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#that's just dumb

Just cross some posts about unwritten rules and someone saying “you shouldn’t sleep or make out with one of your mates ex or at least ask permission” and…

What the fuck? It is your ex. Your EX. Do you understand that you both are no longer together so if one of your friends want to date your ex and that your ex want too, who the fuck are you to monitor their relationship???? They don’t have to ask for fucking PERMISSION.

Your friend can ask you how you feel about it and adjust around that without restraining themselves if it was a hard break up or if it was really heartbreaking for you, but even then it goes until some point. If it has been months since you both broke up and you are still butthurt about your ex having a relationship with someone else, your friend on top of that, like you understand you have a problem right? Since obsviously it would mean something along the lines of defining your worth through the eyes of another, aka your ex’s"love" for you, which is the actual problem? And not your friend not asking you “peRmiSsIOn”.

Your ex, and just your partner overall, is NOT and NEVER WAS your fucking property. And let’s not talk about asking permission to simply sleep with your ex or another rando you fucked with. That’s the dumbest part about that bs pseudo rule.

If you can’t understand your worth is not determined by how exclusive someone is to you, you should simply avoid for a while entering any relationship of that kind and ask yourself some serious questions.

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that postcritical line of thinking had me remembering a handful (multiple!) of the recent RIP The Architecture Critic pieces in which “the newspaper architecture critic” INCLUDING michael sorkin at the village voice (!) were positioned as the opposite of “accessible criticism”

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Someone: season 2 was great but sometimes it felt rushed and disjointed? They didn’t explain a lot of things like Jim getting out of the deep etc. and Claire getting her soul corrupted was unnecessary.

Me, an intellectual: not everything has to be rounded up and wrapped in a little bow tie in the course of one season. The genius of this story telling is that it left you wondering about a lot of things, and it made sure you’ll continue watching the show. It created more questions which will be answered in the upcoming season. Claire’s staff, powered by dark magic, and the way to get it work was an issue from the beginning, they built it up to that one moment. Actions have consequences and the story lies with the details.

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God, my mum and me are so nice to eachother!

One of the lights on my car has been dead for about a week, and I haven’t gotten around to having it fixed because I was either busy working at the clinic, my usual mechanic wasn’t around or I came home late and didn’t feel like stopping there.

Anyway, my mum basically said she wished I’d pay a fine for it sometime, so I just went: “Yeah I’d wish you’d get more speeding tickets… Oh wait! You’re collecting them all the time!”

And she said: “Yes, but at least it’s not dangerous! Not having lights on your car is so dangerous!”

Me: “Ah yes, you just totally debunked the myth that speeding is dangerous. Sensational!”

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I get a lot of the ethical arguments for veganism like animals not being treated humanely etc, but the minute people start claiming that we weren’t made to eat animal products they lose me

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Sometimes you get upset/angry/frustrated so easily. Sometimes it’s your doing to. And sometimes when you direct it at me it makes me upset.
I want to talk to you until those feelings are gone and you realize and apologize. Because that’s how I feel better.
But I know that in order for you to get past it you need time to yourself, so I should just leave you alone.
You won’t come to the conclusion that you made yourself upset and then took it out on me. But I guess that’s okay.

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