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timsforeverhome a month ago
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I heard when cats cover their face with their paws like this, it's because their noses are cold
So I asked hubby Jon to tuck Tim in...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nice and cozy 馃憤
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naomiknight-17 3 months ago
I may look a mess but I had to show y'all this clip
I think he might like me dudes
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mythicamagic 11 months ago
I think another depressing aspect of this Yashahime Sesshoumaru mess is that before this show, there was one unifying thing almost everyone agreed on in regards to him.
Regardless of everyone's ships, HC's of his sexual preferences, identity, or anything else, everyone agreed that he was a character closely affiliated with the protection of children.
Tumblr media
His character arc and development heavily involved protecting those weaker than him. It was one of his redeeming factors even people who disliked Sesshoumaru could recognise. He protected both Rin and Kohaku. He gave these orphans a place under his wing as their guardian even if it was unspoken.
Tumblr media
What's so depressing about Yashahime is that all of that is now gone. Sesshoumaru would defend and protect two orphans unrelated to him but he'd leave his daughters unconscious on the beach??
He'd leave his infant daughters in the woods and allow them to get mixed up in a forest fire??
I don't know how much I can say this, but when a show so blatantly contradicts the OG characters actions, then blame Sunrise, not Sesshoumaru.
OG Sess:
Tumblr media
Yashahime Sess:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yashahime Sess is exactly what every non Sesshoumaru fan thought he was. That his ONLY redeeming quality is that he's pretty. There's a reason Sesshoumaru fans hate this sequel. It turns him into a hollow, creepy husk who can no longer be affiliated with his one strong redeeming trait, which was silently caring for his group:
Tumblr media
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immabitqueer a month ago
I don't know what cis woman needs to hear this, but your just as bad as any misogynist if you exclude trans women from women's spaces or call trans men your "lost sisters". Trying to exclude trans women based on there birth sex? Sound like you're reducing being a woman to ones genitals, isn't that what we've spent for decades trying to stop cis men from doing? And trans men are not women who have betrayed their femininity they are men who were born in the wrong body. Us transmen being men does not make us evil nor does it make us inherently misogynistic.
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themoonking a month ago
FOR! THE! LAST! TIME! It is not just JKR鈥檚 money, it is her INFLUENCE. It is her RELEVANCE. It is her FAME. Even if you consume Harry Potter content without giving Joanne a single cent of your money, so long as you say a single positive word, online or offline, about the Harry Potter books, so long as anyone lays eyes on you in your Harry Potter merch, you are willingly giving JKR your support and your endorsement.
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70sscifiart 7 months ago
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Karel Thole
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jamespottersrug 2 months ago
鈥渟nape was a hero鈥
鈥渋鈥檓 a proud james potter anti鈥
鈥渏ames potter is an arrogant bully鈥
鈥渋 ship snily鈥
鈥渋 support JKR鈥
鈥渟nape truly loved lily鈥
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draconym 2 months ago
Huh. Who'd have known you know of the Anti-Worm? I'm the Hubby Jon from Tim's Forever Home!
Hello! I loved following Tim's rescue story and I'm so happy he has found the kind of family every cat deserves. 馃槶
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mwagneto 6 months ago
i just think it's soooo funny that they confirmed the reason sylvie is a variant is bc she was born a woman. like they literally couldn't even have her just be genderfluid Loki in another form. NOT TO MENTION they literally went hmmm i want loki to want to fuck a clone of himself but we cant have 馃あgays馃あ聽in our glorious military propaganda聽馃あ聽oh i know let's genderbend him that way everyone will be fine with it! like man you fucking knooowww theyd never hint at anything romantic if she was a man. anyway
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immortal-enemies a month ago
What's so funny about the whole "Lightworm" joke tho
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croissantcitysucks 4 months ago
dude how tf do ppl who like luc/ien STILL stan s/jm. i don鈥檛 even like luc/ien that much after rereading ac0tar i can still tell how wildly s/jm fucked up with him.
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timsforeverhome 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tim says
"No Minecraft. Only snuggles."
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naomiknight-17 3 months ago
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Worked more on the renos today with the help of friend Jean and hubby Jon...
Tim escaped from his containment in the bathroom, again, to go hop up in the window - which luckily has not been painted yet. Managed to herd him back into the bathroom and finish the second coat on the lower floor - now it's just touch-ups left to do! And the stair tops. And the upper landing and window areas.
It'll be done SOME DAY.
Also Dad came by and helped plan out the cat climbing area and window shelf kitty seating, and told me all the lumber I'll need to buy to make it happen, so hopefully more on that soon :)
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thatlesbiancrow a year ago
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i made a lockscreen
if anyone wants it
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something-in-the-seas 5 months ago
Literally none of the Resident Evil cast would be anti-vaxx, Jill would throttle someone who tells her that they鈥檙e not getting their kids vaccinated for the T-Virus because they don鈥檛 want their kids to be autistic.
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captain-konami-code 8 months ago
Seriously though, can you imagine the fandom reactions if Adora pulled half of the stuff Catra pulled on Adora?
Do you believe people would ship Catradora is it was Adora the one who insulted Catra by telling her how worthless she thought she was or if she physically assaulted her going as far as to leave permanent scars on her and then if she went after her friends ans support groups out of spite?
I have even seen people who claim they wouldn鈥檛 be able to ship Catradora if the scars Catra gave Adora on her face and back were actually show in the show, but does it makes a difference?
Are people seriously saying that the only reason they wouldn鈥檛 be able to ship Catradora is if the show had actually bothered to show the long last consequences of the abuse Catra pulled towards Adora? (the physical abuse through scars, the emotional abuse as Ptds, seriously how is it that Adora was implied to suffer from Ptds from Shadow weave abuse and not from Catra)
Isn鈥檛 the fact that it happened in the show, that Catra emotionally, mentally and physically abused and belittled Adora and went as far as to indirectly kill Adora鈥檚 mother figure enough for some people?
I suppose not, the show had to actually bother to show the consequences of that for some people to care, who cares about Adora?
All that matters is that their precious kitty is happy now that she got her Scratching pole back!
Oh, I can imagine.
A large reason for why C//A stans don鈥檛 have a problem with all that is because they project on Catra and the entire conflict is their聽鈥済etting back at neglectful ex鈥 power fantasy. If you鈥檝e ever searched for Catra-centered AMVs (I have, and I found a lot of cool music this way), the majority of them are break-up songs (Sorry Not Sorry, Look What You Made Me Do, Monster by KIRA) where the party speaking has been wronged by their partner in some way and is now on the path of revenge. You could argue that it鈥檚 simply meant to be from Catra鈥檚 point of view, but a lot of fans seem to actually buy into the whole narrative of Adora abandoning Catra to a cruel fate and thus deserving everything that鈥檚 happened to her.
Even though Catra is the one getting redeemed, it still felt to me like Adora is the one trying to make amends throughout Season 5. Case in point: Catra keeps needling her with passive-aggresive remarks (鈥淵ou broke my heart鈥, 鈥淏ut you鈥檝e already hurt me鈥, 鈥淵ou promise?鈥,聽[鈥淗ow are we supposed to fight our friends?鈥漖 鈥淚t鈥檚 never stopped you before鈥, 鈥淣o, you don鈥檛 [need me]. You never did鈥,聽鈥淥f course she left! That鈥檚 what she does鈥, 鈥淛ust this once, stay!鈥)聽and the story never corrects her. Indeed, it appears the viewer is supposed to sympathize with this opinion, to feel resentment towards Adora and want her to feel guilty for leaving. I guess visible scars and PTSD are a tad too much for some people but it sure as hell wouldn鈥檛 stop everyone.
Adora鈥檚 moral principles, her comfort, her other relationships 鈥 all of it is secondary to what her romantic partner wants her to do. The show itself is almost telling her聽鈥淪ee what you鈥檝e done? You鈥檝e hurt your best friend and now you suffer the consequences. If only you weren鈥檛 so selfish and inconsiderate, then she wouldn鈥檛 have to destroy your life. Can鈥檛 you see how much she loves you? Too bad you had to go and ruin everything鈥. Which is not only contrary to just about everything聽in Season 3, but also rubbish in general considering that Adora left because the Horde was hurting innocent people after聽offering Catra to come with her. I get why Catra stayed (might make another post about this), I really do, but she doesn鈥檛 get to blame Adora for trying to choose the right thing.
So, if the roles were switched? Either:
1) The fandom keeps projecting on Catra and frames Adora as an irredeemable monster for hurting their kitty.
2) The fandom projects on Adora instead. The rest is history.
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Debunking 'Hermione is cruel for trapping Rita Skeeter in a Jar'
I've been seeing a lot of hate towards Hermione because she trapped Rita Skeeter in a jar. I don't believe that she was entirely right, it's the hate she gets that baffles me. So, I've done an analysis on this incident and debunked the blind hate.
Firstly, Skeeter locked horns with Harry when she falsely wrote that he was proud about entering the tournament. Next, she wrote awful stuff about Hagrid which led to him receiving hate mails. Hermione noticed this and she couldn't tolerate with her annoying behaviour. She was unfortunately another victim of Skeeter's journalism.
Harry has at last found love at Hogwarts. His close friend, Colin Creevey, says that Harry is rarely seen out of the company of one Hermione Granger, a stunningly pretty Muggle-born girl who, like Harry, is one of the top students in the school.
Hermione didn't mind this initially but when she decided to call out on Skeeter, she landed into a bigger situation.
Miss Granger, a plain but ambitious girl, seems to have a taste for famous wizards that Harry alone cannot satisfy. Since the arrival at Hogwarts of Viktor Krum, Bulgarian Seeker and hero of the last World Quidditch Cup, Miss Granger has been toying with both boys鈥 affections. Krum, who is openly smitten with the devious Miss Granger, has already invited her to visit him in Bulgaria over the summer holidays, and insists that he has 鈥渘ever felt this way about any other girl.鈥
She also begins to receive hate mails for this.
You are a WickEd giRL. HarRy PotTER desErves BeTteR. GO back wherE you cAMe from mUGgle. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e all like it!鈥 said Hermione desperately, opening one letter after another. 鈥溾楬arry Potter can do much better than the likes of you... 鈥 鈥榊ou deserve to be boiled in frog spawn... 鈥 Ouch!鈥 She had opened the last envelope, and yellowish-green liquid smelling strongly of petrol gushed over her hands, which began to erupt in large yellow boils. 鈥淯ndiluted bubotuber pus!鈥 said Ron, picking up the envelope gingerly and sniffing it. 鈥淥w!鈥 said Hermione, tears starting in her eyes as she tried to rub the pus off her hands with a napkin, but her fingers were now so thickly covered in painful sores that it looked as though she were wearing a pair of thick, knobbly gloves.
Had she avoided Skeeter, like Ron had advised, she wouldn't have faced all this mess. But if she did, it wouldn't have been Hermione. Naturally, she's someone who'd love to unnecessarily investigate things that no one would.
If you think this was none of Hermione's business, I'll tell you why. Rita Skeeter is a ruthless journalist who would go any means to degrade someone and add false claims to her story. All she needed was a story, whether it was factually correct or not. The Ministry wasn't bothered about her journalism and reporting to them is useless, because she already has a strong base under her. Especially if you鈥檙e a Hogwarts student, it鈥檚 as good as screaming in a sound-proof room.
Hermione got suspicious about Skeeter's mysterious ways of finding private conversations. Later on, she discovered that Skeeter was an unregistered Animagus and that's how she had been collecting her information. Using this, Hermione threatened her to not spread information against anyone or she'll report her for being an unregistered Animagus. She trapped her in a jar when she found her in the Animagus state.
鈥淚鈥檝e told her I鈥檒l let her out when we get back to London,鈥 said Hermione. 鈥淚鈥檝e put an Unbreakable Charm on the jar, you see, so she can鈥檛 transform. And I鈥檝e told her she鈥檚 to keep her quill to herself for a whole year. See if she can鈥檛 break the habit of writing horrible lies about people.鈥
Perhaps it was wrong of Hermione to lock a person-transformed-into-an-animal in a jar. But Rita Skeeter deserved it for the horrible stuff she had written about Harry, Hermione, Hagrid and many others whom we don鈥檛 know. She was illegally acquiring information and happened to an unregistered Animagus, which for sure is an unacceptable crime. Hermione trapped her in the jar for only a few days. It couldn鈥檛 have been very long because some may have noticed if an famed journalist is missing for several days. Unlike popular belief, it was only for a few days and she didn鈥檛 starve her to death or anything, she gave her some food and water, the twigs said it all.
Okay, I just went wayyyyyy back in time to check the day the third task took place i.e., 24th of June. Hermione found Skeeter on the same day she visited Harry in the hospital wing.
Tumblr media
So, 24th says it鈥檚 a Friday and it was mentioned in the book that Harry met Hagrid on a Thursday afternoon since the third task. If I鈥檓 not mistaken, the Leaving Feast must either be on 30th or 1st of August because it sounds more accurate and precise. Then, according to the calculations, Rita Skeeter stayed in the jar for approximately a week.
There, I would say that Rita Skeeter deserved what she got and Hermione did go a bit out of the way to do this. But this experience didn't stop her from writing horrible stuff again. I'm not saying that Hermione is fully justified, she did what she could and she doesn't deserve the hate for this incident.
P.S. any hate comments will not be replied to.
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jonskory a year ago
Oh so they bought into that hideous "happy slave" trope hook, line, and sinker I see. Both in the books and in the show it's clear Missandei is subservient to Daenerys, they aren't friends, Missandei is her slave unpaid servant. In the show they are closer in age and the show is more informal when it comes to relationship between classes so I understand how to the uninformed they might look like friends, but pleaseee these stans are supposedly big fans of book!Daenerys too, they keep parroting how book!Daenerys is baby. So they know what's what, or they should. But even in the show Missandei having no possession other than her collar should be enough of a clue. What? Daenerys could afford all sorts of clothes and trinkets but couldn't bother to pay "her best friend", "closest advisor"? Also Greyworm is brainwashed, that's the whole point of Unsullied, taking them as a child and conditioning them into being mindless killers. Before buying them Daenerys ascertains both in the books and in the show that they wouldn't "betray" her even if someone were to offer them their freedom. She commands them as their master in the books, in the show she only throws away the whip after they "choose" to follow her. How could anyone really think they really are free? Yes, Missandei thought Daenerys will allow them to leave. But her belief was questioned on-screen for a reason. D&D should've follow that plotline. We'll never know what Daenerys' answer will be (We know, but anyway) because she died on the show for Daenerys, in order to give a righteous reason for Daenerys' anger (even though she could have accept Cersei's offer to save Missandei, it was her decision to let Cersei kill her), to make people feel sorry for her. Let's just assume they really are naive enough to believe that Missandei and Daenerys are the best of friends and Greyworm is a professional military personnel, the way the show used them, their only TWO PROMINENT BLACK CHARACTERS, to serve their specialest whitest queen's storyline should still make them angry. (Oh they were angry but not for Missandei, but for what her death meant for Daenerys)
It would have been much better if Missandei and Greyworm had left Daenerys or told her their plans to leave her after the war. So Daenerys gets angry, becomes increasingly lonely, paranoid etc because of their "betrayal". It also fits into that theme wrt Westerosi they got going for her "No one loves me here", and shows that it isn't just Westerosi, it wasn't really love or loyalty what kept "her people" by her side all these years. They had nothing else before, now these two people have each other, have dreams, and they want a different life for themselves, not what Daenerys offers. So now her burning KL isn't just a warning to rest of Westeros but to her people too: Don't ever cross me. Not only this works for the way they set up Daenerys' ending, it also manages to do that without killing Missandei in chains for Daenerys. And like you said at the end they get to live and sail into to ocean free from all their masters.
Giving Missandei and Greyworm agency, a story of their own and a life free from Daenerys is good not only for them, but for overall story too. It underlines Daenerys' fall much better than "she was sad, she didn't have a cake to eat so she massacred a city". Of course Dany stans wouldn't want that. It's good for Missandei and Greyworm, not for Daenerys. Because they also know, deep down they know very well Daenerys would never allow them to leave, and this would make Daenerys look bad, worse than the burning of KL in a way since we are used to the war atrocities but personal stories affect people more. And this time around unlike with Sansa, they can't even use bogus accusations like xenophobia to trash Missandei and Greyworm. So for Dany stans, Missandei and Greyworm getting a happy ending is the worst thing that could have happened to Daenerys' show arc.
(Sorry for the rant in your inbox lol those tweets just pissed me off, they don't give af about Missandei other than how they can use her to prop up their fave, to say "She has a black friend she can't be racist")
Tumblr media
[don't apologize nonny, i agree with everything you said 馃槀]
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eldritch-worms 5 months ago
my worms and I hate post+ with a burning passion
it will be hard to refrain from arson but we will try
that's all, have a lovely evening
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almondarcade 9 months ago
it was very girlboss of Persephone to homewreck a grown ass man with a thing for barely legal girls and his unreasonably villainized fiance and then instead of getting mad at the one who cheated on his fucking gf, kill the gf instead for 鈥渞uining their lives鈥 馃グ
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