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how sad is this i was watching that’s so raven on disney+ and oli was like “how could you ever like this crap?” and i thought back to my childhood and i loved all the tween disney shows til i was probably way too old and i was thinking about it and came to the conclusion that these kids all had really fucking nice families that forgave the kids when they made mistakes because at the end of the day they were good kids who were trying their best and i just… did not have that……. my parents were controlling narcissists who still to this day hold shit from my childhood over me… and then oli and i just sat there like… oh dang

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I won a ‘mystery prize’ in a Radio Disney contest. When they announced to me that I’d won, they still didn’t tell me what the prize was, but said they’d have it delivered to me. The next day at school I heard music coming from my locker and when I opened it, there was a Barbie-sized Raven Baxter from That’s So Raven dancing inside.

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