take out all your anger on me,” you tell him watching his eyes get more lust filled by the second. 
"good girl, I would have done that anyway"
When you felt his hand rubbing your ass you let out a moan, and he chuckled darkly. “Already so excited and I haven’t even done anything.”
“Says you.” You rolled your hips against his and he groaned at the friction, making you grin. Your smugness is short-lived though as he grabs you by your hair again and pulls you up, making your back arch, to whisper in your ear.
“Behave yourself.” He released you, letting you fall back down. And turned you around so that your ass comes in his face “Now, you’re going to count each and every one of these. Okay?”
“Okay.” A crack sounds through the room as his hand smacks against your ass, making you yelp.
“Okay, what?”
“Okay, daddy.”
“Good girl.” The praise sent a shudder through you, and you realised you would do anything to hear those words again. “Now, count.” The initial stinging was already starting to fade, but it was only the start. The anticipation set every nerve in your body on fire. This time the sound was duller, the pain less sharp, but the ache immediately set in.
“One.” Another. Sharp, biting, sending spikes of pain through you. You gasped at the strange mix of pain and pleasure.
“Two.” Again. You clung to the sheets below you.
“Three.” “Four.” “Five.”
By the time you reached twenty your ass was raw and shaking. Tears welled in the corners of your eyes but you refused to cry.
He turned you around with his hands so that your eyes met his eyes that were full of lust.
His hand drifted lower, thumb tracing light circles, before he dragged a finger down your pants, feeling how soaked they were already. Your heart was racing. “Really? Just from that? I haven’t even touched you yet.” Yet. The words were shameful, making you blush from embarrassment, but they didn’t change anything. Without warning, he pulled your pants to the side and his fingers dived into your wetness. You couldn’t contain your moans and gasps as he started to circle your clit furiously. There was no easing into this. Nothing gentle about the way he touched you, nothing sweet or caring. He wanted to make you suffer. And that very thought just turned you on more. When he went deeper you whimpered, gasping at the sensation of his fingers inside you, ”ohh yeah“ you said filling you, curling inside you. They thrust in and out rapidly, building up the tension in your lower stomach, pulling you towards the edge, until he pulled out, making you whine pitifully. He forced you to your feet, which you stood on shakily, chest heaving.
“Open.” Your jaw dropped obediently and his fingers were on your tongue in an instant. You began to suck on them, tongue swirling, tasting yourself. His eyes were fixed on your face, dark, intense, watching and analysing your every move. So you closed yours, focusing on the sensation in your mouth. All too soon he pulled his hand away and grabbed your jaw. Your eyes snapped open and fixed on his. “Now,” He was breathing heavily, his own anticipation and arousal almost too much to bear, “Show me what else you’re good for.” He graped your hair roughly and made you kneel in front of him you were on ur knees now , you pulled at his trousers. He chuckled at your eagerness and pulled harsh on your hair, you winced. Your hands hesitated as you reached for his underwear, eyes flicking up to meet his before you pulled them down.
The sight of him hard in front of you sent a rush of heat through you. You instinctively wrapped a hand around the base of the shaft, pumping it and revelling in the slight groan that escaped his lips, before you inhaled shakily and wrapped your mouth around his head. You began to move your head and hand together, feeling him twitch under you as you worked to take as much of him into your mouth as possible. ”such a cock whore” As you felt him hit the back of your throat, your gag reflex telling you to move back and gasp for air, his hands wrapped tighter around the back of your head and held you in place. You pushed at his thigh, struggling as the lack of oxygen began to dull your mind, filling it with cotton wool. Tears began to fall. Finally, he pulled you away, strings of drool hanging between your mouth and his dick as you coughed and wiped at your chin.
„Such a Good slut“ he kissed you on your lips and tasted himself.
„You taste so good Daddy“
His hands went to your hips and he pushes you on the bed. he went on top of you. Bevor you could say something
he hit you in the face. You were shocked.Your hand went to your cheek because it was so burning. Small tears welled into your eyes. Your head tilted away from his.
"now you know what happens if you become disrespectful or you whore?"
"yes" your head still tilted down and tears in your eyes.
"Yes what?" he roughly pressed his hand on your chin and brought you to look into his eyes. He started to smile when he saw you had easy tears.
"Don't cry, my little princess, you're too beautiful for that" he stroked your hair back with his needle hand.
"You still haven't answered my question Y / N" this time he said it more ominously
"yes what? Y / N say NOW!" he screamed
"yes daddy, i'm sorry" you said, your face red and wet.
He started kissing you roughly again and more domineering than ever. You kissed back, afraid of knowing what he'd do if you didn't kiss him back.
"good girl you are truly daddys little girl"
"let's go to sleep now" he kissed you one last time.
"yes daddy" he lay down on the bed right next to you and put the blanket over you. he presses you closer to his body with his arm behind your back and cuddles with you. he kissed the tip of your hair and smelled your already Y/H/C hair. You put your hands on his chest and your leg was over his.
What you found strange even when he hit you again, you were still crazy about him, from love. What you learned from today never again be disrespectful or call a liar.
you kissed his neck and fell asleep just like him.
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sckyie · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
word count: 1.8k
genre + warnings: angst to comfort; toxic ex mentions, insecurity mentions, slight blood warning
pronouns used: they/them (implied)
a/n: hi bebes im back to writing <3 sorry for the delay
He had to pretend everyday that you weren't on his mind anymore. No matter how many times he'd lie to himself, the fact boiled inside him that you were gone. Iwaizumi sat alone at his desk looking onto his notes, studying for his upcoming exam. He was distracted, his mind could not focus on anything as tears fell on the pages. His chest ached as the memory of you leaving replayed in his head.
"There you go being all clingy and insecure again! Why can't you just let me fucking live!" Iwaizumi yelled.
"You lied to me," You uttered. You voiced was soft, cracking as you spoke. Your hands shaking, finding themselves clutching your shirt. That's when you snapped. "You lied to me!"
Iwaizumi took a step back, realizing his mistake. His fuming rage had halted for a moment after seeing your then outgoing tone turn angry. Never in your relationship had you raised your voice at him. Not once, not even in an argument, only he ever did. "I didn't lie," Iwa pointed out.
"Yes you did!" Your knuckles grew white as you looked at your boyfriend. "You promised me that you wouldn't turn out like him. You're lying about where you are, forgetting dates, and now you're just not there for me! I'm patient with you and-- you turned out exactly like him!"
"You picture me as that monster? Don't compare me to him!" He defends, walking towards you.
You take a step back in fear remembering your ex-boyfriend's voice echoing in your ears. You crouch down as the insecurities began to fill within you again. "Y/n, I-" Iwaizumi reaches out to touch you but you watch his hand away.
You two sat there in silence, for six minutes. Six minutes before you stood up, took off your promise ring and walked out of your shared apartment. Six minutes before you decided on who you'd stay with and how you'd move out with. Six minutes before you realized your heart was still tainted from the last holder.
Iwaizumi wiped his eyes and looked up at his computer. Tomorrow was your anniversary, not that it mattered anymore. To him it did, you were his everything and seeing you leave was the worse thing that could've possibly happened.
Even his friends knew his break up caused a huge change with him. His public facade was bullshit when he would tell people he was okay. He would lie and say that the break up was mutual. He'd attend parties and try to flirt with girls but it'd never work. his mind would tell him he's still with you.
"Fuck!" Iwa screamed. He picked up his notebook, throwing it against the wall. He fell to his knees looking at his hands. How could he have forgotten about you those nights? How could he have treated you that way? Frustrated with himself, he let himself sleep off his feelings knowing well enough he hadn't studied for the exam for tomorrow.
The next day, dragging himself the class through the exam, he arrived home to lay on the couch. His day couldn't have gotten worse. Traffic driving him mad, his professor's exam being excruciatingly hard, and coming home to an empty apartment. He sits up, his eyes landing on the kitchen. He might as well start dinner, right?
It was the one thing he loved to do to get things off his mind, cook. His mind began to drift as he started his dish, letting his thoughts of you disappear in the steam of his mind. It wasn't until he finished his dish and he began to set the table when his mind was clouded.
Why him? Why would anyone have chosen him over his best friend? Why did you walk out? You were the first. The first person to show him what love meant, yet why? He stopped at the drawer by the kitchen door, opening it to reveal the piece of you staring back at him, your promise ring.
Why did he say all those things to you? How could he just let you walk out? He didn't chase, call after, nothing. For the first night of his life, he was full of dread and guilt. Stuck on the feeling of being without you. His mind wonders if you'll ever come back to him.
His hand fiddled with the promise ring, knowing well enough he broke that piece of loyalty to you. Tonight was supposed to be your anniversary, but there was no one to sit across the table from him. He stared at the empty seat waiting. Rather, he seat the table for someone who would never arrive.
Iwaizumi takes the ring, shoving it into his pocket before turning to grab his keys. As guilty as he was he wanted to drink his pain away. He drove to the local supermarket his hands tightly gripping the steering wheel. He dragged his feet inside to the beverage isle when he stopped in his tracks.
There you were.
Your hand carefully examining the nonalcoholic drinks, the other gripping your basket of goods. Iwaizumi froze with fear of you seeing him. You pick up a drink and notice a figure off the corner of your eye. You turn to see him and notice his demeanor.
Iwaizumi paused before bowing to you and turning to leave. Why were you so happy? It's been a few weeks, had you already moved on? "Y/n? Did you get something to drink?" Iwaizumi hears. He glances to see some guy talking to you.
"Huh?" You stuttered. "Y-yeah. Hold this." You shoved the basket in your friend's hands and ran after him. Why were you running after the man who hurt you? Your feet moved on their own as you followed Iwaizumi through the exit.
"Hajime!" You yelled.
Iwaizumi stopped and looked back to see you in distress. "Why didn't you chase after me?" It was quiet. He clenched his fist and stared at the ground.
"I can't break another promise to you," He says. Your eyes widened as a sting in your heart tinged at his words. "I'm not drinking my problems away, not like him. I can't do that to you."
"Not now," You say. Iwaizumi's heart fluttered for a split second before breaking once again. You were breathing heavily as you anticipated his answers. Though you hadn't moved on, you wanted to know if he truly loved you.
He couldn't bear looking at you, he unclenched his fist. He looked up before taking a deep breath. "If I did, would you even have let me back into your life?"
Stunned, you stumbled on your words, watching the love of your life walk away from you. He curses himself for doing so but he knows you're better off without him. His fingertips still hold your ring in his pocket as he left.
What were you doing? Standing in the cold waiting for something to happen in the parking lot? You take a step forward to run after him, slipping over yourself. You fall to the ground, cutting your palms and knees in the process. Minding your bloody skin, you pick yourself up, chasing after him.
It was all a blur. The tears in your eyes glowed yellow from the street lights and you ran down the streets looking for Iwaizumi. You didn't care for the texts blowing up your phone. You didn't care about the ripped skin peeling up. You found Iwaizumi approaching your apartment complex.
"Yes!" You cried.
Iwaizumi stopped to look over at the voice. He wasn't expecting to see you there crying. He was expected to see someone stranger finding money on the floor. "Y/n?"
"I'd let you back in," You say. "If you had come back...If you had just tried again, I would've let you..."
"Would you?" He was angry, why was he angry? "I hurt you! Why would you let me do that to you?"
"Because I still love you!" You screamed.
"You shouldn't!" He retaliated.
The street fell quiet. The two of you crying in silence, distances apart yet sharing the same thoughts. This isn't right. The stinging pain from your fall brought you back to reality. "I shouldn't?" You whispered. "I know I shouldn't eat ice cream but I still do. I shouldn't buy those stuffed animals because I'm an adult but I still do. You shouldn't go to work when you're feeling stick but you still do. You shouldn't have spoiled me on random days but you still did. I know I shouldn't love you but fuck, I still do!"
Iwaizumi was hesitant walking towards you. He watched as you looked up with tears in your eyes. You began to approach him but you stopped thinking it wasn't right to be close to him. As you came into the light, he noticed the blood dried on your knees and palms. "Y/n- you're bleeding- are you okay?" He panicked as he stepped closer to you.
"Oh," You looked down at your injuries. "I tripped in the parking lot. I didn't think it was this bad."
"Come here, you'll get infected," he grabbed your wrist taking you into the apartment complex. Once inside, you followed Iwaizumi to the master bathroom where he helped you sit on the counter. You watched as he searched for the first aid kit. "Where is the damn-"
"Inside the blue bin behind the sink, Hajime," You say, softly.
He nods, pushing boxes to reach the red box. He pulls it out before tending to your wounds. You whince at the alcohol wipes and the water as you watch him clean up your cuts. "Are you mad at me that I still want to be with you?" You ask.
Iwaizumi sighs as he finished bandaging your leg. "I'm not mad at you...I'm mad at myself," He says. "I hurt you and I let the guilt eat me instead of apologizing to you. I'm sorry."
You lifted up his face, motioning his body to stand between your legs. You two looked into one another's eyes before leaning in together. "I love you Y/n, please give me another chance?" He asks, pressing his forehead against yours. You moved your lips to meet his, making his hands hold onto your waist.
"I love you too, Haji," You smiled.
You two pulled away giggling at eached other, realizing the position you're in. "Do you want to stay for dinner? Technically it is our anniversary and I just made some sesame soba."
"Mhm, can I just call my friend Sato? I left him at the market. I was supposed to go with him to his sister's baby shower," You say.
"You ditched him at the market without saying anything?" Iwaizumi laughed.
"I'm sorry I thought the love of my life was leaving me for good," You argued. "Now hush." You smiled, pecking his lips.
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vdlest · 4 months ago
No one, but you
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Reader
You, Sam, and Bucky went to Prague for a mission that has something to do with what they call the Flash Smashers, but Bucky is not his usual "game on" mode and you found out why. He's still grieving over Steve's disappearance and for not being able to apologize to Tony.
This is the third time that Bucky almost got shot by a gun. He has been not his usual self ever since you, him, and Sam landed in Prague for a mission.
So when you and Bucky were left in the safehouse that Sharon prepared for you, Bucky, and Sam, you grabbed the chance to pep talk him as both of you and Sam are starting to worry about him.
"Hey, Barnes," you just got out of the room you are staying in and you called him when you saw him in the kitchen drinking a bottle of beer.
"What's up, y/l/n?" he asked you back. He offered you a bottle of beer, which you accepted, that's gonna make it easier for both of you to talk, hoping he would confide to you.
You sat down on the stool beside him, "Sam went out to buy dinner?" you asked him and he just nodded, "Oh, God, don't tell me he's gonna get us Thai food again," you groaned.
"I won't tell you then," he answered, making you roll your eyes, which made him chuckle.
You and Bucky has always been casual and friendly to each other. Steve was the reason behind it. You met Bucky and got to know the good person he is because of Steve. So you somehow knew that Bucky's odd behavior in this mission have something to do with Steve.
"Can I ask you something?" you asked Bucky while the two of you are finishing the beer of bottle each of you are holding.
"What is it?"
You cleared your throat and prepare yourself from any kind of reaction you'll get from him once you finally asked him your question, "What is bothering you?" He looked at you and you saw how puzzled he was with your question, "I mean, ever since we got here in Prague, you've been so distracted. Today was the third time you almost got shot by a gun and that is very unlikely of you."
He shook his head and said he was fine, but you know he is not feeling the kind of feeling he is claiming to have.
You wanted to gave the conversation up, but you knew it would cost a lot more if you won't do something about Bucky's unusual behavior. You didn't want to risk anything, most especially your life and your friends'.
"Bucky, if there's something going on inside your mind," you used your free hand to touch his broad shoulder, "You can always tell anything to me."
He looked down and did not stare back at you.
You thought he won't answer you nor say anything, but after a few minutes of silence, he started talking once again. You were right about your hunch, he's having this kind of behavior because Steve.
"I feel like I didn't have much time to spend with him, I didn't had the chance to make it up to him for saving me and my ass from HYDRA and from my own mind. After half of the planet came back, we only had a short period of time before he chose what he had to do," he drank from his beer and slammed the bottle on the countertop afterwards. "We were supposed to be with each other until the end of the line. He did that to me, but I don't think I did."
"What?" you asked Bucky, making him stop from continuing with his sentence, "Of course you did. You were with him until the end, until the moment he chose to live his life in the way that will make him happy and content. You were there Bucky, and the fact that you supported him, that you didn't think twice of understanding him and his choice, you were with him until the end."
"Then why does it feel Steve and I didn't had enough time?" he asked you back immediately.
His question made you stop from thinking for a minute. Even if you wanted to search for an answer to his question, you still found yourself stammering.
He let go of the beer he was holding and faced your direction, "It wasn't the first time we lost each other. It's just that this time is much different from before, because this time, we will not really see each other anymore. For real." You felt his pain and regret in his words and you saw how much he wanted to have more time with Steve but he didn't have the chance to do so. "After I came back from the blip, voila! My pal decided to live his own life and I can't blame because he deserves it. He deserves to be happy, but it fucking hurts to lose him again! He was the only person who understood me, who made me feel that I am worth saving despite the mistakes I’ve done in the past. Fucking mistakes I did not intend to do or commit!"
It's no secret from you what kind of friendship they both share. Steve risked everything just to save Bucky when he was still the fist of HYDRA. He came across everyone, anyone, just to protect Bucky, even if it cost him his friendship with Tony.
"But I am not just feeling this way because of Steve. I did not have the fucking chance to apologize to Tony for the time that I killed his own parents!" Bucky threw the bottle against the wall, causing its shattered pieces to scatter all around the floor.
You almost jumped when he threw the bottle against the wall. You've never seen him this way, ever. You’ve seen him as the Winter Soldier before, but being furious as Bucky Barnes. Never. It’s a new sight for you, and you admit that you felt somehow nervous and afraid of him. However, you felt sorry for him as well. You have no idea how it feels like to be in his shoes right now, how hard it is for him to see Tony died and did not get the chance to apologize. 
He turned to you and you tried your best to hide the fear you’re feeling towards him. You didn’t want him to be offended or anything. 
But he still knew. 
Bucky scoffed while facing you, “You’re scared of me, aren’t you?” 
“Bucky, no,” you denied. 
He chuckled and shook his head, “There’s really only one person who can understand how I feel, and that person is gone, long gone. So stop trying to save me, ‘cause you won’t,” he walked past you and walked out the safehouse. 
For the first time, you were left stunned and speechless. It’s as if you were scolded by your teacher in preschool all over again. 
Bucky’s words pierced through you. You felt his pain. You felt that he’s afraid of what happens next to his life, knowing that Steve is not here anymore to be with him. He’s afraid that no one will care and look after him like Steve did before. He’s afraid that he won’t find anyone to make him feel he has a family. But you are now each other’s families and families look after one another. Right? 
● ● ●
“So he did not tell you where he’s goin’?” Sam asked you for the fifth time. 
Ten minutes after Bucky stormed off, Sam came back with your dinner. You told Sam about your conversation with Bucky and thought that it only made everything worse than ever. Both of you tried contacting Bucky, but you got no answer from him. 
“Sam, I told you, he did not. He just walked out on me,” you answered. It has been an hour since you and Sam are trying to contact Bucky. You are starting to worry about him, knowing that his gun and his other weapons are still in the safehouse. Well, he have his vibranium arm but it’s not enough reason for you to be okay with the fact that he’s nowhere to be found. 
You’ve had enough of just sitting around and waiting for him to come back, so you went inside your room and grabbed your jacket. 
“Where are you going?” Sam questioned when you came out of your room with your jacket on, “You gonna look for him?” he asked another question. 
You nodded, “Sam, he feels like he has no one anymore, knowing that Steve’s gone. He feels like he’s alone. So I will look for him and make him feel that we are here for him, that from this day on, we are his family. We are each other’s families,” you confidently said and grabbed your phone before you went out of the safehouse. 
By the time you went outside the safehouse, you did not know where to start, especially you’re in a foreign country. But you have to find him and take the risk. So you went on and on, you did not stop until you found him. 
● ● ●
You’ve checked all the possible places he could’ve gone through, but still no luck. So you ended up entering in the nearest bar in the safehouse. You did not think of checking this place a little earlier since you saw a lot of people inside, and knowing Bucky, he don’t want to be in crowded places. But you have no other choice but to give it a try this time. 
As you enter the bar, you inhaled the smell of smoke, beer, drugs, and even the smell of people making out. You feel like you’re gonna throw up or something but you fought it. You just have to look for Bucky and you can finally go back to the safehouse. 
You went to the bar area and a familiar built caught your eyes. 
He’s here. He’s there in the bar area, sulking in one of the stool and drinking. 
Despite the noise, the women trying to throw themselves into him, he’s just right there, sitting and looking in God knows what. He’s just quiet and peacefully drinking his beer. But one thing’s for sure, you saw sadness and loneliness in his eyes. 
“So you left me in the safehouse just to drink in this filthy place?” you asked him the moment you approached him. 
He looked into your direction and groaned when he saw you, “What the hell are you doing here?” he asked. 
You grabbed his phone and showed him the multiple calls and messages he has from you and Sam, “You were out of reach, so I decided to reach you. You’re welcome, by the way,” you sarcastically hit him. 
“You shouldn’t be here. It’s not safe here,” he stood up and grabbed something from his pocket. He must be paying for his drink. 
While you’re waiting for Bucky, someone attacked you from the back, lifting you from where you are standing. 
“Stop fighting, baby. We’re gonna have so much fun,” the drunk man said while trying to grope you, “Leave that retard and let me make you scream my name.” 
“Asshole!” you said while trying to use your elbow to fight him but your strength is not enough. 
“Hey!” Bucky yelled when he saw you being dragged away from him. 
Bucky run towards the man who’s trying to drag you away, when the man saw Bucky is about to attack him, he let go of you harshly, making you fell down on the floor. Your head hits the floor first making you dizzy. Your back hurts the moment you fell down on the floor. You’re trying to massage your back when you lost Bucky in your sight. You roamed your eyes around and saw him punching the guy who groped you on the floor, not so far away from you. 
And that’s the last thing you remembered before your sight went black. 
● ● ●
You slowly opened your eyes, feeling the pain in the back of your head and your spine. You roamed your eyes around and saw Bucky sleeping in the couch inside your room in the safehouse. You moved your eyes to the window and saw that the sun is already rising. 
With the long sleep you had, you gained your strength. You stood up and groaned when you felt a little bit of pain in the back of your head and your back itself. You realized that you’re still wearing the shirt and pants you were wearing yesterday upon seeing your reflection in the mirror. 
You walked towards the couch and saw how peaceful Bucky’s sleep is. You saw a very peaceful Bucky, far from the man you saw shouting and yelling yesterday. 
“My super soldier hearing can actually hear your breathing, you know?” he suddenly spoke while his eyes are closed. A few seconds after he spoke, his eyes opened, turning his head to you. 
“What happened last night?” you asked him innocently, ‘cause you know he’s gonna scold you for following him last night. 
“Oh, so you don’t remember anything because that asshole dropped you on the floor, making you hit your head first?” he asked while getting up from the couch. “Well, apparently, you followed me in the bar and someone tried to drag you away.” 
You knew everything that has happened, you just acted innocently so he would spare you from his sermon. 
“So, what did you do?” 
“I beat him up,” he answered casually. 
“And what happened to me?” you asked him because the las thing you remembered was he was beating the guy who groped you and your sight went black. 
Bucky stood up, standing a few inches away from you, “You lost your consciousness, so I had to carry you all the way from that bar to your bed. So you’re not the only person who have backache. I also have one too,” he massaged his shoulders and stretched. He must’ve get it from carrying you, “Why did you even follow me?” 
“Because you said I won’t understand you the way Steve does, that no one else can save you,” you looked into his eyes and that’s the first time you appreciate his beautiful and gorgeous blue eyes, “I wanted you to know that even if you’re a very complicated person, you’re very hard to read, I will understand you. And after you saved me last night, I realized I can do the same for you. Because in the long run that I’ve been staying here on Earth, no one actually did what you did to me last night. No one tried to saved me. No one but you.” 
He was just staring at you but you could feel that your words went to his head and that’s what you want to happen, you wanted him to feel that you’re here for him, that even though Steve is now gone, he can still have someone and that someone is you. 
“Why would you want to save me? Why would you want to be part of the things that has something to do with me?” he asked you. 
“Because we’re a family, Bucky. This is the only family I’ve got, so I will do everything in my power to make this family last,” you put your hand on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze as you give him a smile, “Just so you know, you have a family in us. You’re not alone. And I know it hurts to lose Steve, to not being able to apologize to Tony or to those people you’ve hurt, but it’s not too late to make it up to them in any way. I’m sure Tony would’ve wanted to reconcile with you too, but wherever he is, I know he will forgive you because he know that you have a good heart, that you’re not the winter soldier you think you were.” 
You waited for him to answer you, but he did not. Instead, you saw tears in his eyes and when it fell down, he immediately avoided your gaze. When he was about to turn his back on you, you grabbed his wrist and stopped him from doing so. 
“In families, they don’t hide anything,” you made him face you by wiping his tears away from his cheeks, “Remember what they told you in Wakanda. You’re free, so set yourself free from all of these.” 
You know it will take so long before he could finally confide everything to you, but you are willing to wait for that day. What’s important is you always make him feel that you’re always there for him. You’re his friend. You’re his family. So even if he try to push you away, you won’t go anywhere because you know he needs you and you need him too. 
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jedi-jesi · 4 months ago
Biblichor: Chapter 13
Javier Peña x F!Librarian!Reader
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist 🤍 Previous Chapter
Warnings: FLUFF, some nsfw moments/ spicy (all bc of Mary), angst? And more fluff!
Chapter Summery: You, Javier, Connie, Steve, and Mary go to the bar.
Word Count: 5,100+
A/N: I made a biblichor playlist of all the songs they danced and listened to!🤍 Enjoy! Ive been so excited to write this chapter! I wrote the main scene like a month ago during chapter 5 and I love how it all turned out. Other than that I’ve had an insane week but the thing that kept me going was this crazy chapter🤍 Can’t wait to hear what you all think!🤍
“I still don't understand,” Mary said as she put down your plate of food.
“Just come to the bar with us tonight! I too don't understand what Javi and Steve are doing, but I promise everything will be fine.” Mary rolled her eyes and shook her head.
“But I hardly interact with them! Why would they have a surprise for me?!” You give Mary a little smile and a shrug.
“Please?” Mary groans and rolls her eyes at you.
“This sounds pretty sketchy, but I love you, so I'll do it.”
“Eeee! I promise you won't regret it!”
“Yeah, yeah.” Mary groaned and went back to serving customers.
.                 .                 .                   .                .  
Since the library wasn't busy, you decided to go to the restrooms to change. Mary wasn't putting up with your closet anymore, so she had gotten you a floral dress for you to wear tonight. You shimmied your dress on and made sure your makeup and hair looked perfect. You did a little twirl in the bathroom mirror and smiled. It was so exciting to be going out and spending time with all your favorite people for the first time.
Once you were done, you went to sit at the front desk and finish up your work. There were only a few kids and old women that came in but quickly left. At 4:00 on the dot, your two favorite girls came running into the library.
“You look so pretty, Miss!” Mariana cried as she peered over the front desk.
“Are you seeing your husband today?” Carmen asked excitedly.
“He’s not my husband!” You feel your cheeks heat up a bit.
“Ugh. Well, are you going to see the pretty man?” She said with slight sass.
Carmen runs over to you and grabs your hand, pulling you over to their beloved table. The whole way over, they asked you about Javier. It makes your heart flutter at how much those girls love him. Once you’ve answered all their questions and they’ve finally settled down, you start the day’s lesson. Many giggles and games later, 5:00 quickly rolled around.
“Oh! Hi Javi!” You jump a little when you feel two strong hands suddenly massage your shoulders, but you recognize them anywhere.
“Hi, Babe.”
“Hi, Javi!” The girls say, mimicking you, causing Javier to chuckle.
“Hello, girls. Have you been good to your pretty tutor today?”
“Of course!” Mariana says with confidence.
“She gave us cookies today!” Carmen says, holding up a handful of miniature cookies.
“Wow, you’re lucky!” Javier says with enthusiasm. You laugh at the manly man behind you, being so soft and sweet.
“Do you want one?” She offers with a smile.
“Oh no, I’m stuffed! Thank you, Carmen.”
“Alright, girls, start cleaning up.” Mariana and Carmen groan and reluctantly place their school supplies in their backpacks.
“You look gorgeous,” Javier says, placing a kiss on the top of your head.
“Thank you. You don’t look too bad yourself.”
Javier brings his index finger to your chin, motioning you to look up and backward so that he can kiss you. His sweet lips mold with yours, causing you to giggle into the upside-down kiss.
“Ew!” Mariana giggles, covering her eyes.
You and Javier stop and look back at them, laughing.
“Sorry.” You grimaced.
“No! Please continue!” Carmen insists.
“No, no, I should get going now.” You grab your stuff and stand up next to Javier.
“Awww, but I want you guys to kiss again!”
“What! No!”
“Oh goodness, Miss Carmen, I’m not-“ Javier grabs your face and gives you a kiss. All you can hear are loud squeals and giggles of joy being emitted from the girl’s mouths.
“There you go, Carmen.” Javier gives her a smile and a thumbs up. You just hide your face and blush in embarrassment.
“Thank you!”
“Okay! I have to get going! Love you, girls! Bye!” You rush out, trying to leave as soon as possible.
“Bye!” They yell as you grab Javier and scurry away.
“I can’t believe you!” You quietly yell at him.
“Lighten up,” Javier gives a little bump to your shoulder. “They love you; they just want to see you happy.” He was right; they are just excited for you. “Plus, all I’ve been thinking about has been kissing you.”
.                 .                 .                   .                .  
You and Javier walk into the bar hand-in-hand. You two turn when you hear Steve and Connie calling your names and make your way over to their booth.
“You look gorgeous as always! How do you do it!” Connie says as she hugs you hello.
“You can thank Mary when she arrives. She’s the evil mastermind behind my outfits.”
“I’ll have to have her come over sometime and help me.”
“Babe, I’m going to order drinks. Wanna come?” Javier says, placing his hand on your lower back, dangerously close to your bottom.
You and Javier order your drinks and make out while you wait. What you didn’t know was that Steve and Connie were giggling like school girls as they watched you two. They were Javier’s cheerleaders and were thrilled for him. After you guys got your drink, you slid into the booth with Javier.
“Where’s Mary?” Steve asked.
“She got off work a little while ago, she's probably changing, and then she’ll drive over.”
“Oh, okay good! I’m glad she’s still coming.” You get suspicious of Steve’s relief and watch him look around the bar.
“What’s your guy’s surprise?”
“It’s a secret, Bebita.” Javier puts his arm around you and pulls you against him. You look at Connie and quirk your eyebrow in suspicion. She responds with a shrug as she drinks her drink.
You love watching Javier laugh as he reminisces on old memories with Steve. It was also really great to be able to joke with Connie about the ridiculous boys.
“Hey, Chica!” You jumped up at Mary’s voice and gave her a massive hug.
“Holy shit! You look hot!” Mary was wearing a stunning sparkling purple dress that looked marvelous on her.
“Since you’re forcing me to come here tonight, then I might as well look good.”
“Well, you look fantastic!” Connie says in amazement.
You turn around when you see the boys shuffling out of the booth.
“Excuse us, we'll be right back.” Steve gives you a nod, and they walk off.
“What are they up to?” Mary asks, looking at you and Connie in fear.
“I have no clue. I’ve been begging Steve to tell me for the past few days, but he’s too stubborn.” Connie says.
As you wait for the guys, the three of you theorize and laugh about them.
“I forgot to tell you!” Mary looks at you.
“Josie is back.”
“Ugh No!” You bury your head into your arms and groan.
“Who’s Josie?” Connie asks.
“Our landlord who hates me!” You explain.
“How could anyone hate you?”
“Her asshole husband started flirting with me a few years ago, and he lied and said I initiated it.” You rolled your eyes at the memory. “She keeps me around because I’m one of few that pay on time every month, but she’s so passive-aggressive when she visits! Plus, she raises my rent whenever she can, and I can't do anything about it.”
“Moral of the story, she’s a bitch.” Mary causally sums up.
Ten minutes later, they walk back in with a smile. In which you three respond with suspicious squinted eyes.
“Whatcha up to?” Mary asks as she stands up with you.
The two look at each other and nod, “We brought you a date!” They say in unison, causing all three girl’s faces to fall.
“What?” You ask in confusion, unsure if you’re understanding correctly.
“His name is Chris. He’s sitting at the bar.” Javier says, gesturing to the blonde behind him. Chris turns around and gives you all a little wave before picking up his drink.
The guys give each other victorious glances before taking sips of their drinks. On the other hand, you, Mary, and Connie are still in a bit of shock.
“Wanna dance, Connie?” Steve reaches out, waiting for Connie to take his hand.
“That would be great.” She takes his hand and gives you two an apologetic smile as she’s whisked away. Now you and Mary are left to figure out the mess the guys made alone.
“Hey, there beautiful thing!” Mary says, turning to you, “Can you come here really fast? I need to talk to you.” Mary grabs your arm and yanks you over to a private corner.
“What’s up?”
“WHAT'S UP?! What the fuck! You guys set me up with a gringo? Look at him! If I wore heels tonight, I would have been as tall as him! Maybe taller!”
“Mary, it’s not that bad. You’re just really tall.” You try to reason with her even though you know your best friend won’t agree.
“Oh come on, I mean I’m almost certain he’s a virgin!”
“Chicaaaaa! Why would you do this to me! I thought we were best friends!”
“We are! Just go talk to him for a bit. Javi and Steve only have good intentions.” Mary rolls her eyes.
“His name is Chris! Chris! It doesn’t get whiter than Chris!”
“I know, Mary, but-“
“If he touches me, it’s over! I mean it!”
“If it doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t work out, and I’ll make the guys run every candidate by me first. Trust me, I would have never let this happen if I knew.”
“Yeah, you better. I’m doing this for you, missy! This is absolutely ridiculous. Why would I agree to this shit?”
Mary mumbles as she walks over to the bar where Chris is sitting. You give her a sad smile and try to find Javi again.
“Hey, there, handsome.” You pull Javier into a long kiss.
“Well, it’s nice seeing you too!”
“So… about Chris.”
“What about him?”
“You guys really thought he’d be the perfect fit for Mary?” You grimaced
“Yeah, why not?” Javier’s innocence was adorable.
“Because she doesn’t date Gringos. It’s been her number one rule since forever. Plus, they’re almost the same height. In 2 seconds, she’s already decided she hates him. I don’t think it’s going to work out.”
“You think?”
“I mean, you know, Mary, the eccentric, sex-crazed, maniac. And then… Chris… seems so… You know… Vanilla?” You grimace as you try to explain the situation.
“We're not close outside of work, but don’t know. He seems fine to me.” Javier shrugs.
“Yeah. Sorry but thank you for trying. I appreciate it.”
“Hmm. Well, she’s a real hypocrite.”
“Hmm? What are you talking about?” Javier nodded behind you.
You turn to see Mary and Chris’s faces devouring each other. Your jaw drops to the ground, and your eyes bulge out of your head. You look between Javi and the two, not believing what’s going on.
“Wha- what?! What’s happening?!” Javier starts to laugh at your hysterics.
“I don’t know, Hon, but Steve and I did well.”
The two of you can’t stop staring in shock and a bit of disgust at Mary and Chris, who is now climbing all over each other, tongues flying everywhere.
“I… I’m sorry I underestimated you. But I don’t know how to feel about this.” The display doesn’t seem to stop, only getting more intense.
“Yeah… maybe I’ve made a mistake.” Javier's victorious attitude completely faded into disgust.
“Dear, Lord!” Steve and Connie say as they walk up to you. Also, watching in horror at the sight in front of them unfold.
“How long have they been like this?”
“Too long” Javier grimaces.
“It’s even worse than you”. Steve says to Javi. “What have we created?”
“A monster. That’s what we’ve created.”
The four of you can’t seem to look away from the train wreck. Mary, now in Chris’s lap as they grope and grind together.
“Oh god! Why are we watching this?!” Connie yells out.
“I don’t know! I can’t look away!” You grip Javier tighter.
“This was a mistake! Javi, what have we done!”
“Someone has to stop them, right? They’re about to have sex any second now.” Javier says.
“Not it!” You all say in unison.
“Fine, I’ll do it. This is what best friends do.” You reluctantly let go of Javier and drag your feet to the bar. While your three friends; anxiously watch behind you. You step next to them and clear your throat, but nothing happens. You do it louder but nothing.
“Mary?” Nothing. “Chris?” Nothing.
You turn around to look at the group, and they just shrug. You turn back to look at the lewd sight before you before tapping Mary. Nothing! You grimace and mentally prepare yourself. Finally, you grab Mary’s arm and yank her while yelling her name.
“Oh! Hey Chica!” She says as she tries to catch her breath.
“Mary! What the hell!”
“Oh, I’m sorry! Chris, this is my best friend.”
“Nice to meet you.” He says out of breath.
Chris’s hair was pointing in every direction while his lips were smiling with a dark red lipstick shade. He also had lipstick stains all over his neck, shirt and face. Mary was worse. Her makeup was completely smeared, her dress was bunched up and wrinkling. Even her hair looks like a bird’s nest.
“How? How did you guys do this?” You gesture to their appearance.  
“Steve and Javier were right! We got to talking, and he’s... perfect.” She says with a big smile as she looks at him. Deep down, past the immense disgust, you were happy for her.
“Well-“ You start before being interrupted.
“I need to go to the restroom… What about you, Chris?” She gives him a suggestive smirk, and they hop out of the chair and make a run for it.
You slowly turn around, not believing nor understanding what happened. Javier walks up to you and puts his hands on your waist.
“You okay?”
“I need to bleach my eyes!” Javier laughs and takes your hand, pulling you to the dance floor.
“Let me help you with the trauma.” You two stop in the middle of the floor. Javier wraps his arms around your waist, and you wrap your arms around his neck, starting to sway.
“Sorry for the whole Mary and Chris thing.” Javier leans his forehead against yours.
“It’s ok, Jav. It may be weird and different, but I’m happy for her. She deserves to be happy.”
“So do you.” He presses a soft kiss to the top of your head. “You deserve the world, you know.”
“As do you,” you nudge Javier’s nose with yours, looking into those chocolate eyes of his. His arms tighten around you, pulling you as close as possible. You close your eyes as you sway in his arms. All the worries of the world, gone.
“I’ve been thinking…” Javier sighs.
“Maybe- only if you want to, of course, I would never pressure you into this-“
“Spit it out Javi!” You giggle at his flustered state.
“Do you want to move in with me?” He rushes out.
“Oh…” you were taken back by his question. “I don’t know.”
“You don’t... know?” Javier’s mind, now thinking the worst.
“Are you sure we're ready for that? That’s a big step Javi! I’ve never even seen your place. If anything, shouldn't we move into my apartment?”
“No! I’m sorry, but we can’t live in your apartment together. It’s way too small, the water heater barely works, and the AC breaks all the time. Look, you don't have to decide right now. Just think about it, okay?”
“I’m just offering because… being in my apartment without you feels wrong. I hate going to sleep or waking up without you in my arms. I miss watching awful telenovelas with you. I love… spending... time with you.”
“I love spending time with you too, and I know how you feel. Trust me. I just don’t want to risk moving too fast and ruining things.” It pained you to reject his offer, but it was for the best. Right?
“I understand. Just remember that the offer still stands.” Javier tries to mask his disappointment with a positive tone.
“Thank you, Javi.” You give him a long passionate kiss, making sure he knows how much you appreciate everything.
When you pull apart, you hear loud laughter. You and Javi look over to see Chris and Mary stumbling out of the bathroom. Both of them looked like they ran a marathon and then got into a brawl. You and Javi start to laugh at their state.
Mary and Chris stumble over to you, their clothes falling off and wrinkled. “Hi, Hon. I think we’re going to go home early. Is that alright?”
“Go for it.”
“I can stay if you want! I don’t have to go.”
“Don’t worry about it! Go have fun.” You give her a little wink, and she smiles. “But we’re having a girls' night tomorrow! No excuses!”
“Okay fine!” Chris starts to pull Mary towards the door, way too impatient to get home.
“With details!” You yell as they scurry out of the bar.
“Wow…” Javier says as he watches the two runoff.
“Wow, indeed.” You laugh.
You and Javier continue to dance with Steve and Connie nearby. Occasionally stopping to refill on drinks and joke together. The night definitely didn't go as planned, but you were happy with how everything worked out.
Eventually, you four make your way back onto the dance floor. Various songs were played, ranging anywhere from old jazz to modern Latin music. It didn't matter what song it was because you and Javier danced the night away. Sometimes you guys would sing along with the song even if it wasn't perfect. Occasionally, you talk nonsense such as what the other did today or a silly memory. Your favorite was always kissing; each kiss was full of pure passion and admiration. The only thing that really mattered was that you two were in each other's arms. As the night went on, the bar started to empty, and the sky became pitch black. Eventually, only you, Javi, Connie, and Steve were left on the dance floor. But you could care less because you were having the time of your life, dancing with Javier. You let out a plethora of giggles and squeals anytime he dipped or spun you.
“I have to say, I never knew you could dance, Peña!”
“There's a lot you don't know about me, Princess,” Javier whispers before dipping and passionately kissing you. Your heart was bursting with emotion; you could barely contain the feeling anymore.
“I lo-”
“Hey, guy!” Steve interrupts you. “We're going to start heading out since it's getting so late.”
Javier pulls you back up so that you are vertical again. “Alright, this was actually a really nice night. Thank you, guys.” Javier says with surprising sincerity that catches the Murphys by surprise.
“Oh, yeah. It's been wonderful to hang out with you two. This has definitely been the best few weeks I've had in a while, so thank you as well.” Connie says.
“I'm glad we have such great friends to spend time with. Especially in this crazy world, we're in.” You say to the Murphys.
“We'll have to do this again!” Connie says enthusiastically.
“Definitely! Hopefully, Chris and Mary don't run off next time.” You all laugh at Columbia’s newest couple.
“Goodnight!” The Murphy’s wave as they walk off.
You and Javier wave back and let out a sigh. “Were the only ones left.” Javier chuckles.
“Wow! I didn't really notice.” You say as you look around the desolated bar.
“Are you tired?”
“Um, no. Are you?”
“Nope.” Javier thinks for a moment, “Wanna go to the bakery, get a cake for Chris and Mary, maybe some stuff for us, and watch telenovelas till we pass out.”
You feel your heart explode with love at the perfect suggestion. “I'd love that!”
.                 .                 .                   .                .  
The two of you giggle hand-in-hand as you hopped into the car. You lower the windows and feel the cool breeze of the night wash over you and Javi as you laugh. Javier parked the car at your place since you two wanted to prolong the night by walking together to the bakery. Like a proper gentleman, Javier opened your door for you. He then smoothed out any wrinkles in your dress, making sure to stop and squeeze your bottom before leaving.
“What type of cake should we get?”
“Well, Mary loves red velvet, so probably that?”
“Works for me, and then we can get whatever we want.”
You enjoy the cool breeze of the night as you walk down the cobblestone street. You can't help but think about how perfect of a night this has been and how happy you were for your best friend.
“I can't believe she likes Chris.” You break the silence.
“Wow! You have zero faith in me!” Javier says playfully.  
“Oh stop that! You know what I mean!” You say, giving him a playful shove.
“Yeah, I know. To be honest, I don’t know a lot about Chris.” You stop and give Javier a concerned look. “Steve and I thought he’d be the perfect person that could handle and love Mary’s personality. Obviously, nobody can change her, so it was a matter of who was compatible with her. Not who was going to make her better.”
You were surprised at how accurate Javier was. Mary’s personality is very specific to her, so it takes a particular person to love it.
“That’s… pretty genius, Jav. Don’t let it go to your head!”
“I don’t know you’ve already said it! No, take backs!”
The laughter outside the bakery interrupts your teasing. Javier graciously opens the glass door of the bakery, allowing you to enter first. As you stand in line you try your best to mentally prepare yourself.
“¿Próxima?” (Next?)
“Hola, ¿puedo conseguir un pequeño pastel personalizado, por favor?” (Hi, can i get a small custom cake, please?)
“¡Sí! ¿Qué le gustaría que dijera?” (Yes! What would you like it to say?)
You mentally grimace as the old woman looks at you with happy, hopeful eyes, which you were about to destroy. It also didn't help that Javier was snickering behind you.
“¿Puedes por favor escribir ‘Congrats on having sex’” (Can you please write...)
You could feel the weird stares the people around the shop were giving you. The burning heat on your face and ears was killing you. Javier could hold back anymore and let out a little snort in which you responded with a kick to his shins. The old lady gives you a shy nod and writes your request on the paper as she quietly whispers “¿Es esta una nueva tendencia o algo así? ¿Qué está pasando?” (Is this a new trend or something? What is going on?).
“¿Algo más?” (Anything else?) She asks with slight fear in her eyes.
“Sí, por favor.” (Yes, please.) You and Javier quickly order your sweets and pay- wanting to get the hell out of there.
Since it was going to take a little while for everything to be ready, you and Javier decided to wait outside, away from the judgment.
“That was humiliating.” You let out a breath and leaned against the brick wall.
“Maybe, but I enjoyed watching you get all flustered.” Javier laughs and presses kisses to your temple as you groan.
“Don't be mean! I've already suffered enough!”
“It's not my fault you're adorable when you're embarrassed.” Javier’s arms wrap around you, trying to pull you closer.
“I can't help it, princess! Now give me a real kiss!” He continues to litter kisses on your face as you try to tilt your head away. He holds you tighter as your lips successfully dodge his, but you can't keep up the act for very long. Finally, you give in and kiss him. The tickle of his mustache that you love so much causes you to grin into the kiss. He hums softly while your fingers play with his brown locks. It has to be one of his favorite things. The feeling of his hands running through his hair will always be pure bliss. The two of you reluctantly pull apart when you faintly hear your number being called inside.
“I'll go get it.” Javier offers.
“Nah, it's okay. Wait here, I'll be back in a moment.” You lean to press one last chaste kiss to his lips before prying yourself from his arms. You let out a squeak and turn to scold Javier when he gives you a slap to your behind. Javier can't help but chuckle at your flustered state, causing him to make a mental note to do that more often.
“¿Esa es tu chica?” (Is that your girl?) Javier turns around to see a younger man.
“Sí,” (Yes,) Javier gives him a polite nod.
“Ella es preciosa.” (She’s gorgeous.)
“Ella realmente es,” (She really is,) Javier says, looking through the window, watching you interact with the old woman.
“Mi nombre es Seb por cierto.” (I'm Seb, by the way.) The man holds out his hand for Javier to shake.
“Javier.” They shake hands, “Pareces familiar, ¿nos hemos conocido antes?” (You look familiar. Have we met before?)
“Lo dudo, viajo mucho, así que rara vez estoy en casa.” (Doubt it, I travel a lot, so I'm rarely home.) Javier nods in understanding, still not sure of where he's seen his face. They both turn to watch you through the window in silence.
“la amas, ¿verdad? Quiero decir que serías estúpido si no.” (You must love her, right? I mean, you would be stupid not to.) Sebastian says, breaking the silence.
“Ella es una chica especial. Soy el hombre más afortunado del mundo.” (She’s a special girl. I'm the luckiest man alive.) They watch as you check the cake and pastries, making sure everything is perfect.
“Sería una pena que le pasara algo, ¿verdad?” (Would be a shame if something happened to her, right?) Sebastian said in a sad and sympathetic tone that triggered the agent inside of him.
“Sí, destrozaré el universo por ella.” (Yeah, I'd rip the universe apart for her.) Javier could feel his blood boil at the mere notion.
“Eres un buen hombre, Javier.” (You're a good man, Javier.) Sebastian says, giving him a pat on the shoulder.
They watch as you pick up the bag of goodies, preparing to exit. Javier’s mind was racing, though. Why would this man ask such a question? He turns around to confront Seb, but he is long gone. He watches as Sebastian fades into the shadows across the street as if he were never there. Javier's brows furrow and his eyes squint as he watches the shadows.
“Ready to go?” Javier turns around to your smiling face.
“Yeah, let me help you with these.” He takes the bags from your hands and extends his arm for you to hold on to.
“You okay, Javi? You look like you've seen a ghost.” You let out a little laugh at the end.
“Yeah, I was just thinking. It's nothing, though. Let's just go home.”
You brush off the weird moment and continue to walk home. You give his bicep a squeeze before leaning your head on his arm, telling him all the activities the six of you have to do together. Javier was barely listening though, he could shake the weight of Seb’s words off. Were you in danger? Could you be in danger? Who was that man? Why did he seem so familiar? Why did he seem so enthralled by you?
.                 .                 .                   .                .  
Once home, you two walked up the stairs of your apartment but stopped in shock as you reached your floor. You and Javier turn to look at each other, mouth hanging open. The sound of Mary’s headboard banging echoed through the hall. She was lucky it was a small building with only two apartments per floor, or else she would be waking everyone up.
“Oh, Chris!” You and Javier try to hold in your laughs, knowing they'll hear you due to the extremely thin walls.
“Well, give them the cake in the morning,” Javier whispers. You quickly unlock your door and enter.
“Why is it still so loud?” Javier grimaces at the prominent moans and slapping that echoed all the way to your apartment.
“I don't know. She's had people over all the time, but it's never this loud.” You set the goods on the counter of your kitchenette before severing yours and Javier’s treats. “Must be good.” You give him a shrug.
“I would have never expected this from Chris.” Javier falls on your couch, stunned by his coworker.
“I feel bad now.”
“Why?” Javier takes the plate of sweets from you as you sit down with him.
“Were so loud, Jav. I can't imagine what she's been hearing.” You and Javier grimace.
“A small price to pay for good sex,” Javier shrugs.
“Spectacular sex!” You giggle as you give him a kiss. You turn on the tv and put on a random telenovela for you guys to laugh at. Every few minutes, you guys could hear the screams and banging noises echo.
“I can't believe they're still going! I feel like we need to have a contest or something. I'm sure you can be louder.” You hit Javier's arm and gasp.
“No! We're not doing that!”
“Fine, your loss.” He shrugs and takes a bite of his dessert, the powdered sugar topping trickling down your faces. You and Javier laugh at your messy states. The puff of air causes the powder to fly everywhere, only resulting in more laughter.
“Holy shit, Chris!” Mary screams.
You and Javier stop and give each other looks.
“You're so big!”
Your eyebrows raise in shock while Javier tries his best not to spit his food out. Your faces scrunch up, doing everything possible not to laugh hysterically.
“I would have never thought...” Javier whispers in shock.
“Honestly, good for her.”
As odd as it was, you and Javier joked throughout the night either about Mary and Chris’s sex life or the dramatic show. Your efforts to not laugh only make everything a billion times more hilarious, taking turns to get the other to crack. The night wasn't anything like you expect- it was better. You had never had so much fun nor not laughed this hard in so long. As you drifted off to sleep on Javier’s chest, you couldn't help but smile. Your heart was full of so much joy and love. You finally have the family you've always dreamt of. Javier, on the other hand, was still concerned. Somethings going on, and he wasn't going to let it go. Not when your safety could be at stake, not when he could lose his Love.
Chapter 14
A/N: I’ve been wanting Mary to find someone special for FOREVER! Y’all will enjoy Mary’s next arcs it’s going to be hilarious! And fuck Sebastian!
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jeonggukkiepabo · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Soulmates are a common thing. Everyone has one. Some  people think soulmates are the greatest gift fate could give, others are  envious about happy couples that were lucky enough to receive a  wonderful partner. One of them was Min Yoongi. Your time to meet your  significant other hasn’t come yet, stumbling into the tattoo parlor with  a simple idea in mind, not knowing that you will be bound to step by  more often. When you leave for the first time, you’ll go home with your  masterpiece of a tattoo.
When you leave for the second time, you’ll go home with not only one, but two soulmates.
The man that was supposed to be your only soulmate,  the one that never wanted to tell you that he woke up with the exact  same koi karp tattoo just sits and watches - until he can’t take the  pain anymore.
GENRE: Soulmate AU, Tattoo Parlour AU
PAIRINGS: Y/N x Taehyung / Y/N x Jungkook / Taehyung x Jungkook / Taehyung x Jimin / Jungkook x Jimin / Hoseok x Seokjin / Y/N x Yoongi / Y/N x Jimin / Y/N x Namjoon / Namjoon x Jimin
WARNINGS: Yoonmin finally have some time on their own which means a lot of fluff, SMUT (oral, sub/dom themes, edging, powerplay, some of the roles changed oops NC17), mentions of alcohol and cigarettes, strong languages, so much love
NOTE: EARLY UPDATE HELLO! hello loves, we're back with another chapter! this one really got both of us go crazy because we have two really cute dates - our couples deserved some time for themselves! especially the taekook date turned out so beautiful i shed one or two tears. besides that, we have a... delicious smut scene, hehe.
dolly and i decided to add an extra chapter for those who are interested in pure filth, it will be coming before the next chapter, just in case some of you guys don't like to read too intense smut, so keep hanging around for that!
Tumblr media
Jimin loves the spa and everything that comes with it: face masks, massages, fancy food and lots of affection from Yoongi. The elder woke him up from his nap with one of the best rimming of his life (don’t let Jungkook know, please), combined with an oily hand job that Jimin will probably never forget. Not like he wants to forget about it because this is definitely a memory he will cherish.
Yoongi didn’t fuck him until after dinner, getting teased by Jimin in his beautiful outfit-and surprised by the lingerie that was waiting for him underneath. Finishing their long day in each other’s arms felt gratifying.
Their second day started with a blowjob for Yoongi, even though he was the one that wanted to surprise Jimin with one; who is he to say no to those sinful lips wrapped around his dick?
Breakfast went by fast, they both weren’t really hungry and opted for the delicious looking fruits-watermelon juices trickling down Yoongi’s chin as if he was drinking up your juices, which is something Jimin loves watching. He groaned and threw his head back just to hear Yoongi’s giggle, knowing that he won’t let that down for a while.
“Oh lord, fuck, Yoongi you bastard,” Jimin whines in that stupidly high-pitched voice that goes straight down to Yoongi’s cock. Who thought it was a good idea to go on this stupid spa weekend with him? He’s going to die. Jimin keeps on riling him up purposefully and Yoongi is guilty of doing the same. They’re both insatiable and it’s between amusing to concerning in Yoongi’s opinion. Though don’t get him wrong, he’d never spend the weekend differently; he’s very much enjoying every second of it.
They’re currently splayed out on their stomachs to get a hot stone massage, naked and only covered in a flimsy towel above their butts. Yoongi isn’t shy about his body, even though he’s used to the weird looks he gets because ink is splattered almost everywhere on his body. He can feel the fingertips of the masseuse tracing one of his back pieces and can’t help the goosebumps that rise on his skin.
“They’re beautiful,” the elderly woman says with a gentle smile as he starts loosening the tight knots on Yoongi’s back. “The one tattooing those is really talented.”
“Thank you,” he whispers, suddenly feeling smaller and more insecure than what he’s used to-so vulnerable-, but also unbelievably proud, because almost every single one of those tattoos is either made by Taehyung or Jungkook.
Jimin next to him huffs. “So am I, where are my compliments?”
Yoongi laughs, turning his head to look at his boyfriend, both of their cheeks squished against the soft fabric of the massage table. “You look beautiful, Jimin. Even with all that sweat on your forehead.” Jimin huffs and turns his head the other way. “I don’t know you, stranger.”
After the successful massage, they decide to cool down in the huge pool area, having a few more hours before their next appointment-pedicures. Yoongi can feel his toes clenching at that thought already, the urge to escape the torture that was about to come. It’s not like he’s going to hate it, but he’d very much keep his feet away from any hands-his soulmates get a pass, but only them. He’s feeling super relaxed, the massage did lose some knots he didn’t even know he had, his body feels soft and easy instead of hard and tired, so why did Jimin decide to put him through the worst thing ever-someone touching his feet.
Yet, he tries to forget about that and fully concentrates on Jimin. He looks as beautiful as always, even though there’s no harshness to his face right now, fully relaxed and a satisfied smile spread on his lips. He’s stunning really, and Yoongi cannot help but stare for a little more than he would usually let himself do.
Jimin thinks the same, though. He’s never seen Yoongi as relaxed-and without the deep frown he’s usually wearing around. A soft smile is tracing his lips as he watches Jimin, his body is on sight for everyone-only those stupidly short swimming trunks covering his most delicate parts for the world to see.
Then there’s the soulmate tattoos Jimin shares with his other mates and Yoongi wants to design a beautiful and delicate piece just for the two of them. The tarot card Jungkook designed just for you, but ended up on almost all of their arms. The ghibli sleeve that Yoongi designed and still loves, pastel colors against Jimin’s beautiful skin.
But Jimin’s weakness is also on full view: Yoongi’s tattooed body, the bright ink contrasting against his pale skin, makes him look sharp and defined even though Yoongi isn’t the most muscular man out of their relationship. The beautiful pieces that sometimes don’t match what seems like to be his personality-some works even look feminine, but especially those pieces are Jimin’s favorites. That, and his nipple piercings.
Yoongi dives and swims towards his boyfriend, pushing his hair back as he comes out of the water. “You wanna head over to the hot tub? I’m kinda freezing,” he chuckles amused at Jimin’s fixed stare and shows him his arm where a thin layer of goosebumps is covering his skin.
Jimin shrugs, nodding as he starts walking out of the water. “Sure, as long as there are no creeps inside. I swear to god, I once had this weird milf next to me and she decided to play footsies with me. Ew.”
Yoongi laughs, shaking his head as he grabs Jimin’s hands and leads him to one of the empty hot tubs, stepping inside and groaning immediately. “Fuck, this is amazing. Like my own bathtub but bigger and better and, ugh, I wish I had a bath bomb with me.”
Jimin smiles at his boyfriend, tough and grumpy Min Yoongi, yet loving soft bath bombs that smell like flowers (and sometimes even have little surprises or glitter inside).
Jimin slides in next to Yoongi and sits right in front of the gland to massage his lower back. “Can we buy one for our house please?”
Yoongi raises an eyebrow as he leans back, resting his head on his palm. “I don’t know what you can get for your house? Ask Namjoon or Taehyung, I guess? Even though I don’t know where you could put a hot tub, seeing that Namjoon already has his own office and Jungkook his own gaming room. Would you put it in the bathroom? I think there are few gadgets you can buy for your bathtub, though.”
Jimin frowns at Yoongi’s answer, then his face turns soft again. “Oh, I… I didn’t mean it like that, sometimes I forget that you still don’t live with us. Not that you have to! It’s totally up to you and I- I better shut up now,” he sighs and lets his fingertips glide through the water. Yoongi knows he shouldn’t feel left aside because he truly isn’t. It’s just that the conversation still hasn’t come and yeah sure, he wishes that it would happen soon, but it’s fine too if it doesn’t. He can wait a bit longer.
“It’s okay, Jimin. It’s not your fault. I know how confused it can get between us, we didn’t even have the chance yet to talk about me moving in at all, I mean, we aren’t even mated that long. And you’ve created your own home and-”
“It could be your home too, Yoon,” Jimin interrupts him with a soft smile. “You can create your own safe place there too. And I know that it’s hard for you to live with people, we all know about your mental health and that you need a place for yourself sometimes. But maybe you can consider it? You won’t have to be alone, you can have your own room if you need space, maybe you can keep your flat for a little longer and just sleep with us? I think everyone would really like that.”
“I… Sure,” Yoongi sighs, trying to look unbothered, even though his eyes are slowly starting to fill with tears. He’s wanted. Jimin wants him. You want him. Why is it so hard for him to accept that he’s loved and cared for? Sometimes he thinks he’s full of contradictions. He refuses to let them in, not fully but it’s often clear that they wish they had more of him, but then he sulks because he’s not with them and they’re not taking care of him as he wishes them to. So Yoongi wonders; why is he doing that to himself? “Let’s talk with the others once we’re home, yeah?”
Jimin nods with a happy smile and is just about to kiss Yoongi, when a deep voice startles him.
“Hey guys, you won’t mind if I jump in as well, right?” Some random man steps into the hot tub, sitting just across Jimin and Yoongi. He grins at them, but acts all chill.
He’s pretty, Yoongi thinks, but not his type at all-and he’s kind of bothered that this guy decided to ruin their moment. “Sure,” he grumbles, and the man turns away to look at Yoongi’s boyfriend.
“Your hair is pretty,” the man says and winks at Jimin, causing the younger male to blush. “Erm, thank you?” It is awkward, the couple feels awkward and this man doesn’t even realize it. Jimin doesn’t really want to thank him, but he also doesn’t want troubles; maybe that guy will leave soon, right?
“Isn’t it weird to come to a spa with your brother? He looks super intimidating but I thought I just had to come over and take my chance. Your tattoos are pretty too, so delicate! I have one of my own, it’s a cool lion and a clockwork!” The man obviously feels Yoongi’s glare on him but he merely chuckles. “Sorry man,” he shrugs at Yoongi, “but you’re not my type. This beauty though…,” he wolf-whistles which causes Jimin to cringe and Yoongi to… get even angrier. It’s a wonder that guy has still not gotten the hint, Jimin thinks, because he has rarely seen Yoongi looking that menacing and angry. Had he been on the receiving end of that glare, Jimin would have probably wished to be swallowed by the ground.
“What do you want to do to my ‘brother’? Wanna take him out? Touch him? Fuck his pretty ass?” Yoongi looks at him challenged and Jimin gasps. This is taking a turn and Jimin isn’t sure he’s going to like the outcome. “Yoon,” he whispers, but Yoongi shakes his head. “Or do you want to do this to him?”
Yoongi turns around to grab Jimin’s thighs, placing him on his own lap and crashes their lips together with a low growl coming from his lips. Jimin, to his own surprise, moans and grinds up against Yoongi as he feels a pair of hands on his ass. It’s like an instinct by now.
Then, Yoongi breaks the kiss and looks over Jimin’s shoulder at the man, just to see his disgusted face. “Do you want to help me pleasure my baby boy? He gets quite messy, though, likes to be fucked all wet and sloppily,” he grins but Jimin sees right through his features. Yoongi would never share, not to some random dude interrupting them, and it feels like Yoongi is silently daring him to act up, to try and see what can happen if he doesn’t back off quickly.
“Dude, this is incest, isn’t that illegal?” The man backs off even more.
“Mmh, we’re not related, I don’t know how you could even think of that. But he does call me Daddy sometimes, right, angel?” Yoongi presses another kiss to the juncture of Jimin’s neck, causing the younger to sob quietly. Jimin’s mind has clearly forgotten about their ‘issue’, merely focussing on Yoongi’s voice and comforting presence.
“Right… Daddy, more, please.”
Yoongi smiles at the man before pecking Jimin’s lips. “Later, babe.”
Jimin turns around to the man, suddenly back and fully aware of their surroundings while he looks at him with a glare. “Leave, we’re busy.”
And luckily, he does leave, but so do Yoongi and Jimin to spend some quality time before their pedicure starts.
In the evening, they decide to go to one of the outside restaurants to watch the starry night as they enjoy their food.
“I can’t believe this is already our last night,” Jimin sighs as he shovels some pasta into his mouth. “We deserve a longer vacation. Oh, maybe we should all plan a beach trip or something!”
Yoongi smiles at his boyfriend and takes a sip of his wine. “We can, yes. As long as there’s some shadow for me to sleep in, I’m fine with that. Especially with watching Jungkook and Taehyung play in the water like the kids they are.”
“And watch water drip from Jungkook’s abs,” Jimin groans and Yoongi licks his lips, nodding. “Or Taehyung’s ass in his swim shorts. Even though I can’t deny that you look good in yours too,” Jimin grins at the elder, sliding his foot against Yoongi’s calves.
“What are you trying to do, Chim? Want to seduce me during dinner, again? It feels like you don’t even want to enjoy your food.”
Yoongi raises his eyebrow with a knowing smirk.
“I’m just a man, what can I say?” Jimin shrugs, but his cheeks turn beautifully red and Yoongi falls for him again. Yet, he decides to tease his mate even more.
“I don’t know what you want me to give you, though. I mean, I already gave you everything I had the last two days.”
Jimin sighs, almost pouting. “Almost.”
Yoongi leans back, his spoon full of food placed back on the table. “Almost? What else do you need?” Oh, Yoongi knows what Jimin craves, yet he’s not going to give in already. He needs to hear his boyfriend admit what has been stuck in his throat for the past few hours.
“You’ve been so soft with me, you took care of me, but I want you to be like… Like you are with them,” Jimin looks at Yoongi with those beautiful wide eyes, lips formed into a cute pout as he plays with the food on his plate.
“I thought that’s what you wanted, Jimin? Being treated like a prince, being pampered. Isn’t that what you want? Or are you needy and desperate to get fucked like a whore?” Yoongi coos, getting back to eating his food as if he isn’t rock hard in his pants already - again.
“Yes, please,” Jimin whines and shifts uncomfortably on his chair. “You’re being mean to all of them but me. I thought we could have some rough sex here, but you’re treating me like I could break. If I wanted that, I could’ve come here by myself and ask the staff to pamper me or slide a finger up my ass during the massages.” He huffs and crosses his arms. That strikes a nerve because no one tells Yoongi that someone could take care of his soulmate better than him, not even the pretty Park Jimin. Insinuating that a random masseur would have been as efficient as him-him!-is downright insulting. Maybe Jimin does deserve a punishment, but clearly not one he will expect. Because if he thinks someone else can take care of him while his own soulmate is here, then Yoongi will gladly let him find a way to satisfy his need alone.
“Because we’re on vacation, Jimin. You’ve been talking about how stressed you are lately and that you want nothing but relax. We didn’t talk about doing anything harder here, you could’ve just told me what you needed. Now, finish your food,” Yoongi says, lips pressed into a tight line. His jealousy is still something Yoongi needs to work on, but now that he’s here, spending time with Jimin and just wanting the best for him, the younger still dares to be whiny about it and really thinks about the staff instead of Yoongi?
“I-,” Jimin stutters, but Yoongi shakes his head. “I said eat up, slut.”
Their table grows quiet as the couple eats their dinner, Yoongi enjoys how unsure and squirmy Jimin is acting right now, clearly uncomfortable in his situation because he doesn’t know where they’re at right now.
Of course, they talked about any hard limits in bed, everyone knows that Jimin is into degradation and loves being called names, being told what to do - yet, Yoongi never had to be harsh with him. But now, Jimin’s just ungrateful and deserves to be put in his place.
“Okay I’m full,” Jimin speaks up after eating only two more bites of his pasta.
“No, you’re not. I paid for this food and you’re going to eat it instead of wasting it,” Yoongi orders as he drinks the rest of his wine.
“Wow, now you’re acting all bad boy and everything. Let me guess, you’re throwing me onto the bed and giving me spankies because I didn’t listen to you, huh?” Jimin looks at Yoongi, dangerously close to rolling his eyes as his bratty side takes over.
Yoongi laughs wholeheartedly as he finishes his food. “No, because that’s what you’re expecting. But I’m not like Jungkook, losing my shit and punishing you like that. You might know how to rile them up, but you don’t know what you just started. We’re going into the room once we’re done and then you can think about a nice apology for me and then you’re going to bed and sleep off that attitude, Jimin.”
“Sure,” now Jimin does roll his eyes, but Yoongi is a man true to his word. Punishment doesn’t have to be sexual for him, especially if someone acts the way Jimin does.
And well, because his pride is hurt right now.
Once they’re back in their room, Jimin looks expectantly at his boyfriend, but Yoongi just disappears into the bathroom and takes a shower, trying to calm down a bit before he comes back into the sleeping area. Maybe he should have expected it, but he finds a very naked Jimin, two fingers deep in his ass and the wet sounds of lube echoing through the room. Yoongi wants to laugh because Jimin clearly thinks he has already won, that Yoongi will give in and fuck his attitude out of him. His naivety is almost cute. Almost.
Jimin looks at Yoongi with a mischievous smirk, but the elder just ignores his behavior and grabs his tablet to finish some tattoo sketches. “Have fun, hope you’re coming nice and hard.”
Then, he goes outside on their little balcony and lights himself a cigarette as he sits down. You and Jungkook kind of made him stop smoking as much as he did before everything happened, but sometimes the urge is too strong for him to not give in. He tries to though, he swore it to you anyway. He’d hate to be the one potentially ruining the lungs of his mates; Yoongi knows well that you don’t need to smoke for it to reach your lungs, being around people-or even one person-who smokes too much can already have an impact. And if there is one thing he refuses, it’s having a bad repercussion on the health of his soulmates.
He unconsciously scratches the tattoo on his neck as he thinks about you for a while, letting his mind drift to the rest of his soulmates. Even after only two days, he misses them.
Yoongi is glad to finally have some time with Jimin, because he doesn’t see him and Namjoon as much as he does see the rest, but sometimes Jimin gets a bit too much for him.
He hasn’t been alone with him for a session like that, yet he needs to keep his facade upright.
The balcony door opens, allowing a red-faced Jimin to slip through the small space outside. Yoongi can quite clearly see that his boyfriend is embarrassed and confused, unsure about where to stand. Those aren’t rules he knows, so he’s tiptoeing around. “Are you really going to work instead of fucking me right now? I’m stretched and ready to sit on your cock, babe,” he whines as he lets himself plop down onto Yoongi’s lap, taking the tablet from him and places it aside.
“You smoked,” he states as he looks into the ashtray.
“I did,” Yoongi hums as he wraps his arms around Jimin’s middle and leans his face against his boyfriend’s chest. “But I won’t fuck you, Jimin. I’m a man of my words. You were a brat and tried to make me jealous, testing my nerves all day. Maybe if you behave until we’re home, then you’re getting a reward.”
“This is… you can’t be serious…,” Jimin stutters as he lifts Yoongi’s head to look at him. “I’m hard!”
Yoongi grins and places a quick peck on the younger’s plump lips. “That’s sad, but I’m not like Namjoon or Jungkook. If you don’t behave, I won’t reward you. If you’re being a brat, I’ll be treating you like a brat. I’m not giving what you want to; you only receive what I am willing to give. You won’t be getting any dick today, sorry babe. You can use your fingers if you want to, but I bet that won’t be enough for your hungry hole.”
“Rude! Then I’m going to bed, old man,” Jimin huffs and slips from Yoongi’s lap, trotting back into their room, leaving Yoongi alone.
“Poor soul,” the man sighs, knowing that Jimin probably never had to deal with rejection before. Well, he’s going to teach that boy how to behave like a good little slut.
“I can’t believe this is already over and I didn’t get a hard fuck,” Jimin pouts as he connects his phone to the car again, playing the same awful playlist he did on their ride to the resort.
“I can’t believe none of our boyfriends taught you how to act towards your dom,” Yoongi smirks, “But I’m glad we have more than enough time to turn you into an obedient good boy once we’re back home.”
And then, he actually starts singing along to Katy Perry, leaving Jimin confused and dumbstruck because he’s definitely not used to this kind of behavior. But he huffs quietly; he knows how to be a good boy and to have what he wants in the end.
But not everyone was having such a relaxed weekend.
Because Jungkook wants to scream. He wants to scream so bad that he might actually do it in the middle of the parlor. Their long planned appointment just got cancelled an hour before it should start. Taehyung looks concerned, knowing that the cancellation of a long appointment always made Jungkook panic.
Always. No fucking exception.
Jungkook is always meticulous in the way he books every customer. It somehow grew to be his job whenever he doesn’t have to tattoo someone. In the beginning, Yoongi wanted Jungkook to prove himself with that simple desk job, because it’s an important part of their job. Jungkook has always been on the shy side, yet this job consists of lots of conversation, making people feel safe and comfortable. Giving Jungkook a few months at the front desk, showing him how to plan appointments without them overlapping, helping customers with tattoo ideas, relaxing them before an appointment. And Jungkook succeeded in that, so he has been the one planning all of their appointments and calendars nowadays and that’s because he’s fucking excellent at planning things.
He makes sure that the three of them always get breaks during their preferred times, makes sure they have enough time to take lunch, verify that no long appointments are the first thing booked in Yoongi’s schedule because it always put Yoongi in a very sour mood, Taehyung doesn’t want to tattoo college kids because he knows most of them will regret it, Yoongi hates working too early so he never books anyone before 11am if possible, and so on.
The list of things he thinks about when booking an appointment is honestly much longer and sometimes it terrifies both Yoongi and Taehyung how he somehow always makes everything fit together, but he almost always does. No more Yoongi accidentally booking two appointments too close to each other for him to have time to take a break, no more Taehyung wincing when a mom comes and yells for a refund for her son’s dumb actions. Usually, everything goes exactly like on schedule-even if sometimes some appointments drag out and they happen to be later in his plans, but this is okay, as long as the tattoo is perfect, it’s fine to be a little late- and Jungkook likes when everything goes according to his plan.
Simple, tidy, and perfect.
Only when you work with actual people-thus requiring a certain social skill that Jungkook has by now mastered-a lot doesn’t stick to his schedule and it makes him mad.
“So… I guess they cancelled?” Taehyung asks curiously but also softly, hoping this wouldn’t trigger Jungkook more than he already is. It is honestly funny to him to see their youngest being like that. A vein is already popping and it’s painfully obvious that he’s doing his very best not to blow up. Nevertheless, he breathes in and out before answering.
“Worse. They fucking rescheduled.”
Taehyung winces because he knows that’s the worst, especially with long appointments. A long slot always gives a hard time to put in their agenda, but rescheduling one is truly the most messed up thing. Not only they lost their entire afternoon and a lot of fucking money because long sessions were more expensive, especially super colorful pieces; they could have indeed booked a few short sessions to clear their schedule for the next week in order to find a good day for this appointment, but now, the next week is also fully packed since Jungkook had made sure to push back all short sessions, clearing this particular day for their long piece.
Means that the customer has to wait at least another month for their appointment.
Jungkook is fuming because nothing goes as planned right now. He cannot reschedule everyone just for one piece; it will have to wait… At least another month now.
And Jungkook hates that. He loathes it so fucking much because he knows he has to call back and announce that he cannot do anything else but to push back the appointment and even if it’s not Jungkook’s fault, he’ll get yelled at nevertheless.
He’s already tired of it and he still hasn’t gotten the phone in his hand. Monday, he decided. He will call them on Monday and worry about that then. Future Jungkook will deal with it.
“Hey, Guk. We’ll handle that later, alright? Let’s enjoy the fact that we have more time for our date today, we’re going to have so much more fun than to stay here, so let’s make the best out of it, okay?”
Jungkook rationally knows that Taehyung is trying to soothe him down but it does the complete opposite. He thinks that his heart might have missed a beat because he realizes that now, not only is the schedule of the parlor messed up, but the schedule of his date is also all over the place and he’s not mentally ready.
Fuck. He needs at least another hour for his brain to start cooperating, if he tries his best to make Taehyung’s favorite activities fit for the rest of the day.
I’m not ready, Jungkook thinks. He had everything planned despite knowing they didn’t have a lot of time since they were supposed to finish work late. Jungkook wants to cry because what if they have this awkward moment when both don’t know what to do and mindlessly keep on asking each other what the other wants to do and answers “I don’t know, you can choose, I’ll be fine with anything.”
No, that’s not happening under Jungkook’s watch.
“I’m going to the restroom for a bit. I’ll be back,” Jungkook breathes out with his fakest smile and Taehyung knows fully well that Jungkook is trying not to scream and that he wants to think for a few minutes. It’s honestly tempting to tease him but the pleading glance that Jungkook shoots him shuts him up. He looks so shaken up by the whole change of planning that Taehyung gives him the extra minutes he needs to compose himself. It’s the least he can give him as he knows too well how their youngest panics once things get messy in his mind.
So he waits for a few seconds, which quickly becomes minutes until Taehyung actually gets annoyed and starts knocking on the restroom’s door where he physically can feel Jungkook overthink. Taehyung chuckles a bit at that, hearing his mate knock something off, probably startled by the noise of his knocking while he was deep in thought.
“Yes?” Jungkook’s voice sounds ridiculously shy and Taehyung feels the urge to laugh. He keeps it inside for the ego of his mate, but he’ll probably use that against him when the opportunity arises.
“Do you actually intend on taking me on that date to make it up for the mean things you said or do you prefer staying here and-” Taehyung is smirking already because he knows it will set off Jungkook.
“No! What do you mean? Of course, I want to take you on a date!”
Taehyung grins as Jungkook quickly opens the door to face his boyfriend. He doesn’t look as shaken as he was previously, but still a bit disoriented; it makes Taehyung smile gently.
“Then take me on a date, idiot.”
Jungkook obviously wants to retort but he just nods, embarrassed by his reaction and Taehyung’s display of power. It’s nothing too strong, barely there to be fair, yet Jungkook being used to being the one in charge, he usually doesn’t get ordered around like Taehyung just did. The switch of dynamic is a bit strange, but nothing he’s uncomfortable with. Jungkook clearly notices that his mate is going easy on him for now; it feels like Taehyung is easing Jungkook into it. So he just follows his mate wordlessly around the parlor while Taehyung verifies that everything is prepared for them to go: he turns on the answering machine, shuts the reception’s computer off, closes all rooms after making sure they were all empty, puts the security alarm on before finally closing the main door.
Taehyung smirks as he feels Jungkook's curious yet distant presence behind him; his mate says nothing but he’s a bit restless, wondering what he should or should not do and it makes Taehyung want to have some fun with his poor bun right now.
Jungkook didn’t really explain his behavior, he has just been extremely compliant and Taehyung is testing the waters. He raised a curious eyebrow this morning when Jungkook had prepared breakfast, clearly smelling something fishy in his behavior, but Jungkook had not given any comment, only following Taehyung’s wishes throughout the day as if trying to please him. It’s fun for Taehyung, but he wonders for a brief second if this is really what Jungkook wants, or what Jungkook would do for Taehyung to forgive him.
“You’ve been awfully silent, you’re good?” Taehyung asks as he grabs the younger's hand and laces their fingers together. He doesn’t really know how to delve into this conversation but he knows he has to find a way to get Jungkook to explain even if it embarrasses the hell out of him. Even though Jungkook might have already slipped in a submissive headspace-and Taehyung knows how easily it is to get lost like that-, Taehyung wants to really talk about it again.
“Yeah, why?” Of course, Jungkook would act up all innocent and dumb about his behavior, even though he knows well how strange his behavior is to what he’s usually acting like.
“Well, you’ve been rather… soft today. I wouldn’t go as far as to say submissive, but…” Taehyung eyes Jungkook's reaction at the word, but his mate doesn’t even flinch, nor does he blink. He just keeps on walking next to Taehyung until they get to their apartment to take their car. Neither of them had foreseen that someone would cancel on them, so the car had been left at home this morning.
“Is… Is that a problem with you?” Jungkook looks at Taehyung with those big doe eyes, biting his lips in worry. Taehyung can clearly see a glimmer of doubt flashing in Jungkook’s eyes so he’s quick to answer.
“Not to me, I enjoy it. You know that I love nothing more than giving in to you, showing you my vulnerable side and sometimes getting treated like a worthless slut. But we also talked about me being in power sometimes, yet we didn’t try anything like that and that’s totally fine because there wouldn’t be much fun in it if you weren’t a hundred percent sure that you want that as well. I was wondering what it was about. Because if you decided that today was my day, me being in charge, I’d love to do it, babe. But only if you’re ready to let loose.”
Jungkook looks confused at Taehyung’s answer as he merely tilts his head. Taehyung can almost physically see the question mark appearing above his head and it takes everything out of him not to laugh. Jungkook’s eyes are glowing with unspoken questions and Taehyung loves it, loves that Jungkook can’t hide his true feelings because his eyes always tell.
“What I mean is do you actually do that because you think I like it or you genuinely wanna try?”
It takes Jungkook by surprise; he had not even thought that Taehyung might question his behavior in this way. They both know each other's limits and ideas; Jungkook knows this is something within his boundaries and that it would be a nice switch of balance for Taehyung for once.
But he had not considered the fact that Taehyung might believe that he was crossing his own boundaries just to be forgiven. To do something he’s not comfortable with just to please Taehyung.
To be fair, that’s something he totally would do, he’s not that wrong. But this is not something he’s doing right now.
“No! I mean, I’m not pushing myself over something I don’t want to do, trust me. It’s true that I’m also doing this for you because I know that it’s something you enjoy and I don’t give you the opportunity often so I just wanted to let you know that today is your day, I don’t mind for the dynamics to switch for once and I’m rather excited about it, so don’t worry at all about it. I’m 100% sure about that. Even though it was weird to get all clean and ready for it, you know what I mean. Probs to you and Jimin to be ready at all times,” Jungkook cringes visibly and Taehyung bursts out with laughter. He totally understands what Jungkook means, but to Jimin and Taehyung it’s most likely self-care to be always waxed and… clean for spontaneous use.
Yet, he doesn’t look fully convinced but accepts Jungkook’s words nonetheless and will make sure to still pay attention to what he does in case it could be too much for his boyfriend. The last thing Taehyung wants is for his mate to suddenly snap because he feels uncomfortable.
“Okay, if you say so. I trust you in this, Gguk-ah.”
“I mean it!” Jungkook protests with a pout, wanting to be taking seriously like that.
“I know, you idiot. Now take the keys and drive me around then. We have the whole afternoon for ourselves.”
Taehyung smirks as he slaps Jungkook’s ass before running to their car. He laughs as he sees that Jungkook is running behind him and is most likely to catch up with him really quickly. They must look like dumb teenagers screaming in the streets, giggling at each other, but Taehyung doesn’t care. The smile and laughter of his mate is one of the things he treasures the most, so seeing Jungkook this happy and carefree makes his heart flutter blissfully.
They don’t get too far, mostly driving around the city at first to get outside this crowded scenery they knew so well. Taehyung just wants to be able to watch Jungkook drive him around while his hand remains firmly on Jungkook’s thigh.
He isn’t teasing; if anything, Jungkook would rather say that the touch felt intimate and comfortable. He definitely enjoys this kind of affection whether he’ll admit it. It feels slightly possessive but not in a bad way, and besides, he greatly takes pride in the look Taehyung is giving him right now, looking at him with amazement in his eyes.
Maybe Taehyung’s gaze just feels really warm today, but Jungkook is pretty sure that his cheeks are slightly heating up. He’s not shy. He definitely enjoys the attention, but after everything they just recently went though, the insisting stare of his mate makes him blush slightly.
“Is something wrong on my face?” He asks mostly to make sure, but Jungkook can’t lie, he’s also fishing for compliments.
“No, you just look really beautiful right now,” now that’s not a word usually heard from Taehyung. He’s more used to be called handsome than beautiful and despite his silent huff that Taehyung definitely caught and laughed at, Jungkook still smiles softly while his eyes stay focussed on the road, “we both know I’m mostly enjoying the view, no need for me to say it aloud.”
“I like to hear it from you, though.”
The admission sounds a bit bashful and he has to admit that the words feel a bit embarrassing on his tongue, but Jungkook doesn’t back down. He always accepts new challenges and if being cheesy without getting flustered is a new one, he’ll be up to it.
Taehyung giggles softly as he turns around to stare at the road. It’s nice, he thinks. He likes this moment of pure comfort, where the both of them are alone with the motor of their car as sole music background. One day he’ll buy a car big enough for everyone to get in and for them to leave on a road trip together. It’s a bit silly, but the idea is enough to get Taehyung excited about their future together.
“Let’s go to that shop where you can build a bear.”
It’s so random that it even takes Taehyung aback for a second and he can clearly see a flicker of confusion in Jungkook’s eyes but they both can remember that one night when they discovered that shop and thought that the idea was cute. Taehyung had been the most adamant one about going back one day when it would be opened; Jungkook had not refused but he had mostly thought it was a joke. Isn’t that a place you go with your kids for them to make their own stuffie? Taehyung doesn’t even sleep with stuffies, he just uses his pillows and mates to cuddle with.
“For real? You want to do that during our date?”
“Why not, it’s cute and we said we would do it one day, that it would be fun.” Taehyung pouts to provoke Jungkook and the latter merely sighs.
“Yeah, yeah, alright. We can do whatever you want anyway, today is your day.” Jungkook has a soft smile dancing on his lips despite him trying to sound annoyed. They both know that he’s not even phased by Taehyung’s request.
“Well said. Today is my day.” His cockiness is definitely heard and usually he’d be told to cut it off, but Jungkook doesn’t say anything as he drives them to their destination while Taehyung’s hand remains affectionately on Jungkook’s thigh. He’s so going to love this day.
It’s a bit crazy how they truly come back to this shop; Taehyung is grinning while Jungkook is just looking at everything with a blank stare. He had never believed they’d truly be back but here they are and he can’t find it in himself to say that he hates it. It’s overwhelming, sure. It’s most definitely something that would crack his image a little bit if somebody he knows saw him like that, but it’s also kinda cute.
Taehyung’s smile and giddy voice is enough for Jungkook to let his boyfriend drag him around the store as he gives him a basket to take his pieces so that they can build a bear for each other.
Y/N would love that, Jungkook thinks. Maybe they can build a bear for all of their mates later on. One that looks like each of them, with cute little outfits and fitting scents.
There are plenty of families around them, smaller kids but also pre-teenagers, this is definitely not considered as a casual dating spot. Jungkook can just hope that it doesn’t look too weird, two rather tall tattooed men building tiny little bears.
“Stop thinking about your image, Jungkook. Think about the fun you’ll have,” Taehyung whispers into his ear and presses a chaste kiss against his cheek before running off.
He totally can see the weird stares that they already could be given. But funnily enough, no one pays attention to them. The other people are enjoying themselves in their little world and even the cashier isn’t looking at them anymore. So, the slight tension that resided in Jungkook’s shoulders drops ever so slightly and he lets himself actually look through the potential items that he can choose for Taehyung’s bear. He sees a few cute bows and adorable jackets; Jungkook almost wants to coo at the sight but he refrains while he glances at Taehyung’s enthusiastic form moving around the shop happily while he hides his basket from Jungkook. Maybe Jungkook should be angry at his heart for beating so loudly just because Taehyung looks happy. He wishes his heart could slow down for a second or he’s actually going to blush solely because of Taehyung’s smile.
Jungkook mentally curses. They’ve been together for ages now; how does it come that his soulmate still has this ridiculously strong effect on him just like when they met, just like when they were nothing more than best friends? He doesn’t know if he is glad about it or if he just finds it ridiculous, but sometimes he wonders if it could be possible for him to stop being so sensitive about anything that his mates do.
Though as he watches Taehyung grabbing a little bag in his hands, observing it cautiously before shaking his head a bit and putting the outfit back in its original place, Jungkook merely sighs. He’s whipped forever and there is nothing he can do about it.
How could he, seeing how excited Taehyung is about picking an outfit for a plushie? Adorable.
So when he sees the white body of a bear and notices that he can build a white bear, Jungkook smiles quietly. He's going to make a pretty winter bear for his mate. It just suits him so much; Jungkook gets almost excited as he picks a soft white coat and a soft scarf, cute white boots and a little beanie. He snorts thinking about Taehyung in winter who always wears layers and layers of clothes, looking comfortable and warm under his big coat. Jungkook always thinks that Taehyung looks like a soft bear and he even teased him more than once calling him "little winter bear". Taehyung used to whine a bit at this nickname, but Jungkook knows that he's actually fond of it. As he picks up the last few elements, Jungkook wonders if he can sew something special on the scarf. Maybe he can sew a cute ‘winter bear’ on it?
He thinks about writing it with a golden thread maybe, that would be a nice personal touch.
Jungkook tries to catch the cashier’s attention to ask if he can; the idea actually sticks to him and he likes it. He likes the idea of Taehyung discovering his writing hidden behind the scarf, as if his name was kind of sewed on it. He likes the idea of making it special.
Jungkook almost giggles-he almost fucking giggles-when the cashier tells him to go ahead. He might have hurt himself a few times, and cursed under his breath as he almost missed the last few points. But in the end, he is pretty proud of himself as he sits across Taehyung waiting for him to be done, he’s almost giddy. Taehyung is also fully engrossed in his work, barely noticing Jungkook watching.
But the youngest refrains himself from peeking because he wants to see what Taehyung did only once he’s finished and ready to share it. His boyfriend has been so adamant on keeping it away from him until he’d be done that he finds himself naturally not wanting to go against his wishes.
Just to spare some time, Jungkook wanders around and checks for some little extra things to add. There are a few weird things like heartbeats and breathing sounds, but Jungkook quickly declines all of those. “You can add a voice for your girlfriend, if you want to,” the cashier says with a gentle smile, “Most people add a simple ‘I love you’ or something, then you can press on the bear’s chest and it will say the words in your voice. It’s a cute little extra. But we also have different variations of scents that you can add, especially calming ones that help with sleeping troubles. Maybe some lavender or chamomile?”
Jungkook gulps, then nods with a shy smile.
“It’s for my boyfriend, actually. My soulmate. We decided to have a date night and this is our first stop, making bears for each other. But yes, I think a voice note would be adorable, I think he would love a lavender scent to it!” Jungkook excitedly claps his hands-and realizes he’s not different from Taehyung right now.
The cashier and Jungkook look towards Taehyung’s direction, watching him struggle between two outfits that he chose, even asking some other staff for opinions.
“He’s cute,” the cashier giggles and walks towards the little recording station.
Now that he’s there, Jungkook doesn’t even know what he wants to say. A simple I love you just doesn’t do it for him. But then, just the right words come to his mind. “Does it record singing voices as well?”
The cashier nods, intrigued by his idea as she motions for him to begin.
“Whenever I imagine your face, then all the bad days, they’re nothing to me. Sleep like a winter bear,” Jungkook sings, almost whispers in his softest voice, hoping that nobody in the shop hears him.
Then, he coughs awkwardly and smiles at the cashier. “That’s it, I guess.”
They add the little scent package and sew the bear together before Jungkook goes to the checkout to pay for it, hiding it in the bag until Taehyung is finished as well.
However, Taehyung suddenly looks up and he curiously meets Jungkook’s glance.
“What?” He asks suspiciously.
“Nothing, nothing. I’m done, I just paid for it. What about you?” Jungkook snickers.
“Me too, I did my magic at the back of the shop. Should we exchange them here?”
Taehyung smiles sheepishly, not meeting Jungkook’s eyes as he looks down onto his own bag. “If you want to,” he whispers as he bites his lips.
Jungkook wonders why Taehyung’s getting shy all of a sudden. He’s been acting like a soft version of a dom all day but suddenly he blushes slightly and gets nervous about meeting his eyes? Jungkook thinks that maybe being in a comfortable environment helped Taehyung feel less stressed.
“What about we do it in the car? We can exchange the bears and then put them on the backseat and put the seatbelts on them and then they accompany us on our date!”
Jungkook grabs his boyfriend’s hand as they leave the shop together, automatically coming back to his more dominant side as he opens the door for Taehyung before sitting down on the driver’s seat.
Taehyung smiles at Jungkook, thankful that he got ahead of the situation. “Okay, I’m ready, let’s change!” Back to his normal happy nature, Taehyung grabs the bag out of Jungkook’s hand and throws his own into Jungkook’s lap, not caring to wait for him.
Jungkook snorts at Taehyung’s impatience but as he discovers the little bear in his lap, he really wants to coo. The bear doesn’t look too extravagant contrary to what Jungkook had expected from Taehyung. No, instead, it really looks like him somehow. Jungkook gathers the little stuffie in his hand, admiring the work of his soulmate; the big eyes, the black leather jacket, the cute little combat boots. The bear looks somehow tough but it still looks soft and cuddly. Is that the image that Taehyung has of him? Jungkook quickly notices the push button on the bear’s chest, just like on the one he did for Taehyung. He snickers at the thought; both of them had similar ideas it seems, though when Jungkook brings the bear closer to his face to listen to the audio message, he can smell the aroma of sandalwood coming from the bear. It makes him smile at the touch.
Jungkook likes soft scents, and sandalwood is one of his favorites.
He meets Taehyung’s eyes as he presses on the bear’s button and he sees his soulmate’s features soften for a second. It makes him wonder about what he’s going to listen to, but his question is quickly answered.
Jungkook, you are the cause of our euphoria. Never forget how much we love and treasure you. I hope that we’ll be hand in hand forever, because when I’m with I’m in utopia. You’re my favorite dream, I love you now and forever.
Taehyung always had a way with words; he knows how to be meaningful and say just the right words to make him emotional. He should consider being a songwriter at some point of his life. It’s really dumb, Jungkook shouldn’t be that affected, but his eyes haven’t left Taehyung’s, he can’t help the tear that lonely rolls down his cheek. Warm hands cup his pouting face as Taehyung presses soft kisses on his cheeks, kissing the tears away.
His softness is soothing and so warm; Jungkook allows himself to bask in the moment. He cherishes moments like that, when all he can hear and feel is his soulmate.
Despite his vulnerability, he knows that Taehyung doesn’t think less of him, he knows that his tears aren’t any sign of weakness, he knows that he’s loved regardless of his mistakes and flaws and maybe that was exactly what he needed because he feels himself lighter than he has ever been recently. In the end, it gives Jungkook much more power, because being vulnerable just shows how strong he is, how capable he is of showing his true feelings and exposing himself.
“You’re okay, my love. You’re always safe with me,” and Jungkook knows it’s true, “I love you. I love you so fucking much, it feels like saying ‘I love you’ isn’t enough to explain how much I’m in love with you.”
“I love you too.” His voice almost sounds shy and he hates for it to sound so weak but Taehyung just nods and waits for him to calm down fully.
Jungkook chuckles a bit as he notices how ridiculous he must have just looked, getting emotional over such a little thing. He doesn’t even want to know how puffy his face is right now, how red and swollen his eyes are.
“I’m sorry I don’t even know what got me like that I’m-”
“Hey, you’re fine. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m happy to see that my message had such an impact on you. You wanna see the best though?” Taehyung smirks while Jungkook just tilts his head curiously.
The bear is gently taken away from his hands, but Taehyung keeps it close to him so that both of them can see what he’s doing. And as he zips open the back of the bear, Jungkook is able to see a little pink heart in the wool and he blinks a few times before Taehyung explains.
“I know you act all tough sometimes when you feel like you need to; you don’t really like to share your concerns and you mostly bottle up negative emotions. But we all know that you have a soft heart and you show it only to us, which we are grateful about. So, thank you for sharing your heart with us; I know it terrifies you sometimes and I can understand because it scares me how much I love all of you and how much power I know you all have on me. I don’t know what I’d do if I get my heart broken by one of you, but I’m happy to let you guys treasure it. So, I feel happy that you trust me enough to show me that precious heart of yours, maybe the softest one of our group.”
Jungkook chuckles at the last part because he’s pretty sure that his heart is not the softest one. Because he knows it’s true, he cares too much - but is this his strength or weakness?
“I’m pretty sure Y/N has the softest one, but I’ll definitely take the compliment. Thank you.” They both grin and Taehyung looks expectantly at the bag, causing Jungkook to roll his eyes silently. Nothing can stop this boy now, he thinks amused.
Jungkook wordlessly takes his own bear out and slides it in Taehyung’s waiting hands without fully looking at him. It’s not like he thinks that Taehyung could hate it. He’s pretty sure that his mate will love it, but he can’t help the slight apprehension he holds over his gift.
Silence surrounds them until he hears his own voice coming from the bear and he almost cringes at how bad the quality of the recording is. He had not paid attention to it earlier, too immersed in what Taehyung was saying for him to pick up the annoying background noise but now that he hears his own voice from the little stuffie, he panics a bit, worried about Taehyung’s reaction.
Yet, as he finally musters the courage to meet Taehyung’s eyes, the shining chocolate orbs of his mates are glistening with tears and amazement while a warm smile has made its home on Taehyung’s features. Despite the unshed tears, Taehyung looks at Jungkook like he wants to kiss him fervently but also wants to cradle him in his warmth and never let him go.
If he was asked, Taehyung would probably say that he is ready to find a way to give Jungkook everything he would ever ask for, hoping to return all the love that he receives from his mates.
Jungkook’s throat goes dry as Taehyung grabs his chin and attaches his lips on his. It takes him aback, not used to Taehyung to show so much power and strength in his actions, but the kiss is passionate and soft at the same time, demanding yet so careful. It makes Jungkook slightly weak in the knee even if he’d die before admitting this aloud. But Taehyung’s hands feel so good on his face, the tight grip allowing Jungkook to let go for a second and sigh into the kiss.
“I really fucking love you, it’s getting ridiculous.” Taehyung gasps with wide eyes, pouting as Jungkook starts to chuckle.
“The feelings are equal, my dearest soulmate.”
Jungkook almost stutters on his words and cringes on the lisp that he can’t stop, Taehyung probably heard it but he says nothing, instead he just kisses him again, much less urgently but the soft kisses are everything Jungkook is yearning for.
“You sewed that yourself?” Taehyung asks, still incredulous.
“Yeah, I asked if it was doable and they said I could so I went ahead, you know me when I have an idea.”
Taehyung snorts at Jungkook’s words; yes he knows Jungkook-and how he can get if he really wants something. Nobody can deny a wish from those beautiful innocent eyes.
“Hm, I definitely know your stubbornness.” They laugh together and once their eyes, filled with some unshed tears out of happiness, meet each other, they can’t look away.
“So, it was a good idea to go to the store, right?”
Jungkook shrugs his shoulders and mumbles “Sure, yeah, it was great.”
Taehyung shakes his head, a stern look on his face as he eyes his boyfriend. “No. None of that, Jungkook. I want to hear you saying you enjoyed it, because I know you did. I watched you from time to time and I saw your smile. Stop being insecure about admitting that you like things!”
Taehyung fully knows what he’s doing and Jungkook grunts inaudibly, but his chin is still in Taehyung’s hands and he makes sure that his soulmate can’t turn his head in embarrassment, having no other choice than to look in his eyes.
Jungkook is dangerously close to snapping, he has to use all his willpower to refrain himself from doing so, because he’s definitely not used to following directions in his daily life. Even in the shop he sometimes has problems following Yoongi’s orders, even though he is his boss. But Jungkook is so used to taking the reins when it comes to such things, that this situation is uncomfortable for him.
“Come on, baby. It’s not that hard to listen to me, is it?” Taehyung’s soft voice lulls Jungkook in, the younger can hear the pleasure that Taehyung gets from teasing him and even if it almost makes him shy, he tries his best to meet Taehyung’s eyes with a challenging stare.
“I had fun.”
Taehyung only grins further, nodding in satisfaction. “How about you thank me for getting us here, hm?”
Jungkook rolls his eyes and it gets a quick reaction from his mate who does not let it slip. Taehyung raises one of his sharp eyebrows and sends a dangerous glare in Jungkook’s direction. “Who do you think I am to you, Jungkook? Are you seriously rolling your eyes at me right now?”
“Oh my god, that’s so fucking cringe, Tae. Not even I talk like this during sex.”
“I asked you a question, Jungkook. Not asked for your opinion on how I’m talking. Well?” Jungkook groans at Taehyung’s tone and he almost wants to try and ask ‘what are you going to do if I don’t?’ But their date is not done and he doesn’t want to go home right now. Jungkook is pretty sure that if he pushes Taehyung’s buttons he’ll take both of them home and as fun as it would be, he’d rather get them something to eat at least before they leave.
“Thank you.” He mumbles, but it doesn’t nearly satisfy Taehyung.
“Thank you for what?” Jungkook really wants to protest but he sees Taehyung’s eyes daring for him to say something else than what he expects and he gulps his words.
“Thank you for taking us here.” Taehyung could have appreciated a title after that but he’ll have mercy on his mate for now. After all, they’re only slowly easing into it. The real fun will come later.
“Yeah, I like that better. Now, let’s move on, we should get some food.” And as much as Jungkook wants to protest at Taehyung’s patronizing voice, he just nods and gets ready to drive again.
He’ll see what he can try later. Somehow, he knows that he won’t let Taehyung win that easily. The elder is the brattiest sub that exists-and Jungkook wants to make sure he’ll be equally bratty, if not even more.
But for now he’ll just be a good boyfriend and let himself slip in a slightly more submissive space while he wordlessly drives them to the center of the town, knowing that their favorite street food stands are open the entire day and until late nights, so it will be easy to find something delicious for them to eat there. Finding a parking spot is surprisingly not too hard nor is finding things to eat, but Taehyung is adamant on paying when Jungkook is supposed to be the one taking him on a date and it gets him a bit frustrated.
Though, he lets Taehyung take the lead as his hand rests in his and Jungkook lets himself get dragged around much to Taehyung’s delight.
“Should we get some lamb skewer and then ice cream?”
Jungkook grins because he knows that Taehyung is basically bargaining with him. Taehyung has nothing to be worried about though because ice cream does sound tempting, but Jungkook would usually avoid finishing with something cold; not that he doesn’t like it but sometimes his stomach doesn’t seem to agree with his choices so he refrains from upsetting his body.
However, he knows his mate too well; Taehyung is offering lamb skewers mostly for him to agree to take ice cream more easily.
Though, he’s totally whipped and he can’t really say no to his mate.
“Yeah, yeah. We can,” Jungkook sighs but they both know that he isn’t complaining at all, even more with the prospect of eating lamb skewers, “should we stop here, then? It smells pretty good and they seem to be making some fresh ones right now.”
Taehyung glances toward where Jungkook is pointing before nodding.
“Sounds good. We can sit nearby and then go and get ice cream.”
He still drags Jungkook around; hands in hands, Jungkook can’t really say that he dislikes it. Taehyung gave a few nasty glances when people tried to check him out and it almost made Jungkook chuckle-however Taehyung also sent him a glare and scolded him for being hot in a public space. As if Jungkook could change that-he didn’t even dress up for today, just wearing his favorite pair of leather jeans and an oversized shirt tucked into them-his casual working attire.
Jungkook finds himself waiting on the bench that Taehyung had spotted while he waits for his boyfriend to buy them food. He doesn’t really understand why, but Taehyung is set on making everything and paying for everything. It’s not like Jungkook himself doesn’t do that when they’re on dates, but being on the receiving side feels a bit awkward. It’s not a bad thing, but he’s more confident when he has everything under control.
“I took two for you because we both know one is not nearly enough to satisfy you.” Jungkook almost jolted back at Taehyung’s voice as he was lost in his own world and had not heard Taehyung coming back. The latter merely smirks before sitting close to his mate while they both start eating silently.
It’s almost comical, Jungkook thinks, how the people surrounding them seem to be in a hurry, to have no time to stop for a second while they are both peacefully eating some street food together. To be fair, it’s not something they often do; they are usually more activities focussed when they go on dates, wanting to try something new with each other.
Yet, now that they are taking the time to do mundane things, it actually feels quite cozy and comfortable. Maybe it’s just you who’s rubbing on them because neither Jungkook nor Taehyung would have settled for something like that for a date, but the idea of simply strolling streets, looking for things to eat or for presents to buy maybe, it’s just really nice.
It’s not as annoying as Jungkook would have probably thought a few months ago, it’s not boring either-something that Taehyung could have said too. Instead, they both find it relaxing and they enjoy their time together in a comforting and warm silence that neither of them feel pressured to fill.
Maybe it’s also the lighting and the warm atmosphere of summer coming up that is affecting them; festivals are coming, events are being prepared… The whole atmosphere is starting to change and Jungkook likes it.
He has always liked watching his surroundings and taking time to observe people. That’s how he started drawing at university after all. He used to sit at the library and watch people come and go from the university’s main hall. He had a pretty nice view from that particular table close to the window. Jungkook had drawn Taehyung way too many times in that precise spot. Maybe one day he’ll admit it to his boyfriend, but for now, most of his drawings are precisely hidden from everyone; he only showed them to you once because he was trying to find old drawings of him to show you something and he had stumbled across that old notebook where his (prettiest) sketch of his boyfriend was inked.
“What are you thinking about so loudly? I can almost hear you think.” Taehyung’s voice brings him back to their reality-like always, might he add-and he can spot a curious smile on his features.
“Nothing too important. Just, the whole atmosphere brought me back to the library where we used to sit and watch people. I don’t really know why, maybe it’s the people passing us by without noticing us; it reminded me of that.” Jungkook chuckles gently while Taehyung hums.
“We did spend way too much time there.” They both snort.
“That’s true, but it was also nice to have our spot. We never got it stolen, I have to admit it’s something I’m pretty proud of.”
“What aren’t you proud of though, Guk.” Taehyung laughs easily but it breaks Jungkook a bit from his trance. There are a lot of things he is not proud of recently.
“Well, hurting you is not something I’m proud of.” It comes out almost too easily, as if it hadn’t eaten him alive for the past few days. Taehyung seems surprised at this sudden switch in their conversation but he knows that Jungkook will take time to forgive himself, more than he, himself, will.
It’s not something either of them can change and Taehyung knows it too well. Well, no. Jungkook can change that but he knows that it’s one of his biggest hardships. Jungkook is always very hard on himself-Jimin still beats him in that point, but if Taehyung had to make a ranking of who is the hardest critics about themselves in their group, Jungkook would be shortly following Jimin for the first place, you’re also probably following closely behind but it’s hard to tell since you usually keep those things for yourself.
Taehyung knows that it’s not something that he can help with even if he really wishes he could. Jungkook has to forgive himself; whether it takes him days or months, it will have to be coming from him. It’s frustrating for Taehyung who tries to show him that he’s okay, that he has already forgiven him but he can’t do anything but watch his boyfriend’s guilt fade slowly.
He just hopes it won’t consume him for too long.
“I know. And you know I forgave you, right?” It’s not even a question at this point. Even if both of them were somehow nervous about this date, they both already talked and shed some tears together. Maybe Jungkook’s words had been ugly under the mask of his anger and pain, but Taehyung knows that Jungkook’s words can also be beautiful and he proves it to him every day ever since they talked about everything.
Jungkook is his precious boyfriend, his dear soulmate, a lost part of his own being, and even if there are stories that are painful to remember, short events that still sting the bottom of his heart when he thinks about them, but it’s drowned in the middle of beautiful recollections of dates, shared moments and happy instants that the both of them lived together. It doesn’t mean that the hurt is erased. Maybe the slight hint of pain will never fully disappear after all, they’re both only human. But Taehyung knows that this is minor in comparison to their future. Sure it hurt, and his feelings were valid, just like Jungkook’s were even if his communication was shit.
But just like every argument they ever got into, they shared their piece of mind and their feelings to each other in order to understand the other better and to avoid for the same situation to ever happen again. They never got into the same argument twice. Both of them always learned from their mistakes and took the other’s feelings seriously, never wanting to hurt each other twice. And this, Taehyung thinks, is their biggest strength. They listen to each other and they accept that, even if something might not seem so severe in one’s eyes, it might sound different to the other. They are different; they have accepted that a long time ago, but they also decided to still continue their life together and not let their disagreements ruin what they have. Because if talking is needed to continue this path together, then they will talk, until both of them are satisfied and happy with each other.
And Taehyung wouldn’t have it in any other way.
“I know. It’s just… I still don’t like what happened and the way I behaved. We both know that.” He smiles a bit and even if the smile doesn’t reach his eyes, they both know the truth behind it. Jungkook is uncomfortable but he’s pushing himself to talk so that they don’t start some kind of miscommunication again and Taehyung appreciates that a lot.
“Yes we do, but thankfully we can talk about our problems and shouldn’t hide them. You know that, Y/N knows that, Jimin, Yoongi and Namjoon know that. I told you that I forgive you, I would also forget about it if you wouldn’t always remind me. Now come on, pretty boy. Let’s get ice cream and then head home. We have wine and I intend on making you drink a few glasses at least.”
Taehyung smirks provokingly and Jungkook wants to laugh at him; they both know that Jungkook’s alcohol tolerance is higher than Taehyung’s and if he intends on trying to get him tipsy, it’s going to take him a while and a lot more than a few glasses of wine.
“I’m not going to be drunk on wine, you do realize that, right?” He’s mocking him and Taehyung hears it. Raising an eyebrow, he shoots him a hard glance, silently urging him to stop talking, but Jungkook isn’t always good at picking up those signs (to be fair, he deliberately ignored that one).
“We both know I’m the one with the highest tolerance here.”
“Careful, Guk. If I were you I’d watch my mouth.” The sudden switch in their discussion is almost laughable and Jungkook wonders how crazy the night is going to be if they keep on switching between softness and sudden dominance’s showcase.
“I’m merely telling the truth. I do have the highest tolerance.” He cannot help it; he needs to have the final word, but Taehyung doesn’t plan on giving in today.
“You should shut the fuck up, stupid boy. That smart mouth is going to get you in a lot of trouble if you let it run like that.” Taehyung cringes at his own words, knowing that they sound like they’re straight from a bad BDSM porn, causing him to laugh.
Maybe Jungkook should question Taehyung’s intentions a bit before diving straight into trouble, but he wants to see how far he can go before Taehyung snaps. He is a curious boy, and being called a ‘stupid boy’ only further his will to push Taehyung’s buttons.
“Maybe you should be stricter with me, because that’s not how you’re going to make me shut up, Tae.” Taehyung watches him like a hawk ready to catch his prey and it almost makes Jungkook shiver. However, unexpectedly, Taehyung doesn’t say one more word; he just starts leaving in the direction of the ice cream stall they saw a bit earlier and it makes Jungkook curious.
“You can’t even get me to shut up and you think you can dominate me, baby? I think you should just do what you can do best and be nice and good for me, Tae. Let me take control and make you feel good. Because right now, I think we’re not even going to be able to go that far if-” Taehyung’s fingers find Jungkook’s chin as he harshly pulls his face closer to him; his eyes are dark and almost angry while Jungkook shivers suddenly.
“You listen to me, baby. You can’t even be nice and wait for me? You have to be making a show in public? Do you wish I’d just make you strip here and let everyone watch? Well guess again, because it’s not fucking happening. I won’t change my plans just because you’re a needy boy unable to behave. So you’re going to fucking learn how to wait and you’re going to earn the right to even touch me, are we clear.” And Jungkook truly wants to be bratty and maybe rile up his boyfriend a bit more, but for some reasons, he simply nods and follows him quietly.
Maybe it’s anticipation that is building because they both know what is coming, yet somehow, Jungkook feels like he’s the only impatient one. Taehyung is calmly ordering ice cream to go and paying as if nothing had happened while Jungkook can literally play the scenario that Taehyung merely mentioned. Not that stripping in front of a crowd of strangers was a turn on, but the way Taehyung worded somehow worked him on.
His boyfriend is painfully silent as they walk back to the car and he still keeps quiet as Jungkook drives them back home even if Taehyung’s hand is back on his thigh. His grip is almost too strong and Jungkook is tempted to talk just to ease his nerves a little bit but he can’t really find something clever to say, so instead he actually shuts up.
Fuck Taehyung and his sudden mood switches; this one actually made Jungkook nervous and impatient at the same time.
Once they arrive at their house, neither of them is surprised that no one's in there. Obviously, Jimin and Yoongi are on their well deserved spa weekend, but Namjoon and you decided to leave as well, hanging out at Hoseok’s to get over the café’s menu once again, because Jin gathered so many amazing ideas at the expo that he ordered everyone available to come and try his creations.
Namjoon is a bit flustered by the oldest of the group, how persistent he is in brewing something that Namjoon likes as well, but they’ll see how this develops with time.
Taehyung is still awfully quiet and it drives Jungkook crazy. He’s on the verge of an anxiety attack, unsure of what Taehyung wants from him right now. Jungkook can be good, right? He knows he can, he just has to try.
“So, what now, big daddy?” Well, that was a try, but maybe not the best.
Taehyung sighs, his disappointment obvious to Jungkook’s ears. It’s one of those sighs he lets out whenever Taehyung acts up, it’s an annoyed sigh, a mocking one.
“You know, maybe I should have chosen Jimin for this, he’s always so eager to please. Instead, I have to deal with you, a muscled brat that always acts up. Oh, I bet Yoongi would have so much fun with you,” a wicked smirk plays on Taehyung’s lips as he walks towards Jungkook-the younger walking backwards, just out of reflex. Until there’s nowhere to go anymore.
“I-, Well-. No. I don’t want Yoongi,” he whispers with a pout. “‘m good, Tae. Daddy? Sir?” He really doesn’t know how to call Taehyung right now, leaving the question open for Taehyung to answer.
“Oh, no need to call me Daddy, baby boy, I don’t bloom in something like that,” Taehyung’s lips follow the vein on Jungkook’s neck, making the younger gasp. “But maybe you can call me hyung.”
Jungkook nods and wants to reach out, but Taehyung is quicker than him and pins his hands against the wall. “And now I hope you’re going to be a good, obedient little bun for me, Ggukkie. I don’t want to have to be mean to you,” he fakes a pout, “But I also am kind of excited to see you cry tonight.”
“As if I’d cry because of you,” Jungkook raises his eyebrows, not being able to help the brattiness that flows through him. Taehyung chuckles and steps back, giving Jungkook enough space to breathe properly. “Go and take a shower. I want you to be clean, everywhere. Then come into the living room and have some wine with me.”
Taehyung turns around and walks into the kitchen, preparing the wine and some little snacks, but nothing too much. He doesn’t think this little sit-together would last long anyways. Then, he goes into the bedroom to prepare the other stuff he’s going to need.
In the shower, Jungkook’s thoughts run crazy. What does Taehyung expect him to do? Just shower and clean himself? He shaved earlier, so there’s not a single hair in the way. He could… stretch himself for everything to go smoother, but would Taehyung really appreciate that, or would he think that Jungkook is a bigger slut than what he had thought?
No stretching then, Jungkook thinks, but there’s no problem in getting something else ready.
With that, he wraps one of his hands around his semi hard cock, allowing himself a quiet hiss at the feeling.
Then, the door opens, just as Jungkook starts to move his hand, head thrown back against the wet tiles.
“I should’ve known that you can’t be trusted. Too bad,” Taehyung says as he places some folded clothes on the cupboard under the sink. “Wear this so you don’t get cold. And you better stop before you’re coming, don’t want you to be too exhausted after one round.”
With a knowing smirk, Taehyung leaves again, ignoring the feeling of his own hardening member.
Taehyung is already sipping on his wine, a well-read book in his hands as Jungkook quietly tips into the living room, head as red as a beet.
“Anything wrong, love?” Taehyung asks with a sickening sweet smile, but Jungkook shakes his head, not wanting to give his boyfriend the satisfaction of exposing himself. He can do that, he can be strong and be perfect at the same time.
“I’m fine, perfect, everything’s well.”
He sits down next to Taehyung and grabs his glass of white wine, knowing that neither of them would want to deal with the headache that usually comes when they start drinking red wine. “Cheers,” he mutters as he brings the glass to his lips, hoping to get tipsy soon, just to lose some of the anxious feeling in his stomach. He still doesn’t know what Taehyung planned and somehow he starts to feel bad for his boyfriend-because that’s exactly how Jungkook likes to keep their sessions.
Taehyung grabs Jungkook’s wrist to stop him from downing the entire glass. “Calm down, Gguk. This is just us, remember?”
Jungkook sighs, shrugging his shoulders as he allows himself to lean against Taehyung.
“Yet it’s something we’ve never done. I’m sorry, I just want it to be good for you, but at the same time I can’t help but fall back into the usual behavior. You telling me what to do, ugh, it drives me crazy. I'd love to shove my dick down your throat to shut you up.”
Taehyung gulps, because that’s something he’d really enjoy, but right now, he can’t let that show.
“Well, this time it isn’t about you, it’s about me and you finally have to realize that. This time, it’s about you pleasuring me. You’re going to be nice and let me use you as I wish. If I want to suck your cock, I’ll do it. If I want to shove my dick down your throat, I’ll do it. Do you want to know a secret?” Taehyung lowers his voice, dipping his lips into the juncture of Jungkook’s neck.
“I really want to destroy your little ass, I want to see you crying and begging for more, I want you to scream my name until there’s not a single note coming out of your throat.”
“Fuck, yes, please,” Jungkook whines, suddenly not able to sit still anymore.
“Mhhm, I knew you’d like that. You just have to be reminded of your position for you to realize what you need, bun.” Taehyung chuckles as he reaches for his own glass of wine, knowing that he won’t drink more than that one, not wanting to feel tipsy at all.
Yet, this is a new situation and Taehyung obviously feels nervous as well-is this how Jungkook feels every time they try something new?
It’s almost nerve-wrecking and he hopes that Jungkook will like it more than he thinks about his own pleasure.
“I’ll be so good for you,” Jungkook sighs, slowly slipping into the needed headspace as he leans back further against Taehyung. “So, so good.”
Taehyung hums as he feeds Jungkook some fruit. “I know, bun, I know.”
Just as Taehyung planned, they didn’t get to enjoy their wine for long. Jungkook grew needier and giddier with every passing minute, his glass long empty on the table. Instead, he slipped onto Taehyung’s lap where he now happily enjoys being fed with some fruit.
His eyes are closed as he opens his mouth to accept the grape that Taehyung offers him, but his lips don’t close around the fruit, no. Jungkook slips Taehyung’s entire thumb into his mouth, suckling on it lightly as he bites onto the grape. Then, he hums.
“So good.”
Taehyung grins as he hooks his thumb into Jungkook’s cheek, opening his mouth to watch the fruit juices trickle down his chin. “So pretty,” he cooes. “My messy bun, I can’t wait to see your drool dripping down everywhere.”
Jungkook groans as he opens his eyes, those beautiful wide doe-eyes, filled with adoration and lust. There’s no sign of any dominance there, just pliancy. A good boy.
“Want it now,” Jungkook pouts and nuzzles his face into Taehyung’s neck, lips attacking the sensitive skin as he slowly starts to grind his hips. “Want you.”
“I think you’ve waited long enough, bun. Been a good little bun,” Taehyung says as he throws his head back to give Jungkook more access, allowing himself the pleasure.
The younger lifts his head, bunny smile on his lips as he quickly stands up and, just out of spite because he can, picks up Taehyung to carry him into their bedroom. “Hyung,” he whines as his hard cock brushes against Taehyung’s ass whilst he’s walking, pleasure shooting up his spine. “Need you so bad.”
Once they make it into the bedroom-and Taehyung can’t deny that Jungkook using his strength on him isn’t hot-, Taehyung gets pressed against the door, legs wrapped around Jungkook’s small waist.
He allows Jungkook to rut against him for a while, kissing his boyfriend with passion and a tiny amount of dominance, but right now they’re just them-not role-playing, not needing to prove to each other anything.
But just as Taehyung feels that Jungkook slips out of his headspace, his grip tightening and his lips getting more aggressive, he breaks the kiss and glares down at him before slipping out of Jungkook’s embrace. Then, he smirks as he slowly makes his way onto the bed, sitting down against the cushions.
“Why don’t you show me the outfit I picked for you? Not the one you’re wearing right now, but the one underneath. Show me how pretty you are, Koo.”
Jungkook bites his lips as he shuffles on his feet, looking down. “You wanna see me? See how dolled up I got for you, hyung? I have to admit, I never thought I’d like myself in that, but maybe I’ll decide to wear it more often.”
Jungkook’s confidence is coming back as he slowly peels off the comfortable shirt Taehyung brought him after the shower, revealing his beautiful tattooed torso.
“More,” Taehyung whispers in awe, no matter how many times he’s seen any of his soulmates naked, he’ll never get enough of their beauty.
“More?” Jungkook smiles at his boyfriend, slipping out of the fuzzy socks before he starts lowering his joggers, revealing a thin stripe of mint green lace. “Even though I look so cute in it, it starts getting uncomfortable,” he pouts as he finally shows Taehyung everything, the joggers falling onto the floor.
Taehyung instantly moans at the sight. His boyfriend, strong and built, tattooed and hard, standing in front of him in nothing but a mint green lace thong and some fitting stockings around his thighs. But what really catches his eye is Jungkook’s hard erection, obviously peeking out of the lace and standing proud against his stomach.
He has that predatory gaze again, looking at Taehyung as if he knows what he’s doing to the elder.
“Such a cute bun,” Taehyung says with a raspy voice, motioning for Jungkook to turn around-which he gladly does. His perky cheeks on full display as the fabric is hidden between them, making them look even rounder. “Pretty.”
“How pretty, hyung?” Jungkook pouts again and climbs onto Taehyung’s lap, somehow feeling really comfortable there as he looks down at his boyfriend.
“So, so pretty that I almost don’t want to destroy it,” now it’s Taehyung’s turn to pout as he plays with the lace, stretching it until he hears some of the material rip slightly.
“What a waste,” Jungkook sighs, “When you could just pull it to the side and fuck me like that. Fill me with your come and make me keep on wearing the thong, ruining me and the lingerie.”
Taehyung smirks, tonguing the inside of his cheek as if he’s thinking about it. “That would be fun, but why would I do what you say, Koo? Too bad that you’re not the one to decide today. I’ve got a whole different idea for you and your pretty lingerie, bun.”
He gets up on his knees, not caring about the huff Jungkook lets out as he falls onto his back, because that’s his plan. Then, he’s quick to use some handcuffs that he prepared earlier and now just has to close around his boyfriend’s wrists so he’s chained to the bed.
“I knew you’d look good like that. I’m sad that you never wanted to get some rope for yourself, but I wouldn’t want to use my own on you, not wanting to get it dirty.”
Jungkook grits his teeth in annoyance. “This is not necessary, Tae-, ugh, hyung. Believe me, I have control over my body.”
Taehyung laughs as he stands up to get some of the toys he prepared. “Oh, I wouldn’t be too sure about that if I was you, bun.” He lifts the small vibrator Jungkook once bought out of fun and loves using to tease any of his partners with.
He has a big love for vibrators because with those and his mouth, he’ll make any of his soulmates beg for more, reducing them into a crying mess. “Oh, no,” he whispers as he eyes the toy. Obviously, he tried it out on himself before, but all the times he’s used that, he’s been the one in charge of that. There’s nothing he hates more than edging and judging from Taehyung’s devilish smile, he knows what his boyfriend has in mind.
“Oh, yes,” Taehyung smiles as he starts on the lowest setting and slides it across Jungkook’s body, loving the way his boyfriend jolts as he uses the vibration on his nipples.
“I see the control, bun.”
Then, not really caring about the teasing part, he dives right down to Jungkook’s cock, spitting down onto the swollen head before he places the vibrator against it.
“Fuck!” Jungkook yells and cramps as the sudden pleasure almost overwhelms him.
Taehyung hums, securing the vibrator with the lingerie so it won’t slip and is secured to Jungkook’s cock, before he sits back and enjoys the view.
“Don’t you dare,” Jungkook glares as he sees Taehyung fishing his phone out of his pocket, knowing that he surely is about to open Snapchat right now.
“Look at our bun, guys, isn’t he cute?” Taehyung coos as he films a full body shot of Jungkook, showing off his beautiful body and the beautiful lace, but also his straining dick and the vibrator. Then, he aims straight for his face.
“Didn’t even take me long to get him to behave, he can be so good if he wants to.”
But right now, Jungkook doesn’t feel good, his eyes already start to tear up, lips trembling with pleasure and teeth gritted so he won’t let out any embarrassing noises. “I wish all of you could see him like that, but I guess he’s too stubborn for that, poor you. But I’ll make sure to send all of you some pictures of our evening.”
Then, he throws his phone away and rids himself of his clothes-revealing some nice panties as well. “Tae,” Jungkook groans as he sees his favorite pair of lingerie on his boyfriend.
Taehyung giggles and turns around just to shake his ass a little, knowing that he has to act rather quickly if he doesn’t want Jungkook to come on the spot.
He reacts right on time, though, because Jungkook was just about to come if Taehyung hadn’t removed the vibrator with a devilish smirk, using one of his large hands to wrap around his base to stop him from coming.
“Bitch,” Jungkook growls, moving his hands against the handcuffs, but Taehyung just laughs it off.
“That’s not a nice word, bun,” he shakes his head a bit.
“You’re not nice, don’t fucking edge me Taehyung. I swear to god, once I’m out of these cuffs-”
“-then you’re still going to be a nice little bun that does what I say, because that’s what you promised me tonight,” Taehyung adds with the sweetest smile he can offer. “Now, mouth open and tongue out.”
Jungkook obeys with a sigh, even though he knows that what’s about to come isn’t going to bother him at all. He loves having Taehyung sitting on his face, but it only happens on rare occasions when he was a really good pup. But now Taehyung can decide on his own how he wants to spend the night, and he’s not going to say no to a nice rimming, even if he’s not going to bottom tonight.
“I could do it so much better with my hands,” Jungkook pants against his boyfriend’s hole, coming up for a bit of air until Taehyung sinks down on him again, suffocating him with his delicious ass.
Taehyung rides Jungkook’s face like a champion, not backing down until he’s close as well.
As he lifts himself up, he can feel how wet he is, sticking to Jungkook’s chin. But that’s just how both of them love everything, wet and sloppy.
Jungkook licks his lips and looks up at his boyfriend with such a hunger in his eyes that Taehyung is so close to giving in and letting Jungkook take.
But he can’t do that, he has too much planned for tonight. That’s why he slowly crawls down Jungkook’s body, ignoring his dripping cock as he uses his hands to spread the younger’s legs.
“So pretty down there, Koo,” he whispers as he slides one of his slender fingers down his perineum and over his twitching hole.
Jungkook doesn’t mind bottoming at all, he knows how pleasurable it is to receive, it’s just the fact of dominance for him to take something up his ass-if he’s the power bottom, he doesn’t mind it. But being cuffed to the bed and not being able to take what he wants, instead having to take what he gets, it’s humiliating.
“I didn’t stretch myself because I thought you’d rather do it yourself,” he presses out, the need to be filled suddenly so high that he doesn’t care about the shame he feels.
“Such a thoughtful bun,” Taehyung hums as he presses kisses to the inside of Jungkook’s thighs and removes the thong. Then, he finally looks at his naked boyfriend, his twitching muscles and impatient expression.
But he’s not a monster, of course not, so he grabs some lube and coats his fingers with it, knowing that Jungkook is so tight-a thought that makes his own member twitch-, so he’ll need slow and proper preparation before he can take anything up his ass.
As the first finger presses through the muscle, Jungkook keens with furrowed brows, still not too used to the feeling. He concentrates on breathing, knowing it will feel so good once Taehyung found the right spot, once Jungkook allows himself to feel the pleasure.
“So good, bun,” Taehyung praises him over and over as he slowly works enough fingers in until Jungkook is stretched enough, mouthing at his cock to help him concentrate on something else.
By the time Taehyung is done prepping Jungkook, the younger is already close again, whimpering and whining with glossy eyes. “Hyung.”
Taehyung kisses his nose, knowing what Jungkook is asking for. “Soon,” he promises as he uses his still lubed-up hand to grab both of their cocks. It’s a tight fit, even though Taehyung’s hands are the biggest out of all his mates, but even he has a hard time to close his hand around them. Then, he starts thrusting them together, causing Jungkook’s breath to hitch. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Close, so close,” he throws his head back, thrusting his hips in time with Taehyung, just to be edged once more.
This time, he’s smart enough not to come up with any snarky remarks, but instead focusing on his breathing. If Taehyung is going to enter him right now, Jungkook would come. Like a teen during their first time. And he’s not going to have that, so instead he tries to think about something else. Seokjin’s cute smiles and his café. The one time a stray cat came into it and stole all the croissants…
“You still with me, bun?” Taehyung kisses Jungkook softly, knowing that being edged multiple times can be exhausting.
“‘m here,” the younger sighs, shifting his body so that there’s the least pressure on his arms.
It’s getting harder and harder for the youngest to concentrate on anything, tears that kept unshed the entire time are suddenly rolling down his heated cheeks. He finally needs his release or else he’ll break.
“Puh-Please, hyung,” Jungkook whimpers and looks at his boyfriend, who is currently setting up a professional camera-the ones they use in the tattoo studio to take nice pictures for their Instagram and website. Jungkook wants to groan and complain but he knows nothing will change Taehyung’s idea.
But Taehyung just grins as he crawls back towards Jungkook and his tear-stained face.
“I’m going to ruin you now, bun.”
Tumblr media
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one-sad-human · 5 months ago
•Dinner Party Disaster• Izzy Stradlin
Pairing: Izzy Stradlin x Reader
Requested? Yes! By @Jtrstp
Theme: Fluff
Warnings: Language
Word Count: 1.6k
A/N: —
Tumblr media
You met Izzy at a book store. He was looking for a very specific psychology book and you were buying the repressing of Pride and Prejudice, as it's always been your favorite book.
All Izzy said to you was 'nice choice,' because it was. He remembers enjoying it when he read it as a teenager. But that's all it took to spring you into a rant about how it's the best book ever and how you've re-read it over six times.
By the time you noticed you were spitting out obscure information on some book the stranger really didn't care about, it had already been five minutes.
What surprised you was how he didn't stop you, he nodded along and seemed actually intrigued. You apologized profusely but Izzy just stopped you and told you to please continue. So you did, why wouldn't you take the chance to talk about something you loved?
It wasn't everyday a handsome stranger is willing to hear you blabber about an old book. But not only was he handsome, he was smart and kind. He listened to everything you had to say and even chipped in on things he knew about it.
He decided then in the middle of the isle that he liked you, a lot. You were his exact opposite, you wore soft comfortable clothes in neutral colors where he was clad in leather and silver jewelry. Despite all the differences, he found you interesting.
     Izzy asked you out on a date, a simple and sweet one. It started by getting dinner at a small hole-in-the-wall type restaurant, then he took you on a walk to see the stars.
     It had been the nicest date Izzy had ever had. It wasn't rushed just so he could get you home to get in your pants, but relaxing and just talking and getting to know each other.
     Now nearly six months after your first date, and things are still going strong. Izzy truly feels he's in love with you, not that he told you yet of course, being the over thinker that he is.
     "Hi, honey!" You exclaim as you walk through your door. Izzy had been sleeping over your apartment more and more lately.
     "Hey, sweetheart, how was work?" He asks. Izzy would always say that he didn't like pet names, but he secretly loves all the cutesy nicknames— only from you though.
     "Fine," you say and plop down on the couch next to Izzy. "Busy, but it was still a good day!"
     You work at a coffee shop, a very busy coffee shop. How you can always stay so positive and rarely have bad days is something Izzy really looks up to. Izzy leans over and pecks your cheek, something that makes you smile every time.
     "That's nice." Izzy pulls you closer to him, peppering a few more kisses to your neck and jaw. You giggle and throw your arms around him, and Izzy pauses his attack. "You know, there's actually something I wanted to ask you about—"
     The shrill blare of the phone ringing cuts Izzy off. You unwrap yourself from him and give him a quick kiss on the lips.
     "Hold that thought, Iz!" You jog over to your phone and pick it up. "Hello?"
     "Hi, Y/N! Is Izzy there?"
     "Oh, Steven, yeah Izzy is here. You want to talk to him?" You ask Steven.
     "Yes, please!" You put your hand over the receiver.
"Izzy, it's Steven," you tell him handing over the phone. You wander over to the living room, not wanting to intrude on Izzy's conversation. After a few minutes, Izzy walks back to the living room and sits next to you.
"We have to go to a dinner tonight, all their girlfriends are going, too," Izzy says, pressing a kiss to your temple almost as to soothe the news.
     You wouldn't say you disliked Izzy's band mates— because that's just not true. Steven was nothing but sweet to you, a little flirty sometimes but you just laughed it off.
     Duff and Slash were just surprised Izzy could like someone so... soft. You really don't seem like his type, at least to them. But even then, they're never malicious towards you.
     Axl, however, is a different story. He just flat out doesn't like you, and he wasn't very subtle either. You're boring to him, you don't drink or smoke, definitely don't do drugs— not that Izzy did anymore either, which Axl had a feeling was because of you.
     He's just difficult to deal with, has been ever since you met, but you sucked it up for Izzy. But you aren't too sure you can survive a whole dinner.
"What's the occasion?" Izzy shrugs at your question.
"To make us suffer."
After a while of prying, you found out the dinner is to celebrate Axl's engagement to his girlfriend Erin Everly. You've met her once or twice before and she seemed pretty nice.
The dinner is taking place at an expensive and very classy restaurant, which made you incredibly nervous. You had never really been to such a fancy place, and it's pretty intimidating.
"Would you calm down? You look gorgeous," Izzy says as he drives towards the restaurant.
"I'm calm, I'm calm."
"Yeah, real calm, that's why your leg is bouncing and shaking the whole car," Izzy says and places his hand on your bouncing leg.
"I'm sorry, but you know I've never been one for fancy places. I almost had a panic attack at the MTV music video awards last year!" You sigh.
"If it helps, you certainly fit in. You look stunning," Izzy compliments and picks up your hand, placing a chaste kiss before placing it back down.
"Thank you," you say with red checks.
Izzy pulls into the parking lot, parking his sleek black car before stepping out. He jogs awkwardly to your side and opens your door, grabbing your hand and ignoring your teasing comments.
     There's a man dressed in a suit at the front desk, and he quickly takes you and Izzy to the rest of his bandmates. Izzy sits and you slide in the chair next to him, smiling politely and his friends.
     "About time you two got here," Slash says, a smile saying he's joking.
     "We would've gotten here sooner if Izzy didn't take forever getting dressed," you say. Izzy rolls his eyes with a fond smile.
     "Yeah, I took forever getting dressed," he says sarcastically. Izzy grabs the water pitcher and pours himself and you a glass.
     "So do you not sleep at your place anymore?" Axl asks. Izzy shrugs.
     "Oh fuck off, you act like you've never slept over your girlfriend's house," Duff says. You smile at him in thanks.
After a while, the waiter comes with everyone’s order. He seems nervous and his hands shake when he puts down everyone’s plates. When he gets to you, he knocks over your water, effectively drenching you.
“What the fuck man,” Izzy complains, quickly grabbing one of those fancy dinner napkins.
“I’m so sorry, miss!” You wave your hand and smile.
“It’s alright, I’ll be right back,” you say and stand, pulling the wet fabric away from your skin as you speed walk towards the ladies room.
Axl lets out an obnoxious laugh, sending all eyes towards him. Izzy narrows his eyes at him.
“What the fuck are you laughing at?” He asks.
“Oh come on, you have to admit that was funny. She looked like she was going to cry!”
“You’re an asshole. It wasn’t her fault that dumbass spilt water all over her.” Axl rolls his eyes, his face that was once amused now looks irritated.
“Look, can you just fucking admit that you being with that loser is charity work?” By now the rest of the table is deathly silent, none of the bandmates nor their girlfriends daring say a word.
“What the fuck did you just say?” Izzy asks through gritted teeth.
“Check please!” Slash calls out, desperate to get out before his lead singer and guitarist start pummeling each other.
“I said that your girlfriend is a loser, and I have no idea why you could want her,” Axl says, ignoring Slash’s plead.
“Don’t fucking talk about her,” Izzy warns, his eyes dark.
“Because I’m in love with her and she is ten times the person you are at least.”
“What?” You ask, now standing next to your chair. Izzy whips his head towards you and stands.
“Let’s go,” he says and drags you away. You send a wave and smile to his band, being completely oblivious to the conversation. Although you are wondering why Izzy had declared his love for you, you’ll ask him once he’s cooled off.
“What happened, I was gone for five minutes?” You ask once you get outside.
“Axl opened his mouth.” You and Izzy get into his car, and he peels away quickly. His hands are tightly clamped around the steering wheel. You take one of his pale hands and rub soothing circles around it.
“What got you so riled up?”
“Axl thinks he could talk shit about you, and I’m not going to let him talk about you— fuck, even look at you, again.” You nod slowly, it wasn’t the first time Axl had said something that got Izzy upset.
“And did you mean what you said? That you love me?” You ask nervously. Izzy tenses up, you can feel it in his hand.
“Yes, is that ok?” Izzy asks, his face stoic as usual, but you could see right through it. You smile dorkily with a red face and lean over the middle console of the car, giving his cheek a kiss.
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samadiw · 6 months ago
Sneak Peek into my upcoming fic 😍
The hunt for hocruxes take longer than expected, the trio are well into their twenties but they tirelessly continue their efforts to vanquish The Dark Lord.
It is by an unfortunate misunderstanding that Ron gives away their location.
Giving her friends a chance to escape and continue their journey, Hermione makes the ultimate sacrifice and surrenders herself to widely proclaimed Angel of Death.
Her terms of imprisonment are strange and baffling to her.
She is to be well cared for and educated. Her captor, Draco Malfoy and his family are entrusted with her care, a decision that does not sit well with the ice blonde man now nearing twenty five years of age.
Voldemort has plans for her, he harbours a strong infatuation that he keeps hidden, except when they are alone.
He keeps his advances to subtle touches and lingering glances but does nothing else to thwart the headstrong woman he holds captive.
Hermione devises a plan, she decides to seduce the young handsome Malfoy into bending to her will and letting her leave.
She entices him with her clothes, secret glances and lingering touches but her advances go unnoticed, it frustrates her that he is immune to her charms.
He notices her alright, it takes all his will power to not kneel at her feet and claim her for himself.
She looks, smells and probably tastes like a forbiddenly enticing fruit.
Hermione puts her plan into motion on his birthday and bites off more than she can chew.
Her body betrays her shamelessly and he takes his birthday present in the form of her orgasm on his tongue but after the deed he leaves her to mercy of the shadows with her cum dripping down her thighs as a reminder of the dangerous game she's playing.
Her existence isn't harrowing, it's the best one could hope for.
It isnt until Narcissa's famous Malfoy Christmas ball and the untimely appearance of Theodore Nott that Draco loses his composure and cracks.
T : "Is that Hermione Granger?"
D : "Yes."
T : "The ugly duckling has blossomed into a beautiful swan."
D : "If you are into that sort of thing."
T : "You have eyes, Malfoy."
He did have eyes and Granger looked stunning in a flowing dark green gown that hugged her neck in a high halter and left her entire back exposed teasing the rise of her shapely arse.
It was obvious his mother had taken it upon herself to dress Granger for the occasion. Malfoy family jewels glistened around the former Gryffindor's neck and wrists.
He didn't appreciate Theo's lustful eyes roving over her body.
T : "I fancy a dance."
D : "She's for show only."
T : "Is that jealousy I hear?"
D : "Granger's fate is in the hands of The Dark Lord."
T : "Indeed, but excuse me, I want to get to know the most beautiful woman in the room."
D : "Theo, I'm warning you."
T : "Fuck off, Malfoy, you have no control over my actions."
Draco simmers in unadulterated fury as he watches Theo approach Hermione and engage her in conversation.
The bloody nerve of her, he narrows his eyes and glares as she touches Theo's arm and throws her head back in laughter.
Hermione locks eyes with a pair of icy swirls of grey, he looks positively good enough to eat.
Handsome is a word wasted on Draco Malfoy such is his presence, she gravitates towards him unwaveringly but tonight a willing good looking man is paying her attention and it feels refreshing and oddly satisfying.
Theo leads Hermione to the dance floor and pulls her close to his body, his fingers tease her exposed skin, she willingly moves in and let's her hand slide around his neck.
She peeks a look over Theo's shoulder at Draco, he continues to stare at them unblinkingly, his body radiates anger and a reddish glow emits from his fingertips.
From afar, Draco watches Theo's slow movements on the woman swaying in his arms.
Theo bends to kiss Hermione"s cheek and Draco stiffens.
The song ends, Theo kisses Hermione's hand and with the promise of a walk under the moonlight, they part ways.
She grabs a flute of champagne and walks into the wide terrace. The night sky is particularly pretty with many stars scattered across the heavens.
Her thoughts linger on Ron and Harry.
Soon, I'll be free.
A voice of pure steel cuts through her thoughts.
D : "Having fun, are we?"
H : "The best one can hope in prison."
D : "Did you enjoy him touching you?"
H : "As a matter of fact, I did."
H : "It gets so lonely and Theo is a distraction I wholeheartedly welcome."
H : "He says he's spending the night, perhaps we can get to know each other better."
D : "Like hell..."
Draco closes the distance between them, pulls her roughly to his chest and apparates them away.
Their feet touch solid ground and Hermione pushes Draco away angrily.
H : "Get away from me, don't fucking touch me."
Draco tosses his jacket aside and begins to unbutton his black shirt.
D : "You don't mean that."
He stalks towards her purposely and Hermione steps back at once.
H : "I'm warning you, Malfoy."
D : "I've been meaning to do this all night."
He grabs her around the waist, pulls her to him and claims her swollen lips hungrily.
Hermione stills as his kisses invade her body and mind but she has some fight left in her.
She struggles, manages to free a hand, bringing it across she slaps him hard with all her might.
The slap echoes through the quiet confinement of the room, her fingermarks stain his pale skin and even in the dim light it stands out.
Draco touches his lip and his fingers glisten with blood, he grins at the woman in front of him.
Her fiery spirit turned him on, but when he took her it would be with her consent and not otherwise.
Hermione stares at her trembling hand and then at the imposing man before her.
She breathes rapidly to calm her shattered nerves.
He turns to leave but a small hand grabs his arm in an ironclad grip, he turns to face her and is momentarily blinded by her mane of thick brown hair.
Hermione grabs Draco by the collar and kisses him fervently.
Their need urgent, they shed their clothes and caress and touch every inch of their naked bodies.
She is impressed by his length and girth, the sight fills her with a sensation she is not familiar with.
It presses into the skin of her inner thigh and she closes her eyes in anticipation.
He trails his fingers along her body, tracing the luscious curves of her full body.
Draco sucks on the delicate skin on her neck, he grabs hold of his rock hard cock and guides it into her entrance.
Without a second thought, he rams into her hoping to make a lasting impression, the wanting to stand out from her former lovers is strong.
Her fingers dig into his back and expensive sheets, a pained moan rolls off her tongue.
A whimper follows and Draco stills as her tight walls clamp down around his dick and the tip tears through a barrier.
He brings his head up and stares at the woman beneath him.
Words desert him....
D : "You're a virgin."
He had already taken her, Hermione almost let's out a laugh.
Boldly, she locks eyes with him and runs her fingers through his silky fine locks.
H : "Not anymore."
D : "Granger, fuck...why didn't you tell me?"
H : "Does it matter?
D : "Yes, I shouldn't have been your first."
H : "Why? What difference does it make?"
D : "Forgive me."
H : "There's nothing to forgive, I wanted this."
H : "I want you."
He claims her lips passionately.
D : "Everything about you is special."
D : "I want to ravish you slowly."
H : "Finish what you started, Draco."
Hearing his name coming out her mouth was explosive, it went down to his core.
He slows his pace and pleasures her until they are bathed in sweat and completely spent.
Draco withdraws reluctantly, throws his long legs off the bed and strides naked into the massive ensuite.
He opens the gold plated tap, takes his cock in his hand and stares at it.
The tip is covered with blood and semen.
Her blood, the evidence of her virginity and purity.
It was pure and untainted, not a drop of mud or discoloration to it.
She was his.
It was nothing like he had ever experienced, he was well versed in bedding a woman, but this, being with her felt as if he was reborn from the ashes.
The roaring feelings from his core scares him, it paralyzes him and he holds onto the porcelain sink to steady himself.
The generations old magic flowing through his veins speak to him, it pulls at the strings of his heart and propels him to her.
Their union is an unexpected one, a forbidden love in dark times.
Draco narrows his eyes at his relection and smirks, he would protect her, cherish her and love her with all his being.
Hermione touches her body, it was mere minutes but she craved him again, her heart aches for his presence, she couldn't understand what was happening but it felt glorious.
The need to be surrounded by his warmth engulfed her, she closes her eyes, throws her head back and groans in frustration.
Large hands palm her ripened breasts and teeth graze her sensitive skin.
He pushes his throbbing cock into her tight cunt and pleasured moans escape their lips.
He growls protectively, "Mine."
She sighs in content, "Yours, always."
Tumblr media
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draculcid · 3 months ago
we’re fucked, it’s fine
it’s already june in australia, so happy pride month, you sexy people! here’s whatever this is. a lot of this is based on personal experience. i got high while writing it at the end. it’s also not proof-read. a chaotic journey, if you ask me.
"Hey, Tommy?" eleven-year old Steve asked. His hands were shaking.
"Mm? Yeah?"
"I think I like boys."
Steve could see Tommy turn to him out of the corner of his eye, but his eyes stayed glued on the TV. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo were going to rescue Princess Leia and he would rather see that than know his friend's reaction to the news. Especially now that Tommy was being so silent, so different from his usual chatty self.
Steve looked down at his hands. "I-I understand if you don't want to be my-my best friend anymore. I know it's kinda, like, weird."
"No-" Tommy was quick to say. "It's not that."
"Yeah?" Steve asked, glancing at his friend.
"Yeah, man. I just got distracted by Luke Skywalker."
Steve laughed softly, then stayed silent. He looked back down at his hands again. 
"I don't mind that you're gay," Tommy continued. "That's the word you use, by the way."
"I know." Steve said, rolling his eyes, but he was smiling, which was something. "And I don't think I am. I-I like girls too." He finally looked at his best friend properly, but only to see his reaction. 
"Oh! Me too! My mom told me the word for that! It's pansexual, I think... or is it bisexual? Wait, let me call my mom." He reached for the phone, but before he could press any of the buttons, Steve was snatching it away, eyes wide and stunned. 
"TOMMY!" he yelled, throwing his hands up. "Don't ask her! It's-I don't want anyone to know yet."
"Not even Carol? Or your parents?" 
"Especially not them!" Steve slumped down, suddenly exhausted. He put his hands over his face to hide the fact that he might cry. Tommy’s eyes widened. "Dude..."
"I know, I know. Okay. It's just- I don't know if they'll be cool with it, ya know? They’re not like your mom." Steve took his hand away from his face and turned his head to look at Tommy, his cheek resting on the couch. "They're not- they can kick me out or whatever. I don't want them to-to hate me, and maybe they would leave me at home all alone more often if they knew.”
"They wouldn’t, Stevie."
"You don't know that. They could hate gay people for all I know."
"Yeah...maybe.." Tommy trailed off, scooting closer to Steve until their shoulders were touching. "I get that. My cousin thinks gay people come from hell. He says the devil makes us. But Mami says that's stupid, because God is the only being in the universe with the power to create life." 
Steve tensed at that. "Do you think the devil made me?"
"No, dude. My cousin is crazy. He thinks the devil made everything. Even science, because it goes against God, even though science is cool. No cool thing can be made by anyone but God, so.."
That made Steve snort. "I don’t like science, Tommy.” He then leaned his head on his best friend's shoulder, sighing. “So I'm not from hell?"
"Nope. God made you, just like he made everyone else. And he made you super cool!" A laugh escaped Steve’s lips before he could help it. "Thanks, Tom." 
Tommy got up and grabbed the remote from where it was discarded. "So? You wanna finish the movie?"
Steve smiled. "Yeah.."
I’m fucked, he thought.
"I don't like sex," thirteen-year old Billy blurted suddenly. His best friend, Luca, looked up from his sandwich. "What?"
"Yeah. Most guys in our grade talk about it and- and how cool and fun it is and I just- everytime a girl touches me- it makes me feel weird-" Billy stopped. He pushed his hair out of his face. "I don't know, man. I just don’t like fuckin’ with them."
"So you're ace?"
That made Luca smile. "Asexual. That means you don't like to have sex."
"Oh." Ace. Asexual. "Does that mean I can't- what if sex with guys sounds good? Not with girls though? I’d like to have sex with a guy."
Luca rolled his eyes. "Okay. Gay, then."
Im fucked, Billy thought.
"What if I want to like girls?"
“You can’t really choose, dumbass. It just happens. You like some people and you don’t like others.”
Billy sighed and tapped his fingers on the table, “I can pretend though.”
"You can.” Luca furrowed his brows, “but that won’t feel good. You’re gay and that’s fine. It’s not bad.”
Billy tried to hide it but he smiled then, because it fit. Gay. Boys.
Huh. Not bad.
Billy liked the label. He didn’t like to be Billy The Gay Dude though. He was just Billy. He was always and will always be Billy- a normal teenager who liked to go to parties, who was trying to save up for a car, who stayed up past his bed-time to read horror stories. He was Billy. He just happened to like boys.
That’s fine.
It was rare that Mr. Harrington  and Mrs. Harrington were anything but calm and collected in front of their son. But when Steve walked into the living room of the house, his mother was pacing furiously, and his father was talking on the the phone, jaw tense and eyes determined.
"Yes, I understand that it's none of my business, but considering the fact that all of the men that work for you are idiots- or homos, I'm making it my business," Mr. Harrington snapped, huffing. Steve pulled his mother to sit next to him on the couch and raised his eyebrow in question.
"Your father’s trying to figure something out," she whispered. "He'll talk to you when he’s done, hopefully." Steve shook his head. "Why is he mad?" he whispered back.
"It's a stupid idea is what it is... Frankly, I don't care if that offends you, Sir. What you're proposing is absurd, no matter what you believe it is. I do not want him to work at a public pool when he’s all of that..."
"They found out that a gay boy works at the community pool," his mother replied, pushing Steve to a side.
"Yeah, well you can shove your faggotry up your ass," Mr. Harrington said, ending the call. He put a shaking hand over his face and took a deep breath. When he took his hand away from his face, it was obvious he was serious about this.
"Needless to say," Mrs. Harrington said, louder now, "we want him fired."
Steve was speechless. "Wait-why?"
"Because they're parasites," his father said before his mother could reply. “They’re a goddamn disease plaguing our community, Steven.”
A tense silence stretched as Steve tried to process the news.
"I have a bisexual friend at school," Steve finally said, his voice soft. I am that bisexual friend. “He- He’s just a normal guy. Like you, Dad. He needs jobs too. You shouldn’t take that away.”
His father scoffed at the fact that Steve was friends with someone like that. His mother smiled sadly. "No, Steven. You’ve just always been so soft."
"Yeah, because maybe he needs that job. Maybe he doesn’t have what we have. Not everyone is lucky."
"It’s not being lucky, it’s being a hard worker.” Mr. Harrington clarified. “And I’m just trying to keep people like him away from my family and friends,” he added. He sighed after a while, “they don’t want to fire him anyway. Chief is against it.”
"It’s better for business if you just leave the kid alone," Steve offered. For business.
"Yeah, I will. I don’t want him to taint my reputation anyway.”
Steve smiled a little, but it was more of a grimace. A hand landed on his shoulder, and when he looked up, his mother was looking at him with dark, reflective eyes. "So thoughtful."
Steve shrugged. "I just look at the bigger picture," he said as an explanation. “It could affect Dad’s entire business if he seemed like he was discriminating against someone.”
Mr. Harrington nodded. "Damn straight, son."
When Billy was dying on the mall floor, there were two things that were on his mind:
1. I should apologize to Max.
2. My mom died too and she never knew I was gay.
Which is kind of stupid. But he couldn't help it.
When he woke up at the hospital, random people and kids kept bringing him flowers, or gave him pity-hugs. And for some reason, he wished he died just so that he could tell her. Mom, I’m gay.
He could feel his heart tug and clench with tremendous guilt because I should have died and she'll never know I'm gay. My mother will never know I'm gay.
"Hargrove?" Steve was sitting next to Billy’s bed. Which felt weird for both of them, obviously. But Steve insisted to visit often, so apparently they were friends now, and Billy didn't have the energy to fight him.
Plus, he kind of was good company.
"Where's your head at, hm?" Steve said when he didn't answer.
He looked up from his hands at Steve, who was smiling soft at him. His eyes were slightly red, and he was paler than usual; something in Billy’s chest tugged at the sight, and he wanted to pull Steve into bed next to him and force him to get some sleep.
I should have died. She’ll never know I'm gay.
"Harrington?" Billy asked, voice breaking. His hand was shaking too much to nudge Steve, so he had to use his voice.
"Billy?" The smile dropped off Steve’s face, and the tug in his chest turned into a burn. "Hey, what's wrong?"
She'll never know. She died never knowing something really important about me.
Tears were rolling freely down Billy’s face now. "Harrington, I-Harrington, I have to tell you something."
"Go on," he said, eyes dripping in concern. He took Billy’s shaking hand in his, and something in Billy broke.
"H-Harrington," he sobbed, clutching his stomach because he suddenly couldn't breathe. "Ste-Steve, oh my god. I fucked-I fucked up-p. So b-bad-bad. Like, real-really ba-bad."
There was a screech, and suddenly Steve was crouching on the floor next to him, his hand cupping Billy’s face. He rubbed his cheek. "Billy, breathe. Shhh. Breathe, Billy."
"Steve." He felt like his lungs were on fire. He felt like he was covered in goo. All over him. Over his legs, arms, chest. Into his mouth, blocking his airway- into his lungs, filling them up like water. He felt like he was a fish, used to breathing in water but dying in air.
He felt crazy.
She's not going to be here for my first date- with a boy. My first kiss- with a boy. My wedding. Kids, maybe. She's never going to come with me to Pride. She's not going to be here for my college graduation. She's never going to see me find love. She's never going to know I'm gay.
Steve nudged something at his lips, and Billy looked down to see his inhaler. In his half-lucid mind, he forgot that he didn't have normal functioning lungs anymore. He parted his lips, letting the fresh air fill his lungs. He took a deep breath, then inhaled the other hit. And another. Once he was breathing normally again, aside from the occasional hiccup, he deflated, suddenly exhausted.
"That’s good," Steve cooed, brushing the hair from his face. "Better?"
All he could do was nod at him, trying not to concentrate on the tears streaking down Steve’s face. "Good. You're fine, okay? You're fine."
Billy grabbed Steve’s hand from his cheek, keeping it there. Trying to still it, even though his own hand was shaking. "Steve?"
"I-" He closed his eyes and squeezed his hand. "My mom doesn't- I- she’s never gonna know me, Steve. I'm not straight and- and she's dead- and she's never gonna kn-know. Steve, I’m gay. I-I'm not st-straight. I'm no-not- I'm not and she's never--can't."
"God, Billy..."
"Don-don't be mad," he cried, letting go of Steve’s hand and putting it over his eyes.
"Billy, why would I be mad?"
"Don't be mad at me. It’s not-It’s not my- fault. I-I-can't-"
"Billy," Steve said, his voice firm. He took his hand away from his face and kissed it. "Billy. I'm not mad. I would never be mad at you for that. Never."
Billy tugged at Steve’s hand until he stood up and sat on the bed next to him. Tears were still streaming down Billy’s face. "She never got to know me, Steve," he whispered, “She wouldn’t have loved me.”
She's never gonna know I'm not straight.
"Billy..." Steve brought a hand around his waist, pulling him towards him, then buried his nose into Billy’s neck. Billy could feel Steve’s teardrops on his shoulder.
"Steve, she-she died thinking I was-I was so-something else. Someone else."
"It's okay-it's okay."
"No, Steve. I-she died and I-I can't-she's never go-going to know and it-its killing me."
Steve didn't say anything. Just buried himself into Billy’s neck and hugged him tight.
When something can't be fixed, Billy thought, the people you love hold you. And they let you cry.
He's holding me and letting me cry because he can't fix this. This can't be fixed. She'll never know I'm gay. 
Billy rested his head on Steve’s and cried into his hair until they both fell asleep.
Steve and Robin became friends very quickly. They always worked well together.
Especially after she admitted that she liked girls. And that she preferred Dustin over him. Because duh. Any friend of Steve’s had to prefer Dustin over him. Dust was so fun- it wouldn't be right otherwise.
She also preferred Joyce, which was also a given. Joyce was just like that. She took people in like they were her own and treated them with nothing but respect and kindness and love, no matter what. Her compassion for others was extraordinary, and her resilience was inspiring. It was hard not to love Joyce more than anybody, really.
"I'm your friend for Mama Joyce perks," Robin said once, while they were having the lunch Joyce sent specifically to Family Video.
"It's fine," he replied, shrugging. "I'd prefer Joyce, too."
Robin always came to his house now after she found out he was always alone. He had a feeling it was also for Joyce perks, but she stayed even if Joyce didn’t visit or send any food. Sometimes, Dustin would come along to use Steve’s Atari, but he had a dentist appointment today and so they were all alone.
Tell her, he thought, not for the first time that day. She doesn't care. Just tell her so it's out of the way.
"Hey Robin?" Steve called. His voice cracked a little.
"What?" She replied, her eyes not leaving the book she was reading. Surprisingly, that made him slightly calmer.
He blurted it before he could help it. "I'm not straight."
"Oh, I know."
Robin finally looked up, making eye contact with him. "I'm pretty sure you're bisexual. Pretty sure. But I’m not sure if you’ve got heart eyes for anyone right now. I'm still trying to figure it out."
Steve blanked . "Uh- well, there’s-"
"Nope. Don't tell me. I want to figure it out."
"Oh. Uh, okay." Steve went back to toying with his hoodie-strings, still trying to process what just happened.
"And dingus?" Robin said. "I think it's cool, that you trusted me with that. Thanks."
A smile made its way onto Steve’s face, but he didn't reply.
Later that week, he was rereading the note Billy left (instead of money) in the tip jar for the sixth time when Robin came up to him. Her arms were crossed and she had a determined look in her eye. When she finally reached him, she kept her voice low enough so that only he could hear what she was going to say.
"So. The heart eyes? For Billy?"
He laughed, nodding.
She smirked. "Got ya."
After Billy was discharged from the hospital, Hopper and Joyce kept a close eye on him. 
There were 'workout days’ every Friday to make sure Billy only worked out then and didn’t overwork himself. Weekend trips to random places whenever Hopper felt spontaneous or felt like taking him along on one of his PD meeting. Sleepovers with El and Max. Movie nights with Joyce or Jonathan or Steve or all three. Billy’s relationship with them turned into something less formal and more... relaxed. Casual. 
Familial, a part of Billy’s brain bugged, but he ignored it. 
Hopper also became a lot more affectionate, which was unusual in itself.
Joyce once told him that after Sarah, he could only stand the slightest hug sometimes. And even now, after so long, he could only stand so much physical contact.
But with Billy, it seemed like he didn't even mind. He’d untangle the curls in Billy’s hair, hug him out of nowhere, and he even pulls Billy’s head into his lap randomly. They got close, especially after almost a year of living with each other. A year of Hopper being his dad, Billy’s brain bugged again.
Familial, Billy’s brain teased. Parental. 
But no. That wasn't right. Billy hadn't even come out to him or Joyce yet. Which was saying something, because he was out to basically everyone close to him. Will, Jonathan, Robin, Steve, Max, El, even the Wheeler boy knew. And it's not like Billy didn't want to come out to them. He did.
In fact, Joyce was probably one of the only people that didn't assume he was straight all the time. When she teased Billy, it was never, Who is she? Is she cute? 
It was always they. 
Who are they? Are they cute? 
If you don't introduce me to that special person of yours I'm gonna find them for myself. 
They've got you wrapped around their finger, huh?
It didn’t matter that it was painfully obvious that Steve was the special person. (Either Hopper and Joyce were really oblivious, or they just wanted Billy to tell them himself).
But Billy actually appreciated it. Especially when Hopper teased him because it always gave him a leeway to come out. Come to think of it, Billy still didn't know why he hadn't come out yet. There were many opportunities.
Maybe it's because they’ve known him for a while now, and he's pushed himself farther into the closet every time he didn't come out and now it feels too late. Which sounded dumb. Billy had a hunch that Joyce and Hop definitely already knew. 
"Kid?" Hopper said, breaking him out of his thoughts. "You with me?"
"Uh, yeah. Yeah. Right here." Billy tried to smile, but it came out a bit forced. 
Hopper turned to him and raised an eyebrow. "You sure? Anything happen at work?"
Billy shrugged, turning away from his piercing gaze and sitting himself next to Joyce on the table. "Not really. I got a really bad sunburn on my shoulders though."
Just tell them. 
"My boss was being a dick, but that's not unusual."
Joyce shook her head at the word choice.
Just tell them. Spill it out. 
"Also. I'm gay," he blurted, then covered his mouth with his hand. 
Not like that!
"I-I didn't mean that," Billy said through his fingers. 
Hopper’s smile turned impossibly soft. Billy only ever saw that smile before when El got all her multiplication tables down.
Joyce dragged her chair closer to Billy, then carefully started peeling Billy’s hand away from his mouth. When she was done, she stayed silent for a moment, contemplating, before she seemed to make a decision to run her hands through Billy’s curls. "You did mean that, honey."
Billy leaned into her touch. "You know?" he asked.
"I know."
"How long?"
"A while. Probably longer than you think." Hopper spoke up as Joyce tugged at a knot until it came undone.
Hopper dragged his chair closer too, putting his hands in Billy’s wet and tangled hair as well. "Do you mind?"
"No," Billy replied. 
They stayed like that for a while in companionable silence, save the occasional huff every time Hopper undid a particularly hefty curl or scraped his nails on his head. 
Familial, Billy thought, not unkindly. 
"Uh- Joyce?" 
"Thanks." He looked back at Hopper, “You too.”
Hopper rolled his eyes. "You don't have to thank us," he said, "for treating you with some common decency."
"No, I mean- Joyce never assumed I was straight."
Joyce paused. "Yeah. Why would I?"
Billy didn't have an answer to that, because she was right. Why would she assume I was straight?
"Do you wanna finish the paint job for your car today?" Hopper asked, breaking the silence. 
"Hell yeah."
Steve’s attempt at a proposal was...interesting. To say the least.
"Billy’s here!" Max yelled from across the living room when he entered. Billy gave Max a look. "I know I'm here, Shitbird. You don't have to announce it, you know."
Max rolled her eyes. Hopper huffed from the couch, "No, she wasn't talking to you, you little shit- Steve! Billy’s here!"
"Okay, okay. Jesus! I get it!" Steve’s voice shouted back, startling Billy. He turned to where the voice came from and did a double take when Steve’s face was right up in his space.
His hair was a mess, sticking out in all directions, like he’d been running his hands through it all day. His brown eyes were manic with glee. Billy silently judged his boyfriend’s smart shirt and jeans. He would have loudly judged his atrocious tie. But he was really cute. So.
“Steve,” Billy smiled, “Not that I don’t want you to be here, but why are you here?”
“Max, Joyce, and Hopper.” Steve shrugged like that was the most detailed explanation. “Apparently I needed to get their permission to marry you.”
Billy paused at the word marry. He squinted over at Steve, as he searched his face for something, not quite sure what it was that he was actually looking for. “Are you... what?”
“I said it was fine!” Max put her hands up in defense. 
“Okay. Whatever,” Steve whispered to her, in an attempt to psych himself up and give Max a cue to stop talking.
"Billy Hargrove," Steve said, all serious and solemn.
Billy’s knees went weak and he wanted to run the fuck away when Steve kneeled in front of him.
His heart thudded.
"Do you watch Scooby Doo?"
Billy spluttered. "Uh- wait what-"
"Kid, you broke him," Hopper groaned at Steve’s attempt at humour.
"Uh, yeah-yeah, I watch it, sometimes," Billy said, recovering. 
"That is so gay, baby!" Steve exclaimed suddenly, getting up from the floor and pumping his fist into the air like he just won the lottery.
"You’re my boy," Steve continued, pulling Billy in for a quick kiss on the cheek. "Sorry. I’m so excited. I just love you." He looked at Billy, smiling wildly. "Hi, so. Yes or no?"
"What question am I exactly answering, Stevie?" 
“Oh!” Steve said, eyes widening, pointing in between the two of them as if it would elaborate. “Sorry. I just said- I want you to marry me.”
Billy nodded, trying to play things cool. "That sounds like a demand. Not a question."
Max sighed, "Are you being serious right now?"
Billy smiled cheekily and nodded again.
Steve nervously played with his hands. “Billy, it’s a question. Just say yes or no. Well I’d prefer yes because I already bought a ring- but I don’t know what you want so- ”
“What do you think?” Billy sassed, like he was angry, “I love you, asshole.”
“I love your asshole.” Steve spit back in the same tone.
“Oh god, sorry,” he apologized, looking back at Hopper and Joyce, like please don’t let this change your mind. “I just- uh. I say weird things when I’m nervous or excited.”
Hopper looked between the two boys and sighed, “you guys are really made for each other.”
"They are,” Max whispered to him, “It’s so clear. Steve can’t sit properly in a chair. And Billy’s a chaotic gay- he can’t drive proper.”
"Oh my god. You really cant," Steve said, laughing. Billy smiled back, all teeth and manic glee. 
"Oh, okay then. I see how it is. I’ll just have you know, Harrington, that I don't marry boys who can’t sit properly in chairs," Billy shrugged. "Sorry."
"No problem, bro. I don't marry guys who can't drive because I can't either."
Billy didn’t wait any longer before he pulled Steve in for a kiss. His hands, gently in Steve’s hair, and Steve’s upon his chest. Max grimaced at the sight of them kissing. Hopper looked like he was about to die.
“Wait- so, Billy. Honey, is that a yes or no?” Joyce asked, confused.
Yeah. They kissed all the way back to Billy’s car in the driveway. Yeah. They made out in the backseat for a while before forcibly separating themselves so Steve can speak up.
He knows they can’t legally get married- at least not yet. But the idea of spending his life with Billy makes his heart flip. The idea that he can call Billy his husband.
Billy felt Steve smile against his skin. “You know? I Dreamt of falling in love, and, like, getting married, believe it or not.”
He heard Billy snort but continued, “A suburban life, if you will.”
“Three bedroom house, maybe. Big yard for barbecues in the summer. Oh, we gotta have a hammock in our yard.” Steve listed. “You.”
Billy started laughing, “Buy me a house with a big yard then I’ll consider building ya a hammock. It’s only fair.”
Steve lightly punched his arm, laughing as well. Billy punched Steve’s arm back.
“Oh, Stevie,” Billy dramatically squeaked, putting a hand over his heart, “We get to be together forever!” He threw his hands in a wide circle to illustrate his version of forever.
He mocked it, but it was a thrilling thought. Being together forever.
Steve pouted. “Fuck you. I’m telling you my suburban dream and you’re mocking me.”
“What? You jerk!” Billy suddenly jumped up, giggling like a 7-year-old. “So your suburban dream is that you want me to be your kept househusband, taking care of the kids, and cooking dinner for my man when he comes home from work? And barbecue parties in the summer? Grocery shopping on the weekends as well?” Billy teased.
“Oh, wow,” Steve wiggled his brows, “kids too, Billy? Sounds like you’ve already got a plan.”
Billy lowered his forehead to Steve’s shoulder, hiding his burning face, “I was just saying. But only if you want.”
“I want it all, weirdo.” Steve smiled so wide his skin crinkled near his eyes, and Billy fell in love all over again.
Sometimes, when he was lying awake in bed, Billy’s head on his chest, Steve rolled the word around his tongue. Bisexual.
It really did fit.
And Billy would look at Steve, hair all disheveled from sleep, and face still indented from the pillow and think.
I don’t have to pretend. I’m gay - and that’s just fine. It’s not bad.
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darkmulti · 8 months ago
Hey! please don't ruin your mood bcoz of some idiotic hateful anons, I honestly don't understand how can they spread hatred during Christmas season. I had an ask, feel free to do it later on if you are busy now. (NON CON JK, where reader is the wife of his mafia employee, JK is the mafia boss, he sees her during a company party and gets hell bent to get her. So mafia boss JK barges into their house and fucks reader in front of her hubby and then takes her away.)
-> thanks for the reassurance!
-> sorry for any mistakes
-> I do not condone this kind of behaviour. This is purely fictional!
“Will do, Mr. Jeon. I’m gonna head home now. My wife’s waiting for me.”
“Don’t forget we have an event to attend at 8. Don’t be late and bring your wife along so we don’t look suspicious.”
Your husband nodded and left his office to go home to you
Jungkook has met you a couple of times
For him, it was love at first sight
today was the day he was going to get you
He planned everything perfectly
Jungkook knew how much you meant to your husband
Your husband would always talk about you
Not to Jungkook, but to his co-workers/friends
Jungkook would just over hear the great things about you
You were intelligent, playful, loving and kind
Not to mention, you were absolutely gorgeous
He had to avoid looking at you or else he would get a boner after seeing you in a tight dress that hugged your body perfectly
Jungkook needed you in his life
You would make him the happiest man in the world
Call him delusional, but he really thinks that you’re destined to be with him
8pm, at the event
There you were
You were wearing a stunning dress that complimented your skin tone
You looked like an angel that fell from the sky
The only thing that ruined the sight was your husband standing beside you, giving you love eyes and your ring finger occupied
Jungkook swore to himself that he will buy you the best of the best
He will buy you the most expensive and rare engagement ring
As well as wedding ring
He stared at you until you made eye contact with him
He continued staring, not caring anymore
Tonight, you’ll be all his
Your husband pulled you along with him, towards Mr. Jeon
You have to admit
He is a sexy man
His dominant presence makes you feel weak and needy
You noticed some sexual tension between you and him but always reminded yourself that you’re a married women
The sexual tension was probably just an attraction
After all, your husband doesn’t satisfy your sexual needs, yet you love him dearly
Maybe Mr. Jeon would be able to satisfy your sexual needs
However, you didn’t have the heart to cheat on your husband
He loved you endlessly
You couldn’t sleep with his boss
You were so lost in your thoughts you didn’t hear them calling out for you
“Ms. Kim, are you okay?”
“It’s actully Mrs. Kim, Mr. Jeon. Baby, are you okay? Are you not feeling well?”
Jungkook clenched his jaw when your husband corrected him
“Maybe you should take her home. She doesn’t look too well.”
“You’re right Mr. Jeon. I’ll take her home immediately.”
Your husband guided you to his car
You guys came home and your husband helped you change and get into bed
Though you were fine physically, mentally you were feeling like complete shit
You thought about cheating on your husband
Who does that?
“Baby, you should get some rest.”
“Okay, goodnight.”
“Goodnight, love.”
You fell asleep in your husbands arms while Jungkook watched from afar, through the window
His blood was boiling, but he kept his cool
By tomorrow, you will be in his arms!
His team didn’t even try to be quiet
It was two against eight
They would easily win
Plus, your husband wasn’t a fighter, he was more of a reporter and hacker
They broke through the front door and came upstairs where they found you guys awake and panicking
Your husband was covering you with his body but it became less stiff when you both saw it was Mr. Jeon
“Mr. Jeon! You scared us! What is the meaning of this?! You almost gave my wife and I a heart attack.”
“My wife.” Jungkook mumbled, loud enough that you all heard
He was sick of it
“My wife and I a heart attack, my wife is waiting at home for me, it’s actually Mrs. Kim not Ms.” He mimicked
“From now on it’ll be Mrs. Jeon. Tie them down.”
His men grabbed your husband out of the bed and threw him on the floor
They tied him up until he wasn’t able to move
Two guards stood by him while Jungkook walked towards you
“Mr. Jeon let my husband go!”
“Can’t do such a thing. He’s in our way.”
“Who’s way?! He’s in no ones way! I don’t understand!”
You started backing away from him but your back hit the bed frame and he was already near your face
“He’s in the way of us. It’s better if I get rid of him. But before I do, I want to show him one last thing.”
Jungkook pulled you to the edge of the bed where you could see your husband on his knees tied up
He was looking up at you, screaming at Jungkook to let you go
At the same time, he wondered if he had done anything wrong to deserve this
You were wearing a silk top along with silk shorts
It was turning Jungkook on even more
Your hard nipples exposed
Your shorts exposing your ass cheek
He pulled your shorts and panties down
“Let go of me you idiot!” You screamed, fear taking over your whole body
He didn’t listen and rammed into you
You cried out loud and looked at your husband for help but he was looking down avoiding all eye contact
It was understandable though
Who would want to watch their wife go through that?
All you could do was cry and shake
You couldn’t protect yourself
All these men were armed and way stronger than you
“Listen to me, slut! I own you now, not your little hubby. You will be my wife, the mother of my kids! You will be my everything and I will be your everything, understood?”
You nodded your head and sobbed
“Good, now scream my name. Tell your ex hubby who you belong to!”
You didn’t listen at first
It was so humiliating
Your husband was on the floor, crying
“I b-belong to... you, Mr. J-Jeon.”
“LOUDER!” He yelled
“I belong to you! You own me! You’re my everything and I’m your everything! He doesn’t mean anything to me anymore!”
You heard your husband sob which broke your heart into a billion pieces
You never thought you’d be saying those words but in order for the pain to stop you needed to submit to him
“That’s my good girl.” He pulled you onto his lap and started kissing your face and neck, marking you
“Kill him now.”
One of his men pulled out a gun and shot your husband in the head right in front of you
“Now that I think about it. All you guys saw her beautiful body.” In a blink of an eye, Jungkook reached into his pocket and shot all his men
You kept your face in his neck, not wanting to see the bodies
Jungkook put his pants back on and wrapped you in a blanket
He carried you to the car and drove back to his place
No one has heard of you since then
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