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#the assassin’s blade

I’ve always adored the brief moments in the series where Aelin/Celaena discusses this tug feeling. How she makes a decision out of pure instinct and wonders how far and wide the repercussions will be. Her whole journey to taking the throne of Terrasen was a domino effect started by her deciding to free the slaves in Skull’s Bay, and it’s just such an epic thing 😍

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gifted a music sheet of the play she had seen once and loved to celaena — the love of his life — and she learned how to play it, only to never show it to anyone once sam died because it was the last piece of she had that belonged to him.

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The Assassin’s Blade Thoughts

I finished the Assassin and the Underworld novella and all it did was make me love Sam and Celaena more and hate hate hate Arobynn even more than I already had… not quite sure about Lysandra yet—kinda annoyed with her but could be from Celaena’s warped perspective on her but either way having already read Throne of Glass through Heir of Fire and knowing what’s coming next in this novella… well I didn’t quite believe anyone when they said this would be an emotional series but I was seriously mistaken so whoops

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The Assassin’s Blade Thoughts

I finished The Assassin and the Healer and The Assassin and the Desert and all first of all I love these little novellas, getting to Celaena better and see how she was before Endovier is really fun. Also, Yrene is cool af and the Mute Master ??? I love him so so much—I don’t even know why tbh

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The Assassin’s Blade Thoughts

Spoilers for The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Maas

Just finished The Assasin and the Pirate Lord, first of the five novellas in Assasin’s Blade and all I can think is (a) I love Sam and thats going to turn out to be a mega problem I already know it and (b) aww even baby celaena wanted to free slaves

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She would have an adventure. For herself. This one time. She would see her homeland, and smell it and breathe it in. See it from high above, see it racing as fast as the wind. She owed herself that much.


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“It was a lovely grave—simple, clean—and on the stone was written:

Sam Cortland

Beloved—not just by her, but by many.

Sam. Her Sam.”

i’m not okay [smiling through the pain]

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rereading the assassin’s blade and some thoughts 

  • rolfe reminds me of hook from ouat.
  • yrene is lovely.
  • i completely forgot about ansel’s storyline. i enjoyed it much better this time around.
  • arobynn makes my skin crawl.
  • lysandra is still my favourite. 
  • i honestly didin’t remember much from this book. i’m about halfway through and all i remember from my first read through is the ending. 
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Elide: Do you know the difference between you and a joke?

Elide: A joke can be funn-

Lorcan: A joke can’t be depressed.


Elide: Lorcan, no.

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