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#the 60s do is still cute don’t get me wrong
enhacre · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☻*. DATING enhypen —
request. [♡] * reposted because i made a few errors in the original post.
Tumblr media
heeseung’s such a passionate boyfriend.
no but really, he’s just so dedicated to you. he’s a little shy in the beginning but god does he love hard. through out the entire relationship he never fails to remind you how lucky he is to have you. how he feels like he doesn’t deserve you but he’s so grateful that you’ve come into his life. he’s intense with his love, almost too intense at times. you have to tell him to relax because he puts himself on a pedestal and is his own harshest critic. :( he can stress himself out holding himself to high standards
but in the end, all he wants to do is make you happy. he feels he’s accomplished when you’re doubled over laughing at him making a bad joke or when you’re shocked at a gift he brings you or when he picks you up for date nights with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and you giggle and give him a big kiss. he lives for those moments.
he lives for moments like cuddling in bed on a rainy day with your head rested on his chest, playing with the strands of your hair and occasionally kissing your forehead and telling you you’re his forever person. god he’s the biggest sap for you he can’t help it :(
extremely passionate as well, loves very hard. can and will do anything and everything to make you happy. like if he can help it you wouldn’t have to lift a single finger with him around. need help carrying your bags? he’s got that. need help opening a stubborn jar? he can do it for you. literally would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.
that being said…he can be a little presumptuous sometimes. like he jumps the gun several times when you guys first start dating, he’s so worried about losing you that he tries to predict when you’re gonna break up with him. so every time you guys have a little argument he thinks that’s it even though you aren’t even that mad at him you’re just a little peeved 😭
all in all, though, jay’s the kind of boyfriend you proudly bring home to your parents. he’s very much so husband material, he likes to joke around about the day he’s gonna propose to you. as in you tell him to stop kidding around but he’s highkey dead serious bc ain’t no way he’s not tryin to cook you breakfast while you waddle in all tired and just hug him from behind. it’s a very specific fantasy but it’s what he wants, alright.
ah, jakey just gives those high school puppy love vibes doesnt he. like the class president who has a major crush on you and is always finding a way to get to you whether it be walking you to class or sharing his chicken nuggets at lunch…he’s kind of whipped for you honestly. like absolutely and whole heartedly obsessed with you but in a good way. and i suppose that would be his problem.
he’s just a touch clingy. he gets very pouty very quickly if he doesn’t have your attention and he’s never possessive per se, just…he likes you close. really, really likes it when you hold onto him. like there was a time you both were on a morning walk on some trail and you held onto the back of his jacket while climbing up some rocks and he thought it was the cutest thing ever.
because to him you’re the cutest thing in the world he’s always squishing your face and pinching your cheeks and peppering your face in kisses. big fan of back hugs, definitely stole one of your hoodies because he loves your scent. of everyone in enhypen he’s the one that’s constantly talking about you, practically bragging to the members about how his partner is amazing and kind and gorgeous and everything else under the sun. (in which sunghoon rolls his eyes and jay just yells “WE GET IT YOURE IN LOVE!!” from across the room)
another member of the shy in the beginning but turns it around as the relationship grows club. you’re like one of the few people to break his facade really easily. when he first met you he tried so hard to impress you by acting all cool and nonchalant but he just ended up stuttering and stumbling all over himself.
to this day whenever he thinks about the first time he met you and how he just stared at you from across the room wanting to talk to you but being too scared to…he won’t tell you because it’s cheesy but he’s very grateful for you. he feels like it’s some kind of fate that despite everything you still ended up together. it’s cliche but you’re his biggest weakness, he really becomes the biggest dweeb. he swears he’s not good at acting cute but around you suddenly he’s your little baby ddunghoonie who wants all your attention. catch him on a good day and he’s crawling into your lap pouting up at you cuz he missed you today and wants kisses.
sunghoon’s problem is he has a hard time communicating his emotions and he can kind of read as uncaring. like there were quite a few times in the beginning where you took him not reacting to you as him not being interested in what you were saying which caused a few disagreements. he knows what he wants to say to you, he just has a hard time saying it so while he’s thinking about how to approach he just sits there silent :( he’s getting better at it he swears
oh my god so much fun. sunoo is so much fun. you’d never be bored with him. cafe dates, matching lockscreens, couple outfits, filming tiktoks together. there’s always a wealth of fun things he wants to do with you, and he’s such a great listener too. he’s like a human diary, you can tell him anything. there’s never a moment where you don’t feel loved tbh
bc he’s such a clingy boy, he’s always got his hand in yours. he’s always gotta be touching you or messing with you in some way, fiddles with your fingers and preens you like bird. FULL of compliments and nicknames too omfg?? ur name in his contacts is followed by like 60 emojis .
tbh sunoo’s issue lies in the fact he can be just a tad too jokey. like sometimes you’re seriously tired and just wanna cuddle and sleep but he’s a big ball of energy and it takes him a minute to relax. it’s nice in a way though because he always has you smiling whether it’s through his humor or the way he talks or just how gosh darn adorable he is he puts the biggest grin on your face.
you had no idea you’d be dating a guy this goofy.
like the first few weeks or so he was very gentle and soft, trying to make sure he never said or did anything that hurt you but also trying to make sure that he didn’t somehow make you not like him anymore. and it’s not even that he stopped being gentle but god he’s such a dork. you weren’t prepared at all for the bombardment of silly selfies and cute memes of cats cuddled in a bodega and a “this is us :)” text. very gentlemanly, inherently a leader so he tends to unintentionally boss you around (i cant think of a better phrase)
as in, texts to make sure you’re eating, reminding you to do your skincare or take your medicine, nagging you about taking a jacket before you go on your date. and that’s probably his biggest problem, he can’t turn off that part of his brain sometimes and he can end up smothering you. as the relationship goes on he catches himself though, quick to learn from his mistakes. (there’s a lot of, “i know i said i’d stop telling you what to do and all but it’s 3am go to bed you have classes tomorrow 😡)
feels kind of like dating your best friend because he makes it his goal to keep things on the free and easy. relationships are supposed to be fun! even though he was the one too shy to talk to you at all when you guys met, that’s not the vibe he wants for the whole time. he’s extremely playful, loves sudden tickle fights and video game tournaments. loves late night roast battles, sending each other memes and laughing the night away, wearing matching hoodies and taking tons of pictures in them. everything’s just so comfortable with niki.
niki doesn’t like to outright remind you that he likes you or anything like that bc he gets embarrassed, he just says it through actions. he’s a real gentleman, he’s very sweet and soft and he looks at you like you’re the answers to all of his problems yknow :( sometimes you catch him staring and he can’t keep eye contact so he blushes and hides his face and pretends he wasnt just thinking about a wedding but yknow
his issue simply is his inexperience and tbh that’s not his fault. he’s young and he doesn’t know what he’s doing so sometimes he says or does the wrong thing. it’s never out of malice, sometimes he just literally doesn’t know. niki can be a very clueless bf at times lmfaoo
Tumblr media
a/n: apparently tumblr won’t let me use a read more without it glitching jay’s section so 😐
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velionqs · 2 months ago
𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐝𝐢𝐥𝐮𝐜 𝐡𝐜𝐬.
note: yea im going to attempt at this
Tumblr media
headcanons | diluc x fem! reader.
themes - pure fluff, crack, the guy needs more love <3
version - modern au!
this man doesn’t smile often, but if he does it’s always gonna be genuine no matter what
even though he has maids he would always prefer to take care of you himself
vry straightforward since he heavily dislikes liars and lying to his lover
kisses the back of your hand a lot hehe
sometimes he does keeps some things from you bc he does not want you to worry abt him <3
he kind of dislikes ppl pitying on him
he’s that one smart kid in school but never raises his hand to answer the question 💀
only when he’s called on
would be elated if you also share similar tastes (ex. liking grape juice over wine lol)
he also smells like wine or like idk mahogany??? pls
he’s the one taking care of you 70% of the time
keeps you away from kaeya the majority of your relationship
he may not show possessiveness but it’s definitely there whenever kaeya is around
jealous diluc jealous diluc jealous diluc jealous
ok he’s vry reliable just txt him if you need something and he’ll be back with it whenever u need it
need pads? he’s at the front door. craving for ramen? he got there quicker than he should’ve since he wants you to enjoy a warm meal <33
yes, he knows what periods are don’t underestimate him
censors k*yea when talking abt him in texts 😀
“y/n, have you seen k*eya? i need to have a word with him.”
he may not talk often but he’s a great listener, 10/10 solid and decent advice
calls you, “dear” or “beloved” but on some occasions, “firefly” <3
you force him to do this skin care routine with you, he’s always hesitant but y’know, “for y/n lol !!”
he looks so done with life when you hold your laughter at his deadpan face while he has a pink face mask on
just imagine his face when you force him into a maid dress WITH THE EARS
like, “man💀”
rarely cries in front of you, but when he does he kind of distances himself has a defense mechanism
super silent when he cries
idk i love men who just cry in front of me like show some vulnerability bc ilysm i want to hold u so bad <3
this man probably cried like 3 times in his entire life and compared to me .. uh
cuddles when you ask for it but he’s busy most of the time so it’s at night when you both sleep
owns one of the latest phones even though he’d rather use one until it’s done for
imagine a cracked iphone 6 that’s experienced pain and suffering he’d still be like, “it’s ok, i can still use it until i’m about 60. 👍“
covers his face and looks away when he’s flustered bc yea
it’s cute tho
you definitely know how to fluster him if you’ve been together for a while
ok he is so quiet you have to guess what he’s thinking of 80% of the time
however if you’re close with him you’d probably give a close guess on what’s on his mind
does not respond to your txts right away sometimes bc he’s busy but he will no matter what
ok he’s vry observant, noticing little details abt you every day
like if you hate bugs then he’ll take note of that and make sure to have one of his workers kill the things whenever he spots them or something
he wants you to be comfortable with him bc he’s not the most expressive person
you might get bored of him being so dry so he tries everyday and makes an effort to be with you
he never uses emojis/emoticons or even tone indicators so it always makes his txts look dry lmao
he does not make the first move when initiating physical affection im srry
sry you’ll have to do the rest :c
i’m sry again but he doesn’t apologize much, only when he knows that he did something wrong
he is careful with his words but sometimes let’s some criticism slip out
pls just give him love and affection bc the man is so touch starved, the last person that has probably ever hugged him was his dad :(
Tumblr media
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instachans · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
6,265 WORDS
i appreciate all the people who follow and like my works, so here’s a small gift from kenny to you ❤︎ to the people who helped me decide, i love you so much!
Tumblr media
Chan chokes you more often than he thinks because he’ll just casually wrap that sexy hand of his around your neck then tighten it gradually. He’ll do it any time he can, actually. If you’re with the other boys, if you’re just reading a book, and especially while he pounds in you from behind. Of course, everything is consensual but you just can’t help getting flustered from it. Chan finds your expressions really cute and hot at the same time, another reason why he loves doing it so much. 
If you tell him to choke you tighter, he will gladly do as you ask. If you’re enjoying it and he’s enjoying it, you can expect him to choke you everytime. Even if you don’t ask him for it.
Spanking you is a daily thing, because he just loves feeling up your butt and thighs. If he’s stressed and you’re in the studio with him, he’ll tell you to get on his lap and kiss him. While you lay your lips on his, he spanks your ass and squeezes your ass cheeks lightly before smiling into the kiss, acting like nothing happened. Chan normally spanks you while eating you out and while kissing you, and even he has no idea why he likes to do that to you so much. When the boys see him do that, they’ll just break out in laughter, a cheap attempt to distract themselves from the sight of your ass wiggling and shaking.
Moaning, you'll never hear him not moaning, Sure, he’ll try to keep it in as much as he could, but he just can’t control it when you look so pretty between his legs, under him, or just in front of him.
He loves you so much.
“You’ve been such a bad slut, sticking too close to Felix.” Chan nealy growled, holding you by your neck as he pulled you to throw you on the bed. You realized late that the thing that angered your normally gentle yet kinky boyfriend was when you laid down on Felix’s lap. Too close to his crotch. Because they have lived together for years, Chan was very much aware of how horny and downright hard his best friend could get even by something or someone’s hand brushing on his clothed cock, tucked away in his briefs and pants. “He probably got hard while looking at you from above, huh? Tsk, you fucking whore.”
Just when you thought he was going to walk away and leave you untouched, Chan crawls over your body and immediately pulls down your skirt and manages to tear your little crop top apart. You could see the anger in his eyes, the jealousy and all the emotions you didn’t expect him to feel. Chan pushes his knee against your pussy harder, making you rut your hips against it. He hums, surprised about how you were acting right now. He tilts your head, brushes your hair away sticking on the skin of your neck due to sweat and there he saw an unpleasant surprise. 
His hot, shaky breaths hit the sensitive and ticklish part of your neck, but you didn’t dare laugh after remembering something Felix left around there after you asked him to. Did he see it? You asked yourself your question later answered when Chan pulls away and glares at you. “He left a fucking hickey on you? Such a dick.” 
“No, I asked him to do it.” A hand goes up to your neck, and there, you know you’re in for a ride.
Your answer riled him up, spurred him on to go even harder on you more than he was already planning to. Chan’s large hand pulls down your panties, never letting go of your neck as he slams you back down on the bed. He unclasps the buckles of his belt and uses the leather Gucci belt as something to tie your wrists. He normally used things that felt more delicate on your skin, like ribbons and silk for example. But this time, he didn’t have any more patience for that. 
Chan easily strips off his clothing, but never lets you touch any inch or part of his body. “Let me touch you..” You whined, wanting him to get irritated even more. You knew you were playing a dangerous game by pushing his buttons too far, but it was too late to regret everything when he has his hand on your neck to hold you down, belt restraining your hands from ever laying a finger on him and laying bare beneath him. Chan pumps his cock, never giving you the satisfaction of hearing him moan your name. “You want to touch me? Then why’d you let Felix mark you up? No, why the hell did you ask him to do it when I’m clearly the man for the job?”
His tone clearly indicated that he was already at his peak, only holding back from hurting you even if he hated to admit it. You pout, looking at him as if you didn’t do anything wrong making Chan groan and push his hair back harshly. His dick was flushed, red and leaking precum that was the result of all your mindless actions. Yes, Chan gets turned on from you being the epitome of sweet and a psycho. “I know you’re hard because of what I did.” You taunt and watch his eyes slowly trail down to your pussy, trying his best not to get too pulled in the beautiful sight of your juices dripping down from between your folds. “Fuck me already, or else I’ll ask Felix to do it.” He takes in a sharp breath, moaning before tightening his hold on your neck to make you shut up. 
“Shut up, will you? You already hurt me, and you still say this?” You only smirk in response to his rough manner towards you. Chan knows you know your safeword, and you know you do too. But you weren’t going to use it, finding thrill in the intensity of his actions driven by jealousy and possessiveness over you and your body. Chan looks into your eyes, vision hazy and dominant hand still sliding up and down his thick cock. He eventually gives into your desires and after a few moments of pleasuring himself, he spreads your legs further apart and does the same with your aching folds.
You release choked moans even when he already loosened his grip, feeling the pleasure his big cock rained on you with. Everything felt too dream-like with Chan bottoming out in your hole that was gushing with your creamy juices, never failing to surprise him of how wet you were. “You’re mine.” Chan shakily whispers directly to your ear, sending tingles further down your spine and even to your pulsating walls. You tug on the belt, pulling it to set yourself free from the boundaries of this belt. A hum follows your loud moans to tell him that you really are his, only intending to get him to love you more and never to make him hate you. 
“I-I really am..”
Chan’s hips move faster, dick twitching more in the deep comfort of your drenched pussy. He takes off the belt tightly intertwining your wrists and you don’t waste time in running your hands all over his body. Going down his back, up his pecs and through his soft, fluffy hair coated in sweat. Amidst all the love and sweetness overflowing from the both of you, there was still a hint of his anger and jealousy when he lightly squeezed your neck, eliciting a moan from your gaped lips. He moves his hand under your body and squeezes your ass, later putting you on top of him so he can touch you better. Both of his hands were now on your ass, both feeling up the skin and appreciating how they were like literal putty in his large hands. “I love you so much…” Chan moaned out before thrusting up harshly into you, surprising you enough to make your eyes close shut and hands grip his skin at their tightest. He winces in pain, but later moaned out in pleasure. “I hope you love me too. Ugh… fuck, Y/n.” You move faster and position yourself better so he could come soon and fill you up. He throws his head back as you rode him, moans turning into whiny ones that really told you how good he’s feeling. A few more grinds of your pussy against his cock, he cums with no warning, squeezing your while he did. Chan looks up at you, hair sticking to his forehead and pulls you into a kiss. “I love you, but I’m not sorry for being rough.”
Tumblr media
Minho is obsessed with telling you all the dirty fantasies that are going to happen to you later or never. Especially when you two are with the other boys and you’re doing something with someone waaaay too close, he’ll lean in and randomly tell you he’s going to make out with your pussy and after that, he won’t let you cum. In sex, Minho is wild and very kinky. “I’ll fill up your tiny cunt, so tiny, so ready to be stretched by my cock.” “I’ll fuck you, mark you up until you decide not to go to work anymore tomorrow.” “I’ll finger your pussy and pull your hair if you’re not being loud enough, kitten.”
Minho is not shy to tug on your hair to make you look at him. Giving him a blowjob and you refuse to look up at him? He’ll take a fistful of your hair if you have lengthy hair and relentlessly pull it. If you’re too immersed in pleasuring yourself and forget him, he’ll get your attention by tugging on your hair down to the roots. Sure they sting a little bit, but he won’t do it anymore if you tell him to stop and never do it again.
Degradation only happens when he wants to be rough with you and you’re being naughty, which is like both 60% out of 100% therefore you’ll always hear yourself get called ‘slut’, ‘bitch’, ‘cum whore.’ Minho loves to ask you questions, dirty and teasing ones like ‘how many dicks have you sucked before mine, my filthy slut?’ ‘should master tie you up, spank you for being a bad whore, kitten?’
Ah, teasing never gets old with this guy. “Should I cum in you? I don’t think you deserve it though, baby.” “Aw, that’s right, cry for me, cry for me to cum in you and let go of my juices in your walls.” “I think I won’t let you cum, haha.” And his laugh in those moments are just psychotically hot. In public, he’ll hike your skirt up or sneak a finger in your shorts, into your panties and will rub your folds while you try to cover everything up with your bag. He’ll remove it with his other hand and continue to rub your folds and clit alternately until you’re gripping onto anything just to hold yourself down. Minho will smirk and pull his hand out, not letting you cum. He’ll take his fingers in his mouth and look at you teasingly as if saying the words, ‘boohoo, you didn’t get to cum.’
“Let’s do like 10 crouches.”
“Can’t we do 15?” Changbin nodded and complied to your request, going behind you to catch your ass just in case you fell backwards on your butt. Minho’s blood was already starting to boil, just keeping it in since he has to survive this lifting of barbells with Chan who was mocking him for looking like a kid. 
“Calm down, take it easy, don’t drop this thing on your boobs, Minho.” Chan jokes, earning a glare from the man who was just a year younger than him. Minho’s eyes avert their gaze once more on you and Changbin who were doing these crouches that he despised even though they made his butt and thighs look more good than they already are. But the thing that he despised the most about it other than being a bit painful was the fact that you were doing it with another guy who had a thing for asses instead of him. 
You go back down for the last crouch, and Changbin bites his lips while looking at your bottom. Everyone expected you to finish it with no clumsiness and problems involved, but you unfortunately fell back and you expected to fall on the mat. 
You didn’t and instead was caught by Changbin’s strong hands. Yup, they were holding your ass like they were money he was glad to have. 
Minho successfully doesn’t die or get hurt and almost literally throws the heavy barbell to his hyung who was surprised yet was still able to let out a laugh. He was in rage, taking you away from Changbin and pulling you harshly to the bathrooms.
“Such a slut, tsk.” He mumbled, pulling down your leggings and panties altogether. Minho’s eyes gleamed at the sight of your wet pussy, absolutely going crazy just thinking about who made you this wet to the point he could even see your juices drip down your thigh. “Tell me, did your ‘Binnie’ make you this wet?” He asks as he quite literally pulls his shirts and lower clothing off, really wanting to give it to you right now. Pushing you against the wall after turning on the shower, his lips started to dance with yours under the rain-like effect of the water coming from the showerhead over the both of you. He lifts up your leg, gripping your ass afterwards as he thrusts into you hard. 
“Minho!” You exclaimed, holding onto his arm. He hums and continues to thrust in you painfully slow and hard at the same time. You were both in the shower, wet and slippery bodies clashing on each other as he grew needy for you in the gym. Today was supposed to be a productive day with him and you both, with Chan and Changbin working out in the gym. He endured all the things you did with Changbin, some stretches and crouches here and there. It would have been peaceful if only you didn’t fall down clumsily and Changbin just had to catch you, holding your ass to prevent you from falling on the ground that wasn’t even that hard to begin with. 
He pulls away from your lips temporarily to look into your barely opened eyes, closed because the pleasure was all too much to take in. Your back was against the wall, legs wrapped around his sexily small waist. Minho didn’t waste a thrust and always managed to brush the head of his cock against the g-spot that always made you scream, always knowing where to find it as he simultaneously rubs your little bundle of nerves. “Do you like it when I fuck you like this? When I fuck you angrily and roughly, you slut? You’re just good for my cock, hah.” Minho scoffs, grunting afterwards when he felt your pussy pulsate and nails dig deep in his muscular back. You could only whimper, unable to form any understandable words that he’d like to hear. He moans against your ear while keeping you on the wall, body working hard to prevent you from falling as his thrusts started to falter and weaken. “Answer me, you slut.”
Vile words pushed you to answer and your juices to come leaking out of your already filled pussy. “I-I love it..! Please, harder..master!” You exclaimed, and he laughed evilly, the psycho sounding laughters slipping out of his pretty lips ending with a moan that built up once your walls clenched around him. 
“I’m so fucking c-close to filling up your tight pussy, but tell me…” He cuts off, biting your neck lightly. You involuntarily throbbed around his cock, making Minho inhale a shar breath through his teeth. “Does a slut like you deserve it? Should I be the one to give it to you or should your beloved Binnie fulfill your dreams?”
You hold onto his shoulders tighter, feeling like you were going to fall on the hard tiled floor because of your impending orgasm. “Y-you! I want your cum, I-i want it from you, sir, I’m a slut for y-you!”
Minho moans, throwing his head back and holds your body firm against the wall as he releases in you with one last hard and strong thrust. You cum, clenching on his cock tightly. Just when you thought that one time was enough, he let go of you to stand on the floor with your legs wobbling, he didn’t care. Minho pushes you to kneel on the floor before running his fingers through his partially soaked hair that wasn’t even fully wet. “Look at me,” he commands, pulling your hair once you didn’t answer for a few moments. You whimpered, taking his cock in your mouth instinctively and even gagging a little. He was thick, he was able to fill up your pussy and even your mouth that was able to take in anything easily. Your tears don’t go unnoticed as he looks closer into your eyes and smirks, “Are you crying because of my cock?”
“Y-yes...i-it’s so big…” 
“Make them hear who makes you choke on their cock like this, is it Changbin? Or me? Say it or else you don’t get to cum.”
After building all the courage and will in you, you moaned his name loudly, loud enough that the others working out outside could probably hear you. Minho smirks and releases the prettiest moans ever before pushing his cock deeper in your throat until he came. 
He was about to pull out and end this when you held him by his thick thighs with both of your hands and bobbed your head faster. “W-what are you doing? You’re overs-stimulating me-” Minho’s legs trembled, hating how you were almost taking over his body but loved how you were like when you’d disobey him. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head, sucking harder and faster when he tried to pull you away from his red and overstimulated dick. 
“G-gonna cum- fuck, fuck you! Ah, ah..” His moans were really pleasing to hear, especially to you who was touching yourself all while this happened. Minho filled up your mouth with his white, pearly liquids, always making you feel like the best girl in the world.
“Did you have fun?” You asked while panting, face in a fucked out and exhausted expression. Minho could barely open his eyes but still managed to help you up, kissing you as an answer to your question. 
Tumblr media
If you’re up for it, Changbin is not hesitant to even slam you on the bed and wrap his muscles around your body. You know how he’s buff and has a really healthy body? He did that not just so he could be happy with himself more, but to also hold you down when you’re being a disobedient girl, rutting yourself against his cock when you were told not to. Will also hold you down on his lap if you dare to escape when he’s giving you a few spanks, not to mention let you gorge your eyes on the veins and muscles on his arms. 
Normally, other guys would only leave hickeys on their s/o, but Changbin, leaves behind literal bite marks. He knows other people will catcall you and be disrespectful, so he has to show them you’re already his. The process goes like this, he’ll slam his cock into you while simultaneously licking where he’d bite you and sink his teeth in. He’ll stop if you squeeze his hand and will check on you, asking if you’re okay and if he bit too hard. In the morning, you’ll find yourself covered in teeth marks made by the man peacefully sleeping beside you, his strong arms wrapped around your beautiful body. 
With producing sounds, you can bet that he’ll be loud and wild if he’s feeling it so much. Changbin is never quiet during intimate and needy times like this, with the intention of wanting you to hear how good you’re making him feel. His eyes will roll to the back of his head, beautiful lips parted to make the sounds you always wanted to hear. He often whines when he’s close, high pitched whines that you will come to when he’d send you audio recordings of his moans. 
His hands will run wild all over your body, not a place has been untouched once you allow him to. Changbin loves to randomly feel you up, most specifically squeezing and groping your ass while fucking yu from behind while he watches your ass wiggle with every rut of his hips that he makes. Even when you're with yours and his friends, he makes sure that they know who you belong to and who makes you feel good.
Honestly, with Changbin, anything is possible so don’t be afraid to say anything you don’t like or like about what he’s doing. 
Changbin’s hand sneaks under your skirt as the red light hits his beautiful skin, squeezing your ass. You two were in a random bedroom at this party wherein you didn’t feel welcome nor wanted, but at the same time agreed to go with him for the sake of his reputation. You were never one to be liked and noticed by people and you yourself despised occasions like this where you had to smile and talk when all you wanted to do was get the fuck out of there. 
Your arms snake around his neck and hang on his shoulders, his sexy shoulders that you loved to feel up just as he loved feeling up your ass. His body was so close to you to the point that you were able to feel his hard on poking through his pants and on your wet and clothed pussy. Changbin smirks in the heated kiss, even pulling your lower lip with his teeth. “Do you need me right now so much that you pulled me in a random guy’s room?”
“This is Wooyoung’s room,” he explained, pulling away for a moment before looking around only to crash his lips back on yours again. “But I’m sure he’ll understand how much I want to touch my baby right now.” You giggle at his reply and playfully push him on the bed, taking off your buttoned top slowly just to tease the man whose buttons were somewhat hard and challenging to push. He watches in amusement, leaning on the comfortable pillows while waiting for you to get on the bed and get on his cock in general. You look at him through your eyelashes while pulling down your already short and revealing skirt for him to see your lace panties in black. 
Changbin immediately tugs down the zipper of his ripped jeans and pulls up his shirt, movements seeming clumsy and rushed because of the need for you starting to grow inside. Once you bit your lip and pulled your panties down achingly slow, Changbin could swear he felt his dick twitch right on his perfectly sculpted body. “Fuck, babe.” He hissed, whining for you to just jump on the bed and he’ll undress you himself. You didn’t give in though and unclasped your bra before you could even finish taking off your underwear. That was the last straw for your lover who normally had long, long strings of patience for you as he sits up from the bed and pulls you to lay on his lap, face buried in the newly cleaned sheets of Changbin’s best friend.
He pulls down your panties completely and even managed to leave a little tear, a result of his intense need for you. Changbin’s hand caresses both of your ass cheeks and even leaves a kiss on one cheek before squeezing it, making you flustered and a blushing mess. “Ah~ just fuck me if you’re going to..!” You complained, making him harder and love you even more. Slamming your back on the bed, he keeps you down by holding your hip and putting his other hand on your very attractive neck, the place where he’d ideally put a bite mark later. Changbin kicks off his pants and boxers with ease and looks around the bedside table for lube, leaving you drooling for his cock that was proudly standing up, hard and leaking because of you. 
Without wasting another moment he puts a lot of lube on his dick, coating it in the wet and slick substance that would help lessen the pain of your ass stretching widely. “Tell me to stop if you want me to, okay, love?” You nod and pull him into a burning kiss that involved you licking his lips playfully. Your fingers found their place entangled in his wet hair, drenched in all the sweat caused by your reckless actions. Changbin holds you in place as he slips into you, slow and gentle until all of him was in you. 
Your hand was squeezing his muscles, making him release a whiny moan and weaken. Your ass hasn’t been fucked before so this was your first time trying anal. At first, everything was painful and you felt like no pleasure could be found in this place. But as soon as he rubbed your clit, you were able to relax and loosen up. Changbin was loud all while you adjusted, starting to tear up because of how good and tight and warm you felt around his cock. He’s never felt anyone like this, let alone will ever do because he’s sure to stay with you forever. “A-are you okay, baby?” He stutters, the immense pleasure taking over his thick and admirable physique. 
“A bit painful….but it feels great..” You squeaked out and yelped in surprise once his finger slipped between your folds. Changbin was moving slowly while fingering your pussy, alternately rubbing your little sensitive clit to heighten the pleasure. By now, Changbin was having a hard time moving further into you. It was like his body shut down, cock twitching deep in you and lips shaking and making whiny sounds that you never got tired of listening to. 
Eventually, he moved slowly and carefully, trying his best not to go wild and rip your insides. He only wanted the best for you, therefore went slow even though it nearly killed him to not go fast and act impatient. Changbin leans in, eyes barely being able to open as he makes a cheap attempt to muffle his moans by biting your neck, just like he always does but the attempt doesn’t seem to work. Your body jolted, walls tensing around him once again. Changbin may be built differently, but he was still very sensitive to feeling you. 
Sweat dripped on your cheeks, falling down from the loose strands of your boyfriend’s hair. The party was still loud and alive outside, buying the two of you more time to have fun and live life like this would never happen again. “Binnie….!” You clench your eyes shut, body stuttering and squirming under his as you unexpectedly came earlier than the usual. 
“That’s right,” he praised, rubbing your folds and swiping his fingers between your two folds as if it was a credit card. “Cum for me, baby. Show me how good you can be for sir with that little pussy of yours.” His filthy words pushed more of your cum to flow out of your pussy, with Changbin watching in awe through his hooded eyes while his hips never stopped moving sloppy. His cock was stretching your insides big time, but didn’t matter as long as he filled you up and everybody was happy. Changbin throws his head back, releasing whiny moans before shooting the white strings of cum in your tight ass.
He falls down beside you and kisses your lips, pushing away any loose hair from your face. Changbin could see the tiredness in your eyes, accompanied with the pleasure you felt from earlier even though it was all too brief, too fast and too short to end. You put a leg over his body swearing like you’ll fall asleep in someone else’s room anytime now. 
“Don’t sleep yet.” He reminds, giving you a smile and giggles even though he was still attempting to catch his breath. You pout and close your eyes anyway, falling asleep with only a shirt on, leaving your boyfriend to take you home.
Tumblr media
If Superman is the Man of Steel, Hyunjin is the Man of Tease. Like Minho, he won’t let a day pass by that he won’t tease you. He loves looking at you with adoration in his eyes while your eyes are already welling up in tears, waiting for him to give you permission to cum.  ‘You think I’m gonna make you cum, huh? Think again.’ A hobby of his is giving you back hugs and just when you thought it was just an innocent backhug, Hyunjin will rub the tent in his pants against your ass, whispering tempting words in a seductive and sensual tone, the usual tone of this beautiful man’s voice.
Seeing tears in your eyes just makes sex 100% better for him than it already is, knowing well that they aren’t because of pain. You were just crying because of how good he made you feel, how great his cock filled you up enough to rearrange your insides. Hyunjin was knowledgeable of how your body reacted, therefore liked to use that against you. His cock would be slamming in and out of you in the practice room where anyone could walk in if they dared to. He only does that because he wanted to see how you’d react to him fucking you there, being mean and loving at the same time.
You will never not feel him playing with your nipples. He doesn’t know why, but he's just so into your boobs no matter what size they are. The occasionally innocent boy likes to feel like a baby, protected and cared for in your arms while he could also simply pounce over your body and suck your nipples harshly. Something about tugging and pulling on them while you bounce on his cock just makes him happy and turned on even more. 
“You can do it, try again.” Hyunjin cheers and lays down on the floor after starting the music again. You’ve been dancing for hours with no end along with your partner Hyunjin, as requested by the fans who wanted to see the two of you perform together on stage. It was challenging to have to hold himself back from pushing you on the wall and rail you there and there, as Hyunjin found, especially when you looked so good. You normally danced so good, danced so smoothly and sharply at the same time but was having a hard time master all the steps because of him. 
He was so irresistible to look at and so angel-like, being one of the most handsome and professional dancers you’ve ever met. And he knows it, he knows all the glances and all the lip bites you did while looking at him, while his hands wrap around your body in that one step. That step involved you standing up still as his hands go all over your body, therefore you had trouble focusing and staying still as everything was just so new to you. 
Now nearing that part, Hyunjin stands up from the floor and dances his part and just like usual, he does it so effortlessly beautiful. Hyunjin looked exhausted and drained, but wasn’t tired of dancing with you and will never do. You looked at both of your reflections in the mirror wherein he was already positioned behind you and all that was left for you to do was stay still as his hands move in a motion that replicated feeling up your body. You successfully stayed still, nonetheless felt like your whole body was heating up because of the position you stayed in. Hyunjin’s lips were so near your neck, one more inch and he’s going to be kissing our neck. He firmly holds your waist and turns you around to face him before pushing you against the mirror, no longer being able to hold himself back from touching your body his way.
“Can I fuck my pretty girlfriend in here? Or is she afraid that someone might come in?” Hyunjin asks, lips a mere centimeter away from your own. You answer by holding the back of his neck to pull him closer and eventually kiss you after all these hours of dancing and sexual tension. This was the best reward ever, getting to be fucked by one of the hottest guys ever. Whimpering at the feeling of his hands rubbing your clit through your thin pants, you ground yourself harder and later found yourself grinding on his hard dick that formed a tent on his shorts. Hyunjin smirks and tags on your bralette as if to ask if he could remove it. You hum as a confirmation and with a flick of his wrist, Hyunjin was able to strip you off that tight clothing. He takes in a sharp breath of air prior to pulling you away from the mirror and transferring your fragile body over to the couch where most of your stuffs were. You purposely kicked them off to make room for your boyfriend who had a pained expression on his face, showing you his dick in his hand looking painfully hard and eager to be inside you now. You let out a chuckle and throw your panties to the other side of the room, letting him have more access to your bare form. He positioned himself between your legs and jacked himself off a few pumps just to make himself leak right in front of your very throbbing pussy. “Don’t go too gentle on me.” You said, holding his face in your hands while looking at him in an attractive way. Replying by holding your legs apart, he smiles and ever so roughly pounds into you. Hyunjin’s cock slips in and out of your pussy at a rapid pace, not even letting you adjust to his impressive size. Not a single second is wasted by him as he clicks his hips with yours while also using his mouth on your achingly sensitive nipples. Hyunjin was amazed with how a single brush of his lips on the cute bud would get it hard and erect, as his dick did when your lips would do the same. Your whole body shook, even the couch did with every strong and forceful push of his dick in you. 
Hyunjin was so sensitive unlike the other boys, so he was able to cum faster than anyone else you’ve known. But with you, he’d try to last long so he wouldn’t look like an embarrassment in front of you even though he knows very well that you love him and didn’t care about that. His eyes attractively rolled back, mouth spitting out lewd sounds and moans of your very name. Both of you were more than certain that people were able to hear what was happening inside but just didn’t dare to, knowing they would probably get teased by Hyunjin.
Your walls wrapped around him tighter when he moved closer to your neck and with one easy lean, he was able to mark your neck, jaw and collarbones up. They were going to be visible for sadly just a few hours, so Hyunjin had to remake them again later. He rubs your clit and watches attentively as his cock was coated in your creamy wetness, sweat splashing everywhere but was actually some of the best happenings during this since he knew of how hard he worked for you to look like a fucked out mess. “I’m c-close...Jinnie!” You exclaimed, holding onto his broad, attractive shoulders. 
“But do you deserve to, hm?” He asks, making you think otherwise and looks at you with a look full of love and adoration, yet his seductive voice was wrapped in thorns and all the dangerous things. You whined, trying to resolve this by now begging and even trading.
“I-I’ll let you use me for hours later in the dorms just please...let me cum..!”
“Aw, poor baby wants to cum that much? Go on then.” He hasn’t even finished the sentence yet and you were already releasing your everything on his cock, wettening it even more. Hyunjin’s orgasm was easily triggered by that movement of yours, following not long after. 
Amidst all that has been happening, you were tearing up and squeezing his skin, making him wince once all the aftermaths of your intense highs were over. Hyunjin pulls out of you with a satisfied smile before kissing you, not giving a fuck if anyone heard you.
“Aren’t you scared to get scolded if anyone heard?” You asked, gently holding his face in your hands. Hyunjin holds one of your hands and wipes your tears, shaking his head. 
“Why would I be? Pretty sure everyone does it or will do it anyway so be proud and raise your head high while walking down the hall.”
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xtinyaurora · 5 months ago
Oh my gosh thank you for doing my ask. Reading Seonghwaart was soooo satisfying. Can you do y/n doesn't believe that they're sexually attractive, so Ateez proves to them that they are (sexually). Please and thank you 😊 ☺ ❤
Ateez reaction: Their Y/N doesn’t believe that they’re {sexually} attractive
➼ requested?: yes
➼ genre: smut & fluff
➼ pairing: Ateez x female!reader
➼ Word-count: 2k+
➼ Warnings: nsfw content, strong language, cursing, spanking, mentions of scars & stretch marks, pet names, daddy kink / sie kink, nudes, reader kinda puts themself down, anal sex, chocking, oral sex, breeding kink (?)...
➼ Note: This is not based on their real behavior or meant to represent real life. This is simply a fan fiction and is only for the purposes of fun, it’s a hobby, so read at your own risk!
➼ A/N note: I hope I wrote this the way you wanted... Also, if anyone’s interested in a male version, let me know! All gif credits go to their owners!
Park Seonghwa
You were standing Infront of the mirror, looking at your naked body, which was still a bit wet from the shower you took a few minutes ago. You were ashamed to say the least. You couldn’t understand what exactly Seonghwa found attractive about your body. You wanted to look good for him but you’re just a flat piece of a human being. As you were starting to build tears in your eyes, your boyfriend walked into your shared bedroom. „What’s wrong, baby?” He knew what was up, it’s not the first time he caught you crying over yourself. You shook your head not wanting to talk about it and grabbing your towel to cover yourself up. Hwa breathed out loudly, shaking his head. He then pulled the towel away, ignoring your protests. „Do you see this?” He grabbed your tits, slowly massaging them. „Do you see how perfect these are, how well they fit into my hands.” Then his head made its way to your right breast. He slowly started licking your nipple, it immediately getting hard. Out of nowhere he slapped your left breast with one of his hands. „You like that?” You silently nodded your head, a scoff left Seonghwas mouth. „Fucking shit you’re so hot. You don’t understand how you make me feel. How those pretty little tits could make me cum just from touching and slapping them like that, fuck.” Seonghwa then roughly threw you on the bed and started to undress himself...
Tumblr media
Kim Hongjoong
„Say it, baby, come on.” You tried to get your breathing under control but Hongjoongs speed was too fast, the pleasure too much to take. „I - I, agh!” You couldn’t stop screaming moaning. „I know you can do it, come on.” His hips started to move faster than before, making it harder for you. You were so overwhelmed that tears started to form in your eyes. „I can’t-t.” A hard smack landed on your ass. „Yes you can and now say it!” Yelled your boyfriend from behind. He harshly pulled you up by grabbing your throat, making you face both of you in the mirror. „Tell me beautiful, tell me how breathtaking you look, I know you can do that for me, baby. Show daddy how much of a good girl you are.” You squeezed your eyes together, forcing those words out of your mouth. „I am beautiful.” Hongjoongs grip on your throat got stronger. „Open your eyes, princess.” You did what he said and opened your eyes, almost reaching your high. „J-Joong, I think I-.” „No, the fuck not. You’re not going to cum until you do what I asked you to.” You closed your eyes again, god. Hongjoong movements completely stopped, making you whine out loudly. „Look at yourself.” You pulled your eyebrows up, eyes getting rounder. „Do it!” Damn boy, chill out. As your were looking at yourself, Hongjoong slowly pulled out of you. Another whine left your mouth, not going unnoticed by him. „Look at this pretty pussy, all wet and all mine. Men, am I lucky. Oh and... those beautiful tits, this fucking cute ass, my god I am about to lose my shit. How am I so lucky to have all of this? I love you so fucking much Y/N. Don’t worry though, I will show you how beautiful you are. You wanna these tits to be bigger? Oh, don’t worry, can do that for you. I can’t wait to get you pregnant, you will look so beautiful with a round belly, fuck.”
Tumblr media
Jeong Yunho
You two were currently play fighting over some food. Both of you thought it would be a good idea to visit the park and have a picnic today, since it’s finally warm and sunny again. You didn’t notice how far your skirt actually went up, when you jumped on your boyfriend. It wasn’t that short of a skirt, it covered more than 60% of your legs but it was loose, so it was easy to raise up. When Yunho gave you a smack on your ass, you were fast to sit back and pull it down again. Yunho looked at you questioning, you only shaking your head, hiding face. „Was that too much?” You immediately assured him that it wasn’t about that slap on your ass. „Then what’s wrong?” Again, you shook your head. The male then grabbed your face, making you look at him. „Baby, tell me.” You moved his hands from your face, lowering your gaze. „I just don’t feel comfortable with showing myself off, you know, my legs could be seen when I jumped on you.” When you looked back up to see his reaction, a smile was placed on his face. „Honey, you’re beautiful. Those pretty legs would turn on every men, no, even girls. You don’t know how much I wanna grab them and pull you over me, so you can ride my hard ass cock.” Your eyes torn open, a blush creeping on your face. A loud laugh left Yunho’s mouth, him staring to eat again as of nothing happened.
Tumblr media
Kang Yeosang
When you read the massage your boyfriend sent you just a few seconds ago, you almost spitted out your drink. Now you had an incoming call... „Uhm, hello?” Silence. Then you heard heavy breathing. „Baby, please. I need you to do that for me, I can’t take it anymore, I need to release.” You didn’t know what to say, only blushing more. „Yeosang, you know how I feel about my body, I can’t jus-“ „Baby, don’t you understand that I need that beautiful hot body to cum? That you turn me on that much, that I only need to see you to cum. Fuck, please princess I need you. Please send me some nudes, it hurts. I promise once I get home, I will reward you, hm? How does that sound?” You nodded your head, even tho you knew he couldn’t see you. „Sounds Good.” A load moan left his mouth. „That’s my good little girl, now make daddy happy and take your close off so he can see those beautiful small tits, yea?” You bit bottom lip. „Yes, sir.”
Tumblr media
Choi San
A loud whistle was heard when you walked into the living room. When you looked at the male, he bit his lip. „Damn, baby, look at those curves. Shit, come here, I wanna smack that ass.” You only stood there, shocked. San then raised one of his eyebrows. „What? Can’t I touch my girlfriend now?” You shook your head. San looked as if he got offended by that. „Oh? Why is that?” You now shrugged with your shoulders. „Don’t you want to use that pretty mouth of yours, baby? Talk to me.” He now stood up and made his way to you. When he reached you, he slung his arms around you waist, face just a few inches away from yours. „Not listening to me? I guess you wanna use that beautiful mouth of yours for something else’s then, huh?” Now you started smirking, kinda enjoyed where’s this is going. This was way better then going out for a fancy dinner with the boys. Don’t get me wrong, you loved the boys, but you didn’t feel comfortable and confident enough to go out with that dress, San bought you for this dinner. „Look at you, so beautiful. Even my friends want to have you and fuck your pretty pussy. They wanna grab this fat ass and smack it, want to cum on your pretty body. Oh how bad for them that they could never have you, you’re all mine, this pretty body is all mine.”
Tumblr media
Song Mingi
„Mingi! You can’t just walk in like that.” His eyes went big. „Why not, I am your boyfriend?” His innocent voice made you melt, he’s so cute. You turned around, hiding your body from him. „I know that, but you know how I feel about myself. I am ashamed.” His eyes got even rounder. „Even if it’s me? I thought you feel comfortable with me. Did I do something wrong? Oh my god I make you uncomfortable. What do I do?! I shoul-„ „No Mingi. It’s not that... it’s just... never mind.” You kept on cleaning yourself, trying to ignore him. You heard the sound of a belt and clothes moving. When you turned to look what he was up to, you directly looked into your boyfriends eyes. He smiled at your surprised expression and leaned further into you. „Mingi, I-“ You got interrupted by a kiss. Soon, the kiss got more intense, both of you starting to touch each other’s body’s. Mingi broke the kiss, giving you time to breath. „You know Y/N, I know it might take some time until you understand that but you’re the most stunning human I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And you know those scars and marks on your body? They are just as beautiful. They make you unique, it’s just like art. I love you, you and every tiny bit of your beautiful 'flaws'. Please never forget that baby.“ You were on the verse of tears, like damn, you love that boy so much. A smile was sitting on both of your faces, you leaning back in to continue your make out session.
Tumblr media
Jung Wooyoung
He slowly placed soft his kisses down your tummy. When he bit into one of your belly roles (is that even the correct word? lol), you immediately scolded him for that. „But it’s cute.” You rolled your eyes. „No, Woo, it’s not cute. Please stop.” He chuckled at your reaction, still thinking it’s cute. „Okay, cry baby.“ He then kept on kissing your tummy, started to go further down towards your core. „Woo...” You couldn’t really make out if you were warning him or were asking for more, either way, he kept going and pulled your PJ pants & panties down. Now, he had a perfect look of your stretch marks. You tried to hide them by placing your hands on top of them but Wooyoung slapped them away. „Ouch!” He didn’t gave a fuck, honestly. „Move, I wanna look at those sexy stretch marks. Damn, this is all mine.” You got a hard slap on your left thigh, letting out a moan, your boyfriend only smirking a smirk by that. „Like that, huh? Lemme eat you out then.” He gave you another slap, this time on your clit. I guess, what he wants, he gets?
Tumblr media
Choi Jongho
„Jongho, no.” He kept pulling you on himself. „Hey, don’t worry, baby. Did you already forget how strong I am?” He let out a cute chuckle, making you smile but it soon vanished out of your face again. Jongho wanted you to ride his face but you felt uncomfortable with that idea. Your were too heavy, at least in your own opinion. Jongho always told you that you’re beautiful the way you are and that he loved you no matter what. He also always assured you that you aren’t heavy and even if, he could handle it, since he was a strong guy. Still, you were too scared of hurting him. Jongho assured you that he would be fine and would stop if you don’t like it, so you made your way above his face, slowly sinking down. You immediately let out a soft moan when his tongue met your cunt. After some time he told you to move, your fear of hurting him rising again. „Princess, don’t worry. You did so good till now, I know you can do even better. Come on, ride my face, cupcake.” You closed your eyes and started to move slowly. While so, Jongho kept on praising you from time to time, you growing more confided by that. You soon reached your high, making a mess all over your boyfriends face. Jongho licked you clean until every drop was gone. You then stood up and checked on him, he giving you a proud smile. „I knew you could do it, I am so proud of you! We need do this more often tho, that was freaking hot.”
Tumblr media
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brattyfics · 7 months ago
Say So
Pairing: Rio x Black!Reader
Summary: Rio’s feelings for one of his associates becomes clear. Loosely based on “Say So” by Doja Cat. This is a part of the Hot Pink Series.
Word Count: 4.1K
Installments: Say So | Like That | Talk Dirty
A/N: I’m neither a money launderer nor a business owner, so the crime aspect may be lacking a bit. I did a good bit of research on Colombian culture for this, but please let me know if you see anything you think is inaccurate. I wanted to keep my word and post this. I’ve edited it but there may still be small mistakes. Forgive me!
Tumblr media
Day to night to morning, keep with me in the moment I'd let you had I known it, why don't you say so? Didn't even notice, no punches left to roll with You got to keep me focused, you want it, say so
Rio had been called a lot of things in his lifetime. Brilliant. Clever. Smug. But he had never ever been called shy. He was nothing if not self-assured, so why was it so hard to tell you how he felt?
The two of you worked together. Well, technically he was the boss and you worked for him, but your relationship was one built on mutual respect.
You managed one of Rio’s money-washing businesses, a cute little bakery called ‘Mad Batter’ on the outskirts of Detroit. Along with washing the fake money, you ran the bakery in every sense. You were the marketing team, recipe researcher, part-time baker, and the professional taste taster all-in-one. A model employee really.
There wasn’t much of a reason for you and Rio to have contact, especially because your store was out of the way for him, but he almost never missed a drop. You were sure he had more important things to do with his time but you never questioned it. Maybe he was hands on with all aspects of his business.
Still, it was a shock to see him turn up on Wonderland Day. Admittedly, you had gone a little crazy with the whole thing, the store’s interior decorated in a ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme. Green tarp decorated the entrance way, acting as a runway of sorts. Bright pastel teacups hung from the ceiling, overpriced fake greenery from your local art supply store stuck to the wall with temporary double sided tape. Custom made floral arrangements decorated your countertop, and tiny little trinkets were spaced out inside the viewing station. You even ordered a black and white checkerboard backdrop for customers to take pictures in front of along with a bunch of cute props — a super detailed studded top hat and a vintage Victorian style chaise you purchased at the antique shop down the street.
You couldn’t use Alice’s likeness because of potential copyright issues, but you decorated the Wonderland cupcakes with cute little mushrooms, clocks, hearts, and teapots. The customers seemed to appreciate it. Children seemed to change their mind at least five times before their parents got frustrated and chose for them. On the way out, families made sure to stop for a photo. Business was booming and you couldn’t be happier. More customers meant more cash being washed.
You assumed Rio was just as happy to see the bakery doing so well. While you stood with your eyebrow quirked, he eyed the place up and down, nodding his head in appreciation at the effort you put into your job. For once he was without his shadow — Mick, who was all beard and face tats. You continued to arrange things behind the register while your employee, Marie, rang up customers as if you didn’t see him.
As far as anyone was concerned, Rio was just a regular customer. ‘Mad Batter’ was yours in name, even though Rio provided the capital. You had split profits 60/40 (your way because you assumed most of the risk) for almost a year. In that year, he’d never shown up at the shop during business hours.
As he made his way over to you, you sent Marie to the back, tasking her with sweeping. It was something to keep her busy while you talked to Rio.
“I’ll yell for you if I need you.” You told her with a smile. She seemed surprised, but left without question. You made a mental note to give her a raise in the next quarter. Good help was hard to find.
“What I gotta do to get some service around here?”
Rio wore his signature smirk and all black ensemble, his arms folded behind his back while he eyed the treats in the viewing case.
You rolled your eyes but played along.
“You got green?” His eyes darted from delicious sweets to you, something playful in them. You felt your blood heat up beneath your skin. Rio was always professional, but it didn’t stop your mind from wandering places it probably shouldn’t.
He laughed under his breath. “You already know, mama.”
What would it be like to play with a man like him? Something told you, you’d struggle to come out on top but that didn’t mean you wouldn’t make it easy for him.
“Then whatever you want is yours.” The words sounded more seductive than you intended. Polite. Professional. You reminded yourself. But the double entendre was not lost on him if the smirk on his face was to be trusted. You were mortified by the thought of him taking you seriously so you tried to play it off. Shaking your head, you giggled.
“That sounded wrong. Anything you want on the menu is yours.” You pointed to the chalkboard behind you, each item and price written neatly in pretty pastel chalk.
Rio studied your face for several moments. It unnerved you, but you held strong. He broke first, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.
“Yeah. I’m always in the mood for something sweet.” You quirked a brow, but let it slide. Your slip-up earlier had your mind in the gutter.
“The Wonderland cupcakes are 2 for $6. $4 for one. Then of course we have our regular menu items. What do you have a taste for?” Something not on the menu.
He didn’t even bother to glance at the menu, all of his attention on you. “What’s your favorite?”
You twiddled your fingers where he couldn’t see. “Umm, I’d probably go with the birthday cupcake. It’s a classic. Can’t go wrong with classic.”
“But is it your favorite?” He leaned forward, resting his forearms on the high countertop.
You blinked at the closeness. “Huh?”
“I wanna know your favorite. I look like the kinda dude that wants basic? Nah, mama, I need something better than that.”
O--kay then...
“Banana pudding. That’s my favorite at the moment. The vanilla cake base is hallowed at the center and injected with the pudding. It’s topped with a cream cheese icing and crushed Vanilla Wafers. How does that sound?” You had simply told him your favorite but he looked at you as if you had given him the answer to some question he had been longing to know for a long time.
“That’s perfect. I’ll take two of those and uh, a Wonderland cupcake for my baby boy. Better yet, give me two of those. You know I’m a sucker for a deal.” You were shocked at the revelation but tried not to let it show. Rio was usually careful to not share information with associates, but you were different. He wanted you to get to know him more intimately and vice versa.
With a nod and the perfect smile for customer service, you got to work on his order. It took a moment, but you slipped on a pair of gloves and folded up the recyclable cardboard cupcake case before gently placing them inside. The clear sticker with your logo was the final touch to the pack before you gently placed the case inside a bag. You quickly rung up his items.
He pulled his card out, but didn’t insert it in the card reader. “I don’t get an employee discount?”
“You’re not an employee.”
“A case can be made—“ You cut him off. “No.”
It was a good old-fashion stare off between the two of you at the register. You being Diddy and him being the American Idol contestant.
“Okay, respect. I’m not an employee but don’t I at least get a family/friends discount?”
“Surely, I classify for that.”
“Swipe your card or move.”
“You drive a hard bargain, mama.”
You tried not to swoon at the nickname. “What can I say? I’m a business woman.”
“That you are.” He said with a thoughtful look you couldn’t place before swiping his card. His fingers brushed yours when you handed him the goodie bag, a chill running through you. Instead of leaving like a normal person, he said something that shocked you.
“Come take a ride with me.”
“You got someone to cover you?”
As if on cue, Marie poked her head out from the back. She wanted to make sure you weren’t overwhelmed with customers.
“Looks like you do.”
“Oh, no. She’s—“
Rio ignores the poor attempt at an excuse. “What's your name?” He asked Marie, beckoning her closer with two fingers. She answered and he committed it to memory. “Marie. Can you do me a favor, darlin’?” You watched your poor employee be hypnotized by the handsome man in front of you. Rio had a magnetic energy that drew people to him and even you weren’t immune.
“You think you can close up for boss lady here?” She didn’t even look to you for guidance before answering. “Of course.” You gave her a look until she realized her mistake. “I mean, yes, if it’s okay with her.”
He titled his head towards you. It was almost a dare but there didn’t seem to be any malicious intent behind it. “Well?”
You studied him while you considered your answer. He had just strolled into your shop on a busy day expecting you to just up and leave? And do what with him? He had never abused the power dynamic between the two of you, never even hinted at it. You knew he would accept ‘no’ if it was your answer, but curiosity got the best of you.
There was a pun to be made about curiosity and the cat considering your vagina made half the decision for you. How could you say no when he was standing there all princely with that hopeful, expectant look on his face?
You had never seen him so light. Rio went out of his way to make you comfortable around him, but his jaw was always tense, his head on a swivel. It was the nature of the business but you found you liked the relaxed version of him.
“I would really appreciate that, Marie. Thank you. I just have to get my purse.” You directed the last part at Rio. You felt the heat of his gaze on your back as you went. You made quick work of gathering your things, excitement bubbling in your stomach.
You rolled your eyes at the new pair of best friends. Rio was laying on the charm thick, complimenting Marie on her customer service skills and she was eating it up. You had to call her name to get her attention. “Luke will be here for another two hours. Shawn will be here soon and he’ll help you close up. Things should slow down but call me if you need to...” Rio reminded you of his presence with a hand on the small of your back. “Thank you so much.” You told her sincerely.
“Alright, come on. She’s got it, ma.”
You let him guide you outside to his blacked out G-Wagon. You let out a whistle as he opened the door for you, admiring the interior.
“You like?”
“Yeah, it’s nice.”
“Thank you.”
You watched him walk across the front of the car, taking in his lean physique. Being in such close proximity with him, was making you notice things you hadn’t allowed yourself to before.
With a push of a button, the truck purred to life.
“Nothing. I’m just wondering where we're going.”
He nodded in acknowledgement but didn’t offer an answer.
You racked your brain for an explanation. Business was good as usual. You hadn’t made any mistakes to land you on his bad side. You trusted him but you had to remind yourself there were no real friends in business.
He sensed your uneasiness. “Relax, mama. You’re good. I know I’m carrying precious cargo.” His tone made you instinctively relax. You sunk into your seat as he drove you into the city, closer towards traffic and large droves of people.
Confusion was still written all over your face when he pulled into a parking lot at the back of a large strip of buildings. “Let’s take a walk.”
He offered you his hand, holding the ‘Mad Batter’ bag in the other. Your heart thumped in your chest, but you took it. He laced your fingers together, brushing the back of your hand with his thumb. You looked at him but he wouldn’t meet your eyes. Butterflies danced in your stomach, thinking that you probably looked like a couple.
The street was lined with flourishing businesses— a busy coffee shop, a huge book store, a bright floral shop. You could see everything through the tall glass windows, the sides of them lined in beautiful red brick. They were just the type of building you sometimes imagined moving into. The bakery started as a money-making venture, but you had fallen in love with it.
Rio stopped you in front of a vacant shop. Even from the outside you could tell the place had potential. Did Rio want your opinion on his next venture?
The wonder showed on your face as you took in the open space. It was big enough that your footsteps echoed. The walls were painted in a neutral brown-grey color complimented by soft maple wood floors. The back splash behind the large counter was a beautiful pale mint tile. You mentally envisioned everything you could do with the space even though it wasn’t yours.
Towards the back of the large space, there was a circular table with a white table cloth and place settings. In the center there was a clear vase with a beautiful arrangement of short-stemmed, deep red roses. Subconsciously, your feet moved you closer to the gorgeous set-up.
You turned to Rio and found him staring.
“What’s this?”
He kept his tone light, casual. “Even the boss needs a day off, right?”
“That’s not an answer.”
“Sit down.” His tone left no room for argument, but you cocked your hip anyway. Who did he think he was telling you what to do? Your boss? Oh, yeah.
You accepted the chair he pulled out for you, looking around as you settled into the cushioned seat.
“I take days off.” You said, needing some sort of victory.
Rio didn’t look convinced.
“How would you even know?”
He shrugged. “I know things.”
“I don’t doubt it, boss man.” You mocked him. “You’re the one who needs a day off.”
His almost-permanent unreadable mask cracked and you could tell you hit the nail on the head.
“Yea’, you probably right.”
You gasped dramatically. “What? Are you admitting to your faults? Not boss man.”
“Shut up.” He tells you with a boyish grin, no bite to his words.
“Seriously, though? What’s up?” Rio was always sly smiles and slick jokes, never one to shy away from anything, but he was avoiding answering your questions.
“I got a couple of things to discuss with you.”
“Okay…” The anticipation made you nervous.
“But first, let’s eat.”  You made a face when Rio called out for someone.
“Who the hell is that?” You whispered when a man came from the back, carrying a tray of food. “Where did you come from, man?” You joked, eyes wide when he stopped at the table. Rio explained that he was the chef and that the kitchen was sound-proof. “Hmm, nice.” A feature like that would be nice in your shop. You were forced to bake early in the mornings or after closing to not disturb customers. People liked the calm vibe of your place, the mixer sounding off like a jackhammer would kill that.
“It smells delicious.” You cooed, easily enticed by food being set down in front of you.
“I wasn’t sure what you’d like, so I had a couple things made.” You felt special. “I eat everything and I love trying new foods!” You were unfamiliar with most of the dishes, but you were excited to try them. “Can you tell me what everything is?”
“Yeah.” Rio watched the way your face light up, admiring how open minded you were. “So these are empanadas. They have a corn masa crust. The inside is filled with ground pork and beef, diced potatoes, and some veggies. Stuff like onions and peppers. This is probably the safest option. I never met anyone that didn’t like empanadas.”
You picked up one of the semicircle shaped dumplings, chewing with fervor. “It’s so good.” You told him between bites. “I think I’ve had these before, actually.”
He nodded with a smile. “You like spice?”
“Who doesn’t?”
“Here, try it with the ají. It’s like pico de gallo.” You took the spoon from him, adding a generous amount to what was left of the patty. “Give it a squeeze of lime.”
“So good.”
He handed you a hand towel for your sticky hand.
“Thank you.” He loved your politeness. Such a sweet girl. “Oh! This next.” You pointed to the large plate stacked with a variety of things. And, you were back to being the boss. He loved that too.
“Picada o Fritanga.” You repeated after him until you got the pronunciation right.
“This is one of many dishes that everybody kinda just freestyles. Traditionally there’s always some form of pork whether it’s pork belly or pork rib, sometimes chorizo. My ma always used pork belly so that’s what we have here. These are plantains, more potatoes and yuca.” You tried them one by one, taking in each new item.
He found he liked to watch you eat. It shouldn’t have been sexy, but it was. You made little sounds of pleasure as you tasted everything and then dazzled him with that gorgeous smile.
“What do you think?”
“The meat is really good. Tender. The potatoes are seasoned perfectly. Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of plantains, but these are pretty good. The yuca surprised me. It’s really thick but I like it.”
“You ready to try this?” He gestured to the dish you were most hesitant about. It was a yellow-orange soup.
“Cazuela de Mariscos. Seafood stew. The base is coconut milk but there’s a lot of spices as well. Mussels, shrimp, scallops.” You loved seafood but you were used to eating it differently. In a crab boil, in pasta, sometimes fried.
He sensed your hesitance and decided to help you out. He picked up a spoon, dipping it into the liquid before lifting it to your mouth, his other hand underneath in case it spilled.
You wrapped your lips around the spoon, trying to prevent unladylike slurping. He certainly appreciated the view, his pants tightening.
“I like it.” You lied.
He laughed in your face. So much for lying.
“Here, let’s get you something to wash it down with, darlin’.” He reached across the table to pull a bottle from the stainless steel ice tub. “Do you want wine or something else?”
“Wine is perfect.”
It probably wasn’t the most professional move, but you had already crossed that line. A glass wouldn’t hurt. Besides, his intentions became clearer to you as the night progressed.
In between sips and bites of food, the two of you became even more familiar with each other.
“Everything is soooo good. If you keep feeding me like this…” You caught yourself. The wine is making your tongue loose.
Rio couldn’t help but think of the nickname his guys had given you. Behind your back (and his for a while) they called you ‘Lola Bunny’. He was annoyed when he realized they were lusting over you, but now the thought was stuck in his mind. You had big, expressive eyes. Long, seductive lashes. When you caught him off guard with those pretty brown eyes, he felt like prey. In that moment, he had to work to not be sucked into the whirlpool of your eyes.
He talked to distract himself, leaning back in his chair. “My ma used to butcher this quote by Chavez. It goes something like ‘giving someone food is like giving them a piece of yourself’.” The actual quote went “the people who give you their food, give you their heart” but he didn’t think that was the best thing to say to you on what was essentially your first date. “This…” He gestured to the food on the table. “ a part of me, and these…” He pulled the bag with the cupcakes closer. “...are a part of you.”
You were too tipsy to stop the sigh that escaped. If you could melt into a puddle at his feet, you would. You made Disney eyes at him as he plated the cupcakes for the both of you. Rio was smooth. Too smooth.
With your inhibitions lowered, you asked him the questions you always wanted to. “What’s your name? Rio’s way too cool to be your actual name.”
He chuckled. “You’re right, it’s Christopher.”
“Christopher…?” You carefully peeled away the cupcake liner.
Your head popped up. “That’s fitting, actually.” Castillo meaning castle. Rio was tall, strong, well-built, fortified like a castle. “I had a Spanish teacher in middle school that made us pick Spanish names out of a textbook. It was her way of immersing us and it actually worked. We took the time to look up each other’s names and I remember Castillo because I chose that one.”
He bit his lip to hide his smile. “How come?”
You suddenly felt shy, fiddling with your fingers. “I don’t know. Probably because I was a diva at the time, that definitely thought she deserved a castle.”
He wore a wistful look. He said nothing, but it gave away everything.
“What about this?” You pointed at Rio’s neck.
“El Águila. The eagle. It’s the town my mother’s from in Colombia.”
“Can I touch?”
He extended his neck in answer.
Your fingertips gently traced the outline of the mighty bird. People looked at his tattoo and wrote him off, but up close you could see every stunning detail. It wasn’t some random, thoughtless thing. It was an expression of himself. He looked down at you through his long lashes and you forced yourself to retreat, realizing just how intimate it was. Your hand dropped to your lap and he took a hold of it. You let out a harsh breath.
“Is this okay?”
“You said we. How many siblings do you have?”
“I have two sisters. One older, Gabby, and Ana is younger. We’re all two years apart.”
“So you’re the middle child, then. That explains a lot actually.”
“What does it explain, actually?” He asked playfully.
“I don’t know, just the way you are. You seem a little bit like the loner type— but not in a weird way. Mick is with you all the time, but you don’t have a lot of guys around. You’re independent, you’re a boss. You seem content doing things on your own.”
“Hmm..and you?” He was glad to know he wasn’t the only one infatuated. “Brothers? Sisters?”
“Only child.” He barked out a laugh before using your own words against you. You pouted, embarrassed that it was so obvious.
He lifted your chin, preventing your attempt to hide from him. “Don’t even worry, ma. I happen to like the ‘only child type’.
“I doubt it. ‘Only child’ is code for brat.”
“I like brats too.”
You swallowed hard at the intense look in his eyes. His hands found their way to your bottom of your thighs, rubbing in hypnotizing circles. You were putty in his hands. Rio looked like he wanted to eat you up. The wine had you tingling down below and overheating everywhere else. It was all too much and not enough at the same time. You shook your head, trying to focus. “You said you wanted to discuss some things.”
He sobered up, putting his Rio mask on, but kept a firm grip on your hand, finally broaching the topics he had been avoiding. He explained that he was going to flip his game, meaning no more fake cash to wash.
Your heart dropped into your stomach. “What does that mean for me?”
“You have options.”
“Like what?”
“Well, this place is for sale.”
You looked around the large space. “It’s nice but I’m not sure I could afford it. It’s like three times the size of the other place and probably five times as expensive. Plus, you just said no more fake cash.”
“It’ll be yours if you want it.” He said it as if it was the simplest thing ever. For him, it was. Whatever you wanted and he could provide, he would.
“It’s in a prime location. With your talents and ambition, you’ll make five times what you make at the other place. Easy. And more importantly, legally.”
“Since when do you care about legal?”
“I don’t. But I do care about you.”
That shut you up.
“This’s not sustainable. Even for me. I’m slowly, but surely making my exit plan.”
You felt overwhelmed, unsure of what your next move would be. It was a generous offer from Rio, but you weren’t comfortable accepting a gift like that. On the other hand, what would you do without it? ‘Mad Batter’ had gained more traction, but it had already been tainted. As long as you stayed there, you risked being found out.
You grabbed a hold of Rio’s shoulders and leaned forward, letting him hold your weight. Your face rested in the crook of his neck while he pulled you up and onto his lap.
You didn’t know how much time you spent like that, you just knew you liked being close.
When you did eventually pull away, you did so with a laugh. “You pulled out all the stops to fire me!” You were hysterical, wiping tears from the corners of your eyes. He laughed with you, keeping a firm hold on your vibrating torso.
“Only the best for my girl.”
“Your girl, huh?” He nodded confidently and it turned you on, but you still had to bust his balls. “Oh, okay! Well I’m glad you finally decided to let me know that. I didn’t even notice. Why didn’t you say so?”
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absolutebl · 6 months ago
This Week in BL
April 2021 Part 2
Being a highly subjective assessment of one tiny corner of the interwebs.
Tumblr media
Ongoing Series - Thai
Love Poison 2 Ep 3 - incomprehensible plot, confusing characters, terrible audio, I’m dropping this one. 
Second Chance Ep 2 - they are my adorable babies and I LOVE THEM. Must protect Jeno at all cost. Chris, come on, boy needs you. (They’re the jock/nerd pair.) Then there’s the friend-to-lovers (Paper & Fah) and cafe cute boys (M & Near). We got artful injury tending (finger & lip) and some jealousy or something. Is the script good? Hell no. Is anything happening? Nope. But I’m INVESTED in the nothingness. 
Lovely Writer Ep 7 - mostly set in the past, but the child actors they got were decent. I actually liked how they explained Sib’s behavior (I mean losing your BFF + figuring out you’re gay at the same time gotta mess with your head). We got touch my lip, carry baby to bed, let’s sleep facing, face touch, hair touch, and a hand kiss as well as The Kiss. With so many intimacy and caring tropes, I’m well pleased.  BONUS: NO SOUND EFFECTS. Please make then have fired the sound tech. OHPLEAESEOHPLEASEOHPLEASE. 
Fish Upon The Sky Ep 1 - I like it. Might as well break the 4th wall if you’re gonna do a voice over. Some super cringy moments but I think that’ll improve post makeover. Yet again we have a BL poking fun at its own tropes. 2021 is definitely the year of meta. Oh and Phuwin’s English is really good. 
Call It What You Want Ep 1-2 - it’s slow and more arty than I expected. The actor playing the main character looks eerily like Up (Gene in Lovely Writer) + an ex of mine - it’s disconcerting. 
Brothers Ep 10 - my two got together and ARE ADORABLE. I actually really like how they dealt with Khun’s seme ownership freak out. That’s some sexy communicating, boys! So many couples (and triads) I’m well confused, but I only love KhunKaow so no one else matters.  
Y-Destiny Ep 2 - cute, bit raunchy, kinda fun, about a million tropes in one tiny ep. I’m getting So Much in Love meets something from Strongberry. No bad thing... no real good thing either. But I was expecting a lot worse. 
Tumblr media
Ongoing Series - Not Thai 
HIStory 4: Close To You (Taiwan) Ep 4 (AKA Ep 7-8) - I don’t wanna blog about it. I can’t even think about it. I’m still gonna keep watching it. Conclusion? I’m trash. 
Word of Honor (China) Ep 22-24 - Wen is as much as a drama queen as Gene (in his own special way). Most of his past is now revealed plus obligatory bathing scene. (Is Gong Jun contractually obliged to be topless in all his dramas or is it just for the good of the planet? Asking for a friend.) A good 60% of the time I have no idea what is going on (so many names! who is this Lovelace putz allasudden?) but I don’t care cause they so pretty. 
Most Peaceful Place (Vietnam) Ep 3 - didn’t drop this week, or was it only 2 episodes? I’m so confused. 
We Best Love 2 (Taiwan) Ep 6 fin - It’s GREAT, they’re great, everyone’s great, the world is great. So pleased to get Shu Yi and his dad talking Japanese. I love it when Taiwan makes use of bilingual actors (see Because of You) almost as much as them flexing their marriage equality muscles. The full circle pool kiss was adorable and this series is officially a favorite. (@heretherebedork your boys don’t end unhappily but they don’t get an HEA either, everyone else does. I think you’d be okay with this one.) 
Tumblr media
Stand Alones 
Tell the World I Love You (Thai BL movie) released into theaters? Or not? Haven’t heard anything about it. 
Tumblr media
Breaking News 
Bite Me got a full trailer and it looks GOOD. Mark Siwat seems to be carrying this one, which is fine, we all know he can (especially if you’ve seen his non-LBC stuff). Quality controls seem relatively high, although this may only be a fund-raising trailer. No eng subs at last check but I’m disposed to be hopeful. It feels like we are in Oxygen territory and that was one of my favorites last year. 
You’re My Sky dropped what they’re calling an “official pilot.” No eng subs. I think this is a tester trailer to raise funds. MDL listing makes this sound like a standard college BL, but trailer portrays a sports romance. Stars almost-familiar new faces from Y-Destiny. It’s like we have a new crop of BL actors chomping at the bit to take over from MaxTul or MewGulf, and with the 91 line aging out*, maybe they aren’t wrong? 
Tumblr media
* Don’t crawl into my craw, they’ve most of ‘em said they don’t wanna keep doing BL after turning 30 and frankly, why should they? 
Nitiman dropped BTS from their publicity shoot. No eng subs. 
Tumblr media
Next Week Looks Like This:
Some shows may be listed later than actual air date for International accessibility reasons. 
Tumblr media
Upcoming 2021 BL master post here.
Links to watch are provided when possible, ask in a comment if I missed something.
Spring Line Up:
Close Friend the series (Thai trailer) April 22.
2gether the movie (Thai trailer) April 22 to Thai theaters.
Nitiman (Thai) May 7 on One31.
I Told Sunset About You 2 (Thai) May 27 on LineTV
Ossan’s Love (Hong Kong) June to Viu
I joined MDL under this handle AbsoluteBL. Find me there if you like, currently it’s just ratings, tracking, & three lists: 
Japanese BL & Live Action Yaoi Manga
Korean BL
Taiwanese BL
Tumblr media
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blackenedwhite97 · 7 months ago
Coming Out [Poly! Erasermic x {Fem}Reader]
Hello! this was a requested fic from like before Christmas. I'M A MESS I KNOW I'M SORRY! I’ll be catching up at some point, I'm in my final sem at uni and have MAJOR senioritis. Me no do unless me have to. Instead, now I just spend my time staring at the existential abyss the threatens to swallow my ceiling and think about everything I'm procrastinating. But I digress...
Content Warning: This story is of a negative experience coming out as poly to your family, this deals with rejection from the reader's mother, father, and a grandparent. This story demonstrates Homophobia, xenophobia, traditionalist and conservative values and attitudes and may be triggering to some folks.
This story includes a Polyamorous relationship
Polyamory: the practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all the people involved.
Word Count: 3.7 K (A baby story)
Y/N --- 4:06pm
Hey can my roomates come to dinner?
DAD --- 4:06
You mean the gays?
Y/M --- 4:08
Please don’t call them that. Neither of them are gay anyways, there’s more than just gay or straight.
DAD --- 4:10
Yeah whatever. Let your mom decide.
MOM --- 5:12
Sure, they can come.
Mom --- 5:23
Gma might be coming dinner tho. Maybe talk to them?
That conversation should have been enough of a warning for how the evening was going to transpire. At news of your grandmother attending dinner, you panicked and tried to back out of your plans. You had been growing steadily farther apart from your parents anyways, barely seeing them more that once a year if that. It’s not like they didn’t have their suspicions anyways, to them you were a single woman living in the big city sharing an apartment with two gay men. Not that they’d ever been to the apartment. If they had they might have notice that one of the two “bedrooms” was being used as an office. Earlier on in the relationship you were so deeply uncomfortable being around your parents alone, that you had Shouta come with you every visit because you were so paranoid you were just going to come out on the spot.
At first your parents were sure that you and Shouta were together. He had subconsciously cleaned up quite nice the first few times he met your parents anyways, wanting to make a good impression on them if you finally did tell them about your polyamorous relationship. Then as time went on you got busier and started to see them less. Shouta’s parents lived in the suburbs and you saw them on holidays, plus Shouta had come out to them as being bisexual a long time ago and hadn’t felt much pressure to hide the polyamorous nature of your relationship to begin with. Hizashi’s mom was still a city dweller in her 60’s and on top of doing the cute mom things like baking fantastic cookies and handing down family jewelry to the daughter in law, she’d also taken Hizashi and Shouta to their first pride in Tokyo and had an in-home recording studio where she recorded for local punk bands. She was, quite literally, a cool mom.
You gnawed vigorously at your thumbnail, not quiet biting the whole way through, instead riddling it with dents and cracks. Chewing your nails wasn’t a habit you’d always had, it became a sort of silent worry thing you started to do when you got to your agency and had to remain still and quiet during briefings, no matter how terrible the news was. Your ruined nail beds were an atrocity to Hizashi, who had paid several times for you to get a manicure to get your nails short and evenly trimmed so you could manage them on your own. You still somehow found a way to gnaw on the short squared off nubs of your nails though, and it drove him nuts. Shouta cared less, his hands were in ridiculous shape, he was callused and bruised, cracked and flaking all over the place and Hizashi would regularly force moisturizer on them. Shouta cared more about figure out the root stress, it’s not that Hizashi didn’t, he just didn’t know how to, so he settled for pampering you.
“It’s dead.” Hizashi huffed from the bedroom door. “Obliterated, actually.”
“Hmm?” You looked up from your phone, you hadn’t been reading any of the messages in the chat for a good few minutes and just let your eyes unfocus instead. You yanked your thumb from your mouth and hid it below the table like a child caught with a sweet they’d snuck from the kitchen before dinner, you knew he saw.
“Your nail.” Hizashi gently patted the end of his hair with his special fluffy towel that he’d convinced you and Shouta he needed to control his frizz (which he didn’t have) and padded towards the kitchen table where you sat. He placed a kiss on the top of your head as he strode around you.
“What’s up, love?” he murmured softly, leaning against the table next you. One of his legs propped up on the chair to your right and leaned down to look at your phone screen.
“This is going to go horribly.” You breathed, panicked as you set your phone down on the table.
“You don’t know that.” Hizashi looked back up at you and smiled sweetly.
“Not everyone’s mom is a cool rocker lady in her 60’s who lives in the heart of downtown still and is fully supportive of her child’s bisexual polyamorous relationship with their childhood best friend and an ex-small-town girl with an ultra-conservative family.” You huffed out in one long breath.
“That was oddly specific.” He chuckled softly. “What about Sho’s parents, they’re conservative?”
“Yeah, but his parents are at least polite and send us both Christmas gifts every year and keep any and all of their shittier opinions to themselves because they want their son to be happy.” You groaned dramatically, dropping your head onto his thigh, using the extra meat to muffle the noise.
“Y-your-” Hizashi’s leg twitched from the vibrations of your groan. “Your parents want you to be happy too, Y/n.”
You groaned into his thigh, trying to explain the difference between your parent’s and Shouta’s. Hizashi laughed and gently grabbed the side of your face, lifting it so you were no longer muffled by his leg.
“Try again.” He instructed.
“They only want me to be happy if it fits into their rigid frame of what acceptable happiness looks like.” You explained again.
“Hey,” Hizashi ran his thumb back and forth across your cheek, “have faith, baby. They’re your family, they love you.”
If only he’d been right.
Shouta was the know it all, the one that way always right. Hizashi on the other hand was quiet used to being the one that was not always right, he had no hubris about his intelligence what-so-ever. So much so that sometimes you and Shouta had to remind him that he was intelligent and offered a lot of knowledge and wisdom in many many ways: public speaking, social relationships, radio scripting, he spoke two languages fluently as well. However, this one-time Hizashi wished dearly that he had been right, that he was an insufferable know it all who never got it wrong. It was a different twisted feeling in his gut, sitting the back seat watching you try to keep it together in the front seat, than the usual mild embarrassment that faded after a couple of minutes when he was wrong about something. That was damn near luxurious compared to the painful knot tearing into his stomach.
The silence in the car was so dense and absolute that it almost physically gagged Hizashi and Shouta, the two of them were too afraid to say anything and break it. It felt as though the heavy silence was keeping you from breaking, as if it were applying enough pressure at all sides to keep the thin veneer of composure you were managing together. You felt it too, along with the heavy weight that was nearly crushing your chest, the thick doughy lump clogging your throat and the tremble in your lips. You took a deep breath, it getting caught halfway and freezing in to an unrealized sob that you pushed down.
Shouta huffed and pulled off to the side of the dark country road, slowing into the gravelly shoulder. He turned in his seat to face you, undoing his seat belt so he could fully turn his body. You kept your eyes out the window, trying with all your might not to let the tears that clouded your eyes to fall. You knew you’d need to cry about this, about your parents and their conditional love. You knew that this was something you would need to deal with, but you didn’t want to at this moment. You wanted to go home, take some sleeping medication and go to sleep, you wanted to wait until the open wound in your chest had stopped bleeding to begin treating it.
Your father was being facetious about your living arrangement as usual, whenever he was faced with Shouta and Hizashi his first reaction was to constantly point out that fact that you were a woman living with two men and that if they weren’t gay that one of them should have married you by now. Shouta and Hizashi had taken these comments like water rolling off of a duck’s back, Hizashi even grinned and mumbled something about your father tempting him. You could have kept your mouth shut, you could have kept your cool but Shouta’s hand was brushing against your thigh and you felt it tense into an annoyed fist. Something about Shouta’s minimal reaction lit a fire in you, more like an explosion. It was a surge of very sudden and very ferocious courage that lasted a split second and no longer. You’d practically shouted it, the ringing in your ears drowning whatever words you’d used out.
You were met with complete and utter silence, shock and fear thick in the air. You’d almost believed for a moment that you hadn’t done it, that you’d just shouted randomly and just scared everyone. But then your dad stood up, his shocked open mouth flattening out into a hard straight line, this jaw swelling as he clenched it.
“W-what?” he growled, stepping back from the table as if you were a threat.
You were ready to backtrack, you were so ready to just laugh and pretend you were fucking with him. But you spared a glance to Shouta and Hizashi, their faces pale and guilty. They, regardless of what you could say in an attempt to cover up what you’d just said, were basically admitting to it already. You instinctively shrunk back into your chair like you’d do when you were younger at the dinner table whenever something uncomfortable would come up. You could tell everyone was at a loss for words, the difference was that you were scared and at a loss for words, Shouta and Hizashi were shocked and at a loss for words and your father was steaming angry and at a loss for words.
Your mother, who had always been the least confrontational of the two turned away from you and almost in a show of disgust immediately went to comfort your grandmother. It was as if you were an afront to goodness, an act of moral atrocity being committed in front of them. Your father began to barrage you with passive aggressive questions and accusations towards Shouta and Hizashi. He was trying to understand while at the same time refusing to give you a chance to explain. You stopped listening after the first few sentences that came out of his mouth, falling back into an internal monologue filled with regret. He must have said something exceptionally terrible because in an instant Shouta was standing, his arm reaching out to separate you from him and he was shouting. Shouta never shouted, he barely voiced any form of annoyance or frustration in general when it wasn’t a learning moment for his students, but here he was on his feet volleying harsh word with your father.
Hizashi, you realized was attempting damage control, his hands raised and his voice lower than either of the other two men’s. You blinked back into the present, as noise filled your ears, you mother was crying, your father and Shouta were shouting and Hizashi was rambling panicked. You took a couple of deep breaths and stood up on shaky legs, gripping Shouta’s protective arm for support, and looked your father in the eyes. He faltered at the direct eye contact and you saw an opening where there was less shouting to contend with.
“Stop,” you hissed through gritted teeth. “this is why I never wanted to tell you! Why I was perfectly okay with living away from you guys for the rest- This is why I haven’t been home.”
Your mother gasped a ragged, tear-filled breath. She’d expressed before that she’d wished she could see you more often, that she’s noticed you’d been coming home less and less. You’d been good at covering it up, saying you were busy with work and simply couldn’t get the time off. You knew that what you’d just said hurt her, not in the way it should have. It hurt her because you’d just told them it was their fault that you felt unwelcomed here and not because you were afraid of your own parents.
“How long?” she breathed.
“Three years.” You sniffed, hand tightening around Shouta’s wrist.
“THREE?! THR-” your father bellowed in disbelief. “For three years they’ve been brainwashing and forcing themselves on you?!”
Suddenly you understood why Shouta had leapt up, you had just now caught up with the conversation. Red hot anger flared up in your chest, the mere insinuation that you were being forced in anyway to be with your partners filled you with utter rage.
“No!” You growled, for the first time in your life matching your father’s volume. “For three years they’ve been by my side, showing up at the hospital when I got hurt at work, celebrating my promotions at the agency, helping me make a home that I feel safe in and actually fucking caring about me!”
There was silence again, this one was thin but not light in anyway, like it was a delicate thread barely holding a great weight from falling and crushing you.
“We care for you.” You mother said darkly.
“No,” you swallowed hard, “you haven’t for a long time.”
“Get out.” You father growled.
Hizashi was already moving, grabbing your coats from the back of the chairs and pulling Shouta by the arm away from the table. It took you a good long second to move, even then it was because Shouta latched onto your shoulders and Hizashi tugged him along.
“I’m sorry.” Shouta whispered, his hand finding yours in your lap. You kept your eyes focused out the window at the pitch-black fields with barely visible for off golden dots of light. You couldn’t talk.
You heard Hizashi shuffling around in the back seat, scooting closer to you and his hand joined Shouta’s, pulling up onto the storage compartment between the seats. It was cracking, that veneer.
“It’s not your fault.” Hizashi murmured.
You sniffed hard, biting int you bottom lip. Of course, it wasn’t your fault that your parents didn’t accept you, that you weren’t good enough or right for them, that you weren’t on par with the apparent morality of the rest of the family. It wasn’t your fault that they were backwards people with terrible ideas of how a person should be. It still didn’t hurt any less that you couldn’t meet those backwards ideals, that you couldn’t be the right kind of person for them.
“Y/n,” Shouta whispered, gently grabbing your chin and turning your face towards them.
They were looking at you the way a mother looks at her crying baby in the first few months, the desperate need to connect and nurture glowing in their eyes. They were filled with worry, with pity, with understanding but also, with fear. No doubt, what had just happened had been traumatic for them too. Looking into their emotion filled eyes you felt that veneer shatter, falling away and unleashing that mournful sobbing that had been trapped inside.
Shouta pulled you towards him, holding you firmly to his chest placing his head atop yours. You vaguely felt Hizashi disappear from you for a moment, but you were too preoccupied with the trembling muscles seizing violently in your chest. Then you felt him sliding in behind you, only now realizing he’d stepped out of the car and slide in through your door as he shut it behind him. He draped himself over you rubbing circles into your back.
“It’s not your fault.” He murmured into your hair over and over again.
At first you didn’t really focus on it, thinking it idle words of comfort but the more he said the more it sunk in. The more your realized that you were holding onto the hope that there was something about this, about you, that you could fix. With every repetition of those four words that false hope chipped away and that heavy weight in your chest began to fall away. It was still painful, it still felt like you had a pen festering wound that you’d never fully heal from, but it also felt lighter. It felt as though a burden you’d believed was yours to bear was suddenly the responsibility of the many.
“You don’t have to change,” Shouta whispered softly as your sobs ebbed into weak beaths, “they do.”
That reignited some tears, to hear what you needed to said so plainly. Shouta was good at that, putting those intangible thoughts and feelings into plain words. You cried until the tears and the worry and the late hour caught up with you, until your head felt heavy and waterlogged and you slumped backwards into Hizashi sniffing. You cried until your wavering breaths evened out and your tired mind fell to silence. Hizashi pulled you into his lap and cradled you against him like a parent holding and oversized child, running his hand slowly through your hair.
When you awoke you were swaddled thoroughly with the fuzzy blanket from the couch Shouta hated because it shed and sandwiched between the two men who snored away. As you blinked in the early morning light that just barely peaked through the blinds you noticed the red rims around Hizashi’s eyes and deep-set circles under Shouta’s as if they both been awake all night. Shouta was still in his dress shirt and Hizashi had stripped down to his boxers and pulled his hair back into a sloppy bun. Neither were properly snoring which told they hadn’t been asleep for very long.
You tried to ignore what had happened last night, what had led to the heavy feeling in your head and crusty dry eyes and tight cheeks. You tried to pretend that they had stayed up for work, that they you had swaddled yourself up in the blanket nor because you were sad but because you just wanted to be cozy. Then you heard a phone vibrate on the nightstand and any and all work towards denial washed away as you dreaded checking it. It could just be a work thing, it could be Hizashi’s phone even though he’d never had it on silent even once since you’ve known him. It could have been Shouta’s vibrating against the wooden table even though you could see his slightly peeking out of his back pocket.
You sighed and sat up, daring the smallest of glances at the nightstand. It was your phone screen that was lit up, several notifications on the screen. You groaned and laid back down, scrunching your eyes shut begging for sleep to suddenly and miraculously take you. It buzzed again and you huffed. Fine. You’ll check it. I guess someone could be dying. I do stop that from happening for a living.
You very cautiously crawled over Hizashi and reached to get your phone, electing not to look at it until you settled back between your boys. You scrolled though your notifications, weather, news, a work email, a second email from a contact that made your blood run cold and three missed calls and two answering machine messages from the same contact. Grandma. Your hands trembled at you unlocked your phone and typed int your voicemail password. You held the phone up to you ear and listen to the first message which was more or less just some frustrated grandma noises and mumbles about the inconvenience of technology, followed briefly by a set of hellos. If you hadn’t been ready to shit yourself, you’d have laughed. Then the second played and you had to take a deep breath to hold yourself together enough to keep listening.
“Hello? Hello? Y/n? Oh shi- well this is just ridiculous. Y/n, I don’t know if you can hear me, or maybe this is your answering machine, I don’t know I can’t hear too well but-” her soft worn voice said into the phone, “I want you to know that I love you. Your parents love you too, even if they did not act like it tonight.”
She paused and your eyes welled up with tears, a lump forming in your throat. It was this strange feeling of pure sadness but also happiness and relief.
“Those boys,” she continued, “probably would have killed your father last night if they had the chance. I’m not saying I get it, but they sure do love you, sweetheart. I quite like the blond one he is very-”
The message cut off and the automated voice asked you what you wanted to do with the message. All you could do was laugh, laugh and cry. You were still sad, still in pain, but it was already starting to feel less life-ending.
“Hey,” Shouta mumbled blearily, “S’okay. I’m here.”
He wrapped an arm around you and pulled you close, trying to pull himself from sleep. You hugged him back and massaged the back of his scalp gently.
“Listen to this.” You sniffed.
He nodded and you pressed repeat, listening to the whole second message through again. You watched as a smile spread across his sleepy lips and he laughed softly. He pouted suddenly when it ended, his eyebrows pulling together as much as his drowsy state would let them.
“What?” you asked, worried he’d heard something you‘d missed.
“Why does she like Zash more?” he grumbled, barely awake now.
You smiled and curled into him, electing not to answer knowing that he wouldn’t like being told that Hizashi is more sociable than him. Besides, you smiled to yourself, he’d be asleep in a matter of seconds.
You were still hurt; you still had that big open wound in your chest. But with Shouta and Hizashi at your side you knew you’d heal; you knew they’d give you anything you needed. You knew that your grandmother was right, that these two boys loved you very much.
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Taking Chances-Part 4*
Pairing: College!Drew Starkey x Plus Size!Reader
Summary: It’s the first game of the season, what could go wrong?
Note: This man will forever be the love of my life🥰
So sorry this took so long to get up!
Warnings🛑: slight assault, mentions of assault, smut(protected sex, dirty talk, slight domination, slight degradation, hair pulling, scratching)
Part 3
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Tumblr media
I woke up warm, too warm…
Drew had moved to be practically on top of me, his large body snuggled up to mine. His head lay on my chest with both his arms wrapped tightly around me. I looked at the clock and saw it was almost noon, so I shook my boyfriend gently.
“Baby, it’s game day. Don’t you have to be up?” I murmured, combing my fingers through his hair gently.
He mumbled something incoherent, ending with snuggling further into my chest. I giggled at how cute he was, moving one hand down his back.
“I love cuddling teddy bear, but it’s your first game of the season today.” I said, gently shaking him again.
This time he moved, but took me with him. He rolled onto his back barely opening his eyes as he stared up at me. I smiled down at him, rubbing his cheek with my thumb. I gave him a gentle kiss, patting the same cheek.
“Up Starkey, you got shit to do.” I chuckled, attempting to untangle myself from him.
Drew wasn’t having it however, and pulled me back down.
“Noooo, five more minutes.” he pouted.
“Drew, you have to get to the stadium!” I laughed, pushing his arms off of me.
I finally escaped, running into the bathroom connected to my bedroom. Drew reluctantly followed, pouting at me through the mirror. He got ready, looking dapper in his khakis and button down. 
I finished my makeup just as he finished getting ready. He had to be there before I did, so we wouldn’t see each other until after the game was over. Drew pulled me into his arms, leaning down and leaving a passionate, hot kiss on my lips. His hands felt all over my body as if he was trying to memorize every dip and curve. 
I had to pull away first, my lungs were burning for air. My chest heaved as I stared up at him.
“What was that for?” I asked, smiling.
“My good luck kiss,” he smirked, slapping my ass before walking out the door.
I felt like the typical jock girlfriend in my ripped jeans, converse, and his jersey. I had to admit, it was a good look on me. I found a seat a few rows back from where the players would sit. 
My heart fluttered when I saw Drew come out, he looked so good in his uniform. His head looked around the stadium like he was looking for something...or someone. Multiple girls in our college shouted at him, trying to gain his attention. He completely ignored them, continuing his search.
His eyes landed on me, and his smile made my stomach flip flop. I waved, and blew him a kiss. He of course caught it and held it to his lips, this earned us lots of stares. I paid them no mind and continued to watch my man. 
The game started a little later, the ball being dribbled mainly by Drew who had made the most baskets during the first half. I cheered him on, so happy to see him doing what he loved. The team was up by 40 points once it hit half time, all the boys were drenched in sweat. They disappeared into the locker room, but Drew made sure to look back and wave at me again. 
By the end of the third quarter, our team was up to 60 against 30. There was no way the opposing team would be able to catch up, at least not while Drew was in control of the ball. He was amazing at what he did, I knew he would be going big places.
The game ended, our team winning. The student section whooped and hollered, chanting Drew’s name. I was shocked when I saw him coming my way, my eyes widening. I stood up, wondering what he was up to.
I didn’t have to wonder long when Drew picked me up, and kissed me.
The team gathered at a local bar to celebrate the win, beers and shots being passed around to everyone. I stood by Drew who had his arm around my waist, keeping his grip tight like he was afraid I’d wander off. 
“Honey, you know it’s alright if you want to go be with your friends for a bit.” I spoke softly to him.
“I’m not leaving you beautiful,” he stated firmly, his arm tightening around me.
“Baby I’m not going anywhere, I’ll stay right here I promise.” I assured, kissing his cheek gently.
“I-..ok I-I won’t be gone long alright?” he stammered, kissing me quickly before going to play darts and talk to his basketball friends.
I regretted my decision of not going with him...
“Wassup mamas?” A voice said from behind me. I turned to see a man around my age, maybe a little older, not as tall as Drew, the size of a stick, and wearing a tshirt with the college logo. 
“Umm...” I muttered, uneasiness immediately flooding through me. 
“What’s a pretty little thing like you doin’ bein’ alone?” the man asked. 
“I’m not alone,” I stated, hoping Drew would hurry back. 
“Come dance with me,” he said, grabbing a hold of my arm. 
“I’ll pass.” I said as I pulled my arm away. I backed further away from him, hoping the distance would give him the hint. 
“Come on, you got a juicy one, show me what it do,” he tried again, this time coming closer to wrap his grimy fingers around my elbows. 
“Dude, can you not see who’s name is on my back?” I asked, arching my brow. 
“Oh yeahh my boy Starkey love him!” He exclaimed, his smile giving me the creeps. 
“He’s my boyfriend.” I emphasized on the last word hoping he’d surely leave me alone now. I pulled my arms, but the man's grip got tighter. 
“Starkey don’t have no girlfriend now turn back around.” He demanded, and that’s when I started to panic. 
“Seriously man back the fuck off!” I screamed, yanking my arms to get away. 
I turned my head around in hopes someone would hear.
“Come on mama,” he laughed. 
In the next second, the man was being ripped away from me. Drew backed the guy away from me, his expression scarily calm. 
“You should really learn the meaning of no.” Drew growled. 
“Drew,” I mumbled, catching his forearm to keep him close to me. 
“I catch your hands on my girl again and I swear to god you’ll regret it.” Drew threatened, pointing his finger in the man’s face. 
“It’s all good man I don’t want no fat chick anyhow,” the guy scoffed, my mouth dropping and Drew’s expression went from pissed to absolutely raging. 
“The fuck did you just say!?” Drew roared, yanking his arm away from me and pushing at the man’s chest. 
“Drew, stop!” I gasped, eyes widening as I followed behind Drew who kept pushing the guy. 
“Yo man it’s all good chill!” the man yelled, his face terrified as Drew towered over him. 
“If you so much as look at my girlfriend, I will end you, is that understood?!” Drew snarled, fisting the guy’s shirt in his hands.
“I think he gets it Drew, let’s go!” I yelled, yanking on his bicep with all my might.
I was finally able to drag Drew out of the club, fury still radiating off of him. He was silent the whole way back to my apartment, keeping a tight grip on my hand. 
Once we made it home, I shut and locked the door behind me, and instantly Drew was bringing me into his arms. Mine went around his waist as he was encasing his around my neck. 
“I’m so sorry,” he whispered into my hair.
“What are you sorry for Drew?” I asked, genuinely confused why he was apologizing. 
“I shouldn’t have lost my cool like that.” he sighed, pulling back slightly. 
“It’s alright, thank you for defending me...I-I’ve never had someone stand up for me like you do,so I appreciate it.” I revealed, Drew’s eyes lingering on mine as we stared intently at one another. 
“You’re not mad?” he questioned. 
“No baby, really I’m not.” I assured, as I ran my hand up and down his back. 
“Are you ok? Did he hurt you?” Drew asked worriedly standing back to do a head to toe scan. 
“No he didn’t hurt me, it was just...I can’t lie it was a bit scary he wouldn’t take no for an answer and even after I told him I had a boyfriend he was still just so...adamant about wanting me to come with him.” I confessed, the gross, uncomfortable feeling from that moment coursed through me. I shivered while reliving the moment, glancing at Drew who looked almost horrified. 
“I shouldn’t have left you…” he whispered, his eyes regretful as they stared into mine. 
“Don’t do that, do not blame yourself Drew. This wasn’t your fault.” I stated firmly, moving my hands to cup his cheeks. 
“No, no if I hadn’t left you to dick around with my friends I-” he started, but I didn’t let him finish. 
“Drew stop it! Nothing would have stopped that guy from coming over to me ok? Stop blaming yourself. It happened, and now it’s over. It’s just you and me teddy bear.” I said softly, getting on my tipey toes and planting a kiss to his lips. 
His eyes were still full of regret and sorrow when I pulled away, it honestly broke my heart. This man in front of me cared so much for me and tonight really showed that. 
“Let’s go to bed,” I whispered, pulling his hand towards my room. 
Drew followed along, but was startled when I turned him around and pushed him on my bed. He sat on the edge, holding onto my hips as I stood between his legs. I held his face in my hands, looking deeply into his beautiful blue eyes. 
“Baby, kiss me.” Drew murmured, bumping his nose to mine. 
“Say please,” I smirked, the twinkle in his eye sparked a thrill through me. 
His giant hand threaded through my hair, taking a fist full at the crown of my head. He yanked it back, exposing my neck to him. My breathing became more ragged as his tongue traced up my neck to my ear. 
“I think you forget who’s in charge here sweetheart,” Drew said, his voice dropping a register that made between my legs ache with desire. 
I couldn’t contain the whimper that left my lips, my body started to give in to him. He chuckled, biting gently on my earlobe. My hands gripped his shoulders tighter, sweat coated my palms as I waited for what his next move would be. 
Drew yanked my head back up and kissed me, his lips and tongue fighting to fit and taste mine. I pushed myself closer to him, our chests now touching. Drew’s hand felt under my shirt, waiting to make sure I was ok with it. I pulled on his, both of our shirts coming off within the next second. 
I felt his hard muscle, loving how he shivered under my touch. Drew looked into my eyes as his hand traveled to my bra clasp. I nodded my head, practically begging with my eyes for him to take it off. 
My bra hit the floor, the chill in my apartment making my nipples pebble. Drew kissed both breasts, the act made my heart flutter. His hands gripped them gently, his thumbs petting over the hardened buds. I gasped at the feeling, his eyes shooting to mine to make sure he hadn’t hurt me. 
“Keep going baby, fuck that’s so good.” I moaned, throwing my head back. 
One hand left to smack my ass, a squeal leaving my lips as I realized my mistake. 
“Please!” I begged, my fingers tugged on his blonde locks. 
Drew continued, but leaned forward to wrap my left nipple between his lips. His tongue flicked and played, after a few seconds he switched to the right, giving both equal attention. 
“So pretty,” he mumbled into my skin. 
“Drew,” I whined, wanting more. 
It was like he knew because in the next second we switched places with me lying down, Drew towered over me on his forearms. His fingers teasingly walked from my sternum down to the hem of my jeans, smirking as I wiggled. 
I bit my lip as his fingers worked unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans, my body arching anytime his skin grazed mine. He got my pants down along with my panties, I got a burst of confidence and spread my legs open for him. 
Drew’s eyes widened as he stared at my naked body, his dick physically twitching. He shoved his pants down, moaning when his dick was free of the confines of his jeans and boxers. My mouth physically salivated at the sight of him, he was built like a Greek God, and he was all mine. I sat up, pulling his hands to come closer to me. 
“I want you in me Drew,” I confessed. 
“Are you sure baby?” he asked, placing a sweet kiss on my lips. 
“Yes teddy bear, I’m very sure.” I smiled, pulling him back down to seal our lips. 
Drew pulled away only for a second to grab a condom from his wallet, rolling it on before coming back to me. He pushed in slowly, both our breathing stopped. A connection formed, a bond that would forever be ours. 
He bottomed out, going slowly to ease me into the feeling. My head flew back, I was so full of him, and it felt so fucking good. 
“Fuck Drew, shit! Move please, I need it!” I cried out, my nails digging into his biceps. 
“Anything for you babygirl,” he smirked, doing as I requested and starting a slow rhythm. 
I moaned even louder, the intense feeling taking over my senses. I never knew sex could feel like this. I never knew what it felt like to be truly worshipped until I met Drew. He broke all my walls, they came tumbling and crashing down. 
All of our amazing memories came flooding through my brain, my heart swelling. 
I was in love with him. 
I was brought back to the present when I felt Drew’s thumb on my clit, a squeak leaving my lips as even more pleasure soared through me. His other hand lifted one of my legs higher until it was wrapped around his waist, he was able to go deeper this way. I groaned, my eyes closing as I felt my high coming closer and closer. 
“You like this baby? Hmmm?” he asked, his rhythm speeding up. 
“Yes, yes I love it so much!” I panted, my hands feeling every inch of his skin that I could reach. 
“Mmm knew you would, I knew you’d love having me buried inside you.” Drew grinned, his filthy words making my clit throb under his thumb. 
“Oooh my baby likes dirty talk?” he teased, rubbing me even faster. 
“Only for you handsome,” I moaned. 
“That’s right baby, this pussy is mine.” he growled, a full body shiver ran through me. 
“Yes, yes baby fuck yes!” I cried, my back arching into him. 
“Cum for me baby, I can feel you squeezing me, let me see your pretty eyes.” Drew commanded, my eyes fluttering open at his request. 
A few more thrusts and rubs, and I was there. My mouth hung open and I shuttered, my orgasm completely washing over me. I screamed his name, scratched his back with my nails as he rode me through it. 
Drew was right behind me, I was still cumming when he let go into the condom. His thumb kept going on my clit until I had to push his hand away. I was so sensitive, but I loved it. I loved that he made me feel this way. 
He crashed on top of me, both of us trying to catch our breath. I gently rubbed his back, smiling as we calmed down. Drew left for only a second to get rid of the condom and to get a washcloth to clean me up.
“You’re so sweet teddy bear,” I giggled, hissing a little when the cold cloth came in contact with my skin.
“Sorry, did I hurt you?” Drew asked, his eyes looking up at me sadly. 
“No no baby I’m ok, just cold is all.” I smiled, rubbing his cheek. 
Drew put the cloth away, then climbed back in bed. He laid between my legs, his head on my chest. 
“Was that ok?” he asked quietly.
“It was amazing,” I assured, kissing his head. 
“Good, because we’re doing that a lot more.” he smirked.
“I can’t wait handsome,” I grinned, excitement flowing through me. 
We had an amazing rest of the night of passionate love making...
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Touch it for Real, Part 5
Genre: Humor / Fluff / Eventual Smut
Warnings: OMG they were roommates / slice of life / slow burn / mutual pining / crude humor / cursing / virgin!baek / idiots to lovers / mention of feet
Characters: Baekhyun X You/Female Reader
Description: You teach Baekhyun how to date. (Basically the Get You Alone M/V)
Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6
Tumblr media
Baekhyun was trembling. His hands were actually shaking so much each time he tried to type into the keyboard of his phone he hit the wrong letters and the typos rendered his message impossible for even the autocorrect to guess what he was trying to say.
“Just — ugh — just give me a regular keyboard for fuck’s sake,” he was grumbling to himself, “my hands wont stop shaking. I can’t. I can’t do this.”
He tossed the phone with force away from him and it landed face down on the carpet across the living room.
“No. I refuse,” he was staring over at the phone on the floor with a shell shocked aura about him, “just forget it. I’ve changed my mind. I can’t. I won’t!”
You’d given him a homework assignment an hour ago.
Ask a girl out on a date.
He’d been sitting on this sofa with his phone in his hands, writing, deleting, rewriting and deleting, again and again, into the text message conversation he had going with Mia.
It had been going pretty well with Mia actually. You’d been handing him the reins more and more and you both celebrated together with a single glass of wine the night he’d had his first actual phone conversation with her. Baekhyun was a lightweight and usually refused to drink more than a few sips of alcohol but he’d gone for the chilled bottle in the fridge and poured it into two glasses and handed one of them to you and lifted his own into the air. He did not wait for you to acknowledge his toast though. He just downed the contents of his glass with a wince on his face in a single go, slammed the empty glass down onto the counter roughly and stormed out of the kitchen toward his bedroom. You sipped your glass and counted it as a shared celebration.
His phone call lasted for 3 minutes and 32 seconds and he managed to tell one awkward joke that elicited audible laughter from the girl. You knew because you sat on the couch beside him with your ear pulled up as close to the phone as you could manage, trying to hear everything that happened. You’d let him know you were here to intervene if something went wrong but honestly you were sure he would do well on his own. And honestly, he was about to do well on his own, despite how awkward and very nervous his voice was.
They had gotten past the introductions at least twice when he briefly forgot what came after “hello” and simply said it a second time. She at least said it twice too and the awkward pause that came after that went on for too long when you held up the index card in your hand and pointed with your finger to the question you had written down.
“ are — I mean, what are you up to?”
You couldn't make out her response, but whatever she said pulled an interested hum from the back of his throat and he made a quick witted remark that had her giggling in response.
You could definitely make out the sounds of her laughter and you could instantly see the change on his face when it happened. You saw the brightness form inside his eyes and he turned to look at you with a surprised expression as he lifted a finger to point at the phone he held in his hand.
His eyes were wide with something in between amazement and panic and he mouthed the words ‘she’s laughing’ at you and you nodded enthusiastically in response.
Unfortunately a few seconds after the joke he accidentally dropped the phone and it took a wild bounce, landing somewhere under the couch. He couldn’t find it for two whole minutes and when he finally found it, he made up some excuse about having to go because he smelled something burning.
He stared at the phone until the screen turned black and he didn’t move when you rubbed a soothing hand over his back.
“That went pretty good,” you offered. Baekhyun grunted and turned toward the kitchen for the celebratory toast.
Since that night, (you know the one) you’d intentionally taken on a more supportive teacher role in this project. You vowed to keep yourself involved as much as he needed and you swore you could keep your own selfishness from impeding his progress. The way you had been acting had been unfair and he was too good to you for him to deserve anything less than your very best.
You had made a promise to Baekhyun and then you made a promise to yourself to follow through on that promise. You would move Heaven and Earth to help him reach his goal because he deserved it and seeing him happy would be enough to get you through anything that came your way.
You were fine.
No really, you were completely fine.
He was moaning.
You sat on the couch beside him with your foot propped up on the coffee table as you carefully applied the second coat of polish to your toenails. You’d become quite the expert at applying polish to your nails during bumpy situations. Sitting next to the man who flailed and squirmed beside you on this sofa was commonplace and simply no big deal.
You could probably do this during an earthquake.
His moaning turned into much louder moaning and he threw himself back onto the arm of the couch dramatically and in protest of the unfairness of your assignment.
“Buuuug,” he whined through his nose, drawing it out like a little kid.
You’d just finished your pinky toe when his foot pushed up against your thigh.
Your aim was quick and you reached over and grabbed his foot by the heel as you pivoted in place.
“Be still,” you said calmly and you held his foot in place as you applied the bright red polish to his big toenail. You often did his toes to match your own because it made his toes look adorable and he wore socks everywhere he went anyway so he didn’t mind what you did to amuse yourself.
You moved quickly, dabbing carefully over each of his nails until they were all painted to match yours. You blew air over them to dry them, being thankful you’d invested in the 60 second polish.
“Buuu-hu-hu-hu-uuug,” he moaned harder, wiggling his hips into the fit he was throwing and closing his eyes to sell you on the absolute anguish he was in. “Bug, I just don't think I can do it. Can we do something else? I don't even know what to do on a date. What if she says no? Oh god, what if she says yes, I’m going to puke. Do you want to see me puke? Because I am going to puke.”
You tapped a hand lightly over the top of his finished foot and pointed to the other one and after a few moments he shifted, giving in to what you asked for right away.
But good lord, he was dramatic. The whining and the moaning intensified just when you thought you couldn't stand another volume increase he raised his voice into a shout and put actual words to his protests. Your ears were already ringing and you could feel your substantial patience — really, you were on a level with a Buddhist monk after two years living with this — beginning to shake.
“I mean, if I asked you to teach me how to swim would you chuck me into the ocean on the first day?”
You forced your focus down on his other foot, getting the polish smooth and perfect with each stroke. He had gone quiet after his question to you and you bit down on your lip as you carefully pondered the words he was saying. The last thing you wanted was to make him so uncomfortable he was unable to go about his daily life. You didn't need this project to become a source of heartache for the man.
You were not an unreasonable person. Perhaps this really had been too big of a step for him to take without having even practiced under the careful instruction of a teacher.
He’d waited in silence for you to answer for only a few seconds and when you didn’t; because you were thinking about it, dammit, he threw his whole head back and his mouth opened up and he wailed into the ceiling above his head at an even more annoying volume than you thought was possible. This was new and shocking. It was deafening. Surely the neighbors would think someone was being butchered in here.
The awful sounds were coming straight from his diaphragm. The man had power in those pipes and he was going to destroy your ear drums in order to get his way. It went on and on, changing from a moaning, groaning large-dog-with-a-bellyache sound into what you imagined it might sound like inside of an echo chamber trapped with a big sad whale, the biggest ones they made, who also happened to be on fire. He was giving you everything he had now. This was full volume and it was horrible.
“Alright!” You shouted over the wretched screaming, “Alright fine! For the love of God, Baekhyun!” You said for emphasis and the incredible relief of silence flooded and cleansed your ear drums that still vibrated from the after effects of all of that noise.
He lifted his head and closed up his mouth instantly and his eyes were wide as he cautiously watched and waited for what you would say next.
“Do you want me to teach you? Do you think you can practice with me so you learn how to do it before you have to do it for real, on your own? That’s what you mean right? You want more instruction before I throw your ass into the ocean?”
His lips were situated down into a fierce pout now and he nodded his head twice; a big ol’ up and down.
You were irked now. No amount of pathetic pouting on that face could pull you back from the edge. Even the slow careful nod of his head was just an obvious attempt at winning you over with cuteness. Well, it wouldn't work. If anyone was capable of annoying someone to death, it was this man right here and he came very close just now.
“New assignment,” you said with your finger raised and he pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth and pushed his top lip forward as he inflated his cheeks into round balloons. He sat up straighter and he waited for you to speak.
“Since I am a woman,” you began with your finger still raised and waving in his direction. His eyes glanced down at it, “you may ask me out on a date, for practice. And if I say yes, we will then—”
Your pointed finger was joined by your whole hand as you opened it up and you waved it through the air twice, a visual representation of cause and effect of such a situation. His eyeballs followed every movement you made, looking at the hand that moved instead of at you, the actual speaker.
His eyes popped up into yours when he registered the words you were saying; the requirements of his new assignment.
“...we will then — well, we will..”
Your words were sticking. He was listening very closely and he’d released the air trapped in his mouth and his lips now hung open as his eyes occasionally followed the waving of your hand in front of his face. It was silly how shifty his focus was when your hand moved in front of him.
“We...will…” he said and his face moved, mirroring the movements of your hand as he tried best to understand the new task you were trying so hard to assign to him, even repeating your words to help you get the next ones out.
“We will go on a date. A real one. A practice date. You will have to take me on a date, Baekhyun. You’ll just have to .. do your best at it.”
“A date? I’ll have to,” he said with a flinching, squinting blink of his eyes, “ my best?”
“Yes, of course,” you said as you pointed your finger at him again, pulling a swift but deep gasp into your lungs to fight the dizziness you could feel building inside your head, “It’s an assignment. Like school. I will give you a grade on how well you do. If you fail, then it’s over and I’m a terrible teacher and clearly your problems are beyond my area of expertise.”
His polish was dry. This conversation needed to be over because you were weirdly agitated by the wide eyed, deer in the headlights expression stuck on his face.
“I’ll send you some study materials later. You better take this seriously, Byun Baekhyun. This is a real assignment from your real dating teacher.”
The entire situation made you anxious. The desire to flee was very strong. You needed a getaway and you needed it now. You felt a tremble inside that could only be attributed to just how freaked out he had been acting. It was rubbing off on you.
You wanted to make a quick escape but you were now fighting with the many bottles of nail polish scattered across the coffee table; you’d gone through so many of them as you decided on which color to use — they really were just numerous and just everywhere. You grasped at them, trying to grab huge handfuls at one time but your hands couldn't hold as many as you wanted and each attempt sent a bottle or two clattering noisily to the table below. It was really ruining the dramatically cool exit you were trying for.
After quite a bit of noise you felt the warmth of Baekhyun’s arm as he leaned against you and began to help you pick up the bottles; carefully placing each in it’s designated spot in your huge nail polish organizer.
It took a bit of effort for you to turn to look at him and when his fingertips carefully placed the final bottle in the case you clicked the lid closed and finally managed to face him.
His eyes were flighty. His face was flushed and when he met your eyes the smile on his lips was very tense. It looked like a grimace.
You had to be insane to be doing this. Willingly putting yourself into a situation like this with him, a situation that was for instructional purposes only, but a situation nonetheless. Your heart was racing inside of your chest and you briefly wondered if he could hear it with him sitting so close to you.
You swallowed it away, the nerves or the uncertainty or whatever it was that had taken hold of your hands and made them unstable and you turned to look into his face head on.
“Do you understand the assignment?”
Baekhyun filled his lungs with air and straightened his shoulders, pulling them back as his eyes closed up. You recognized the self calming behavior. When he turned to look at you he held a new determination in his eyes and he nodded his head and furrowed his eyebrows.
“I was always a good student,” he said, “I will do my best with this assignment. I’ll take it seriously, so I can learn from you well.”
You reached forward and patted the back of his hand lightly and offered a reassuring smile.
“Don't be too nervous, okay? Remember it’s for class so you should learn from it. Mistakes are natural and they help us grow. And you won’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. I mean it.”
He swallowed and his lips flattened out into a thin line across his face. His head bobbed up and down and he hummed out a response that told you that yes, he did know what was expected of him for the sake of the lesson; for the sake of his future as an adult man who was entering the dating pool in search of the companionship of some lucky lady.
“Also remember, it’s just me. No pressure. Okay, Peanut? I’m here to help you. You could spill an entire cup of iced tea down my dress at dinner and I would still forgive you.”
“No pressure,” he repeated under his breath and when you were finally satisfied that he really understood, you stood, hefting your manicure supplies up with both hands and you stepped away from the living room to return them to your bathroom.
“Do I have a deadline?” He called after you and you turned back with your hand on the doorknob to your room, quietly amused by the seriousness you saw on his face. At the same time, proud of what a good student he was. He was a smart boy, he would do well in anything he was determined to do.
“Ask me out by tomorrow or else Ben might beat you to it.”
You figured a little sense of competition couldn't hurt. And yes, you were still actually speaking regularly with Ben. You were pleasantly surprised with how smart and how funny he turned out to be and he turned out to be a pretty good distraction for the evenings when you’d normally be bored and hanging around in Baekhyun’s room while he played some game on his PC and he’s toss you a remote for the screen that hung up on the wall above his head. You’d play music videos, or cooking videos from YouTube, or some drama or variety shows and he’d play his games and lean far back in his chair watching the screen when exciting things happened on screen.
A few times lately though, when you went into his room you’d find him watching some anime and you just knew he’d want to pay close attention so he could discuss it later with Mia. You’d much rather find someone to entertain you alone so you didn’t have to be ignored or shushed when you interrupted his anime with some stupid question about it, like who is that guy with the crazy eyes and why is he trying to kill everybody. Ben’s conversations were good enough to keep you occupied at least a little bit.
Back in your bedroom you got to work searching for materials for Baekhyun to study. Mostly using helpful YouTube videos with titles such as “how to ask a girl out”, “what to talk about on a first date” and a super helpful online book you found called The Gentleman’s Guide: How to be the Perfect Date. It was just a little outdated with the styles but the book was extensive and ran the gamut from hygiene to manners to confidence and conversation; it even had an entire section called The Art of Subtle Seduction and it made you just a little embarrassed to think of Baekhyun reading this part. He was an adult. He could handle this much. The Dos and Don'ts of a First Date section alone was worth the price you paid for the book.
You wrote up an email with your course materials and sent it off to the man.
Then you sat and waited alone in your bedroom until your level of boredom that in any other situation would be unremarkable, when combined with the built up anticipation inside of you, mixed into a perfect storm of swirling lunacy that was bouncing around inside of you; trying to break free and wreak havoc on something other than your chest walls.
You grabbed your cell phone, slipped by the 2 waiting text messages from Ben that you would absolutely get to later, and opened a new text message to Baekhyun.
‘peanut did you get my email ^^?’
You were sure he did. Of course he did. You wondered if there was anything he found lacking in the pages and pages of super helpful information you sent him. You wondered what he thought about it all and maybe if he needed some guidance or suggestions on how to proceed with the first step of his assignment. Did he need you to come over to his bedroom and watch the videos with him? Would that be too awkward?
Your phone vibrated.
He would ask for help if he needed it, you were certain. He would be fine. This wasn’t real anyway. It wasn’t like there was an actual deadline, not really. You enjoyed talking with Ben but it didn’t seem like he was close to asking you out yet. He had been a bit busy lately and you had been busy as well with work and with helping Baekhyun.
You’d seen from the notification preview on your phone that Ben’s last two messages were asking you something that would take a while to explain and you didn’t want to open them yet in case he’d been expecting you to reply quickly. You needed a bit more time to come up with an answer for the questions he had casually asked about your roommate. You’d tell Ben that Baekhyun was, yes, a guy. And no, it wasn’t awkward living with a man.
You’d get to all that later. Now, you were entirely too keyed up about a problem of your very own creation.
But really...
You could not relax. Because honestly it could happen at any moment. He could come barging into your room, plop his ass down unceremoniously on your bed and say “Hey Doll, hows about you and me go on a hot date this weekend, what about it? Nyeeahhh?” Like some sort of 1940s gangster. You could definitely see Baekhyun doing this accent. You were pretty sure he had a 40s gangster hat in his closet.
You’d decided that you wouldn't give him a hard time about how he asked you. You’d accept right away for the sake of his nerves, if he worked up the courage to ask you at all, then he was on the right track and he deserved an E for effort.
You still had trouble with the anticipation. Not knowing when was the hardest part to handle. You tried your very best to go about your day in as normal a way possible. Sure, you jumped every time you heard a sound, but other than that, it felt like any other day.
He spent the rest of the evening in his room and didn't even come out until you heard the doorbell ring. You peaked your head out of your bedroom door and waited for him to answer it but after a few minutes with no sight of him you stepped out. The doorbell rang a second time and you rushed from your room to answer it before the visitor gave up.
It could have been something important. This building had a doorman so it was usually someone who had a purpose ringing the bell.
The view through the camera monitor showed a run of the mill pizza delivery man, and you remembered that it was Baekhyun’s turn to make dinner tonight. He must have ordered you a pizza so he could hide in his room all night and not have to worry about walking around you in the kitchen and not asking you out on a date.
This was his way of avoiding you for the night.
You had to swallow down the flash of silly disappointment that popped up. You’d assumed correctly that he had already paid for the pizza and you received your cardboard box of loneliness with a polite smile for the weirdly cheerful delivery kid.
You gave a quick glance at the label in the front of the box to check for forbidden toppings just in case he’d forgotten who he was avoiding tonight and put something weird on it like corn and mayo or hot peppers.  
The label had four lines of ingredients listed, the first said ‘xtra cheese’ and each additional one after that said ‘xtra cheese.’ Nothing else, just ‘xtra cheese’ listed four times in succession.
What in the world?
You briefly considered a malfunction of the pizza shop’s label maker, but boy was this thing heavy. Did he sneeze while selecting toppings and accidentally hit the option four times?
You set the monster down on the counter and lifted the lid. It was steaming hot despite the trip in the car and up the elevators to your door and as soon as you opened it you noticed the odd appearance of the inside lid.
There was a message handwritten with black marker inside of the lid.
Your stomach leapt up into your throat as you recognized what this was. The message started with the word Bug.
You had to cover your mouth to get through this.
I know this is really, really, really, really cheesy, but will you go out on a date with me this Saturday?
Knock thrice on my door for yes.
P.S. Did I beat Ben?
You had to hang your head to contain it. You wanted to scream. Giggles actually burst out of your mouth before you could stop them. You were highly amused. Actually reallly fucking impressed and goddammit you felt a genuine flutter of butterflies inside of your stomach. How was he this clever? He had always been very silly and good at thinking of the most ridiculous scenarios to get things done, but wow. When you lifted the lid once more to read his message again your mind spun with the logistics of that man in that bedroom sneakily ordering this thing from a real pizza shop that was probably a block from your home.
Did he call them and explain the situation? Did all of the employees gather around, chanting ‘More cheese! Give the man more cheese!’ As they loaded this pizza up with what looked to be a full inch of melted cheese on top? It compromised the edges of the crust and flowed over the cardboard below. It was absolutely ridiculous and nearly inedible too.
Did they giggle at the pet names you called each other as they selected the employee with the best handwriting to relay his message?
You were buzzing again. This time it was pride. He was brilliant at everything he put his mind to and this was clearly no exception. He would do so well in his life.
You left the kitchen and made your way toward his closed bedroom door. As you came close you heard a very soft thud; wooden door hitting wooden door frame. The movement was hardly noticeable but you could see a slow turn of the doorknob too. He probably thought he was sneaky.
You lifted your closed fist and quietly hit three times against his door and after exactly ten seconds you heard the squeak of his doorknob turning and his bedroom door opened up an inch.
You saw a single brown eyeball peeping at you through the opening.
“I’ll text you the details later,” he whispered and the door closed up again before you could respond.
The details came by text message a day later, just as he promised. It was a Thursday afternoon when your phone buzzed and you’d just put the final touches on your data entry work for the day, running it through a spell checker for mistakes as you always did. You’d expected to hear from Ben by now, he said he had something to go straighten out at the bank. He’d taken it well, finding out that your roommate was a man around your age, and he didn’t even ask too many prodding questions about him.
The message was from Baekhyun with the time he would ‘arrive’ to pick you up on Saturday and he gave you sparse details about what he actually had planned; just a quick note at the end that he would be wearing a suit. You figured this was a hint for you to dress up as well.
Was Baekhyun taking you some place fancy? Your curiosity was positively burning and Baekhyun had been acting super weird around you lately.
Whenever you’d come into a room he was already occupying he would make up some excuse why he had to leave it and vanish inside his room to carry on with his highly secretive behavior. Whenever you went into his room he would spin in his chair toward the door with what you were positive was a caught red handed look on his face. It was like you had just caught him watching porn, only you’d caught glimpses of his screen before he quickly hit a keyboard command to clear out the screen and you didn't see a single boob.
After the first time, you’d made it a point to barge into his room often, just to see the surprised look on his face; you did it all for that gasp of air, the frantic fingers of panic on the keyboard, and the trembling hand over his chest as he clutched his pearls. All you caught flashes of were just regular looking websites. Regular text and regular pictures. You saw some blues, you saw some greens. You definitely didn't see the incriminating black and yellow theme of everyone’s favorite adult website. There was nary a penetrative moan to be heard through his speakers. The entire thing brought you great joy. The man was acting so odd and honestly he was getting your hopes up for a fantastically mind blowing date on Saturday. You’d already picked out your dress, heels, and jewelry and had been having a very hard time tolerating the ever so tedious passage of time.
By the time Saturday rolled around you were a wreck of nerves; though you weren’t exactly sure why you were so anxious. It was probably his recent fretting and obsessive preparations that had rubbed off on you. You’d decided to take it easier on him today. He’d obviously been working very hard on this assignment once given the dangling carrot of a good grade to be awarded at the end and if there was one thing you knew about Baekhyun, it was how much he strived to achieve perfection in his academic performance. You’d provided the materials. He’d obviously been studying and go-time was quickly approaching.
You took your time getting ready, soaking in your bathtub to kill some of the dull waiting hours before he was due to pick you up. By the time you were scrubbed, rinsed, shaved, moisturized, plucked, preened, coiffed, and scented to your satisfaction, you had only a half an hour to slip up the straps on the fancy fitted cocktail dress and check your reflection in the full length mirror. It was fitted and had a deep plunging neckline. It accentuated the best parts of your figure and the high slit that landed over your upper thigh showed just enough skin to make you feel sexy.
With your heels you were ready to go; feeling about as pretty as you had in a long while. The silliest little fantasy swam through your head as you spun in front of the mirror and it brought just a little warmth to your cheeks as you allowed it to play out. The idea that he would find you so lovely, so irresistible, that even the iron willed man with his self control like a steel trap would lose himself in the slow blinks of your lashes and drown in the pools of your eyes for just one night.
When you lightly slapped a palm over your cheek, it was to ground yourself. This was fake. Everything that happened tonight would be the result of careful calculations and applications of behaviors modeled in text books that he had studied all week long. It was a date with Baekhyun, but it wouldn't really be an accurate representation of the Baekhyun that you know so well.
You knew he would follow a script. He would perform as a perfect gentleman and you would play along, knowing that when he brought you home you would get a gentle hug and a thanks for sharing your knowledge with him and you would close your bedroom door and he would return to his bedroom door and life as you know it would simply fall back into place as it should remain unchanged for however long it took for you to get back on your feet, perhaps get a place of your own not too far away from him; although this neighborhood was very expensive, you’d settle for one or two subways stops away if it meant you could visit your best friend often and see him living out the life he deserved with someone who was worthy of his love.
Tonight, you will enjoy. But you would not allow your emotions to betray your rational mind. You would enjoy it and then it would be over and Baekhyun would have the skill set to ask out Mia, or whoever else he set his mind on asking out.
Your quiet self assurance was interrupted by two soft knocks on your bedroom door and your hands were trembling as you grabbed your handbag that had your cell phone, a tube of lipstick for touch-ups and a few just in case items you were always taught to carry with you, you know, just in case.
You’d reached the door and swung it open with a beaming smile on your face.
Your date was here. Baekhyun was here. It was Peanut.
A smile that quickly transformed into what you were sure was a gaping opening in your face resembling some aquatic animal and you found yourself gazing upon, frankly, an expertly styled exquisitely handsome real life man, who was wearing Byun Baekhyun’s face and smile.
Despite seeing him standing before you with your own two eyes, your brain was having trouble reconciling the two; your harmless roommate and the man who stood before you wearing a crisp suit jacket that he filled out shockingly well, a fashionable collarless dress shirt that looked like it came from some fancy boutique from downtown, fitted dress slacks that you tried your best not to linger on for too long, and were his shoes Italian? You were pretty sure they were Italian. More than just the clothes, his hair was different. He’d gone and had something done to his hair! Lord, you saw slight waves and a deliberate styling by an expert hand with just a bit of his forehead visible. Oh he looked so lovely with this hair style.
You remembered to close your mouth, but only after the realization dawning on you that he hadn’t said anything to you as you silently admired how beautiful he looked standing in his fancy suit looking like at least a million bucks.
You knew he was an attractive man. You’d have plenty of glimpses of it again and again, freshly reminded of it during that photo shoot late that night. You’d even known he worked out and had had plenty of chances to ogle the muscles on his arms and chest when he just woke up and would wander out shirtless for a drink of water. You knew that the entire shape of this man was the kind of handsome that you had to make conscious decisions to ignore. You’d forced yourself to look away plenty of times in the past. Still, the Baekhyun who stood here today, the one who had his lips parted as he stared into your eyes now after what you were certain was a head to toe, slow as hell, full body appreciation of all of your preparations to get ready for tonight, this Baekhyun was, for lack of a better word, he was sexy as all hell.
For the first time since you began this project; these lessons in dating, you felt like you might actually be in some sort of trouble.
Baekhyun spoke at last and it was the softest whisper. He said your name. Not Bug, not stupid or dummy or stinky which he called you sometimes even though you knew, you fucking knew you always smelled amazing. You went out of your way to smell great. The sound of your name on his voice softened the shock in your face and you felt a smile pull at your lips.
And so you smiled at him and watched the slow but complete smile that manifested on his pretty face.  
“Hi,” he said with a blink of his bright eyes.
“Hi Baek,” you said. Your heart was racing.
He pivoted on his (Italian!) shoes and extended a bent elbow toward you and you slipped a hand around his arm.
He was doing so well. Each step you took through your shared home felt new. You had a hard time keeping from watching the side of his face and each glance you made was greeted with the light touch of his eyes as he met your eyes with his own.
Moments blurred. He ticked all the boxes, of course. He opened your door, closed it quietly behind you once you were inside. Even helped you with the seatbelt, much to the dismay of your racing heartbeat when he reached over to pull the red strap across you, careful to keep his hands well away from touching any of your actual body as he did it. The true devastation hit you when, all closed up inside the dark car in the silent moments before he started the engine and the intoxicating smell of him reached your nose.
This was a new smell. Baekhyun had gone to the salon, gone shopping for expensive new clothes, and was also wearing what had to be the best smelling cologne you had ever experienced in person.
“You smell really good,” you said without looking at him and your fingers fidgeted with the strap of your handbag to keep your mind working.
“So do you,” he said followed by an inhale that you were certain sounded just a little thready and he was steering the car through lanes and turns of a parking garage to exit the building.
His destination was the kind of fancy dream-like restaurant that you saw only in movies. The sun would be setting soon and you were led to a rooftop terrace with a view over the city and a single table set for two. You followed the pleasantly clean woman and lingering just behind you, Baekhyun silently fell behind one or two steps. A glance behind woke him up from whatever daze he’d fallen into and he closed the distance with two larger steps and a shy smile on his lips.
The waitstaff worked like ninjas. Glasses were refilled as if by magic and course after course of delicious food appeared before you as you watched the sunset over the horizon and when the light faded enough, the soft glow of twinkle lights illuminated the view around you.
The dinner was delicious and the scenery was breathtaking and that alone would have given him full marks for such a lovely evening out, but Byun Baekhyun was proving to be an overachiever as he started to talk to you. He was asking you open-ended questions, pulling conversation easily from you and you found yourself giggling and laughing as he joked in response or told you some funny anecdotes from his childhood that he knew you would love.
By the time dessert arrived you were pretty certain you were drunk despite half of the wine that remained back in your glass. Baekhyun, ever the stickler for vehicle safety had stuck to soft drinks and when he excused himself for the restrooms, you waited patiently under the glowing lights as you daydreamed about the genuine brightness you were certain you saw in his smiles. Had the twinkle in his eyes been just a reflection of this place? Everything about him tonight felt so real. You’d read through the same book he read through and you couldn’t recall him using a single recycled phrase or conversation point during dinner.
Maybe he was just that good of a student.
A noise startled you from behind and you jumped when a single red rose was laid on the table in front of you.
A rose. Baekhyun had brought you back a rose from somewhere; maybe he stole it from the elaborate flower arrangements you passed on the way in.
“Where did you get this?” You mused as you smelled his sweet offering and he shrugged and tugged at the top button of his shirt, undoing it and slipping slim fingers down to undo the second button as well. Your eyes watched the action and weirdly the fragrance from the rose smelled sweeter than the first time you smelled it.
“I just had it,” he said cryptically with another charming and blinding smile.  
“Ready to go? We have one more place to visit.”
The next place he took you was even more magical than the fancy restaurant. The parking lot was nearly empty and when he opened your door he was fussing around with a small bag in the backseat of his car.  He pulled out a pair of black ballet flats and you watched in awe as the man actually kneeled down on the pavement in front of you to carefully slip your heels off of your feet and slip on the comfortable shoes.  
While they did not look anywhere near as sexy as the heels did, you instantly understood the need for a change.
Baekhyun had brought you to an aquarium with what looked like miles and miles of indoor and outdoor paths to walk through with tunnels traveling through the biggest tanks of aquatic sea life you’d ever seen.
You were instantly hypnotized by the deep sea exhibits that seemed to take you for miles and miles below the surface of the ocean where the sea life grew weirder and the lighting grew darker and dimmer the further down you traveled. Here at depths difficult to wrap your brain around the fish and sea creatures have adapted to freezing waters and a bleak existence without any light at all. Many had their own light sources. The bioluminescent exhibits sparkled and twinkled like the stars in the sky out in the country. You saw entire universes all around you.
Baekhyun was as enraptured as you were and spent his time carefully reading each exhibit’s information card out loud as he stared with his mouth open in awe at the different creatures. There were hundreds of different species of fishes, beautiful ones and downright creepy ugly things from the very bottom of the oceans; endangered species too; the sleepy eyes of the sea turtles were your favorites and the impressions Baekhyun made of their swimming faces made you cackle with laughter. Bright lights illuminated meters of corals of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and you honestly felt like you’d entered another planet when you both walked into the jellyfish halls.
They glowed and flowed, bounced and danced, and moved like a dream. You found yourself hypnotized as you stared at the biggest tank full of them for long enough for Baekhyun to make three circles around waiting for you to follow him out of this room so he could go see the sharks.  
You knew the sharks were coming. You’d had a look at the map. And while you didn't necessarily dislike them, their huge sizes and razor sharp teeth always gave you the heebie-jeebies. The jellies were just so comfortable to look at and so relaxing.
It took some coaxing from Baekhyun, and maybe even a little tiny push at the back of your shoulders to get your feet to move and you lingered a bit long in the dark hallway that connects the two exhibits.
You just felt that maybe, the sharks could wait just a little bit longer to meet you.
He’d noticed right away and you opened up your eyes that you’d closed up for a little relaxing session when you felt the tips of his fingers running along the palm of your hand.
He gripped lightly at first, and then shifted your hand within his and he began walking forward in that dark hallway with you trailing behind him.
Baekhyun touched you sometimes. This was something that he did, on occasion. During a scary movie when you’d jumped too many times, or when you both walked through a crowded place and he didn't want you to wander off, he would occasionally hold your hand.  This wasn’t something new to you.
However your heart was beating hard in your chest and the warmth of his hand coupled with the firmness with which he held you felt so damn nice you were having trouble focusing on anything else except for your own shallow breathing and racing heartbeat — and his hand holding yours.
Sharks swam at a gentle languid pace. Clearly at ease and very well fed here in their homes, there didn't seem to be very much murder and feasting happening at all. Hammerheads, tiger sharks, something uglier than any other creature you had ever seen that came from The Midnight Zone of the deepest parts and with each creature that swam overhead, or beside you, or creeped up from somewhere behind you, Baekhyun would turn to face you and take two or three steps backwards as he pulled you through it, your hand held securely inside of his. He would smile at you that debilitating smile, and tilt his head and call you a scary cat or a big baby and you would laugh and roll your eyes and deny that you were even a little bit scared of anything at all.
All was going well. You were very well taken care of and felt very secure inside this tiny tunnel at the bottom fo the ocean and you’d noticed this time when Baekhyun had turned around to look at you with a bright smile that smile wavered just a touch and his eyes seemed to focus on something that was coming up from behind.
Your curiosity got the better of you and you turned to see what he saw.
Baekhyun moved quickly then, moving both of his hands up to reach for your face he pulled your head forward and moved his own face close to yours. You felt the warmth of his forehead lean against yours for a moment and you could not see around or behind you with his hands placed so carefully on the sides of your head like this.
You knew what it was. It had to be something huge and terrifying, maybe even something with fresh blood still on it’s teeth. A Great White. The giant monster from the movie Jaws that you had watched with him once not realizing just how scary it would be and you spent most of the film curled up under his arm wincing at the horrors you saw on the screen.
“Hey Peanut,” you said softly while looking up close into his eyes. He was so close you could feel the warmth of his breath on your face. His smell, that new smell of his smelled even better this close to his skin.
“Hey LoveBug,” he said with a gentle smile and you knew based on the use of this carefully reserved nickname for emergencies that it was exactly as you had feared. A Great White, chomping on the remains of the cutest crying baby penguin. The fluffiest one with its whole life ahead of it.
Baekhyun was safe though. Baekhyun was warm and he was here to protect you. You would be okay, you knew it.
“Is it gone yet?” You asked after what felt like the average time for a fish that size to swim away and you noticed something. It was a look, just a glance. Baekhyun’s eyes floated a bit and the warm breath you felt coming from him was delivered in quicker puffs through his parted lips.
When he licked his lips, you could not help it, your eyes caught the motion as his tongue ran over his bottom lip and left wetness behind and by the time you realized what you had done — where you had looked — you had already done it, your stubborn eyes had already looked and in your mind a vivid replay was happening. You felt too much. This was too much. This was supposed to be fake. Why did he have to smell so fucking good and why was he so aware of every tiny detail about you he knew when something would overwhelm you and ruin your mood, so he used his own body to shield you from it and protect you. You cautiously pulled your eyes back up only to find him blinking too fast and he was dropping his hands from your face as he took a step back and away from the stifling closeness.
You were dizzy. You felt it all over. Your heart was racing and the warmth you felt traveling through your body sent waves through you. You had to rub lightly over your forearms to smooth out the goosebumps and Baekhyun was no longer facing you, but was staring off into the literal depths of the cold black ocean and you took a while to recover enough to walk by him toward the exit of the aquarium and back into the darkened city streets you knew as the real world.
The walk back to the car was quiet and had an odd flavor about it. You both could feel the end coming. It had been a wonderful date. You’d spent hours, just the two of you talking and laughing and exploring literally new worlds you hadn’t before experienced. You felt a sudden but definite melancholy to see the fancy circles that made up the logo of his car.  
“Hey, you want to take a walk?” Baekhyun’s voice halted your steps and you turned back to see him standing with a hand in his pocket, fidgeting in hidden, likely with the key fob to his car, and a new sort of nervous flush on his cheeks that you hadn’t seen since he first showed up at your bedroom door looking like a dashing Prince Charming ready to sweep you off your feet.
“Sure,” you said, meaning every bit of it and secretly extremely thankful that this evening wasn’t over yet.
The walk was peaceful. It was a bit chilly tonight and you didn’t even resist when you felt the warmth of the coat jacket he placed over your shoulders. You thought you’d become used to the smell of him by now, but clearly you were incapable of ever getting used to his smell.
The streets were mostly empty now that the night had grown stale and you walked side by side passing various touristy shops that had long since closed up for the evening. Ahead you could see a small street side cafe that sold warm teas and coffees and Baekhyun was pulling out his wallet before you even had the chance to look at him with hopeful delight all over your face. He ordered two hot coffees and you danced and celebrated when he handed the first one to you.
It warmed you from the inside and you paid no mind to the smudges of lipstick all over the white lid of your cup. The hot drink made you happy and you could see your breath like a dragon in the chilly night air around you. Each puff made Baekhyun smile and when he’d taken a particularly big drink from his cup he pulled his head back and puffed out three perfectly formed rings of warm air into the color air above his head. The rings grew and then faded quickly but you were so excited to see his trick that you made him do it again and again until he was puffing and out of breath  and laughing too much for any more cool rings to form. This man was full of secrets. Absolutely full of them!
The night was winding on. You could feel the lateness in your limbs and you’d long since finished your drinks and dropped your paper cups into a street side trash can. Your feet, you found were protesting. It wasn’t that they ached or hurt or anything like that. You weren't even that tired. You were just having trouble with the idea of this ending and the night being over.
Everything had to end eventually. You didn't even pout at all when he pulled open your door. You just climbed in and sat down, fastening your own seatbelt this time with a sense of finality looming in your mind along with a wagging finger that quietly scolded you for letting your guard down during this date.
The drive back home was quiet. He didn't even turn on the radio and even though he drove with one hand, he held his other hand firm atop his thigh.
The small touches and stolen glances were over. The date was over. He had done very well. You were thoroughly swept off your feet and his grade would be an A+. You would go back to your room and go to sleep and tomorrow morning when you woke up you’d find him back to his usual antics and maybe, maybe you’d even get him to ask Mia out on a date.
You swallowed the dryness in your throat and the familiar landmarks outside your apartment building called you back home. Baekhyun pulled into the parking garage and you did not wait for him to round the hood of the car to reach your door, you simply opened it yourself and pushed through it.
Baekhyun did well. You had given him a task and he’d done it. He deserved all the praise and recognition for a job well done. He’d taken it seriously just as he said he would. This dark mood that had suddenly come over you could not show. You shouldn’t do this to him.
You cared for him too much to ruin this sweet evening.
You loved him too much. This quiet secret usually echoed around inside of your heart and you winced to hear it peaking it’s way up into your running thoughts.
The apartment was dark and you walked through it easily, knowing exactly where you could walk without bumping into anything and he didn’t turn on any lights as he walked closely behind you. He hadn’t said anything to you on the drive home, nor did he speak right now as he walked you back to your bedroom door where he had picked you up.
You turned to face him now. You pushed a smile up to your lips and his face was mostly in the darkness, barely lit with the city lights from the window.  
“Thank you for a lovely evening, Baekhyun. It was perfect. You were perfect. Seriously, you are amazing.”
You leaned before he did and you felt the staggered response from his limbs as he wrapped both of his arms around your shoulders for the hug.
“Thank you for coming with me tonight,” he whispered against your ear and when you pulled out of the hug, your small smile was not returned. You could see enough of his face to see that he did not smile at you now.
Your hand was on your door and you turned and stepped inside, thankful that you had left your small table lamp on. The room was warm and inviting and you closed the door behind you with a soft click that sounded exactly like clapperboard snapped to signal the end of a movie scene. You could almost hear a director somewhere yelling cut. Everybody clapped for the job well done. All the actors could now go home. It was over.
Your shoes were off. You’d pulled off the earrings and had taken off your necklace and the delicate tennis bracelet’s clasp was so tiny you had to try a few times to get it open so you could take it off.
When you reached up to slip the strap of your dress off your shoulders a tiny sound interrupted you. It was almost like a knocking, but it was so soft you had to listen carefully to hear if it repeated again.
It did not, but you could not shake that feeling that it had happened and out of genuine curiosity you walked across your bedroom and pulled your bedroom door open.
Someone was there; Baekhyun was there, standing in nearly the exact same position as he had been, wearing the same clothes. The only difference was the sight mess to his hair and the definite pink shade you saw on his face even in the dim lighting from the windows.
“Peanut?” You couldn’t imagine what this was. He was finished. The assignment was finished and he had done perfectly, you’d said so already...but, his eyes. You caught that same look that you’d seen on him many times before. It was a look of hard determination that propelled him forward when he dove into some new and difficult project he had to master. If you had to give it a name, you’d call it his passion. The passion he had inside of him to do things right. To be perfect.
“I said I would take it seriously,” he said in a well controlled voice and you shook your head, not understanding what he meant. Did he have some regrets about how the night went? Did he feel that he had somehow failed to live up to the requirements you’d set forth for him as his teacher?
“The date, I told you I would.” He wasn't clarifying anything with his words.
It was then that he moved.
His hands were up and Baekhyun took a step closer to where you stood confused and surprised at the threshold of your bedroom door. He reached for you with both hands and you felt the warmth of his palms on your cheeks at the same time as you felt the exhale from his parted lips against your mouth. It happened in a single moment. His lips connected with yours and you gasped in a surprised breath. Baekhyun kissed you. His lips were on yours and he held your face tightly between both of his hands as he did it. This was it. This was his goodnight kiss at your front door. This was the end of the date.
You could just make out the ultra up close view of him, his fluffed up hair, the smoothness of his forehead, his eyes closed up tight and dark eyelashes spread over his cheeks and it was all a big blur and so you closed your eyes and your heart raged noisily inside of your chest with the sudden need you felt for this to happen.
Your own lips parted and you felt the tilt of his head as his bottom lip pushed out slipping perfectly between your own and you could not stop it. You could not control the tightness with which your hands clung to the cotton of his dress shirt and pulled him toward you. You could not contain the way his tongue brushed lightly against your own and the way you reacted to it. The light moan that escaped from your throat and bounced around inside of his mouth. The light draw you felt on your lip as he pulled lightly and sucked on your lip as he did it. The final pull was him pulling away.
He ended the kiss with a step backward and a drop of his hands from your face.
He had kissed you and you most definitely had kissed him back. The labored breathing you struggled to contain did nothing for the dizziness.  
“Goodnight,” he said with a roughness on his voice; plus the blown out look in his eyes was telling you of many forbidden things that he was running from now. Things that even he knew were a very bad idea.
This had been fake. This was supposed to be a lesson.
You stood at your doorway and watched him disappear into his bedroom and after standing frozen in your doorway you had no choice but to return to the quiet glowing comfort of your own bedroom and close your door too.
Your hands were shaking and you felt the trembling all over you as you looked around at the place you called home. The place you loved more than anything in the world except for maybe that man who was likely facing a very similar struggle behind his own closed bedroom door.
The only difference was just how much you had to lose if you gave in.
You loved him. You knew it deep down inside of your soul. It had been buried for so long deep in the frozen depths of your ocean that you thought it would never surface and consume you, yet now you knew you’d been a fool.
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peachywrite · 5 months ago
Unpleasant Pleasantries
Rohan Kishibe x JosukeSister!Reader
Tumblr media
Trigger Warning: inappropriate stand use, mild suggestive themes
Rohan thought this to be the perfect opportunity to get back at that imbecile with the hair of a 60’s delinquent, but instead found something more fulfilling than revenge.
It was your first time meeting the famous mangaka, but Koichi insisted that you introduce yourself to the newly found stand user as a formality.
“It’s better to make friends than enemies, y/n! So please do this for me.” He begged, clasping his hands tightly together as he bowed.
“Koichi-chan, he ripped out pages from your face and tried to do the same to Okuyasu and Josuke. I don’t know if I trust this guy.” You sighed, nervous and even a little scared.
“It’ll be fine, when you tell him you’re related to Josuke, he won’t even think about trying anything!” Koichi’s eyes glistened, still silently begging you to go.
“Fine, but if I don’t show up back home in an hour, call Josuke please.” Koichi nodded enthusiastically, shouting thank yous while he ran off to find your brother.
Thanks to the written address Koichi had given you, it was easy to find the large Victorian mansion that belonged to the isolated artist.
“Come on, y/n. You can do this. Just a quick hello and you’re done.” You tried to psych yourself up, taking one last deep breath before approaching the walkway that led up to the door.
Knock Knock
You waited, your heart rate a bit too quick for your liking.
You could hear the steps on the other side slowly approaching and suddenly stopping, only to find the door creak by.
“Now who would be disrupting the Great Rohan Kishibe?” The man spoke in a sinister tone, swinging the door open.
Rohan Kishibe looked nothing like how you expected him to. He was built slim but still toned, his green hair neatly styled and face slim and sharp with a cute dolphin bandage placed on the bridge of his nose. His green eyes stared at you intently, as if he was trying to analyze your face as well.
“I-I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble. My friend Koichi wanted me to introduce myself. I’m Y/N Higashikata. I’m a stand user and I go to school with the rest of the boys.” You stammer out, guilt hitting you for interrupting the presumably busy manga artist.
The man eyed you with a devilish smirk, clapping his hands together like he had discovered something amusing.
“You’re Josuke’s little sister! Oh how fun! You know, you’re too cute to be related to that boy. Now please come in, I’ll make you some tea and we can talk.”
“I’m actually the same age as him, and I’d love to join you but I got... study plans with K-Koichi!” You tried to avoid his stare but as he made eye contact, you knew you had lost.
“Nonsense! I’ll give him a call and let him know you’ll be studying with me, now please come in already.” His smile grew while he pulled you into his abode by your wrists.
The house was lightly decorated with manga related memorabilia on the wood carved shelves and many original panels from famous mangas hung framed on the soft toned walls, but the home still held a grand Victorian feeling to it.
Your original unease disappeared as you took in the grandeur of the mansion and the interesting items that adorned it so carefully. Rohan smirked at the curiosity in your eyes and the quick movements they made while you focused on specific areas of his home.
“Would you like a personal tour of the property before we study? I will warn you though, not all the rooms have been styled by yours truly yet. It’s a work in progress at the moment.” The smile he bared had you suspicious again, but you didn’t want to be rude to the owner of such a magnificent estate.
“As much as I would love to, your home is absolutely stunning, I sadly only have an hour to study. My mom would kill me if I got home late again.” A hefty sigh escaped your lips and you gave him your best upset expression you could muster.
You hoped he wouldn’t key in on your lying, remembering the warning Koichi had given you about his ability to discern genuine emotions from fake ones.
The mangaka squinted his eyes for a moment, causing your heartbeat to speed up substantially, but his face returned to its usual smile that you swore held a bit of deviousness underneath.
“Oh! it’s alright, dear. I understand. I’ll save it for your next visit. Let’s get to your work now, follow me to the kitchen. I’ll prepare us something and you can take a seat by the window.” He gently took your hand, guiding you to the kitchen and carefully pulling out a seat for you at his dining room table.
A beautiful bouquet set in a hand sculpted vase caught your interest on the table as Rohan busied himself with brewing a fresh pot of tea. The flowers were bright in color compared to the muted ones of the vase, but the contrast made both appear unique and appealing to the eye.
“I see you even appreciate the smaller details of a home. Though I am a mangaka, I do dabble in other forms of artistic expression. Take pottery for example, I glazed this vase in a muted color pallet so it could stand out on its own when beautifully bright flowers were placed in it. The two compliment each other nicely, don’t they?” He set down two tea cups and began to pour.
“Yes! And I especially love the bright purples in the lillies you picked here.” You gently touched a petal, Rohan now lightly tapping his cheek, pulling out a chair for himself to sit right beside you.
His closeness and unwavering gaze brought a heaviness to your chest, making you stumble over your words.
“Um-m thank you for treating me so well and letting me study in your home, Rohan-sensei.” You began to unpack your notes and textbook, Rohan scooting closer to analyze what you had written.
“No need to thank me, my dear. Now let’s get to your studies. What is it you need to work on today?” The smile he shares with you is comforting, but you can’t help but feel like he was plotting something.
You set your pencil bag down and prepare your notebook, trying to make yourself busy by setting up.
“Biology. I’ve only just recently started going to school in person, but I tested well enough to be placed in the highest class. Today we’re supposed to label all the organs in this frog drawing.” Your tone comes off as annoyed and Rohan picks up on it, tilting his head to the side while he reads your frog diagram.
“You aren’t a fan of biology? I’ve got a few anatomy sketches of animals you could use instead of this photocopied worksheet. Maybe that will help peak your interest?” He stands and saunters out to find his sketches, leaving you alone in the kitchen.
When Rohan returns, the two of you work on your Biology homework for about an hour, finishing the entire pot of tea in the process. You found out that Rohan was quite skilled at anatomy, having an entire sketchbook dedicated to the anatomy of many living things, including the likes of frogs and flowers. He was extremely helpful and fun to talk with.
As you packed up your bag, Rohan remained seated in his chair, playing with one of the lilies from the bouquet. You weren’t sure if you should head towards the door and leave Rohan or wait for him to stand and lead you out. You were about to speak when the mangaka interrupted with a swish of his pen in your direction.
“Heaven’s Door.”
You felt a sharp shove of air to your midsection, sending you onto the floor. Every movement you attempted was futile as the grinning artist looked down at you. A deep chuckle haunted you while he leaned in closer to your face. His hands gently caressed your cheek, opening it up like a book.
“I’m sorry, y/n. You’re interesting and I’d love to learn more about you, but I’m impatient. It’ll be far easier for me to just read you. Don’t fret, my dear. I’ll make sure you don’t remember this.” He flipped through your pages, ignoring the tears that ran down onto the very paper he was trying to read.
“Now let’s just read the juicy bits today. You were hospitalized along with your brother when you were only four, a strange parasite made up of Dio’s cells attacked your immune system at age twelve and had you bedridden until fairly recently.” The curiosity he held for your story excited him, the pen he held in one hand quickly wrote onto the notepad he placed on the floor beside your head.
You felt like sinking into yourself, ignoring his quips and teases as the embarrassment of the mangaka reading your thoughts and feelings enveloped you. It wasn’t fair. Why did he have to be this way? He was so kind before and just like a flick of a switch, he changed.
“Oh, now how did you escape that? Here we are, thanks to Mr.Joestar’s Hamon lessons, you not only came back from your illness, but gained a proper stand and the ability to wield Hamon just like your father and great grandfather! Wait, what’s this new paragraph about?” He squinted closely, reading your page out loud again.
“I have to visit Rohan Kishibe today because Koichi told me to. He practically begged. Even though I’m scared, Koichi gave me his word that nothing bad would happen. Rohan Kishibe looks very different from what I imagined a mangaka to look. Well, what did you expect me to look like?” His smirk grows as he continues on.
“Ah, another new bit is here! Rohan Kishibe is very good at anatomy, he’s been kind and helpful, I’d like to get to know him better. I think Josuke was just overreacting when he called Rohan Kishibe pure evil. I could see us being friends.”
His smile disappears skimming the next sentence, his usual tone of voice changed as he starts to read. He sounded upset, hurt even.
You were the one being wronged here! Why would he get upset? He doesn’t have the right.
“Josuke was right. Rohan Kishibe is not nice, he is terribly mean. He’s using me for his entertainment. He doesn’t care. Rohan Kishibe is not kind, he is not helpful, he is cruel, I don’t want to get to know him. I want to forget him.”
“I hate Rohan Kishibe. I hope to never see him again.”
Rohan paused, looking away from your pages, trying to focus on anything else for the moment.
“W-well, I’ll just fix this last paragraph and erase it from your mind. You’re being dramatic, I’m not as terrible as you describe me.” Chuckling to himself, he tries to laugh off his obvious pain and attempts to regain his composure.
“No! I won’t let you erase my emotions!” You shouted, a wave of Hamon spreading through his arm as his pen touched your page, his attempt to rewrite your memory foiled.
The mangaka was sent flying back, his right arm dropping the pen and your face finally shutting closed, returning your ability to move. Although you were upset at the betrayal of trust you gave the man, you felt a twinge of guilt in your heart when you spotted his still form draped across the wood floor, cradling the arm you had burned with your Hamon.
Running to his side, all thoughts of malice left your body while you attempted to get a better look at his injury. His arm was still intact thankfully, but it was badly burned and needed to be set correctly and quickly if he ever wanted it to heal properly. You took a deep breath and turned Rohan over to see if he was still conscious.
“Oh god, Rohan I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened.” Your eyes fill with tears again as you see the artist weakly rest himself against the wall, still holding his arm close to his chest.
“No, no it’s alright. I brought this on myself. I accept that.” He grimaced, trying to take a peek at his injuries but too frightened to actually check.
“You read my thoughts and history, it wasn’t right but you didn’t physically hurt me. I don’t know how that happened, but I promise you I’ll fix it.” You swore to the manga writer, now searching through your backpack.
When you found your pair of scissors, you went into full first aid mode, removing the sleeve from his right arm by carefully cutting the loose cloth off. After tossing the short sleeve to the side, you cut the bottom of the skirt you were wearing off into a long bandage-like shape of clothing and ran it under the cold tap water from the kitchen sink, returning to the injured Rohan.
“I’m going to wrap your arm with this, it won’t be painful if you let me use my stand, but I’m going to ask you first before I use her on you.” The man nodded, accepting your offer to erase the pain.
“Under Pressure. She’s a stand that has the ability to manipulate emotions. She can change them within a radius or focus on only one individual. When she focuses on a single person, she is only able to change their emotion to the opposite of what is being felt.” You began to wrap his arm, nervous about what he might feel when you placed the wet fabric loosely around it.
All Rohan could do was bite back his lip to avoid making any embarrassing sounds. Instead of the immeasurable pain he imagined to come with dressing a freshly burned wound, he felt a wave of euphoria. He now understood what you meant by the “opposite” emotion would be felt.
The artist never knew wrapping his burned arm would feel so good, every touch caused his breath to hitch in his throat and his eyes to water. It confused him, even though he understood that the opposite of pain was pleasure, it still startled him every time you did one more pass of the homemade bandage.
He tried his hardest not to be flustered, but when you finished off his arm by tieing the last bit with a knot, he let a small whimper escape his lips. His hand shot up to cover his face, it’s hue now a bright crimson.
Your cheeks turned bright pink as well. You turned away swiftly, to avoid eye contact.
“U-Um just stay put. I’m gonna borrow your phone for a second and let you catch your breath.” Scratching the side of your cheek, you stand up and make a b-line for the phone, dialing your home and hoping that Josuke would pick up. You glanced at the clock set on the wall, it read 8:15.
I’m late.
As soon as the phone line rang once, you spotted the front door to Rohan’s manor fly across the main hall. Peeking your head out from the kitchen, you see a furious Josuke with Koichi in pursuit.
“ROHAN-SENSEI! WHERE IS MY SISTER YOU CREEP?! SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HOME 15 MINUTES AGO!” He yells out, his voice echoing throughout the home.
“Josuke! I’m here! I was just about to call you. Listen, I messed up bad and hurt Rohan. He’s in the kitchen bandaged up but I need you to heal him all the way.” You run to Josuke, giving him a tight hug while trying not to cry from the stress of the situation.
Josuke squeezes you once and let’s you go, looking you over from head to toe so he could make sure you weren’t injured as well. When he spots your torn skirt, his aura radiates a dark malice you’d never seen him show before.
“Wait Josuke! I did this to myself, we didn’t have bandages so I cut some cloth.”
He looks you over again and sighs heavily, the purple hue that was full of rage, leaving him.
“Ok, fine. Where’s that jerk? I’ll fix him up real quick so we can go home.” He grumbled, following you into the kitchen.
Even though Rohan wanted to refuse any treatment from Josuke, he finally accepted the help when you threatened to cry on the spot. His arm had returned to its previous state, unburned and fully functional, thanks to Josuke and Shining Diamond.
Josuke picked up your backpack and held the now fixed front door open for you, while Rohan stood and waved goodbye. You awkwardly returned the wave and made your way back home, your thoughts chaotic and confused.
On the one hand you felt guilty for putting Rohan through such an immense amount of pain, but you were also upset at the humiliation he put you through by reading your life with Heaven’s Door. These thoughts plagued your mind as you laid your head to rest for the night.
It was roughly two in the afternoon when Rohan Kishibe knocked on your front door. A short but older woman answered, complaining about the loudness of the knocks when she looked over the artist.
“Oh, my apologies. You’re that Rohan Kishibe my kids talk about. How may I help you, Mr. Kishibe?” She asked with a warm tone to her voice, leaning against her door frame and smiling up at him.
“Is y/n in? I’d like to deliver this to her personally.” He spoke softly, shaking the box he held in his hands.
Your mother couldn’t help but chuckle to herself. He appeared to be anxious and uncomfortable, most likely it was his first time gifting something like this.
“She’s not home yet, but give her five minutes. Why don’t you come in? You can wait for her up in her room, just don’t go raiding her drawers or anything.” She joked, Rohan’s cheeks turning vivid scarlet.
“I’m only pulling your leg, sweety. I know you’re better than that. Now come on! Have a seat at her desk and I’ll bring you up some lemonade.” Rohan followed her inside.
When they reached your room, Mrs.Higashikata opened the door and waved her hand to your desk seat.
“Pull up that chair there and I’ll be back with some refreshments.” Her smile gleamed at him. She walked off to the kitchen, leaving the artist alone in your room.
Rohan browsed around your room, taking in the personality that was apparent by the many bits of decor that gave your little private space a peculiar style. Your walls held photos printed on Polaroid film, sketches presumably drawn by you, and posters of your favorite video games and shows.
When he glanced around your room, he was immediately caught off guard when he spotted two volumes of his very own manga, propped up and on display in your bookcase. To say he was flattered was an understatement, he was completely floored. You were a fan of his?
His heart was heavy all of a sudden, he felt a dreadful pain in his chest while he held the book in his hands. He turned his head toward the doorway when he heard your voice greet your mother. To regain himself, he quickly skimmed through the pages of the manga he was holding, hearing your distant conversation come to an end.
You entered the room. Dropping your bag at the corner of the closet, your eyes never leaving Rohan while you take a seat on your bed. The mangaka gently placed your copy of Pink Dark Boy back in its original position, turning around now to face you.
“I’d like to humbly apologize for my abhorrent behavior and actions yesterday. I was terrible. I know it might be asking too much of you, but I brought you this as a peace offering. I want us to start over. I’d like to get to know you the right way.” He passes you the box he was carrying with him, nudging you to open it.
Casually unknotting the bow and removing the lid from the bottom, you slowly lift what appears to be a white sundress out of the box. It was beautifully made and looked to be just your size.
“I know it’s not the skirt you tore, but I felt like you deserved something a little more unique.” He averts your gaze quickly when you attempt to gauge his reaction.
The mangaka appears to be flustered, apparently not very used to apologizing. His eyes held a fear of rejection but also a glimmer of hope. A breath you never knew you were holding was released with a quiet hum.
“It’s beautiful, thank you, but do know that buying me things isn’t going to repair my trust in you. We can at the very least start over though.”
Rohan smiled to himself, thankful for your empathetic nature, and nodded a quick yes.
“Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, how about we take that dress and enjoy some tea at the cafe? My treat.”
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andvys · 5 months ago
You will be my girl
Tumblr media
Warnings: alcohol consumption, a bit of a steamy scene towards the end
Pairing: Rockstar!Ellie Williams x Reader
You just got done with your shift at the small cafe you were working at. You went into the break room, taking off your apron, laying it on the table, you heard Dina walking in behind you.
Dina was your best friend and your coworker, you’ve known each other since elementary school and you were attached to each other ever since. You even lived together. She was basically your sister at this point, with how you close you are.
“So.... you coming tonight right.?” She asked, looking at you with hope in her eyes.
She was referring to a bar, where a concert was supposed to be tonight. You knew she only wanted to go because of Jesse, he was a regular at your café. Always coming in to get coffee for him and his band. He was nice you liked him and Dina was crushing hard on him. You constantly tried to encourage her to ask him out on a date, knowing that Jesse would agree right away but she was stubborn about it, wanting him to make the first move and he did, inviting her to come see him and his band play at the towns bar tonight and to hang out later with him, playing it cool she agreed to it only to completely flip out once he left the café. You were excited for her, happy about seeing her finally liking someone this way.
“Of course, Dina. Can’t let you go there by yourself. We don’t want you to do something you’ll regret later on.” You winked at her.
Teasing her was your favorite thing to do.
“Ugh you’re the worst (y/n).” She rolled her eyes at you. “Make sure to look hot tonight, maybe you’ll find yourself a hot lady friend.” Now she was the one teasing you. “I’m not the one going on a “date” tonight.” You replied.
“Whatever.” She said before walking back out to the counter.
Putting your jacket on, you grabbed your stuff and went over to the counter asking Dina to make you a coffee before leaving. You would surely need it, knowing you’d be at the bar till late in the night. You talked to Dina for a while longer before leaving to go home, not noticing that a stranger was admiring you from afar.
You got home, took a shower and started to get ready. You wanted to look good tonight, you rarely went out so you might as well put some effort into your outfit.
By the time you got to the bar it was pretty crowded already. Some loud rock music playing. Dina was holding your hand pulling you towards the bar to get some drinks.
She waved the bartender over. “Hi, can I please get two Long Island iced teas?” She yelled over the loud the music. The bartender nodding at her, starting to mix the drinks.
“You’re not planning on getting drunk tonight are you Dina?” You asked.
“Umm of course I’m planning on getting drunk, come on (y/n) it’s Friday night, loosen up a little we’re gonna have a good time!” She was so excited about this night, it was kinda cute.
“Alright, how am I gonna get your drunk ass home if I’m gonna be drunk myself?” You questioned.
“Who says we’re going home tonight?” She smirked at you.
You gasped, “Dina you dirty girl, planning on keeping Jesse some company tonight aren’t you?” Smirking at her.
“Yup and we are going to find you a hot girl to hook up with, trust me you need it when was the last time you had sex anyways?” She asked you.
This girl was really testing you tonight.
“Dina!! I’m perfectly fine alright? Plus if you go home with Jesse tonight, I’ll have the apartment to myself, not having to deal with your drunk ass seems pretty nice to me.”
“That’s exactly why you have to find yourself a girl tonight, apartment is free you can be as loud as you want to.” She winked at you.
“Oh my god, okay whatever.” You gave in knowing it was a lost cause discussing this with her, she would bug you as long as she had to till you’d agree with her.
Just when you got your drinks you saw Jesse coming up behind Dina, motioning for you to not tell her he’s behind her.
He put his hands in front of her eyes, “guess who?” He smiled standing close to her.
Dina started grinning, “ummm is it the weird guy from the café who keeps ordering the grossest drinks ever?” She started teasing him.
She was not wrong about it, Jesse did order the weirdest drinks ever.
“Hey they’re not gross”, Jesse protested.
Coming up from behind her he pulled her into a hug. He turned around also pulling you in for a quick hug, ruffling your hair.
“Hey (y/n), nice seeing you here. I hope you enjoy our music.” He smiled at you.
Smiling back at him, “Hi Jesse, I’m sure I will!”
Wanting to give them some privacy you decided to go sit at one of the free tables close to the stage. You watched the rest of the band setting up some stuff, preparing for the concert. You noticed a girl amongst the other people on the stage, strumming her guitar. She was hot, the way she had half of her hair in a bun, she was wearing a plaid shirt that had the sleeves cut off, showing off a tattoo on her arm. She was definitely your type. You couldn’t help but stare at her, looking her up and down you didn’t realize she catched you staring at her until you looked back at her face, noticing how her eyes were on you now. Your eyes widened, embarrassed about her catching you shamelessly checking her out. She smirked at you, challenging you to keep looking at her. You suddenly felt shy under her gaze not able to look at her anymore you tried distracting yourself with your phone, switching from one app to another. You didn’t even know why you had your phone in your hand, you couldn’t distract yourself not when you could still feel her eyes on you.
Was she actually still looking at you or was your mind playing tricks on you? Looking up to where she was, she was indeed still staring at you. Giving her a shy smile you didn’t notice Dina sitting down next to you. She watched you and the stranger sending literal heart eyes to each other, she started smirking remembering how you just told her minutes ago how you were perfectly fine on your own and now you and the stranger were practically undressing each other with your eyes.
“Hah, look at you eye fucking the singer, didn’t peg you for a groupie (y/n).” Dina laughed at you.
Shocked at Dina’s words you snapped out if it, “Dina!!”. You were embarrassed, not only did the hot girl catch you staring at her Dina did too, she was going to be so annoying about this now.
“I mean, she looks pretty into you too. Guess you won’t be going home alone after all.” She smiled, taking a sip of her drink. She noticed how shy you’ve gotten, deciding to spare you from her teasing right now she told you how they were going to start with the concert now, she took your hand pulling you away from the table and towards the stage, you suddenly got nervous. Noticing how close you’ve gotten to the stage, meaning you were closer to the girl too. Trying to avoid looking at the stage before they start playing you were making small talk with Dina over the loud chattering of all the people that gathered around the stage.
A few minutes later the band finally started playing. Jesse being the drummer, two other guys both with electric guitars, similar to the one the girl had, she was standing at the front fixing the mic before she started singing.
Her voice was just as beautiful as she was. The crowd going wild when the first song started playing. Dina grabbed your hands and started dancing to the music.
You haven’t felt this good in such a long time. The band was amazing and you had so much fun, forgetting everything for a moment. You asked yourself why you didn’t go to concerts more often.
The girl kept staring at you throughout the whole concert, occasionally looking away only to have her eyes back on you a moment later. Smirking and winking at you at certain parts of the lyrics she sang.
You were a mess under her gaze but something about her pulled you in, you were intrigued.
You noticed her flushed cheeks and her face covered in a thin layer of sweat from performing all night.
The concert was coming to an end, currently playing a much slower song, her voice getting a little raspy now. It was raw and beautiful and she looked even prettier now, her eyes currently closed she enjoyed the last song of the night.
When she was done, she said a quick thank you into the mic and the crowd started clapping and whistling for the last time that night. She looked at you one last time before disappearing behind the curtains.
Jesse waved Dina over, motioning her to follow him to the stage room. You started smirking at her.“Go get him tiger.” You laughed when you saw her starting to blush.
“You’re the worst (y/n).” She said. Playfully rolling her eyes at you.
You pushed her towards were Jesse was waiting for her, telling her you were going to get some drinks at the bar. She finally started walking towards him.
Watching how Jesse smiled at her and took her small hand in his much larger one was so cute, you were happy for your best friend. You had to admit Jesse and Dina would make a good pair.
You sat down, ordering yourself another drink. You looked around, noting how it was getting a little less crowded now, some 60s rock playing in the background.
The bartender putting down the drink in front of you, he gave you a small smile and went back to his other costumers.
You took a sip of your drink, feeling someone come up beside you, you realized it was the girl from the band, she ordered herself a whiskey. She turned to you finally seeing you up close, she looked you up and down and sat down on the bar stool next you you. She was bold, you liked that.
You turned to look at her and gave her small smile “hi” you shyly said.
“hey, I’m Ellie.” She confidently said, looking into your eyes.
“I’m (y/n).” God you were so nervous, you don’t remember ever being this nervous before talking to someone.
She smiled at you, “So... did you enjoy yourself tonight?” She asked. Taking a sip from her whiskey.
“Yes! All of the songs you performed tonight were amazing but the last one was definitely my favorite.” You were talking about ‘through the valley’ by Shawn James. You definitely preferred Ellie’s version of the song, loving her voice and the raw emotion she put into it.
“It’s my favorite too.” She added. Her voice was going to be the death of you, it was so raspy right now and she looked so hot. Your palms were getting sweaty, she was making you nervous.
Ellie wasn’t stupid, she saw the effect she had on you and she enjoyed it. She felt the same though, she was just better at controlling her emotions.
She was enamored with you the second she saw you at the café this morning, she knew you didn’t see her but she desperately wanted to ask you out but you left the café before she had the chance too, so seeing you at her concert tonight was a surprise, she was excited to see you here and she had to take a chance and talk to you. Ellie wanted you, bad.
You kept some small talk going but that quickly turned into some flirting from both sides, you noticed how hot it’s suddenly gotten. You needed to splash some water on your face, your cheeks felt like they were on fire. Your skin was so hot, it was just Ellie’s effect on you. This sensation was new to you, you haven’t felt this way before, not even with your ex girlfriend. You excused yourself to the bathroom, telling Ellie you’d be right back. She bit her lip, watching you leave.
You went into the bathroom, splashing some water on your face you looked into the mirror. Telling yourself to get a grip, she was just a girl. No she wasn’t just a girl, she made you nervous. You were totally at her mercy, you didn’t even know her, she was a stranger but she gave you a such comfortable feeling, letting you know you were safe with her. Hearing the door open behind you, you saw Ellie through the mirror. You turned around staring at her as she was slowly making her way towards you. You stared at her. You knew she wasn’t here to make conversation and you were totally fine with that. She was so close to you now, her nose almost touching yours. Feeling her breath on your skin. Your heart started racing. You were looking at her lips, boldly you decided to make the first move, you got closer and brushed your lips against hers, testing the waters. Looking into her eyes, giving her a teasing smile.
She smirked at you, grabbing your face she closed her eyes and smashed her lips against yours. You gasped in her mouth, closing your eyes as well you put your arms around her neck and started kissing her back. You tasted the whiskey she had earlier. Staying like that for a while, kissing each other, her hands left your face, she grabbed you by your waist pulling you even closer to her, her grip was tight. You liked the way she was holding you against her.
Pulling away from each other you were left breathless, Ellie started kissing your neck, teasing you, her hands going lower she grabbed your thighs putting you up on the sink. She got in between your legs, going in for another kiss. This one being more heated, she brushed her tongue on your bottom lip, asking for entrance, which you granted her. She softly put her hands around your throat, squeezing slightly causing you to let out a moan.
She smirked into the kiss. You put your legs around her waist grabbing her face you pulled her closer.
After what felt like forever of making out, she pulled away looking at your disheveled hair and your puffy lips from all the kissing, she gave you a sweet kiss.
Brushing some hair out of your face. “So do you want to...” not even letting her finish “yes” she started grinning at you “my place?” She asked you.
“We can had back to mine, my roommate isn’t home.” You smirked at her
She gave you a devilish smile, “good, we wouldn’t want to wake up your roommate, babe.” She whispered in your ear, giving you another kiss, she grabbed your hand, intertwining your fingers she guided you out of the bar.
@twdimagining your wish is my command, here’s the first part to rockstar ellie!! Hope this is what you imagined it like to be!! Second part is going to be a steamy one 👀💕
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sailorhyunjinz · 6 months ago
~ 𝕋𝕒𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕡𝕚𝕔𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕖𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦 ~
Part III
© sailorhyunjinz 2021; Rights Reserved
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All picture rights to their respective owners.
ℂ𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕟𝕥: Photographer!Hyunjin x fem!model!reader, manager!Bangchan, stylist!Jisung, agedup!straykids, SMUT, fluff, character driven story, stranger to lovers, summer!au, soft!dom hyunjin x fem!reader, PIV, penetrative sex, protected sex (wow first time writing that, good on ya cher) sexual photos/pictures taken during sex, semi-public sex, orgasm (m/f), cum, fingering, blowjob, light choking, praise kink, handkink??
𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕕 ℂ𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕥: 5.4 k
ℕ𝕠𝕥𝕖: am so creative with the office numbers? right? tell me im creative LMAO
oh god this was a fucking pain in the ass to read through i cringed at every sentence so hopefully my pain will be your pleasure
Taking pictures of you - MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
Unlike any other day you couldn’t get out of bed. A boulder of nervousness plaguing you. Through the cracks of the blinds the sun shined in, small particles of dust floating around your resting figure. You were wide awake yet you felt asleep, your thoughts consuming your mind as the dimly lit room became brighter as time ticked on.
You were thinking, perhaps overthinking. This whole situation with Hyunjin seemed confusing and happened way to fast, your psyche not having a moment to digest the events that unfolded during the last couple of days.
Love was a feeling you were familiar with. You knew how it felt. Those butterflies in ones stomach, fluttering everytime a thought of the person passes through your ones.
You felt the same feeling everytime you thought of Hyunjin.
How his soft lips would feel against your cheek that was hot from just looking at his beauty. How his blond hair falls in his face everytime he puts it into a ponytail, his silver decorated fingers tucking the stray pieces behind his pierced ear. These thoughts alone would make your heart beat faster than ever, you eyes clouding with lust even if you knew that this relationship would be impossible given the status the both of you have in this judging industry.
Pushing the covers aside, you sat up before slowly stepping out, your feet hitting the cold flooring of the apartment. You stretched your arms upwards, feeling your spine extend as you squinted, a ray of sunshine hitting you right in the eyes.
The boulder in your chest didn’t feel any lighter but you still got up, wanting time to fly by fast just so you could see his face once again.
No amount of mindfulness exercises could calm the churning of your stomach. The clock in your living room ticked as you watched it with careful eyes, waiting for the time to hit precisely half past before you got up from the couch and shuffled over to the wardrobe, only being stopped from a pling on your phone.
[Bangchan] y/n! can you come by in about an hour? need to discuss some concept photos, sorry for such short notice ❤️
That’s when it hit you. Bangchan didn’t know anything about this. He didn’t know that you’d seen the photos from the shoot and most importantly that you went on a date with the photographer. You could only describe the feeling as ‘improper’. Bangchan was after all one of the closest people in your life, he made you to who you are today and lying to him felt wrong but you shielded your eyes from the truth as you typed back.
[y/n] soz, got plans
[Bangchan] I don’t see any other meeting scheduled for today?
[y/n] you do know that I have a life outside of work? take the day off Chan, you could use some rest ❤️
[Bangchan] Don’t worry about me! You have fun alright?
[y/n] alright, see you next week then ^^
You clicked on the off button on your phone, making the text messages disappear. Getting paranoid, you plopped down on the couch, thinking about every possible way you could get caught which you’d already been, photos of you and Hyunjin circulating throughout social media but they mustn’t have reached Bangchan just yet. You felt like digging a hole underground, wanting to hide away from all these thoughts. The main thought in your mind was whether or not you understood Hyunjin’s intentions. 
What if this love was one sided? 
Waveing your hand in the air, you attempted to get the mind out of your head as if you were breaking up a cloud of real thoughts. You glanced up at the clock and only then realised that you were running late, as usual.
“Wear whatever you want”
Was what Hyunjin said last time but that didn’t make it easier to choose an outfit. Standing infront of multiple racks of clothing you pulled up the weather application on your phone. “Sunny” you mumbled, making you gravitate towards a beige croptop with white stripes around the neckline as well as a white tennis skirt. Not too dressed up but not too dressed down either, just right. Clothes were flying everywhere when you searched for a pair of white socks to pair with your white high platform sneakers. You put the outfit on, observing yourself in the mirror and smiling, trying to get yourself in a better mood rather than being a nervous wreck. Pulling up your phone, you snapped a picture and sent it to the person who knew best about fashion. Jisung.
[y/n] Sungie! Is this acceptable for a impromptu photoshoot?
The fashionable boy replied minutes later.
[Jisung] oh!! that’s so cute! very much acceptable in my book 🥺
You smiled at his reply
[y/n] phew! good... 
[Jisung] is it a date?
Your fingers froze above the keyboard on the phone. Was it that noticeable? Was this really a date? 
[y/n] no!!!
[Jisung] you sure, i saw those photos on social media. ahh.. y/n dating famous photographers now...
By this point you were sweating bullets. 
[y/n] first of all, i’m not meeting him and second of all, he’s a friend so shut it. 
[Jisung] hahah alright alright... i won’t tell Bangchan
[y/n] you have nothing to tell!! we’re friends just like you and I so be quiet otherwise i’ll come over there with balloons, popping them in your face.
[Jisung] oh wow... im so scared...
[y/n] need to leave, if i hear something about you spreading some rumors i’ll seriously do it.
[Jisung] Photo Attachment.
The photo that popped up was from yesterday and your breath hitched. You couldn’t help but to notice the way Hyunjin was looking at you, his eyes filled what seemed like adoration. 
[Jisung] yeah because that totally doesn’t look like a date
[Jisung] oh so it is a date? alright, i won’t! have fun and be safe
[y/n] be safe? we’re taking pictures, not drag racing
[Jisung] hahah stop playing innocent
Your eyes widened in realisation.
[y/n] you crazy fucker
[Jisung] Whatever you say
Thanks to Jisung you were now running dangerously late leading to you snatching objects from all corners of the apartment before ordering a cab that would arrive in minutes.
“We’ve arrived, miss” the cab driver says, smiling at you through the rear-view mirror. You thank him and step out of the yellow car, a smell of car exhaust hitting your nose. The cab drives away, leaving nothing but a small cloud of smoke. You looked up, almost not seeing the tip of the building as the skyscraper towered over you. You’re beside the busy road, mouth agape. You’d walked by a couple of times but knowing that you knew the person that owned at least a bit of the building made you giddy. 
You walked in and was greeted by a grand lobby, a front desk as big as the wall behind it. The entire place was filled with people, everyone from business men in suits to trainee models in the most flamboyant outfits. Fishnet stockings, heavy chains and distressed jeans that consisted of more air then jeans material. The sun shined through the many glass panes that made up most of the ceiling and the slight breeze of the air conditioner made this whole vibe of the building comforting. 
“Hi! y/n y/l/n, meeting Hwang Hyunjin” you say to the receptionist that was a relatively old woman, probably in her early 60′s. She was wearing a white button down shirt with her hair in a high bun, a couple of gray strands sticking out. Her red painted mouth contorted into a smile. 
“y/n, Hyunjin said that you could make your way to his office without the guards. You must be a close friend” 
You smiled shyly with your warm cheeks, looking at either side of the desk where two tall buff men were standing, wearing walkie talkies on their black vests. With a small nod, you started speaking. 
“W-where exactly is his office?”
“Floor 20, his main office is in room 03″
“Thank you!” 
You quickly shuffled over to the elevators, pushing the button that lit up with orange light emitting. 
The doors to the elevator opened and you stepped inside, a couple of office workers joining you and pressing the necessary buttons to make the elevator lift off. 
You step out at the 20th floor, looking around at all the intricate wall design, everything inspired by ancient greece which explains the broken vases that were scattered across the hallway in the most unconventional places. They were all encapsulated with glass and standing on tall white pillars, the vases looking rather sad, being in a spectra of ashy grey colors, every single one of them falling apart. 
Stopping, you observed this one vase that caught your attention. It had swirly details around the edge and was shattered in a rather beautiful way. It made you think how even the most broken pieces still carry beauty, beauty unique to only oneself. 
“It’s pretty right?”
The voice sounded familiar and warm, almost as if it had anticipated your arrival. 
“y-yeah, it really is” 
You say turning around, nearly jumping up on the wall when seeing the figure that looked back at you. It was Hyunjin.
Yet again, his presence was astonishing. Everytime you met him it felt as if you’d met him for the first time. The blond boy was standing tall in front of you, wearing a black hoodie, black basketball shorts and a matching headband. A backpack was thrown across his one shoulder and a smaller camera around his neck, everything about his appearence looking completely different from the last time you saw him, his style usually more sophisticated. 
“On your way to meet me, yeah?” he asked and you nodded shyly. 
“My office is the other way, you know?”
You lifted your gaze to look at the tiny sign on the wall that pointed in two directions, you were walking down the hallway for offices 20-40 by accident and you smiled awkwardly, scratching the back of your head. 
“I didn’t know heh...” 
“It’s alright! Come with me, I was on my way to the studio”
“What room is that? Your office?”
“No, the room next to my office, come! I’ll show you!”
He grabbed your hand and you felt your body stiffen as he dragged you down the hallway, his hand not being decorated with statement rings this time, instead feeling soft and warm. You blanked out, your legs walking by themselves. 
He stopped at a brown door, a tiny gold sign saying « 04 » and beside it a transparent sign stating that this was a photography studio. Hyunjin opened the door and dragged you in, closing the door behind you.
A cold wind hit your warm body, the air conditioner blasting it’s breeze with a faint sound. The room was wide, one wall being made completely out of glass, stand close enough and you could peer down the bustling city filled with people, cars and buildings. The typical photoshoot setup was already in place, the camera being propped up infront of a white backdrop, a white pilar in the middle and two boxlights standing unlit behind the camera. In the corner stood a vintage brown leather couch, the swirly metal details were concealed with a layer of chipped gold paint. Beside the couch stood a simple white table. A black bucket rested on the floor and upon closer inspection you noticed plants, multiple stems of eucalyptus poking out, wrapped in cellophane.
“What are these for?” 
You sat down on your knees infront of the bucket while Hyunjin was pressing buttons on the camera that was screwed onto the tripod before walking over to the table and placing down the camera he had around his neck, his backpack lying lazily on the floor. He looked at your crouching figure, the corners of his lips going upwards.
“I thought they’d suit you”
You held in one of the stems, turning your head and looking at his shy smile, his dimples sitting playfully on the sides of his cheeks. You giggle, standing up and leaning against the white pillar, holding the plant in your both hands. 
“Do they?”
Hyunjin walked towards the steadied camera, bending down and peeking through the lens.
“They do”
Your eyes widen, him snapping a picture without you paying attention.
“Hey! I wasn’t even prepared!” you chuckle, pointing at the blonde boy with the long plant that was dripping at the stem. 
“Nature is a bit more beautiful when caught off guard, don’t you think?” Hyunjin says, his honey-like voice, echoing through the room.
You nod, staring down at the leafs of the plant, rubbing them between your thumb and pointer finger. 
“Try leaning with your butt against the pillar and with one foot fully on the side of the pillar”
You did as he told, the pillar being surprisingly stable.
“Tilt your head and look down to the right”
Once again, you follow his instruction and he hums in satisfaction before pushing the button on the camera twice.
Your warm face turned into a smile, laughing loudly from embarrassment when he observed the pictures on his display. He snickers quietly from shyness, a faint blush brushing across his features as his brown eyes were glued to the screen. Hyunjin peeks up from the camera, seeing you looking down at the backdrop that was filled with ashy grey shoeprints. 
The sound of his footsteps got closer until you saw them in your periferal view causing you to look up at his tentative face. He smiles, displaying his pearly white teeth and crescent shaped eyes before stretching his hand out, feather light fingertips grazing your hot cheek as he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, your dainty gold earrings now visible. Hyunjin’s hand lingers on your jaw as he looks at you with a gleam in his eyes, you gulping loudly as your gaze lowers to his pouty pink lips. Leaning forward, Hyunjin tilts his head, attaching his lips onto yours, your heart skipping a beat from the comforting feeling of having him close to you. 
You drop the fragile twig on the floor, kissing him back by pursing your lips and tilting your head as well. The romantic tension that has been bubbling on the surface everytime you met had finally subsided, now the air overflowed sexual tension. 
Cupping his blushed cheeks, you deepen the kiss my licking his plump bottom lip, coaxing his tongue that eventually slipped into your mouth. His hands were firmly planted on your waist, pulling you closer to his body that radiated heat in the already scorching summer weather. 
The two tongues danced around in a impatient manner, the two of you dreaming of this moment since meeting. Hyunjin’s hands roamed over all the valleys of your body, placing his hands on the bottom of your butt, pulling you even closer, close enough to feel his semi-erection against your abdomen. Your eyes spring open in realisation, your body melting in his arms as you felt the effects of the deep kiss, the effects being you unable to control the wet patch that was forming on your underwear, nothing but the thin fabric seperating it from the air due to you wearing a skirt. 
Pulling away from the kiss, your hot breath and a line of saliva was the only thing that seperated you and Hyunjin. You shielded your face from his twinkling eyes, you glancing at the blonde boy through the gaps between your fingers. His two hands grip your wrists, pulling your hands down as he smiles widely
“Don’t hide that pretty face”
Hyunjin giggles, your chuckles following shortly after. The boy grips your wrist tightly, walking backwards as he looks intensely into your eyes, his back falling against the couch as you sit down on the couch on your knees, he looks at you for a moment before attaching his lips again, pushing you down and hovering above you. The wet sounds of the sloppy kiss fills your ear, you helplessly rubbed your thighs together in anticipation. His fingertips trailed down your chest, tracing small circles on the inside of your thigh before plunging down under your skirt, grazing the wet spot on your underwear. The both of you smile into the kiss. 
“Can I?” Hyunjin says, momentarily pulling away from your sweet lips and tugging on the edge of your panties. You nod shyly, not believing that this is happening. 
His lanky fingers run up and down your wet folds as you put your hand at the back of his neck, pulling his blushing face closer to yours and pursing your lips to kiss him sensually. Hyunjin’s fingers gently brush up against your clit that was swollen from excitement, sending shivers down your spine. 
You knew this was wrong, the door wasn’t even locked meaning that anyone could walk in at any moment but the way lips felt on yours made a thousand fireworks ignite, sparking from your chest. Wrapping your hand around his wide wrist, you guide his fingers down to your sopping entrace, your entire body craving him inside of you.
Hyunjin places once last peck on your soft lips before looking at you with concern, asking for permission with his fluffy brown eyes. You nod, your eyelashes gently fluttering over your eyes. His middle finger slips into you with ease, shortly followed by a second finger from seeing how good your cunt swallowed his digits, your essence coating them. A faint gasp escapes your lips as his fingers felt around your velvety walls, the whole situation still feeling like a dream. 
“D-does it feel good?” 
“mhm!” you hum, nodding your head as your grasp around his wrist tightens everytime he curls his fingers upwards. Small whimpers came from you as his fingers started pumping in and out, the blond boy chuckling at your reaction. 
“Did you think I was innocent?” 
The question lingers in the air as you look at him in the eyes.
“Y-yes,,,” just as the question you let the answer hang in the air as Hyunjin hummed, being knuckles deep into you and curling his fingers upwards once more, making you choke on your own moan. Hyunjin nodded slowly, glancing down at your body as he thought.
“It’s because,,, because you’re shy,, different from the others.” You added quickly, filling the silence that was soon interupted by your whimpers as the so called ‘innocent boy’ started circling your sensitive bud with his thumb. 
“I think you’re different from the others, you make me like this baby”
Hyunjin said, seconds later crashing his lips against yours, his tongue attacking yours. He retracted his fingers, the tips coated in your juices and glistening in the sunlight. You whined inbetween kisses, the feeling of being empty leaving you disappointed. Hyunjin’s veiny hands trailed up your stomach, pulling the croptop up and resting it just above your boobs, your white bra exposed. 
Hyunjin pulled away from the kiss, the both of you breathless as the kisses you exchanged were anything but light. His two damp fingers made their way to his mouth, licking them with a slight smirk on his lips. You could go crazy from the sight alone, his big brown eyes turning blank with lust. Not being able to control yourself any longer, you sat up on your knees and pulled off the top, unclasping your bra while you’re at it. As the fabric hit the floor, Hyunjin’s eyes darted to your bare tits, the wind from the air conditioner stiffening your two sensitive buds. You looked at him with a jumbled expression, him staring at your nipples for what seemed like an eternity. You hummed softly, causing him to snap back into reality, the blond boy pulling the black hoodie up from his head, displaying the defined muscles on his abdomen. You wanted him, you wanted him so bad. 
Your knees hit the floor with a thump as looked up at Hyunjin, knealing between his two legs and watching the tent in his loose shorts grow. 
“Do you really want to do this,, y/n,, you don’t have t-”
You hushed before speaking.
“Don’t worry, Hyunjin” you say with a stern voice making Hyunjin shiver, not knowing if it’s from your tone of voice or the way his name rolled of your tongue.
The blonde boy grabbed the small camera that was resting on the table, you looked up at him with confusion before smiling at his pleading eyes that met yours. You nodded, knowing exactly what he wanted to do and giving him permission since you never knew if he’d get to see you like this ever again. 
You hook your two hands on the sides of his shorts and underwear, pulling the fabric down as Hyunjin awkwardly lifts his hips up from the couch for a moment, allowing you to slide the both garments down in one nimble motion. His veiny length sprung out, the tip hitting his abdomen for a moment before resting infront of your eyes, a bead of precum already leaking from his delicate slit. You gulp, the task of sucking him off suddenly seeming daunting. Hyunjin must have noticed since his face turned concerned, a half smile flashing across his lips. 
“y/n,, you don’t have to-aghh!”
Hyunjin was cut of by his own breathy moan, your pursed lips wrapping around his leaking tip, licking small kitten licks before sinking deeper down his impressive length. Hyunjin’s blonde hair fell out of his face when his head rolled back in pleasure, resting it against the back of the rustic couch. 
“f-fuck y/n,,, just- just like that”
He hummed out, his sweet voice intoxicated with desire. Your tongue swirled around his pretty red tip, simultaneously stroking the part doesn’t fit inside of your wet mouth. Multiple shutters of the camera was heard, his hand barely stable enough to hold it due to the pleasure that was shooting through his core. It didn’t take long before his dick twitched against you lips, your cheeks hollowed as bob up and down his girth. His eyes rolled back into his skull as his hand went down to cup your cheek, your eyes stinging with tears as you choked around him. Pulling off with a pop, his dick glimmered as a heavy layer of saliva rested on it, his already warm body turning hotter. He looks down at you, a smug half-smile errupting on his lips as he continued to stroke your cheek, his thumb grazing your cheekbone as he flicked through the photos on his camera, the half-smile now a full on expression of happiness. The two of you sat like that for a while, the silence engulfing the room as you observed his indescribable features. His sharp jawline contrasted with his soft skin that had a dust of rose pink across the cheeks, his moles adding to his charm. 
“Fuck me, Hyunjin”
The words slipped out of your mouth, his brown shiny eyes widening before being overtaken by a blank gaze, placing the silver camera back on the tiny table. 
“You thought I would stop here?”
Now it was your turn to be flustered, his sugary sweet voice interlaced with the cocky words making you even wetter then before, if that’s even possible. Without answering, he pulled you up to the couch by your hand and laying you down before realising what he forgot. The blond boy reached for the baggy backpack laying on the white floor, unzipping the front pocket and fishing out a condom. You nodded shyly, feeling your hands getting sweatier from nervousness, not really sure where to put them. Hyunjin noticed your gaze that was running all over the room, your body slightly tense. The boy snickered, ripping the shiny wrapping open with his hands where veins had started to become apparent. 
“Something wrong?” He asks shyly, placing the condom on his leaking tip before rolling the rubber onto his length. You shake your head.
“J-just thinking,,,” you say, your voice fading out at the end. 
“About?” His voice inhibiting a questionable tone as he holds himself up above you, his elbows on either side of your head. 
“A-about,,, you” 
That was a lie. You thought about how this would end up being disclosed to your company and your friends, Felix would snap your head if he found out that you slept with Hyunjin. Did it even have to be disclosed? Couldn’t it just be a secret between you and Hyunjin? As much as you wish that it could, it simply couldn’t. Not working in this industry. 
Hyunjin smiled softly, his hand trailing down the curves of your body before lifting up the fabric of your skirt, his fingers pushing your panties aside and feeling your throbbing pussy once again. His caramel eyes looked into you the entire time. 
Lifting himself up, he positioned the tip of his member at your sopping entrance, you chuckling softly as he gripped your hips but your chuckle was quickly replaced by a loud gasp, his dick stretching out your tight pussy better than you thought. 
“Are you ok, y/n?” 
He said softly, his dick not even halfway in but already jerking from your welcomingly wet and warm cunt wrapping around his crimson tip. You nodded, looking up at him. 
“Pl-please,, keep going Hyunjin”
The blonde boy blushed, his ears turning red. Tightening the grip on your hips he fully entered you, you shutting your eyes tightly from the slightly painful but pleasurable experience. Glancing down at you, he had to use every bit of discipline to not pound into you. In his eyes you looked angelic. Your parted lips that we’re coated by saliva and the way your skirt bunched up around your waist made it feel like torture to be inside of you, not moving to let you adjust to his size. 
“C-can I move?” He asks impatiently to which you smile, nodding and wrapping your legs around him, pulling him closer to your warm body. Your breath hitched as he softly wraps his hand around your neck, him thinking he’d gone too far.
“I-im sorry! I-” 
You hush him, placing your index finger over his plush pink lips. 
“I’ll tell you if anything doesn’t feel good, alright?” You so desperatly wanted to place a “baby” at the end of the sentence, that nickname fitted him but being to scared to confess your feelings. Just because he wants you doesnt mean he loves you. Hyunjin nodded like an excited puppy, finally getting the permission of moving and feeling your clenched walls around his length, his one hand still wrapped around your throat. 
His thrusts were slow, filled with passion which only worsened your longing for him, the longing of him being yours. Small whimpers dripped from between your parted lips, the moans being mixed with Hyunjin’s low grunts and sounding like a melody. You peeked up at the model-like boy, his expression being synonymous to pleasure. The movements eventually quickened, his long cock hitting your cervix with every thrust, making you put your hands behind his back, your fingernails digging into his soft honey skin. His previously closed eyes fluttered open, watching you with a soft gaze through his fierce eyes. You smiled and he smiled back before his gaze drifted away from yours.
“Y-you feel so good y-y/n,,, you’re an angel”
Chuckling and moaning at the same time, his praise gave you a sense of security but also a sense of lust, wanting to coax out even more dangerously sweet words from his pretty mouth. 
“Go faster,,, Hyunjin”
You gasped out, the pleasure starting to pick up it’s pace. The sound of skin slapping against each other bounced off the white walls in the big studio, the old sofa creaking ever so often from the blond boys powerful thrusts. Hyunjin would never get tired of hearing you say his name, never. 
The knot in your stomach signaled your impending orgasm as your walls were stretched out. You pleaded him to not stop, your voice sounding frail as you neared your sweet release. The hot tempeture wasn’t helping the situation, sweat beading underneath Hyunjins headband, soaking the two strands of blonde locks that hanged infront of his face. 
“F-fuck,, y/n you’re so pretty with my hands wrapped around your throat, fuck-” 
A loud groan escaped his lips, the pleasure of your wet pussy against his rock-hard length getting too much, Hyunjin having to hold back until you came, not wanting to appear selfish. It wasn’t long until you felt your legs shaking around him, your toes curling as the squeaky sound from the couch increased along with the speed of Hyunjin’s thrusts, the rubber not giving him as much intimacy as he would have liked but the visual of you lying beneath him, squirming away from bliss and softly moaning made up for it. 
“I think- i think I’m cumming, s-shit Hyunjin, I’m cumming”
The words spilled from you, quickly followed by a incoherent mumbling of his name before a wave of hot flashed through your entire body, your walls clenching around him as your erotic juices coated his twitching cock. You held your hands against your face that was lightly coated with sweat but before you could come down from your high Hyunjin pinned your hands above your head by your wrists, him letting out a growl before his cum filled the tip of the condom. The both of you rode out your powerful orgasm, your moans softening as the intense feeling subsided, Hyunjin shivering with his last thrust before pulling out. 
The light sound of the air conditioner was now accompanied with heavy panting, your chest heaving as Hyunjin softly pulled down your skirt and ran his hand through his blonde hair, pushing the stray hairs away before rolling off the cumfilled condom and throwing it on the floor, the rubber landing on the dark clothing that were pooling next to the leather couch. The young boy lays down beside you, your eyes fixed on the ceiling as you faded away in a million thoughts, still trying to process what just happened. You turned your head against his, feeling his lingering gaze on your face and you swore you could hear your heart beat in your ears as his cheekbones lifted, his now cherry red lips turning into a soft smile. 
“Do you like me?” 
You choked on your own saliva, coughing and sitting up in panic making Hyunjin worry, him patting you on the back as he sat up next to you. 
“I-im sorry,, I shouldn’t have- y/n,, so-sorry”
He mutters out as you start laughing, he looking confused at your chuckling figure. 
“T-that’s,,, quite the direct question” you say, clearing your throat before continuing. “I don’t know Hyunjin. You know that this isn’t possible”
You saw his previously twinkling eyes turn blank, his heart sinking. 
“Uhm,,, n-no totally not,,, I just said it to-”
He tried to play cool, brushing off the fact that he didn’t get the answer he so longed for. His gaze turning away from your angelic face.
“But I like you”
You spoke quietly, your voice cracking at the end. Hyunjin turned back to you.
“Why wouldn’t it work then?” he asked with a confused voice. You sighed
“Hyunjin, do you not know who you are? We fucked in a building where you own half of the rights, you work with famous people and your work is in every magazine, don’t you understand?”
He stayed silent for a while, comtemplating on what to say before grabbing your clammy hand. 
“Do you only see me for my career?”
You shake your head, trying to catch eye contact with the blonde boy but failing as he stares down at your small hand in his grasp. 
“Hyunjin, I love you but this feels way to quick,,, I can’t just-”
“I’ve known about you for a while, y/n. Do you know why we even worked together in the first place?” 
Hyunjin speaks calmly, a thin string of sadness threading through his voice. You shake your head, looking at him but he looking away.
“I reached out to Bangchan first”
You weren’t surprised, only confused. What did he see in you? 
“I know it might seem,, rushed! But if- if we both like each other then we can make it work. Please don’t worry about our reputations, you are more than your career y/n even if it means the world to you.”
Hyunjin hesitated finishing his sentence, feeling sick to his stomach from the fear of rejection. You withdrew your hand, instead opening your arms and hugging him to which he smiled and hugged you back, the both of you falling back on the couch facing each other. 
“I think I love you,,, like,,, I really love you”
Hyunjin brushed away a strand of hair from your face, his tender eyes meeting yours. 
“And I love you too, y/n”
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th3bottomline · 2 months ago
Bottoms weigh in—🍑💦
It’s the role play that goes too far for me. Here’s the thing, I’m a man. I love role playing—shit, I’ll wear a mini skirt and bend over the kitchen counter and wait for you to get home from work to fuck me like a housewife in the 60s.
But what I won’t do is think like a man but act like a woman for YOU. That’s not role playing—that’s massaging your ego and baby that’s just not my job. Bottoms, we are grown ass men. Why the FUCK are we trying to assimilate ourselves to a historical culture where women were seen as less than, regarded less, taken advantage of, etc. Women are STILL trying to escape the bullshit and here we are so desperate for a position that we’re willing to take any. Haven’t you learned from the past, shit.. YOU’RE a man—haven’t you learned from your SELF? Men can be toxic as FUCK. Egotistical. Selfish. Abusive. Manipulative. And it’s far easier for them to be this way with their own partners. You guys are really trying to build relationships with other men based on how your mom acted with your father or guys she brought around. Friend, nooo. That’s not it! Stoppp. You can’t take your cue from them. They are experiencing an entirely different reality. This is why gay relationships fail so much. We are not WOMEN DATING MEN. We are MEN DATING MEN. Bottom line.
Tops, you must understand that there are TYPES. Every bottom is not the mf same. So, while you may meet a super feminine guy one day, the next may dress just as cute but thinka nd act completely different. We come in hella variety and I’m tired of yall acting like as soon as you hear the word bottom that means I want you to call me a bitch, cheat on me and proceed to spit on my hole and tear it open. Listen, half of yall don’t even understand how to have rough sex without damaging the bottom’s body. But when you’re so busy trying to treat a mfer like a woman, you do dumb shit like treat the anus like a pussy.
Let me help you: Call it a pussy when you’re in it. Eat it like one. Smack it with your dick. But during the ENTIRE warm up process, bitch it’s an ASShole. Each and every time. Idgaf how many times we fuck. Do NOT just go up in my hole like it was designed to birth babies and shit! Take yo goddamn time because as soon as my hole is irritated or stretched the wrong way, I’m DONE for the night. You won’t have me all loosey goosey in two months because your irresponsible, ignorant ass decided to “fuck my walls up”. Bottoms, stop letting anything happen to you just to prove your worth, which for us sounds like “I can take dick.”
STOP THE FRAUDULENCE. I’m sorry, but men that are tops are getting away with wayyyy too fucking much and these dudes just fly under the radar.
ATTENTION TO ALL GAY MEN: STOP FOLLOWING TOXIC STRAIGHT MEN AND RUINING YOUR GAY COUNTERPARTS. The bottom line is that we have to separate ourselves from mainstream society and redefine what these positions in our community really mean to US (lgbtqia+ communities). Yall are going to run out of bottoms by the time you fucking get done destroying us all. Bottoms are literallly like gold—DO THE FUCK BETTER.
Follow The Bottom Line 💦🍑 on tumblr to help raise your bottom conciousness, seriously. We all have to do better. Tops, this was a harder topic but I still love you and we need you. 🍆💕
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nonotnolan · 8 months ago
Here’s to the Future
Author’s Note: This story is dedicated to someone who has grown very dear to me in such a short time-- my boyfriend and my valentine, @mergeman​
“I’m going miss seeing you,” Clay said, glancing over to look me in the eyes.  He was resting up against his pillow, staring at me with those eyes.  “I don’t know what my new life is going to be like, but I hope you’ll remember me fondly.”  He paused for a moment, before breaking out in a wide grin.  “Or if not me, at least my cock,” he said, laughing to himself.
Tumblr media
“What in the fuck are you talking about?” I asked, looking over at him with one sock on, and one sock off.  Clay always did this.  He had a frustrating habit of keeping secrets until the last possible moment.  We had just finished up with our near-weekly fuck buddy makeout, and this was his idea of an appropriate conversation to have while I was getting dressed and ready to leave.  “What do you mean, your new life?  I don’t want to stop seeing you, you know that.  Hell, I’d love to—”
Clay sat up into an upright position, shaking his head.  “You know I’m not ready to have a committed relationship.  And, well… I’m never going to have one now.  You remember I talked about my birth defects, right?  Well, I put myself onto both the organ donor list and the body donor list, and… the body list came up first.  Apparently there’s a new program that takes prison inmates with lifelong or death sentences, and makes them body donors instead.  That’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow.  By tomorrow night, this body and that guy’s body will have been merged together to form a healthy adult body, and I’ll… well, someone similar to me, at least, will finally get a chance to live a normal life.”
Christ.  No wonder he didn’t want to tell me about this earlier.  I’d heard about this new advancement— it was a new procedure that was discovered by accident during teleportation development.  The device combines the two bodies into one, and in a case like Clay’s, it can be programmed to ignore certain genes like the ones that caused his heart murmurs, or whatever the hell it was that was wrong with him— he’d never met anyone under the age of 60 who’d had a pacemaker installed, so it was pretty serious whatever it was.  It was a great milestone from a research standpoint, but since it caused a complete wipe of any knowledge that wasn’t shared by both men, it meant that the new human had no personal memories whatsoever.  Not exactly ideal from a medicine standpoint.  The new Clay would know how to tie shoes, what the color red looked like, all that sort of book knowledge… maybe even some geography, if the two people were familiar with the same area, but… all of their weekly makeout sessions would be completely foreign to the new Clay.  He would be a stranger.
“Oh.  Well… maybe if I introduce myself to the new you, I could…”
Clay shook his head.  “I don’t even know if the new me is going to be bisexual.  Look, I’m not telling you this to try and get your hopes up, I’m just telling you so that when you never see me again, well… this is why.  Look, Frank… you’re a nice guy.  You deserve someone who actually wants a relationship.  Not the guy who uses you as a consolation prize when he can’t score pussy down at the club.”  I stared at him, waiting for some sort of punch line, but instead he just shrugged.  “I mean, I’m not going to exist next week, I may as well get that off of my chest.  You’re a nice guy, and I love that bubble butt of yours, but… we were never going to work out.  So, uhh… have a nice life, and I hope you’ll manage to find a man who fits your needs.”
I closed my eyes, letting the watery half-tears run away from my face before daring to trust my voice.  “I did find a man who fit my needs.  I just wish I could have done the same for him.  But I guess I completely misunderstood how he felt about me.  Goodbye, Clay.”
“So, here’s the database of all eligible inmates,” the warden said, sliding an iPad across the table.  “As you can see, the left-hand column allows you to filter by traits like hair/eye color, body type, weight, height, and so forth.  Mind you, the exact merging is still a bit unknown, so just because you pick someone much taller than you, it doesn’t mean you’ll gain any of their height.  But the potential is there.”
I flicked through a few of the initial options, looking at the brief bio underneath the photos.  “So, umm… these bios are mostly just physical descriptors?” I asked.
The warden shrugged.  “I mean, they’ve all been screened for major health conditions, if that is what you’re asking.  But there’s a lot of information we’re legally not allowed to collect from them.  And there’s no evidence that personality traits are carried over to your new form, if you were worried about anger management issues.  Or hoping to become more confident, I guess.  The technology has been proven safe, but there hasn’t been enough time to research common trends with the end results.”
I nodded, thinking back to the letter that I’d left my new self in the kitchen.  Well, at least I’d left it open-ended.  I thought back to Frank, and the hurt look on his face that he’d had when he left my place for the last time.  I felt bad about it, but… well, it was the truth.  I may be bisexual, and as sweet as the guy was, he just wasn’t my type.  No amount of trying to force a relationship was going to change that.  And while there was no guarantee that my scheme was going to have any amount of success… there was no harm in trying, right?  I adjusted the search filters, eliminating anyone older than 35 or more than 250 lbs.  My gaydar was complete trash, but perhaps there were a few twinks up for merging?  Most of the photos just showed men trying to look tough, which… admittedly, should not have come as a surprise.  There was one, however, that seemed like a pretty good candidate for my plan.  Delusion.  Whichever.  “This one,” I said, sliding the iPad back to him.
Tumblr media
“That one?  Really?” the warden said, not even trying to hide the look of surprise on his face.  “You realize the piercings aren’t a part of the deal, right?”
I shrugged.  “All the same.  I pick Link.”
“Well, if you’re sure,” the warden said, shaking his head.
The moment I had curled up in my chair with a book and a nice cup of tea, someone knocked on my door.  I sighed, resigning myself to some school fundraiser or maybe another cable TV salesman.  Instead, I found myself looking at a gorgeous guy holding a piece of paper in his hands.
“…Dear Lord, you’re cute…” he whispered, staring directly into my eyes.  My cheeks flushed with the unexpected compliment as he stood there, clearly flustered at the gaff.  “Err, that is, umm… hello.  My name is Clint, and I’m… I used to be Clay.  May I come in?”
My chest started to flutter with conflicting emotions, but I gestured him inside my apartment.  He’d clearly picked up Clay’s penchant for shirts that showed off a lot of chest, and the scent of his cologne as he walked past was the same.  And yet… well, obvious physical differences aside, his posture didn’t seem nearly as arrogant.  Clay had a tendency to walk with a cliched swagger, his shoulders swaying slightly as he walked with his chest puffed out.  But this new man, Clint… there was something delightfully… calm about his stride.  The ass was new as well, though the thick demin of his jeans weren’t doing it any favors.  Clint sat down in my living room, seemingly unaware or perhaps unfazed by my wandering eyes.
Tumblr media
“I know this is a bit weird, so… I’m glad you’re willing to talk to me.”  Clint smiled, and my heart melted a bit.  The eyes and face had changed, but that smile was clearly Clay’s.  “I tried to talk to my… well, to both sets of parents.  None of them were all that keen to talk to me.  Which, I get it.  But at the same time, it’s not like it’s my fault.”
“How… how did you know where I lived?  How did you even know who I was?”  I sat down on the couch nearest to him, with my feet curled up under me so that I could turn sideways to look at him.  Clint was certainly attractive, but… in a softer sort of way that I had not expected, compared to Clay’s brash masculinity.
Clint smiled, and placed the piece of paper he was holding on the nearby end table.  “Before he… before I was made, Clay wrote me a letter.  Most of it is stuff like what kind of car he drives, the location of the nearest grocery store, stuff like that.  But… he also wrote about you.  He said that you and he were… casual lovers, but he didn’t want a serious relationship with you.  He felt bad that he hurt you during your last meeting, so he gave me your phone number and your address, and… well, he’s basically playing matchmaker,” he said, with a boisterous laugh.  “He literally told me, ‘Hey, new me, if you happen to be gay, maybe consider giving Frank a chance.  He’s a really sweet guy.  If you aren’t gay, disregard this paragraph.’”
I couldn’t help but smile.  “That’s… okay, that’s really funny, actually.”  I stared into Clint’s eyes, as the burning emotions in my chest started to navigate south.  “And, umm… this is perhaps a bit forward of me, but… I can’t help but notice that you did not disregard that paragraph.”
Clint’s gaze shifted to the floor.  “You’re right.  I did not,” he said, his face lighting up with a soft smile.  “I don’t know if this is a good idea, but… well, I figured even if things don’t work out between us… I don’t know anyone else in this city.  So maybe we could at least be friends?  And I know it’s kind of a lot… me showing up like this, asking you to throw aside whatever baggage you have with Clay, but…”
“It’s alright,” I said, tilting my head as I stared into his eyes.  “I think you’re really cute, too.”
Clint sprang to his feet, and before I could even register that he was standing, he had me tackled down on the couch, kneeling on the ground next to me.  His lips were pressed against mine, and I could feel the heat of his breath against my skin.  I unsealed my lips, granting entry to his tongue while I pressed my feet against the armrest, scooting myself forward so that my body was extended along the length of the couch.  Clint soon joined me, rolling over on top of me for a few moments until our lips separated.  Clint rollied off to the side, panting for breath as he slid against the back of the couch.  I turned sideways, scooting myself closer to the edge to give both of us more room.  He draped one of his arms across my body, supporting me and holding me closer.  “That could have backfired so badly,”  Clint said, drumming his fingertips across my back.  “That was probably a really bad idea.”
I smiled, and raised my free arm up and around to the back of his head, so that I could run my fingers through his hair.  “Maybe it was,” I said, pressing my forehead against his.  “Dating the man who used to be my fuck buddy before a scientific transformation turned him into a new man?  It sounds ridiculous.  It’s almost certainly a bad idea.  But… I want to do this.  If I don’t at least try to make this work, I will never forgive myself.  The doubt would plague me forever.”
Clint pulled me even closer, and I could feel the warmth of his erect penis pressed against my body.  “Well, then… I’m willing to try it if you are.  Here’s to bad ideas, and for living in the moment.”  He kissed me again, and his hand started to make its way down my back toward the waist of my pants.  “Here’s to the future.”
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plan-d-to-i · 2 months ago
This is the anon who was responsible for asking about the origin of fanon jc… now what is the origin of jc bashing, etc? I feel like I am blessed to see fanfic from these tags adding up over time, don’t get me wrong, but do we really need to tag jc bashing for like our fanfic if let’s say we write him unfavorably for only five chapters because he is irrelevant to the story and he never appears again outside of the five chapters? What is the measurement for jc bashing? Some authors wrote jc being his canonical asshole self and doesn’t tag their fanfic because maybe jc is only mentioned, or cameo of him that adds nothing to the story etc. Some authors just wrote canon divergence and stories pertaining their canon characterization including jc and they don’t tag bashing as well, because they state that they wrote fanfic from the MXTX chinese novels or english translation but since it’s canon characteristics and let’s say the fanfic is 60 or 50 chapters and jc only appears in around ten chapters or more or less, and even then his appearances are brief, he only played major role once, twice, or maybe just irrelevant in there, like how do we even know the standard of the so-called bashing because in Lofter if we read jc bashing it’s literally really bashing as in like PIDW Airplane making fun of SJ and trolling him with karma stuff etc and something like that. AO3 english since coming to Lofter for fanfics had left me in a confusing I don’t know where to tag or how to tag this so-called bashing when you write canon characterization and have different standards of AO3 vs Lofter tagging system. I hope you don’t mind me airing this out or ranting in your ask.
air away :) This is a canon jc safe space lmao
I mean at this point I just tag almost everything I write about jc, jiang cheng. Unless I'm just daydreaming about his painful premature departure from this world...actually scratch that I just remembered this dog post I wrote a few days ago. He's an antagonist and an irritating little shit who shows zero growth, not to mention a fictional character so ?? What am I supposed to tiptoe around at this point? The block button is there for a reason. I find it hilariously self involved when jc stans are like TAKE IT OuT OF HISSSS TAGS!!!!!1111 >:-//// Let's be honest it's all about control for them. They just want to control what other ppl do. You don't see me going on their page telling them to take their trash "jc is the bEsT uNcLe to Sizhui the kid whose whole family he butchered it wOuLd b SOoo cUte whEn hE thReaTenS to BrEak hiS LEgs" out of the Sizhui tag.
And yes I think canon jc should just be tagged jiang cheng in fics. canon jiang cheng at best. But 'jc bashing'? When oftentimes it's STILL slightly softened canon? Nah. If it says "jc bashing" he better get dropped into an active volcano. What about all the fics where jc is fanon babysadangrygrape that are just tagged jiang cheng? Ain't no warning on that shit. aCtuALLY he'S rough on the outside but he has a toFu hEarTT!! Go in expecting Wangxian fluff and suddenly you're hit by WWX excusing jc's rage & casual homophobia & I'll break ur legs >:-/ bs bc it's his Lurrrve language & they're ‘brOtherS’. 🤢
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The Five times She met the Hargreeves- Five Hargreeves
Tumblr media
Plot: Fives wife has been looking for him for ages, and she is not so happy about it, although she meets his fellow siblings along the way (Fluff and cuteness mainly)
Cammie was dangerous. In-fact she was well known for being the most ruthless assassin the commission has. Her abilities made her quick, her training made her agile, he mind made her strong. She never played by the rules. But if you saw under the fact she could kill you within the blink of an eye, she was a sweetheart. Her heart was made of gold, she was soft and kind the kind of girl thought to be made of honey and glass. 
However, not playing by the rules, lead the Handler to become fed up with the bright bubbly girl so she threw her to the end of the world with nothing to ‘harden’ her up. Unfortunately for the Handler that is how Camille Winters met Five Hargreeves and the two became inseparable - unstoppable - the perfect duo.
There were moments where Cammie was willing to murder Five Hargreeves, and that was the day he got the equations wrong.
It was a cold Thursday night when Allison Hargreeves was talking with her friends about the revolution in the hair salon. It was like any other day.
Until  - with a loud crash, the door was thrust open. Everyone jumped to their feet, standing in a defensive position.
In the door frame stood a girl, who looked to be in her teens. Her face was unreadable as she spoke in a clear commanding voice.
“I’m Cammie. Man over the road called the cops on ya love. I’d disperse the mothers meeting”
Allison never got to thank her, she was gone as quick as she came.
Klaus as never one for constant socialising, which is why he was sat in an empty coffee shop with Ben sat opposite him. He didn’t notice the girl in a waitress uniform stand next to him until she spoke.
“Im Cammie, you want anything else Mister?”
Klaus looked up, to see a teen girl staring back at him with an unreadable expression.
“Are you not a little young to be of the working class my dear?” he asked absentmindedly. Ben rolled his eyes.
The girl smiled. “Im way older then you would believe darling,” she turned to where Ben was sat, seemingly invisible to anyone but Klaus. “And what about you hot stuff?” she smirked.
Klaus lifted his head from his arms “You can see him?” he asked
“No one ever comes in here darling, I think I’d notice not one but two cuties when they walk in,”
Ben sent an awkward smile “No thank you.” he said.
Cammie sent a sweet smile before walking off. She was gone before they could say anything else. 
Cammie was furious. And that was an understatement. Five had gone through the portal, taking her with him to get back to his family but somehow she was thrown away and separated from him thrown back into the 60′s where she tried desperately to find him. Then, when she awoke to the grimy alleyway she had been chucked into she realised that she was stuck in her teenage body.
She told Five. She told him the equations were wrong but did he listen? Nope.
And now she was stuck god knows where.
Now, Cammie like Five had extraordinary powers. Although there lines of what she could do were blurred she could see flashes of events that happened in the past, present and future. In other words, time was her bitch. But when she saw the flash of Five being threatened by the Handler her blood boiled.
The only issue with Five is that the little shit couldn't seem to stay in the right timeline so Cammie didn’t know when he would be experiencing what she thought he was going through.
Needless to say all thoughts of common sense went out the window when she saw the Handler pointing a gun at her teenage husband. So naturally she teleported to the commission.
When she arrived the Handler was sitting at her office with an unpleasant smirk on her face. In-front of her were two people whom Cammie did not recognise. The first was a man, with long Jesus style hair and tan skin. He had tan skin and wore a shocked expression. The other was a woman with shoulder length dark hair and wide brown eyes. The Handler did not seem even slightly surprised and Cammie’s sudden appearance.
“Cammie dear, to what do I owe the pleasure?” she asked smiling.
“Why the HELL is my husband?” She growled, eyes narrowing into slits. The Handler rolled her eyes.
“Ah yes. Don’t worry he’s a free man, still trying to stop what cannot be stopped..I must say you do look better at this age than you did two weeks ago”
Cammie rolled her eyes, looking at the two people next to her, who were staring in shock.
“I told him.” Cammie said angrily. “I told him the equations were wrong. But my husband thought he was right.”
Cammie picked up a Vase and threw it against the bookshelf so it shattered into a million pieces. “BECAUSE FIVE HARGREEVES NEVER FUCKING LISTENS”  
The Handler didn’t even blink, but the man in the chair with the Jesus hair spoke up “Hold on a minuet, Five Hargreeves is your husband? The bastard managed to get married??”
Cammie laughed. “And how would you know him?”
The man paused for a moment, “Im his brother, Deigo”
Cammie rolled her eyes, “Tell me, was he always a little shit?”
The Handler stood up, picking up a gun and pointing it at Cammie who didn’t seem even slightly fazed at the fact her life was being threatened. By now it was a common occurrence. “What do you want Cammie?” she said
“Where. Is. My. Husband.” she seethed
Diego spoke up “Last I heard he was with a Man called Elliot, down an alleyway”
Cammie turned to face him “How come your’e more helpful in a second than Five has been his entire life?”
“Tell me, do you flirt with all the Haregreeve siblings?” The Handler sneered.
Cammie laughed “She’s just salty Five chose me and not her.”
The Handler raised her weapon firing multiple times but it was too late. In a flash of blue light Cammie was gone.
“Five got Married?”
Five and Luther were having a nice little conversation about the poor dead Elliot in the chair when they saw a flash of blue light which seemed to be emitting a lot of crashing sounds and swearing coming from the balcony below them.
“Shit. Its the commission get down.” Five whispered to Luther who decided to do as he was told.
“How have they found us?”
Five sighed running his hands through his hair in frustration as he peeked behind the sofa. “I don’t know, but they are dangerous so be careful.”
“How many enemies do you have??” asked Luther eyes wide in shock.
However Five was staring at where the sound was coming from with a slight smile on his face. Luther was more shocked that Five was producing a genuine smile than anything else. 
“She’s not an enemy” he said standing up and walking to the stairs.
Luther looked at him incredulously “Well she sure sounds like it.”
When Five got to the stairs, he was relieved to see Cammie, standing hands on hips glaring at him with the angriest stare she could muster. He merely smiled back, finding it slightly amusing how angry she was. (And slightly scary but he would never admit that)
As soon as it clicked that Five was in fact okay, Cammie marched up the staircase yelling how much she was going to absolutely slaughter him, her speed not slowing down as she drew nearer
“Er - Five? Are you sure she is not the enemy because she looks -”
Luther watched as Cammie came nearer to his brother unsure of what to do until she ...kissed Five?
The girl had ran to Five and placed her hands firmly on the sides of his face pulling him down to kiss her. His arms wrapped around her waist pulling her closer. Her hands travelled to his hair, running her hands through it. 
Luther just stood there mouth open, trying to comprehend what was happening in front of him.
The kiss broke, leaving Cammie still on her toes, face buried in the crook of Fives neck as he had one arm still wrapped around her waist and the other stroking her hair.
“W h a t?” Luther finally managed to get out
The pair separated looking up at the bigger man, who was staring between the two blankly. first of all he was shocked that Cammie hadn’t tried to kill them, but also the fact that his annoying, self centred arsehole of a brother actually found love - and not to mention the fact he had never seen Five as happy as he looked right now.
“Cammie, this is my brother Luther, Luther this is my wife Cammie.”
“Im sorry you are married?”
Five rolled his eyes so Luther turned to Cammie.
“You actually like him?”
At this Cammie laughed, brushing hair out of Five’s face “Surprisingly I do - even if he never listens to me.”
Five turned to her “I do listen to you!” 
“Erm no you don’t. I told you the calculations were off but you didn’t listen to me”
Five open and closed his mouth but no words came out, so he turned to Luther.
“We carry on with the plan, but this time we have her. She is so much better.”
“I still can’t get over the fact that you are married,”
Cammie was laid in bed. Her head was on Fives chest, her arms wrapped around him, her leg hooked up on his waist. He was snuggled into her, burying his face in her hair as she slept, his arms tightly wrapped around her
The Hargreeve siblings were stood around around them, each with their mouth open slightly in shock.
“Can anyone else not get over the fact Five is Married?” Luther asked
“To a reasonable person no doubt,” Allison continued.
“And a baddass. The commission adore and are terrified by her.” Diego added
“Ben and I would like to point out she clearly makes Five happy. That’s a yay right?”
“Vanya nodded her head. “He looks at peace for once.”
And he did. For the first time in years the siblings saw their grumpy, annoying, pessimistic brother smile, a real genuine smile.
“If you guys don’t stop staring he will kill you,”
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foundyourheart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I don’t know if anyone can resist some good ol’ fashion fake dating, so here are 150 related prompts.
this list of prompts includes:
☆ 50 reasons why we must fake a relationship ☆ 50 reasons i’m only doing this because people need to believe this is real ☆ 50 moments of wait, are we still pretending?
buckle up and please enjoy the ride!
reasons why we must fake a relationship
01.   I’m tired of my family whining about when I’m going to start dating someone (classic and must be included) 02.  my moving van was stolen so will you pretend to marry me so I can get the money and gifts to replace everything? 03.  my ex is an asshole and I really don’t want them to think I’m still in love 04.  I’m tired of my friends/family setting me up on horrible blind dates so I made up a relationship and now they want to meet this mystery person 05.  I need a green card (aka The Proposal AU) 06.  I want to let someone who keeps asking me out down easy, so I blurt that I’m in a relationship and things sort of got out of hand 07.  I answer an ad so we’re each other’s partners to our family gatherings 08.  someone assumed we’re dating but I didn’t realize that’s what they meant until it was too late and I had committed us to a couples’ retreat weekend 09.  in order to get that promotion, I have to show the Big Bosses that I’m a family person too but I don’t have a family so can I pretend to be part of yours? 10.  my ex just showed up with their new partner and I don’t want them to win this breakup 11.  I’m your assistant and you just informed me that your entire family thinks we’re dating and you don’t want to let them down 12.  it’s grandma’s dying wish to see you married so here I am 13.  I’m really competitive and drunk and I just told a rival that my relationship is way better than theirs, but they don’t believe you exist (but I’m too stubborn to admit they’re right) 14.  our friends set us up on a blind date as a prank because we don’t like each other but neither of us wants to let them win so 15.  people keep teasing us about being a couple so we come up with a plan to fake date and have a fake breakup so they’ll feel awkward and leave us alone
16.  we’re working undercover (bonus if they can’t stand each other but need to be Professional) 17.  a friend is trying to get their matchmaking business off the ground and neither of us want to admit to them that we can’t stand each other 18.  I really, really, really want to go to this sex club to flirt with the bartender [or X] but it’s couples only night 19.  our mutual friends have planned a couples only weekend so, darling won’t you please pretend we suddenly can’t keep our hands off each other because I need to get out of the city 20.  some coworkers misinterpret something between us and start a rumour that we’re dating and not going to lie, I sort of like my new found status so roll with it, will you? 21.  our PR managers think it’d be a great idea if we run the story that we fell in love while acting on the set of a movie and I need the good press 22.  there’s a really good 2-for-1 deal on this fancy restaurant I’ve always wanted to go to on valentine’s day, so will you go with me? 23.  our friend signs us up for a Newly Weds Game even though we’re not dating (bonus if they’re not friends, but know each other well enough to win anyway) 24.  we accidentally meet under mistletoe and share a kiss, but now everyone at this party thinks we’re dating and I feel too awkward to correct them so hold my hand 25.  there’s a rumour going around that I made up the fact that we slept together and I’m ‘pathetic’ so you show up to kiss me in front of everyone (bonus if they didn’t actually sleep together) 26.  I want to foster a kid/some kids but I’ve been told that this worker doesn’t like single people, since you’re here all the time anyway, will you pretend we’re married? 27.  I had a really ugly, public breakup at the office so a week later, you start telling people that we’re together so people will stop looking at me with sad eyes 28.  you’re upfront that your friends dared you to date me because I’m the Ice Queen/Forever Bachelor and I’m always up for proving people wrong 29.  they wouldn’t let me visit you in the hospital room unless I was family so I told them we’re married 30.  listen my kid just found you in my bed and thinks that you’re now part of the family and you just roll with it so I can’t be the one to break the news to my kid 31.  you jokingly propose to me at the bar but it ends up all over social media so now I have to track you down because I don’t even know your name 32.  you needed a date to your ex’s wedding and I was anxiously playing with my ring and put it on the wrong finger so now everyone thinks we’re engaged 33.  I won a contest for a couples getaway, but I was just dumped so will you please come with me? 34.  you’re a big time actor who asks if I’ll pretend to date you so your reputation can go from Reckless Heartbreaker to Falls In Love With Regular Person 35.  we’re YouTubers who decide to fake a relationship for better viewership 36.  we’re drunk idiots who think it’d be a funny prank to pretend we’re engaged so we wake up to see our social media notifications exploding with “congrats!” and “finally!” and no one seems to believe us when I make a status saying it was a prank so 37.  we work at BuzzFeed and people ship us so hard they write fanfic about us, and I thought it might be fun if we pretended to date to make them happy 38.  you did a really big grand gesture only to get rejected on the spot and it goes viral, so I offer to pretend to date you (starting with my own grand gesture) so people will think you got a happy ending instead of pitying you  39.  we’re strangers but because of our costumes at a halloween party, we look like a couple so we decide to roll with it for the evening 40.  your friend’s post about finding your soul mate with a photo of me goes viral, but I’m afraid what people will think if I reject you so I ask if we can pretend 41.  neither of us have soul mates, so we pretend that we’re meant to be because we think it’s better than being alone (bonus if they do have soul mates and it turns into an ot3) 42.  I’m just a fan but after we get caught in an accidental
compromising position, your PR manager asks me to fake date you 43.  so your popular friends are mocking me for being dateless and you swoop in to announce that you’re taking me to the dance 44.  there’s something wrong with the soul mate system because I hate mine so will you pretend to be my soul mate so they think it’s a mixup? 45.  our neighbour has been trying to get us together since you moved in but it’s not until they end up in the hospital that we decide to fake date (bonus if the neighbour knows they’re faking but enjoys watching them fall in love) 46.  wanna get married for the gifts and the tax breaks? 47.  I swear when I made up my fake relationship, I did not know that someone worked at the coffee shop with the same name or that my family/friends would go to check you out 48.  high school is hard but it’s a little easier with a fake relationship with someone who doesn’t exist except now I’ve built it up too much and if I pay you, will you help me out for a few weeks before a dramatic breakup? 49.  you pretend to be my horrible awful partner for my family function in hopes that they’ll end up liking my current partner better (spoiler alert: they still hate them, and they love you) 50.  I offer to marry you so you can use my health insurance
alright, great, now we’re in a fake relationship! so…
i’m only doing this because people need to believe this is real
51.  doing “how well do you know your partner” quizzes 52.  practice kissing so it looks natural in front of other people 53.  grabbing your hand when I sense you’re uncomfortable 54.  readjusting your hair/tie while softly telling you that I believe you can do this 55.  meeting your eyes across the room to share a look for support 56.  learning how you take your coffee/tea/favourite drink and making it for you 57.  letting you know some of my deepest secrets so you can understand where I’m coming for and realizing too late that it’s the first time I’ve told anyone that 58.  resting my leg against yours under the table so you know I’m here for you 59.  even better: grabbing your hand under the table so you know I’m here for you 60.  sharing a bed 61.  acting jealous 62.  telling people you care about how lucky I am to be with you 63.  let’s take a bunch of really cute, and dorky, selfies and some where we look like we’re in love 64.  asking people in your life about you when you were a kid 65.  standing up for you even though you’re not around to hear 66.  letting you chase me around like we’re in grade school 67.  dedicating a song to you at open mic night and staring at you the entire time I’m singing 68.  kissing your nose/forehead as if it’s a habit I can’t break 69.  saying I love you in front of people and watching your face light up 70.  cooking/baking/hanging out with your family 71.  constantly being close to you and touching you like I would if this were real 72.  laughing at your really lame jokes and bad puns 73.  bickering with you about who’s cuter 74.  starting the obnoxious ‘no, you hang up first’ routine because someone is standing right here with me (and maybe I don’t really want to hang up) 75.  sending you flowers/chocolate/gift to you while you’re at work/in class 76.  leaving really cute comments on your social media posts 77.  going out of my way to surprise you with your favourite thing (food/song/etc.) 78.  watching you from across the room and completely missing the conversation I’m supposed to be in 79.  kissing you goodbye and telling you I’ll miss you 80.  sitting on the same side of the table so we can whisper to each other 81.  brushing my fingers across your cheek 82.  hugging you tightly and taking a deep breath to smell you 83.  curling up on the couch and holding your hand 84.  doing silly facial expressions to make you laugh 85.  bragging about your talents and passions to anyone who will listen to me 86.  talking about our future as if we have one 87.  sitting on the ground with you and promising it’ll all be okay 88.  sending you funny photos to make you laugh when I know you’re with people 89.  cheering you on with a bit too much enthusiasm (is it too much if I mean it?) 90.  agreeing with people when they tell me that we’re really great together 91.  referring to you as a term of endearment or giving you an inside-joke type nickname 92.  dressing up to look extra good because I want to impress you - I mean people 93.  learning/getting to know your favourite book/song/artist/sport/etc. so that we can talk about it with ease in front of people 94.  leaving you cute little ‘love notes’ where other people can see them in hopes of making you smile 95.  informing people that I’m taking you out to do dinner/etc. and then actually following through with our plans 96.  lending you my sweater/jacket/coat because you seem cold 97.  smiling at you when you’re not looking 98.  pulling you away from the crowds so people think we’re off making out 99.  ruffling your hair 100. telling people that no one makes me happier
we’ve had some really cute moments to make people believe we’re actually dating and that’s great! except when you do that thing, I have to say…
but wait, are we still pretending?
101.  you’re holding my hand when no one’s around 102.  you kiss me goodbye even though no one can see 103.  I overhear you telling someone who knows we’re faking how much you enjoy being around me 104.  quietly asking you what happens when it’s all over (because it makes me sad to think it’ll end soon) 105.  you do an elaborate surprise and we’re alone 106.  I don’t want to stop kissing you 107.  you’re the first person I want to share my good news with 108.  you keep putting off ending our fake relationship for dumb reasons 109.  my heart hurts whenever you talk about the future without me 110.  you stand up for me in a really dramatic way and you say you love me 111.  I invite you to watch Netflix with me and even though we’re alone, we still end up cuddling on the couch 112.  while we’re sharing a bed, you intertwine your fingers with mine 113.  I say “I love you” without thinking and even though we’re surrounded by people who think this is normal, my heart starts racing when you say, “I love you too” 114.  we’ve become so accustomed to touching each other that I don’t even realize we’re constantly doing it when we’re alone until you apologize 115.  I can’t stop talking about how great you are to anyone who will listen to me 116.  I’m not pretending, I’m actually really jealous 117.  you tell me how good I look and my heart starts to swell 118.  I realize that we don’t have to say anything; with just a look, I know exactly what you’re thinking 119.  someone comments that I’m really lucky to be with you, and I can’t help saying, “yeah, I really am.” with a longing tone 120.  you deserve so much more than the world has given you and when I tell you that, you kiss me 121.  I’m watching you with my friends/family, and it occurs to me that you fit 122.  we’re sharing the same bed and whispering about the day and I wish we could always talk about our days together 123.  you’re baking and mid-flour war, I’m struck with the need to kiss you silly 124.  your laugh sort of becomes my favourite sound and I’m not sure when that happened but I’d like to show you this funny cat video 125.  it’s just us tonight but when you bring me some tea, you press your lips against my forehead and I don’t want this feeling to go away 126.  you admit that you’ll miss my friends/family when this is all over and I want to tell you how much I’ll miss you 127.  you’re pissed off at me and start yelling in frustration but I think you just said “I didn’t plan to fall in love with you” and I really need you to rewind 128.  we’re brushing our teeth together and I’m struck by the thought that we look good together in the mirror 129.  you go out of your way to get me this really incredibly thoughtful gift and I know it couldn’t have been easy to track down 130.  we’re fighting but honestly? I don’t want to fight with anyone else but you 131.  you’re really sad but I make you laugh and that’s the moment I fall 132.  while drunk, you ask me if I would’ve ever dated you if we hadn’t decided to fake it and I don’t get to answer the question 133.  you just sent me a really adorable good morning text, so I send you a good night text and you respond by calling me because you want to hear my voice 134.  when we were dancing, I swear there was a moment when you were going to kiss me 135.  we get drunk and you tell me that this has been one of the best things in your life 136.  our hands meet in the popcorn and you say “oh wow, that’s never happened to me before! i’m glad the popcorn moment was with you” 137.  I fall asleep on the couch and wake up in your bed tucked in and can’t help but roll over and snuggle into you 138.  I get sick and you’ve been staying with me to take care of me and you keep giving me forehead kisses even though I’m gross  139.  we’re both up around 2am and decide to go for a drive 140.  my last relationship failed because of [negative trait] but I overhear you talking about how much you like that aspect of me 141.  I’m pretty sure we’ve been flirting for the last five minutes and I’m pretty sure I don’t want it to end 142.  I pull your
sweater on without thinking and you tell me it looks good and I should keep it when this is over 143.  “I know that we’re going to end this soon, but I hope you know you can count on me if you need anything.” 144.  after I express interest in a cooking/art/etc. class, you do some research and ask me to join you 145.  I had a bad day, so you tell me to come over, and I find you in the middle of a pillow/blanket fort 146.  you’re the only one who laughs at my lame jokes 147.  you crawl into bed with me and give me a quick kiss before snuggling against me 148.  you love to rest your forehead against mine and I just want to kiss you regardless if people can see us or not goddammit 149.  I was so excited to tell you my news that I run at you to give you a really big hug and you lift me into the air laughing because you’re proud and I don’t care that no one’s here, I’m kissing you 150.  we spend the night on the couch talking and fall asleep together and when I wake up, I don’t want to move so I pretend to be asleep
**DISCLAIMER: this post was originally posted on my old blog, VERONICABUNCHWRITES, which is no longer in use.
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promptlistsandotherstuff · 11 months ago
Relationship Prompts
Breaking Up/Post Break-Up
1. “You kept my hoodie? Why?”
2. “We can’t keep doing this.”
3. “Please come get your stuff.”
4. “I don’t think I’ll ever truly be over you.”
5. “I never stopped loving you.”
6. “I’ve known for weeks this was coming to an end so why does it still hurt so bad?”
7. “Stop acting like you still love me. I can’t handle it.” 
8. “You deserve so much better.”
9. “I knew this was too good to be true.”
10. “You never loved me, did you?”
11. “I thought I would be okay with just being friends but... All I can think of when I’m around you is how badly I want to kiss you and how I can’t do that anymore.”
12. “I regret breaking up with you more than anything else in my life.”
13. “I don’t know why I ever thought this would work out.”
14. “It was never supposed to get this far.”
15. “I know you’re just dating me out of pity.”
16. “Trust me, I would love you if I could. I’m just... not ready. Not after everything that’s happened.”
17. “I just wish we could go back to before. Back to when we were happy together.”
18. “I’m not taking you back again. If you do this - if you leave - we’re through for good.”
19. “I knew this was never supposed to be serious - that we’d end up going our own ways eventually. But I still fell in love with you and I just have to know; Do you love me, too?”
20. “I’ll give you your stuff back when you give me my heart back.”
Getting Together/Dating
21. “I have been in love with you for years.”
22. "Wait... Is this a date?"
23. "You think I'm cute?"
24. "I just don't get it. Why would you want to date me?"
25. "Are you kidding me? This is like my dream come true!"
26. "Hold on... Are you trying to flirt with me right now?"
27. "I've never actually um... Dated anyone before."
28. "Can I kiss you?"
29. "I don't get how kissing in the rain could be romantic. It sounds horrible to me." "Well it's raining right now - I bet I could prove you wrong."
30. "You don't even know how much I care about you, do you? You mean the world to me."
31. "Wait wait wait wait... You don't like pancakes? Okay, that's it. We're done."
32. "You're the first person that's ever made me feel so safe."
33. "I just don't want tonight to end.”
34. "I hope you know I would literally die for you."
35. “I need attention.”
36. “Hey, that’s my hoodie! I’ve been looking for that.”
37. “Would you ever want to like... get married and have kids someday?” 
38. “I missed you so much.”
39. “Does this mean we’re dating?”
40. “I was just thinking... maybe we should move in together.”
41. “Will you marry me?” “Yes.” “Wait, really? Oh my God.”
42. “Theoretically speaking... What would your ideal marriage proposal look like?”
43. “So uh... remind me what your ring size is again?” 
44. “I um... Found this ring in your coat pocket. And it - it kind of looks like an engagement ring.” “That’s because it is.”
45. “Wait so... so all of the phone-hiding, lying about working, and being all weird and nervous was because you were planning to propose to me? Oh my God, I thought you were cheating on me!”
46. “Why are weddings so damn expensive?”
47. “I never thought my wedding day would end up like this.”
48. “Do we have to have a big fancy wedding? I think I’d rather do something small and simple.”
49. “I can’t believe we’re getting married tomorrow. It almost doesn’t feel real.”
50. “Will you just relax for once? We’re on our honeymoon, work can wait.”
51. “I’m so glad we did a first look.”
52. “I thought you had the rings.” “No... I thought you did.”
53. “If one more thing goes wrong today, I’m calling it all off and we’re eloping.”
54. “I wanna marry you.” “We’ve only been together for two months. And you’re drunk.”
55. “This is it. Next time I see you it’ll be at the altar.”
56. “You’re not having doubts about this, are you?”
57. “I don’t care if we just got married, if you smash cake in my face and ruin my dress/suit that is grounds for divorce.”
58. “I never thought I’d get married but... I couldn’t be happier.”
59. “Having an outdoor wedding would have been great if it didn’t start raining halfway through.”
60. “Don’t get me wrong, I loved every second of our wedding but... I am so glad it’s done and we can relax now.”
61. “I’m pregnant.”
62. “No, we are not getting our baby a onesie that says ‘broken condom.’”
63. “It’s times like these that I wonder why I chose to procreate with you.”
64. “It’s... Not yours.”
65. “It’s your turn to get up and change the baby. I did it last time.”
66. “Is it too late to change my mind about wanting kids?” “Uh... Considering the kid’s already born? Yeah, I think so.”
67. “I am not having another baby ever again. This is it.”
68. “S/he really wants a dog. Let’s just go and look. We don’t have to make any decisions today.”
69. “Uh no, no don’t push. We’re only like halfway to the hospital.”
70. “Was that his/her first word?”
71. “I... I think I’m in labor.”
72. “The morning sickness was bad enough by itself and now I’m getting nosebleeds? I didn’t even know that could be a symptom!”
73. “What do you mean you’re pregnant? I thought you couldn’t get pregnant.”
74. “Oh my God, the baby is kicking!”
75. “Don’t panic but... I’m taking (kid’s name) to the hospital because s/he hit his/her head and I think s/he has a concussion.”
76. “I can’t believe s/he’s starting school today.”
77. “Why does everyone make such a big deal about first birthdays? S/he’s not going to even remember this.”
78. “I never thought about having kids before but... Now that it’s happening? I’m really excited.”
79. “I want to have a baby. With you, preferably.”
80. “You let him/her wear that on picture day? Why?”
Smut (under the cut)
81. “Stop teasing me!” “Stop being a brat.”
82. “Good girls/boys have to ask for what they want.”
83. “That butt wiggling really isn’t very subtle, you know.”
84. “I mean... if you can’t sleep, we could just fuck instead.”
85. “Be quiet unless you wanna get caught.”
86. “I wanna see how many times I can make you cum in one night.”
87. “Were... were you just touching yourself?” 
88. “You know sex is supposed to help with headaches.”
89. “If you keep fucking me like that I’m afraid I might fall in love with you.”
90. “Don’t you dare cum until I say you can.”
91. “Aww, is my kitty horny?”
92. “Fuck, you’re so sensitive. I love it.”
93. “You want it so bad, you’re gonna have to work for it.”
94. “Were you having a sex dream?”
95. “If you want to keep sitting on my lap you’re gonna have to stop wiggling around like that.”
96. “Let me hear you, baby.”
97. “You’re so hot when you’re on your knees.”
98. “Why do you have to have such a perfect ass?”
99. “How do I look?” “...Like you’re trying to kill me.”
100. “Are you actually turned on right now?”
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carnationcreation · a year ago
The Best Chapter of my Life (JATP Reggie x reader)
✌🏻Masterlist Taglist, Requests, and Works in progress!
Request: (Wattpad @KimmyArnold) Hi i was wondering on your Julie and the phantoms one shot and you could use this plot, The reader can see ghost but she doesn't know it and she it also one of julie's  cousin who got made to move to live with her by her mum (julie's aunt on dad's side), she's also very flirtyish (especially with reggie) (reader also does art, if you could interpret that somewhere, tho you don't have to) thank you so much if you do this
Prompt/summary:  Reader is Julie’s cousin and moves in with them to go to school, but what happens when she meets 3 cute ghosts in the garage?
Word Count: 2,048
Authors note: I’m so sorry I didn’t fit the art thing in anywhere, I started writing and the story got away from me pretty quickly but I still hope you enjoy! If you’d like me to redo it closer to the prompt shoot me a DM!
Tumblr media
Everyone who looks into their family history will find something hidden sooner or later. After digging around in my grandmothers attic I found an old diary of hers detailing every supernatural encounter she had had in her life, starting in her teen years. As time went on I started to relate to it more and more. Especially after my 15th birthday.
By the time my mom had made me move in with my cousins at their house I had been experiencing the same things my grandmother had in the 60′s. Spirits randomly appearing in my dreams, hearing things while I’m walking around, seeing things out of the corner of my eye that no one else does.
But nothing had ever happened as big as this.
“Julie!” I yelled, I couldn’t find her anywhere in the house. Ray had told her to go clean out the studio, but where is that?
“Carlos, where’s Julie?”
Carlos didn’t look up from his tablet, “Outside in the studio.”
“In the garage?” I asked.
I set off to the garage. As I got closer I heard voices but stepped inside anyways.
“Julie? Who’s with you?”
Julie turned around quickly with a worried look on her face, three boys sat around the garage.
“No one! Just talking to myself,” she giggled nervously.
“Right, who are the three boys in here then?”
Julie looked at me in shock, and the boys turned to each other with questioning looks.
“You can see them?”
I furrowed my brows, “Yeah? Should I not be able to or something?”
“Oh,” she laughed nervously.
“Julie-” one of the boys began to whisper.
“Shhh!” she said.
“Julie what’s going on? I know things haven’t been the same since your mom died but this is weird,” I said.
Julie sighs, “Listen, if I tell you something will you promise not to tell anyone?” 
“Of course,” I said, “What’s wrong?”
“So... these three died in 1995, they’re ghosts. And until now I was the only one that could see them unless they played music. They got me back into the music program at school.”
I stood in shock for a second, “How do you know they’re really ghost?”
Julie walked over to the boy wearing a beanie, she went to place her hand on his shoulder when it passed through him like air.
“Oh I should’ve known, ghosts don’t have any mass so they pass right through things, but maybe...” I walked over to the one in the leather jacket. I concentrated hard and when I put my hand on his shoulder it touched his lightly.
“How? What-” Julie tried to start.
“Ghosts are on a different level of spiritual vibration, by me focusing and raising my vibration I was able to touch him. Not for long though.”
The one I touched stood up quickly, “Oh it felt so nice to be touched by a pretty girl again.”
I blushed at his words. He tried to move to me to give me a hug that I wasn’t expecting so he fell through me and onto the ground.
“Sorry! Are you okay?” I asked.
“Yeah...” he groaned.
“Here try now,” I said, my brows furrowed in concentration and when he hugged me again I felt his arms wrap around me lightly. He sighed as I squeezed him as tight as I could in my arms.
“I’m starting to get a headache from this,” I said. It felt like my head was being squeezed in from the sides.
“Noooo this feels nice!” he said.
“Reggie! Let the girl breathe she looks like she’s gonna pass out!” the one in the beanie yelled.
“Sorry sorry,” Reggie said, he let go and I grabbed my forehead trying to soothe myself.
“Are you okay (Y/n)?” Julie asked.
I closed my eyes tightly, “Yeah. Just haven’t used that much energy in a long time.”
“This is Luke and Alex,” Julie said pointing to the two boys on the couch, “Where’d you learn all this ghost stuff?”
“Do you remember Grandma telling us those stories when we were little? The ones our parents said were tall tales? Yeah, I found a book in the attic from when she was our age. It all was true, every last bit.”
It took a long time for the headaches to go away, but when they did I was able to seamlessly touch the boys without using much energy. I noticed how much each of them valued being able to get affection from someone after all that time being in the dark room and then being pulled back into the real world. I’m sure it was lonely.
Luke never wanted me to touch him much, except for the occasional hug in greeting. He mostly followed Julie like a lost puppy.
Alex would grab my hand at random times. I’d see him getting anxious and immediately start focusing so when he moved to grab mine I was ready, and every time he did he would turn and give me the most amazing smile. Sometimes he would ruffle my hair like an older brother does to a sibling
Reggie... whenever he was around he’d find excuses to be close to me. Hugs from behind were a common thing for us, as well as him laying on my lap asking me to play with his hair. I think he missed human touch most of all. And I noticed I never could stop the way my heart would beat faster or the smile I couldn’t wipe off my face. 
Needless to say I fell for him very quick.
When he stopped being as affectionate with me I felt my heart break a little. When he stopped looking me in the eye after the school dance fiasco I kept thinking maybe it was my fault. My fault for asking for as much attention as he did.
Then the night at the Orpheum happened.
It was amazing. We were so scared that the boys ran out of time and were gone from Caleb’s spell, and then they were there. My heart stopped when I saw Alex and Reggie poof on to stage when they’re cue came on. Holy crap Reggie looks so good in red.
When Luke finally flickered on to stage the crowd went nuts. It was the best performance they had put on yet, and probably the last.
Afterwards, Julie and I both went back to the house with her family. As soon as the bedroom door closed we wrapped each other into a hug and sobbed. Sobbed for everything we lost that night. The boys, the band, and the best family we could ask for. I knew she was in love with Luke, she knew I was in love with Reggie. There was an unspoken rule between us saying we would never talk about those feelings. Just too painful.
“We never got to say goodbye,” I said as Julie and I stepped into the studio. It was dark inside and I had to squint to see her.
Julie spoke into the darkness, “I uh, know we already said this but... thank you guys.”
Tears fell down my face.
“You’re welcome.”
Julie and I jumped as we heard the boys groan and slap Reggie.
“Dude!” Luke said. Julie ran and turned on the lights. The boys were sprawled out on the floor, groaning in pain.
“What are you guys doing here? I thought-” Julie started but was cut off as another jolt went through the boys.
“No! I thought you crossed over,” Julie started to cry.
“I guess playing the Orpheum wasn’t our unfinished business,” Alex groaned.
“You guys should’ve crossed over, please go to Caleb. We don’t want you to go,” I cried as I ran over to Reggie. No matter how hard I focused my hands would slightly pass through him, I eventually laid his head on my lap and ran my hands through his hair in an attempt to soothe him.
“We wanted you to think we crossed over so we pretended to. We just... we had nowhere else to go...” Luke said. Julie and I both looked at each other brokenhearted at the statement.
“We thought you’d go straight to bed,” Reggie said. I looked down at him and he reached up to try and wipe a tear off my face.
“Yeah well, I knew they were gonna come out here but no one ever listens to me-” Alex fell over as another jolt went through them.
“You have to save yourselves right now,” Julie said, “Go join Caleb’s club. Please! It’s better than not existing at all.”
“Do it for us, please,” I said. 
Reggie sat up and turned to face all of us, “We’re not going back there.”
“No music is worth making Julie if we’re not making it with you,” Luke said, “No regrets.”
Julie jumped to wrap his arms around him, “I love you guys.”
Reggie went to reach for my hand and I could barely feel him, then it hit me, “Julie, how are you hugging him?”
“Huh?” Julie said, she backed up and Luke was suddenly surrounded by a golden light.
I sighed in relief, “Oh my gosh.”
“I feel stronger...” Luke said to the others.
Julie looked at the boys, “Alex, Reggie, come.”
The boys walked over and we all wrapped in a group hug. They all looked up to see the golden light surrounding them too.
“I...I don’t feel as weak anymore,” Reggie said.
“Me neither, not that I was ever that weak,” Alex said. We all chuckled but that quickly turned into more shock as the marks Caleb had branded them with floated off their wrists and disapeared.
“What do you thin that means?” Julie looked at me.
“I.. I don’t know,” I said, “Nothing Grandma ever wrote was like this.”
“I guess it means the band is back,” Luke chuckled.
We all sighed in relief. Alex smiled, “Can we try that hug thing one more time?”
We all laughed and wrapped into another tight hug.
“I like this,” Reggie said, making us all laugh harder.
“Me too,” Julie said.
“Especially me,” I smiled. Reggie reached down to squeeze my hand, to my surprise it felt normal, not barely there like before. 
Julie cheered, “We played the Orpheum! Wooo!”
“Yeah we did!” 
We all pulled away to give each other hugs individually. Julie held me tight, Alex ruffled my hair, Luke gave me a quick one before going back to Julie, and Reggie shocked me.
I went to go for a hug, but at the last minute he tilted my head and smashed his lips on to mine. I stood in shock for a split second before immediately kissing back with as much passion as I could give. Terrified if I didn’t he would slip away again.
We only stopped when the boys wolf whistled. Reggie rolled his eyes and wrapped his arm around me, bringing me close to kiss the top of my head.
“I think this requires a pizza celebration,” Alex said triumphantly.
“That’s a good idea,”Luke said.
Julie rolled her eyes, “I’ll call the closest place.”
The boys cheered and began to walk out.
Reggie pulled me back by the wrist and into another passionate kiss. His hands ran down from my neck to my waist while mine went straight to his face.
“God I’ve been wanting to do that for so long,” he said when he pulled away.
I giggled before giving him another peck on the lips.
“What does this mean now?” he asked.
I shook my head, “I don’t know honestly, maybe we’ll find more answers. In the mean time... I really like what we’re doing right now.”
Reggie smirked and placed a kiss at the corner of my mouth, “You got another chapter to add to the journal you found.”
Oh? And what might that be Reginald?”
“The fact that you kissed a ghost,” he said causing me to giggle.
“I guess so,”  I said. 
He tried to pull me into another kiss but we were interrupted by Luke yelling, “Come on lovebirds!” 
We rolled our eyes before he grabbed my hand to lead me inside.
That night I wrote a new chapter in the book I found years ago. The best chapter of my life.
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