#that’s all I’m here to say lol.
spicyicyricy · 3 months ago
I have a giant massive crush.
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casukaga · a year ago
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date night ❤️ [C2E126]
after 3 weeks, i finally finish my beauyasha date art! amidst all the other crazy shit that’s happened since then, i still got this episode on my mind.
🌟 Instagram | Twitter | Youtube 🌟
#finally i can relax holy shiiiiit 🎶#commentary on each drawing if u care:#1. floating up the tower! all the vibrant colors are supposed to be the stained glass since that’s in the entrance yk#(my coloring’s very abstract and just blobs of color — ofc ur not gonna see my fully render those windows 😌)#2. tavern talks! tried to add more hues in the bg since liam said the colors of the nook were more vibrant in this recreation#3. nothing much to say. smooches u in a field of simulated flowers.#4. anime blush and sparkles were on my mind when beau said those words...#5. comic book-esque?? this one’s my least fave of them all. the colors are wonky but i’m so done i don’t wanna do anymore lol!#6. one of my faves! i think it’s cute. lotsa glitter and i like the shading i did on the wings!#7. i went in like ‘the lighting might be difficult on this one bc of all the fireworks.’ but it honestly wasn’t that bad.#8. NOW THIS ONE. the one u see here is the second drawing i had. the first one was something different and it was outlined and everything#but the lighting was SO DIFFICULT for me to nail — and i didn’t like the drawing anymore — so i drew up and colored a new one during#yesterday’s stream#yk when ur beauregard lionett staring up at urself in ur damn kink mirror embraced by a woman u love so dearly? yeah. cries.#and scene.#(a stock image was used as a ref for that last piece btw!)#critical role#critical role fanart#crit role#c2e126#the mighty nein#mighty nein#beauyasha#beauregard lionett#yasha nydoorin#fanart#digital art#casu art#my shtuff#casu art c2 spoilers
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that-was-anticlimactic · 5 months ago
thinking about sokka not having a great head day, and since he never learned how to properly cope with his emotions, he just. stops talking. and at first everyone in the gaang is confused because sokka isn’t talking but he’s smiling (because he’s good at pretending he’s okay even if he can’t say he’s fine, he’ll find a way to express it) and he’s not isolating himself and he’s laughing soundlessly, so they kind of assume he’s playing a game or just doing a bit or something because this isn’t how sokka usually acts when something is wrong and they all join him, and suddenly that normalcy he was clinging too—the sound of his sister’s voice, his friends’ laughter vanishes and they keep exchanging looks like they’re all in the midst of this inside joke, and sokka feels like his throat is swelling and his tongue is lying limply in his mouth like a piece of dead wood and he can’t breathe but he can’t cry and he doesn’t know what’s wrong and it’s silent and he’s scared and confused and he doesn’t know what to do and he feels like everyone is mocking him and that they think his whole existence is a joke and he wants them to stop and to just talk but he can’t bring himself to say it because moving his mouth feels like pulling teeth and he can’t breakdown because he’s sokka and sokka doesn’t break down because sokka is strong and—
and then zuko finds him sitting out at night because somewhere along the way, he realized that something was wrong. and he sits and he talks to sokka and he doesn’t expect him to talk back. and apparently that’s what sokka needed—someone acknowledging that they noticed something was wrong and that they miss his voice and that they like it when he talks and that he’s not annoying but not expecting anything in return. and eventually, sokka begins to tear up and his body starts to shake because he still doesn’t really get what he’s feeling and what’s going on but he never cries because sokka doesn’t cry but zuko asks if he can touch him and he holds him and just keeps talking and eventually sokka falls asleep and he’s safe and understood in zuko’s arms and under yue’s light,,,
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spectacledraws · 5 months ago
I absolutely love this alvin line in chapter 2, he says “He made a turn into telling stories as a means to entertain his children. That such a story, created for such a simple purpose, could blossom into such a large, wonderful, world changing thing. That is the majesty of words, kris.” I feel like this is regarding the game and how this story has turned into something that really means a lot to so many players. Which While I believe this theme is tied to the story it could also be Toby giving us a little thank you as well.
OH I totally forgot about that line but it’s so good.. ok I wasn’t going to elaborate but now I will lol. Not super long
Like you said, I think this is a story about stories and how they affect not just the fictional characters but the real people experiencing them. One phrase that is interesting to me relating to this theme is “the pen is mightier than the sword”.. if gerson was an author who uses “pens” and a knight usually uses “swords”, I think the knight is a storyteller more than a warrior. the act of creating a dark world is like creating a new story with characters who have retroactive histories (darkners). And you have the option to escape into fictional worlds, but the healthy thing to do most of all, is to live your real life while also taking valuable lessons from the fiction you love. Like how Susie learns about friendship from her dark world experiences, and has finally started reach out to others in her everyday life because of that! But she hasn’t yet realized that these two worlds can’t coexist if the dark is as powerful as or more powerful than the light, or else everyone will suffer. (In-universe, the roaring.. and as a metaphor for reality, you shut yourself away from real connections in favor of fantasy.) And hopefully kris will learn how to live for themself too. (Themself.. and their friends!!)
That’s why I think the point of this story is definitely not to make us feel bad for playing a game. In-universe, it seems that Gaster is connecting with real people so that we can finish the story. Maybe he wants us to help the people he considers “very very wonderful.” Nobody can move on with their lives until it’s finished, especially kris, and most of all the primary storyteller Toby himself, who has been trying to share this story he’s clearly passionate about for years!!😅
but of course “there’s something more important than reaching the end:” the memories and friends we made along the way that we can take with us into the future, and change the world.. Yay🤠
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amezsu · 14 days ago
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Self indulgence Sunday ft the weirdo family ((Also idk anything about comic layouts or fashion and I’m sorry for my handwriting 😭😭))
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padfootastic · 26 days ago
hi so im being very masochistic here but i would really love to know more about your thoughts on remus 👀. is your dislike of him directed more towards canon or fanon or both?
i tried looking through your blog but i only saw posts where you like... slightly approached the topic before backing away completely, and now i'm curious 😅
cause from what i have seen so far, i totally get where you're coming from, especially within what seems to be the popular fanon wolfstar dynamic lately. but you're one of the first people i've seen actually say anything about it and i've enjoyed reading all of your other takes in the short amount of time since i followed you.
so if you were looking for an excuse to rant about this then please, this is me giving you one :)
(remus is my favorite character and i feel like i need to say that in case you take one look at my blog and figure it out yourself cause then this ask is going to seem really weird lmao but i promise i can handle criticism of him)
oooh hello there and welcome to my rant zone blog 💀
i’m gonna be honest, you’re so much braver than i am because i could not even deal with tangential criticism of james or sirius, let alone willingly engage with someone else about it 😭 how do you do it? teach me ur ways, mighty soldier 🙏
as for remus,,,,i have talked about him a couple times but way back so it’s no wonder u haven’t found it. it’s here- 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
warning: it’s not remus friendly, at all. i’ve tried not to like, outright bash but i’d say i ended up doing it in some places anyway.
tl;dr—i used to really like remus and wolfstar a while ago, and even now i grudgingly read it because you cant really avoid it, but the more i’ve thought about it, the more i realised i really dislike him. it started off w fanon remus (because he’s,,,some other creature only) but now i can’t stand canon either.
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enduracarrotchips · a year ago
Tumblr media
I am a w a k e
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its-hyperfixation · 3 months ago
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Guess that I know what I already knew I was better with you, and I miss you now
for my beloved @bellamyblakru in honour of getting employed !! congratulations my love, im so proud of u and everything that u do.
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did anyone anyone else, as a little girl, learn what age your mom got married and subconsciously set it as a Marriage Deadline™ for yourself? no? just me? cool
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tsswonderlandau · 5 months ago
You have no idea how indescribably happy I am to hear that! I have the most obnoxious grin right now. - Theory anon (you don't have to respond, I'm sure the others are getting tired of me spaming the dash)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The crazy thing is, the majority of this au is a vague idea that I add detail to as I go. There’s no set script especially since u guys influence the story. I have certain plot points I want to get to, some I add as I go, and some I get rid of. Just vague concepts I have to put together somehow. Like I knew I wanted that Virgil and Roman confrontation but didn’t actually know how i was going to get there. The jabberwocky tho? U guys brought that up and I said “i could make that work” and added it to the vague plot I had planned.
The theory anon guessed was just a vague concept in my brain. It was something I was def gonna include from the beginning but reading their asks was the first time my concept was put into words. Anon read my mind and wrote the plot before I did.
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secret-spn-blog · a year ago
Tumblr media
werewolf Garth from the secret good animated reboot of supernatural that exists in my head that has an actual creature design budget my beloved <3
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royalhandmaidens · a year ago
Can mirialans be Jews too? I’m Jewish and I see similarities. No Xtians allowed in our Mirialan club though, they appropriate and ruin everything
i’m not jewish so i have like zero say here, but we stan jewish/muslim solidarity on this blog 💕
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madillhethen · 24 days ago
For people always saying OC x canon is cringe, friendly reminder that Sieg is technically Type-Moon’s OC who they shipped with anime Joan of Arc.
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hella1975 · 3 months ago
Eat your pasta dearie
this actually did cross my mind when I was making my pasta to eat
#I’m apologising in advance bc these tags are about to be rude#so just a heads up anon this is very much one of those ‘x thing has happened multiple times and I’m finally snapping’ things#that sees me lashing out at the next unfortunate anon that does it regardless of their intentions#so I’m very sorry it’s not you it’s just a trend I don’t like#but basically#sending things like ‘be safe’ ‘drink water’ etc are really nice things to do#like I don’t want what I’m saying here to be misconstrued as ALL messages like this being bad#but if I make a post effectively being like ‘my cramps are so bad I can’t even eat the pasta I made’#and your response is ‘eat your pasta’ then can you see how that can actually be super invalidating?#for me I can hear a very loud ‘just’ at the beginning of that sentence#and it happens a lot with my sleep schedule too like I’m all here for the jokes I genuinely find them funny#bc 9 times out of 10 I am also laughing about it#but on the few times I’m acc venting about how annoying it is that I can’t just sleep and someone sends me#what I KNOW was supposed to be a helpful ask going ‘go to sleep’#I feel very much like what I’m trying to say is being totally ignored and I’m being written off as overdramatic#like I have insomnia. I have had debilitating periods every month for my entire teenage life#I know what I’m doing so if I complain and say I can’t do something#then trust it’s bc I CANT DO IT#so yeah I know this is very much a grey area bc it’s not a set rule for whenever I talk about these things#but I need you guys to just use the context of my posts a little better sometimes lol#again sorry that this was snappy especially bc I know u were just trying to be nice anon#ask
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aeide-thea · 28 days ago
there’s something really fascinating to me (and frightening tbh!) abt a worldview that says ‘i’m going to ask whatever people happen to be in front of me, who don’t have any particular credentials or relevant expertise/experience i can verify, abt X topic,’ vs a worldview that says ‘i’m going to go do my own independent research abt this’?
like. watching a whole argument unfold rn abt like. antisemitic bias in the story of jesus and ths moneychangers in the new testament and multiple Uninformed Christians have asked one of the tumblr users involved in the conversation things like ‘could you point me to some sources for this?’ and even ‘what’s wrong with the KJV?’ and i’m like. literally why would your first step here not be, idk, wikipedia even! esp when this person has already said ‘my response is a synthesis of various sources i’ve forgotten and i don’t have anywhere to point you’—that clearly isn’t someone who can provide citations and if you need them, which one always should, you should be doing some independent research, because frankly this person has a stance of their own and even if it’s largely correct, which i’m inclined to think it is bc the NT has an agenda that involves painting jesus as enlightened in all his actions and his non-christian contemporaries as benighted, you ought to be trying to confirm that with evidence from a different, scholarly source! ideally sources plural!
though of course if you don’t feel equipped to do independent research, or to evaluate the validity of what such research might turn up, then i can understand why you might look to others to spoonfeed you; but even then, god, the level of naïveté in assuming that randoms you encounter online are both sufficiently knowledgeable and sufficiently trustworthy for you to just—open up expectantly for whatever it might occur to them to offer you?
anyway, yeah, i did get the impression the folks involved were american and i do think ultimately this all speaks to how poorly most americans’ educations (which i’m pretty tempted to put in scare quotes, i admit) equip them to research and evaluate anything for themselves, such that they’re unsettlingly eager to set up total randoms as Authorities whose assertions they’ll treat as word of god (a loaded description here but honestly, i think, an appropriate one; these are christian sheep in search of a shepherd) if only the person sounds certain enough!
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padfootastic · a month ago
I’m a big fan of your blog as I am a fellow James and Sirius apologist. I feel like there aren’t enough people out here that love these two and their bond so finding someone who feels the same is like nothing short of a miracle. Especially one who is active on here. Also, I’m a big fan of your stories you are an amazing writer. ❤️
I was just sitting here thinking about how Sirius could have put an end to Lily’s relationship with James with a snap of his fingers if he felt so inclined. Like James and Lily are “soulmates” in canon but not the same soulmate level these two guys are on you know? I think back to your fic Shovel Talk in regards to this and how Sirius basically tells Lily as much. It just makes me sorta giggle (is that wrong?) because it’s just so true lol. Like James and Sirius were operating on a whole different plane of reality than everyone else I swear. I just I love those two boys so so so much.
If you wouldn’t mind sharing I would love to just read your thoughts on these guys. Like just to read you talking about them and their bond in whatever capacity you want. Weather it be what you think of them, how you see them, who you think they are, how you think they’re perceived by their friends just any and all thoughts you feel like sharing. This is only if you don’t mind. I just live for these two codependent lunatics and love getting to see other people love them. 💛💙
anon there is something in my eye and u might be responsible for it 🥺🥺
i don’t know where i’m getting this prongsfoot attention from as of late but i am absolutely not complaining because it is the best thing ever and i will never tire of talking about my baby boys. thank u so much for liking what i write (and thinking i’m active lol) :”)
also!!! another shovel talk fan!!! listen every time someone references that story, it makes my heart do this giddy little spin because it’s literally one of my favorite fics/hcs and i genuinely thought people wouldn’t like it but they do and it’s amazing.
you’ve given me such free reign that i don’t know where to start lol my mind has suddenly gone blank trying to think of something i haven’t already talked about before
hmmm ok let’s see. i know i skew towards sirius leaning on james a lot but i fully believe it was a relationship of equals. james was equally besotted by and reliant on sirius as the other way around. so i mentioned this in the last ask a bit, but i see james as someone who’s constantly burning bright and it’s…not exactly easy but very possible to snuff that light out completely. and i think lily had the potential for that bc of her sharp tongue & self righteousness. and she wouldnt think to tone herself down for james, either, because she sees what everyone else does—a spoiled, happy go lucky, privileged dude who doesn’t need to be treated with kid gloves. fair, yeah? except. sirius has seen this boy inside out, knows how fucking sensitive he is, and will do anything it takes to make sure james doesn’t shrink himself to fit the world. and this isn’t like—a huge thing, not for sirius. it’s in the little actions—cutting someone off when they might say something hurtful, turning him away from people who don’t like him, casually blocking hexes cast behind his back etc etc. sirius doesn’t have blinkers on, he knows first hand how ugly the world is and he doesn’t want it to touch his james. (sure, that might mean putting up with his big headed ass but he’ll take that any day over a subdued james potter) and we know from swm that he’s not scared or hesitant to go against james if needed so he’s the perfect person to both keep him in check and protect him ykno? (very grumpy one protects the sunshine one of me)
another thing i love thinking about is how unconditionally they love each other!!! james has a mean streak (often powered by ignorance/arrogance) and sirius genuinely has a whole dark side bc of his black heritage (so many thoughts on that ughhhhh) and it means the absolute world to sirius that james accepts all of him. his family doesn’t like him being a ‘muggle loving traitor’ and the people at hogwarts are scared/wary of his name and anger and sometimes he’s seen it even in his friends’ eyes and he’s sick and tired of having to hide parts of himself to be palatable so it’s like a fresh of breath air to be around james who never ever judges him. i’m such a sucker for unconditional acceptance lol both sides of sirius are fundamental to him and he can’t separate them from himself so whenever james steps up to him without hesitation or fear, it heals a part of him.
also, this might seem obvious, but i think they genuinely liked each other in a way that u don’t always see. like, they were each other’s favorite persons at all times, no questions asked. the average person might get sick of spending so much time with one person, even if it’s their best friend (i know i couldn’t lol) but not these two. they happily welcome every opportunity they have to be together. that’s why detentions are fun—hours left alone to goof around while working off their energy? sign them tf up. they genuinely look forward to talking to each time, every single class they share, nighttime when they can crawl into the others’ beds etc etc it’s all horribly codependent and perhaps not the healthiest (definitely not in a non-prongsfoot universe) but it’s james&sirius and even if they were stranded on an island together, they’d be happy about it
wrt to the james/lily/sirius thing—god, yes. sirius *knows* that he only needs to say the word and james would listen to him over lily and that’s so much power and sometimes he’s equal parts terrified and on top of the world bc of what he holds in his hands but it only makes him more determined to not abuse that trust and faith james places in him. i think this would happen with any potential partner, if only a bit harsher w lily bc of their experiences. james will always, always turn to sirius first and that can be a good or a bad thing, depending on how u look at it. u just know that remus and peter were envious of this dynamic but i think, over time, they overcame it and just resigned themselves to it. i can even see them (particularly remus) actually being a bit thankful it’s not them because let’s be honest, a friendship as all encompassing & overwhelming as this? not easy at all. u need to be able to completely open ur heart and soul up, break down even the smallest pretence of barriers, accept that you’ll always be part of a whole and that’s neither simple nor desirable most of the time. and i truly don’t eee remus laying himself bare open like that, not even for j or s. so i think he’s actually a bit relieved that these two tide over their most intense behaviours with each other and you get a more toned down version of them around others lol (does any of that make sense? i’m just rambling here tbh)
i’m gonna stop here bc i have no clue of any of this is even like, coherent. i erased and wrote the whole thing 2-3 times bc it kept growing a mind of its own and Not Cooperating so i hope this draft is,,,okay ykno?
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petrovna-zamo · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
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