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#that's some gay shit bro
whatmack · 2 years ago
look I know kevin was a raven so no one cared abt wat gender u fucked but do think wen kevin actually started questioning (like o shit there r feelings) he took an 'am I gay' quiz
Kevin, a questioning adolescent in the Nest: I took this quiz and it says I’m 87% chance of gay????Jean, removing his tongue from Kevin’s mouth: oh my god, Kev
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hellishgoat · 16 days ago
#you know I just…. I don’t get how people come out 💀 I want to… so badly some nights it HURTS#and then I’m… im always well shit I should probably wait until I move out… cause.. what if they didn’t accept me??#and honestly that is the biggest thing holding me back because I genuinely love my family and… you know it’d be easier if I came out as like#hey I’m gay lol because that I feel they would just kinda go.. ok cool anywayssss bro XD LIKE NOT in a bad way but in this is chill way#but with… me being all I’m a dude always have been… gonna need you to stop viewing me as your daughter/sister/what have you#then that shit is hard. and it’s … I would understand them having a hard time .. grasping it cause they’ve known me as that for like 21#years!!! so of course it’d be difficult to wrap their heads around in the beginning! definitely! and I… think I could handle that at least#but the whole.. get out of my house I can’t handle the thought of#and it makes me wanna wither away lol#I would just love to say hey I’m trans can we move on now lol#I know it’s not that easy I know it and I’m a coward and that’s what makes it so damn HARD#I’ve#14 is when I started questioning thats 7 fucking years I’ve been a whole ass coward over this#I’m still scared people will say I’m faking or I will regret it or they won’t accept me and it hurts y’all it really does#just damn#and I want more then anything is to move out of here after too#I need to be in a better place for that to happen#and it’s just… life is hard smh#AUGH#ok ok#just needed to get this out of my system#and I’m not even sure if it makes sense lol#but I’ll bury it now XDD
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