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silentgrim · 2 months ago
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this is June, starting her first day as an Arts & Crafts teacher
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febreezecommercial · 2 months ago
And yes canon age lol
Notes: ABSOLUTELY THIS IS ADORABLE! Hope you like it, Requests Open!
TW: she/her reader, awkward isabela
Isabela Madrigal x gardener!Reader
She was definitely offended when you started your garden
What? Her flowers and plants weren't enough?
She'd always try to show up your garden however she could
But for some strange reason she would never be able to
If you planted some sunflowers, the next morning they would have bloomed largely and colorful
You had no clue why, and just recognized it as good fortune
Isabela was angry whenever this happened- eventually, she went to Mirabel for advice
"Why can't Y/n just use /my/ plants, huh, Mira? Why does she have to grow her own when she could instead just use the ones that I provide her with?"
"Wow, Isa. You really want her attention don't you?"
"What?! No. Why would I want that. You're being ridiculous. I simply want her to stop trying to do my job for me. That's all."
"Seems to me like you might want to impress a certain Y/n." She said, grinning widely
Isabela gasped loudly
"I am /NOT/ in love with her!"
"Never said you were, Isa!" Mirabel yelled as Isabela stormed out of her room
You found that she tended to spend more time around you after their fight
She was in denial about it all
But she also blushed whenever you'd walk near her to admire her effortless flower artistry
She tried first, to start to know you better
Obviously not because she was in love with you
Clearly it was just because she needed to know more about her rival in the plant business
She started off slow
"Heyyyyy, Y/n. Do you maybe want to, I don't know, talk about... stuff? You know? Like regular people do?"
She ended up just beung awkward and messing with her hair and dress whenever she tried to talk around you
Once she realized she loved you-
It got even worse
She couldn't be near you without random plants popping up behind her
Once a cactus burst out of a barrel of corn that a man was carrying behind you
You laughed when she tried to explain it as she had only been not focusing
She was too obvious and too oblivious
Truly a great combo
Mirabel made fun of her for it
She tends to ramble about things when she's around you, sometimes combining words that make no sense together in her panic
She had to hand you a letter to confess her feelings
She tried- but wasn't able to tell you without an entire meadow of flowers spring from the ground
Her writing was slightly shaky
As if she was afraid of what she would be telling you
When you immediately told her you felt the same way and hugged her, she had sighed
I imagine some dramatic background music from Mirabel, Agustin and Camilo who had been watching from the bushes excitedly
She hit them with a vine
Your garden blooms faster, stronger and more beautiful now that you have her by your side forever
She's grown to love your way of making things grow through hard work and tries to help whenever she can with your plants
She likes giving you flowers whenever she can, often placing them around your house for you to find
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marblescorner · 6 months ago
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dsmp!Purpled and osmp!Smajor? Space bois 💫
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changelink · 2 months ago
Challenge me to art :)
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plusvanity · 2 months ago
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ice and fire
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soulmate-game · 8 months ago
Omg omg omg
Time travel.
Okay, so, Alix gets fed up one day with how Tim and Jason treat each other, so she gets drunk (as an adult ofc) and enters her Burrow, searching through the timelines to see Where it All Went Wrong. Finds it. Takes tiny pre-death Jason from his timeline, drops him on Tim’s lap. In the old robin costume still.
Tim. Tim still holds a very special place in his heart for The Second Robin. Not Jason, stupid dream-breaking, never-meet-your-heroes confirming jerk. But who Jason used to be, the Second Robin that Tim looked up to and considered his own personal hero. So Tim takes care of Little Jason, and is super adorable Ideal Big Brother with him. Even manages to somehow put a bunch of fan-boying in there without coming off weird— in fact, Little Jason eats it all up, super proud of how much this Obvious Adult from an equally Obvious Different Timeline thinks so highly of him. Little Jason is Not used to people thinking this highly of him, not used to being Anyone’s favorite. But he’s this adult’s favorite. And that’s awesome.
And Actually From This Timeline Jason happens to just. See all this happen. By this point, Alix has sobered up and called in Marinette’s help to restrain Jason so he didn’t ruin everything, and the three of them have been spying on Tim and Little Jason almost the entire time. Even though Adult Jason has his own very bitter thoughts about his past self (Alix writes that down as the next thing to ask him to go over when he goes to his next therapy session), he can’t help but just watch the two interact with awe. He didn’t realize Tim had ever idolized him. Hadn’t realized how Tim had actually seen him, thought so well of him before the... death thing.
And it brings a lot of emotions. Jason realizing just how much a combination of bad timing, Tim’s selflessness, the Lazurus madness, and his own trauma had combined to ruin the relationship he and Tim could have had. Had given Tim trauma Jason didn’t even realize he had given him. Sure, he remembered the whole almost-murdered-tim thing, but not the fact that Tim had almost been murdered by his old personal hero. That was ten times worse.
Eventually, Alix drops Little Jason back off where he belongs. Jason and Tim still don’t talk for, like, a month before Jason finally bites the bullet and approaches Tim about the whole thing.
They talk. For a very. Long. Time. It’s uncomfortable the both of them, extremely so, but it helps begin to mend old wounds. Eventually, they become brothers for real— they act like it more often. They have a decent relationship for the gremlins that they both were. It’s not what it could have been, but it’s good. They develop a unique kind of sibling bond like what they had with their other siblings (except Tim and Damian, which is a whole other plan for Drunk Alix in the future to handle). They make inside jokes, they go to each other for very specific types of comfort. They know when they can rely on each other. It’s good.
Meanwhile, Little Jason’s whole life has been permanently altered by Alix’s meddling. Good thing she grabbed him from an identical but separate timeline to begin with. Little Jason goes through most of the same events as Adult Jason, except this time when he comes back from the dead and plans to kill his Replacement, he recognizes the face of the teenager in the Robin suit. He remembers the day he was taken to an alternate future, when he watched a slightly older version of this very kid wax poetic about how much he looked up to him. How that version of this kid had avoided talking about the adult version of Jason in that timeline at all.
And it makes the Pit Madness fade, just long enough to avoid the same disaster. And in that timeline, Tim never has to deal with almost being killed by his idol. He only has to deal with mildly-frightening-but-not-ultimately-anything-new fights with a maddened and clearly struggling version of his idol. Who he helps get better, and who he forms a very deep bond with. His Idol isn’t the same, but he isn’t tarnished either. Just got a new coating of dark glaze and went in for a second firing. The story isn’t necessary better, some might argue, from a literary perspective. But it was softer, and kinder, and stronger in certain areas than its predecessor. Different, yet equal.
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untangle · 7 days ago
Sad as fuck.
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cryxdraws · 5 months ago
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Headcanon: Jack is a huge music buff and has been collecting vintage records since high school. He made a record player out of a Fenton RV Model and on family nights he pulls it out and plays all the favs. :D Val got invited over to join in the tradition. Jack and Val have really great voices, Maddie and Danny’s are good but not show stopping, and Jazz is absolutely tone deaf.
More WIPS below the cut!
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fireandspiceland · a month ago
Okay Iceland is trying to leave the house in a super slutty outfit.
Think like a completely mesh t-shirt, a choker, and booty shorts. And throw in some amazingly edgy makeup.
How do you headcannon each of the Nordics react?
Do they let him leave like that?
Do they love that he’s expressing himself?
Does Norway try to give him the “I’m not letting you leave the house dressed like that” talk?
 Does he try to fight back?
The mental image I have for this is hilarious I wish I could draw good enough to show you! but since I can't plase imagine Ice in a slutty e girl emo techwear kind of outfit, trying to seak out of the Nordics’ house (where he stays for some unrelated reason):
Finland spots him from the living room and they stare at each other for a moment, before Fin does that locking his mouth and throwing the key away gesture followed by a thumbs up to the outfit and make up and a wink at Ice who exhales with relief and motions a quick "thank you" at Fin before he continues his way to the front door. He’s the caring kind of parental figure, but at the same time he knows that Ice is capable of taking care of himself (which Iceland is forever grateful for even if he doesn’t show it all the time). So, why not let that boy have some fun?
If he was alone, Sweden would maybe stop Ice or AT LEAST ask him about the outfit or where he’s headed too. If he approves of the outfit or not - I don’t know and I don’t think he would mention it. He just wants to know where any of his kids (if you can Ice even call that) are going to and how and when they’re coming back home. It’s not about being controlling or mistrusting for him, he just takes the father role he plays for Ice (and sometimes all the Nordics rip) serious and it gives him security to know about their whereabouts. But he already saw Finland giving Iceland the sign of approval, and doesn’t interfere with that.
Norway is the one who catches Iceland right at the door and basically pulls him back inside at the collar of his very fragile shirt. He’s also the one Ice had to be wary of, cause he knows the others usually don’t take that much of an interest in his private life. Well, Denmark sometimes does.. but back to Norway. The problem with Norway is that he WANTS to give Iceland the talk you mentioned above and he HATES the very little choice of clothes, BUT he’s nothing better. Probably worse. And Iceland knows. Therefore he ends up giving him the glare of disapproval and forces at least a jacket onto Iceland (that will be off again in no time but still) while doing Sweden’s job of telling him not to come home to late, to call if anything happens and to please use protection when he [*insert Iceland blushing and gesturing wildly to make Norway shut up*].
That is until Denmark shows up in the hallway to check out what Iceland is grumbling about. Ice should be used to the embarrassement of Denmark complimenting his outfit in completely outdated terms ("You look so hip! Totally rad, Icey!") but he still wishes Norway would just ground him on the spot to save him from Denmark now offering, no insisting, on joining Ice and taking him to wherever he is headed. It's not that he doesn't appreciate the interest or a free ride, but UGH which kid teen immortal being with the body of a teenager wants their EMBARRASSING uncle to join them when they tried to sneak out of the house unnoticed??
In conclusion: rip Iceland. They support him as good as they can, even if it's not what Ice wants most of the time, but he's grateful for his family and even if he complains sometimes, he wouldn't have it any other way cause it only shows they care about him. Also none of the others dares to mention it, but they all know he got that slutty streak from Norway. 😘
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aqualynx12 · 6 months ago
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"Not sticking to their element gang"
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sarmaleattheseaside · 7 months ago
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kaiwrites-if · 2 months ago
Are there stigmas regarding people who do not present themselves in their given sex? Like if I were to play as a man who wore skirts and dresses on a daily basis, how much push back will I receive, if any?
No, there’s not really any stigma.
However, things within the court are a little stricter under Uther’s reign. When you’re on duty as Arthur’s manservant, you are expected to dress in a certain way (tunic and trousers), but off-duty, you can choose to wear what you like and no one would say anything (except perhaps to compliment you).
This story will be in no way historically accurate in that sense, I want a more relaxed environment in which your Merlin and the ROs can explore themselves.
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shenpai-cool-aid · 10 hours ago
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I attempted to do one of those character concept arts with my OC, Ackee Cookie. I think it turned out well
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snowfoxicedemon · 2 months ago
Howdy! Miss you, and Idk if you still use this blog but i figured I'd leave you a little message regardless. Hope you are doing well!
Tumblr media
FJSDLFSKDLS HI thank you,, it makes me really happy to hear this :`(
sorry i dont post here anymore i just dont draw anything that i feel confident enough to post here. yet
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all-thestories-aretrue · 6 days ago
Another newbie CR question. Where I am in c2 right now they are advertising for Chronicles of Exandria Vox Machina volume 2, which implies the existance of a volume 1. However, volume 1 is like nowhere to be found and volume 2 is going for 900+ US dollars on ebay. Does anyone know what happened with those books? Why they weren't reprinted?
I've seen on reddit people were talking about copyright and licensing issues with Geek and Sundry, but there doesn't seem to be anything official on the critrole website except for the announcements. Was it really a copyright/licensing issue? Does it have to do with the fact it's fanart? Was it a publisher thing?
Obviously at this point it is very unlikely they are going to reprint them. I was just curious if there was any official statement on why they may not be going for or didnt go for a reprint. I just think its interesting considering how much critical role is expanding into graphic novels, novels, the world of critical role coffee table book, etc.
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leadmeastraylittlefairy · 3 months ago
how are we feeling about imogen tomorrow night fellas?
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shinekittenace · 2 months ago
i wish i could fall into a dark world tbh
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human-wof-designs · 5 months ago
Royal birth mark?
!! yes! she has a little crown-shaped birthmark on her shoulder like anneliese from barbie in the princess and the pauper
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leahthedreamer · 2 months ago
In my (delusional) mind, Hans Zimmer’s Dune score or Michael Giacchino’s The Batman score will somehow become warhorses like some years ago with the LaLaLand soundtrack I will speak it into existence myself !
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thundergrace · a month ago
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