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The Arcana Tarot OCs! Pt. 1

This is a post to make your own Arcana OCs based on the major arcana! Please share any OCs you make with me! There will be more parts and a template out soon, so stay tuned! ;)


(0) The Fool

Herb: Ginseng

Planet: Uranus

Element: Air

Keywords: Trust, awareness

The fool is the only card in Asra’s deck that doesn’t depict an animal figure. This is because it is the patron arcana to the MC.

Upright, this card reminds us not to let insecurities hold us back. Don’t worry about the opinions of others and make the leap. Let curiosity, optimism, and trust guide you. Things may seem uncertain, but you have everything you need for the venture ahead.

Reversed, the card tells you to remember that actions have consequences and to take responsibility for them. Don’t overthink things, but beware of acting rashly. Don’t pretend things are what they are not.


(1) The Magician

Herb: Astragalus

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Keywords: Skills, attention

The magician in Asra’s deck is represented by a fox and is Asra’s patron arcana.

Upright, now is the time to take action. Stay focused and enjoy the magic of everyday invention.

Reversed, the magician card suggests that old tricks may no longer work, and it may be time to learn some new ones. Work hard if you want to see things transform, and be wary- this card can suggest the warping of truth. Not everything you hear is truth, even from charismatic mouths.


(2) The High Priestess

Herb: Peony

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Keywords: Wisdom, memory, intuition

The High Priestess card is represented by an owl and is Nadia’s patron arcana.

Upright, this card urges you to listen to your dreams and follow your intuition. The world is mysterious and holds something fruitful for you, whether that fruit is behind secrets or clarity.

Reversed, this card reminds you not to lose touch with your intuition. Don’t close your mind to all the mysteries; you need to work hard and take action to uncover the fruit behind them.


(3) The Empress

Herb: Dong Qai

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth, air

Keywords: Connecting mind and body, imagination

The animal on this card appears to be a cow, and is the patron arcana of Nasrin.

Upright, this card tells you that now is the time to nurture your relationships and cultivate connections to others. Luxury is at your feet.

Reversed, this card suggests trouble in paradise. Focus on yourself and don’t sacrifice for the sake of others.


(4) The Emperor

Herb: Atractylodes

Zodiac sign: Aries

Element: Fire

Keywords: Logic, reason

The representation of this card is a bull and is Namar’s patron arcana.

Upright, trust your experiences and learn from mistakes. You have much power, but use it responsibly. Exercise self-control and master yourself, and your destiny will be in your hands.

Reversed, the card reminds us to be flexible. Don’t hold too tightly to your empire; it needs room to flourish.

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(A/N: For the @arcana-echoes prompt: Magic. I’m sorry in advance for all the canon divergences, but find Sybilla’s tag here! Also full disclosure: I’ve never seen real snow in my life.)

Words: 3768

Warnings: Violence, blood, demons, body horror, some gore, flashbacks with food, starvation, abuse and neglect, unreality.

Soon after Montag’s failed attempt at capturing the Chiefdom of the Scourge, eighteen year old Sybilla ventures into the deep woods- to make a deal of her own, and then to pay the price.


Sybilla nearly did not recognize Yrsa when she stumbled into her ragged, makeshift tent, nearly falling over in exhaustion, feeble fingers finding purchase in the fabric before slipping loose, scarred knees knocking against each other as she gripped at a tent-pole, and straightened. Her chestnut-brown hair was matted to her face, having slipped from their tight braid, and her blue eyes were deep-set, deadened with desperation.

Were it not for the way she stood, even then, with her spine straight against the pole- were it not for the muscles still taut and stubborn where she was barely skin and bones, Sybilla would have mistaken for her some unfortunate urchin- a war orphan, an exile, a footnote to the litany of misfortunes that never really spared anyone in this wretched place.

She remembered, briefly, the sound of her callous laughter, of mean, biting words that had once clung like pinpricks of icicles to Sybilla’s skin.

Without waiting for a greeting or any performance of sympathy, Yrsa met her eyes, bit her lip, and just about flung herself at Sybilla’s feet. Clutching at the thin trim of Sybilla’s cloak- (still cold enough to make her shiver, cold enough to kindle the spite, always rushing through her blood like fire), though it seemed to pain her, physically, she begged.

“Please.” She swallowed, and winced. “It’s going to kill us all.”

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Finally got to try going digital! I was so excited, I wanted to do a character expression sheet for my apprentice Jay but got tired. So here is one of the completed expressions. I don’t know if he is winking or cringing but idk. I really liked how this turned out! I followed the tutorial on how to color in the Arcana style made by @bastart13 their art is so incredible! I want to draw their apprentice Isha and I’m hoping to get some more practice in so I can do their apprentice justice.

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so i just found out, at 4 in the morning, that i scream internally (and i also open my mouth but no sound comes out so i dont get whooped by my sister) whenever i see asra or hajime/nagito so is it safe to say that im very much in love with them?

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OK so I’m new here but this story has me by the balls and won’t let go. I need some people to gush about this with. If anyone has a The Arcana discord, please let me know!

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A list of brief description of what holidays my OC Salice celebrates with Asra!

If anyone needs a visual, this is what Salice looked like before the events of the novel.


The Day They Met (August 19): Asra and Salice celebrate they day they had found each other. There’s not anything fancy to do. They just make a conscious effort to spend the day together, putting aside any other obligations. They focus on the friendship and the love that had blossomed between them. Normally they get each other a gift and make each other’s favorite foods. Then they fall asleep together reminiscing about the past times.

Summer Sunset or Dysi (June): Dysi is the non-religious holiday in Orasan culture in which suitors would most often propose to their love interests. Even as a little girl, Dysi was always a fun holiday time for Salice. There would be many weddings and many parties to attend, especially as the daughter of a wealthy family. Traditionally, couples would exchange flowers and gifts all month and make time for each other. Most times, vacations were planned during this time as well as honeymoons. Salice and Asra didn’t start recognizing Dysi until they were teenagers. At first, it was just silly fun, but in the middle years of their adolescence they had developed feelings for each other. It was in this time that Asra had confessed his love for Salice for the first time and had given her a special gift. They celebrated Dysi every year after that. (until the events of the novel).

Lifthénta (December 6th): This is a holiday that Salice remembers from when she was very young. In the Communication of Elsmaic Followers, the cult Salice was born into, this day was the most holy day of the year. This is the day of the year that the Devil would come and admit all the souls he saw fit into Harborage.

There would be excessive preparation in the weeks before, normally starting in November, even as early as October. Traditional Orasan food was prepared, special garments were sewn, gifts were exchanged, homes would be decorated with the blood of goats. On Lifthénta, there would be prayer in the mornings, the offering in the afternoon, and festivities at night. The most important aspect of the holiday was offering of one’s most valuable belonging to the Devil, to ensure that the souls made it into Harborage safely.

(Salice hardly remembers all of this and later reads about it in books about The Communication of Elsmaic Followers, her homeland, and biographies on her grandfathers.)

Salice doesn’t remember much about Lifthénta except for that it was a happy time with her family. She no longer practices Elsmaic Worship, but she celebrates the holiday in honor of her late parents and sister. She tells Asra about the holiday when they begin their lives together as children and they decide to recognize it annually. Asra and Salice use it as a celebration of remembrance and togetherness. So every year, Asra and Salice build shrines for their parents and decorate wherever they happen to be living with things that their parents liked. Within their means, they’d prepare food and dress nicely and spend the day together. In honor of their parents, they also set aside a precious belonging in the shrine, just until the holiday was over. After Salice loses her memory, Asra tries his best to still celebrate with her, even though he can’t tell her what it’s for.

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Do they have any sort of relationship with food? What they grew up eating or making for others?


Bảo’s Cultural Inspiration: Vietnam


Bao’s relationship with food is all right. He misses the foods from where he grew up. When he cooks, he keeps his mother in mind, apologizing that what he’s making isn’t the same way she made it.

While he has found substitutions around Vesuvia to make some of his favorite plates, it isn’t the same.

His recipe for Leysan-style coffee is very popular with the dock workers in the early mornings.

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@madllamamomma mentioned something about

The Main 6 Getting Their Wisdom Teeth Out

So here it is


  • SUPER cuddly and affectionate.
  • Thinks he’s a poet.
  • He will tell you how your hair looks like spring and your nose is a flower.
  • It doesn’t make sense but he seems to think it does.
  • Also he does NOT hold back what he thinks and it’s hilarious
  • he says the dentist looks like a bald chicken and he’s right.
  • “Fauuuutttttthhhhhht faaaautht. Fautht you have a thuch funny name.You awe the betht in the whowe wowld I wove you tho much. I onwy love you and MC and thometime Muwel. Everyone elthe thucks. can we vithit Muwel?!”
  • Takes the gauze out way too soon and starts bleeding and just does that knife cat grin (except it’s super creepy when his mouth is bleeding)
  • So full of energy but basically passes out as soon as you’re home.


  • She doesn’t say much because she knows she sounds stupid and she DOES NOT like being in this position.
  • People look her on the way back and she’ll try to hold her head up but her balance isn’t great and she’s blushing a lot from embarrassment
  • even though she STILL somehow looks sophisticated.
  • “I have to portray thtrength, MC”
  • You support her and she slips an arm around your waist (maybe a little closer to your butt than she needs to but you’re not complaining)
  • She doesn’t want to go home and rest because she just remembered she has to approve some zoning changes and also there’s a shop with some shoes you’d look magnificent in that’s on the way to the palace and you deserve to wear them.
  • You assure her Portia’s taking care of everything and that you promise you’ll let her take you shopping tomorrow.
  • It takes a long time to get her to rest but when she does you’re cuddling in her gigantic bed.
  • She holds your face in her hands and just stares at you intently for a minute. Kinda squishing your face a bit.
  • “You'we tho fucking cute….” She mutters before drifting off to sleep.
  • As you pry her hands off your face you realize that’s the first time you’ve ever heard her say fuck.


  • Honestly he’s surprisingly normal.
  • Maybe it’s because he drinks so much that you’ve just gotten used to it.
  • The difference between drunk Julian and this Julian is that drunk Julian is horny while this Julian is more like a very nerdy kid in a candy store.
  • He excitedly tries to explain some of the medical stuff but he’s talking so fast with his mouth full of cotton that you have NO IDEA what he’s talking about.
  • Not that he seems to notice.
  • Occasionally you can tell he’s making a very suggestive joke because his face does that smirk and he kinda freezes and watching for your reaction.
  • You just laugh and he immediately goes back to his rambling.
  • He starts talking about Portia and Mazelinka and their adventures growing up swinging his arms in dramatic gestures making you duck to dodge his long ass arms.
  • But honestly you’ve never seen him so relaxed and happy.
  • You feel like you’re getting a glimpse of a Julian without the weight of the world on his shoulders. Excited, curious, and loving freely without feeling guilty for it.
  • You’re about to put him to bed when he stops you
  • “Can you do a magic thing?”
  • You smile and pull up some colourful swirls of light from your hands
  • He wraps his arms around you staring in awestruck wonder at the lights with the dopiest swollen grin on his face.
  • He nods. “Thath good. I love that”
  • And then he turns around and goes to sleep.


  • He is so scared. People touching him. Looking at him. Hospital gowns. Not his scene. He feels trapped in the sterile windowless room.
  • He wakes up and watches you the whole time the dentist is talking and his eyes just scream “help”
  • They give him juice and he just kinda…holds it.
  • He’s a bit touchier than normal. He kind of hangs on behind you as you help him get home and burrows his face into your shoulder.
  • He wraps himself up in his giant cloak somehow making himself look small and basically only communicates in grunts, hmms and hand squeezes until you’re out of Vesuvia.
  • Once you’re in the woods though, he relaxes completely. He keeps stopping to pick flowers wordlessly handing them to you to hold.
  • Starts pointing out birds and other animals and talks about their migration patterns and their effect on the ecosystem how they were actually originally native to prakra before they spread here and bred with the local species.
  • He has such a soft low voice and you’re not sure if you’ve ever heard him say this much at once.
  • You’re a little surprised by how much he knows. It can be easy to forget when he says so little.
  • You know he’s smart of course, he’ll catch on to things nobody else does and even Nadia has learned to ask for his opinions. But you’ve never seen him go full infodump before.
  • About halfway up the mountain he starts giggling (if you can call it that. It’s more like shaking with noise.) He pulls out your tarot deck, shop keys, coin purse, and a fistful of flowers from his cloak.
  • “How did you DO that?”
  • He just shrugs “I should make you a charm to protect from pickpocketh”.
  • When you get back he sits against the outside of the hut and hugs Inanna.
  • Chickens slowly start coming to sit on top of them. And his eyes just sparkle.
  • “Do you want to come inside” “Nope” “You need to rest” “I am”
  • You decide it’s better not to argue so you sit by a nearby tree and pull a chicken into your lap.


  • She’s horny.
  • And she wants everyone to know that you’re dating.
  • “Doctor did you know…. that MC hath the cutetht butt? *Giggles* BUT NOT FOW YOUUUU they'we mine. Both buttcheekth.”
  • You suspect she’s taking advantage of the plausible deniability to embarrass you as much as possible.
  • She’s suddenly an oversharer. All the secrets she kept just come flooding out
  • “My brotherth a doctor but he'th not allowed becauthe hith medical lithenthe got revoked becauthe of the murder and he'th legally dead but he thill doeth doctor thtuff and- MC ITH ILYA UNENPWOYED???”
  • You just keep apologizing and try to get her home as soon as you can.
  • She cries when she sees Pepi because “he'th tho cute and thmall MC look how thmall he ith”
  • She will also try to lift you multiple times just to show off
  • Luckily Mazelinka is there with soup and that pretty much knocks her out.


  • Okay man he already has 0 impulse control and says every single fucking thought that goes through his head no matter how stupid.
  • Like if anything he’s EASIER to deal with.
  • He’s infinitely less hyper but he still claims that he will fight anyone who passes.
  • “Pleathe. I could take him. I’ll jutht thwing my thord and he’ll RUN AWAY. lemme try.”
  • He’s also way more sensitive than usual (which is saying something)
  • You pass a dog and he goes apeshit.
  • “MC why doethn’t athra like me…. I jutht *hic* want to be hith friendth *sobs*”
  • He wants to be babied so bad.
  • Mercedes and Melichor are INSTANTLY protective because the smell reminds them of the dungeon and they want to be ON HIM AT ALL TIMES.
  • You manage to tuck him in and bring him some water, and just for kicks you read him a bedtime story that he keeps interrupting to give you kisses.
  • You think he’s fallen asleep when he whispers “it'th okay to thwollow gauze right?”
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Defining Moment — what was their coming-of-age moment? A point where everything changed?

Truly, despite everything else that happened before then, the moment they really came into themself was when they stood against Asra’s wishes and resolved to stay in Vesuvia to help fight the plague. Before then, they pretty much just rolled with whatever happened in a sort of ‘Oh this is what we’re doing now? Okay.’ sort of way. That was the first time they really took charge of the direction they were heading. And it DID change everything.

Not only did it end up deciding their fate, in the grand scale, but on a smaller scale it boosted their confidence and reinforced their sense of self and who they wanted to be. They wanted to be someone who would stand and fight for what they believe in. Who wouldn’t run, when staying meant they might be able to make a difference and help others.

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TW: Mentions of eating disorder in Alessa’s story

Alessa: Food has always been an important part of bonding with others, but her relationship with it is more complicated. Growing up her parents would always tell her she was getting too fat and complaining she didn’t eat healthy enough, which was ironic because they made all of the food she ate until she moved out. If she tried to cook for herself they would complain that she didn’t eat with them anymore and that she was just wasting food. As she grew up and became more self-conscious she struggled with eating disorders and began to use food as a reward system. “I can only have dinner if I go walk around the city for an hour, or do yoga for half hour” or any sort of thing like that. It got worse after she had children and struggled to lose the baby-weight. 

Despite this, she is a very good baker, but can only cook a few dishes. One of her favorite dishes is something her mother used to make. A baked chicken dish with chourico and kale soup. Its one of her favorite things to make. Whenever she bakes she always makes enough to go around to many of her neighbors.

Tabitha: She certainly loved the food her parents would make, and learned to create a variety of different foods. Although she tried food from all over the world, as part of the experience, she cherishes what she learned from her tribe and is eager to share their recipes with anyone and everyone. Volta is very grateful and more than happy to devour all of the food Tabitha makes her.

Freya: Similarly to Alessa, food is important to her for bonding with others. She loves princess cakes and learned to make them herself. She loves trying food from other places, however, and has found that mango is her favorite fruit as its delicious on its own, in a dish, and in a drink. So versatile and delicious! As eager as she is to cook dishes from her homeland for others, she is just as eager to try dishes from new places. 

Winona: To the honest they are not really good at cooking. They can put together like a salad but if they have to cook something they tend to get distracted and can easily burn it. Although, they know some good recipes from their aunts old cook book, but Asra has to be the one to cook them. 

Zira: Needless to say the food in this dimension is very different from the food in hers. Most of her food she eats is raw anyway, so she doesn’t tend to cook for humans. Most types of fish and certain fruits and vegetables are similar enough to the food in her dimension that she can live off of them just fine. It was harder to get Masha to adjust to the change, however, as like most children she can be kind of a picky eater. Both of their favorite kinds of earth food are salmon and blackberries, and that is what 90% of their diet is at this point. 

Katarina: As stated her mother owns a tavern in the city and tried to get Katarina to work there. Despite her best efforts in teaching Kat to cook, they simply could not anything besides three dishes, mostly because they lack the patience. Oddly enough, though, they can make really good custard, and it is what they tend to eat most of the time for breakfast. Other than that they know how to make a few pasta dishes and nothing else. Nahara and her will probably spend many dinners at the tavern rather than having dinner at home. 

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