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#that's true

who said Dan is relevant? like, where exactly is he relevant? not on youtube, not on instagram, not on twitter (for the reasons you pointed out). so the only place he might be considered as relevant is the phandom. but is he really? at this moment when only Phil is actually doing something that audience sees and can give any feedback to? i can’t say that Dan is anywhere relevant when it comes to business field. like sorry it’s not 2018 anymore even tho i wish it were, i desperately wish it were 😫

and i’m not asking WHO he is relevant to because that’s another thing (at least as i see that)

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So you pretty much draw anything people suggest?

I like to meet their requests,but they have to be patient because I don’t have much time to do them all T^T”

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Don't you think it's funny that every woman you've struck hasn't died? Perhaps your zanpakuto doesn't agree with you when it comes to women?



Though, perhaps, instead of assuming that Kyoka Suigetsu and I failed, ask yourself another question, Anonymous: how are my hypnotic suggestions implanted, I wonder.

And, really, have you ever seen me impale a man and have their death stick? No, because the only man I ever attacked in the exact same way was Urahara Kisuke. And who has blow-up dollies of themselves for crying out loud!?

Imagine how glorious it would have been if Kyoka Suigetsu and I had managed to implant a hypnotic suggestion in to Urahara.

I would be your Soul King by now.

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