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#the 100

thoughts while watching the episode:

  • the bones that monty tripped over…. when did that come into play?? where did that creature come from??
  • i forgot how much i actually liked abby this season, her desperation for clarke is believable and you want her to know that clarke is alive
  • the pure chaos of the camp is accurate, people making out everywhere, fighting, dog piles. feels very much like what would happen
  • s h i r t l e s s b e l l a m y
  • “what’s wrong with a little chaos” again: iconic
  • id die for bellamy’s curls tho
  • eliza taylor’s acting gets infinitely better this episode, i feel like she decided on who clarke is this episode, i can see hints of who clarke will become in her choices in ep 2
  • *points to monty’s head* “what’s up here-” me: literally dies on the spot “the heart and the head”
  • “because you want them to follow you, and right now, they’re thinking only one of us is scared” ok this line is SO clarke and her delivery is spot on
  • “im getting that wrist band, even if i have to cut off her hand to do it” bellamy didn’t know what his future held, it makes me Softe™ knowing how important clarke will become to him
  • INTRODUCTION OF RAVEN ! ! ! a quality intro, a good picture into her character
  • ok im SO down for some octavia-monty bonding i FORGOT about this part!
  • “ballsy kid”
  • “the only way The Ark is gonna think im dead, is if im dead” “brave princess” i c o n i c  we love a duo
  • the way octavia ruffled monty’s hair,,,,, we were ROBBED of this friendship
  • ihatethispartihatethispart (get out of the fucking water you idiots)
  • “the delinquent psychiatrist”
  • i havent mentioned jackson yet and that’s a sin, love that man
  • raven this episode: quality, i like her, she has good instincts
  • and those butterflies were never seen again…….. i dont think
  • they really are just– making out in a forest
  • love the parallels to season S5, had to say it
  • had to pause cause DEAR LORDIE that moment where clarke almost falls into the pit and bellamy catches her,,,,, the choice he makes in that moment where he could’ve easily let her fall, but he doesn’t. and that’s a really good glimpse into his character, so far we’ve only really seen his cruelty. after this point, we’ll see more of the bellamy we love now. this is a turning point, i think. ok rant over.
  • ohhhhhhhhhhhh THATS the creature. i forgot about the panther/gorilla/hybrid thing. what a weird ass addition.
  • “the youngest zero-G mechanic in 50 years” “52″ raven i forgot how much i love S1 you
  • oof bellamy pulled an asshole move at the end of this episode, making people trade wrist bands for food

after thoughts:

i liked this episode A LOT better than ep1. it felt like the actors hit their stride and actually found their characters, especially eliza taylor. clarke really stepped up this episode and i can see the consistency with the rest of the season. she seemed less bratty and self righteous and more protective and leader-esque. she’s worried about surviving. bellamy and abby’s acting are so spot on. id DIE for monty.

some things plot wise still felt out of place (like the rando monster) and i despise the scene where finn pulls clarke into the river because it’s a dumbass move and all the watchers know it. the show hasn’t hit it’s stride in terms of tone, that’s where most of its problems lie and im excited to see how long it takes to fix them. consistency is the main problem.

but i liked it! i love all these characters so much, it’s hard not to smile seeing bellamy being an asshole knowing he’s a complete softie.



next review tomorrow!

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Murphy: could I just go one day without getting shot or stabbed?? Or hung?? Is that too much to ask?

Emori: maybe stop doing stuff that makes people wanna stab shoot or hang you

Murphy: valid point but I’m angry nonetheless

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I contacted support about the endless scrolling and about wanting and needing the pagination feature back for myself and those like me. If it’s not too much to ask; could anyone seeing this please give similar feedback in a very respectful and kind manner as well so that they might be more likely to add it back and give the option again?? Please and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Endless scroll makes my life more difficult with my disabilities and adds more stress I really don’t need added to my life. I know I’m not the only one that wants the option to opt out of endless scroll; not the only one that needs the option, either.

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I love love LOVE that The 100 is a story about Clarke and her relation with Bellamy. It's been such a long journey with these 2 and I'm both sad and excited about it ending. I stg this show and BC consumed my soul for at least 4 years straight. Been less fanatical over the past 2 seasons but I'm still just as in love with it as I was upon watching it whether for the 1st time, 10th, or 20th. I cannot wait to see endgame BC which I'm confident WILL happen but it'll probably be towards the (1/2)

the end of the season/series which is totally fine with me! We’ll get to see how BC’s story ENDS. Whether they die or stay alive it’s gotta be TOGETHER. PERIOD. Right? I’m most curious about the setup. How will they confess their feelings? What action driven plot (aside from the anomoly) will cause BC to come together romatically? What will the dialogue be like? Their expressions?!?! How epic will the music be? Like seriously, season 7 IM SO FUCKING READY!!! (2/2)


I’m with you. I’m actually really excited to see how the story ends. 

However, I think I’m okay with it ending. I get the slow burn and multi season narrative, but this fandom has exhausted me, and made it less enjoyable. No one has patience and there have been so many divergent fanon expectations that most of the fans aren’t watching the show on screen any more but the one in their heads and thus are both confused and disappointed when it doesn’t work out like they expect it to. 

I also was more fanatical before s5. Maybe s4. It took me a while to regain my balance. S3 was not balanced for me and I 100% recognize that was about me and my mental health and I was not well, and the fixation was part of that. BUT I used to story to help me work through my issues so that did help.

It’s more enjoyable now that I’m not emotionally and psychologically dependent upon the show, though. And I’m ready for both the narrative drama and the fandom drama to draw to a close.

As a story, I am so happy that we’re getting an ending for this story, and we’ll get to see what JR’s intentions were. From what I can tell, the whole story was intentional, rather than whatever works for each season (except for the pilot.) They were always driving towards a final story. And we get to see it. 

As a Bellarke shipper, I am very excited and eager to see what appears to be exactly what I said it would be. Bellarke as the central narrative driving the post apocalyptic redemption and salvation of humanity, leading to Bellarke together, yes, romantically. 

I am really looking forward to what the story will be, even though I have my pet speculations that I am crossing my fingers for, but whatever happens, I’m going to trust JR, and enjoy the ride. 

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“The path to the future is through the past.” Pike said this to Octavia in s6. Do you think this could possibly have a double meaning and relate to the anomaly and reformation for humanity, somehow?

I think this is a major theme to The100. You can see it echoing in the apocalypses, which are all fed by the past. There’s also a kind of karmic resonance, where past actions affect the new journeys. Then there’s the psychological drama of ptsd and recovery, where no one can heal until they face the past. Then there’s the circular storytelling, where past storylines keep coming up in flashbacks or echoes or parallels.

And then there’s the anomaly, which, no matter how JR has said “it’s not time travel,” still sounds like there’s going to be some sort of business with moving back and forth in time. Maybe it will be called time dilation so it’s not “technically” travel through time, idk. 

JR messes with semantics sometimes so he can be ambiguous with his intentions while still not lying. So you have to be careful with what he says and the multiple connotations and/or definition of his words. 

That statement from Pike definitely sounds like a kind of easter egg or foreshadowing to the anomaly and what our heroes need to do in order to HAVE a future. Go back to the past.

Fix what was broken. We’re not sure WHAT was broken, but we have actual actors in the original apocalypse on the stage right now with AT LEAST Diyoza, Russell and Gabriel. It looks like Becca is gone but we do still have clues from her. MAYBE cadogan or cadogan related if sheidheda is cadogan or perhaps cadogan’s heir or son or whatever. 

Listen, I don’t know. I like it a lot. But then I’ve been working on a back to earth/time travel/dilation theory for over a year now. I made my theory, now I wait to see how it works out, adjusting as new information is given. It’s still holding up although I don’t know how the time travel/dilation might work. The anomaly is a portal, but it does something funny with time as well as space. 

Let’s see what happens. 

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Maybe because Ive gotten so spoiled with how well written to perfection the slow burn “partners to best friends to lovers” romance of Kensi/Deeks on NCIS: La, has become, that every time a couple preceding them doesn’t live up to that level of perfection, I end up disappointed.


Originally posted by densilove

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Friendly reminder that these two dramatic vulture children got engaged in an alien cornfield as Murphy bled out from a stab wound 👏👏👏

*click for better quality cuz we all know Tumblr is stupid af*

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Five Celebrity Crushes

Name five celebrities you crush on (whether the crush is romantic/sensual/aesthetic/talent-envy or what-have-you) and tag folks to do the same

Tagged by: @kizo2703

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt


Originally posted by thejennifers

2. Matthew Gray Gublar


Originally posted by toyboxboy

3. Eliza and Bob Morley


Originally posted by damn-salvatore

4. Alexandria Daddario


Originally posted by justalexdaddario

5. Chuku Modu


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Oh my god the end of season five is so heartbreaking. All the videos of Harper and Monty growing old, Jordan who is so precious waking bellarke first, Monty’s video the day Harper died was so sad saying in my dreams the new earth I sent you to is beautiful.

Madi and Clarke’s goodbye when she put Madi into cyrosleep and Bellamy and his sisters goodbye with her saying don’t make me wait ten years to hear you say I love you is so sad.

Wait if Jordan was in cyro who woke him up. Monty and Harper had already died.

Either way Jordan is precious they have a new earth. Bellarke are looking into the two suns. I can’t wait to start season 6.

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“Your not mad at me for leaving you in polis”

“ the commander ordered me not to be.”

Bellamy and Clarke talking after everyone is in space. It’s cute how Madi ordered Bellamy to not be mad at her but in a truth Bellamy will always forgive Clarke whether or not a commander orders him too.

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