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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#that’s how it went down right
yetanotheremptypage · a month ago
Taylor Swift: Okay, so we’re obviously gonna do cardigan, since it’s nominated, and then maybe willow, the other single?
Jack Antonoff: We do august or I walk
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highchalowwis · 2 months ago
dnd is a Bad Game (a good game)
#julia it's fine if you read this#this is HER FAULT!#it's not. but at the same time. it is#julia reminding me that this is going to make our actual goal harder :):):) why darling comma#cas's sister. is an exterminator. or something. for traffin. who Actively Kills Magic Users#these are assumptions but. hhhhhh.#and they're after us (?) and cas is invisible and USELESS#she was so useless this fight#like. honorific but also derogatory she didn't do shit#i know she had to be but coming out of invis twice to try to make things better and nothing happening was just. hhh.#we didn't mention it to naddcord but the reason the king used his ring was bc cas went uninvisible to lightning lure#and he came down to where she had been and THEN did his magic ring bullshit#and kicked devo out of horsehood and injured luca and :))) and it's Her. Fault.#at least that's how she sees it#i just think. she feels so much responsibility right now. for what's happening#which is on one level valid like babe you're WANTED#don't go. into town.#and on the other hand babygirl :(#like. it is your fault but they are here to protect you because they care about you please learn that not everyone blames you#(like your sister does)#(like your family does)#however she's still gonna b angsty about it#she canonically sulks :)#spoiled brat energy#i just think being friends with the captain and having access to the captain's quarters for sulking reasons is so ideal#oh to sulk in the nicest room on the boat#anyways i have three scenes to do on the boat :] and some of them are perhaps not good choices but they are in character#quote some of them endquote you mean one of them?#ANYWAYS#c:cas
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shaky-starving-kitten · 2 months ago
Hm. My mother should learn to keep her hands to herself. My skin feels weird where she touched me. But maybe I'm overthinking it. I feel yucky again.
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the first few episodes of Code Lyoko do a really good job of setting up the story en media res, and I especially like how it only takes the second episode for them to blow their secret and try to save people
there’s a lot of other shows where you spend so long going ‘why aren’t you trying to tell people what’s going on, lives are at stake’
and Code Lyoko just does that immediately
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suncaptor · 3 months ago
I think when people look at Cas's blood on his hands for the most part they... aren't looking at it from unbiased perspective because Cas isn't. He essentially ended a war that was to wipe out billions of humans and destroy the Earth in a renewed apocalypse. The death on his hands is generally always that of a war commander. But the thing is, angels weren't made to fight each other, and the more human he gets the less he becomes a warrior at all. Part of his falling is that: he is introduced as a warrior of God, that's what the angels are. So the more he becomes human, the more he shifts the view of blood on his hands. He's not equipped. Which skews everyone else's perspectives too, especially since at one point he was essentially possessed by evil entities from another dimension and the consequence of his battle moves left new siege upon Earth. But the real war isn't Cas's fault. It's not his fault the angels wanted to start the apocalyse time again, wanted to fight each other, wanted to fight him. But that doesn't matter when you've killed. He keeps the blood on his hands. The reason why the narrative shifts is because he'd give in the guilt. However, the biggest narrative shift is actually due to the betrayal of Dean Winchester, the entire point in the beginning, another fallacy, another trick by a demon like Sam with Lilith. So the fandom, the narrative, and everyone in the canonical universe shifts to blame Cas more than he ever deserves. Because Dean does, and because he does: because regardless of the reason (what is free will? Intention? He should have trusted Dean), there is blood on his hands. But Cas never started these wars. He was always trying to end them.
#cas#castiel#spn#supernatural#incoherents#I'm basically trying to explain how the narrative shifts with his falling and with Dean's perspective because that's where fault lies#This is glaringly obvious if you compare Cas who is fine killing a child in season 5 to save the world but the idea would appall him later#down the line where he finds significance his Claire's smile. he was built for war and he takes it on with good intent (besides the fact#he is biased towards Dean basically everything he does is with good intent) but the issue is the more human he becomes the less an angelic#warrior he is and he cannot handle the consequences of who he has been all in the name of the same morality he is fighting for.#and he can't forgive it. because he looks at it like: had I trusted Dean above myself (like faith like all he knows) then perhaps this#wouldnt have happened. and yeah I'm focusing on s6 bc I don't know HOW you can blame Cas for the angels falling or all the fighting between#them after but the same concepts still run through hes just more and more ill equipped to handle it because he's fallen so far#when people look at suicidal guilty Cas post s7 and think it's because of how horrific he was.... I mean YES the Leviathans shifted his#power to automatically corrupt whatever he did for guilt. but like.. i think the more honest perspective to see it through ptsd from war#his guilt is... part of it and he tried to punish himself eternally for it and that is before the angels all fall and diminish and#hes tortured by his siblings again and again like that ISN'T something you can Blame him for.#I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right lol. i def don't think he should have broken Sam's wall or killed Balthazar and also godstiel#went a bit off the rails though I liken that more to the sorta ghost possession we see but that might me being theological about souls again#but basically: Cas did nothing wrong ever in his life ever* *okay basically with some exemptions but basically
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black-coffee-morning · 3 months ago
#i started a journal Five Years Ago when i was a baby in eighth grade#ive kept up with it amazingly#im surprised because im just absolutely terrible at sticking with things#lately I've been getting worse at journaling#it's been getting more and more difficult#when i was younger i wrote about which boys i liked and how the school dance went#it was important at the time and I'm glad to have it#but now my entries have gotten more... therapeutic#of course i still write about how much i like my girlfriend and the times that i hung out with friends#but journaling has become my version of therapy#a way to get the important things out of my head and into somewhere where i could process them better#that's not always easy#recently something happened that i dont want to face or deal with#i know that i need to write about it and if i sit down in front of my journal im going to write#but its too difficult to write about right now#so im not writinf about the smaller things#like how my Christmas went and that my friend had surgery a couple of days ago#because im scared to face the journal and im scared to face the situation#how long can i keep pushing this down?#how long until it explodes out of me and destroys me for the foreseeable future?#i want to get it out of me so that it's out#but it's not a one and done deal. i can't just write it down and be finished with it#it's going to unlock feelings and memories and thoughts that i don't want to face#i don't want to face any of it!! it's to difficult and it shouldn't have happened but now it did and i have to deal with it#she always has the control. she can always swoop in and hurt me again. all i can do is wait for the bombs to drop and clean up the wreckage#for once i don't want to be stuck cleaning up these messes#thing is#i have no choice
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medusa-was-innocent · 3 months ago
1, 14, 22! 💓🌿
My favorite song from this year is probably savior complex or chinese satellite from Phoebe Bridgers’ new album Punisher I’ve listened to it probably a hundred times. (Honorable mention to big sound by I’m Glad It’s You I really loved their new album)
I finally read howls moving castle after about a year of it sitting in my to be read pile and I loved it it’s such a sweet story, I also loved little fires everywhere
I spent a week with my grandparents on Pawley’s Island in SC, it’s one of my favorite places in the world because it’s so beautiful and it’s surround by marshland (which I love). I also got to watch a meteor shower!! I spent a lot of time there growing up, and I really miss living near the ocean so it felt really good to visit my home again for a little while and remember the times I spent there
Thank you so much I loved these asks 💛💕
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actualtoad · 3 months ago
i mean... my parents are bad at autism and my dad is bad at queerness and. well i mean dad has the whole Alcohol thing and mom has the whole Really Hates Dad thing but i. i really do think that if i can put together the terms of our relationships they could be. okay someday
#they aren’t awful people#they’re just not good at parenting and they aren’t good at seeing things from my point of view#like. if i didn’t struggle in school we wouldn’t have most of the problems we have#but if they understood how to help me and if they understood how my brain works#then maybe i wouldn’t be struggling#and i. my parents were supposed to each move into seperate spaces we were finalizing plans in february#and everything was going to be so much better i could be with mariah without justin weighing down on her and i could i could choose to#go over to her place if he were. in a bad way yknow#and i could be with him without her on my back every spare second that i wasn’t actively advancing her Goals#and i was. really excited#and then dad got drunk broke his ankle moved in with his parents for a month the pandemic happened one month turned into several and we#went further into debt than we’d been in a while#and now we’re still stuck here in this awful stressful situation and i#if i could just have a#if we lived in a better world i think they could be good people#and right now we’re pretending that we live in a better world#that’s the deal we have holidays we pretend everything’s okay#and usually it just feels so fake and awful but i#today i don’t actually mind#today is actually really nice#oh this was going to go private but i drafted it here which means it’s here#so here have a uhhhh#alcohol tw#divorce tw#?#you can uhhhh ask to tag of course#me. my post. mine.#i have a life
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rubberbandballqueen · 4 months ago
i know that i have a complex relationship to christianity and god in general that does NOT in any way boil down to “god’s not real” but every time one of my parents brings god into what i want to be a secular, pragmatic discussion about ethics or philosophy or anything really i just kinda wanna smack that bible out of their hands and go “that doesn’t matter here!! i want some practical answers that i can apply instead of just going ‘well it’s in god’s hands now’ and walking away!!!”
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cosmic-connor · 4 months ago
Hot chocolate or as I like to call it potion of un-fuck up emotions
#I make it so strong it’s disgusting but I don’t even care#it’s basically fucking cocoa powder and water#like three spoons of it in one cup I might as well eat the fucking powder from the tin#but. it works. sorta#I’m an adult#write as I typed that I fucking slipped and almost fell#I voted in the last election. I could get married if I wanted to. what the fuck#I actually know someone who by the most shady qualifications is an ordained minister LOLLLL#how has nothing killed me yet. how am I here lmfao#most of the time when my irls check in on me that’s what they say is how are you alive lol#and I don’t have an answer my luck is incredible#I once went 72 hours without eating or sleeping. another time I went to an all day serious meeting with the local board of ed#while I had food poisoning and could not stand up straight#I have had too many head injuries to reliably count. my head is like a fucking coconut#I once fell off a bike and down a hill and almost punctured an artery in my leg. my bf at the time had to drag me back up#I lost so much blood my vision was going crazy colors and I just laughed the whole time#he fucking bandaged me up in his bathtub and it looked like a murder scene#I actually broke the life line on my right hand bc of it#no other scarring bc I guess palms don’t scar easy except for that#like yeah I fell and out my hands out and then rolled and something got me right in that behind my knee#like on the inner side#it was a disaster I could not walk right for a while#anyways. uh#what am I talking about#oh yeah me being stupid lol#not to even mention the time I jumped off a bridge which I love to being up bc it was cool#and I am generally not cool just dumb#connor talks
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nonchalantlytremulous · 4 months ago
Remember when I finally started to loose weight all of a sudden after a year or two of nonstop continuous weight gain?
Well that kind of went away and I’m gaining again
Hopefully just cause I got lazy with eating and not because all the weird gallbladder aftermath shit is starting again
#like seriously it was weird as fuck#I couldn’t lose at all for over a year and it was just slowly increasing#even though I wasn’t eating more or anything#and then right before covid hit it started dropping so fast#not like dangerously fast but like more than I could ever do when I was trying to cut down on how much I ate#and I went from 155 to 140 and even 139#and I haven’t been in the 130s since before my gallbladder surgery#I still want to go to an endocrinologist because like the weight gain was already nonsensical after the surgery#and when I gained a little weight a few years before gallbladder#like I went up to 143#and my psychiatrist lectured me on exercise and eating#not because that weight is unhealthy for my height and age#but because it was unusual for me personally#so that’s when we started MFP and it was working great and fine#until fucking gallbladder surgery#I went from ~134 to ~156 uncontrollably#yea it was over like two years but it was non stop and I literally couldn’t even maintain#it would dip only when I like cut down to much it was borderline restricting but then would shoot up again#then is February siddenly I could lose weight even tho I don’t think much changed aside from maybe being slightly more strict?#but I’ve gotten out of the habit again and so I’m gaining again#pers#tags#also it seems like it’s suddenly all in my chin and neck#also also I fucking hate my teeth and jaw line and they’re so ground down that my jaw is fucked up and so recessed and short
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