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kote-wan · 3 months ago
ok, it’s fine with me- whatever
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just some commander wolffe for the eyes, i do love him so much
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littlefeatherr · 6 months ago
Olde Republic: Plo Koon by Jake Bartok
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holding-hands-and-hearts · 9 months ago
Defining the General
Wolffe wasn’t sure what to make of this general guy.
None of the rest of his men were any better off, though, so Wolffe pretended he had the Jedi all figured out, and watched everyone else’s incredulous glances with the air of someone smug and just so slightly self-important.
In all seriousness, though, he’d met General Koon in the middle of a battle and, at the time, had settled into an odd duality - hanging on the man’s every word, and obstinately ignoring him. It was out of intimidation, and Wolffe knew it, but you’d have to pry the admission from his cold, dead lips.
When the general first spoke to him, really spoke to him, it was in the aftermath of Geonosis. Wolffe’s unpainted armor smelled acrid from the ghost of the beating sun, and red dust caked under the general’s strange metal mask. But his voice was kind, maybe. It was low, and slow, made gravelly by what Wolffe could only assume was the product of that strange brand of Jedi omniscience.
“Commander,” he’d said, and waited for Wolffe to look up. “Get some rest.”
“I’m fine, sir.”
General Koon paused, and regarded him. Something felt raw, exposed, but for once Wolffe couldn’t hate the vulnerability of someone trying to stare into his soul. Maybe it was because the Jedi didn’t have to try. He just watched, it seemed, and something unknown whispered to him the secrets of the galaxy.
“Is it true you have names, Commander?”
And Wolffe blinked, shocked. The realization jolted him - Koon had never once referred to them as anything other than their titles.
To Wolffe’s men - Sergeant.
He had never once called them by their numbers, as if that ever-present Jedi omniscience had told him they were something more. Like he knew.
Unfeelingly, Wolffe confirmed it, and told Plo Koon his name.
“Please,” the general said again. “Get some rest, Wolffe.” And the commander couldn’t bring himself to deny the request.
They seemed to come to some kind of understanding, after that. Even if Wolffe hadn’t been able to figure out the general, the general figured out him, able to read his body language and deduce his preferences before Wolffe had a chance to voice them. Koon seemed to simply know - that Wolffe hated pincer maneuvers, and that he lacked patience for incompetence, he was loyal to the point of anger, that after a battle he needed some time to be protective, and that he inked his shinies’ names onto the inside of his chestplate where no one could see them.
Something about it made Koon hard to distrust.
It took Wolffe longer to be able to say he knew the general. Sometimes, he’d think he did, and the next moment the man would be shrouded again in mystery. He had an air that Wolffe couldn’t read, hanging around him like ethereal twists of something beyond description.
But occasionally, Wolffe would catch himself in the act, something automatic already half-done. He’d be putting polishing oil on the manifest, or cataloguing when they’d have access to an antiox room, or something, and of course it was for Koon. He’d sit down and eat a full meal, and halfway through he’d realize that it was because otherwise Plo would stare at him until Wolffe gave in.
Slowly, Wolffe’s mind began to define him. Plo Koon was the man who rested a knowing hand on a grief-stricken back, who never used pincer maneuvers purely because of Wolffe’s vendetta, who didn’t complain at the smell when Boost didn’t bathe and let tired shinies sleep on his shoulders.
When Wolffe woke up in the medbay with searing pain in his eye, Koon was there, with quiet words and quiet strength and an unspoken vow that seemed to soak into Wolffe’s bones.
Maybe Plo Koon wasn’t so difficult to understand because he was a Jedi. Maybe it was because he cared - because he cared, for them. They weren’t supposed to be cared for.
Wolffe never had someone care before.
So he pretended he had this general guy figured out, and, after a while, maybe he did.
I have hit (and now surpassed?!) 104 followers, which is a thing that I completely did not anticipate. I'm kind of in shock that so many people have seen and appreciated the work I do - it inspires me, and warms my heart, that you've enjoyed these bits of twisted language I share.
So, naturally, this was a perfect excuse to post about the Wolfpack. I finally figured them out you guys I'm so excited
Starting, of course, with Plo Koon adopting the entire battalion in front of Wolffe's very eyes.
Love you all 💕
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nostalgia4light · 9 months ago
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@keldabekush The 104th has shore leave and Wolffe feels a shiver up his spine
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fennccshand · 11 months ago
Clones as memes in my camera roll bc I can’t sleep
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thememerman · a year ago
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this is a Commander Wolffe manifestation post pspspspspsp here Wolffey Wolffey COME BACK IN THE FINALE HERE BOY
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neon-junkie · a month ago
Do you think any members of the Bad Batch/Other Clones have apreference on lady hair down there? Like, do some really prefer to have clean-shaven partners, are tere some that prefer to have somethiing there? Who doesn't give any care?
I really can't see any of them having a preference.
What if they don't realise that some people have a preference to how their partner grooms themselves?
"Hair grows down there, you know, so what?" Jesse shrugs.
"Given that you are a fully grown, mature woman, it makes sense to have hair all over your body, including the genitalia area," Tech states.
"I don't care, so long as your hygiene is good," Cody states.
"Whatever," Crosshair mutters.
"Are those pubes GAR approved?" Fives jokes.
"I choose to be bald, just like my partner can choose to look however she wants," Hardcase chuckles.
"Don't come crying to me if you get your hair caught in your zipper," Wolffe rolls his eyes.
"Present yourself in a way that makes you happy and comfortable, okay?" Rex nods.
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soclonely · 3 months ago
"I told you not to hit that guy." Boost grumbles, gripping the bars of the cell. He looks across the narrow path into the cell across from him. "They may as well keep me in here because when I get out of here I'm going to kick your a-"
"Yeah, Yeah. I hear ya." Sinker interrupts, waving a hand dismissively. He continues to lay on his cell bench, unconcerned with Boost's anger. "Keep getting all hot-headed like that and those little bantha bacon strips on your head is going to start to sizzle and crisp up. Besides," He sits up with a groan, stretching, "You were the one who bumped into him and made him angry. I was only standing up for you."
"Don't you dare blame this on me, Sink." Boost glares. "You are going to get it, just you wait." He trails off, footsteps echoing down the hall.
A tired Commander Fox appears, rubbing his forehead."You two again?" He sighs, looking back and and forth at the two troopers. "I thought I told Wolffe to warn me before the Pack was here on leave." The Commander growls, folding his arms across his chest."So do you want to call Wolffe, or shall I?"
"D-Do we have to?," Sinker stutters, wandering closer to the bars."Can't we just stay in here for the night?" He pleads.
"Huh? Why?" Fox's arms drop. "You want to stay here for the night?"
Boost nods. "Its way better than facing the Commander you see. And sitting in here gives us more time to-"
"Time to come up with a good excuse?" Commander Fox sighs, shaking his head. "Fine, but the two of you owe me. Keep it quiet in here and you can stay."
"Yes sir!"
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nyforceuser · 3 months ago
A Different Kind of Clone War (2)
This, along with all of the others in A Different Kind of Clone War is a tickle fic, but pure fluff.
(1) (2) (3)
The Rematch
Cody knew.
He knew.
That didn't stop him from trying with everything in his power to keep at least one person between himself and Wolffe, but he knew it would all go to hell shortly and Cody might be slightly panicking.
And what was worse? Rex was starting to notice. The 212th commander could practically hear Wolffe laughing at that fact.
Rex gave him another sideways look of concern when Cody shot a dirty look at Wolffe and shifted away. So Cody finally just hightailed it out of there.
And, much to his annoyance, they both followed.
"Cody, what's wrong?" Rex asked him as soon as they were alone. Except for Wolffe, who slipped in quietly behind them, the bastard.
Cody glared daggers at the commander of the 104th and Rex looked between them, confused.
"Cody just can't handle what he dished out." Wolffe growled.
"Hey, that's not fair!" Cody complained like a battle-hardened soldier. "You started it!"
"Not with you, i didn't. You just decided to betray me completely out of the blue."
"Wolffe! We can.. we can talk about this!" Cody said as the leader of the Wolfpack advanced on him.
Wolffe flashed him a grin that sent chills down his spine before he lunged.
Cody tried to get out of dodge, he really did, but Wolffe was fast. He hooked his feet out from under him and sent him careening sideways and Rex only just managed to dodge Cody's forearm enroute with his nose. Before Cody could roll back up, Wolffe swung himself on top of him, pinning him to the ground.
"You know I don't bode well with betrayal, Kote."
Cody glared up at him, wondering what his odds were. They didn't look good.
"You still started it by attacking Comet! Poor trooper was in tears!"
"He was annoying me!"
Cody knew he wasn't helping his situation in any way by teasing Wolffe. "Well maybe I thought you needed to be knocked down a few pegs. Get beaten at your own game." But Cody also knew he was going to get wrecked either way. May well take advantage of what he could, right?
His answer came when Wolffe purred, "We'll call this a rematch, then, shall we?" And dug his fingers into his sides and lower back.
Cody yelped and thrashed so violently, he almost dislodged Wolffe. Wolffe steadied himself and grinned in triumph as he skittered his fingers up his spine.
This made Cody squeak and arch his back forward, bubbly giggles spilling from his lips.
"What if I- whahat if I said I was Sohorry?" Cody pleaded halfheartedly, trying to flip himself to atleast sheild his sensitive back.
Wolffe chuckled and reached up to ruffle his hair. "Sorry, Cody."
Cody suddenly barked out a laugh in surprise as Wolffe planted his knee on his shoulder blade and clawed into the small of his back with his other hand.
Oh, that was evil.
Cody helplessly shook his head as he kicked and laughed, desperately trying to escape the torture. Wolffe didn't let up in the slightest, prodding and skittering his fingers along Cody's spine. It was driving him mad.
"Rehehex!!" Cody tried. "HELP!"
Rex held up his hands innocently, leaning against the wall. "Oh, no. I'm not going to be pulled into this."
"Wise choice, Captain." Wolffe smiled at him. Rex was completely confused by the entire ordeal, but also genuenly amused. He had never seen Wolffe or Cody let loose like this and it was kind of endearing.
"Yeah?" Wolffe started pushing up Cody's shirt to expose the bare skin of his back.
"Nonononono!" Cody squirmed and flailed, even as Wolffe grabbed his arm to hold him steady.
"No, what? Can't take it?"
"No, I cahan't take it!" Cody complained, trying wrench his arm free.
Wolffe laughed and settled his palm against his back and Cody flinched. He fully expected his hand to turn into a claw and start pinching at the completely exposed skin but what he got instead was so much worse.
Wolffe's palm took on a little bit of his weight as he leaned down and blew a raspberry into the small of his back. Cody may have screamed. He'd never ever admit it, even if Wolffe and Rex had both witnessed it.
After Wolffe regained his balance again, laughing at the reaction he got, he blew another one. Cody cackled and thrashed as they kept coming, kicking his legs or shaking his head helplessly.
Wolffe sat back happily and watched his brother convulse and cackle hysterically while listening to Rex snicker behind them.
Cody laughed himself out and Wolffe decided he'd had enough, getting off of his brother and sitting on the floor next to him. Cody didn't even roll over as Wolffe had expected him to, but stayed flat on his stomach, exhausted. This made Wolffe chuckle and he reached over to rub a hand over Cody's still bare back. Cody tensed up but began to relax as he realized it didn't tickle as Wolffe continued.
"So. mean." Cody complained. Wolffe chuckled again.
Rex shook his head fondly and left the two commanders on the floor together.
I hate this one. I really do. I wrote a draft right after Wolfpack Mayhem and I loved it but I did a stupid and tried adding to my queue but deleted it instead. I was SO pissed off. I had to rewrite it at least 3 times before I just decided i needed to get this over with. I'm sorry it took so long and it's not even that great.
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glassesntea · 3 months ago
Attack on Titan: the 104th, Levi and Hanji when they are drunk ( Happy drunk GIF edition)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shirecowboy · a year ago
Tumblr media
i just think lightsabres should look cooler ok? also the bandaids on plo's vambrace are from Halo!
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multifandomnonsense · 10 months ago
Plo: I’m having a child
Wolffe: that’s great s—
Plo, slamming adoption papers on the table: it’s you, sign here
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littlefeatherr · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Clone Knight Wolffe by Jake Bartok
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monako-jinn-stories · a year ago
Kenobi, running up to the 212th:
The Clones: daddy?
Kenobi: do I look like- (Jango Fett)
Plo Koon, running up to the Wolfpack and Ahsoka:
The Clones and Ahsoka: daddy?
Plo Koon, choking back tears: yes, my children?
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wishing--butterfly · 9 months ago
I honestly miss this Eren so much... :'< I find it impossible to not love him... He's so cute ❤
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
also, i miss moments like this too (╥﹏╥)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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marmarparadoxa · a year ago
Hi! I find your interpretation on snk characters really interesting. So I was browsing ppl's comments regarding the guidebook and came across with many hateful or should I say ppl's disappointment in Levi's part. Apparently the guidebook says Levi was obsessed with the promise which in their opinion means he didn't care about anybody or anything else but fulfilling the promise again. What do u think? Are u disappointed by the guidebook's text too?
"He asked for cooperation from his friends and succeeded in defeating Zeke in the final battle. He fulfilled his last mission and faced the illusions of his friends with a calm heart" I was wondering if by "his last mission" the guidebook is referring to "fulfilling his promise" or "saving humanity"? If the former does that confirm Levi really changed his goal for fighting post-timeskip in your opinion?
Hi anons! I’ll reply to your questions together, hope you don’t mind :)
I’ve to admit that I’m not spending that much time here these days, so I had only a vague idea that there would be a final guidebook...as a consequence, I didn’t really have expectations (to be disappointed). In any case, I read this Levi’s guidebook passage, and I have a general idea what uproar the passage stirred up in the fandom.
I won't comment on other people's reactions. As for me, I don’t think the guidebook says anything particularly meaningful or insightful about the characters, Levi included. Crucially, I don’t think the reader should go search for definitive responses about a thoroughly developed complex character such as Levi in a few lines of a guidebook passage, instead of 139 chapters of story. In other words, I don’t think the passage proves or confirms anything. You can see why I don’t have strong feelings about it.
If we nonetheless want to talk about the guidebook content, it’s not explicitly stated that Levi *only* cared about the promise to Erwin, but still no mention of humanity’s future and caring for other people as part of Levi’s motivations is made. Sticking to that passage alone then, one you could end up thinking Levi only cared about, or obsessed over that; that’s pretty much the portrayal the passage makes of him. In the context of the previous lines, I also think “fulfilling his missions” refers to taking down Zeke. The passage's all about the promise, Erwin, killing the beast, a brief mention of his comrades’ vision.
To be clear, my opinion on Levi didn’t change - I don’t think his objective changed post time-skip. I do think he bore obsessive feelings for Zeke, and I do think the promise to Erwin, the need to give meaning to the comrades who died that day in Shiganshina, were a very important part of his character’s arc post time-skip.
However, I don’t think all his character revolved around it. He cared about the 104th. He cared about Hange. He altruistically saved a foreign boy he never met before in a foreign country. He didn’t kill Zeke, when that would have jeopardized their future: he never forgot what his priorities were. Levi fought till the end, even after he killed Zeke, thus fulfilling his promise, to save humanity. He lost more than anyone else, in the final battle, to grant humanity a future. Because of that, he could face the vision of his past SC comrades with a calm heart.
((I don’t think indeed I’ve seen people pointing out how grotesque an idea the phrase - He fulfilled his last mission and faced the illusions of his friends with a calm heart - seems suggesting, i.e. that he could face with a calm heart his past comrades because he had “killed monkey”. Silly of me, to think he could face them, because he had finally reached what they devoted their heart to - a world rid of titans (apparently, he also said a line about it in the original draft), because they had saved humanity.))
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meteor752 · a year ago
AU where Plo has a habit of handing out stickers to literally everyone.
Like, if you do something good, you get a sticker that says like “Owl-Standing!” with a picture of an owl or something cheesy like that.
Every single clone in the wolfpack as at least one sticker on their armor, some older ones have like ten, and the only one without any is Wolffe because he says he doesn’t deal with such childish things
(But in secret he has saved all of the stickers he’s received, and he’s proud of all 43 of them)
Ahsoka and Knox have an ongoing war of who can collect the most stickers until they become Jedi Knights
Nahdar doesn’t understand the meaning of them, and is just so confused every time his dad gives him one
Zatt has managed to get a few, and he has them on the hilt of his lightsaber
Shaak has a bunch, and she always gives Plo sticker sheets on any form of gift giving holiday, and he loves it
Kit receives at least fifteen every day, every single one heart based, and he’s just like “Wow, I thought I was the sappy husband”
Anakin has gotten one, and he wears it with pride (Meanwhile Ahsoka chills in the background with almost a hundred of them)
Luminara didn’t really get it at first, so she threw away the little cat sticker Plo had given her and he cried
(She apologized later, don’t you worry, and she made it up to him by giving him a cute little melon sticker that said “You’re one in a melon”)
What the stickers basically mean, is that when you get one Plo considers you a part of his family, which is why it’s a great honor to have one
But also because he’s a proud Dad
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