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#that you should be taking care of''
inkskinned2 months ago
tbh for a long time i really resented the advice "pick a partner that you would want to raise kids with" because i don't want kids and i hated that all relationships had to come from this place of procreation-first. what about toxic friendships, after all.
it took me a really long time to realize it's a bastardization of good advice.
many of us are recovering from being raised by parents/caregivers that were in toxic relationships or were toxic themselves. we learned behaviors, thoughts, and patterns from these people, and we spend our adult lives untangling and dismantling the harm done to us.
the advice should be - is this the person you'd want a child to emulate? is this a person you'd want a child even around? is this a person you can trust alone with a kid - any kid, mind you - and know that the child is safe, looked after, loved? is the relationship you're in one you'd want children to see and repeat in their adult lives? or is the relationship one you hope they won't follow, after all?
to be honest, i knew when i was in a bad relationship. i'd tell people - i know, i know, i should break up with him. i know, i know. she's not actually a good friend. but the reality was that it's incredibly difficult to escape the-devil-you-know. it was easy enough to train myself to be okay with it; i have very little regard for the-self and the process of cutting people out was simply too threatening for my mental state.
but i wouldn't put a younger version of myself through the same thing. i'd picture her in the same situation. i would tell her, broody as she is - leave, you're happier outside of it, never let anyone talk to you like that, you're worth more than this. i'd tell her when you let him cross your boundaries, the fault is his, but you need to understand you're rewarding bad behavior if you don't do something about it. i would wish, fervently, i could restart the relationship and do it all differently, be-young-again.
and then i realized: i am the younger version of myself. a future version of myself is begging me to leave. to take my happiness seriously. i am a kid to fifty-year-old-me. and i need to take my own advice. it's okay if that sets me up to grieve.
pick a partner that you would trust a younger version of yourself with. pick friends you'd want your younger self to grow up alongside. pick love that makes you feel like you want everyone to experience in their life and feel with others, something magical and shareable and full of mist. pick a love that feels like you can grow in it. pick a love like: i will be proud of this.
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bioethicists6 months ago
even among the most trauma-informed providers, it doesn't feel safe to share about psychiatric abuse. because they will try to validate your experience while still validating the institutions that inflicted it upon you. i've heard "oh, you had bad providers" "care is more trauma informed now" "that was illegal so most providers don't do that" "hospitals in the southeast are just worse" "adolescent hospitals are just worse" "you weren't REALLY a bad patient, not like the REAL bad patients"
nobody attached to the psychiatric system wants to cop to the fact that EVEN if they mean well and EVEN if they provide benefits to many and EVEN if some providers are worse than others, there are core ideologies underlying psychiatry and institutionalization and "abnormal psychology" that can and are used to inflict harm. any institution that believes "some patients are so sick that we need to strip them of all autonomy" or "patients can be noncompliant, because compliance with treatment is obligatory and morally good and based on OUR terms and not the patient's" is capable of doing what was done to me. period.
if you're a provider (doing important work! for some ppl therapy + hospitalization/respite + medication is an important step to a happier life) then you have to fess up to the systemic flaws in your system. you have to turn your head and LOOK at how "restraints" are used, LOOK at which patients get abused and which do not, LOOK at strip searches + body checks + body inventories, LOOK at the many instances of abuse in your field and ask, did these all really come from nowhere? or do my colleagues and mentors and facilities hold beliefs that categorize "compliance" as a mandatory moral good and "noncompliance" as something worth assaulting/drugging/shaming into compliance "for their own good"?
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fiona-fififi17 days ago
Can you imagine, though, the peace Eddie must have felt after Buck鈥攚ith no true obligation, with others willing to care for Christopher, with no knowledge of the will鈥攃hose to leave Eddie's side to go to Christopher. Knowing that there was a chance he would never see Eddie again; surely desperate, after what he'd just seen, to stay by Eddie's side, to be there when he wakes, to make sure he's safe and cared for properly. But there's no question, no hesitation. Buck goes to Christopher because Christopher needs him.
And I don't think for a moment that Eddie ever would have doubted or questioned that, but to have that knowledge鈥攊n stark reality, not just in theory鈥攖o wake from a moment of near death to learn, without any shadow of a doubt, that the person you've entrusted to care for your child who doesn't even know he's been given this trust put aside absolutely everything to make sure that your son is safe and loved and cared for in one of the most terrifying situations a child can experience?
The peace that must have brought for Eddie.
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cranberrybuttera month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'll stop having Sniper say Rosa Diaz quotes when they stop suiting him so well.
I already had this sketched out, but @thetriggeredhappy is running SniperScout week (@sniperscout-ship-week), so I decided to spend more time on it, so I could get it in for the free day. I just think they're neat.
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doodlebloo3 months ago
Also I get that the point of streaming is to see people react to things but do you guys ever feel like it gets a little weird sometimes?
Like obviously people desperately wanting a "bigger" reaction out of this teenage boy when he sees two girls kiss in a video game is like, meh, right, but also
Do y'all remember that stream when Ranboo got that HUGE dono to help pay for the UK trip, and he started tearing up but Tubbo started cracking jokes to lighten him up and Ranboo said that he couldn't cry with Tubbo there cheering him up? Cool, now do you remember Ranboo's chat telling Tubbo to stop "ruining the moment" and spamming at Ranboo to cry? Over money they didn't give him? And getting upset when he didn't cry?
Because I think about that a lot. I get that it's part of content creation to play up reactions to things and I'm sure a lot of creators want to do that, and I'm sure a lot of the fans don't have bad intentions by trying to get these Big reactions from streamers, but... They're human beings, too. They shouldn't have to cry or get scared and scream or make a thumbnail face all surprised at something if they don't want to, and we shouldn't be disappointed in them if they don't?
Idk what point I'm making other than holy shit does it make me feel weird when people get upset over a streamer not "reacting" to something the way they want.
#idk idk but i also feel like#ranboos chat has taken over tubbos chat. which is awful#1. because they will spam shit at ranboo if hes even HINTED at being nearby with no regard for the fact that its tubbos channel#(i know that during the lis playthrough only ranboo could see chat to avoid spoilers but theres a difference between sending a message thats#related to the stream and asking Ranboo to say happy birthday or gay rights on TUBBOS stream)#and 2. because they literally treat Tubbo like Ranboo when he isnt.#''why isnt he crying'' Tubbo doesnt cry onstream. ''why isnt he getting invested!'' he doesnt do that very often either.#''why isnt he scared at this horror game!'' he has been very vocal about horror games other than fnaf not having much if an effect in him#'"he doesn't know theyre gay!!'' yes he probably does and doesnt care but even if he didnt so what.#i dunno its just like. ranboo is always super extra mefa careful about Reacting the Right way to things right#like when a sad scene is hapoening in a video ame hes always Somber and Quiet and all of that#which is fine! that works for him and thats what you can expect during a Ranboo stream.#but Tubbo doesnt do that. Tuvbo cracks jokes and makes light of the situation and reminds everyone its Just A Video Game#so when Ranboo viewers show ip expecting 45 minutes if crying and get a thirty secind decision bc the tornado looked cool.#i feel like it should click that maybe Tubbo's content is... different from Ranboos.#hot take maybe Tubbo is his own content creator with his own style of doing things and his own fanbase#and not just TommyInnit's Friend or Ranboo's Quirky Roommate. Hard to swallow pill i know#idk idk! just putting my thoughts on my blog ^_^#im /nm. annoyed sure but not mad enough to like Start something yk. if you disagree thats totally fine#i am just putting my own thoughts on my blog :) this isnt /neg for tubbo OR ranboo just to be clear#doodle.txt
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pencilscratchins7 months ago
ms rebecca pencilscratchins you MUST share more plot of the good star wars that exists in you brain
well i dont have like a super clear one but more or less this is what im vibing with
TFA remains largely unchanged since i think it does an effective job of setting up the characters and the storyline. at the end, they finish the map to show the location of 鈥渘ew mandalore鈥 where luke is at with din. rey still goes to convince him to teach her and he still is initially hesitant, but a combination of din and rey and grogu convince him to take her on. he鈥檚 not bitter as much as he is heartbroken and ashamed. through his parent like relationship with rey, he relearns how to open himself up in the force.
rey鈥檚 story is now WAY more focused on her personal identity and discovering her own spot in the universe. in this au, she鈥檚 nobody鈥檚 daughter; she is just a random force sensitive child because like鈥 the lesson that anyone can make a difference, not just the same two families, is still a good lesson even in properties other than spiderman guys sksks. i think also, her struggles with the darkside come more from the fact she grew up with absolutely no power and the promise of power the darkside has obviously appeals to her (like, analog wise i think she has more inline with anakin than luke if you feel me.)
obviously, finn is force sensitive, but to me? it just felt so clear that he was being set up to get other stormtroopers to rebel and like explore the implications of that. like... it seemed blatantly clear but of course they wasted that potential. so while he does a bit of training with luke, i think speaking with some mandalorians (some of which are children of clones) gives him the idea to go liberate some troopers. poe goes along with him, since we need to investigate the republic鈥檚 way too comfortable attitude with killing hundreds of what we know are like... child soldiers. (also we can introduce jannah in the second movie so she gets to have a real character)
poe and leia have the relationship we all want them to have, and his storyline outside of trooper liberation focuses on the realities of being in a resistance and forming a new republic. i know this isnt to everyones taste but i like political melodrama i know its trash. but this is my au so i get to decide what goes in it. finn & poe鈥檚 relationship is always allowed to develop and they obviously have a beautiful intergalactic gay romance.
NOW FOR WHAT WEVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR: ROSE TICO! rose had so much potential- i think she still loses her sister and underestimates herself. but the great thing about din being in this au, is that now? rose & him get to interact. rose goes up to him and insists he teach her how to fight like a mandalorian, and he takes one look at this angry, grieving young woman with this huge heart of bravery and righteousness, and is like 鈥渁h shit. i have an adult daughter now i guess. guess i have to teach her how to shoot big guns and shit now鈥 yeah, that鈥檚 right. rose basically becomes a mandalorian in this au NO I WONT APOLOGIZE. THIS AU IS FOR ME. and also my friend bailey.
again, all these ideas are sorta nebulous and subject to change and i wont ever do anything with it, but. You asked so.
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lazylittledragona month ago
not trying to be rude but you really shouldn't draw a transmasc person with breasts since it can be really dysphoria inducing for trans people reading it. i like your art, i just think you should be more careful and consider the comfort of your readers :-)~~
i'm literally begging you to go outside and talk to another human being
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moash2 months ago
hot take, but it's genuinely hard for me sometimes to accept that adolin and shallan are two of kaladin's best friends when there's never been any kind of understanding from either of them about the way they treated him early on/through oathbringer. like maybe we're supposed to just infer that some conversation happened off screen where they apologized for being racist, but like that's a lot to just accept happened when it wasn't shown
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rousinqscenta month ago
there are definitely times where Kazutora doesn鈥檛 feel like doing all the work. He 锟約eldom lacks the incentive to take the lead during sex and that鈥檚 okay. Even supposing that Kazutora has gotten full rehabilitation and is mentally competent enough to integrate back into a normal life, there will be moments where he鈥檇 feel super awful about his entire being that he鈥檒l constantly question not only himself but you on why you鈥檙e dating someone like him. Initially, he鈥檚 not open about his feelings, in fear of saying something out of line. He鈥檚 incredibly reluctant both verbally and physically, he doesn鈥檛 want to touch you nor does he want you to touch him. He鈥檒l then start to nitpick at his appearance, something that鈥檚 been bothering him even during his upbringing and no matter how many people call him 鈥榟andsome鈥, he won鈥檛 believe shit.
to Kazutora, you鈥檙e his touchstone, his beacon in the fog. You鈥檙e the reason why he works hard to maintain the life he has, to become a better version of himself. He loves you because you ground him, make him feel at peace with himself, loved and appreciated. You provide him with the security that he needs and Kazutora couldn鈥檛 feel more grateful. He loves you so much that it hurts him, to the point where he鈥檚 willing to go out of his way to do just about anything for you simply because he鈥檚 acknowledged how much you meant to him.
sex with you is so good for him. While he does enjoy being on top to liberally use your body as a means to satiate his own needs whenever he wants. Kazutora absolutely loves it when he submits to you. There鈥檚 something about the way you look down at him with so much love and compassion. Your hands that are so soft when they cup his cheeks and eyes that are so gentle when you view him from above to see all of the beautiful yet lewd expressions he makes when you鈥檙e jerking his throbbing erection- and he鈥檚 pleading for you to make haste because the sluggish work is really testing his sanity and he wants to cum already! Kazutora鈥檚 hissing under his breath when you thumb at the slit of his head and he鈥檚 looking at you with big sandy eyes, 锟紈himpering, shaking, calling you 鈥渕a鈥檃m鈥 to let you reconsider about teasing him any further. You thought he never looked any prettier than he did right now.
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smallfrenchstudyblr7 months ago
Once again really. fucking. mad. at how much University fucks up students鈥 sense of priorities, especially young students. Holy shit who gives a fuck about your attendance to my class when you are [redacted for my student鈥檚 privacy but basically dealing with so. much. shit]. Like no, my class should not be your priority here ???? What sort of expectations do you think we have ??? Do we look that inhumane ?? Honestly fuck my lecture, go and take care of yourself ???聽
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imaginelocka month ago
John holds up the camera and waves a bit awkwardly.
"Hello, everyone! Sorry, it's been a while since my last video," he rubs the back of his neck a bit shyly. "Since Rosie has begun walking, it's been a lot busier around 221 B."
He points the camera at the flat, showing the hodgepodge of baby's toys and Sherlock's books and papers. "Tell me you live with two children without telling me you live with two children."
"I heard that," came the dry, unamused voice of Sherlock. "I put my chemicals on a higher shelf. I'm not a child, I listen."
"Yeah," John walks from the living area and into the kitchen where Sherlock is sitting behind his microscope. "Rosie still listens better than you."
"Give me one example," Sherlock leans away from his microscope and folds his arms expectantly.
"She goes down to bed when it's time for bed, with minimal whining," John begins. "She eats all of her vegetables, she lets me wipe her face when it's-"
"I let you wipe my face!"
"You thrash, Sherlock!"
"...Don't upload the video."
"Sherlock, it's live."
The live ends suddenly, with Sherlock a blur, rushing towards the camera.
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teeeentitaaans23 days ago
How do you think Damian would explain all of the scars on his body to the people at his school? I feel like all of the bat kids would have a valid reasons for having them.
Like for Dick, he鈥檚 a cop so he could play off his scars. Jason is legally dead and I doubt anyone would question the red hood. Tim is the son of a CEO and I don鈥檛 think anyone at WE would even try to question him. I鈥檓 not sure what Cass or Duke doe, but they don鈥檛 need to explain themselves.
But for Damian, I feel like it would be kind of hard to avoid talking about the visible trauma on his body and face probably. Like, kids and teachers are hella nosy and I feel like they would call CPS at any chance they could鈥.
you got any headcannons on how Damian would verge the subject?
Oh yes!!
Damian would probably just. Tell people it's from assassin training.
Like a concerned teacher will ask him about why he has burn scars on his hands and he'll be like 'thats from the time my grandfather stuck my hands in fire so I would be used to how flames feel'
And the teacher would 100% not believe him
CPS has been called several times
Bruce is a tired dad
#damian wayne#bruce wayne#tw child abuse#tw cps mention#home boy does NOT care about secret identities#he told his principal he was robin after he was caught with a batarang while bruce was like right next to him#bruce is pretty sure his soul ascended#principal thought it was funny though#'we have kids claiming to be robin everyday mr wayne'#damians identity is kept safe only by the fact that no one believes he could ne robin#he could show up in a robin coustume and people would 100% believe its a cosplay#but whenever teachers see damians scars they call cps#and cps is so tired of going to wayne manor every week for a kid who literally told them that he's the abusive one in their relationship#'my fathers not the abuser. i am. you should take him away from me.'#they've given up#they do send someone to go check up on him every now and then though#he got taken away for a week once because one of their agents saw cass throw him through a table#cass had a mental breakdown#damian had the time of his life#he was at an orphanage and started a revolution#when bruce and cass were finally able to get him back he was mad as hell#'i dont understand why i cant be an orphan. its fun.'#'damian for the love of god-'#some teachers will step in and call bruce into a conference to ask him questions#one straight up accused him of being abusive#bruce cried#damian normally steps in at this point and tells the teachers hes secretly a drug dealer#once again-#none of them believe him#wait no im out of tags i have more to say-
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