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#the assassin's blade

The time has come where I feel emotionally stable enough to read The Assassin’s Blade

I can do this.

I’m gonna read of Celeana again…

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Okay, so, I read Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight several years ago and LOVED them.

Then I really struggled through book three and didn’t ever pick up book four.

Not going to lie, I was a massive chaolaena shipper so THAT hurt! (Still bitter about it actually) And I just kinda got frustrated with Celaena about halfway through Heir of Fire

BUT, I have decided to give the series another go because I keep hearing how great it is and I love everything else SJM, so, second chance for Throne of Glass.

Anyway, I thought I’d read Assassin’s Blade this time as I didn’t have it the first time…

And NOW I’m SAD and full of regret!!!

Like, it was about 5 years ago and I couldn’t remember Sam being in Throne of Glass and SJM freaking made me love him and then did THAT!!!


Sam!!! OMG!!!

Arobynn better get what’s coming to him in the main series, I swear!!!

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An Insider’s Guide to Throne of Glass: Aelin’s Infamous Gold Nightgown, 3/?

She was still smiling when he asked, “Are all your nightclothes like that?”

“So curious about my negligees, Prince. Whatever would the others say? Maybe you should issue a decree to clarify.”

He growled, and she grinned into her pillow. “Yes, I have more, don’t worry. If Lorcan is going to murder me in my sleep, I might as well look good.”

“Vain until the bitter end.”

She pushed back against the thought of Lorcan, of what Maeve might want and said, “Is there a specific color you’d like me to wear? If I’m going to scandalize you, I should at least do it in something you like.”

“You’re a menace.”

She laughed again, feeling lighter than she had in weeks, despite the news Rowan had given her. She was fairly certain they were done talking for the night when his voice rumbled across the bed. “Gold. Not yellow- real, metallic gold.”

“You’re out of luck,” she said into her pillow. “I would never own anything so ostentatious.”

She could almost feel him smiling at her as she fell asleep.


Thirty minutes later, Rowan was still staring up at the ceiling, teeth gritted as he calmed the roaring in his veins that was steadily shredding through his self-control.

That gods-damned nightgown.


He was in such deep, unending shit.

- Chapter 29 of Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

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ways to seduce the Throne of Glass men


  • annoy the hell out of him
  • wash his hair
  • let him use your lavender soap
  • wear golden nightgowns


  • be into books
  • threaten to kill him
  • drink the blood of men


  • shift into a snow leopard to scare him


  • own a golden couch
  • ask him uncomfortable questions


  • have a wild side
  • never back down from a challenge
  • have a good sense of humour


  • be smol and refuse to take his shit


  • shoot arrows at everything in sight until you become a story told at campfires


  • be kind yet bold
  • don’t call him kitty cat


  • nah you don’t need to try. he’ll just remain madly in love with you until he dies a brutal death
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