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#the assassin's blade
thasdorah · 7 days ago
* tag drop: katarina du couteau.
* muse: katarina du couteau / THE SINISTER BLADE. * character study: katarina du couteau / FAR MORE THAN A MERE INSTRUMENT OF DEATH; THE TRUE WILL OF NOXUS. * isms: katarina du couteau / AN ASSASSIN’S BLADES ARE BUT ONE OF HER WEAPONS. * in character: katarina du couteau / A TAPESTRY OF SCARS. * aesthetic: katarina du couteau / A BLADE HELD IN FINGERS ETCHED WITH A THOUSAND TINY SCARS OF IMPERFECTION. * physique: katarina du couteau / SHE WAS A BLUR OF RED HAIR AND FLASHING SILVER. * dynamics: katarina du couteau & noxus / NEVER QUESTION MY LOYALTY. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT I ENDURE FOR IT. * dynamics: katarina du couteau & father / I AM NO LONGER YOUR ASSASSIN‚ FATHER. I HAVE OUTGROWN YOUR TIMID RULES. * dynamics: katarina du couteau & talon / COLD AND COLORLESS AGAINST HER PASSION. * dynamics: katarina du couteau & garen crownguard (knightsvows) / WOULD IT BE ENOUGH IF I COULD NEVER GIVE YOU PEACE?  * verse 001: katarina du couteau / EVERY WAKING MOMENT SPENT IN HONING HERSELF INTO THE ULTIMATE WEAPON. * verse 002: katarina du couteau / VOWED TO DEDICATE HER TALENTS TO THE EMPIRE‚ AND TO BECOME THE SINISTER WEAPON SHE ALWAYS INTENDED TO BE.
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doodle-tsc-love · 10 days ago
I'm sorry for this ⚠️Assassins Blade Spoilers⚠️
Sam: We have all the time in the world.
Aelin: What a lie. What a lie. What a lie.
Me: I can't wait to die!
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ocfairygodmother · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
written by: @rennys-new-life​
Artemis Fayne has lived her entire life attempting to take back London from the Templars. But as their total domination approaches, Jacob and Evie Frye come to aid Artemis in her quest. Artemis finds herself growing closer to Jacob, but a secret from her past threatens to destroy her.
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akecrow · 14 days ago
taking the fun out of video games w realism *insert clown emoji*
i’ll make a more cohesive post later, but the more i think about it, the more it doesn’t make sense for the colonial assassins to be utilizing poisonous gases? the use of it during the 1750s skews history and gives hope too much bragging rights lol (good for her for being the smartest person of her generation ig djgk) like the first use of “modern” chemical warfare that we see in game was deployed in the early 20th century. factories existed in the 1750s, but was the technology capable of producing chemical weapons? idk feels weird bro. also poisonous gas is such a large scale weapon. assassins were supposed to be stealthy, like canonly they would rarely be getting into large combat fights like in game. if to act as a diversion, wouldn’t a smoke bomb be better suited since it wouldn’t cause direct harm to the user? going back to the technology of the 1750s, how could there possibly be a gas mask that doesn’t cover the eyes, as in the gas doesn’t affect the eyes? big flex on hope’s part but really... the gas was a poor weapon of the assassins like?? :/ idk
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notmewrongbitch · 14 days ago
Reading Assassin's Blade and hope that Sam survives has the same energy as reading They both die at the end and expect that not to happen
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explorerspack · 14 days ago
thinking about rose and turn the lights off on both cerise and sico’s playlists
#AND the wolf even if liam didn't actually add that one to his character's rolling eyes emoji#the crop cha casters deserved to have a very tight and not necessarily in everyone's best interests alliance is the thing#the au where we send just the two of them to floaroma and THAT'S where the traitor sico secret comes out and cerise just...rolls with it....#like she'd be ANGRY but. sico would still be playable in a scenario like that that's for sure!#basically sico was a bad influence on her laskjdflksdjf#i will not die under someone else's thumb!!!!!#sigh. i MISS him!#alternatively thinking about the au where sico actually does assassinate esme#because. and maybe this is giving me too much credit. but i Do think that my own personal 'traitor sico theory' may have resurfaced#if we had a SECOND instance of 'prisoner gets assassinated in a cell before we can interrogate them'#at a time when sico was around an unaccounted for#ESPECIALLY if he used a poisoned knife#after her little 'be more creative than a poisoned blade' comment at me#i would LIKE to think i'd have put it together#and then! well!#then we'd be in a very similar situation but cerise would be a LOT angrier#and conversely a LOT more mistrustful#because. cerise is cerise.#it's fine that sico's a traitor to agricola and floaroma as long as he wasn't a traitor to HER#and then i could do fun mask parallel spiraling lovelove#OR#the WORST case scenario#sico assassinates esme and THEN we send the cha casters to floaroma by themselves and THAT'S where i learn#because i don't know what the HELL cerise would have done#she'd have felt so so angry and betrayed but. she'd be STUCK she'd have ONE ally#that au could have gotten quite nasty i think#c:crop#cha:cerise#anyway. miss you king.#want that spice back in our campaign again
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confused-as-all-hell · 16 days ago
Lysandra Ennar
She would find that love again—one day. And it would be deep and unrelenting and unexpected, the beginning and the end and eternity, the kind that could change history, change the world.
Lysandra Ennar, lovely and brave and bright. The shifter, the dreamer, the Lady of Carravarre. A woman who was assaulted and enslaved and broken, who fought her silk bindings with vicious ferocity, who discovered just how beautiful the world was when you were free free free. 
She was the lady of stories, the maiden trapped in a looming tower. There was no handsome prince to rescue her, no grand saviour. There were only bruises on her forearms and tears in her eyes. 
There was only a friend who reached out her hand. 
There was only blood on her body, blood on the bed, blood on the knife clenched tight in her hand.
There was no time to weep, no time to mourn, because there were furious men invading her space and leering down at her naked body and demanding answers.
There was a broken tower and a rush of power, jolting through her body, and fuck if it didn’t feel like being born again. 
Lysandra, for the first time in her life, was finally at ease. She had her power, swift and immortal light running through her veins. She made peace with her past, the brutal happenings that occured behind Arobynn’s locked door. 
And she had friends, friends to live for, friends to die for. Aelin, who gifted her lavish boxes of chocolate every other day, and made her laugh until she cried. Rowan, who made her pancakes whenever her mood dulled, and trained her in the finest battle arts. Lorcan, who showed her neither pity nor kindness, but such respect that it made her heart ache. 
Aedion, who loved her with a heart spun of gold, who kissed away her nightmares, who held her in his arms until the shaking ceased. 
She is a sexual abuse survivor, forced against her will to cater to men, made small and insignificant by our own fandom. Lysandra is hated by so many because she dared to draw the line, because she drew herself up and said “I will not allow this.”
She is hated because she forgave someone for making a mistake. 
Lysandra is the one who decides her limits, gifts her kindness. 
It is not up to the fandom to decide what she deserves, and it’s fucking disgusting that some of you think you have the right. 
She gets to choose if she forgives someone, and if she does, shut the fuck up.
Forgiveness is healthy, it is reasonable, it is good. People who made bad choices are allowed to learn from those mistakes; yes, they deserve kindness and respect and love. 
Lysandra realized this. She forgave Aedion for his cruel words, because she understands he was grief-stricken and felt betrayed and hurt. She is allowed to decide he made a mistake. 
Lysandra is brave and wonderful. She has long ago learned what is important to her, what she would live for, whom she would die for. She deserves more than hatred, more than disgust, more than your disdain.
Allow my love to be happy. She is worthy of it.
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daisybrekker · 17 days ago
Throne of Glass Parallel
The Assassin's Blade
The body still smelled faintly like Sam. And like the cheap soap she'd made him use, because she was so selfish that she couldn't let him have her lavender soap.
Queen of Shadows
She mutely handed him her favourite lavender-scented soap, even Rowan breathed it in as she scrubbed the tonic in.
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confused-as-all-hell · 22 days ago
Aelin Galathynius
She vaguely felt the light shifting on the lake. Vaguely felt the sighing wind, warm as it brushed against her damp cheeks. And heard, so soft it was as if she dreamed it, a woman's voice whispering, Why are you crying, Fireheart?...
"Because I am lost," she whispered onto the earth. "And I do not know the way.”
Aelin Galathynius, fierce and proud and exquisite. Adarlan’s Assassin, Aelin of the Wildfire, the Queen Who Walked Between Worlds. A girl who held death in the circle of her arms, who knew sorrow and misery by their first names, who gave herself for that glowing future ahead.
Aelin, my love, is not perfect. She says some awful things, and her actions are far from worldly and pure. Her mistakes are common as her own laughter. But I don’t know who told you characters have to be perfect, polished as gold. 
She is allowed to be arrogant, dramatic, proud, daring, reckless, without being told off. These are the qualities often recognized in men, and so when a woman embodies them, she is instantly cut down for it. Aelin loves herself without fail, acknowledges her own beauty, is genuinely kind to herself.
I see so many posts encouraging girls to love themselves, and when one is portrayed in literature, everyone just turns on her. If your excuse is “well, she’s just too arrogant” please shut the fuck up. You do not get to decide what is too much. Nobody stupidly granted you that privilege.
It is perfectly fine for Aelin to see her appearance, her hair and eyes and body and smile, and say “I am happy with myself. I am beautiful.”
Don’t you fucking dare encourage feminism and then detest Aelin for admiring who is she.
Yes, she is out of the ordinary in terms of her looks, yes, she is curiously and suspiciously pretty. But if you dislike Aelin for her appearance, you’re shallow as fuck, I pray you do not like those oddly plain characters either. 
The Fae are a race known for their grace and beauty, so do not tell me it’s funny how everyone is tiringly pretty. They’re supposed to be. That’s literally the whole point. 
For those who complain her story is so special, would you rather read about the citizen who couldn’t find their favourite socks? I dare say no. The general idea of a story is to tell it from the most interesting point of view, in this case, Aelin’s. She is in the thick of everything, not by chance, but because she seeks the source of the trouble.
Her mistakes are plentiful, but Aelin has no trouble admitting this. She apologizes when necessary, admits to her wrongdoings, and she tries to be better. It’s not like she walks around with a blindfold. She works to understand others, never retracts her extended hand, loves her family without fail.
Aelin Galathynius is not thousands of years old, with all the wisdom of the centuries. She is a girl of seventeen, trying desperately to do her best, to save her home and her people and herself. 
She woke between her parent’s cold corpses as a little girl, watched men and women die horrifically before she was eight, killed time and time again to save her own life. She found her best friend lying in pieces on her bed, bowed to her mother and father’s murderer, was enslaved and tortured and beaten and scourged. 
Her trauma is not to be forgotten. Aelin is trying to save a world, and she’s still working through the terrors she witnessed so long ago. The inside of her mind was a lightless place, with no lamps to be seen.
It is okay for characters to fuck up. It’s okay for them to make mistakes and lash out. It’s okay for them to make bad choices, so long as they learn from them.
Nobody is made of gold. Nobody is unworthy of love. Nobody deserves your hatred.
Aelin is not the most powerful of her court, despite much bitter discourse.
Rowan is physically stronger, and far more capable with weaponry. 
Lysandra is prized as a shape-shifter, her talent stated to be utterly invaluable.
Aedion commands his own legion, the fearsome Bane.
Elide is the cleverest, with precious insight and incredible wisdom.
Lorcan is a extraordinarily strong warrior.
Manon is the Witch-Queen, with plenty of influence and power.
Dorian has the strongest magic of them all, in the largest quantity.
Chaol is... 
Anyways, Yrene’s healing gifts are considered their greatest asset in the war.
Though Aelin is certainly important, she does her part and only her part. She does not attempt to take credit for what she has not done. She will take the suffering upon herself, but never the joy.
Aelin is bleeding and bleeding, dashed on the rocks, and all of you can only scoff at her beauty and talent. 
I am capable of writing eloquent pieces, playing several musical instruments, charming several adults, making people laugh, finding lovely angles for photographs, and much more. 
Am I conceited to say so? I can appreciate my better qualities and absolutely hate work on my worse attributes. 
Aelin isn’t the not-like-other-girls cutout. She is like other girls. She loves dogs and candy, can wield her weapons with staggering competence, chooses her favourite gowns cautiously, is proud of herself for her accomplishments, works to lift other women up.
Aelin, at the very least, can appreciate being like other girls is a compliment. Girls (and boys!!) are fucking amazing. 
You can hardly expect a girl of eighteen to be perfectly polished. 
Aelin herself knows this. She listens when Darrow says she’s unfit, and she works to prove why she is capable. She wants to be better, to learn how to properly rule her country.
As well as the whole ordeal with her keeping the allies secret, she was afraid. Aelin had a group of people shout at her, tell her what an awful job she was doing, how she didn’t deserve to be queen. She didn’t want to let them down more. 
Everyone hates “perfect” characters, and then they hate the characters who fuck up. Pick a side. Pick a struggle. Pick a fight, if you like, I’m happy to give one over.
Aelin, the defender, the hero made history. She is so often hated; I would like to show her a little love.
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themewtwonites · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
This might be the last mermay mermaid, kinda lost interest in them 😆 so I might as well end it with one of favs assassins. Messier Ezio as a barracuda. Might concentrate coloring the rest of the mermaids.
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michaelbaileywriter · 25 days ago
The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot - A Series Overview
The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – A Series Overview
What’s it About? Derek Strongarm and Felix Lightfoot are a pair of hard-luck adventurers for hire with an unfortunate knack for landing jobs that pay too little and threaten their lives too much. Erika Racewind is a hardened elven warrior who doesn’t like people, except maybe when she’s killing them. Winifred Graceword is a kindhearted elven priestess skilled in the healing arts. David is a…
Tumblr media
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ray957 · 27 days ago
the info about rayla's childhood nickname from runaan being "little blade" is adorable but something about it felt sour to me and i think i finally figured out why.
she was always defined by her blades.
by her potential to fight and to kill.
even as a child.
even in terms of endearment.
just another way her whole life was structured around being an assassin.
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thenerdandfandoms · 29 days ago
Infuriating: We Won’t Be Your Easy Target
“Aelin, please, it’s not safe!” Rowan pleads with Aelin as she ties up her hair, already in her work clothes.
“Rowan, I can’t stay here all day, every day. I have to try to be normal for as long as I can be. Staying here just makes me an easier target. Plus, I have to be at work for Lysandra. Arobynn will inevitably try to contact her directly, too. I’m going to work, I promise you I’ll come home as soon as the school day ends.”
Rowan wants to argue more, maybe even tie her to his bedroom door so she won’t leave, but he nods, saying, “Okay, but, please promise me you’ll come home immediately. I don’t want you to put yourself in more danger than you have to.”
Aelin sighs. “I promise, Rowan. I’ll be home no later than three forty-five, I’m bringing Lysandra here too. She lives alone and I don’t trust her door locks. She’ll sleep in my room, if it’s okay for me to keep sharing your room with you?” Aelin looks guilty for asking, but Rowan thought it was a given.
“Of course, my room is yours for as long as you need it.” Rowan thanks the gods Aelin promised to be home. He needs to keep her safe, even though he knows she’s capable of taking care of herself.
She’s so strong. She never should have gone through what she has.
“Alright, bye Rowan. I’ll see you in…” Aelin pauses, checking the clock on Rowan’s end table that says 7:35. “Eight hours and ten minutes.”
With that, she goes, leaving Rowan standing in his room worrying over her. He decides to be productive, so he stress-cleans.
Eight hours and fifteen minutes later, at 3:50, Rowan is considering driving to the school Aelin works at to make sure she’s okay. Or call the police to make sure she hasn’t been found dead.
Then he gets a text from Aelin telling him she’s downstairs with Lysandra trying to figure out how to get her bags up the stairs. He sighs in relief and practically runs down the stairs.
When he gets to where Aelin parked her car, Lysandra, despite her eyes being red-rimmed from crying, grins at him. Rowan sees the piles of bags laying beside the car and understands why they aren’t able to carry them all.
He takes the heaviest ones, leaving only a few to the two of them. Once inside the apartment, with Lysandra unpacking some kitchen appliances of her own (Aelin explained Lysandra will probably be staying a while, so she brought a lot of her stuff from her own apartment), they start greetings.
Lysandra says, “So, the infamous Rowan. I’ve heard all about you.” She gives Rowan a look that makes him slightly worried Aelin has said something bad.
Aelin hisses, “Lys, don’t make him anxious.”
Lysandra laughs and continues, “I’m just joking. It’s nice to meet you. I’m sure you've heard all about how great of a best friend I am.” She shoots a pointed look at Aelin, but her small smile ruins it.
Rowan chuckles, saying, “I have actually, Aelin has said great things about you. I’m glad to finally meet you, though I wish it were under different circumstances.”
Everyone’s mood dims a bit and Lysandra agrees, “I do too. But alas! We’ll get through this, too.” She looks at Aelin with sad, but hopeful, eyes.
Aelin has the same look in her eyes when she says, “Yeah, we will. I have some calls to make. Rowan, can we talk?”
Rowan nods and Aelin brings them into his—well, their—room.
“I was thinking we might be able to scare Arobynn off. He’s cunning, but he’s weak. And when he’s weak, he’ll be stupid. I think we can put him in jail for good. Do you have any suggestions?”
Rowan nods and pulls his phone out, Aelin doing the same.
They both call the first few people they can think of, all of them agreeing immediately. Their plan has begun.
Alright! It’s a short chapter, but it kinda sets the plan for the next few chapters up! Let me know what you think!!! ❤️
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