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#the amazing spiderman
gifmarvel · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Amazing Spider-man dir. Marc Webb | 2012
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'Tis The Damn Season
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Pairings - Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker x reader
Requested - Yes - Please could you do college aged reader x andrew's peter parker where they break up because he's being secretive about spiderman but she comes home for the holidays and they end up back together. Idk if you write smut, i looked through your work but didn't see any but please add smut if you are comfortable with it. Thank you.
Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker taglist - @haroldpotterson, @imjustassaneasyou, @dindjarinsspouse, @rottenstyx, @victoriatori2006
A/N - This work contains smut (this is also my first smut so I apologise if it's terrible!)
Tumblr media
Months had passed since you had seen Peter Parker and yet somehow he was the one boyfriend who you had never really stopped thinking about. Even after school was done and everyone went their separate ways with new jobs, going to college, enlisting in the military, Peter Parker still crossed your mind.
He was the boyfriend who felt like the one, the boyfriend who when people looked at you they thought you were going to be the exception and stay together forever. You had thought so too but there were too many secrets, not that Peter ever did admit to keeping secrets but you knew.
You had thought he was seeing another girl, that was the only real explanation for why he disappeared for hours on end, never returning your calls and evading questions when asked. You tried to ignore it, you loved him but eventually it was too much and you broke up not long before graduation.
Then you’d gone to college and not seen him since.
Now you were heading home for the holidays and part of you wanted to see him. There was a part of you that still wanted to make things work but you knew that was impossible if there was another girl.
Driving home for the holidays made you feel nostalgic. You weren’t even too far away from home but you had moved out and headed further into New York and hadn’t really been back home since. Maybe you’d bump into Peter, maybe you could call things even just for the holidays. Pretend he wanted you as much as you wanted him.
The nostalgic feeling within you only grew as you drove through your hometown and deciding you weren’t needed at home just yet you took a detour. It wasn’t long before you parked your car outside Midtown school, watching as a flow of students came out.
You couldn’t help but smile as you remembered when that was you and Peter, he’d meet you at your locker when classes ended and take your hand, leading you out of the building and the two of you either went to one of your houses or decided to go on a date. Your favourites included bowling, golfing and going to the movies with him, his arm wrapped around your shoulders as you tucked yourself against his chest.
It was the safest feeling in the world.
You didn’t know how long you sat there, lost in the memories but eventually you decided it was time to go. You weren’t quite ready to go home yet so you drove to a small cafe you and Peter had found together and hesitated for a moment before getting out of your car and heading inside.
Soon you were sitting at a table facing out into the street with a hot drink and a muffin in front of you. As you sat sipping your drink, you couldn’t help but smile at the memories of all the times you and Peter had come here, hiding away from the adults and just being in each other’s company.
One night you remembered vividly, it was shortly after Uncle Ben had died. Peter had been a mess and you had tried to be there for him but he pushed you, pushed everyone away. A few weeks had passed with only minimal contact with him before he knocked on your bedroom window.
You had jumped out of your skin seeing him on your fire escape, wondering how on earth he had gotten up so high but those thoughts were shoved to the back of your mind as you took in the cuts and bruises that covered his face.
“What happened?” You asked softly after opening your window for him. You watched as he gingerly climbed through, wincing as he straightened up. Once he was fully inside you could see his eyes were wet and watery.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered instead of answering, moving forward to rest his head on your shoulder. You saw him wince as he did so led him to the bed. Peter seemed thankful as he cuddled into your stomach and you ran your fingers gently through his hair. “I’m sorry for ignoring you.”
“Hey, it’s ok, you were going through a lot.” You told him honestly. You had hated the fact you couldn’t comfort him whilst he was mourning the death of Ben but you understood people grieved differently. All you could do was be there for him when he came knocking on your door...or your window.
“What happened?” You had asked again and he turned his head slightly to look up at you.
“I had a fight with May.” Peter mumbled against you. Before you could say anything Peter was suddenly sitting up and grabbing your hand. “Let’s go.” He said.
“Go?” You questioned, “Go where?”
“To the cafe.” Peter said. “Please Y/N.” Was all he needed to say before you were shrugging on a coat and letting him lead you to the cafe.
The two of you had stayed there for hours, you had let Peter lead the conversation not knowing where to go considering he was still obviously upset. You had tried to ask him what had happened with May but he just shook his head and when you brought up the bruises he shut down completely.
Eventually Peter walked you home and the next day everything went back to normal between the two of you.
Sitting here now felt odd, it felt like something was missing.
And then suddenly it wasn’t missing.
“Y/N?” You heard someone say. You turned your head from where you had been gazing out of the window and saw Peter Parker stood next to you holding a to-go cup.
He looked...good. He looked really good and it took a moment for you to reply.
“Peter. Hi!” You greeted, unsure of what to do but Peter looked confused too.
“Hey, how’ve you been? You look great.” He told you and you couldn’t help but smile as he blushed.
“Thanks, I’m good. How’re you? You’re looking good too.” You smiled. It was strange seeing Peter, he hadn’t changed too much, a bit more muscle here and there but ultimately he still looked like the same Peter you had left behind.
Your smile brightened as he blushed even more as he ran a hand through his hair.
“I,um, thank you.” He stammered, clearly his throat before continuing, “I’m good too.”
There was a slight pause as you debated whether you wanted to ask him to join you before you just shook your head. You had wanted to bump into him, turning him away now would be foolish.
“Do you have anywhere to be?” You asked and felt relieved as he shook his head no. “Care to join me then? Gotta say I’ve missed you.” Peter sat down and looked at you shyly before speaking.
“I’ve missed you too.” He admitted.
The two of you sat there for hours and it was like no time had passed where you had been apart. This, this felt natural, it felt right to be sat with Peter talking about everything and nothing at the same time. It was easy to keep ordering drinks, easy to keep talking, easy to remember you’d never fallen out of love with him.
The two of you would’ve sat there all night talking, reminiscing, laughing together if your mom didn’t call you, worried about where you were. You gave Peter a sheepish look as you told her you had arrived a while ago but ended up bumping into an old friend.
“I didn’t mean to keep you for so long.” You apologised as the two of you stood up. He smiled over at you, cursing himself for letting his secret get between the two of you.
“Don’t be, I liked seeing you today.” He told you before pausing for a moment, “Aunt May’s out for the holidays, so if you wanted to stop by…” He trailed off and you couldn’t help but flush slightly as you stepped out of the cafe.
“Yeah, I’d like that.” You told him with a smile and Peter couldn’t help but grin. There was an ache in your chest as you looked at him, god you missed him.
Peter walked you over to your car and the two of you paused for a second, not sure how to say goodbye and before you could say anything Peter leaned down to kiss your cheek.
“See you soon, Y/N/N.” He whispered before pulling away.
The blush on your cheeks must’ve been obvious and you both knew it wasn’t from the cold air.
“See you Peter.” You whispered back, watching as he walked away.
Three days had passed since you first saw Peter at the cafe and you had yet to go to his house. Despite the cheery holiday music, the twinkling lights everywhere you looked, the smell of cookies, all you could think about was Peter’s invitation.
It hadn’t escaped your families notice either, the distant far of looks, the continuous picking up of your cell phone, they noticed it all but you’d told them repeatedly you were fine and it was eventually dropped.
No matter what you were doing your thoughts always led back to Peter Parker.
Today you decided to stop overthinking it and just go. You got out of bed with a groan and took your time getting ready. Before long you were showered, dressed and ready to go but you couldn’t help but hesitate at the front door.
“It’s Peter isn’t it?” Your mom asked, appearing from the kitchen. You debated on whether you wanted to tell her or not but decided she’d probably have a better opinion on it than you.
With a sigh you nodded, “It’s Peter.”
“You two,” she said, smiling fondly. She had always been a fan of Peter, he was the most perfect boyfriend a mother could ask for, “you miss him.” She didn’t ask but she stated it like it was the most obvious fact in the world.
“Yeah, I miss him.” You agreed because what else could you do?
“Go to him then,” She urged, “You and Peter had something special. I know you thought there was another girl but trust me when I say that boy would never even dream of cheating on you. It’s rare to find someone who looks at you the way Peter does and it’s even rarer for you to look at him with the same look, trust me. Go and see him.”
You were at a loss for words so instead you hugged her quickly murmuring a quick ‘thank you’ before heading out of the door and into your car before you could think too much of it.
It wasn’t long until you were at Peter’s house. Thankfully the lights were on as you hadn’t even considered texting ahead.
The walk up to Peter’s door felt like they took forever and no time at all and before you knew it there stood Peter with a shy smile on his face.
“Y/N,” He greeted happily, “you came.”
“Sorry I didn’t text.” You said, smiling back at him as he opened the door wider to let you in.
“Oh no, it’s fine. I’m glad you're here.” He told you as he led you to the kitchen.
The house hadn’t changed much in the few months you’d been gone. The kitchen was still the same as were the pictures decorating the house, you smiled sadly as you saw one of Ben and May smiling together.
Everything looked the same, everything still felt like home.
“Can I get you a drink?” Peter asked when a few moments of silence had passed as he let you look around.
Soon the two of you were sat on the sofa, drinks on the coffee table and a random channel playing on the tv. Peter turned to face you and hesitated, he had thought about telling you his secret for a long time, if there was anyone he could trust it was you. It wasn’t a trust issue though, it was the fact he didn’t want to risk putting you in harm's way, if you ever got hurt because of him, he wouldn’t, he couldn’t forgive himself. But if he wanted even half a chance of being with you again, he knew he had to.
“Is everything ok?” You asked when it looked like Peter was absorbed by the thoughts running through his head. You smiled as he shook his head slightly.
“Sorry, yeah, no, I just,” Here Peter let his head fall against the back of the sofa and groaned, causing you to giggle. “God, I’m really bad at this, Y/n/n, how did I ever get so lucky in the first place?” He asked and this time you laughed.
“I think I remember a lot of stammering and blushing back then too.” You teased him, causing him to cover his face with his hands, “And then there was the time you gave me a nosebleed whilst trying to impress me, I think that’s when I really fell hard for you.” You laughed as he moved his hands.
“Oh I did make you bleed didn’t I?” He gasped, remembering how when he tried to teach you to skateboard it had ended with his knee connecting with your nose. “Seriously, why did you ever date me?” He said, the pair of you laughing and moving close together.
“What can I say? I was gone for you the moment I met you, no amount of nosebleeds would’ve made me stop.” You told him, watching as his eyes flicked down to your lips.
“I never stopped liking you.” He admitted quietly, almost whispering the confession.
“I never stopped liking you either.” You replied in the same tone, watching as he leaned closer.
“Tell me to stop and I will.” Peter whispered, lifting his hand to cup your cheek, letting his thumb trace along your skin.
“Please don’t stop.” You said as you leaned into the touch and that was all the confirmation Peter needed before he leaned in and connected your lips together.
The kiss was slow and gentle, it felt almost like a first kiss, the kind where you’re hesitant but you know you want to spend forever kissing this person, it was the kind of kiss that gave you butterflies.
However it quickly turned desperate, it was a kiss that could be described as hungry, as needy. The two of you invading each other's space, getting as close to each other as possible. Neither of you could stop your hands from exploring the other's body, your hands on Peter’s chest, his fingertips running down your back causing you to arch into the touch. The kiss felt like it set you on fire, Peter’s very touch electric to your skin as warmth spread throughout your body. This kiss was for every kiss that was missed in the months you’d been apart, this kiss was intimate, it was everything you had wanted and needed.
You ended up on Peter’s lap during this and couldn’t help but grind against him causing Peter to moan into the kiss.
“Fuck baby.” Peter groaned as the two of you pulled away for some air.
“I told you I missed you.” You murmured against his skin as you trailed kisses from his jawline to his neck causing him to muffle another groan.
“Y/N,” He began before taking your chin and pulling you back up so he could kiss you again. You couldn’t help but moan into the kiss, grinding against his lap as you kissed him back with the same desperate need.
Before you could even register what had happened, Peter was stood up, holding you against him. You wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled back as he started walking towards the stairs.
“No, no, baby, kiss me.” He whined as he leaned forward and you laughed as you pressed your lips together. You didn’t know how Peter managed to get up the stairs without pausing but somehow he managed and you were quickly dropped down on the bed with Peter hovering above you.
“God baby,” Peter said, leaning closer so he could press hurried kisses against your neck trailing down to your chest. His hands began to trail over your clothed breasts causing you to groan and arch up into his touch. “I missed you so damn much,” He told you as he trailed kisses further down, mouthing at your breast through the shirt you wore making you moan and whine.
“Peter,” you whimpered as he ran his tongue across the material, “please.”
“Anything for you, baby.” He breathed out, “anything.” After that he helped pull your shirt off over your head before attaching himself to your right breast, taking it into his mouth, shamelessly sucking on it. He let his hand trail up to the other one and started playing with it causing you to throw your head back and arching into the touch.
God, Peter loved hearing you moan for him.
Peter let his hand trail further down, letting his fingers brush in between your legs, smirking against your breast as you bucked up suddenly.
“Peter,” you whined causing him to chuckle but he pulled away causing you to whimper at the loss. He sank further down the bed, trailing kissing down from your breasts, onto your stomach and hips before he settled in between your legs, pressing kisses against your jean covered thighs.
He couldn’t help but smirk as you let out a string of incomprehensible words as he licked in between your legs through your jeans, letting his hand trail ever so softly over the clothes.
“Peter,” You groaned again, the only thing you were capable of saying was his name causing him to press another kiss to your thigh before he pulled your jeans from you before settling back between your legs, smiling at the wetness that stained your underwear.
“So good for me, baby.” He murmured, leaning forward and licking you through your underwear causing you to moan, pressing further into him, trying to get as much friction as you could.
“Peter, Peter, please, need you, Peter.” You whimpered and whined as he continued on like that for a good few moments before he finally pulled your underwear off too, throwing them off to the side somewhere.
“Shh, shh, I got you,” Peter murmured as he settled back down in front of you, “I know what you need, baby.”
You whimpered as you felt his hot breath between your legs, moaned as he leaned closer and lightly licked your cunt before attaching his mouth to it and sucking. It was like your body lit up, sparks of pleasure ran throughout your body causing your thighs to clench but Peter was there holding them down, holding you open.
As he continued sucking on your clit, his fingers trailed up and you let out a loud, filthy moan as you felt his finger push into you causing Peter to chuckle against your clit and you moaned even louder as a result of the vibrations from it.
As your moans grew louder and more frantic Peter pushed his fingers deeper into you, curling them as he found your g-spot, he sped up and alternated between sucking and licking at your clit causing your hands to grip his hair tightly, holding him in place.
He stayed where you held him, his mouth desperately working your clit as his finger sped up. He felt you withering against him, frantically trying to find a release as Peter continued assaulting your clit. When you began moaning Peter’s name repeatedly, almost like a prayer, he pulled away from you with a smirk.
“Pete,” you whined, your thighs bucking as you tried to chase after him.
“Not just yet, baby, I wanna feel myself in you.” He whispered as he leaned down and smashed your lips together in a rough, dirty kiss. You groaned as you tasted yourself on his tongue.
It wasn’t long before Peter was lining himself up against you and pushed into you without warning causing you to let out a loud moan, scraping your fingernails down his back.
“Fuck.” Peter groaned as he leaned down to bury his face in your neck, biting down as he sunk further into you causing you to moan and screw your eyes shut.
Peter rocked himself until he was buried deep inside you and paused for a moment, giving you time to adjust. When you nodded, he pulled almost all the way out before slamming into you causing you to cry out, your back arching off of the bed as he repeated the action continuously at a fast pace, each time hitting that sweet spot inside of you.
“Oh, fuck, fuck, Pete, yes, fuck, right there, yes!” You continued to moan, not caring in the slightest how loud you were being. Peter loved it, he loved when you lost control like this, he loved when everything went out the window and you were as loud as you could be. It did something to him he couldn’t explain and it only made him speed up, his hand coming down to rub against your clit.
As Peter slammed into you and rubbed your clit, your were moaning louder than you’d done in a long time, letting your hands fall onto the bed as you gripped the bedsheets. The sound of the bed frame smacking against the wall and your loud moans only fuelled Peter on more.
“Please Peter, I need to cum, please.” You begged as you felt your orgasm getting closer causing Peter to groan and slam into you harder and faster, his hand speeding up to. The pace made you cry out, it was almost too much but Peter had always known what you needed.
It wasn’t long before Peter felt you cumming on his dick causing him to moan and buck into you, pressing deeper inside you as he too came inside of you.
The two of you stay where you are for a while, neither one of you ready to move. The only sound to be heard was the heavy panting as the two of you calmed down. Your hands were still gripping the sheets and your eyes were still screwed shut causing Peter to smile before he gently pulled out of you, almost moaning at the sight of cum dripping out of your used cunt, before he gently took both of your hands in his causing you to lazily blink up at him.
“You with me, baby?” He asked quietly, smiling as you sluggishly nodded at him. He’d really done a number on you. “Good girl, I’ll be right back, gonna clean you up.” He murmured before heading to the bathroom to get a damp washcloth and on his way back he grabbed one of his clean shirts for you.
“Good girl,” He praised in a hushed tone as he made quick but careful work of cleaning you and the bed up before he helped you pull the shirt over your body.
After he made sure everything was tidied away he slid into bed with you, smiling as you automatically curled up against him. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your head before letting himself drift off to sleep like you had.
God, he’d missed you.
You woke up slowly in the morning, you felt Peter underneath you and felt his fingers lazily tracing unknown figures into your skin. Before drawing his attention to the fact you were awake, you let your eyes stay shut as you thought back to last night.
Did you regret it? Absolutely not.
Did you know what it meant? Also no.
You knew you wanted Peter back but there was still that question lingering in the back of your mind, what was he hiding from you?
You had to find out, it was the only way you could be with him.
If that’s what he wanted.
You groaned as you stirred, blinking lazily up at Peter who smiled down at you softly, his expression full of love. It made you pause for a moment before smiling back at him.
“How you feeling today?” He asked and you winced as you shifted. “I didn’t mean to be so rough.” He added.
“No, no, it was good, I enjoyed it.” You told him watching as he smirked, “Oh shut up.” You laughed, hitting his chest lightly.
“I didn’t say anything.” He laughed before pressing a kiss against your head and then pausing. “Sorry, I, um, I.” Peter stammered and you felt just as confused about where you stood with each other.
“You wanna go to the park today?” You asked, saving him and yourself from the awkwardness that was starting to settle. “It should be pretty quiet.” It was true, you could see the snow falling from outside the window.
Peter shot up a confused look before he agreed and after the two of you were showered and dressed you left the house and began walking down to the park. The walk was nice, Peter and you pretty much staying silent though your hands brushed together a few times.
When you got to the park you weren’t surprised to see that it was in fact empty, the snow was falling and it was still reasonably early considering school was out.
For the entire walk to the park you had gone over what to say so many times and you still had nothing. All you knew was that you wanted to be with Peter but you couldn’t, not with secrets and lies pulling you apart.
“Listen,” You began after minutes of silence had passed since you and Peter sat down. “I never stopped loving you, even when I broke up with you it wasn’t because I fell out of love. I wanted to be with you, I still want to be with you. You were, you are everything to me. But there were so many lies, Peter.” You rushed out watching as Peter looked down and fiddled with the hem of his jacket.
“I know,” he whispered, “I know I lied to you. You were the one person I didn’t want to lie to, ever, the one person who I wanted to tell but I couldn’t, Y/N/N, I couldn’t.” You began to worry now, wondering what on earth this secret was.
“You have to tell me, Pete, please just tell me.” You begged, looking at him with watery eyes. When Peter looked up at you he felt his heart clench and he screwed his eyes shut before nodding.
“Ok, ok, Y/N, I’ll tell you but you have to promise no matter what happens, even if you walk away today, this stays between us.” He pleaded, looking at you with scared, wide eyes.
You nodded immediately, of course you would keep whatever secret he was hiding.
“I’m Spider-Man.” He choked out, turning away from you.
Your eyes widened as you looked at him in shock. He was Spider-Man, the Spider-Man who you had seen jump off of skyscrapers and join police chases to fight bad guys, the Spider-Man who risked his own safety in order to protect the citizens of Queen’s.
“What do you mean your Spider-Man?” You asked and it took Peter some time before he managed to tell you the full story of how he had become Spider-Man and why he did what he did.
“Do you hate me?” He asked tearfully, causing you to smile and cup his cheek before pulling him in for a soft kiss.
“No.” You whispered easily, “Part of me isn’t even really shocked to find out it’s you. I mean who else is so selfless to put their own needs aside to protect the little guys, huh?” You smiled, causing him to give you a small, bashful smile in return.
“Does this mean you’ll be my girlfriend again?” He asked hesitantly and you laughed slightly.
“Yes, Pete, I’d love nothing more than to be your girlfriend again.” You grinned as he pulled you in for another kiss.
It was safe to say that that was one of the best holiday seasons either of you had had.
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louisapennyfeather2021 · 10 days ago
So we see in the new official trailer that Tom's Spiderman has a very similar scene as Andrew's spiderman. To be more specific, the scene where Tom's Spiderman is trying to save Zendaya's MJ as she falls through the air.
Now it's quite obvious that the scene resembles the scene in The Amazing Spiderman where Gwen fell to her death.
But imagine this;
Tom's Spiderman is reaching for MJ. He reaches his hand out to grasp hers(as seen in the trailer), but he is knocked away from her by one of the many mutiverse villains. He screams her name as she falls because he's certain she'll die if he doesn't do something. He's helpless to do anything because of one of the villains holding him down and all he can do is watch. She falls in slow motion towards the debris.
Until there's suddenly a web.
And her body jerks up, away from the ground.
Suddenly she's pulled into the arms of someone else.
"Don't worry, I've got you," he says. MJ holds onto him, even if she doesn't know who he is. Tom's Spiderman watches in confusion and relief. Relief because MJ is okay and confusion because he doesn't recognize the man in the suit so similar to his.
But the audience does.
The theater goes wild as Andrew's Spiderman pulls his mask off, a bitter sweet smile on his face. He couldn't save Gwen, but he was able to save this girl.
Suddenly the villains is thrown off of Tom's Spiderman. Ned is next to him now(instead of hanging from the side of the building where MJ fell). Tom looks up to see another stranger standing over him in yet another suit similar to his.
"I'm getting too old for this," Tobey's Spiderman says as he too takes his mask off and rubs his face. He offers Tom a hand and helps the younger man to his feet.
Andrew swings over with MJ, who quickly hugs Tom and Ned.
"I'm so happy you guys are okay," Tom says.
"They need to get out of here, it's not safe," Andrew says.
"I'll take them," Tobey says and the two say goodbye to Tom before letting Tobey swing both of them to safety.
"So what's the plan, kid?" Andrew asks, looking around at the chaos.
"Fight the bad guys. Don't die?" Tom says.
"Sounds like a plan," Andrew says with a grin. They both pull their masks back on and dive into the chaos.
Tobey sets MJ and Ned down in a safe spot and tells her to take cover.
"Um, you might have a problem," MJ says before her and Ned hurry to seek shelter.. Tobey frowns before hearing the voice.
"Hello, Peter,"
"Oh, you can't be serious," Tobey says with a groan.
"Miss me?" Doc Oct says with a smirk.
"Not really," Tobey huffs and pulls his mask on. "Let's get this over with, old man."
And it would give Tom most of the movie before Andrew and Tobey showed up.
It's genius.
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teenwolfmarvel-obsessor · 5 months ago
The Flirtatious Incident
Tumblr media
Request from @radnickelmongerauthor: Hey! I was wondering if you could write something where Y/N liked Peter before he was Spider-Man. They started dating, but after his incident in at the gym with Flash, Gwen started flirting with Peter. Y/N gets jealous and Peter Parker shows her the night of her life
A/N: Thanks for requesting! I tried doing a little bit of SMUT, but it probably isn't. Sorry it took me so long to post this!
Summary: Knowing Peter Parker was a blessing and a curse. I guess after the confrontation with Flash Thompson in the gymnasium, everyone had eyes on your boyfriend (Peter Parker), including Gwen Stacy. Peter said it was no big deal, but to you it was something. I guess Gwen hadn't gotten the hint, however Peter was starting to like this jealous side of you.
JJ is your brothers name (he's a freshman)
Your brother is best friends with Peter
Y/N/N: Your Nickname
Smut (sort of)
Y/L/N: Your Last Name
Warnings: None
Peter Parker x-reader
Midtown High School's hallways were filled with students as the Monday morning went on. Mr. Hawkins walked down the hallway, talking with his wife who was the school's counselor for the Freshmen. The woman glanced at my brother and I, she gave my us a small welcoming smile.
Flash stood by his locker - a few lockers down - probably teasing some freshy. JJ and I glanced down at the bully and rolled our eyes at his tone towards the younger high schooler. I looked both ways to see if Peter was walking towards me.
JJ caught my eye, he shook his head in laughter. My brunette brother put in the combination of the blue colored locker then pulled out his English textbook along with his notebook. After I had gotten my locker open, I saw my boyfriend walking down the hallway. "Hey, Peter," I said as he stood beside me. He kissed my cheek then unlocked his locker that was in between me and JJ's.
I could sense Flash's glaring eyes land on the back my boyfriend's head. JJ glanced at his best friend then to Flash who tried to open up his locker, but failed miserable as his attention was focused on Peter Parker.
I scoffed, rolling my eyes at Flash's intent gaze. Gwen Stacy walked over to Flash and helped him open up his stuffed locker. She followed his stare over to Peter. She smirked and twirled her fingers in a flirtatious wave.
I felt the blood in my body start to boil as I saw Ms. Blondie stare at my boyfriend in awe. She winked at her as Peter nervously looked away. Flash shut his locker with a loud bange, the other lockers rattling from the slam.
Some students whipped their heads to the sound of the bully's actions. Flash and a bunch of his friends crowded around their 'pack leader' as they all trekked down the hallway.
Midtown High's bully went out of his way to push Peter aside when they reached our lockers. Gwen's eyes clouded with anger as she saw me put a hand on Peter's shoulder, asking if he was alright.
JJ sighed while he watched this whole scene play out, almost like it was a Riverdale episode gone wrong. Gwen twirled her hair as she rushed over to the three of us. "Petey, are you alright?" she asked, setting an amorous hand on his forearm.
"Y-Yeah I'm alright. Just Flash being an ass," Peter answered. I clenched my fists when Gwen played with the button on my boyfriends jacket sleeve. JJ watched intently, moving his stare between me and Gwen.
The morning bell rang from the speaker above us that was hooked to the ceiling. Students stepped away from their lockers and headed to their assigned classrooms. He cleared his throat then broke apart the 'Riverdale episode'.
"Alright," my brother sighed, "Peter and his girlfriend should probably get to class."
Gwen looked to me and smiled sarcastically, continuing to put her hand on Peter's arm. She moved it slowly up to the nape of his neck, playing with the pieces of his brown hair.
"No, I think I'm going to stay here," Gwen said, "Y/N can go though." I jerked my head to Gwen, steam practically radiating off of me. JJ grabbed Gwen's hand and pushed her away.
"Y/N/N and Peter need to get to class," my brother said, a little more tense this time. Gwen pulled her arm away from JJ's grip and rubbed her wrist from my brothers grasp. Gwen huffed in annoyance, she tossed her blonde hair to the side then made her way down the hallway.
JJ grabbed his backpack and followed after Gwen so she wouldn't come back to the two of us. "I'm this close to drop kicking that blondie," I said, showing up my index finger and my thumb to demonstrate how long I had to punch the living hell out of Gwen Stacy.
Peter looked down at me and smiled, biting his lip slightly (GIF Above). I stared at my boyfriend with my mouth agape, feeling my heart skip a beat. "Don't give me that look," I said and shook my head. He tilted his head, continuing to smirk at me. "What look?" Peter replied.
"The look you give me whenever I try to be serious," I responded, setting my hands on my hips. Peter leaned down to kiss me but the two of us were interrupted by our principle.
"Mr. Parker, Ms. Y/L/N!" she exclaimed, "Don't you have a class to go to?"
Peter closed his eyes slightly and groaned in frustration. He picked up his skateboard then put it into his locker. He grabbed his backpack and swung it over his shoulder. "And we're heading there right now," I said, giving Ms. Williams a thumbs up.
She slowly nodded then motioned her head to the end of the hallway. Peter put a hand on my lower back, leading me to our English Literature class.
(Time Skip: After school)
The moon let out a white and silver glow into my neatly made room. Sounds of crickets and small birds rang outside the bedroom window as I sat at my desk. I yawned, stretching and leaned back in my chair. JJ knocked on my door then opened it once I replied to his knock.
I looked up from the black colored laptop. My brunette brother gave me a tender smile then set a plate down with a slice of pizza and some potato chips. "You missed dinner," he said after he put a glass of water beside the plate.
"Sorry, was mom mad?" I asked, looking up from the slice of pizza. He shrugged and leaned against the doorway of my room. I took a bite of the pizza then drank the ice, cold water. "Not really, she was preoccupied with work," JJ replied. "Again?" I said, shocked.
Mom had just gotten a promotion down at the office, she was beyond excited about it. She wouldn't stop talking about how Jared - her work best friend - spent long nights after work had finished reading up on some new leads for an article they were working on.
There were three sides to our mother: the investigative journalist, laidback mom, and a mom who says she will kick your ass if she has to. JJ grabbed some chips off the plate then left my room with the door closing behind him.
I chuckled and looked back at my laptop. I sighed at the sight of a bunch of Statistics homework. Mr. Scott had assigned us for the day. A small knock sounded from the window that sat against my bed.
I took a quick glance at the window and saw a flash of red. I took a double take and saw Spiderman sitting in front of my window. Peter slipped off the mask and gave a quick smile. I sighed, quickly finished my meal then opened up the glass window.
"What're you doing here?" I asked, letting my boyfriend into my room. Peter threw his backpack to the side then closed the window behind him. Without warning, Peter smashed his lips onto mine, bringing his hands up to hold the sides of my face.
I sunk into the kiss as the two of us sat in front of the bedroom window. Peter unzipped my blue jacket then tossed it to the side. I felt his hand try and reach for the hem of my favorite shirt.
I broke the kiss and looked at my boyfriend, very confused. His hands remained on my waist. I let out a small laugh and furrowed my brows. "What's with you?" I inquired. Peter shrugged his shoulders and glanced at the door.
With a swift movement, he shot a web to lock the door then quickly swiped the curtains so they covered my window that overlooked the city. Peter changed his gaze to me, shifting from one eye to the other.
"Not that I hate you kissing me," I said, stuttering slightly. The brown eyed boy chuckled and shook his head at my statement. I leaned forward and kissed him again, his hands successfully slipping the t-shirt over my head.
Peter and I continued to kiss as articles of clothing were being thrown all over the place. The feeling of Peter's lips trailed up the side of my neck, his arms wrapping around my waist so I was pressed against his chest.
I yelped slightly when Peter leaned back and flipped me over so he was hovering over me. The same flirtatious smile from earlier this morning slowly crept on his face. "Guess who says hi?" Peter inquired, pushing a piece of hair behind my ear.
"If you say Gwen Stacy so help me-"
Peter interrupted my sentence by crashing his lips to mine, resting his hands on either side of my face, deepening the kiss. I sat up from the bed as I continued to kiss him, twirling his brown hair with my fingers. Our make out session was interrupted by loud knocking from my white bedroom door. "Shit," Y/N said, "Who is it?"
"It's dad," my dad replied. My eyes widened at my father's response. I lightly pushed Peter off of me and ushered him to hide in the closet.
He stumbled to the closet and picked up his spider suit and backpack. I closed the door behind him then slipped on an oversized t-shirt before making my way to the door. I quickly unlocked and opened it up, revealing a very confused father.
"Everything alright?" he asked.
"Yeah, yeah. Everything's fine," I said, sighing.
"I heard noises, what're you doing?" my dad asked. "I was-I was..." I trailed, "I was watching this movie and it had some fight scenes. Sorry, I never realized it was really loud." My father slowly nodded at my reply.
He looked over my shoulder and saw my bed was all messed up along with clothing laying about the floor. My father looked back at me with an even more confused face. "I was in my bed while watching it," I continued, "Listen, I'm not feeling good. So, I should probably go back to sleep."
My dad nodded slowly and closed the door. I sighed in relief then turned back around to see Peter sitting on my bed, with only his boxers on. He gave me the same look he gave me earlier.
He smirked and bit his lip slightly. "If that happens again, you're going to be the one I'm going to drop kick," I said, pointing at him.
He flicked his wrist, a little webbed rope latched onto my wrist. Peter pulled me close, the two of us fell onto my bed, on top of each other.
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art-the-f-up · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so you know how ‘Chat Blanc’ and ‘The Death Of Gwen Stacy’?
This isn’t a part of the continued comic, so don’t worry, she’s not really dead. Someone just said self indulgent art is allowed around here and since I discovered some new brushes, I wanted to try the typical old comic style for this AU. 
I know there are probably many mistakes in this but English isn’t really my first language so.
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lauralestrange7 · 2 months ago
Heya so I saw that your requests were open so I wanted to see if you would like to write a regulus x fem reader where they have a sort of friends with benefits situation but regulus gets sick of it and they have a heated argument where they both say they wanna date like very angrily yelling, love your writing hope u have a good day ❤
More Than This
Thank you for requesting! I'm sorry this isn't exactly what you requested, I had to make changes.
Hope you enjoy it nevertheless!
Tumblr media
Regulus sat down in his seat on the Slytherin table, he had just picked up his fork when he saw something that made him lose his appetite. Y/n L/n was sitting on the table her legs wrapped around Barty Crouch’s waist as they whispered and giggled. Regulus scoffed dropping his fork.
The next day after classes, as he was walking towards the common room someone caught up with him. And Y/n took his hand pulling him to her as placed kisses down his neck. Regulus stiffened up, which made Y/n stop. She let go of his hand and looked at him. “What was that?” she asked and Regulus resumed walking “What was what?” he simply asked. “You know what I mean, what’s with the flinching?” She asked also walking “I didn’t flinch,” Regulus said not looking at her. “Yeah, you did, you stiffened up. What are you trying to do? Playing hard to get?” Y/n said annoyance clearly laced in his tone. Regulus scoffed “Of course you would know, after all, you have kissed enough guys to know just what a guy is thinking.” This was it Regulus took her hand shoving the both of them inside the nearest broom closet. “What is up with you today?” she asked prying her hand away as Regulus closed the door and crossing her arm “You tell me,” Regulus said crossing his arms too. Y/n tried to wrack her brain trying to find the reason “I don’t know” she said after a while glaring at him. “Y/n what are we?” Regulus said this time his tone was different no longer sarcastic or mocking but genuine. “We are nothing,” she said and it hurt her to say it but it was the truth. “Of course, you coming running to me telling me you want me whenever you want and then hold hands and say sweet things to someone else,” Regulus yelled. “What do you want to do? This is what it was supposed to be, wasn’t it? This is what you agreed to; no strings” Y/n said running her hand through her hair. Regulus knew she was right he looked back down at his feet. “I waited you know- all along for you to say something to tell me to stop seeing those boys. To tell me that you wanted more than this. But you never did” Y/n said softly. Those words hit him hard, they were true “I do- I have always wanted more than this.” He finally admitted.
Y/n had so not expected this answer her shock was displayed well on her face, “What-you” She sputtered but then she pulled herself together and smiled. And Regulus loved that smile it was highly contagious so he couldn’t help but smile back. “Alright, I guess I‘ll go and tell Barty.” She said placing her hand on the door handle “Wait” Regulus said and gently took his hand and then placed her other hand on his cheek and he kissed her, it was different from all those times they had kissed. This was gentle, honest, and loving filled with fireworks and they melted in it. Oh, he could so get used to this.
Comment, reblog and follow for a second part!
Have a good day!
Read more Regulus Black and other’s fics by me :-  Masterlist
Make a request ✨🤍xoxo
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Secrets & Sleepovers
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Requests are OPEN!
Pairings - Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker x Reader
Requested - Yes - Anon - Hey! Can I request an imagine for Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker?? Where he is tired from school and spiderman and he visits the reader at night and he falls asleep on her?
Warnings - None but I did slightly change it a bit but I hope you like it!
Prompts - N/A
Tumblr media
Night after night Spiderman took to the streets fighting bad guys for hours on end and then had to attend school the next day on very little sleep. For the most part, he managed, the spider bite giving him all sorts of cool abilities, one of them being able to last longer without sleep than regular humans.
School was a nightmare most days. The workload was piling higher and higher as the semesters went on and on top of that he had to deal with Flash on a regular basis. The lack of sleep made him more susceptible to losing it on Flash but he somehow managed to keep it to verbal arguments lately. The last thing he needed was to accidentally expose his powers in a fight with Flash.
Peter Parker loved being Spiderman but some days it was all too much. Every little noise, the scent of the city, the feel of his clothing, his senses became overwhelmed and all he wanted to do was hide under his blanket and sleep for weeks.
Unfortunately that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. With exams around the corner and someone needing to look out for the little guys, Peter was overworking himself and it was only a matter of time before he crashed and burned.
You let out a loud groan as you let your head hit the textbook in front of you, missing the way Peter smirked at you.
“If I ever have to look at another math book again, I may cry.” You grumbled into the book. You and Peter were currently sitting in the library studying for an upcoming exam.
When you had first sat down, you had raised an eyebrow at Peter. He looked like he hadn’t gotten any sleep judging by the dark circles under his eyes, there was also bruising around his left jaw and a small cut just below his hairline. When you had asked him about it he shrugged it off and told you he was staying up late studying and that bruise was just him being clumsy. You weren’t sure you believed it but you let it go for now.
“Considering we got to a school that specialises in that stuff, I’m not liking your chances.” Peter grinned, causing you to sit up and throw a crumpled up piece of paper at him.
“Hey!” He exclaimed with a laugh. Moments later you heard a shushing noise causing you both to quietly chuckle.
“Let’s take a break.” Peter suggested, moving to put his books in his bag. You were in desperate need of some food and a stretch so you were quick to follow.
It wasn’t long until the two of you had found a small diner and had a selection of food in front of you.
You noticed how Peter shifted and winced a few times before settling in.
“Are you sure you’re ok?” You asked again.
Peter cursed himself, he thought he was good at hiding his secret but you always managed to see through the lies he gave. It was another downside to having this mutation, the lying. He was constantly lying to you, to Aunt May, to everyone but he couldn’t risk anyone finding out. He wouldn’t risk the people he cared about getting hurt because of him.
“I’m fine,” Peter assured with a bright smile, it was hard not to smile back though the concern didn’t go away. “Trust me, after finals I’ll be good as new.” He knew that wasn’t true but he just wanted you to stop worrying about him. With all the stress right now the last thing he wanted was to add to that.
“Ok, ok, I’ll drop it but if you wanna talk about anything…”
“I know and I appreciate it, Y/N/N, I really do.” With that you finally did let the topic drop. Peter was right, everyone was stressed and overly tired right now.
The days were starting to blend into each other. Peter was struggling to get through the day, dreading the nights where he would fight crime but if he didn’t do it and somebody got hurt...that was on him.
Nobody else would feel the pain he felt, not when he could do the things he could.
Peter was sitting on the roof of a tall building, legs dangling over the edge. He’d long taken his mask off, knowing he was safe up here. Tonight had started off rough, he’d stopped a mugging but had taken a few hits from the man's knife and plenty of bruises were quickly developing on his face. Thankfully his healing speed meant that the knife wound had knitted itself together quite quickly to stop the bleeding but that only made him more exhausted.
He wouldn’t know where the bruises ended on his face and where the bags under his eyes started. He so desperately wanted to do nothing more than clasp into bed.
He was exhausted.
Shaking his head, he blinked hard against the sudden wetness in his eyes, cursing himself for becoming so emotional but he couldn’t help it. Between school and secret identities, he was stretching himself way too thin.
With a sigh Peter stood up. He had to get moving otherwise he’d end up falling asleep on some cold rooftop. He swung for what felt like hours, really it couldn’t have been more than twenty minutes, before landing on a fire escape.
He hadn’t realised it but somehow he had ended up at your house. The curtains were still open and he could see the soft glow of the lamp.
Mentally he chastised himself for coming here but who could blame him? You had always had a way of making him feel safe, making him feel like everything was ok even when it was falling to pieces. When he had lost Uncle Ben you had been his rock. So who could blame him for subconsciously seeking you out when he was feeling like this.
He looked in the window and saw you sat at your desk, books and papers spread out in what looked like a chaotic mess but he knew you would know exactly where everything was.
He wanted so desperately to knock on your window, to just sit with you in silence and feel like the world wasn’t about to crumble but he knew he couldn’t.
For starters he was still in the Spiderman suit and secondly he knew if you caught a glimpse of him now, bruised and beaten, you wouldn’t stop until you found out his secret.
He stood up, ready to leave and continue swinging around for a few more hours despite the exhaustion. You however heard something outside and turned to look, from your seat at the desk you had a perfect view of the fire escape just outside your window and your eyes widened as you saw Peter.
You ran over to the window, pushing it open before Peter had a chance to move and the two of you froze, locking eyes with each other waiting for someone to break the silence.
When the silence stretched for an uncomfortable amount of time you spoke;
“You’re Spiderman.” You stated rather than asked, the evidence was clear before your eyes.
“I’m sorry.” Was Peter’s quiet reply, his eyes grew wet as he tried to hold back tears. You took in each cut and bruise on his face, wincing in sympathy. It explained a lot really but you’d seen the videos of Spiderman, you’d seen the risk he put himself in time and time again.
You didn’t like it but even without Peter’s explanation, which you would definitely be getting, you knew he wouldn’t ever give Spiderman up, knew how much responsibility he must have been putting on himself. The exhaustion made a lot of sense.
“Come in.” You said, stepping out of the way so he could climb in. Peter hesitated but did as you asked, standing awkwardly by your window as you rummaged around in your closet.
It took a few moments but eventually you found a pair of sweatpants and an old shirt you’d stolen from Peter and held them out for him, smiling as he raised an eyebrow at you.
“I think you own more of my clothes than I do.” He joked but you could still see the tension in his shoulders, giving away just how anxious he was causing you to sigh.
“Listen, I’m not angry and I’m not going to ask you to give Spiderman up or anything. Hell, I’m not even completely surprised it’s you behind the mask. Sure I wish you would’ve told me but I get why you didn’t.” You told him sincerely, stepping forward and reaching up to lightly touch his bruised cheek. “You’re so brave. I promise we can talk about it in the morning but you look exhausted.”
“I’m so tired,” He whispered, his eyes falling shut as he leaned into your touch, “God, I’m so tired.” He repeated.
You took his hand and guided him to your bed, making sure he was tucked in before climbing in yourself. Peter was quick to move from his side and rest his head on your stomach causing you to smile down at him. You let your fingers settle in his hair, gently running your finger through it causing him to cuddle closer to you.
You continued to stroke his hair long after he had fallen asleep, a warm feeling spreading inside of you with every happy sigh he gave in his sleep. You were determined to make sure Peter was well rested and looked after from now on, seeing just how bad things had gotten for him. The pressure you knew he would put on himself would be enough to make anyone crack but Peter had held himself so well.
It wasn’t long before you were falling asleep too, a smile on your face as Peter reached for your hand whilst murmuring incoherent words.
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