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#the answer was NO

@bluewrth   asked   ❛❛  Just stay a little longer. Please. ❜❜

how   she   wishes   could   comply.   for   a   moment  ,  she   could   stay  with   her   son  longer  (  at   least   her   last   memory  is   of   him   will   be   looking   into   his   eyes.   )     but   ursa   knows    that    oza    will   never    let    her   see   zuko  or   azula   ever   again.    she    has   to   leave.   for   her   safety   (   but   more   so   her   children   )    her   little   prince   looked   up   at    her   with   such    beautiful   eyes   full   of   hope.    she   turns   her   head   away   from   him,   to   hide   her   tears.    she  can’t  cry  in  front  of   him.   she   doesn’t   want   his   last   memory  to   be  of   her   crying   in  front   of   him.   ❛❛ i’m  sorry   my   love  ❜❜  she   put   her   son   down  on  his   bed,   before  pressing   a   kiss   to   his   forehead    as   she   walked   to the door.      ❛❛    i —  i   have   to   go.    ❜❜

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im ab to fucking WEEP
i was playing apex and i was the only person left on my team bc everyone else rage quit i got 5 kills in a 45 second span and there was only 2 other teams left and they were having a battle and like i was legit prolly gonna win the game by myself and then my connection to the server timed out i just sat there like is life worth living?

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just like, for perspective, the last show I got into as much as I’m into criminal minds was parks and rec and I literally watched that shit on loop for a solid four years I’m not even kidding so buckle up friends you’re gonna be hearing a lot about cm from now on

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So I put in my vacation request for April 26th today….

And it was declined because no more than 1 team member can be off on PTO on any given day and somebody’s already taking that whole week off. So no seeing Endgame on opening day for me probably.


Originally posted by every-fandom-scythemeister

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