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Hi friends! I hope everyone has been doing alright. Kinda haven’t been super active lately except for a post here and there, so that’s my bad. But I’m hoping to get back to posting semi-regularly! I’ve got a few ideas for some new fics, possibly even a part two for the one I just posted earlier. Oh, and I’m signed up for a writing challenge, so that’ll be ready in the near-ish future, I hope!

If anyone feels like chatting please do not hesitate! :) I might even take a few prompts, I dunno hehe…

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A/N: This is a repost, I accidentally deleted the original because I don’t know how tumblr works tehe. This is the first fanfic I’ve ever written!! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! I wanna improve! 

Summary: The compound is lonely. At least that means you can smoke a joint in peace, right? 

Warnings: Marijuana use, fluff, pining if you squint, the avengers are Healing ™️, Bucky needs a hug 

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┃┃╱╲ in
┃╱╱╲╲ this
▔▏┗┛▕▔ we
Call out Marvel’s fuckery
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲

Yes this is the current mood of the mcu fandom

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[tonys working in his lab]

FRI: sir peter and harley are kissing

Tony: *proud they finally admitted feelings for each other*

FRI: they are now heading into Mr. Keeners room

Tony: *slight panik*

FRI: They appear to be taking off their shirt and pants

Tony: *bigger panik* Fri, are my two kids going to fu-

FRI: They are now crawling into Mr. Keeners bed

Tony: *racing around like a madman* FRIDAY!

FRI: Oh they’re adorable. They’re cuddling

Tony: *collapses on the couch*

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Steve and Natasha become the closest people to Wanda with the start of her new life CHANGE MY MIND

Natasha teaches her all sorts of spy tricks, shares her experience. Most importantly, she discusses all sorts of girly things with her, because Wanda never had any friends. They often stay up all night talking, watch movies, go shopping. Natasha literally becomes an older sister for Wanda.


And Steve sees himself as a brother, although he doesn’t claim to be Pietro. He’s like an anchor. Wanda can have a very heartfelt conversation with Steve. He always calms Wanda down, listens and supports her. His voice is confident and soft. Steve teaches Wanda to control her power. They also like to walk in parks and eat ice cream. Steve even tells Wanda about Bucky. So yes, these two have a very trusting relationship.


I have NO idea what it was like for Wanda after the endgame. She returned and found out that Natasha had died. Steve soon decided to leave.

I understand that Wanda has become very (VERY) strong person, but-

it hurts so bad…

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Okay so Crisp Rat can joke about how he wants to be rammed by his male cast mates and fawn over them publicly in interviews BUT he draws the line at giving LGBTQA people rights, attends and donates to a church that sends people to conversion therapy ?? Make it make sense lord.

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