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#that will shock and delight you
1-lightofjustice · 2 months ago
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Holy hell, since when Damian became such a party guy? XD 
Shush, Alfie. Usually I will agree with you, but let the boy interact with others, killers be damned. 
This issue’s theme is “Damian’s social skill gets a huge boost”. Truly a delight. Also finally I see him laugh after a long time, my baby T_T
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makeste · 9 days ago
the whole uraraka speech seems to have made hagakure disappear completely in the following chapterssss,, lmao nvm your theories are the best and they're so intriguing that i've jumped on the Hagakure Traitor wagon
Tumblr media
once you see you can't unsee lol. I don't necessarily think the two of them are getting up to anything particularly shady right this very second (although slipping away in the midst of a chaotic crowd is Hagakure speciality), but I do think that Horikoshi has deliberately avoided drawing them. he's been very unsubtly subtle in minimizing their involvement in this arc. not only did were they sidelined during the Deku intervention, but now here in this big "bonding over how we're all in this together" moment as well. it creates a separation between the two of them and the rest of Class A, and the fact that Horikoshi has decided to put emphasis on that now is very interesting, to say the least. and especially given all the recent emphasis on Rat Principal's funky new security, I can't help but think Traitor Time is rapidly approaching at last.
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gojosattoru · 5 months ago
my sister just told me that she bought me a GOJO PLUSHIE!!!! ASXDCFVBHBJK!!! *INTERNAL SCREAM* I’m speechless, my sister she’s too good for me!!! TT A TT I CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE IT ON MY ARMS!! ASDXFSWVD!!!!
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wizzard890 · 7 months ago
heretic update - oh shit
I have to be honest guys, things went absolutely catastrophically for Andreas last session. he lost everything on a wave of his own choices, made hotly, sometimes intelligently, always passionately, and the consequences have set him back so hard that his only way out of darkness was a terrible and genuine spiritual awakening. 
it’s great. 
when we last left Andreas, it was with his friend Bernadetta accused of witchcraft. her only chance was the successful recreation of an ancient Christian ritual that Andreas hoped to enact while she was on the pyre. he did not believe in God’s grace or goodness, or the inherent power of the story. instead he wanted to trick a miracle out of God, to create the same circumstance in which He had interceded before. 
it didn’t work. 
Bernadetta indeed ended up on the pyre. she actually started to burn. nothing Andreas had done protected her, and as he became aware of his awful mistake, of his arrogance, he heard her through the smoke, calling out to God. he heard her start to sing as her eyes were opened by something he was blind to. just then, when all hope seemed lost, it began to rain out of a formerly clear sky, dousing the flames, and lightning struck the tree above the pyre, blasting any remainder of Andreas’s carnival of a ritual apart. Bernadetta was saved by a miracle, one she had earned. she said, afterward, nearly insensible but with a blazing focus in her eyes, that she had seen an angel. 
Andreas had seen nothing. he had seen nothing, and found himself suddenly arrayed against a God, a divinity, who had reached out of heaven and granted Bernadetta a vision. he didn’t know where his path was supposed to take him now. all his anger, all the furious questions he wanted to spit at God’s feet when he found Him - they seemed to shrink. they seemed, with a painful clarity, questions for a man. one who had never loved him, who had hurt him. they were questions for his father, recently dead at Andreas’s own hand. 
then the English army arrived. 
(do not forget, never forget, that it’s 1347.)
Edward, the crown prince of the very same, remained imprisoned under Andreas’s sorcery, forced to protect the young comte with his life. the two of them had formed a certain rapport, something that grew out of the scaffolding of watching one another like cats for a mistake. guess which of them fucked up first?
Andreas planned to surrender to the English, on the condition that he and his friends would remain unharmed. as a French noble in the Aquitaine, Andreas somewhat welcomes English rule, and more to the point, if the French took Poitou, Edward would mastermind the rest of his campaigns from Andreas’s palace, which would keep Blanche nearby. Andreas swore, over and over again, that he would do whatever was necessary to stay with her. 
so he and Edward agreed: Andreas would stand down without a fight, Edward would rule from Poitou, and Andreas would remain with him, protected, certain of his friends’ safety, and able to take Blanche, Edward’s impersonally betrothed, as his lover. 
it was a really really great idea, and a really really fucking stupid mistake. bind the prince of England with dark magic, this prince, and all you have is a jessed hawk, just waiting for you to drop your glove and turn your back. 
the English army wasn’t in the palace for fifteen minutes before Edward had Andreas, Philippe and their allies seized and thrown in the dungeons. Blanche was swiftly placed under lock and key. only Bernadetta and Tomassin managed to escape unharmed. 
for three months, Andreas rotted away in the cells, very credibly accused of witchcraft. they were the same cells he’d been held in as a boy, as exorcists tortured him for weeks on end. he was fed and well taken care of - any harm visited on him would be refracted on Edward’s own body after all, and the crown prince was no fool. Andreas tried to hurt himself, just to make Edward feel an ounce of pain, but he failed. it’s hard to stab yourself, actually, or break your own fingers, or refuse food. it’s hard to hold onto your sanity in a stone room where your nightmares were born, with no hope of escape, knowing that you were the reason the people you love have been trapped and even killed. 
so Andreas waited. in the dark, filled with resentment, scraping himself back together every day out of pure spite. Edward wanted him caged and helpless. but from the very bedrock of his soul, Andreas refused to oblige him. maybe it was that refusal, that hatred, those repeated attempts to open his own skin out of sheer enmity, that brought the dark visitation. 
it began appearing in the blackest corners of the cell. not a shape: a presence. a formless predator. something with a terrible focus, the awful held breath at the very edge of a blade. and as Andreas became aware of it and how he could fit between its jaws, it advised him to be patient. to bide his time. it inquired, silently but with force, who his enemy was. it bid him to offer up their soul. Andreas named Edward, and promised the prince’s death to his visitor. for its aid and its vision. the pact was struck. 
it was the first sight of something Beyond this world that Andreas had ever encountered. it was the first thing that had ever gripped his soul and brought it shuddering to attention. Bernadetta saw an angel on the pyre, yes. but there in the dark of his cell, Andreas was visited by the Black Captain.
so he held onto the word that had been provided for him by that inhuman advisor: patience. he found that the hallucinations brought on by isolation began to fade. he felt himself getting stronger and sleeping better, though he didn’t need the latter much at all. it was like a transfusion of something hotter than blood. 
weeks passed. 
and then one morning, a young woman in a nun’s habit entered his cell, accompanied by a Spaniard with a sword on his back. the woman asked Andreas directly if he was a witch. shocked at the sight of the pair, he denied it reflexively. in response, him, somehow, Andreas didn’t know what was happening, just that he felt some watery intrusion into his mind before she withdrew, seemingly satisfied. 
they needed to hurry, she told him with a grin as the Spaniard swung the cell door open wide. the guards would be coming soon. and if they wanted to get out of here alive, they needed to move. 
next update: escape! and what comes after. 
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koolabjamun · 10 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
the loveliest @everythingoes tagged me to share my 9 favorite movies! thank you so much, Taylor! <3
i thot it was gonna be hard bc i rarely watch movies but it was actually really bc i rarely watch movies AHAH. i’ll talk a bit about the movies in the tags <3
tagging @jinnieinabottle, @theprofessorjin, @d2lp, @chupahojadee, @finelinedwalls, @alwaysboo (no pressure, tho!) <3
#aditi n dee i'm sorry this is on my bts blog i just wanna know your fav movies too <3#okay moving onto the movies!#what will people say is Norwegian/Urdu movie about a 16 year old muslim girl living in norway with her immigrant parents from pakistan.#it's a heartbreaking story and i feel like every desi person can relate to it :(#fun fact: part of the movie was filmed in rajasthan! aditi & oshi i think you'd find that delightful!#om shanthi om ahhh a classic bollywood movie honestly an iconic movie one of the best soundtracks ever#AOC docu had to be on this list... i have nothing to add to that#parched is a movie about women in rural rajasthan and as someone who lives in a metropolitan city... the culture shock was real#it's incredible and devastating and apte's acting as always was stunning!#don't have much to say about the next two movies other than to say that they are my comfort movies <3#also i can pretty much quote every single dialogue from mean girls#rangitaranga is the only kannada movie i've ever liked and it's a psychological thiller/horror and it's sick! cinematography is beautiful#the songs are heavenly!! and the plot !!!!!!! AAAAH SO GOOD#i know i put a ma*vel movie on here but idc black panther is too iconic and it's not a sad movie but i sobbed multiple times bc of the rep#ZNMD is loved by pretty much anyone who's watched it? 3 men vacation in spain and it's beautiful that's it that's the movie#ty zoya akhtar for this gorgeous movie!!!#this was so fun!! thank you taylor for tagging me!#tag games
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eugeniedanglars · 10 months ago
i do not interact with the trc fandom at all anymore outside of my tiny bubble of mutuals who aren’t out of their minds but sometimes discourse will drift by me and i’ll get just a glimpse of the current state of the fandom with no context, much like agnes nutter seeing the future through too narrow a lens for it to make any sense. i recently learned of that people are now acting like they don’t like gansey and that the term “stansey” is involved. no clue when, how, or why any of this came about. fascinating
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impatentpending · a year ago
I was reading your fic Powerless (which is INCREDIBLE by the way I have far to many emotions about it) and got to the chapter where you talk about your tumblr and then I was like WAIT I FOLLOW THEM ALREADY that’s the playlist analysis person! So yeah hi your writing is incredible and I can’t get over it I have had many fangirl moments reading them ahh
oh my gosh, someone who didn’t find me though powerless???  Hello???
I can’t believe some people know me as “the playlist analysis person” alkdsfj
glad you’re enjoying, by the way! Let me know when you get to chapter 16 and/or 20 :)
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sammyversusclowns · 8 months ago
orange, magenta, and honey!!
red: describe your favorite shirt
I GOT IT LITERALLY YESTERDAY FOR XMAS BUT IT’S SO PERFECT... it’s got that big blocky sunset gradient w a silhouette of a person and a dog in front of it and the person is holding an electric bass, and then it’s got big white font on the top and bottom that reads “It’s what I do. I pet dogs, I play bass, and I know things” in all caps
orange: if you could, would you change your eye color? why? to what color, if so?
I don’t think I would - I’ve got a gorgeous medium-light brown right now and I’m hella happy with that! It’s really fun to stand in the exact right spot to make the rainbows from a window prism ornament lay across my eye, it shows off most of the colors of the rainbow super well
magenta: do you keep your fingernails long or short?
SHORT. I play bass, i play upright bass specifically, I literally have to file down my nails every other day and nearly eradicate the white to keep them short enough and they’re STILL nearly too long
honey: your thoughts on magic- does it exist?
you know that post that goes like “magic does exist you fools it happens when you make your friends laugh?” i think of magic basically like that. a lot simpler and nicer than a lot of others believe, and something we can hold in our memories.
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love-loliqua · a year ago
So Biff Made Me Cry Today
He’s always the villager giving me things, and today he got super excited and gave me a DOLLY. She’s pink and so cute and fancy and like. I don’t know how the game chose that but I am so, so happy! She is EXACTLY my aesthetic and dolls are specifically very important to me. 
It just so happens that his birthday is tomorrow! This is my first AC game so I had no idea what to get him - I found a list of gifts online and while I don’t have any of the recommended ones, I noticed his favourite colour was green... and I have a frog tee. 
I was so happy to get my frog tee. I love it. It reminds me of my Jamack obsession and I even bought a green skirt and yellow runners to match the tee. I love this shirt. But I have nothing to give Biff.
So this is how I ended up crying tears and realizing that I would give up my precious frog tee in order to show Biff how much I love him because he gave me a dolly and many kind words. ;3; 
This game has officially taken my soul. 
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goldengirlschildhood · a year ago
6, 9, and 12 !
Thank you so much for the ask!
6. realist, optimist, or pessimist?
Most certainly a realist. I always try to see the possibilities of a situation in order to plan accordingly and being a strict optimist or pessimist limits your perception of the playing field. 
9. what are your favourite shoes like?
Do I have favorite shoes? I have a favorite type of shoe, which are the low-top canvas shoes regardless of brand. Currently I have Keds (I think), before that Vans, and before that Converse. Frankly, they’re all the same to me.
12. is your handwriting more print, cursive, or a mix?
A mix. When I was in second grade I used to practice cursive handwriting in a notebook for hours but I always used print in school. Sometime in middle school I became too lazy to pick up my pencil every letter and began to keep it down for every word. In turn, this made my writing a print/cursive quagmire that has gained the adoration of my peers--if I had any reputation among my fellow classmates when I was younger it was that my handwriting was fuckin’ smokin’. (I in fact used it to make a ye olde Valentine’s Day card for a history teacher---made intentionally to rankle their feathers. It was delightful).
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yinseal-arc · a year ago
in direct retaliation for all the nice things said about me here’s a quick reminder:
@ichoreyed  writes edward elric like an absolute masterpiece and  thrives  on the descriptive explanation that never sounds forced or wordy       they are able to take a feeling,  emotion,  and thought,  and turn it into something dynamic or subtle,  just with the smallest twist.  it is a genuine joy and pleasure to read their edward because his internal struggle and emotional confusion comes across  so  strongly and with such prose and power !!!
@izumier  writes the purest and best izumi curtis i have ever seen,  hands down,  on god.  every headcanon and meta is so well thought out and descriptive and powerful,  rendering me in tears more often than not  (  and you  can’t  just say it’s because i’m a crybaby i  mean it.  )  her izumi is a joy to read because of how intricately and descriptive she comes across:  her internal struggle with letting ed and al go,  unaware they will perform human transmutation,  combined with her disgust and rage over the military,  her own guilt,  and her own trauma.  arakawa should be honoured someone is writing izumi with the passion and dedication she  deserves!
@hakune  has prose that sets me into fits every thirty seconds       it is elegant and moving,  descriptive and with such a flow that you can’t replicate or describe.  she is able to take fundamentally different characters  (  pride,  wrath,  ed,  and winry,  just to name a few  )  and expand on their characterization and motivation with  such power.  she is a genuine joy to read and to talk with,  and her characterization is among the best i’ve ever had the joy to experience.
@avadite  is,  hands down,  beyond contestation,  the best greed i have ever seen.  sky has taken a character who is already complex and multifaceted,  and expanded his lore,  his reasoning,  his backstory,  and his motivations.  everything she writes strikes each emotion and chord to its fullest extent       she is able to make greed sympathetic and disastrous all at once,  selfish and heroic in the same breath.  his own canon could not be handled with such talent,  skill,  grace,  and joy as sky does,  and seeing her posts literally brighten my dash.  
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konmari-dogs · 2 years ago
It’s so obvious in international dog fb groups when a poster is american 😑
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