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#that was A JOKE

IT HAS ~120K VIEWS I START SHAKING WVERY TIME I LOOK AT IT DHSNDBJSN i made a marauders version yesterday but got nervous and took it off my main… i might redo it this weekend with hot outfits but i feel like it’s too niche idk ?? some people said i should do the black family and i super want to do that too bc they’re so sexy and i own quite a lot of dark clothing hmmmm

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Why are parents so…frustrating?

I absolutely love my mother, she’s in incredible person! She puts her children first and she bonds with us and she is a good parent overall.

But she’s still a parent. 

So today I was upset; I had woken up quite irritated and my younger siblings weren’t listening to a word I said and were constantly barging into my room. I told my mother that it was making me upset and she went straight to invalidating my problems.

Never once did I say, “hey your life is easier than mine” yet she tried to prove that point.

I never said they were big problems that I couldn’t handle! I never said “Oh gee adults have a go-lucky life!” 

Small things can make people happy; small things can make people upset. Today it was my younger siblings not letting me have any peace and thats fine.

BUT! I find it very upsetting that when I was bringing up some things that made my day a little less than ideal, my mother jumped straight to invalidating them. 

“Well you wouldn’t make it a day as an adult if that’s what your gonna be whining about.” That doesn’t make sense. I’m a child; I have child problems. You’re an adult; you have adult problems. 

I understand that you have more severe problems but that doesn’t mean I don’ have problems. Because I do! I have insecurities, I fell a little behind in math, I feel like my friends are constantly judging me, my sleep schedual has fallen to a pit of despair, I get really paranoid someone’s watching me all the time, or my younger siblings are bothering me so much it gives me a headache. 

Just because I’m a minor doesn’t mean I don’t know what hardships are! I understand! I don’t know what in God’s heavenly name you want me to do? Gather some student debt?

My god, I’m sorry I don’t pay bills, but you don’t have to make me feel like shit for worrying about the struggles of a child when I am a child.

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Day 1 9:09 am

So I sat on Tumblr instead of getting my lunch together and had to stop and get out of my car to check if I locked my door because I forgot if I did it or not. Drove about a block then realized I forgot my medication for my afternoon dose so I had to turn around and get it. Still forgot my day planner.

Not a miracle cure all lol

Edit: also experiencing dry mouth. Good thing I brought the big water bottle.

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Look, one of the ideas I’ve been thinking about for awhile is this:

Everybody pick a few problems to work on. No more than two or three, or you’ll exhaust yourself.

Find a Thing you’re passionate about. That is now your Thing. Awesome. Start fighting to fix it. It doesn’t have to be how you spend every day of your life, as long as you have a Thing(s) that you’re helping on. A little goes a long way.

It can be a political issue, an environmental issue, a social issue it doesn’t matter.

Start putting energy into helping fix the Thing. Your Thing could be saving the whales, or gun control, or homelessness, or ending racial inequality - there’s a lot of Things to choose from, and sometimes it seems overwhelming! There’s so many Things that need fixing! That’s why it helps to pick a few things - one from each broad category like feminism, racial equality, environmentalism, and gender issues. That way, you can cover more bases.

The good news is, a lot of these Things overlap in a lot of ways! Most of them involve capitalism. If you fight against factory runoff, you’re also improving the health and safety of minority neighborhoods. Fight political corruption and you can help pass legislation to protect transgender folks. A lot of Things are more interconnected than you think.

The important thing (heh) is that EVERYONE needs to pick at least one Thing. If everyone picks a Thing, I feel like we can start solving problems. If you’re already super passionate about a topic, great! You have a Thing! 

Now get involved, start researching your Thing, and figure out what you can do to help. You may find that you’ve picked a very big Thing (racial inequality), and need to focus on a smaller part of the whole to get maximum effect (housing discrimination within racial inequality). Even though we are stuck inside right now, you can still learn about your Thing, you can still send money to relevant organizations and help educate others about your Things.

DO NOT TRY TO FIX EVERY-THING! That is too much for any one human to do! You will only exhaust yourself and splitting your efforts between too many issues will lessen your ability to help! We have to split up as a species and divide and conquer to solve problems! If we get as many people as possible to pick a Thing, we can start fixing diverse problems.

Sometimes we might need to switch our Things for a little while, to help other people - BLM could use all of our help rn, and it’s an important Thing that can’t be solved in a day or a week or even a decade, but deserves attention all the same.

I can’t claim that this philosophy will solve all of the world’s problems, but I do think it’s a good way to approach them mentally, and it’s a good way to start, especially at a time when we are all facing compassion exhaustion. 

So don’t try and save the world. Try and save one Thing. Do what you can. Just find a place to start.

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