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#the avengers

Title: We Are A Family.
Pairings: Steve x tony, Peter x Wade, Nat x Clint, Sam x Bucky.
Part: 30/?
Warnings: swearing, fluff, angst, eventual smut, slowburn.
Summary: When Nat comes into the avengers tower with baby Peter Parker, the avengers didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. But now that Peter is here,Steve and Tony both feel protective over him. It doesn’t help that Peter hates everyone other than Steve and tony. But as Steve and tony raise Peter, they start to fall for one another. Will this superfamily work out or will it all turn to hell?
A/N: I have waited a very long time to write this part-hope you enjoy.

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Originally posted by somethingjustsouthofbrilliance

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Chapters 1-10   Chapter 11  Chapter 12   Chapter 13   Read It On AO3

Tony Stark was so anxious to get back to his lab that he’d arranged for a helicopter from the airport to the tower.  Not that anyone minded, especially Joss, who was actually relieved not to have to maintain a neutral expression riding the limo bus again.  Steve just appreciated getting Sharon back to the tower, and alone, more quickly.  

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