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What is the ATW Squad??


It’s a DC comics AU created by 3 best friends, It doesn’t really have anything canon more than some ships and the first generation characters, so if you don’t wanna be confuse I really do recomend to read the next explanations

ATW means Al'Ghul Thawne Wayne, and each family is partly managed by one or more member

Al'Ghul- Flore and I

Thawne- Shiru and Flore (and I, ones in a while)

Wayne- Flore and I (again)

So yes, in the next post I’ll explain the first generation

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Disclaimer: I don’t own the Flash.


Originally posted by kaarne

“Woooo!” you grinned listening through the com link as Jesse and Wally were helping with a robbery. Harry had that constant frown and you just directed your gaze back to the two dots that were zipping after the car. They passed the car easily, forcing the criminals in the vehicle to pull up to a stop. “Alright, cuff them quick, remember don’t let him touch you. “ Barry instructed. 

In a matter of seconds both criminals had no choice but to walk out of the cars. All three speedsters had them cornered. 

“Mission completed. “ Wally said. You fist pumped. “We’re coming in.” Barry said. You pulled out your earplug, awaiting their arrival. You twisted your chair, ready to maybe get a bite to eat. Barry was probably carrying those guys to iron heights. “All in a day’s work.” you spoke. When you looked back Harry was still leaned over the desk. You had a feeling you knew why. 

“Hey Oscar, quit being a grouch.” he turned to you with an annoyed look. 

“I don’t appreciate the nicknames you and Cisco insist on using on me.” 

“Well maybe if you smiled once in a while we wouldn’t have too.” he just looked back at his computer. 

“Stop worrying. Jesse’s a smart girl. She knows how to handle herself. She’s your daughter after all.” 

A ghost of a smile made its way on his face. You and Harry never really got along, but every once in a while you would have moments like this. Honestly, you were sporting a huge crush on him. That’s why when he first came you made it your mission to avoid him. Whenever you did bump into him you gave him the cold shoulder. 

You couldn’t trust him, and for good reason. After what happened with Eobard you told yourself you’d never trust anyone with that face again. Little did you know there was an entire multiverse of Wells. 

Lucky you.

As time went on though, it was becoming harder to deny your growing attraction for the man. When you found out about his daughter, your wall slowly crumbled and you made any and all efforts to comfort him. The both of you still bickered though. 

At that point you decided it was better to just give up on your feelings. He obviously didn’t feel the same way. And it didn’t make sense chasing after a man that had no interest in you. 

With that thought you turned, exiting the cortex. 

“Maybe I’ll stop by the store and get some beer.” you could tell it was going to be a long day. Might as well treat yourself with some booze and outdated movies.


“So what do we have today?” When you strutted into the cortex the next morning you were shocked to see no one there. Harry was the only one at his desk. He looked up, making a face when he saw you. You frowned. You were going to deal with this once and for all. You could deal with him not having feelings for you, but that didn’t give him the right to treat you like crap.

“Hey what’s your deal with me!” you demanded. He looked over, wondering if it was him you were yelling at. 

“Excuse me?” you pointed. “Don’t pull that excuse me crap, you know what I’m talking about. Ever since you got here you’ve treated everyone like the dirt beneath your feet. I allowed it at the beginning because you were a grieving parent, but your attitude still stinks, especially with me.” He slammed down his tool.

“I don’t recall  being obligated to be a nice person. I’m not Ramon and Allen. I’m not here to be your friend. My only goal is to help with the new threat that’s it. “ you scoffed. 

“You really are something else. I’m not asking you to be a saint. But would it kill you to wear a smile, or say good morning!!” he walked towards you like a lion approaching it’s prey. You almost backed down when he was standing right in front of you. He was staring you down, and all at once you seemed to lose the ability to speak. He towered you, blue eyes pinning you in your spot. 

“Is there anything else you would like to get off your chest.” his voice was lower and you felt like the air had been smacked right out of you. 

“N-No I-I..I uh..” somehow you forgot how to make actual sentences. 

“I have no desire to be your crouch. Snow told me about your relationship with the previous Wells.” His words made you take a step back. 

“W-What does that have to do with…”

“He broke your heart. Maybe it’s your fault for being so naive. “ you felt a pang in your chest at his words. You looked up at him, eyes watering. You weren’t sure how, but at that moment Harry looked like he actually regretted the words he said. He looked down running a hand over his face. 

“Listen that was..I didn’t mean it like that I just-” you didn’t want to hear his explanation. 

“I think you’ve said all that you wanted.” you replied coldly. You tried to hide the tightening in your throat as best you could when you spoke. 

“I won’t waste time trying to get close to another Wells. I should have learned my lesson the first time. “ with that you were gone. Upon your exit you almost crashed into Barry. He held you by the shoulders apologizing. When he saw your fresh tears he tried to find out the reason. You pulled away from him, rushing off. Barry’s eyes moved in Harry’s direction. He looked pissed. 

“What did you say to (Y/N)!” he accused.

“You don’t have to lecture me Allen. I already know I messed up. “ Harry turned back to his desk. He wanted to punch himself. 


That night you were tucked in your bed, legs pulled to your chest. The memories of Dr. Wells, or Thawne for that matter replaying in your head. All the sweet words he said to you. How special he said you were. It was all a lie, a facade to ensure he accomplished his goal. You regret everything you ever felt for him. In some sick way Harry was right. If you weren’t blinded by your feelings for him maybe it would have been easier to see through him. Even when you found out about him you never wanted to believe it. But all the evidence was there, and when you confronted the man, when he was standing right in front of you, he never even looked sorry. He just wore that stupid smirk on his face. That sinister smile as he ripped your heart out of your chest and threw it in your face. 


“(Y/N). “ you cursed at the voice behind you. After your little spew with Harry you made it your mission to avoid him. You succeeded for about a week. Of course he was going to find you sooner or later. The person who called you wasn’t Harry though, it was his daughter. You turned to her, forcing a smile on your face. “Hey..” you said a bit awkwardly. You could tell by the look on her face that she wanted an explanation. “What’s going on with you and Dad. “ you were hoping she wouldn’t ask that. “Nothing, you know us we could hardly stand each other.” 

She placed a hand on her hip. “Yeah, usually you’re going at it  like an old married couple, but you haven’t talked in so long and dad he’s..he’s not acting like himself.” you were a bit worried. Then you remembered why you were angry at him.

“That’s not my problem.” you stated flatly. You knew it was mean, but he was the one that said those things to you. He had no right. 

Jesse looked ready to say something, but the person you were dreading walked out from behind her and you suddenly felt like crying again. 

He stepped forward and just as he opened his mouth alarms started blaring. You flinched and Jesse braced. “Someone’s in Star Labs!” she bolted out to scope out the threat and Harry moved closer to you. 

“You can yell at me later. Right now just stay close.” he instructed. You nodded. As much as he made your blood boil, it wouldn’t do any good if a dangerous meta was loose and either of you got hurt because of a spat. 

You followed close behind as he moved in the direction of the cortex. When you made it to the entrance Barry was putting cuffs on an unconscious Jesse. Harry ran over in a panic. 

“Allen what the hell are you doing!!” Barry waved his hands about to explain. Caitlin was kneeling down, retracting the needle from the girl’s skin. 

“Those metahumans we took down last week. Somehow they got out of Iron Heights. I think one of the guards slipped up. One of them has manipulative powers.” He informed. 

“They twist your view. Jesse thought we were the enemy. “ Caitlin added. 

“I had to take her out before she could get hurt. I locked one of them up in the pipeline but the other is somewhere here. “ Barry interjected. He looked down at the computer, trying to pull up footage of the halls. 

“Try right behind you.” you spun around just in time for him to press his hands on your forehead. A red light glowed in his palm, passing through your skin. Barry zipped forward, shoving the male away from you. The meta crashed into the wall, falling down and  passing out from the force of the blow. Barry wasted no time, cuffing him quickly. 

Harry looked over to check you. “Stay back Harry, she’s been hit.” Caitlin advised. She had a syringe in her hand, unsure of how to administer the shot without provoking you. 

“Give it to me, I could get close enough in a second. “ You turned to Barry and you screamed in terror. He looked back, shocked to see the level of fear in your eyes as you backed up against the wall. 

“Please don’t hurt him I’ll do anything please!!” you were pleading. Barry approached, raising his hands to show you he didn’t mean any harm. 

“Hey (Y/N). Listen it’s me Barry.” he pulled off his cowl, but that just triggered you more. 

“Don’t hurt them Dr. Wells I’m begging you! Please don’t, I’ll do anything!!” Barry froze, he recalled you saying those words before. 

“S-She’s..she’s reliving a memory.” he muttered in recognition. 

Harry stared. “What do you mean by memory? I thought he just manipulates your concept of the present reality. “ Caitlin shook her head. “They morph reality yes, but reality for everyone is different. Some people see their friends as enemies. Others face a reality they can’t control. One they feel powerless in” Harry couldn’t believe it. The level of horror on your face hurt him. When he made that statement about Dr. Wells he knew he crossed a line. What he didn’t realize was the level of emotional damage Thawne actually did to you. You weren’t a meta. So when he attacked you couldn’t do anything but stand there and watch as he tried to kill your friends. 

Harry took the syringe from Caitlin’s hands, storming over to your direction. He couldn’t see you like this. When he was standing directly in front of you your eyes widened and you tried to scramble away. 

“D-DON’T!” Harry pressed the needle into your neck. It took a while, but slowly, your eyes started to lower. Just as you were about to pass out you looked directly at him. 

“Harry..” you said softly. He smiled, removing the needle. He tossed it to the side, cradling you into his arms. “I’ve got you, don’t worry. You’re safe. I won’t let anyone hurt you again. “

Barry and Caitlin watched from the back, both a bit stunned by the level of care the man displayed when holding you.


You groaned, holding your head as you tried to sit up. When you finally came to, Caitlin was right at your side with a smile. 

“Look who’s finally up.” you gave her a weak smile, leaning against the head of the bed. 

“I got socked by that meta didn’t I?”

“Affirmative.” she said cheekily. You just laughed. “Wow, my head feels like I got hit by a bus.” She jotted something down before placing a hand to your forehead.

“I think that’s my fault. I made that in a rush in case those metahumans got a hold of our speedsters. Unfortunately a shot like that does the trick but the dose isn’t really easy on regular people. “

“Noted.” you looked over, noticing Barry and Jesse standing at the door.

“ You really gave me a scare. How are you feeling?” Barry’s question made you shoot him a look.

“Sorry, I guess it was a stupid question. But hey at least we caught the guys.” you nodded. 

“That’s good.” Barry was still watching you. “(Y/N), I just wanted you to know. What happened with wasn’t your fault. We know it hurt you maybe far worse than any of us.” you looked at him a bit taken aback. A shaky breath exited your lips. “Y-Yeah, you don’t have to worry about it. I’m over all that. It’s been months.” He shook his head. 

“There’s no time stamp on how long those types of wounds heal. If you ever wanna talk, we’re all right here.” Caitlin and even Jesse smiled, agreeing with him. You gave another nod. 

“Thanks guys, I appreciate it.” Jesse grinned. 

“Of course, by the way. There is someone who’s just as worried. “ before you could ask you felt the wind blow your hair back. When she reappeared there was someone with her. 

“Jesse I told you not to-” his complaints stopped when his eyes landed on you. She unhooked her arms and at that moment everyone started to make their exit. You turned to Caitlin with pleading eyes, begging her not to leave. She gave you a thumbs up, vanishing around the hall. 

When it was just the two of you, you shifted back into the bed. 

“Listen I-”

“I apologize.” Harry cut you off. You stared at him. Not sure if you heard him right. 

“Wait..did you just say..” he stepped closer, taking a seat at the edge of your bed. Him being so close made you readjust your position. You picked at the sheets nervously. 

“I was unaware of how deep Thawne’s wounds scarred you. Then I made a comment that was uncalled for. I apologize.” you bit down on your lip. 

“I’m sorry too.” you said finally. “It was childish of me to avoid you like I did. I should have just talked to you. The truth is you were right. I let my feelings dictate everything I do. The feelings I had for him and the ones I have for you.” Harry looked over at your words. 

“I-I like you Harry.” you confessed. “Y-You look just like him so I told myself never to go down that road again. But little by little I couldn’t help but be intrigued by you, attracted to you. I’m so stupid!” you said, fresh tears falling down your cheeks. Harry moved closer scooping you into his arms. 

“Don’t say that you’re far from stupid. “ you clenched your hands into his clothing.

“I am..I am the foolish one. I’m just as much attracted to you.” he whispered. You pulled back.

“W-What..” his hands rested on your cheek, wiping any evidence of your tears.

“I distanced myself because I thought you were only seeking solace in me to replace him. I was cruel to you because it was the only thing I could do to deny just how much your presence affected me. I’m completely and utterly infatuated with you (Y/N).” you swallowed. He was so close now. “If I haven’t already ruined my chances, I would like an opportunity to show you just how much I care about you.” 

“Okay..” you mumbled. With the way he was looking at you now there wasn’t much you could say. His thumb traced the outline of your cheekbone. 

Everywhere he touched felt like a spark to your skin. His lips met your own in a slow, hesitant kiss. It wasn’t much at first, just the innocent touching of lips. 

After a few moments you wanted more. Your hands tightened their hold on his clothing as you tried to pull him closer. He complied, pressing you softly into the mattress. You sighed at the feel of him. Your hands slipped into his hair and he gave a soft appreciative sound. Your stomach twirled at the little noise. Your hands wandered, you hooked your fingers into the hoops of his pants, pulling. His hips thrusted into you and you gasped. Your lips disconnected and Harry continued pressing kisses to your skin as you tried to regain your breath. 

“We should…probably…stop..”you forced out in between pants. 

“Agreed, they could..walk in at any time..” he was still pressing heated kisses to your body. His leg moved between your own and you moaned, looking at him a bit startled. Harry smirked down at you. “Then again, I think I’ve been holding out too long. Something tells me you have too.” you gulped when you felt his hand travelling under your clothing. 

“H-Harry..” you whined weakly. You whimpered when he squeezed your breast. 

“I finally have you, I’m not sure I really want to stop..” he growled into you ear. 

Someone clearing their throat made you both turn. 

“Allen.” Harry said sharply. Barry looked uncomfortable, like he regretted even coming in. 

“N-Nevermind, It can wait. “ he dove out of there faster than you’d ever seen. 

Harry’s eyes fixed back on you. 

“Now where were we.” 

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Pairing: Eobard Thawne x Reader

Words: 1069

Warnings: none



“Why do you need to do this?” You fell to your knees, Eobard slowly following you with his hands on your shoulders. Tears filled your eyes and you couldn’t bring yourself to look at him. You stared at your knees touching his, his yellow suit opposing Barry’s red one. You felt broken, betrayed, as he cupped your cheeks and forced you to look at him.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, scraping his thumbs across your cheeks to wipe away the escaping tears, “but it needs to be done.” Placing a soft kiss on your forehead, he squeezed his eyes shut. He knew you were never going to look at him the same ever again, so he faced the fact that this was the last time he was going to be able to see you. As he slowly stood up, he took your hand and let it fall away the further he walked.

You couldn’t look as he closed the distance between him and Barry, who was lying on the ground in pain. He couldn’t fight Eobard, not in the position he was.

“Believe me when I say you’re going to fail,” you called out as Eobard grabbed Barry’s throat, squeezing it tightly. “You didn’t win. And in all of this…” you stood up, bracing yourself as you turned around to look Eobard in the eyes, “…you lost me.”

As if on cue, Eddie Thawne entered the pipeline, a gun in hand and pointing it at Eobard. His eyes widened as he looked at you once more, already knowing Eddie pointed the gun at himself.

“Y/N…” He faded away as the bullet rang out and you squeezed your eyes shut once more, falling to your knees as you felt pain course through your body.

“I love you,” you whispered.

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A friend and I were comparing Thawne and DeVoe and how they’re similar in their approach to fighting Barry: cold and calculating, and you don’t know their agenda until it’s too late. But we were also talking about how everything that DeVoe is doing to Barry is in some ways worse than anything Thawne ever did to him, cause yes Thawne did traumatize him (including the first trauma in murdering his mother) but at least he got good things out of Thawne: his powers, his father’s freedom, and his inheritance. But all DeVoe has given him is pain. And I can’t help but remember how Abra Kadabra mentioned that DeVoe is one of the villains that Barry faces that fucks him up the most. And damn, he wasn’t fucking kidding. 

And considering he’s still dealing with readjusting to life outside prison, half the city hating him, losing his job, survivor’s guilt, and the hell he’s going to go through in 4x15 and I’m expecting more trauma to follow each time he faces DeVoe, and I am extremely worried about his mental state at the end of the season. 

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In the comics, Thawne was Barry Allen’s twin brother while many people know Barry, few might know he’s not the only Allen child running around the DC Universe. It turns out, Barry actually has a secret twin brother, who he thought had died at birth. Unfortunately for Barry, when the two finally meet as adults, it’s far from a happy family reunion. The child, named Malcolm, had been been secretly given to a family of abusive con artists who had superpowers. Constantly taunted by his adoptive family for being inferior to them, Malcolm grew up bitter and angry. When he finally tracks down his twin brother, Malcolm becomes envious of the life Barry had and eventually grew to hate him. He has his adoptive grandmother teach him how to use the family superpowers and eventually reinvents himself as the supervillain Cobalt Blue. He then vows to kill Barry and destroy everything he holds dear. Info provided by screenrant


Originally posted by just-me-and-the-tv

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