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#the audacity

I work at this beautiful place called smankee smandle in an outlet. Iykyk. This woman comes in and asked “Can I use this coupon?” and I look at it,read the fine print out loud answering her question “Excluding outlet locations☺️” the woman looks at me and goes “eXcLuDInG OuTlEt LoCAtIoNs 🥴” takes the coupon back and walks away. Like honey what did you expect since you can’t fucking read😂☠️ “BYE HAVE A GREAT DAY!”

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Hi! This way, I’ll focus on this story in more detail and the fic will probably be longer and better than it would’ve been otherwise :) so don’t worry about that!

And really if someone writes exactly the story they already planned to write anyway, they’re still valid entries for a secret santa as long as they haven’t posted it anywhere else before!!!

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why can’t teachers just use canvas.

we figured it out.

why can’t you.

and don’t give me that ‘they need time to learn how it works’ bc i literally didn’t know how to do anything on canvas and missed a bunch of classes bc of it

but i learned

and now i can actually function

or like

if they don’t want to teach themselves then there’s loads of teachers that excel at using canvas and yet. 

they don’t ask or anything

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So i just finished the last season of supernatural and can we talk about that ending? Like we go 15 whole seasons where the boys die and come back time and time again and they’ve fought so many monster and even GOD HIMSELF and dean dies from a NAIL????? Like in the time it took for him to talk to sam they could have already sowed the wound back together. These boys have been shot and stabbed and the thing that kills THE Dean Winchester is a nail in a barn post. And also how many times have they saved Castiel? Oh so now that Cas is gay for Dean they’re just going to let him die like that? the audacity. 😒🙄

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i keep going to make posts like “did jack antonoff really think he could write x lyric off of gone now and expect me to be normal afterwards” but like seriously actually did he really think like did he think he could write gone now and expect me to be normal afterwards.

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