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The devil works hard but fanfic writers work harder
Tumblr media
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Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Word Count: 3.9k
Summary: Being an Avenger was your life's purpose. When you find yourself kicked off of the team you spiral. When they ask for your help to fight Thanos, you turn them down. Five years later they ask again, and you agree for one reason; Wanda.
Tumblr media
Happier days; you often picture them in your head. Times when you had everything anyone could need. The white picket fence became black in memory, the wood was rotten and rancid, what was once thriving was now fiercely decayed.
As your home crumbled, so did your social life. You were the first Avenger to be officially kicked off the team. They stripped you of your purpose. From something to nothing in a matter of moments. You should've been angry. You had every right to be, but something stopped you.
It was those green eyes on you when you made your exit. They were filled with disappointment, and that feeling had seeped its way into your mind. You and Wanda had something. It was undefined, but it was there nonetheless. Your excommunication from the Avengers made sure you’d never get the chance to explore it.
You lived your life under a different kind of mask; one of a civilian. A life full of pretending you weren’t a hero. Every now and then someone would recognize you, and you had to lie; denying that you were that hero that had seemingly up and vanished from the public eye.
They had asked for your help with Thanos. Fury let himself into your apartment and laid it all out for you. While you weren’t angry, you were bitter. So that day you sat in front of your TV neglecting to even look at the man.
You told him that he should find the others. He said everyone else already agreed to help. With your eyes glued to your TV screen, you said," Then what do you need me for."
He left after that.
They failed, leaving so many people devastated. Nothing changed in your life. You didn't get blipped, so you lived through those 5 years as if nothing were wrong.
Then there was a knock on your door. You weren't going to answer it, but the knock was persistent.
When you opened it, you were met by some of your former teammates. You sighed heavily, but let them into your home.
" Nice place, did you get sponsored by TJ Maxx or something?"
Tony's joke fell flat. You stood on one side of your kitchen table, and they stood on the other. The division was perfectly ironic.
" Let's get this over with. Pitch it to me, so I can decline."
" It doesn't have to be like this," Steve says.
You roll your eyes," You aren't pitching."
Natasha speaks up," Time travel."
" Why do you need me?"
" We need all the help we can get," Hulk admits.
" I haven't done hero work in 9 years. I can't help you."
Steve shakes his head," You can, you're just choosing not too."
You scoff," Kind of like how you chose to kick me out."
A heavy silence fills the room.
Tony claps his hands," Well, we tried the asking way. Now let's get to the core. Wanda was blipped. I know for a fact you can't live with yourself knowing she's gone, especially when you aren't doing anything to get her back."
You clench your fists by your sides. Tony's words had pierced through your hard exterior. Wanda was possibly the only person you cared about in this world. You had let her down before. This time needed to be different.
" Welcome back L/n"
When Fury came to you and told you what happened all those years ago, it turns out that those were the cliff notes. Natasha filled you in on everything he skipped over.
The relationship between Vision and Wanda seemed to slip his mind. As well as the true split behind the team's divide.
" I'm just letting you know that when she comes back, she'll be mourning him," Natasha rests a hand on your shoulder.
" As long as we get her back," your eyes found your hands.
"Y/n, I'm sorry about what happened," when you go to meet her eyes, she's already looking at you.
You sigh," It's not on you, Romanoff."
She shakes her head," Still, I should've fought harder to keep you here. "
Her eyes were now trained on the ground. You rested your hand on hers, giving it a gentle squeeze.
" Natty, it's ok. Let's just put it behind us."
She cleared her throat," Thanks."
" Of course, Natasha. Now, do we have any pictures of the stones?"
You needed to see the stones for your powers to work. With your powers, you could teleport to anything you had ever seen.
If you saw a picture of an apple tree in Washington, you could be there. If you saw a picture of the Hollywood sign in California, you could be there. If you saw a picture of the inside of a bank safe in New York City, you could be there.
When you were at your most powerful, if you had a good enough description of the item, you could get there.
With the stones being the most powerful items in the universe, it was hard to know if you'd be simply able to teleport to them, but trying wouldn't hurt anyone.
When the team split, you ended up with Clint and Natasha.
The cliff was hanging in front of all three of you. With only one way to get the soul stone, it was a race to the edge.
You ran as fast as you could. Clint had a family, this was only possible because of Natasha, and you had nothing. There was no one better to sacrifice.
Clint and Nat double-teamed you, damn near knocking you out. With blurry vision, you struggled to your feet just in time to see Natasha fall.
With the energy you had left, you shot for Natasha. Now you were both falling. Your arms were around her waist. The only sound around you being air.
You saw the top of the cliff in your mind, and then you were there with Natasha.
Your chest was heaving up and down as you looked to your side to make sure Natasha was still there.
You see her just in time for her to yell," CLINT!"
Without a second thought, you teleported to him. With his arm in your hand, you teleported back to the top of the cliff.
Again, you try to catch your breath. You were in the middle of Clint and Natasha," I'll do this as long as I have to."
" We need that stone Y/n" Natasha spoke, staring up at the sky.
" Not like that," you argued.
Clint sat up first with his elbows resting on his knees," Then how do you suppose we get it."
" It's an orange stone, and it's kept in a shrine on this planet," you try to form a picture of the stone in your mind," small enough to fit the knuckles on a gauntlet."
" You could get cursed like Red Skull," Natasha warns you.
" It's better than dying," with that you try to teleport to the stone.
You find yourself looking at the stone in a case, but Red Skull's shadowy figure floats in front of it.
" You haven't sacrificed anyone."
You stare at him for a moment," You never said I had to sacrifice them here or that sacrifice meant to kill. I have given up so much in my life that I have nothing else to give. I'm taking this stone."
You teleport around Red Skull, inside of the case. Your hand touches the stone and the case around you dissolves.
" I guess your sacrifices are sufficient enough in the eyes of the stone. You are very lucky," He vanished with his words.
You feel the stone in your hand, almost enamored by the warmth of the stone. You teleport back to Clint and Natasha to find them pacing on the cliff.
" Did you get it?"
You open your hand, revealing the stone.
" Let's get home," Clint spoke.
" Wait," you looked at the two in front of you," If you two ever, and I mean ever try to sacrifice yourself like that again, I will personally kill you."
They gave you a salute," Yes mam."
When you regroup with the others, they've all got the stones. From there, Tony takes them to the lab and starts working.
When they have it together, the men have a peacocking competition to see who's going to use the gauntlet. It turns into a heated discussion when they tell Thor he isn't in any shape to use the gauntlet. They ultimately end up deciding on Hulk due to his gamma radiation.
Anticipation builds inside of you as Tony locks down the building. The team forms a circle around Bruce, uncertain of what exactly is going to happen.
He slips the gauntlet on and drops to a knee instantly. The power is visible as it courses up to his neck. His grunts of pain seem to trigger something inside of Natasha.
" Take it off Bruce," she goes to step into the circle, but you hold her by the waist.
Thor agrees with her," Banner, remove it."
Tony and Steve try to de-escalate the situation by calling out to Bruce. He's able to respond, which calms some of the nerves around you.
You loosen your grip on Natasha as Bruce brings his fingers up to snap, when he does, he faints and Tony's gauntlet slips off of his hand.
Clint kicks the gauntlet out of the way and everyone leans in to check on Bruce. Luckily, he was breathing.
" Did it work?" You ask and everyone shares glances.
" We don't know."
Clint's phone begins to ring. You all watch as he stalks towards it. His eyes gloss over as he picks it up.
" Honey."
You close your eyes, taking this as a victory. Finally, you had done something right. The world was back how it was supposed to be.
You didn't get to enjoy it for long. The building began to collapse, you were being attacked. There was nothing you could do.
" Shit," as you crashed down, you tried to keep your eyes on the gauntlet.
You hit the ground hard. You wanted to lie there and wallow in the pain, but before you got the chance you were being yanked to your feet.
" I got you," Natasha and Clint made sure you were sturdy before they let go of you.
You limped behind the pair until they abruptly stopped. Clint shot an arrow right past, and that's when you saw the creatures coming after you.
You see Clint reach down and grab Tony's gauntlet before sprinting. Natasha and you followed in his tracks. Your lungs and legs were both on fire, but you wouldn’t stop running.
Clint shot another arrow, which caught a chunk of the whatever the fuck those things were. More were still coming when Clint signaled up.
With a slight glance upwards, you grabbed Natasha's arm and shot the both of you up to the floor.
" Can you take us outside?" Clint asked, getting to his feet.
You grab both of them and in an instant you're outside. The air outside wasn't much better than the air in the fallen building.
Getting to anyone else was a gambling. If you were to teleport without knowing what was going around in their area, it could be deadly. The only option was for you to look for them on foot.
" We've got to get this to Tony," Clint held the gauntlet close to his chest.
You gave a curt nod before you all took off towards where you thought the fight was taking place.
You arrive just in time to see Thanos's army appear in the distance. Your hand stopped the other two in their tracks.
" That can't get any closer without them reacting," you say, referring to the gauntlet.
You, Clint, and Natasha hung back for a few moments. That's when you saw it in the distance. A golden circle opened up and people began to emerge.
" What's happening?"
" Strange," Natasha watches with a triumphant look on her face.
More of them began to open, heroes that didn't know personally began to appear ready to fight.
Your eyes scanned the crowd, and then they stopped. Everything seemed to stop. It had been 9 years since you had laid your eyes on Wanda.
This almost felt like the first time you'd seen her all over again. She was glowing with power. She was older, her get-up was different, but she still had those same intense green eyes.
For the first time in 9 years, you felt like a hero. You succeeded in your objective, bringing Wanda back and half the universe with her.
With a new pride in yourself, you stepped up so that you were behind Cap.
" Avengers," the word made you insecure, "Assemble."
The fight was on.
The slow motion was gone, everything was moving fast now.
You end up with Cap, fighting back to back," Avengers huh, am I included."
" You've always been included, Y/Ln. I'm sorry we ever told you anything different."
That's when you saw Thor in distress," Cap!"
He quickly shifts his attention. You handle the aliens who were targeting him. You watch in wonder as he lifts Thor's hammer.
While you want to watch the battle, you recognize that you're still in it. You're alerted of the new objective of getting the stones to the van.
You've seen the van before, you can get there faster than anyone else. All you needed were the stones.
" If someone can get me to the gauntlet, I can teleport to the van."
" Everyone heard that, get it to Y/n," Tony replies.
Though you're in the heat of battle, you try to teleport near the gauntlet. You duck immediately, when you see a blade directly in front of your face.
" Shit," you spot Peter with the gauntlet, but before you get to him, you hear Wanda scream.
You spare a glance to see Thanos on his knees folding under her power, but he's fingertips away from his weapon.
Before you could think about it too much, you're behind Wanda and then the two of you are on a different part of the battlefield. Close enough to see Thanos spear his weapon through the space where Wanda was.
You only get to look into her eyes for a second before you're going back to the gauntlet.
Your heart is thumping as you spot Black Panther with a gauntlet. He was going to pass it to you, but that's when the ship's power began to rain down.
In the chaos and confusion, Thanos had ended up with the gauntlet. Carol was giving him a run for his money.
You saw the gauntlet slipping from his grasp. You were waiting to strike until you were sure it would come off. You could get to the gauntlet, but getting it off was something else entirely. Thanos was wearing it and teleporting with it ran with it ran the risk of bringing him along with it.
You had to focus solely on the gauntlet. Not his hand or his arm, just the gauntlet. Once Tony joined Carol's efforts, it was the perfect moment.
You shot for the gauntlet, you didn't wait once you felt it in your grasp. You just went to the first place your mind could think of.
When you opened your eyes, the gauntlet was in your hand, and you were away from the battle.
The ground was covered in snow and trees. As the white substance fell from the sky, you felt at peace, almost forgetting your purpose.
You slipped the gauntlet on. The intense power made you shake uncontrollably. You used one of your hands to steady the other. It felt as though your body was going to split in half. You let out a violent scream and then snapped your fingers.
You fell to the ground immediately, a burning sensation quickly spread throughout your body. The snow did little to aid the burning.
The gauntlet had flown off of your hand and burst into flames. You watched it burn as your eyes got heavier and heavier. You wanted to laugh, but you couldn't. After all these years, you finally got the redemption you'd been hoping for in your last moments.
Life was cruel like that.
As your vision began to blur, you saw a portal open. It was similar to the one that brought everyone back.
You felt your body being lifted off the ground and carried to somewhere else.
" What happened?" The panic in the woman's voice was evident.
" She used the gauntlet," the man holding you answered.
" We have to get her somewhere where we can stabilize her," you knew that voice.
" Tony, I don't know if she'll make it."
" I'm not accepting that, Stephen," Tony argues with the doctor.
You feel your body being passed on to someone else," You're going to be ok, Y/n. I won't lose you too."
" Get her through the portal and onto the operation table."
You feel yourself fading more and more by the second. A hand squeezes yours," Stay with me, Y/n."
You use what little energy you have left to gently squeeze the hand back. Then you lose consciousness.
" We're losing her."
" Come on, Y/n"
Beep… Beep… Beep
" I won't lose her again"
" Wanda!"
Your body jolted up in an instant. Sweat covered you from head to toe. You ached all over and your heart felt like it would explode.
You looked around to see white walls and tile floors. There was equipment you were unfamiliar with surrounding you. It was obviously medical, you were in a hospital of some sort.
You laid back in the bed, trying to gather your thoughts. That didn't last long, someone was barging through the door before your head even hit the pillow.
" You're awake," Wanda's hands shot up to cover her mouth. You could see the tears start to stream down her face.
You try to get up to comfort her but the wires attached made it more complicated than you attended.
" Stay there," she came to your side and held your hand," I'm so glad you're ok."
" How long have I been here?"
" 4 days, you almost died after using the gauntlet. You actually flat lined, but-"
" You saved me," you interrupted her.
" I used my powers."
You said," I didn't know you could do that."
" Neither did I. All I knew was that I didn't want to lose you again," she looks into your eyes earnestly.
" The first time was my fault," you remember the disappointing look in the woman's eyes.
She squeezes your hand," No it wasn't. Just because you weren't on the team anymore didn't mean we all had to cut contact with you."
You sighed," It's been so long that it doesn't matter anymore because we're back together again."
Wanda gazes at the ground," Y/n, there's a lot you missed."
" Natasha told me about it. All of it," you stop her," I'm so sorry about Vision."
She lets out a shaky breath," I thought I would spend the rest of my life with him. The wounds are all still fresh. It was only days ago to me, but it's been 5 years in actuality."
" Wanda-"
" I loved him so much, and I know he would want to move on and be happy but-"
You wipe her tears away," It's going to take time. No one is rushing you, Wanda. We are all here for you, no matter how long it takes. You'll be happy again, I promise."
She laughs through her tears," You still know just the right thing to say."
" You make me choose my words carefully," you look away from her.
Wanda goes to speak again, but Natasha and Clint come running into the room.
" I swear if you didn't almost die, I'd be punching you right now," the spy glares at you playfully.
" Weren't you the one to tell us you'd kill us if we ever sacrificed ourselves. Sounds pretty hypocritical right about now," Clint added.
" It's good to see you guys too," you smile while you speak to them.
" Just like I prophesied, Banner. She has risen from the ashes," Thor enters the room with Bruce on his coattails.
" Glad you're alright," Bruce ignores Thor.
Tony strides in next with Steve behind him," Great, now that everyone is here and conscious, I can finally say this."
" He's retiring from field work," Steve said, stealing Tony's moment.
Tony glares at his friend," Well, Steve is taking a sabbatical to do some soul-searching and who knows when he'll be back."
You look between the two men," So who's supposed to lead the team, if you guys are out."
" Well, we were thinking-"
" Once you're all healed up, of course-"
" You could be the leader of the Avengers."
Your jaw drops," Me?"
Tony nods," You've proved yourself time and time again. Ending up here, the way you did, just proves that you'll all do what's right no matter what. It's a good skill to have."
Your team all looked at you with shining eyes. Each one of them supported what Tony and Steve were saying.
" Ok, I'll do it."
Healing started right there in that room. Once you were able to be discharged from the hospital, you still weren't a hundred percent. You would need almost around the clock assistance, just to make life a little easier.
Wanda was quick to volunteer her services. She basically moved into your place. To the point where she began redecorating things without your permission. You didn't really mind it.
It was nice having someone around after being alone for so long.
" Y/n, can I ask you something," Wanda turned her attention from the TV to you.
" Go for it."
She cleared her throat," Did you ever move on after you left that day?"
Your eyes locked on to hers," If you're asking if I ever found someone new, the answer is no. I didn't want anyone else"
Wanda bows her head," I'm sorry."
You scoot closer to her, taking her hand in yours," Don't ever say sorry for chasing your happy ending."
" I just- I think about what we could've been if you hadn't left a lot. Sometimes I wonder if it would've been you instead of him," her head falls onto your shoulder.
" Maybe," you took a long pause," but if you loved him like everyone says you did, I don't know if I'd measure up."
Her fingers began to fiddle with yours," I loved you too."
" You did?"
You could feel her nodding against your shoulder," I was heartbroken when you left and that's when Vision came, fixing all of the broken pieces."
" Good thing he was there," you say in a small voice.
All of the 'what ifs' were circling through your mind. You already knew what you had missed out on, but hearing it from Wanda was hard.
" I still love you," she looks up at you to find you already looking down at her.
" But you need time."
Her hand reaches to caress your face," I don't want to wait anymore, but rushing into anything seems wrong."
" We can go slow," your eyes dart to her lips.
She subtly nods her head before closing the gap between the two of you. You let her lead, not wanting to rush the moment.
Her lips moved sensually against yours. Her lips were light, almost if she were afraid of hurting you. Your lips matched her movements.
You hadn’t even noticed the kiss had ended as her forehead rested against yours. The feeling of her breath delicately grazing her lips had you fooled.
" I love you," you say back to her.
She places a kiss on your forehead," I'm going to hold you close for as long as you allow me."
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sam: *is dying*
tony: :0!!!!
steve: oh my gosh Y/N? you spent 3 months in the medical department with dr. cho! you must know cpr, right!?
nat: baby, why would you need to know it off by- you know what? i'm not gonna question that
steve: ok. you're up y/n *moves out the way*
y/n: *walks over to sam and clears their throat* TIGHT AS A VIRGIN BOY DON'T GET NERVOUS-
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"One out of five..."
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The Roommate/Breeder Bucky
Word Count:  2.7k
Warnings:  Dark! Bucky, manipulation, dubcon, sex pollen, smut, unprotected sex, daddy kink, breeding kink, domestic kink, creampie, unprotected sex, oral (f receiving), pussy slapping, fingering, cumplay, masturbation.
Tumblr media
Bucky smiled as he entered the house.  It had aired out enough that he knew he wouldn’t be affected.  And while he’d only been gone a couple of hours, he knew that would be all that you needed.  He’d purposefully left you in an angry state while he took Alpine to the vet so that she could get fixed, knowing that when you were angry, you would clean.  And of course, you would dust.  And when you dusted the fan in the living room, you would come across his little surprise for you. 
He smirked, hearing the moans even from the bottom of the steps.  He knew that you were up in your room, probably confused, but horny beyond all belief, attempting to find some sort of satisfaction with your fingers or your toys. 
“Doll?” he asked, faux concern lacing his voice as he put his hand on the banister, “you okay up there?”
“B-Bucky…” He smirked.  That wasn’t her simply answering his question.  You hadn’t heard him.  He knew that.  You were moaning his name.  He continued to grin as he walked up the stairs and his roommate’s moans became louder, “Fuck…Bucky…take me daddy…I wanna feel that big cock…please.  I need you, daddy.  Need you to fill me up.  Make me cum on that big, hard cock.”
Bucky came to a grinding halt. 
He hadn’t expected words like that to come out of your mouth.  He could hear the wand going to town on you, and lewd squelching, which he assumed was from you fingerfucking herself, but he didn’t expect you to be using those words.  To call him daddy.  To hear you talking to yourself as though he was there, begging for him to cum in you. 
It made his erection strain painfully against the tactical pants he wore.  He pushed your door open, and you lay on top of your bed, your body shiny from sweat, nipples pebbled so much they looked like they were hard enough to cut diamonds, and your cunt…Bucky growled.  His breathing instantly became heavier as the room smelled heavily of sex.  Your sex. 
Your clit was swollen, and your cunt was dripping so much that it looked like it was drooling.  Your fingers were covered in a thick layer of your own juices, a line of it connecting between your cunt and the fingers when you pulled them out to adjust your hips better.  The massager attacked your swollen nub again, and your body tightened almost as much as your eyes, which had been screwed shut in concentration as you chased a release that wouldn’t come without a cock.
Bucky knew that.
But you didn’t. 
Bucky felt his mouth watering at the sight.  You were a normal little human.  Not an agent.  Not a super soldier.  You didn’t work for the government.  Bucky had come across you purely by chance when you put out an ad that you needed a roommate a few years ago, and it had only progressed from there.   And from the moment Bucky met you he knew he was in love with you.
Knew that he wanted you.  Wanted to keep you.  He knew deep in his heart, that you were supposed to be his.  You didn’t mind that he was an Avenger.  Didn’t mind that he would be gone days, sometimes weeks at a time.  Hadn’t even batted an eye when guys like Loki or Sam came through the door and bugged them on their quiet nights in together.   
But you were oblivious to how he felt.  You were sweet and kind to everyone and worked at an animal clinic while also volunteering on the side.  You were the kind of girl that he knew Steve probably would have tried to get his hands on, and it killed him that you didn’t seem to notice him.  Or so it felt. 
That was until you had brought home the sweetest white kitten, which only seemed to be attached to you.  You adored the little feral fluff ball, and when it became attached to Bucky, he noticed the little things that had happened, a shift in their relationship.  They became friendlier.  They would share more movie nights.  And when he was gone, he’d see texts from you, saying that you were thinking of him, or that you missed him.
It killed Bucky to see you treating Alpine like it was you shared child.  To come home from a mission and have you cooking him a nice, hot meal.  To talk to you nearly every night.  You were the embodiment of everything he missed from the 40s. 
You were his escape, his paradise. 
Which was why Bucky had enacted his plan.  Weeks ago, you had mentioned off handedly that you had thought about getting back into the dating scene.  Bucky was not amused.  He knew that you weren’t really that great at picking guys, and he had openly discouraged it. 
But you were headstrong. 
A bad habit he had yet to break you of.
So, you went on dates…lots of them.  With complete nobodies, in Bucky’s mind.  No one was good enough for you.  And every single time, Bucky would track the guy down or make sure that he and Alpine were sitting on the couch waiting for you so that if a guy did make it home, the sight of Bucky in his boxers on the couch, and Alpine hissing at the new intruder on their family right behind him was enough to drive the guy away. 
Once they realized that your roommate was an avenger, they never called back.  Only, this time, you were supposed to have a date with someone that wouldn’t be intimidated by him. 
“You really don’t mind?”
Bucky did.  He minded more than anything that his best friend had asked him, let alone even let the thought grace his mind, but he just shook his head, “go ahead, punk…she’s just my roommate.”
“Surprised you haven’t made a move on her,” Steve chuckled, nudging his best friend, “she’s like a girl from our time brought to the modern day.  The dame can cook, and she’s maternal like nobody’s business…you really aren’t interested in her, Buck?”
“Yeah,” Bucky said wistfully, not really wanting to continue the conversation, “she’s perfect.”
“No, Buck…she really is,” Steve grinned, hitting his friend in the arm, “I asked what she wants in five years…and you wouldn’t believe what she said.”
“She wants to be a stay-at-home mom, Buck,” Steve said excitedly, “none of that bullshit women’s lib stuff.  She wants to be popping out babies and taking care of her man, like a real good, old-fashioned dame…”
“Steve, I-“
“And she’s got this list of kinks, punk,” Steve admitted, his cheeks going pink, “but I’m sure you know that…living with her an all.  You’ve probably heard her once or twice, and the one…well you let her live it every day…it’s no wonder she’s so giddy all the time.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Steve.”
“Oh, come on,” Steve chuckled, “she said she’s got a major domestic kink…wants to be the gal sitting there at home taking care of her man…don’t tell me she’s never done it for you?  I’ve seen how she packs meals for you all the time, and those cute little notes she leaves in your go-bag that you come across during missions.”
And Bucky blushed, thinking about it.  He hadn’t really thought of it, but it seemed like any time he was home, or had the guys over, you’d be waiting on them hand and foot.  Making sure they had beers.  Making sure they had food.  Always offering to do things for them and tidying up after them.  Sam had made some choice comments once or twice about how you were practically his wife already and asked when the kids were due, but Bucky hadn’t thought that it was romantic on your side.  He just thought you were being a courteous hostess.
Which is why he decided to make you his, once and for all.  All you needed was the little push, the little gesture that you couldn’t back away from after it had been completed.  So, he stole some of the sex pollen from Bruce’s lab and put his plan into motion.
“Fuck me daddy,” you whispered softly as your fingers delved back into your aching cunt, “make me forget all those other guys.  Make me yours…fuck…Steve.”
Bucky’s blood turned cold at the mention of his best friend’s name passing your lips.  He took a few steps forward, pulling you to him by your ankle.  You opened your eyes, and you were shocked to see your roommate, not only in front of you, but looking beyond pissed off.
“Want that little punk, don’t you,” he growled angrily, watching your reactions.  He smirked when your thighs tried to clench together at the huskiness of his voice, but couldn’t because he was standing between them, “What, doll?  Can’t speak anymore now that you have a real man between those pretty little thighs?”
For emphasis Bucky slapped each of her inner thighs, making you both yelp and moan at the feel of him.  You were practically panting for him, “B-Bucky, please.”
He dropped to his knees so that he was eye level with your cunt, and he slapped your mound.  He smirked again, watching your cunt clench around nothing, while your thighs slipped over his shoulders, “what?  You think you deserve me after all that?  After that little display of moaning Stevie’s name and not mine?  I don’t think you do.”
“B-Bucky, I-“
“No,” he growled, glaring at your cunt.  His vibranium arm reached up and held your waist down, while his flesh hand spread your folds.  He watched your cunt as he breathed over it, and he growled, entirely entranced by the sweet, wetness that was dripping out of you, “you don’t get to do that…not when I own this cunt.  Not when I own you…”
And without warning he slapped your mount again, only this time his fingers caught your swollen clit.  You arched your back, your body responding to the touch as your pussy fluttered around nothing.  Bucky growled and leaned forward, burying his face in your pussy. You went to arch your back again, rolling your hips in his face, but Bucky’s other arm pushed you so that you were flat on the bed.  You whimpered, “Bucky, I-“
“Shut up,” he seethed, his mouth working furiously on you.   You moaned, your hands getting tangled in his hair as he ate you out like a man that was ravenous, “this pussy is mine…that’s the only thing I want to hear you say.”
“AGAIN!” he growled, spearing his tongue into her. 
Your body tensed, feeling the penetration from his tongue.  You tensed around the muscle, and he groaned happily, feeling even more of your juices go into his mouth, “you-yours.  All yours, Bucky.  I-I belong to you.”
“Call me daddy,” he growled, removing his mouth from your entrance.  You whimpered and he licked at your swollen clit, “tell daddy that you want to be filled by him.”
You moaned loudly as his mouth latched onto your clit, “W-want you.  Ww-want you so-soo bad.  D-daddy.  Daddy. Fuck.  F-Fi-FUCK Fill me.”
He smirked, releasing your clit with a sloppy pop.  You whimpered again until you noticed him standing up to remove his shirt and start undoing his pants.  With a moan, your hands went back down to your cunt so that you could play with herself.  Bucky fought a growl in the back of his throat, “You allowed to play with that pussy, baby?  That’s daddy’s pussy…”
“Want you to fill me up, daddy,” you purred, spreading your legs even more so that Bucky could see every bit of your wet pussy, “Want to feel you inside of me, Bucky.”
“It’s daddy,” Bucky growled, as he lined himself up at her entrance, “gonna ruin all other men for you baby.  Not gonna want anyone other than me.  Not gonna want any loser that knocks on the door.  Not gonna want Stevie.  Only me, baby.  You got that?”
“Only you,” you purred, feeling the super soldier stretch you as he slowly pushed past your entrance.  You felt like you were being electrocuted as every synapse in your mind seemed to go off at once, feeling Bucky’s heavy, thick cock entering you, dragging through your tight, wet channel.  Your eyes rolled back into your head as the sex pollen made you feel him that much more intensely.  Your legs started to shake as he sheathed himself inside of you, “f-fu-fuck…daddy.”
“Oh god, you’re perfect, baby,” he growled as his hands gripped your hips tightly.  Your juices soaked his cock as he held his pace, working steadily inside of you.  He had to go slow, because every time he felt himself speeding up it was almost too much.  Bucky had never had issues with how long he lasted before.  Sure, he may have spent a few decades as a touch-starved weapon, but he was a super soldier, who could last all night, and had, on occasion, with a few one-night stands.  But the way you gripped him, the way your cunt pulsed around him, he was having a hard time not immediately cumming in you, “God…you were fucking built for me, baby.”
“Yours,” you repeated once more, already blissed out on finally getting a cock to fill you.  Your whole lower half was shaking wildly and your body felt rigid as you seemed to be going over endless orgasms, “d-d-dadddy.  Daddy… M-m-m-mine!”
Bucky smirked, watching you on the edge of being fucked stupid.  He felt his balls starting to get tight and he reached away from your hips so that he could press his vibranium hand to your clit.  You mewled against his touch, as he rubbed fast circles on your engorged button, “want daddy to fill you up?  Want him to cum in that tight little pussy?”
“P-Please.  Please, daddy.  I ne-need you.”
He thrust especially hard into you, and you saw stars as you convulsed on his cock.  Bucky gripped your hair with his flesh hand and yanked you hard towards his own sweaty body, his cock still wildly ramming into you at a punishing pace, “want daddy to cum in that pussy again and again until you’re round with his child?”
“Plee-please.  Yes. Yes!  YES!”
“Say it,” he growled as he pulled her body into his.  You mewled against his chest and Bucky yanked you back by your hair, “Say it!”
“Want it,” you said, completely blissed out, “Want you, Bu-Bucky.”
“NO!” he yelled in your face, slamming into you.  He ignored the glassiness over your eyes and slapped you, hard, “Say you want me to cum in you.  SAY YOU WANT ME TO CUM IN YOU AND KNOCK YOU UP.”
“Knoc-knock me up,” you cried pathetically, still hitting the peak of an orgasm, “c-cum in me.”
“That’s it, baby!” he growled, his balls tightening until he came inside of you, “gonna be so beautiful with my child…gonna be a little family, baby…just me, you, Alpine, and the baby…”
He smiled as you clung to him, still in the midst of your own orgasms, “that’s right…we’re gonna have a baby…you belong to me, doll.”
“Yours,” you whispered, coming down.  Bucky smiled, pulling out and dropping you back onto your bed.  You whimpered at the loss of him, “Bucky…”
Bucky watched you weakly reached out for him.  He knew that the pollen was still strong in your system, but he’d put you through the ringer, and yet you still wanted more. 
“One second baby,” he smiled softly, his demeanor changing the second he saw his cum dripping out of you.  He reached out, his fingers scooping up the cum that had dripped out of your abused hole, and he pushed it back into you.  You moaned loudly and he kissed your inner thigh, pressing his fingers and his cum even deeper, “gotta make sure it stays…gonna make me a real daddy…and I’m gonna make you my sweet little mommy.”
Your pussy fluttered around his fingers, and you whined when he pulled away.  You instantly sat up, giving him a sad look, “bu-“
“Ah, ah,” he cooed, leaning towards you again.  He captured your lips in a sweet kiss as he realigned himself at your entrance, “no arguing baby…do you want daddy inside of you again.”
“Good girl,” he grinned, sliding back into you, “let daddy take care of you tonight…and then tomorrow we’ll move into our room, and start setting up a nursery.  Okay?”
“Y-yes daddy,” you whimpered, feeling his cock beginning to stretch you again, “oh, fuck.  Daddy..”
“That’s right, baby…take daddy’s cock.”  
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ifuxedurmom · a day ago
Wanda, arguing with Natasha:"Well if you weren't so conceited, we wouldn't have lost the target."
Natasha:"Chill out they are very easy to find"
Natasha:"It was Y/n and look..just...just watch this."
Natasha, says out loud:"I wanna do something stupid."
Wanda, mumbling:"You are stupid"
Natasha:*rolls eyes*
Y/n, quickly coming out of the shadows:"IM STUPID DO ME"
Natasha:"Annnddd who's correct"
Wanda, to you ignoring Nat:"Let's go..."
Y/n, quietly while doing a small fist pump:"...Yesss....let's gooo, ...two for the price of one."
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shescollateraldamag3 · a day ago
Too Late | Wanda Maximoff
Summary: Before your wedding, Wanda decides to confess.
Pairing/s: Wanda Maximoff x fem!reader, Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader
Warning: Angst with no happy ending
Tumblr media
*gif not mine*
Wanda Maximoff had the habit of being late. She was never on time. Ranging from when she used to go to school to training with the Avengers, those who knew her could barely name situations where she was on time. The redhead's wish is that she isn't too late now. Long story short, she loves you. You are engaged to Natasha. To keep you from making a "regrettable decision", she has now confessed her feelings for you.
"Pardon?" The words that have been said before you sounds preposterous as of now. "I don't understand you, Wanda."
Beautiful, glassy green eyes met yours, as if they hold all the answers to your questions namely "Why now?", "Why hasn't she done this sooner?", and "Is the prospect of me marrying someone else too much for her to put our years of friendship on the line?"
Neither one of you spoke for quite some time. This current predicament could all very well be avoided if she had just said something sooner. Though, you suppose it is alright anyway since only the two of you are present in this unlively room. Nevertheless, when you get back to the place you were supposed to be in minutes prior to Wanda asking to speak with you, Natasha would figure it out like she always does.
Cutting off your train of thought, the redhead took a shaky step forward to cup your face. You allowed yourself a moment to bask in her adoration one last time before it inevitably crumbles.
"I love you, Y/n. I always have." Wanda could not bring herself to look away from you. That sole gesture didn't stop the metaphorical bullet in your heart from lodging itself further into your chest.
"I know."
Wanda's breath hitched, her brows furrowing. "If you knew, why didn't you... why didn't you say anything to me?" Was her question.
You scoffed.
"Oh, I have no idea. Maybe because I am not obligated to call out your feelings for me or because I thought you deserved the privilege of telling me in your own time. I waited for you until I could no longer take it."
Your outburst and sudden confession sent Wanda reeling. "I didn't know there was a time given. If I had..." She mumbled.
Cutting her off before she could continue, you inched closer towards her, "If you had told me, things would be different. If I had told you about my feelings, it would be different as well. Either way, we would have prevented this from happening."
Wanda could sense there was more to your words than simple rejection. She would have accepted if you didn't love her in the way she loves you yet somehow, the fact most difficult to process was the knowledge that you had reciprocated her feelings some time ago.
"If there is any chance at all that you still love me, don't marry Natasha." Wanda pleaded, clasping your hands together. "Please, детка."
You felt bile come up from your throat but you pushed it down. You had to get through this for Wanda's sake.
"I do love you, Wands." You prepared yourself to say the next mere words you know will shatter what's left of Wanda's broken heart that she had spent decades trying to fix. "But I love Natasha more."
Wanda swallowed dryly. "Why her?"
"She's my everything. It's like I could not breathe without her. She's the first person I look for in a crowded room, she's the one I share secret glances with, she knows me well. She knows when I get overwhelmed. I'd like to believe she knows me better than I know myself. . . I see right through her. Natasha closes off her feelings sometimes but I push through. I am there for her when she's at her lowest. My love for her multiplies tenfold each day I spend with her. And I think to myself how lucky I am to get to know her. She saved me. In her eyes, I am perfect when in reality, I'm far from it. I used to say that I didn't deserve her. In spite of that, she chose to stay with me. How could I not love her?"
What Wanda did not know is that you used to talk about her this way. You decided to leave out this part, hoping it would hurt less.
She was sobbing hysterically now. It broke you to see her like this. Her disheveled hair stuck to the sides of her face, damp due to the tears descending from her eyes. In her affliction, she managed to give you a nod.
You carefully removed your hand from hers to touch her face for the last time. "I do hope you find someone who will treat you better than I ever could. You deserve it. You deserve happiness. I'm sorry I couldn't give it to you."
"I'm sorry I didn't confess how I feel the moment I realized what it was." Wanda shut her eyes, focusing on the warmth of your touch.
"Goodbye, Wanda."
You beamed at Natasha while she walked down the aisle. She gave you a warm smile in return, as enchanted by this day as you are.
Wanda took a seat in the furthest part of the room. This didn't settle with her in the slightest. Only for a minute did she want to change her mind until she saw how happy you are. The ache in her chest subsided and the weight on her shoulders had been lifted. She no longer had the burden of hiding her feelings.
However, she knows that it doesn't change the fact that she had, once again, been too late.
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immathinkerg · 2 days ago
[Y/N enters the common room covered in ashes and meets the team]
Y/N: Okay, the important thing is that I am okay. You don’t have to worry about it.
[Natasha stands up and goes to her checking for injuries]: What the hell happened?
Y/N: Nothing much… just might’ve mixed the wrong chemicals together.
[Banner butts in]: What do you mean mixed the wrong chemicals?
Y/N: Well, I was at the lab mixing some things up and then BOOM.
Banner: YOU WERE AT THE LAB? ALONE? Oh my god.
[Bruce runs to the lab]
Natasha: What the hell, Y/N. You don’t know a thing about science . What were you thinking?
Y/N: I saw this cool science reaction on a tik tok video and wanted to try.
Natasha: That’s it. You’re banned from the lab, without further ado.
Y/N: No. Please, Natasha. The lab too?
Natasha: Yes, you’re lucky you’re okay because-
[Y/N interrupts]: Yeah, about that…maybe I should sit down for a bit.
[Y/N faints in Natasha’s arms]
Natasha: Can someone help me take my nut head girlfriend to the med bay?
[Yelena chuckling at her friend’s antics]: On it, let's go.
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celestialnxva · a day ago
The Race Against Time
Bridgerton x Marvel Crossover : Chapter 1.
Summary: During the process of returning the stones back to their original timelines, Steve Rogers encountered a mysterious masked man who has somehow acquired a quantum suit. After their fight, the stranger sent all infinity stones back in time and scattered them throughout Grosvenor Square, 1813. When they ask for help from you, the only witch who’s gift is the ability to travel through time, to go back in time and retrieve the stones, what dangers await on this new adventure?
Timeline: Post-Endgame 2023, Grosvenor Square, 1813
Warnings: Angst, Hurt/No comfort, Violence, Guns/Gun Violence.
Pairings: Stephen Strange x Reader, Benedict Bridgerton x Reader.
WC: 5k+ words
Tumblr media
You’d think that after saving the world from a blood-thirsty alien, the Avengers would be able to go home to their lives with a sense of relief that they haven’t felt in five years, but it could not be any further from the truth. With their eyes fixed on the water, they all watched their friend drift away from their lives forever. Tony Stark—the man they never knew they needed the most— had a death they all did not expect. As reality sank in for everyone that he was gone from their lives forever, his death also signified an end of an era; the era of the Avengers.
The next few hours the remaining Avengers had spent together were all a blur. While some decided to go home, others— like Steve Rogers — needed to wrap up loose ends. It was time to return the Infinity Stones back to their proper places. As Stephen Strange pointed out, time travel was a dangerous line that was very easy to cross if one was too reckless with its power. As Steve prepared himself to travel through time, Stephen, Sam, Bucky, Bruce and Scott all helped him and gave him instructions. In concept, the instruction was simple: put each infinity stone back to its proper places in time and location and come back to the present time. It should have been a simple task. Steve had been capable of following more intricate orders in his lifetime. But Steve recalled what Tony had said to him right before their fated battle with Thanos: ‘you mess with time, it will mess back with you.’ There was no telling what dangers lie ahead of him while he returns the stones, so he needed to be alert at all times. He braced himself and said his farewells to his friends before Scott pressed the trigger.
Immediately, he was sucked into the quantum realm, expertly maneuvering his way through the complicated maze of tunnels to reach his first stop: 2012, New York City. He was so close to reaching the end of the tunnel when something grabbed his ankle and yanked him back. The soldier gasped in shock and swiftly turned around, blindly swinging his shield back to where the intruder was holding him. He felt his shield make a sickening impact against the enemy’s body, watching them stumble back. With how far the masked intruder pulled him back, there was no way he could get out of this realm without hurting the other and getting them off his body. The two of them fought, arms swinging and legs kicking in a race to knock the other out unconscious first. While Steve was fighting them, his keen eyes noticed that the masked stranger wore one of his own quantum suits. Quickly, his mind realized that this was a sudden ambush and that the others might not be able to bring him back from this realm. With one powerful punch, he managed to put quite a distance from the other.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, he yelled into his earpiece, praying to God that Scott could answer him. “Scott! Scott, can you hear me?” He cried out, trying to keep himself from panicking. From the corner of his eye, he saw the intruder slowly recover from the severe blow. He could hear static and then a strained voice. Steve never felt so relieved to hear Scott’s voice. “Steve…there’s been an attack. I’m taking you back in five…” Before he could hear more, Steve was punched harshly in the gut, sending him flying back. He was so close to leaving. He just needed to fight for a bit longer. “Four…” he heard in his ear while launching himself towards the intruder. He could only make it so far before the intruder managed to pull out a gun from their coat and successfully shot Steve in the leg. The soldier cried out in pain, his stride breaking as he stumbled back. “Three…”
Looking up helplessly from where he was, he noticed his blood floating around him before his attention shifted to the masked enemy laughing manically. “What have you done?” He growled angrily. The other stared back at him, saying nothing except holding up the five infinity stones that glowed inside the case Steve had been carrying previously. “Two!” Scott cried out in his ear. His eyes widened in horror as the enemy shook the case tauntingly at the captain before throwing them into a random tunnel. Steve could do nothing except watch them disappear into the colorful abyss while the masked person laughed once more. “One!” What was Steve going to do now? How are the others going to react when they find out what happened? While stuck in his thoughts, he heard the intruder’s voice call out to him for the first and last time. “Good luck getting them back.”
The captain inhaled sharply as he was transported back. The last thing he could hear was the masked intruder proclaiming his loyalty into the abyss as he disappeared: “All hail Thanos.”
When he finally saw the green trees once more, he gasped loudly, collapsing onto the ground with a cry of pain. He could hear footsteps hurriedly approaching him. Shaking hands carefully guided him to the cabin where he could get medically taken care of. He used the one last burst of energy he had left to look around worriedly at the others and noticed his friends’ injured states as well. He murmured something akin to an apology to his peers before he collapsed in their arms and everything turned black.
When he came to, several pairs of eyes looked down at him. He watched as their mouths moved slowly, yet any words they could have been speaking were silent to his ears. It took who he could make out to be Stephen to slap him several times to bring him back to reality. He blinked a few times and all of a sudden, he was acutely aware of all the sounds surrounding him. “Wake up,” Stephen said sternly, though Steve could tell he was secretly worried behind that cold mask he liked to put up in front of everybody. Slowly, he rubbed his eyes to let it focus. When it did, he was met with the sight of unfamiliar surroundings. This wasn’t the cabin. As if he was sensing Steve’s confusion, Stephen clarified out loud. “We aren’t at Tony’s cabin. I took you back to the New York Sanctum so I could properly treat you and leave Tony’s family alone so they can grieve in peace.” Steve watched from the corners of his eyes the shocked expressions of the others in the room when they heard Stephen’s compassionate reasoning behind the teleportation to the Sanctum. He wished he could savor the peaceful moment this was, but Steve needed to tell the others what had happened.
“Guys,” he croaked out before clearing his throat. “Someone attacked me while I was traveling. I don’t know who they were, but they were wearing one of the suits.” Steve gulped as he remembered the horrifying sight of the infinity stones being thrown away and lost forever. “They’re gone. They threw the Infinity Stones and now they’re all gone.” There was a heavy silence that fell into the room when they all realized the weight of their situation. After a moment of silence, Scott stood up hesitantly, which could only mean to Steve that he had an even worse news to tell. He braced himself as Scott spoke to the group. “They must have gotten access to the suits while we were all at Tony’s memorial service. All of the suits are destroyed,” he paused and sighed heavily towards Steve’s direction. “Including yours, Captain. It’s quite honestly beyond repair.”
This was terrible news for everyone, but they couldn’t give up now. Steve thought of different ways to solve their problems and get the Infinity Stones back. One idea came to his head and he spoke more enthusiastically this time. “Well, Hank Pym is alive now, right? He must know how to make new suits for us. Why don’t we give him a call? He was at Tony’s funeral only a while ago.” Scott sat back down in his chair and held his head in his hands. “I did tell him and he said he could get us new suits, but it will be finished in a few weeks, even a month,” he stated defeatedly. Sam groaned in frustration and leaned further against the doorway. Beside him, Bucky added onto Scott’s statement to make a point. “Steve, we can’t afford to wait weeks. If we don’t get these Stones back right now, who knows what will happen?” He said worriedly. “He’s right,” Stephen mumbled. He looked visibly angry and the others know that they need to be careful with what they say, just so they don’t accidentally piss him off. He crossed the room to look out the window in order to calm himself down. “Plucking the Infinity Stones from their timeline and not putting them back right away can cause massive incursions. It could be the very cause of the destruction of our entire universe,” he spoke gravely.
Steve tried not to beat himself up for what had happened, but he couldn’t help it. He was tasked to do a simple job and now, he might have accidentally been the cause of the destruction of the universe. Clearly, everyone was at a loss for words, unsure of what to do next. There was no other solution they could think of. It was a shame, too. They have only restored the world yesterday and now they were about to destroy it all over again. Hope seemed to fly out the window forever when Bruce thought about an idea that would definitely not be appreciated by the group, but it was the only way they could successfully save the universe. “Guys…?” They all turned to look at Bruce helplessly. He gulped nervously and fidgeted with his fingers. “Why don’t we just call (Y/n)…?”
Sudden tension filled the air and Bruce had never felt so much regret speaking up for himself in his entire life than right now. When the tension became too much, Steve replied to Bruce that made him genuinely fear for his life.
“Absolutely not. (Y/n) is out of the picture.” The others proceeded to protest right after Steve spoke.
“(Y/n) didn’t even help us fight Thanos!”
“What makes you think (y/n) will even want to help us now?”
“Enough!” Wong angrily snapped at the rest of the group. He was not one to usually react so passionately, but when it came to you, he was defensive. You were his friend, even despite Stephen’s desperate attempts to convince him that you were evil and self-serving. They all looked at him with shocked expressions. Even Stephen turned around to stare at him incredulously. Wong didn’t hesitate to defend you from their accusations. “The reason why (Y/n) didn’t help us battle against Thanos is because (Y/n)’s magical gift is time travel. Don’t you remember that the witch can see into the future, just as well as visit the past?” He paused to gauge their reactions: some still angry, yet others slightly faltering in their opinions of you. He continued. “Dr. Banner is right. If you cannot wait for Dr. Pym to finish making new suits, then you need to speak to (Y/n). That witch is the only way for you all to not only locate where each Infinity Stone is, but (Y/n) can also physically retrieve it for you without any quantum technology at all!” When he finally finished his rant, he breathed heavily through his nose, trying to control his emotions. Watching the idiotic men in front of him accuse you of being heartless and inhumane for all these years has finally taken a toll on him. With Wong’s outburst finished, everyone turned to each other, unsure of what to say. They now had a solution, but they all knew that you probably did not want to see them after all the nasty insults they had spewed at you before casting you out of the Avengers team for good. Wong noticed their hesitations and grunted in frustration. “Before you say anything, I am not visiting (Y/n). You all have to go and make amends.” With that said, Wong used his magic to slip into Stephen’s hand your address and swiftly left the room.
Steve let out a sigh and stood up to the best of his ability, supporting himself on the wooden bedpost. Sam watched him carefully, making sure he didn’t fall forward. Bucky rubbed his face tiredly and leaned against the large dresser beside him. Stephen looked down at the paper and closed his shaking fist around it. “We should go now,” Steve said to him. “It’s getting dark. We should figure out who is driving and prepare some food to eat as well.” Like usual, he was the one who always had a plan for the team. Though this time, he was more unsure and nervous about their plan than ever before. Maybe because it was you— the friend they all treated horribly. He was always the one who stood up for bullying, but he was guilty of treating you more horribly than anyone else has done to you. Well— not everyone. If he recalled correctly, it was not as horrible as Stephen had said to you. He admittedly felt a little bit better about that fact and decided to let it soothe him while he made his way out of the room.
Everyone left except for Stephen. Bruce was the only one who noticed that and he made his way over to the sorcerer with a grave expression on his face. He observed Stephen and contemplated speaking to him; then he soon chose to do so. “Stephen…you know, you should probably be the one to apologize out of everyone else,” he chastised hesitantly. Stephen gripped the sheet of paper in his hand harder than before and closed his eyes. The words he spoke to you that fateful night echoed in his head each time someone said your name or mentioned you and now, he was going to have to face you in person once again and own up to his actions. Stephen was a prideful man, one that never admitted to be flawed or ever make mistakes, but Bruce knew better than that. In taking one look at Stephen, he already knew that the sorcerer has been beating himself up every single day for the way he had treated you that night. At the time, he was riled up from everyone else’s insults towards you and he simply just let it slip. “Stephen,” Bruce called out to him, shaking him from his daze. The taller man looked down at him with an icy stare before he swiftly turned around to leave the room. “Let’s go, Dr. Banner. Tell the others that I’ll be teleporting all of us to (Y/n).” Just like that, the man left Bruce alone in the room. Before he left to follow him, his eyes drifted towards the small picture frame on top of the little table at the corner of the room: you and Stephen posed together as happy as you could be, completely unaware of the big fight that would soon separate you both forever. He saddened at the sight of your genuine smile before he closed the door behind him for good.
Within your five years in isolation, life has been surprisingly more peaceful than you could have ever imagined for a witch of your caliber. Though you are fine now, the first few weeks without the only friends you’ve ever made in your entire life had been torture for you. You had just accepted them into your life as your family when you heard the news about familiar spaceships touching down in New York City. You tried so hard to forget about this future, the future where everyone had died and you had survived. In fact, you did everything you could to prevent this future from happening while you strengthened your relationships with your friends and most importantly-- Stephen. 
Stephen Strange: the man who had stolen your heart. You two had met when he was still training in the Mystic Arts. He loved to remind you  during your friendship that you were the only person at the time who was able to put up with his arrogance when he first started. Your relationship started out as respective peers who called on each other for help when the state of the universe was at stake, but it quickly turned into daily visits to the New York Sanctum and late nights reading books together. What was once firm handshakes and affectionate hugs turned into hearts burning for each other with each fleeting touch you shared together. It may have been in vain, but you loved him, all of him. You had always done everything he ever asked of you without hesitation and strove to make him smile every time you saw him.
But it apparently wasn’t enough for him. Because on that fated doomsday in New York City, Stephen stepped through the portal and onto your front porch to request for your help with defeating the one Titan you knew would end up successfully destroying the universe. You knew it was going to happen. You knew that time would come where he would fulfill the prophesy you saw when you looked into the future, but you thought you had more time to confess to him before it was too late. But now it was too late and all you could do was brace yourself for the inevitable. 
They were all there. Of course, the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes could not finish the job on their own. Of course they needed your help in defeating Thanos. You wanted so desperately to say ‘yes,’ to change the future by helping them defeat the man that would end up killing all your friends. You wanted to give yourself more time with the man you’ve grown to love. Even though you wanted to change the future so badly, it would risk an incursion if you agreed to help. So, with a heavy heart, you declined their pleas. You knew what was going to happen next: the begging, the gaslighting, the insults to your character and morality, all of it being thrown your way. Those were all the events you were expecting. What you weren’t expecting, however, was what Stephen had to say to you that night: 
“You’re pathetic, (y/n). It was a mistake to ever consider you as a friend.”
It hurt in so many different ways. Over the years, you’ve analyzed his words over and over again. It was the way he said it so coldly, while looking at you with an arrogant sneer. It was the way he confirmed that he never saw you as anything more than a friend, even though the romantic tension you two had for each other was undeniable. But the worst part was that this was not just his final disappointment in you, but it was also his final goodbye before he would die from the hands of Thanos. Those words alone were enough to run away and disappear from the world for the rest of your life. And after that night, they never saw you again.
You slowly came back to reality after a moment of deep reflection and you took in the beauty of the forest all around you. Building this cottage in the middle of a forest was the best decision you have ever made. You had to remind yourself that this life was more fulfilling than being an unappreciated ally fighting other peoples’ wars. Your connections to nature and the animals around you were enough to leave behind your time traveling lifestyle and appreciate what the present has to offer you every single day. You promised yourself that you would use your magic to nurture yourself, your lively cottage and the wildlife around you. They provided better company than your friends have ever given. This is where you belonged: wild and free. 
That is, until you heard a familiar sizzle and a golden circle appear right outside your gate. 
After the shock of the sight of your friends near your home settled in, you narrowed your eyes in anger. How dare they show up unannounced and beg for your audience once again! How dare they waltz back into your life as if they hadn’t said the vile words they threw at you that continue to haunt your mind to this day! You will not let them ruin the peace you have worked so desperately to keep in your sacred space. Extending your arms, you used the thick growing vines on your fences to form them into a thick wall, barring them from even approaching you at all. You huffed at your work and collected the last of your ripe vegetables before slamming the cottage door shut. 
Stephen sighed at your actions and rubbed his forehead. Your magic would be difficult to counter. It was unpredictable and he was sure that you have only advanced in your abilities since the last time he saw you. And sure enough, Bruce ended up getting electrocuted after delicately touching the vines. He grabbed the man’s collar and tugged him behind, analyzing the witchcraft before him. “Step back. (Y/n)’s magic is powerful and unpredictable. Let me handle it.”
While Stephen continued to cast spell after spell in order to counter it, he mentally slapped himself for not thinking about bringing Wong to the cottage. Once again, his arrogance failed him. The entirety of this situation was so ironic for him: before, you were trying to break down his emotional walls so you could become closer to him and now, he was trying to break down physical walls so he could see you again. Seeing as it was hopeless to try and break the barrier with Stephen’s magic, Bucky impatiently stepped forward and took out his gun. Stephen’s eyes widened. “No, don’t--!” 
You were peacefully cutting a carrot when you heard several gunshots echo across the forest. The animals inside your house quivered at the sound and immediately hid or ran out the door. In a state of sudden panic, you hurriedly used your magic to calm their minds before rushing out the door and across the garden. You were horrified at the sight in front of you: your beautiful vines now withered on the ground due to the gunshots. Your eyes filled with tears, now letting the pent-up anger, sadness and revenge fill your entire body and you channel that raw energy into your hands. Seeing your hands light up, Steve took a step forward and laid his shield down in front of you to surrender. “Stop! We just want to talk!” he exclaimed quickly before you could attack. His words did nothing to ease the pain of losing your plants to destructive weapons and the pain of seeing your former friends begging you for help once again, but it was enough to convince you to disarm yourself. 
You reached up to wipe the tears that were quickly spilling from your eyes and turned around, walking up the path and to your cottage. “I know why you’re here. Just...” you let out a hiccup before you tried to calm yourself down. As much as you wanted to kick them out, this was a mission that Fate wanted you to accept. So, you weakly beckoned them over. “Come inside.”
“...and that’s why we came to you, (y/n). We know that this is a lot to ask for, but you’re the only hope we have.”
You looked up from under your eyelashes to stare at the men inside your home. The cottage did not react kindly to the unwanted guests, with flying chairs sweeping Sam off his feet and the wooden coat rack swinging hard against Bucky’s head. But they all knew they deserved it. They were the ones who had always been at fault. You slowly moved to the cauldron and threw spices and herbs into the boiling water. “You treat me like shit for having a backbone and now you come here, five years later, just to ask for my help again?” you hissed out bitterly before turning around to glare at all of them. “You all have the utmost audacity to ask me to participate in a very dangerous mission without so much as an apology!” The chairs emphasized your point by bending forward, causing Sam and Bruce to collapse on the floor. Steve made eye contact with you with a guilty expression and you then remembered what you had to do. You let out a deep sigh and waved your hand dismissively. “As I expected. You guys have always seen me as an asset to use, anyway. Once I finish making dinner, you will all eat and leave afterwards. I will see you all at the Sanctum tomorrow.”
Though you held no emotions to your statement, the others felt quite horrible about how they had treated you. The dinner that night was incredibly tense with everyone else reflecting on what they did to lead you to the conclusion that they only saw you as an asset. You hated every second of their stay at your home because you knew now that they always put you in danger. They never gave you the peace you deserved and they only saw the value of your powers. Yet still, you had to push these thoughts away for now. Fate has called you to help them return the Infinity Stones. After that, you can finally return to your life and pretend that the love you had for Stephen and your friends had never existed in the first place. 
After dinner had been concluded, the others tried to make it up to you through their pitiful requests to help you around the house. Steve offered to clean the dishes for you and Bucky offered to clear the table. Your lovely cottage had spoken for you, of course, as everything seemed to clean itself up on its own. They all stood in the center of the kitchen and watched everything gain a mind of its own as the cottage worked hard to clean everything up. While it did so, you stepped out to get fresh air, letting the moonlight bathe you with its energy. It cleansed you from all the worries and stress you had gained from seeing them today and calmed your spirit once again. Of course, this only lasted for a short amount of time when you felt a familiar presence behind you. You lowered your gaze to the pond in front of you, watching the fishes swim elegantly in the moonlight. 
You said nothing, forcing Stephen to make the first move. You knew he had always relied on you for everything in the past, but now you refused to give him anything remotely familiar to the affection you held for him before. He grit his teeth nervously but he took the hint and walked up next to you. “I know...you don’t want to see us, to see me. I know I hurt you, but I--” he cut himself off when he saw your face visibly change to a look of pain before you looked away. He couldn’t admit it to anyone, but it broke his heart to know that he had caused you so much pain to the point where it could not be repaired. Life without you has been so horrible and seeing you so happy before he came here made him want to keep his distance from you, but he couldn’t do it. He needed you. He looked down shamefully and fiddled with the cuffs of his robe. “I’m sorry, (y/n). I’m sorry for what I said that night. I know it’s not in my place to ask for your forgiveness, but I just needed you to know that I’m sorry. I...” he trailed off, his voice wavering with a deep emotion he had hidden from everyone except for you at this moment. “I miss you. I miss your presence at the Sanctum. I miss seeing you, being with you. (Y/n),” he pleaded quietly to you, slowly intertwining his scarred fingers with yours. As if a dam broke inside you, all the unrequited love you repressed for this man had possessed you once again. It was too much to deal with while he pleaded with you. “Please, I can’t live without you,” he confessed, squeezing your hand boldly as he waited anxiously for your answer. 
You stayed quiet, trying to calm the racing heart you once again felt after so many years. You remained this tense before you forced your hand out of his grasp. He let out a soft sigh of disappointment, which tipped you over the edge. Now he is sad that you cannot be in his life anymore? How ridiculous of him to think that he could just waltz back into your life and hope that you will come back to him, a man who had never learned to appreciate you for who you are. You turned to him sharply with frustration in your eyes. “It’s a little too late for that now, isn’t it? You said it yourself: you should have never been friends with me. Because that’s all I was to you, Stephen: a friend. Of course, the great Stephen Strange couldn’t even admit that he loved me just as much as I loved him!” You laughed bitterly. “You couldn’t even keep that friendship with me because you were so busy pretending that you could care less for everyone around you except for yourself!” you shouted at him towards the end. This was what you’ve been wanting to tell him for so many years and now, it felt satisfying to see the look of hurt and guilt on his face. You scoffed at his expression and stared at him in disdain. He stared back at you, comparing your expression to what it once was when you loved him. Never in his life will he ever regret anything more than the way he destroyed any chance of experiencing the love you had always wanted to give to him, as he had always refused to take it because of his arrogance and selfishness. 
You gripped onto his robe and tugged it harshly towards you. He grunted in shock before he looked at your threatening gaze. “Let me make it clear: you and your friends have broken any form of love and trust I had previously held. You will never be forgiven and you are never to seek me out again after this mission is finished.” You shoved him backwards after you finished speaking and made your way back to the cottage with the others. You stopped at the door and finally said the words you wished you could have said all those years ago.
“You are pathetic. It was a mistake to ever think that you could love me the way that I loved you.”
The words you spoke were the exact parallel to what he had said five years ago. Only now, he finally felt the full force of pain and hurt you had experienced ever since that night. By the time he had fully processed your words, the others have been calling him to make the portal back to the Sanctum. Mindlessly he did so, letting everyone through before he went though it too. As he closed the portal, he made eye contact with you and he knew right then and there that he had lost his chance to ever feel the happiness he had hoped he could have with you forever. When you stare right back at him, you know that when you step foot into the Sanctum tomorrow to travel back in time and once again clean up after their mess, he will only think about how he and everyone else will lose your love and kindness forever.
And that alone was victory enough for you. 
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theoneandonlyphoenix · 2 days ago
Tony,hugging peter:this is my emotional support spider son,what about you?
Clint,with Kate's head resting on his shoulder: this is my emotional support partner,what about you?
Eddie,with venom's head coming out from his shoulder:...
Eddie: oh shut the fuck up,bitch you're my emotional unsupport paralysis demon.
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warenai · 2 days ago
Wanda: Could you go to the shop and get a carton of milk, if they have avocados get six
Y/n, coming back from the store with six cartons of milk: They had avocados!
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sincerethoughtsblog · a day ago
We went from Agent Carter To Captain Carter 🥺
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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righthandedleftturn · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Give me this Avengers (A-Force) movie.
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tomandharrisongifs · a day ago
Why would mutants be hated in the MCU?
A large part of the identity of mutants in the Marvel universe is the fact that they represent minorities, and therefore, face a certain level of bigotry and prosecution. Now that the X-Men are set to join the MCU, why would the general public have a distain or dislike of mutants, considering other superpowered characters are treated like heroes, like The Avengers? I have a proposition.
I think that the concept of mutant hatred being politicised makes a lot of sense.
I think that governments and people in power preferring superpowered beings that they can control, and therefore branding anybody outside of that, especially people without a platform, the way that most mutants are portrayed as more or less everyday people rather than kings, billionaires, gods, etc. is a good and easy target for them to weaponise the public’s perception into anti-mutant, pro-government, pro-military propaganda.
The foundation’s already there with The Sokovia Accords, with various governments being much more in favour of controlling superpowered individuals rather than letting any of them freely act of their own individual or group accords. Mutants can simply be a face for that general sentiment to be perpetuated through propaganda. Yay War Machine, yay Captain America. Characters who have already been proven to have saved the world in large, well-known conflicts like what happened in Avengers: Endgame already have a certain level of public goodwill that governments would find hard to fight against, but newer, or lesser-known, or everyday mutants don’t have that same level of goodwill, nor influence, nor power (theoretically), that characters like The Avengers already have, and so could much easier be marketed as threats to the everyday public.
Also, seeing as not every mutant has powers that would largely benefit most governments, but there’s also some that could be weaponised dramatically, it’s believable that various governments would want to deter mutant goodwill as propaganda against other governments potentially using them, while also giving excuses not to put mutant-positive propositions forward themselves because mutants aren’t always powerfully useful for self-serving politicians and governments. If it doesn’t directly and selfishly help them personally, then they aren’t going to support it, and instead weaponise that disregard in an attempt to further their own agendas.
“Mutants are too variable to be trusted, or more accurately, used.”.
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random-fandom-whump · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Avengers (2012)
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dinasaurconspiranoic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I´ve a broke sense of humor
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aquar1usgurl23 · 2 days ago
Does anyone know any black marvel writers/blogs?
Some references will be greatly appreciated. ☺️
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immathinkerg · 2 hours ago
[Y/N and Natasha in a trailer somewhere in Norway]
Y/N: Do you think we’ll see them again?
Natasha: I'm sure we will, they're our family.
Y/N: Yeah... It would suck if they didn't come to our wedding.
Natasha: What? Our we-
[Y/N lifts her hand showing a delicate ring]
Y/N: These last few months have been hell for us because of the accords, but it made me realize that as long as I have you by my side I’ll be okay. So I have only one question for you. Would you like to spend the rest of your life with lil old me?
[Natasha tearing up a bit]: Yes, it’ll always be yes.
[Natasha and Y/N hug, kiss and 😏]
Y/N: Oh my god… I’m so excited. Our wedding is gonna be a- fucking - mazing. How do you feel about monkeys as ring bearers? I heard something about intelligent monkeys doing stuff like that.
Natasha: You are not going to turn our wedding into a Planet of the Apes’s movie. Can I take back my yes?
Y/N: No take backsies. But imagine how cool that would be.
Natasha: Y/N, no monkeys or animals in general.
Y/N: Ugh, fine but I want-
[Then, the power in the trailer goes off]
Natasha: I think the generator ran out of fuel.
Y/N: Okay, let’s go to the city buy some.
[You know what happens next…]
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theoneandonlyphoenix · 2 days ago
Peter:so you have a mental illness and that made you the avatar of the god of the moon and you kind of unstoppable and very very very strong?
Marc,Steven,Jake: you're out of line,but you're right?
Peter: damnit,I've been doing mental illness thingy for years and the only thing I get is shooting webs out of my as-
Tony,barging in the room with a cold coffee mug:PETER WE TALKED ABOUT THIS
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sincerethoughtsblog · a day ago
Gorgeous gorgeous girls don't want a boyfriend they want not one but 3 Captain Carter solo movies
Tumblr media
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