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#thats good
rwbybutincorrect · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
ok you asked so here is the horribly cursed picture :3 
i drew another picture to celebrate! havesome cake. the cake is the quotes. enjoy the quocake! bon apatite! 
thank you for the support and for the horrible cursedness! we will continue supplying you all with extremely funny quotes and very badly drawn milestone illustrations <333
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trans-mephisto · 7 months ago
I hope kazue kato knows that Im v grateful that RinShi is actually a good, healthy het ship (and friendship) compared to. Uhhh *gestures to most of shounen manga and het ships in general*
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sailorsally · 7 months ago
Just saw a post about how JJ doesn't know Misha.... A photo was attached below .... Of JJ and Maison.....
I get it people are v determined to prove that Misha & Jensen aren't close friends...
But the thought that JJ obviously knows Misha's kids and has photos with them but isn't allowed to know Misha himself is SENDING ME
JJ: "Dad who was that man who brought West & Maison over?"
Jensen doing the best to obscure the view of Misha who's walking to his car in the background: "What man??"
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bugsarecool · 19 days ago
I was stuck between thinking what animal soldier would be (bald eagle or raccoon) and then was hit by racoon-bald eagle griffon
You are so smart.
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sir-sunny · 8 days ago
oh d ear
hh,,ok soo,, i think i broke my laptop charager aksjshsgsk i gotta buy a new one,, soooo drawings gotta be on hold for juuuust a second
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yoyoyowazup · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
SORRY ABOUT THE LATENESS!! but hello @windyvines !! i’m your @homestuckss secret santa this year!!
i couldn’t just choose one ship/character to do so i did multiple!! i hope you enjoy it and i hope the holidays treated you well! :D
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aeneozen · a month ago
I wanna like try something but I think it will flop because only a few of you interact with me BUT WHATEVER
tell me (IN MY ASKS PLEASE AKAHAK I FORGOT TO MENTION) who you kin in genshin / haikyuu and I’ll make something (SIMPLE) for you
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bookish-bi-christian · 5 months ago
Okay thats not the direction I thought he was gonna go and I'm intrigued
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plaguedoctormemes · 9 months ago
Did an early christmas with my oldest sister and her bf and kids, and actually had a good time and got to open some if my gifts
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severnrose · 9 days ago
if u ask me about how kinktober is going i will cry
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shape-speaks · 9 days ago
Me and my friend were discussing ur whole killing people with water bottles and she brought up the idea that u could mostly fill up the bottle with water and then freeze it- the water will expand cuz of freezing, mostly filling the bottle and then u have frozen water in a metal bottle as a weapon. 😁👍
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