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#the arcana x the apprentice

I wanted to participate in this, so I thought I’d start off with an introduction to Ziv, using the ask list from April first!

1. The Basics.  What is your character’s name?  How old are they?  How tall are they?  Skin color?  Eye color?  Hair color?  Gender identification?

Ziv Paz Levi, they/them, nonbinary, roughly 5"7’, 25, olive skin, sea green eyes, mouse brown hair (usually in a long braid, also they have pointed ears!)

2.  Love Interest.  Who does your character love?  What attracted them to that particular LI?

Asra! Before the plague, Ziv and Asra have known each other since childhood. It was a natural growth from friendship to more. After they’re brought back… it’s just a draw to him. Like home.

3. Familiar.  Does your character have a familiar?  How did they meet?

They do! A shapeshifter with a preference for bird forms named Nitzan!

4. Hobbies.  What kinds of things does your character like to do for fun?

Baking, swimming, running along the sand. They’re from Nopal, so anything outside and in the sun feels nostalgic for them.

5. Hidden talents.  Is there something neat that your character can do?  Tie a cherry stem into a knot with their tongue?  Say any word backwards perfectly?

Voice mimicry. If they hear someone speaking long enough, they can copy them perfectly.

6. Magical talents.  Is there a specific type of magic that your character excels at?  Any magic they aren’t so great at?  Or do they actually shy away from magic altogether?

Enjoys water magic the best, but excels at pyrokenesis to their chagrin. Ziv is afraid of fire. Also fairly empathic, but keeps themselves closed off for the most part.

7. Interaction.  How does your character typically interact with people?

They are very comfortable with most people, and will be friendly as long as the other person is friendly. If they like you, they warm up. If not, you will never get further with them than “civility”.

8. Romance.  What is something that your character and their LI love to do together?  How do they show affection?

Ziv’s love language is physical touch. So randomly taking Asra’s hand, idly playing with his fingers while laying in his lap as he reads. They do like cooking together, and dancing, and for special occasions they go out for a boat ride and bring a picnic.

9. Travel.  Does your character like to travel outside of Vesuvia?  How often?  For how long?  What kinds of things do they do away from home?

They haven’t really traveled outside Vesuvia and Nopal. They grew up in Nopal and know the area really well. After the main games events they get Asra to travel with them up thereat least every other month.

10. WTF.  Has anything just…weird ever happened to your character?  Something that made them stop and go “What just happened?!”

The first time they used magic was a pure accident! About five years old, they were playing by the fire with their parents sitting by them, and suddenly the fire was in their hands! Then it wasn’t! Then it was! Two years later they were sent to live with their aunt in Vesuvia during the summers, to learn to control their gift.

11. Crime.  Has your character ever been arrested?  If so, what did they do?  Have they ever helped stop a crime?

When Ziv would be in Vesuvia, they were a little rascal. Their aunt had a lot of connections, and was well respected. That being said… Ziv would regularly “steal” (they went back later with money or good to exchange) from the merchants that knew them and give the food to Asra and Muriel. Of course there was one time they got caught by the guards… and auntie came to the rescue before they could be hauled off to the palace.

12. Secrets.  What is a secret that your character has?  Are they in line for the throne in a far off land?  Was there this one time at band camp…?  Are they secretly involved in an assassin’s guild?

Ziv is part fae. Or something. Their father never said exactly what extra blood that side of the family has, but they all have some strange feature that they have to play off. Ziv has pointed ears. Their father had cat-like eyes. Their aunt had skin that glistened in moonlight. It goes back generations, but almost no one outside the family knows about it. It’s part of why their magic is so strong and shows so early.

13. Overcompensation.  Is there something that your character just HAS to do better than anyone else?  Or are they just that dang good without trying?  If they see someone else showing off, what is their kneejerk reaction?

Quietly fume and walk away. They don’t like show offs who do it just for show. Showing off out of pride, or to get money, sure. They get that. But just because you can? Ick. If they decide they want to be the best at something, they just keep working at it. Usually their only competition is Asra, and that’s more fun than rivalry.

14. Fight Club.  Is your character a good fighter?  What kind of skills do they have?

First reaction: Shield. Second reaction: Fireball to the face. Third reaction: Run.

15. The Arts.  Is your character a creative type?  What kinds of things can they create?  Can they act?  Street perform?

Ziv is good with their hands for certain crafts. Making charms and wind chimes or window hangings. Things that are made for the sunlight and wind to play with.

16. Goofy.  Is your character a clown?  Do they like to make people laugh?

Definitely not a clown, but once they know you, they can make you laugh. It’s very personal, and it’s very them.

17. Language.  Is your character multilingual?  How many languages do they speak?  Do they have an accent?  Is it sexy?  Is it silly?  Do they have a multilingual lisp?

Asra finds it sexy. Ziv does speak both Vesuvian and Nopalese. Thier first language does give them a slight accent, similar to welsh accents.

18. Embarrassment.  What is something really embarrassing that your character has done/said?

The first time they met Asra after staying in Nopal for about five years. It was the masquerade, and they bumped into his table behind their aunts shop. They turned around and recognized him after a moment of staring and said something like “Well you just walked out of my childhood dreams.” And immediately died on the spot as Asra giggled.

19. Memory.  Has your character gotten any of their memory back?  If so, what?  Did it change them?

In their upright ending, Ziv does regain their memories. They and Asra spend a lot of time in the Arcana realms working to figure out a way for them to remember and also a way to control their new gifts properly. Eventually, they wake up and everything is… there. It didn’t change them that much, but it definitely helps them feel more whole. And they are able to track down their family because of it.

20. Family.  Talk about your character’s family.  Who were they?

Their parents were Agam and Ori Levi. Agam dies of the plague around the same time Ziv did, but Ori survived. Agam and his sister Ahava were twins, and magicians. Ahava - Ziv’s aunt in Vesuvia - left Nopal to make a name for herself, while Agam stayed behind to help the community. Ori comes from a large family, and Ziv has A Lot of cousins. Most of them are chattel farmers, or cactus farmers. Although some potters run through as the family rebels.

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universe: the arcana

characters: julian devorak x evelyn (apprentice, female pronouns), Portia, Asra

warning: none!

words: 2,661

today is evelyn’s birthday… and mine! 31 and trapped in a small apartment in washington heights. sorry it’s long, but julian is very anxious. evelyn’s about to have a much more special birthday than mine, if julian can just work up the nerve!


the julian and evelyn series masterlist

Julian circled circled the block for the fiftieth time, his long legs marching through the streets anxiously. He could hear his conversation with Portia and Asra replaying in his head.

“You’ve proposed to her before, why should now be any different?” Portia had teased.

“Pasha!” Julian had wailed, “I was drunk all those times!”

“But you meant them all, didn’t you?” Asra had asked, his head resting on his hand.

“Yes, and she didn’t take any of them seriously,” Julian had whined.

“I should think so, after a MONTH of being together.” Portia’s eyes had almost been white from rolling so hard.

“What do I do, what do I do?” Julian had run his hands though his hair and thumped his forehead on the table. The bright sun, which had finally surfaced after many days of rain, shone relentlessly through the windows of Portia’s cottage. Pepi was stretched out in a patch of sunlight on the table, her tail swishing and catching Julian in the face every so often. Asra reclined on the floor, leaning on some fluffy pillows with neat, needlepoint patterns and occasionally petting the leaves of a young potted fig plant near his head.

“Do you even have a ring?” Portia had asked, kicking her feet up on the window ledge and folding her arms. Julian fished his hand around his overcoat for a small pouch with a box inside. He slid it across to her.

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My apprentice would probably just get Julian all day with little things, using magic so he wakes up with bright blue hair or glue his boots to the ground so he’s gotta stay home with me for the day or go out barefoot

Lyra: “Oh no! That sounds… kind of mean? I don’t usually pull pranks like these though; I hope he has an extra pair of boots. Getting his old ones off the floor is going to be a hassle!”

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Julian + MC staying at home during quarentine? I just had a panic attack for this situation and I'm sad he doesn't exist and he's with me now. It's ok if you don't do it, don't worry!

Julian is constantly finding ways to keep MC laughing and smiling, so putting on lots of impromptu plays and games for MC. He is also really protective over MC’s health, so they’re all stock up on medical equipment, and he probably threw some fists to get some of it. “It’s a really funny story actually…” Julian nervously reassures MC after coming home with a few scrapes and bruises, but was it a funny story? Julian also makes lots of deprecating jokes to cope with how scary everything is. At night, Julian makes a joke about social distancing, but is still absolutely going to cuddle MC after giving them a cocky grin. Things stay very light and petty during the quarantine, but Julian gets really stir crazy sometimes, because he definitely wants to go out to the Rowdy Raven or just amble through the city. He’ll make any excuse to go out for even five minutes when he gets like this, but when that fails he just settles for telling MC more pirate stories.

This was lots of fun to write, thank you!

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TW: Death

This story was inspired by @prakranwomanswh0re and her late-night musings

I hope I do your ideas justice 💖 


MC had been younger than Nadia but had always stood proud, exuded power only those born in nobility could ever hope of attaining. Even when her tyrian locks turned silver and wrinkles etched her skin she remained ever regal.

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