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#the arcana shitpost
vissenta-senadz · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Been a while since I drew a tits-out Julian, and y'all know I love a WWDITS reference.
Bonus: his friends.
Tumblr media
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people need to accept that it's okay not to have an ass. Lucio and Julian may not be fat of ass but they are certainly dumb of ass and big of heart
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The Arcana characters as random things my friends/family have said
*opens a rainbow fruit roll up* “oh my god it’s like so gay pride”
“I’m gonna fall into the void of blackness”
*sigh* “Ahhh, the endurance of the human spirit”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP” *deep inhale “I know what I’m doing”
“I was on some weird ass fuckin acid shit. Everything I saw was so like woAh”
“like Batman” *sprints up stairs*
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the-yelling-cave · 27 days ago
Julian is the type to drink a whole gallon of milk because either a) was dared, or b) is sad, and asra is the type to look at milk or even think about it and have to go take a shit
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oexen · 28 days ago
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new header image babes
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majulian · a month ago
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Hello I come with entertainment
The idea for this is from @hemihart
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nightjarteeth · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is 100% what that page in Julian’s book looked like, and no, you can’t change my mind
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lovenadiaorelse · 20 days ago
Y’all ever think about just how often Nadia’s hair probably gets caught on things? My hairs only ever been long enough to reach just past my shoulder blades and yet it would get caught on chairs and stuff all the time. I can only imagine the pain and hassle she deals with on a daily basis.
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Did Nix Hydra ever release any drawings or merch of Faust in her sweaters? Because if not that’s a CRIME.
(If anyone has any drawings of Faust in her sweaters feel free to share lol)
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the-yelling-cave · 8 months ago
Asra: alright pull a few cards and I'll explain the meaning and what it means for you
Julian: ok (pulls the hanged man, the tower, and the devil)
Asra, chuckling as they quickly put their stuff away: oh boy you're fucked lol
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