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you're so pretty! 💖

thank you 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

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Shout out to the actor playing Constantin, he‘s honestly doing such a great job at making the character unlikeable and I feel like he’s hardly ever shown any love or praise

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haven’t been on here in awhile i think it’s time to entertain y’all 😁😁🤞🏾a few weeks ago my friend dared me to text this boy i used to talk to mind you this nigga a WHITE MAN 🤢🤢🤢 anyways so i did whatever and it was like just a oh hey hru and shit like that and we stopped talking over some drama and we like cleared it up whtv and he was like oh can i get ur new snap? and i’m like yea sure ig and we talk for the rest of the night bc i have to entertain my bff and shit 😹😹😹 so she goes to sleep and i’m thinking i aint never gon talk to him again UNTIL he keeps texting me?? and like idc bc he’s cool but like he starts being weird and i just 😔😔 thankfully i ignore him for a few days and he got the hint 😁👍🏾

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Ahahhahahahha the actual face I made reading this I was v happy someone shares my niche cuz actually, I’ve already done a fic like that 👉👈 id be more than happy to explore the topic again tho! But here’s the a03 link! And I’ll reboop it too!

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[Ooh ok here’s the thing…. I actually JUST recently starting watching the films in chronological order after watching the Mandalorian for the first time last year, so yeah]

Padme’s outfits in the prequels. Yes I love them. Impractical half of the time? Absolutely. But they’re really pretty and honestly a fashion icon ✨✨✨

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@stardustshitposting I just convinced my entire family that THIS


Is a sonic character named Succotash (which is actually a type of vegetable dish) and currently they believe me

Succotash is an evil clone of sonic from a clone episode and I will be keeping this up

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a chrollo kinnie o.o

not being able to feel, huh? you barely feel anything and try to get something, just the tiniest sliver will do. but it backfires, which results you crawling back to how you were prior. you make friends and you’re insanely loyal, as are they. but is it enough? do they make you feel how friends are supposed to make you feel? when will you be satisfied and how are you going to achieve that, hm?


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A survey someone needs to make, inspired by me going to the art gallery while my mom’s in for surgery (she’s getting her eyes fixed she’s not Dying): what type of alterhuman you are, how human you feel, and whether or not abstract art means anything to you.

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Today’s project: patching this quilt my grandma made my dad when he was a kid that I took when I was a little kid and have had on my bed ever since. The top fabric is the patch, the middle is what needs patching, and the bottom is the quilt back

I’m just really happy to be able to fix it

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Depends on the AU? I assume you’re talking about Space Pirates since that’s the one that gets the most questions?

But Hugo doesn’t really like Harrison when they first met. Harrison kinda snitches on him for trying to take the ship and he’s also a Deiman so Hugo doesn’t care for him. Past trauma’s boiling out when he sees him.

Makes his life a bit more difficult when Allison assigns them to share a room together.

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My senior year of high school everyone who took Government and Law (or Government and Economy since it was taught by the same teacher) first semester had to write an actual Bill proposal that we actually had to propose to lawmakers in Olympia

And the school did this every year, so every year the state congress would get flooded with high schooler for one day, and while some people had actual Bill proposal and actual food ideas, a lot of people didn’t cuz we were high school who mostly didn’t want to do this

Plus my high school was pretty conservative so most people’s ideas were downright shitty. The girl I was working with wanted to do a pro-life Bill that would make it harder to get abortions, but I told her that if we did that then I would actively sabotage it every step of the way failing grade be damned, so we went with my idea instead (which was to require compost bins in public buildings)

One of my friends in a different class period (so I couldn’t be in a group with her) actually got a lot of attention with her Bill and had to go back to Olympia to keep presenting it or something (it didn’t get made into a law, but it was close). It was to require schools to start later in the day because 7:30 is just too early

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