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#the adventure zone
slugbuggy · a day ago
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that one meme except Lup
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thekingkez · 15 hours ago
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My magpie~
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penbattles · a day ago
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Lup didn't dance well, in the most pedantic sense of the word. From the little that Barry knew of the twins' upbringing, they had neither the means nor the motivation to procure any sort of formal dance training. Nevertheless, Taako still had a natural grace about him that made his every movement seem natural and elegant, and so his dancing could probably have passed off well at the Neverwinter galas that Barry's parents had taken him to once or twice when he was a boy. Lup's dancing was rougher, more vulnerable, but what she lacked in technique she more than made up for in passion.
Lup danced like she talked, and laughed, and cast spells. She was vibrant- big and animated and loud, not in the sense that she was making noise but that she drew attention like she had the gravitational pull of the sun. Her dancing did not belong in a ballroom. It was for twirling around bonfires late at night, or leaping onto the table of a tavern amidst the off-key ecstasy of drunken singing.
She laughed as she spun, faster and faster as the music picked up. Some sort of elven drinking song, Barry thought. He didn't know the words, but that didn't matter. Her energy was infectious. Barry doubted that anyone who saw her would be able to resist at the very least tapping their foot along with the beat, if not fully leaping up to join her.
He must have been staring without realizing, because Lup caught his eye and danced over to where he was seated, extending her hand. He paused, face growing red both at her attention and the prospect of dancing like this in front of the rest of the crew. But she smiled at him with a radiance that could overcome the worst of his insecurities, and so he allowed her to lead him closer to the fire, and soon he too was spinning and laughing and wondering how he had ever lived a life so dull that it didn't have Lup in it.
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“What part of “I was unconscious for that part” do you not understand?” w taako :O??
From this prompt list! (Still accepting!!)
When you know someone long enough, you start to pick up on their habits. Their vocabulary becomes your own and you become uncertain of what idiosyncrasies are whose. Sometimes it feels like you’re cut from the same cloth. Sometimes it feels like you’re the same cloth split in twain.
One hundred years is an unfathomable amount of time to truly understand a person. Barry believes himself to be one of the foremost experts in understanding Lup, second only to Taako. Taako, who has had endlessly more time to become attuned to all the different facets of her personality. Between the two of them, Lup is hardly a mystery.
So when they first find Lup’s note, they’re not worried. She’s written enough notes in the same vein. Truthfully, it’s not a surprise. Lup only really goes off on her own when she’s trying to reason through something major. She’s not done it in a while but they could both see the signs. If she says she’ll be back soon, then she’ll be back soon.
When three days pass without a word, they’re more annoyed than worried.
“You know, you’d think she could spare a minute on a Sending cantrip,” Taako snarks over breakfast.
Barry just nods, unease pooling in his stomach. He’s certain this anxiety is unwarranted. She said she’d be back soon. Soon is relative.
When a week passes without a word, Barry is worried. Taako is furious.
“When I decide to galivant to gods know where, I at least have the decency to take someone with me. Or, I dunno, fucking tell someone where I’m going.” Taako fumes.
Barry knows a lot of this is a show. He knows Taako’s barely picked at his meals the past two days. He knows he’s worried, too. Just has a funny way of showing it.
When ten days pass without a word, Barry isn’t sure how much longer he can just do nothing about it. Taako’s finally starting to crack.
“Barry, did she…did she say anything before she left? O-or did she take anything weird with her?” Taako’s bordering on frantic one night on the deck of the Starblaster.
“Taako, she left while I was asleep. You know as much as I do,” Barry’s tired. He misses Lup and he’s just. So. Tired.
“You sleep next to her, Barry! You didn’t notice anything wrong?” Taako’s voice is accusatory and all sharp edges.
“What part of ‘I was unconscious for that part’ don’t you understand?” Barry snaps, his words practically dripping venom.
Barry doesn't apologize because he know he doesn't need to.
The fact that Taako doesn’t snap back confirms one thing for Barry: Taako is scared.
When two weeks pass without a word, Barry and Taako wordlessly agree that this is no longer a normal scenario. So they get to work, searching tirelessly for Lup. Lup, perhaps the brightest being in either of their lives. Lup, who has become an enigmatic mystery.
And when two months pass without a word, Barry is forgetting Lup’s face. Taako’s already forgotten her. And he’s blasting Barry and Barry is forgetting and falling and dying and dead. Barry is dead. Taako is alone. And Lup is lost.
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If I had a nickel for every time that guy named Travis on that really popular D&D program played an old as fuck human fighter clad in red with a last name that started with the letter B, I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice
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wanderingisland · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Eirene the Drow Monk. As the daughter of the leader of the Zhentarium, an underground crime syndicate, Eirene was often regarded with contempt by those within the organization who were envious of her father’s role and her supposed inheritance. When an attempt on her life was made by her fellow comrades, she was forced to flee with her possessions and the three tiefling orphans she had taken under her wing. They would surely have perished if not for the bravery of a Zhentarium loyalist, Idu, who believed in her father’s right of rule and protected her as they made their escape. Now the pair, along with the children, travel in search of safety as they hope to shed a light on the uprising and find a way to quell the rebellion and bring peace to the Zhentarium.
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lawren · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Griffin said “tall woman in a pantsuit” and I said “thank you for my life”
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staggeredgraves · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Prompt 21 was fuzzy. So Kravitz grew out his facial hair a lil bit, and Taako can't help but smoosh his fuzzy bf's face. 🥰
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thecandlenightszone · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Image 1: a large wizard’s hat with a blue band, decorated with a macaron, gingerbread cookies, and wrapped chocolates. Beside it is a place mat set with a plate and cutlery. The background is two toned blue with sparkles/snowflakes. Large white words read 'TAZ Candlenights Exchange. @TheCandlenightszone on tumblr. @CandlenightZone on twitter.'
[Image 2: White text on a blue background reads ‘Applications are open. Sign up until November 9th’]
Welcome to the Candlenights Zone 2021 edition!
This is a small art and fic exchange for the Candlenights season. You’ll be assigned someone to make something for, and you’ll receive something from another person. It’s a Candlenights miracle!
Please read the information and timeline before signing up, and only sign up if you’re sure you can finish! Please don’t put any stress on yourself over the holidays, even if it’s with a fun event.
Find all info here
Sign-up here
And a happy Candlenights to you all!
- Mod Kez
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pigeonquinndraws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
on a taz balance relisten and had to try drawing the boys again after the few years it been since i first listened.
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aristptle · 2 days ago
there’s so little Ethersea fanart but i love how every single fanartist seems to have missed that vapor suits aren’t actually suits… they’re a collar that projects an air bubble around their bodies, it’s not a diving suit at all jdjdmdnsmdndjf
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bestie you know what would be so fun? 13 ("This is stupid. And kind of fun.") and blups
"This is stupid. I feel stupid."
"It's kinda fun, though, right? I feel like some kind of super-secret agent," Lup says, loud enough for only Barry to hear.
"I feel like we're gonna get caught."
This year, the Light had come into the possession of some stodgy old private collector, and the crew had spent months trying to bargain for it, to no avail. Barry was just about ready to accept defeat and let the Hunger gobble up this plane.
But even after some 30-odd cycles, Lup never gives up on a plane.
She'd cornered Barry two or three weeks ago, waving around a forged invitation to some masquerade gala the rich bastard was hosting, addressed to a "Lord and Lady Hallwinter". He'd balked at her plan, but she was so excited, and so convinced that this would be their chance to retrieve the Light after all, that he couldn't turn her away.
They'd gone over the plan maybe one-hundred times the night before. Still, no amount of prep could've made Barry feel any less out-of-his-depth, in this sea full of rich strangers, dressed like the godsdamn Phantom of the Opera.
Being arm-in-arm with Lup certainly didn't fucking help his nerves, either.
"We're not gonna get caught, Bar, relax." Easy for her to say. Naturally, Lup looked stunning, and confident to boot. In her evening gown and ornate golden mask, she fit right into this ostentatious crowd.
"We've got about an hour before Douchelord Moneybags changes out his guards, and that's gonna be our best opportunity to get into the gallery," she continues. "Until then, we should act natural. So..." she trails off, and nods her head at the dance floor. "May I have this dance, Lord Sildar Hallwinter?" she asks, louder.
Barry feels his cheeks heat up, and suddenly he's thankful for the mask he's wearing. Still, he offers her his hand. She takes it, and pulls him eagerly towards the dance floor.
It's going to be a long night.
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argonaut--keene · 7 hours ago
ethersea so far is 15% bad marine biology, 10% fairly accurate marine biology, 25% cool af worldbuilding, 15% religious trauma, 5% terrible rolls, 5% absolute nonsense NPCs, 5% tormenting griffin about the intricacies of boat naming, 19% either absolutely wild or genuinely sweet (sometimes both) character moments, and 1% justin deciding the bar/gym his character hangs out in a lot is called the Cloaca and everyone else being like "hey dude what the fuck"
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voidfishswoodenduck · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
phantasmal and resplendent doodle
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mmmarty · 2 days ago
Whats up y’all, it’s a Pacific Rim fic. 
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wanderingisland · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Idu the Elf Ranger/Rogue. When Idu heard of the plans to murder the Zhentarium heir, he leapt to her aide, and fought off the many would-be assassins until they were able to make a break for it. Though they managed to escape, their life on the road remains perilous, as they continue to be pursued by those who wish them dead. Still, Idu has found joy travelling with Eirene and the trio of orphans she watches over, discovering a new kind of family, and the closer he gets to Eirene, the more he falls in love with her. But Idu knows he could never settle down until he discovered the source of a generational curse plaguing his lineage and will stop at nothing until he can figure out how to put it to rest for good.
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ceilingfan5 · a day ago
new old fic up! domestic taakitz sharing a kitchen
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eurydice-cant-spell · a day ago
My new comfort scene is the one where at the beginning of episode 13 Devo starts to cry and Amber and Zoox comfort him.
The line "I put my pride in the bag and your sadness in the bag" makes me feel so warm. It is like, yes please miss gris put my sadness in your in-finny-pack. I love this little submariner family so much and want them to comfort me when I am sad, please and thank you.
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