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#the 100

Bellamy and clarke, strangers. Both shipped off to boarding school, both driven by art, his love for photography & her love for music.

Despite their rocky start, they find themselves drawn to each. They both understand what if feels like to not pursue that which you love.

What they love is their art, and each other?

A little prompt idea I had while making these.

Gifts for @bookwormforalways

#thebellarkescord #bellarkescordhalloween

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“She didn’t do it save your life, Hope. He did it to save your soul”.


Acá les dejo un edit de Jordan & Hope ya que no eh visto muchos de ellos, espero que les guste.

Here is an edit of Jordan & Hope since I have not seen many of them, I hope you like it.

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season 3 rewatch has been kinda tough so far. pike just sucks. why did they have to make the antagonist a black man fighting to colonize, jesus christ

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Now Let’s Go Survive

No one could’ve guessed I’d end up here. Not even me. I wasn’t the worst criminal to come down to the Ark by a long shot, nor was I the best fighter once we hit the ground, but I was stubborn and persisten. Like Clarke. Just with better ideas haha. As the dark, scarlet red color dripped on the ground, leaving a scattered trail from the cuts on my body and face, my wrists ached and burned from my restraints and my hair is wet and sticking to my forehead from sweat. The sun beat down on me hotter than I ever thought possible from the Ark, and the two grounders pulling on the ties of my hands, continued to yank on the connected chain as they spoke in hushed voices. My feet, heavy like bricks, trudged through mounds of sand as waves of wind would push through, kicking up heaps of sand into my already dry and bruised face.

‘Why did I have to follow him here?’

Even as the thought crossed my mind, I felt no sense of regret or shame for what I’ve done. The only thing I regretted was not taking more training lessons, per Bellamy’s orders, when we were living back at the drop ship. Then maybe I wouldn’t have been beaten so badly by a grounder trying to steal my things in my expeditions across the desert. Suddenly the rope on my chain that had been pulled taut relentlessly during the last few… hours? How long had I been walking? It felt like an eternity that finally seemed to end as the rope grew slack and my restrainers stood still, peering around a corner. I couldn’t force myself to stand any longer as my wobbly legs gave way below me, and my head collided with the sturdy, albeit soft, sand I had been mentally cursing not long ago.

“Keep an eye on her. I’ll get them.” One of the voices, a female, spoke.

The restraints around my hands were pulled at once more, my arms coming off the ground lazily, but my body persisted in its attempt to alleviate the stress I’d put it through.

“Get up!” The male grounder whisper yelled at me.

With a hoarse groan, and the need to suppress a dry, throat aching cough, I got to my knees, breathing becoming harder as my vision faded in and out.

So much for surviving together.’ At this point I didn’t even think I’d survive alone much longer.

“Put all your belongings on the ground now.” The familiar voice of my female captor echoed in my ears, though she sounded as if she were miles away.

My body jerked forward against my will as my body was dragged across the coarse sand and from behind the structure we had sought cover at. I could tell I was being restrained as my arms were placed at an awkward uplifted position, though the majority of my body clung to the ground, my torso drifting and swinging slightly as my body became limp. My hands were now tied to the cart my captors kept.

“(Y/n)…” a whisper of a voice spoke.

“Otan, get their things. I’ve got her.” My hearing picked up a bit as the rest of my senses dulled in comparison.

“If you want us to agree, you let her go!” A slightly unfamiliar deep voice came across as nothing more than a mumble to my dying figure. I can imagine it’s a combination of exhaustion, heat stroke, and blood loss, having tried to fight my way out at least three times earlier in the sandy desert.

“(Y/n)! Are you alive? Come on, answer me!” A gruff and raspy voice called out to me, but I could do nothing to respond as the cart shook, probably from whatever items they had added to it.

“(Y/n)! Emori. Come on we did what you said! Let her go!”

This time the voice sounded closer, as if getting louder with each phrase. Silence filled the air as waves of heat continued to rush over my body. I felt my arms wiggle and the sound of a blade against my restraints. I fell to the ground with a soft thud, my mind too tired to process the pain reaching each end of my body, however, that didn’t stop me from coughing up a small puddle of blood from the impact. I heard the rickety sound of the cart being pulled away, and suddenly the sun didn’t feel so hot. The overbearing, heat producing star that had forced me to keep my eyes closed majority of the day, was now covered by something, or rather someone. I groaned in agony as my eyes drifted open slightly, trying to focus.

“(Y/n) you’re gonna be alright. I’m right here. What’re you even doing out here dammit?!”

As my eyes finally opened and my vision cleared of the blurry spots, I saw the silhouette of someone I thought I’d never see again.

John Murphy.’

My cracked and dried lips curled into a slight smile at the corners before a wince of pain replaced my smile with a twisted one of agony. I felt like a shell of myself as I was gently brought to rest in Murphy’s lap, feeling my limbs be picked up and placed down as, I assume, someone dressed my still bleeding wounds. Through it all I never let my eyes close as they stared deep into Murphy’s blue eyes. They remind me of an ocean I so desperately wished to wade in. He held a torn piece of fabric in his hand that he used to gently wipe the sand and blood from my face.

“How did you get here? I thought I left you back at the camp?” Murphy’s voice sounded like music to my spinning head as I weakly chuckled.

“You can’t *cough* get rid of me that easily. Staying behinds not *cough* my specialty remember?”

Murphy chuckled softly at my lame attempt to act alright. My own voice didn’t even sound recognizable to myself. Murphy reached into the lining of his jacket, pulling out a canteen and opening it, placing the canteen near my lips. He slowly gave me what little water was left as I tried not to gulp it down as a semblance of my unquenched thirst.

“How did you even get out here?”

Murphy gently sat me up, helping me to my feet and placing his arm around my waist as I wobbled, attempting to collapse once more.

“I’m a tracker. When you weren’t at camp this morning, I noticed Sinclair and the others leaving for the drop ship. I lost you guys as you reached the desert. And well… you know… sand doesn’t do well for tracking.”

Murphy shook his head slightly, his face reading sadness and regret, but his eyes were hopeful and with a new glint. Someone cleared their throat and I turned my attention to see… Jaha?

It felt like a new electricity sparked deep within me as I saw the man who I promised to kill. It was on sight for me to say the least. With my newly found determination, even in my battered state, I tried to lunge forward at Jaha. I didn’t get very close, but I pursued.

“You son of a bitch! I’m gonna kill you!!”

Arms grasped sternly, albeit still cautious of my injuries, around my torso and stopped my advancing.

“(Y/n), calm down! He’s the only reason we’re gonna get out of here. Alive. Together.”

Murphy slowed down his words as if he knew I wasn’t trying to hear anything other than the sound of Jaha’s last breath. Before me, standing so smugly as if thinking about a riddle no one else knows the answer to, is the man who floated my mother and had me sent to the Skybox. Who sent me with the 100 to the ground to die.

“I couldn’t kill you at the camp but there’s no one here to save you now Chancellor!” My words echoed in the far off distance.

Murphy grabbed my bruised face in his dry and calloused hands, forcing me to look him in the eye.

“(Y/n) listen. I know. You know I know. Trust me. We’re on the same side here. But he’s going to get us to the city of light,” Murphy glanced behind me at Jaha, his tone not certain about his latter statement, “We need to keep him alive for now.”

“But John-!”

Murphy cut me off, his face sympathetic as I used his first name, a privilege few ever had, “You don’t have to trust him. Just trust me. Like you always have. I’ve gotten us this far right?” He smirked slightly and I smiled again slightly, remembering I came to this death trap desert for him. “You do trust me right?” His voice shook just the slightest bit, as if he was worried my answer would be something different than it always has been.

“Of course.”

Maybe it was the sun stroke, or just the need for something other than the pain that intensified with every move, but whatever it was I wasn’t trying to stop. I brought my hands to his chest, gripping the material of his shirt tightly as Murphy looked at me with the cutest face of confusion, and pulled him down to me, our lips connecting in a kiss. We had never shared anything remotely intimate with each other. The closest Murphy and I have ever been is cuddling in his tent in the middle of the night when no one would catch us. That felt like an eternity ago now. I could feel Murphy’s hands tense around my cheeks as our lips moved together before he moved one hand to my waist and the other to the back of my neck. The make out session was enough to make me forget about the scorching heat or what I’ve just been through. This made everything worth it. We separated just far enough for our foreheads to touch.

“I promised I’d find you always.” I whispered the words for only Murphy to hear.

“And you do. Every time. Now let’s go survive. Together.” Music to my sunburnt ears!

His lips half curled into a smirk, though the underlying smile made my heart flutter.



GAAAHH so this was probably trash as can be, but I have been craving John Murphy ever since they put season 7 on Netflix. I have been rewatching before I continue. And I never actually finish a story series (like seriously i’ve started 4-5 stories and never finished one :/ ) so crappy imagines it is :) 

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****Spoiler warning ****

I just finished Blood Giant (s7 ep13) and I just…

I can’t

Why would they do this? It’s one of the most glaring rules of writing: do not kill a character for shock value! (ESPECIALLY a main character, ESPECIALLY a fan favourite you painstakingly and beautifully built over 6 and a half seasons!)

Honestly, the show could have been so great and with one achingly senseless decision they killed it. Literally. The head can’t function when the heart is dead - all these things they set up and ingrained in the show and our minds and just like that…

Gone. They wrecked it - you can’t honestly say you can watch the show again and find any meaning or joy or satisfaction in ANY of Bellamy‘s arc (which is a huge part of the show right along with his relationship with Clarke!), because his end is so abrupt and meaningless compared to what he was

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19. Which character had the best outfits/looks in season 7?

Does Memori being occasionally naked count? 😆 tbh I didn’t care for a lot of the makeovers in S7 - they were going for practicality with a lot of it but it wasn’t as visually appealing as the rugged and impractical looks of previous seasons. (I get that Octavia’s hair flipping around in a wild greasy mane isn’t what the cult peeps were looking for out of her, and that Emori looking like a hungry raccoon in a human body doesn’t work so well for her role as a goddess - but it’s sure what I was looking for!) However, I really liked Hope’s look; I thought what they did with her hair and eyebrows was really cute, even tho she didn’t really get much in the way of cool outfits until the tail end. Her final battle look was enough practicality that she looks like her mother’s daughter, but also enough fur and chains that we can see she’s Blodreina’s heir.


Honorary mentions go to Emori (she’s gorgeous in all of her outfits - she didn’t win top spot because I like her best looking kinda scrappy and engineer-y like Seasons 5 and 6) and to the brief return of Anomaly!Josephine in that red dress. (I was looking r e s p e c t f u l l y )


24. What are your top 3 episodes of the series?

It’s ironic that only one of these came out of seasons I considered “good” according to my ranking below… It’s all about the angst and character moments.

1. 5x02 - Red Queen.

2. 7x05 - Welcome to Bardo. 

3. 3x16 - Perverse Instantiation II. 

27. Rank the seasons from 1-7

Fave; this thing really hit it’s stride and delivered satisfying character development: Season 5

After watching a show for four years about teenagers, getting to see them grown up a bit was really awesome. Some people changed a lot, some people didn’t change much, some people started a cult, y'know (John Mullaney voice) life? Memori were dysfunctional but still loved each other deeply, Echo found a family and somewhere to belong, Diyoza is of course fucking awesome, and my girl Octavia got to be the bloodthirsty warrior queen she was always meant to be. It was dark and some parts were damn stupid (this show amirite?) But overall a joy to watch. I felt that it would have been a perfect ending to the show (and I don’t usually advocate for shows ending!)

In the darkness hope shines brightest: Season 4

So this season was super dark and all, but the bright moments (like Murphy’s impassioned demands for Emori’s safety, the moment when everyone turns up to rescue Raven and go to space, the conclave and Octavia’s victory) were just so beautiful.

(Yeah yeah everything i listed is problematic I know so’s the whole show).

A good beginning: Season 1

So, I think this was the first show that I watched when there was only one season, just based on what someone said about it (usually I’d pick up multiple seasons of a show on DVD from my local library) so this season actually had to convince me to keeps watching. I loved the premise, all the little flashacks and character interludes… it had a good start. It was fun to watch.

Meh: Season 3

This was where the whole “future survivalist” premise went sideways and the  practically magic elements started to drag things into a much less believable level of sci-fi. There were some good moments, sure (like Octavia comforting Jasper and Raven ripping herself out of ALIEs control and all of Memori, all of it) but also some damn shitty ones (RIP Lincoln - also Bellamy why the fuck would you massacre 300 people in their sleep. Why. Why did you think that was a good idea. What?)

Actually stopped watching for a while: Season 2

After the episode where Lexa and Clarke let the mountain bomb the summit, I actually stopped watching for a while. It felt like they were going too far, too dark, and I did NOT like Lexa’s decision-making (particularly since the obvious solution would have been to search the woods, find the really obvious spy dude, and then say “we’re evacuating, the mountain men are clearly here.” Dude was right there, stuck out like a sore thumb.) I went back eventually (well, obviously) but I felt like any brightness in the show had been stamped out, and I had to accept that I was watching something firmly grimdark (which *gestures at how it all went downhill from there in terms of darkness* was probably a good thing, in hindsight.) 

And then the absolute trash fire that is Book II:

Ugh is it over yet: Season 6

Good LORD this show jumped the shark. But Josephine prime was kinda fun in a psycho kinda way, and Horny Memori rights is always good - plus the bromance between Octavia and Diyoza.

Flaming garbage: Season 7

what. What even was that. But hey more Horny Memori rights, and Murphy was all “save the children!” which was very sexy of him.

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Day 12 of 13 Days of Spookstober: The 100.

Clarke and Lexa take Madi and Aden Trick or Treating, and teach the kids the valuable lesson about Mom’s Halloween Candy Tax.



“But Mom…”

“Checklist, Madi, or you and Aden can’t go.”

A long drawn out sigh filled the air as the eleven year old recited word for word the rules that had been drilled into her head over the past two weeks.

“Be respectful. Be smart. Don’t go into any houses. Don’t leave the neighbourhood. Stay together at all times. Don’t get into strangers cars. That’s it, right?”

“And?” Clarke pushed, as she straightened out the cape that was fixed to Madi’s back, making sure that it didn’t get tucked into any parts of her costume.

“And?!” Madi sputtered, wracking her brain for what she could have missed on the list that Mom and Mama put together while they hammered out the finer details of Madi and Aden’s first time being allowed to go Trick or Treating on their own.

“Have fun.” Aden offered, slipping his mask over his eyes and adjusting it. “We’re supposed to say ‘and have fun’, because it makes her think she’s cool or something for making that be one of the rules.” He teased his mother lightly, flashing her a grateful smile as she passed him the gloves to his costume.

Madi snickered. “And have fun, now is that all?”

This time it was Lexa’s turn to speak, entering the front hall of the house right as Madi asked.

“Yes.” She smiled, fixing her daughter’s ponytail and smoothing down the edges of her cape. “Madi, we trust you and your brother, you two have proven that you are responsible enough to trick or treat on your own… Don’t make us regret that.” She warned gently.

“We won’t.” Aden promised, but they didn’t need it from him, he was the good kid - straight A’s and honour roll, awards for in-school services.

Madi was the kid who nearly started fist fights with other kids. “We won’t, Mama.” But she was still good.

“Okay, make sure to check in at Auntie Octavia, and Auntie Raven’s please.” Lexa called out after them as their two children left to go out on their own.

“You sure this is the right decision?” Clarke worries.

Clarke always worries, ever since the two children were adopted, and she realized that it’s possible to walk around with the two pieces of your heart wandering outside of your body.

“They’re eleven and nearly thirteen… It should be fine.” Lexa promises her with a kiss and a wrap of her arms around Clarke’s waist before pulling her to the couch for some snuggles and a scary movie or two.

“Should be?”


Barely two hours later (they had gotten half of the new Halloween movie watched, plus some… private snuggles), Clarke and Lexa were watching as their children dumped their candy bags onto the floor of the living room, creating a small mountain.

“Woah…” Lexa’s eyes went big as she saw her children’s pile reach new heights that they had never achieved with her at the helm of their trick or treating. “You guys really cleaned up, didn’t you?”

“We ran from house to house practically!” Madi bounced in her spot, reaching for an Aero bar only to get stopped by Clarke who quickly inspected the chocolate before handing it to her. “We were so fast!”

“You stayed in this neighbourhood?”

“Yes!” Madi answered a little too eagerly.

“That’s quite a bit of candy for eight streets…” Clarke stared, looking between the pile and her children.

Madi was stone cold and hard to read.

Aden, on the other hand, couldn’t keep a secret if he wanted too. His face read like a book for toddlers.

“Aden?” She nudged him, the boy going red as he tried to not admit to it. “Aden, did you only do the eight streets we agreed? How’d you get this much?”

“WE HIT A FEW STREETS TWICE!” Aden blurted out, before his hands came over his mouth, and his sister tackled him to the ground, only stopping when Clarke yelled out a threat.

Lexa on the other hand, burst into laughter.

At Clarke’s glare, she shrugged. “They got around the whole, only being allowed a few streets thing, it’s kind of clever what they did.” She was impressed.

Clarke was not, her face remained unamused until Lexa threw a Mars Bar at her face. Clarke froze for a moment before bursting into laughter and ripping the chocolate wrapper open to eat the Mars Bar.

“Alright, here’s the deal, I am confiscating the Mars Bars, your Mama is confiscating the Kit Kat’s, and we never speak of this again.” She offered, mouth full of chocolate as she half-bribed/half-threatened her kids.

“Hey!” Madi protested. “We earned that candy fair and square, you didn’t do anything Mom!”

Clarke shook her head. “You did not get this candy fair or square… Besides, now it’s time to teach you the ancient tradition of the Halloween Mom Tax.”

“Halloween Mom Tax?” Madi glared.

“It’s my favourite part of the holiday.” Clarke mused as she stole another Mars Bar from her daughter.

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bellarke werewolf au | halloween gift for @thecspenciskillingme

                                                                        “when i bit you, i turned you.”

                                “turned me into what?”

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It always catches me off guard that Mount Weather is season two.

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