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#the ancient magus bride

Seven Seas Entertainment is going to translate ‘The Tale of The Outcasts’

Wisteria is an orphan girl living in a corner of the British Empire at the end of the 19th century. Her life is desolate and bleak–until she encounters Marbas, a powerful but equally lonely immortal being with a furry appearance, hounded by hunters. Together, Wisteria and Marbas roam the Empire–populated by humans and human-like beasts–in search of a place where they can live together in peace.

From what I’ve seen of raws and tags online, it appears that is a Found Family, Father-Daughter, story, and from chapter 1 raws it ‘s kinda akin to Ancient Magus Bride, but also is different in it’s own way. 

It looks absolutely exciting too! Can’t wait for it to be one sale in June!

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Friends of mine say that they like coming to me with problems because even with my usual gothic look I give out good vibes. I hope to become a folklorist/psychologist and to travel the world to places like Hawaii. Thank you! 2/2

** Hi sweethearttt!!!! Thanks so much for your request. Again I’m so sorry these are taking me so long to get through, life is crazy and I wanted them to be good! **

You sound awesome!

That being said, for Ancient Magus Bride I match you with


Originally posted by kurozero

Lindel (okay, is he like my favorite character of the series? Sure. But that’s not way! Stay with me!)

He adores your appearance! You have a soft beautiful figure and he is so quick to stutter at the sight of you before cracking a not so appropriate joke.

((He knows some creative ones.. he’s old))

That being said, he and you both love making people laugh and happy! Tickle fights, a home full of inviting jokes and belly laughter! So much pure fun and love.

Dragons Rides! Adventures! Picnics with incredible views as dates, as he would gingerly try to put his arm around you before a small dragon nudged it’s way between you two.

You would probably be his apprentice under him! Your longing to learn and travel is apparent and he loves that about you!

((He totally braids your hair I mean come on))

Now, for Soul Eater, your matchup is


Originally posted by windwaver

Black Star ⭐️

Okay- again hear me out. He can be sooo determined resilient and sweet, and your hobbies and general nature bring that out in him.

He finds you sooo fun! So many puns and jokes are exchanged between you two is like a whole entirely different language.

((He definitely needs you though. When he gets a bruised ego he seeks your comfort like a kicked puppy and he listens to you read him probably

You probably (definitely) tutor him. Out of love! It’s a fun time, and honestly not super productive which makes it all the more meaningful.

That’s all! ❤️ hope you enjoyed!

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