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wilbyssoot · a month ago
Imagine a panel with the rest of the dsmp members who weren’t here today like just imagine
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sophfandoms53 · a year ago
All of y’all are talking about Travis winning the HOH tonight and I don’t wanna believe it but you’re all probably right
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wibble-wobbegong · a year ago
what if bbh is ranboo’s dad and his mom or whatever was an enderman
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wastelandbabylouis · a year ago
louis if youre reading this update your 28 songs playlist with "billie jean" maybe?
hey, Louis-
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1490 days Can you believe it?
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queerturnofphrase · 2 years ago
ok now it’s pence’s turn and everyone else who was implicated in this.
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kimjoongs-main · 3 years ago
did you guys know
that i love jaemin?
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daddy-satrinava · 3 years ago
It’s so obviously a Muriel route honestly I was expecting Lucio’s first since he seems to be the most popular out of the three but HELL YEA I’ll take Muriel pls gonna love that sweet sweet boi💕🌈
Yesss I’m excited about it too, I just want to give all my affection to the big soft forest man
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delicatepointofviews · 3 years ago
i just keep thinking about those d/ragon k/in posts that were recommended to me by tumblr a few weeks ago and like
how does your brain Do That
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womanstan · 3 years ago
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