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underground-manticore · 11 months ago
Kipo: This world has rules
Amphibia: This world has rules, but it’s also kind of chaotic
The Owl House: No rules, just chaos
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technobladeisgreat · 3 months ago
I was watching Joel’s 1000 days video and he said in his voiceover of him building his palace in a timelapse:
For context, Joel was building a separate building to sleep in after building his megabase.
“You’re probably thinking Joel this is very extra for where you’re literally probably just gonna put a bed. Yes, it is extra, but we’re doing a 1000 days of Minecraft. Of course, we’re extra. You have to be extra or insane to do this and we’re both!”
And I thought that’s the best way to describe Joel, extra and insane. The man is self-aware in the best way possible.
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gammija · a year ago
Was reading the wikipedia page on trolley problems to find out whether TMA is or isnt one - I still don't have a clear answer, but i do have this part from 'criticisms', which seems surprisingly apt:
Brianna Rennix and Nathan J. Robinson go even further and assert that the thought experiment is not only useless, but also downright detrimental to human psychology. The authors opine that to make cold calculations about hypothetical situations in which every alternative will result in one or more gruesome deaths is to encourage a type of thinking that is devoid of human empathy and assumes a mandate to decide who lives or dies. They also question the premise of the scenario. "If I am forced against my will into a situation where people will die, and I have no ability to stop it, how is my choice a "moral" choice between meaningfully different options, as opposed to a horror show I've just been thrust into, in which I have no meaningful agency at all?"
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darlingbudsofrae · 7 months ago
Aaron Minyard is just as perceptive as his twin
He immediately picked up Andrew’s bluff about Neil being nothing and gambled on that theory when the others thought it was hate fuck.
Like, this kind of peeves me off but I see a lot of posts criticizing Aaron for not figuring that Andreil was more than a fling but if we’re going to be honest, there is NO way Aaron would’ve took the chance of calling Andrew out about Neil and breaking the deal if he thought it wasn’t that deep. He’s the type of character that chooses to play safe most times so him actually “talking” to Andrew about it is evidence that he himself thinks it’s not just nothing.
He was the first of the foxes aside from Andrew to actually figure out that Neil wasn’t probably just a pitiful kid who has troubles at home or sum, and was rather actually running away from something or someone. (Kevin doesn’t count because Jean basically told him about it)
What makes this noteworthy is that he’s probably the person Neil spends time the least with out of all the foxes, and he just managed to pick up his few pieces here and there, and when the birthday fiasco happened— it dawned to him and he went straight for the bull’s eye when the other foxes who spent more time with him were thinking it’s just Riko being antagonistic over Neil’s words or something along those lines.
A normal person would just assume the car wreck was an accident but Aaron didn’t. He knew immediately that Andrew was capable of planning it and had went on with the plan. He knows Andrew killed Tilda.
He was one of the two foxes that figured out there was more to Seth’s overdose. I’d argue two (the other being Andrew) because really, it was Andrew who came to that conclusion and told Neil and Allison about it. He have no purpose telling Aaron since it wouldn’t serve him anything so it’s more likely that Aaron figured it out on his own.
When Higgins called for the first time in years, Aaron was the only person that noticed Andrew wasn’t okay and he needed to leave the court at that moment. Normally, he doesn’t speak out for Andrew but at that moment, he immediately knew that something wasn’t right so he spoke in favor of his twin.
I really wanted to make a note of this because while Aaron Minyard is the “normal twin” between the two, I feel like the fandom doesn’t give him enough credit about his perceptiveness. Because for you to perceive most of the things above, you have to be really fucked up- it’s the same reason why Andrew knows Riko offed Seth and how Neil’s a runaway. It’s the same reason Neil also knew Andrew planned Tilda’s murder. 
But Aaron is stretched into this bland and more boring version of Andrew who’d probably die first at a horror movie and I honestly couldn’t blame that because the books didn’t give him much but from the few that he was given, he is awfully perceptive but he’s passive compared to Andrew so most times it goes unnoticed. 
If you ask me though, that doesn’t make him any less scarier than Andrew. 
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penguinramen · 6 months ago
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finished rc9gn it’s shitpost time
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dykespurgeon · a month ago
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minnesotawild: Dripping with style.
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fangswell · a year ago
Tumblr media
bdg's comment section is really feeling it with this newest video, huh?
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stincorrect · 2 months ago
Steve: Are we enemies? Billy: No. Steve: Are we friends? Billy: Definitely not. Steve: … Steve: Are we gay? Billy: … Billy: Yeah. Steve: *smiles delightedly*
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enamoured-x · a month ago
It’s still so baffling how acosf literally did not drop any hints for g and az when it definitely could have. Her pliable bones? That was mentioned in relation to her training. (Also if you use this argument for her having kids and Elain not, you’re disgusting and need to watch what you say). You’re the new ribbon? Said by Nesta and literally that whole scene was meant to show Az, their trainer, that they could do it, or g could, whatever. His shadows singing in answer to her singing? That’s in regards to whatever powers she has. The second hand necklace? He literally told Clotho to give the necklace to anyone who would appreciate it if not g. Because “he wouldn’t go so far to call g a friend.” Also “a thing of secret, lovely beauty” was said first when he was giving it to Elain and it was said about the necklace not about the person persay bc the necklace when it was held up to the light the true colors of it were shown.
If Sarah was setting up their supposed story don’t you think she would’ve added more? Or added something concrete? Also, without the bonus pov that’s only supposed to be something fun considering not every copy has it, without it g and az’s interactions are even slimmer and don’t show romantic coding at all? Like no words on the paper show it. Yet Sarah made sure to have Nesta note the glances between Elain and Az and the charge behind it and his secret to tell never hers? Not to mention Az literally told Rhys he can’t order him to stay away and then brought up the damn blood dual bc he was willing to fight for Elain… and lastly, what if the cauldron was wrong was said AGAIN. Sarah didn’t write that for the cauldron to be right, what would be the point?
I just don’t understand how ppl took 3 interactions and ran with them over a couple who has had romantic coding for BOOKS now? But actually I do, y’all just hate Elain and would rather see Az with literally anyone else.
Also, G was put there for the same reason Emerie was put in acofas, not only to introduce a new character for NESTA. But to keep everyone talking, G is a red herring and y’all fell for it.
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bastardbvby · 10 months ago
we should’ve never let this moment fade into obscurity like are you kidding me
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sheltereredturtle · a year ago
Tumblr media
Danvers Sisters movie night :’)
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epitheterasedgen · a month ago
whatre ur feelings on bliss ocean? are they right? wrong? going bout it the wrong way?
I'm a Percy stan what do you THINK—
things Bliss Ocean is right about:
lexism is pretty sucky >:/
inscribed who use their epithets for bad are pretty sucky >:/
things Bliss Ocean is wrong about:
hurting innocent people is justifiable for any cause
the best way to stop lexism is to erase epithets (that's like saying "the best way to stop racism is to erase race" if we had a way to do that somehow)
a few people using their epithets for bad means that erasing all epithets will stop them from doing bad
erasing epithets, an integral part of the world, will have no major unintended consequences
(including but not limited to, the many people like Percy who use their epithets for good and would have their ability to do good reduced just as much as anyone would have their ability to do bad reduced)
humans playing God and messing with the natural ecosystem by taking out a major part of it has never had any negative impacts
putting one human (or a small group of humans) in charge of deciding who gets to hold power has no danger of corrupting the person/people in charge. it's not like absolute power corrupts absolutely or anything
(speaking in the long-term, even if the first person/people WEREN'T corrupted, it's not like any of their successors ever would be, creating a much more dangerous imbalance of power than there was before!)
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internal-static · 6 months ago
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hakkinenvettel · 6 days ago
formula one (and the media involved with it) doesn’t deserve sebastian vettel.
but they should thank their fucking lucky stars that they have him.
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raspberry-gloaming · 2 months ago
I’ve seen a lot of “Silco was a good dad” this, “Silco was a bad dad” that, but from where I see it, that isn’t really the point. It doesn’t matter if her was good or bad, per say, what matters was that He Was Her Dad. They may not have been healthy, they may not have been what each other really needed, but the main point stays strong. Arcane is full of grey, morally grey, all the spectrums, never black and white. No-one in the series is fully “good” or “bad,” though some may swing to one side more than the other. And like the characters themselves, all the relationships in the series are also grey. 
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recurring-polynya · a month ago
Soul Society Tattoo Artist AU Meta That No One Asked For: Who Killed Kaien Shiba?
So, you may have noticed Kuukaku and Ganju making an appearance in my most recent Soul Society Tattoo Artist AU comic. That was pretty much planned from the beginning, along with the next one, where they end up doing Renji a pretty significant solid, which got me thinking, how did Kaien’s death play out in this universe, and what role did (or didn’t) Rukia play in it?
See, the fanfic part of this AU (which I know you haven’t seen yet, I’m working on it) opens with Rukia trying to get a dirtbaggy tattoo to piss off Byakuya. Unlike canon Rukia, who entered the Academy barely literate and scrabbling to figure out social norms, this Rukia was adopted by Byakuya as a child, and raised with all the personal attention and high expectations that Byakuya would have given to the younger sibling he never had. Rukia is basically the star of the Academy, and Byakuya already has her twenty year plan to Squad Six vice-captain all mapped out. Except... Rukia’s doesn’t sit comfortably in her nobility. She doesn’t want to uphold the honor of Soul Society and drink fancy wine, she wants to protect people and do good. Mostly, she wants to join Squad 5 with her friends (lolololololol). 
Meeting Renji is a seismic shift for her-- she’s never met another person who questioned their own duty to society as much as she has, and through her association with him, she comes to realize that just because she doesn’t like her privilege doesn’t mean she should try to discard it. So, she ends up joining Squad 6 after all, with the goal of bringing a sense of social consciousness to the elites of the Gotei. 
I had all of this figured out, pretty much off the bat, but it raised a couple of questions, namely 1) how does Rukia end up on the Living World mission where she meets Ichigo, and 2) who went with Ukitake to witness Kaien losing his fight with Metastacia? What if, I said to myself, what if the answer to #2 was...no one. Ukitake is an immensely strong and ancient captain, and I think that he could have taken Kaien/Metastacia down, but at great cost to his health. 
This entire incident is an enormous blow for Squad 13. They’ve lost their Lieutenant and Third Seat, as well as the entire unit that was slaughtered by Metastacia (it’s unclear how many people this represents, but in the anime Metastacia-possessing-Miyako goes through the squad a murders a significant number of people as well). Their captain is effectively disabled for who-knows-how-long. There is hushed talk that Ukitake is going to be replaced (but by who??) or Squad 13 possibly even disbanded. The squad is roundly seen as bad luck, and people are filing transfer requests right and left.
I’ve always headcanoned Ukitake as a family friend of the Kuchiki, and I can especially see him and Hisana getting along. I think Byakuya would have been friendlier with Kaien and Miyako as well (I always make Byakuya 1000% more friendly with everyone in AUs where his wife doesn’t die...which still basically only brings him up to “will tolerate their presence at dinner parties” but anything is an improvement) and I think Rukia may still have done a bit of training with Kaien, since elemental swords run in the Shiba family.  
Rukia, who at this point is Third Seat at the Sixth, and basically shadowing Shirogane in the interest of replacing him, decides she can’t allow this to stand, and begs Byakuya to allow her to transfer to the 13th in order to help hold things together until Ukitake can get back on his feet. More than anything else, this has huge symbolic value: the Kuchiki princess and Byakuya’s personal protégé, delaying her own vice-captain’s exam to go do the paperwork of three people at a squad that’s in shambles, because that’s how important she thinks Captain Ukitake is. 
It works, it stops the hemorrhaging. Byakuya doesn’t like it, but he and Rukia have come to an understanding that her continued role as stand-in Kuchiki heir hinges on him respecting the things she feels she needs to do. She also ends up taking quarters at the Thirteen, which allows her to get some degree of freedom and also allows her the chance to surreptitiously spend some time in Rukongai with Renji, which is good, because she’s so busy now that she’d hardly get to see him otherwise. (Renji, for his part, is extremely proud and supportive of her choice)
When the comics part of the story picks up, Ukitake is doing much better. Rukia has passed her vice-captain’s exam and is on the cusp of transferring back to the Sixth. Ukitake wishes like Hell he could keep her, but he knows Byakuya has been patient enough. Just for old times, he decides to send Rukia on one last deployment, just a few weeks in the World of the Living, since that’s a thing she’s not likely to get to do once she’s an assistant captain. After all, what could go wrong?
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approaching-catharsis · 2 months ago
hello this is an appreciation post for ep 44 of Monstrous Agonies because that second letter is just *chef's kiss*
Like I absolutely adore MA but that letter in particular is just. so good. I think about it often.
I mean first off, excellent hook, "I hate November" is an excellent opening line as far as I'm concerned. But then all of the descriptions? Aaaaaaah they are so delicious to listen to. Like, "a blot on the horizon", "A flat, brooding month, its dark fingers reaching, grasping like bare branches across the sky" - those lines??
"The settling cold, settling, sinking into the bones of the earth. That cold, dead earth, that tomb, that unwatched grave. Un-cared-for. Unremembered." THESE lines???
"The little sap of strength. Each day, the sunlight wavers. I weaken. He grows. He'll be hungry when he wakes." AND THESE???
i love them.
(I also happened to listen to that ep for the first time while walking in a fairly green area on a late november evening so those lines felt especially evocative, heh.)
But what I love more is the bit when the letter writer goes on to not begrudge their brother. idk something about that sentiment is just. i love it. okay since i'm quoting half the letter here already i may as well go on-
"I don't hate him. He's my brother. If he could rise in one great rush, smother the land in snow and silence, a single ringing strike of steel and the world is his? [laughing] Let him have it! Walk proud and strong. Let him take and eat his fill, let him sink his frozen teeth into the flesh of the earth and tear himself a meal. I have no quarrel with December, when I sleep! But this waning. Weakening. This marrow-draining ache."
that bit. that bit is easily my fav. Not begrudging their inevitable sleep, even celebrating their brother having his turn. But hating the weakening that comes first. No, not hate. The anger, as the Presenter calls it later on during their response. There is something to be angry about moving past one's prime, isn't there? idk what exactly it is about this aspect of the letter, but I find it incredibly satisfying. hecking love this bit so much. <3
and of course, the Presenter's response. honestly before they began their response i remember wondering how the heckity dizzle one would respond to tHAT. but "The turn of the year is gradual by necessity." And of course, that makes sense. And I am absolutely a sucker for lines like "It's right that you're tired. It's right that you must rest."
I'm also very used to descriptions that associate winter with cold, dead vibes - so these lines gave me a second's pause (in the best way) to reconsider that: "You talk about the world in winter as 'dead', 'a tomb', 'a grave'. This is a rather self-interested perspective, I'm afraid. The world doesn't die without you. You aren't abandoning it when you sleep." I just, really like those lines. :) [I also like the superficial takeaway from those lines (when out of context) that Summer micromanages the world, fearing that it would die without them, and/or subscribes to the capitalist work ethic and feels guilty for needing a rest, but I digress. /lh]
But then: "When you sleep, your brother wakes, and takes up the mantle. Trust him to do right by us. To do right by you." To do right by you. Something about that just makes me go :]
anyway, in conclusion: monstrous agonies my beloved.gif
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pudd1eshine · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
a tbc rewrite where more than one cat gets possessed and the protags are actually all friends
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doctor-gyro-gearloose · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
When your boyfriend is so cute you’re actively annoyed at him
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sillygirlie · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
blue AND yellow
Tumblr media
blue and her self insert oc
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yellow and blues oc of her. 
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