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#that second one hit me like a mf truck
rekiri · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: giving and receiving hickeys/love bites.
WARNINGS: hickeys, love bites, bruising, nsfw.
CHARACTERS: bakugou, kirishima, todoroki, midoriya, denki, tamaki, mirio, shinsou (new).
A/N: perhaps I went overboard with this but whew this was fun to write y'all. enjoy!! <3
Tumblr media
— bakugou
you would think he's a fucking psycho from how he wants to bruise up your neck and collarbones. it's not just sucking on your skin. He likes to bite too.
it's a pride thing, I feel like. he doesn't just stop at one or two. He really goes crazy on your neck. six, sometimes eight hickeys all in one sitting. he's a menace 😭
you have to stop him before he gets too out of hand because one-time izuku, bless his heart, thought you got into it with a villain. you had to explain that you were fine and that his hardheaded-ass friend was the reason behind your bruising. he still didn't get it.
"Huh? I don't understand.."
"Midoriya, sweetie. You cannot be serious right now."
Zuku wasn't your only embarrassing encounter regarding your neck. there's so many.
you tell bakugou about your humiliating stories with everyone and he just laughs. you wouldn't even have them if it wasn't for him!!!
"Ugh, you get on my fucking nerves. Move." You push past the blond and he scoffs. now he has to give you some dick because you have an attitude.
he doesn't like receiving as much as giving, but if you're lucky, once in a blue moon, he'll entertain you.
he stops you at three, which isn't fair at all but, you make sure those mfs are obnoxiously visible. right on the sides of his neck, nice and red.
listen, those black tank tops he wears around don't hide shit. he'll forget you put them there, but he doesn't necessarily care if people see them. he's glad to know that people know he's getting some ass. your ass, respectfully.
the boyz 🥶😈💯 like to tease him.
"Hey, Bakubro. Good study sesh with (Name), huh?" Kirishima says, earing a burst of stifled laughter from Denki and Sero on the couches.
"What? Yeah, sure." Bakugou said and took a swig from his water bottle.
"Must've been really good judging from your neck, man," Denki added, getting outright laughter from the other two. Bakugou was irritated.
"Fuck off. You still have to use your right hand to blow your wad." Bakugou grumbled, plopping himself down on the couch.
— kirishima
he's always having fun when he's marking you! he's real generous too, and he likes to leave three or four. all placed randomly on your neck, and they all end up being his colors. he's so proud of his work.
will 100% look at you in class the morning after and say, "you look pretty in red, babe."
your flustered face and playful punch to his arm make him feel so manly.
the only :// thing with his hickeys is that he has to be careful because of his teeth. one time, he accidentally drew blood the tiniest bit of blood. it didn't even hurt, but he was so embarrassed and felt awful ;(
you had a reassure him that you were okay and you loved his teeth, sharp and all. he was your baby shark 🥺
and who else were you going to ask to quote this video? please.
kiri shows a lot of skin, so he'll be a little flustered when he puts on his hero uniform, just because everyone can see where exactly you placed your small love bites. they're not exactly "innocent" spots either.
there's seven, starting from his chest down to his pelvis. its safe for anyone to assume his patience was rewarded in some head. you were already down there anyway, so why not?
he's not too flustered, though; he'll laugh off any comments he gets on them. it's all in good fun.
"Nice happy trail, bro." Denki laughed.
"Shut up." Kiri pulls him into a playful headlock
when he sees you later, he'll come up behind you and smack your ass. hard.
"Ow, Kiri," You rubbed your backside. "What was that for?" You were all pouty, but you didn't mind too much.
"This." He lifts up his shirt showing revealing your work.
— todoroki
he would entirely leave a hickey by accident. it started as a regular cuddle session leaving little kisses on your neck. but your cute little whimpers urged him to keep going, then those little kisses turned into sucking on your neck while his hips rutted into yours.
todo will notice it two hours later when he's helping you with some homework.
"Oh, it's getting darker.." Todoroki leaned in closer to your neck, examining the mark on your skin. He noticed that it was lighter in color earlier, but now it was turning almost bruise-like.
(low key would start to panic because he's not sure if he hurt you. he would just die if he left a permanent mark on you. ✨ trauma ✨)
"Hm? What is?" You turned your attention to him from doing your homework.
"Where I kissed you earlier." He replies.
"Yeah, Sho. It's supposed to, you left a hickey."'
"A hickey?" He's confused.
"Mhm," You pecked his lips. "Now help me with this question."
"It doesn't hurt, right?" His question raises some of your alarms and you get serious.
"No, baby. It felt good, remember?" You gave him a reassuring smile and a gentle pat to his cheek.
he wants to give you more.
a fucking pillow princess. he's the type to like receiving them over giving them. there's nothing wrong with that though! your lips just feel so good on his neck; he can't help but to just lay there and take it.
he doesn't care at all if people see them. he's super blunt about questions too not picking up on the fact that he's being teased.
"Todoroki! What are you marks on your neck, hm? Bug bites the size of (Name)'s mouth?" Mina giggles. The few of his classmates around him chuckling.
"They're not bug bites, but they are from (Name)." Todoroki says calmly and resumes eating his soba.
everyone: 🤕😐😶
— midoriya
he doesn't do this often, but when he does, he leaves a single cute one. it's somewhere placed out of sight, maybe like at the base of your neck or maybe your collarbone.
zuku gets excited because only he knows where he put them. if you move a certain way or you have on clothing that doesn't cover his marks, he'll blush so much.
I think further into the relationship you get with him, the bolder he'll become.
he's a closeted pervert, so he'll leave some on your inner thighs and ask if he can take a picture, nd promises to not show anyone.
pls just let him 🥺
oh my god, his first hickey was from you, and he felt SO scandalous. everyone teased him about it, but it was all in good fun!
it was just so funny to see someone like sweet little midoriya with something like a hickey on his neck.
honestly, the mark told all his business. the business in question is that he was getting his dick wet on the regular now. RESPECTFULLY.
"Hi, baby!" You greeted happily with a quick kiss.
"Hey, honey." He smiled.
"Oh- Is that from me?" You furrowed your brows and leaned in looking at the mark on his neck.
"Yeah," He chuckled and looked off to the side.
"I have a sticker to cover it up-"
"No, it's okay! Thank you though." He smiled and grabbed your hand to walk you to class.
he's obsesseddddd.
— denki
he loves shit like this!!
he really enjoys the fact that everyone knows that you're his. you literally have the his hickeys to prove it.
denki is another one that will go insane on your neck if you don't stop him.
if you don't rest in peace bc your neck looks like a crime scene <//3
bakugou will say some slick shit like "damn, are you dating a mosquito or what?"
you: "boy mind ur business 🙄"
loves receiving just as much as giving, if not more. he feels like hot shit walking around campus knowing that he's got last night's post orgasm affection all over his neck.
he wouldn't be obnoxiously showing them off but instead he's just in a good ass mood, better than usual.
all in all, pika just loves you a lot. & this is just another way to express how much you guys L word each other.
— tamaki
he doesn't leave any on you much because he's too embarrassed most of the time; this is extra true when you guys first started dating :(
but like midoroya, I think the longer you guys are together, the more comfortable and confident he'll become.
so when he is feeling bolder, he'll leave two, maybe even three on your chest. (it's probably an excuse for him to suck on your boobs, he loves them)
he gets all flustered when you're wearing a top that shows off your chest because now they're visible, and his friends are asking questions.
save him.
another pillow princess, once your lips are on him, he's literally putty in your hands.
a whimpering mess. no, just a mess in general.
one time you were sucking on his neck, and he came in his pants. the poor baby was so embarrassed he couldn't even look you in your eyes for an hour. it took a lot of consoling him to get him back to normal, but at least he got a cute little love mark and an orgasm out of it. <3
he really loves hickeys, though, especially since you seem to have a liking to giving him a handjob while your lips are getting to work on his hip bone.
"Tamaki, raise your arms for a second?" Nijire asked. Mirio, who was standing beside her, nodded. Tamaki looked confused, and he reluctantly raised his arms for his friends.
when he did, the bottom of his shirt lifted to reveal the line of hickeys he had going across his hip line. then the realization hit him like a truck going 120 mph.
"Wow! (Name) really gets to work on you, huh! Good job!" Mirio says in his usual cheerful voice.
tama nearly died from embarrassment. no literally, he was on the floor. poor thing.
— mirio
this sunshine loves to mark up his little baby!! he doesn't go overboard though! just a couple on your neck, real cute stuff.
sometimes he'll leave some on your thighs too if he's feeling extra spicy. he's gotta be in a certain kinda mood though.
honestly he likes hickeys because he's a real tease. like annoyingly so. he'll spend five minutes on one between your thighs knowing damn well you want him to start eating you.
"Mirio. Stop playing with your food 🙄" - You.
he's a big boy, we all know this. so your favorite place to leave them is on his broad chest. it's free real estate.
he looks so good walking around your dorm room shirtless and in his UA sweatpants. his chest just litered with hickeys from you.
"Whatcha lookin' at, sunshine?" He grins at you pulling his sweats up some.
"Nothing, Togata." You shake your head and giggle turning your attention back to your phone.
"Take a picture it lasts longer." He teases.
You actually take a picture. it comes out cute actually, he's doing a strong man pose with his head tilted high.
it goes on your private story on snapchat.
— shinsou
he really fucks with hickeys. the whole concept and the act of doing is just so hot to him. he does this often, probably more so than the other boys. it's just his vibe.
you guys spend your lunch making out & dry humping in a janitor's closet. your classmates already know what's up when you come back from lunch with fresh new red-ish and purple marks on your neck. but that doesn't stop you from scolding him.
"Toshi," You whined. "Why did you do them so dark? People are gonna know." You rubbed your neck as you looked at your appearance through your phone's camera app.
"You look pretty with them. Don't whine." He kisses your forehead and flattens out your hair.
just the thought of you sitting in class fiddling with your gold "𝒽𝒾𝓉𝑜𝓈𝒽𝒾" necklace with a marked up neck just makes him go "whew 🥵"
you like to give him one or two just as a little "remember me <3" after a night of getting piped. you put one on that spot right behind his earlobe and the other right on his adam's apple.
sometimes when you're feeling extra needy, you'll make a mini trail from the underside of his chin to the base of his neck.
he'll let you do it all. he just scrolls through his social medias with a bored look on his face while you get to work on his neck.
he's so hot omg
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to rekiri 2021. do not modify or repost.
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bubbleteaimagines · 2 months ago
Driving with the Haikyuu Boys
Haikyuu Boys Headcanons
Tumblr media
Everybody thinks he’s such a good driver but Suga makes some turns that are extremely questionable
Has hit the curb more than once and literally just said, “Oops!” while smiling and chuckling
Lowkey has road rage, Sugamama is NOT afraid to use that horn
Dear god you can’t tell who’s more nervous- him or you
Asahi is literally shaking at the wheel, thinking over and over about how he really doesn’t wanna kill you
He’s a good driver honestly but his nerves make him serve a lil and mess up and he’ll always scream, “Sorry, sorry!” when he’s yanking the wheel and cars behind him are honking
This man can and cannot drive and I stand by this
Like he’s a good driver, but he literally takes his fucking eyes off of the road every two seconds
He absolutely will NOT take them blame for anything even tho HE was the one that was serving in the other lane because he was trying to check himself in the mirror
If you value your life PLEASE don’t do it
He is the WORST driver out of all the boys because it runs in his veins
Has his music blasting so fucking loud that you can feel the base thumping in your damn brakes
Is actually pretty decent
His worst habit is getting too into the music and he ends up serving cause he’s tryna dance to the beat
Has the worst road rage ever and is not afraid to get out of the car
Extremely good driver but is literally like this 🗿 at the wheel
He sits up completely straight, looks straight ahead, doesn’t even have music. It’s just completely silent
Has the fucking AC on full blast you will legit freeze to death in Ushi’s car
Like...he’ll get you there safe but GOD DAMN
This mf speeds like he’s on a damn race track, weaving in and out of this fast lane. Don’t even try to look at the Odometer cause you’ll have a heart attack
Worst part is, he doesn’t even mean to, he just gets distracted
Likes to bounce in his seat and sing along with the music, he’ll even point to you, wanting you to sing with him but you’re literally clutching the seat for dear life
This mf knows he’s a good driver and gets cocky about it
His god damn seat is on the lowest possible setting and his ass might as well sit in the back cause that’s how far it is
He speeds too but not as much as Bokuto, insists it’s okay bc, “Don’t worry, I’m an experienced driver,” even tho he’s only been driving for like 3 years
Another one that’s like 🗿
But Kenma is a horrible driver, he only sits up close cause he’s scared of relaxing
You could give this mf the SIMPLEST directions but he’ll panic and get lost somehow (Kuroo has had to come get him on multiple occasions and will not let Kenma live it down)
10/10 driver, would recommend driving with Daichi
He literally sits like a dad- one hand on the wheel, the other on the clutch, humming to the radio with his lil sunglasses on
He’s super relaxed and actually knows how to murge, probably drives a big ass truck with the headlights on 24/7 and bright as shit
Super chill driver, another one that has the mf bass practically vibrating through your asshole
Drives with one hand and literally only looks once before merging or turning
Has the, “If they hit me it’s their fault,” attitude, always tenses up when a cop pulls up beside him (his car lowkey smells like weed but...ya didn’t hear it from me)
SO stiff I’m literally screaming
He’s like Ushijima, will yell at you if you even THINK about turning on that music, sometimes you’re not even sure this mans blinks while driving
Kageyama has a horrible sense of direction and always takes the wrong exits, he also has bad road rage and will ride your ass if you’re going too slow
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orangeseoks · 10 months ago
Trouble Maker // j.jk
Tumblr media
part one - part two here
[ disclaimer! ]
this is of pure fiction and is NOT to be taken seriously!
genre ;; fluff, smut, angst | hybrid au
pairing ;; jungkook x reader, hybrid!jk x reader, (kinda) namjoon x reader.
notes ;; jungkook is a horny mf, reader is a virgin *cOuGh*, mentions of abuse, a few fights happen here and there, namjoon is a complete dork, (y/n) and namjoon are besties uwu, eventual smut, jk randomly finds porn, masterbation, (y/n) fights with her family + daddy issues, highschool is hard, jk has a virgin kink, surprise heats, jk has wet dreams (ovo; ).
warning ;; there may be quite a bit of fob in here, idk
[ unedited ]
[ all rights reserved @orangeseoks​ ]
"Wake up will you," a voice blares from beside me. I quickly jolt awake and look around me, "y-yes?" Rubbing the sleepiness from my eyes I stretch in my spot and sigh, glancing at the workbook I'd dumped so carelessly onto the floor. "You're such an idiot, why do I even bother with you?" Namjoon answers with a laugh.
"Namjoon, seriously? I'd only passed out, geez." Rubbing my temple, I stand up, a slight giggle passing my lips as I start collecting the few items I'd scattered around me. I'm normally at home around this time, not often do I sleep during studies at Namjoon's. 
I gently pack my things into my bag and make my way to the front door, slipping my shoes on. "Do you want a ride home?" He asks, tucking his car keys into the pocket of his pants.
Shaking my head I give Namjoon a soft smile, "I'll walk, it's okay."
"You sure? It's almost half past eleven," I merely nod and open the door. "If anything I'll take the bus home, see you!" Waving the older male goodbye, I run outside of his small house and down the street.
Namjoon, he's a lot older than me, like a lot. He's an adult and I'm still a student, many would think he's my tutor or something - but he's just a long time friend. Weird?
Humming to myself, I kick a stone on the pavement before I turn down an alleyway between two houses. This was my usual route home from Namjoon's place, it was a neat shortcut. It was always the best way to avoid a long walk, sometimes even people, I guess it’s just a fast escape. When I see the road come into view my smile widens, just across the street was a small corner store and I was dying to eat something.
Crossing the silent street, I make my way towards the store, accidentally inhaling the cigarette smoke from the group of males outside the laundromat. Coughing, I enter and begin to roam the few isles they had, grabbing a few snacks here and there. The smell of cigarette smoke still lingered in the air but it wasn't as strong as it was outside.
"Is this all?" The cashier asks me, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. "Yep," is all I respond with, taking out my wallet to pay for everything. "Which school do you go to?" The woman suddenly asks me whilst she packs everything into a re-usable bag, "oh um.. that school just down the street, I forgot the name." I let out a faint chuckle, my cheeks growing a faint pink.
"Ah, my daughter goes there too." With a warm smile the woman hands me everything, "be careful walking home it's cold out."
"Thank you," bowing slightly I exit the store, that disgusting smell hitting me like a truck. Scoffing, I cover my nose and cross the street in a hurry.  
A little before I got home, I'd decided to stop at the bus stop just a house away from mine. And now here I am, sitting there as I eat the sandwich I'd purchased. Watching the few cars that pass by me, "are you jumping busses too?" Flinching, I turn around to face the voice - swallowing my mouthful in a hurry. "N-No, I'm just sitting here to eat." Smiling shyly I fold the parchment paper that once was wrapped around my sandwich, lowering my gaze to the concrete below my feet.
"At midnight? That's new," the voice adds. Nodding I shift awkwardly in my spot, "I'm not going to hurt you, I'm only waiting for the bus."
"S-Sorry, I'm not used to this sort of thing."
"Me, social interaction or bus jumping?" The voice asks playfully, a small laugh passing through their words. "All of them I guess," embarrassed with myself I mentally facepalm - slouching in my spot. "Don't be, I'm only dressed differently." Confused as to why they've pointed that out, I glance up at them, noticing how they really are dressed differently. They're wearing a hat, baggy clothes and a .. collar? Or maybe it's a choker?
I clear my throat and nod, "not really. I mean, other people dress like that."
"Yeah well I'm not like other people," the voice answers, headlights hitting the both of us. My eyes widen when I see a glimpse of the persons face, they're beautiful. "Here's my bus," they finish - standing and entering the large vehicle. Leaving me and my lonesome once more, shaking my head I stand also, grabbing both my bags and walking the remainder of my way home.
Sighing, I look up at my steep driveway, never getting over how tiring it is to walk up it. "I'm home," I mutter sarcastically. A fake smile painting my features as I walk up it. When I reach the top of my driveway, I begin shaking open my gate, not failing to notice the obvious movement in the bushes behind my fishpond.
Furrowing my eyebrows together, I walk toward the bushes closing the front gate behind me and then pushing open an entrance for me, so I’m able to pass through the crowded greenery. "..Hello?" I ask the darkness of night, sighing at my actions I look around the area and see nothing. That is until I spot two perky ears twitching. "Oh-" Kneeling down, I move the rock the animal is hiding behind, spotting the small thing and frowning at its appearance.
"Poor thing, let's get you inside." I gently pick up the bunny and cradle it in my arms despite the constant thrashing it makes. I hum at this, rubbing gently behind its ears whilst I take out my keys, I unlock the unit house I'm living in and switch on the lights, placing the animal onto my kitchen table to examine it.
The poor bunny was coated in thick mud, a deep slash in one of their back legs, along with a few other cuts on them. “Lets clean you up, yeah?” With a gentle smile, I pick the bunny up and walk over to the kitchen - filling the sink with warm water.
“You’re safe now little bunny,” I affirm, turning the tap off and placing the tiny animal into the shallow pool of water. A small chuckle leaves my lips, watching as it squirms slightly when coming in contact with the warm liquid. Smiling, I get myself a cup and collect a bit of water to pour over the top of the bunny. Combing my fingers through its slightly over grown locks, I untangle a few of the knots in its fur before beginning to scrub the mud away.
I let out a faint laugh when the little bunny presses itself into the palm of my hand, “do you like me washing your fur?” As if it understands me, their ear twitches and they hop into my free palm. Smiling, I wet its ears, softly massaging the fur with my fingers, being sure not to apply too much pressure knowing how sensitive rabbit ears can be.
“I’m almost finished little bunny,” giggling, I wash away any extra muck before transferring the small animal to a clean tea towel, wrapping it neatly around the bunny’s small frame and returning to the kitchen table to dry it. Humming, I eventually finish drying the bunny and run my hands along its damp fur, “sit tight I’ll be right back.”
And I was, I’d left and come back in the span of only three minutes. A first aid kit in hand, sitting in front of the bunny I notice how it awakes from what I’m assuming was their sleep. “I’m going to treat your leg alright, it may hurt so I’m sorry in advanced.” With a concentrated sigh, I look at the injured leg, feeling somewhat relieved to see it looking better now that its been cleaned of whatever gunk was in it.
I apply a bit of an ointment onto the little bunny’s leg before wrapping it in a bandage, “jang! All done!” Clapping my hands together, I let a grin fall onto my lips whilst I pick the bunny up, pulling it into my chest for hug. “You’re such a good little bunny! I’m so proud of you!”
With a giggle I glance at the clock next to the tv, instantly frowning when I notice how late it is. I should be sleeping, but instead I’m cuddling with a stray rabbit. Sighing, I comb my bangs back and make my way to my bedroom, turning the lounge light off behind me.
“You can sleep with me tonight hun,” crawling into bed I place the small bunny into the arms of one of my teddy bears, smiling when it curls into the plush toy. Yawning I bid the bunny goodnight and fall asleep myself.
Tumblr media
As sunlight passed through the bedroom curtains, I feel myself begin to stir in my sleep, groaning I turn towards my wall. A giggle leaving my lips as a tiny tongue flicks along my neck, licking at my skin, with a shaky laugh I open my eyes - a familiar little bunny coming into view. Smiling, I pick the rabbit up, rolling onto my back and holding it in the air.
“I think I might keep you, call you mine.”
Chuckling, I sit up and place the bunny into my lap, petting the small creature. “I’m (Y/n), and you’re..” Pausing for a moment I look around my room for a name idea, then it hits me. “You’re Jungkook!”
I watch as Jungkook jumps up, pawing at my shirt, “someones excited!” I exclaim happily, picking Jungkook up and checking the bunny for a split second. “You’re a boy Jungkook!” I yell, clearly as excited as him.
Cutting myself and Jungkook from our moment, I listen to my phone go off beside me, sighing I unlock it and read my messages with a frown. A deep groan falls from my lips, tossing my phone onto the floor carelessly - as if it’ll relieve my irritation.
“Namjoon’s coming over, Jungkook, he’s a friend of mine. He’s going to help me finish my leftover work,” smiling I cradle the tiny male bunny in my arms. Running my hand gently along his back, watching his small tail twitch. Giggling I grab his tail between two fingers and massage the area around it.
“Come on, I need to change, help me pick out my outfit.”
Jumping out of bed, I make it quickly, rearranging my soft toys and such. I then take out a few things from the set of drawers I have sitting in the corner of the room. 
“Which one? Twitch either your left or right ear to tell me,” I utter holding up both the chosen pieces of clothes.
The bunny’s head only tilts to the side, his right ear twitching, grinning I nod and make a hurry to take off the shirt I was sleeping in, pulling on the large sweater and shorts.
“Ta-da!” I do a little twirl, laughing when Jungkook jumps in his spot, his large doe eyes glistening in the natural light. Scoffing, I shake my head, a wide smile still plastered on my face when I open my curtains and windows.
Turning to Jungkook, I watch as he jumps down from my bed, landing on his side with a small squeak. I let out a snicker watching in awe at the clumsy bunny. His little legs working hard as he runs over to me, snuggling himself into my ankle. “Come on bub,” I murmur picking Jungkook up and walking into the kitchen to boil the jug as-well-as place a few pieces of bread into the toaster.
“What should you have for breakfast?” Looking down at Jungkook, I smile, shuffling over to the fridge - tearing a leaf of lettuce away from its body and grabbing an apple to go with the green he’s going to eat, “sorry if you don’t like it. I’ll try and buy you bunny food on Thursday, hm?” Chuckling, I jump a little with every step I take; rocking Jungkook like an infant in my arms.
“I’ll cut your lettuce and apple so its easier for you to eat,” pressing a chast kiss to Jungkook’s fur, I place him on the bench beside me whilst I cut the lettuce into strips. The faint sound of rain hitting the roof filling my ears, I sigh at this and place the shredded lettuce onto a small plate. Moving onto his apple, I begin to cut that too, eventually finishing that and placing the tiny chunks onto the plate also - moving onto my breakfast once I’ve placed his food onto the table.
Placing a couple slices of bread into the toaster, I take out the butter along with the jam as I wait for my toast to pop up. 
I jump when my toast is ready, laughing at myself for being oblivious to it. Humming a song to myself, I butter my toast - blah blah. And then walk over to the table, giggling when I see Jungkook face first in his food; his cheeks stuffed with his breakfast. 
“Cute,” I mutter, taking a bite of my toast and listening to the pelting rain hit the roof of my home. “I hope Namjoon doesn’t catch a cold, he’s probably drenched.”
Speaking of the devil.
My eyebrows raise as my front door slides open, Namjoon rushing inside and tossing his keys onto the shoe shelf beside him, he sighs and removes his wet coat - draping it over the back of a kitchen chair. “Unlock your door next time,” he complains, sitting down and combing back his dripping bangs.
“Sorry,” I say, “I didn’t expect you over so early. Its only ten,” Namjoon nods in response. His eyes shifting from me to Jungkook - too immersed in his feasting to notice the male in the room. “You bought a rabbit..?” He asks, examining the animal with his eyes, “no.” Is all I respond with, finishing off the last of my toast.
“I found his last night, his leg was injured so I took him in.”
Namjoon sighs, “what is it has some type of disease and you catch it?”
“I won’t, he’s healthy, a little beaten is all.” I smile sadly, moving my hand to pet Jungkook as he eats. “Do you plan on telling your dad?” He asks, plucking an untouched chunk of apple from Jungkook’s plate and tossing into his mouth.
I scoff, “no. Like he’s going to find out, he’ll only make me pay for everything myself, not to mention my sisters.” I find myself shivering at my own words, “if my sisters find out I have a rabbit in my house, they’ll smother the poor thing.”
Laughing, Namjoon nods, “I get it.”
I don’t say a word, only hum and allow Jungkook to hop into my open hand, “how much of the work did I need to finish?”
“Right!” Namjoon starts, placing the small bag he has with his atop of the table, “if I remember correctly you only have to finish your slide for history.” I instantly grin, history is one of my favourite subjects. I so adore history, I’ve always been a fan of the dark and interesting histories and wonders of the world.
According to my friends and mutuals at school I’m a, quote on quote; history whore. 
“Salem Witch Trials, right?” Namjoon asks, cutting me from my thoughts, “yeah, that’s it.” He nods, taking out his notebook as well as a few sheets of paper littered with words and images. “I’ve got some articles printed for you to use as reference.”
Thanking him, I run off to grab my laptop, returning moments later and sitting in my original spot. “I think you only have two slides left to make,” he murmurs, writing a few things into his notebook. I hum, opening my slides and quickly looking through my current work.
One slide left, I think to myself, glancing at the papers given to me. This is going to be interesting.
Tumblr media
Groaning, I flop lifelessly onto my sofa, ignoring the grumbling coming from Namjoon. “(Y/n)-”
“Don’t you dare make me work any further, I’ve finished everything.” I retort, not letting Namjoon finish his sentence, he knows how stubborn I can be and decides to leave things at that. “Movie?” He asks, switching the tv on, “no - game.” 
Chuckling, Namjoon stands to grab the two controllers sitting in a drawer before handing me one and starting up a multiplayer game so the two of us can play. “Are you ready to lose?” I chime cockily, knowing how he sucks at this specific video game. “Ha ha, very funny,” he retorts.
I smile at his sarcasm, focusing my attention on the game about to take place, “loser.” I say, mashing furiously at my controller, knocking down Namjoon’s character with a simple punch. The male beside me huffs, puffing his cheeks out, “I’m no loser.”
And he wasn’t lying when he said that, I’d only blinked and my character had been knocked down with a booming k.o! I was shocked; he’d literally just beaten me, me! 
“Kim Namjoon!” I whine, throwing the small device in my hands onto the armchair across from the two of us, instantly jumping onto the broad male - tackling him into the cushioning.
He lets out a low squeak, squirming beneath me with a roaring laugh. He knows how competitive I can get, so why would he make me lose?
“(Y/n)!” He laughs, his hands unconsciously finding my waist as I resume tickling him. “St-Stop!” Furrowing my eyebrows, I pinch his waist before stopping and glaring at him, “thank you.” He pants, rolling over slightly and glancing at a certain spot on the floor.
“Oh hey little guy,” Namjoon spurs, smiling fondly at Jungkook. I notice this and turn my head to face my curious bunny, “come on!” I cheer, kneeling beside the couch and watching as he scrambles over to me. Burying his face into my hands the second he comes up to me.
I can’t help but grin at how cute he is, bringing the small animal towards my chest and cradling him. “He’s so cute Namjoon.”
“Are you going to keep him?” He asks, sitting up after tidying his tussled hair. “Mhm, I decided to keep him once I woke up. There’s no way he’s going back out there, poor thing must’ve been beaten before running off.”
“There’s actually been cases popping up recently of animal abusers, the authorities are trying to find out who exactly is doing this and whether its a group or just individuals, they’re also speculating that its breeder or maybe a owner of sorts.”
He pauses, wetting his lips before continuing;
“Oh- there’s also cases of people seeing .. well other people, but with animal ears and tails. No one has been able to prove if these sightings are true or not, but I guess that’s off topic.”
Shrugging, I continue to gaze at the now sleeping bunny in my arms, a wide smile gracing my lips. “Should we go shopping?” I ask the bunny snuggled into me, knowing it obviously won’t answer me. “Now?” Namjoon questions, walking around me and into my room.
“Yeah,” is all I say as I climb to my feet and place Jungkook onto the couch to retrieve my shoes from my room - a coat hitting me directly in the face upon my entering. “Put that on, it’ll be cold outside.”
“I know,” I say. “I know.”
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Charmed [Episode 4]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➰ ot7 x reader, poly!bts x reader, mafia!bts ➰ they wouldn’t notice her until she was standing above them, a smoking gun in her hand a bullet in their heart 🌡 M   🛑 violence, guns, just y/n being a gutsy mf 🕛  6.1k+
✍️:  @yeomjoo​ - Thank you dear for editing this! 
(Please let me know if you want to be added to the tag list)
Tag List: @missseoulite @omgsuperstarg @slutkoo @asifetch7 @kawaiimusiccollection @namupeachs @xicanacorpse @bubbletae7 @crackhead1-800 @yeomjoo @crajishie @loveyoongles @knjkitten​ @btsarmysvtcarat @i-like-puppy-mg​ @nicoledelacour27
It had been a week since your injury at the warehouse. Thankfully, the bullet had only grazed your arm, taking away the layers of skin to reveal the fat layers underneath. The long-sleeved shirt that you wore would be forever ruined so you were forced to retire it, cutting it into strips to serve as bandages while you took shelter in your house.
There was no doubt in your mind that Jungkook had recognized your presence, but thankfully it didn’t seem like he had discovered the tracker, either mistaking it for a missed bullet or forgetting about it in the ruckus that followed. Still, it was odd.
Saying he was talented would be the understatement of the century. It had been dark and murky under the roof of the warehouse, that combined with the small opening between crates he would have to shoot through, it was a miracle you were hit at all.
The familiar beep beep of the microwave echoed through your house. Collecting the warm cup, you took a sip of revitalizing caffeine as you made your way back to your couch, eyes retracing the colored lines overlaid on a map of the city, each color a different day. Your alabaster skin suffering from the lack of sunlight. But you didn’t mind the drawn curtains and closed blinds, anything was better than ending up an unidentifiable body on the bottom of Han River.
You made your way to your nest on the new couch. Settling yourself among the blankets, you winced as the still tender flesh of your arm brushed against the leather of the fabric. It had been a stressful week of hiding - you had stayed in your apartment, relying on your bulk purchases of food to keep you sustained as you relied on your tracker to keep tabs on BigHit’s truck.
Glancing at the shuttered windows, you winced at the sight of the blond wig, half covered by the opaque fabric. It had remained there for the last week, ever since you chucked it at the window in your anger. It would have worked as the perfect disguise.
A high-pitched beep sounded from your computer, and your eyes turned to the screen just as another dot marked a location on the map - the truck had made another stop. You had programmed that tracker to mark location whenever the truck stopped for more than 3 minutes, longer than what it would take at a red light but still sensitive enough to pick up a small unloading and loading pause. It was a pain to wait before you went forward with the plan, but the mafia were smart. You didn’t know if they had approached the house or not yet. They could be waiting, or they could have used some corrupted form of psychology on you to fool you.
It was crucial that you got the location right the first time, as a failed attempt would put them even more on edge than they already were. You were sure that security would already be tighter due to your failure at going unnoticed, making the job even harder. Throwing your head back you let out a groan, one that was lost to time forever in the dusty gloom of your living room.
You let another week pass, stewing in the annoyance of being immobile and injured. Still, your impatience got the best of you and you wasted not time in rushing out the door as Eli.
He stayed mostly to roads he had never been on before, too paranoid that another underground worker would see him and give away his position. On hand, a phone with the list of all the addresses the truck visited, which was actually surprisingly short, organized from most visits to the least.
You had tried to narrow down your search using satellite imagery of the locations, but they were all clean. And yes, as cheesy as it was, there is some truth to the idea that suspicion increases when a place is too clean. Still, with no other option before you, here you were; possibly one of the greatest contract killers in the world, reduced to acting like a common thief who peeks through windows. Yes, some may argue that Eli was a common thief, but you firmly believe otherwise. What he did wasn’t thievery, it was art.
How many times had you trained to make your form disappear in a crowd, to make your fingers ghost-like in the efficiency with which they relieved pockets of valuables. You had done far too much to allow your work to be called anything less than a masterpiece.
The first house had been an epic flop in terms of anything interesting. The was simply a storefront for a pawn shop, most probably hiding another underground store but now that wasn’t your primary concern. It had taken you some time, but you had finally found it. Inconspicuous in the greatest fashion; why be isolated when you could hide in plain sight … in the penthouse of a luxury high rise!
You rolled your eyes at the extravagant clothing of the people walking through the ceiling-high, glass double doors. You could never imagine living like that every day; it would be stressful on your neck and head. All you needed was one accessory and your wardrobe was set. Without it you felt naked to the world, as if your entire identity was woven into the intricate metalwork.
The uniformed doorman sneaked another glance at your way, letting you know that it was time to do something, otherwise he was going to call security on your blonde ass. Instead of hightailing it out of there, you confidently walked to the front door and under the golden trimmed entrance, passing the doorman a slight nod. He silently glared back at you, too dependent on his meager wages to vocalize any complaint.
Passing the front desk, you smiled and nodded, playing the perfect part of a rich, but eccentric homeowner. Much like the cashier who worked at minimum wage, you were barely cast a glance. The clock that controlled time ticked away in the corner of the hall, much more interesting than any hooligan that may have infected the marble floors.
Making your way to the steel elevators, you stepped in the next available one and rode it all the way to the top. There was no one in the house, you knew that for certain; it was an entertaining sight to see the boys strut into their limo earlier, an hour or so before the doorman saw you for the first time. And since you began your surveillance, they hadn’t returned.
For how high-profile they were, the door itself was a very basic keypad lock, one that was clean enough to make the smudging more visible to the naked eye. In the corner of your eye, you saw the security camera trained on your face, or rather, Eli’s. He was a cheeky bastard and couldn’t help himself from waving at the person on the other side, who sat wide-eyed.
It was a habit that had developed among us to randomly check the surveillance of our home while we were out. It wasn’t as vigilant as it sounds however with the time intervals ranging from 30 minutes to almost 2 hours but it was better than nothing.
I had reached a dead end with that ramen shop, though I did expect that. No thief was stupid enough to visit the same place twice, expecially when you had been tagged there. Still, no one had any rumors about his whereabouts despite antics being at an all-time high.
So imagine my surprise and anger at finding waving at me through the screen of my phone as he entered my house. His smile was wide enough to show off his perfect teeth and his fashion was to the nines with a smart hat over his blonde head and a leather jacket and dark jeans; he looked in his element.
Through gritted teeth, I ordered the driver to turn around. A business deal was small compared with bringing in Eli to the boss. Rarely did I ever break the calm and composed position of power like my father taught me, but even he had his breaking points and this was mine.
Giggling at your actions, you smoothly unlocked the front door with an electronic masterkey. It was the greatest thing you ever created and ran an algorithm to find all possible number combinations. It then used a phantom copy of the keypad server to run the possibilities, basically giving you an unlimited amount of trials.
You walked into the room like you owned the place, which for the next few moments until the boys got back, it felt like you did. Everything in you was working overtime to keep you from messing something up; the whited sepulchre annoying you to your very limits. It was very surgical in its decoration, pale and empty. It was a home, but it didn’t feel lived in.
Is this what happens when you probably have maids that come every day? Sadly, you would never know.
Making your way past the entrance hall - seriously what was with that? a hall just to greet people? - you encroached upon their living room; a bleak continuation of the uneasy entrance hall. There were multiple cameras, and you were pretty sure of bugs too, but what did you care about? You wanted them to know that you were here. You wanted them to understand just what Eli was capable of, even if it was putting a gun to their head and pulling the trigger.
The familiar ding of the elevator made its way through the opened crack of the front door. They were here.
The boys entered through the front door, six keeping an eye out for the intruder while Jin tried to find his location through their security cameras.
They were beyond furious, mostly because they felt the pain of having underestimated you.
“Hello boys.”
They would never make the same mistake again.
Immediately, you faced down the barrel of 6 guns, all but certain they would pump you full of iron without second thought. Yet in the face of death, you didn’t waver. They weren’t going to kill you after all, and everyone in that room knew that.
You only smiled, continuing to speak to maintain the dominance you held of the situation.
“Put your guns down. You can’t kill me anyways.”
Jimin scowled. Since the moment Jin had revealed to the group about Eli’s presence in their home, he had seen red creep around the edges. He was the frontman when it came to the group’s security, so even though he was happy the motion sensors inlaid into the cameras worked in informing them of the intruder, he was mad that the subversive technology in the lock had not prevented the intruder from getting in.
“Yeah? What’s stopping me?” Just to prove his point, Jimin took a threatening step forward, steadying the aim in the center of Eli’s forehead. “What’s keeping me from putting a bullet between those pretty blue eyes of yours?”
“Well, your boss for one.” Eli only smiled after that, letting the implications form themselves. it didn’t matter what justification he offered; the main goal was for the boys to come to conclusion themselves. That way, they would believe it more. “Or perhaps, it’s my pretty blue eyes? Take your pick Jimin.” The said man glared at your form.
Eli made his way to the antique bar setting on the far side of the living room, blatantly appreciating the arrangement of hard liquor in glass decanters. The boys had lowered their guns, coming to their own responses as to why Eli couldn’t die.
“Now, how about we all have a drink, and I explain why I am here, and you explain what it is that your boss wants me to help you steal.” They were trained men, so there was no blatant change in expression as you revealed the extent to which you understood their motives, but you could see some clenched jaws, no doubt unhappy with the power balance.
Currently, it was tilted in your favor, so you took the initiative to pour everyone drinks, gin and tonics all around. You then took your previous seat, leaning back with comfortable ease. The other boys also took places around the living room. They may not be completely estranged from the idea of shooting you, but at least the guns were no longer facing you.
Namjoon took a long sip of the drink, letting the familiar taste burn his throat on the way down. He hated Eli at that moment; the sense of passiveness the man gave off. As if he didn’t care about anything, least of all whether one of his boys put a bullet through his skull.
“Now, don’t be so morose about it all! It was all in good fun. Just a little something to show that I am not one to be underestimated, no matter how laissez-faire I seemed.” Eli spoke these words over the rim of his glass, the material distorting the smile that shines around white teeth. It wasn’t a tender kind smile that you show a lover, it was a deranged kind of smile, one that Namjoon rarely saw from anyone. And it sent chills slithering up and down his spine. He knew that working with this man would not be ordinary. And Eli knew that from the way it shined through his pretty blue eyes, locked solely on him at that moment. And for the second time in his life, he did not feel in control.
“Now, since I’ve shown you my cards. I think it is only proper that you show me yours.” The silence was punctuated with the clink of the tumbler on the center table. None of the boys met your eyes, half still focused on their guns. The other half just thought….and thought some more. How to answer a man who probably knows everything?
“We doubt there is anything that we could tell you that you wouldn’t already know.” Yoongi kept his voice level, as he always did. There was nothing special he saw in the little pickpocket, just another immature personality trying to be a man. Everyone was bound to mess up as some point, he just had to be the observant one and wait for it.
“You’d be surprised Yoongi,” Eli mused, ignoring the reaction Bangtan had to the obvious lack of respect the boy had. “There is always something to learn about everything. When you think you know it all, that is when you recognize that you were playing the fool.” You chuckled, leaving the rest of that phrase up to them for interpretation, already seeing the wheels in Namjoon’s head turning.
“Let me ask again. Why are you chasing me through the streets of Seoul?” Eli wasn’t expecting a no for an answer. You did not want to reveal that you only had basic knowledge of what they wanted, and even those hypotheses were not proven fact. But you had enough to play a small con for information.
“Here. I’ll even help you out. Your boss wants me to help you steal something because he thinks you’re not good enough, which is where I-.”
“We are good enough!” The outburst was instinct, coming from the one member that could never take being second to anyone, not even to a metaphor.
“Jungkook.” It was quick and sharp; an order without even needing to say the words.
“Oh? So, I was right. Thank you for the information, Jungkook.”
The dark-haired man leapt to his feet, pulled his pistol out of the holster and let go a single bullet. But then again, you weren’t just any old thief. With the same speed and flow, you pushed back on the chair as you saw, tipping backwards you dropped the glass, the loud crash more than enough to completely obscure a silenced shot. When the back of the chair made contact with the floor, you wasted no time  rolling behind the kitchen counter, where you were safe from any more stray bullets that managed to head your way.
“Sorry to be the bearer of bad new Jungkook but you missed this time.” You heard a growl, but thankfully no heavy footsteps making their way to your hiding spot. Still, he was a killer. Walking silently was no issue for him. As such, you made your way to the other side, facing the counter and behind it, anyone who would be coming for you from the direction of the living room.
Small murmurs made their way to your ears, far too quiet to make out the placating reassurances that the boys were delivering. You didn’t try and stop them, the less angry Jungkook was, the less he was prone to try and kill you, again.
“I suggest you come back out Eli. So we can show you to your room.” You could tell from his voice that Namjoon was just tired with the whole situation. “After all, you are working with us. It would be apt that you stay with us for the time being.”
Peeking out from behind the counter, you raised a single eyebrow at the assembled group of men. 
“When did I ever agree to work with you? As far as I’m concerned you haven’t even told me what you wanted my help with.”
“You have no choice Mr.– '' Namjoon cut off, fully intending for you to fill in the blank but you refused. Something about watching him squirm in the awkward silence made you happy, figurately at least.
“I have no choice?” you simpered. “Now that’s just plain wrong.” You came out from behind the counter, fully assured by the strong hold that Jin, Hoseok, and Jimin had on Jungkook. It looked like he wasn’t about to shoot you anytime soon. 
“I make my own choices Namjoon. No group of pretty boys is going to stop me.” 
And that is the story of how you no —  how Eli  — came to live with the Bangtan Boys.
The room they escorted you to contained the very furniture that you had seen them select a couple weeks ago. Sharp lines, metallics, and sterile. Everything about your job summed up into one disgustingly perfect room.
The blinds were open to catch the last rays of sunset that glinted off the high-rises around you. With a slight scowl, you turned your head as one stray reflection made its way into your eye. “Nice place. Bit too much light for my eyes though,” you said as you turned to face them. Only five of the men from before had followed you. It seemed that Jungkook had decided to leave rather than kill you, and Jin had joined him to make sure he didn’t.
You waited for a response. A minute passed. Then another. And now even you were starting to feel the weight of the tension in the room. Here they really had you cornered. The five of them corralling you into a room with a singular window more than 50 feet above cold pavement.
Have you escaped from this kind of situation before? Yes but that was only possible due to a conveniently placed window-washer’s station and a metal straw; neither of which you had available at the moment.      
“Good night Eli.” Namjoon’s voice betrayed the loosening reins he had on the other boys. Jimin, who had a soft spot for Jungkook, seemed to have no problem in gripping the beretta he had in a shoulder holster in warning.
Not that you ever listened to what pretty boys ever told you.
The next morning you woke up at your usual time, waved at the camera disguised on the black surface of the flower vase and began your morning routine. Thankfully over the years you had perfected the art of wigs and the blonde mane had stayed on through the night. Grabbing your clothes and more hair products you made your way to the bathroom. Changing into something more comfortable, you put on your running shoes and made your way to the front door.
Stretching out your back, you felt it pop and released a sigh before you crashed into someone. Taking a few steps back, you looked up into the face of the one and only Jung Hoseok. It was odd to see the man out of his suit and into what looked like workout gear.
It would be illegal for them to not be working out looking the way they did, but seeing it physically was something completely different. Not many were crazy enough to have a 6 am morning workout routine.
“Seems you’ll be joining us of your own accord.” Hearing the familiar drawl, you turn to see the rest of the boys in various states of putting their shoes on in the living room. So all of them did this every morning. Interesting.
“Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can’t watch me run today. I have my own routes and my own errands, so I’ll see you back for breakfast.” As you were finishing your sentence you darted for the entrance, so quick that Hoseok could only graze your arm with his fingertips.
Behind you, you heard the sound of footsteps as one of the boys, most likely Hoseok, gave chase to you. You pumped your eyes faster as you darted in the direction of the stairs. The elevators were a sure way to get caught if there was not one available immediately, but at least on the stairs you could use your skills to descend faster.  Slamming open the door to the stairwell, you leaped over the banister without second thought and angled your body towards the railing on the opposite sides a floor down. It wasn’t much of a head start, but with Hoseok you thought you could manage.
Using your palms, you latched onto the cold metal and pulled yourself over it. Not wasting a moment in continuing your journey down the stairs. Behind you, the slap of hands on metal scared you more than you would ever admit. The sound meant that whoever was giving you chase was not Hoseok. It meant that your pursuer would not look lightly upon you if they caught you.
Willing your motivation into your limbs, you pushed forward, taking the steps two at a time and trying to find another opening for you to jump down another floor. It wasn’t that there weren’t opportunities; no there were plenty of those. The issue came with commitment.
With a drop of over 50 feet below you, there was no room for error. You had to be sure you were making the jump long before you actually shifted the weight. From what you had guessed, the person seemed to have some strength and training, making the possibility for error even less. A trained person would see the shift in weight and the element of surprise was the most important thing you could have.
“I could do this all day Eli.” The dark voice from behind you almost made you jump in fear. It was Jungkook and he sounded like he would enjoy nothing more than to just exact all the anger he had towards you in a single moment. A lot could be done to a person without killing, and nothing that BigHit had said prohibited you from being a little banged up by the time you reached their front door.
Seeing an upcoming opening, you counted down the seconds until you jumped. About a meter away from the gap, you leaped for the gap. From behind you, you heard another growl as Jungkook came after you. At the last minute, you reached out your hand and grabbed the pole and used the centrifugal force to pull yourself back onto the stairs. Jungkook was so focused on the jump as he didn’t have the planning that you did, that you were able to catch your breath as he really dropped himself down two floors.
The look on his face was the most amusing; that wide eyes expression that really betrayed more anger at himself or not seeing this coming rather than at you for getting away.
Between heaved breaths, you couldn’t help but rub it in a bit more. “Eli 2 and Jungkook 0,” you smirked out. “Don’t look now but you’re in second Jeon.” And with that you knew the moment was over, and so did he. A trained fighter’s first lesson wasn’t on fighting at all; it was about holding back.
Looking at the messy blonde head a couple of floors above me, I wanted nothing more than to wring his neck. His lips were parted in mirth at my state of loss and the audacity of him to further rub salt into the wound as he relaxed on his throne above me.
Nothing was stopping me from running back up the flights and going after your snark attitude with his fists, but that was beneath him. That would be revenge and revenge was not looked upon kindly. Revenge is mindless while fighting is mindful.
Catching my own breath, because Eli was faster than he seemed, I glared in his direction and slowly began my trek back up the stairs to rejoin the boys. He would get away, this time. From across the round staircase Eli kept his eyes on me as he circled down and I circled up, until we met face too face on the 19th floor landing.
He gave me a small nod, lips slightly parted as he continued to restock his oxygen supply as he continued past me. I didn’t try to contest my loss.
I regret my training.
It wasn’t a hard task keeping your identity secret. You had already prepared for this eventuality and had stocked both you backpack and the back room of the noodle shop with extra supplies. This way, you could keep the location of your apartment a secret, just in case you needed to catch a break for any reason. Who knows when you would need a hideaway from BigHit.
In the meantime, you kept to places the boys knew about, like the noodle shop. So the ones that followed you had nothing to report back to Namjoon who had grew more frustrated as time passed, with no new information about you. In the house, you kept to yourself, only speaking about the mission.
“Why don’t you come join me! Taehyung! Jimin! Over here!” Your voice reverberated around the noodle shop, giving you a sense of deja vu as the rest of the patron turned to the entryway. Sending a quick wink at the matron of the store, she shook her head and nodded in response as she asked for another two bowls of noodles.
Recently, you had become close to her, creating some semblance of friendship between the two of you, built around her new-found popularity and you character. She would never tell you this, but you became one of her heart’s adopted children. In you she saw someone who was forced to grow up too fast, for what reason she understood that she would never know, but it was there.
“You’re playing with fire here child.” She leaned in as if she was taking your order.
In response, you lifted the menu, momentarily covering both your faces with the red book. “Well good thing I’ve stocked up on repellent, Umma.”
Pulling the menu back down, you motioned them over, giving them no chance to turn tail and run. They would now have to suffer through lunch with your infuriating face with those big wide eyes.
“It’s not good to tail someone on an empty stomach, so you should eat up. After this, I’ve got to take you on a wild goose chase around the park.”
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