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if this doesn’t make sense because it isn’t supposed to but i had the weirdest dream. ive taken the form of other people in dreams a lot of the time but this time it was yuuji. yes i know weird but listen the whole dream was so full of horror. we were in this large long building and basically take it as post-shibuya arc… there were so many dead things lying in the sand when i stepped out of there which we had to keep constantly moving around to get to other places… im still feeling so uncomfortable about that and especially i remember there being so many dead cats :/ anyways. next moment im inside the building and it’s so eery and quite so i return to my apartment and there are 2 women there - i assume they’re people i live with even tho they’re much older and seem more like sisters to me than anything else…. and then i kept hearing noises in the place right like these awful scratching noises as if someone is wanting to get out so i take my bag and am so so ready to leave bc i realize those sisters are behind and i do leave but the whole apartment is suddenly a frenzy and there’s a damn mfing demon inside me which apparently everyone wants to get out of me - basically they want to exorcize me and it was so scary man 😭. so there’s this old man who gives you a permit slip to go outside and he isn’t writing my damn name even though i keep asking him so sadly the people catch up to me and exorcize me but for some random reason the ER in the building quickly take me to this…… room where i see people from high school holding needles so that they can push them inside of me and do something to me and i keep trying to escape but i suddenly have to lock the door and keep myself hidden but someone finds the door and keeps knocking in this rlly scary way that’s like - very slow raps on the door… rlly rlly slow, hypnotically so.. anyways someone breaks the door and i do escape and get out but there are still people who are after me with those needles and it’s so damn scary help…. at this point the long building has gone quite but this weird… zombie looking girl is walking around and is after me but she’s so slow - even if she is slow i can barely move faster than she does….. and i can still remember her face 😭

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