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#that was hot i needed it on my blog for reasons
falloutjuli · 2 days ago
Big thank you to the godly Arcane Discord Server for starting the idea initially and also for the continuous motivation. My first actual post on this blog and it's this. Feels good man. Stay tuned for an explicit Viktor x Councillor!Reader
Arcane - Tutor!Viktor x Reader (NSFW-ish) 
Did these equations really matter? Not at all.
You understood them well. You knew the answer to every single one. And yet you didn't write them down. The reason for that walked around the room, eyeing other students papers.
 You looked at the clock above the room door. Ten minutes left. The rhythmic noise of your pen hitting your paper and his steps in combination with the sound of his cane hitting the floor rang in your ears. Your eyes never left him as he made his way back to the front of the room, where you were seated. He stopped at the right of your table, and you knew he was disappointed like always. 
"You didn't write anything down again." 
You couldn't help the smile that formed on your lips. "I'm sorry Viktor. I don't seem to understand it."
He sighed. Bending down, his fingers traced over your paper. "But we talked about this last time." "I know. But I seem to have forgotten."
He didn't believe you. He never did.
He explained again. He always did.
But you didnt listen. He was close enough that you could smell him and his intoxicating smell invaded your nostrils, making your mind run wild. Vivid images flashes before your eyes.
Imagines of you on your knees, of you bend over his desk, of him, doing unspeakable things to you. You thought of him in ways inappropriate for the situation you were in. He is your tutor after all.
You wanted his hand to touch yours again, like last week when you both reached for the same pen. The feeling of his soft skin against yours? Heavenly.
"Did you listen?" He sounded annoyed and you felt almost sorry for making him explain it again and again. "Of course." His eyes sharpened and he leaned in closer to you. 
"Stop lying."
A shiver ran down your spine, the somewhat sharp tone in that sentence mixed with that hot accent of his made you long for him.
Class ended. The ten minutes pass by quickly if you keep thinking about your tutor in inappropriate ways. "Y/N please wait." He called out to you, as you were about to leave the room. You were always the last to leave, taking your sweet time to pack your things just to stare at him longingly for a little while longer.
"Yes?" You asked sweetly and closed the door turning around to face him. His amber eyes examined you from top to bottom and you wished you could see what he thought.
"I know you understand every single thing. You know very well what Heimerdinger is teaching and yet you come here to get tutored, pretending to not know anything. Why?"
So he figured you out completely. He had to eventually. He was a genius after all. A low chuckle escaped your lips.
With quick steps, leaving him barley time to react you got up to him, getting a little too close to comfort in his humble opinion. You licked your lips teasingly slow before you spoke.
"Well... It's you."
A faint shade of red appeared on his cheeks as his eyes wandered from yours down to your lips and back up.
"M-Me?" The stuttering was new. He normally never did that. He was a composed man, someone who barely lost composure and yet here he was, a blushing and flustered mess because you finally told him why you came here every week. Only because of him. You were a top student. There was simply no need to be tutored.
But you played dumb so he'd talk to you. Explain to you. Played dumb so he'd lean down, get all close and you could just take in his intoxicating scent that had your mind run wild with all sorts of dirty and inappropriate thoughts. 
"Yes you. Don't tell me you had no idea. You're a genius Viktor. One that surely must have figured out that all I wanted was to get on my knees for you, worship you."
  He just blinked a couple of times, while his face grew redder and redder. He resembled a tomatoes by now. He averted his eyes, well he tried. He tried looking up and yet his amber eyes always came back down to sneak a quick glance at you.
Viktor didn't move. He made no move to get himself out of the situation. He didn't tell you to stop. So with confidence in your step you got even closer. Your hands now resting on his chest you could feel his beating heart and by god, it was beating fast. His eyes still flickering between you and a suddenly very interesting seeming spot on the ceiling he leaned further onto the desk he leaned against.
 As the kiss got more and more heated, meaning that your tongues by now danced around each other, his hands teasingly slow wandered up.
It was a desperate attempt at trying to get away. But if he ready wanted to get away then surely, he would have done so already. Your hands slowly, carefully but also determinedly made their way upwards. Over his quickly heaving chest, up to his delicately looking neck and finally their destination, his sharp jaw. You cupped his face, forcing him to look at you as you closed in. He didn't pull away. His eyes now flickering between your own eyes and your lips.
 He wanted it.
  The feeling of his thin lips on your felt heavenly, and made your knees weak. If you didn't use him as a support you surely would have collapsed. It simply had been a craving of yours for so long. And now it was here. A soft moan escaped your lips when you felt his hands on your body. They were dangerously close to your ass, and played with the hem of your skirt that barely reached your mid thigh. It did pay off that you pulled it that high, since he obviously appreciated it.
Your own hands? Buried deep in his soft brown hair and to your surprise, he seemed to enjoy it when it was pulled. But for now you were content with just blundering through it. When his hands finally landed on your ass, kneading it like it was dough, you rewarded him with a pleasured and rather loud moan directly against his lips.
"Fuck I want you." You breathed hoarsely against his lips and you felt him tremble.
A sudden knock on the door made you unglue and you quickly fixed your skirt as you took a few steps away from Viktor. The door opened to reveal Heimerdinger.
"Oh hello! Y/N, a pleasure to see you." He greated you, as his eyes landed on the disheveled looking Viktor. You simply smiled, putting up an innocent facade. "I just wanted to talk to Viktor about how his tutor sessions come along. What a surprise to see you here." You knew he wondered why you were here. 
"It's just I had some trouble with some difficult equations. So I seeked our extra help in the form of Viktors sessions. He's real good at what he's doing." Viktor looked like he was about to combust, knowing fully well that you were talking ambiguously. The tone told everything. Well it didn't to Heimerdinger, who looked pleased.
"I'm happy to hear then. Glad to see you're making sure that you understand everything. You're a really well-behaved and determined student." 
The sly smile you shot Viktor made him almost collapse. Heimerdinger was oblivious to how much you tortured the genius. "Well, if you excuse me Professor Heimerdinger, I think I best get going now. See you next week Viktor!" You waved at him, skipping happily past the two brilliant minds.
"Viktor, what happened to your hair?" You smiled knowing that was you. Next time you'd make sure to mark that pretty neck of his. Before you opened the door, you quickly checked the situation. Heimerdinger had his back turned to you and Viktor was just blushing mess. His arms frantically covered he front of his body, to be more specific, he desperately tried to hide the throbbing effect you had left on him. Biting your lip you contemplated.
  Finally his eyes landed to you and in a quick motion, you struck out our tongue and lifted your skirt, showing him what he would now be missing out on. Sure you still had your underwear on, you made a mental note to skip on that next week, but you still saw his eye widen as his hand gripped the desk harder.
With a playful expression you waved, opened the door and slipped through it.
Next week would be fun.
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el-im · 5 months ago
If you want to there are watercolor papers that have no textures but are still made for watercolors and gouache. Most brands like arches and canson will have a cold press and hot press paper. Cold press has texture and is rough while hot press is smooth! With watercolor the paper is super important but with gouache, since its in-between watercolour and acrylic in texture, as long as you dont use too much water you can use the lower quality paper that are not 100% cotton. Sorry about my ramblings i just love talking about watercolor papers hahaha. Good day to you! (love your art soo much by the way)
oh my gosh! no need to apologize for rambling at all--especially about art and supplies!! i know SO little about paper... i think i made a habit of tuning out my old art instructor after using the 'wrong' stuff for so many years (and hearing years worth of the same lecture on it, which i was disinterested in). honestly though perhaps i should have been more attentive! I'm so flummoxed by art stores that I try to avoid them when possible--even after painting and drawing for so long, I feel like a lot of the stuff i feel like i have a slight handle on can become Very Highly Technical very quickly, and suddenly i'm out of my element. but!! seeing as i've been daydreaming about buying more screen printing ink lately and might have to brave the forge in the near future anyhow, it certainly wouldn't hurt to get some paper that wasn't gifted to me by a well meaning but likely misguided relative as a holiday present lmao
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galaxy-dragon123 · a month ago
maybe I AM tired of how social media has just become a new sexy marketplace for advertisers and I wanna share my unhinged thoughts on tumble while a lil drunk because it’s one of the few sites that’s been largely void of this??? Like instagram is so clearly giving me ads based on my irl conversations the few times I actually open it meanwhile tumblr just wants me to put vinegar and bread in my bed tonight and idk maybe that does appeal to my monkey brain to spill my thoughts here sometimes!! Too many normal people I know irl follow me on Twitter and Instagram so I get self conscious there meanwhile if you DO know me irl and see this here then you are a freak (affectionate) so you can see me unhinged <3 you can see me have my weird thoughts unfiltered <3
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washingtonlowercases · 6 months ago
Happy Oh-My-God-Everywhere-I-Look-On-The-Internet-Is-People-Posting-About-Their-Moms-My-Mom-Is-So-Mad-I-Haven’t-Posted-Even-Though-I-Don’t-Post-That-Much-And-We-Hate-Each-Other-Why-Do-I-Feel-Guilty-Ugh Day to all who celebrate
#not hockey#not to complain on my hockey blog#but my sister follows me everywhere else and she's the reason#well... shes not the reason but my mom loves her and not me#so its not her fault but it is like one of the main reasons i have a shitty relationship with my mom#but just seeing everyone elses post#and wanting to be like#happy mothers day mom#thanks for always body shaming me#you are the reason i hate myself#also the only person who had blantantly told me i dont have control over my own body and shes allowed to do whatever she wants with me#when i asked her to stop touching me one time#thanks for making sure ill never feel as worth while as my sister#even though she is a hot mess express and i am arguably doing better than her#but shes the skinny one with the college degree so anything i acomplish will never measure ip#thanks for barely congrautlating me on my promotion before asking me what my sister wants her to do with her mail#thanks for turning every conversation i ever try to have with you into talking about my sister#because its not like sometimes i need life advice or even just like normal comforting from my mom??#but god forbid we talk about something other than my sister for more than 3 minutes because my life is so irrelevant to your interests#thanks for telling me that the people i cared about growing up didnt care about me and making me straight up suicidal in middle school#thanks for more issues than vogue because you didnt have an abortion when you really should have#anyway long tags sorry to rant#this is just literally one of my least favorite days of the year#and all it does is remind me of all this and more#while somehow also making me feel like shit that i dont blubber all over social media about how much i love my mommy shes my best friend#like everyone else#even though she was arguably pretty pyschological abusive my entire life and ill have problem until the day i die because of her#and these fuckin bags under my eyes which is pure genetics#thanks a lot mom#anyway again if you guys are in the same boat then stick it out friends
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arthur-r · a year ago
Goshhh my phone usually plays songs while I’m showering in between the curtain curtain and the lil uh.. translucent waterproof layer but in our new setup it’s not translucent it’s transparent and like.. yknow can’t exactly keep my camera there huh.. what am i gonna do?!
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luventi · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
cw. druig x gn eternal!reader, au where everyone is alive and happy and together, there will be dashes of suggestive content admits all the fluff so be warned!
note. not my comeback to writing being for druig :p reblogs and comments are greatly appreciated but i ask for dark content consumers/blogs not interact
Tumblr media
druig loves you oh so very much, like the boy is so madly obsessed with you, and he truly doesn’t care if you or anyone else teases him for it
in the beginning of your relationship you assumed he wasn’t into pda but you soon realize instead of kissing or touching in public druig adores calling you sweet pet names in front of the others that makes you hold back a smile and gently shove him away from you
“darling hold still let me get that for you” or “lovely how is it you look extra beautiful today?”
he has a sliver tongue and by god does he know how to use it to make you feel giddy and loved
kingo and phastos would tease and poke fun at how the mighty druig sounds like a school boy whenever he’s around you but he doesn’t even pay them any attention, too busy staring at you from across the room. and when you meet his eyes he’ll wink and mouth “staring my love?”
during the winter he fakes asleep in the morning so you’ll be the first to rise awake and prepare breakfast for the both of you, you of course know what he’s doing but he’ll always deny deny deny
he’s not a fan of the cold, much preferring warmer climates and seasons. so when the colder months roll around he’s confined to the safety of your bed with you warming his lap and planting kisses all over his flushed face
whenever the rest of the eternals gather for human holidays it’s always hosted at yours and druig’s place, reason being he hates traveling (but you’re like 80% sure he’s scared of planes)
he mimics your mannerisms a lot and you start to pronounce words the way he does with his accent. sersi thinks it’s a beautiful testament to the love you both share
as lovely as druig is, he’s annoying :| it pains me to say this but there are times when his sarcasm and witty jokes are enough to make you go crazy, so you have to shut him up with a kiss! after you pull away he apologizes and leans in for another
speaking of kisses druig adores them! they’re always so full of passion and love, the way he explores your mouth with his tongue and your fingers tugging on his hair—it’s so easy for you both to get carried away and end up late for family dinners and other important events
physical affection and touch is very important to him, it helps him feel grounded and relieves the anxiety that threatens his sanity at times. his favorite place to be is in between your thighs, your presence surrounding him when he needs it the most but for the most part he just loves the skin to skin contact
druig is not used to domestic life, it’s just not him! but he won’t deny the love that fills his beating heart whenever he wakes up to your soft body next to his in the morning. his eyes will gaze over the various marks on your skin and the whisps of your eyelashes before kissing your forehead and bringing you even closer to him
i wouldn’t say he’s a very big movie buff but the rare times you do get him to sit down and watch a film with you is very nice. he’ll cover you in blankets and settle you on his lap for the entirety of the movie, unless you two end up under the covers giggling and cover each other in kisses
whenever you’re mildly upset with him he always brings up that time he took you to visit the amazon with him and you two cleaned off at a waterfall, the memory of that day is so hot and steamy you can’t help but crack a smile and give in to his flirting and pleads for forgiveness
during nights you both can’t seem to sleep you’ll lay in the grass outside and stare at the stars, trading stories about your travels and your findings all those years you two were apart. it’s in those moments when druig is truly grateful for all he was given in this life, his existence has true purpose because of you
more to come! hope you enjoyed <3
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saintmanjiro · a month ago
msby boys and locker room sex
Tumblr media
characters: meian shugo, miya atsumu, adriah rivera, sakusa kiyoomi, bokuto koutaro, hinata shoyo
warnings: fem! reader, exhibition, blow jobs, cunnilingus, shower sex, mirror sex
a/n: repost from my old blog
Tumblr media
— Meian’s got younger members on the team that just don’t know their place, always question his pointers or rules, always make a scene when he’s trying not to get the public’s eye on them, and most of all, always eyeing you like you’re a meal. So, as a captain’s duty, he’s gotta teach them the basics, rule number one is that you’re his.
Meian has you sprawled on the bench, your back pressed against the cold wood as he groans into your collarbone, littering marks all over the skin as he ruts into you with an unforgiving pace. You can’t stop the whines that spill from your lips, begging him to take it somewhere less open. “Sh-shugo, baby—oh god—they could come in any moment,” you gasp as he bites into your skin. “Oh, is that so?” he grunts, only going faster, making your eyes roll back. “You’re so lost on my cock, you can’t even see they’re right there?” And just as he’s claimed, four wide-eyed rookies stand at the entrance, eyes lust-filled and tents forming in their shorts as they watch you lose yourself in pleasure. “Well, you guys—fuck—you guys all got a show. Now get out.” They don’t need to be told twice.
— Atsumu is the rhythm of the game, he’s the whole reason the team’s got flow, so he likes to think. Naturally, he deserves appreciation for his skills, he deserves a small prize of his own—and what better prize than to have his best girl on her knees, sat right between his spread thighs as she shows him just who’s her number one.
Your lips are hot on Atsumu’s flesh, kissing up his inner thighs as his member stands tall, pre cum leaking from the angry tip. Grabbing it, you press more kisses up his shaft, placing one last one right on his tip, tongue gliding through his slit, making him groan as he throws his head back. “C-c’mon angel, get on with it,” he says, voice tight. He doesn’t bother hiding his moans when you take him in your mouth, letting them spill freely as they echo through the empty locker room. “God baby, yer so g-good ta me—fuck, just like that.” He only smirks when he meets the unimpressed gaze of his captain, moving to thread his fingers in your hair as he pulls you down his length until your nose meets his pelvis. “Lookie here, cap. Ma girl’s gotta show me the appreciation ya all don’t want ta. Ain’t that right, pretty angel?”
— Adriah is a sweetheart through and through. He’s a giver, he’s got a heart of gold that’s always thinking of you, always knows your little signs, and he can’t leave you unsatisfied, especially when the night’s young and he still has a post-game celebration to go to. If he can’t take you home to please you, he’s gotta find another place.
Adriah groans into your folds, throwing your legs over his shoulder as he laps at your cunt, alternating between your folds and sucking on your clit. His hand rubs soothingly over your thigh, despite your back arching off the bench as he rips yet another orgasm from you. “Good job, baby. Gotta make sure I give you enough so you’re not needy at the celebration,” he praises, kissing your inner thigh. A cough makes both your heads turn to the door, one of his teammates awkwardly shuffling as they try their best not to stare at your exposed cunt. “If you don’t mind,” Adriah huffs, “I got my girl to please, so kindly go away.” And with that, he kisses your clit, preparing to make you cum on his tongue yet again.
— It’s not that Sakusa particularly enjoys shower sex like most people would think—in fact, he thinks it’s rather inconvenient. It’s just that it’s the most secluded of places in the locker room, and he’s not about to let his teammates get an eyeful of you, nor is he about to let his little problem down there go unresolved.
“Oh fuck,” Sakusa groans, burying his head into your neck as he thrusts into you, panting at the way your walls clamp down on him. His breath hitches when he feels you tug on his wet curls, pulling him out of your neck to bring into a searing kiss. The hot water gliding down your skin only adds to the way you’re set ablaze with each slam of his hips as he swallows your whines with his mouth, grip on your hips bruising as he gets closer and closer to the edge. “Fuck, baby,” he grunts, “I’m not gonna last much—oh shit—much l-longer.” He growls when he hears a low whistle, followed by a “c’mon Omi-omi, ya gotta make yer girl cum first before ya do.” Eyes narrowing, Sakusa rubs your clit harshly with his thumb, making you squeal as you reach your high. “That’s it, princess, let that idiot hear you cum first.”
— Bokuto can’t be bothered to pay attention to where he presses you against—as soon as you’re in the locker room, your back meets the cold metal of the lockers, his mouth on yours as he fumbles with your pants to tug them down. Whether or not it’s his locker is the least of his worries.
“Baby—baby, fuck,” Bokuto moans loudly, body pressed flush against you as he cages you with his large build, hands gripping the bottom of your thighs and holding you up as they’re wrapped around his torso. Your face buries itself into his neck, biting down on the skin to keep your moans muffled. You almost do a double-take when you look up, meeting the gaze of a wide-eyed ginger standing before you with an equally as shocked expression. “Umm, that’s uh… that’s my locker…” he trails off. With a grunt, Bokuto simply pulls you away from the locker he had you pressed against moments ago, carrying you a few strides over to the correct one this time. “Fuck baby, ‘m so close,” he whines, thrusts picking up in pace, completely unbothered to his teammate who’s awkwardly pulling clothes out to change into a few feet away.
— Hinata has always had a thing for the spotlight, always wanted to be a larger-than-life presence, and what better way to do that than give his fellow players a show. He only finds more thrill in the idea of them watching you through the mirror, watching your expression shift into one that only he can pull.
“C’mon, babe, they’re trying to get a better view,” Hinata smirks, meeting the eyes of his teammates through the mirror. He moves to bend you over the sink, your hands clutching the edges tightly as he slams into your cunt from behind, tugging you by your hair to look up at your reflection. “Ah shit, you’re so—so fucking tight,” he grunts, reaching over and tweaking your nipple, smirking wider as you mewl. “Tell them who m-makes… makes you feel like this,” he orders. You don’t need to be told twice, crying out his name loudly. “Good girl. Now look them all in the eyes, and k-keep them open so they can watch you fall apart,” he tilts your jaw so you can make eye contact with a locker room full of men you’d watched on the court just minutes ago.
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h6tto · 20 days ago
when you suddenly get clingy
feat. takeomi akashi, kakucho hitto, sanzu haruchiyo, manjiro sano
add-ons. fluff, skinship, hugging, kissing, blank blogs dni
Tumblr media
TAKEOMI calmly nurses the cigarette in between his lips as smoke emits from his lips. admiring the view, he watches as various cars pass by and lights from different buildings acting like little ants. he feels two arms loop around his waist, pressing their ear onto his back.
“you should be asleep by now.. what are you still doing up late?” he turns his head, now looking at a different direction. “you know i cant sleep without you.. come with me please?” you tighten your grip on his waist, he slowly removes your arms before turning back.
“i'll be with you in awhile pretty dont worry..” he leans down pressing a kiss on top of your head before ruffling your hair after.
KAKUCHO sighs as another call interrupts his morning. grumbling, he picks it up to look at the caller before answering “ran it is 7 in the morning what do you need..” from the moment he's done speaking, he could clearly hear people running around whilst shouting and he didnt even needed to guess who they were. “why are you so grumpy in the morning..” ran pouts as kakucho shakes his head
right before he even answers ran, he feels those soft lips kissing the back of his neck. he smiles as he realizes who it was. “you're awake now.. what do you want for breakfast?” dropping the phone on the table, he ends the call not even hesitating before carrying you onto the kitchen counter.
snuggling onto his neck, you say nothing and continue sleeping. he chuckles once he hears your soft snores. caressing the back of your head, he plops his on top of yours. “my baby's very clingy in the morning huh? sleep well love..” he whispers before carrying you once again to your shared bedroom. and until that day, ran hasn't heard the proper reason as to why he dropped the phone on him.
SANZU feels the bed sheets shift as he feels you turn your direction facing him. he continues to close his eyes whilst you stood awake admiring how his lashes shut gracefully. after a while, he feels the burning stare piercing onto his face. once he shuts his eyes open, he saw the sight of the love of his life, admiring him.
the corner of his lips curve upwards into a small smirk before pulling you closer, feeling his bare chest. you didnt waste time before snuggling onto him, giggling slightly as he places his chin on top of yours.
“you look hot in the morning haru..” you mutter in his chest, voice soft as a touch of a feather. but you didnt think he would hear it clearly after letting out a chuckle. “oh yeah? you're the only one who gets to see me like this..we're a pretty couple babe <3” you could feel him having that smug face on his face but you were too tired to even respond. instead, you nod before pressing butterfly kisses onto his chest.
MIKEY has that stern look on his face as he observes the others in the meeting. despite all of this, all that was flooding his mind was the thought of you and him at home, having that cozy date that you always promised him. as his hands calmly stay put on the table, his train of thoughts we're interrupted as well as the meeting.
he looks down at his phone, the others following. once he realizes who it was, he doesn't hesitate to excuse himself out of the meeting. “continue on or something, i dont care i'll be talking to them”. sanzu snickers as kakucho slaps his shoulder, at the same time scolding him. “boss is just in love”
once he picks up the call, he hears you ask him to come over. he doesn't even take a second thought, and you already see his car in front of your house. as you let him in, you immediately latch onto his waist as he laughs. “are you sure you arent busy? what if i interrupted your meeti ─ mmpfh!”. he cuts you off with a deep kiss on the lips. he pulls away before guiding the both of you on the couch. he kisses your forehead “dont worry about it love.. you're more important okay? now take a rest.. i'll always be here”
Tumblr media
reblogs are highly appreciated as always!!
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luvbub · 6 months ago
hey bub <3 luv ur personality and ur blog! could I request the hq boys reacting to you forgetting your jacket in freezing weather (and maybe going on a hot choco date later?) ly ly and take care of yourself! [could it also be for akashi, oikawa, iwaizumi, and atsumu?]
forgetting your jacket when it’s cold
Tumblr media
feat. Akaashi, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Atsumu
♡ a/n: as someone who never wears weather appropriate clothing bc it ruins the outfit... this was v relatable HAHA
Tumblr media
you had met up with Akaashi for a nice cafe date, and after the two of you finished, he suggested to go on a walk outside
“is there a reason you didn’t bring a jacket dear?” he asks, watching you pretend like the weather was not bothering you
because it was terribly obvious that you indeed were suffering from how cold it was- but you’d never admit it
“yes there is... but I know that if I tell you, you’ll judge me for it” you murmur, hugging yourself even tighter
“oh? amuse me” he says, raising an eyebrow at you
you sigh, knowing the reaction you’d get
“I didn’t have the right jacket for my outfit. so I didn’t wear one because I wanted to look cute”
you hear Akaashi stifle a chuckle, and you give him a playful push
“don’t give me that, look at how cute I look today!!” you say, doing a little twirl to show off your outfit before immediately hugging yourself again for warmth
Akaashi shrugs off his coat, and puts it on you. and you know better than to deny his offer, so you let him do so
“you’d look cute in anything you wear. but you know what’s not cute? letting you get sick.” he says, buttoning the coat for you
when he sees your little pout, he can’t help but smile and kiss your forehead
“now you’re gonna get cold Keiji..” you mutter, feeling bad that you’re own desire to look cute might be at the cost of your boyfriend’s health
“ah see, but I actually dressed appropriately for the weather, so I don’t need to worry” he says, and he mimics the twirl you did earlier to show off his outfit
you roll your eyes at him, grabbing his hand so the two of you could continue his walk
did Akaashi’s coat completely obscure your entire outfit? yes
but you didn’t mind- wearing anything that belonged to your boyfriend would win over any outfit you could ever plan
“you’re freezing aren’t you? I told you to bring a jacket” Oikawa asks, setting up the picnic blanket for the two of you
he had planned this cute stargazing date at night, and the only thing he asked of you was to dress warm and bring a jacket
of course, you decided to forgo warmth in order to look cute- a plan that backfired for you
“I’m not freezing” you shamelessly lie- it was obvious by the way you hugged yourself, and you knew that too
but you had too much pride to admit that your boyfriend was right
Oikawa shrugs, and he sits down on the blanket, patting a seat next to him
you keep eyeing his jacket. look, you don’t expect your boyfriend to give you his jacket, nor do you want him to. but you’d like for him to at least offer it
so you can reject his offer
but he didn’t, and you couldn't decide what was colder, him or the temperature
Oikawa, being as petty as he is, decides to hold his ground. because eventually you’ll give in and complain how cold it was, right?
well no, you stay stubborn and pretend like nothings wrong, choosing to stargaze and suffer
sometime into your date, Oikawa looks over at you, and he swears he sees your skin getting bluer- so he naturally freaks out
a large part of him is now worried for your own well-being, and the other part is beating himself up for being so petty and not focused on you
he digs through his picnic basket and pulls out a jacket for you
“god Y/n, I don’t care if you say you’re not cold, but please wear this” he asks, and you can hear the worry in his voice, so you quietly nod, taking the jacket and quickly zipping it up
once you do, Oikawa wraps you in a blanket he brought and cuddles you close to create more warmth for you
“....thank you” you murmur, snuggling into your boyfriend
“Y/n I love you so much, but please don’t get hypothermia out of pettiness” he sighs
although to be honest, when he had offered you his spare jacket, you were just about to reach your breaking point too
regardless, the two of you were able to enjoy the rest of your date
“Hajime I’m cold” you announce to your boyfriend as you walk alongside him to meet up with his friends
Iwaizumi rolls his eyes at you, “I told you to bring a jacket dummy”
“well it wasn’t cold when I left the house!!” which was true- despite your boyfriend’s words, you went with your own judgment
and boy were you wrong
“that’s why we check the weather Y/n” he replies, and you cross your arms at him as you walk, pouting
Iwaizumi knows better than to pretend to not notice you upset- mostly because he doesn’t want you getting sick
and because this is Iwaizumi we’re talking about, he removes his jacket and hands it to you
“oh god- it’s so cold how the heck did you manage to make it this far” he says
“wha- Hajime put on your jacket you’re gonna freeze!!” you say, pushing the jacket back to him
but he doesn’t listen to you- instead he puts the jacket on you, zipping it up all the way
“and let you get cold? I’d rather get sick” he says, continuing to walk to the restaurant you all were meeting at
of course you feel bad, so to help a bit you cling onto one of his arms, providing warmth to one side. it was the best you could do honestly
when you two met up with his friends, Oikawa raised an eyebrow at you
“Iwa- did you not bring a jacket? It’s super cold”
“Y/n’s wearing it. Can we hurry up inside already?” your boyfriend replies, making his way inside, followed by Matsukawa and Hanamaki
but before you could go in, Oikawa pulls the hoodie of your jacket back
the look on his face is serious- and you’re honestly scared he’s gonna scold you for making your boyfriend cold
but instead..
“Y/n how the heck did you get him to do that for you?? Literally everytime I was cold he never gave me his jacket!!! Sure we never dated but we’re best friends and that’s not fair” Oikawa whines
honestly, that made wearing Iwaizumi’s jacket all the more better
you were waiting outside of the gym for Atsumu to get out of practice since the two of you had a dinner date scheduled
and Atsumu could not have taken any longer to get out of practice, much to your dismay
because of course you had forgotten to bring a jacket since you were indoors all day
but waiting outside for him was terrible- you literally had to ball up and hug yourself to keep warm
when Atsumu finally exited the gym, the first thing he saw was you, no jacket on and compacted to keep warm
he instantly rushes over to you to wrap you in a hug, but the moment he does he pulls back
“geez Y/n you’re freezing cold! how long were you waiting for- you could’ve gone inside you know!!!” he says, and honestly you didn’t think about doing that either
but now Atsumu feels guilty- how long were you waiting outside for that you were cold to the touch
“...I’m fine” you murmur, standing up so the two of you could go on your little date
“here take my jacket” he says, starting to remove it, but you shake your head adjusting his jacket back on his shoulders
“no no, don’t worry ‘Tsumu I’m fine! c’mon let’s go!!”
but before you can take a step forward, Atsumu pulls you into his chest, zipping up the jacket, effectively trapping you in there with him
“there’s no way I’m letting you freeze babe” he says, grinning at you
honestly, you can’t even complain because you were cold and being all cozied up with your boyfriend was definitely nice
but you did come across one problem
“hey babe... how are we supposed to walk” you ask, looking up at him
Atsumu pauses for a good minute, not realizing that by sharing a jacket, the two of you aren’t in a position to comfortably walk together
his solution was to penguin waddle your way to the restaurant
Tumblr media
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Mood Swings
Tumblr media
Summary: Daddy’s little girl always gets what she wants < 3
Pairing: Nanami Kento x reader
Tags: babymaking ; ) neglected reader, daddy kink, size kink, hurt/ comfort
wc: 2.3k 
 a/n: this was very self indulgent, just like all my other works
this is a reupload from my old blog jaded--enigma
Tumblr media
Closing the door behind you, feet dragging against the floor as you came home from a bad day at work, eyes glossy and red. Immediately going to your finance’s office, wanting him to coddle you and tell you everything would be alright, as he was great at. One of the reasons you admired him so much, being his biggest fan.
Opening the door to see him writing something on his papers, his blazer on the floor, only wearing his white button-down shirt fitting him perfectly. 
His arms barely fit the tight material as your eyes scrolled down to his glasses sitting on the table next to his hands, so pretty and big, instantly getting you worked up, even though that was the reason you came here. Wanting your daddy to make it all better.
Walking up to him making your way in his lap, sittin pretty. Mumbling out a “ken”, resting your head on his shoulder while gently kissing his neck. 
“Not now baby.” he said, gently moving his head away from yours before you could even wrap your arms around him, so why did that make you fall apart? Why were you so sensitive? Why were there tears forming in your eyes?
You gave him a fake soft smile pushing the tears back, saying “okay.” and hopped off of his lap, already missing his touch as you walked out of the room, feet still dragging as you took one last peek at him before you shut the door and started walking towards your own room, knowing he would work till late night, as always.
He was obviously stressed so you understood that he wanted to be alone, but you felt so burdensome, annoyingly needy, as you finally made it to your room. Laying on the bed that you two slept on, hugging the fluffy sheets.
Trying to get your mind off of it, you changed into your baby blue silk nightgown, finding it in your closet full of clothes he bought you. So much that you started using the guest room for extra storage for your shoes.
It fell just over your knees, the straps dainty as a pin, flowing as you walked towards your bed again, dimming the lights on the way.
Dirty thoughts getting to you, remembering that you had to wash them two days ago from him making a mess out of you after coming home from work, taking it out on you. Now covering your face with your hands, pain spreading throughout your body as you tried to subdue it, telling yourself you could wait… but you couldn’t.
Your legs spread open, no panties or bra on, just the gown. Shoving your fingers into your cunt, so wet and needy, making a mess but getting yourself nowhere. Crying softly, the last thing you want to do is make your daddy mad at you.
Fat tears falling from just wanting an ounce of his attention, so needy, so embarrassed; embarrassed over the fact that you couldn't even touch your clit right without getting tired. 
Embarrassed that he could get you off better than yourself, the fact that you were never dry around him; the fact that he had you this spoiled to the point of him doing everything for you made your heart break and flutter at the same time.
He loves how appreciated you made him feel, making him feel like you couldn't do anything without him. He loves to take care of you because he doesn't want to see you let go of your youth, in a way living his life through you. Not wanting to rush to ‘grow up’ like he had to,  you made him feel like he was living his life with no regrets.
Your fingers were so small in comparison to his, thinking about how just one would fill you up, and him simply curling it inside you would make you cum, so responsive to his touch. Trying your best to feel the feel same as his. 
You raised your legs slightly in the air, trying to reach deeper like he did. It somewhat working as you were now letting out held back moans along with “daddy and ken” falling there too, or maybe it was from the lewdness of it all, your messy little pussy all wet thinking ‘bout daddy and his fat cock, if only he knew.
You were so lost in your own world you didn't even hear the door open. He was met with your sticky tears falling down your pretty face as you struggled trying to get yourself off. His composed nature leaving him freezing for once in his life.
You finally gave your self a break, sobbing louder as you couldn't even feel anything looking up to wipe your tears with both hands, finally getting them dry enough to see as turned your head, shaking in place seeing your future husband stand in the doorway.
“K-ken” you startledly whispered loud enough for him to hear while he was making his way to you, loosening his tie, his stoic face staying the same. He got on the bed, hovering over you, his tie and shirt lying somewhere on the floor as he inched closer to you, his nose almost touching yours.
“You know I love you right? He said, taking your left hand into his, grabbing the diamond ring on your finger, stroking it with his finger as it gleamed in the moonlight. You looking at his sliver one in return, too shy to face him after what just happened.
“y-yes” you wept locking eyes with him, your vision being blurry but still seeing his handsome face above you “I know it's my fault daddy. M-m’sorry” 
“Shh, baby it's never your fault. Daddys sorry, he didn't know how needy you were, cmere.” he cooed bringing you closer to him. “Tell me what's on your mind. What's wrong honey?” 
“Everything daddy… everything.” you complained, reaching to wipe your eyes again. He already knew what happened just from you saying that. And as usual the only reason his baby would cry was because of their job or a sad movie. 
‘How about you just be my cute little wife and carry my babies; that's the only thing you'll ever have to do again, okay?” he said already having it in the back of his head ever since he first fell for you. After months of you sneaking him extra bread in his bag when he left the store, always smiling at him with your whole heart; it being the first time he's ever blushed, he was whipped.
“Mkay.” you sniffled, not even bothering or caring to fix your face. He was so kind. The idea sounding great in your head. Never having to see your mean boss again, always getting on you for the simplest things, leaving to go cry in the break room.
“There's my good girl.” he praised, kissing you forehead, dragging up your nightgown over your head, finally being bare for him, as his eyes took in your body. Loving every curve you had, kissing his way down your neck after staring with your eyes. Your salty tears being whisked away from his affection that he gave you, that you loved.
His lips met your chest, wrapping them around your nipple as he cupped that breast. Squeezing it gently while moving his hand from your thigh, his ring leaving an imprint there while grabbing your other breast. Flicking it with his finger, loving to hear the little whimpers you let out, so precious. 
“You’re so wet” he said, attaching his lips to your puffy clit, sucking on it while shoving his long fingers into you soaking little cunt, curling them just like how you were daydreaming about earlier.
“Daddy- please.” you whined bucking into his mouth already so needy, not needing any prep, just wanting to be stuffed full.
“Gimme...”, you said, trying to form a sentence while  his fingers were knuckle deep, hitting your g spot with ease.
“I got you my love” he said, already unbuckling his pants, taking a break from abusing your poor clit as you watched his cock pop out of his boxers. Mouth already watering thinking about taking it into your mouth, but pushing that to the side, knowing that he wouldn't say yes to that right now.
He hasn't seen a prettier sight in his life; your ankles by your ears, pussy begging for him to breed, his mind foggy as ever as you tell him to fuck a baby into you. Freezing at the words coming out of your sweet little mouth. But how could he tell his angel no?
“Open up for me sweetheart.” he muttered, imagining you so full and needy, not even being able to get up without him making him harder than ever. Sliding into you with no condom, as always, only on birth control. But the thought of it not doing its job got you even more hot and bothered, you head flooding with the thought of him fucking his cum back into you.
“Relax” he says, observing your face attentively.
“Youre so big daddy” you breathed out, eyes locking on his cock doing its best to fit in your little hole, even though you were drenched he still had to take it slow.
“it hurt?” 
“No. just fuck me, please. I'll be a good girl, daddy please.” you whined already working your way to make him bottom out.
He puts his lips on yours to distract you, shoving his length all the way in. Catching your moans in his mouth, groaning into yours. Your sweet scent getting his mind hazy as you rested on the mattress, your greedy little hands placing themselves on his back as you grabbed him closer.
He pushed himself balls deep in you, not taking long for you tell him to move whining out for your “daddy to fuck you”. His cock nudging your cervix, slowly easing back and forth to ease the pain you didn't even notice.
You feel so full while trembling in his hold. Feeling so good to finally have him inside you. Knowing that he was doing his best to not just fuck into you, wanting to make you feel good like you deserved.
He breaks the kiss and buries his face in the mattress beside your head, leaving kisses on your neck, as your ankles were now on his shoulders, hips spread wide rough for him to abuse. Your lips brush against his arm while he's connecting his hands with yours. Your rings clashing while you accept, pulling him closer like it's possible.
He's kissing underneath your ear now he starts to move his hips. Moaning at the feeling of his fat cock finally stretching you out. Pulling all the way out except the tip before slamming his hips back into yours, both of you moaning at the feeling.
He continues fucking you deep and fast, knowing thats how you liked it. His big frame towering  over yours, the comfy feeling of his weight on you, the heat radiating from his body making you feel like you were in heaven
“k-ken,” you mouthed not letting a word out but he read your pretty swollen lips. “you feel s-so good. d-ont pull out.”.
“When have i ever.” he stated, his voice unwavering as he brought his face to yours, seeing your eyes glossy and red, knowing you couldn't think straight right now. The only thing being on your mind was him. “You wanna be a mommy?”
“Y-yeah want your babies, want daddies babies, daddy please, please ple-” you whimpered out, clinging onto his shoulders admiring his body before you met his eyes. Overcome with the feelings you had inside you, wanting him to know as much as you. “Daddy -hahh i lov-e you.” 
“I know baby... i love you too” he returned, placing his lips on yours as he continued fucking into your sloppy little hole that he was the cause of.
He grabs your thighs, spreading them apart more, your hips giving away. Almost lifting you up, fucking into you deeper than before. Your screaming with no noise coming out except gasps because your daddy fucking you so good, making your head spin. And all you can think about is having his babies, wanting him to cum in you so much that it never comes out.
“More” you begged, wanting to feel his cum dripping out of you.
Your orgasm, collecting itself all this time, finally hits you like a shockwave. So unannounced that you completely let go and turn limp and he's still manhandling you, getting himself off.
You don't even feel him stop, just feeling his hot cum pouring inside you before you realize your not being thrusted into anymore. You cunt still clenching around him, milking him for everything he’s got as he tunes you over, not pulling out. You now resting on top of him, both of you breathing heavily as you cum for the nth time feeling it drip down your thighs and onto his balls.
“Are you okay my love?”
You cant even talk now, you voice long gone from crying earlier to him fucking you. You just snuggle into his side, wrapping your arms around his bicep as he strokes your forehead, kissing it before you grab his face.
“Kiss” you pouted using your remaining strength to point to your lips.
He lets out a laugh, leaning down to give you what you want, as always. Breaking the kiss when you let out a moan again; his cock was not hard anymore but still took up all the room in you, if you moved it would move it you. 
He repositions himself deep as he can inside without hurting you before noticing your swollen eyes starting to close. “Goodnight doll, love you.” he softly says kissing your forehead again
“Wait” You mummerd out, not opening your eyes but putting all your attention on him too. Wondering what you were gonna say as your soft sleepy smile appeared on your face. Cheeks all puffed out along with your lips. As you snuggled closer to his, mouth right up at his ear.
“G’night daddy, love you too”
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