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#the 100
badcode · a day ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
1. Train to Busan (2016) dir. Yeon Sang-ho 2. The 100 1x01 - “Pilot” (2014) dir. Bharat Nalluri 3. Manifest Destiny #5 (2014) written by Chris Dingess, art by Matthew Roberts & Owen Gieni / 4. The Low, Low Woods #1 (2020) written by Carmen Maria Machado, art by Dani 5. Hannibal 1x05 - “Coquilles” (2013) dir. Guillermo Navarro 6. Annihilation (2018) dir. Alex Garland 7. Princess Mononoke (1997) dir. Hayao Miyazaki 8. The Ritual (2017) dir. David Bruckner 9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt illustration by Marek Madej / 10. Fallout 4 concept art by Ray Lederer 11. Hannibal 3x02 - “Primavera” (2015) dir. Vincenzo Natali 12. Get Out (2017) dir. Jordan Peele [Deleted Scene]
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gloomystorm · a day ago
Me: *sees an attractive, broken,selfish,beaten down, villainous, with a sprinkle of madness and a dash of homicidal tendencies person, that could kill me in a second*
Also me: Ah, is this love that I feel? I shall devote all my time thinking and loving this one person.
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araekni · a day ago
a web about responsibility/guilt for something someone else did? (can you guess i’m the eldest daughter from this ask 💀)
Tumblr media
Margaret Atwood, Bodily Harm
Tumblr media
Juha Räikkä, On Irrational Guilt
Tumblr media
Morrissey, I’ve Changed My Plea to Guilty
Tumblr media
Dean Koontz, Odd Thomas
Tumblr media
The 100 (2014–2020) 5x08: How We Get to Peace
Tumblr media
Marianne Faithfull, Guilt
Tumblr media
Eliezer Yudkowsky, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Tumblr media
Glen Cook, Soldiers Live
Tumblr media
Frank Bidart, The War of Vaslav Nijinsky
Tumblr media
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables
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immortalpramheda · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One Bellarke Scene Per Episode (21/?)
↳ 2x12 Rubicon
Bellamy, you're late. Every three hours means every three hours.
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sapphic-scribble · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“You know, for a moment I thought you were a Valkyrie, coming to take me to Valhalla ..." Clarke didn’t understand half of the words Lexa said, but smiled nonetheless at her tone "I'm glad you're real"
865, Wessex. While Viking's invasions rage in the English territory, Clarke Griffin, a young woman of noble origins decides to renounce to her titles to become a nun, to learn the healing arts. She thought she was ready to start a new life, but nothing could have prepared her to be kidnapped by the Vikings, ready to do anything to save their seriously injured Jarl. Catapulted into a culture completely different from hers, torn between curiosity and fear, Clarke will soon be fascinated by these mysterious people and their equally mysterious Jarl.
Thunders and Gente Fall of Rain by minervamason 
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laufire · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The 100 + incorrect quotes (98/?)
[Caption: Bellamy and Murphy’s screenshots from s06e02, when they try to wait out the eclipse with Clarke, chained inside a cabin. Bellamy says, “Clarke ain’t the problem this year”, and Murphy replies, “When are you gonna get it? Clarke’s ALWAYS the problem.”]
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dn4lwt · 2 days ago
anyone wanna be mutuals? i usually talk about louis tomlinson, harry styles, lorde, clairo, supernatural, the 100, young royals and b99 but I also like maneskin, niall horan, zayn malik and taylor swift and the neighborhood.
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elizataylordaily · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
elizajaneface: Eliza Taylor: Actress, Director, Bartender 😂
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plus-size-reader · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
13 Days of Halloween 2021
John Murphy x Plus size!reader
Word Count: 2422 words
Warnings: just some soft!Murphy fall content
Summary: The reader goes missing from camp so John goes to search and finds her about as far from danger as could be. 
Murphy had never been so panicked.
You had one job.
All you had to do was stay within the walls of the camp, where he knew that you’d be safe when he was out. Though, evidently that was too much for you because he just got back and you were nowhere to be found.
Not that your being gone was even the worst part.
The worst part was that none of the idiots he asked about where you could have gone knew anything.
All they could tell him was that you hadn’t been around and they hadn’t seen you.
By all accounts, you could have been dead out in the woods somewhere and not one of them would have noticed.
Except for him, of course.
Murphy always knew where you were or what you were doing, because whether you realized it or not, you were important to him.
You were one of the only people on the planet that actually mattered as far as he was concerned.
“So, nobody saw her? Anywhere?” he clarified, though the edge in his voice made it abundantly clear to the surrounding members of the camp that he wasn’t actually asking. He already knew the answer to his question.
Of course they didn’t.
Sometimes he felt like the only person around here that even recognized that you existed, and perhaps that was because he basically was. You kept to yourself too much to make a lasting impression on the others.
In fact, most of them only knew you because Murphy was always looking for you or talking about and to you.
If it hadn’t been for him, the rest of the hundred may have never noticed your absence.
Which wasn’t okay with him, because no matter what the rest of these chuckleheads thought, you were one of the best among them.
...and eventually, they were going to notice.
“You know what? Forget it. I’ll find her myself” he decided, giving up on the rest of them without much more consideration. It had been stupid to go to any of them in the first place, when he could have been out there this whole time.
Who knows what kind of trouble you could have gotten into?
None of you was familiar enough with what was out there to be going out on your own, and as if the threat of you being poisoned by some strange plant or attacked by an animal wasn’t enough, the grounders were out there too.
If you wandered into the wrong place, they would kill you without so much as a second thought.
The thought of that was more than enough to put a pep in the male’s step as he headed out into the woods beyond the camp, with his pocketknife and a small pack of emergency medical in hand.
No matter what you’d gotten into, he would get you out of it.
Assuming that he still could.
He had only been on patrol with Bellamy and a few others for a couple of hours and you couldn’t have gotten that far in such a short period of time. If he started walking now, he just had to hope he’d run into you.
It wasn’t like he had much more of a choice.
The last thing Murphy would ever do was leave you out there by yourself. Given the unpredictability of this still unfamiliar land and the potential dangers, it could take you days to find your way back.
If you ever did.
From where he was sitting, it was hard for Murphy to not panic even more, fearing the worst. If he didn’t find you, there was no guarantee he’d ever see you again.
“Y/N? Are you out there?” he called every so often, promising himself that when he did manage to track you down, he’d never let you leave his side again.
This place was dangerous and you couldn’t just wander off whenever you wanted to.
Unless you wanted to get yourself killed, that was.
You didn’t have any experience with anything like this, and while Murphy technically didn’t either, at least he could fight for himself if he had to.
He was no stranger to confrontation and he didn’t have a problem making enemies. The two of you were very different in that way, and he shuddered to think about what could happen if you ran into someone out here alone.
There was no telling what could happen.
Thankfully, before anything absolutely awful could happen, he managed to find you.
Though, you weren't in some dire life threatening position like he’d previously feared. You weren’t bleeding out in the middle of a field or being held hostage by one of the grounder camps.
You were just sitting there.
Like nothing was wrong.
Like you hadn’t nearly given him an aneurysm this morning.
“Where were you? I came back from patrol and you were gone” he started, calling out to your seated frame without so much as a second thought.
You had really freaked him out this morning and he wanted to know why.
What could have been so important that you had to nearly give him a heart attack?
By the time John made his way over to where you were sitting, he found you surrounded entirely by all manners of pumpkins, which he’d never seen before in his life.
Sure, he knew what they were, but that didn’t mean he had ever had the privilege of seeing one up close. Not that he had really been given that opportunity now either.
These were pumpkins, but they weren’t right.
The radiation had clearly done a number of these things like everything else left over from the fallout but they were still recognizable enough for you to be excited about.
“This is what you left camp for?” he questioned, his brow knitting together out of habit. They really weren’t much to write home about, and he didn’t get what was so special about them.
They were kind of gross.
The flesh was a sickly orange color with a kind of bubbling on the surface that was almost grotesque to look at but you still held it in your lap, as if this horrid gourd was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen.
He didn’t get it.
“They’re ugly” he remarked, not even thinking about it. To him, it seemed obvious that they weren’t good looking but you seemed almost offended at his words.
Ugly? You didn’t think so.
In fact, to you, they were anything but.
“I think they have potential, they’re charming” you decided, not leaving any room for discussion as you surveyed the object in your hold. They weren’t like anything you’d ever seen before but that didn’t mean they were bad.
It just meant they were different.
“I like them” you cooed, not paying him any mind as Murphy made himself comfortable beside you in the grass, your attention far too preoccupied with your latest find.
You thought you saw them a few days back when you were exploring with Octavia and a few of the others but when you asked about them, you were quickly waved off.
Evidently, they weren’t as exciting as the other oddities the radioactive planet had to offer.
Still, you hadn’t been able to stop thinking about them and you knew they could be wonderful. As odd as they were to look at, you were sure that with the right treatment, they could be beautiful.
Just like everything else.
“If you say so” he shrugged, trying his best to see whatever it was you were seeing, though, it really wasn’t happening for him.
To Murphy, the mass in your lap looked like a mistake of nature that should have been left on its own without a second thought but clearly, you say something in them that he didn’t.
You saw something better, which didn’t really surprise him.
For as long as he’d known you, you’d had this optimistic disposition about you, no matter what was going on around you. It was something you always kept about you, and he wasn’t sure he’d ever seen you down.
It was a quality that normally would have infuriated Murphy, and if you had been anyone else, he would have told you to knock it off and grow up, but he couldn’t.
Not with you.
You were just too good for something like that, and if you liked these monstrosities, he supposed they weren’t too bad.
“They’re great, just give them a chance” you prompted, hoping that the more he looked at them, the more likely he would be to see what you saw when you looked at something like this.
They were unique, and clearly they’d gone through a lot to be here. In a lot of ways, John had something in common with these little fighters.
The world had changed, and they’d changed with it, and while they were different now, they were still just as whole as before.
“You know what would make them even better?” he hummed, plucking another from the ground around where you were sitting, with a smile.
Knowing him, it could have been anything but without hesitation, you nodded.
If he had some idea, you were all ears.
You and Murphy might not have always seen eye to eye about things, but you did really value his input and his ideas, even if they were sometimes a bit moody for your taste.
The male did his best not to spoil it, already proud of himself for the little scheme he’d come up with and took out his pocket knife, turning away from you entirely.
“What are you doing?” you asked, doing your best to peek around his shoulder to see what he was doing but Murphy was already a step or two ahead of you. He wasn’t going to let you ruin the surprise.
Especially not when it was such a good one.
“Just give me a second” he suggested, a small grin on his face as he thought about how you would react to this, giving the actual work in his hands the backseat.
Thankfully, it wasn’t a task that required a lot of precision.
You had no idea what he could have been doing but that didn’t make you any less surprised when he turned around to reveal a face, carved into the front of the pumpkin he’d plucked from the ground previously.
It was great, and while the jagged teeth and crooked smile weren’t exactly the route you would have chosen, you got the idea.
“Now it’s scary” he teased, handing you the small decorated fruit without hesitation. The blistered surface of the pumpkin only added to the grotesqueness of the imagery but you couldn't have been more thrilled.
This really was better.
“I don’t think so, it just has more character now” you grinned, not willing to concede on this. There was just something about these things that appealed to you and you weren’t about to change your mind about that.
No matter what John carved into it.
“I told you, they’re charming. All it takes is someone willing to do something with that potential” you hummed, finding yourself finally turning away from the pumpkins that surrounded you both in favor of looking at him.
John really was like these things, moreso every time you thought about it.
He wasn’t ugly by any means but there was still so much to him that most people didn’t see. So much that you would miss if you didn’t dig a little deeper beneath the surface.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right” he conceded again, finding that you were right. You usually were, of course, but he didn’t like to admit that to himself.
It made him feel all gooey inside, like there were a million inch worms in his gut.
...and he hated that feeling.
Murphy much preferred being in control of the way he felt, which he was really good at, as long as he wasn’t with you. It was with you that he ran into the problem, that pushing all those feelings away got a little harder.
“You want me to teach you?” he offered, catching you off guard as the intimate air that had fallen between you snapped away in an instant, that knife once again making an appearance.
It wasn’t hard, and you liked them so much, he figured you’d like to have one of your own.
Then, the two of you really needed to head back before Bellamy sent out a search party after you. Not that the fun all had to end today, because now that you knew where these strange things grew, you could come back.
You could have as many pumpkins as you wanted.
“Will you help me? I don’t want it to be ugly” you sighed, afraid that your own carving wouldn’t come out nearly as cute as his had. You just didn’t want to mess it up and you had a feeling that you would.
You just didn’t have as much practice with stuff like this as he did.
John carried that knife everywhere.
“I thought they were all charming, and full of potential” he teased, taking the pumpkin from you when you offered it up, before bumping you gingerly with his shoulder.
He got you there.
“They are, but I want it to be perfect” you allowed, taking hold of the knife when John offered it to you, the blade shaking ever so slightly as you thought about what you were going to do. The spooky face he’d chosen looked pretty good.
...but that wasn’t really your way.
You wanted it to be nice to look at, just like they were the first time you’d seen them growing out here in the wild.
“No such thing” John countered, wrapping his right hand around your own, helping you take control of the blade in your hand, though you could feel his eyes on you instead of the task at hand.
“What do you mean?” you hummed, trying to figure out where he was going with this. He’d never really been the philosophical type but now that you two were here, all alone, it was bringing something out of him.
Something different than he normally was.
“The best thing about all this is that it isn’t perfect. You taught me that” he shrugged, bringing a soft smile to your face as you considered his words.
He was right.
Maybe it didn’t have to be perfect after all.
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mischiefwinzthewar · a year ago
✨ Normalize ending a show where the natural narrative ends and not dragging it out until the characters are unrecognizable and your theme collapses on itself ✨
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