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Teach Me What You Like ||
Pairing: tasm! Peter Parker x Shy! Reader
Words: 5,261
Overview: You've always been too shy to ask for anything particular from Peter during sex, instead allowing him to take the reigns and make all the decisions for himself based on what he thinks will please you, but tonight, he wants you take control. Warnings: Smut, +18, shy/dom. reader, semi-dom./sub. Peter, oral (both male and female receiving), vaginal sex, praise kink, a tiny bit of overstimulation. Note: This is my first smut, so it's a bit of an experiment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Tumblr media
The sky outside is the darkest you've seen in a while, at least for it being five in the afternoon. Perhaps it's because of the heavy rain New York's been dealing with for a week straight.
Normally, you'd be tired of this weather, but it's somewhat melodic listening to the pattering rain singing outside the apartment window while you're curled up next to Peter on the couch, his arms holding you to his chest while his thumb carefully rubs circles against the back of your hand.
Seeing that New York might as well be flooding, even Spiderman has been confined to his own home which is a blessing in disguise since it means you can have yet another day of wearing pajamas, eating pizza, and binge watching movies together; your ideal evening, although, it could be made better.
"...I've been thinking," as if reading your mind, Peter starts with a whisper, his voice almost being a surprise seeing how long the two of you have been lying in silence. Nevertheless, you could never get tired of hearing it.
You hum as a sign that you're listening, unable to fight your smile when he presses a long kiss to your cheek. You thought you already had an idea of what he might suggest, however, you’re a bit concerned when he doesn't say it right away.
Instead, Peter seems more hesitant compared to his usual self, in fact, when you sit up to get a better look at his face, his head remains downward with one hand still attached to yours and the other pulling at bits of fuzz on the blanket.
"Is everything okay, Pete?"
"Of course, it is, I just...I've been thinking," he repeats the words, this time finally looking into your eyes with his free hand reaching up to push a strand of loose hair behind your ear where he then lingers,"...whenever we have sex, you never ask for much."
While you had guessed it could be something sex related, you didn't expect that. His words make your face light up, your eyes directly downward in embarrassment,"...I don't need much."
"What I mean is, you always let me lead things myself- which I have no problem with-, but you don't tell me if there's anything more that you want," you open your mouth only for his finger to press against your lips as he smirks," and moaning doesn't count, darling. I try my hardest to do what I think you'll like, but I'm not a mind reader, y'know? There has to be something you wish I'd do more or less of to make you good, whether it's a way you've been dying to have me touch you or maybe even a way you want to touch me..."
He trails off, leaving room for you to say anything if you'd like. When you remain silent in your embarrassment, he smiles before his lips make their way to your neck at last, pressing soft butterfly kisses that send your hands into his hair where they tangle into each strand carefully.
"I guess what I'm getting at is I want to try something new tonight. I want to have tonight be focused on you where we do the things you want to do. We can try a new position, we can go hard or soft, fast or slow..." you swear at this point he's purposely drawing out each word, his deep voice dripping like honey that makes a wetness pool between your legs," tonight's yours to experiment with, princess; anything goes."
"...Anything?" At last, you give in, biting back any sinful sound that hides in your throat as his face tickles your neck.
He pauses for a moment, his breath causing you to shiver in anticipation for him to resume his previous work," well...anything that doesn't involve putting you in pain. I'm afraid I won't be willing to do anything that harms even an inch of your precious body, but that's my only condition for tonight.”
You hum with content, allowing Peter's words to play with your inner thoughts even as his lips begin to continue their assault on your sensitive skin. It's as if he's purposely trying to fog your mind which you're sure isn't too far from the truth. Oh, you have ideas alright.
"So what do you say, pretty girl? Wanna give it a try tonight?" Peter removes himself from your neck, sitting up straight to rest his forehead against yours, lips hovering above your own," see if we can't break you out of your shell a little?"
With a short chuckle, you consider his offer more thoroughly. It's a lie to say you aren't nervous, but you push the feeling down when looking into the eyes of the man in front of you. It's only Peter. You've been with him plenty of times before and, while you’ve more than enjoyed your time together, there are certain desires you have that either haven’t been touched at all or haven't been touched nearly enough...Maybe it won't hurt to let yourself be a little more confident with him.
You move your lips to his, giving them a peck that's just enough for a tease," okay, let's try it."
Peter beams at your answer which is quickly followed by his lips crashing against yours. His hands move up from where they've been pressed on the couch beside you, supporting his weight. They find a new home around your waist, one even moving just under your shirt to rub your bare hip.
"...Teach me what you like, Princess," he's words are muffled against the deep kiss he gives you, his tongue dragging across your lower lip with the desire for entrance. The second you even begin to part your own lips, his tongue's swirling inside your mouth. One hand reaches up, cupping your cheek to gently turn your head to the side in order to provide him with a better angle.
A quiet moan is barely audible through the kiss. His body is falling into yours, hinting for you to lay back against the cushions and you can feel his free hand beginning to creep along your side, tickling your soft skin on its way up to a location which you know acts as a magnet for him. A part of you wants to obey, letting him have his way with you the same way you normally do, but tonight's supposed to be your night, right? If your conversation seconds ago isn't enough to make that part known, then the fact that your boyfriend's purposely taking his time does. He's waiting patiently for you to feel comfortable enough to take the reigns, giving you plenty of pauses in between acts to decide when you want said control.
Peter hisses in a breath, his body tensing at the feeling of your hand against his crotch. Unlike the hand that's rubbing circles against his chest, the one he wants so desperately to do the same remains completely still. He plans to complain, his free hand moving much faster to your breast to copy your own teasing action, but before it can make it there, you're suddenly pushing on his chest.
He might've chuckled at your failed attempt at knocking Spiderman down, but your mouth rips away from his in an instant, your breathless words giving the first orders of the night," lay down."
While he doesn't laugh, a smirk still etches into his face. Following your command just as promised, he lays down, both of his hands falling to your hips. He takes the time to admire the image of you moving to straddle him, your legs kneeled at both of his sides with your warm core pressed against his clothed crotch. Even the slightest movement of you sitting down before kissing him again is enough to make his groan, your hips grinding together in a way that really makes that tent in his pants form. While tonight's your night, he's certain he's going to be enjoying it just as much.
Your hands are positioned next to his head, holding yourself up just enough to hover above him. Despite your bold actions, you nervously stare down at him with a heavy blush," this is okay, right?"
He smiles encouragingly, pecking your nose," more than okay. Keep going, Princess."
Once again, your lips are pieced together, moving simultaneously while Peter's hands now impatiently wonder your figure enough to memorize every curve of you (not that he hasn't already). You shift in response, purposely grinding against him yet giving him little time to finish his moan before nibbling on his lower lip.
Ever so slowly, you sit up straight until nearly all of your weight is against his crotch, his hands once again falling to rest on your hips and keep you steady. From there, you look over your handsome boyfriend, admiring his red face which holds that same giddy smile you’ve come to know him for especially during such intimate times, but tonight, it seems much brighter. He's clearly on cloud nine, his mind racing with all the possibilities of what you're going to want from him. He did say he'll do just about anything for his love.
You step off the couch, an action that allows him to sit up straight with a raised eyebrow. He opens his mouth to ask where you want to take things next, but the words catch in his throat when you kneel down, your hands rested upon his knees.
With a gulp you hope he doesn't notice, you keep your eyes down while fidgeting to get his belt off. He does nothing to stop you, instead helping throw the belt aside and pull down his pants to pool at his feet after you give them a tug. You can't really believe you're doing this, but you don't want to stop either. Besides, if Peter's helping, he must not have any issue with this.
You wonder if you've been staring at the tent in his boxers for too long, the thought of what's hidden inside making your blush grow as does the uncomfortable wetness pooling between your own legs. If you really wanted to, you could just tell him to rip you apart right here and now which he'd probably do in a heartbeat, but if you want to savor your moment of dominance, you'll have to be just as patient as you plan on making him be.
Peter sits back as you pull off his boxers finally, the breath inside his chest growing heavier without you needing to actually touch him. The anticipation alone is enough to drive him crazy. He watches each movement you give from the hand you use to pull your hair back to the way you reach another over to his hard cock, fingers dancing across the sensitive skin.
You find yourself smirking at the wonderful sound you draw from his lips, your nerves beginning to melt away completely as you add another hand, working them in concurrently from the base to the tip which is already leaking a growing bead of precum that plants a question into your mind you hope to answer rather quickly: what does he taste like?
Peter has used his mouth as a weapon against you before, although, not for nearly as long as you would like nor have you ever been brave enough to return the favor. Sure, you've taken the risk of reaching down to stroke him from time to time, but whenever Peter would pause to test what you'll do next, you'd back out. Not this time, though.
You thumb moves over that little dot of precum and you finally find the guts to glance up at him. He can't even look at you at this point, his eyes closed gently as he hums at the feeling of you being so close. He's secretly wanted to have you touch him there for far too long, but seeing your constant hesitation, he's just never taken the chance of asking you to have your way with him until tonight.
With a deep breath, you lean forward, your hand finding a temporary place holding his dick up just enough to wrap your swollen lips around his length. You immediately feel him tensen, a louder moan ripping through the silence of the room as his head tosses back. The further you take him in, the tighter he squeezes his eyes shut, his breath hitching at the indescribable feeling. He wants more and he's about to get it.
Taking his moans as a sign of approval, you move your mouth up, sucking as you retract yourself back to his tip. Removing your mouth fully, you let your tongue swirl his tip before sinking back down seconds later. Your tongue follows your lips down, licking a line and tracing that sensitive vein of his until you can't fit anymore. Deciding that it just won't do to let any part of his manhood go unnoticed, you move one hand to the part of his dick your mouth can't reach while the other goes to his balls, the first pumping while the other takes turns massaging each ball.
Peter is helpless against the moans that you force out of him, his mind unable to focus on just one spot. He thinks of the warmth of your mouth, drool over his dick, and heated hand gripping his balls, making him shift in his place regardless of how hard he tries to stay still.
"You k-know, tonight's supposed to be-mmh- about you, n-not me, right?" He asks between moans, opening his eyes just enough to peek a glance at you, although it's a terrible choice. If he didn't have any self control in that moment, he would've cummed just at the sight of you working your magic for him...only for him.
You pull away from his dick with a 'pop', looking up at him with innocent doe eyes while your hands continue to pump," exactly. Nothing gets me wetter than seeing you like this, Pete."
Your bold words take him by surprise, not that he's complaining by any means. Instead, he throws his head back once again when your lips return to suck him to the edge. When he finally can't take it anymore, he moves his hands to your head, pulling on handfuls of your hair.
"Fu-fuck. I'm g-getting close," he expects you to take that as your cue to pull away, but you remain latched, the hand you had on his balls joining its twin at the base of his cock.
You push your mouth as far as it can go, accidently going a bit too far which causes his tip to press against the back of your throat. You gag at the action, pulling back but stopping yourself from completely abandoning him. He wants to ask if you're okay, but words fail him as he jerks his hips up, causing his dick to hit the top of your mouth this time. The movements paint a new image in your head, one where he's fucking your mouth without restraint with his hands holding you in place by the hair, however, judging on how loud his moans are the growing and the twitching of his tip against your tongue, you might have to wait for another day to try that. Don't want to overwork him too much now.
He whines incoherently while bucking his hips, the only words you're able to make out being your name and the word 'cum'. Still, your gasp is muffled by both his large dick and the cum that shoots into your mouth as his nails dig into your hair. Unable to fit both anymore, you're forced to choose which one you want, pulling your mouth away. You lose some of the cum from the cracks of your mouth, leaving it along with a mix of your drool on the tip of his cock, but you're careful to shallow the rest, a hand moving to clear the remnants off your lips while sparing a look back up to your boyfriend who looks more than pleased.
"Yes....Princess?" The poor guy's still breathless and you've barely started.
"Let's take it into the bedroom," he doesn't need to be told twice, standing to his shaky feet at the same time that you do.
There's only a second between then and his lips being on your cum soaked ones, his arms moving down to your ass. Taking the hint, you jump with your arms folding around his neck and legs wrapped around his hips, Peter easily picking you up and carrying you off to the location of your choice.
Due to the hurried kisses and wandering hands on your back, you're too distracted to even consider watching where you are, your only singal that you've made it to the bedroom being the way your back hits the soft bed, Peter immediately falling after you.
His hands are all over you, tugging and pulling on any piece of fabric he can find, but to be fair, you're all over him, too. Having already left his boxers and pants in the living room, all Peter has left is his precious shirt which is easily forgotten the second he tosses it to the side. He's more concerned about you, ripping your own shirt and pants off to leave you wrapped in the only articles of clothing that can get him hard again.
"Hold on," you grasp his wrist when his fingers just brush against your bra, your voice stern," I'm in control tonight, right?"
He gives a halfhearted pout," does that mean I'm not gonna have any chance to play with you?"
"Don't worry, Pete. I'm gonna keep you in mind, but I also wanna be a little selfish tonight, too. I got you to cum once already, so it's your turn to make me cum in the way I want," your hands move to his chest, tracing his biceps which makes him shiver.
"And how do you want to cum tonight, Princess? What do you want me to do to you?" Although he smirks playfully, his heart is jumping in his chest.
Despite how much you fight to be in the role of a confident dom, you feel butterflies at the words. Of course, your boyfriend's not going to have any of that.
"What is it, pretty girl? I know that face. Believe it or not, I keep a close eye on you during sex. I can tell when you want something, but that spider bite didn't give me mind reading powers. You're going to have to use your words," he's attacking your neck again, but this time he’s sucking and biting against your collarbone, leaving little marks that you'll either have to cover up or wear with pride later," or am I just going to have to have my way with you like every other night? If that happens, you won't get to feel that exploding pleasure you crave which would be a shame for both of us, wouldn't it?"
"Sounds to me like you already know what I want," you moan, hands lost in his hair again.
He has the nerve to keep his teasing smirk," I have an idea. It's something I've wanted to do to you for a while now, but I've never wanted to make you uncomfortable, but if you say what it is, I'll do it right now with no hesitation."
You groan when he bucks his hips into yours, his dick rubbing against your still clothed clit for only a second which isn't enough by any means. You have no more control to keep teasing," eat me out, Peter. I-I want you to make me see stars!”
Fuck, you're desperate, but Peter isn't one to judge. Exactly as promised, he works with haste, in fact, the words have barely left your mouth by the time he's already down there, tugging you a bit roughly towards the edge of the mattress by your panties which are discarded the second you're where he wants you.
"Oh, Peter!" You cry out, not actually expecting him to quite literally start eating you out the second those divers are out of the way. He doesn't even waste time teasing, diving in tongue first.
You have no idea how long he's wanted to do this. In the past, he's seen the way you look at him desperately whenever he's taken the chance of kitten licking your clit while working you with his fingers, however, it's only been to tease, daring you to ask for what you secretly crave most. Now, you're finally getting it.
He uses his hands to move your legs over his shoulders so that he can get as deep as he pleases. Using one hand, he moves your folds apart, inserting a finger or two whenever he feels like it, but mainly sticking to the abilities of his mouth which sucks against your clit with a force that pulls you to buck your hips upward. You're a moaning mess already which isn't helped by his long tongue reaching until it can't go further, licking at your entrance before retracting to play with your clit.
"Peter, please don't stop!" You might actually be angry when he suddenly pulls away from you, smiling with a face that glistens in your wetness.
"Don't worry, pretty girl. I'm only getting started," he crawls up onto the bed with you, falling with his head against the pillow. He holds his hands out towards you, making a grabbing motion as his tongue darts across his lips," you told me to eat you out, so I don't plan on stopping till I'm full."
"Y-You're sure?" You understand exactly what he’s hinting towards. Although you want it too, you're nervous that it might be a bit much...maybe even for both of you.
"Come here, pretty girl. Let me get addicted to your taste."
Moving slowly, you position your body over his head, kneeling down carefully as to not crush him, but apparently he's not having that. Growing a bit impatient, he grabs your thighs and pulls you down, smashing your dripping clit against his lips. The pressure between his tongue and your own weight pressing you down rips a loud moan from your lungs, your hands flying to the headboard to steady yourself.
The dizzy feeling accompanied by the messy sounds of Peter sucking makes you see the very stars you requested, your head throwing back as your eyes squeeze shut. It isn't exactly as you had imagined- no, it's far better. You can tell Peter was telling the truth when he said he's dream of this because never have you seen a man so eager- so hungry while lapping up every drop of juice that he can, tongue tickling your insides in a pleasure you can't describe.
With you finally being distracted, he moves his hands up, removing your bra at last and tossing it to the complete opposite side of the room. He's in love with the warmth of your body against his tongue, the way your juices flow and fill his mouth in a flavor he hopes to never forget. It’s enough to make him even more aroused than he was when having been the one being pleased. Your moans are music to his ears, ensuring him that you're being well taken care of tonight just as he has hoped. His joy grows when he feels your thighs twitch against the sides of him, your pussy clenching.
"Peter, I-I'm going to cum!" Your body begins to tense, the spring inside your stomach curling back and ready to pop at any second now. You're a sweaty, panting mess and so is Peter. You can feel him bucking his hips behind you, his own moans vibrating your core.
Suddenly it all comes undone as you cry out his name, allowing your orgasm to take you over at last. Peter groans himself, wasting no time sucking up every drop while you shake above him. When hearing your whimpers grow, he gives one last kiss to your clit before pulling away to let you roll onto the bed beside him, breathless.
"...Hey there, pretty girl," his hand goes to your head, a gentle smile pulling at his lips which you return. Both of your faces are red and your chests are heaving to catch your breaths. While sex with you in unimaginable, Peter could also just do with lying beside you, getting to take in every detail of your perfect face with the reminder that you're his and only his.
"Hi handsome," you chuckle before moving to sit up again. You find your place back over top of him in a nearly identical position as to the one you had taken on the couch earlier (minus the clothes, of course).
"You're still not done? Man, you're demanding tonight," he teases, rubbing his thumb against your soft cheek as he admires the view above him once more.
You smile, grinding just above where he wants you most which breaks his attitude with a groan. You wait until his eyes are back on you to let your smile turn into a playful smirk," you told me to do as I please tonight. Now I only have one last request."
"That being?" He knows. Goodness, he knows, but he wants to hear those dirty words from your innocent little mouth. He wants to see that side of you no one else ever will.
He can feel your dripping pussy move to a line with his cock, one of your hands leading him there and teasing both of you by rubbing his tip against your wetness. You keep him there before leaning down, an action that makes him pucker his lips in expectation of you meeting him there, however, you instead hover yourself aside his ear, your whispered voice sending a chill down his entire body and making his dick jump.
"I'm gonna fuck you, Peter Parker, and I'm going to show you exactly how I like to feel you inside me; how drunk I am for you and you alone. Only after I cum will I like you finish what you've started tonight by returning the favor. You can fuck me in any way you like- tear me apart if you want- to show me how you like to feel inside of me. That's when you can cum, okay?"
"Y-Yes, Princess," he groans at your low voice, his excitement bubbling. He should've let you order him around long ago...
You push him into your soaking pussy causing both of you to give shaky moans. Fuck, is he big, filling you up so perfectly that it makes you want to cry. Surely you'll never get sick of the way he fills you up, stretching your walls as you sink down until feeling yourself reach his balls.
You hold yourself up with the backboard while letting your body get used to Peter's size. Meanwhile, he tangles his hands in your hair, watching you lovingly while whispering comments ranging from how good you look as a top to how good you feel as a top. His words only make you more eager to not be able to walk in the morning.
Lifting your hips, you rise up to the tip of his dick before pushing back down to his balls once again. You continue this motion, picking up speed with a series of moans passing through your mouth. Peter himself is groaning your name, his hands falling from your hair to squeeze your breasts. He lifts his hips ever so slightly, taking some of the stress off of you by thrusting to meet you part of the way there which leads to more pleasure.
"F-Fuck, pretty girl...You feel so good- so warm."
Eventually, you lean backwards, supporting yourself on the backs of your hands beside Peter's hips. At this position, his dick manages to hit that wonderful spot hidden inside you which is awarded by a sigh of gratitude. Even so, it isn't enough.
He moans your name, hands gripping tighter around your breasts. You carefully grab one of them, moving it downwards to your clit and holding it there. Getting the message, Peter happily begins to rub that tiny bud above where you bounce on his dick. This extra touch from him sends sensations through your body that are indescribable, so it's only a matter of time before that spring inside of you begins to come undone once again.
"That's it, pretty girl. Cum for me," Peter's words open a gateway of pleasure as you cum for a second time tonight which is announced by crying out his name and moving your hands to grip at his shoulders.
“Good girl…Such a good girl,” he's quick to sit up, wrapping his arms around you to steady you as you cum all over his cock. Your own arms snake around him, unable to pull yourself away from the warmth of his body that feels like a beacon. The pleasure you feel from your orgasm nearly blinds you to the agreement you had made minutes ago, however, Peter's kind enough to remind you of you by flipping you onto your back suddenly.
By the time you blind open your eyes, Peter is hovering above you on his knees with a smirk that sends shivers down your spine. Opening your mouth, you prepare to say something, but it only comes out as a cry as he jerks your body by your hips back to him before thrusting into your core.
Peter shows you no mercy, his dick hitting inside your pussy at such a force that it makes you numb but in a good way. His stern grip on your hips is the only thing preventing you from being pushed off the bed, but it doesn't keep your arms from falling back, your hands gripping the bedsheets as he pulls moan after moan out of you while fucking you relentlessly.
"This is how good you make me feel, pretty girl...Always so good to me. The perfect fit," his words are mumbled since most of his focus is put into snapping his hips into you and drowning himself in the sounds of your mewls mixed with the smacking of your wet pussy.
His hand returns to your well swollen clit, swirling around it as you bite back anymore moans as they’ve already made your throat just as sore by this point.
"You like that, pretty girl? You like your little clit played with, don't you? I gotta remember that..."
"P-Peter-" The stars take over your vision again, but begin to become a hazy mess that's almost too much.
"-I know, I know. Almost there…Just one more time, please princess? For me?" If you weren't so overwhelmed with your own senses, you'd feel his dick twitching inside of you, prepared to realize at any moment.
Too loose from your last orgasms, you finally come for a third time, crying out Peter's name at a volume you don't think you've ever reached before. On command, he pushes into you completely, his dick hitting the back of your pussy as he paints your inner walls white with his cum.
Holding you close, Peter leans down to touch his forehead to yours, his mouth hanging open to catch his breath as he gently rolls his hips to ride out his orgasm. Pulling out at last, he captures your lips against his and pulls you to his chest once falling to your side on the bed. You tiredly return to kiss before pulling away and smiling at him.
"...That was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever cummed this much in one night.”
"Maybe you should take the reins more often, mm?"
"Maybe I should," you peck his nose before hiding your sweaty face away in the crook of his neck, his chuckle vibrating against your bodies.
"Yes, princess?"
"I've always wanted to try shower sex."
It’s going to be a long night.
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donald4spiderman · a day ago
hear me out…peter talking abt u in his sleep and it leads to him confessing his feelings for you? maybe fem!reader x andrew!peter parker if you could write this? totally up to you, and i love ur writing!
sleepy confessions may be just what the two of you need to take your friendship to the next level. (friends to lovers)
tasm!peter x fem!reader
tw: kissing
a/n: sorry this took like five fucking months to do i’m the worst. PLEASE REBLOG!!!
*not proofread*
Tumblr media
EVERY TIME YOU SLEEP OVER, Peter is out like a light by 10 pm. No matter how hard he tries, he always ends up falling asleep. Especially if you’re next to him.
He feels horrible about it, but he really can’t help it. Peter loves spending time with you, and he hates to ruin all the fun by possessing the sleep cycle of a geriatric man.
You don’t mind—in fact, you’d rather him rest than watch a movie or play a card game. You’re super understanding of his exhaustion due to his responsibilities as both a Midtown student and NYC’s busiest superhero, Spider-Man. Plus, cuddling with your admittedly cute best friend is never a bother.
It’s only 9:30 pm—30 minutes earlier than usual—but Peter drags you into his creaky twin-sized bed anyway, smothering you with his heated torso as you giggle and wither beneath him. You’re no match for his enhanced strength.
“Snuggle me. Pleeeeeaaase.” He pouts, tucking his face into the crook of your next as you struggle to free yourself from his hold.
You release somewhat of an exasperated groan, but the elation in your voice is still evident. “Mmm...fine.”
“Yes!” Peter grins, slithering his vascular arms tightly around the swell of your hips, face pressed firmly into your chest, “and, uh, can you play with my hair, too?”
“This sure seems likes a lot of labor.”
“Labor of love.” He corrects. He’s not totally wrong.
You thread your fingers through his chestnut hair, fingers scratching and massaging gently at his scrap. You swear you can hear him purr like a kitten—fuck.
Peter hums with content for a while. Then the noises stop, jaw falling open as his breathing slows into a calm rhythm.
You think about falling asleep too, but you’re not really tired at all. You glance down to Peters freckled face, smiling as you trace the outline of his cheeks and nose.
“Hmmmph.” He groans, shuffling slightly.
Shit. Can he sense when people stare at him? He is Spider-Man after all. He’s never mentioned it, though... Shit!
Your worries fade when his falls relaxes again. Okay, good. He’s asleep.
“(Y/N)...” Peter mumbles, startling you, though his voice registers below a whisper.
So he is awake? “Peter,” you reply, “is everything okay?”
“(Y/N). Nooooo, don’t do that!” Don’t do what?
Then the realization dawns on you: he’s sleep talking.
You stifle a laugh, not wanting to rattle the sleeping boy on your chest. His brows furrow together like he’s deep in thought. He murmurs something you can’t quite decipher.
“Stop it. Stop being so...cute.” Peter smiles to himself, snickering. “Mm...you’re so cute. Kayoooot.”
Okay, well, there must be someone else in the dream, too. There’s no way it’s just you and him. ‘Cause then that means he would be calling you cute and that’s just—no, that’s not what’s happening.
You’re certain your heart rate is going a million beats per minutes and your inhales grow shallow; you know for a fact Peter’s senses can detect that kind of thing. You squeeze your eyes shut, willing your lungs and heart to slow.
“(Y/N)! Please,” Peter jerks in he sleep, hands flapping around your waist, “just kiss me.”
Kiss...Peter. This is not happening. No no no. This is not real. Maybe you’re the one dreaming right now because there’s no way your hearing things correctly.
“I love you so much, (Y/N).”
You barely managed to sleep last night, especially with the extremely snuggly Peter flush against you. You ran through a thousand different excuses or reasons for why he would say things like “kiss me” or “I love you” with respect to you, his best friend. But after a long time spent contemplating, you realized that there was no platonic rationalization behind his sloppy confessions.
Peter like likes you.
You woke up long before Peter, troubled by this epiphany. You haven’t done anything all morning besides pace quietly in his kitchen, nearly disturbed by the ordeal you’re in. It’s not that you don’t like Peter, it’s just, things are so much more fucking complicated than they should be.
You tense when you hear him shuffle out of his bedroom and through the hallway.
“Morning.” He greats, voice so raspy it’s sinful.
You eyes wander down his toned stomach, stopping at the waist band of his plaid pants where the firm edge of his hipbones jut out. You tear your eyes away and gulp. You’ve never been this flustered before.
“Yeah, m-morning.” You stammer, refilling your glass of water in an attempt to busy yourself.
“Sleep well?”
You sigh, “Yeah, I guess,” deciding to pry a little, you follow up with, “did you?”
He nods. You don’t notice any tell or twitch in his behavior. “Yeah. Like a baby. The usual.”
You nod and giggle, “I know. You slept the usual 12 hours.”
“Holy shit. 12?”
The conversations lulls in an unsuspecting matter. Usually, the both of you have something to say—endless things to talk about. The atmosphere is uncharacteristically frigid.
“So...” you start, “dream about anything last night?”
His face perks up, “What? Why? No. I don’t think so.”
“Are you sure? ‘Cause somebody talks in their sleep.”
Peter’s face falls into his hands. “Cool. Did I, uh, say anything? J-just wondering.” His face goes beat-red as he looks up at you.
He already knows, right? But does he know that you know? This entire thing is a huge mess.
“I may have a heard a few thing...”
“Oh, god,” he groans, “what did you hear?”
You bite your lip, hands fiddling anxiously behind your back. “Well, what do you think I heard?”
“Are y-you really gonna make me say it?” Peter stutters, a bashful yet frightened grin on his face.
“I am. So, say it.” You encourage, holding back a grin, too.
He laughs, anticipation nearly killing the both of you. “I, uh, like you.”
“Just ‘like’?” You tease, smile spreading over your entire face. “‘Cause I recall you saying something a little bit different...”
“Alright,” he concedes, “I love you—in a more than best friend kind of way. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before and that you had to find out like this. I swear I was planning on telling you soon.”
It feels surreal to hear something you never know you needed to hear. Your heart swells with both pride and adoration.
“You really do?” you gleam, walking from behind the kitchen to stand in front of him.
He meets you in the middle, arms wrapping behind your waist to pull you in closer.
“I do,” he whispers, “do you love me back.”
You glance down at his lips, “Mm, I think I do.”
“I need to kiss you first in order to be sure.” You declare, earning a hearty chortle from Peter.
He leans down, cupping your jaw with one hand, the other pulling you tighter from the waist. Your eyes flutter shut when your lips meet, the faintest of touches, before they crash together. You never believed in sparks, but kissing Peter feels like fireworks exploding beneath your chest. God, love makes you sound so cliche. Yeah. You do love him.
Eventually, you break apart, noses still touching—you wish to be impossibly close forever.
“Alright. I know I love you.”
let me know what you think!
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bxcketbarnes · a day ago
You Got Me Flowers?
Tumblr media
Pairing: TASM!Peter Parker x Reader
Words: 1900+
So, this is probably the quickest Peter fic I’ve written. This is just pure fucking fluff. Soft ass shit that I need in my life. I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think!! xox
Tumblr media
Every day. Every fucking day a bouquet shows up on your desk at Oscorp. You're not sure who it's from since there's never a card attached to it. Gwen has her suspicions but she refuses to tell you.
You mumble incoherently to yourself as you walk into Oscorp. You've had a horrible night and it continued into this morning. You quickly pull your hair into a high ponytail while you walk through the turnstile.
"G'morning, my beautiful best friend," Gwen greets you with a smile.
"Morning," you mutter and continue walking towards the elevators. "Why are you so chipper this morning?"
Your blonde friend shrugs her shoulders and steps into the metal box with you. You scoff and shake your head before pressing the button for the sixth floor.
Gwen begins to talk about her night when you step out of the elevator. You listen intently and smile every time she gets excited over something she says. Sure, you're in a bad mood but you don't like to take it out on your friends.
"That's amazing, Gwen. I'm so happy for you. He better not break your heart or I'm killing him," you tell her with a chuckle.
"Oh, I know you will. I'll be sure to tell him," she laughs with you as the two of you walk towards your desk.
The smile slips from your lips at the sight of flowers sitting on your desk. You press your lips together and clear your throat, walking closer to the bouquet. It's different from the ones you've received already. Actually, it's probably your favorite one so far.
"Oh! Those are beautiful," Gwen mentions while taking a step closer to your desk. Her fingertips glide along the delicate petals before glancing back at you. "Aren't these your favorite?"
"Orange roses? Yeah, they are," you mumble and walk towards your computer chair.
You plop yourself into the seat before dragging the bouquet closer to you. You search the bundle of roses for any sort of note.
"Why can't they leave some sort of note?" You sigh while pushing the roses back to their original spot. You turn your gaze towards Gwen and notice her eyes looking towards the elevators.
You follow her gaze to find Peter standing at his desk. The glasses he's wearing sit on the edge of his nose as he sifts through the file in his large hands.
"Is Peter the guy you've been seeing?" You ask her, a hint of jealousy in your voice.
Her eyes quickly shift towards you before she furrows her brows. "What? No, he's not. I didn't even notice he was here. I was, uh, looking at Bryan," she mentions with pink cheeks.
"Bryan," you mumble and look back in Peter's direction. You notice someone else standing beside Peter and you let out a hum. "That's him?"
Gwen smiles and nods her head. "That's him, yeah. He's… he's really great," she fangirls a bit.
You chuckle and bring your attention back to Peter. Your breath hitches in your throat, noticing him looking at you. He smiles at you and waves his hand.
"Hey," you mumble quietly and wave back to him.
"Peter's cute, isn't he?" Gwen suddenly asks while leaning against your desk.
You narrow your brows and look up at your best friend. "I thought you liked Bryan?" You ask her, wondering why she's suddenly asking about Peter.
"I do. Y/N, babe, I've seen the way you look at Peter," she points out and your cheeks flush. "So, he's cute, isn't he?"
"Ye-Yeah, I guess," you shrug your shoulders, playing off the feelings you have for him. After a moment of silence, you clear your throat and stare down at your desk. "Uh, don't you have work to do?"
Gwen laughs and hums, moving to rest her hand on your shoulder. "Yeah, I do. I actually have a meeting, but I'll see you later!" She grins at you while walking away from you.
"See you," you mumble and release a deep sigh when she's out of earshot. You turn back around in your chair and jump a bit at the sight of Peter in front of you. "Jesus, Pete."
He raises his hands in defense and apologizes. "Sorry, didn't mean to sneak up on you," he laughs before running a hand through his hair.
"It's okay. Apparently, you have quiet footsteps," you chuckle and lean your elbows against the desk. You tuck some hair behind your ear as Peter brings his hand to the bouquet in front of him.
"Pretty flowers," he mumbles while looking at you through his lashes. "Who are they from?"
You shrug your shoulders. "I don't know. They never leave a note with it. They're pretty though. I kinda wonder how they figured out my favorite color rose," you mention with a small smile, your fingers daintily touching the petal.
Peter watches you with a faint smile on his lips. He faintly remembers when Gwen mentioned your favorite flower to him after he told her he was the one leaving them on your desk.
"It's really sweet though," you mumble before returning your attention to your work. "I don't think anyone's ever gotten me flowers. So, all of this has been very flattering and I'm not sure how to take it."
"You've never gotten flowers before?" Peter asks you with furrowed brows.
A laugh leaves your lips and you lift your gaze, tapping the cap on the desk. "Pathetic, right?"
"It's not pathetic, Y/N," Peter reassures you and you can see the seriousness in his honey brown eyes. "Men are just trash."
"Calling yourself trash, Peter?" You hum while resting your chin against the palm of your hand.
He smiles down at you and wets his lips. "I wouldn't say I'm trash, but sure," Peter laughs.
You chuckle as well and shake your head. "You're not trash. You're literally one of the kindest people I've ever met," you remind him and lean back in your chair. "Alright, well, I would love to just sit and chat all day but I've got work to do."
"Do you wanna grab dinner sometime? T-That way we could sit and chat for a while?" He stutters, his cheeks becoming flushed.
Your heart skips a beat and you lift your head to look at him again. "L-Like a date?" You ask quietly.
"If you want it to be," Peter whispers and your cheeks start to turn pink. A date with Peter? Your heart pounds against your chest as you nod your head yes.
"Y-Yeah, I'd like that," you smile at him.
He grins down at you and nods. "Great, great. I'll uh, I'll text you?" He nervously rambles while taking a couple of steps back.
You chuckle and bite your lip gently. "Yeah, text me."
Gwen watches you as the two of you walk into Oscorp. You've been texting on your phone during the entire train ride to work, and she wonders who you've been texting.
"What's gotten you so giddy?" She nudges your arm with a smile on her lips.
"O-Oh," you stutter and shove your phone into your pocket. You clear your throat while pulling out your badge. "Uh, Peter."
Her blue eyes widen as the two of you move through the turnstile. "No fucking way! What?! Did something happen?" She asks, slapping your arm gently.
Your cheeks blush and you release an embarrassing groan. "Gwen, stop! We just went out to dinner," you explain to her as you both walk towards the elevator.
"The two of you went to dinner? Did he walk you home? Kiss you at your door? Tell me, tell me," she questions excitingly.
"He didn't kiss me. He did walk me home and he may have asked for a second date," you say with pink cheeks. Your heart flutters in your chest as that night flashes before your eyes. "He's really cute."
You and Gwen walk into the elevator, pressing the button to the third floor. "You two are so cute already and it's not even official yet," she sighs while placing a hand over her heart.
"Shut up," you push her playfully as the elevator doors open back up.
When you step out, you feel your phone vibrating in your back pocket. You swiftly pull the device out and see a text from Peter. The smile on your lips widens as you read over the two words.
Look up.
You furrow your brows and look up from your phone. A gasp leaves your lips as Peter stands in front of your desk with a bouquet in his hands. You look around, noticing other co-workers watching and your hands start to become clammy.
Gwen rests a hand on your shoulder, capturing your attention. "Don't worry about everyone else. I'll get them to stop watching. Go get your man," she smiles while nodding her head in Peter's direction.
"Okay," you whisper and walk towards Peter. Your fingers fumble with one another as you stand about a foot in front of him. "Morning, Pete."
He smiles at you and hands the bouquet to you. "Morning, honey. I, uh, I got you these," Peter mumbles softly.
The smile on your lips widens as you take the bundle of roses in your hands. You inhale the scent and take a step closer to him. "You got me flowers?" You ask him with a cute pout.
He brings his hand to your face and gently strokes your cheek. "I've been getting you flowers every day for weeks," Peter confesses and your heart skips a beat.
Your eyes widen and your grip on the stems tightens. A sharp pain shoots through one of your fingers, causing you to look down at your hands.
"Shit, honey," he mutters and reaches for your hand. Blood drips down your fingers and Peter takes the roses from you. He sets them onto your desk before grabbing some tissues.
"S-Sorry, I just… you? You've been leaving me flowers?" You ask him as he cleans your finger up.
He nods his head in answer and moves to grab a first aid kit. You watch him grab a band aid from the white container before he makes his way back to you.
"I wanted to leave notes but I was way too nervous that you wouldn't like me," Peter whispers and places the band aid over your wound.
A frown settles on your lips and you bring your non-wounded hand to his face. "I've liked you for months," you confess to him and his brown eyes flit up to you.
"Yeah," you giggle before closing the space between the two of you. You can hear Peter's breath hitch in his throat as your lips press against his.
He leans into you, kissing you back with just as much passion as you're giving. His hands move to your cheeks, his thumbs gently stroking your cheekbones.
"Whoop!" Gwen cheers loudly from behind you. You pull away from Peter with a laugh and he rests his forehead on yours.
"She's never gonna let this go," you whisper against his lips.
Peter's hands glide down to the nape of your neck. "No, she won't. Which means we'll just be extra cute around her to the point where she'll leave," he jokes with you.
You bite your lip gently and giggle. "Perfect idea."
"We should probably get back to work," he suggests while pulling back from you. "Come over tonight."
Butterflies swarm around your stomach and you nod your head. "Okay, yeah," you agree before leaning on your toes to kiss his cheek. "I'll be over around seven?"
"Sounds wonderful, honey. I can't wait," he smiles down at you.
Taglist: @jeanettexkillian @undf-stuff @softyutae @theonlymaddie @queenofshinigamis @stewielover95 @foreverrogers​ @writing-for-marvel​ @softtdaisy​ @xoxoloverb​ @onlyfreds​ @corneliastreetinstyle​ @avenjames-anderson​ @marvelouswinchester​ @0-0-sunflower-0-0​ @sincericida​ @leleea @jessalyn-jpeg​ @paw-sneeze​ @apeainapot​ @thewxntersoldier​ @reddesert-healourblues​
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prongsbook · 2 days ago
hello there darling! can i have TASM!Peter x fem!reader with angsty/fighting dialogue prompts number 8 please <333
Prompt: Angsty/Fighting.
8. Maybe you should just leave now. TASM!Peter x Fem!reader.
You feel sad, stupid, and naive. How could you believe Peter was going to keep his promise? For the past two months you’ve been in a relationship with a ghost, and you really don’t know when it all went to hell. At first you thought he was dealing with some personal stuff, and after trying to help him without success, you gave up. Peter kept pushing you away, and deep down you knew nothing was going to change but you hold onto a little flame of hope.
Today was going to be the last chance. And he knew it. He agreed, he told you a thousand times how important you are to him and how he could never live without you. Apparently, those were just meaningless words.
You were in the restaurant waiting for two hours, getting pity stares from all the other customers.
And even though you know you should be crying and cursing him, you are tired. Tired of waiting for him to love you back, because this is not love, what he’s doing can’t be.
You’re curled up in bed staring at the wall going through all the happy memories, those days where Peter really seemed to enjoy your company. Was it all a lie?
A sound coming from from the window makes you sit up, already looking for something to grab and defend yourself when you see a familiar face.
"Peter? What are you doing on the fire escape?" You get up from the bed, keeping the distance, a suddenly urge to cry. He forces a smile, looking out the window for a few seconds. There's a lot of tension and whatever he is going to say, you want it to be quick. "Are you going to say something?" Then, he looks at you. His eyes are red and you fight the urge to touch him and ask what's wrong, but you know what's wrong.
"I was at the library and lost track of time, I'm sorry." He doesn't look sorry at all but you don't care. You don't believe a word coming out of his mouth.
"It's okay." You shrug, sitting on the edge of the bed. You can't look at him or you'll start crying, so a stain on the carpet has all your attention.
"Are you sure?" Peter asks, suspicious.
"No, it's not okay, Peter!" You snap, finally looking at him. After all, this is going to be the last time you're going to see Peter Parker. "Are you fucking kidding?"
"I'm saying that I'm sorry."
"But you don't mean it." He stands awkwardly in the middle of your room, avoiding your gaze. "Are you going to tell me what's going on? What's been going on for the past two months?" You try to steady your breathing, you're not gonna let him see you cry.
"There's nothing going on. I've been busy with work and collage, that's all." He's lying, you know he's lying. And your heart breaks into tiny little pieces.
"Then, that's it." Peter finally looks at you, frowning, fear on his eyes. "This is not working. We. Are not working."
There is a beat, and then, "Agreed." And you laugh. Because everything's so fucked up. "I know I've no right to ask you this but..." He sighs, closing his eyes for a minute before talking again, before his brown eyes met yours. "I want you to be careful, to take care of yourself." You want to scream at him, he hasn't cared about you for months and now this? "I don't wanna know you got into trouble or something." In other words, he doesn't wanna be bothered by you.
"Don't worry, you won't hear from me." You say, feeling your throat dry.
"That's for the best." His voice is rough, deeper tan usual.
You look behind him, not trusting yourself to look him in the eyes. "Maybe you should just leave now." He opens his mouth and for a moment you think he's going to say something, but he shakes his head, dismissing it.
For the last time, you allow yourself to look at him, and he looks as broken as you.
A second later, he jumps out the window and you scream in fear, running and expecting to see him hurt, falling down, screaming. But you don't see him anywhere. All you see is a certain someone swinging away. And you let yourself wonder.
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alloftheimaginesblog · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“It’s time,” Peter 3, Peter Parker from a different universe, said, “Strange is about to send us back.” You looked at him and there was a look in his eye, a question that he was too scared to ask or maybe he was too scared of the answer that would follow if he asked it.
You knew the question he wanted to ask. Do you want to come with me? You’d had not even 24 hours with him but my god, in those 24 hours you’d brought life back to the mid twenties Peter Parker. You breathed a new life into him, made him belly laugh for the first time in years and the two of you just clicked but could you really give up your life for a stranger? 
In your life you’d always put other people’s needs in front of your own, always sacrificed your own happiness to suit the needs of others so right now, standing with a superhero from a different universe, you decided that you were going to take a leap of faith and you were going to do something for yourself for a change. Would it work out? Would everything work out the way that you wanted? You didn’t know but my god, you wanted to find out.
You grabbed his hand and nodded, “I’m coming with you.”
His face immediately stretched out into the widest grin you’d ever seen a person have, “You mean it? I-I was going to ask but I was scared to find out-”
“Yeah,” you said, smiling at him, “it’s about time I did something for myself for a change.”
Peter laughed, “Okay, wow,” he breathed out, he hadn’t felt hope burning this strong for years. He looked at you, stepping closer as his thumb grazed your cheek, “Can I kiss you?” He barely got the question out before you were crashing your lips onto his in a passionate kiss. It cut off too short when Peter pulled apart and frantically panted, “Let’s go tell Strange before he sends me back without you. Hold on tight!” With one strong arm, Peter latched around your waist before shooting a web and swinging you both upwards. Yeah, you thought as you hid in his neck, you were ready for your next adventure.
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lovinglyyours · 15 hours ago
Dancing Is A Dangerous Game- Part Two
Had to repost because my tags are broken  Pairing: TASM! Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Mentions of death, anxiety, please let me know if anything is missing from this list.
Plot: You and Peter keep meeting each other, being horribly cute along the way. You start to feel some insecurities from the past. Just in time, the two of you share your first kiss.
A/N: Hello! I know it has been a long couple of months. I have received all of your warm and loving responses to my first part and I am loving that you guys are all enjoying my writing! I’m sorry for dropping off the face of the earth. I’m hoping I can be forgiven as I have been going through an academic slump with school and didn't have the will to write a part that was worthy for you all. I will try to be better in the coming months. Lovingly, Yours.
Word Count: 5,399 (please let me know if you see any errors <3)
Tumblr media
It wasn’t long after your interaction with the hero that you decided to call Victoria over for an impromptu gossip session. The two of you had the next day off, so she came over faster than anticipated, red wine in hand.  
Soon after the story was told, Victoria spent the next minute or so with her head thrown back, laughing. You felt the edges of your mouth fighting back a grin, pushing Victoria’s shoulder with a soft grunt. “It’s not that funny,”
“No, not really. It's just the fact that he said that he’d miss you.”
“He just really liked my company!”
“What about Peter?” Victoria questioned, taking a sip of her wine.
“What about Peter?” You repeated the question back at her before it clicked. “I’m not dating a superhero, for the third time this evening! Peter… I forgot to text.” You groaned out, glancing over at the stove’s clock. You frowned at the time, knowing that one in the morning wasn’t the best time to text someone.
“Just text him anyway,” Victoria sighed, reading your mind with a sly smile. “If you don’t I will.”
“No, thank you. I would rather not follow my first text up with ‘sorry that wasn’t me’ like I’m seven years old.” You joked as you pulled out your phone, not needing to enter your recent call list as Peter had texted you less than ten minutes ago.
A grin blossomed onto your face as you read the text. Is 1 am an appropriate time to text a lady?
You felt Victoria’s head lean onto your shoulder, reading the message with a snicker “Lady, sure.”
“I am a lady!” you shooed her away with a laugh. Your fingers lingered over the keyboard for a second before you texted back. Some people would call this a booty call… but 1 am works for me.
You set the phone down on the table face up, looking over at Victoria again who was studying the webs on your window. “He leaves a mess behind, huh?”
“He makes up for it by being witty,” you paused seeing the look your friend gave you over her shoulder. “What?”
“Don’t be weird with the superhero,”
“I’m not,”
“Look at me, look at me, I’m enamored with Spiderman.” Victoria teased in a sing-song phrase, laughing at your frown. You were about to say something when your phone let out a chime. “Saved by the bell.” She grinned, watching you pick up your phone.
I’m gonna have to ask my students that on Monday. Now, how does one work genetic coding into a booty call and can I make it a research question?
As flattered as I am about being the topic of a research question, I don’t think your students will enjoy their professor talking about his love life mid-lecture.
Victoria let out a long sigh from the couch, looking back at you with a frown. “Stop texting the dear professor and gossip with me on the couch,”
“Okay, okay…” you groaned, leaving the phone on the counter, sitting down on the couch next to Victoria with a smile. Something felt good, maybe it was the wave of giddy emotions that kept washing over you, but something felt right.
At work on Monday, you were pursued by a group of nurses that kept asking about your blind date. May was the one who pulled you to safety. “Sorry, I have a big mouth sometimes.” She said as the two of you rounded the corner towards the pediatrics wing. “Did Peter behave himself?”
“He did,” you laughed as she looked over at you with an amused smile. “It was a lovely date,” you assured her, watching her eyes soften at your words. You glanced at the clock, it was nearing the end of your shift, and you suddenly felt light on your feet.
“Well if anyone is going to make him break out of his shell, I’m happy it’s you.” May sighed, looking up at the clock with a soft curse, “I forgot about that,”
“About what?”
“Peter left a book of his at the house yesterday and I meant to drop it off before my shift today, but…” She trailed off, her fingers tapping on the clipboard in her hands. Her shoulder’s straightened in a second, looking over at you with a bright smile. “You get off soon, yes?”
“I mean, yes, but,”
“Perfect, follow me back and I’ll give you the book! You can bring it to Peter at work!”
“Oh, May, I don’t think he’d be okay with that. I mean, I’m still a stranger.”
“Well, you know him better than any of the other nurses here and you’d be helping his old Aunt out so I’m sure he’d be grateful!”
“I suppose, but I don’t know where to go.”
“His building is the one right next to the science laboratory on campus, it’ll be room 240! Oh, you really are such a doll for helping, thank you.” She beamed, grabbing onto one of your hands with a soft sigh.
You laughed gently, head spinning from the interaction. How did she wrap you into all of this? It would stupid of you to overlook the idea that she meant for this to happen. For all you know, she could have planned this since she left her house this morning. Nonetheless, you weren’t one to put up much of a fight, so as soon as the clock hit four you were wrapped up in a trench coat, book in hand.
It was funny, the book was Pride and Prejudice and something gave you the impression that Peter picked up a copy because of your date. You ignored the giddy feeling gnawing away at your stomach as you got into a cab. The university was far from the hospital and you still didn’t feel safe walking the streets without company, so cab fare it was.
The spine of the book was new and just slightly worn, and the pages were adorned with annotations that made you feel guilty for looking at them. They weren’t anything personal in the slightest, just funny quips here and there about how dreamy Mr. Darcy was or how Elizabeth was in the right.
As the cab got closer you pulled up a map of the university on your phone, trying your hardest to find the science laboratories on it before the cab stopped. When the cab did stop you were walking aimlessly amongst a sea of students. It felt strange to be on a college campus, strangely nostalgic and also very foreign.
You eventually found your way to the right room and the only way you knew was because you could hear his voice from outside the doors. You held your breath as you sneaked in, sitting in the back of the lecture hall next to some girls who were taking notes like crazy. The hall was packed with people and Peter seemed to be in his element as he pointed at some slide on the screen.
Peter heard the back door open and close with a loud thud but he didn’t let his eyes follow the stray student, it wasn’t strange for some students to come in later than others, so he didn’t bother.
It wasn’t until the students started to stagger, leaving or coming up for questions, that he saw a familiar trench coat in the background. You were in line with some girls, one of them kept hitting you with her bag, earning a frown from you every time she twisted or turned.
When you finally did get to the front, you kept getting interrupted by students. Your mouth would draw into a tight-lipped smile, making Peter hold back a chuckle as he answered questions about quizzes and assignments. Then it was just the two of you in the lecture hall.
“What are you doing here?” Peter asked you with a laugh, watching your shoulders relax. Seeing you so frustrated, while amusing, got old fast. He liked the smile that was growing on your face much better.
“Somebody’s aunt is making me run an errand,” you said, holding the book out towards Peter, who grabbed it with lightning speed.
“Do you have another aunt?”
Peter’s face went straight at that, letting out mocking laughter as he played with the book in his hands. “Did you read my annotations?” he whispered, a light blush settling over his cheeks.
“Do you want the real answer?”
“So you did.”
“I can’t believe you wrote that Mr. Darcy was the bee’s knees, what are you? A flapper girl?”
Peter’s features relaxed at that, fanning his face with his hand in a playful way before he spoke in a ridiculous southern accent “Why I can’t help it, he’s so dreamy.” He liked the way you laughed at that, eyes rolling as if you were sick of him, but leaning slightly into him as he spoke.
“Why didn’t she just give this to me tomorrow?” Peter pondered aloud, before catching your eyes. He frowned seeing the way you were looking at him, a tad amused and a tad astonished like you couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “What?”
“Peter, she set this up.”
“No,” he looked at the book before he let out a breathy chuckle. “Oh, she set this up.” He laughed, his back leaning against the podium behind him.
You sat down on one of the seats, leaning against the armrest with a groan. “All that just to get us in the same room together,” you covered your mouth before laughing.
“Well, since you’re here,” Peter started, watching your eyes lock onto his own. He felt a lump rise in his throat, stuttering softly before you nodded to the unspoken question. Then, the two of you were leaving side by side.
One thing led to another and now you were sitting on the floor of his living room with a slice of pizza in your hand. He did not know how the two of you found your way back to his apartment, but Peter wasn’t complaining. In fact, he was ecstatic to have your company. He liked the way your eyes would stray from the movie on his television and make their way over to his, smiling when the two of you stared over at each other.
Peter wasn't accustomed to this type of behavior, that is to say, he hadn’t experienced it in a long time. Sometimes he would catch himself thinking about Gwen and what she would say about you. Would she hate you? Like you? He eventually decided that she would like you. Peter found peace in moments like that. He found peace in remembering her kindness and found peace in the way it was a sign he was moving on after all of these years. He still had such a long way to go, but at least it was a start.
Peter’s attention was pulled by you once again, smiling at the way you pointed at the screen. Now it was coming back to him, the two of you had gotten into a discussion about which adaptation of Pride and Prejudice was better, the 2005 or the 1995 version. Which meant that the two of you were watching Colin Firth on the screen. “I love this part,” you gasped, mouth moving before you knew it to quote the scene “I have been meditating on the very great pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow.” You muttered, just soft enough that it might have gone unheard if Peter hadn’t been paying attention.
Peter didn’t say anything, he just kind of stared. He really didn’t mean to, because your head turned towards him again and this time he felt all of the air leave his lungs. Your head tilted to the side seeing the way Peter was staring at you, the air filled his lungs slowly. “Peter,” you said his name in a soft tone. He nodded as your lips tugged into a slow, warm smile. “You have pizza sauce on your cheek.” Your hand reached over to swipe at it. Peter felt his cheeks grow warm and he let out a low chuckle, he was about to say something stupid before you were suddenly standing up and looking over at the time.
“It’s getting late,”
“I should go home,”
“Right, I can walk you?”
“It’s okay, I’m just going to take a cab.”
“I can walk you, seriously.”
“Well, okay, it’s kind of far.”
“More time to talk, let me get my coat.”
The two of you walked in silence for the first couple of minutes or so, walking close to each other on the sidewalk in peaceful bliss. You liked the way his hand kept brushing yours, earning a soft apology from Peter every time. Peter liked the way you let out a laugh every time he apologized, before telling him it was okay. It had eventually gotten to the point that you gained enough courage to hold his hand, and from there on out the two of you held hands as you walked.
“Do you like cats?” You felt the question escape your mouth at an alarming rate, wanting to kill the silence between you.
“Cats?” Peter repeated the word back as he thought for a second. “Yeah, I think they’re nice.”
“Like dogs better?”
“I did when I was a kid, but I think if I had to choose one now I would probably pick a cat.”
“I have a cat, in my apartment,”
“Well, now I need to know the name.”
“No, it’s embarrassing.”
“You can’t just start a sentence with telling me that you have a cat and then not telling me its name,”
“I,” you paused, looking away from him with embarrassment “Its name is kitten because he doesn’t respond to anything else.”
“Oh, I love it!” Peter stifled a laugh.
“I’m not doing anything,”
“You’re disrespecting me and my kitten!”
Peter dodged your hand as it moved to hit his arm, laughing louder as you struggled to pull your hand away from his. “Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He laughed out as you sent him a playful glare.
You settled into your walking pace again and squeezed his hand, “I forgive you, for now,” You grinned and Peter squeezed your hand back.  
The walk home was then filled with playful conversation, little things about how Peter liked the Wintertime above all seasons and how you hated that you couldn’t see the night sky in the city. By the time the two of you got in front of your apartment, you were both holding your sides with laughter.
“Parting is such sweet sorrow,”
“William Shakespeare,”
“Darn, could have sworn it was Austen.”
Peter ignored the cold breeze that greeted his hand when you pulled your hand away to reach for the lobby doors. “I had fun tonight,”
“Me too,” he said, letting the unspoken ‘we should do it again sometime soon’ linger in the air as you waved him goodbye and you were gone.
Peter really did like the snow, he liked how quiet it made everything. In a storm, you could only hear wind and cars passing by. A little part of him wanted to move away from the city, but as time went on, and as certain radioactive spiders made him turn into a superhero, he knew it wasn’t much of an option for him. The dream lingered, however, he wanted that dream for him and Gwen one day. He wanted to be living in suburbia with kids or maybe just a bunch of cats, he didn’t care, but that dream died the same night she did.
Maybe that’s why he was trying to convince himself that it would never work between the two of you. He was too damaged, too broken, to deal with someone so radiant. All those little moments during which he felt like it was the right moment, weighed on him and crushed those little dreams. You didn’t need all the baggage Peter brought with him, nor did you need the press coming after you for being Spiderman's girlfriend.  
The funny thing about people is that they have hope even when they are filled with despair or anxiety, so despite everything, Peter found solace in the fact that you held his hand. You didn’t pull away in disgust or say anything to hurt him. You were true to your emotions and that gave Peter hope in thinking that it could work, that it wouldn't be so bad, that he might move on one day. A snowflake landed on his lashes as he walked home smiling.
Surprisingly enough, when you got home you half expected the vigilant to knock on your window. But, after an hour of glancing over at the window, you knew that tonight wasn’t a Spiderman night. Somewhere between dates you must’ve accidentally linked the two men together and just suspected that after you saw Peter you would see Spiderman or the other way around.
Maybe it was wrong of you, but you liked the way they made you feel. The two of them, separately, made your lips turn up into a soft smile. Peter made you feel gentle, almost like how someone feels when they receive a bouquet from someone special. Spiderman filled you with a more intoxicating feeling, a little dangerous, but fun.
You spent the rest of the night in bed feeling rather restless until Kitten curled up by your side and you were falling asleep.
The next morning your mind was free of men, super or otherwise, as you locked your door on your way out. You had a later shift, so you wanted to spend the better half of the day doing something for yourself, something fun.
Okay, maybe your sense of fun was a little warped because you got coffee every day but today it was a treat for yourself so it made it fun. You didn’t feel too bad walking down the street during the daytime, people crowded the streets and you felt safe hiding in masses. You were trying your hardest to meet Victoria for brunch at some hole-in-the-wall spot she boasted about, something about how they had adorable latte art.
You always felt a little jealous of Victoria for the things she did outside of work. The only reason you were out having some form of a life was because of work or Peter. A little sad, but true.
The brunch spot was decorated with forest green decor, it almost looked like someplace that could be a cute picnic spot. You smiled as you slid into the seat across from Victoria, watching as she frowned down at her phone.
“What’s up?”
Her head snapped up to look at you, her frown deepening for a split second before she was forcing a smile. “Nothing, just dating things.”
“You’re dating someone? Why didn’t I know about this?” You said, a smile growing slightly as you watched her shoulders hunch over with defeat.
“Because, we aren’t even dating. Just talking, it doesn’t matter.” She sighed, resting her head on her hand as she looked over at you. “How was Peter?”
“Damn charming,”
“Gross,” she joked, as she slid a menu towards you.
“Right?” You joked with her, opening the menu with a soft hum.
“Do you think the two of you will become a thing?”
“I think it’d be nice, yes. Why do you ask?” You peered over the menu for a second or two, waiting for her answer.
“No reason, I just can’t imagine Spiderman would be very happy about you getting a boyfriend.” She held out the word ‘boyfriend’ in a teasing way, the same way children did in school. You laughed softly at that and gently kicked her with your shoe underneath the table.
“Stop that,” you laughed as you set the menu down, standing up. “Are you going to be a big girl and order food with me or do you want mommy to do everything for you?”
“I’ll be a big girl, just this once,” She stood up and shot you a look before finishing with “Mommy,”
You swatted at her for that, covering your mouth as you giggled. “Let’s go then,”
Patricia, at the front desk, had one hobby; gossiping. There was nothing in this universe that she loved more than gossiping, well she loved her wife dearly, but gossiping was just too much fun. So it was no surprise to you that when you came into work you had a pair of eyes on you everytime you passed by the front.
“What is it, Patty?” you groaned as you went behind the desk to talk with her.
“May, said something about her son or something,” You opened your mouth to correct her but didn’t have the energy to fight with her as she continued. “Something about how the two of you are seeing each other.”
“Gosh, I hope we can see each other, thank god for vision.” You teased her, watching her brows furrow before you nodded quickly. “We’ve just been on one date.”
“She said you saw him again yesterday,”
“That’s because she set that up,”
Patricia let out a soft hum before she started drumming her fingers on her desk lost in thought. There wasn’t much happening at the moment with anyone and the drama was lacking, truly tragic. You smiled at her, opening your mouth to say something about the date when someone came through the front doors, donning a tight white tee and jeans. “Speak of the devil,” You muttered through a sigh.
The second that Peter’s eyes met yours a smile broke out on his face. Your own face mimicked his, smiling wide as you walked around the desk to talk to him, letting it be a display for anyone watching.
“Hey, what are you doing here?” Peter asked once he got closer.
You raised an eyebrow at that, “Having a plague themed birthday party, you?”
“Ha ha,” he forced the chuckle out as you rolled your eyes at him. “May wanted to have dinner tonight so I’m here to pick her up.” He folded his arms across his chest before he leaned in closer to you. “Is that lady at the front desk staring me down?”
“She’s a married woman, why would she stare you down?”
Peter’s eyes locked with yours as you leaned in towards him before he groaned softly. “If I knew you were working I would’ve brought you something.”
“Food. How long till you're off?”
“I can always come back and walk you home or just get you a ride home?”
“Don’t you have work tomorrow?”
“No, I can walk home alone. I don’t want you to lose your beauty sleep. What would the campus girls say if professor Parker had bags under his eyes?”
Peter shook his head at that before letting his hands drop down, liking the way you looked up at him with that smile. It was playful and horribly flirty, “They’d live, I’m not letting you walk home alone at midnight. I’ll be back to pick you up, okay?” Peter said as he took a step back from you as Aunt May rounded the corner.
“Peter,” You started as he started to walk away from you.
“I’ll see you later,” he waved a small goodbye to you as you felt the pager on your waist vibrate with a small chime and you were rushing back with a broad grin on your face.
May was watching Peter’s foot bounce at the table, smiling into her glass of wine as he glanced at his phone on the table. “Peter, what are you so nervous for? You’re just walking the girl home.”
“Right,” His foot slowed to a stop as he let out a slow exhale “I’m just scared that I was too forward with saying that I’d be there at midnight?” he questioned himself before he took a sip of his water.
May laughed softly as she watched Peter’s eyes dance across the table nervously until they met her’s. His shoulders dropped with a sigh, giving her a sweet smile before nodding, as if reading her mind. “I’m being paranoid, I know. I just haven’t done this in a while.” Peter’s voice trailed off softly, a soft feeling of grief moved through May as she watched him slump over a little in his chair.
“Eat your food and relax,” she said softly, reaching across the table to give his hand a gentle squeeze.
Peter felt the ball in his throat get smaller at that, squeezing her hand back with a chuckle. He felt like a kid sometimes, a little foolish and a little anxious, but May always helped him calm down when he got too carried away. She was family and she was sticking by his side. “I’m just scared,” Peter whispered, his throat tight with emotion.
May let out a friendly chuckle, nodding. “It’ll pass,” and somehow Peter knew she was right.
You felt awkward just staring at the clock. It was almost midnight and you were rushing through reports, double checking things to pass the next five minutes. It was actually a pretty slow night, a rare occurrence that you were always grateful for. In the break room you undid the ponytail your hair was in and combed through your hair nervously.
Victoria had found you around six o’clock, earlier that day, and started questioning you again on the status of your and Peter's relationship, sure it was fun to talk about, but it seemed like that's all she wanted to talk about. That might’ve been normal for some people, but not her.
Whenever she would ask if the two of you were official yet she would get this worried look in her eyes, almost like she was silently terrified when you said no.
You stared at yourself in the break room mirror, sighing as you let the thought go. You always did have a hard time with trusting people around you, it was something you had worked on for the past two years, Alex was the one who said it first. Now, whenever you had that sick feeling of anxiety in the pit of your stomach, you had to remind yourself that if you acted on those feelings you were just proving his point.
The clock hit midnight and three minutes later you were standing outside waiting for Peter. He didn’t take long to show up, popping up in an area you were sure you had just checked. “Hey, Cinderella,” he called out as the two of you walked to each other on the sidewalk.
“You call me that because you’re picking me up at midnight?”
“How’d you put that thought together?”
“Process of elimination or something amazing,”
Peter held out his arm for you to grab a hold of, giving you a wickedly sweet smile as he did so. You mouthed a gentle thanks as you linked your arm around his, pulling him tighter as you felt how warm he was.
“I feel like I’m always walking you back to your apartment but you never walk me back to mine.”
You turned your head up to look at him with a playful frown “You trying to tell me you want me to come back to yours tonight, big guy?”
“First of all, ouch with the big guy comment! Second of all, I’m a gentleman who wants the same treatment as a lady, that is all!”
You broke out into a soft giggle at that, nudging his ribs softly. Your laughter died away hearing Peter let out a very soft, very real, groan of pain. “Did I hurt you there? You okay?” You asked him curiously, your walk slowing to a stop to pull away and look at him.
Peter felt his palms become sweaty as he shook his head quickly. “No, No, No, that was fake. It was a joke!” He said calmly, hoping you didn’t see through his lie. He didn’t really know what he would do if you found the bruise on his stomach that your taser had left just nights before.
“Peter, I don’t know if you know this, but I am a nurse. I can tell when you’re in pain and when you’re not.” You sighed in front of him, motioning to his shirt. “Just lift it up so I can see what’s up.”
Peter felt his face flush, pulling the hem of his shirt down quickly with a nervous laugh. “No, I’m fine! It’s just a bruise!”
You raised an eyebrow at that, looking at his face and then at his arms as they held down the hem of his shirt. You felt your heartbeat quicken as you finally spotted some familiar patch work on his arm. “What happened to your arm?” You whispered softly, reaching out to grab a hold of his forearm gently.
Peter felt himself panic once more, not knowing if he should pull his arm back and lie or if he should just say he cut himself with something at work. Yeah, because everyone knows how dangerous a job teaching broke college kids is, don’t be stupid Peter. He smiled sheepishly at you before talking, “Cut myself with knife at home the other day,”
You brushed your fingertips over the gauze with a soft hum, he was definitely lying, but why? “What about the stomach thing?”
“Bumped into a desk at work, it's nothing. I promise,” He felt your eyes on his chest, puffing out a soft sigh before shaking your head at him. His arms dropped to his side as you stared him down, trying to put on his best, not nervous, smile.
“Can I see, just for peace of mind?”
“No, it’s really okay.”
You pressed your lips together into a thin line, hands reaching out for the hem of Peter’s shirt playing with it softly. Peter felt his nerves take over as he stared down at your hands. Maybe it was because he was so damn touch starved, but a small part of his brain forgot why he was stopping you from basically undressing him in the middle of the street. Right, spider something and something else that he’s probably forgetting.
You looked up at him feeling a sudden shift in the air, hands trembling slightly as your fingers got a better grip on his shirt. “Peter, you really don’t have to lie.”
“I know,” he muttered softly, eyes meeting yours for a second before they moved back to your hands. It was a little ridiculous how quickly he was caving, he felt like a teenager; horny and a little stupid.
You felt your stomach flip as he leaned in a little, “You promise to tell me the truth later on?” you felt your voice get softer, hands slipping under his shirt to touch the warm skin underneath.
Peter let out a low laugh upon feeling the contact of your cold hands against his abdomen, his hands making their way towards your waist, pulling you just a tad closer. “Mhm,” was the only response he could think of as you smiled up at him. Your hands squeezed his sides for a second before they moved towards his back, tracing your nails against the curves of his skin.
You were leaning up now and Peter’s eyes dipped to your eyes and then your lips with one quick motion, suddenly a light shiver went down your spine. You felt your hands slide up Peter’s back, lifting his shirt up ever so slightly in the process.
Peter didn’t show much of a reaction though, his hands just tightened around your hips. “Can I?” was all he said as the two of you became inches apart.
You only let a soft hum of a response before he kissed you, your eyes fluttering to a close as you kissed back. Peter’s lips met yours in a timid way at first before you kissed him back deeper and he melted right with you. His hands moved up to your face, cupping your face in his hands, keeping them there just along your jawline. You let yourself smile into the kiss, pulling apart from his lips slowly. “I forgot what we were talking about,” was all you whispered before Peter started laughing.
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yellenabelova · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Amazing Spiderman (2012) dir. Marc Webb + letterboxd reviews
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beingaunicornisnoteasy · 6 months ago
ppl are just afraid of the power that Tom "I'm an actor, of course I've had gay sex" Hardy and Andrew "I have an openness to any impulses" Garfield would hold together
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tamtamho · 6 months ago
Andrew's Spider-man would never meet Eddie Brock or Deadpool because all of them would reek sexual tension so much it'll be banned in at least 50 countries
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ta0xu · 7 months ago
sometimes i think about how in 2012, when andrew garfield was asked which avenger peter would like most he said ‘idk but he’d hate tony stark, too arrogant, ethics are dubious, and peter's a man of the people, peter's the working class hero’
and how andrew got dropped from the franchise bc he refused to shut up and ‘bow down to homophobia’, and said multiple times that peter should be bi
and how in response to those things, marvel changed the contracts so all future incarnations of peter parker had to be caucasian and heterosexual. and then they made mcu spidey very much reliant on tony stark
which is a long winded way of saying that andrew garfield was the realest peter we ever had, and how angry it makes me the way that marvel absolutely shat on him and went out of their way to go against what he tried to fight for... and that there is a huge smugness in me that despite all of that, marvel couldn’t quash people’s love for andrew and they needed him and tobey for NWH, and that in the run up to mcu spidey 3, what i see trending every day on twitter is WHERE IS ANDREW GARFIELD and yk what it’s what he fucking deserves
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nbmlmxreaders · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
im thinking.,.,.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
thinking VERY hard
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Spider-man and the Moon Knight system, aka the poly ship we never knew we needed
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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New Beginnings
Tumblr media
Pairing: TASM!Peter Parker x Reader
Words: 3000+
Hello! How are you, lovelies?? I’m back with another Peter fic. I found a tik tok about Andrew going back to his universe after the events of NWH and I wanted to write something on it. I didn’t expect it to be this long, but I hope you guys like it! xox
Tumblr media
"Peter Parker?" Your teacher calls out while looking around the classroom. You do the same, finding it a bit strange that he hasn't been in class for almost three days. She sighs and marks him absent before moving on to the next student.
It's not like Peter to miss class more than once. Sure, he'll come in late a few times from lack of sleep but he's never not shown up.
For the rest of the class you find yourself not being able to focus on the material in front of you, but on the fact that Peter's practically missing and no one's doing anything.
As soon as you're released from your physics class, you make your way toward Peter's dorm building. You hug your books to your chest as you walk into the large building, sifting through the crowd of people in the lobby area. 
You stand on your toes, finding the RA for this building. "Excuse me!" You call out to her, watching her head spin around.
"Me?" She asks and you nod your head with a small smile.
"Hi, sorry. I was just wondering if you've seen Peter Parker the past couple of days?" You ask her while tapping your fingers against the textbook in your hands.
The brunette tilts her head and hums in response. "Hm, I don't think so. I'm sure he's just holed up in his room. Midterms are coming," she reminds you.
You bite your lip and release a deep breath. "Well, the thing is that he's been missing his classes. Do you have an extra key to his room? I just want to make sure he's okay," you tell her with warm cheeks.
"Oh, I'm not sure. Technically, I'm not allowed to do that," she mutters with a sorry look on her face. "Are you his girlfriend?"
Your heart leaps in your chest at the assumption, and you decide to play the part. "Yeah, I am. I'm really worried about him. He hasn't been returning any of my calls," you lie to her.
She looks around quickly and breathes out a sigh. "Okay, I'll let you in but you can't tell anyone," she warns you and you nod your head vigorously.
"I won't tell a soul, I promise. Thank you so much," you whisper and follow her towards the elevator.
The two of you stand beside one another in silence as the elevator takes you up to the third floor. When the doors open up, the RA walks out first. You silently follow her, peeking into a couple of open dorm rooms.
She stops at room 321 before she takes her keys out of her pocket. "I hope your boyfriend is okay. He seems like a good kid," she mentions while opening the door.
You nod your head and walk into the room, thanking her again for doing this. As soon as she walks away you close the door. You move further into the room before setting your books on his desk.
"Alright, Peter," you mumble to yourself while glancing around. A series of photos are attached to his wall and you cross your arms over your chest while moving closer.
A frown comes to your lips at the sight of him being intimate with a blonde woman. You chew on your lip and tear your gaze away from the wall.
You spend twenty minutes searching for a single clue on Peter's whereabouts and you've got nothing. You run your fingers through your hair, noticing the sun beginning to go down.
"I should get home before it's too dark," you mention, grabbing your textbooks before heading towards the door.
When you go to wrap your hand around the doorknob, you notice it starting to turn. A gasp leaves your lips and you start to panic a little bit. You freeze in your spot as Peter appears on the other side of the door.
He stops in his tracks at the sight of you and furrows his brows. "Uh, hi?"
"H-Hi," you stutter. Your heart pounds against your chest as he steps into the room before shutting the door.
"So, you're the girlfriend I just heard about?" Peter chuckles awkwardly while moving past you.
Your cheeks flush in embarrassment and you squeeze your eyes shut. "I-I'm so sorry. I just… you haven't been showing up to class and I-" you cut yourself off before you end up embarrassing yourself even more.
"You're Y/N, right? From Biophysics 340?" He asks you while slinging his bag onto his bed.
"Yeah," you mumble and avoid making eye contact. "I, uh, I should get going. I'm glad you're okay."
You try to quickly leave his dorm room when Peter calls out your name. Your breath hitches in your throat and you glance back at him. "Do you want to hang out sometime?" He asks you while rubbing the back of his neck.
You can’t believe what you're hearing. A hint of a smile comes to your lips and you hug your books closer to your chest. "Uh, y-yeah, yeah, I would love to," you tell him.
Peter nods his head, his eyes roaming around his room before they meet yours again. "H-Here put your number into my phone," he mentions while pulling his phone out from his pocket.
He hands it to you and you quickly input your contact information. Butterflies swarm around your stomach the entire time and your fingers brush against his when you give him back his phone.
"I'll see you later," you softly mumble while taking a couple of steps back.
"See you," Peter smiles at you.
You walk out of Peter's dorm room, shutting the door behind you before releasing a deep breath. "Holy shit," you whisper to yourself, the smile on your lips growing.
"Good to have you back, Peter," Miss French mentions as he walks into the classroom. Peter nods his head while moving further into the room.
His eyes meet yours and Peter beelines toward your table. You fiddle with the pencil in your hands as he sits in the seat beside you. You glance towards him, watching him pull a notebook out of his bag.
"Am I allowed to ask where you were?" You question him quietly, keeping your eyes on the teacher.
Peter opens his notebook before looking in your direction. He admires your side profile for a few seconds. "You are," he mentions and wets his lips, "doesn't mean I'll tell you the truth."
Your chest clenches at his words and you swallow thickly. "Oh, y-yeah, of course," you clear your throat.
He can hear the dejected tone in your voice and he feels a bit bad. "It's just-" Peter sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, "it's not you, Y/N. Maybe one day I'll tell you."
The teacher drones on about whatever topic she has planned to discuss as your gaze finds its way to Peter again. You tap the eraser of your pencil against your notebook and decide to look away before he catches you looking at him.
When class is dismissed, you walk out of the classroom with your books pressed against your chest. "Y/N," Peter calls out to you, causing you to stop in your tracks.
You step to the side and wait for the lanky man to catch up to you. "Yeah?" You question while looking up at him.
"Do you want to grab a coffee or something?" He asks, shoving his hands into his pockets.
"Sure," you smile and the two of you begin walking towards the exit. Silence fills the space between you during your walk, but thankfully it's not awkward.
After about five minutes of walking in complete silence, Peter speaks up. "I was out of town," he mentions while glancing down at you. "Uh, unexpectedly."
Giggles leave your lips and you lift your gaze, meeting his honey brown eyes. "Family?" You ask him and he nods his head in agreement.
"Apparently I have a couple of half-brothers I didn't know about. So, I went to visit them," he says nonchalantly.
"Do you like the idea of having half-brothers? Or are you upset by it?" You question Peter as he opens the door to the café.
Peter shakes his head while walking into the building after you. "No, no. I find it really cool. I-I have always wanted brothers, so-" he mumbles.
You stand in line to get a drink and maybe something to snack on. Peter fumbles with the straps on his backpack and releases a quiet sigh. You glance up at the brunette, noticing his eyes looking at almost everything in the café.
"Are you okay?" You ask him, taking a step closer toward the counter.
"Y-Yeah, I'm good. Sorry, I just-" he pauses for a few moments and meets your gaze. "I haven't hung out with anyone in a while. My life's been… pretty chaotic."
You rest a hand on his forearm and give him a reassuring grin. "You're nervous," you mumble teasingly.
Peter scoffs, looking away from you. "Alright, no need to call me out like that," he mentions with a light chuckle.
"You don't have to be nervous," you tell him before gently biting your lip. "I-If it makes you feel better, I'm nervous too."
"Really?" Peter mumbles as you step up to the counter. You don't answer him right away and he watches you give your coffee order to the barista.
You pay the man standing before you before returning your attention to Peter. "Of course I am. You're… quite intimidating," you laugh awkwardly.
His eyebrows furrow together as you walk away from him, moving to stand towards the pick-up counter. "Intimidating?" Peter asks himself before quickly moving to catch up to you. "You think I'm intimidating?"
"Yeah," you chuckle and tuck some of your hair behind your ear. "I'm pretty shy and have major social anxiety, so, being here right now with you is pretty nerve-wracking. I mean… I know you from class, but I don't know who the real Peter Parker is. For all, I know you could be a total douchebag."
You grab your food and drink from the barista, thanking them quickly before the two of you walk over to an empty booth. "Well, I can assure you that I'm not. Far from it actually. I've just had a lot of shit happen to me in the past couple of years, so," he trails off while sitting across from you.
"I'm sorry about that," you apologize before taking a sip of your coffee.
Peter shrugs his shoulders and averts his gaze to the table. "It is what it is. I'm a bit better now. Especially after meeting my brothers," he explains.
You lean back against the booth and cross one of your legs over the other. "That's good to hear. Family is good at helping people heal, sometimes," you mention to him, the smile on your lips dropping a bit. "My family isn't like that, but I'm glad yours is."
"Y/N…" Peter trails off with furrowed brows. He wants to reach out to you, but he's too afraid. "I'm sorry your family is kinda shitty. My Aunt May makes dinner on Sunday nights if you want to come with me. She's- she's wonderful. I'm sure she would love you."
Your heart warms at the offer and the smile comes back to your lips. "Peter, that's so sweet. I would love to. As long as I'm not intruding!" You giggle, tucking your bottom lip between your teeth.
Peter shakes his head and waves his hand. "No, not at all. She likes meeting my friends. She will literally make me ask you eventually so," he laughs and rubs the back of his neck.
"Great. Text me your address along with the time and I'll be there," you grin, tapping your fingers against the cup in front of you.
Two Months Later
"Peter?" You call out his name while knocking on the door to his dorm room. A sigh leaves your lips as you look down the hallway. "Fuck, come on. Peter!"
"Your boyfriend's not in," a familiar voice mentions, causing you to jump in your spot. You place a hand on your chest and turn to see the RA of the building. "Sorry. I saw Peter leave about twenty minutes ago."
"O-Oh, thank you for letting me know," you chuckle. "I'm gonna get on him for not letting me know when he leaves.
The RA laughs as well before wishing you goodnight. A part of you kinda forgot you told her that you and Peter were together. Oops. You pull your phone out of your pocket and decide to call his cellphone.
You walk down the few flights of stairs before making your way outside the building. The call goes to voice-mail and you release another sigh. "If I were Peter Parker," you start while walking towards the sidewalk, "where would I be?"
Empire State Building.
You snap your fingers and make your way to the nearest metro station. It takes you almost twenty minutes and two trains for you to get to the Empire State Building. You look up at it, getting a little dizzy from the height of it.
"Not a big fan of heights but here we go," you mumble to yourself before walking into the building. You pay the admission fee to get up to the 86th and 102nd floor, in case he isn't on the first one.
You fumble with your fingers as you walk through the twisty halls of the building, making your way to the elevators. A gentleman is standing in front of the elevator doors with a smile on his face.
As soon as you reach him, he moves out of the way. The doors open up and he motions for you to walk inside. "Enjoy the view," he tells you cheerfully before the doors close shut.
It takes about a minute and a half before you make it to the 82nd floor. You step out of the elevator when the doors re-open, taking a look around for your best friend.
You and Peter have gotten very close since the night he found you in his dorm room. A part of you has a small crush on him. You can't help but find him extremely adorable and attractive.
You tuck some hair behind your ear as you step outside. A frown settles on your lips as he's nowhere to be seen. You glance up at the top of the building and your breath hitches in your throat.
There's a figure sitting on the edge of the 102nd floor and you're almost one hundred percent sure it's Peter. You rush back into the building and find the elevator that takes you to the other floor.
Peter's figure becomes clear as soon as you step back out of the elevator. A breath of relief comes from you as you knock on the window. The brunette glances back at you and you raise your hand to wave at him.
You move towards the door before pulling it open. The wind smacks you in the face as Peter gets down from where he was sitting. 
"Hey, I've been calling you," you mention as he reaches you. "Where's your phone?"
"It's in my room. I just needed some air," he mumbles with a small smile.
The frown on your lips deepens and you find yourself wrapping your arms around his waist. Peter looks down at you with wide eyes, not expecting you to hug him so suddenly. "I was worried about you," you whisper into Peter's chest.
His hand gently rubs up and down your back, resting his cheek against the top of your head. "I'm okay. I promise," he whispers back to you.
You inhale the cologne he's wearing, finding yourself swooning just a bit. You clear your throat after realizing that you've been holding him for longer than necessary.
"You didn't…" you trail off as your cheeks blush. "You didn't tell your RA that we're not actually dating."
Peter blushes at your words and starts to rub the back of his neck. "Uh, yeah. I was going to but I couldn't figure out the right words," he shrugs his shoulders.
"I wanna-"
You both stop talking at the same time, causing you to giggle. "Sorry, you go first," you usher him while clasping your hands together.
"I want to show you something. I've been thinking about it for over a month now," Peter mentions and motions for you to follow him.
You follow him without hesitation and your heart skips a beat as he steps onto the edge again. "Pet-" you breathe out, cutting yourself off when he just falls over the edge. "Peter, no!"
Tears come to your eyes instantly as you rush towards the railing. You look down and begin to feel nauseous. You breathe heavily, not seeing Peter's body anywhere. Someone flies by you and you jump back while placing a hand over your heart.
"I'm okay," Peter laughs and lands on the ledge in front of you.
Your lips part in confusion, wondering how he's still alive. "Peter," you mumble with furrowed brows.
He pulls his shirt over his head, revealing the red and blue spandex suit beneath it. No fucking way. You think to yourself as Peter climbs down from the ledge.
"You're Spider-Man," you say with wide eyes, not taking your gaze off the spider emblem on his chest. "Y-You're actually Spider-Man. I'm friends with Spider-Man. What the fuck."
Peter laughs and reaches out to you. His fingers brush your forearm before bringing you closer to him. Your breath hitches in your throat as your hands rest on his chest.
"Why did you decide to tell me?" You ask quietly, lifting your gaze.
"I-" he pauses and brings one of his hands to your face. "I really like you and wanted you to know before you get upset at me for being late to something."
Your heart pounds against your chest and your cheeks blush. "Y-You like me? Really? You're not… you're not joking with me?" You stutter out and Peter shakes his head.
"No, God no. I would never joke about that. I like you. I would like to take you out," he reassures you while stroking his thumbs along your cheekbone.
A breathy laugh leaves your lips and you lean forward to rest your head against his chest. "Holy shit," you mumble with a smile. Peter's chest vibrates underneath you as he laughs as well. "Yes, oh my God, yes. I'll go out with you."
Peter kisses the top of your head before letting out a breath of relief. "I was afraid you would've said no," he mentions while petting your hair.
"There's literally no way I could say no to you," you snort and bite your lip. He rests one of his hands on your cheek before pulling you in. "P-Peter-"
Your eyes grow wide when his lips connect with yours. Butterflies swarm around your stomach as your hands move to his shoulders. It doesn't take long for you to kiss him back, your eyes fluttering shut, and your left-hand combs through his hair.
He pulls away from you and he rests his forehead against yours. The smile on your lips widens as your fingers dance along the back of Peter's neck.
"I don't have brothers," Peter mumbles, causing you to quickly pull back.
"What? What do you mean?" You ask him. You narrow your eyes at him and Peter lets out a deep breath.
His fingers glide through his hair before his hands slap against his thighs. "I don't have real brothers. I-I- The reason I was gone for a few days? I didn't go see my half-brothers," he begins to explain and you take a couple of steps back. "There's a good reason I didn't tell you at first, Y/N. I-It's why I'm telling you now. If you still want to be with me… I wanted to start our relationship with the truth."
Even though he lied to you, you can't help but admire him. "I want to be with you," you reassure him and take a step toward him.
Peter grabs your hand and laces your fingers together. "I was in another universe," he blatantly states.
A laugh leaves your lips, assuming he's making a joke. "Another universe? Really funny, Peter," you mention while shaking your head.
"I'm not kidding. I wish I was," he corrects you, and your eyes widen again.
"How's that possible?" You mutter and Peter shrugs his shoulders.
"I don't know, but it is. There's more of me. Two others to be exact," he breathes out with a smile.
"So, there are two other Peter Parkers? Are they also Spider-Man?" You ask him and Peter nods his head in answer. "That's really crazy, wow. Are they just as dorky as you?"
Your smile turns into a smirk as you joke around with him. Peter scoffs and playfully rolls his eyes. "Sure, I guess," he mutters before pushing you lightly. "You can't tell anyone else though, okay?"
You zip your lips and wink at him. Peter leans forward and kisses the middle of your forehead. "Your secret is safe with me, bug boy," you giggle as Peter wraps his arms around you.
"Bug boy, huh?" His laugh fills your ears before he nuzzles his face into your neck.
"Yeah," you chuckle and start to comb your fingers through his hair again. "You're my bug boy."
Peter pulls back before pressing his lips to yours. "I'll gladly be your bug boy."
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ANDREW GARFIELD Behind the scenes of The Amazing Spider-Man 
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jin0 · 5 months ago
Your Friendly Neighborhood Sensitive Spider [TASM!Peter Parker]
Tumblr media
Summary : Peter's senses are really easily overwhelmed. He always finds comfort in you. This time you're the reason of his sensitivity.
Pairing : TASM!Peter Parker x Reader
Warning : 18+ ONLY, Minors DNI, smut, pure smut really, i can barely remember the plot, it's just filth, creampie, heats basically ??, primal kink, dark undertones, dub-con kinda, pet names (bunny), handjob, pussyjob, face sitting, cumplay, masturbation kinda, unprotected sex, rough sex, overstimulation of both peter and reader, manhandling of reader (peter basically doesn't stop fucking her), overwhelmed/oversensitive peter, titty worshipping (a teenie tiny bit), a lot of cum omg ?? genuinely, this is pure fucking smut, only that, kinda very precise description of physical features and sexual events ?? idk, please avoid at all costs if you think you might be triggered by any of these topics or the fic
A/N : did i write 10k plus words of smut ?? maybe... enjoy this because school is starting again and i bitch decided to pursue an education instead of running away in the wild
Peter had always been very awkward with people and human interactions in general. It all came from his very good capacity to figure people out by simply looking at them. He was an incredible judge of character even before the spider bite and after that, it all turned into something else. That awkwardness of his had been turned into sensitivity, or even oversensitivity. He was easily stimulated by sounds, movements or smells and he had to learn how to live all over again.
Adaptation had been difficult at first but quickly he found tricks to work around life as discreetly as he could. One of these was you. You were the most efficient thing he ever came across when it came to calming his sensitive senses.
When he met you he’d could vividly remember having a terrible migraine because of the violence of all the noises around him. He had retreated to a secluded room, in an abandoned building on campus. He used it regularly to hide and was surprised to see someone in the room, you. You were sleeping on your bag and he wanted to leave but when he focused a little more, he was surprised to not hear a thing. He couldn’t hear the noises around except the sound of your soft breathing sounds.
He was absolutely flabbergasted, so much so that he rushed to you and kneeled in front of you to make sure he wasn’t going crazy. He even checked your pulse for you, completely ignoring your boundaries or personal space in the process, but making sure you were alive at least or not doing something to his brain. Weirdly enough, you had woken up a little surprised but not worried by the tall man looking frantically over you.
When you asked if he was okay, he leaped backwards. The whole move was very strange and when he thought about it, it was no wonder you’d guessed he was Spiderman. You had this effect on him, this hold on his senses and his mind, you just made it all so calm and effortless. He felt like he was seating on a cloud with soft satin pillows, heavy comforters and your soft legs wrapped around his waist. This was his happy place and every time he thought about it, he thanked his heightened senses for granting him the ability to feel it as if it was currently happening. He could feel the heat of your thighs on his palms, the scent of your collarbones and your soft and supple breasts serving as pillows for his face. You were his peace.
You made him feel so good, his entire body went numb to a point of losing the ability to think rationally. He remembered the things he would do when you two had become friends. Some random guy would scream and he’d start playing with your fingers. He’d be walking with you and a gust if wind would blow, his first instinct was to pull you towards him to have a little bit of your body heat. The sunlight would be too bright sometimes, he’d hide his face in the crook of your neck.
You’d grown use to it overtime, welcoming him with open arms. You had been able to understand the things that triggered him and would sooth his at the best of your capacities. Your favorite thing to do was bring his head to your shoulder and caress his hair softly while shushing him in a low voice. The low sounds brought him comfort and managed to drown everything around. You didn’t understand how but science wasn’t your things so you didn’t try to figure it out.
Peter’s need to physically feel you to be generally okay and able to go through his day without being the absolute worst often expressed in surprising ways. These ways you discovered them slowly, each and everyone of them slowly revealing themselves at the most random moments possible.
Again, you’d guessed he was Spiderman because this need to feel you prevailed over common sense. It happened on a Thursday night, you’d been writing an essay for one of your classes when you noticed the shadow of a figure in the distance. When you turned around, it quickly hid behind a wall. Now, the red fingertips and the fact that you lived on the fourteenth floor told you who it was very easily. You were no stranger to Spiderman and his weird way of appearing everywhere you were, but having him in front of your window was very new. Paying more attention to his physical shape, it was very familiar to you. Too familiar. You didn’t even think before pulling on his hand and bringing him towards you with a surprised expression mixed with a smile.
The moment you uttered his name, he wrapped you in his arms, falling on your floor and rolling around. He ripped his mask off and rubbed his nose on the crown of your head, inhaling your scent. He refused to lie to you, probably because he was incapable of doing so, and honestly, you already knew so he saw no point in fighting the truth. That night you stayed on the floor for a few hours before snuggling under your covers, still tangled in each other.
Now, to go back on topic, Peter Parker was one sensitive man just like he could find relief in you, you could also make it ten times worse for him at times. In these situations, you were the main trigger to his sensitivity and that he figured it out on one of the most random days of his life. On that fateful day he felt like he would die if he didn’t fuck you raw.
This had to be the worst fucking day possible to have superpowers. Genuinely, he was ready to trade body with whoever would be up for it. From the moment he woke up, he felt like his skin was burning all over. Covered in sweat and twisting uselessly, in hope of finding a little bit of peace and cold, he moaned out your name, begging for you to suddenly appear and save him.
"I... Fuck... I need my bunny... Where is she...?" He groaned, rolling around and searching you.
He’d managed to pull himself together just enough to get up and get ready but getting ready had been exhausting, his entire body feeling heavy and still burning as if he hadn’t spent twenty minutes under the most freezing shower ever. While on his way to the train station, he noticed that his senses seemed to be dulled, the sewer stench common to the streets of New York weirdly absent. His vision was blurry enough for him to need his glasses, he was hearing everything but it sounded like he was wearing earplugs and everything he touched felt sticky but distance. He was practically certain to be hallucinating half the things he thought he had touched.
Looking up from the floor, his head to heavy to be raised, he was attacked by something so familiar and good. The comfort he craved on a regular and specifically today. There you were, as beautiful as ever, your headphones wrapped around your head and your eyes looking off to the distance.
"Bunny..." He said softly, immediately feeling better.
He was pretty far from you, far enough to not usually be able to smell you but today he could. So distinctly, he felt dizzy the moment he took a big gulp of air. He could distinguish it all, separating each of the different things resulting in the most addictive smell he’s ever smelled in his life. The citrus from your body soap, the tropical fruits from your hair creams, the vanilla from your perfume, all of it was so vivid, attacking his nostrils and pulling him with force towards you.
He was like a lifeless being, incapable of thinking or seeing anything around him. He was surprised he didn’t fall or push anyone, skillfully dodging everyone around. He looked weird but clearly right now, it didn’t fucking matter, he needed to get to you. When he did, he couldn’t even speak, he simply grabbed your hand, pulling you towards him. He cradled your soft cheek, the warmth of your skin spreading against his palm.
His vision wasn’t blurry anymore, he could see very well, better than ever actually. He could also hear everything perfectly fine, most of everything being you and the sound of your heart beating, your breath speeding up or your blood rushing around your body. He could hear all of this vividly, all of you, alive and looking at him with that deadly smile of yours. He was crumbling, slowly sinking inside himself because of you. You were killing him, with your entire being and that he loved it. He’d never get enough if it.
"Fuck... Bunny, my bunny..."
He seemed to not give a flying fuck about the fact that they were outside, in public, in broad daylight and pulled you in for a desperate kiss. His lips covered yours in a matter of second, folding and molding around the shape of your mouth and sucking in the sweet taste of you. Shoving his tongue in your mouth, he held onto your jaw tight, forcing it open wide for him to invade you further.
You small hands were gripping on his shirt, trying to push him away slightly but failing miserably because you wanted him too. You always did anyways but you knew when was the time. The Peter kissing you right now, was scouring through your mouth, looking for you to fill his ears with those delicious sounds that only you could make. You knew what he wanted, he was moaning and groaning in your mouth and you could feel disapproving looks on your. You did what was best for you and your dignity, biting his tongue enough to hurt but not too much.
"F-Fuck ! Why ?! Need you bunny..." He whined, reaching towards your lips again but being stopped in his track.
"I know baby, but you can't just swallow my face in public... I promise I'll take care of you later."
When he groaned in displeasure, whining lowly before diving towards your lips again, you had to stop him dead in his track, laying a hand flat on his chest in a commending motion. He looked at you straight in the eyes and you noticed how far gone he was. It’s like he wasn’t there all together. He often got like that after sex but you a simple (not so simply, really) had him desperately needing you in the middle of the street. Something was clearly off but you would wait it out, maybe he would be back to normal in a few.
He was, in fact, not back to normal in a few. It actually got worst, way worse. By the end of the day, he felt like he was ready to pass out. His entire body was on fire, burning as if drenched in lava and he could barely move. He swung home because it would be faster but practically died hitting a few too many windows on the way. The moment he saw his apartment, he thanked his past self for keeping the window open and threw himself on his floor.
It felt cold and so comforting, he rolled himself around for as long as he could. Quickly, his long body covered his floor in heat and it became unbearable to deal with too. He threw his bag on his bed, completely ignoring the possible state of his laptop and other things. He let his cheek rest on the surface and let his body relax, feeling completely numb but a little better. The reoccurring memories of the day and the state he was in were playing in his mind. For the first time, you weren’t relief, you were the problem.
He had thought that his minor episode this morning, would be temporary and quickly dealt with. It was not. It increasingly got worst, his senses focusing entirely on you. He suffered through long hours of lectures, your scent sticking to his clothes and drowning him in need. He felt like you were everywhere on his, multiple versions of you clinging to his skin and whispering sweet and sultry words into his ear. He couldn’t feel you, skin hot and covered in this warm glow that broke him apart. He could barely see anything, the image of your sunkissed skin shining so bright he felt like he was floating around the sun. You were the sun to him anyways so it wasn’t too far from the truth.
It was like you were a siren, singing your best song to him, bringing him to his knees, ready to run away to the farthest corner of a forest and worship you for as long as you’d allow him near you. You were like an oasis in the hottest dessert there was, draining his life force. God, he was so fucking far gone, he could barely remember his name before yours.
“Pete ? You okay baby ?”
Jolting awake, he frantically looked around when your voice resonated in his head. He let out the neediest whine of pleasure mixed with happiness when he saw your gorgeous face come in view. There you were, looking down on him with worried eyes. He reached up, grazing his fingers on your cheek, nose and then lips softly. Parting them with his thumb, he shuddered when your breath hit his skin. You looked at him with sweet innocent eyes and he thought that would kill him but when you moaned through a whisper, practically inaudible to the average ear but not his, he jumped back, away from you.
He covered his face with his hands, muffling a scream that hid a desperate moan. What the actual fuck was going on with him ?! What was his fucking problem that he had to run away from you because touching your lips drove him crazy ?! He had to be mentally broken or something cause he felt his cock harden and violently twitch in his pants. Starting to breath heavily, he looked around his room for clothes to wear, he needed to change. Anything but fucking jeans honestly.
Reaching for them, he rips them away from his laundry basket with a hoodie to go with it before running to his bathroom and locking himself in. He let out a heavy breath, shivering in comfort at the feeling of the cold tiles under him. He delicately started to peel off his clothes, quickly coming to the realization that each time he brushed against his skin, he’d moan like a fucking idiot. He could feel your fucking scent on them and it’s like his clothes were begging to stick to his skin. He was going absolutely fucking crazy, last time this kind of shit happened, he’d been bitten by a radioactive spider specifically designed to give him superpowers. Maybe he had been bitten by another spider without noticing, that would be pretty logical considering the fact that the only thing he truly fully focused on here was you. Maybe the spider liked you as much as he did.
Once he’d finally managed to get rid of his clothes without moaning too loud, preventing you from hearing him, he sat on his floor, panting loudly, cheeks red and hips moving on their own. He could see the stain of his sensitive cock, dripping cum on the fabric of his boxers. Looking down towards the pulsating bulge, he could practically see your fingers wrapping around him and he instantly winced in both pain and pleasure at the thought. He cupped his thick girth and rubbed it against his warm palm, begging for it to go back down. He was moaning at each of the heavy rubs he’d leave on himself, your name sounding more and more like a plea than anything else. He was begging for you, cursing himself for not feeling so conflicted. He was ashamed of himself, red in embarrassment at his own actions but also feeling deprived and needy for more.
When he felt his hot cum spill out of his cock and cover his boxers, he let out a sigh of relief, eyes crossing at the wave of pleasure spreading through him. He let it all sink in, taking time to relax a little bit before going back out there.
“Peter ? You okay in there ? Do you need my help ?”
He snapped his head towards the door, his relaxation dissipating quickly and being replaced by his previous mood. He was back to square one, needy and pulsating in his pants like a fucking teenager, at the simple sound of your sweet, sweet, sweet angel like voice. You wanted to help, because you were that good, perfect even. A perfect, perfect girl for an imperfect boy who was being crushed under the weight of his heightened senses and the rough consequences they had on his sex drive.
You could help. You could save him even, oh that you could. You and those sweet lips of yours, you could help him greatly. You just needed to get on your knees and let him fuck your throat so hard, you’d feel your own vocal cords move against the tip of his cock. Or did he want to fuck that sweet velvety pussy of yours with his tongue ? Yes he did. He wanted to taste your insides, attach his tongue to your walls and engrave that honey taste in his head. He wanted to bury himself in you too, oh god he wanted that. He wanted to burn your feel on him, god he was ready to carve your name in his skin. It would heal but he wanted you wrapped around him, he wanted to be absorbed by you, completely nestled in your body, in your DNA.
He was fucking insane, completely off his rockers. He needed therapy and a shit load of medication clearly. Maybe a mental institution too, maybe that would fix him, if he could be fixed. If he wanted to be fixed. He was obsessed with you, his body craving your entire existence like an asthmatic would crave air. He was absolutely gone, lost in the ocean that you were, so wide and big and tempting. As anyone ever wanted to drown ? Because he did, he wanted to drown in you.
Quickly shuffling around to get rid of his boxers and slipping in the sweatpants, he opened the door to be faced by your worried face. He gave you his best smile (he looked absolutely fucking crazy) before swerving around you, trying to avoid touching you or breathing in your scent. He’d need to take extra precautions to not let you see through his desperation to fuck you.
As soon as he started his little scheme to appear normal in front of you, he was attacked by a new wave of arousal, heat burning him from the inside and jumping out of his body like a violent beast. Looking at you, smelling you, hearing you, all of this was tickling the salacious thoughts in his mind. They were bringing those images lf your naked body rubbing against his to life.
Come on Peter…
Don’t you want to play with me ? My pussy missed you so much.
Felt so empty without you and your cum Pete…
Please baby… Please, suffocate me… I want your cock in my throat…
Peter… Please love, look at my tits… All pretty and lonely, they need you…
I need you… Don’t you need me Peter ?
God, fuck… Yes he did ! Yes he needed you ! More than anything ! He couldn’t express the visceral need he had to scream than he needed you at the top of his lungs. He was ready to lose his voice and vocal cords to say that he needed you wrapped around him. He wanted to feel you all over, be in you skin, invade your every cell.
Thinking like a beast in heat, he couldn’t handle the additional feelings invading him when he noticed that he could feel your arousal. He didn’t know where it came from and honestly, he couldn’t care less. All he knew was that he was smelling the sweet scent of your leaking pussy and he was very close to jumping on you and feasting on your wet folds until he quenched his thirst. He was desperate, for release, he needed you to heal him, save him from his misery.
Rubbing his long body on the mattress, praying for a little friction to free him from his torture, he whined when his skin brushed against yours. Your exposed thighs, soft against the back of his hand, he could feel the heat of your body on his. That heat, he could recognize it anywhere, it was even frightening how he found himself seeking it. Burning hot like lava and turning his entire being into a pile of ash, you were like a volcano. That heat, he couldn’t get used to it, he was responsible for it, that lust pumping through his veins every time you touched you. You were needy for him but you could contain yourself. Now he couldn’t.
Laying his heavy head on your exposed thighs, he rubbed his nose on your flesh, inhaling the scent of your core and drinking it the aroma he could taste on his tongue. His mouth was watering at the thought of your drenched folds coating his lips and entire face. He wanted you to sit on his face, right now.
He distanced himself, practically falling off the bed and ripping his sweatshirt off before throwing it in a corner if the room. That was probably a stupid move on his part because he was now shirtless, erection in full view for you to see and fawn over. You always enjoyed the whole gray sweatpants thingy but never that much until Peter. With him it was a whole different story, no amount of boxers would be able to hide what he had to offer and clearly he opted for the no boxers alternative.
Biting your lip, you hoped he couldn’t see how drenched your panties were already. You were a terrible person maybe. Your boyfriend was in pain, suffering from an unknown illness and needed as much comfort as he could get but you still found time to drool over his barely covered body. You were, indeed, a terrible person.
Looking at him with an amused smile, you slid your hand in his hair, scratching his scalp and soothing his inner turmoil a little. He couldn’t understand what was going on and he didn’t feel like it right now, you could feel that. You knew he needed you but you didn’t want to press him, you wanted him to come to you. And seeing how touchy he was being, you knew you wouldn’t wait long. You jumped slightly when he violently ripped himself away from you to crawl to a corner in the room.
“Oh my fucking God ! Peter are you okay ?! Do you need me to call somebody ?! Maybe Gwen, she has medical or scientific expertise !” You blabbered, panicking at his sudden actions
“No ! Please no ! Do not call… Call anyone… I’m g-good…” He begged, eyes screwed shut and trying to peal his clothes off as if the were his skin.
He threw his head back, resting it against the wall and spreading his legs wide. He couldn’t move anymore, he was breathless, horny and exhausted. If he moved, he felt like he was in a burning shower the water sucking out every drop of water in his body. He was desperate now, or at least more than he was before. He couldn’t handle this sudden new development in his body. He didn’t care if it meant he was dying or something, he just wanted help.
You got closer to him, placing yourself between his legs and laying a hand on his thighs while the other cupped his cheek tenderly. You were worried, hell probably more than simply worried. He could feel it, and he could feel your throbbing cunt from where he was. It was as if your body was vibrating at a frequency that only him could feel and it was torturing him. You were like a siren screaming in his ears to tell him that you needed him to fuck you badly. He who found comfort in you most of the time was being tortured by you too at the moment. The irony of the situation was very unpleasant.
“Baby, please… Tell me what you need... I can’t stand watching you get all weird and sickly without being able to help… I’m not the best scientist but I got Google for that… Please let me help.” You pleaded with that deadly sweet voice. He was being physically suffocated by the honey that your voice was, drowned like a bee that got too close to Paradise.
Looking at you, his brain suddenly shut off completely, the fight against insanity lost miserably. He fought long and hard but clearly, this enemy was too strong, the enemy was you after all. He looked down at the prominent bulge showing through his sweats, if we could call this a bulge. He couldn’t distinctly see the shape of his girth through the fabric, practically begging to come out. He hissed, almost painfully, at the vibrations of his member, looking up to your sweet face in awe.
He was practically crying for help, anything to calm him down. He was conflicted, wanting you close but knowing that it would only make him feel worse. He retreated further in the corner, wrapping his body in his arms and blinking back the weird haze he was in. His breath was loud and short. It sounded strained and come out with difficulty, as if breathing made him suffer. And it did, every breath he took, carrying with it the memory of what you tasted like. He could feel your taste in his mouth when he breathed and it would rush down straight to his cock every time.
“P-Please… Please I can’t… I can’t do this a-anymore… I can’t stand it…” He cried softly. Your worry skyrocketed and you tried to get closer to hug him tight but he jerked, rejecting your hands on him. “I… I need… I need you to leave… Or to just… J-Just let me fuck you… I promise I’ll be good, and I’ll clean you up after but please… Choose for me…”
You looked at him with loving eyes, the worry dissipating and allowing you to nod slowly towards the option he was silently begging for you to pick. Letting his body move on its own, his large hands slid under the hem of your skirt, taking two handfuls of your ass and hoisting you up effortlessly. You yelped, your hands shooting up to his shoulders as he sat you on his lap, carefully positioning your core over the wet patch formed by the tip of his cock. He bit the inside of his mouth, keeping his own needy moans to himself as his started grinding against you.
“P-Pet-“ He was quick to shut you up, two of his fingers finding refuge in your hot mouth, pressing down on your tongue.
“Don’t… Don’t fucking say a word…” He groaned, looking attentively at your bodies moving in sync. “Fuck… Do… Do you have any idea of how much I wanted my cock stuffed in that pretty pussy of yours today…? I barely got though the fucking day, thinking I was going fucking crazy… Never been so fucking sensitive before, fuck…”
His free hand grabbed your waist, holding it tightly and pushing you down harder. He couldn’t feel the pulsating of your folds on his bulbous tip, body your centers, leaking and wiping over the other. He should’ve been ashamed by the wet patch on his joggers but he was too busy focusing on the thought of you riding him while he kept his mouth stuffed with your panties.
He groaned in pleasure, a little louder than he was already doing, when he felt your soft fingertips on his wrists, wrapping tight around it to pull your fingers out of your mouth. He looked up at your face and felt his body melt under your gaze, eyes soft and loving but also sharing pure lust and pleasure. He couldn’t see them try there hardest to not cross in pleasure, something you did that absolutely drive him crazy.
Whining into the palm of his hand, you licked the tip of his digits sensually before diving them low against your body. You ‘et go of his wrist to let him do what he wanted, simply lifting your skirt to show what he’d been truly looking for.
“Oh fuck…” He exhaled, looking down at you as if you’d shown him the Holy Grail. His fingers slid under the elastic of your panties slowly before ripping them off of your body in one singular motion. Caressing your exposed hips and your uncovered ass, his fingers dove down on your folds, sliding in between the flesh and stroking his fingers back and forth. You threw your head back in pleasure, his thumb rolling around your pulsating clit.
He was absolutely mesmerized, practically forgetting everything around him. His fingers were drinking in the sensation of your juices coating his fingers. His senses were on alert but not for danger, for more of you. The needed to feel you all over, to have you wrapped nicely around him, sucking out every drop of energy and possibly life even. He was ready to give his life force to you at this exact moment. Was he okay ? Probably not. Did he really care ? Absolutely not.
Raising you up once again, he threw you over his shoulder, inhaling the scent of your wetness coating your inner thighs. His fingers were quick to come play with your exposed mound, gathering your slick and licking it off of his fingers. He walked, painfully hard erection visible through his sweatpants still and ready to be tended to. That would need to wait, for now, Peter needed to do something first, he’d been thinking about it for too long to simply ignore it.
Laying you on the mattress, on your back, you watched attentively, finally able to fully see his face. He looked absolutely magnificent even when the exhaustion was clear on his features. His lips, red and plump, were parted, air coming out in heavy breaths while he tried to focus. His face was flushed, red and sweaty, he tried to calm himself down, you could feel it. He was battling with his needs.
When you reached up to him, he pulled you forward by the wrist, forcing your chest against his as he hungrily kissed you. Your lips tasting like sweet, fresh berries, he bit on your flesh and swallowed the surprised moans coming out of you. How could you not be surprised when the man you loved was practically swallowing your face, ripping the literal oxygen out of your lungs ? You couldn’t, not when he was acting as if the universe had deprived him of you.
His hand slid down your back, pushing you against his chest and pressing his lips further against yours. His tongue, warm and wet, was diving deep in your mouth, licking as far as he could reach and sucking in your delicious taste.
He was overwhelmed by the sensations he was feeling and the ones you were feeling. He could feel it all, everything was ten times worst than usual, everything was enhanced. His senses were being drowned by your intoxicating scent, your sweet taste, the soft feeling of your skin and the siren like sound of your voice. All of you was pushing him down a cliff, hell, he was jumping down himself, willingly and expecting the result eagerly.
“P-Peter… Peter wait… C-Can’t…” You moaned in his mouth, trying to pry him away from you, loosing air fast. He didn’t let up, taking your jaw in hand and keeping you close to him until he felt you truly loose air.
“Sorry…” He apologized without really meaning it. He was staring at your lips and probably wanted more of them but you were panting hard, trying to catch your breath in his arms.
Ignoring you, his kept himself busy by rubbing his nose against the veins of your neck. His nose, inhaled that specific smell that only you had, trying to engrave it into his senses.
Suddenly straightening himself, he swallowed hard, as if he was on the verge of tears. You observed his movements, your eyes doubling in size, when he ripped his sweatpants off of his own body and tossed the shredded fabric on the floor. You were so surprised, you couldn’t even pay attention to his throbbing cock, pulsating against his stomach. You didn’t know if you should’ve focused on that or the fact that the act in itself had you clenching your thighs desperately. You sometimes forgot how strong Peter was and all the things he could do to you if he wanted.
Feeling how aroused you just got at the display of physical strength, he gave you one of those dopey smile he gave when either tired or extremely horny. You loved it so much, you wanted to coo at him but he was quick to remind you of his true intentions. Grabbing your wrist, he brought your hand close to his girth and exhaled in pleasure, eyes rolling to the back of head when your fingers wrapped around him.
“Ugh… Fucking hell bunny… You’re killing me…” He whispered, voice breathless before you’d fully done anything.
You instantly knew what you had to do, his heavy shaft pulsating in your closed fist. You admired the shape of his cock, red and covered in past strings of cum, still leaking out of his tip. You could feel the blood rushing through it, the veins bulging out and vibrating on your skin. You looked up, meeting his dark eyes, telling you (more like begging or ordering you) to do something, anything. He would take anything from you.
You started stroking his cock, smiling with pride when he moaned your name loudly. It was strained, almost stuck in his throat, but he pushed it out at the feeling you’re your skin on his warm cock. He was finally reaching peace, getting closer to salvation at each of your moves. You got closer to him, still moving but changing pace to go faster, and laid your free hand flat again his chest. You felt his abs flex understand your fingers. He looked down on you, ignoring his hips as the started to fuck your fist nice and slow.
When you started pecking his exposed chest, he knew he would spend the rest of the night doing the countless obscene things he had in mind. He bit his lips, keeping in tears of pleasure that were threatening to spill out of his gorgeous brown eyes but letting the desperate moans come out without a care in the world.
He felt dizzy, from both pleasure and his eyes jumping between your hand on his dick and your lips on his chest. You were pecking high, living butterfly kisses on his collarbones before sliding lower on his torso. You were still looking up at him and he was slowly dying inside, feeling big load of cum about to burst out of his oversensitive cock.
“You okay baby… It’s okay… I’m here love, do what you want…” You muttered, your voice hitting his skin and traveling through his body at the speed light.
“Ah… Aahhh fuck… Please… Please I’m begging you… Please…” He didn’t know what he was begging for honestly but he just needed you to do something, anything. He was begging for anything from you, anything you could give he would take how of love and pure lust.
Holding the back of your nape, he caressed your nape tenderly, his hips still moving and fucking himself inside your closed fist. His moans echoed louder around the room, perfectly in sync with the movement of your wrist and the soft kisses you left on his skin.
Seeing his cum shoot out to cover parts of your face and your covered breast drove him even deeper down the hole of insanity he was sinking in. Vision so blurry he was certain that he would faint soon, he let loose, loud and lustful moan escaping his swollen lips. Both red like cherry, you looked up at him as he unconsciously kept moving his hips against your palm.
You felt it, he needed more and he wouldn’t need to tell you, his stiff and throbbing cock would do the job. But you were prevented from really doing anything or even thinking clearly about what you wanted to do to him. He took control fast by lifting you off the mattress and carrying you against his chest again. He took you place, sitting down on the bed and putting you on his lap.
He was moving with both control and pure instinct, looking like an animatronic, wired and programmed to work a certain way. He was indeed, working fast and eagerly, searching for the next target of his assault to your body. He was served with everything he craved the whole day and could barely think about where he wanted to start.
His dilemma was quickly resolved by the subtle moan that escaped your beautiful lips when your when your leaking cunt rubber against his veiny girth. Feeling the wetness coat him all over, he couldn’t help but drool shamelessly at the thought of having it in his mouth. Yeah, he wanted you to sit on his face still. So he laid on the covers and at your confused glare, he simply pulled you by the waist all the way to his face.
“Oh my fucking God ! Peter what the fuck are you doing ?” You exclaimed, worried that you’d suffocate him to death. He had super strength but still very much needed to breath.
You seemed reticent but did not move, keeping yourself above his face rather than sitting on it like he desired. When he tried to pull you all the way down, you glared at him, pushing his hands away from your body. Deciding against the rational part of him that refused to manhandle you, he let the primal need in him to have your sweet juices pooling all over his lips take over.
Grabbing your wrists forcefully in one hand, he wrapped his arm tight around your waist, forcing you to move at his will.
“Listen to me and listen to me well bunny.” He ordered, looking both controlled and wrecked. “I’ve spent the entire fucking day feeling everything you felt times fucking ten and not even you could calm me down. The only fucking thing I want right now is that sweet pussy of yours all over my mouth so either you sit on my fucking face or you run away as fast and far as you can before I actually start considering doing all the most disgusting and unsanitary things I have in mind.” He threatened, eyes big and dark, showing the absolute lack of restraint behind them.
You stared at him, completely in awe at the bluntness of his words. Peter gad always been pretty honest about the things he wanted to do to you, never ashamed to tell you how hard you made him on a regular. But here, he looked too fucking tired to even speak it, wanting to act rather than explain himself. This Peter would clearly do all the dirty things you wanted him to do more, the things he’d rarely try, too scared of hurting you.
He looked at you, unmoving but still holding you with a firm grip. He wasn’t going to move until you gave him an answer, or at least he thought he wouldn’t until you arched your back and tried to bite back a moan. Oh yeah, he was way past thinking clearly or asking for permission now. Now when your pussy was calling out for him.
In a few swift movements, you ended up fully sat on his handsome face, quickly losing the fear of crushing him when his wet tongue slithered between your folds. You threw your head back and arched your back once more, this time fully screaming your pleasure in the comfort of his room. Your hand grabbed pieces of his hand, pulling on it at each flick of his tongue. You could only shake over him, feeling jolts of electricity run through you when his breath hit your clit.
“Oooh ! P-Peter, fuck ! A-Aaahh… F-Fuck me !” You wailed, wiggling on him and quickly regretting it when it only made his tongue move deeper inside you.
You’d never expect for his breathing to do this kinds of things to you but here you were, moaning his name louder and louder, chanting it like a prayer even. His firm grip on your thighs made it all too much for you feeling the pad of his fingers burn through your skin. You would feel his hands for days, that was for sure. Even more when you knew he wasn’t anywhere near ready to let you go.
As the minutes passed, they quickly turned into hours. Hours sitting on your boyfriends face, fucking yourself on his tongue.
He’d kept his abuse constant, needing a little more each time you came. He was hungry for more, turning into a very distant version of himself, one that couldn’t control himself and his urges. His five senses were all pointing towards you, focused entirely on you and the pleasure he was giving and receiving from you. Feeling your full thighs around his face, tightening a little more each time he let his tongue wander towards your clit, he couldn’t keep himself from getting greedy. He tried to think but his mind was blank, only knowing your name and the different ways he could use to please you.
“F-Fuck ! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck ! Oh, fucking God, Peter !” You moaned, biting your lip hard enough to draw blood.
His face was red and had been red for a while now but it was also glistening under the lights of the room. He was messy and needy, letting your juices coat as much space as possible on his face. You scent was overwhelming, burying all there was around under you and your aroma. He was going to remember how you smelled for days, maybe weeks and if he was lucky, it would last for even a few months. He’d have in engraved in his brain if he could, he was already contemplating not showering to keep your sweet scent on him for as long as possible.
You were now completely bare, your naked body rubbing riding his mouth at the best of the capacities you had left. You were exhausted and your thighs had given up on supporting you a while ago. Trembling and tender, each time you tried to pull away to let him breath a little at least, he’d responded with a deep grunt and bit your inner thighs as a warning that you listen to diligently. You weren’t going to risk cumming from it once more, the first time violent enough for your clit to throb at the memories only.
One if your thighs had been free from his iron grip on it but your skin was left shaped like his hand for a few seconds before returning back to it’s normal state. When he looked up at you and saw your swaying breasts, he needed to see more. He ripped your blouse open and took it off your body before tossing it somewhere. He was about to do the same to your bra but you stopped him to take it off yourself, remembering how he’d ripped your panties and skirt off of you. Poor clothes, you liked them. They would be missed.
When your exposed tits came in view, he freed one of your legs to wrap his slander fingers around your soft and warm flesh. He palmed it vigorously, eyes still trained on you and watching each of your reactions attentively. You were crying his name in pleasure, grabbing his wrist when his thumb started twirling around the pointing bud. He couldn’t help but need more. He’d never been this greedy before and each record he would hit would be topped a few minutes later.
He sucked and swallowed your slick, feeling it run down his throat and allowing him to fill his stomach with you and you only. You were the only meal he needed, the only one he wanted. He was reminded of that fact a little more each time you came hard on his face, the beautiful memory of you squirting just as destructive for him.
“P-Pete ! Baby, p-please… Please just… J-Just aaah ! Ah, fuck, oh fuck ! Oh, God, please ! Please ! P-Peter, peter ! Oh fuck, Peter !”
He smiled under you, his name never sounded better, never sounded sweeter. He was groaning and grunting into your wet mound, letting your folds quiver on his mouth, his tongue still gathering your juices with enthusiasm. He was only made to pleasure you at the moment, completely disregarding his aching cock. He couldn’t even feel it at this point. He was still throbbing violently and he was redder than before. The veins around him were pulsating more than even, strings of cum leaking out if his tip.
He wasn’t touching himself and you couldn’t touch him either but he was still cumming as much as his body could, white creamy ropes coating his chest and your lower back to drip over your ass. He could see it in the mirror in front of the bed. He had stopped counting the amount of times you came or the amount of time he did. He simply let it happen, moaning desperately in your cunt each time. His body had started to act on its own, sensitive and searching for more raw pleasure to feast on.
Tears of overstimulation were pooling out of your eyes, silently crying as he moved your hips on his own to ride his face, your eyes crossed and rolled to the back of your head. You were being tortured, his soft lips, wrapping around your clit and sucking onto it again as he felt you violently shake, sign of another orgasm coming fast.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god, o-oh fuck ! Oh, no, please, please, please, please ! P-Please I can’t take it !” You begged loudly, you wouldn’t be able to take another orgasm. You knew you wouldn’t, your poor body wouldn’t be able to take it.
You were crying out for it to not happen but your body was moving in the other direction, hips jerking and thrusting yourself on his tongue. You couldn’t take more but he wasn’t asking for permission anymore, he needed it, craved it desperately. Your cum all over his face, he would get it. And he did. You bounced on his tongue, letting it twirl inside your walls and suddenly be covered by a waterfall of your wetness.
“A-Ah ! Fu- Oh god, fuck ! A-Ahn Peter ! Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter !” You sung, loud enough for anyone who paid attention to hear.
He did, he paid attention and his cock couldn’t take more of this, you broken voice crying out his name in both pleasure and sensual agony. You came hard and fast, and so did he, hot cum shooting out oh his sensitive head and falling on your back. The vision of your back covered in him did something to his brain, he had a new interest, finally.
Your body fell limp in his arms, head bobbing around as if you were unconscious and you couldn’t support yourself anymore, you were fully broken now. Poor bunny, he wasn’t done with you. He needed more, but the little voice in him that could still think things through promised to take good care of you for the next days. That was if he was finally calmed down and if you allowed him to touch you.
You leaned back, supporting yourself on his chest and slowly cried at how wrecked you were. You’d made fun of him internally earlier and now you were probably worse than him. You whimpered softly when his groans his your sensitive center. When his hands grabbed your waist, you were scared that he wasn’t done eating you out, you couldn’t take more honestly. You weren’t even sure that you wanted him to fuck you now. Maybe, you didn’t know. Your brain was too scrambled to think about it.
Suddenly laid on your back, your boyfriend wrapped your arms around his neck as he kissed your forehead, cheeks and nose. His lips lingered on you and brought a wave of warmth all through your body. You felt comfort again, peace and quiet.
Kissing the side of your face, his current mission was simply to call you down a little before stuffing himself deep inside you. He was still too out of it to function properly, his body still running purely on instinct. He simply did what his oversensitive senses told him. They told him you needed to be calmed a little, and that’s exactly what he would do.
He was fast to feel a wave of need take over in his mind. Brought at a crossroads, he had the choice between ruining your sweet cunt again and probably be banned from touching you in the future, or lock himself in the bathroom and try and call his aching member while you slept. Rational Peter would’ve chosen A while also considering B, because he was a considerate boyfriend. Now, Irrational Peter was an animal clearly, incapable of pushing his urges away and thinking things through. He was choosing A without a second thought. He’d make it up to you however you desired.
His lips wandered lower, finding your breasts and taking one of your nipples between his teeth while your other breast was vigorously squeezed by his other hand. Drunk on the feeling of your warm flesh in his mouth, he sucked long and hard, his tongue rolling around the sensitive bud before letting go in a wet sound and turning towards the other. This time, he only used his mouth, ha ds wandering lower to palm the flesh of your ass and thighs. He was close to cumming again, just from the things he was doing to you and he wanted to make sure that make you cum with him.
Standing straight, he grabbed the back of your thighs and rubbed his erected girth on your swollen clit. Your cries of pleasure erupted again, only fulling his thirst for whatever you had to give. Yeah, we already established that he was greedy.
“P-Peter please… N-No… No more edging… Please baby, I-I… I promise I’ll be good... Please... No more ! Please, d-don’t tease me no more !” You sobbed softly, clawing at his lower stomach, to pull him forward but also push him backwards.
Looking down at his own cock, he watched it drip droplets of cum on your folds, he was hypnotized by the vision. He backed up slowly, still holding your thighs apart and positioned himself at your entrance. You whined and squirmed beneath him, trying to get him inside as soon as possible. He chuckled lightly at your eagerness before thrusting deep inside you in one rough move.
He let out a groan, mouth falling open and eyes crossing as they rolled to the back of his head. He was feeling everything all at once, close to cumming only from this. He tried to get his thoughts together but he couldn’t, it was so hard, you felt so good. So, so, so good. He was keeping tears of pleasure to himself, cock so sensitive, he felt like it would explode. He lowered his face and his eyes juggled between your face and your pussy, swallowing him whole and ripping away all he had. Yeah, take it all, take everything from him.
Backing up, he repeated the motion, stretching your insides and engraving the feeling of his pulsating veins on your warm velvety walls. His pace only got quicker from there, the sounds of your cries of pleasure only matched by the sound of his skin slapping against the back of your thighs. The sensation was burning your sensitive body, still tender from the grip he’d kept on your flesh only minutes ago.
Your vision was unfocused, eyes going everywhere frantically, searching for something to focus on, to keep you steady. You couldn’t look at him, not now, not when you were so weak to his every move. Everything he did to you was piling up, all the emotions and sensations crumbling on you all at once. You could barely process one that the next was erupting inside you. You knew that if you looked at him, his expression would only make it worst.
You always loved how he looked when he was fucking you but it was ten times more arousing for you when he was overwhelmed, which was practically all the time. He’d always groan your name louder and louder, big brown eyes drowning you both in a pool of lust. You couldn’t even deal with the memory of his face.
“F-Fuck… You feel this bunny ? My fat cock… It’s spreading you so wide… Bet you can feel it all the way in your tummy…” He groaned, leaning forward and pecking your puckered lips.
You were always needy for his kisses and he was always glad to give you as many as you wanted. He was yours to play with, and you always did so much for him, he would never refuse you anything, out of gratitude, boundless loyalty and love. He chuckled at the thoughts he was having. He could still find it in him to be a sap, even when his brain could barely process daily words or actions at the moment. Love would do that to you.
His body got closer to you, lowering himself on you and plowing deeper and harder in your tight heat, living for the various ways you’d scream his name.
“P-Peter ! Oh, oh my… Oh fuck, more ! Peter, more please more baby ! More ! Peter please !” You sobbed into his ear when he nestled his head in the crook of your neck to bite your collarbones hard enough to leave a mark.
He was close, dangerously close. He was actually surprised he managed to hold out for that long, and just as surprised that you did the same. Working himself inside you, he started sucking on your skin and biting it all over, one of his hands letting go of your thigh and placing itself on your stomach to press your belly. He could feel the tip lf his cock violently poking through.
Pushing your legs on your chest, the change of angle gave him access to the perfect spot inside you, the one that would have the neighbors complaining despite the diy soundproof padding of his apartment. He would probably need to invest on a new bedframe too, the one he owned currently, threatening to split in too as his rough hip thrust made the bed shake and slam on the wall. Lucky him, he was holding you, if he’d been holding the head if the bed, he would’ve ripped it apart himself.
“Oh god, oh, god, oh Peter, God ! Please, I’m s-so, so fucking close oh please !” You begged, tears spilling all over your flushed cheeks.
“F-Fuck… Bunny, please, give it to me… Come on bunny, one more… Just one more…”
Your high came surprisingly fast, surprising the both of you and raining over you in a sweet shower of pleasure. You arched your back, biting one of the most obscene noises you’ve ever made. You gripped on the bedsheets, ripping them apart too in the process. You’d barely processed your own orgasm that the man above you followed quickly after, filling you up with him cum, warm and thick, coating your walls and invading your entire being.
You whimpered, breathing with difficulty and trying to gather yourself. You couldn’t, not when he was still holding you and still going. You looked at him as if he’d grown a new set of arms and three heads. He attempted leaned down, kissing the side lf your jaw and chuckling in your ear when you whined in displeasure.
“Sorry baby… I’ll take good care of you, I promise…”
“I… I hate you…” You sobbed silently. Yeah, you should probably cancel your plans for the rest of the weekend.
Many hours later, you didn’t understand how you were still standing, or in this case, kneeling. Holding yourself on all fours, your body was rocking back and forth, at the rhythm of his thrust inside you. You could do it anymore, you couldn’t take more, nothing in this world could take this much, human or not. This man was insane, this was evident now.
You would need to make a run to the pharmacy for the morning after pill. Your birth control could definitely not take the amount of cum he’d fucked in you, and you loved him but neither of you were ready for a baby, even if you enjoyed the thought of having one and the process too.
The sheets were ruined, cum and drool all over them, adding to the many holes you both tore in the fabric. No washing could save them either, he’d get new ones and hopefully they would get treated better.
Peter was probably just as wrecked as you but clearly not exhausted in the slightest and definitely not bothered by the state if his body. His skin was covered in various marks that could’ve been given by some kind of enemy he fought in his red and blue costume. You’d given him these marks, biting on the skin of his collarbones, his jaw, his ear, his shoulders and honestly anywhere you could reach. He’d let you mark him however you pleased, a small price to pay for what he did to you. Even the bloody lacerations on his back were definitely worth it to him.
He felt a little guilty but never enough to stop, not when you sounded so good moaning his name. Nothing could get him down that high he’d been stuck in the entire day. He tried to calm himself down at times but nothing would be enough, nothing would quench his thirst for you and your body.
Gripping on your hip and slamming his cock deep in you, your ass bouncing on his lower stomach, he could feel himself cumming once more. He watched you reach forward, as if trying to run away, you’d done it a few times already and he pulled you back by the ankles each time. Your face fell, burying itself in what was left of the sheets and bite into them hard, saliva soaking them a little more when your mouth fell open and a scream hit the mattress.
“Good… Good girl, just one left… Only one left and I'm letting you rest baby…” He groaned, leaning over your back and kissing your nape tenderly.
“Aaaahhh… N-No… C-Can’t… N-Not anymore…” You muttered, voice broken and incapable of thinking about coherent words to moan.
His balls slapped against your folds, the sound of your wetness and his cum vibrating in his sensitive eardrums. He could still hear and feel it all, his senses pushed to the maximum of their capacities and suddenly going completely silent. He reached forward too, fingers grazing the soft skin of your arm to intertwine with yours and hold your hand tightly. His free hand wrapped around your middle, pulling you towards him. You soon both came, just as hard as you’d previously did, both your juices spilling out of your sensitive hole.
Your moans and his grunts quickly turned into loud sounds of breathing, your heavy breathing resonating in the room. He leaned his head on the back of yours, feeling a sense of calm and peace he’d craved for a long while. He was finally feeling better, all calm and not as overwhelmed as he had been previously.
A suddenly ray of light caught both your attention, your heads snapping towards the window. Your eyes widened as you saw the sun rise and peak through the window. You had fucked the whole night. The entire night, you had been turned over and over, your body stripped bare and abused non stop. The whole night. You sobbed in desperation and disappointment too. You didn’t really know why you were disappointed but you were, probably at the lack of self control. You boyfriend, on the other hand, was keeping in a laugh he knew would get him in trouble.
“I’m sorry… So sorry bunny… I’m so, so, so sorry… I promise, I’m sorry…” He muttered, kissing your neck tenderly.
You knew he only meant it partially, never truly sorry for the things he did to you. He loved how wrecked he made you and loved how dumb you got for him, he would get just as stupid for you. In thus situation, he’d been stupid horny from the beginning.
You both fell to the side, facing the window and the rising new day. You were starting to feel the exhaustion fall over you all at once and so was he. He yawned and you did the same, nuzzling your face in the pillows. His hand rested on your stomach, caressing it slowly and trying to massage your aching parts. He pecked your cheek tenderly, smiling to himself at how great of a girlfriend you were. Finally, he was calm again, after practically breaking your body, he was okay.
You would probably put him on a sex ban for the foreseeable future and it would be deserved. Now he understood why you were the one calming him down when overwhelmed by the world : you were the one with the common sense. When the spider parts became too much to handle, you’d handle it for him.
“Pete ?” You called out after a few minutes of silence.
“Hum ?”
“You feelin’ better ?” You asked softly, still looking out for him by being as quiet as possible.
He exhaled in your neck, feeling his heart thump in his chest. He was so in love for you, he could barely think. You were genuinely the best, still carrying about his wellbeing when you were hanging on the last ropes on consciousness. He raised himself slightly to bed himself forward and kiss your lips.
“I’m fine bunny… I might just need to do a few researches in my dad’s stuff, we wouldn’t want this whole thing to happen again, would we ?” He chuckled lightly, voice deep and resonating.
“No thank you. I’ll take the running away option next time.” You responded, side eyeing him. You loved him but absolutely not, never again (or probably at least once, it wasn’t that bad).
For the rest of the day, you caught up on sleep, still attached together and when he woke up, he found his father’s researches, discovering the cases of heats that spiders would go through, specifically the kind that bit him. Turns out, when location a pray to mate with, they get overwhelmed by a the sensations felt by the other, feeding of this connection to know exactly what to do. His already sensitive senses turned towards you only and seeking to please you.
Good to know, at least he knew that next time, he should read the entirety of his father’s researches instead lf skimming through them. Luckily, Peter was a fast learner. And he had the heightened senses to help.
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dailyflicks · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ANDREW GARFIELD as Peter Parker in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2012) dir. Marc Webb
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garfinkelstingle · 6 months ago
i’m sorry but when andrew’s peter saved mj from that fall and asked her “are you okay” and she said “yeah, are you?” and my man burst into tears i felt that on a very personal level like he finally saved the girl even though it wasn’t his but it’s what he fucking deserved from the start okay ??????
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earthgirl616 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: tasm!peter parker x reader
summary: you have a sneaking suspicion about your best friend and will apparently go to any lengths to prove yourself right.
warnings: mentions of violence/bruises, kissing, basically just a bunch of pg13 fluff, friends to lovers au.
author’s note: very much enjoying the andrew garfield spiderman love recently (don’t know where you all were 9 years ago but that’s not my business) so here’s a fic for my favourite spidey! i don’t think i’ve written for marvel in over a year and my writing is kinda rusty, but enjoy nonetheless!! ♡
Tumblr media
“I wonder what Spider-Man looks like,” you absentmindedly mumble, scribbling down the answer to the Calculus question you were working on.
This piques your best friend Peter’s interest and his gaze quickly shoots from his own homework to you. “What, why? Wh-why does that, uh, matter?”
“No, I’m just saying, y’know?” You shrug, not thinking anything of it until you catch his expression. His head is tilted in confusion and he resembles a lost puppy with curiosity painted plain as day on his face.
God, why does your best friend have to be so cute. Okay, maybe a slightly inappropriate thought to be having, but it’s not like you’re hurting anyone! Other than yourself, that is, by not having your feelings returned. Collateral damage.
“He’s, like, super strong right?” you ask, turning back to your homework. Mostly to avoid looking at Peter, but also because you aren’t quite as good at calculus as him. He hums in answer, prompting you to continue. “Which means he’s probably super ripped. And if he’s super ripped, he’s gotta be like…”
You trail off, thinking he gets where you’re going. But when you look at him again, his brows are furrowed and you can’t help chuckling. “Spider-Man is probably really hot.”
Peter chokes on air.
“That’s not even-“ He cuts himself off, shaking his head which causes his hair to fall into his eyes, bringing more attention to the blush creeping it’s way onto his face. “I’ve always thought he was too… lanky.”
“Pfft!” You look at him like he’s gone crazy. “He’s not lanky. He’s tall. Tall guys are hot. He’s clearly got muscle. Probably was a popular jock or something in high school.”
“Yeah,” he says through a grin. He goes back to his homework and smiles like he’s sharing a private joke with himself, most likely at your mindless ramblings about Spider-Man. “That sounds about right.”
“And have you seen his ass?”
Peter chokes again.
“You good, Pete?” you inquire, raising an eyebrow at how awkward he is at the mention of Spider-Man’s ass. Just another aspect of his personality that you find irritatingly endearing.
“Just peachy,” he replies, through a strained voice.
You try, you really do, to keep in your laughter at his word choice. Unfortunately, you’ve never been good at that and as a result, you burst into a fit of giggles. Peter realises why you’re uncontrollably laughing soon enough and he groans, yet is unable to stop the corners of his mouth lifting. “You’re a child.”
“I can’t believe you said that. Of all phrases,” you say breathlessly, wiping a tear and finally calming down. This lasts a full five seconds and you don’t stop laughing again until you hear the click of a camera going off. “Hey!”
Peter had a habit of randomly taking photos of you, sometimes with him but mostly candid ones where you weren’t aware. A lot of the time he would print them out and stick them onto his collage inside his wardrobe, much to your protests.
“Delete that, I probably look hideous,” you whine, getting up to grab the device out of his hands as he looks at the picture he took, grinning. “Let me see!”
“Nope.” He pulls the camera out of your reach last minute, making you fall onto the bed with an indignant huff. “And you’ve never looked hideous a day in your life,” he mumbles under his breath, a hint of a scowl playing at his lips.
Pretending not to hear this, at the risk of him seeing your burning hot face, you go back to your homework. Curse Peter Parker and his stupid offhand comments that he doesn’t even know have an effect on you.
Somewhere in the eventual comfortable silence of your bedroom, Peter’s phone goes off and he shoots to his feet, collecting all his things into his backpack.
“Forgot I need to, uh, help Aunt May with some stuff,” he explains, already rushing out of the door, offering you an apologetic smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Yeah, okay see you-“ The door slams shut. “Later. I guess.”
And with that he’s gone, leaving your stupid heart still fluttering.
You see him the next day in school, just before second period. He missed first, as per usual. He never used to be late to class, but recently you’ve been catching him in the school hallways rather than outside your window on the fire escape so you can walk to school together.
“Parker!” you yell to get his attention as you make your way to his locker. He looks up, grins and gives you a little wave. There goes that heart again.
Just as you reach him, some girl bumps into you as she rushes to get to class, causing you to stumble and fall on Peter.
Immediately, Peter catches you by the waist, where you would otherwise have fallen face first. His hold on you is strong and steady, nothing like his old, clumsy self. That being said, your hand grips his upper arm and you gulp at the hard muscle beneath his jacket.
Woah, you think to yourself. When has he even had time to work out?
While you aren’t completely surprised since you’ve caught glimpses of his arms and peeks of his stomach as he’s taken his hoodies and jackets off in the last couple weeks, you didn’t think he was this jacked.
“Uh, fast reflexes there, Parker,” you nervously chuckle, still in the same position.
Your words seem to break him out of a trance and he clears his throat, gaze flickering down to your lips for a nanosecond and you almost miss it. You don’t, of course, since your face is mere inches away from his and you’re about to pass out from the smell of his intoxicating shampoo.
“You okay?” he asks with wide eyes, pulling you back up and you use everything within you not to complain about the loss of contact.
“Yeah, I’m f-“ you cut yourself off, properly taking in his face this time. A bruise is forming under eye his, directly on his cheekbone, and you gasp, tentatively reaching a hand out to trace it. Peter furrows his brows in confusion until you speak up, but your voice doesn’t raise above a whisper. “Peter, what happened…?”
“This little thing?” He looks away, pulling his hood up higher over his face, giving you a sheepish smile. Probably as an attempt to calm you down. It doesn’t work. “It’s nothing, really. I just… had a skating accident.”
“You didn’t have it last night!” you insist, struggling to see how and when it could have happened. “You also didn’t have your skateboard last night when you left, and you couldn’t have done it this morning because it’s already starting to bruise.”
Peter stares at you like a deer caught in headlights. “Since when did you become a detective?”
“That’s not the point! Did someone do this to you or something?” you demand, crossing your arms. “Because if they did, I’m going to seriously kick some ass!”
You can already imagine the steam coming out of your own ears, but when Peter starts to hide a smile behind his hand, you become furious.
“Is something funny about this?” you seethe, narrowing your eyes and taking a step closer in an attempt to intimidate an answer out of him. His smile grows.
“You’re just cute when you’re trying to be scary,” he says, grin on full display now. “Especially when you’re like, this tall.”
He looks at the tiny space between his fingers, showing you too.
“I can’t help it if you’re a tree,” you mumble angrily, practically looking up at him.
“Wasn’t it you who said tall guys are hot?” Peter rubs a hand across his jaw, pretending to be in deep thought. “Are you saying I’m hot?”
“Oh, shut up, you know you’ve got that hot skater boy thing going on. Don’t act like you don’t see those girls at the skate park ogling you! They don’t even skate!” you scoff, probably a little more annoyed than you should be at the idea of girls looking at your best friend. To your surprise, Peter looks like he’s just received brand new information.
“Those girls look at me?” he asks slowly, pointing a finger at himself. Then, as if he’s just taken in your words, he blinks. “You really think I’m hot?”
Spluttering, you refuse to answer the question, imagining the million ways that could go wrong. “Don’t change the subject, Parker! Now tell me h-“
“Shouldn’t you two be in class right now?” You’re interrupted by one of your teachers, looking at you expectantly.
“Y-yeah, sorry ma’am,” Peter quickly apologises, seeing his way out. You almost curse aloud when you remember your second period isn’t with him.
“This isn’t over,” you hiss, not looking back at his reaction before rushing to class. Unfortunately you can’t afford to have a detention on your record this early in the year.
You spend the whole school day without seeing Peter - big shocker - and when you get home you don’t bother inviting him round to study since he’s probably just going to be busy anyway.
Sighing, you throw your bag onto your bed and sink down into your desk chair to look at the news for a few minutes before inevitably getting lost in a Netflix binge marathon. The first thing that pops up is obviously the new vigilante and friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, a clip of last night that was recorded by some passerby on the street.
Captivated by the way he swings around effortlessly, you marvel at him holding his own against eight grown men. That’s not the only thing you marvel at, remembering your conversation with Peter yesterday and laughing to yourself.
The footage is shaky, but shows clear as day every web shot by Spider-Man and the one hit he receives. That’s gotta hurt, you think, just as one of the guys swings a metal bar into the vigilante’s face, right under his eye.
That’s definitely going to bruise, you shudder, before switching it off and pulling up Netflix.
You’ll probably text Peter in an hour or so to check on him and make sure he’s putting ice on his own bruise.
Wait. His bruise… that’s in the same spot as where Spider-Man got hit last night…
No, you scoff. That’s just a coincidence. You’re just being fanciful because there’s no way your best friend is Spider-Man.
He would tell you, right?
Just like he told you where he got that bruise, you realise, swallowing harshly. You cant believe you’re even considering this, but he has been weirdly secretive. And it’s been around the time Spider-Man first started to show up. That explains the muscles and the weirdly fast reflexes and how he isn’t as clumsy as he used to be and how he doesn’t wear his glasses anymore.
“Contact lenses, my ass,” you mutter to yourself.
You look at one of the pictures you have of Peter pinned to the cork board above your desk. You had taken it recently with his camera, insisting that he had too many of you and you wanted some of your own. Studying the way he covers his face and his stance, you’re hit with the startling realisation that he has the same build as Spider-Man. The same height, the same lean body…
Oh, you’re going to kill Peter Parker.
An idea hits you with all the weight of a freight train and you abandon your laptop and Netflix plans to head to the skate park. Once you arrive, you head to the top of the ramp, thankful there’s no one there right now.
Whipping out your phone, you drop a quick text to Peter.
emergency @ skate park. get here quick.
You wait a couple minutes, looking down at the bottom of the ramp to calculate how badly you’d be injured if your suspicions weren’t correct.
Your internal debate over whether or not this whole thing is worth breaking an arm over is interrupted by Peter running up to join you on the ramp with a terrified expression on his face.
He definitely wouldn’t have gotten here in time if he wasn’t Spider-Man.
“Oh my god, are you okay?!” he practically yells, grabbing hold of your shoulders to inspect you. You almost break and tell him that you’re fine and you just wanted to test your theory. Until you see the bruise on his face again.
Taking his hands off your shoulders, you take a small step back, wobbling on the ramp. His worried eyes only narrow in confusion slightly, probably still shook up by your text.
“Here goes nothing,” you say, stomach churning as you turn your back to the edge of the ramp and fall.
You catch sight of Peter’s face about to yell out for you, but he doesn’t waste a second before starting towards you.
If your breath wasn’t already caught in your throat from falling, it definitely would have been when the webs shoot from his wrist and latch onto you.
Despite expecting this, you gasp, breathing heavily. Shit, you think. You had not thought about the rest of this plan.
Pulling you up with ease, Peter pulls you by the webs attached to your shirt and into his arms. “What the hell did you do that for? Were you trying to break your neck? What if I couldn’t have caught you? God, I hate you for doing that to me, I literally thought my heart was about to st-“
“You caught me,” you say, voice muffled by the fact Peter is holding you tightly against him. That doesn’t stop you from rambling though. “You actually managed to catch me with- with your webs. Oh my God, I was right.”
Pulling you away, he holds you by the arms in front of him, his mouth set in a grave line. “You knew? That I’m… that I could…”
Shrugging, you laugh nervously. “I mean, I had a suspicion, but I didn’t know that you’re actually- holy shit. My best friend is actually Spider-Man.”
“No, no, no,” Peter puts his face in his hands, very clearly stressed. “This is bad. This is very, very bad.”
“Yes, it is,” you scowl, snapping out of your shock and remembering that he never told you. “You should be very scared for your life right now. Because trust me, Peter Parker, it’s a mystery as to why I haven’t killed you yet for not telling me you’re a freaking superhero!”
You smack his arm which probably does more harm to your hand than to him. He doesn’t even flinch.
“Do you realise,” he pinches the bridge of his nose and takes a deep breath. “Just how much danger you’ve put yourself in by knowing I’m Spider-Man?”
“Peter, you don’t even realise how stupid you sound right now,” you shake your head, laughing without a trace of humour in your voice. “You are quite literally putting your life at risk every. Single. Day. And I had no idea! I can’t even imagine what I would do if you d-“
“Me?” Peter chuckles, incredulous. He groans, tugging on his hair in frustration before waving his arms around trying to get the words out. “Y/N. I can knock over 12 tonnes with a barely forceful poke of my finger. People are trying to kill me every. Single. Day. And failing. If they find out that the girl I’ve been in love with ever since I can remember even exists and is without superpowers?”
Peter cuts himself off, turning his back to you and standing deathly still.
“What did you say?” Your voice is hoarse when you ask this, not quite believing your ears. “The girl you’ve been in love with?”
“Forget I said that,” he mutters, still not looking at you.
As if.
“What about me, huh?” you demand, stepping around him to make him face you. “The guy I’ve been in love with my whole life is getting beat up every night by thugs with metal pipes and there’s nothing I can do to stop-“
“Stop talking,” Peter’s eyes flash and he webs the front of your shirt again. This time he pulls you impossibly close to him and presses his lips against yours feverishly. You make a noise of surprise in the back of your throat before reaching up on your tip toes and relaxing into the kiss, your hand snaking up into his hair. Peter’s lips move perfectly in sync with yours and you don’t know if it’s been seconds, minutes or days when you pull away for breath.
Resting your forehead against his own, you can’t stop the smile spreading on your face, mirroring Peter’s. He’s the first to speak, brushing his nose against yours. “You love me.”
“Yep,” you confirm, hand still playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. “So just be glad those girls weren’t here staring at you again. Otherwise I would probably have gathered the force to knock over a few high school girls with a very forceful poke of my finger.”
“Noted,” Peter nods in mock seriousness. “You should also be glad those guys that usually skate here to impress you, aren’t here today either. Otherwise I would probably web ‘em in the face.”
“Eh,” you shrug. “You were always a better skater than them anyway. Probably to do with your superhuman abilities and all.”
“Hey, I take offence!”
“Kidding, kidding,” you laugh, grabbing your bag off the floor and holding Peter’s hand, leading him off the ramp. He doesn’t even try to hide the way he looks at you anymore and it kinda, sort of makes your insides melt. “So… can you swing me across the city now?”
“Absolutely not.”
Tumblr media
© earthgirl616 2022.
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