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#thats it thats the agenda

yall talk shit about atsumu and makki and all being kinda nasty but you full well know sakusa is the nastiest fucker in this show. he definitely spits in your mouth as like a daily thing even out in public just to make you embarrassed. he’s probably so into making you cum until you have to physically shove him off, and would still keep going after that. tell me he isn’t into fucking pretty, little feet. tell me he wouldn’t cum all over your face when you’re sleeping.

he would. he’s nasty.

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YEP i kept getting a suggestion for “watching a the movie with a real egyptologist” thing that rachel maksy did but the egyptology woman’s outfit really bothered me a LOT and i’d been sent vintage-y stuff with them by a friend as i’ve been doing a lot of work on egypt lately (not in the period they study tho) but that article was the first time i’d sort of looked into them seriously and WHAT THE FUCK like egyptology and middle eastern studies as academic WHOLES need to look seriously into decolonisation and the way that in deep, entrenched levels as disciplines of study they have historically been used to justify colonial expansion, have been caried out under systems of colonial control, and at a societal level reinforce the idea of the oriental “other” etc ( like the first chapter! of orientalism by edward said! literally starts with balfour’s speech where he talks about KNOWING egypt and knowing it in such a way that he knows what’s best for it! and a part of the colonial complex IMHO often involves aestheticising the colonial Other ESPECIALLY the distant past of non-western-european civilisations as ownable commodoties, “oh i respect [blank] so much i have their best interests at heart etc” without seriously respecting, studying, and engaging with the more recent present etc) and you’re telling me there’s this full on professor couple from YALE who post shit like this:

and lead vintage riverboat cruises etc etc what the fuck 

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#url anon, #i don't want to open this can of worms because i could literally go off about her for hours, #she's so manipulative in the way that she has painted herself as a victim and ignored how her words and actions have hurt people, #she's transphobic because she misunderstood people calling harry trans as saying he's a trans woman, #and gave her spicy take about how that wasn't true which was basically about his body and his pronouns being masculine, #(and somehow ignored how that is harmful af to trans women and trans femmes regardless of her personal belief about harry), #i'm sure at some point she recognized that it wasn't the case and that people were just saying he was non-binary, #but she never admitted it or apologized for anything she said, #she gave one half assed attempt at a plea for forgiveness by asking people to explain to her what she did wrong, #except she has basically blocked everyone on this website who didn't agree with her and would have felt bold enough to say something, #so who was she asking to educate her? no one she just wanted someone to coddle her and tell her she did nothing wrong, #she's not transphobic because she has any ill feelings towards trans people (except those she openly and deliberately mocked but 🤷), #she's transphobic because she's ignorant and instead of trying to educate herself she doubled down on her stance, #she's transphobic because she insisted that trans people had an agenda for saying harry was trans too, #and she's a big time fucking hypocrite for doing all of this with her blouie bullshit, #i think anyone who has ever referred to harry as haddy or alpha should automatically not be allowed to have opinions on his gender, #because they truly lost the fucking plot the minute they started projecting things onto harry that weren't true, #but that's just my very humbly opinion, #wow look at that i guess i did open that can of worms ahdkshdj
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Hearing someone call ATLA pro-imperialist was a goddamn stretch

No standard kid or adult watching that show is walking away with the message “Imperialism good.” Literally the opposite.

You can claim that the authors, coming from an imperialist country, still have subconscious biases, and you would be right. But this radical pro-imperialist claim is just lost in the sauce and ignores the broader picture and overall message created by the sum of many authors’ stories.

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