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worm-tired · 5 months ago
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BANANA FISH Dust Jackets from the Monthly Flowers Magazine - August and September 2018
Please do not repost without credit.
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asteria2nayru · 4 months ago
Warriors: Well if your sooo experienced, just how many of those dungeons have you done?
Legend: …
Twilight: Uh, Legend?
Legend: Shut up! I’m thinking.
Twilight: What?
Legend: I said I’m thinking!!!! Great, now I’ve lost count. *sigh* I guess I‘d say around 70 or so?
The Chain: ….
Legend: …..
The Chain: WHAT!?!?!?
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jemmo · 6 months ago
i have actual chills. sean is just… omg off’s acting is off the charts. he looks enraged, heartbroken, confused. he is just so frustrated with the world and feels compelled to act out against it, and after going through so much shit he put his faith in someone only for that trust to be broken. god… it’s just insanely good
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kithtaehyung · 14 days ago
I don’t have think
- Kim Seokjin, 2018
My reaction after reading 3tan and the soulmates teaser
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LMAO oh my god this is a compliment and I will take it!🤣 thank you for reading!!
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quack-catherine-quack · a year ago
what should i read now?
i can’t decide between her name in the sky, late for the party, cool for the summer, the girls i’ve been, honey girl, neon gods or touch of darkness
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femchef · a month ago
I just realized my side blog has over 2000 followers and I’m feeling some kinda way about it
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katelynnwrites · 4 months ago
just realised that i have 20 ona fics up
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groovygladiatorsheep · 6 months ago
When you get this, respond with 5 things that make you happy. Then, Send this to last 10 people in your notifs. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity✨
- Smurfs
- Monstrology
- Puzzles
- Zoomba
- 3ds games
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dash-o-frost · a year ago
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gameboi-glitchedskies · 8 months ago
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I posted 12,073 times in 2021
204 posts created (2%)
11869 posts reblogged (98%)
For every post I created, I reblogged 58.2 posts.
I added 481 tags in 2021
#reblog - 148 posts
#skie’s rambles - 72 posts
#ranboo - 48 posts
#dream smp - 46 posts
#liveblogging - 44 posts
#really fcking cool art - 32 posts
#ranboo live - 25 posts
#shitpost - 24 posts
#/lh - 23 posts
#asks - 19 posts
Longest Tag: 114 characters
#also i’m aware that the elections got reset but i’m going to talk to the rest of the cabinet and see what they say
My Top Posts in 2021
Something that just happened
My family and I: *Driving back home while I’m half asleep in the backseat*
The radio: *Starts playing Heatwaves*
Me: *Immediately sits up*
My family: *doesn’t notice*
Me: holy shit
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*slides into your askboxs*
hey,,,,, any eret headcanons👀
Anon you have single-handedly made my day
I do have some Eret hcs!
Eret’s pupils do the thing that cats/dogs pupils do when in low light/flashlight light(there’s probably a better way to explain this but oh well)
Herobrine is actually Eret’s uncle and they’ve hung out on several occasions
When Eret and Foolish fought the wither cult, Eret got a bad wither injury just underneath where their heart was. She still has no recollection of getting it, but Foolish does remember. Vividly
She used several things to cover their eyes before sunglasses existed
He’s been around for a while, but not as long as Philza Minecraft
They’re pretty good with a sword, and she’s trying to learn crossbow
Fundy got ahold of Eret’s crown one time so now there’s “Fundy was here :D” In faded sharpie on the inside of his crown
Because of their wither injury, sometimes it gets hard for her to breathe, but he usually recovers quickly
I don’t really watch/write Eret, but I still have a good amount of headcannons for them :D
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*taps mic* are we on? Yes? Okay
Girlbosses, Gentlethems, Malewives, and all other configurations of being. In these dark and uncertain times of mcytblr, we need a strong leader with a cabinet that’ll make sure we get what is promised to us. Enter: BLUETNT2021
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(Flag designed by ultraviolet-cumblast)
I, gameboi-glitchedskies, want to be your president of mcytblr. My promises are as followed:
More underrated duo content! Have a duo you think goes good together? More content for it!
T H E R A P Y (we need this for all the characters I swear to DreamXD-)
More tnt duo getting along/rivalry content!
Everyone gets some blue :D
If we win I will write my first crackfic with a prompt from the people no matter what it is (I feel like I might regret this later, but fuck it. Why not)
Now, you may be asking, who’s your cabinet. Well I’m happy to introduce you to them!
Vice President: @the-fridge-is-on-fire
Secretary of State: @ultraviolet-cumblast
Secretary of Treasury: @emotion-spiking-anon
Head executioner: @andromedas-sorrow
Grenade Supplier: @hsulp
We promise to listen to the people and make sure to provide what is promised to them.
If you like the sound of that, vote for Bluetnt2021!
Copyright©️bluetntcampaign 2021. All rights reserved
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So Ranboo is having his 6 month anniversary of creating content, right?
He logs off of the Dream SMP
Goes into a Minecraft realm
Spawns in, no explanation
He moves to the left
There’s Technoblade
And chat has no clue what’s going on
And now they’re gonna beat Minecraft together
Happy 6th month anniversary Ranboo!
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Chat just got Ranboo to 75,000 subs on twitch out of spite
Welcome to the 21st century
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Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →
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stillthesunkenstars · 11 months ago
I finally fucking know how I can check emails and have my executives function it’s listening to music while doing it that occupies the spare attention
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vincxl · 7 months ago
Do you think it's bad or "creepy" that a bisexual older guy likes young guys a lot? I'd like to help you have a good birthday somehow. I'd be honored to cuddle with you for your birthday!
clearing out asks & coming across this. wow.
yea it’s creepy, i was 14 when you sent this ask. that’s super fucking creepy, knowingly interacting with a minor like this
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acosmis-t · a year ago
okay i haven’t written smut in a while so send me a character and i’ll look for a request with them :))
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falconcoast · a year ago
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alfa-artz · a year ago
☀️, 🧩, 😶 and (heartwarming and angst, forgot the emojis for those ;-;)
If you could spend one day with the sides, who would you choose and what would you do?
I’d probably spend it with Roman! Watch Disney movies ✨
A theory I have
I like to think that Virgil was really close to Remus and Janus.. but something happened between them
Unpopular opinion
Don’t have one!
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6ebe · 9 months ago
When I graduate I’m going to buy every damm political theory book I was ever forced to read and display them all on a book shelf to intimidate the guests
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