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thequestioning-maiden · 4 months ago
"Sesshomaru is not Rin's dad. Jaken is the one who really acts like her father figure"
Tumblr media
"This damn brat, she never shuts up. Also why does Sesshomaru-sama bring along this little human girl? It's past time she was gotten rid of" Manga 157.
Yeah, that's totally a great father figure 🙄 I don't understand why anyone would see Jaken as Rin's father when he was rude, mean and even cruel to her throughout the entire Inuyasha series. So I thought I would make a brief compilation of scenes to see how wonderful Jaken was with Rin.
Chapter 259, Chapter 417: "Dolt", "fool", "stupid", "damn brat" are some of the ways Jaken calls Rin.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chapter 260. This is a good example of what most of Jaken's interactions with Rin are based on:
Tumblr media
He shows over and over again that he cares for Rin only because he fears that Sesshomaru will scold him if anything happens to her, not because he genuinely cares about her. Chapter 252:
Tumblr media
And anime Jaken is not better than his manga version. Episode 96:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rin: "I'm hungry"
Jaken: "Quiet, Rin! A forest like this will have nothing for you to eat. Just bear it!"
Tumblr media
It's Sesshomaru himself who has to step in to tell Jaken to let her go get food. And It's funny how some people think Sesshomaru isn't a father figure to Rin because he tells her to look for food, but they do think Jaken is a great father when he doesn't give af about Rin being hungry 🙄
In fact, some of the meanest things said to Rin are said by Jaken himself. Episode 162:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rin: "what will I do in Lord Sesshomaru's empire?"
Jaken: "You intend to follow us all the way there?"
He proceeds to tell her that she will be dead by then before falling asleep, leaving Rin very distraught and showing once again that he doesn't really care what happens to her. If this is your supposed daughter and she wants to know what role she plays in your future I don't think this is the way to answer her. At the end of the episode it is Sesshomaru (Rin's true father figure) who tells her, in his own way, that she is important to him and he will never forget her.
And yes, when she is revived for the second time, Jaken cries and (even when he says that he only does it for Sesshomaru) I do believe that Jaken came to like Rin in some way, but that just isn't enough to erase all his bad behavior towards her and it's definitely not enough to make him a wonderful father figure. Finally, this new Yashahime version of Jaken where he is so worried and loves Rin so much is totally Out of Character like all the other Iy characters in Yashahime.
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vikingknight90 · 3 months ago
agdhsgdh remember when Narita Ken said that stuff about not seeing Rin as a love interest to Sesshomaru and he probably had kids like some kind of experiment? Shit was funny at the time, but you still could chalk it up to just being the voice actor’s own opinion since they don’t decide what’s going on in the show anyway, but now that Yashahime has been cancelled ended and we’ve seen how he and Rin interacts after she came out of the tree, it really seems like Narita was just telling us the truth to our faces: Sesshomaru is not in love with Rin and he really made her preggers purely as an “experiment”. Why else is their dynamic the exact same as the OG i.e authoritative adult and his submissive daughter/servant who does whatever he says and never questions him, and no kiss, let alone even a hug or hand-holding were given them through two entire seasons?? (I mean thank god they don’t kiss but you get the idea) Never mind actually giving a backstory for how they happened at all, nah why is that shit important? Sunrise really said “we gave you a Season 2 guidebook that says their romance began in the OG when Rin was 7 and uh well, remember the 10-year old drama CD where Sesshomaru courts an 11 year old Rin? Yup, that’s their backstory alright!”  I weep for the legacy of Inuyasha, I truly do. Pray tell we will be able to forget Yikeshime ever happened, at least it’s a silver lining to see all the angry Japanese reviews for it, let’s hope each and every one of them reaches Lolisawa.     
Tumblr media
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stecesworld · 4 months ago
Okay, I am furious, this is the the most angry I have ever been at an anime show ever. I never thought I would hate an anime show as much as I despise yashahime.
As you all know for this who have been reading my blog. I have openly stated that I love Rin. I love her, I think Rin was adorable, funny, and so full of life and potential. True she needed rescuing constantly, but she was brave, caring and truly thought about others and genuinely wished to help people. Even those considered enimes at the time. Such as Kohaku and Kagura. Everytime I saw Rin, I smiled and was excited to see what the head strong, kind hearted little bean would do. She gave me little sister vibes. When Inuyasha ended I found myself wishing there was a next generation so that I could see what became of Rin.
Now after this last episode of yashahime I looked on the tag to see the latest news about this newest episode and let me tell you. The amount of Rage screaming I had going on inside my head while I watched/read the scene with Rin and her daughters was defending. My last post Justice For Rin was the only thing I was able to say at the time because the rest of my thoughts was nothing but incoherent screaming and ranting that I couldn't put together.
Now that I am calmer I have to say.
To those who claim to love Rin, who claim to be huge Rin Stan's. Yet love Yashahime should all be ashamed of yourselves. You should all be furious, you all should be raging, pissed about how this dumpster fire of a story has Ruined her. You all should be cursing the names of sunrise and the bastards who wrote this story.
Now I am not talking about SessRin. I hate that ship but I was willing to give it a chance. Maybe it could have been something. I don't care about your preference on that ship so please don't come on this post to defend it because this is not about that.
This post is strictly about Rin. As a character, as a mother, as an everything. Not about her and Sesshomaru. Not about her and her daughters. Just, her.
How can any of you who loved that little girl from the orginal anime or read about her in the manga watch this garbage and what it did to her and think this is okay!? Was this truly what you wanted for her? Was this really the future you wished for her!? Was this honestly what you saw in your mind for her!? If your a shipper, is this how you had hopped she would be treated by the man she loved? If your not a shipper but a Rin Stan. Is this how you pictured she would be treated by all those who were meant to be her friends and family? Seriously?! How can you all who claim to love this little girl as a chara just sit there and praise this Bull Shit of a story!?
Look at what they have done to Rin!!!
Look at her!! How can anyone watch this show and smile and say. "Yep this is exactly how I wanted this to happen." How can you make excuses for the people who have tarnished, and tainted that innocent little girl!? "Oh it's historically accurate." Bullshit! You all know it's not stop claiming it is! "Oh it's the culture all women that time act like that and are subservient" Fuck you! Why are you making that excuse?! Sango doesn't act like that and she's from that time! Geninji's mother didn't act like that and she's from that time! Sesshomaru's mother doesn't act like that and she's from that time! Even Iziyoi who was the softest of all the women I just mentioned didn't act like that. True we only saw her briefly, but you were able to see that she was a kind hearted princess that when she commanded someone they listened. The only one who didn't was that ass hat who killed Toga.
What about the girls now? Setsuna, Towa and Moroha. Are you all seriously telling me that when these girls get together with thier appointed love interests that you want to see the same thing happen to them that has happen to Rin!? If that is how thier culture is meant to be then you have all Damned those three young women to that same fate! Do you all seriously see those three girls acting the same way Rin is acting right now!? Now I know some of you are going to be like. " Well of course Towa won't act like that she was raised in the modern age. She has modern ideals and morals." So what about Setsuna!? She was raise in the feudal age. What about Moroha she is a young woman of the feudal age. Do you honestly think they would act like that? No! You all would be furious!
So why are you okay with Rin!?
Why is Rin okay to be shat on? Why are you allowing this to happen to her when all the other women on this anime are not!? Why are you all excusing this!? Why is this okay!?
Think about it everyone please! Even if at the end of the series everyone gets a so called "Happy ending" and Rin is reunited with her daughters and her husband and is smiling and hugs them close and it's all butterflies and rainbows. Rin still won't have a true happy ending. She will still be the worthless, subservient, meaningless husk of a woman. Who's only purpose in life is to be a baby factory! Please I beg all those who say you love Rin open your eyes and see what has happened to her! Be furious, be angry, show everyone how much you love her by opening your mouth and screaming
"This is not Okay!!"
Rin deserves better! Justice For Rin! Rin's new life! Fuck you sunrise!
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thefrostqueen · a year ago
So besides the obvious thing that happened, I am disappointed with the plot and the way they decided to go about explaining things.
Note: All opinions are my own. Don’t like them? Don’t interact.
Sesshomaru’s expressionless attitude. HE DOES HAVE EMOTIONS. And he didn’t seem to care AT ALL about everything going on. They gave him no personality. OG and final act Sesshomaru had more of a personality than whatever this constitutes as in Yashahime.
Kirinmaru’s lack of villainy. He didn’t care that Kagome and InuYasha were sealed away. And it seems he didn’t care about Moroha, who is a threat to him, either. He seemed totally dissociated from the events. His awakening was even toned down and it didn’t feel like that big of a deal. And it didn’t seem like Kirinmaru and Sesshomaru had any beef prior to this moment. If they were enemies prior to this event, and the show had made it so, then it would have made Kirinmaru’s awakening actually scary and suspenseful. Because we would have known he was a danger to the West/Toga/Sesshomaru before. It would have been good conflict build up that way, but it didn’t happen and instead the West and East were willing allies. So Kirinmaru’s awakening falls flat.
Sesshomaru’s lack of affection for Towa and Setsuna. I can not believe he would just throw them away like that. He stood next to the demon king who wanted to kill his daughters and really went “he’s cool I’m going to team up with him.” He saved Rin dozens of times and ruthlessly destroyed the demons/people responsible; he didn’t hesitate to destroy those who did that. And yet he doesn’t seem to have that same passion for his twins at all.
Kagome and InuYasha have really just been hanging out in Toga’s bones for 14 years? Those two didn’t have any of the power or spirit to fight like they did before. Why does Kagome know Riku? She didn’t think his all-knowing powers were suspicious?
The gold and silver pearls: it really was just that easy to get them. It was built up as such a big deal and Sesshomaru gets them in under ten seconds.
Shippo: he wasn’t there at ALL. Where was he? He’s hasn’t been mentioned/seen at all since episode one.
Moroha being betrayed so horribly by the person/people who raised her. Koga would NEVER allow Kagome’s daughter to be treated like that so flippantly and inhumanly. So are Koga and Ayame dead/missing too?
All of the OG characters felt ooc and distant (if that makes sense) I mean Sango used to have such fire and now she’s just....sitting around like she was never a badass demon slayer to begin with. She feels passive. Even Kagome feels not as passionate. In fact, Kagome seems so naive and unknowing (why would she trust suspiciously all-knowing Riku so easily?) InuYasha feels half-hearted, like him being abrasive and impulsive is the only part of his character and they forgot that he was more mature (not by much but enough to notice) at the end of final act.
All in all the episode felt thrown together and without spirit. They info-dumped in a single episode to explain the lack of plot in the previous 14. And according to Riku, more info-dumping might happen in the future.
As a writer I have to make it clear that info-dumping is one of the most frowned upon and cheap ways a writer can explain or lay out a story. Information is supposed to be cleverly spread out throughout the plot and learned/revealed at appropriate times to maintain mystery, suspense, and notes of surprise; information is NOT supposed to be completely withheld from the story for the majority of the plot before being revealed all at once in a single chapter/episode. That doesn’t add mystery, suspense, or surprise at all. It only adds sluggish pace, lack of interest, and a half-hearted story.
Reminder: these are my opinions. I have a right to dislike or criticize. If you don’t like my opinions, then just ignore them.
Note: I want to make this clear that I do not dislike everything about Yashahime. The original InuYasha was not perfect in any way and I criticize it for its plot choices and themes as well. This was essentially just a breakdown of how I felt about the episode and the plot in general😊
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inukag · 5 months ago
The more I watch that reunion scene the angrier I become. Kagome babe, you don’t need to apologize for something your idiot half brother in law did! Why are you sorry? Go murder Sesshomaru for peats sake!
Tumblr media
Honestly the only thing Kagome can kind of blame herself for is not staying with Moroha when Kirinmaru & Sesshomaru showed up. She didn't even have her bow & arrows with her, there was no reason for her to stay and not leave with Moroha... and I think we all know canon!Inuyasha would NOT want her to stay if the situation was too dangerous (especially since she just gave birth??). He would have made sure at least one of them stays with Moroha because he knows what it's like to grow up alone not knowing your parents and he would never want that for his daughter. But no, instead we have Inuyasha and Kagome just standing there yelling at Kirinmaru and Sesshomaru instead of fighting back and immediately getting sucked into the black pearl 🙃
There's also other things that still don't make any sense about the separation scene: 1- How did Sesshomaru even know the black pearl was in Inuyasha's eye? He wasn't there when Hosenki II gave it to him. 2- How tf did Riku find the rouge that Inuyasha gave to Kikyo and that Naraku destroyed, why did he give it to Hosenki II and why was he standing there when Inuyasha and Kagome got sealed? And y'know Inuyasha should have been able to smell him but it seems like his nose just doesn't work anymore in Yashahime.
Also I just love how some people try to defend Sesshomaru's actions by saying he "protected them from Kirinmaru's attack" when 1) Kirinmaru was literally chilling on his boat and Sesshomaru had to GO SEE HIM and ask him to go attack Inuyasha with him and 2) Kirinmaru didn't gave a damn after Sesshomaru sealed Inuyasha instead of killing him, so clearly killing Inuyasha wasn't that important to him at the moment. Inuyasha could have stayed in hiding with Kagome & Moroha somewhere and it would be the same.
I'm also going to throw out there that Sesshomaru had the option to seal Zero instead of Inukag. If he thinks Zero is going to go after inukag and they would be forced to fight her, then just... seal her? Why did his dumb brain go "I'll seal my brother and sister in-law" and not "I'll seal the woman who's threatening my family"??? Also Zero was simping for Inupapa so just send her to his grave and let her pay respect over his grave, lmao. The worst that could happen is Zero killing herself out of pettiness, but if that happen Sesshomaru could just revive her with Tenseiga like he did in season 1. Literally just lie to her and tell her you can revive her infinitely, so she won't try to kill herself again.
There's a billion different things Sesshomaru could have done in the situation he was in, instead of sealing inukag because he's incapable of having a conversation with them, leaving them to rot in there for 14 years and doing absolutely nothing to help Moroha (apparently Sesshomaru is rich so why can't he pay off Moroha's debt instead of letting her starve and be in indebted servitude?). HNY!Sesshomaru is the absolute worst and Sunrise has yet to give me a valid explanation for his actions.
The only thing I can see right now that would "explain" Kagome's apology to Moroha..... is Sunrise telling us Inuyasha and Kagome actually had the opportunity to talk to Sesshomaru and they just... agreed to get sealed 🙃 That would be awful and of course canon!inukag would not accept to get separated from their daughter, but I wouldn't put it past Sunrise to do something like this. Because as it is, the separation scene makes no sense and Sesshomaru is a villain.
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lumpiya · 2 months ago
voice actor babe
they voice hori (horimiya), shinobu (demon slayer), rosaria (genshin impact), moroha (yashahime), naomi (my own tokrev oc B)), lady nagant (upcoming mha), power (upcoming csm), aoi (tbhk), yumehara (saiki), ikuno (ditf), hina (wheathering with you) and more… those are just the ones i thought of-
ash is a rosaria main. cause babe voices her and she’s hot asf. he has like 13 diff builds for her.
babe is best friends with most the genshin cast but mainly zach aguilar, aleks le, khoi dao, laura stahl, erika harlacher and jenny yokobori
every time babe has to attend a convention, ash most of the time goes. a good 70% of the cons that babe was a guest to, you see a dood in an ash ketchum costplay with them.
at babe’s first convention when they started dating, ash couldn’t attend but they got him an ash ketchum hat and now wears it every single convention.
the elevator where ash and babe met was where babe’s agency was. they were going down to meet some va friends for lunch but obviously got stuck.
before babe and ash met, ash never really watched any anime besides pokemon (for obvious reasons) but when they started dating, ash assigned a mission to himself that he was gonna watch every single thing or play every game that babe is in. babe has told him many o time that there is literally not enough hours in the day to do that but he didn’t care and vowed that he would.
babe installed their own studio in ash and their apartment. ash really likes going in there when babe isn’t on the clock and just messes around with the sound board and makes cute little lyrics about the most random things. although, when babe is on the clock, if they didn’t lock the door ash will try and sneak a peek at what they’re doing even tho that can get babe in hella trouble-
pediatrician angel
angel works late sometimes due to their boss needing last minute paperwork for kids finished. paperwork meaning more organized notes for each appointment.
angel. loves. kids. during pack meetings they’re always playing with the kids and making sure they’re okay if something happens. if the kids were playing too rough, angel knows how to patch them up quick. despite them being not human ofc, they know how to make them feel better and/or feel more confident/cooler with this big all scratch on them.
angel def carries candy’s in a bag during pack meetings. they’re good at praising them if something goes right or if someone gets hurt and it’s like a little feel better treat. davey steals. just sayin.
if it was a bad day at the clinic davey gives them lots of loving and cooks them their fav. that’s canon tho-
in the pack, the kids consider angel a healer. healer for physical pain? not really. mental pain? DUH. the kids don’t realize it but that’s really what happens. angel is really good at distracting the kids from their pain that the pain suddenly goes away. so when the kids tell their parents about angel the healer? the parents are like how tf can an unempowered person be a healer-
sorry there’s not a lot for angels side… i didn’t really know how to add details to them but yah… and also the only reason why i have so many ideas for babe is cause i mainly listen to asher’s audios and i relate to babe the most- i wanna be a va and shi soooo
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feministmetalgreymon · 6 months ago
Anti’s are still lying about Rumiko Takashi’s approval of SessRin
Every day anti’s go out of their way to prove that the only reason aliens haven’t visited earth is because humanity is too full of cringe. Anyway I accidentally stumbled upon this nonsense.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
No your eyes aren’t deceiving you anti’s are still claiming Rumiko Takahashi does not approve of SessRin. Reading this is just embarrassing. This is flat earth tier level denial. Especially since their claiming this after Rumiko Takahashi drew official SessRin art. And chose a SessRin artwork as the winning artwork for her Inuyasha fan art contest.
Let’s get the facts straight. Rumiko supervises the production of Yashahime. Every thing that happens in Yashahime has to meet her approval before it’s published. She read the shows original script before the show was even made.
Rumiko Takahashi has stated in interviews that she reads the shows scripts. And if she does not like what she sees she makes them change it. This is a fact confirmed by Rumiko Takahashi herself. If you refuse to believe this then you are calling Rumiko Takahashi a liar. And why should we believe you over her.
Rumiko has the final say in everything involving Yashahime. The writers aren’t even allowed to make Sessomaru smile without her okay.
In fact the reason the Yashahime’s haven’t fought Zero yet is because Rumiko hasn’t approved the script for it yet. That’s right they can scripts and stories fully written  for Yashahime. And if Rumiko says no they have to go back and do all of that over.
In other words SessRin exists because Rumiko approved it. Sesshomaru is one of Rumiko’s favorite characters. She would never in a billion years allow Sunrise to change her characters against her wishes.
I don’t call anti’s liars because I’m mean and want to hurt their feelings. I call anti’s liars because they lie. If they don’t want to be called liars. They just have to stop lying. It’s just that simple.
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its-tie-kir-ra · 4 months ago
Me: okay Ty, don't worry about making another Yashahime post, you're a strong independent woman who is very occupied with her Twilight Video and her Structure Video and her Script Challenge Video-
This Person:
Tumblr media
This is in response to my video on SessRin from a year ago, that's old, if you want to see it it's here. If people actually care how I feel about SessRin they can look at the two hour video I made on Yashahime right here that goes in depth on how I feel about SessRin and I feel like I express my opinion much better there.
The first video was made about two weeks after it happened, I was still sorting through my feelings on it, barely had a script, and just wanted to vent about what I saw as a terrible injustice to a lovely character who was one of my favourites from the original (Rin, not Sesshomaru, never liked him much). The second video I actually sat down and tried my hardest to make my thoughts more clear about it. I was literally rewriting that part of the video for days on end. It's the reason why the video took so long because I wanted that section in particular to be crystal clear. A few days before it was released I re-recorded a ton of it (if you go back and listen the audio sounds slightly different in parts of the SessRin section). And I think my thoughts came through much better in that video than the first one, not perfect, I'm still not totally in love with it, but enough.
So I'm just gonna post my comment in response to this person because "Shippo is 20 years older than Kagome and this show has always been consistent with historical accuracy in terms of young women being with older men" is the wildest take I've heard thus far in defense of SessRin. Also I'm really tired of people using "it was historically accurate for Sesshomaru to marry Rin, she's an adult in that time period" WHEN THAT IS NOT TRUE.
(I have this rant of why SessRin isn't historically accurate in my S2 script because this rant has been living inside of me for a year and it was a mistake to cut it from my first video because if this history nerd sees one more person using historical accuracy to defend it...just...just.... Screaming.)
Tumblr media
This is comment I posted in response:
Kagome is not a romantic partner to Shippo, she is a parent to him (er, dunno why I have to explain this to you, thought it was pretty clear, thanks for the laugh), and even so, he is still mentally and physically presenting as a child, and I don't know of any canon that claims that he is 20 years old. Depending on the canon you ascribe to (in the manga he is literally just 15), Inuyasha is meant to present as 15 years old, and there is not a power imbalance between him and Kagome. A person of the same maturity level meeting an immortal with that maturity level and falling in love is different from a child meeting an immortal and falling in love.
Sesshomaru on the other hand is a presenting 19 year old who is hanging out with an 8 year old and their relationship at least is he has some kind of lordship over her. If 19 year olds don't have power over 8 year olds, the entire industry of babysitting will collapse. My first job was babysitting when I was a kid, are you trying to imply that I didn't have power over the younger kids I was looking after?
Also, she's a kid and he's what's familiar to her? Why would she go anywhere? This is my biggest issue with people claiming that "he tried to leave her behind, she could've left if she wanted to". WHY WOULD SHE LEAVE? He is the only one who has demonstrated a care towards her since her parents died, and she has a ton of trauma from how humans have treated her. It's the equivalent of you dropping me into a foreign country where I don't speak the language, take away my passport and money, and then tell me "You can leave whenever you want". WHERE WOULD SHE GO???? (And it's NOT historically accurate.)
Inuyasha was never a show that seemed to give a shit about historical accuracy, so I'm finding it quite annoying that people are suddenly pretending that it is or defending it using historical accuracy. It's not consistent. Miroku riding a bike after never having seen one before? Sango and her giant boomerang? Kagome being able to understand everyone around her despite how the dialect would've changed massively over 500 years or her not being killed for wearing what she does? These things aren't historically accurate so why the fuck are people defending this using historical accuracy as a shield???? It's never been consistent with historical accuracy EVER. Inuyasha was never like Outlander where it went out of its way to depict a historically accurate world.
And even so; IT IS NOT HISTORICALLY ACCURATE. The girls who were marrying very young were normally noble girls, and even so they wouldn't begin to have children until much later. Their marriages were usually the result of wealth or land or making a treaty or some power grab. NOT PEASANT WOMEN.
It's difficult to know how young peasant women were marrying at, because the nobles had never taken the time to write it down because they were FUCKING NOBLES. But the average age that peasant women were getting married throughout Europe in the 1500s was between 16-22, and I'd wager a bet that throughout the world it was similar. People in history weren't stupid. Like you think they'd be so dumb that they'd see young girls dying in childbirth and not put these pieces together?
I also made it QUITE CLEAR in my video that my issue with SessRin is how it was presented. I don't care about the timeline. It's a goddamned mess. Even if Rin was 100% 18 years old, that's not my problem with it. It's an 88 second scene that is dumped onto us without any warning or explanation, without building up who adult Rin is. We don't know anything about her other than she has a uterus. The vessel of the babies. The kindest interpretation is that it's lazy, however, I fall into the camp that it's another example of a woman being written to be a uterus and nothing more (aka misogyny). If they had built up to the relationship and given time to focus on how their relationship changed, I wouldn't have made this video. Hope that explains it to you.
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inuyashaha · 5 months ago
For all the protestations that yokai do not understand love, the whole series is about how they react when they fall in love, fall out of love, are betrayed in love, etc. All of Yashahime is about the fall out for everyone else when these yokai fall in love. It seems like the Inuyasha story initially indicates that love between yokai and humans was taboo, not that yokai do not love at all or do not understand it, so Zero's whole story of being humiliated because she loved Toga is still not quite making sense for me. Sesshomaru had a somewhat similar story arc where he had to learn to care for others, but his lacking empathy for his brother and others was more his own personal issue as a spoiled little lord who never had to care about anyone else, not a yokai characteristic in general.
The fact that Sesshomaru's father (and his mother) went to such lengths to teach him compassion shows that both of his parents saw love/empathy/sympathy, in whatever form, as something Sesshomaru was lacking but definitely needed. Toga and his overly complicated plot with tenseiga and Sesshomaru's mother with the meido stone and Rin's death came together as parents to make sure their son developed into the great lord he was meant to be. And the one thing he lacked was the ability to care for other people. Say what you will about Sesshomaru, whether he admitted it or not, he was already partly there because he cared a WHOLE lot about how his father slighted him. It was more than he did not get his inheritance and his pride was hurt. It was that he felt like his father favored the younger son over him. He would not have been so angry if he did not have some feeling for his father and have expected his father to feel some way about him. When he discovered he had perfected the meido for Inuyasha's benefit was a very powerful moment. He was hurt.
We have seen instances of other yokai falling in love with humans. Jinenji's mother and father, for example, and we were given several other examples in Yashahime. As far as family love, Shippo's family was a loving one.
In Yashahime, the way Zero reacted to loving Toga seems to indicate that yokai do not love, or should not love, not even each other. We also have Sesshomaru's mom and Kirinmaru discussing Sesshomaru's love (or not) of his daughters, with his mom saying clearly that Kirinmaru must be mistaken to think Sesshomaru would be so human.
But we KNOW yokai love their families. Sesshomaru's mother brought Rin back to life to make her son happy. That was not needed for him to learn his lesson. You could even argue that the lesson would have been even more powerful if she had stayed dead. She was angry on behalf of her son when Zero expressed delight that she would hurt Sesshomaru because the fact that she was dying meant Rin would die too, and Sesshomaru's mother most definitely loved Toga given her wistful reaction when commenting on Zero's jealousy and love. She was a woman who had felt those things herslf. Kirinmaru who had so much to say about Sesshomaru acting human and caring about his daughters, REFUSES to let his daughter move on to the afterlife because he loves her so much. Zero herself obviously cared about her brother and niece.
So why did Zero need a big song and dance to learn that it was okay to be in love with Toga? I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the episode again yet, but I'm still a little confused by the big reveal. We know yokai love. Toga himself has such a big heart that he's known for it. I get the whole "it's okay to be yourself" = it's okay to love what you love, but why did she need that lesson? It it just that love is love? I'm guessing it's meant to go along with the whole theme of accept all kinds of love where you find it, whether it happens between two yokai, a yokai general and his three wives/girlfriend and his wannabe rival, a yokai and a human, a half-demon and a priestess, a half-demon and the broken off horn of another demon. Family love is family love whether biological or adopted. I see that as a theme, but Zero's story still doesn't quite make sense to me. Why was that lesson so hard for her? Why does Kirinmaru chastize Sesshomaru for loving his daughters when Kirinmaru loved his so much? Why are we pretending that yokai do not love when the whole series is about their love?
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sessrin-eternity2 · 4 months ago
Yashahime Ep 36 English Dub
Part 1
Sesshomaru, Rin, Setsuna, Jaken, Moroha, Takechiyo, Hisui, Kohaku
Kyaaaaah! I love David so much! He done a great job with Sesshomaru! As did the rest of the cast for their characters. I love and admire this scene of how fast Sesshomaru is flying to save his wife's life, he isn't wasting no time, he is speed flying! Lol, Jaken struggling as he's hanging onto his Mokomoko is really funny to me.
Ouch... the way Rin weakly mentions Towa and Setsuna's names.... (ノ﹏ヽ) I'll cry all night, I never heard Rin speak in such a weaken voice before.
Jaken assuming Sesshomaru was flying fast to grant Rin's dying wish... Nooooo! Omgoshy don't! Why would you even say or think that Jaken?! (つ﹏<。)
It looks like Sesshomaru was having some trouble finding his daughters, it may had been the fact that Towa and Setsuna were in their human forms for a whole night or the fact they used that hand cream all night. Lol, poor guy. Well, the ogres did Sesshomaru a favor by talking about their plot, he overheard them and changed direction without even hesitating.
Yet again, Jaken has spilled the tea on Sesshomaru's actions... aww! He wasn't giving up on his wife Rin, he never wants to lose her, she is his everything. And now thanks to the official interview, we found Rin is Sesshomaru's heart. 💜 She is apart of him and his reasoning for living, it's just so beautiful! If he had of lost Rin forever from the silver scale curse or anything, it would probably straight up kill Sesshomaru, literally. That's like, pretty much saying he would die without her existence.( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ ) This man is in love! Rin is his soulmate.
Lots of Antis were so angry that Sesshomaru didn't do what Rin wanted him to do, they made up such ridiculous stuff about him having her imprisoned in the tree of ages... No, they just wanted her to die, they said many times while trashing Rin as a character. They just ticked off their theory didn't come true about if Rin dies, Kagura will be living through her from now on.
(I hate Kagura now thanks to them...hopefully it's temporary since I do in fact ship her with Adult Kohaku, I find them being a good positive ship, so it should be temporary since I'm still hyped about drawing them together one day. Anyway, I use to only like her as a character, I felt bad for her because all she truly wanted was freedom, she got it but in the most sad and tragic way. But then Antis with their horrible obsession with SessKagu had to destroy her character for me... They've put me and great fans and artists through a lot heck. (SessKagu in my opinion is one of the most Toxic ships ever... I had to block all of it's tags, especially blocked Kagura's too. And I'll be honest, I don't see Sesshomaru and Rin being with other people. I'm completely against seeing them with other characters as a ship but I never go harassing people, I just simply ignore it, block or mute because I find blocking some people or accounts is too harsh, especially if they aren't an Anti. I just prefer blocking Antis to keep them away me and so I can't see their posts anywhere. Plus, it's discouraging for my inspiration to see them with someone else other than each other, I've met a few artists and fans who feel the same way, so it's always best to feed your inspiration and not the stuff that discourage it.) So yes, Antis got mad at Sesshomaru for this, it was ridiculous. He didn't want his wife to die and also Rin didn't want to die either, she cried when Sesshomaru had to cut the dream butterfly to help Setsuna out with mastering her weapon. She knew what was gonna happen once that was done... The silver scales would start to cover her whole body until she rot away. Sesshomaru is and will always be a wonderful husband. ♡️
Aww, Moroha is just too gosh darn cute! And she even sounds concerned of her Aunt Rin, it's very sweet, she loves her family so much.
Lol, Kohaku is a Sesshomaru fanboy. He was probably cheering on the inside to see Sesshomaru after all these years, you can actually hear the excitement in his voice and he wanted to fight beside him, it's cute!
Sesshomaru is not showing favoritism in Setsuna by going to her first, this was a bad misinterpretation. He loves both his baby girls very much and probably wants these hardships to end as soon as possible so he and Rin can finally be with them. I'm sure he's curious of how to be a father to them and still needs his beloved's guidance and influences to help him understand it. The concern in his voice and the way he closed his eyes, worrying about Towa... really makes my heart melt on how caring he is, he has came a long way, I'm very proud of him. ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡ He's a great father in his own way. I always love how softly he speaks to his daughters, he's gentle and patient, it's beautiful. He truly knew Setsuna is the only key to calm Towa. And wow, I could hear the tension in his voice when he was taking out the ogres, he's definitely under a lot pressure with all the situations going on.
Part 2 ↓️
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lady-of-disdain · 4 months ago
Love how antis are always right. When episode 15 dropped we said how weird and disgusting it was for sesshomaru to take the twins away from rin and the only thing rin could do was cry. Shipper then said that sesshomaru had his reasons and that he probably brought rin in the barrier. Episode 3 of season 2 comes out and we find out that rin was in fact never brought in the barrier and that she never held her children. And to make matters worse she was then cursed and pickled in a tree for 14 years, which shouldn’t have happen if sesshomaru actually brought her in the barrier. And now with the current episode we find out that rin never knew the real reason why sesshomaru took the twins away but it’s okay because they are “sesshomaru daughters.” Again I ask how can shipper truly be happy with this shit. Rin has no character development and she again used as a tool to further other characters development. She a freakin doormat as you said. Seeing the gif from Saturday honestly made me sick. Like the people working on this sequel are disgusting.
(I am so sorry! I am very behind in addressing asks in my inbox)
This relationship dynamic that they wrote for the pair is so weird and off putting, I still to this day can’t get over how many fans of the pair are celebrating this. Couldn’t be me, I would be pissed.
And trust Nonny, I have had pairs I liked become canon in terrible ways and disowned the original material on more then one occasion. That is what is normally accepted in fandom: don’t like the canon? Throw it away and make your own.
The Yashahime stans are the only group of fans I’ve seen fully embrace a terrible depiction of their otp despite how bad the source material makes it look.
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harmfulot · a year ago
Hi!! Before you read this or try to take this down please just consider reading this instead of being so hateful. I don’t mean to spread hate onto any shippers but I do believe that Inuyasha’s fandom has a major problem that needs to be addressed. Trigger warning for pedophila,child p*rn and grooming.
Why Sessrin is problematic.
Tumblr media
Sessrin is a very popular ship among the Inuyasha community. If you are a shipper of this pair you won’t have to worry for lack of content for it. Rin is a injured child character that is introduced in the original Inuyasha manga in issue 14. She meets Sesshomaru in the forest and even though she is going through a lot at such a young age her kind self still tries to help him out. Sesshomaru at first does not care for this child who is tending to him. He tells her to mind her business and has her leave. Soon after Rin is killed by Kouga’s pack of wolves and Sesshomaru with his demon power scented her blood and comes to save her with his Tenseiga. After this Sessshomaru decides to take in Rin and protect her even though he had a hatred for humans. A “similarly” shippers like to compare Inuyasha and Kagome’s relationship with but their relationship is not written with romantic tensions..
Tumblr media
The reason why Rin was written and VERY important in Inuyasha is because she is the reason why Sesshomaru became a better person. He no longer hated humans or wanted to go against his brother. This broken human child Rin looked up to Sesshomaru who was a powerful older demon. Sesshomaru grew a soft side and it was because of her caring innocence. You could easily see their connection as father and daughter or Sesshomaru as a guardian for her. Never did he have the thought of getting with her when she got older and Rin never developed a crush on him. Why? Because she is a child who lost her parents and now has this person who protects her like one. People may say that Jaken was the father figure for Rin but I don’t agree because unlike Sesshomaru he did not care for Rin and only handled her to please his lord. Jaken would call Rin many negative things and go off at her. Rin was annoyed by Jaken. He is certainly not a parent figure for her. Sesshomaru provided a stay aside him to lead for Rin which she followed. Rin was no longer alone. She had Sesshomaru’s company now. Even if he was not very good at taking care of her he never wanted her to get hurt or killed again. He is new to this “taking care of people” thing after all especially humans...young humans. Sessrin would destroy the growth of Sesshomaru because it can’t be denyed that their relationship represents this much more than a romance waiting to happen. When Kagura came along Rin told Jaken joyfully she bet Kagura had a crush on Sesshomaru this small moment reminds you she a is a child that lost her parents and could be seeing this as a opportunity for Kagura to become her adoptive mother. And most Sesshomaru cosplayers would use their daughter to cosplay for Rin. Usually making the picture taken seem like Sesshomaru is protecting Rin or having them both share a cute bonding moment. Why? Because that is how their relationship is meant to be established. For a Sessrin cosplay to work people would have to age up Rin and her design or else the cosplayers would receive negative feedback. Now moving on to how aging up Rin is not okay either.
Tumblr media
People claim they only would like to see these two get together once Rin is older but that is almost as bad as shipping Sessrin while she is a child. Sesshomaru saw Rin grow up. He raised her for a while as his own this needs to stop being denied in the fandom. For Sesshomaru to impregnate Rin is out of character. And seems like a sick fanasty. He is not that kind of character. He wouldn’t touch Rin in that matter. Even if she was in her late 20’s. He respected child Rin and would still respect her older. Sessrin is like if a babysitter got together with the person they use to take care of as a kid. It’s disturbing!! Not cute. Rin does not deserve to be fedished.
Tumblr media
It’s actually terrifying how much child p*rn there is of Rin. I feel so ashamed by even coming across one by mistake. Don’t use the excuse that Rin is a fictional character. Enough with that excuse. Let’s throw that excuse away. That excuse of “it’s fictional it does not matter..” only works for certain things like when someone assigns headcanons for their favorite character or ships a non-canon pair that isn’t problematic. Not when we are speaking of drawing nsfw of a fictional child. And fictional or not. Rin is a child and every grown person who has drawn smut of her should be ashamed and even arrested. If you see a fictional child in this matter what knows what could you lead you up to see an actual kid as this too. It’s a big problem because there are so many people who have gotten away with this. It’s so easy to find a image of child Rin without any of her clothes on or being r*ped by Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru would never r*pe anyone. It’s quite sad. Kagome was saved from being sexually assaulted by Mukostu because of Sesshomaru. People has even brought doujinshi comics of Sessrin making love or may I call it child p*rn in disguise? Be honest with yourself. It really is just that.
Tumblr media
Everyone finding out would be horrified. Excluding Hanyo No Yashahime which majorly changed the characters. Sesshomaru and Rin being together would make everyone uncomfortable even Miroku who has before asked a child if she would bare his kid. Which Inuyasha,Kagome,and Sango reacted very badly to. And was yelled at for it. They do not tolerate pedos nor grooming. Kagome especially would be against. She referred Rin as the girl many times and puzzled together that Sesshomaru took care for Rin. Many people bring up that Kouga proposed to Ayame when she was a kid but remember that was never in the original. Sunrise created Ayame and added this other plot in order for Kouga to have someone at the end. Which is sad because this could have worked if Ayame met Kouga and gained a crush on him instead. She was a cute character after all. In the manga Kouga remains by himself since Kagome stayed with Inuyasha. Now I am definitely not a fan of Kouga and Ayame. I despise the fact Sunrise only created her to be Kouga’s romance interest but having him tell her he would marry her once she was older was even worse. This was a choice Sunrise made not Kouga’s original character. The reason why Kagome does not call out Kouga on this is because she did not know Ayame was a child at the time he proposed. He never mentioned it but if he did I’m certain Kagome would have not tried to keep setting them up together knowing this information. And just a reminder that even in real life some Inuyasha voice actors such as Richard Ian Cox and David Kaye voice actor for Sesshomaru does not support Sessrin. Adding on shipping Rin with Sesshomaru is like shipping Shippo with Inuyasha or Kagome. Weird right?? In the Manga Sesshomaru’s Mother Inukimi says that Sesshomaru is like his father in the strangest of ways after saving Rin again. No this doesn’t mean that he will soon come to love her romantically because Inukimi did add “In the strangest of ways” and refers to Rin as a girl like Kagome. She means that Sesshomaru had now changed and that he cared about someone who was a human like his dad who also cared for them even though they are both demons.
Tumblr media
It’s funny how the sequel claims girl power but does not know how to treat it’s female characters. Kagome and Sango are both introduced as Inuyasha and Miroku’s wives instead of their actual character. Now if you not a woman please do not have a say in this unless you wish to agree but this is very sexist Sunrise. I’m not exaggerating how upsetting and disrespectful it is to see you introduce these strong main female role models like this. Inuyasha and Miroku were not titled as husbands of...so why were Kagome and Sango? I’m sure 99% of audience would know who is married to who. Women are not objects or tools Sunrise. Kagome is the main character of Inuyasha even if his name is on title. She is the reason why got to meet these characters. Sunrise has done female characters dirty many times like making Ayame obessed with Kouga when she could have been a neat character but what they did to Rin takes the cake. Rin is introduced as “The girl who adores Sesshomaru” but apparently now that girl is the mother of his children. Shame on you Sunrise!! We only saw Rin ever as a child even when series ended aging her up to become Sesshomaru’s wife without knowing how she is as a grown person is not a good example for your younger female audience to view. This could have been avoided.
Tumblr media
Even though I’m a minor who only been in this fandom for half a year I gather a lot of knowledge of how far this fandom goes. It was definitely most popular around early 2000’s and many say it was their first anime with their first anime crush being Sesshomaru. Inuyasha was an anime I did not look content for till later after finishing season 2. When I discovered Sessrin I was real confused and thought to myself it was just a small part of the fandom but I could have been more wrong. Many accounts I followed that involved Inuyasha shipped Sessrin. Even after finishing many Inuyasha episodes I was very confused on why this was a thing and how could have it gotten so big. I thought something magical would have happened like Rin turning out to be someone much older but that never happened. I was wrong. This ship is just pedophila and nothing else. And I’m sure if Sesshomaru wasn’t “attractive” Sessrin wouldn’t be big. Going back to people crushing on Sesshomaru when they were younger I’m sure the reason Sessrin is not more discussed about for how toxic it is online is because besides people being scared,people like to insert themselves as Rin but this has to stop. Adults should not pair a child and grown up together even if the child is now grown. Especially grown ups with kids. This is not good example to set for your kids. I’ve seen many minors being harassed online for disliking Sessrin by adults. Which is super immature and should be in trouble for. Netruals must know that is not a ship war because there have been people who have gotten horrible hate and were told very graphic things by Sessrin shippers. ( By the way I’m sorry to anyone who has been hurt online even Sessrin shippers. I do not support Sessrin but no one should be told awful things. ) Many Inuyasha fans which dislike Sessrin have left Twitter and Tumblr because of how much hate they have gotten. This is not okay. People should be able to voice their opinion on something without being told to commit s*icide or hoping they get r*ped.
Tumblr media
And your point? This sequel is being written in the 21th century. We could write it however we please not everything has to be “accurate” and also this state is just supporting the idea of children being wed with a grown up was okay before because the age of consent was different. Ugh..but this claim is just another excuse. Please stop using it. Many things in the past were allowed which wouldn’t be allowed today. So no this is not a valid reason to ship Rin with Sesshomaru.
Tumblr media
Sunrise should not be off the hook for using child Rin clips for the opening as the daughters are shown. It was a wrong decision to make them seem like “moments” since now many actual pedophiles will support this pair as well. Even before this continuing was announced Sessrin was a big thing and “adult Rin” was not. Sunrise should not be supporting Sessrin at all. Nor anyone in the Inuyasha crew. They have many young fans watching and supporting this anime and they are being influenced and will grow up to think grooming is okay when it’s not. Again in 2021 this can not be allowed and it shouldn’t have ever. This sequel was not necessary. The anime ended fine.
Tumblr media
If Rin is the mom I will no longer support Hanyo No Yashahime. I’m sorry but I will sadly have to drop it. There are a lot of reasons why Sessrin should not be a thing and Sunrise should know many themselves,because they have joined along these character’s journeys and seen through scripts who they are. And what Sessrin is pedophila and grooming that happened to get a lot of support which is why it is hard to find more people within online media discuss it. I sure do hope it does because I am tired of seeing only few doing it. We need more awareness of how problematic grooming pairs are in anime media. No more portraying children to grow up as romance interests for people they were raised by. Let’s keep Sesshomaru and Rin’s relationship wholesome. There is no need for them to get together. At the end of the day Rin owns Sesshomaru nothing and he knows that. Let’s start viewing them from a different point of view. Let’s see more fanart of them acting like father and daughter. I love that. Thank you and have a good day.
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meidozangetsuha · 5 months ago
Meanwhile you, a grown ass adult, is a die hard shipper of a child and her cherished adult guardian, using the excuse of sHe GreW UP, well, ofc children grow up and get married, have kids, but not when it’s with a trusted adult they know and relied on who saved their life multiple times. Yall hide behind IT’s a CaRTooN, keep deflecting and reaching and ignoring, fiction does affect reality And this terrible anime is being targeted at kids in Japan, not to AdUlts.
-remembers watching School Days when i was young and that time i became a crazy deranged stalker and murdred a guy when i was 15 bc, except i didn't bc my parents raised me with morals-
-remembers that i used to really like a student/teacher ship when i was a high schooler, but never found anything appealing about that real life and knew it was bad when that shit happened bc my parents actually raised me to understand right from wrong and what predatory adults are-
man i just like it because it's like, straight out of a fairy tale. ya know, down on her luck orphan gets saved by an immortal monster, forms a bond with them, falls in love later? that's why i like it! that's all! and because it's canon and produced one of my favorite characters ever! ok it's good now that we have
i know this might be hard for you to understand, but:
Children are not as stupid as you are.
i do not necessarily agree with many other proshippers about the extent of fiction never affecting reality (propaganda specifically, things that are specifically meant and designed to install morals) because it's take i can't fully agree with; when cartoons intentionally try to install morals about race, sex, gender, etc.
and then there's a cartoon that has a ship as backstory. it's not even the main focus. nor do even i wish for it to be, because this is a story about the yashahime, not their parents. i do not fear people will watch Fruits Basket and think such relationships in the real world are OK either.
kids are smarter than you give them credit for. as long as they are raised properly, with love and guidance, instead of just letting the internet and tv dictate everything they should feel and do. people's very hearts and feelings can change of things they read and become attracted to, yes- such things are what authors and writers strive for! for words to become so impactful they can even touch people's very hearts! and of course, many install our own emotions and beliefs into our words.
But, it is not their job to teach you and your children right from wrong.
Children, teenagers, are smarter than you give them credit for. They are capable of enjoying things while knowing that real life does not reflect this way. I understand this might be hard for terminally online idiot who let their morals be determined solely by whatever you've read or watched, but I'm fairly confidant no girl is going to grow up thinking they should fuck a 900 year old dog demon that saved their life when they were like 9 because they happened to watch Yashahime as a teen.
I'm sorry you lost all your brain cells growing up. Fiction can affect our perceptions in reality when efficiently used and utilized to this purpose, indeed! But not in this way you think it is. Not in this sense of "Oh, someone watched an anime with an agegap once, now they'll think it's OK forever!"
I'm sorry you lost all your brain cells growing up, ooooor your parents are doing a shit-ass job at passing on morals to you. Regardless; it's not this cartoon's fault for that.
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fangirlforthewin · 7 months ago
What bugs me about Moroha
There are so many things about Yashahime that bother me with how they treat Moroha that I could probably make a book out of it, but instead, I'm going to just talk about how Moroha was raised and has really no knowledge about her parents.
I imagine InuKag had to have had some sort of talk with Koga prior to him receiving her? Otherwise, wouldn't there have been some investigation on his and Ayame's part when Moroha showed up? Why didn't Koga and Ayame talk about InuKag to Moroha. Where is Koga now? He raised her, supposedly, for at least some of her life. You're telling me he allowed Yawaragi to sell her? And then after Yawaragi died, Koga didn't think he needed to check up on Moroha? Moroha clearly doesn't see Koga as an adoptive father as she never brings him up. Though her clothing is clearly inspired by them and how wild she can sometimes act is obviously from them.
Why did Kaede hardly ever talk about InuKag in general? Why did she not take in Moroha? Or treats her as indifferently as possible when she is in the village?
Sango and Miroku's children hardly seemed to know who Moroha was. How did they not know? Why didn't Miroku and Sango -InuYasha's and Kagome's best friends- not take in their friends' child? I can't believe they didn't know what happened to Moroha.
Like, InuYasha and Kagome disappear, do they think they are dead? Did they assume Moroha vanished with them? Except when years later Moroha shows up around the village a lot, Sango and Miroku never thought to bring her in and raise her themselves? Or did they know she was with the Wolf Demon Tribe and never visited? Never reached out to her?
The way the people that know InuYasha and Kagome treat their daughter is baffling to me. Like if I was InuYasha and Kagome, and I come back from the border of the afterlife and see how all my friends have treated my daughter, I would be so angry, like they are no longer my friends angry.
There must be some explanations that we haven't heard yet, and I keep watching, hoping to get some answers. But the way this show treats InuKag doesn't give me much hope.
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inukag · 5 months ago
I'm still kind of half-convinced they are gonna use the windmill to reverse the entire timeline of the show so that none of this shit happens. I think this based on 2 things I've seen so far:
1) Sesshomaru looks like he's gonna die, and I bet if that happens, they're gonna make it to where the Tensaiga can't bring him back, so they're gonna make it to where the girls have to change the timeline so that doesn't happen, and by extension, maybe even all the other stuff.
I just don't see Shitrise killing off their "favorite" character and leaving him dead permanently.
2) that one moment in I believe the new ED where the girls are in kimonos (where we see Moroha in miko garb and just looking so precious before she jumps back into her usual robes).
I just have a theory that that little moment w/ the girls is after they could've erased the current timeline and where they all (in the new timeline) grow up together and w/ their parents.
I also found out sometime ago that the screenwriter also worked on Sailor Moon, which was an anime that also had a history for changing/altering/erasing timelines or dimensions. And apparently YH has a history of ripping off or straight-up stealing stuff and plot from SM and other anime.
I'm just saying I feel like this could very well be a possibility.
Personally a very very small part of me (the part that still somewhat cares about what happens in this series) kind of wants that to be the case ONLY because InuKag and Moroha should never have been seperated, even if YH is a bad, non-canon, what-if fanfic.
Everything else can go burn in a ditch for all I care, but Inukag and Moroha really should get a do-over, even if the universe they were seperated in was an alternate universe (like YH).
That's the small of me though. The rest of me just wants this shitshow to preferably be cancelled, but if we have to see this crap to the end, the small part of me hope's for that ending solely for inukag and Moroha's benefit.
Oh definitely if Sesshomaru dies there's no way that will be permanent, people would be showing up at their offices with pitchforks lmao.
I've been wondering why they keep showing the girls in modern outfits too. They said before that time travel was going to be an important element but they literally haven't talked about it again since they arrived in the feudal era, lol. I STILL think the show would have been a lot more fun if it was a "reverse Inuyasha" where Moroha falls down the well and ends up stuck in the modern era and she has to go back.....
But yes she looked adorable in the ED with her miko outfit 😭
Tumblr media
I haven't watched Sailor Moon myself but yes Sumisawa worked on it, and from what I heard the rainbow pearls plot is essentially copied from something he and/or the other writers added in the SM anime (x). If erasing timelines is something that also happened in Sailor Moon, then it's definitely possible they will do the same in Yashahime.
I don't know if I really care personally.... I just wanted a bit of serotonin from the inukagmor reunion (and potentially more interactions) but I know I will go back to pretending none of this ever happened afterwards lol. A time reset would make discussions easier with "casual fans" (and I know people will call me a gatekeeper again but by that I mean people who consider everything anime-only canon). But I never really talk about Inuyasha with anyone outside of tumblr so... it's not that big of a deal? Idk, it would definitely be better with a time reset for sure tho.
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lynnhibiki · 5 months ago
Rarely do I ever rant here but I will make an exception because my feelings are so strong I MUST.
I got into Inuyasha when I was 12 and it first was airing on Adult Swim. Saw it accidently on the t.v while I was on AOL ( AOL GUYS🤣) looking though Dragonballz/Pokemon fansites. It has a special place in my heart no one can replace not even Ranma 1/2 (my fav anime).
I had never finished watching Inuyasha so I watched the whole series in preparation for Yashahime. Reminded me of how and why I loved the show so much, one of my TOP favorite animes. (but plagued by 90s pacing/recapping) 
When I heard Yashahime was coming me and one of my best friends who shared in my Inuyasha craze at 12 we're so down to watch it. I was glad Moroha wasn't gonna be a main character since that's such a trope (Boruto ect). It was the same studio who did Inuyasha so I had faith in this project..and defended it's already hefty array of odd choices like not showing Moroha the photo album, ect (lmaoo absolute comedy how stupid they think fans are by retconning that sh*t) by ep 10 I was starting to sweat, I know the OG series took time to build up but surely they would quicken the pace for todays anime standards which are hella different than the 90s.
Every episode got harder to justify what was happening by the time ep 14 or 15 came (the one they "reveal" who the mom is) it showed me what this was. A CASH GRAB FOR SURE BUT ALSO. This show is disrespectful to the audience the characters and The OG series.
I saw up to episode one of season 2 pushing through the fact that season 1 became a sh*t show. Having some optimism (dumb hope while I clung to my Moroha merch) that maybe they started shaky. It would get better.. After hearing Towa yell Setsunas name for like 10 mins straight, the hope was gone. People will yell BUT INuyaSha and KAgOme diD iT. Exactly. Why repeat? DO BETTER. Especially when they cant stop yelling about how ITS NOT ABOUT THE OG yet everything they use in the show is hard recycled OG series plots.
I feel conned by sunrise. Used for sure.
It's been hard to completely let it go. I love Moroha so f***en much I was excited to see where she would go as the twins proved to me their wasn't much to care about there...(though Setsuna had potential) I couldn't even give you a comprehensive summary on the show with out making my "own interpretations " on characters which is how most people are justifying characters actions in this series. Like "Oh you know how Sesshomaru is lol big kidder that guy...look how much he cares for everyone!" So sweet! Even though he is just doing the bare minimum after the life he let these poor girls have, is the gist of what I read in comments.
I wasn't a Sesshomaru fan ever. As a kid I didn't know why people loved him so much I was an Inuyasha stan so much so I didn't care for kagome like at all (liked her better the older I got but still) 🤣🤣. When rewatching the OG series I figured out what I felt for him, unpopular opinion? but he acts like an entitled little rich kid and the reason people don't call him out on it is because he doesn't talk much and is pretty. You can really interpret his actions any way you want. Which is fine, but don't make it seem like he is something he is not in Yashahime. He isn't a good husband/father/brother/uncle/ friend. 
Originally he would degrade Inuyasha and fight him, cuz why? Why did dad give you the Tessaiga and me Tenseiga?! HUMPH *proceeds to bully Inuyasha about this despite Inuyasha cutting off his arm and Sesshomaru being unable to touch the sword.* He cared about a f**ken sword more then his brothers fu**ken life. That's who Sesshomaru was if he wanted a boat he would take it because he is a rich kid. So he can do whatever he wants all the time. He did change for the better in OG for sure. He didn't kill humans on sight and actively protected them sometimes (especially Rin and Kohaku THE CHILDREN) learned to even coexist with Inuyasha without trying to murder him def some changes there. lol
In Yahsahime he has undone that, talks less (possible? Sunrise says yes) and is even more cruel without straight up meaning to be??? (let me separate my brother’s family for no other reason than I am gonna wait for  girls to grow up and deal with the problem, also I could be raising them but for vague reasons I'm not I guess) fans who still support this show make up excuses for his actions saying he didn't have a choice, best option at the time, Inuyasha and kagome are so wild and crazy they would murder Rin?! Like lmaooo what show did YOU watch? Inuyasha helped people he didn't even know from dyeing. Did we forget Kohaku? (the one who was a child WITH Rin but somehow looks like an adult now in Yashahime) like they go out of THIER WAY TO FIND A WAY TO SAVE HIM. Sesshomaru did not he paused everyone and hopped around the world waiting for....vague reason here.
I Can write an essay and a half about how Moroha was robbed and deserves justice. They make her grow up ALONE and give all the love she deserves to the wonder bland twins. Morohas OWN MOTHERS FAMILY, yea give that to Towa. InuKags absolute best friends give their help and son to Setsuna. Like INUKAGS DEAFEATED THE F**KEN WORST INCEL IN THE FEUDAL ERA apparently THAT doesn't even warrant enough love to check in to see their offspring is ok out in the woods. WHY EVEN BRING UP KOGA RAISES HER? You have literally not shown them interact and you make him look just as bad as everyone else for forgetting about her.
I wanted to like this show so much but it proved to do nothing that I was interested in seeing as a fan. I cringe/get slightly happy at Moroha & Inuyasha fam interactions happening now but from what I hear they still shaft Moroha and I knew they would. I knew even if they make it about her they would downplay her and that INUKAG would downplay the sufferings they felt cuz they would give Sesshomaru the benefit of the doubt (you know THE CRAZY IRRATIONAL MONSTERS SESSHOMARU JUST HAD TO SEAL UP)
Shows a damn mess ill end the rant here 
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So Yashahime has finally tried to explain some of Sesshomaru’s dumbass behavior in season 1. It was quite an effort, and I admire that… but this story already started off bad, and there’s only so much course correction you can do.
First of all, never going to be ok with Rin’s age. That’s just not going to happen. Sesshomaru should have stayed a father figure. Let Rin grow up and have kids with someone else. He can just be there to protect her and make sure she’s happy.
Secondly, having him seal away Inuyasha and Kagome out of fear that they would kill Kirinmaru and Zero, therefore killing Rin… sure, makes sense. BUT. You’re telling me Sesshomaru couldn’t just talk to Inuyasha, like, hey bro, so listen, I know you’re going to want to kill Kirinmaru and Zero, because they want to kill your daughter and nieces, but do me a solid, and just don’t, because if you do, you’d kill Rin. What is Inuyasha going to do, say nah bro, guess Rin has to die, sorry?? I don’t fucking think so. Sure, he and Kagome will want to protect their daughter at all costs, but at the cost of Rin? They would most definitely start looking for ways around that. That’s what they did when Kohaku had a jewel shard in his back, keeping him alive. Instead, no one’s talking to anyone, Rin is already saying let me go if it means our daughters can live, but Sesshomaru isn’t about to just let that shit happen, so he comes up with this crazy ass plan, and ruins Inuyasha and Kagome’s lives without telling them what’s happening or why.
I just keep looking at that happy ending at the end of Inuyasha and thinking… it should have just ended there. This is too much. If we wanted to do more story in this world, fine, but don’t make it at the cost of that happy ending. I cannot get over the fact that Inuyasha and Kagome’s happy ending was stolen from them. After all the shit they went through.
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night-rise · a year ago
Tumblr media
I’ve been seeing a lot of controversy surrounding Toga and the Tessaiga. About him having it years before he met Izayoi his human wife that inspired him to create it in the first place.
Well I’m here to say..... you’re right. You guys are absolutely right. That is a huge plot hole. It doesn’t make any sense really.
So I did some investigating on the matter. Tessaiga and Toga. And what I found.... was strange. There’s A’LOT of controversy surrounding Toga, and I’m not just talking about in Yashahime, but the entire Inuyasha franchise ALL TOGETHER.
Putting these facts into consideration I came up with a theory so intense... so unbelievable.... so CRAZY, that you all will block me as soon as I tell it.
That’s a risk I’m willing to take.
Tumblr media
There are lots of unanswered questions surrounding Toga and his actions that never were really explained:
Why did he commission the Black Pearl to be made years before his death? A Black Pearl takes YEARS to make. How did he know he was going to need that jewel to hide Tessaiga from Sesshomaru?
How did he know Izayoi was going to be in danger that night? Did Takemaru send him a message? Did Izayoi secretly message him? Did Toga just sense everything that was going on? Or did he know beforehand that she was going to be in danger?
Why did Sesshomaru show up demanding he give him the swords? Like he knew he was about to die.
Tumblr media
Why did Tōga tell Myoga “he’s not long for this world” like he knew he wasn’t going to survive?
Maybe he did know he wasn’t going to make it that night.
And then there’s the Tessaiga! The origin of the Tessaiga doesn’t make much sense either. The timeframe surrounding it doesn’t make a lot of sense.
Tumblr media
The Tessaiga was rumored to be in the original series as a “Legendary sword of destruction”. How did it get that title? If Izayoi was the reason why he made the sword that would mean the Tessaiga was created RECENTLY. Like 3-5 years before Tōga’s death recently. How can the sword gain such a reputation in that short amount of time?
Why did Sesshomaru act as if the sword has been around for decades and was the cornerstone of Tōga’s power? What battles could he have possibly been in those short years that gained such a reputation?
The sword is as famous as the Shikon Jewel of four souls.
All these unanswered questions leads me back to one...
How did Tōga and Izayoi meet?
Tumblr media
We never did get the origin story of how they met. A human and a demon meeting and falling in love is rare and takes special circumstances on how it happens. These two were both royalty, so it should have been majorly impossible for these two to meet, let alone fall in love. 
These unanswered questions lead me to only one answer. One possibility. One thing that ties EVERYTHING together...
Tumblr media
We now know that Toga had a device that can effect time in someway shape or form.
WHAT IF, Tōga at some point got stuck into the future and met Izayoi then.
They met, fell in love, but thanks to time falling apart, had to go back to his original timeline.
Where Tōga lived out his days waiting for when he can see Izayoi once again.
Tumblr media
During that time of waiting, or when he was in the future, he commissioned Totosai to make Tessaiga for the sole purpose of protecting her and humanity.
Guys, time travel is at play here. That’s the controversy.
We now have confirmation that demons can both travel and see into the future.
Tumblr media
Who knows how many times these Dog demons have traveled or almost interfered with time in someway shape or form.
We don’t know, that’s the thing.
And that leads me to believe, time travel is at play here with this controversy with Tessaiga.
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firelxdykatara · a year ago
Please don't reblog SessRin. She was 13 when he got her pregnant. When he first adopted her, she was 8.
Oi vey.
No, she wasn’t.
It’s really funny that somehow I know more about the source material than people who are actually in the fandom, despite being much more of a casual viewer, but like, it’s not that hard to look up??? And realize that Sesshomaru never ‘adopted’ her (fuck, I know that and I’ve only seen like three seasons of the show), because literally all their relationship consisted of was Rin following Sess around for a year (one (1) year), while basically taking care of herself (he didn’t even feed her ffs), occasionally with Jaken’s help. All Sess himself did was keep her alive, which.... man, if that’s what y’all consider a father/daughter relationship, I’m genuinely concerned. Especially since, after that year was over, Sesshomaru dropped her off in a human village so that she could be raised among her own kind and then choose, for herself, where she wanted to be. If that kind of relationship when Rin was young makes their relationship after she grew up off-putting to you, that’s completely valid! What isn’t valid is claiming that your feelings are the only valid ones, and that Sess must have had romantic feelings for her when she was a child, which is never suggested anywhere in canon.
Secondly, there’s no reason to believe she was thirteen when he got her pregnant, what???? Everyone looks weirdly young in Yashahime’s art style, for one thing, (though notably, she just doesn’t look that much younger in the birth scene than Kagome) but I’ve been over the timeline (more for curiosity’s sake than anything else) and, quite apart from the fact that Rin had no canon age in the OG series (idk how the fandom settled on 8, but that was never actually stated, and she could easily have been a few years older--she was small but also uhhhh she’d been living like a feral child and pretty constantly malnourished before Sesshomaru found her so she would have been tiny for her age anyway), at the youngest she’d have been 16 or so. Which you may not think is great, and that’s fine, but it’s not the worst thing to come out of canon pairings in shows, so I fail to see the issue there.
Sess is supposed to be physically/mentally 19, the way Inuyasha is meant to be physically/mentally 15. The show wasn’t great about conveying this, but no one yelled about 150 year-old half-demon Inuyasha falling for a high schooler, so??? (Nevermind that this is a staple in shows with immortal protagonists. Which isn’t everyone’s cuppa, and that’s fine, but I get the appeal. I kinda have to, Bangel being one of my ultimate OTPs.) They are demons. They don’t view human lives and mortality and morality the same way we do. They don’t have to! It’s actually really interesting to think about that juxtaposition, how demons view humans but then some of them fall in love and those views change, and how half-demons bridge the gap between those two worlds... it’s fascinating. And for Sesshomaru, famously disdainful of humankind, to have fallen in love with a human woman and had half-demon kids of his own??? That’s even better.
I really gotta ask, though, who y’all even thought that human might be before the reveal lmao.
The thing is, I’m not even really in this fandom. I have a passing interest, I’ve seen a good chunk of the show and enjoyed it, I don’t really ship anything except inukag and a bit sesskag because I’ve seen some artwork and fanworks that really intrigue me, but I thought that piece of art was cute and reblogged it. I don’t have any real opinions on the ship itself, except that people are losing their minds for no reason, because it’s easy to blacklist tags and block content and also if the show itself disgusts you bc of its canon pairings then don’t watch it??? There are plenty of shows I don’t watch because I hate the things they do in canon (see: why i never got into Game of Thrones) but I’m not about to ask people to not reblog things from those shows just bc I don’t like them. If it bothers me that much, there’s blacklisting and tumblr’s filter system. Also blocking, if it’s really that huge a deal.
But I’ve never had patience with this kind of argument where, like, people who really hate a ship have decided that it MUST be pedophilia, despite their insistence on information that isn’t even canon, like. It happened to me, not long back, when a group of atla blogs decided that Jiang was an adult, despite there being no canon basis for that belief (and a lot of canon basis for her being a teenager, since all her crew were around the gaang’s ages), and so if I shipped her with Katara I must be a pedo. I hated it then, and I hate it now, and if you don’t like my particular stance on this, you don’t have to, but I’m not budging.
For the record, I always tag ship things, and I tagged that post, so if you hate sessrin, I implore you, please blacklist or filter the tag. It’s genuinely not that difficult. And I’m not even in the fandom, but I’m also not gonna go out of my way not to reblog things if I find them cute or the art good or whatever, so I can’t promise I’ll never reblog sessrin again lmao
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voxvulpina · a month ago
Okay I’m sorry but there is so much wrong with that ask. First let’s get one thing straight sessrin is disgusting and nothing will ever change that. This sequel already showed that the ship doesn’t work at all and that they will always be a power imbalance between the two. The newest interview literally states that sesshomaru literally just leaves rin and travels. He not present at all. So no the ship will never work. And also there are so many great post detailing why sesshomaru getting with rin means that he never grew as a character and that his “character development” was for a disgusting reason. Second thing rumiko never intended for sesshomaru and rin to get together. She even states that sesshomaru was rin guardian a month after the first season of yashamine ended. She could have said anything but she chose to say he was rin guardian/parent figure. And let’s not forget that she stated that sesshomaru and kagura would have moved like miroku and sango. And that she didn’t plan to have kagura see sesshomaru so much it’s just happened naturally. Third most antis never call shipper pedos. Even tho shipper will be drawing disgusting shit that has child rin in it. And not some but A LOT of shippers are horrible. To the point where they will doxx and harass anyone who has different opinion then them. Sorry for the long post but that ask just bothered me. Clearly you are anti sessrin and you stay in the anti tag so I don’t know why they thought they could come and say they ship that disgusting ship even tho you are probably very uncomfortable with it.
Hear hear!! 👏
What's more, I stay in the Anti SessRin and Anti Yashahime tags EVEN THOUGH I fully believe Antis have just as much right as lolicons to populate the main Yashahime tag. I could tag all my posts "Hanyo no Yashahime" and no one would have the right to tell me to butt out of the tag, because viewers can and should be allowed to voice negative opinions.
In spite of this, I mostly stick to the Anti Yashahime tag, so the way I see it, this person is out of order. My blog makes it clear I'm against lolicon and they're not even presenting new arguments in favour of PedoBin, just the usual intellectually-dishonest tripe about Kagura being a baby (rotfl) and PedoBin being wholesome, gimme a break.
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