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protoindoeuropean · 4 hours ago
me, about to watch the last 15 mins of a historical romance/political intrigue k-drama: ok will he abdicate now? cmon, abolish the monarchy already!
me when the king does not in fact abolish the monarchy:
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angelic-ish-phantom · 11 days ago
@dramaticnerdwithanxiety thanks for tagging me! 💚 I needed a reason to post literally anything.
An explanation: I find keywords (ANGER, JOKE, DRINK, WORTH and HEART) in my works (Wip or complete) and put the extracts here.
“Ghost!” She cried, shaking off her shock, and summoning a blaster.
“Wait, Valerie! You wouldn’t shoot a child?”
Valerie cocked the weapon, aiming it at the ghost’s head “How do know my name?” She growled.
“Erm,” the ghost stumbled, “that’s not important.” He deflected. “Let me ask a question?”
Valerie shot at the ghost. It dodged hastily.
“He- You can see I’m a child. A ghost child, but still basically a toddler. What damage could I do?”
“You kidnapped all the adults in town!” Valerie yelled, annoyed as her shots kept missing.
“Oh.” The ghost stopped dodging, appearing shocked. One of her attacks grazed him and he cringed, moving again, “I’m sure I had a good reason for that. I probably didn’t even hurt anyone.”
Valerie didn’t know why she was talking to this obviously delusional (amnesiac?) ghost. She tried to cool her anger, focusing as she shot, racing around him.
“Look, Val, I just don’t think it’s reasonable for you to assume I was going to do any harm. I just wanted to see a friend.”
She scoffed, still riled at the use of her nickname. “Ghosts don’t have friends.”
“Well I do!” He snapped. Freezing from his dodging again. “I just want to be there to help my friend, but you’re being an intolerant-“
A shot hit the center of the ghost’s torso.
Valerie flinched back slightly as the attack tore a hole write through it.
The pirate ghost closed its eyes, form flickering as it exhaled slowly, almost as though he were praying for patience. Only, it was the whole world that was flickering, breaking up around her-
Everything vanished in a haze of red.
I actually had a good few choices for this one, but decided on something I’d already posted in the end…
It had started as a joke almost.
The way his parents would be shooting him one moment then scolding him the next. It had nearly been funny, because Danny had never thought they would do anything if they knew. It was just… easier not to tell them; he could work out his ghost stuff on his own.
But, with every new word passed over the dinner table, with every Phantom encounter, with every moment they spent crafting up some new, cruel weapon, Danny lost the shape of the joke more and more.
All that was left was anxiety, and terror. nightmares and never thinking about it.
After a point, telling his parents what he was, just wasn’t an option.
//I never thought I would actually use this little snippet for anything so this is nice//
The five Rivers; they had many names, but the most well known and accepted of these were Lethe, Phlegethon, Acheron, Cocytus, and Styx.
And their “waters” had been used to create all manner of artifact and contract, only made possible due to the unique nature and potency of each River.
Lethe, Lemosyne, The Ameles Potamos. This is the River unmindfulness. It’s waters are clean and pure. To drink from it would be to forget, to fall into it might mean oblivion. When consumed, it binds the imbiber to the Realms so they may never leave, and it steals every non-foundational memory. It is complete forgetfulness, no remembrance left of family nor friends, nor exploits. Only, if extremely strong-willed, their name.
I only had all of two complete bits and one proper wip for this somehow…
In a place like Amity Park it could be hard to forget, but ghosts were supernatural creatures that weren’t supposed to ever interact with humans. They were terrifying and strange, and Danny, human as he still might be, was one of them.
But Tucker didn’t care, because Danny was his best friend, had always been. That wasn’t to say he didn’t notice, nor that it didn’t bother him, or even scare him at times, but Danny was worth it.
Tucker wished he were able rationalize that later that night, after dozing off, hoping Danny wouldn’t fall asleep with his concussion but unable to do anything to prevent it.
Tucker had been asleep.
And then he hadn’t.
It had been like a hook looped through his rib cage and yanked him up, sudden and violent. His eyes snapped open and he sat upright instantly, gasping and shivering as the freezer cold chill of his bedroom assaulted his senses.
Why was it so cold? He tried to blink away the haze of sleep from his eyes, only for his vision to be filled in bright, swirling pools of neon green—(the empty echo of a scream bouncing around the metal of the lab, heat and light and green burning and twining together in a vortex in front of Tucker.)
He shook himself out of the flickering memory, and processed the fact that Danny was crouched in his lap weightlessly, currently mismatched eyes boring straight into Tucker’s own.
Had other stuff for this one but would rather keep it to dp works at this point.
Valerie faltered. Her hands, clutching too tightly to her blaster everywhere it shouldn’t. She looked up at Phantom from her vantage and she couldn’t make the shot.
In the light of day, the ghost was obnoxious: A terror, a menace, and everything wrong with Valerie’s life, but…
As she looked at the him now, she hesitated. He was so quiet, serene… he was so silent, so beautiful, like a star in the night sky. The thought of ruining that?It felt a bit like trampling a field of flowers.
Then, there was… the wings.
In brightness, Phantom had a white bright glow, his aura bending around him like space distorted.
In the untouchable dark of the night sky, that light unfurled into wings: Massive and bright and majestic.
A heart made moonlight.
They spread out wide behind him as he glided through the air with a swimmers grace.
Valerie holstered her gun, and began to make her way home. She needed the sleep anyway, and there was always tomorrow.
Honestly, I’ve never been happy with this one, but I’m glad get some use out of it!
Idk if you’d wanna, have the time, or have the fics for it, so no pressure u can just ignore, but if any of y’all do: @lexiepiper @five-rivers @peachdoxie @constellaj
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aaaaaaaaaaaa-a · 16 days ago
I miss holding hands
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siryyeet · 16 days ago
There was a fellow person with an aro flag :D!! Only other person I saw lmao oof
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dorenarox · 16 days ago
Throwback to that time I played a PvP thing in Guild Wars 2, and people were "cheating" but my team still almost won and the other team even commented on it...
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autisticwormman · 20 days ago
Within the last month it's happened two times where I just wake up and suddenly this one post has a ton of notes and I dont know why until I see someone popular reblogged it
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sous-le-signe-de-la-lune · 24 days ago
Two days ago my friends and i spent the day together and we went to three videos games stores and I bought fire emblem echoes. I can't wait because this will be my first entry to the fire emblem series. And I'm thinking of going back to buy yoshi's woolly world
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probadly · 25 days ago
list five things that make you happy then leave this in the inbox of the last ten people that re logged a post of yours! we’re spreading positivity today <3
That's actually good timing since I had two panic attacks today so:
- laying in bed with the window open while it rains (bonus if its a thunderstorm)
- cats in general (expect the movie, omg)
- updates from my favourite writers
- my boyfriend. sometimes. (lame, I know)
- sunlight. my mood depends on the weather tbh
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cherrylavendertea · 28 days ago
Wattpad is so funny. I never check the comments and likes I get on old fanfics because I've mostly forgotten about them, but I still use the site because I like the way it organizes books and chapters and has a nice distraction-less screen to type on with no page breaks or margins or 1000 different settings. If I need a special character I copy paste from google. Anyway. Anywhere else, the comment "die" with no other context would be very rude to get. But this person was directly speaking to one of the characters. And they were absolutely right.
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therealvalkyrie · a month ago
do you have any other like…tooth-rottingly fluffy Shouto headcanons? 🥺
oh boy, DO I!!!!
shouto likes to be held. he doesn't quite know it, having not had a real hug in so long, so the first time you pull him into your space for a full, two-armed, chest-to-chest, cozy hug he's a little stiff. just standing there, doesn't know what to do with his hands, suddenly unable to temperature regulate as well as he should. he expects you to let go after a moment, so when you keep holding him, that thread of surprise in his chest turns heavier, weighing him down into your arms. you get the privilege of feeling him melt into you, arms coming hesitantly up to hold you back. gentle at first, but when you don't pull away again, he holds you tight. almost desperate. his face hides away in your neck, blushing so hard it's almost uncomfortably hot against your skin, but-- you know this is worth it. you won't pull away until he does. it's important to you that he knows you're not going anywhere. no way, no how.
after that, he's the clingiest bitch you've ever met. you wouldn't change it for the universe.
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x-lovely · a month ago
good girl, you did great! we're all super proud of you, just clean yourself up and rest that pretty head.
thank you! i washed myself up and drank some water. i put some chapstick on my lippies too.
good night from me & my gigantic teddy bear hehe.
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wildelydawn · a month ago
my friend sent me pictures of her and her rabbit and I guess that’s helping this Kimchay heart break
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danikindofwrites · a month ago
This is the first time I've been able to sit down this whole month and feel good about wanting to write, fingers crossed that this goes as well as I hope it does :')
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yourneighborhoodvoid · a month ago
this msg is a kiss on ur nose
Aww thank you, so sweet anon *wiggles nose*
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