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#the avengers
auntabysmal · 9 minutes ago
When you think about it........the final fight scene in tlk is like the final fight scene in Avengers Endgame.............just a really shitty version of it. *sobs*
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delusionland · 35 minutes ago
@strikethunder [ jeanne & brandon.]
[ TEXT: BRANDON SHARPE; CODENAME STRIKER; CURRENT AVENGER; “CLOSEST FRIEND” BY VIRTUE OF PERSONALITY & CIRCUMSTANTIAL SIMILARITIES DESPITE HIS FLAWS. ] Hello Brandon. “Long Time No Talk.”To the point, there are opportunities for you elsewhere if you get tired of being a D-List Hero. I would never force you. But we worked well together as teammates. I would not mind having you behind me again.
[ TEXT: BRANDON SHARPE; CODENAME STRIKER; CURRENT AVENGER; “CLOSEST FRIEND” BY VIRTUE OF PERSONALITY & CIRCUMSTANTIAL SIMILARITIES DESPITE HIS FLAWS. ] Or would you rather we just “stick to small talk.” How are you? How is it being a a D-List Hero? How is your boyfriend? Aren’t you tired of pretending you like following rules meant to keep you as mediocre and palatable as possible? Have you engaged with any interesting entertainment lately? How are your peers?
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its-just-roe · 49 minutes ago
Just thinking about tony starks alpaca Gerald.
That is all
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nkp1981 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Don't know why they felt the need to scream at poor Spiderman
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mischiefsemimanaged · an hour ago
Tony: I’m so sick of Congress I could vomit.
Y/n: Why would you say that during a congressional hearing??
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succulentsargentbarnes · an hour ago
𝐈𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐫 𝐛𝐞𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐚 𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧.
𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐫𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐱 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐟𝐞𝐦!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
        ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
"Shit." You groaned, your arms giving out as your comb dropped to the floor. You were starting to regret training your arms today with Natasha because your head full of coils was all the workout you needed for the day. Grumbling in defeat, you sit on your bed, sprawling your aching body across your bedspread.
You'd been a part of the avengers for three years now. Ever since you went viral on social media for stopping a band of thieves— burning their faces with your bare hands. It took five minutes of convincing before you found yourself inside of avengers tower, making your way around.
Now here you were, three years later, struggling to put your hair in some damn plaits. "Alright, round two," you muttered. This hair was not going to get the best of you, again.
A small knock formed on your bedroom door, taking your attention away from your reflection in the mirror. "Hey," Steve smiled, his hands resting in his pockets as he leaned against your door frame.
"Hey," you smiled back, waving him in and motioning for him to take a seat in your hammock.
Steve couldn't help but stare.
He loved your hair and appreciated the time and creativity you put into it.
Those nights after missions where everyone sat around unwinding, and you disappeared—swearing you had a hair 'crisis to attend to.
He wished he could follow you those nights, watch what it took to style your hair.
And now he was finally getting front row tickets.
"What's going on, Stevie?" you asked, taking another swipe of grease to your scalp. The super soldiers piercing blue eyes watching your pattern intensely. He almost forgot to respond.
Liquid, grease, and of course, the hibiscus leave-in he enjoyed the smell of.
When you'd fly past him on missions—it's all he'd smell for the rest of the night.
"Stevie?" You smile softly, your arms shaking as you finish your first plait. His eyes fluttered from your workstation to your brown eyes as you looked back at him over your shoulders. "I...I'm just checking in on you. Doing my rounds." You chuckled, looking back at yourself in the mirror. "I guess you could say I'm great, besides this." You tug at your excess hair. "Good," Steve said, standing and making his way over to you. His larger frame suddenly crowding the mirror.
It was no secret that you and Steve had something.
Some would call it chemistry.
Whether it was on the field.
Or right now.
When his hands grazed over your exposed shoulders, sending shutters down your spine. His nose practically dug into your hair.
"Can I ask you something, doll?" Steve took a deep breath, inhaling your scent some more. "Hm?" you hummed making another part. Steve took the liberty of taking the comb from your hands. His fingertips grazing over yours as he did. "Can I help you braid your hair?." He said meekly, his voice had a nervous tremor. You snicker, looking him up and down. “Are you sure?” Steve beamed, shaking his head up and down vigorously. “Yes.”
Smiling, you took his hand. Placing him on your bed while you slipped between his legs on the floor. “Alright, now just as I did, make a part as straight and even as you can.” You instructed him.
Although Steve was a captain and was good with orders, he just couldn’t seem to get it right.
There was a lot of tugging.
And re-doing braids.
“Sorry, doll.”
“Okay, maybe I should—.”
“No, please let me try again.”
But eventually, he got the hang of it. And unknowingly you had fallen asleep in between the super soldiers' legs. Using the inside of his knee as a pillow.
You woke up to soft stroking on your cheek. “Doll, I’m all done. I think.” He snickered. Shifting awake you quickly ran to the mirror, a huge smile growing on your face. “Oh, Stevie. I love it.” You laughed, throwing your arms around his neck. Instinctively he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you in. “Not too bad for the first time, huh?”
You smirked, placing a kiss on his cheek. Watching the old man's face grow red. “No, not bad at all.” You giggled, turning your head from side to side, viewing the beautiful plaits he had done for you.
Every day after that Steve begged to do your hair or at least watch.
It got so bad you let him help you on wash day.
You could say Steve became your helper, taking the stress off your shoulders.
You’d be lying if you say you didn’t like it.
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crypticwanda · an hour ago
Relieving Stress
summary: Wanda has a stressful day and you help her feel better
paring(s): wanda maximoff x reader
warnings: +18, smut, fingering, overstimulation, praise, oral, dom!reader and sub!wanda
notes: I haven't written smut in a while so please don't be too harsh on me lmao
taglist: @myperfectlovepoem @minnahbukharo @supersourlemon13 @royalityofmultifandom @madamevirgo @b0mbdotc0m @fayhar
Tumblr media
You sat on the couch, watching TV, as you heard the sound of keys jingling outside of the front door. You turned your head as you heard the door open to reveal Wanda standing there and walking inside. "Hey Wanda." You say with a smile as you look back at her. She grabs the door handle and pulls it in harshly, almost slamming the door. "Hi." She says with her strong accent, clearly angry. "Hey, what's wrong?" You ask innocently as you stand up from the couch and turn to her. "Nothing." She snaps as she turns and stomps her way to the bedroom. "Wanda." You commented as you followed behind her. She opened up the bedroom door and plopped herself onto the bed and laid face down into the pillow.
You almost chuckled at her dramatic act before sitting on the bed and turning to her. "Baby." You softly said as you put a hand on the crook of her back. She finally shifted from her position and laid on her side with her head on the pillow as she looked up at you. "Wanda, what's wrong?" You asked softly as you put a hand to her cheek. She sighed before turning so that she was laying with her back on the bed and looking up at the ceiling. "I just..." she struggled to find the right words. "I've just had a very stressful day. With people, with work, everything is just very stressful today." She explains as she holds a hand to her head as you stares at the ceiling.
"Aw, my baby had a bad day?" You rhetorically ask as you crawl to where shes lying and move your legs so that they are on either side of her torso. You kept your hands on both sides of her cheek as she looked up at you with her piercing green eyes. She brought her hands up to lay ontop of yours while looking up at you, almost like a puppy dog.
You brought your head down to her and slowly connected your lips to hers. Wanda let out a soft sigh as your lips met her own and she closed her eyes. You moved your lips against hers as Wanda could feel the stress leaving her body. She moved her hands from your own to the back of your neck and in your hair. Slowly, you pulled your lips away from her own as you kissed your way from her jawline, to below her ear, to her neck. You heard soft yet heavy pants leave her lips as you kept your lips on her neck. Her hands moved from your neck and scratched at your back as you sucked on her neck. A small moan left her lips that made you go crazy.
As you kept your lips on her neck, hoping to leave a few hickeys, your right hand had slowly made it's way to the side of her waist. Your fingers slowly brought themselves under the hem of her shirt and were pressed against her soft stomach causing a small gasp to escape from her lips. Your hand stayed on her stomach as your lips stayed on her neck and almost down to her collarbone. "You're so pretty, baby." You complimented as you immediately brought your lips back to her neck. Your fingers slowly moved from her stomach and went underneath her skirt.
Slowly, you pressed your middle finger on the middle of her clit, feeling how wet her underwear already was. You pushed aside her underwear and slide your middle finger up her slit. Another moan escaped her lips as she instinctively tried to close her legs, pushing for more friction. You smiled as you kept your lips on her collar bone. Your fingers moved in slow, small circles over her clit as her nails scratched hard against your back. "Honey-" she anxiously breathed out as you kept your fingers moving on her clit. "I know baby, just let me take care of you." You reassured her as she nodded slightly.
Then, you dipped your middle finger into her causing her to gasp and jolt her hips up into your hand. You moved your finger at a steady pace in and out of her and slowly added your ring finger as well. Wanda was a moaning mess below you, she had tried to hold onto your back but she had fallen onto her pillow while gripping at the sheets. You slowly increased your speed as Wanda held on tightly to the pillow beneath her head.
"Y/N I'm-" she breathed out, struggling to put the words together but you could feel herself clenching around your fingers. "Go ahead, baby." You assure her as you keep your pace steady as her whimpers get increasingly louder. She threw her head back on the pillow as she clenched around your fingers and you could feel her release on your hand. She panted heavily as her legs shook on either side of you. Your fingers stayed moving around her sensitive clit as she whimpered below you. You finally pulled your lips away from her soon-to-be bruised neck and brought your hand up to your lips. You stuck both of your fingers inside your mouth, savoring the taste of her. She laid there panting below you, but you weren't done yet. You wanted her to feel so good that she would forget about her stress all at once.
Instead of bringing your lips up to kiss her mouth, you slowly brought your head down between her thighs. You shifted slightly so now you were closer to the edge of the bed with her thighs over your shoulders as you held them close to you. You kissed at her thigh as she brought a hand down to the top of your head.
"Y/N." She said, still panting heavily. "Can I?" You asked for permission as you looked up at her. "Yes please." She whispered out as she put her head back onto the pillow. You smiled as you counted to kiss up her thigh until you met the spot between her legs. You pushed her skirt up and wrapped your fingers around the hems of her underwear to pull them down. Without hesitation, you attached your lips to her slit causing a louder moan to leave her lips. You kept your hands on either side of her hips as your tounge moved up and down against her slit. "Oh my god." She breathed out as she brought her hand down to your hair and eagerly pushed it closer. You hummed against her slit as louder and louder moans came from her mouth. You massaged the sides of her hips as your tounge plunged deep into her, causing multiple moans and curses to leave her mouth.
"I'm so close." She whimpered out, indicating that you should keep the same pace. You kept your tounge buried inside of her at a decent pace as she moaned loudly from above you. Her moans became increasingly loud until you felt her legs shake again and her slit clench slightly. She wined loudly before gripping your hair tightly and releasing onto your tounge. You licked around her slit before bringing your head back up to look at her. You slowly leaned up next to her and put a hand behind her neck and pulled her head up to press your lips against hers. She could almost taste herself on your lips as you kissed her intently. "Feel better?" You ask her with a light smirk on your face. "Yeah." She breathed out, still panting heavily. "How about we take a nice shower and I could clean you up, okay?" You ask her softly as she nods her head, still panting.
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theravenclawlover · 3 hours ago
Welcome to the Industry of Porn
Paring: Avengers X Female!Reader
Warnings: +18, heavy smut, drinking, slight angst in later chapters, fluff if you squint, and my English as usual.
Word Count: 3,811.
Summary: AU where the Avengers are Pornstars. It’s pretty self-explanatory.
Chapter: 3.
Chapter Title: Shall we begin?
A/N: This part is where we get to see some more cameos baby. I swear, I still do not know what made me want to write an AU about the Avengers as pornstars, like the hell? Please, I have never not even in other fandoms seen anyone thinking about this idea which made me feel like a complete idiot at first. Now, I'm just here remembering what my seventeen-year-old self thought was somewhat cool shit. Also, let's pretend the people in the gif are actually wearing fancy gala dresses and tuxedos because I couldn't find anything.
Tumblr media
Mr. Dickenson had made it sound like heaven when he had told you about the offers that had been offered to you, but now as you read away the contracts you thought it was hell. You thought that it was going to be easy to understand guidelines and whatnot, but honestly, it felt like it was a lawyer's job to read those contracts. But Cassie helped you read them and gave you a rundown on what it said. After understanding what all three contracts entailed, Cassie and you did a deep search on the directors to see if you liked their work. Out of the three, one of them seemed to be more professional than the others. While all of them seemed like good directors neither of you could deny that the other two lacked the originality of the Russo’s. They were brothers and they seemed to have a knack for making amateur videos feel natural rather than tacky and cringe. Granted, most of the time it was because of the actors overexaggerating things, but the director could always ask to tone it down. You had only watched the amateur videos because you didn’t want to get your hopes up if you found out they worked for bigger companies. Cassie had made a face before saying that it was a ridiculous thing to do but promised you that she wasn’t going to look more things up.
After that, it wasn’t hard to make a decision, and it had only taken you the majority of the week you had been given. Cassie had told you that she had a good feeling about the Russo’s when you had asked her if you were picking the right choice. You nodded to yourself before calling Mr. Dickenson the next morning to tell him that you had opted to work with the Russo’s. He had been glad to hear the news and had told you not to sign the contract yet as you would be doing that after the meeting on Wednesday where the Russo’s were going to be meeting you. Then he reminded you about the nudes and you had almost groaned at the thought.
It was awkward. You had reminded Cassie about it, who, for some reason, was excited about it. She had rambled on about how she loved doing those types of shoots. You had forgotten that Cassie had done a project with some of the volunteers she had managed to scout around campus where they had to pose in the nude. She had done a wonderful job, but you reminded her that for the most part, they had been covering themselves with a satin sheet while you were to be completely exposed. Her spirits didn’t lower after that, and she was a sweetheart as she tried to make you comfortable to the best of her abilities. You had to admit that no matter how awkward it’d been, you felt good about yourself afterward.
By Wednesday morning you felt ready. Cassie couldn’t help but smile at the way you seemed to have a little more confidence about the opportunity you had been given by deciding to find a job in such a challenging career choice.
“Good morning, Miss Y/l/n. I’m guessing you’re here for your meeting,” greeted the secretary, Jules, as you and Cassie walked out of the elevator.
“Yes, I know we are a little early, but traffic wasn’t that bad this morning,” you said as you walked toward the comfortable chairs.
“Oh, don’t worry about that,” she said as she stood from her chair behind the counter, “come on, I’ll take you to the conference room.”
You and Cassie followed her into the room. It had a long table that could be used for a conference for more than twenty people.
“Now you wait here while I announce Mr. Dickenson of your arrival,” she said as she walked toward the door, “if you would like some light breakfast to be brought to you, just dial twenty-one and ask for the menu.”
She left after that and Cassie didn’t hesitate to grab the phone and dial the number. She ordered some fruit and waffles while you had opted to order everything that sounded good. Within ten minutes, a young man walked in with a food cart and situated it near where the coffee maker was set up. After he excused himself, you and Cassie ate in silence while you two waited for Mr. Dickenson and the Russo’s.
Five minutes after having used the restroom, the door opened to reveal Mr. Dickenson and two other men walk in.
“Good morning, ladies,” said Mr. Dickenson as he walked in. You and Cassie got up and walked toward the men as you both greeted them.
“These are Anthony and Joe Russo,” he motioned to each man as he named them. Then he motioned to you and Cassie, “and these are Y/n and her chaperone/manager, Cassie Ayers.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” both men said at the same time as one went for your hand to shake while the other one went to greet Cassie, and then vice versa.
“Likewise,” you both said.
“Come on, let us begin,” said Mr. Dickenson as he motioned to the seats. Everyone sat at one end of the table, ready to get everything in motion.
“I’m guessing you’ve read the whole contract,” you nodded at Mr. Dickenson, “which means there’s nothing much to go through unless you have any concerns and/or questions.”
“No, we’re good. It was pretty understandable,” you said as you sat the big thing in front of you and on top of your nude portfolio.
“We’ve been looking for new faces for a couple of months now, and when Jason sent us your portfolio we knew we needed to get you before someone else did. We are glad to hear you chose us,” said the man that had been introduced as Anthony.
“I don’t know if you got around to see who are some of the people we work with, but I have a feeling that you will be scouted by someone sooner rather than later while you do the small gigs we have in mind for you,” added the man named Joe as he smiled at you.
You smiled as well as you listened to them talk. Soon the conversation revolved around what you would be making as a starting point after they had gone through your photos with you. They told you which angles seemed to be the best ones for you, and while at it, Cassie got her fair share of compliments of her work. They had told you that for any M/F shoot you would get two-hundred dollars, for F/F a total of three-hundred, and for any threesomes, it would be four-hundred, while anything more than four people would go up to five-hundred. An extra hundred would be added to anything that was considered hardcore such as bondages and anything that included unconventional kinks.
After some more talking, you signed the annual contract and celebrated your official introduction to the industry of pornography.
Two Months Later
Oddly enough, you couldn’t be happier with your life choices. Soon after having signed with the Russo’s, within a month, you had managed to work up to ten different gigs. You had finally made enough money to afford going out without having to check your bank account to see you if could afford anything. Granted, you had to make a different account as your main one was under your parent’s name and they could see anything that got deposited. You were not about to tell them that you were a pornstar as well as a college dropout.
All your gigs were pretty standard, and once in a while you got to play a younger step-sister or naughty neighbor, and there’s that one time you had gotten around to play a shy secretary for a knack of dropping pens. You found it fun to play with other people, let yourself step out from your reality, and enjoy a good fuck every so often. You had gotten lucky, you knew that, as you hadn’t had the need to fake orgasms while you did your job. But there was the occasional one after already having had one where you needed to fake it.
But after every shoot, and after getting home, you would feel like crap about everything. Cassie was getting nervous as the days flew past as midterms had come around and you knew that sooner or later the holidays would come around as well, and you would have to face your parents. Your supposed graduation was only six months away and you had yet to tell your parents about your idiotic decision to waste every cent they had spent on your education. But all that guilt would go away every time you got another gig or whenever a new package arrived. The mail person probably could recognize you at random with the number of times they’ve seen you from dropping off something you bought online.
It was a peaceful Friday afternoon when Mr. Dickenson—who you now called Jason—had called you.
“Hello?” you answered as you muted your favorite show.
“Hey, could you come to my office tomorrow morning?” he said.
“Sure, everything alright?” you asked as you walked toward the kitchen to grab a quick snack.
“Yeah, nothing to worry about. The Russo’s and I need to talk to you and Cassie about an event that is coming up. Can you be here by ten? I have to pick up my mother after that, so it’s the only time it works for me,” he said in an almost sheepish voice. You smiled.
“Sure, don’t worry about it. Cassie might ask for your head on a silver platter, but I think I can calm her down with some coffee on the way there,” you said as you threw yourself on the couch again.
“Lord,” he huffed a laugh, “alright, I’ll see you both tomorrow then.”
You both said your goodbyes before he hung up.
Cassie had groaned when you told her about the meeting, the poor girl was exhausted, and she just wanted to sleep through the weekend before the next week came. You had only offered her a sheepish smile and the promise of iced coffee. She begrudgingly accepted as she went to bed early, so she wouldn’t be snappy in the morning.
“So, this supposed to be like the Oscars but with raunchy movies?” you said as you summarized the important event the men had talked about.
“To simplify it, yes, the Adult Entertainment Expo or AEE is based on the Oscars, but we are attending the after-party only, the show itself is not that entertaining,” said Jason as he sipped his hot coffee.
“The after-party is said to be better than the Golden Globes’ one, and that comes from the mouth of big celebrities that have gone to both,” said Joe as he stirred his lukewarm tea.
“That’s why not a lot of people get the invitation to it,” added Anthony as he finished his own cup of coffee.
“So, why are we talking about this? It’s not like we were invited,” said Cassie with a confused look. Her face looking less grumpy from what you had seen when she came out of her room earlier that morning.
“Well, you two might not be, but we are, and I think it would be a great opportunity for the both of you to be exposed to the people there,” said Jason as he looked at the both of you, “that’s the best place to find connections to get great opportunities, not to mention you might become close friends with a celebrity or two.”
“Y/n, I was wondering if you would like to attend as my plus one?” asked Joe with a sweet smile.
“Of course, I would love to. It sounds fun,” you said as you chuckled.
“And would you like to be my plus one, Cassie? The food is great,” said Jason as he looked over to the redhead. She smiled and rolled her eyes at that last comment.
“Sure, but if I see one of my celebrity crushes, I’m ditching you,” she said as she gave him a wink. Everyone let out a chuckle.
The meeting ended soon after as Jason had to leave for the airport to pick up his mom. Before he had left, he had told you both that Jules would help you out with the dress shopping the next day as she knew the places to look for the best dresses. He had given no room to oppose him, and like that, you and Cassie had spent all Sunday looking for a dress to wear the approaching Friday.
It had taken you most of the late morning and afternoon to find a dress that you both felt comfortable wearing. Jules had announced that morning that Jason was paying for everything either of you bought that day which had you looking at prices more than you did it when it came to your money. You had told her that he needn’t pay for anything, but Jules had been ordered to do so, which made you roll your eyes. Sure, the three of you had become quick friends while working together, but you still felt a little weird accepting the man’s willingness to pay for everything. What if you had expensive taste? His wallet would cry.
By the end of the day, you two arrived home with more bags than you could carry. Everything was set for Friday night, even the plane tickets to Las Vegas had been taken care of. Nothing could bring your or Cassie’s spirits down, not even the stupid voicemail her ex-boyfriend had left while you two were out had killed her high spirits.
The entirety of the week that followed was spent trying to find the right makeup look and hairdo. YouTube became your best friend that week, and so did that lady that was fantastic in the arts of makeup and hair. Compared to her, you were shit, even the way you applied mascara seemed heinous compared to her expert hands.
When Friday came around, and you two were in Las Vegas after taking an early flight, you and Cassie had taken the liberty of doing a small photoshoot at the hotel room while you two waited for the limousine to arrive later that night. By ten-thirty, there was a knock on your hotel room door. When you opened the door, Jason and Joe stood there with their fancy and expensive-looking tuxedos.
“Ladies, you both look devilishly good,” said Jason with a casual smirk.
“Thank you,” you both replied as you both rolled your eyes at the man’s antics.
“You two will definitely fit in with the crowd,” added Joe as he gave both of you a sweet smile.
You both proceeded to accept the helping hands they gave you both as the men led both of you toward the elevator and down to the awaiting limousine. Anthony was waiting inside with his date, the woman had introduced herself as Sandy. She also worked for the Russo’s, but you hadn’t had the chance to work with her. She was a couple of years older than you and was nice enough to reassure both of you that everything was going to be okay and that there was nothing to worry about but the flashing of the cameras that awaited by the purple carpet.
When the car stopped, you were able to hear the muffled voices of people shouting names as they asked people to look toward them so they could get better angles. That alone had your hands going absolutely cold from anxiousness, but you had no time to panic as the door opened and Jason climbed out first as he grabbed Cassie’s shaking hand. When it was your turn, you gave a deep breath before climbing out as you tried not to flinch from the flashes.
The adrenaline you felt as you smiled at the cameras as they directed them to you and Joe was something else. You were new to this world, so it was no surprise when a couple of people asked Joe about who you were as he walked you down toward the building where the booming music was coming from.
Once inside, that adrenaline was completely different. The atmosphere was like nothing else you had ever experienced at a club. The music was good, the ambiance was comfortable, and the people looked like they had come out from magazines. As you walked down toward an open sitting area, you and Cassie couldn’t help but motion with your heads whenever either of you saw a familiar face. By the time you all had made it to an empty booth, you two had seen Chris Pine, Ryan Gosling, Megan Fox, and even Britney Spears was there.
And you both got to meet even more when some of them started to come over and greet the Russo’s like old friends as well as Jason. There had been no time to dance as the chatter had been more entertaining and so was the food, but before anyone could offer a chance to dance, a loud voice called the names of Anthony and Joe as it approached them.
“Tony Stark,” said Jason as he stood to shake the man’s hand, “I was starting to wonder where you were.”
“Couldn’t come sooner, you know with people always trying to catch a contract with me,” he said as he shook the hands of Anthony and Joe as they got up as well before offering the man a seat which he took.
As he talked about how he had almost gotten pinned down into verbally hiring someone, you had stared at the man long enough to realize that he had been the same man who Captain America had called ‘Boss’ the day Jason had decided to send out your portfolio.
“I’m guessing these two gorgeous ladies are your dates?” he said as he glanced at you both, “where is little Jules? I was hoping for that slow dance I never got last time due to the fact I couldn’t even see straight after that last tequila shot.”
“She’s with her boyfriend, they are celebrating their one-year anniversary,” said Jason as he nursed his drink. “This is Cassie, my plus one for tonight.”
Tony grabbed her hand and proceeded to plant a small kiss on the back of her hand.
“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Cassie choked out a ‘likewise’ as she blushed three shades darker than her hair.
“And this is Y/n, my plus one, and our newest face,” added Joe as he noticed that Tony now looked at you.
He did the same thing to your hand which you had to admit was classy but because of the way he grinned, it also made the gesture naughty.
“It’s always nice to see new faces around here,” he turned to Anthony’s date, “no offense, Sandy.”
“None taken, Stark,” she said with a smirk and a roll of eyes, “did you bring someone with you or is it just you little gang of Avengers?”
“I did bring someone, actually,” he said as he turned his head back to the large crowd, “you remember my assistant, Pepper? She was talking with someone. But my ‘little gang’ as you called it is also here, but I think I lost them.”
Shortly after his response, a beautiful ginger came over to the table with a smile as she called Tony’s name.
“There you are,” she said as she grabbed Tony’s arm, “sorry for interrupting, I just needed breather from that crowd.”
“We were actually just talking about you, Pepper,” said Anthony as he offered some nuts to the woman which she happily took. But before the conversation could start back up, another voice called out the man with the oddly attractive facial hair.
“Tony!” called out a brunet man. Your eyes noticed how his left hand was covered by a leather glove. “We’ve been looking for you. This place can really be a maze when you’re trying to avoid people.”
Just as his face became clearer in the dark place, you noticed how behind him followed two other people. You and Cassie looked at one another as you both recognized the three people who had just arrived at your spacious booth.
“Looks like I was not the only one trying to avoid somebody,” said Tony with a guilty-ish grin.
“You would try to make a fast escape if those two girls from Brazzers were trying to talk your ear off about working with you,” he shivered as if he remembered something he hadn’t wanted to remember, “I’ve done my fair share of questionable acts for the camera, but last year they talked my ear long enough about things that still haunts my dreams.”
“Yikes,” said Tony as he moved to make more room for the three new individuals. “Well, guys and gals, you already know Jason, the Russo’s, and dear old Sandy, but these two beauties are Cassie and Y/n.”
The woman named Pepper introduced herself with a graceful smile while she sneakily pinched Tony’s arm due to his comment that he couldn’t help from making about how lucky Joe and Jason had gotten for the night.
“Hi, the name is James Barnes,” said the brunet man as he leaned over to shake a hand which oddly enough turned out to be a light kiss on the back of both your and Cassie’s hands, “Nice meeting you, ladies.”
“I’m Natasha,” said the woman who had arrived right after James had, “don’t let his suave nature confuse you, he’s an ass.”
The man grunted something as he ate a peanut. Natasha only gave him a side smirk before continuing.
“And this mass of muscles is Steve.” She motioned to the man that couldn’t look more out of place. He seemed to be at ease but whenever he glanced at the crowd, his eyes would widen as if he was freaking out. He gave both of you a sweet smile and he gave a nod along with a soft ‘pleasure to meet you both'.
You and Cassie tried your best to act cool and collected as you both got around answering questions about how you two found yourselves there. It seemed they weren’t used to seeing brand new faces that they saw themselves trying to actually converse with, so the night ended up being full of chatter, laughter, and creating memories.
Who knew that Jason would be right? That night in Las Vegas would bring opportunities for you and Cassie, and for the first time, the saying ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ would not apply to either of you.
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Tumblr media
The Avengers: the Vision and the Scarlet Witch piece sketch (2021)
[a Double Visions charity auction for the Hero Initiative and the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc).]
Art by: Alan Davis (on Vision) and Kevin Nowlan (on Scarlet Witch)
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