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#the answer is bad

sometimes, very briefly, I wonder what it would be like if the official Hatsune Miku twitter page also had a tumblr

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what rank are you in Overwatch?? btw I just had a nasty 16 rez game u r an inspiration

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we dont need to talk about my overwatch rank it doesnt define me as a healer

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Tagged by the lovely @whoisshewhatisshedoing thank you darling!

wind or rain // closed curtains or open window // bumblebees or butterflies // banana bread or cheesecake // tulips or roses // lemon & honey or apple & cinnamon // hillside cottage or city apartment // warm or cool // book or video game // organized bullet journal or cluttered sketchbook // smoothie or milkshake // sunshine or moonlight // relaxing or productivity // holding hands or back hugs // sunset at the beach (if you know me you know that is my life) or stargazing in a field // poetry or prose // candle or diffuser // longing for the past or longing for the future // vocals or instrumentals // snowy mountain or rolling green hills

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oooooooo lmfao okay please don’t take offense if ur reading this and ur any of these signs i decide to kill my heart is big enough for all sun signs at the end of the day

Air: fuck libra, marry aqua, kill gemini

I’M SO SORRY MY GEMINI TIGER ANON gemini kind of happened cuz as a leo i’ve found i cant escape aqua energies so at this point i’ve come to terms with the fact i’m probs just gonna have to deal with them (otherwise i’d probs kill them 😂😂😂) then libra happened cuz i HATE HOW CHARMING LIBRAS ARE, and then i’ll kill gemini just cuz i have a lot of gemini energy and at least if we’re talking romantically i prefer more differing/contrasting energies 

Fire: fuck sag, marry leo, kill aries 

okay so i get along with aries so well, like every single person i just hit it off with instantly is an aries but i know i def don’t have a good long term track record with them. i know for me learning to understand aries’ more straight forward, instantaneous energy is a huge hurdle for me so in the ranking i’m sorry i def gotta kill an aries i’m sorry all of my aries friends. but def marry leos cuz i just love the idea of marrying a leo and ruling the world, and then f sags cuz they’re fun! 

Water: fuck cancer, marry scorpio, kill pisces 

my most recent beef is with a pisces and i don’t blame them being a pisces for it, but i know i saw a lot of the more negative pisces traits with them and so this is only an easy answer due to that situation. i’m part pisces, my mom is a pisces, i have so many friends who are pisces so i without a doubt love my fish friends. but between cancer who i have a good romantic history with, and scorpios who i’m literally surrounded by who i just adore, i had to kill pisces 😔

Earth: fuck virgo, marry taurus, kill cap 

oh man okay i have to say that my relationships with caps is founded on our love to just fight each other and i LIVE FOR IT. but my current squad is a virgo and a taurus and i just adore them with every fiber of my being. i’d def marry taurus cuz i just find them so charming and always make me feel so taken care of, and then f virgos cuz virgos are wild man 

chat with me! 

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