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unpretty · 3 months ago
is it too self-indulgent to make violet, the only monster without his own claws, wear a pair of these
Tumblr media
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aelenko · 6 months ago
sure do put a lot of emphasis on couples falling in love through mutual trust and vulnerability for someone who needs to be pried open like an oyster emotionally speaking
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harpsichord42 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
they all look like soft gay English professors but. they are just waiting. 
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toodrunktofindaurl · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
first kisses
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writernotwaiting · 9 months ago
Dear Tumblr—
If you’re still going to let the porn bots follow me, can I please have my sexy fan art back?
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mbrainspaz · 2 years ago
I really enjoy just existing in hotels. The long identical hallways. The soulless abstract art. The weird noises the air-conditioner makes. Strange city lights in the window. Six stories off the ground. Strangers chatting in the hall. Nothing in the dresser. No past, but an infinite present. 
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nartothelar · 8 months ago
First of all, I love you're art. Also I've been thinking about Hizashi's eyes. I know that in Anime their green and in manga their red. And I've seen few fanarts where his eyes turn red when he looses control of his quirk. But, what if his eyes turn red when he's angry, frustrated, sad or something negative like that. And that is the reason why he always weard those glasses. Present Mic is supposed to be positive all the time. No one can know that he feels bad as well.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The difference is substantial huh?
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twistedtapeworm · 8 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-Randal please stop messing with the fabric of reality :,)-
Glitchy plus not glitchy version of this <3
All characters belong to @//captainhowdie
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raggedyannazon · 2 months ago
Shota Aizawa would sit down to play a card game with Eri and when he deals the cards he gives Eri's stuffed plushie cat a hand for the game as well. They end up playing the game with no complications, except for the curious question of how the stuffed cat won.
Then one night Yamada joins them for a game, and gets very confused and flustered trying to figure why a stuffed cat toy is playing the game with them and Aizawa is acting like it's perfectly normal.
Aizawa can't help but smirk when Yamada has an existential crisis trying to figure out how the cat plushie won the game.
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starbuck · a month ago
Treasure Island is a tragedy because exploitation is inherent to its narrative. Like. this isn’t a story Jim Hawkins is recounting for his own enjoyment or in order to work through his past trauma, but instead is something he’s been commissioned to write by “Squire Trelawney, Dr. Livesey, and the rest of these gentlemen,” implicitly so that they can publish it and make even more money off of it.
How much of the story and its framing is Jim’s honest recollection of what happened and how much of it is edited to align with what “these gentlemen” would allow to be published? Metatextually, it’s a fascinating play on the propaganda-disguised-as-children’s-literature ‘young boy seeks adventure at sea for Queen and country’ genre, of which the book is technically a part, to make it in-universe propaganda being written so that already-rich men can become even richer.
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bananonbinary · 3 months ago
i hate when people try to be inclusive and describe strangers as “male-presenting” or “female-presenting”
like. what the fuck does that even mean? what the fuck am i supposed to picture when you say “”male presenting????”” its not even inclusive, it just says ‘i know i’m not supposed to assume that person’s gender, but im gonna go ahead and do that anyway but with weird clunky language that implies its their problem, not mine.” honestly i wish people would just go back to calling strangers men and women, because if you’re wrong then it’s just a quick correction. this “presenting” nonsense implies that your assumption is definitely something the person led you to intentionally, even though it’s literally exactly the same as just calling them a man or woman.
just describe their appearance with like, hair color or height or w/e like a normal person. watch this: “a tall white person with close-cropped black hair, freckles, and a lip piercing.” wow, a description of actual features that provides a decent enough image, all without attempting to sound faux-woke or unintentionally misgendering anyone. incredible.
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laniidae-passerine · 28 days ago
okay everyone in this show is having a terrible time but I’m not over the whole Mel watched a girl get decapitated thing? like she gets lumped in with Piltover upper class or viewed as a callous manipulator but frankly that’s some Zaun shit. that’s the kind of thing that only a child born into violence and crime typically ever witnesses but nobody seems to have any sympathy for Mel???? for all her finery and class, if you threw that girl into Zaun and made her survive by herself, of all the Piltover characters she is the most likely to survive
#AHE FUCKING WATCHED A GIRL DIE????? BRUTALLY????? #lived and breathed war as a child? felt hot blood on her skin and slept to the lullabies of screams #the daughter of a warlord who can probably weild a weapon that’s just as sharp as her tongue with ease #like I feel crazy is nobody else getting this??? Mel could be a warlord. Mel could be a murderer #if she had just tipped a little on the balance of morality she’d have dressed herself in furs and speared Silco in the chest by episode 8 #yes everyone is suffering and yes a lot of the ladies went through shit and can fight #are we all forgetting that Mel was raised with the idea of death being half cruel necessity but also as a blood sport? #that to kill and conquer is simply a matter of existence and not even a choice of morals? #she could be so fucking dangerous and she chooses not to be but god. if she fell from her family graces hard enough to enter severe poverty? #she’d probably have become an ekko because she’s kindhearted and cares and loves deeply which is why I adore her Mel is <3333 #but if her heart was broken enough… slaughter. brutal bloody slaughter. and zaun fucking wept #SHES SO FUCKING INSANELY OVERLOOKED TO ME LIKE??? she know how to kill. she could slaughter that council no problem I believe that I do #mel medarda #arcane #decapitated. a girl of a similar age decapitated in front of her. like a fucking warning ‘see what I do to my enemies’ #and like a present ‘one day you’ll get to hold the axe’ #she walked on fields that would grow such beautiful flowers next spring for the bodies of the thousands her mother massacred would feed them #Mel sweetie. see a therapist????? see a doctor???? why is everyone around her like ‘oh councillor Medarda you clever rich pretty girl’ #she could take your fucking head off at a mile away. she’s a bred killer with a peacekeeper’s heart #Viktor villain arc is all very good but he’s just an antihero giving people metal legs and trying to fuck up Jayce when he turns #if Mel actually lost it… unless she loses it with Viktor (hello Arxane writers I am free to help you and also bribe you hmu) #she would raze whole swathes of Runeterra down for a laugh #but Mel would never though because her heart is kind and her soul is loving and she is an angel <3 Mel love squad she tries so hard #doing her absolute best out here and even when given every option keeps trying to choose peace. but her potential to be evil/terrifying… #why is nobody talking about this she could crush some of your favs like she’s playing bowling #the ones that are stronger she’d just do research on to mentally fuck em up in battle #Mel’s a triple threat she’s likeable she’s clever and she’s trained in combat or at least understands it deeply. my girl is an icon #how are y’all sleeping on her????? all the Mel love what a goddamn legend (oh I HOPE. put her in the game do it now)
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xiaogenshinmybeloved · 2 months ago
I can't believe i found this fluff and crack SAGAU gem beneath all this trauma and angst😭💞 literally we stan dumbass darling in this house hold. Since many SAGAU fics characters are all about the archons, traveler, albedo, and kaeya, etc. How about the mondststadt girls interact with their grace???
Like imagine everyone thinking "goodness, our god is here, are they trying to tell us something? Have we done something wrong?" from afar, but it's just darling asking amber to summon baron bunny so they can dance together💃🕺
Darling simping on jean, rosaria, eula, and lisa. "Hey lisa, can you say those line again?" "Naughty boys who don't do what they're told needs a- your grace are you sure??"
Jean trying to catch up their grace's chaoticness "your grace! Where are you going?!?!" "Trying to find klee so we can make bombs together :D!" "I'M SORRY, WHAT?!"
Overall dumbass darling being a second hand embarrassment but representing all of the genshin impact community that's always wanted to do😩👌✨
My first anon! Hello there!
No worries, this AU will stay as crack and fluff only I am physically incapable of writing angst on purpose, I would make myself cry only. If I do write it on accident then angst grabbed the plot and ran off with it but, generally unless requested you probably won’t see angst here. Only good vibes~
Thank you this is exactly the vibe I wanted dumbass darling to have hahaha. No thoughts head empty but boy do they love everyone! And they’ll shower everyone in love!
You want Mondstadt girls you’re getting Mondstadt girls chapter three was supposed to be someone else but now I want to write Lisa everyone say thank you to this anon!
Already have some plans for Jean, and I think I might be able to add Eula in too if I try
But, if you want me to write separate small stories for the girls, feel free to send another anon, I'll happily oblige!
As for Rosaria… enjoy this small drabble
“Oh, hello sister Rosaria! Nice to meet you!”, you waved at her eagerly from your seat in Angel’s share. Hearing the invitation in your voice, she sat down on the free chair next to you, other one occupied by Kaeya.
“Right… Your grace.”, the title felt weird to speak out. Rosaria has never held much faith in the divine, but she had felt your power and influence herself, and how it allowed her to grow stronger. You really were something different from a human, something above them all. Still… It should be fine if she tries teasing you a little, wouldn’t it? See if she can figure out your motives.
“So, I’ve heard the first time you saw Kaeya you complimented his boobs?”, you just tilted your head at her tho, apparently not noticing Kaeya choking on his drink behind you, and then smiled wide at her.
“Yeah! Why, are you jealous? Don’t worry, yours are also very nice. :D
Ah, Rosaria! Your hand! You broke your glass are you okay?? Are you bleeding?? D:
Kaeya, help! Wait, why are you laughing? Did I say something??”
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bakedbakermom · 3 days ago
Mental health experts: Mindfulness is a great tool to practice to help manage anxiety, reduce stress, and make beneficial behavioral changes!
My fucking garbage-ass adhd brain: If I don't have fourteen different trains of thought spiraling through nine different dimensions at all time, I shall Perish.
#the present is just one of several tabs I have open at any time
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clairenatural · 5 months ago
dean transgression! your four year old child didn't have the necessary skills to parent an infant :/
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goldandlights · 17 days ago
Shinsou and Todoroki bonding over a shared love for cats 🥺
Maybe Shouto always wanted one but Endeavour would neither tolerate animals living in the house nor any other distractions to Shoutos training (such as going to a cat cafe)
(Homeschooled!Shouto who pretty much never left the house and has 0 outside experience is my jam)
For Hitoshi, one of his early foster families had a cat but that's almost 7 years ago. He fully expected to have to wait until he's of age to get one but then his adopted by Erasermic and they have not only one but Four! Whole! Cats!
Imagine Hitoshi inviting Shouto over on an impulse when the other boy tells him he never really got to pet a cat before. Shouto agrees and Hitoshi has to work hard to hide his giddy excitement.
He's never had a friend come over to his place before and !!! fuck he'll get to spend time with his crush after school and outside of the dorms! That's huge!!
... ofc some half our later, Hitoshi's anxiety kicks in and the happiness becomes spiraling panic
I could see him blowing up the Aizawa-Yamada GC because holy shit he just invited Todoroki over and that's gonna not only out his dads as gay but also expose their marriage to the schools resident conspiracy theorist -not that Hitoshi thinks Shouto couldn't keep a secret but still
They never talked about this and Todoroki is one of Aizawa's students, too. Toshi doesn't want to make his dads stressed or uncomfortable ;_;
It's chill though, obviously.
Aizawa vouches for Shouto being a good, trustworthy kid and tells Hitoshi to bring him over whenever. When Hitoshi thanks him (profusely), he sends a single ":)" and then
"You should be much more worried about us meeting him than the other way around."
Which Hitoshi does not understand until Hizashi comes online and immediately starts complimenting Hitoshi for FINALLY having the guts to do something about his crush. Hizashi is just so proud of his darling little listener... and btw there are condoms in a box under the sink.
Hitoshi leaves the group chat.
Aizawa adds him back in.
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genderfluid-focus · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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goddamnshinyrock · a year ago
tfw you pop your headphones on and hit ‘play’ without checking a) what you had queued up and b) the volume it was set to
and the answer is a) bagpipes and b) 
V E R Y  L O U D
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amygdalan-arm · a month ago
in school when youre a kid theres a lot more like. visual and tactile learning as part of class, and bright colors n such to keep children’s brains engaged with the material
and then when you grow up its much drier and you're (sorta understandably) expected to have more self-discipline and drive. so the importance of keeping students engaged in that way loses priority.
but dude real talk all that visual and tactile learning was actually one of the things that worked for me lol. like im smart and i know i can understand complex material but i struggle with my attention span in a way that most ppl are expected to have grown out of. like, not to sound like a child but sometimes i miss all the fun bells and whistles that used to accompany education? if that makes sense?
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digital-dhampirs · a month ago
vampire eye rings: power and rewriting the world formula
The number of rings vnc’s vampires have in their eyes has confused me for a very long time. We know vampire eyes are the key to vampires’ abilities to manipulate the world formula, so it follows to assume that the rings have some sort of meaning, right? Right?
It seems like the normal number of rings is one, as a majority of the vampires we see in universe have eyes like this (including but not limited to Noé, Chloé, Jeanne, and (usually) Luca). But then there’s also vampires with no rings— the beastias, for example, and all of the de Sade siblings, and Amelia; and then conversely there are vampires with a lot of rings, like several members of the senate and Luna; and that isn’t even mentioning the vampires with black eyes like Nox and Manet and Jean-Jacques, and the colored sclera some vampires have—
Suffice to say we have a lot of raw information and very little tying it together. For a while, I had absolutely no clue what the eye rings meant or what they did.
But! While I was doing my usual average completely normal and non obsessive staring at Ruthven one day, I noticed something.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
After Ruthven loses his right eye, the number of rings in his left eye changes.
Back when Ruthven meets Chloé, he’s almost always drawn with normal one ringed eyes (albeit with colored sclera). There are a feeeew panels where it kinda looks like he has more rings, but looking closely at them it’s pretty much impossible to tell if that’s due to his eyelashes, sclera, or actually him having more rings. However, in a vast majority of these flashback panels, it’s very clear he only has one ring in each eye. The first time we definitively see him having more rings than normal is right after he loses his right eye.
Tumblr media
Similarly, current day Ruthven’s eye ring count tends to fluctuate a bit. He’s occasionally drawn with just one ring in his eye, but he’s usually shown with more, particularly during his appearances in more recent chapters.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So… what does this mean?
Let’s start off with something well on the beaten track. I think this change in Ruthven’s eye solidifies the idea that sclera color is something separate from ring count when it comes to vampire eyes. Loki and Lord Paldence both having black sclera implied this beforehand, but Ruthven’s rings changing while his sclera remain the same seems to further this eye-dea (I’m very sorry).
Stepping off the track and onto the rails now… let’s talk about why Ruthven’s eye rings changed. My first thought was that it occurred due to Ruthven’s left eye attempting to compensate for his missing right. Maybe the rings have something to do with vampires’ ability to see and alter world formulas, and Ruthven’s left eye is now working double time to try and make up for his missing right eye. Come to think of it, we never actually see Luna’s left eye, do we? Maybe that has something to do with why they have multiple rings in one eye as well?
But no, that doesn’t make any sense either. We see two other Senator dudes with multiple rings in their eyes, and neither of them is missing an eye. We also never see Baby Noé’s right eye developing multiple rings to compensate for his injured eye as a child.
…or do we.
(I don’t have the voice or the talent for YouTube essays so please just mentally hear that in a dramatic YouTube essay tone of voice)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When we see Noé before he comes to Altus, before he meets the Teacher, before his eye gets injured, he doesn’t have any eye rings.
This isn’t just a missed detail in a random tiny background illustration. It’s shown in both the anime and manga (both digital and published editions, yes, I had to check). Noé did not have eye rings when he was staying with his grandparents. The first time we see him with one ring in his eyes is when he meets the Teacher— aka, when his left eye is injured.
I think I’ve been thinking about this all wrong from the start.
What if having one ring isn’t actually the “normal” number of eye rings for vampires in VnC— what if having one ring is actually unusual, and just seems common due to the large number of extremely powerful vampires we see in VnC?
Let’s go back to those one-ringed characters I listed back at the start. Noé, Chloé, Jeanne, Luca. Thinking about it, all of them are exceptionally powerful vampires capable of large scale formula revision (we don’t really see Chloé do anything destructive on a Luca or Jeanne scale, but she’s able to use that magic piano and break Ruthven’s curse, implying she’d likely be able to if she tried).
If anything, Noé seems like the odd one out. The only formula revisions he can do seem stock standard (increased durability and speed, heightened senses and perception); and the one unique revision he can do is quite weak compared to the things we see Luca and Jeanne do, took a lot of training for him to master, and makes him sick when he does it to boot.
So with that very long wind up in mind, here’s my theory on vampire eye rings.
Tumblr media
Vampires’ eye rings correspond to a vampire’s ability to see and manipulate the world formula (tldr, how powerful they are as a vampire). The average vampires (Amelia, Catherine, Mina, Noé) have no eye rings and minimal ability to change the world formula. Vampires with exceptional abilities (Chloé, Jeanne, Luca, Ruthven) have one ring. After that, the more rings, the more powerful a vampire is (e.g. queen Faustina).
Vampires who lose or injure one of their eyes, like Noé, Ruthven, and possibly Luna, often end up gaining rings in their uninjured eyes to compensate for the loss of the other.
There are also exceptions to this rule, like the Beastias and the De Sade family, who likely have very distinct types of eyes (whether inherited through blood, like the de Sades, or given to them somehow, like the Beastias) that overwrite the usual rings system.
Of course, there’s one pretty big problem with this theory. When Noé recovers from his injury, he ends up with one ring in both of his eyes, rather than just in one of them. I do have a potential explanation for this, but I will warn you that we’ve now reached the inevitable part of all of my theories where we go off the rails and into the world of wild speculation.
Here’s my theory— a small number of vampires are able to “strengthen” their eyes by temporarily putting out one of them. This is likely very difficult and dangerous to do (since we know from Veronica that powerful vampires can see through things like masks and eyepatches), but if a vampire manages to render one of their eyes temporarily unusable, both of their eyes will gain rings as their working eye attempts to compensate for their unusable one.
I don’t think this sort of thing actually changes a vampire’s inherent abilities that much (as, while Noé does seem to be stronger than the average vampire, he never does anything on the same scale as the other one ringed vampires we see in VnC), but could definitely be used as an intimidation factor over other vamps. And this absolutely sounds like the sort of thing the senators we see with a bajillion eye rings would try. Vampire society is built on superstition and politics and playing the game of thrones posturing… if a vampire like Lord Paldence thought he could get ahead by purposefully injuring one of his eyes, increasing the number of rings he has in both, I could absolutely see him doing it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think this theory could also lend a very amusing edge to the De Sades’ lack of eye rings. The De Sade family absolutely cares about status and reputation, but we do know they’re often viewed as capricious eccentrics by a lot of vampire high society. There’s something so damn neat about Antoine, with no eye rings, perceived as less powerful and clearly playing it up by acting humble and friendly, completely manipulating Lord Paldence despite his five hundred eye rings.
the end (for now)
And with that, we’ve finally arrived at the end of this theory!! Thank you so much for reading this rambling meta theory analysis thing. As always, please take everything here with a massive massive grain of salt— it’s very possible that vampire eye rings are like, feckin sharingan or something and Noé and Ruthven just gained more eye rings after experiencing something deeply scarring / traumatic or something to that effect. This is all just complete speculation based on me spending way too much time staring at this manga.
Thanks again for reading and see ya next time!
I don’t usually include TLDRs in my posts, but this was a very long and rambly one, so here’s the basic gist!
Vampires’ eye rings seem to correspond to their ability to manipulate the world formula/ their “power” as a vampire. Most vampires have no eye rings; powerful vampires have one; after that the actual change in power is unclear, but having more rings seems to be perceived as having more power.
There are exceptions to this rule, like the Beastias and the De Sades.
When a vampire loses the ability to use one of their eyes (permanently or temporarily), their working eye gains rings in an attempt to compensate for the missing one.
Vampires MIGHT (this is intENSE sPECULATION) purposefully temporarily injure one of their eyes in an attempt to gain rings in both eyes and be perceived as more powerful.
thanks for reading pls take this with a grain of salt because I’m probably wrong
#vnc #vanitas no carte #the case study of vanitas #meta-ish #here’s some notes I’m gonna hide in the tags: #i try to avoid using the anime as a reference; since it has a tendency to omit small details #(such as the manga detail that vampires’ eye rings fade away when their eyes turn red) #but i really needed to use it to make sure kid noé’s lack of eye rings was intentional #ngl in terms of manga theories I consider a lot of the anime to be dubiously canon;;;;; #aka; i was Big Mad they made anime johann’s hair silver instead of pale greyish blonde #aka; Luca’s hair will continue to be red to me until i see a cover/ inside cover illustration where he has brown hair ddhHHHhhdhdhdhhd #as a side note— if I was gonna take a stab as to why ruthie has colored sclera; #my guess would be that it’s got smth to do with his curse/ swear ability #he’s the only character we know of with yellow sclera; he’s the only character we know of with this ability… it just seems to make sense #i think I’m just a simp for the idea that Ruthven’s always had this ability just didn’t use it for moral reasons prior to the Incident #ofc it’s also possible that he just naturally has yellow sclera #and the ‘swear’ curse was smth he learned and/ or got as a lil present from Naenia #i was gonna include all this in the post but i didn’t want it to seem too Ruthven heavy #i think five screenshots of Ruthven is enough for one post lmao #god i really have a problem #As For the characters with black irises!! #Occam’s razor suggests it’s just a stylistic thing and their eyes are simply too dark to see what their rings are like #since JJ and his dad both have very dark eyes #i didn’t really wanna sift through the anime to see if manet and nox have rings #hopefully we’ll b able to see more with Jean Jacques in s2 #if you read all that you’re legit a god thanks for reading this insanity #i legit went into this post expecting it to just be a fun lil observation about Ruthven’s eye rings #then i noticed that one panel of Noé and it spiraled from there
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