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#the POWER that this photo has
shinpredicts · 23 hours ago
Pick an aespa member reading - what problems do you generally face in love?
How to do this reading:
1. Be relaxed. Take a few deep breaths or close your eyes if needed. Make sure your mind is clear before you do this reading. Then ask the question to yourself: What problems do you generally face in love? Then pick a member from the photo below.
2. If you feel there is more than 1 member that calls to you, then take a look at that other member(s) readings. As this is a general reading, take what resonates and leave what doesn't behind.
Left to right
#1 Giselle
#2 Winter
#3 Karina
#4 NingNing/Ning Yizhuo
Tumblr media
#1 Giselle/Uchinaga Aeri
Tumblr media
In relationships, you tend to have power struggles. You want to dominate in the relationship and call the shots. If you are with a partner who also has a very strong personality, you two will often get into many, many fights related to control. Fights can even turn violent or very aggressive either verbally or physically.
You will also have a desire to control your partner. It may be that you want them to do better and so you give suggestions to them or advice. It may also be that they do seek you for advice and you give it to them or you feel that your solutions are better than theirs and will want to tell them what to do/resolve their problems for them.
You can also baby your partner a lot and make them become too reliant on you. They may become someone that is incompetent or can't really manage by themselves due to your spoiling of them.
#2 Winter/Kim Minjeong
Tumblr media
In relationships, you often suffer from betrayals by your partner. That can be them cheating on you or they can lie to you often. These lies can be white lies, but to you they are still lies. You would rather hear the truth than live some sugarcoated fantasy.
You also suffer from trust issues in relationships. You can be very skeptical of your partner and doubt their love for you. You can also put distance between you and your partner when you feel they are getting too close to you. Your partner can feel like you shut them off and don't communicate with them enough.
You can also be quite insecure in relationships. You may want to check your partner's phone or ask where they are.
#3 Karina/Yoo Jimin
Tumblr media
You likely focus on other parts of your life more so than love. You can also be too busy for love and find it difficult to meet someone in the first place. You likely have had few relationships or have been single for a long time. People often feel you are totally fine with being by yourself and don't need love.
In relationships, you often feel that there's something missing or empty. Even if you've met someone that matches your ideal partner, you still feel like there's still something lacking in the relationship. You can be aloof and distant in a relationship. You don't need to spend a lot of time with your partner. Your partner can feel that they're putting in more effort in the relationship compared to you.
#4 NingNing/Ning Yizhuo
Tumblr media
Your relationships usually struggle from external factors. These can include financial problems, disapproval from family/friends, differences in religion, differences in thinking, language barriers, cultural barriers, long distance, etc.
You often feel that you don't have that much control in a relationship too. You may also feel misheard or misunderstood by your partner. You can also feel that whatever you do is not enough for your partner. You may also feel pressured by others/other situations in a relationship that can cause tension between you and your partner.
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holdtightclothing · a year ago
The bass dropped.
The original neighbourhood.
Jason’s heaven is racists statement and Pillboi’s are ghosts racists question.
The ocean’s wave on Jason’s shirt before he walked through the door.
Jason’s enlightment and becoming a monk without realising it.
Tahani watching Home Alone with her family.
I’ve no real set of skills/I’ve learnt everything there is.
Kamilah drawing realistic landscape.
Finally caught that magic panda used her powers.
Rewearing a dress from the first party Tahani threw for the neighbourhood.
I demand to speak to your manager.
She’ll be running the place before you know it.
Michael’s first bowtie from the very first episode as a gift to Tahani.
The photo of Doug Forcett in Michael’s office has been replaced by photos of the gang.
Elenor finally giving Chidi the perfect day.
It’s like a menu, but food for words.
Elenor’s final realisation of what do we owe to each other.
Chidi’s “not being able to open the door to the other side without knowing what’s truly behind it in all of eternity” to being ready and walking through with no hesistation.
Michael’s collection.
When Elenor finally gets her quietude, you can hear the ocean. Possibly a wave crashing onto shore.
A wave can pull back with the tide and push back to shore much like Jason’s second wave push to the door and Tahani’s pull back to “living.”
I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave.
Trevor the demon still floating around in the interdimensional time space doorway hub.
Honourary human.
Janet’s cacti.
Jason the dog wears a Jacksonville Jaguars collar.
The 5 minute away text message.
The club member card.
Michael’s apartment address, 322, represents the 322 residents in the fake Good Place.
Janet the all knowing being not knowing what happens next.
Returning to the ocean.
Take it sleazy.
And now this.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We just keep finding more and more easter eggs and I’m going to keep looking for them.
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demonboyhalo · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
techno doesn't know the mistake he has made giving us these frames...the MEMES WE CAN NOW MAKE
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daeguboysmykt · a year ago
Lets talk about unwhitewashed BTS...
The power this photo holds is crazy. This pic has so much power it could probably charge ya phone
Tumblr media
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bananonbinary · 2 months ago
once again thinking about how much fun it could be for jon and martin to land in a universe with subtly different rules that don’t really apply to them. like the obvious options are stuff like “oh everyone here has magic, or a daemon, or wings or whatever, and you don’t, that’s fucking weird” but what about “why the hell do your eyes flash red in photos, are you a demon?” or “what the FUCK are freckles” or “don’t be stupid, no one can survive 100 degrees Fahrenheit”
i just want them to be cryptids, not because they’ve retained any sort of Fear Powers, but just because they are technically inter-dimensional aliens with differences that are extremely minute, but go all the way down to the way physics governs their bodies.
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lovelybluepanda · a month ago
How to actively make yourself happy
aka. how to romanticize your life
If you watched a ghibli movie, then you know that’s the vibe/aesthetic i’m going to describe in this post.
These suggestions are things which i do to make myself happy. I (try to) choose 1 daily. Why? Because you have to actively choose to do things in order to make yourself happy, why wait until happiness comes. go and grab it for yourself
Spend time alone and whenever you do, have some sort of activity, even if it’s just daydreaming
Make something you enjoy drinking; it can be tea in your favorite tea cup, it can be hot chocolate, it can be matcha latte etc. 
Choose 1-3 hobbies but don’t make them chores, have fun doing them; don’t pressure yourself with the idea of being good at it, just have fun (suggestions: drawing, origami, making videos, grow a tiny garden in 2 paper cups, learn to play play at your laptop, make friendship bracelets, crochet, knitting, learn a language, embroidery)
Make something exciting to eat; pancakes, waffles, your favorite ramen, pizza pastries, lentil soup, mushroom soup, tarts etc. I said exciting, not your favorite because cooking something new can be amazing too.
Wear something you like; don’t keep certain clothes for special occasions. If they make you happy, wear them.
Try a new sort of tea or sweets. Your supermarket has something you haven’t tried before, i promise. 
Got stickers? Use one of them. You keep hoarding them for “special moments” but they are the perfect thing to make you happy because you gave them that power. Stick them on your phone case, laptop case, journal etc.
Write yourself a love letter. By love letter i mean compliment yourself a bit. Tell you what you admire at yourself or tell you what you’re looking forward to do/learn etc. 
Doodle some cute things. Pinterest has a bunch of easy doodles/decorations etc. 
Go for a walk and take pictures. Find beauty in places you label as “ordinary”.. Maybe make a digital photo album as a diary.
Read something that makes you happy and take notes. Write why you like that book/character etc. You have a bunch of beautiful things in your life, they wait to be acknowledged. 
Tell your friends they’re precious to you. Watch as they stumble upon their words as they process the words you just said. 
Have tiny crafting projects for others. Made cookies? How about making some boxes or bags (with the help of pinterest) then decorate them and give them to your friend?
Go on a picnic with someone. 
Stay a bit late and look out the window at stars or just at the empty street while the window is open and the window is chilly~
Clean your room while dancing or/and singing. Be proud of cleaning your space. 
Look around your room and think what you’d change/ what you want to change and try to do so. Make a new poster, get a plant, move things around etc. 
Learn something new. Enjoy the process. I said enjoy it, not aspire to be a master at it in 5 min. How do you enjoy the process? You remind yourself how 2 hours ago you didn’t know that, how you progressed and learn, how you improve, how this topic brings you joy and you won’t force it on yourself like you’re on a schedule. 
You get yourself a nice shower gel, perfume, face mask etc and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. 
Lie down and daydream until you fall asleep.
Make yourself a bento even if you go no where. There’s just something about making pretty food that delights people. 
Get some handerchiefs and think of some design. Customize them by sewing or painting on them. You can make these for friends too. 
Have a tea party with your friends. or a sleepover if you can
Have a journal where you write what you want to do, what goals you have, places you want to visit, what dates you want to go on, what people (fictional or real) you like, what songs inspire you etc. Make it a dream place. 
Actively try to look at things and people like they special. That sunshine? It feels warm and soft. Doesn’t it look nice? How does your friend make you feel? How would you describe them? Is it like the entrance of a magical forest ready to go on an adventure? Is it the comfort of staying under a blanket on a rainy morning? Is your meal making you excited to eat it? Is your drink making you happy you got it? Is your room the environment you envision yourself being happy in? 
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9w1ft · 2 years ago
hey kaylor fam, gather round, won’t you?
Tumblr media
so for the last week or so, me and @79-swiftie (and her co-worker) have been mulling over something and we just can’t keep it to ourselves any more. thought we might share.
she and i started talking about one of the central reoccurring and fleshed out themes of the rep era: illusion. and... fragments. i think these two themes—motifs, if you will—need no introduction, but just to share a few key visual points
the rep era CD skin
Tumblr media
the recent elle magazine photoshoot (because of photo limit i’ll just post one but you know there were a few)
Tumblr media
this thing kimby posted one time
Tumblr media
that business. y’know.
actually there are a few taymoji that relate to this but in the interest of time and because i have maxed out in photos, i’ll save it for another time.
and then also, taylor goes sending us this enigma of faces hidden in gemstones 💎 many pieces and facets.
those are all basically fragment-related but today, i would like to talk about optical illusion and this picture:
Tumblr media
has this photo ever looked... unsettling, to you? something, uncanny? persay?
well, @79-swiftie and her coworker, who had recently gotten their hands on a copy of the rep era magazines, pored over them and noticed that this above photo has a curious focus placed on it. the cover of Volume 2 spends a lot of space featuring the number 72. on page 72 of the magazine?
Tumblr media
that photo. it also happens to be the photo cut up and rearranged on the CD.
so our two heroes noticed this, thought about some of the above fragment motifs, and decided to get crafty. specifically, they photocopied the CD image and reconstructed it like a puzzle. and in the process of putting the pieces together, they had a sort of epiphany.
midway, they saw something:
Tumblr media
tell me what you see in this photo. i’ll wait.
here’s a hint...try putting your hand over the left side of the photo. yes.
now scroll back up and look at the full pic again.
uh huh.
Tumblr media
we see Karlie. specifically, her eyes, her cheekbone, forehead area... but moreover, it suddenly felt like her.
naturally 😂 we have spent the past week looking for a perfect match (because while murderers have been sentenced for life on solely circumstantial evidence, kaylors have to be 113% correct for it to be worth consideration) and with some uncanny valley results. interestingly, her face matches up much easier if you mirror the photo and use the right side of her face/left side of the photo flipped. give it a try! it’s suuuuper eerie.
i’m not sure if the goal is to find an existent photo (they could have easily taken a private photo of karlie specifically for use), but, in our quest, the other day i felt particularly teased by karlie’s latest Klossy video and i thought i’d share the result because frankly it took me out of commission just now.
Tumblr media
simple really. you just uh,
flip it around,
take out the saturation,
pop it in.
and *boop*
Tumblr media
how cool is that?
no this isn’t the exact photo.
but my dudes. it works.
i assume it’s an unsolvable for us. frankly, i don’t think taylor wanted it an undeniable discoverable thing. like many other elements of the rep tour, people who want to see it will. others can choose not to. that’s the power of our illusionist.
and like, think about this for a second...
what if karlie’s face has been there, incorporated into the iconic rep era pic of taylor, all this time? because give it a try. it is *entirely possible* and i am shook to the core.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
these photos are taken 19 years apart and Gabrielle Union hasn’t aged at all🥵
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sirenswansong · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❛❛ as I get older, I’m learning that wisdom is learning how dumb you are compared to how much you are going to know ❜❜ 🎀
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pink Helmet
Aglantha digitale
The Pink Helmet is a mini hydromedusa that comes in a variety of vibrant colors. The tiny jelly is only 4 cm in size and is found towards the surface of the ocean. The purple and blue hues we see in its bell are caused by a phenomenon known as iridescence, when light strikes the jelly’s thin tissue at different angles  (similar to what we see in a soap bubbles). It also has orange pigmentation near its mouth; this pigmentation helps attract prey and mask luminescence. Furthermore, females tend to be more colorful than males.
Photo  credit:
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spacesp0rk · 3 years ago
Canon Carry On Things People (Me) Forget™
- Students have to wear boaters (straw hats) until their sixth year - Simon once helped Ebb with a goat birth - Simon’s full name is Simon Snow Salisbury (snow is his middle name) - Penny doesn’t have a wand, she uses a ring (it’s big and purple) - Watford uniform for eighth years: green blazer with white piping, green and purple striped tie, grey pants/skirt, (optional: red jumper, cape) - Simon shaves his head at the end of each school year before the summer - Micah knows Spanish - In Baz’s family, only he and Fiona go by Pitch. Pitch is his mother’s name and his father’s name is Grimm. His father would not go by Grimm-Pitch anymore because Baz’s mother is dead (and he has a new wife) and obviously Baz’s stepmother and half siblings would not go by that name either. THEIR NAME IS NOT GRIMM-PITCH, IT’S JUST GRIMM!! - Simon’s magic has a green color (483) (in chapter 7 his magic is described as red though) - The Pitch coat of arms is flames, the, and three falcons - The Mage banned phones in their sixth year - Rhys is in a wheelchair - Baz’s wand is polished ivory with a leather handle/hilt - Simon’s wand is bone with a wooden handle/hilt (it was the Mage’s father’s) - their class is small; there are only about 50 people in their year - Baz’s Magic feels like fire or a grease burn - Penny’s magic feels thick and makes your mout taste like sage - Lucy played rugby (on the boys’ team) - both Baz and Fiona think that if Natasha knew that Baz was a vampire she would have him killed (we don’t know what she actually thinks though) - Simon’s name was written on his arm when he was left at the orphanage as a child (p. 390) - Baz used to play with Legos on the floor of his mother’s office while she worked - Dev has a crush on Agatha - Fiona has a natural white streak in her hair - Malcom’s hair went white when Natasha died - They’re (Natasha, Fiona, and Baz) are from the Egyptian branch of the Pitch family - Baz consciously mimics the way his father carries himself (he practiced it in the mirror) - Baz is 12 years older than Mordelia (based on the fact that Baz and Simon were 16 in their fifth year, we can assume that they’re 19 in their eighth year. Mordelia is seven during carry on) - Baz has four half-siblings: Mordelia, two twin girls, and a baby (in order of age) - According to Simon, the food at the Grimm/Pitch manor is better than Watford - Simon stayed with the Wellbeloves during Christmas break even before he and Agatha were dating - Simon admits that he missed Baz while he was missing (p330) - when Baz’s fangs are popped, it sounds like he has braces - Agatha went through a shoplifting phase when she was 14 - Mrs Wellbelove knows Lady Salisbury (Lucy’s mom/Simon’s grandmother) (her name is Ruth) - Ebb’s staff is her wand - Ebb and Nicodemus can use each other’s wands - Ebb has a crush on one of the dryads in the Wavering Wood (also she’s not straight??) (408-409) - The Humdrum wishes he had a football - the Mage was the most powerful magician in the world before Simon - Simon was born on the solstice - Baz’s mum wrote in her leavers day speech that she’d miss the sour cherry scones (NATASHA LIKED SOUR CHERRY SCONES!) - Fiona’s standard farewell for Baz is “watch out for numpties.” - Agatha is planning to send Simon the photo of Lucy and the Mage one day - Simon and Penny’s flat is on the fourth floor - Simon’s therapist lives in Chicago - Both of Baz’s parents went to Oxford - Baz is going to the London School of Economics - The Mage’s wand has a silver tip (it’s never mentioned what material the rest of it is) - Ebb's grave is deep in the Wavering Wood
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entertainment · a year ago
Tumblr media
Entertainment Spotlight: Dara Renee’, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series
Los Angeles-born and Baltimore-raised, Renee' has entertainment in her genes.  Since the age of 11, Renee' has studied at her and her mom's performing arts studio, “Encouraging Youth to Dream.”  She recently starred as Savannah in Disney Channel's Original Movie Freaky Friday, has guest starred on ABC's The Kids Are Alright and recently landed the recurring role of Stunts on the hit ABC show black-ish.  Renee' plays the role of Kourtney, Nini's ride-or-die best friend who's obsessed with makeup tutorials and feminism in equal measure.  Kourtney works on the costume crew of "High School Musical," pulling together runway-ready fashion on a high school budget. Check out our interview with her:
Describe the role of Kourtney in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.
Kourtney is a powerful force to be reckoned with. She is Nini’s BFF and prides herself on being a feminist. She is most known for her makeup tutorials and whipping up runway fashion on a high school budget.  She works on the costume crew for “High School Musical,” making sure everyone looks fierce and sickening at ALL COSTS!
What is your favorite line of hers (without any spoilers)?
To Big Red, Ricky’s best friend: “I’m dismantling the patriarchy this year and I’m NOT afraid to start with you.”
Describe High School Musical: The Musical: The Series in emojis.
Did you get a chance to meet with any of the original HSM cast members?
I actually got a chance to do an interview with Monique Coleman before I even auditioned for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series! She was legit so sweet and just straight up AMAZING. She has been a role model to me ever since I was young, and I feel like now that I’m older, I truly understand the powerful impact she has on people around the world. I love her soooo much!
I ALSO got a chance to meet Corbin Bleu in person at D23 Expo. That was beyond crazy due to the fact that he was my childhood crush! And seeing him now?! OMGOSH – he’s still as fine as can be!!!
What’s the funniest photo that you have on your phone right now (either share or describe it)?
So I go to a coffee shop here in LA and the waiter gives me a cappuccino on the house! And I’m over here thinking he’s flirting with me, so I took this selfie thinking I was cute. I go to the waiter to thank him - and I was low key flirting because I’m smooth like that! - and he proceeded to tell me that another customer ordered it but quickly realized he had a harsh allergy to the coffee…and the waiter was obligated to give it to someone else. The only other person in the shop was me.
Thanks, Dara! Catch High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+, and stay tuned for the rest of the HSMTMTS Spotlights, going live all week right here!
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elizabethsharmon · a year ago
GUYS THE ALERTS WERE ABOUT NOISES (thanks to @arthurbrousard​ anon for pointing out the subtitles colours which helped me connect the dots)
Tumblr media
First we had purple noise (also known as violet noise) which has a lot of power in high frequencies which is why it will be a lot more annoying to listen to it for a long time. However, the subtitles and filter in the photo look more pink and pink noise is said to sound “flat” and “even” and have a rhythm similar to heartbeat - just like the music that was playing in the club
Tumblr media
Conversation subtitles were white and they can correspond to the grey noise which is used to test hearing. White noise on the other hand serves as a blocker for other background noises and makes our brain diminish them and is used to help people who suffer with tinnitus
Tumblr media
Finally, when the beat dropped and something happened to Arthur’s hearing we had red subtitles. Red noise (also called Brownian noise) may be associated with a mild underwater feeling, similar to the way your blood flow sounds when you put a seashell to your ear
Tumblr media
There’s also a blue noise which is a bit more straining to the ear because all the emphasized energy is in high frequencies - and I don’t know about you but all the flashing lights were pretty straining to my eyes and the whole clip felt pretty overwhelming
Now if we go the other way around and look chronologically at how alerts were posted and how the colours correspond with the subtitles:
the red subtitles were in the moment everything has changed and the high pitch sound was annoying and constant, just like Basile
the purple ones were indicating a steady beat, something stable, something always there, just like Yann is always there for his friend
the grey/white ones were showing a conversation and if we assume that red = annoyance and purple = constant presence, then maybe grey = acceptance and maybe Lucas will be the person Arthur tells about his hearing problems first
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earthstory · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Staying Alive in the Atacama
The Llareta (or yareta) plant (Azorella Compacta) of the Atacama Desert is well known for being one of the longest living organisms on the planet. Some of the larger specimens have been calculated to be approximately 3000 years old. While this is, by itself, a magnificent feat, the llareta holds some of it's most wonderful characteristics close. Literally.
Botanically speaking, these plants are masters at taking advantage of their desert environments, flaunting adaptations on par with the cactus'. As it's scientific name might suggest, llareta is composed of stems, often very long in older plants, that support a rosette of leaves that are tightly packed together. This type of compact growth is a valuable adaptation in a desert climate as it reduces the surface area to volume ratio – a smart move when you are trying to reduce evaporation.
When smaller stems are blocked from the sun, they die back, creating packing material that makes the interior of llareta very dense. It's so dense, in fact, that they can bear the full weight of a person seemingly without harm. But the dense core of these cushions provide a very helpful service for the plant. Not only is it a perfect sponge for holding water during times of drought, it is also a great way to keep the interior of the plant cool during the hottest parts of the day.
The plant's habitat preferences also help to reduce water loss. New plants often take advantage of small cracks in the rock surfaces in the desert (as shown in the picture below). These cracks provide perfect microclimates that offer cooler temperatures in hot weather, warmer temperatures in cold weather, more water during drought, and shelter from the winds that can blast through the open spaces. It also appears that the fringes of established plants create new microclimates also suitable for new, baby llareta.
Llareta has also found a niche in another aspect of life in the Atacama; humans have been using the plant for centuries, up to the present. The dense core is perfect for fires and even creates a flammable resin that produces a slow, nearly smokeless fire. Because of these valuable traits, it was used in mining operations and to power trains. However, the desirability of the plant has also caused its decline, and llareta is now an endangered species. This is particularly troubling because llareta also has some promising medicinal properties. Several studies, dating as far back as 1982 have shown that it is effective in treating diabetes caused by obesity.
Further Reading: Wickens, G. E. “Llareta (Azorella Compacta, Umbelliferae): A review”. Economic Botany. April-June 1995, Volume 49, Issue 2, pp 207-212 Photo Courtesy of Magnus von Koeller
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