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#the arcana valdemar
thearcanabrasil · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
(Eng) I tried to make a closet cosplay of Valdemar. Maybe in the next time i can make they more complete.
(Pt-br) Cosplay de armário do Valdemar. Eu gostei bastante da maquiagem, então talvez eu complete o cosplay e deixe ele bem melhor
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thosevesuvianthots · 5 months ago
Headcanons Masterlist
Ordered from most to least recent.
Main 6 with a male model Mc
Nadia and Lucio with an Mc who can't seem to fit into royal life
Main 6 with an Mc who has psychosis
Lucio and Asra with and Mc who goes into subspace
Main 6 with an Mc who has hearing issues
Julian x Mc x Nadia modern shopping headcanons
Main 6 with an Mc who has a praise kink
Main 6 with an Mc who has Crohn’s disease
Main 6 + Valdemar with a neurodivergent, hyperfixating Mc
Main 6 when Camio is suddenly protective of Mc
Main 6 with an Mc with a lip biting habit
Main 6 with an Mc getting their first T shot
Main 6 with an Mc who reads minds
Main 6 with a Cat girl!Mc who goes into heat
Main 6 with an insecure and jealous Mc
Nadia x Julian x Mc polyamorous headcanons
Julian and Lucio with a really short (4′11/149 cm) Mc
Life with Julian Devorak
Main 6 with a fey descendant Mc
Asra, Julian and Muriel with a touch starved Mc
Main 6 at the carnival with Mc
Sugar daddy!Lucio with a female!Mc
Main 6 and their child with Mc
Main 6 with a Demon Mc who eats souls
Main 6 with an Aasimar Mc
Main 6 with an Mc who can sing soprano
Main 6 with a druid Mc
Julian as a sleepwalker
Main 6 when the Mc is a dragon disguised as human
Julian with a soft Mc who’s a sadist in bed
Mc catching the Main 6 masturbating
Main 6 catching Mc masturbating
Main 6 with a male! Mc scared of storms
Main 6 with a strong, buff, baker Mc
Main 6 walkin in on a s*icidal! Mc
Julian and Lucio with a wolf-shifter Mc
Main 6 with a belly dancer Mc
The Main 6 and how they are in bed
Main 6 and the cars they would have
Main 6 with an asthmatic Mc
Main 6 with a shy but very kinky Mc
Main 6 with a Lamia! Mc
Main 6 during one of Mc’s memory loss headaches
Nadia with a regal but surprisingly submissive Mc
Nadia with an Mc who has a mommy kink
Main 6 with an Aerialist Mc
Main 6 reacting to Mc suddenly missing
Main 6 with a sneaky Diabetic!Mc
Asra with a tough but short and easily flustered pirate Mc
Lucio, Asra and Julian with a Babyface Mc
Main 6 with a Neko!Mc
Asra with a dominant, “macho” Mc
Nadia with an Mc singing “Soft & Wet” for her
Main 6 with an Mc with naturally multicolored hair
Main 6 with a merperson Mc
Main 6 with an Mc who has a cold + stomach virus
Main 6 with a shamelessly horny Mc
Julian, Asra & Muriel reacting to Mc coming out as FtM
Main 6 with a polyamory demiboy whose family is very phobic
Main 6 with an Mc that comes out as asexual
Main 6 reacting to Mc playing and singing the guitar
Main 6 with a chubby, insecure Mc
Muriel with a scrawny but incredibly strong Mc
Main 6 with a Tiefling Mc
Julian with a soft dom Mc
Asra with a half-drow Mc
Main 6 finding Mc wearing their clothes
Main 6 waking up next to Mc for the first time
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lynmay-arcana · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here are some more colour palettes! This time they’re for the Courtiers. I know a few people have been asking for these so I hope you find them useful. I also added human Volta and Vlastomil. However I’d like to say I will not be doing colour palettes for any of to their demon forms because that would be rather tricky.
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cut3sy-baphom3t · 3 months ago
How the Courtiers wake up their s/o
Valerius: ugh okay witch darling, it's 9:30. I'm here to wake you as you demanded
He would pretend to be all kinda of upset, as though you impeded upon his day and took up his good and precious sipping time
In reality, depending on how long y'all have been together, he'll actually feel a bit heartwarmed proud that you'd trust him with your busy schedule
I assume you'd have to ask him to wake you, otherwise he'd probably let you sleep in until 2pm merely because you deserve the rest
Vlastomil: OoOooOh my sweet dear, I would love to lay here like this all day, but my WoERms need tending to! They need their dadDY! ... please let me go?
This man would be all up in your business the night before. Not necessarily in a sexual manner. He's rather touched starved and loves to cuddle when he gets the chance
Cuddling with him is... Interesting. Not a single limb will go untangled. If your leg isn't unnaturally twisted around him in some way, he will lose his mind until it is. He will put it there himself
He really cherishes cuddle time with you though. He has such a busy schedule, with all the judicial business where he usually just sends the defendant to prison because he can
Volta: oh dear... Volta is so so hungry! And y/n is so much closer to the door... VOLTA IS SO. SO. HUNGRY! AND Y-
Volta is not above casually guilting her partner into getting her food. She can and will use those big ol' puppy eyes and her tiny precious voice to get what she wants. She is highly aware of how she looks and sounds and knows how to use that to get what she wants. What she wants happens to be food though, so the world may have dogged a bullet
For Volta to trust you in her own hoard home to get food is kind of a big deal. She doesn't particularly like it when others touch her things. Especially without permission. But you're the only exception
After she cutes her way into making you get her food, she will often be hand fed by you. Not because she asked you too, but because you chose to. I mean. Look at that face! You can't tell me you wouldn't hand feed her!
Is not above screaming in your face.
This little beetle baby can and will drag you out if bed by whatever their hands land on first. You never stood a chance sweetie.
They definitely wake you up to spar. The day prior, the two of you were having a particularly nice outing in the streets of Vesuvia, they were telling war stories. And you made the awful mistake of saying that you'd love to see some of their moves up close.
If you're extremely tired and don't wanna get up, one of two things will happen. One, they'll drag you out of bed/pour cold eater on you (they give no shits as the bed can be replaced)/some other firm of waking torture. Or two, if you're feeling especially cuddly or sweet, and you happen to pet their hair, they're putty in your hands for the next half an hour. "Just this once," they've said more times than you can count
Valdemar: Time to wake up Duckling. It has been exactly one hour, twelve minutes and 32 seconds. I know you asked me to awaken you in one hour, but your skin is so interesting and it's hard not to admire it
They are the type to wake you on the dot. You wanna ask them to wake up up in exactly 42 minutes and 14 seconds? Say no more. They gotchu boo.
Don't ask how they do this. They'll merely give you that precious head tilt and say absolutely nothing, instead doing the bitchiest thing ever and start going on about the weather.
On the somewhat rare occasion that you fall asleep in bed with them, they'll sort of cradle you and analyze your facial features, looking for any sign of a nightmare. You had asked them very kindly to wake you if you're having one, and they've committed themself to doing so. They say it's for science, but they make zero effort to hide that they actually care about your wellbeing.
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oexen · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
omg @nicadilly and i hacked n found these in the arcana game files 👀 /JOKE
my dear pal and zucc @nicadilly has brainpower beyond all comprehension for this idea and credit for nadiademars
valdemar has full booba customization capabilities......
valdemar can look like whatever the hell they want and ask what ur doing in their swamp and would u like to stay for dinner forever [intent up to u]
@thearcanagame hey 👋
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makidrawzzz · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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thosevesuvianthots · 3 months ago
Maybe the Main Six (And Valdemar but only if you wish to) with a neurodivergent mc who tends to get hyperfixated on books and things of the like often to the point of forgetting to take care of themselves? Skipping meals but pure accident and such.
Hello! Thanks for requesting, and sorry for the wait. I am familiar with the terms neurodivergent and hyper-fixated and did some research. but I am unfamiliar with the topic overall, so please let me know if I'm being disrespectful or wrong in anyway. Hope you enjoy!!
Info on neurodiversity and hyperfixation
Masterlist | Prompt list
They would be used to your hyper-fixating habits by now
That wouldn't make them less worried any time you forgot to take care of yourself
I can picture them gently reminding you to eat and stay hydrated
At the start, they'd just place foods and drinks next to you
But seeing how deep you are into your passion they'd realize they actually have to bring you back to reality
They would do it softly, tapping your shoulder and speaking calmly
They’d definitely help you set a schedule to try and regulate your days
And they would support you every time your hyper fixation turned into a lethargic episode
Faust would be your little timer! Whenever you’d spend too much time focused on something, she’d climb on your shoulder and remind you to take a break. “Friend eat!”
“Love, I think it’s time to put down the book. Dinner’s ready.”
He would pick up on your habits pretty quickly
And he would relate to them, in a way
He’s no stranger to getting so engulfed in his studies and research that he forgets to eat
He knows how frustrating it can become, and he’d be really supportive
The two of you would remind each other to take care of yourselves
But, sometimes, you’d both be so deep in focus none of you remembers to get up and eat
If you ever needed medication, he’d always manage to have your supplies full
He’d really do his best to take care of you
Malak would probably the one to divert you guys’ attention: he’d be hungry. Go feed him.
“Oh, my, would you look at the time! We should get ourselves to bed, darling.”
The first times you skipped meals she’d get really worried
But after finding you so fixated on your activity the second or third time, she’d pick up on your habits
She would make sure to always come check on you
And if she was too busy to stop by your chambers, she’d send Portia over
In the evenings, she would always ask you to join her for a relaxing hot bath, to have you rest your mind and your body
The two of you would enjoy long reading sessions in the library
And she would make frequent breaks to get tea or snacks so as to break your hyper fixation and make sure you stay hydrated
Overall, she would be the perfect caregiver
You’d often get fixated on petting Chandra’s soft feathers – but it wouldn’t last long, as she’d get tired pretty soon
“Shall we take a break from our reading, dear? It’s been quite some time.”
He’d notice right away, but he wouldn’t really know how to go about it
He definitely wouldn’t want to bother you
At first, he would let you do whatever it is you’re doing, even if you were fixated for a weirdly long time
He’d start to get concerned when he’d see you skip meals or miss sleep
It would take him some courage, but he’d decide to distract you and remind you of dinner
After you’d reassure him that it’s okay, he’d do it more often
He would be really gentle about it, lightly tapping your shoulder and speaking at a low volume
He would be the one to always make the trip and buy your medication, if you ever needed any
Inanna wouldn’t distract you at all; she’d place herself on your legs and nap the whole time
“Hey, uh, Mc… I think it’s time you take a break now…”
She would always be reminding you to take care of yourself even if you weren’t hyper fixating
The fact that you’d be doing it would only motivate her more
If she wasn’t there to remind you to eat and drink whenever you were focused, she’d be sure to set some kind of timer
She would ask Asra for one of his magic trinkets
A sneaky way she’d use to distract you would be to ask you for help “for just a second”
It would end in cuddles, and she would not let you go anytime soon
She would be super sweet and supportive, even if you had any depressing or low-functioning moments
And she would be regularly asking Julian for tips
Pepi’s purrs would help you drift off to sleep most of the time
“Ding dong! It’s time to drink, Mc! Stay hydrated, please~”
He would deadass think you’d be ignoring him
He has such a short attention span; he couldn’t fathom somebody being focused on something for hours on end
You’d have to explain it to him. Maybe even do a little drawing
He’d catch the drift, eventually, but he wouldn’t really let you be fixated for too much
He would want your attention 24/7, and even though he wouldn’t want to disturb you, he’d end up pestering you any way.
He’d be randomly hugging you, stealing kisses, doing everything in your boundaries that allowed him to be next to you
Don’t count on him to remind you of your medication, if you had to take them; he’d forget
The two of you may be all over the place, but it would be perfect in its own way
If Lucio wasn’t there to shower you with kisses, Mercedes and Melchior would be
“Dove, my darling, my sweet baby, can I have some cuddles? It’s been soooo long!” “It’s been 10 minutes, Lucio” “Soooooooo long!”
It’s not like they wouldn’t notice, at first, they really wouldn’t care
But with time, they’d start to find your focus fascinating, and that fascination would draw them closer to you
They would ask you about your ways to stay focused for so long
And if you told them about your neurodiversity… be prepared for them to stick around for long
They’d want to know everything about it. They’d want to study you
If you asked them to remind you to eat or take your medication, they would – but I don’t think they’d take the initiative
Just like you would be thoroughly focused on your passion, they’d be focused on observing you and your subtle movements
It would grow on them, and they would start to enjoy watching you hyper fixate
They wouldn’t really know how to deal with it, but they wouldn’t want to let go of their fascination for you
“No, Mc, carry on. Your dedication is quite… admirable.”
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